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When he snaps, everything will come tumbling down.

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(Some words I wanted to accentuate by making them cursive/bold but idk how to do that so just know it’s supposed to be there. 🙃)


It was a normal day,


until it wasn’t.


Bakugo has always been quite the enigma, no one knows why he does what he does and at the end of the day nobody really looks into it. He may be crude but, as the whole of the Bakusquad is convinced, he is a softie inside. He wouldn’t actually go as far as to bully someone which is enough for Aizawa to not expel him. And after spending some time with the angry boy the class has grown accustomed to his antics. After a while they learned he wasn’t actually that bad of a guy.

Midoriya knows they’re wrong. Bakugo tormented him for so long he has stopped trying to tell others. Because Kacchan is perfect and he deserves anything the explosive blond does to him. Sure it hurts a bit when everyone in class admires Bakugo when he did such bad things. But that was in the past, he’s better now! And Izuku just needs to forget anything happened at all. But sometimes he can’t help but let dark thoughts bubble in his head. Sometimes he wants to hurt Bakugo, other times he wants to hurt himself. He doesn’t though, and he’ll keep pushing it down if it’s the last thing he does. One particular event will be carved into his mind forever though, it’s something he can’t forget.

“Why don’t you take a swan dive of off the roof of the building and hope you get a quirk in your next life?”

He was so close that day, so incredibly close to taking Bakugos advice. But he didn’t, and he was glad he didn’t. He didn’t want to think about what would’ve happened if he had done it. He still felt worthless sometimes, and he is, but that didn’t matter anymore. He had a quirk now! And he could make himself useful.


Bakugo strutted into class scowling as usual. Someone or something had several pissed him off today though and classmates stayed clear off him. He stopped at his desk glaring at Midoriya, who had started sweating at the attention. “A-ah, good morning Kacchan!” He half-squeaked. Bakugo furrowed his brows further. “Shut the hell up nerd! don’t act like you didn’t do anything!” Midoriya gave a confused look. “I- I don’t know what your talking about-“ “HAH?! What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about?! You got my ass into trouble on purpose! You told auntie Inko some sobstory about how I’m mean or some shit!” Izuku confusion grew but then suddenly something clicked. Bakugo couldn’t possibly be talking about that could he? The day before he had had one of the worst days he has had in a while. His mom, bless her worrisome soul, had noticed and talked to him. Something to in him snapped that day though and he finally told her everything. The bullying, the years of discrimination and even his suicidal thoughts. He had begged her not to confront anyone involved though and she listened, at least that’s what he thought. How else could Bakugo have gotten into trouble if his mother hadn’t spilled everything to Mitsuki. Of course his mom had told her, they shared everything. “K-Kacchan it’s not what you think!” He yelped as Bakugo slammed down on his table, also attracting the attention from their classmates. “You think you can lie about not talking shit about me?! You lie about everything huh, you told some messed up shit to your mommy so you could laugh at me huh?!” Bakugo said while getting up in Midoriyas face. Izuku stilled for a few seconds, his face completely blank. Then, he chuckled. Not his normal jingling of bells laugh though, he laughed a bitter and broken laugh. His chuckles got louder and turned borderline hysteric as his whole body shook. “I’ve lied plenty of time about you, Bakugo.” Izuku said which so much venom it sent a shiver up the collective of 1-As spines. “For example, I’d have to lie about where all of my burns came from and the bruises and the blood. All that fucking blood.” Izuku giggled, he wasn’t done. “Not that anyone would believe the truth of course, you are the golden child after all!” “And of course the whole of this fucking class think your a good guy, but they don’t know!” Izuku was trembling with anger. “Of course! You wanna know why?! Because I lied for you! You’ve broken my bones, twice! Even those corrupt teacher couldn’t have let that go, but I lied for you! I could’ve destroyed your life but I didn’t. And the one time I tell my mother how hurt I am you just assume I wanted to make you get scolded?!” Izuku slowly deflated, and his anger was replaced by sadness, god, so much sadness. “I wasn’t that bad..” Bakugo meekly countered. Izuku sighed and rubbed his temples. “Do I need to repeat the broken bones part?” Kirishima slowly stepped forward with a disbelieving look in his eyes. “You didn’t actually do those things, right Bakubro?” Bakugo bit his lip. “I-..” Bakugo couldn’t find it in himself to deny it. It was all true after all.

For once in his life, he actually regretted something.