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The door slammed on kaminari’s face. Kaminari got even more pissed if possible, finally done with Bakugo’s shit. Still he wouldn’t walk away.
“Bakugo let me in.”
“Go away, Dunce”
“No. Let me in.”
They couldn’t have this argument through the door unless they wanted the whole dorm to know, but with how loud they both could be most probably knew anyways.
“You can’t keep doing shit like this.” Kaminari could hear shuffling and creaks, probably Bakugo angrily organizing his stuff.
“I don’t know what the hell you mean.” Was huffed out through the door almost not reaching Kaminari.
“Bullshit. You can’t keep shutting people out and endangering yourself.”

After he said that Bakugo’s door rattled from the force he knocked it open with.
“We’re heroes, dipshit. We’re going to get in danger, did your brain fry so much that you forgot that?” Bakugo huffed again “Get your head out of your ass.”
Kaminari ignored him and pushed past him, into the room, and began to pace. He was right, Bakugo was stress organizing.
“I know that, but you need help, we all need help so swallow your pride for one goddamn moment and accept it. I don’t want to have to worry if your going to get kidnapped again or if you’ll die. Why don’t you understand that!?”
“Oh this again?”
“What do you mean?!” Kaminari was stressed to the point of tears, all Bakugo did was give him a pointed glare.
“All this ‘I can’t handle myself started when I got kidnapped, you keep bringing it up. Why can’t you just let shit go!? It happened a long ass time ago, fuckin drop it.”
Kaminari was about to pull out his hair from everything happening.
“That’s not what I’m saying, stop twisting my words!”
“Oh then what did you mean?!”
“It’s the fact I’m scared you might die, it’s that maybe your boyfriends mental health is more important than your stupid ego.”

Bakugo scowled at him, glaring at the floor as he looked away. “Did it ever occur to you that I never wanted any of this to begin with?” His voice was rising even higher than before, Kirishima and anyone out in the hall could surely hear him.
“Wh- what??” Kaminari stopped cold where he was.
“This.” Bakugo gestured wildly “You. It’s not my problem what you feel. I came here to become number one, you’re just something that happened along the way. You are the one that wanted this. If you don’t like it, leave.”
The blurriness in Kaminari’s eyes only got worse, partly from being upset, partly from anger. Despite that he knew where the exit was and he intended to use it. He stormed out. He didn’t know if what Bakugo said was because he was lashing out or if he truly meant it. It didn’t matter. He was done. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, far from it, but he was always so forgiving. Stupid. He thought Bakugo would change. He thought that when he said he loved Kaminari he meant it, he thought it meant he would care about Kaminari and his feelings. He was an idiot. But being dumb was a defining trait of Kaminari’s.