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Am I?


Life was great for Denki. He managed to graduate, secure a job and was living a modest apartment with all his boyfriends. Yes boyfriends.

Number 1 hero Midoriya Izuku.

Number 2 hero Bakugou Katsuki.

Number 3 hero Todoroki Shouto.

Number 4 hero Kirishima Eijirou.

He felt like he was on cloud nine.

Today was another amazing day, his third anniversary was slowly approaching and he wanted to do something special. Denki had seen the rings during his shopping spree with Yao-momo and Jirou while he was tagging along to help them furnish their new apartment. He had found the golden rings and it just looked so pretty.

At first, he was adamant about buying it since it was expensive but Yao-momo happened to be a partial owner and got it for him at a discount. He secured five rings, all with their initials on it. He decided to visit one of his boyfriends on the way home.

“Denki!” Kirishima cheerfully called out, running over to pull him into a hug.

Denki giggled, kissing his boyfriend on the forehead, “Hey handsome. On break?”

“Yeah. Why did you come?”

“I got you something.” Denki shyly pulled out the ring. “I-it’s a couple ring.”

A minute passed and Denki finally looked up to see Kirishima’s conflicted expression, “Eijirou? Are you okay?”

He gave Denki a wearily smile, “I can’t accept this, Denki. Only because it will break while I’m on the battlefield.”

Denki’s smile strained but he nodded his head. That was understandable. Bidding his boyfriend a goodbye when the alarms began to ring. Kirishima kissed him and off he was gone.






The door clicked open, and Denki looked up from his book. His reading glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose. He smiled and gave Midoriya a welcome home kiss.

“Hey, Denki, what are you reading?” He asked, stripping out of his clothes.

“It’s another book by Shakespeare.” Denki tossed the book aside in favour of watching his boyfriend strip. He whistled, “That’s one nice ass body.”

Midoriya flushed, shaking his head. “If you work out with us, you could get this body.”

Denki pouted before lighting up, “I got you something.”

“What is it?”

Denki pulled out the couple ring, “This. I got it from Yao-momo.”

Midoriya picked up the ring, staring at it. He sighed, an apologetic look on his face, “Sorry, Denki but I can’t wear jewelleries. Especially with my quirk, this will break.”


Midoriya apologize again, kissing him on the lips.






“Is it the ring?” Todoroki asked before Denki could even open his mouth.

Denki nodded.

“I don’t wear jewelleries. Sorry.”


Denki watched helplessly as he got a third rejection. He frowned.






Bakugou took one look at the ring on the dining table before he scoffed, “Buy yourself something nice, because I don’t want this ring.”

Denki’s face falters. “Oh.” He picks up the ring from the table. All his boyfriends rejected the rings.

Maybe they were just not a ring person. Or jewelries in general.





It’s been a couple of days since the ring incident. He hasn’t brought it up again. He also didn’t tell Yao-momo and Jirou about it. It was embarrassing and he also preferred to keep quiet about it. No complains. No drama. He simply hid it from view.

Denki is not paranoid but something is tickling his brain and he knows it because none of his boyfriends were at home when he was at home. In fact, it seems that most of them had overlapping schedules and were usually at work when he was at home. Or when he was at work, they would be at home.

He had shrugged it off for a week but it was bordering two weeks now and he still hasn’t slept with a single one of his boyfriend. This was weird since they all agreed to compromise and always alternate their schedules so that they could spend time with one another.

Denki does the best thing he could. He seeks advice from his best friend Mina.

“What do you think, Mina?”

Mina looks apprehensive, “Maybe, they’re just really busy?”

Denki nods his head. That was true. They were the top four heroes of the generation so it only made sense that they weren’t avoiding him but actually doing their duties.

“I thought so. Alright, thanks, Mina.”







Two weeks turned into three and then into four. Denki is losing his mind. He hasn’t seen his boyfriends in nearly a month and the most he ever got from them was a quick hi and bye. Denki is positive that he hasn’t done anything wrong to ruin the relationship.

But in the end, he calls out on work and corners all four of his boyfriends, “Are you angry with me?”

“Of course not!” Kirishima is quick to defuse the situation. “It’s just work has been insane. Come here.”

Denki takes the open hand and let’s himself get manhandled into Kirishima’s lap but it doesn’t feel good. Denki feels his stomach churn. He’s not sure what is going on with his boyfriends. He’s pretty sure that he hasn’t done anything stupid in last couple of months since they moved in together.

Or maybe he did?

He wasn’t sure.







Denki is shopping for the list that Bakugou had sent him before he finished work. He’s picking up everything and lines up. There’s a couple of girls behind him. The more he listens, the more he gets anxious.

“Ground Zero and Red Riot look so good together!”

“Even Deku and Shouto. I’m so glad they’re all dating each other.”

Denki feels his skin prick. He was also dating them but he doesn’t turn around to correct the girls. Instead, he slams a large bill on the counter and rushes out of the grocery at top speed. This can’t be true. There was no way that could be true.

He’s sure that he is their boyfriend.

“Welcome home, Denki!” Midoriya calls out from where he was chopping away from Bakugou. Kirishima and Todoroki are both busy with his video games.

“Come and bring the stuff, drooly.” Bakugou yells out from deep inside the kitchen.

Denki feels relief wash over him and he does as he’s told. Yeah, there was no way that could be true.

They love him and he loves them just as much









Denki gets dismissed early because he’s at top condition and he happily skips towards his apartment. The door clicks and he can hear his cute boyfriends mumbling to each other.

“I thought I loved him,” Todoroki speaks lowly.

“Me too.” Kirishima agrees.

“Idiot.” Bakugou says out loud. “You can’t keep pretending if it’s not there anymore.”

“How do we break this to him?”

“Break what out?” Denki questions, his head tilting to the side. He hopes that he’s heard everything wrong. But they all look away and Denki feels his world shatter. The only thing he receives is an apology.

“I’m sorry.”

Denki can’t find it in himself to punch them in the face nor does he find any energy to discharge his quirk but he takes the last of his dignity.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” His voice cracks and Denki feels something warm flowing down his cheeks. Of course, they stay silent and he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him not so quietly.


Denki hits his own chest, trying to stop the bubbling pain as sobs wreck his body. Trembling fingers dialing a number. Any number. His eyes blur before he could even see the name.









Jirou finds him a little over thirty minutes later in the heavy rain, just outside of a market and she feels her heart grow heavy. She stands in front of the boy, tattered and still in his ex-lovers clothes and she knows that because the shirt is slipping off his shoulders and he’s wearing nothing but his combat shoes.

“Ask me if I’m okay. Please, just ask.”

Jirou swallows roughly at his hoarse voice and does as she’s told. She squats down in front of him, covering him from the on lookers and rain and carefully asks. “Are you okay, Denki?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” He gives her a bright smile but it doesn’t reach his eyes. In fact, there’s no light in his eyes. Cursing internally, Jirou’s not even sure if he’s still crying or if it’s the rain.






Jirou takes a couple of days off of work. Momo is more than welcoming to let him use the spare room and even went as far as to create some comforting food for the heartbroken boy. It’s only when Jirou makes sure that she hears Denki’s steady breathing that she finally leaves the room and her fiancée is sitting on the couch.

“That bad?”

Jirou nods her head, “Whatever they did really messed him up, Momo.”

“I can see that. We can only hope that he can move on.”

“Momo, I-I’m scared for him.” Jirou honestly says out loud. “His eyes. Momo. They look so dead.”

Momo doesn’t know what to say but she offers her best guidance, and squeezes her lover’s hand.







Jirou is getting more and more irritated with Denki refusing to come out of the guest bedroom. It’s been a little over a week since he came to live with them. Jirou is starting to worry about his mental health. She’s in the middle of her research when her fiancée comes home with a familiar face behind her.

Momo gave her a quick smile and knocks gently on Denki’s door. “Hey, Denki. I brought home a guest.”

Denki poked his head out from the guest room, his eyes lingering on the boy behind Momo before his face lit up. “Shinsou!”


“How are you? I haven’t seen you since graduation!”

“Yeah. I’ve been overseas. You lost weight.” He pointed out. “A lot of weight. Have you been eating?”

Denki flushes, “I have. Just not too much.”

“Enough about me, tell me what was it like overseas?”

Jirou gives him a thumbs up and Shinsou nods his head. Jirou squeezed Momo’s hands and gives her a quick kiss. “Thanks.”

Momo beamed. “Not a problem. Shinsou really wanted to see Denki after he heard what happened.”

Jirou enjoyed the rest of the night seeing Denki animatedly talking to Shinsou. God. She really missed this.








Jirou groaned, getting up from the couch. Her irritation grew as the knocking grew more frantic. She pulled the door open, and met with familiar green wild hair and glowing green eyes. She scowled, looking not at all impressed.

“How the fuck did you find out that he is here?” Jirou sneered, not looking too happy to have the number one hero at her door. “Of course, you would be the first one to find out where Denki is. Fuck off Midoriya.”

“Please, just let me talk to him!”

Jirou rolled her eyes, “Having the number 1 hero begging at my door isn’t going to change my mind. Get out of here, Midoriya before I fucking force you.”

He gritted his teeth. His determined face. Jirou straighten herself, seeing small flickers of green curling around his cheeks. He was getting ready to fight her and she wasn’t going to back down. Number one hero or not.

“DENKI!” He shouted, trying to get his ex out by making loud noises.

Jirou winched, throwing a fist at Midoriya only to be pulled back by Denki. She snarled, “Denki, stay back. I got this.”

Denki shook his head. “It’s okay, Jirou. I’ll take care of this.”

Jirou looked between the desperation on Midoriya’s face and Denki’s unreadable expression. She crossed her arms, and stood back. “Go on. Don’t mind me here. And if you think I’ll give you privacy, you got another thing coming, Midoriya.” She spat out his name like it was the most venomous thing she ever encountered.

Denki smiled, and turned his attention to his ex, “What do you need, Izuku?”

“Please come back to us, Denki. It was a mistake—I never knew how much you…” He catches himself before he can finish the sentence but unfortunately, Denki does as well.

“Exactly. I was never an important part of this.” Denki gives him a strain smile and goes back to huddle inside his room.

Jirou hisses at the boy, standing in front of her door to prevent Midoriya from storming inside, “Fuck off, Midoriya.”

As soon as Jirou shuts the door, she ran into Denki’s room, small soft sobs catching her attention as she pulled Denki into a comforting hug.

“I-I was doing so well not seeing a single face for two weeks.”

“I know. I know, Kami. You still are doing amazing.” Jirou sweetly whispers.








Of course the one day that Denki goes shopping for Yao-momo and Jirou is the day he runs into one of his ex’s. He turns on his heels and dashes out of the market but of course Bakugou easily catches up to him.

“Stop it!” Denki shouts, trying to get out of Bakugou’s iron grip. He’s pulled aside into alley. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”


Denki’s breathe hitches. Bakugou’s never used his name unless he was being…extremely sincere.


“Listen to me, Denki.”

“No, you don’t get to do this!” He screams. “You don’t just suddenly get to say my name and expect me to roll down and show you my stomach.”

“Denki.” His grip tighten. Denki’s sure that he’s going to have marks on his wrist.

“Stop! Please!” Denki sobs, hot tears quickly forming like he was a fucking lake. “Please…”

He hated this. Even Denki doesn’t believe himself. He just wants to get away from him. Denki shoves Bakugou away or at least tries to. He can’t help that everything looks like a blur.

“I know. I know there’s no way we can fix this. I know we were absolute morons.” Bakugou grunts out. He pulls Denki closer, curling his arms around Denki’s lean body. Enclosing him into a tight hug, “And I can’t fucking tell you how sorry I am.”

Denki sobs into his chest. The familiar warmth curling in his stomach. The feeling of safety and the sweet smell of burning wood.

Denki leaves Bakugou behind without another word. He’s not feeling beautiful at the moment and he knows that everyone knows it too if the little sneaking glances towards him are any indication. He finally arrives at Jirou and Yao-momo’s apartment and it’s also that exact moment that Jirou opens the door.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Jirou asked, taking the grocery bags from his friend.

“I met Kat—I mean I met Bakugou.” Denki responded. His eyes felt numb and was probably swollen.

“Do you want me to beat him up?”

Denki drily chuckled and shook his head. He retired to his temporary bedroom, trying not to remember the sweet scent of burning wood.










Denki goes back to work after a three week period. A long time but it was okay since he had been collecting his vacation days ever since he moved in with them but he never got to used it until now.

He’s started trying a therapy where he's getting used to hearing their names. It’s gotten better. He doesn’t burst into tears at the mention of their names. In fact, he hasn’t seen them since his last encounter with Bakugou last week and it is bittersweet.

He can still remember Midoriya’s endless mumbling, Bakugou’s amazing cooking, Kirishima’s ‘bro-hood’ with him and Todoroki’s virgin journey of trying to cope with having a lot of boyfriends.

It’s a bit weird and it’s also a bit weird being back on the battlefield. He’s on back up for some heroes, dealing with the civilians and little minion villains that he might have used a little too much voltage but he needed to release his anger.

He’s back to recruiting civilians to somewhere safe when he feels something or rather someone’s eyes penetrating him. He turned around, golden eyes darting before his eyes landed on a pair of familiar bi-colour haired boy.

He huffed. If he was smart, he wouldn’t come and approach him. Denki shook his head and went back to work until he felt a tap. He continued to ignore it.


He rapidly turned around, glaring at the boy and firmly declines, “No.”


“Stop it!” He shouts, his façade quickly falling as a wave of emotions crashed into him. “Can’t you guys just leave me alone?”

He shoves past him and towards somewhere. He couldn’t care less. He just needed to get his ex out of his hair.

“Denki!” Shouto shouts after him. “We still love you!”

Denki comes to stop, pinching himself to keep moving. That was nothing but mouth service. You’re okay. He tries to remind himself. You’re okay without them. And they were okay without him.








Jirou stared at her friend, it’s been about three days since Denki returned back to his job. If she was being honest, he should have taken another week off but being a hero was a demanding job. But Jirou was worried.

Really worried for Denki who, if he cried anymore, would need to start sporting darker sunglasses for his costume and he was bound to have permanent swollen eyes if he wasn’t careful.

Her phone buzz.

She brushed Denki’s blond hair aside, feeling him snuggled into the couch pillow. She grabbed her jacket, kissing Momo on her way out to the nearby café. She easily found them sitting at the corner. Getting little glances from some nearby fans but the dark atmosphere around them prevented anyone from coming close to them.

Jirou lifted her sunglasses and placed it on her head, and stared at the four men in front of her. She crosses her legs, and does the courtesy of speaking first. “Cowards. That’s all you guys are. A bunch of cowards.”

Jirou is ready to spill some secret but not without destroying them in revenge for her darling Denki.









After some convincing from Jirou, Denki finally agreed to meet his ex’s in order to move on. Jirou had explained it was the first step to moving on and she knew best so he would listen to her. It’s the first time that Denki has returned to his partial apartment. It’s technically still in his name.

This is the first time he’s actually seen all of them in the room in almost two months. He feels like he’s nearly hyperventilating. Everything is like trying to tell him that he’s suffocating and he desperately grips onto Shinsou’s hand.

“Calm down, Denki.” Shinsou whispers and he feels incredibly fucking lucky to have Shinsou with him. There was absolutely no way he could stay in a room with all his ex’s.  

“Get your fucking hands off him,” Bakugou snarls, glaring at the purple haired boy.

“Stop, Kacchan.” Surprisingly, it’s Midoriya that demands that. Bakugou looks like he’s about to explode but shuts down immediately and Kirishima curls a hand around his neck to calm him down.

Denki feels faint. It’s the same motions he does whenever Bakugou comes home extremely irritated from work. There was no room for him. Not now and definitely not ever.

“Denki, we apologize for hurting your feelings.” Midoriya begins. It’s like he’s recited this over and over again. Scared to make a mistake. “We don’t deserve you and we were being an ass and there is no excuse for that.”

Shinsou squeezes his hand for reassurance.

“But, we still love you and we hope that you can give us a second chance.”

His breath hitches. Shinsou grounds him back down again, squeezing his hand. He tries to breathe at the same pace as the purple haired boy. Four pairs of eyes are staring at him and he wants nothing more than the floor to swallow him whole. He tries his best to formulate an answer.

“I want to.” Denki whispered. He sees their eyes light up. But he continues. “But I can’t. I really can’t, Midoriya.”

Midoriya feels stunned. Denki knows why. The last time he had called his boyfriends by their family name was before they dated. It’s difficult for Denki to accept that he isn’t allowed to call them by the affectionate name he has for them.

“Everything fell apart and I don’t think…” Denki continues, taking a deep shaky breath. “I don’t think I can pick up the pieces anymore. I’m just so tired. I’m sorry.”

Midoriya opens his mouth to argue but Kirishima stops him, “Of course. We’re always here if you ever need help.”

“As friends?” Denki flutters his eyes innocently, despite the stinging in them from trying to hold back his tears.

Bakugou curls his fist, and Todoroki looks away but Kirishima answers for them, “Yes, Denki.”

“Wait in the car for me, Denki. I’ll be there in a bit.” Shinsou watched the blond boy enter his car and he turned back his attention to the four boys. “Friends? I hope you know that half of your friends aren’t exactly pleased with you. And neither am I.”

“Shut up!” Bakugou shouted, slamming the door.

Shinsou throws them the middle finger and leaves a gentle reminder on a piece of paper. He can definitely feel their wrath the next day when he comes to work.










“Hero Chargebolt has been severely injured and is currently being treated.”

Bakugou swore. Kirishima bouncing his legs impatiently while Todoroki was stoically staring into nothing and Midoriya was mumbling under his breath nervously. All four of them were in the hallway.

“Hello, you guys must be the emergency contact for Kaminari Denki?” The doctor comes out of the room, all bloody—and Bakugou feels his own blood being draining. “I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?”

“Just spit it out, doc!”

“Alright, Kaminari is okay. He’ll survive but the bad news is that he needs to be closely monitored at home 24/7.”

Bakugou really shouldn’t be feeling this spike of hope but it’s a chance. A chance to prove themselves.






Denki reluctantly agrees to go home with his emergency carers only because he didn’t want to force Yao-momo and Jirou to take any days off. He also didn’t want to bother Shinsou.

Midoriya ends up being the one to carry Denki in his arms and he’s not happy to feel how light his ex-boyfriend is. Todoroki holds the door open for them and Midoriya gently slips him on the couch. Midoriya is furiously tapping away at his phone, sending a message to both Bakugou and Kirishima who were sent out to buy extra items.

“Do you want a massage?” Todoroki bends down, his eyes staring into Denki’s.

Denki’s cheeks flush and quickly shakes his head. He busies himself with trying to take in the apartment. None of his items have been moved and he knows that because Midoriya comes out of the bedroom with a pair of fresh clothes.

His heart flutters. A prick of hope. Something he buries just as quickly as it came.

Falling back into routine with them would bring nothing good for him.










Denki feels like he’s going to hurl. It’s been a week since he got discharged from the hospital and he feels like he’s going to go crazy with how cautious all of them are acting.

Like they were scared that one action was going to send him flying out of the apartment.

Denki tries to keep himself busy with the books that Yao-momo had gotten from her relatives in America. It’s a nice comforting gesture for Denki who feels nostalgia hit him hard. It’s a little embarrassing to cry his eyes out to Todoroki and he’s mortified to find out that he fell asleep on top of the said boy who didn’t even try to wake him up.






Thankfully, he’s saved when Shinsou comes over to visit and he has a heart to heart talk with the taller boy. All his carers are gone so the only people in the house was him and Shinsou. Denki feels safe with Shinsou so he tells him everything. Tells Shinsou that he stills dearly loves them a lot but he’s too scared to allow himself to come back.

At some point, Denki tries to stop the gathering tears from escaping his tear ducts but it’s a hard thing to stop.

“It hurts, Hitoshi.” Denki finally cracks out, his face getting impossibly paler. “My heart feels like it’s being broken over and over and over again and I can’t do anything about it. It just hurts. Everything hurts. I want them but I don’t think I can fully trust them again.”

“That’s understandable.”

“Hitoshi. I feel like I’m dying when I see that they are being careful not to be intimate with each other just because I am here. I feel like a burden.”

Shinsou doesn’t give him any advice which is both a relief and not a relief to Denki. He’s ridden with these thoughts as Kirishima helps him get ready for another night.








The doctor finally gives him the approval he needed to get out of his carer’s hairs and he’s never been so glad to do so. Jirou and Yao-momo both welcome him with open arms and he’s satisfied with his life. None of his ex’s try to contact him for the next month or the next two months in fact.

Denki focuses on his career and getting help from a therapist which is not a surprised to Denki turned out to be Shinsou. They grow closer and closer and Denki’s pleased that he doesn’t feel like suffocating at the thought of his ex’s.

He’s a step closer to reinventing himself. It takes about three more months of therapy before he finally graduates from it. He feels better than ever.






“I like you.”

Denki nearly crushes the cup in his hand and he stares at the purple haired boy. “Huh?”

“I said I like you.” Shinsou repeated. His eyes feel like it’s staring at his soul. Denki swallowed, putting down the cup before he could break it.

“I’m sorry. I don’t feel the same.” Denki slowly replies. He’s not sure if this was the right way to respond. But he’s going to give it his best shot. “I don’t want to lead you on when I don’t feel the same way.”

“I know.” Shinsou goes back to flipping through the magazine like he hadn’t just drop a confession. Denki feels confuse and takes his cup again. “I know you are still holding to the hope of getting back together with them.”

Denki sips on his drink. He’s not wrong, he thinks. There’s a small part of Denki that’s still clinging onto a fake reality.










Denki gets his own apartment and moves everything in with the help of his juniors. He takes a couple of days off to get settled in. He’s moved a couple of blocks down from Yao-momo and Jirou and the place is clean and small.

Denki decorates like he’s about to adopt a child. Everything is for safety measure, especially with his quirk.

He also sees his ex’s for the first time when Ochaco throws him a party for getting a new apartment. Denki stops Jirou from nearly slicing their classmate apart when all four of his ex’s enter the restaurant.

“Can we sit here?”

It takes Denki a little longer to realize that Todoroki is speaking to him. He snaps his mouth shut, not trusting himself to speak and nods his head, moving more down to create room.

“Congratulations, Kaminari.” Midoriya reaches out a hand.


Huh. Denki tilts his head. That kind of stung. He shakes Midoriya’s hand. He jerks when Midoriya’s thumb rubbed affectionately.

“Ah, sorry.” Midoriya’s cheeks are flushed. “Habit.”

This time, it’s Denki’s turn to get red. It was a well-known among all of them that Denki really had a thing for Midoriya’s scarred hands. He quickly fans himself, trying not to lash out when he hears Bakugou’s snort.

Denki is thankful that Jirou takes his attention away from his left side where all four of his ex’s are sitting and chatting amongst themselves. He quickly excuses himself to the bathroom. He washes his face with cold water, and goes to pick up a paper towel only to have it given to him. He looks up to see Kirishima passing him a paper towel.

“Thank you.” He mumbles.

Kirishima beams, “Not a problem. I apologize for abruptly showing up. We tried to tell Uraraka but she was very sure that you wanted us here.”

Denki doesn’t know how to respond to that. He’s not sure if he wanted them to show up. But it didn’t mean he didn’t want them either. They were still friends so it should be normal to have them there.

“No.” Denki shakes his head. “You guys were more than welcome to come or not since I know how busy it gets for you top 4 heroes.”

Kirishima nearly lights up at his teasing tone. Denki is a little surprised at himself. Perhaps the therapy with Shinsou worked too well.






Denki retires first. He’s exhausted with the whole moving. He hasn’t brought a car so he’s walking to his apartment instead. It’s not too far, perhaps a fifteen minute walk.


The window rolled down, and Bakugou is leaning at the shotgun seat. His pale cheeks are flushed, evidence of having too much to drink.

“Hey gorgeous.” He slurs out.

Kacchan!” Denki hears it from the driver’s seat.

“Want a ride home?”

“Oh god!” Midoriya groan, stepping on the break too hard and causing the car to jerk. “Someone stop him. Sorry about that, Kaminari.”

Denki laughs, his shoulders shaking. “Not at all. It’s been a while since I saw a drunk Kat—Bakugou.” He quickly corrects himself.

“You can call me Katsuki, babe. That’s the name you’ll be shouting—”

A hand wrapped around Bakugou’s mouth, and this time, Todoroki is poking his head out. “We watched him. I think Sero changed his drink.” He glanced back. “Do you want a ride home?”

Denki hesitates and shakes his head. “Thanks but it’s only another five minutes. I’ll see you guys around.”








Denki’s picked up a new hobby.


It’s actually fun. His storage room is nearly brimmed from shelf to shelf with different colours of yarn. He’s also halfway done to making everyone a personalized knitted item.

A nice couple hat for Jirou and Yao-momo and everyone else was getting gloves. Including his ex’s. Err. Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima.

He’s been training himself to not call them his ex’s anymore but instead just by their given name. It wouldn’t be fair since they were friends. Denki gets the annual Christmas party in his mailbox and he’s ecstatic to find out that it falls on the actual day—the 25th. The past couple of Christmases had been either on the 24th or the 26th. Apparently villains didn’t follow normal civilian holidays.

He readily packs everyone’s gifts into their own personally made boxes. He feels a little excited to see their reactions to his gifts this year. He tucks them back into his storage room when he was satisfied with how they looked.









There was only a week before Christmas, Denki’s apartment is already decked out in Christmas items. In fact, he’s even got a tree imported from his hometown and made sure to go over the top with his decorations.

He was in a battle with Mina for the best Christmas tree and he was not backing down without a fight.

Denki is almost done with his tree when a knock pulls him out of his trance. He shoves aside his arts and crafts and goes to answer the door. He peeks at the hole and sees four familiar faces and yanks the door open.

“Why are you guys dressed like that?!” He tugs them into his warm apartment. Their faces are flush and all four are wearing simple t-shirt and shorts.

“Thanks for answering, Kaminari.” Midoriya managed to utter out between trying to warm himself up on Todoroki’s fire side.

“What happened?”

“Our apartment burned down.” Todoroki answers stoically for someone who just had their place burn down.

Kirishima gave him a sheepish smile, “We didn’t know where else to go since we don’t have any cards with us.”

“And you came to me?” Denki asked, a little baffled.

“We can always leave. It’s just we couldn’t think of anyone else to go to.”

Denki bit his lips. Sighing. “Sit. I’ll get the bath ready and see if I can find some extra blankets.”

That was true. All of their classmates were busy with their lives and growing family. Jirou and Yao-momo were their only option and they weren’t exactly on the best terms either.

He shuffled into his bathroom, shoving his facial items aside and away from view. He started the water and walked towards the storage, looking for any pair of new blankets.

He only found one. He tossed the extra blanket onto his small bed. They would have to sleep horizontally if they all wanted to fit in it.

“Wow, decking out this year too, Kami?” Kirishima looked at his Christmas tree.

Denki chuckled. “Always. I can’t let Mina secure my number one spot.”

“I only have one extra blanket and I left it in my bedroom. Go sleep.” Denki pointed to a closed door. “Todoroki can go ahead and shower. Just pick out any of my clothes from the closet.”

Three pairs of feet began to shuffle. Denki went back to doing his arts and craft.


Denki turned his head, and found Bakugou shuffling towards his bedroom already. He chuckled, seeing Bakugou’s red ears.






Denki yawned. He finally finished and looked at his tree like a proud mother. This was all his blood, sweat and tears standing before him. A click caught his attention. Midoriya came out from the bedroom, half naked and Denki felt his cheeks flame. He couldn’t ever get used to seeing their naked bodies.

“Kaminari?” Midoriya rubbed his eyes. “You coming to sleep?”

“Y-yeah, I just finished.”

“It’s like three in the morning. Come and sleep with us.” Midoriya tugged the blond boy with him.

Denki doesn’t stop him because his couch isn’t exactly the best place to sleep on. Unless you had a thing for pain in the morning. He was not risking it.










Denki is a little scared on how well their lives just fell into a routine. Denki is always the last one to wake up and he finds that all of his facial products are already lined up. In the right order that he uses them.

By the time, he finishes in the bathroom, breakfast is still hot and waiting for him to wolf it down. Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima are all waiting for him and despite not having enough seats for everyone, it warms Denki’s heart.

Because this was how it was like before the whole break up thing.

He really tries not to let himself get ahead of it.

Definitely cursing internally to get his heart to stop beating whenever he brushed hands with Midoriya’s battle scarred ones. To not respond when Todoroki sits a little too close that it might as well be called not giving a fuck about personal space. Not to preen when Bakugou looks satisfied that he finished his food—he was slowly trying to gain his weight back. Not to be too happy when Kirishima remembers his favourite hangout places when he doesn’t return home in time and does the whole personal escort Denki home thing.










On the day of the Christmas party, he arrives with Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima in their car. Jirou’s expression dulls and she pulls him aside.

Denki catches her up to everything. Her expression doesn’t change.

“I think I still like them!” He blurts out. He can’t take it anymore. They’re still planning to stay another week before their credit cards start being sent out to his apartment.

“Really? I couldn’t tell.” Jirou sarcastically rolls her eyes. “Damn, Kami. Listen, I won’t turn my back on you even if you decide to go back to them but I will definitely rip out their balls if they ever so as make you cry.”

“Okay.” Denki releases the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Okay. Thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

“Me either.”

Denki is tempted to punch her on the shoulder but he restraints himself, shaking his head and returns to the party. Unfortunately, he ends up trap under a mistletoe and of course, it had to be with Shinsou.

He’s stuttering out an excuse and Shinsou looks amused.

“Kiss! Kiss!” Mina chants, getting giddy.

“Looks like we have no choice.” Shinsou comments, listening as the chant got louder.

Denki is shuttering. Barely avoiding a glass cup passing him and shattering behind the wall. Shinsou snorted, the mistletoe turned into ash.

“Todoroki!” Mina shouts, looking at the boy accusingly.

“My apologies. I can’t seem to control my quirk well in the winter.”

Denki laughs. Shaking his head. Instead, he stands a little on his tiptoes to give Shinsou a kiss on the cheeks. “There. Happy now?”

Mina pouted. “On the lips, Kami!”

“You didn’t say where.”





Denki is ecstatic and feels like he’s on cloud nine. But halfway through the party, he finds his temporary roommates gone and there’s a nagging feeling that forces Denki to go and seek out his roommates and he finds them at the balcony.

“I can’t take it anymore. I just want to hold him in my arms.” Midoriya whimpers.

“Shut up, nerd. Like we don’t want to do that either.” Bakugou scowls, leaning on the railings.

“At least, he’s looking a lot healthier now.” Kirishima comments.

“Denki.” Todoroki whispers longingly.

Denki hesitates. Maybe now was a good time. It was Christmas anyways. Throw it all in or never at all. He stepped to the balcony. All four heads snapped towards him.

“H-hey.” Denki says, trying to pretend like he wasn’t nervous.

“Hey.” It’s Kirishima who respond to him. “Enjoying the party?”

“Yeah, I am.” Denki starts slowly and makes a light hearted comment. “I was just looking for you. Still need my ride home, you know.”

“We’ll even fly across the world if you needed us to.” Todoroki says out loud with a stoic face.

Denki laughs. It was corny but heartwarming knowing how much he cared. Denki fixes himself, trying to put his words together.

“U-uhm, s-so.” Denki stutters out. “I-I was w-wondering if…”

“If?” Midoriya encouragingly repeats.

“If y-you guys w-were…” Denki shakes his head. “Never mind, this is embarrassing.”

“Spit it out, Denki.” Bakugou calls out, looking relax that it was almost out of character.

“If you still wanted to try going out with me again?” Denki spits out, closing his eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Denki falters. Opening his eyes, “Did that offer expire?”

“Fuck no.” Bakugou pulls him into the tightest hug that it nearly knock the air out of his lungs. Three more pairs of arms joined in on the hug. “Fuck. I miss you so much. You don’t know how much I held back on hugging you, Pikachu.”

Denki grins, “Only your Pikachu. You can definitely hug me as much as you want.”

Scarred fingers tilted his face to the side, green eyes sparkling, “May I?”

Denki smiles, pulling Midoriya into a kiss, enjoying the soft lips against his. As soon as they parted, Bakugou was next. He bit on Denki’s lips until they both could taste blood. Then Todoroki and then Kirishima.

Denki pulled away, he could feel his lips begin to irritate. “I guess…I’ll go back to the party. Jirou might be looking for me.”

“Ah, before you go.” Midoriya grabbed his hand, pulling something out of his pocket and slipped it into his ring finger. Denki’s breath hitched. “We barely managed to save it. Sorry about the burnt edges. We tried to clean it but—”

Denki looked up with teary eyes, Todoroki, Kirishima and Midoriya were holding up theirs. Instead of being on their ring finger, it was turned into a necklace. Denki glanced over to Bakugou who grumbled and showed his as well.

“T-thank you. You didn’t have to risk your life for it…”

“Katsuki wouldn’t leave without it.” Kirishima informed. “He was very sure that you left the rings somewhere in the apartment.”

Denki’s chest tighten. But this time, there was no pricking pain. Nothing painful. He felt warm. He gave all of them one last kiss and headed back to the party.


The End





“You can come out of there, Jirou.” Midoriya called out.

Jirou clicked her tongue. “I’ll wipe your asses if you dare make him cry.”

“Does happy cry count?” Todoroki asked.

“Especially if you make him happy cry!” Jirou shouted, walking back to the party.

“Was she being serious?”

“No, Shouto. She wasn’t.” Midoriya laughed, picking up the ring and stared at the initials on it. He was glad that Denki came back to them. He couldn’t imagine life without the electric boy.