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Day 5 of Yamada Hizashi being married:

“Heeey, heeey!” Present Mic screeched, pushing down the villain onto their stomach, his foot between their shoulder blades. The restraints around the villain’s arms complained as Mic bent downwards. “Are you enjoying the show? D’ya like my new boots? My wife picked ‘em out for me.”

Eraserhead did not have sympathy for this particular villain, yet he thought that they should not be exposed to Mic’s new favourite topic to talk about. Everyone around him had been since he returned from his honeymoon and while friends and coworkers would not act on it, villains surely would. A hero’s civil status was a touchy subject, as many heroes feared retaliation from revengeful villains. Had Eraserhead been in Mic’s spot, he would have kept his trap shut and hope that they never discovered his partner.

But Mic was Mic...

“Mic,” Eraserhead said, grabbing his shoulder. Mic looked back at him, somewhat surprised. “Quit the wife-talk. Let’s leave this fool at the police station.”

Day 7 of Yamada Hizashi being married:

Izuku scribbled down the words Mic had written on the blackboard, absentmindedly muttering into his palm. He looked up to confirm that it said ‘Y/N will live happily ever after’ in large letters. That name had appeared many times before in his examples. Perhaps it was his wife’s name, who everyone knew of but no one knew the name of.

Mic pointed at someone in the back. “Iida!”

“Mic-sensei!” Iida’s hand flew down the instant he was referred to. “Could you please use different names for every example? I think it’ll be easier for everyone to remember.”

Mic squinted his eyes as Iida.

Kaminari spoke up, “Mic-sensei, isn’t Y/N your wife? Tell us more about her.”

Several ‘Nice !’ were said in synchronization and when Izuku saw Mic’s entire visage ignite he doubted they would ever end this lesson about adverbs.

Day 14 of Yamada Hizashi being married:

Reporter-chan spotted the Voice Hero: Present Mic, dressed up in his hero attire and swinging around a plastic bag. She tapped her cameraman on the shoulder and together they rushed towards him.

“Present Mic, can I-”

Mic didn’t even turn his head as he power-walked past them, just raised a hand. “Sorry citizen, but I have a wife to return to!”

A second passes and he was gone.

Day 18 of Yamada Hizashi being married:

The intern didn’t know your name yet, Nemuri learned after sitting together at lunch, even though said intern had worked there for two weeks. Since everyone referred to you as Mic’s wife, the intern had felt too embarrassed to ask for the name. Her cheeks flaring up, the intern explained how she knew an insane amount about you… except your name. 

Nemuri wished this Y/N mini-celebrity phase would end soon.

Day 26 of Yamada Hizashi being married:

“Activate your Quirk,” Nemuri rattled through her teeth when she walked inside Recovery Girl’s office, hauling Hizashi through the door Shouta was holding up. He nodded and called out for Recovery Girl’s attention. It was unnecessary, as she was already freeing up a bed, so Nemuri renewed her grasp of Hizashi’s arm and carried him there. Together with Shouta she gently laid him down.

Hizashi was somewhat conscious, though the pain from his injured thigh touching the mattress brought him back to clarity.

“Hey, why am I in Recovery Girl’s-” Hizashi froze mid sentence, mouth still open while his eyes panned over to Recovery Girl in one movement. 

“Do not kiss me! I am,” he inhaled sharply, “ MARRIED !”

Everyone in the room flinched at his distressed shriek but at least his Quirk didn’t activate.

Chu ! A quick peck on his forehead and Hizashi was out cold, head lolling back.

“Either one of you talk to him about this or you knock him out before bringing him here,” Recovery Girl stepped down from her stool and her face radiated irritation. She pointed her cane at the opposite side of the office. “I’m not having Hizashi traumatize any of my patients.” 

Everyone turned around, facing the terrified Midoriya shrinking back into his bed. Shouta’s Quirk automatically activated once he spotted the bandages that covered his arms.

Day 27 of Yamada Hizashi being married:

Hizashi was returning from the bathroom and seemed distracted by the bar patrons, so Shouta decided it was time to bring up Hizashi’s current obsession.

“Recovery Girl won’t treat him in her office if he doesn’t calm down,” Shouta lied, a logical ruse to motivate you to suppress Hizashi’s high-energy personality. “I have already spoken to him, but he won’t listen.”

You sipped on your beverage, eyeing him. “Isn’t this something between you as coworkers?”

“It’s definitely your problem as well.”

In about ten seconds, it would be everyone’s problem.

“Why? He’s not obnoxious at home.”

That was rather incredible. Perhaps he toned himself down when you were alone.

Shouta pointed behind you. “ That’s why. I hope you don’t have social anxiety.”

“What?” You turned around to see Hizashi snatching the karaoke mic. “Ah, fuck me. He’s actually going to do it.”

Shouta felt satisfied once he saw you visibly cringe at Hizashi announcing that he dedicated this song to you, his wife.

“Point taken,” you said, planting your palms on your face, “I’ll stop him.”