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Violent Tendencies (BNHA x Male!Reader)

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Quirk: Scary Monsters (yes like Diegos' if you're familiar)

Dino Morph
You gain the characteristics of a dinosaur such as claws and a tail. Or you can turn into one completely. Being in you're dinosaur state for too long increases your bloodlust and you start to turn on friends

Dino Infect
By simply touching someone you can turn them into a dinosaur that you're able to control then said dinosaur can infect others. You can only control 2 at a time going over the limit results in excruciating painful headaches you also refuse to use this part of your quirk on humans

You were always identified as a 'troubled youth' due to your parents physical and emotional abuse. You always talked about being a hero and going to UA to be a pro but you were always put down by your parents because you were 'too weak' and your quirk was a 'villain' quirk and should never be used. You're mother really never hit you (but she might as well had with her words) but your father being the insufferable drunk he is would look for any reason to from waking up too late to being too quiet.

When you're parents weren't putting you down they argued with each other 24/7...until one day you came home from school to find your mother laid out on the floor in a pool of blood. You ran over to her falling to your knees beside her you then realized her body was covered in stab wounds. Then it clicked in your head that your father did this with his quirk since he can turn his limbs into knives and he was nowhere to be seen until you heard footsteps approaching behind you.

You got up as quickly as you could with your mom's blood on your pants. You turned to see him stumbling a little and tears running down his face. "I didn't mean to, she just wouldn't stop arguing with me" he said in a low shaky voice. He took a few steps closer to you as you backed away. "If we hide the body then your poor dad won't have to go to jail" he said now casually walking up to you. You froze once he put his hand on your shoulder "C'mon help your pop out okay?". You didn't say anything more like couldn't as you felt knots in your throat, heart, and stomach. You felt the familiar sting in your eyes indicating you were going to cry, instead you gritted your teeth and turned your hand into a claw then slashed the side of his face leaving four straight lines across his cheek. "AH! FUCK!" he screamed while holding his cheek. "You little..." before he could finish what he was saying you quickly ran out the door tears running down your face. Once you got a good distance away you called the police.

-A week later-
You're father was arrested, your mother is now dead, and your living with your cousin Kiara all at the age of 13. Your cousin thought it was a good time to start school again but you didn't saying anything in protest. You didn't talk much before but know you were reduced to nodding and shaking your head.

In school you didn't pay attention, your grades were the worst in the class, and you had no friends. But deep in your heart you still wanted to become a hero so you can help those that were stuck in the depressing situation you had. You told yourself you'll start over in highschool. You'll act as if you hadn't such a vile past.

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-2 years later-
It's been two years since your mother's death you grew more comfortable around your cousin and talked more. The UA entrance exam was starting tomorrow and you were ecstatic. You were going to turn a new leaf and start your highschool life

I couldn't wait to start a clean slate at UA. And I'll show everyone there that those with 'evil quirks' can aspire to be heroes if they desire. I've been training for the past 3 months to strengthen Scary Monsters I'm now able to sharpen my teeth to the point they're razors and I can stay in my full dino form longer without feeling the urge to kill (You still feel it even when half way using the transformation) up to 5 mins now which is a plus.

I decided to go to sleep early so it can hurry up and be the day of the Entrance Exam. I woke and with a vague memory of a dream about them but I brushed it off and got ready.

"Ok Kiki I'm leaving!"

"Ok be safe please"

"Yeah yeah"

And with that I was off to UA THEE UA. It's not too far from where I live so I decide to walk there. I stared at the front of the school with a big smile goofy on my face until I noticed another person staring to, he had spiky green and black hair. Then all of a sudden he...fell? Quickly I transformed so I so I can use my tail to hold him up I used my half transformation so I won't freak him out.


"Are you ok? I saw you falling and stopped you since that would be pretty embarrassing for the first day."

"oh...M-MY BAD FOR TROUBLING Y-YOU SEE YOU LATER BYE!" he said as he ran off inside.

"ok" I said watching him run off surprised by his reaction

Inside everyone was seated while give the rules and instructions of the exam by an overly loud pro hero which seemed to bother me the most because of my enhanced hearing he explained the point system then we were off to a big replica of a city which was HUGE for a fake

All of the students were split up to start in different areas. The rules were simple destroy villains (robots) and earn points. As I took my pure black jacket off to reveal a pure red t-shirt I noticed the green haired boy in my starting group. I looked him up and down "He doesn't stand a chance" I said as I readied for the test. I half transformed with claws, legs, and my tail. I heard a few gasps and whispers and thought 'Behold and watch as I put you lowly excuses for heroes to shame'

A few moments later I heard a loud "START" and immediately took off destroying 3 robots of the bat by decapitating them. I looked behind me to see everyone just now leaving the start line

(Time skip a few minutes)
I racked up 40 points in record time but I was starting to see red in my left eye meaning I should stop soon my pupils have become vertical slits at this point. But out of no where a huge ass fucking robot appeared destroying buildings. As the debris fell I noticed the green haired boy in the crossfire of it I quickly ran over and picked him up bridal style.

"You ok?"


As I was holding him I noticed that he's not as wimpy as he lets on his body is pretty toned. He looks over at me with a slight pink hue on his cheeks his body tenses up and he jumps a little. Then I realize I probably look insane with my eyes and now sharpened teeth my face also has these weird cracks in it when I halfway use the ability.

"Oh my bad, here" I say as I let go of him returning to normal

"Whoa what kind of quirk is th- OMG I NEED POINTS" he says running off...again

I sigh then notice a brown haired girl on the ground in the giant robots path. I run as fast as I could but I wouldn't make it in time suddenly the robot was flung back I looked up to see none other than the weird green haired boy. He was high up in the hairfalling but then the brown haired girl used some kind of zero gravity quirk.

You went to see if he was ok (once again...) but when you got close both his legs and right arm look like shit

-timeskip brought to you by Recovery Girl-

I decided to wait for him to wake up in the nurses office for... whatever reason. He started waking up so I decide to greet him first

"Hey I'm L/N Y/N nice to meet you"

"..." He didn't say anything just looked at me with a confused expression


"Y-your face has cracks in it..."

"Oh yeah that happens when I use my quirk they go away after awhile"

"What exactly is your quirk btw? I saw your limbs change and eyes to"

"It's complicated but if we get into UA i'll tell you!" I said with a cheery tone

"yeah" he said with a now sad expression

"What's wrong?"

"I didn't get any points I doubt I'll get into UA"

"Oh sorry I'm Midoriya Izuku"

"Pleasure to meet you Midoriya but I have to go. Till next time!"

I left his room and started making my way home proud with my score of 57.

"I'll definitely get in too bad that Midoriya kid didn't get any points...he was kinda cute tho"

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It's been a week since the entrance exam and I still have gotten a letter on whether you were accepted or not. But then your cousin busted in your room.

"Wow you really don't know how to knock huh? What if I was- nvm"

"Shut up guess what I got" she said happily

"What?" I said as she handed me a somewhat heavy letter

I examined it then noticed it was from UA. I quickly opened it to reveal a weird disc shaped object then out of no where a hologram of All Might popped out of it. I hated All Might with a passion with his dumb facade of being the "always smiling" hero but I guess that's just the villain side of me hating on the number one hero. I'll snatch his spot sooner or later. He basically said that I passed and got a extra 20 points for saving Midoriya from a secret rescue point system putting me in first place with 77 points.
'I wonder if Midoriya got points for saving that girl? Will it be enough?"

My cousin beamed at the fact that I was not just able to get into UA but be in 1st place for the entrance exam.

"OMG YOU REALLY DID IT IM SO PROUD!" she said as she hugged me

"Let's go out somewhere to eat to celebrate!" she suggested

"Only if I don't have to pay" I sigh

'Of course I was getting into UA why was she so surprised? Did she doubt me? No I'm reading into it too much'

You guys went out to your favorite restaurant while your cousin tried to warn you of the dangers of being a hero but you didn't care much you just wanted to get out on the field and prove that you're pro hero material

-Timeskip to the first day-


I was looking for class "A-1" apparently it's the top class for first years. When I found it and went inside I saw Midoriya 'I guess he did have enough points' I thought. He was talking with the brown haired girl he saved during the exam. He noticed me then waved for me to come over. 'Just don't seem like a asshole' I told myself

"Wow they just let anyone into the hero course huh?" DAMNIT

"Y-yeah I guess so hehe" he said shyly with his headed looking down

The brown haired girl started glaring at me which kinda ticked me off

"L/N Y/N and you are?"


Just as she was gonna tell me her name some loud blond headed asshole came in screaming

"DEKUUUU!" he screamed with his sights on Midoriya

He started questioning him on how a background character like him got into UA

"Speaking of of background characters why don't you sit behind me? Losers like you would compliment me with how you look" I said taking the front seat on the far left in the room

Suddenly you recognized him he got 2nd place behind you at 53 points.


"Your Bakugan right? You only got 53 points right? Stay in your place behind me"

I said his name wrong on purpose to get him more heated and like a moth to a flame he went to grab my head so I grabbed his hand by the wrist and pointed it upwards and with my another hand I transformed to use my claw and pointed them at his neck. Then my transformation suddenly ended I was surprised. Bakugou took my shock as an opening and held his other hand up against my chest

"DIEEE" he screamed just for nothing to happen

"If you guys keep fighting I'll have you expelled" said a man in a...sleeping bag??

You put two and two together to realize he has some kind a quirk erasing quirk.

"Tch whatever" I said pushing Bakugou off me

-Midoriya POV-
Wow L/N just went head to head with Kachan. And it seemed like he stood up for me?

-Back to Y/N POV-
Bakugou ended up taking the seat right next to me and just stared at me the whole which is overly annoying but I tried to focus on the man who introduced himself as our teacher he also said we had a "Quirk Apprehension test"

'Wow a test on the first can this get anymore irritating'

The first test was a 50 meter dash transformed and heard whispers of the other students but brushed it off. I was in the lead until that engine legged bastard stole my spotlight with a time of 3.04 seconds. While I got 4.06 and Bakugou got 4.13 I was still happy I got higher than him which seemed to get to him as he started screaming for no reason.

-Skipping to the ball pitch test-

I ended getting first in everything else besides the dash now it was time for the pitch and the brown haired girl that you now knew as Uraraka was the first to go and got Infinity

'Great definitely getting second now' I thought

Next was Bakugou after yelling a trademarked 'DIE' he threw the ball and got a pretty good score of 704 meters. I was next and got 697 meters. 'Damnit I got third'

Midoriya was next he did a really good throw but only got a measly 46. We all then realized that the teacher erased his quirk so he wouldn't fuck up his arm again. After being told that no one would help him if he injured himself Midoriya threw the ball again and got 705 meters and only damaged his index finger.

I was kind of annoyed with the fact I got fourth but was happy for Midoriya since he 1 upped that blonde bastard Bakugou who was awestruck then suddenly ran towards Midoriya I was going to step in but the teacher himself stopped him.

After Bakugou simmered down Aizawa let him go from his special scarf. You looked at the scores and got 1st Bakugou 2nd and someone name Todoroki got 3rd I didn't recognize the name so I thought it wasn't worth the time. Midoriya got last place and Aizawa said he was gonna expell whoever got last which was a lie to get everyone to do their best.

It was time for lunch so I started to make my way to the cafeteria until I heard my name being yelled.

"L/N!" I turned to see it was Midoriya calling out to me

"Yes Midoriya how can I help you~" I cooed

"O-oh I'm you said you were going to tell me about your quirk it's seems really c-cool! You mind telling me?" he said shyly at first then picked up excitement near the end of his sentence

"Oh no problem my quirks name is Scary Monsters it lets me gain the characteristics of a dinosaur you've already seen my half transformation so what do you think about this"

You used the full transformation the your clothes fused with you body giving you red scales with a pattern of black X's. You immediately feel your bloodlust spike and end the transformation.

"I don't use it often nor do I use it for long since I get really bad bloodlust and might attack allies it also gives me a lot more strength and speed than the half one but I haven't seen the need to use it yet. There's another part of my quirk but I can demonstrate it right now. No one has really seen the Monsters side of it (emphasis on the s)"

He stared at me with his mouth slightly open and a gleam in his eyes

"So what do you think?" I ask curiously

"!" he said with clear excitement on his face I couldn't help but giggle at his response. He then pulled out a notebook and bombarded me with questions

"Do you know how much stronger it makes you? Do you have a specific time until the bloodlust is really bad? What's the other part of the quirk?" he asked speaking a 100 miles a second

Luckily Uraraka and the boy who stole my 1st place in the dash approached us.

"Hey Midoriya" the girl said

"OMG did you guys know L/N can transf-"
I quickly covered his mouth

"Hehe Midoriya let's keep that a secret between us"

I want to make a heroic debut with the full transformation

" guys wanna head to the cafeteria with me and Iida?" Uraraka said

"Sure why not" I said as Midoriya was writing in his notebook murmuring something

I looked at Iida who was sucked into his phone not paying attention to our conversation.

"I'm L/N Y/N nice to meet you!" I said putting my anger from him taking 1st place to the side

"Iida Tenya nice knowing we have strong quirk users in our class" he said as we shook hands

"Ok with pleasentries out of the the way I'm starving let's go get something to eat!"

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Lunch was over and I met a few more people in my class. A electric quirk user named Denki, a guy with a quirk that lets him harden his body named Kirishima, and a alien girl?? I don't know what she is but her quirk let's her shoot acid from her body.

Back in class we had the regular boring classes such as English and math. But when those were over we had Foundational Hero studies taught by no other than All Might himself😒

He said we were going to do a 'battle trial' and Bakugou's face lit up to these words and flashed a sinister grin to both me and Midoriya. I wasn't intimidated but Midoriya obviously was.

We then were given our hero costumes that were made to strengthen our quirks.
Since whenever I use my quirk my clothes are absorbed into my skin I was give a special turtleneck jumper with gloves, boots, and breeches that were made of a special fabric that make both my attacks and defense stronger. I was told I didn't need a mask since the cracks in my face from my quirk were enough to obscure my face.

After everyone put everything on we then started to make our way to the building we'll be fighting in. I noticed Midoriya's costume looked like a bunny of some sort and it didn't look like it benefitted him in any way...weird.

The class was split into groups of 2 I just so happen to get grouped up with Midoriya.

"We keep running into each other huh?" I said as I put my arm around his shoulder pulling him close

"Y-yeah I guess so" he said with a growing blush

Our conversation was cut short by All Might explaining the rules. Basically there are heroes and villians and the villains have to protect a bomb while the heroes disable it and what I mean by disable is to just touch it.

Then All Might  started telling us which teams are fighting. And of course out of pure luck it was me and Midoriya versus Bakugou and Iida. And with Bakugou and his murder boner he was ecstatic but his aggression seemed more pointed to Midoriya.

"Hey Midoriya"


"I'll take Bakugou while you take care of Iida got it?"

"You think you could handle Kacchan?"

"Pssh he's so readable it'll be a piece of cake. But I need to know if you can beat Iida he's fast and all of his attacks will be  kick oriented. Plan accordingly"

"Yeah I will"

We ended up being the heroes while Iida and Bakugou were villains so they went in first to prepare.

After 5 minutes we were allowed to go in while everyone else could watch us on cameras.

-Midoriya POV-
L/N and I made our way up the building in silence until I decided to break it


"Yes~?" he cooed

"W-what made you want to fight Kacchan?"

His smile faded as he continued looking forward

"People like Bakugou the ones who think they have any chance of being the number one hero deserve to be stomped out by me. I'll show them there is no one else cabable" he said with a low and cold tone

"O-oh I see"

"Plus there's a certain green haired boy I have to protect" I said with a wink

Hmm he blushed but I still can't tell if he likes guys sigh if only my gaydar wasn't so trash

"So Midoriya we have two choices either we can stop the bomb or retire the villains which way do you think we should handle this?"

"If we could somehow find a way to get past Kacchan and Iida and touch the bomb that's the fastest way I think"

"Where's the fun in that though? If we can take out both of them we'll be the top of the class"

"Well I don't th-" Midoriya was cut off by the sound of someone yelling


I knocked Midoriya back and raised my hands to block Bakugous attack.

Huh this costume really does strengthen my scales...but I know that wasn't a full powered blast


He proceeded to attack me but I dodged him with ease.

He's just so damn readable it's kinda sad

"Midoriya if Bakugou is down here then Iida is definitely guarding the bomb go deal with him!"


"I guess I'll deal with you first I'll pay you back for what you told me in class" Bakugou said with anger laced on his words

"Pssh like you can beat me. Now move out of the way like a good second rate hero"

Again he rushed me which was obvious. I dodged and counter attacked leaving scratch marks on his face

-All Might POV-
L/N Y/N definitely a promising hero but he seems to think of everyone below him. And young Bakugou (does he call him that? I could've sworn he did before) is letting his emotions get the better of him

I keep dodging and slashing him but he won't stop. He has will power I'll give him that

"Your attacks are too readable just stop and give up. The second we were paired up the match was over" I said condescendingly

"Oh...yeah? Tell me if you can read this"

He pointed his hand at me and instead of shooting another blast he reached for the pin on his gauntlets and a massive explosion followed suit

Direct hit

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-Bakugou POV-
Damnit that dinosaur freak did a pretty good number on me. All of this smoke is in the way I still cant see him


I see him now he's on the ground holding his stomach but there's isn't a scratch on him. Did I not do any damage? Did he dodge? No if that's the case he wouldn't be screaming like this. Did he heal it? That fast? No way no one can walk away from that blast unscathed


"Because you're a fucking extra"

He stops squirming the puts both his hands up to his face then goes silent. Is he planning something?


He's laughing? He sits up with his hands still covering his face. He has a ear to ear smile which isn't normal. I can even see teeth aligned with it. What is he?

He puts his hands down to reveal a deeply cracked face.

"Looks like I di-"

Before I could finish my sentence he was right in front of me! No way someone can move this fucking fast!

I could hear Midoriya in my earpiece asking what happened but I ignored him. I needed to eliminate the threat in front of me.

I attack him by releasing a flurry of slashes being fast and deep


I rose my hand for a strong vertical slash through the middle of him but when I went to bring my hand down I was put into a choke hold by All Might.

I clawed at his hand but to no avail

"Get Bakugou to the nurse" All Might ordered the other students

I kept clawing still trying to break free. Until a dart was shot into my neck. I look around to see who shot it and it was the girl with the 'creation' quirk


Everything faded to black

-A Few Hours Later-
I opened my eyes only to shut them again due to the blinding light of fluorescent lights.

"Ugh...where am I?"

"You're in the nurses office"

I shot up to see who was there with me. And I was relieved to see a familiar green haired boy.

"Looks like the roles have been reversed huh?"

"That would seem so"

"...Look I'm sorry for spazzing the way I did I probably cost you your grade"

"After you was put to sleep All Might cancelled the matches since Bakugou blew a massive hole in the building and you almost killing him...s-speaking of which there's this n-note for you"

I grabbed the note and saw it was the principal. This obviously can't be good.

It read:
L/N Y/N because of what happened at the battle trial you've been suspended until further notice. Until then return home and your basic class work will be mailed

"This is bullshit! All Might said we could go all out"

"Y-yeah but you almost k-killed Kacchan atleast you're not expelled"

"Yknow you don't have to be so nervous around be or are you scared of me now?"

"O-of course not" he said with a blush

I grabbed his hand and pulled it over my head so our faces were inches away

"I'd never hurt you Midoriya~"

"U-uh I have t-to go check K-Kacchan"

"Speaking of which how is he?"

"Alot better now he's been asleep most of the time due to Recovery Girls quirk....L/N I know he was in the wrong with the blast but you took it too far hurting him like that. Seeing him gasping for air with a pool of blood around him and you desperately trying to break free of All Mights grasp was a sight I don't ever wanna see again"

"Aww you're kinda cute worrying about me like that"


"But I know, it's been awhile since I was hurt like that and the bloodlust just kinda took over. If the class didn't see me as a villain then they definitely do now"

"I'm sure if you explain the side effect of your quirk they'll understand and look past it"


"Also how long have I been here? With Bakugous blast I don't even feel a tinge of pain so I must've been sleep awhile because of Recovery Girls quirk"

"You don't remember? After the dust from the blast dissipated you were already healed is regeneration to that degree part of your quirk?"

"I don't have anything like that...weird"

"Anyway I'm going to go see if Kacchan is awake I'll see you later"

"Wait! Give me a kiss on the cheek so I can feel better"

"B-but your not even hurt!"

"Oh you're I'll just give you one as a goodbye"

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and his face was as red a beet

"I-I-I have to go!"

Yup ten billion percent into guys

(A/N: Do you guys get that reference?☝️)

Chapter Text

-3 days since suspension-
I finally got a email saying I could go back to school tomorrow. I thought I'd never say anything like that. After what happened to Bakugou I help but feel pride in the fact that I brought him to his knees. (Get your mind out of the gutter) I wonder if he'll try talking to me or back down completely

-The next day-
As I headed to the classroom from outside the door I can hear everyone talking since Aizawa wasn't there yet. But when I went in everyone stopped and as I made my way to my seat with a small smile plastered on my face I can feel everyones gazes on me. I notice that Bakugou is here to and he still has his seat next to me which makes the whole situation weird.

After awhile everyone resumes their conversations as I stare blankly out the window. Eventually Aizawa shows up and says we'll be doing another trial but this time instead of battle it's rescue. He says it's up to us whether we bring our costumes but it looks like everyone did. He also said that the place for this trial is a ways away so we'll be taking the bus.

Once the bus arrives Iida tries to instruct everyone on how to get in and be seated apparently he's the class president now.

Tch I could've took that role

Halfway through the ride the frog Girl Asui tells Midoriya that she always speaks her mind but I tune out of their conversation until I hear Bakugou call her a bitch

"How did we get here??" I said trying to figure out what went wrong while they were talking

"Tsuyu said he wouldn't be popular due to his anger and well he proved her point" the black haired girl who shot me with a dart filled me in

I stared at her for a few seconds before looking off

"Ah" I said curtly

"Look I did what I did because you were out of control"

"Yeah you're right I was in the wrong"

"But next time if I spazz let me spazz"

She gave a nod and that's it

Then Kirishima asked me a question

"Hey L/N your quirks name is Scary Monsters right but where does the monsters come from?"

I noticed Midoriya look at me with a curious expression as well

"Well I guess I'll tell you guys since we'll be working together. If I simply touch someone they'll become a dinosaur that'll follow any command I give it that same dinosaur can bite someone and turn them into one also this side of my quirk is called dino infect but I can only control 2 at a time so far. I don't use it much because it's been called a villain quirk multiple times"

Midoriya starts writing down the information in his notebook which is both cute and flattering

"Really just a touch and you can control them?"

"Yup the smallest graze is all I need"

Before anyone could say anything else we arrived at a huge building that seemed to feature different types of environments. How much money does this school have?

We were then introduced to another pro hero called No.13 his quirk let him control a black hole which explains the space suit. He also said stuff about our quirks could go awry and could kill someone and that we should only use them for good yadda yadda yadda.

Aizawa was going to explain the objective for to today until he cut himself off


I could tell everyones stomachs dropped. I looked over to where Aizawa was staring to see a black most with people coming out of it their whole aura screamed evil. Yup those are definitely villains no way this is part of the assignment

"What about the intruder sensors?" Yaoyorozu said

"We have some but it looks like someone in their group has a quirk to stop them" No.13 explained it her

Aizawa geared up then started making his way down there alone. Midoriya explained that his fighting style isn't for groups. But of course he pulled off some cheesy heroic quote

"A hero always has more than on trick up their sleeve" he said before he jumped down to the villains and he was handling them pretty well so far.

As me and Midoriya watched Iida told us to hurry up and evacuate once he rejoined the group the black mist from earlier appeared before us.

"Sorry I'm afraid I can't let you guys leave"
The mysterious quirk user said

He then explained that him and his group were looking for All Might so they can extinguish the symbol of peace. Before he could finish talking me Bakugou and Kirishima attacked him

"Bet you didn't think we'd do you in before you got the chance" Kirishima said

"You dumbass our attacks didn't hit get back!" I said before we all were engulfed in the mist

"You will be scattered. And tortured. And slain."

Damn it! Of course this shit happens when I come back

Suddenly I was by myself surrounded by villains... So the black mist is some kind of transportation quirk

They didn't seem exactly strong but it was a 10v1. And I specialize in 1 on 1s but if I can atleast turn one into a dinosaur I should be fine. Completely throwing out the no humans rule since I'm really fighting villains

"You guys wanna know your first mistake? Not bringing more guys to help you"

I quickly transformed and punched a guy in the face and he went out like a light

"Oh wow this is gonna be easier than I thought"

Literally in the next 20 seconds they were all unconscious

"BeCaUsE hErOeS dOnT kIlL" I said in a mocking voice

I noticed one of them was still conscious

"Now since your up tell me how you guys play plan on extinguishing our symbol of peace or else I'll rip out your intestines and feed them to you"

He wasted no time telling their entire gutless

"A 'Noumu' huh?"

"I know I said I'll leave you alone if you told me but imma turn you into a dinosaur to help me look for my friends kay? So just bear with the pain of turning into one"

"You're one sick bastard. Heh you should join us"

"Ive...thought of it...anyway just shut the hell up"

After a few screams he was a dinosaur ready to follow orders. I hopped up on top of him

"Follow the scent of my classmates"

He ended up bringing me to the flood zone where I saw a villian with hands all over his body holding onto Asui and Midoriya frozen in place by some bird human hybrid

A ran at them and slashed at the guy holding Asui but he dodged and pushed Midoriya away from that monster. The guy with the hands seemed to lose all focus on me as he faced the buildings entrance thats when I noticed All Might was here but for the first time he didn't have a smile on his face...

The next I know he's down here with us with Aizawa in his arms unconscious and brutally beaten. He then in a flash picked us up and moved to a safe distance from the villains.

"All Might if I can touch the big one I can control him" I said

"No stay here and watch Aizawa"

"But sir-

"Young L/N it's all right!" He said with his signature smile back on his face as he went to attack Noumu

I realized I still had my dinosaur on standby

"Hey you guys help me put Aizawa on him"

"Is it safe?" Asui asked

"As long as im not badly injured he'll stay a dinosaur and I can keep control of him"

She helped me prop him on the dinosaur but once we were done I looked back to see All Might picking up Noumu and falling back to slam him on his head only for the black mist to stop the impact by moving Noumus upper body below All Mights as he gripped All Mights torso.

"L/N you sure Aizawa is safe?" Midoriya asked me out of no where

"Yes my dinosaurs will even kill themselves if I ask them. I have complete control over them"

He then started running towards All Might

"Midoriya what the hell are you doing?!"

I then saw the black mist get in his way. I was going to run ever there but someone is already did


Bakugou attacked the mist and actually got hold of its user

Todoroki also showed up and froze Noumus right arm and leg. All Might broke free and shattered the ice while doing so.

While he's incapacitated I'll infect him and he'll be out the way

I run up to him and ignore everyone telling me to stop but...

Nothing happens and while I stand there dumbfounded it instantly regenerated it's arm and leg. Time moves in slow motion as I see his fist slowly making its way to my face. Death written all over it. It's too late to raise my hands to block.

Damn it! Is this really how I go out? I guess they were right huh? I'm not hero material

Chapter Text

I waited for the sudden pain then release of death but nothing happened

I opened my eyes not even remembering closing them to see Noumus fist centimeters from my face. I quickly jump back to see him not moving

I look at All Might who also isn't moving. None of my classmates are moving either. They're all looking at where I was standing with terrified faces and it looks like All Might was running over to where I was standing. It takes a few seconds then I realize

Holy shit time stopped

Did I do this?

Suddenly I feel the cracks on my face deepen. Then time resumes. Noumu swings at nothing but air while I'm over by the group of students

"L/N!" They all say but I could've sworn I heard a 'Y/N' in there

"Aww you guys do care"

Everyone's heads turn to me even the hands guy even looked at me

"How the hell did you survive that!?" Kirishima asked and everyone else waited for an answer

"You won't believe me but...Time stopped"


"But it did though"

"Focus on the battle" Todoroki said

All Might and Noumu fought head to head. All Might was able to overcome its absorption quirk.

Is that why Scary Monsters didn't work? How the hell do you absorb a infection?

After awhile of us just standing there watching (why do characters do this?🤣) All Might punched Noumu out of the building and far into the sky

I saw the black mist make its way to All Might then tried running over but when I started running I noticed I was a lot slower

What the hell when my transformation end?

I tried turning again but nothing happened

"Damn it! I can't use my quirk! Midoriya!"

"Got it!"

He jumped at the mist with insane speed but it dodged atleast he got it away from All Might. He then jumped again but was almost attacked by the hand guy. Until he was shot

I look over to see Iida with a bunch of pro heroes.

"Of course they show up when the main threat is gone. God pro heroes make me sick"

"Atleast they came" the little purple guy said

More classmates join us and I haven't even noticed most of them.

Both the hand and mist guy ended up escaping. Once im a pro I won't be like the rest of these trash heroes

I noticed Midoriya is still on the ground probably because he broke both his legs which would explain his speed. I run over to him only to be stopped by a wall. I look over to see a pro put it up

"What the hell are you doing! I need to help him"

"Calm down we'll get him and the rest of your class medical attention just leave it to us"

"Yeah you better"

I'm not dumb there's something over there he doesn't want me to see there would be no reason to use your quirk if that wasn't the case I'll just ask Midoriya what he saw

After a few hours All Might, Midoriya, and I were hopspitalized. I was only there because my quirk wouldn't activate but it did after a couple of hours but I still wasn't allowed to leave yet.

-All Might POV-
God I really overdid it that time

I was with Midoriya because he hurt himself saving me...damn it if only I could've held out a few more seconds he wouldn't have to do that

After awhile my mind started to drift off to young L/N. What did he do back then to instantly move out of Noumus way? Did he really stop time like he claimed? He doesn't seem like a liar but his condescending attitude towards his classmates needs to be changed


"Yes All Might?"

"What do you know about L/N quirk?"

"Youre thinking about what he said to huh? From what he told me his quirk seems like a basic transformation quirk but his strength and speed are increased hundreds of times when he uses it and it increases even more if he fully transforms into a dinosaur. His power is close to mine but he suffers from bloodlust if uses his quirk for too long. He can also infect people and turn them into dinosaurs that he can control but nothing about stopping time. I'll ask him later" he explained with detail

"Midoriya I'm sorry to pry but are you two dating?"


"I'm sorry but you're the only person he seems to respect surely you noticed his attitude towards the other students"

"Y-yeah I've noticed I wish he would treat everyone as he treats me"

"But if he has a quirk that can stop time having him on the side of heroes would be most important if the villains were to manipulate him he could be very dangerous. You're probably the only person that can get through to him"

"I'll try"

"Heh you didn't answer my question on whether or you guys are a thing"


"All Might! Long time no see!"

Before Midoriya could finish what he was saying Tsukauchi came through the door

"You're here too huh?"

"Yeah sorry to suddenly come in here like this but I need your testimony about what happened"

"Yeah but before we get to that can you tell me if the students and Aizawa are ok?"

"Besides the one here and L/N the students are ok. L/N is able to use his quirk again. Aizawa isnt in any life threatening danger either had you not been there this would've been a completely different story"

"That's where you're wrong the students of class 1-A fought bravely and they'll all make fine heroes"

"But I need you to look into a specific student for me"

"Sure All Might which student and why"

"L/N Y/N he said he was able to stop time and I need to confirm whether or not  that is true"

"A quirk that can stop time huh? I can see why you wanna look into it. I'll stop by his room before I leave"

"Careful he has a lot of... character"

I was sitting in the hospital bed just trying to process everything that happened.

Villains really just attacked is out of the blue then they're were defeated thats definitely hurting someones pride

Someone came in the room but I didn't bother looking since I assumed it was the nurse

"Can I leave yet you guys have me in here for no damn reason"

"I cant answer that question but hopefully you can answer mine"

I shot up to see a definite cop even though he didn't dress like one

"Oh wow a third rate cop is now gonna bother me with questions about the fight he can ask anyone else"

"Heh I guess this is what All Might warned me about"

"What did he say about me?" I asked him with venom traced along my words

I realized I was lashing out at him for no reason

"My bad I'm just in a mood"

"I don't blame you after what happened and all"

"What he said was that he wanted me to ask you about this time stopping quirk you mentioned"

"Oh that? I haven't tried doing it again but I guess I can now"

"Please do"

I transformed and closed my eyes trying to remember what happened when I did it. I wasn't scared of death so I don't think it was out of desperation. Then that's when it hit me. The seething anger I felt when I said my parents were right about me I hold onto that feeling.

I opened my eyes to see again that time stopped I got up out of the bed and made my way around the officer and took his keys from his pocket and held my hand on his shoulder

And time moves again

"Is this enough proof?"

"Amazing and what do you call this quirk?"

"The World. It's exactly what I'll take with this power" I said as I made my way back to the bed

"Interesting I'll make sure to tell All Might of this quirk of yours. Cya later"

"Wait heres your keys"


Chapter Text

Quirks: Scary Monsters and The World
Y/N can stop time and move during it. So far he can stop it for 7 seconds but going over the limit makes his quirks unusable for a random time

-The next day-
I'm surprised we even have school today. Midoriya was even there seems like he's immortal with being able to disintegrate his bones then be fine.

I thought we would have a sub since what happened to Aizawa but nope he was here to with bandages completely covering his face.

Some students were concerned about him but he said he'd been fine and we should worry about ourselves

"You don't mean...villains right?" Midoriya said in frightened tone

"If there is I'll protect you Midoriya" I said with a wink

"Ugh get a room" Mina said

"No villains will be involved.... hopefully. But UA'S Sports Festival is coming up"

Japan's new variation of the Olympics huh? I'll easily be number one and that when I'll tell the world of the upcoming number one hero

-All Might POV-
Me and all of the heroes on campus were discussing the villains that attacked the students. And apparently their leader 'Shigaraki'

I said that he seems to have some mental instability where he's like a child doing whatever they want

"All Might I also looked into that kid L/N Y/N" Tsukauchi said


"It seems he has developed a quirk that can stop time"


"A QUIRK THAT CAN STOP TIME?" both Vlad King and Midnight said

"Yes I asked for him to demonstrate it for me. 1 second he was sitting in the bed and not even a second passes and he's behind me he also managed to steal my keys in that 0.1 second so it isn't just super speed"

"He also seems to hold some resentment towards you All Might"

"L/N Y/N that name seems familiar" Nezu said

"He was the kid who almost killed Bakugou and you suspended"

"So this kid is also nearly killing classmates?" Vlad King asked angrily

"Apparently bloodlust is a side effect of his other quirk which I just figured out yesterday" I said

"I'm looking at his file now and all its says is that he can transform into a dinosaur or just gain the characteristics. Nothing about side effects or stopping time" Midnight said

"He can also turn other people into dinosaurs with just a touch and they will follow his command" I informed

"That would explain the dinosaur carrying Aizawa yesterday that turned into a villain" Snipe said

"This kid has 2 formidable quirks and seems to be a loose cannon someone needs to keep a eye on him" Vlad added

"He also calls his time stopping quirk 'The World' because he said that's exactly what he'll take with it" Tsukauchi informed us

"Those sound like villain ideals. What do you want to do with him Nezu?" Midnight said

"All Might you and Aizawa will keep a close eye on him. But if he shows any sign of joining the villains detain him"

"Yes sir but why me? Tsukauchi just said he hated me"

"You have to figure out why then maybe you can change the way he sees things"

"I'll try"

Aizawa said she should take advantage of the popularity of the festival. Which I planned on doing from the start

"I'll gladly show the world that I stand on the apex of heroes"

"There he goes with that condescending attitude again" Kirishima sighs

"What happened with that whole stopping time thing?" Tsuyu asked

The whole class seemed to face me as they waited for an answer

"Its a secret you'll know during the festival"

I heard whispers but they only stroked my ego

"Anyway this festival will be your chance of being recognized by pros that will ensure you a brighter future. If you aim to be a hero this is a event you can't overlook"

It was lunch time and everyone was talking about the festival. Even Uraraka had a change of character which was cool to see.

Me, Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka were making our way to the cafeteria. When Midoriya asked Uraraka the reason she wants to be a hero. And she plainly said for the money which has surprising. Until she said she'll give it to her parents so they can have an easy life. More righteous hero bs

"Midoriya! L/N! Would you care to join me?" All Might said from around a corner

"Uhh" I turned to Midoriya to see his answer

"Sure All Might" he said

I was walking behind them until we came to a room. I walked in and turned around to close the door behind me. Once I turned back All Might was gone and very scrawny man was there with a awestruck Midoriya


He told me the story of his wound and his quirk weakening

"Y'know I kinda expected this. No way someone could be a hero that always smiles. But I expected a dark side to you not a slowly fading flame"

"L-L/N! Show him respect please"

"I'm sorry Midoriya but you know how I feel about our 'symbol of peace' "

"Anyway All Might, you must have a successor right? If not I'll take that spot I plan on being number one anyway"

"I already do actually"

"And who could that be? If I beat them I can take the spot right?"

"You're sitting right next to him"

I look over to Midoriya and he's looking at the floor

" the next symbol of peace but what'll I be then?" I said aloud not realizing I did

"Do you still want to fight him for the spot?"

I glare at All Might then look back to Midoriya

"Damn it you know I can't do that. But if Midoriya is up next I guess being number t-two is fine"

"Did you choose him because his quirk is similar to yours?"

"His quirk is mine. All for One is a quirk that can passed down and gives the user herculean strength"

"Wow ok if you'll excuse me I have to process all the information. I won't tell anyone about this either"

-All Might POV-
As he left the room the second the door closed I hear him yell multiple swears


I wonder if telling him all this was ok

I still couldn't believe Midoriya is the successor of the current number one hero.

But class was over and we were getting ready to head home but when Uraraka opened the door a bunch of kids were waiting there. Theyre all the (less important) kids that go to UA

Yup they're here to scout out the competition. Do they really think they have any chance competing with us?

I was going to go in front of everyone to put them into their places but Bakugou went up there before me.

"They're checking out the group that survived a villain ambush. But it's pointless so why don't you fuck off you goddamn mob" Bakugou said

"Are all the kids of 1-A like this?" A guy with purple hair said he looks like a zombie

"Did you know that based on the results of the festival us from class 1-B an be transferred to 1-A and vice versa? So I thought why not take the rug from under 1-A while they're on their high horses. Consider this a declaration of war." he said coldly

I walked up to Bakugou and but my arm around his shoulder

"That's cute do you guys really think you can beat us? There's a reason why you're in 1-B so stay there" I said with a smile

"Hey I'm from class B and I heard that you guys knocked around some villains but I wanna hear it directly but not from some snot-nosed punk"

"Trust me you'll understand the differences in our classes power during the festival. I myself will crush all of your dreams"

After that they dispersed and left

"Wow L/N actually stood up for us." Kirishima said

"Of course the best way to the top is stomping on those below you."

"Ah there it is again"

Then we all left the school ourselves. The festival starts in 2 weeks and I plan on increasing my Dino Infects count and The World's stopped time duration

I like Midoriya but I'm still going to aim for number one I can't just settle for two

Chapter Text

-Day of the Festival-
God that training was excruciatingly painful and I only can control 5 dinosaurs instead of 2 and stop time for 10 seconds. That's not a really that big of an improvement. But we did only have 2 weeks I guess it's fine

All of the class was in a waiting room. Everyone was pretty much doing their own thing then I saw Todoroki walk up to Midoriya. He was telling him that he noticed All Might has taken a liking to him and he was going to beat Midoriya. I was going to step in but even among our class we're still competing with each other.

"I can't lag behind everyone else so during this festival I'm going to give it everything I got as well!" Midoriya said with a face full of determination

Then it was time for the freshmen to present their selves so we all left.

Once we were outside I noticed just how many people were watching. And these are just the people who came out to watch there are thousands more watching at their homes. I couldn't help but smile at the fact that I'll show them all the new number one.

All the freshmen gathered in front of the 18+ hero Midnight she was instructing all of us but I swear she looked at me specifically a few times.

"Now can the freshman rep L/N come up here and say a few words to everyone watching" Midnight said

I gladly walked up and hear Kirishima say "He's definitely gonna say something out of pocket" which I definitely was

"I want everyone to look at the next number one hero! With my newly developed quirk 'The World' I'll take exactly that with it! All of our current pro and heroes in training are all complete and utter trash! So I hope you'll all welcome me as your new symbol of peace!"

I heard multiple people from my class saying stuff such as "omg" and "he really did that" while the other classes seemed furious and aggressive. I looked at the crowd and heard both boos and cheers and some pro heroes were awestruck

Once Midnight snapped out of her daze caused with what I just said she then explained the rules and that our first round was an obstacle race...

Great now I have to worry about my bloodlust being a problem while im transformed. It should be fine though I'll kill someone before I make myself look like a clown after what I just said

We lined up at the start and I completely transformed into a dinosaur for the extra speed and I ended up getting a few horrified stares from both the crowd and students. I decided that I'll stop time the second they say start and I should be able to get a really good headstart. I'll have to be wary of the 15 second cooldown on it but I should easily win this.

"On your marks!"

I'll be the number one hero

"Get set!"

Anyone else who aims for it will be crushed here


With that I stopped time and took off with unrealistic speed I forgot how fast I was in this form. My ten seconds were up by the time I reached a bunch of the robots from the entrance exam. They tried to attack me but I quickly maneuvered past all of them

"It looks like L/N has taken the lead with his quirk Scary Monsters which gives him the power of a dinosaur but how did he get over there the second we said start?!"

I ran way ahead of everyone else I ended up getting to a tight rope walk. I switched to my half transformation and stopped time and I ended up finishing it within the ten seconds.

"L/N I far ahead of his peers but we didn't even see him on the tight ropes is this the power of his 'The World'?"

After I passed the tightrope I switched back into a full dinosaur again. I felt my bloodlust surge but chose to ignore since no one was up here with me.

I just need to keep my head clear and end the transformation once the race was over. I don't even think the other students know im up this far.

I then came up to a black field I was going to just run through it but my instincts told me not to. I picked up a rock and through it into the field and yup it's a mine field. I stopped time then ran through. Once time resumed all the mines I stepped on went off simultaneously. I passed the finish line and quickly ended the transformation. The feeling the bloodlust leaves is like winding up for a sneeze just for you not to do it...very unsatisfying.

I sat on the stage Midnight was on and waited to see who would be second. I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw Midoriya. I ran over and picked him up and put him in a bear hug

"Oh my god Midoriya you got second!"

"Y-yeah I can't believe it either"

I then kissed his cheek. And he blushed extremely hard probably from all the thousands of people watching.

"I want to tell you something when the festival I over Midoriya" I said


Other students started finishing the race but I didn't pay any attention to them I just wanted to hurry up and get first in the second round

Turns out the top four who finished the race were from our class. With me in first, Midoriya in Second, Todoroki in third, and Bakugou in forth. I stopped listening the second Midnight named someone that wasn't in our class.

She then went on to explain the next round the 'Human Calvary Battle'. Basically we need to form groups and 1 person will be carried and we need to steal points. Points were distributed based on what you places in the race. It seemed like I was going to be target but not too big of one until she said.

"With the exception of our first place winner L/N whose head will be worth ten million points!"

I felt everyones gazes turn my way.

"God this is going to be annoying" I thought with a smile on my face

Chapter Text

-All Might POV-
So it looks like L/N got first after all. Me and a few other pro heroes agreed that if he got first then we'll change his points from 210 to ten million. He's smiling but I can see the agitation in his eyes from here. Let's see how he does now.

Everyone was glaring at me. I don't blame them I have a big ass ten million target on my head

I doubt anyone wants to be on my team because they want the 10 million points and they don't want the attention. I'm sure I'll be fine by myself if the rules allow it

"Hey Y/N...I'm sorry was that disrespectful?"

I turned to see Midoriya with his average nervous self

"Nah it's fine cutie. I like that you feel comfortable saying my first name"

"W-well I was wondering if you wanted to group up"

"You sure you can handle the pressure? Everyone will be aiming for my head."

"Yeah I'm sure"

"Count me in as well"

"Uraraka you wanna join to? Even considering everyone will be after us?" I asked surprised

"Yup plus I'll team up with friends anytime!" Good god seeing her like this hurts my eyes

Izuku asked whether or not Iida wanted to join. But he rejected him saying that Todoroki and Bakugou wasn't his only rival which was respectable.

"Sooo we can get one more person to join our group. Also I call the head" I said

Izuku seemed deep in thought as he thought about who can be the fourth. Which ended up being someone from our class. He had a bird head? Or maybe it was a mask?

"Okay before we start let's discuss our quirks" I said

"Mines is a basic enhancer quirk which improves my strength but I end up hurting myself when I do"

"Anything I touch loses its gravity and starts to float but I get sick if I do it too much"

"I can control a shadow like creature that comes out of my stomach the darker it is the stronger its but I lose control at a certain point"

"Ok I can turn into a dinosaur or just the parts of one and if I touch someone they'll become a dinosaur that'll follow my commands I can only control 5 at a time. I can also stop time for 10 seconds it has a 15 second cooldown but don't tell anyone about that"

"Ok the names Tokoyami by the way"

"You're just gonna believe the stopping time thing just like that?"

"Well how else did you finish the race minutes before us?"

"Fair point"

"Amazing that you really developed a time stopping quirk" Uraraka said

"It's because I'm amazing" I said as a joke fluttering my eyelashes

We got ready with me being on top and Tokoyami in the front with his 'Dark Shadow' activated it even had it's own

"The second they say start imma stop time and turn 3 people into dinosaurs then have them infect and knock others down and steal as many headbands as I can so stay low to the ground so I can hop back up easily"

"Got it!" They all said in unison





Before anyone could run off I went and turned 3 people and took they're headbands but they weren't worth that much even though the groups points are all put together. I went back and got back up on the group.

Time resumes again...

"I got 4 headbands which are worth about 300 all together" I said as I showed them

"Nice job L/N" Tokoyami said

"This is definitely making us a bigger target" Uraraka said


The two I told to infect one person each bit someone in their group and ran off to knock more teams riders down to disqualify them

"Someones quirk is turning out teammates into dinosaurs is that allowed? We'll they be able to turn back?" I heard various teams ask

"That's L/N's Scary Monsters don't worry your teammates will be fine after he turns them back and yes it's allowed" Midnight informed

"It's seems L/N's team have already got 4 headbands right at the start! Just what is his power?!" Present Mic said fueling the crowds cheers

We spent most of the time just holding onto our headbands and focusing on defense. Until we Todoroki and his group Iida, Yaoyorozu, and Denki.

"I'll be taking you points" he said with no emotion

"Wow to think you're bold enough to say that to me." I said holding back a laugh

"HEY YOU 5 KNOCK THESE DUMBASSES DOWN" I said to my dinosaurs

They all diverted their attention to Todoroki's group and came running. But before they could do any damage Denki electrocuted them all then Todoroki froze their feet in place while also putting a ice barrier around us leaving only our groups inside. I have to admit his quirk is kinda cool.

All of a sudden Iida shouted


Next thing I know my 10 million headband is gone and their group is behind us

"How did he move that fast?!" Uraraka asked

As Iida explained his special move I told Uraraka to make us float and Tokoyami to use dark shadow to push us into the air when I said so.

I could feel that my dinosaurs were free and gave them a telepathic message to start clawing at the ice to get inside with us

I then stopped time went over to them and got our headband back while slashing Iidas right leg out of anger. I went back to my group and got into place as if nothing happened.

Time resumes again...

Iida stumbled but didn't fall which was fine.

"Damnit why am I hurt all of sudden?" Iida said trying to hold himself up

"He stopped time and took his headband back" Todoroki said

"N-no way he can really stop time" both Yaoyorozu and Denki said

"He's been stopping it since the beginning of the festival" Todoroki explained while glaring at me as I glared back

"What happened!? I thought team Todoroki took the ten million points but it looks like team L/N took all of theirs instead!" Present Mic said to the audience

"Uraraka Tokoyami c'mon let's go"

"We won't let you damnit!" Iida said

"You should worry about them more than us" I said pointing to my dinosaurs

After Uraraka made us float dark shadow pushed us over the barrier. And after that the match was over. We got first of course with just the ten million alone Bakugou's team was second Todoroki's third and someone named Shinsou fourth.

"Whew we actually did all thanks to L/N and his time stopping quirk" Uraraka said in a thankful tone

I then made my way over to Todoroki's group

"Hey if you guys could keep quiet on the whole time stopping thing that would be great. I plan on going all out with it on the last round"

"You cheated!" Denki said in a whining tone

Yaoyorozu, Iida, and Todoroki didn't say anything. I looked at Iida who was sitting on the ground due to his injury...that my mad dumbass caused

"C'mon let me help you to the nurse to say sorry"

"Fine...but explain your quirks to me again" he said which lighten up the mood

After I took him to the the nurse explaining my two quirks I saw Bakugou with his back to a wall near a corner. As I walked up before I could say anything and help his hand over my mouth the put his finger up to his mouth telling me to be quiet which I did. He was eavesdropping on someone.

This is... Izuku and Todoroki! Why are those two together?

Me and Bakugou listened and learned that Todoroki thinks Izuku is All Mights kid. He also explains that he's the number two hero's son I couldn't help but feel proud at the fact that I beat him. He also told Izuku his backstory and that the burn on his face is from his mom pouring boiling water on him. He then said that he's still aiming for number one. Then Izuku had his own moment to shine and told him that he'll aim for number one and beat Todoroki.

They left and I turned to Bakugou

"I didn't think of you as a eavesdropper" I said jokingly

"Shut up dino freak!"

Chapter Text

Our break was over and we were moving onto the final round. I noticed some girls in cheerleading out fits which didn't make sense since we all went to the same school. I looked to Midnight who said the final round was one on one battles

Oh this is just too easy

Two wanted to resign because they felt like they didn't deserve it. Which was dumb to they should've just kept their spots. Once they were replaced we saw the pairings. And I was fighting Yaoyorozu I need to pay her back from knocking me out that one time anyway. And Izuku was fighting this Shinsou character which turned out to be the guy who scouted us out 2 weeks ago.

After a few activities that I didn't participate in were over. It was time for the first match which was Izuku's.

He and the Shinsou kid came out while the pro hero Cementoss told the rules which were the basic go all out but dont intend to kill.

They were talking to eachother but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Once they said start Izuku made a dash over to him but instantly stopped. I was trying to figure out what happened but the tail guy from our class said "Midoriya didn't I tell you!?"

I asked him if he knew what happened and he explained Shinsou's brainwash quirk.

"Izuku! Snap out of it! If you lose I'll kill you myself!" I yelled but to no avail

The guy was making him walk of the stage so he'd be disqualified. Damnit he can't lose like this! All of a sudden a strong gust of wind went over the arena and it looks like he snapped out of it. He broke his own fingers to release the brainwash quirk. He charged at the guy and ended up throwing him on his back winning the match as I cheered for him

"Awww I think that its cute that you care for him" the invisible girl said

"I- we- just shut up" I said with a blush overcoming me as I covered my face not wanting them to see me flustered

"Aww he actually cares for someone" Tsuyu said

The next match was up and it was Todoroki vs the tape dude. When they said start the tape guy wrapped up Todoroki instantly. But in a blink of a eye Todoroki covered half the stadium with a iceberg. My eyes lit up

That's the type of opponent I need

The tape dude take the full blast and somehow survived but was unable to fight ending the match in a instant.

Then it was time for my match against Yaoyorozu. As we both entered the arena she created a sword and shield and prepped herself.

"I know we said no hard feelings about the whole tranquilizing me but I hold grudges" I said with a cold tone at the end


I didn't stop time but instead gave her the chance to quit.

"If you step out of the ring then you won't be humiliated. Quit while you're ahead"

"I will not give up that easily!"

"Suit yourself"

I stopped time and chopped her neck so she'll be unconscious when time resumed. I took both the shield and sword from her hands to be flashy for when time starts

Time resumes again...

She fell to ground as I stood behind her and tossed the sword and shield on both sides of me with a shrug. Then I had an idea. I stopped time and took the mic from Midnight and once time started again I said

"My quirk 'The World' is one that can stop time! Which would explain how easily I've been wiping the floor with the next generation of heroes! And I'm pretty sure I can take out more than half of the so called pro heroes with a 'blink' of an eye! And any of you think otherwise come shoot your shot" I told everyone watching the festival

The whole stadium seemed to be awestruck with only whispers filling it. I tossed Midnight her mic back and headed back into the crowd with the rest of the class.

"Why do you have to rile everyone up like that L/N?" Kirishima asked

"To be honest I'm just trying to provoke a pro so I can fight them and crush them"

"Y-youre joking right?"

"Not in the slightest I want to show them that I a freshman am already on a pro level. Plus I wanted to show off that I can stop time"

"Anyway have you seen Izuku?"

"H-he went to the athlete waiting room with Uraraka" he said


I headed over there to see Iida there as well. I noticed the mood of the room was kind of gloomy and I knew it was because of Uraraka's match with Bakugou.

"Uraraka if you can read him and keep your smarts with you I'm sure you can beat him" I said encouragingly

"Ok! It's nice to hear such kind words from you L/N"

"I can't believe I'm saying them either..."

After that we left Uraraka to herself so she can prepare for the match. When the match started I knew he was going to use his right hand and when Uraraka ran up that's exactly what he did. But she read it and placed a decoy with her shirt and was going to attack him from behind but he quickly countered with shooting a blast behind him.

She kept attacking but has countered each time. Why is he fighting this defensively? Everyone thought he was playing with her. Aizawa then explained to everyone that he wasn't toying with her but was being careful of a opponent who made it this far.

During all the explosions she made debris float without Bakugou knowing. She set up a pincer attack he would either have to focus on her or the debris. But with Bakugou being Bakugou he just made a huge explosion blowing Uraraka back and destroying all of the debris.

After that it looked like he was ready to go on the offensive but she collapsed. With her unable to move due to the strain of the side effect of her quirk Bakugou won.

Me and Izuku went to go see how Uraraka was doing before his next match started. When we went it she seemed fine and told us not to worry about her and that she'll cheer us on during our matches. But when we left we could hear her crying we didn't say anything to eachother about it and just kept walking. We were going to turn a corner but some fire dude got in our way

"Oh if it isn't the festivals love birds"

Before Izuku could get flustered I asked him a question

"Who is this guy Izuku?" I asked I a whispered voice but so fire guy can hear me

"L/N! He's the number 2 hero!"

"Oh that must suck being stuck at number 2 huh big guy?"

His fire grew in intensity as he glared at pme.

"Shouto has the duty of surpassing All Might and you two will serve as excellent test"

"You think you're son can beat my stopped time? Don't make me laugh Number 2"

He didn't say anything but brushed pass us.

"Todoroki isnt you" Izuku said suddenly

He stopped for a second but kept walking away from us.

"What was that about?" I asked

"Nothing important"

I left Izuku so he could get ready for his match with Todoroki which kind of had me on edge. Izuku's quirk is strong but his body hasn't adapted to it yet since All Might gave it to him. I was waiting for the match to start while talking with Iida and Tokoyami until Uraraka came and her eyes looked bad Iida and Tokoyami thought it was from the fight but I knew it was from her crying.

The match was finally going to begin and I was honestly afraid for Izuku I don't want him to lose but Todoroki is a formidable opponent. Once the match started Todoroki aimed to freeze him like he did the tape guy but Izuku saw it coming and blew all the ice away but broke his finger in the process. Todoroki quickly followed up with more ice and Izuku blew it away again

Oh no... He can't attack him this will go on until he breaks all of his fingers

And just as I feared that's what happened. But then he started reusing his fingers completely fucking up his hand.

He must have some balls to go through that type of pain and still keep pushing

They were saying something but couldn't make it out because of the damn audience. At some point Izuku was able to dodge the ice and land a punch on him but it was a normal one so he wouldn't hurt Todoroki too bad. But after that Todoroki started using his flames and Mr. No.2 was happy about that. To the point everyone noticed him talking to his son. Izuku and Todoroki both charged at each other with everything they had but walls from Cementoss were put up to stop them but they didn't do much.

As the smoke subsided Izuku was out of bounds giving him an instant loss. He was then carried off to Recovery Girl while me, Iida, Tsuyu, Uraraka, and the little purple guy went to go see him. And he did not look good both his arms and his left leg were in cast. I tried to walk up to him but Recovery Girl told us to get out because he needed surgery. But I stopped time and sat by All Might. She seemed more annoyed than surprised to the fact I stopped time to get by her.

He then went on saying that he was sorry to All Might for not performing that well and I shouldn't have butted into Todoroki's business.

"And I regre-" I cut him off before he could finish his sentence

"Izuku what you did for Todoroki was heroic. You did something I couldn't and wouldn't do and that was helping him from the clutches of his past. I know I aim to be number one but you have something I seem to lack... compassion. Though everyone is at eachothers necks for recognition you helped him. To me you already pass as a hero in my book"

I turned to see them both staring at me mouths agape. Which made me start to blush

"I-I should go get ready for my match. Neither of you bet not tell a soul what I said" I said as I left the room

-All Might Pov-

L/N has an extremely soft spot for Midoriya. Not only did he praise him but pointed out a flaw of his own. Nezu worries that he'll switch sides but I doubt it

Chapter Text

My next match was with Ashido. She seemed slightly scared but I just wanna get this match over with. I decided not to stop time and give her a fighting chance but I was too quick for her. I rushed over to her and used my tail to knock her off her feet then mid fall slammed her into the ground with it. She was unable to move and I swiftly won unscathed within 15 seconds. The crowd cheered as I was already wanting to fight the next person. The next match was Todoroki vs Iida but I didn't watch and just waited in the waiting room.

I was finally called out after a little while and to my surprise my next opponent was Bakugou. Any boredom I had was erased when I saw him

"Hey Bakugou think you could beat me this time? Last time I almost killed you hopefully you won't let yourself be easily beaten this time" I said with a smug smile

He didn't say anything but increased his glares intensity


The match started but I didn't stop time I just looked at him.

"You not gonna stop time? Am I not worth it?"

"Nah imma use it. It's just I wanna savor this moment. The second you see me disappear expect the match to be over in that instance as well"

I admire Bakugou's personality. And he's one of the few who strive to be number one but that's only another reason to beat him and shatter his pride.

I then decided to stop time he was on guard but thats not enough when youre frozen in place like this. I kicked his left arm and leg breaking them instantly. And to add insult to injury I slashed them to

Time resumes again...

He immediately fell but before he could go all the way down I grabbed him by his hair and held him up.

"His first mistake was aiming for number one! Anyone else who tries will suffer the same fate!" I yelled into the crowd and all I got were gasps and horrified stares

Did I take it too far? Nah

I dropped him and he fell face first onto the arena floor. Now it was time for the final battle me vs Todoroki. I went back to the waiting room until I was called out.

Once I was Todoroki had his same expressionless face on.

"You plan on being number 1 to right? I'll show you that you have no chance. Maybe in another lifetime you can retry"

He didn't say anything back...

"What's up with you guys being so quiet?"


I'll stop time the second he says start


I can't take any chances with Todoroki


The hell? The temperature dropped! This has to be in the negatives


Before I could even stop time he hit me. Covering me in ice

"D-damn it!"

I heard cheers of all things fucking cheers
And it pissed me off that they were happen to see him do this. I let my bloodlust surge completely giving in. All the pros jolted up they must've felt it. I subconsciously stopped time and freed myself from the ice. I then made a mad dash to Todoroki I pulled the same move I did with Ashido but instead of using my tail to slam him down I used my fist. Once he hit the ground time resumed but I didn't care I slashed at him and punched him switching between the two each time I brought my hand down. Before I knew it I was covered in cement and started losing consciousness

Once I came to I was strapped to a pole with Bakugou and Todoroki standing next to me Bakugou's injuries were already healed with exception of the two casts he had while Todoroki had bandages covering nearly every part of him. And his his arms were in casts. With some of the bloodlust still lingering I began to laugh maniacally

"If you keep that up I'll put you back to sleep" Midnight told me

"Now despite the audience asking us to disqualify you you still earned first place even if most of the things you did weren't very hero like" she added

"Like any of you know what it takes to be a hero"

She ignored me then All Might showed up with the medals I was then freed. As he handed me my medal I threw it into the crowd.

"Why'd he do that?!?!" Damn near everyone in the stadium said

"There wasn't any doubt that i'd lose so that might as well be a little kids 'participation' medal"

After everything died down people started going home. Once I got home my cousin lectured me about how brutal I was and that I shouldn't have seemed so condescending. But I mostly tuned her out and I started to wonder how will I confess my feelings to Izuku. But I have to put that thought aside for now and focus on achieving my goal

-Next Day-

Of course it started to rain once I already the house

I made my way to school completely drenched in rain water. Not to mention that the exhaustion from overusing my quirks caught up with me. Once I got in class and sat down I put my face down on the desk.

"Hey L/N! Nice work on getting first place yesterday" Denki said as he put his hand on my shoulder accidentally shocking me due to the water

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry L/N!" He pleaded

The entire class watched the encounter waiting to see how I'll respond

"It's fine Denki just please don't do it again" I said with a forgiving tone

Oh god I must be getting sick

"I expected him to snap" Tsuyu said

"Guys it was a accident but that wasn't a weak shock at all and he didn't even flinch. He's not even transformed no way he's human" Denki whispered but I still heard due to my heightened senses

"Denki I can still hear you you're lucky I'm tired"


Aizawa finally arrived and explained what we're doing today. Which was picking hero names

Thank god it's something easy cuz I am not feeling it

Midnight was going to take over the class and help us come up with names. Everyone seemed to already have their names made up while I had nothing. How could I overlook my hero name?

They actually came up with some good names that rolled of the tongue with ease and reflected their quirk or personality. Such as Tsuyu being 'Froppy' or Uraraka being 'Uravity'. Then it was my turn and I just said what came to mind at the time

Despair Inducing hero

And yup of course the thing that came out my mouth made me sound like a villain.

"Y'know even though it sounds like a villain name it suits you" Midnight said

"You sure you don't have some sort of hidden agenda?" She said changing the mood of the room

That wasn't a joke she's really asking. Do the pros suspect me of working with villains with everything that happened at the festival? That cop...he probably explained my quirk not to just All Might but probably all the pros here. So a select group knew about The World before I announced it. Am I being watched?

"I can't tell you all my secrets" I said as a joke dismissing her serious tone

Everyone picked their names and Aizawa took the class back. I placed my head on the desk again trying to rest. He then explained that some of us will work under pros for experience. I ended up getting 5,016 wanting me to work with them which was surprising since during the festival all I did was talk shit about them. I looked on the list to see how many asked Izuku but his name wasn't on the board meaning he didn't have any.

Aizawa then dropped a fat stack of papers on my desk each page listing off the pros wanting me. I took the first page off the stack and threw the rest away. One name stuck out to me

"Gran Torino...huh"

But I shrugged it off as I tried to look for more famous hero names.

School was finally over and I was walking out of class with Izuku until...

"I have come in a uncharacteristic pose!" All Might said blocking our way

It looked like he was shaking

"Can I please speak with the both of you?"

"Sure All Might"

"But Izukuuu you know how I feel about All Might" I said as he just stared at me

"Ugh fine"

"Great! Now Midoriya you got a request from a pro and L/N also got one from the same one"

"His name is Gran Torino he used to work here and was my master"

"You had me at number one hero's master  c'mon Izuku let's go"

"Also L/N youll be given a weapon to use during stopped time it's currently under development"

"You're one of the teachers that were told to watch me huh?"


"It's fine don't answer let's see how it plays out"

Me and Izuku both agreed that we'd take on his request Gran Torino as we parted our ways and waited for tomorrow.

-Next Day-
We all were at a station and had our costumes in their cases. I looked in mine for the weapon All Might talked about but it wasn't in there yet which was disappointing. Izuku went to talk to Iida about something but I didn't tag along. On our way to see Gran Torino we found the address but the building was so ran down.

"Are you sure this is the place?" I asked

"It says so"

He knocked on the door and it creaked open from him doing so. I wasn't paying attention still looking at the surrounding area until I heard Izuku yell


I ran up behind him and saw a small old guy with his face on the ground with a pool of blood around him. I panicked at first until I noticed the strong smell of ketchup

"Izuku I think he's alive"

He suddenly shot up

"I'm Alive!"

Izuku signed out of relief. He then explained that he was carrying a plate of sausage links and fell getting ketchup everywhere

"Who're you guys?"

"This is Midoriya and I'm L/N...y'know the students you put in a request for"

"Ah....who're you guys?"



"Izuku let's just go he's obviously senile"

"Come at me One for All and Time Stopper"

I looked back at him to see at some point he took my suitcase with my costume in it. And was searching through it

"How the hell did you get that?"

"Who're you again?" he said

"Sir...All Might doesn't have that much time left so I need to learn how to handle my power. I can't waste my time with you" Izuku said

I grabbed my costume from him and we both started to leave. Until the old dude was suddenly hanging above the door frame.

"Well if that's the case you have all the more reason to. Now come at me"

"I saw the way you both acted during the festival. Midoriya you can't control your power while L/N is way too cocky. You'll be knocked down from that high level of yours"

"Both of you change into your costumes"

I put on the turtleneck jumper and the breeches and still can't get over the fact their pretty light but increase my scales strength tremendously I shouldn't sleep on the support team. After I put it on I transformed and watched as my gloves and boots mended with my skin fitting like...well a glove

"There's really no point in fighting all I have to do is stop time. I could kill you during it."

"That's why you won't use that quirk. You'll be focusing on your transformation. You depend too heavily on stopping time."

He's right I mostly used it during the festival

"Even then I pretty sure I could take you out with no problem" I said

After I said that he quickly zipped behind me but he still wasn't fast enough. Plus my instincts told me he was going to kick me and aiming for my head. I ducked and quickly moved from under him and went to elbow his back, slamming him into the ground. But he changed direction mid air and picked up even more speed and was behind me again I couldn't react in time. He ended up kicking me knocking me to the ground.

"Izuku...imma kill him"

"You're problem is that you let your guard down when you think you ensured your win"

"And Midoriya I can already tell that you're problem is that you think of 'One for All' as special. I'm stepping out to eat"

He then left the room and I got up of the floor still mad that he knocked me down like that. I then looked to Izuku who was deep in thought.

"Don't listen to him Izuku. I stopped listening the second he sad 'Your problem'"

"No he's right. A quirk is a function of the body" he said starting to write in his book


It was soon night and Torino was sleep. All he did was attack me go shopping and fell asleep I came here to hang out with but I still wanted to train. I was just sitting on the couch in the living room and then I spotted a rat.

Yup definitely can't sleep here gonna have to stay up all night

It was just there looking at me so I decided to turn it into a little dinosaur. I had it do little tricks such as roll over.

"Aw cool you can even turn animals into dinosaurs?"

"Yeah plus it isn't as taxing as turning a human" I said then noticed he was in his hero gear

"Where're you going?"

"I'm gonna go test a theory I came up with wanna come?"

"Is that even a question?" I picked up the tiny dinosaur and walked with him in my sleepwear

We walked for a little while till we got to an alley

"We walked here for this? An alley?

"Yup I wanna try to use One for All subconsciously" he said squatting getting ready to jump

"Well that will be hard since the reason we came here was to do that"


He jumped and slammed right into the wall.

"Are you ok?! What were you trying to do?!" I said helping him up

"W-wall jump" he said a bit dazed

I put the dinosaur down in the alley turning it back into a rat. On our way back to Torino's Izuku asked me a question

"Y/N why do you hate All Might?"


"Tell me please"

"It's because-" I cut myself off not wanting to talk about it

"Let's just keep walking"

Chapter Text

It was morning and I woke up to Izuku and Torino unboxing a microwave. I checked my phone while they did their own thing while I laid on the couch

"It's cold!" Gran Torino yelled

Izuku apparently made him something to eat in the new microwave but it came out cold and he started explaining what he did. But I tuned them out while still on my phone. Then all I heard was

"This taiyaki is me!"

I started laughing. I turned to see a blushing Izuku trying to explain what he meant. He said he's been using One for All at a single body part at 100% so now he was going to spread it all over his body at 5%. Intrigued I watched as he tried to test his theory. I watched as he powered up but he didn't look much different but the air around him definitely said he was stronger. Torino tossed his cane to the side and asked Izuku if he could move in that form. Then they started fighting but the second Torino landed a hit it went off. After a few more hits I wanted to help him but I knew he needed the training so I held back the urge. Then Izuku jumped under the couch I was on



He then punched the couch from underneath sending me and it into the air. I stopped time and hopped off it and went to go sit in the kitchen. Time resumed and they kept fighting like I wasn't even there.


Izuku almost got him but he pulled off that dodging in midair bullshit. Pushing the falling Izuku into a wall putting him out of commission.

'Yknow you could've atleast warned me" I said helping him up

-Day 3 of training with Torino-
God it so boring here and he's only been fighting Izuku. They just finished a fight then out of nowhere Torino says that we'll be moving onto phase two: villain cleanup

I hurried up and put my costume on rushing Izuku to do the same even though he was all beat up. We left the house and made our way to a train station.

"It's ok to kill villains right?" I asked

"No it's never 'ok' to kill someone" Izuku said as Torino hummed in agreement

"I could just say the situation got out of hand. Even though this might make me sound like a deranged villain but I wanna know how it feels to kill someone it has to be invigorating right?"

Izuku looked at me horrified while Torino looked at me in disbelief.

"haha....just kidding?"

They both went to say something but were cut off by something crashing into the train. It was a hero and his expression had fear written all over it I looked at the hole he made to see Noumu there it wasn't the one from USJ but they were similar. Before I could react Torino rammed into it pushing it into the city. Me and Izuku got up to see where he went and saw that the entire city was under attack. We jumped out and headed there

"Y/N go help with Torino! I have to check on Iida!"

"What the fuck does Iida have to do with this?"

"Just do it please!"

I headed to Torino and he was still fighting it. It didn't look as strong as the one at USJ so this should be easy. I went kick it's head in but was stopped by fire engulfing it. I turned to see that the fire came from Mr. No.2

"Youre getting in my way dumbass!" I yelled at him

"Who do you think you're talking to!!" He replied

I ignored him and looked back at the Noumu he absorbed the flames and released them.

So he has a deflection quirk that's all I need to know

I stopped time and grabbed its head with one hand and with the other I brought it down against it's neck swiftly cutting the head off.

Time resumes again...

It's body fell immediately as I held its head in my hand.

"Whew... See how much faster that was No.2? That doesn't count as a kill though" I said tossing him the head

I saw Todoroki was with him but before I could say anything my phone vibrated. Something told me it was Izuku and sure enough it was but he only sent his location. I looked over at Todoroki to see he was on his phone too.

"You got that message right?" I asked

"Yeah let's go"

Once we got there it was an alley and I saw Izuku and Iida on the ground then I saw him. The rumored hero killer himself I didn't need to be told it was him the entire vibe he gave off told me everything no one else seemed to feel the intensity of his aura my dinosaur instincts told me to run and hide but I had to save Izuku. I kicked him in his stomach as Todoroki followed up with his ice.

"His quirk paralyzes you if he taste your blood don't get cut!" Izuku informed

"Ah the boy with the same ideals as me" the hero killer said recovering from the kick

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Both you and me know that this world's heroes are fakers clinging to the word 'hero'" he added

"Why not join me? We can make the world  'just' together"

"These pros really do suck huh? Sure I'll join you" I said bluntly

Everyone looked at me in shock

"But imagine the praise and recognition I would get for killing you"

"Hehe what a shame I'll have to kill you then as well"

He lunged at me but Izuku got up and knocked him down. Iida was still on the ground but I could win this by myself no problem

"Why aren't you using your quirk and stopping him" Todoroki asked

"Where's the fun in that? I wanna enjoy this."

"You dumbass! People's lives are on the line!"

"Yeah yeah calm down the second he goes to kill someone I'll kill him"

"Whatever try not to kill him we need to question him"

I ran over to him and got a few good slashes in and knee'd him in the face but he was still standing

"Aren't you a durable bastard"

He growled and threw a knife at Todoroki I stopped time and threw the knife back piercing his chest.

Todoroki and Izuku just watched as I took him out with no problem

"The smell of blood is starting to get to me plus you're honestly kind of boring"

I stopped time and slammed his face into the concrete knocking him out

"There still alive"

Time resumes again...

"He was giving off such a menacing vibe. How disappointing"

I tied him up and pulled him out of the alley. Izuku was being carried by the worthless pro that was there before us.

"Who told you guys to run off!" Gran Torino said lecturing me and Izuku

"DUCK!" he said suddenly

I flying Noumu picked up Izuku

Fuck fuck fuck it's flying too fast even if I stopped time I wouldn't make it! DAMN IT

But the hero killer jumped up and killed I freeing Izuku. Endeavor tried to throw a flame spear.

"STOP!" I yelled to him

The hero killer didn't make a move to kill Izuku but instead took his mask off and that's when everyone felt it. The bloodlust he gave off was one filled with pure hatred. They finally felt what I've been feeling this entire time but I grew some immunity to it. Everyone was scared stiff he started walking towards the group and that's when I stopped time. I believed that be needed to be stopped and that the world didn't need him

I walked behind him and shoved my hand through his chest. No way he could get up from this

Time resumes again...

I pulled my hand from his back as he fell gurgling blood and making a pool of blood. Everyone looked at me horrified

"Y'know to be honest I'm not impressed I thought I'd feel something when I finally killed someone...but nothing. I don't know why you guys forbid it" after saying that the horrified looks intensified

"Sorry must be my own bloodlust getting to me. The smell of blood triggers it faster" I said with a smile

Chapter Text

For whatever reason again I was hospitalized I swear they do this just to annoy me. But this time they were checking my mental health I answered a few questions and they said theyll tell me if they find something wrong. Me, Izuku, Todoroki, and Iida were all in the same room but everyone was silent not wanting to bring up the hero killer until Todoroki did.

"You didn't have to kill him Endeavor or Gran Torino could've taken him out"

"You're right I didn't have to...I wanted to" I said laid back on the bed


"To see how it would feel and there was the golden opportunity to try it"

"Y/N I don't like hearing you talk like this"

"Awww Izuku it's fine trust me im fine. Like I said I didn't feel anything so I didn't change."

"The fact that you say you didn't feel anything should be a red flag" Iida added

Before I could say anything back a man with a dogs head and Gran Torino walked into the room. Izuku told me he's the chief of police.

"Ah you must be the one who killed the hero killer" he said looking at me

"Regarding the hero killer he had several slashes over his body, broken bones, fractures, and of course the gaping hole on his chest. It seemed as if he was tortured then killed." The dog man said as everyone looked at me for an answer

"Yup you got it. It was pretty disappointing that he didn't put up a fight" I said still lying on my back on the bed

"Someone who takes it upon themselves to kill someone with their quirk and especially someone who isn't qualified yet even if they were fighting the hero killer would face punishment"

"What? You wanted me to wait for someone like you to come? And let all my friends die? Even if you or any of your police officers showed up I'm sure they'd be dead in a ditch. What I did was justified killing is necessary in the hero world" I said staring up at the ceiling

"Im going to tell you like this you can either give someone else the praise of killing him or take the praise yourself and receive the consequences"

Really I have to give the kill to someone else?

"Fine give it to someone else just leave me the hell alone"

"Good. But next time please refrain from killing."


As he left the room Gran Torino walked up to me and punched me in the stomach.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"How could you do something that stupid? You're a freshman and already have a body count"

"Trust me if you're worried about my mental health I'm fine"

He didn't say anything after that and left the room. After awhile a doctor came in with my psycological results. Izuku, Iida, and Todoroki were all staring at me. But I decided not to read it and crumbled it.

"Why didn't you read it" Todoroki asked

"...let's just go to sleep"

It was the next day and I was finally able to leave. Why do they always keep me like that? Me and Izuku went back to Gran Torinos to get our stuff since it was time to go. We didn't say anything to eachother until we were leaving

"Hey kids! Who're you again?" Torino asked

We went to say our names but he said that wasn't it which meant he wanted our hero names



He smiled and went back into the house. On our way to school I decided to answer his question

"Because he wasn't there"


"You asked why I hated All Might and well there you go. Connect the dots with the little I gave you"

He looked like he wanted to say something but held it back. At school everyone definitely seemed different I just sat at my desk and stared off to nowhere. I then heard someone mention the hero killer apparently Endeavor killed him and we were rescued by him

"L/N was really rescued?" Denki asked someone but I answered


"Why didn't you just stop time?"

"I overused it and my quirks shut down"


The next assignment we had was basically a race so the second we started I stopped time and ran. I was overdoing it with each step I took I destroyed something

I guess killing the hero killer really did mess with me...nah

I ended up finishing before time resumed making it look like I teleported. As I waited for everyone else to finish I saw Izuku slip so I stopped time again and stood below him so when time started I could catch him. Time resumed and he fell right into my arms as I carried him bridal style

"Haven't we been like this before? You mind if I try something?"

"Umm go ahead?"

I stopped time again seeing if I could bring him with me into it.



"Holy crap it worked"

"What did?"

"Can't you tell? I stopped time with you"

"It did get quiet all of a sudden"

"I thought you'd be more surprised"

"I am just disappointed"

"About what?"

"You're kind of oblivious huh Y/N?"


Before I could ask him what he was talking about. He wrapped his arm around my neck pulling me in for a kiss

"I-I thought I'd have to do it. What m-made you so bold?" I said a blushing mess

"I just want you to know that I'm here for you. C'mon let's go to the finish line"

Time resumes again...

I released him from my grasp and we ran to the end of the race. Once the last person made it back All Might came up to us

"Once this lesson is over come to my office I need to talk to you two"

He had a smile but his tone was very serious. This was definitely about the hero killer and the fact that his blood was on my hands. Once everyone finished their races the guys and girls went to their  locker rooms. And it turns out the little purple guy is a pervert. He pulled down a poster to reveal a hole that can be used to look into the girls locker room. I went up to him and smacked him on his back leaving a handprint and sending him across the room.

"Thanks L/N" I heard from the other side of the wall as I put the poster back up

Once me and Izuku got to All Mights office we went inside and the atmosphere was heavy. There were 2 couches facing eachother with a table in-between me and Izuku sat on the couch opposite of All Might. Once I sat down I noticed this bear or was it a dog? Whatever it was it was small and had a cute little suit on. I picked it up and saw it had a scar over it's eye

"Aww and just what are you?~" I cooed

"You're principal" it said

I froze up and slowly turned my head to Izuku who was also surprised

"I-Im not the only one that heard that right?"

"Nope. Could you put me down we need to discuss some urgent matters" he said as I hesitantly put him back

"And like I said I am the principal of UA Nezu! But you can call me Mr. Principal"

"O-ok Mr. Principal" I said still stunned by the fact this animal was talking

"But let's just cut to why you guys are here"

"L/N you're violent behavior ever since you came here has only gotten worse. You almost killed a fellow student, humiliated all of your peers and brutally attacked them and provoked pro heroes at the festival. Now you have killed a man yes we know it was the hero killer but you've could have taken him down without killing him not to mention all of the pros there."

"Everything I did was necessary. I needed to show the kids in my class that I will be number one and I had to get rid of any dreams they had of accomplishing the same goal. The pros are nowhere near being a hero they have no idea what it takes to be one. And besides me everyone who faced the hero killer froze from his ideology alone so I took it upon myself to eliminate the threat"

"Listen L/N you will be expelled unless you agree to some terms me and the other heroes came up with. Besides your violent outburst you are still one of UAs overperforming students and you are one of the very few people in the entire world to have 2 outstanding quirks and we'd hate to lose you."

Sigh I always find myself in situations like this

"What do you want me to do?"

"We need to keep a eye on you so we ask that you move into the dorms here. All of the pros here already know about you and they'll watch you from time to time"

"Move into the dorms? And I'll be watched by the pros? That sounds like a problem waiting to happen"

"Only if you cause it"

"If we are here only to talk about me why're All Might and Izuku here?"

"All Might will be the main one to watch you you'll be taken under his wing like Midoriya here. Also I wanted to ask Midoriya to watch you as well. Since he's the only student you respect"

"Why do I have to be 'watched' like I'm damn child?" I said with anger in my voice

"Because we believe you have ties to the villians from USJ. Because just like Noumus you have 2 quirks and so do they"

"Really is that it? Whatever just tell me when I move my stuff in"

"Whenever you can"

Me and Izuku stood up but All Might said he still needed to talk to him.

"Just wait for me please"

But I decided to just go home and start packing. My cousin was basically rubbing it in that she told me so but I ignored her. The next day was boring to say the least we got some tests results back and I placed first in the class. But some people must've felt the sad feeling I gave off

"L/N are you okay? You're not rubbing it into our faces that you got first" Kirishima said

"I'm fine" I said plainly

"Usually you're all like "I got first like I knew I would hahahaha" but youre quiet this time"

"Im good just drop it"

Aizawa came in and taught like normal but he said we were going to do a exercise test which sounded boring as hell but...

"You guys will group up in pairs and fight one of the educators" Nezu said

"Finally I can take these pros down! I want Midnight and Cementoss for knocking me out during the festival"

The class stared at me with a 'Yup there he goes' kind of look

"Sorry to say L/N but the teams and who you will fight have already been made up" Nezu informed

"You'll be teamed up with Midoriya and your opponent will be-" Aizawa said but was cut off

"I'm here! Now cooperate to win wonder duo" All Might said

"Izuku this can't be for real right?" I whispered to him

"I-I think its is"

"What's wrong L/N? You seem discouraged" Aizawa said

"I just don't think it'll be okay for everyone to see their symbol of peace beat by a freshman. Imagine the Despair it would cause"

"That's the spirit L/N!" All Might said patting my shoulder

Everyone went of to their respective groups and left on buses to fighting sites. Once we go there All Might said he was handicapping himself with weights that were equal to half his body weight.

"So we have to win by fleeing or beating you?"

"Correct!" All Might said

"Then I'll end this match the second it starts" I said glaring at him

"I wonder!"

We went into the fighting site which was really big and full of buildings but we had to find the exit. I took this time to ask Izuku how did he think we would do

"You think we stand a chance against him?" I asked

"If we decide to run maybe. But fighting him head on...I can't see us beating him but you're still set on fighting him huh?"

"Yup! Well maybe a kiss would change my mind"



We walked around aimlessly until my instincts told me he was near.

"Izuku he's close"

We stood back to back and waited for him to attack. A sudden gust of wind came from down the street we were on and there he was

"Brace yourselves, for here I come!"

"Izuku let me take him alone"

"Why? We're in this together"

"I plan on letting my bloodlust consume me. But I still shouldn't attack you"

"Don't think of this as a test but instead as a life or death situation!" All Might said menacingly

"I'm loving the attitude All Might! It's cool seeing the symbol of peace with a darker side"

"You haven't seen anything yet!"

He then lunged at us and good god was he fast I grabbed Izuku and stopped time.

"Cut him down! Don't hold back!" I yelled at Izuku

I went to slash at his arms but his body was too tough. And before I knew it time started again.

What the hell? It's only been 5 seconds! Damn it it's because I brought Izuku the time was cut in half

"Izuku get back the time has cu-"

Before I could finish my sentence All Might grabbed me by my face

"Young L/N! You can now stop time for other people? Amazing but not good enough" he said slamming me onto the ground.

Fuck it I'm letting myself go

-All Might POV-
That should put him down for a little bit now Midoriya.

"Are you going to abandon him and run?" I asked

He jumped back and that's when I felt sadness, anger, and the overwhelming urge to kill. I looked back to see it was all coming off of L/N.

I guess he calls himself Bloodlust for a reason

He started getting up then was suddenly behind me. I felt multiple wounds open on me these weren't like the last ones these were deep. He even cut me on the wound from All for One. I turned around to see him staring at me with a smirk on his face. His eyes told me he was going to choke me with my intestines there were alot more cracks on his face. He then walked to Midoriya I thought he was going to attack him but instead he placed his and on his shoulder and they were both in front of me. Midoriya was going for a punch to my face as L/N was going for a kick to my stomach. I jumped back and they missed but when I landed L/N was infront of me again going to slash at All of Ones wound again I managed to dodge thankfully. He couldn't have stopped time due to his 15 second cooldown so this was just his own speed. The fact that he keeps going for that wound means he's trying to make this personal

"So this is you at you're full power L/N?"

No response

"Im sure you can hear me. And I can't think of a better time to bring this up but I asked for your psycological test results back from when you killed the hero killer"

He froze and his smirk disappeared

"You suffer from PT-"

Before I could finish he was in front of me again. He was going for a kick to my head I dodged he went to the ground and was already starting another attack he was going for a uppercut and Midoriya was on his way too. I jumped back again and punched the air throwing a fierce gust of wind at them. Midoriya was blown back but L/N stood his ground by digging his claws into the concrete

"You suffer from PTSD L/N"


He was in front of me again with his hand up. This was the same move he used on Bakugou.


I couldn't completely dodge this attack I moved my head to the side as he left a cut starting from my left shoulder and and ending at the right side of my waist. I didn't have much time left, my movements were getting slower. While his picked up each time I said something.

"I also digged up some stuff up about your parents"

I grabbed a guardrail and pinned him under it. Out of desperation to help him Midoriya lunged at me but he left himself wide open I punched him in the stomach and sent him flying. I then squatted down to L/N

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you."

He stopped time again and was now standing on top of the guardrail. His arm was reared back he swung at me and was going for my neck. I pulled my head back in time and he only left a thin cut. But he was really trying to kill me. There's only ten minutes left if he doesn't beat me or escape then they both lose. I grabbed his ankle and slammed him to the floor and put my foot on top of him so he wouldn't move.

"You shouldn't bottle up you're feelings otherwise they become violent outburst like this"

"Get off me! I'll kill you! I'll be the new number one!" he said as his voice cracked at the end

Midoriya came back and went to punch me but I grabbed his arm and held him in the air

"It looks like you guys lost"

"Y/N did you hear that? We have to go if you want to win. The exits back that way"

I felt L/N's breathing hitch then they were both gone. I guess his will to win is stronger than the urge to kill. Once they went out the exit they both collapsed. The adrenaline settled and I felt all the pain L/N inflicted he did really well against me. I picked them both up and took them to recovery girl

Chapter Text

" whole body hurts"

"Yeah I think anyones would after going toe to toe with All Might" Recovery Girl said

That's when I remembered the fight and everything he said.

Damn him I'll slit his throat

"Y/N calm down he's not even here" Izuku said

"But I didn't even say anything"

"Yeah but your Bloodlust did" he said as I sighed

"Anyway where are we?"

"Recovery Girls tent I've just been watching the fights in here"

"We won right?"

"Yeah I had to tempt you with the win so you would stop fighting him"

"I would say I did pretty good against the symbol of peace"

"Speaking of the you wanna talk about what he said?"

"I'm sorry but no. I hate him even more since he brought it up"

"'s cute hearing you say sorry since you never say it"

"Sh-shut up"

We started watching the rest of the fights which were pretty mediocre. After they finished their matches everyone went back to class with me and Izuku being the only ones with bad injuries.  As soon as we went in half the class ran up to us

"L/N how'd you do against All Might?"

"Did you manage to hurt him?"

"I bet he pushed you to gain some new ability what is it?"

I couldn't even tell who was asking the questions they just kept coming. I tried to forget the fight and what All Might said but with them asking questions I couldn't help but think about what he said.

I can't have PTSD...right?

I started to get mad but Izuku caught what I was feeling

"H-he did to fine guys. He managed to stand up against him. And yes he got a new ability he can pull people into stopped time!"

"Really!? You gotta show me L/N!" Kirishima said

"Me too!"

"I wanna see it as well!"

I ended up showing the entire class besides Bakugou and Todoroki what it's like to stop time which was tiring but it took my mind off All Might. Aizawa came into the class to talk about exam results and who is and isn't going to the forest lodge

What lodge? Only people who passed are going? I know I did but I should pay attention more

"I hate to say that that some of you didn't pass but... Everyone is going it was a logical ruse!"

Just like the physical exam awhile ago he lied so everyone could try their hardest. The lodge is apparently going to be more training but since a few kids failed it was going to be harder than it originally was going to be. He then handed out guides for the lodge and it was basically boot camp and we'll be there a week. Hagakure then said that we should all go to the mall to get supplies which wasn't a bad idea the only people who said they weren't going was Bakugou and Todoroki. Once we got there a group of people swarmed me

"OMG you're that guy with the time stopping quirk! 'The World'!"

"Can I have your autograph?"

"Can you turn into a dinosaur like you did right now?"

Oh god I wanted fame but not like this

I looked back at Izuku and everyone and they just laughed and kept walking. I had to stop time to get away from everyone. I then rejoined the group as they all laughed at my flustered face

"Izuku why didn't you protect me?" I said wrapping my arms around him with a sad tone

He started blushing as I was clinging to him. I let go of him and we all started talking about what we needed. Everyone needed different things so we decided to split up. Then it was just me and Midoriya

"We can go get your stuff first if you want" I said

"I don't know what to get though"

He started thinking about what he should get until

"Hey if it isn't some UA kids!"

A guy came up to us and put his arms on our shoulders then he put his hands around our necks I went to stop time but there wouldn't be a point since he was touching me

"If all five of my fingers touch you your body will start to decay and soon you'll be nothing but dust"

I turned to look at him and it was the hand guy, Shigaraki.

"if you do that then a hero f-from the crowd would capture you" Izuku said obviously scared

Damn it Izuku don't show him you're scared be calm

"Yeah but how many people do you think I could kill before they can? Maybe 20 or 30"

"I just wanna talk to you guys c'mon let's go sit down"

How the hell does no one see this guy with his hands around our necks? I guess it's fine though he would kill us if a pro showed up

"Now I just want to say that I hate almost everything but the thing that I hate the most I the hero killer Stain"

"Why do you hate him? I already killed him" I said calmly

"Yeah and I thank you for that but that bastards influence is still around he has more fame than us"

So he knows the truth that I killed him which means he was watching us that day

"We invaded UA and released Noumus in Hosu but he was getting all the attention"

"Everyone thinks you guys work together. Are you guys not?"

"No and that what ticks me off the most. Why isn't anybody looking at me?"

"Between the two of us what do you think the difference is Midoriya?"

He turned towards Izuku sobI couldn't see his face anymore

"I don't accept the hero killer but I do understand him but it all starts because both me and him watched All Might. He even saved me. He sticks to his own ideals and lives by them"

Izuku jumped and his face changed to one of pure fear. And I couldn't do anything to help him

"Ah I get it now it all starts at All Might no wonder I hate both him and you. Its all about All Might"

"The reason everyone here is smiling and happy is because of him to. I'm so happy we got to talk Midoriya"

He started tightening his grip around Izuku's neck to the point he was choking him"

Damnit why can't I do anything I can't even save the person I love

Luckily Uraraka came up to us

"L/N? Deku?"

"He's not a friend isn't he? Let go of them"

Midoriya tried to tell her everything was fine but he sounded to panicked

"ITS NOTHING WE'RE FI-" I cut him off

"Everything's fine Uraraka this is a friend of mine from middle school" I said with a smile as I winked at her

"Oh I didn't know you guys had more company my bad I'll leave" Shigaraki said as he let go of us

Izuku started coughing since he was being strangled. My fake smile disappeared as I tried to chase him but Izuku stopped me by grabbing my hand

"Why are you stopping me?! I can kill him and we won't have to worry about him anymore"

"I-- don't want you to kill anyone else"

"Anyone...else?" Uraraka asked

We then explained to her that I was the one that killed Stain and that man was Shigaraki.

"You actually killed someone?"

"Yup and not just anyone the hero killer himself" I said with pride until Izuku hit the back of my head

"You're talking too loud!"

"You sound happy that you took a life" Uraraka said with a horrified tone

"It's the first of many I'll take...sorry I must sound insane I'm just mad the he managed to sneak up on us like that...uh don't tell anyone I killed him"

She didn't say anything to me but had the same expression on her face until she pulled out her phone to call the police (because of Shigaraki 😂)

Our group came up to us but officers stopped them from talking to us. The mall was closed for the rest of the day and they couldn't find Shigaraki. We were then led to a police station to be questioned. And we were being questioned by the same guy who wanted to confirm my time stopping for All Might. We told him what Shigaraki said and looked like.

"I'm not getting a clearer picture based on what you guys told me. Most of the information is nothing new" he said

"I'm sorry Y/N went to go kill him but I stopped him maybe I should have" Izuku said with a guilty tone

"Trust me you made the right call. Killing someone out in the open like that wouldn't be okay plus he already has one to his body count"

I just rolled my eyes. He then led us outside and there was All Might I felt my eye twitch I just stayed by the door and waited for Izuku to finish talking to him. The police officer went to go talk to as I was left with my thoughts

Why do they care whether or not I kill villains? The villains they wouldn't think twice about killing me so why shouldn't I do the same?

After a little bit my cousin and Izukus mom were here even though I text my cousin that I'd walk home. My cousins quirk let her see people's emotions so she saw I was irritated

"I'm glad you're safe but why are you mad?"

"No reason let's just go home"

After a week of basic boring classes the semester ended and we were going to that forest lodge. But apparently all the classes were going not just 1-A. And I saw so many useless looking people. The bus ride was boring as hell to

After an hour we got to a rest stop but nothing was there. Then these girls in cat outfits came out of nowhere and introduced themselves as the Wild Wild Pussycats. Izuku knew them but I didn't

"Wow I never heard of you guys you must not be very good heroes" I said in a fake excited tone

"What was that?" The blonde one said as she raised her paw to me

"If you keep your paw in my face I'll kill you" I said monotonely

"Is that so?" she asked with her paw still in my face

I sighed and stopped time and pulled out my own claws. I walked behind her and wrapped my left arm below her neck as I place the right hands claw up to her neck.

Time resumes again...

"Im not in the mood you third rate hero" I whispered in her ear as everyone watched

"Y-y/n let's just go" Izuku said not wanting the situation to escalate

"Oh you must be the aggressive time stopping student I've heard so much about." she said

My transformation ended due to Aizawa erasing Scary Monsters and I let go of her

"It's sad that you almost let a student kill you imagine if Aizawa wasn't here"

She just huffed and joined the other 'Pussycat'. The blacked haired one then explained that the lodge was at the base of mountain that was really far away.

"It's 9:30 now but if you guys kick it into high gear it'll be about 12..."

She can't mean...

"Oh no.." Kirishima said

"Lets just go back on the bus..." Mina added

"To the bus hurry!" Kirishima directed

"Any kittens who don't make it to the lodge by 12:30 doesn't get to eat" she said

The blonde one has some kind of quirk that lets her reshape the land and she pushed us all of a cliff.

"That bitch..." I said getting up

Then out of nowhere I huge ass monster appeared. Me, Izuku, Todoroki, Bakugou, and Iida all attacked instantly killing it

"...wait I could've turned it into a dinosaur and we all could've rode it to the lodge" I said realizing our mistake

"I can turn into a dinosaur and carry like two of you if anyone wants"

I ended up carrying Denki and Mina. Izuku said he wanted to do the race himself. With them on my back I still made it in record time with it only being an hour

"OMG I that a dinosaur?!" The black haired 'Pussycat' asked

"No it's just our friend L/N" Mina explained as she got off of me

Denki apparently felt dizzy since I was running so fast. As I ended Scary Monsters transformation the cat girl examined me

"I would tell you all to go back and redo it since you had help but you got here in under an hour while carrying two people... amazing I know about your time stopping but what about this quirk?"

"I can completely turn into a dinosaur or just gain the parts of one. If I touch any living thing it will also turn into a dinosaur my senses are enhanced and I have dinosaur instincts like some kind of intuition" I said giving into the praise she gave me

We just waited around for another hour until everyone else started to show up. Once everyone did the blonde cat girl said the everyone who attacked the monster are especially good.

"Please tell me something I don't know" I said as a joke

She then started calling dibs on us???
After all that Izuku pointed out the kid that has been with the cat girls this whole time. He was the nephew of the black haired one and when Izuku said hi he punched him in the dick

"I'm not gonna fuck around with a bunch of losers who want to grow up to be corny ass heroes" he said as he turned around and walked away

I stopped time and squatted in front of him. As time resumed I held my hand out so he wouldn't bump into me

"If you ever hurt Izuku like that again or call me a loser I'll rip you limb from limb even if you are just a kid" I said coldly as I let my eyes show the bloodlust I had within. He looked terrified for awhile then walked around me

"Y/N! YOU SHOULDN'T TALK TO KIDS LIKE THAT!" Iida yelled pulling me away

"He hurt Izuku though" I said trying to justify myself

-Aizawa POV-
He's getting worse. He's been going down a spiral ever since he killed Stain. He tried to kill All Might then Shigaraki. And now he's threatening pros and kids. And he sees nothing wrong with it. We have to change his views soon or else he will be a villain

After the kids aunt told me off for scaring him everyone got to eat. I didn't put apparently the food was on Lunchrush's level. Izuku asked why I wasn't eating and I just said I wasn't hungry. After everyone ate the boys and girls were split up and sent to different hot springs. The boys and girls hot springs were next to eachother but a wall separated the two. And of course the little purple guy was trying to climb over it. But once he got to the top the kid that punched Izuku popped up and pushed him off the building. And then the kid himself fell down I wasn't gonna catch him but Izuku did. He took the kid inside to his aunt as I stayed out in the spring with the rest of the guys

Why'd he save him after what he did? It couldn't just be 'because its the right thing to do'

Everyone went to bed after that but it felt like we had only an hour of sleep since we had to get up at 5am.

"Today we being a rigorous reinforcement training. This is preparation to stand up against live action hostility and aggression from a enemy. Prepare your minds and hearts" Aizawa explained to us

He threw Bakugou a baseball and told him to throw it like the ball pitch test from before. His last score was 705 so I thought he'd get atleast 750 but he only got 709.

"You guys have grown alot in the last 3 months but that growth was mostly emotional and technical. So starting today we're going to focus on upgrading your quirks. I will push you all beyond your limits try not to die"

Can I even improve my quirks anymore than this? I guess I could improve The World's time and cooldown but that's really it

I focused on The World's cooldown I don't need to stand or anything so it looked like I was just sitting there. Then class B joined us and they looked shocked at how hard everyone else was training. Along with them the cat girls appeared with a new girl and a guy who had the same girly clothing as them. They introduced themselves again as the Wild Wild Pussycats (Full team)

"Why are you just sitting here?" The guy in their group asked me

"Relaxing since everyone here including you pros can't beat me in a fight" I said trying to see how would he react

"A cocky one huh? All right come at me then"

"You sure? You don't seem all that powerful..."

He tried to punch me but missed.


I stopped time and slashed his cheek.

"That good enough?"

All of the class B students gasped

"Ohh you're the time stopping student huh?"

"You guys know I have a name right?"

"Yeah yeah you're coming with me. Along with any other students with simple enhancement quirks"

"But neither of my quirks are simple enhancements" I said not wanting to go with him

"You're an exception" he said dragging me by my collar

All we did was basic exercise and I didn't even break a sweat for the 10 hours we were out there.

It was about 4pm and the cat girls told us we had to cook out own food.

Oh god that means I have to interact with the class to help. Wait maybe it's not that bad I can even apologize to everyone I fought in the festival

We made the food and everyone started eating and I couldn't find Izuku so I took this as the perfect time to say sorry

"Bakugou, Mina, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu I'm sorry for the way I acted during the festival I was too self absorbed trying to show everyone I was superior" I said looking at the ground not trying to make eye contact

But I could feel that they were exchanging looks

"I think that's a class B kid with a shape shifting quirk" Mina whispered

I stopped time and sat at the other side of the table

"Nope it's me"

"It's fine L/N at least I had it the easiest" Yaoyorozu said

"No hard feelings L/N!" Mina said with a cheery tone with Todoroki humming in agreement

"Whatever dino freak" Bakugou said but I took it as him forgiving me

For the rest of the night we all exchanged laughs and Izuku came back after awhile

Chapter Text

-3rd day at the forest lodge-
After everyone ate I thought we were going to go to bed but Aizawa had different plans

"Next we'll be doing the Test of Courage but unfortunately everyone who failed the exam will come with me to review some stuff. I'll let Tiger explain the rest" Aizawa said dragging his group with him

Basically class B was already out in the forest and there job was to scare us. Everyone was going to have a partner but based off the numbers someone was going to have to go by themselves and Izuku seemed worried

"I'll go by myself so poor poor Izuku can have a partner" I said teasing him

"Ok! Then you'll be the first to go!" Tiger said

After a few minutes of walking around I noticed the faintest smell of something burning and something else

This is...some kind of anaesthetic!

I quickly covered my nose and ran back to the lodge. That's when I saw one of the cat girls laid out on the ground and two unknown guys

100% villains...where the hell is Izuku?

I stopped time and knocked them both out

Time resumes again...

"Tie them up and where did Izuku go?"

"He said he knew where my nephew was and went after him I don't know where"

"Use your quirk and warn everyone that there's sleeping gas being masked by burning wood" I said running off

I managed to get Izuku's scent and followed it up the mountain. I heard people yelling and ran over to see who it was. I saw Izuku with both his arms broken. And another guy was there his arms were covered in muscle tissue.

I couldn't help him before he broke his arms if only I stayed with him

I felt sadness when I saw the injured Izuku then anger. I held onto that feeling of anger and let it consume me. My bloodlust spiked as both Izuku and the guy felt it they both turned their heads to me

"That's one of the kids we're here for" the man said

It didn't get through to me though I stopped time and ran up to him. I shoved my hand into his chest and pulled out his heart

Time resumes again...

I made sure he was watching when I crushed it in my hands. The blood splattered all over me and the smell was intoxicating. He fell to the ground dying instantaneously

"Y/N..." Izuku said trying to process what happened

I turned to him then noticed the kid that hit him was there too. And only one thought went through my head

He hurt Izuku too

I grabbed the kid by the neck and held him off the ground as a smile crept to my face

"Don't worry I'll make yours painless t-"

I was kicked in the head by Izuku snapping me out of the bloodlust

"Y/N!" He yelled at me

"I-Im sorry" I said realizing what I did

"Why did you kill him! You could've knocked him out!" He continued yelling

"I-its just that I saw you hurt and couldn't contain myself....But did you see his face though? When I crushed it? Priceless" I said letting myself go again

He slapped me

"M-my bad. It's this blood on me do you have something to wipe it off?"

"....Kouta use your quirk to wash it off him" he said in a sad tone

The kid was able to shoot water from his body. He sprayed me as I washed the blood from my face.

"C'mon let's go. We gotta go find the others I'll carry you two" I said

I activated Scary Monsters full transformation. The kid ran behind Izuku when I did

"Can you control yourself like that?" Izuku asked

I couldn't talk like this so I just nodded. They both hopped on me and I ran into the forest. I picked up on Aizawas scent and followed it until we got to him.

"Midoriya! L/N!" he called us out

Izuku and the kid got off of me as I transformed back to just the characteristics

-Aizawa POV-
As they approached me I noticed that Midoriya's arms were broken and L/N had blood all over his shirt

They definitely fought or by the looks of it killed a villain

"Sensei! There's so much I have to tell you! But I have to talk to Mandalay first" Midoriya said

"Hold on" I said

"This is Kouta he has a water quirk protect him please"

"I said hold on"

"I'm leaving it to you!" He said as L/N picked him up piggy back style

"You guys wait!"

L/N stopped and turned around not making eye contact with me

"L/N you killed someone didn't you?"

He didn't say anything while still not looking at me

"Fine. But tell Mandalay I said for everyone to engage in combat. Say I authorize it" I said as Midoriya nodded

Damn it! After all this I'm probably going to be expelled

"Izuku I'm gonna rush so hold on" I warned him

He tightened his grip as best he could with his broken arms as I bolted back to the lodge. The two guys I knocked out before were tied up. Izuku relayed everything Aizawa said but he told her something I didn't know about

"The villains targets are L/N and Kachan!"

Should didn't know who Kachan was but he told me to hurry up and run into the forest again. After running for a bit my instincts told me to move away I stopped and jumped back as a hand attacked the path I was going along. Then Shouji appeared and told us that the hand that attacked us belonged to Tokoyami's Dark Shadow.

"I'll stop time and knock him out then" I said

"It wouldn't matter if one gets knocked out the other can still be conscious" Shouji informed us

"If we can find Bakugou or Todoroki they can calm Dark Shadow down" he added

"Ok I can find their scent. I'll carry both of you" I suggested

Shouji held onto Izuku as I completely transformed again. Once they got on I ran at top speed trying to find Bakugou or Todoroki. Dark Shadow was close behind us but I was still faster. I picked up their scents and made it to them in seconds. They were fighting a villain too but Dark Shadow easily took him out. We waited for Dark Shadow to take him out then Bakugou and Todoroki used the lights from their quirks to subdue him. We were now a group of six.

I turned back to my first form (characteristics) and carried Izuku on my back. We got to another path and saw Tsu and Uraraka and a female villian but she ran off when she saw us. I let Izuku down and tried to go after her but he stopped me

"Please don't" he said grabbing my hand

I stayed in the back until I noticed Bakugou was gone and then...

-Izuku POV-
"That girl was a villain right?" I asked the girls

"Yeah she was crazy" Uraraka said

"I'm glad you guys are ok. We're grouping up so the villains don't get to L/N or Kacchan" I said

"What do you mean they aren't with you though" Tsuyu said

"What do you mean they're back there..."

"If youre to talking about them I already used my magic to take them both out. Those guys don't belong on the side of heroes not when we have a stage for them to shine much brighter" a masked man said.

"Give them back!" I yelled

"Give them back? They aren't your possessions they're their own people you egotist" he said

Todoroki shot ice at him but he dodged out of the way

"I'm sorry to cut your fun short but this concludes our mission. As planned you all have five minutes to rendezvous at the 'collection point'" he said talking into an earpiece

He jumped from tree to tree extremely fast

"Uraraka make us float and Tsu you use your tongue with all your strength to fling us at him" I said

In no time they did just as I said and we were all right behind him. We crashed into him and held him on the ground but we were right in front of 3 other villains. One of them blasted us with blue flames that directly hit my arm. Todoroki went to attack but was stopped by another one. Once I got up the girl from earlier pinned me down. Shouji pushed her off me and told us to run. He had two small objects and said the the man in the masks quirk somehow has Bakugou and Y/N inside. But the masked man explained that ones he had were fakes and showed us the real ones. We all ran over to him then the black mist surrounded them the masked man showed us Bakugou.

"Don't let L/N out he'll probably kill us" a man with patches all on his body said

Then just like that they were gone not just the villains but Bakugou and Y/N


Chapter Text

-All Might POV-
"For a training camp to prepare students to fight villains to be attacked by villains is shameful" Midnight said

"We grown soft to the peace All Might has created" Present Mic added

"My own worthlessness infuriates me. To think I was here doing nothing while they all fought" I said

"They abducted two of our students...this is UAs biggest failure" Snipe said

"Those two most likely became targets when they showed their wild natures at the sports festival. If L/N is persuaded by them he could danger the hero society" Nezu said

"It would also seem like there is a traitor among us. We all suspected that it was L/N due to his resentment towards heroes and that he has more than one quirk like the Noumus. But alot of kids vouched for him not to mention he killed another villain so that would mean it's someone else" Present Mic said

My phone started ringing when he finished talking. I apologized and left the room to talk to whoever it was. To my surprise it was Tsukauchi.

"What's up Tsukauchi?" I asked

"There's been an unexpected development! We may have the League of Villains whereabouts. We need you down here right away!" Tsukauchi said

"I'm on my way! I'll be there to pay back those villains" I said leaving the school

I can't see nor feel anything. Where am I? How did I even get to this point? Wasn't I just with Izuku?

All of a sudden I was able too see but before I could realize what happened I was pushed into a chair and multiple people chained me to it. I stopped time but to no avail

"You just stopped time didn't you? Looks like you didn't gather your thoughts quick enough" Shigaraki said

"Y'know I thought getting kidnapped would be alot scarier than this" I said

I looked over to my right and Bakugou was there he wasn't as chained up as me

"You didn't think to give me a heads up?" I asked

"Shut up dino freak"

"I'll get right to the point. We want both of you to join us" Shigaraki said

"Why would we just join you after you kidnapped us?" I asked with a smile

"Because why would you help the heroes when they wouldn't help you?" He said as my smile started to fade

"We know about why you hate heroes and especially All Might"

Instead of being mad I noticed his point why would I help the heroes when they didn't help me?

"I-- you want me to join you guys right? First let me out of these" I said

"Alright Dabi free him" Shigaraki said

"You know he's just gonna kill us right?" 'Dabi' said

"Something tells me he's not" Shigaraki replied

"Whatever. Twice free him"

"No way. Fine I will"

And just like that they let me go

"Wow you guys actually let me go. For villains you're pretty trusting" I said rubbing my wrist

"But like I said I'll joi-" I said but was cut off

"Hello! Pizza Delivery!" Someone said at the door

And just a second after they said that the wall was 'smashed' in. All Might and some other pros came through it. One guy used wood and captured all the villains.

"L/N! Bakugou! You guys must have been scared! Don't worry I'm here!" All Might said with his irritating smile

"All Might! L/N joined th-" Bakugou went to say but I cut him off

"Sorry to say All Might but I joined them" I said smiling

His smile faltered just a bit as all the heroes heads turned to me. I stopped time and freed everyone

"You're all free! Escape or fight!" I said

I dashed at All Might and just as I was going to cut his neck a black liquid covered my hand. I turned around to see all the villains covered in it but Bakugou wasn't. The black liquid consumed me

Is this a hero's quirk?

Next I'm outside with a man in a suit and some machine over his head

"Oh god why does it smell like that?" I asked

"My apologies L/N" the man said

"Oh you must be the boss huh? No you're not just the boss you're All for One huh? Your entire vibe tells me you're evil" I said

-Izuku POV-
"Yes I am. I'm glad you decided to join us you'll be an important piece to Shigaraki"

Y/N joined the villains...?

The atmosphere deepened as he said that. Me, Iida, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu all had the same thought

L/N joined the villains? What does that mean for the hero world?

"...Oh it looks like you have company. Tell you what All for One if you can beat All Might I'll join you guys for real but if you can't I'll stay with the heroes" Y/N said

"You little-" he said but was cut off by All Might clashing with him

We all were too scared to move but the person we came to get came to us instead

"You guys should hide better" Y/N said as he approached us

"Y/N!" we all said

"How'd you know we were over here?" I asked

"You guys literally smell like sweat and hopelessness how could I not find you?" he said in a joking tone

"You're joining the villains right?" Todoroki asked

"You guys are weaklings and I'm pretty sure the villains are strong but you guys are 'my' weaklings. C'mon let's leave so All Might can go all out" he said leading the way

We left quietly until I broke the silence

"But for real I did consider joining them and kinda... attacked All Might and let the rest of the villains free sooo yeah"

"YOU WHAT?" they all said

"I thought there was no reason to be a hero anymore and then I picked up Izuku's smell and-" I was saying until I lost consciousness

"Iida carry him its probably best if he just stays quiet for a while" Kirishima said after he hit me

(Got bored but we all know that they just leave and watch All Mights final battle and he gives Midoriya  the whole 'Youre Next' quote. In the next chapter itll be the day after all this)

Chapter Text

-Aizawa POV-
Me and All Might were going to the students houses to ask their guardians to let them move into UAs dorms. We went to L/Ns house last even though we already asked his cousin to let him move in we needed to tell her that we have imprisoned him in UA due to his recent actions.

"I'll go inside by myself All Might" I said

"No it's fine I want to go in to" he replied

He both got out the car and walked to the door. I knocked on the door and after a few seconds she opened the door the look on her face spelled stressed.

It looks like he kept her completely in the dark *sigh*

"Ms. L/N we have some stuff to tell you about Y/N" I said

"I-is he d-dead?" she asked as tears formed in her eyes

"No no nothing like that" All Might said

"May we come in?" I asked

"Please do"

We followed her through the house and I saw some pictures of Y/N and he looked happy but they he didn't seem that much older from now

How did he get from that to this?

She took us to the living room me and All Might sat on the same couch as she sat in one across from us.

"Please tell me what happened" she was clearly tired

"As you probably don't know Y/N has...killed two people" I said bluntly

She raised both her hands to her mouth and started two cry

"And when he was kidnapped when our team of heroes tried to save him he had said he joined them and let all the villains we captured free and tried to attack All Might"

"W-where is h-he now?" she struggled to say

"We currently have him locked in UAs dorms" I said

"And due to his powerful quirks with the help of another pros quirk (Midnight) he's been asleep since last night" All Might said

"I-is there a-anyway for me t-to see him?" She asked

"Of course ma'am just come up to UA when you want to" I said


And with that me and All Might decided to leave

"What do you think we should do with Y/N?" I asked

"I should talk to him" All Might said

"What if he tries to kill you again?"

"I'll just have to get through to him"

"Cmon help your pop out" he said as he got closer

"NO!" I yelled jolting up was just a dream...wait when did I go to sleep?....oh that's right Kirishima knocked me out I don't blame him

I looked around the room and noticed I was in the UA dorm room. And I heard people outside the door

"Be careful with him" Midnight said

"Thanks for watching him" said All Might as he came through the door

"Aren't you bold" I said

I ran over to him trying to slit his throat but instead something tugged at my leg and I fell face first into the floor

"Ah damn it! Really? Shackles?"

"We didn't really have anything else"

"I'm pretty sure if I tried I could rip this out of the wall so I suggest that you power up and get ready"


"What? Did it go out?"

"Yup during the fight with All for One"

"Is that all you came here for?"

"No I wanted to talk to tell you that we told your cousin of your current situation"

"All're making it really hard for me not to come over there and kill you"

"I also wanted to talk to you about why you wanted to join the league"

"Because heroes didn't help me the one time I needed them so why should I help them now. The only reason you're still breathing right now is because of Izuku otherwise I would've help All for One"

"Why did you kill those villains when you just as easily could have knocked them out?"

"You said it yourself because they were villains not to mention they hurt Izuku"

"So you felt like you had to protect him?"

"Yup if he can't beat a villain or loses to one I'll be there to take their life"

"You care for him that much?"

"A-are you just gonna keep asking questions?"

"I'll take that as yes"

"Listen All Might, I'm not gonna change anytime soon. I'm on a make or break path right now and I feel like the odds are on my side"

"Is that how you see this? As some kind of gamble? L/N this is serious you are taking people's lives away. People won't see you as a hero but as a villain with a twisted sense of justice"

"I aim to be hero but they can view me however they want. I just want everyone to know that someone towers over them"

"Is this even because of your trauma anymore? Or just your own distorted desires?"

"I think it's best you leave All Might"

And just like that he left leaving me with my thoughts

Distorted desires? The hell does that even mean

After a few more hours of just sitting in bed staring at the ceiling. My cousin came by to drop off the rest of my stuff she didn't really say anything to me and it made me feel like shit. I looked through the boxes to see what she did bring. I pretty much had a generic room but I had a huge weapon collection ranging from knives to axes and she actually brought everything. I hung up what I could but couldn't get to the other side of the room due to be chained to the wall. I then thought of a new move I could do with the knives

If I through them while time is stopped they'll freeze in their thrown positions but will pick up their momentum once it resumes let's try it

I picked up a knife and threw it as hard as I could. It didn't go far but it hung in the air. Once time resumed it shot across the room and plunged deep into the wall. I messed up the wall but I can definitely use these when I fight.

After awhile of looking through all the weapons I could hear alot of people enter the building downstairs

Oh god is it one of the classes? Please tell me it's A and not B

I heard some people come onto my floor (the second floor) but it looks like they only went into the other rooms. But about 30 minutes later I heard someone let themselves in

"Whose in here?" Mineta asked

"L/N! Wow you have a bunch a weapons! Lemme see this one" he took off with an axe

"Hey! Come back here!" I said

I got up and tried to run after him and fell flat on my face again

Sssiiiggghhh I need to get this off me

"You guys look what I got from L/N's room!" I heard the thief say

"L/N's room!?" A bunch of people said

I heard a bunch of footsteps then my door swung open with what looked like damn near the whole class. They all stared at me as I was getting up from falling

"Y'know it's rude to stare" I said

They all rushed into the room and hugged me

"We thought we lost you to the villains!" Mina said

"Is this where you've been the whole time?" Uraraka asked

"Yup ever since last ni-"

"Wow look at how many weapons he has!" Denki said rummaging through the boxes and cases

A few other people went to look at them

"We're going around looking at everyone's rooms. You should come!" Hagakure said

"I would but..." I said pointing at the chains

"Wow they really chained you up huh" Kirishima said

"Yeah because I couldn't defend myself since I was knocked out and all"

"Heh heh...sorry but you kind of deserved it for joining the villains"

"If only someone could I dunno freeze the chains so I could snap them" I said hinting to Todoroki

"Can't you free yourself?" He asked

"I can't break the chains but I can pull the whole thing out of the wall but that'll leave a hole sooo do that ice magic on em"

I took him a second but he gave in and froze the middle of it. So I ended up walking around with it still on my leg and I felt like a runaway prisoner.

Apparently Izuku was still unpacking and he was on my floor so we checked out the other ones first. Tokoyami's was...dark while Aoyama was overly bright. We decided to see how Izuku was doing and of course his room was filled to the brim with All Might stuff. We opened the door but he didn't notice

"Your room has a cult feel to it" I said

His head quickly turned to the door as his eyes locked on with mine

"Y/N!" he yelled as he tackled me

I think I'm going to spazz if I fall again

"I thought they arrested you with All for One!"

"I technically am arrested I can't leave the dorm unless the teachers instruct me to go somewhere"

"Atleast you're here" he said kissing me on the cheek

"Awww" all the girls said

He got off me as I blushed and helped me up

"Ok the last guy on this floor is..." Uraraka said

It was Minetas up next but no one wanted to see the type of stuff he has in there so we skipped his. We went through the rest of the rooms and we voted for the best room and Satou won since he made a cake.

"Whelp if thats done imma go finish putting up my weapons" I said

"I'm going to bed" Todoroki said

Uraraka stopped him and a few other kids to go talk to Tsuyu for some reason. After I put the rest of the weapons up and some in their cases I went to sleep

Chapter Text

I was woken up by the sound of someone banging on my door. They let themselves in and it was Aizawa

"Here" he said as he tossed me a key

"Get ready you still have your classes" he said as he left

The key didn't really matter since I already broke the chain but atleast I don't have to hear the sound of metal each time I took a step

I got ready and went straight to class

They probably have someone watching to make sure I don't go somewhere else

He explained that we'll be training for our Provisional Hero Licence. He says its extremely hard to get one and only five percent of the testers get theirs.

"From today onwards we'll have each of you come up with atleast two of your very own special moves!" he said as he let Midnight, Cementoss, and Ectoplasm in the class

"We'll get into the details later now all of you go change into your costumes and meet up at gym gamma" he said

I geared up and walked with Izuku to the gym.

"I have no idea on how to make a special move" I said

"Me neither hopefully they can give us advice" Izuku said

When we went into the gym it was huge

How much money does this school have?!

Cementoss made platforms for everyone as Ectoplasm made clones for everyone to fight. Aizawa went over the basics of making a special move but I still didn't know what to do.

"I managed to bring The World's cooldown to 5 seconds last night since I was sleep the whole day. Does that count as a special?" I asked

"Not really but when your bring someone into the stopped time with you that can be considered a special or a passive special to be exact" Ectoplasm explained

"So you have to wait 5 seconds to use 15? You're honestly getting more and more terrifying" Mina said

After a little bit more explaining everyone went off to do their own thing while me and Izuku sat their dumbfounded. All Might then came through the door and said that he wouldn't miss this for the world. Izuku went to go talk to him as I thought of what I could d

A special move.....the knives!

I turned to go out the door and remembered that I couldn't leave unsupervised. And I could just be like "Oh can one of you come with me so I can go grab a bunch of knives?" So I would have to just wait for tomorrow to show it off

"Y/N cmon" Izuku said

I walked with him into the hallway

"Are you sure this is okay? I'm not supposed to be anywhere else besides class and the dorms"

"Well nobody stopped you plus I'm with you"

"I guess. Anyway where are we going?"

"The development studio to get some upgrades to our costumes"

We made our way there and once we got to the door Iida and Uraraka showed up

"Hey, Deku and L/N" Uraraka said



I turned around to see smoke and the studio door open. Once the smoke settled I saw a girl on top of Izuku with her boobs in his face

"I-- we--" I was just as flustered as Izuku

I noticed it was the girl from the sports festival, Hatsume as she got off of him. Another person came out of the studio. He looked like a kid but he was a pro hero and the studio was his. She ended up putting Izuku into a exo skeleton but then she pointed her attention to me

"You're L/N right?"

"Yup" after I said that her eyes lit up

"Oh! You're the one who wants that weapon right? All Might put in the request for you!" She said as she went to the other side of the room

Oh that's right All Might did say I had a weapon in development

She pushed some papers out of the way to reveal a long rectangular box.

"This is one of my greatest works! Even though me and PowerLoader both worked on it"

She opened up the box to reveal a katana. It's sheathe was black but near the hilt it had a dripping blood design

"Here! Open it up!"

I opened it open to a pure black blade. The tip of it had another blood dripping design and on the blade it said BloodLust. The words design made it look like it was scratched into the blade the edge of it was also a deep red.

"This right here is a ultra high carbon steel sword. We customised it to fit your hero personality. It can't be taken from its sheathe unless your fingerprints are on it and thanks to Yaoyorozu she made is red diamonds to use for its edge"

"We weren't supposed to give it to give yet" PowerLoader said

"wow...THIS IS AMAZING! This beats any of the other weapons I have!"

"The weapon choice and design was all All Mights ideas" PowerLoader said

All Might huh? Maybe I should see him in a different light

She also gave me an improved pair of my gloves so my claws can be sharper when I transformed. I admired the sword as Izuku got his own stuff.Before we left I asked her to make atleast 20 knives like the sword she said she'd be happy too. Then we made our way back to the gym

"Hey! Look out above!" Bakugou yelled

My and Izuku quickly reacted. I sliced the boulder in two as Izuku used his new Shoot Style to break those two halves.

"Wow L/N! I didn't see that sword in your room" Denki said

"I thought you were a punching guy Midoriya" Kirishima said

I explained that I had got the sword from Hatsume and PowerLoader. I decided to try out the sword again on one of Ectoplasms clones. I stopped time and completely cut it into little pieces in two seconds not needing the extra eight

"Zero Count: Death" I decided to name the move

"Nice L/N! The name has a nice ring too" Midnight said

"Yeah yeah if you put me to sleep again imma use it on you" I said

And after I said that Aizawa told me I was done for the day. At that time I decided to thank All Might for requesting it

"Uh thanks All Might for requesting it and also the design" I said

"No problem L/N!" he said with a smile

After Aizawa told everyone to go to the locker rooms to change I tried to take the sword with me but he stopped me

"The sword stays with me L/N. Youre not even supposed to have it yet" he said pulling me back with his scarf

"Fine! Fuck!"

I used my knives the next day. I stopped time and threw them altogether they hung in the air as I went behind the clone to hold it in place while the knives flew

"Zero Count: Bleed"


The next 3 days I trained my swordsmanship and focused on extending my stopped time. I tried to focus on bringing people into stopped time without having to touch them.

There was to be some way....Dino Infect!

I tried it on a squirrel on my way to class. But it didn't work but I had another idea to focus on a dormant variation of dino infect. I needed to test it on a person so on my way to class I bumped into some kid and infected him he didn't change which was a good sign then I stopped time and it worked. He was weirded out by how everyone stopped moving but I needed to see how long this last

6 seconds...

7 seconds...

8 seconds...

9 seconds

10 seconds...

Time resumes

The full ten seconds? Not to mention he'll stay infected for as long as I want and it doesn't strain me. How much further can I push my quirks?

Day of the Provisional License Exam
We all got out of the bus we were in to see the building we'll be fighting at. I already infected everyone with the dormant version of Dino Infect so I thought this was a good time to tell them

"Oh before we go in you guys should know I infected you with Scary Monsters"

"Wh-what...?" Denki said

"When did you do that? You didn't touch me" Todoroki asked

"Yeah but Mina did" I said

"Then why haven't we changed dino freak?" Bakugou asked

"Because it's a dormant variation. And while you all are infected by it when I stop time it'll stop for you too. But I learned that the cooldown increases this way so after I use it once with all of us I'm going to erase it from you all" I said

"Amazing L/N! It'll definitely come in handy now let's do the plus ultra thing. PLUS-" Kirishima said before he was cut off

"ULTRA!!" said a guy from another school

"Ah PLEASE ACCEPT MY HUMBLEST APOLOGIES" he said bowing while slamming his head into the ground

"Who is this guy?" I asked

"He's from Shiketsu high. Their school matches with UA" Bakugou said

"Matches is a strong word. Shiketsu I probably a school for UA rejects" I said

"I just wanted to say it once! Plus Ultra! I really do love UA! I wish you all the best!" The guy said as he rose his head

He was bleeding and I could smell it as my bloodlust slowly rose. But Izuku noticed and turned my head to face him

"You can't be like that here. Killing will mean real jail time if not capital punishment and I can't lose you like that" Izuku said

"Aww it's cute when you take the lead like that~" I cooed

"S-stop I'm trying to be serious" he said

"I'll try holding it back but it's been getting worse...atleast I live up to my name" I said

And in the blink of an eye I was swarmed by Shiketsu students

"You're the one from the sports festival!" a black haired guy said as he shook my hand

"Oh wow my instincts are telling me not to trust you like at all. Your entire vibe says ulterior motive" I said smiling with him

"Don't be rude L/N" Kirishima said

After all that we went into the building. A very tired man told us the rules and said only 100 of the 1500 will pass this part. He explained that we will be given 6 balls and 3 targets if all 3 targets are hit you lose and the last hit is the only one that gives you points which you only need 2 to pass.

The building we were in opened up and we were in a big area mixed with other areas. We all had to spread out then we would start. We all went to a rocky type area as Izuku said we should all stay together but Bakugou took off with Kirishima behind him and Todoroki left to.

We kept running as a group as the timer went down. But the second the match started our group was targeted

"L/N!" I heard multiple people say

"Got it!" I said as I stopped time for the whole class

"Attack or run!" I yelled out

I took this as the chance to take five out. Once time resumed one of my targets told me to go to the waiting room. I felt bad for leaving Izuku like that.

Hopefully he can get his two points in time

I was the first person in the waiting room but people started to pop up one by one. Some people came up to me and asked me about my stopped time but I told them to leave me alone. Todoroki was the first from our class to show up. After awhile Izuku showed up which was reassuring. There were a few more spots left and I wanted all of our class to pass to show everyone we stand on top. And eventually they did all of UA passed. We were then told to look at the TV in the waiting room and it showed a bunch of bombs going off all over the field we were in. And of course the next part was focused on rescuing.

Some Shiketsu students went up to Bakugou asking if he encountered someone but I didn't listen to what they had to say until Todoroki asked the guy from earlier a question.

"Did I do something to you?"

"Truth is Endeavor's boy I hate both you and him. You're eyes are just the same as his" he said walking back to his group

"Don't worry about them Todoroki they're Shiketsu while we're UA. We stand above them. And I'll be disappointed of any fails this next part!" I said as the building collapsed indicating the start

Before we started I asked Sero for tape and wrote "I'm friendly please hop on and hold on" onto it so I can completely turn into a dinosaur and save people. I didn't change yet as I ran with Izuku to the first victim which was a boy talking about his trapped grandpa

"Oh god he's kind of ugly isn't he?" I asked

"What kind of hero says that? Negative points for you. You didn't even check to see if my legs are ok and don't you see this blood?"

Oh god the victims are scoring?

"That's not even real blood I can sm-"

"It's all right!" Izuku suddenly stepped in

He picked up the kid and ran off with him

Compassion and empathy...

I put the note with the note on my side then transformed. Some people were hesitant of me at first but I managed to save atleast twenty. Once I dropped off two more I heard a loud explosion and I knew exactly what it was

The fighting part? Say less

I quickly ran to the explosion and turned back to my first form. When I got there I saw Todoroki and the guy from earlier arguing. They both released powerful blasts of wind and fire neither hit their intended target and instead was going to hit a knocked out student. I stopped time and ran over to him I didn't notice Izuku was there until time resumed. Izuku picked him up as I threw them out of the way then move myself.

"What the hell are you guys doing?!" me and Izuku said in unison

There was a guy with the head of a killer whale and he attacked the guy from Shiketsu. He grabbed Todoroki but before he could hit him with his ultra sonic waves I stopped time and moved him out of the way

"You can beat up Shiketsu kids all you want but I plan on getting all of UA to the top" I said

"Ah if it isn't the troublesome time stopper. BloodLust was it?"

"Yup and I could show you why they call me that"

I ran over to him but just as I was going to cut him the testing was over

"Wow really? I guess that makes you lucky" I said to the pro hero

I walked over to Izuku

"C'mon I'll carry you"

I went into my second form and let him hop on top of me. I raced to where the waiting room was. We had to wait about an hour to see who got their licenses due to them scoring everyone. But once they showed the results I was up there. I subconsciously looked for Izuku's name and he was there too. The only people in our class that didn't pass were Bakugou and Todoroki I understood why Todoroki didn't pass but why Bakugou? But I chose to pry since I'd just end up telling him he was below me. We got our license and the picture I had kind of looked like a mugshot since I wasn't smiling

"Let me see your license Y/N" Izuku said

"Umm here why do you need it?" I asked as he took a picture of it

"I'm sending pictures to All Might so he knows that we made it"

"Why would All Might care when if I got mine?"

"He asked me to let him know if you got yours or not"

Even after I treat him like shit and say I hate him he still cares? Weird

After awhile we ended up going back to the dorms I was instructed to get dinner then back to my room afterwards. Izuku was supposed to make sure the chain was locked on me again. I mean he did but it didn't matter since it was broke.

Everyone talked about their experience during the exam then went to bed. But with my sensitive ears I heard two people go down the stairs. I got up and followed them it turned out to be Bakugou and Izuku. They went outside and walked pretty far from the dorms. Bakugou figured out that Izuku's quirk isn't his own and he wants to know why All Might chose him to be his successor by fighting. I saw Bakugou lunge at Izuku I stopped time and grabbed his arm and raised it up. Once time resumed an explosion went over his and my head

"Dino freak..." he said with a cold vicious tone

"Sorry can't let you hurt him" I said while smiling at him

"You're just a pebble that keeps getting in my way. I'll put you back in your place" he said

I let go of him and jumped back

"Remember the last time we fought? Didn't I break some of your bones? Hopefully you won't let that happen again"

As soon as I stopped talking he dashed at me clearly attacking with his right. I grabbed his arm with both hands and spinned him around then threw him into a building

"You didn't let me make this fair I won't stop time. Izuku just sit back and watch"

From the rubble of the building he dashed out and lunged at me again. His right arm was reared back to attack but his left hand was making a popping sound so I grabbed it and pointed his own hand at him but no explosion

"Disappointing" I said as I kicked him in his side breaking some ribs

"Hate to tell you Bakugou but you're the pebble that's in my way" I said while holding him by his shirt

"Why...why did All Might lose his power because of me"

"Sorry can't answer that question" I raised my hand ready to punch him but when I did my hand was being held back and my transformation ended


I turned to see Aizawa and All Might with Izuku by them. Aizawa was using his scarf to hold my hand back

"Sorry Y/N they snuck up on me" Izuku said

"'s not what it looks like" I said trying to think of a way out of this

I was dragged away by Aizawa while Izuku and Bakugou talked to All Might.

"You see what had happened was-"

"L/N you're not in trouble for fighting" Aizawa said

"So what am I in trouble for?"

"Leaving the dorm and breaking your chains. We'll have to install stronger ones but until then we'll use this, Midnight made it" he said as he held up a perfume bottle

"I'm sure there are some violations here"

"It's either this or a cell next to All for One"


He covered his mouth and sprayed me and I instantly lost consciousness

When I woke up I was on the floor of my room

Damn everything is sore. I couldn't have been here for long. He could have atleast threw me on the bed

I looked around and noticed there weren't any new chains. And the broken one was still on my leg so I got up and left the room. Everyone seemed to be gone so I guess I wasn't supposed to come in today. I went down stairs and to my surprise Bakugou and Izuku were there sitting on the couch.

"Why are you guys here?"

"We basically got put on house arrest like you" Izuku said

I walked over to the couch and placed my head in the crook of Izuku's neck

"So its just us huh~" I cooed in his ear

"N-n-no Kacchan is here too" he said a blushing mess

"Calm down I'm just kidding. Anyway I'm gonna go back to bed"

"Actually we've been cleaning and I was hoping you'd do the same" Izuku said

"Huh?" I said walking off

"If you don't I'll Detroit Smash you!"

"You'll smash me? I didn't know you were so vulgar"



I did as he asked as well as the rest of the floors and before I knew it classes ended for the day and everyone else came back to the dorm. The 'house arrest group' was sitting on the couches when they all came.

"House arrest? Really? I expect this from L/N and Bakugou but come on now Midoriya" Iida said

"Well Bakugou was trying to fight me at first until Y/ N fought him instead" Izuku explained

"Yeah I'm a hero!" I said

"You're annoying dino freak!" Bakugou said

"Anyway I'm gonna take the trash out mind helping me Y/N?" Izuku asked

"Anything for you~"

We took the bags and headed for the for the schools dump

"I just realized I don't think I'm supposed to be out here" I said

"It's fine cause I'm here t- oh wait I'm under house arrest's just trash it should be fine"

We continued to walk but I felt someone was watching me so I turned to the direction it was coming from. It was the wall we were walking alongside but sure enough there was a face coming out of it. I nudged Izuku so he can see the face too

"Trash right? The food trays are okay to go in the combustible trash got it?" The head said

"Ok?" Izuku said as the head disappeared

"Maybe he handles the trash at UA?" I asked Izuku

Before he could respond the face appeared right at our feet.

"What the hell is up with you?" I asked it

"You're L/N right? Did I surprise you? You did do a bad thing after all"

"Which bad thing are you referring to?"

"All of them!"

I tried to push it back into the ground by stepping on it but it didn't budge

"Hey!" It yelled

"Come on Izuku let's just throw this away I'm tired as hell it's too late for this shit"

We just left it there and threw the trash away. And once we got back to the dorm I immediately went to bed

Chapter Text

I woke up to the sound of someone pounding on my door

"Aizawa told you to come in today L/N!" Kirishima yelled


I got up and had a vague memory of a nightmare but brushed it off. In class Izuku apologized to everyone for letting himself miss class. I saw my sword by Aizawas desk and it took everything in me to not take it back

"Since Midoriya and L/N are back let's talk about the internships. But I'll let these guys do the talking"

Three students came in and one of them was the face me and Izuku saw in the wall last night.

"These are the big three. The top three students in UA" Aizawa said

"What do you mean top three? Why the hell am I not there then?" I asked

"Because house arrest" he said

Damn it

I tuned out what they had to say but I heard three words very clearly


The 'face' guy said it and he was clearly was the one that stood above the three so taking him down would show that I should be up there. We all went to the gym and he was bold enough to fight the whole class

"So who would like to attack me first?" he said

"I'll go first" me and Izuku said in unison

"The problem child and the the villain-like hero. I'll let both of you guys attack me" he said

Me and Izuku started running towards him but when we did his clothes started falling off. I grabbed Izuku and covered his eyes

"Hey! What the hell are you doing!?" I yelled

"Oh don't mind me, it happens" he said

I let go of Izuku and we continued our attack as he put his pants back on. Izuku went to kick his head while I tried to claw it. Both of our attacks went right through him

A quirk that lets you phase through objects...not bad

"Straight to the face huh?" Mirio said

As he said that everyone with ranged quirks attacked him but they went right through him

"I guess I should take out the ranged ones first huh?"

And he did just that punching half the class in their guts rendering them unable to fight in a short amount of time.

"Damn you guys are kinda fucked huh?" I asked the rest of the class

And on cue he submerged into the ground. I was on guard since I thought he was gonna gun for me first but he went for Izuku instead. He pushed his arm through Izuku's face blinding him then punched him in the gut. Before I could do anything he went underground knocking everyone else out leaving me

"Save the best for last huh?" I asked

"More like most deserving for last" Mirio said

He went underground and appeared behind me like everyone else. I stopped time and slashed at him

So attacks still go through him when he emerges

I backed away from him and resumed time

"You stopped time and didn't attack that's unlike you" he said mocking me

I didn't say anything back but just smiled

He submerged again and appeared in front of me and aimed for my gut

Got him...

I stopped time right before the impact and cut his hand which was solid. I also infected him and moved away

Time resumes again...

As soon as time started the blood began to flow and he started to turn. Aizawa looked like he wanted to step in but he didn't. Once he was fully turned I gave him one order

"Don't fall down"

I kicked him in the face as hard as I could and he did fall.

"Come back and try it again"

The other two students with him we're going to intervene when I reared my leg back again but Aizawa did instead. He used his scarf to pull me back

"You won. It's over, turn him back" he said

I laughed and did as he said. Mirio looked beat up and had a big bruise across his face. His friends went to help him

"D-damn I forgot he could do that" he said

"The top of the big three taken down by one kick? You don't deserve that title" I said the last part with a tone filled with malice

I went over to Izuku and helped him up while Mirios friends took him to recovery girl. When we went back to class and continued with the boring classes then went back to the dorm

"I forgot you could do that to L/N" Yaoyorozu said

"Does it really hurt that bad? Transforming into a dinosaur?" Mina asked

"Yeah but it's worse for someone who hasn't done it before" I said

"Wanna try?" I asked

"N-no I'm fine"

I got up off the couch to go look for Izuku. He was in his room talking to somebody on his phone. Once he finished talking to them I asked who it was

"That was Gran Torino I asked him if we can do the internship with him but he said we should just ask All Might"


"Yup WE are going to see All Might tomorrow"

"Look at you taking the leader role"

The next day we did exactly that but I had second thoughts when we were in front of the teachers lounge

"Wait I don't want to do this. There's probably a bunch of teachers in there that I have a problem with" I said

"It's ok Y/N" he said hugging me

But the point of hugging me was to grab my collar as he dragged me inside. I let him do the talking as I just looked around the room not trying to lock eyes with a teacher. After they talked All Might got up and Izuku dragged me with him. Then Mirio joined us too as we all went into a room to talk privately. Mirio sat next to Izuku but the couch was too small for 3 people. So I just sat on the ground with my back pressed against the side of the couch. Izuku spoke for me since he could probably tell how awkward this was for me. I just sat on the ground looking at my claws until I was asked a question directly

"What sort of heroes do you guys want to be?" Mirio asked

"I want to be the best hero of them all" Izuku said

"I want to sit at the apex of heroes and reform society myself" I said


"Apex of heroes and the best hero. Both of you guys strive for the same thing what'll you guys do if you have to fight for the spot?" Mirio asked

"I...don't know yet" I said

"You'll cross that road when you come to it but yeah I'll introduce you guys to sir" Mirio said but I ignored it

After they talked a little bit more Izuku said we could go. I ended up going to class the rest of the week and on the weekend Izuku said we were going somewhere

"Is it someplace romantic?" I asked teasing him

"No we're going to our internships" he said

" mean you're going. I'm not wasting my weekend with a scummy pro. I got dressed for nothing"

"Nope you're going"

"Uh huh" I turned my back to him and started going back to my room

But of course he grabbed my collar and dragged me outside and at that point I gave in. We met up with Mirio

"So who are you meeting again?"

"All Mights former sidekick... Night Eye" Izuku said

"Sidekick? You could be mines if you want" I said

"I'll be my own hero. You're welcome to stand by me though"

Before I could say anything back Mirio cut in

"These are sirs offices!" He said pointing to a building

We walked in and Izuku and Mirio started talking about 'Night Eye'. He was a sidekick so he can't be that important. Once inside I saw a man watching a girl hooked up to a 'Tickle Hell' machine

"Exactly why I wanted to stay home" I whispered to Izuku

He must've heard me since he quickly shot his gaze at us. His stare had some kind of intent behind it but it was underwhelming for someone named Night Eye. I stopped time and went over to his desk to sit down and once time resumed I put my feet up on top of it. I noticed he had alot of All Might merchandise he had fewer things than Izuku but you could tell he focused on quality and not quantity

"You're a All Might freak too huh? I don't know why people cling to something so cliche like a 'symbol of peace'"

He shot his eyes at me and I noticed that their was anger in them which was intriguing. I started to transform but Izuku tried to stop the situation from escalating more

"My name is Midoriya Izuku!" he said

I looked over at him and he looked just like All Might which was impressive but definitely a turn off

"Are you mocking All Might?" Night Eye asked

They started talking about one of All Mights rescues which was basically two fan girls fighting over the number one fan title which got boring. I started looking around his desk and noticed a stamp. And I remembered Izuku gave me a paper I was supposed to get stamped. I pulled out the paper and was going to stamp it but my instincts told me to pull my hand back. I did and Night Eye tried to snatch it back

"If it's that much of a problem you could've just asked" I said tossing it to him

"Now get away from my desk" he said

I didn't feel like arguing with someone so uptight so I just did what he asked me to. I put on a smile and walked to the other side of the desk to stand by Izuku. He had his paper out to get it stamped too. He gave it to Night Eye it looked like he was going to stamp but completely missed the paper

"Damn not only are you not intimidating but your eyesight is shit too. The hell are the glasses for?" I said

"No I just don't feel like stamping it" he said repeatedly stamping the same spot

I stopped time and used his hand to stamp my paper. Once time resumed I started folding it and put it in my pocket

"Thanks! Are we done? Can we go to the dorms now?" I asked

"That's right you can stop time. Your friend here still needs his stamp anyway. And if he wants it he'll have to stamp it himself"

"Meaning he'll have to fight you for it?" I asked

"I won't hit him back all he has to do is get the stamp"

I wanted to stay but I knew I should probably leave to give Izuku room. I left and Mirio and that girl were standing outside

" throwing it back for your boss?" I asked

She slapped me and Mirio laughed

"I probably deserved that but do it again and I'll slit your throat"

After a few minutes Izuku came out and showed me his stamped paper

"Cool now let's go out somewhere" I said

"You know you can't go anywhere else. And I don't think I count anymore. But we could go to the dorm *wink*"

"You're probably teasing me but I'm tired anyway"

Chapter Text

"Y/N wake up" Kirishima?? said waking me up

"Kirishima if you don't get out my room I'm going to-"

"It's Izuku"

I shot up and was embarrassed at the fact he seen me so vulnerable. But the embarrassment quickly subsided

"Ohhh you want to help me with my morning w-" I was cut off by clothes hitting my face

"Just get dressed" he said leaving the room

"Your loss"

I got up and got dressed. I went down to the first floor to see a few other people were up as well. I sat on the couch but Izuku can out the second I did

"Come on. It's gonna take us awhile to get to Sir Night Eyes office" he said

I decided not to argue and just got up. We had to bring our hero gear this time which was a good sign. At the office we met up with Mirio. NightEye also said his office were doing some secret investigation on a group of villains called the "Eightfold Cleansers". He showed us a picture of the leader of the group and explained that he was a Yakuza and that he was gathering other criminals to join him, the man's name was Chisaki. But after all that me Izuku and Mirio were supposed to walk around the city to stop minor crimes. Mirio and Izuku were talking about their hero names as I just looked around until I was called out be Mirio

"What was your hero name again Y/N?"


I was cut off by something running into my leg. It was a little girl and she clung to my leg in fear. I kneeled down hoping to do this right unlike that time with Kota. The second I got down she buried her face deep into my chest

"What's wrong? Where are youre parents?" I asked

"Look what you've done. Causing a hero trouble" a man said

The man was in the alley so his face was hard to make out but once he stepped out it was very clear who he was. Chisaki, the man we talked about just a few hours ago. It clicked in my head that this little girl was running from him

"Sorry about my daughter. She's been horsing around alot so she's all scrapped up" Chisaki said

I looked down at her and noticed both her arms and legs were covered in bandages. I could feel the anger in me start to boil and apparently it showed on my face as Mirio patted me on the back. Him and Izuku conversed with Chisaki as I tried to get answers from the girl

"Tap on me once for yes, twice for no" I whispered

"Is he really your father?"

Two taps

"Did you hurt yourself to receive these bandages?"

Two taps

"Did he do this to you?"

One tap

"Whelp we have to keep patrolling the area till noon. Time to go guys" Mirio said

"Please...don't go" Eri said clinging to me harder

"It looks like your daughter isn't comfortable leaving with you" I said

"It's because I just scolded her" Chisaki replied

"These bandages and the fact that she hasn't said anything tells me that you didn't just scold her"

"I'd rather not talk about it in public will you guys follow me back here?" He said

I picked up Eri and we followed him down into the alley. I transformed my hand into a claw just in case this was some kind of ambush

"I've been worried about Eri lately. She does nothing but rebel. Kids are hard to understand. It honestly makes me think I could turn into a very different kind of person"

On the last sentence he reached to pull off one of his gloves and released a very strong bloodlust when he. Did Izuku, Mirio, and Eri all jumped at it. I slowly started to transform until Eri jumped out of my arms to go with him. He definitely did that to get her to go with him.

"Sorry for everything again" he said walking away with her

I started to chase after them but Mirio stopped me

"We still don't know his goal fighting him will be dangerous. Let's report back to sir"

I guess he was right so I gave up on pursuing them. We met up with Night Eye and told him everything that happened. He just told us to go back to the office and basically not do anything which pissed me off. And just like that the first day of the internship ended.

The whole next week was pretty normal but that little girl kept popping up on my head and the look on fear in her eyes. I couldn't help but think of back when I was her age and the things I had to go through. Did we have the same experiences? Or were hers much worse? Those two questions made me mad

One day me and Izuku we called in for the internship which was weird since it was over. As we left the dorm we noticed Kirishima, Uraraka, and Tsuyu was called too. The big three were also told to gather. Something was definitely wrong because they didn't go to there own offices we all went to Night Eye's. Inside his office there were alot of pros there even Gran Torino and Aizawa was there. Night Eye spoke to everyone saying that the reason everyone was here was to discuss the Eightfold Cleansers.

Everyone went to another room and took there seats. I sat by Izuku and he was by Mirio. Night Eye went on about the gang of Yakuza but I just tuned him out. But another hero spoke up and what he said completely took my attention

"A drug that erases quirks. And the truly disgusting thing is that the drug is made from blood cells" the big pro said

The bandages...

It was Eri. And I couldn't prevent this. A quirk that can destroy other quirks in the hands of villians. My rage got the best of me as I shot up from my seat

"I'll kill him and his gang!" I said

"We'll protect her!" Mirio and Izuku said

They continued to talk as I just thought about that best way to find him again. NightEye said our top priority was to find the girl and that he'll give us details on the mission later. We left the room and all the kids from UA class 1 grouped up at a table. I was still stuck in thought until Aizawa came up to me

"Here" he said tossing me my sword

"Don't make me regret giving that to you. You still haven't restored my trust in you yet but this next battle won't be easy" he said

"Thanks" was all I said

The next few days were filled with anger but also sadness because I kept remembering the stuff I swore to forget. But now a little girl had to go through it but much worse. If only I could take her role.

But one night I was thinking it all over until I got a message on my phone. It was a message from Night Eye saying that he found her location and to meet up right now. I walked out my room after changing into my hero gear and grabbing my sword. I placed it on my back and met up with Uraraka, Tsuyu, Kirishima, and Izuku. We left immediately and went to his office. He explained that she was with one of Chisaki's subordinates house. I was just ready to leave but Gran Torino had something to say to me

"Don't kill someone for the fun of it" he said

"I won't do anything they don't deserve. I'll show them despair"

He glared at me and walked away. We left to the location and met up with a bunch of police officers. We waited outside for a few minutes until some dumbass decided to ring the doorbell. And as he did a man with an obvious enhancer quirk appeared and was going to attack him but a pro leading Uraraka's team stopped him. She told us to guy ahead while she handled him

Everyone ran inside and followed Night Eye since he knew about a secret passage. The second he opened it three men tried to ambush us. I stopped time and slashed each of their chest deeply. Once time resumed they all fell to the ground wincing in pain and creating pools of blood

"They're not dead but they will of they don't get treatment. C'mon let's go" I said heading into the secret passage

Everyone else followed behind leaving the three guys. We walked for a few seconds only to run into a dead end. Mirio used his quirk to see what was on the other side and he said the path continued. Kirishima and Izuku worked together to bring the wall down. But once they did the walls started to twist and turn and closed the way forward. It was one of the Yakuza's quirks. Mirio used his quirk to see of there was an alternate path. But once he left the floor opened up and dropped everyone down a level. On that level were another three guys but these ones were different from the others, they weren't pushovers. I reached back and grabbed my sword but Aizawa stopped me before I could unsheath it.

"Leave this to Suneater" he said

"I could kill them in a literal second why does it-"

"Because you can't hold back. Cmon" he said pulling me away

We ran for awhile but a pillar came out of the wall and targeted Aizawa. Fatgum amd Kirishima pushed him out of the way but they both were pushed into another room by themselves. At the same time the hallway started to close in on itself. A pro was able to slow it down but couldn't stop it. Izuku broke some walls but it would just follow up with another one. I couldn't do anything since my attacks were precision based. The room suddenly opened up to its original shape but walls were placed in between everyone, separating us. I was by myself and had to use my full transformation to break the wall down. I transformed back and I was reunited with Izuku and Aizawa. The pro that was us and Night Eye were still blocked from the rest of the group. Izuku told me and Aizawa to stand back as he broke one of the walls down. We saw the pro hero and another clone of him that was injured on the ground. He claimed the one on the ground was a clone but with my senses I could tell he was.

"Are you ok Bloodlust?" 'he' asked

"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked glaring at him

After I said that he immediately pulled out a knife and tried to stab me. It was too televised and I quickly grabbed his hand. Aizawa used his quirk on the imposter to reveal the girl who attacked Uraraka and Tsuyu at the training lodge

"Do you remember me Y/N? Please let me cut you!" she said

I was going to cut her neck with her own knife but Aizawa pulled her away from me. She stabbed him in the back and ran away. As she left a wall blocked us from chasing her. We looked around for some way for us to reach the others until the room started to distort very quickly followed by a yell from the user. The hell revealed the Yakuza's location and Izuku jumped up and broke all of the wall in the area. The user fell and I hopped up as well and kicked him in the jaw knocking him and propelled his body to the ground causing a massive impact. He wasn't dead but once he regained consciousness he still won't be able to move. Hopefully Aizawa would quit cock-blocking my kills. We ran down a long corridor until I heard people yelling. Izuku nor Aizawa could hear it

"Izuku attack here" I said

He didn't ask why but did it. He had to kick it a few times to get through. And I started to recognize the voices. It was Mirio and Chisaki, they were fighting and Eri was there too. I kicked Chisaki in his legs as Izuku punched his shoulder. The punch sent him flying. Me, Aizawa, and Izuku tried to follow up with a attack but one of the guys Mirio knocked out used his quirk on Aizawa. The quirk made Aizawa 'slow down' making his movements very slow.

Me and Izuku continued the attack but once we got close Chisaki made multiple spikes and pillars filling the entire room. He then killed his own ally and himself only to instantly fix the damage and merge with eachother. He now had multiple arms with claws similar to my own

"Hey Izuku. Want to be in the spotlight?" I asked drawing my sword

"You're going to share it? That's not like you"

"If it's with you I don't mind. Attack the main body I'll provide support"

Chapter Text

I ran over and cut all of Chisaki's arms while Izuku hit him with one of the spikes he created. In the end it didn't have a effect since he just healed himself

"Increase the speed and frequency" I told Izuku

"You guys help Eri and Lemillion (Mirio's hero name) Ill handle Chisaki" Night Eye said

"You sure you can handle it? And I kinda wanna kill him myself" I said

"Just do it!"

I rolled my eyes and went to the beat up hero and little girl. I picked up Eri while Izuku helped Mirio up. Izuku kicked a hole in the wall but once he did my instincts told me to look back and I did. I wasn't just my dinosaur instincts, everyone reacted to it. Izuku and Mirio looked back and Eri buried her face into my chest

It was Night Eye. His arm was severed and he had a spike going through his chest

"Lemillion watch Eri. C'mon Y/N" Izuku said surprisingly calm

I put Eri down next to him amd followed Izuku back to the fight. We managed to catch Chisaki by surprise but he repaired himself and counterattacked leaving Izuku impaled on his leg and arm. I hated seeing him like this and always snapped when I did but before I could he stopped me this time

"Y/N I'm fine. Just don't kill him we need to capture him"

Before I could say anything back Chisaki cut in

"You see what happens when you disobey? People get hurt for trash like you" he said


I looked behind me and Eri was there. She must have left Mirio. I tried to run over to her but I was stopped by Uraraka and her teams sudden appearance through the roof. I had to get over the rubble to get her and just as I was going to Chisaki made a pillar under her and forced her upwards. He grabbed her and was going to escape through the hole Uraraka's team made. I stopped time and jumped on the debris. Once time resumed I still wasnt close enough to grab her. But she leaped out of his arms to me and grabbed Mirio's cape for whatever reason. I noticed her horn grew and she had some kind of aura to her. Before I could react she already landed in my arms. And the second we made contact with eachother time stopped again without me doing it. We continued to fall. Once we hit the ground time was still stopped way pass my time. I put her down and it resumed. Whatever her quirk was it had to be connected to time

"Izuku take her I'll deal with Chisaki" I said

I handed her to him but the second I did there was a we explosive shockwave and Izuku was gone. He used 100% of his power to jump straight out of the hole with Chisaki following behind

"Uraraka! Tsuyu! Throw me!"

Uraraka made me weightless while Tsuyu threw me. But she way overshot me. I started to fall due to Uraraka deactivating her quirk. I saw Izuku with Eri on his back and I also saw the now huge Chisaki. He used his quirk to add debris to his transformation. I was really high up and suddenly Chisaki was right in front of me falling too.

"Y/N CUT HIS GUARD!" I heard Izuku yell

I stopped time and cut each of the hands making him unable to block whatever attack Izuku was going to do. To add insult to injury I made a huge cut on Chisaki's chest. I continued to fall as time was stopped and when I landed it resumed but landing dislocated my knee.

Izuku saw the opening and took it. He jumped up with Eri and punched Chisaki with a 100% One for All punch straight to the face. Instantly knocking him out.

"L/N! Are you okay? Sorry we threw you that far" Tsuyu said

"You dislocated your knee I'll go get someone" Uraraka said walking away

"It's fine I got it. You should've seen when I first used Scary Monsters" I said popping my knee back in place

I got up and walked over to Eri and Izuku

"Told you I'd let you have the spotlight"

(Hi your friendly lazy author here. I'm just going to skip the whole hospital and Night Eyes death part. The next chapter will take place a few days before the Cultural Festival)

Chapter Text

The last few days have been pretty mellow which was boring. Mirio completely lost his quirk, Night Eye was killed, and Eri is quarantined. Izuku was especially bothered by these things but I decided to brush it off

In class today Aizawa had a announcement

"We have a cultural festival coming up"

Everyone cheered while I was uninterested. Aizawa let Yaoyorozu and Iida take the class. They went around the whole room asking everyone which activities should be in it. I said some kind of fight club but was quickly rejected. Everyone argued for a while. But class ended and they still haven't decided on anything. Back at the dorms everyone still couldn't decide until Todoroki came up with the idea of dancing. Everyone seemed to be okay with the idea but Mina pushed it further

"What if we had a slow song for the couple's?"

Everyone seemed to be okay with that too but then I was targeted directly

"And what if Midoriya and L/N are the first to start? The two heroes of class 1-A" she added

"Uh I ummm...."

"C'mon L/N! I can already see it now. The normal music will change into something slow then you use your time stopping to appear on stage. Then you guy-"

"What do you think Izuku?" I asked

"I-if you want to" he said

"Sure why not"

"Great! Now the music..." Mina said turning her attention to Jiro

I got up and sat next to Izuku laying my head in his lap

"A slow dance huh? I get stage fright just so you know" I said

"Really? What about the sports festival? You practically wanted everyone to look at you"

"That was all from adrenaline from fighting but now it'll be different"

"Aww I'll be there for you"

"Shut up"

The next day me and Izuku were in supplementary classes until Aizawa came in

"L/N and Midoriya. Eri wants to see you two"

"That's all you came here to say?" I said receiving a hit from Izuku

Once classes were over we went to the hospital to see her. Mirio was there too. And when we went in her room he handed her a basket of apples

"Really? Apples?" I said

"That's what I'm saying! that's all they have here" Mirio said

Mirio and Izuku talked to her as I just laid my head on the bed. Until she tapped my head

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble mister" she said

"Oh don't worry about it. I'll be there to help you whenever you want just to see you smile" I said with a genuine smile

I could tell Izuku, Mirio, and Aizawa were shocked.

After I said that the girl started tugging on her face for some reason

"How do you smile again?"

Oh god this girl is trying to make me cry

Izuku took her words in and had a idea

"What if we take her to the festival?" he said

Izuku talked with Aizawa about it and to be honest it was a really good idea

(Skipping through where they argue on who should sing to where Eri arrives at UA)

"Why are we going outside" I asked

"Because we have a special guest!" Izuku said

He pulled me outside and to my surprise it was Eri with some actual clothes on. I walked over to her and squatted down to her level

"I gotta say...I'm fucking with the outfit sis. I-" I was cut off by Aizawa's scarf strangling me

"Don't swear around her" he said

Everyone who wasn't seen her yet introduced themselves

"I was thinking about showing Eri around. Why don't you guys come along" Mirio said to me and Izuku

I picked her up and put her one my shoulders. We went around the school to see all of the WIP attractions and met a few familiar faces. We then decided to settle down in the cafeteria

"Sooo what do you think Eri? At you excited?" Mirio asked

"I don't know...but everyone is trying their hardest so I want to see how it will turn out" she said

"That's called excitement dear" Midnight said

I glared at her and she glared back

"L/N!" Nezu said

"Yes sir?"

"I heard about how well the mission went for you with the whole no killing thing. I'd like to remove your house arrest!" he said  walking away

"Oh that's right I heard about 1-As performance. I look forward to it" Midnight said leaving too

"What are you guys doing" Eri asked

"Me and Y/M are going to be dancing together. We're all doing our best to make sure you have a fun time. Please come see Eri!" Izuku said

"C-can I dance too?" she asked

"Of course!" I said

The next few days were strictly only festival setup. But today finally was the day. The festival started at nine and me and Izuku's time was at ten. Everyone got up at six so I had four hours to prepare. Yaoyorozu made both of us suits. Mines was black and red while his was black and green. Apparently he left into town to get Aoyama's group something. By eight alot of people started to gather in the gym atleast the gym was overly huge

At nine Eri, Mirio, Aizawa, and All Might showed up and I started to worry about Izuku

"We've been trying to contact him but nothing he isn't answering" Aizawa said

"Is Deku not coming?" Eri asked

"Don't worry he'll be here" I said trying to reassure her

It was 9:55 and I was ready to tell everyone our part was cancelled. But he showed up in his suit ready

"Where the hell have you been?!" I asked

"I uh got lost" he said not looking at me

I could smell blood from small cuts on him and the scent of someone else

"Were you fighting? A villian??"

Before he could answer Mina told us to get ready. I sighed and infected him with the dormant version of Dino infect. The second the clock hit ten I stopped time with him and we went into the middle of the gym. The music instantly stopped and played our song (I was playing "Don't Think Twice Instrumental" when I wrote this). The lights dimmed and a spotlight was placed on us

The music started off slow and I look the lead

"So do you want to talk about it?" I asked dancing with him

"What's there to talk about?"

"The reason you were late"

"I was lost"

"I've been around you for how long? I think I can tell if you're lying"

"I...fought a duo of villians but they weren't very villainous"

"Was that so hard? So did they get arrested or do I have to find them?"

The music picked up and so did we

"They were arrested. When I came back I expected you to be extremely mad to be honest"

"You know I can never be mad at you" I leaned in closer to him

The music reached it's climax and we kissed. Todoroki made paths of ice in the air while Kouda made several doves follow the ice along with Mineta's balls rolling down the path. Kirishima was on a railing above us as he shaved ice down to everyone below. Uraraka made multiple kids float while Shouji and Sato threw them in the air. And Jiro, Bakugou, and Tokoyami took over the music and everyone started doing their own thing.

"I'm not gonna lie that was actually kinda beautiful" I said

"Yeah...wait! Did Eri see it?" Izuku asked

And on cue someone started pulling my pants leg

"I wanna dance like that too!" Eri said with the biggest smile on her face

"Aww how can I say no to a face like that?"

I placed her feet on top of mine and danced with her

I've never felt like this before

After that there were alot more activities everyone went to see. But it had to come to an end. Eri, Mirio, and Aizawa were leaving so we went to see them off

-Aizawa POV-
"Eri look at what I got" Midoriya said giving her a candy apple

L/N also had one but gave it to Mirio

"Here take this as an apology for our fight" he said

"Oh you don't ha-"

"Just take it" L/N said cutting him off

L/N has really improved since he first came here. He'll make a excellent hero

Chapter Text

-2 days after festival-
Everything has been pretty boring since the festival. But Eri is now living on campus but not with us in the dorms which is boring as hell. I was sitting on the couch talking with everyone until someone knocked at the door

"Why are they knocking? It's a dorm. Don't get it" I said looking back at my phone

Iida got it anyway and it was the Wild Wild Pussycats with Kota. Since Kota was with them I decided to ignore them all together. After they left everyone in the dorms came to the living room talking about the newly ranked heroes. They changed the TV to watch the rankings but I only wanted to see who were one and two. And once two appeared I started watching. Hawks was the number two hero even though I never heard about him. He even went out of his way to give a speech about how heroes should focus on setting an example now that our symbol of peace was gone. And the new number one was Endeavor and he only said "Just watch me" which was kind of respectable.

-The next day-
I left the dorm by myself to go pick some stuff up from the store. But every time I passed someone or a group they were talking about a fight on their phones. I just ignored it but someone mentioned Endeavor was fighting. I looked on my phone and just when it loaded up I saw he was fighting a Noumu but at the same time his side and face were hit directly and he fell unconscious. I asked around where the fight was at and got the location. I went back to the dorm but stopped time so no one could see me. I grabbed my sword and headed for the fight

Once I got there Endeavor was still trying to fight but his performance was definitely lacking. I approached the Noumu and it actually talked unlike all the other ones

"Are...are you...strong?" It said

"Yeah wanna see a new move I was waiting to test?" I asked pulling out my sword

This Noumu was definitely on a different level than the others. I could stop time and attack it but it will only regenerate the damage. I needed something way more lethal

"What the hell are you doing here kid?! Leave!!" Endeavor said

"Just shut up and follow up with the hottest flames you got when I say so"

The Noumu immediately started to charge at me but I stopped time and moved behind it


Zero Count: No Time
Takes all of the slashes you caused in stopped time and let's you re apply them. Has charge time. Can only be activated in stopped time and cancels stopped time once charging starts. Leaves you quirkless for two hours after activating. Using this doesn't reset the amount of slashes caused so it grows more and more lethal

I started powering up the sword and I only need five seconds. It looked around trying to figure out where I went. But once it turned around it was too late


I made the slash that was filled with hundreds more and a huge gust of wind followed, knocking me back. I felt a sharp pain in my arm but it subsided. The Noumu was cut into an uncountable amount of pieces


Hawks helped him up with his feathers and he delivered the final blow with a "Plus Ultra". Once it was over the pain in my arm increased ten fold to the point it was unbearable. I moved my arm to my face to see it, only to see nothing. Up to my elbow my arm was missing

Is that what the "small pain" earlier was? Did I really lose my fucking arm to a Noumu? Where is it at? It really cut me that fast? Right before my attack? Am I really cut out to be a hero?

My thoughts were all over the place and I started to become tired

"Great...I'm...bleeding out...too"

I fell and lost consciousness

-Izuku POV-

Chapter Text

-Izuku POV-
It's been three days since Y/N fought that Noumu and he was still at the hospital not waking up. It had something to do with his dinosaur genes

'Why would he fight it alone like that?'

'How come I couldn't save him?'

I was broken out of my thoughts by a text from All Might saying he finally woke up. Everyone in the dorm went to go see him.

"How long has he been up?!" I asked All Might

"The nurses say since this morning. He completely lost his arm and now has a prosthetic one" he said with everyone gasping

"I haven't seen him yet since he kind of hates me" he added

I didn't say anything back but went straight to his room with everyone following. I opened the door to see him sitting up in the bed staring at his prosthetic arm with an emotionless face. I went in by myself leaving everyone else outside the door

"Y/N?" I said walking towards the bed

By the time I was at his bedside he started to talk

"Y'know even though it's gone it still feels like it's there. And it hurts alot" he started to tear up at the end

He then started to laugh with tears rolling down his face

"I really thought I could become a hero. 'They' were right I could never become a hero. I shouldve stayed in my place" he said still laughing

Seeing his usual confident self now crying and putting himself down made me start to tear up

"What are you talking about? You're a great hero" I said placing my hand on his leg

He stopped laughing and all I could feel was his blood lust spike immensely

"I don't need your help" the way he said it made me stare in fear

Everyone on the outside must have felt his murderous intent too since Aizawa came into the room

"What am I talking about? Of course I need help. They always did say of there was no chance in hell I'd make it to UA without help" his blood lust started to die down but he continued to laugh

"Please get out. All of you" he said calmly

Aizawa pulled me out of the room. I can't believe that I couldn't do anything else to help him. It was so frustrating and depressing

"How was he?" All Might asked Aizawa

"This definitely has made a big impact on him mentally not to mention his past trauma" Aizawa replied

He never talked to me about his past. And I wanted answers now

"What happened to him? Please tell me" I asked both of them

All Might took me to a separate room and told me all about his parents. How they abused him mentally and physically and that his mom was killed by his dad. I knew he had something against his parents but to think it was that sever made me feel worse. Why didn't I ask? I should have pressed him further for answers. I plan on being the best hero but can't even save the person I love

The next day we had class and Y/N was there but he had a hoodie on and laid his head on the desk. Aizawa came in and taught but he said the one thing I hoped we weren't doing for awhile. A combat exercise. And it was against class B. I couldn't recall on how Y/N felt about class B but if he held any resentment towards them this can be a disaster. Everyone had changes to their costumes but I only had the gloves from Hatsume. I was told she also made Y/N's prosthetic arm. And before we went outside she appeared and talked to him. I couldn't hear what they were saying but they ended up leaving together. I decided to leave them alone since they probably went to talk about his costume.

Outside we met up with class B and it turns out Shinsou was joining the hero course. Y/N joined up with us again and it looked like she was able to make stronger version of his entire costume again. Though I couldn't see it due to his sleeves but his prosthetic arm was definitely different. It was black and red meaning Hatsume made it custom to him. He didn't have his hoodie on anymore and the look on his face said "silent anger". I tried to be on his team but the teams were going to be random. And I didn't end up with him

He was with Bakugou, Jiro, and Sato. The first two matches we very exciting. I looked back at Y/N but he was sitting up against a wall staring at his prosthetic. I decided to sit next to him

"Hey" I said

"..." he continued to stare at his new hand

"I'm so-"

He suddenly started hugging me

"Don't say sorry when I'm the one at fault" he said tearing up again

"It's ok Y/N" I said hugging him back

"It hurts so much, Izuku" he said holding me tighter

He must be talking about his phantom pains

"They'll pass eventually" I said trying to calm him down

After a few seconds he let go of me and went back to staring at the hand

"Also about yesterday...I just want you to know that you'll be an outstanding hero" I said pulling his face to look at me

"Thanks Izuku" he said showing a small smile

"Also class B has been winning against us each round and we need you to stop it"

"Say less"

We got up and watched the one more match then he had to go to his. I watched him walk over to his group and out of the corner of my eye I noticed All Might giving me a thumbs up

"You sure you want to do this L/N?" Jiro and Sato asked me

"Yeah this will be stress relief for me" I said

Though my arm is long gone the pain was only kept getting worse. Atleast it wasn't my good hand

The match started and it didn't take long to find the first enemy. It was a girl that can split her body up and move each individual piece. She was acting as a distraction obviously. Her head was floating high up in the air. I stopped time

"Now if Hatsume did as I asked..." I said to myself

I made several motions with my 'new' hand and it turned into a gun. I shot that the girl. The bullet was frozen in place due to time being stopped. Once it resumed a loud bang was heard and the bullet grazed her cheek

"I missed on purpose but if you don't get down here I'm going to put one between your eyes" I said

She was stunned by the fact I shot so close to her face. My team was also just staring at me. But I heard the slightest sound of someone's breathing hitch behind a pipe. I stopped time again and saw another one of the girls teammates. I took his head and slammed it into the pipe. I tossed his body back over to the group. The girl didn't listen so while I had a few seconds left I jumped from pipe to pipe and managed to get to her height. I kicked the bitches head as hard as I could down into the pavement below. I grabbed it and tossed it next to the guy

Time resumes...

"Two down" I said

"Two down? Can we address the fact you turned your prosthetic into a weapon?" Jiro asked

"NOW!" another enemy yelled

When he did my arm started to hurt alot and I subconsciously stopped time. The kid that yelled was in the open and his friend was going for some kind of aerial attack. I kicked the kid on ground level and shot for the other guys side. Once time resumed the kid went flying into a pipe knocking him out. Another bang was heard and the bullet grazed the other kids side. He fell and I kicked him into the pile of his friends. The match was over that fast. I turned to a camera and flipped it off with both hands

"Fuck you and your class Vlad"

-Aizawa POV-
"That brat I'm gonna-"

"Just let it go" I said

We went back to the starting area and I had to carry the students I knocked out. Once we rejoined everyone else there was someone else who wanted to talk to me

"Hey kid" Endeavor said

He wasn't in his hero costume. And Todoroki was with him


"Sorry for my dad. Despite his quirk he isn't the brightest" Todoroki said cutting him off

I noticed to that Endeavor's eye has healed since the fight. Atleast he was able to keep it

"I don't need pity from either of you" I said waving them off

"But..." Endeavor said

Once I heard him say that I felt the pain in my hand raise to immeasurable heights. It hurts so bad my instincts told me to go on the offensive. My blood lust rose and caught the attention of everyone

"Just leave me alone" I said calming down as he left

I went and sat back down where I was before the match. The pain in my arm didn't lighten up a single bit. I gripped the prosthetic hoping some way I could stop it but to no avail. I just continued to stare at it. Despite the fact that my arm was gone I could still feel it. Why do I have to suffer this much pain when my arm is gone?

I decided to not watch Izuku's fight but that only made me feel like an asshole. While I was just staring at my hand some people started yelling. I got up to see what was going on and it was Izuku. Something was going on with his quirk. Some kind a black tendrils came from his hand and was slamming him into stuff. He was then pressed up against a pipe by them.

I jumped into the fight and got to him

"You need to control it" I said


He was obviously panicking and I didn't know how to stop it. But out of nowhere a bubble floated down and touched his face. And the second it popped the tendrils disappeared

"S-sorry I didn't mean to worry you. But I still plan on winning this fight" he said turning back to fight

I smiled and was going back to the rest of the spectators

"Nice job calming him down" Aizawa said

"Yeah ye-"

I was waving him off with my hand but there was a massive gust of wind, some of the students were blown away. Once everything settled I noticed my real hand hurt alot. It was broken. Was it the gust of wind?

"That's just like...!" All Might said

"Midoriya's quirk" Aizawa said finishing his sentence

Before I could say anything back I was suddenly somewhere else and half my body was covered in something black. And I noticed a bunch of people were staring at me

"Who the hell are you?" a bald man asked

"If I were you I'd change my tone" I said looking around

"This is Midoriya's boyfriend haven't you been paying attention?" A woman asked

"How the hell do you know that? I've never seen or heard of any of you before. Take me back to Izuku's fight"

"He must've stole One for All" a long haired man said

"None of his quirks are ones that steal" the woman asked

"Just send him back no point in keeping him here. And give Midoriya One for All back" the bald man said

I tried to transform but I couldn't. I used the hidden gun in my prosthetic arm and shot him in the shoulder

"Asshole" I said

And just like that I was back with everyone else. My right hand was still broken. Did I really take One for All? I then noticed that I was really tense for no reason. I took a deep breath and continued to walk towards everyone

"L/N, are you okay? Your arm is broken" All Might asked

I looked at my broken hand and my prosthetic one

"It's nothing I can't handle"

He got closer to me

"How the did you use One for All? Did he give it to you?" he whispered

"I don't know. I don't think I have it anymore. See?" I said doing Izuku's 'flick'

"Then why are you crying?" Aizawa asked

I brought my hand to my face and wiped away some tears that I didn't even know were there. I looked at my hand

"Huh I guess I am crying"

After I said that the tears on my hand gathered to the tip of my finger and formed a bubble. It slowly fell to the ground and popped

"I don't know what that was ab-" before I could finish my sentence I fell

"What the hell? The ground is slippery" Vlad said

Everyone was now trying their best to stand up straight but kept slipping. It was like ice minus the cold.

"Whose quirk is this?!" I asked

But when I did it suddenly stopped

"Looks like it was yours L/N" Aizawa said

"He has another quirk?!" Vlad and All Might said

"Seems like it. I kept erasing quirks and when I got to him it stopped. Probably has something to do with that bubble" Aizawa said

I tried to make another bubble with the rest of the tears on my face. And sure enough another formed. Everyone was watching as it hanged in the air and then hit my face

"Huh..." I said

"What?!" Everyone said

I waved my hand in front of my face

"I...think I'm blind"

As soon as I said that Aizawa erased my quirks again and I was able to see

"Ah. There we go"

After that my instincts kicked in and I pretty much knew how to use the new quirk

New quirk: Take
Through the despair of losing your arm you only want others to feel the pain of something being taken. You can form bubbles out of any liquid and control their directions. Their most durable and easy to control when you use your own blood to form bubbles. When a bubble pops on something it'll take something from it and give it to you but you can also give it to someone else. This includes quirks, aspects or properties, and whatever was touched itself.

"Hey Yaoyorozu! Can you make me a knife?" I asked

"Umm here..."

She handed me a knife. I held it in my prosthetic hand and jammed it into the wrist of my other arm. But when I did I was immediately wrapped in Aizawa's scarf

"What the hell are you doing?!" he asked

"Relax, this is how I use the new quirk" I said

Three bubbles formed from the blood and I could control them with ease. I made them pop on Vlad. They took his quirk away and gave it to me. I used his quirk to make a weapon out of my blood

"Blood control huh? Kind of underwhelming"

I pushed all the blood back into me and gave Vlad his quirk back

"The power to take quirks, attributes, and the object itself" I said

"Amazing not only is it a good quirk but he instantly mastered it. Along side his other two quirks... He is slowly becoming a monster" Vlad said


After the bubble popped everyone started choking but I was fine. I undid the bubbles effect

"Sorry I wanted to see what would happen if I took oxygen away"

After I said that Aizawa started to reach in his pocket. And I knew what he was going for

"Wait!" I yelled

He covered his nose and sprayed me with Midnight's perfume


Chapter Text

-Izuku POV-
The match was over and I immediately wanted to see how Y/N was doing. When I went back my heart dropped at the sight of him on the ground. The only hand he had left was broken and wrist was cut. I ran over to him and dropped to my knees

"What happened to him?!" I asked the pros

"He developed a new quirk and this one is...more dangerous than the others. I had to put him to sleep" Aizawa said

"Why is his arm like this then?! He wouldn't hurt himself with the quirk"

"Actually...he did Midoriya. He asked me for a knife and immediately stabbed himself with it. He didn't even flinch. It was scary seeing him like that" Yaoyorozu said

"Wh-what has the quirk?"

"The power to take quirks, attributes, and the object itself. Is what he said" All Might informed

"A quirk that can "Take"....the fact that it manifested after he lost his arm is also alarming. He could be suffering alot more mentally than he lets on" Vlad said

I looked down at him

"Didn't you notice? He used your quirk when he came back from helping you" Denki said

Is that how he stopped it?

"His quirk even let him remove all the oxygen in the air around us. It is indeed dangerous which is why Aizawa put him to sleep" All Might said

"C-can I wake him? He won't attack anyone" I asked

The pros hurdled together and talked whether or not it's good idea

"I used Midnight's perfume so it might be hard to get him up" Aizawa said

I took that as a yes. I grabbed the knife that was by him and poked my finger with it forming a small drop of blood and held it up to his nose. His eyes twitched a little then he shot up. He was panting and he immediately looked at his prosthetic

"Y/N?" I asked

He quickly turned his head to me still panting. His eyes scanned the rest of the students. He slowed his breathing and fell back on his back

"I'm too old for nightmares" he sighed

Aizawa called all of the students in front of him but Y/N stayed on the ground. Everyone asked me about the new power I got and asked questions about it. But after all that when it was time to go back to the dorms Aizawa told Monoma to see Eri tomorrow. After that we went back to the dorms. Y/N stayed in the back of the group

All Might immediately called me to talk to him about my new power along with Bakugou. Before I left I saw Y/N leaving as well. I asked him where he was going and he just said "Hatsume"

I trained with Bakugou trying to activate my other power but nothing. When I went back to the dorms still wasn't there. Which was weird since I was gone for about four hours. After about another two hours he finally showed. He didn't have his prosthetic and he had a ant farm for some reason. And his clothes were very casual

"Where have you been?" Denki asked

Everyone else turned to him and he seemed... nervous

"I...was at a hospital"

"Why?!" I asked becoming worried

He blushed slightly

"I was removing people's diseases and giving them to these guys. Poor bastards" he said holding up the farm


"YOU CAN DO THAT?!" we all asked

His blush deepened

"Yes! I JUST said I could!"

He then walked over and handed Todoroki the ant farm

"You should probably burn those. Getting bit by them won't be pretty"

The vibe he gave off was so different from earlier today. He then went into the kitchen and sat next to me with a water bottle

"How exactly does your new quirk work?" I asked

"... I'll tell you of you open this"

I opened it for him

"What happened to your arm anyway?" I asked

"Oh uh I gave it to the hospital" he said drinking the water

"So you gave the prosthetic that could turn into a gun to the hospital?!"

He immediately started choking on the water. He looked at me with a shocked expression

"Wait...wait...It's fine the hospital isn't that far. I'll just get it back"

He took another sip of the water but he opened up his mouth and five bubbles came out. They were clear like the water but each one had a red spot in the shape of a tear on it. He walked back to the door and opened it for them. All five left and he came back and sat next to me again

"You're leaving it to those bubbles to bring it back?" Todoroki asked

"Yeah once one if them pop on it it'll instantly be brought back to me. The reason I made five was because they're not that durable. But one should atleast make it" he explained

He seemed so different and open with everyone else. Even though just earlier today he would seclude himself from us. Did something happen when he was gone? We talked about my new quirk along with his for awhile

"What else can you 'take'?" Mina asked

"Anything I think. From colors to the bones in your body"

"T-the bones in someone's body?" I asked

"Yeah. Wanna s-"

He was cut off by his prosthetic suddenly appearing in front of him. Everyone was shocked at the fact that it just appeared. We thought that the bubbles would float it back here. He put the prosthetic back on and stood up from the couch

"Whelp since I got this back I'm going to bed. Cya guys in the morning"

Once he left I noticed there was something left there from where he was sitting. It was a rose but it didn't have its stem. Did he leave this here? Did... someone give it to him?

-The next day-
I was woken up by my phone's ringtone. Only two people had my number and those two were, Izuku and my cousin. And I didn't recognize the number so I declined it and tried going back to sleep

But the number called back the second I declined it. I declined it again but they called again. Becoming frustrated, I blocked the number. I tossed my phone on the nearby desk and TRIED to go back to sleep

But ten minutes later...

"Y/N? Aizawa said he wants you to come with me to see Eri. Apparently he's been trying to call you"

It was Izuku. I tried to act like I was sleep

"I know you're up. C'mon just-"

I cut him off with an overly loud sigh that ended with me loudly sighing "at" him. I got up and got dressed and left the dorms with him

Once we got there I saw Eri accompanied with Mirio. And also that weird guy that copies quirks

"Y/N! Izuku!"

Eri ran over and hugged us both

"Hey Eri! Long time no see!"

It didn't take long for her to notice my fake arm (FYI: I imagine the prosthetic to be like Mcree's from Overwatch)

"What happened to your arm?" she asked

Before I could answer her, Aizawa showed up

We went inside and he explained that me and the copy guy were here to try and use Eri's quirk. I let him go first but he said he couldn't do it...trash

"You try L/ careful though. Just...take her quirk" Aizawa instructed

I knelt down to Eri's level. I had brought a water bottle with me so I could form the bubble from it. I poured some on my hand and the bubble formed

"Okay Eri. This bubble is going to hit you and you'll lose your horn okay?"

She nodded. And I let the bubble hit her and her horn immediately disappeared. One started to grow on my head, which actually kind of hurt

Mines was alot bigger than hers. But I couldn't rewind anything. I could feel that the quirk was there but I couldn't activate it

"I can't do anything with it either. It's mostly likely triggered by an emotion. When I stop time I have to focus my anger. Maybe it's like that for time quirks?"

I released the quirk and the horn disappeared along with it growing back on her

"I'm sorry. My quirk is causing everyone trouble" Eri said

She thinks her quirk is troublesome? I use to think the same way when my parents always told me my quirk wasn't up to par with hero standards. I can't bear to see her dealing with the same pain I was put through

"Eri don't think of your quirk as troublesome. But instead focus on improving it to unimaginable heights. Become powerful and show everyone not to underestimate you"

There were a few seconds of silence after I said that which made me blush

"Well just focus on activating it"

I left the room before I could embarrass myself more