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“You’re a hundred percent sure you wanna do this?” Daryl asked Sydney as they sat in bed together, watching some bondage videos on his laptop. He really stepped up his rope game and had taken a “Master Class” series of classes and workshops and was now proficient in suspension. Anyone at The Crypt that was going to engage in suspension play was required to take them. Sydney even had to take a few classes on being bound. They had to file additional paperwork and submit their health insurance information to the club so they would be waived of liability in the event anything went wrong. But, Sydney trusted Daryl and she knew that he wouldn’t consider suspending her until he had perfected his skills.

“Absolutely. And, I kind of want you to be more forceful, like the guy in the videos we’ve been watching.” The man in the video showed little mercy, but she noticed that he could tone it down depending on the women he was working with. She became really aroused at the thought of Daryl being a mean bastard. “How do you feel about choking me?”

Daryl’s head snapped toward her, his eyes wide with surprise. “Really? I thought that was a hard limit?”

“It was,” she shrugged. “But, I trust you and I know that you wouldn’t hurt me. Plus, I’ve read up on it a little, and well, it sounds exciting.”

Daryl thought about it for a minute. “Ok. First of all, we’re gonna keep watching videos and you’re going to tell me the parts that you like. We’re also going to come up with some rules and decide on a signal so you can let me know when you need to breathe.” He squeezed her cheeks and pulled her face closer and kissed her in that dirty way that made her panties wet. “I love you, ya naughty fuckin’ girl.”


During the next week, they went to work, looked at houses for a few hours when they were both off, and researched different porn videos for the things that they wanted to try. Mostly, it just led to them tearing each other’s clothes off and fucking like animals.

Date night finally came and they were both excited about it. Daryl knew just how he was going to tie her up and just what he was going to do. They went to the club separately. Daryl needed to get into the room and get a few things set up and to get his mind in the right headspace. Sydney wanted him to be meaner and he thought he could do it, he just needed to get his head in the game.

By the time Sydney showed up, Daryl had all of the pre-rigging completed. He was seated in a dark corner, waiting for her. She walked over to where he was and got onto her knees.
“Eyes on me, Sydney. It’s very important that you follow my explicit instructions tonight. If you feel pain or it becomes hard to breathe while you’re suspended, you are to tell me immediately. If I restrict your airway just before you cum and you need me to release the pressure, our sign is you blinking three times in quick succession. Tonight is not about torture or torment. Tonight is about each of us trying new things. You have all of the control. All you have to do is call out the safe word and it’s over. Do you understand, Sydney?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Daryl knelt in front of her and placed two fingers under her chin. “Good girl. Take off all of your clothes and pull your hair up on top of your head in that bun thing you do.” Sydney responded appropriately and Daryl placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

In short order, Daryl had Sydney tied up in a series of ropes with various knots. She was still on the mat on the floor while Daryl triple checked his knots. He would never forgive himself if she got hurt because he wasn’t careful enough. They decided that for their first suspension they would have Sydney on her back. There was plenty of time for them to both get comfortable and work their way up to a traditional hog-tie suspension.

“I’m going to raise you up a little at a time to let you get used to the way it feels. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sydney was surprisingly comfortable being hoisted into the air. Her weight was distributed amongst the different parts of the rope harness, so there wasn’t a particular part of her that felt pinched or pained. After he raised her a little, Daryl would check to make sure that she was still doing ok. Once he had her to the desired height, he had two final adjustments to make. He took up the slack one each of the ropes that pulled her legs apart. When that was done to his satisfaction, he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Daryl had worked a car accident recently and he had several cuts on his hands from broken glass. He brought a few pairs of black nitrile gloves so he could cover the multiple band-aids he had on his fingers. He was going to have his finger inside of her and he wanted it to be pleasurable and not distracting because she was thinking about band-aids slipping off of him.

Sydney turned her head when she heard the sound of the gloves snapping against his wrists. “Holy fuck, that’s hot.”

Daryl looked at her, completely perplexed. He had no idea what she was talking about. “Care to elaborate, darlin’?”

“The gloves. I don’t know what it is about them, but, fuuuuuuuuuuuuck it’s hot.” Daryl watched her as she stared at his hands. She looked like she’d been suddenly struck dumb and she was noticeably turned on.

Daryl shook his head and chuckled. Of all the things that could get her hot, it just had to be the thing that he used a hundred times a day. Now, he figured he’d get hard every time he had to put a pair of them on.

Sydney heard his heavy boot steps as he crossed the floor to the table that held a number of implements that he’d put out for their use. She watched, curiously, as he pondered which one to start with. Her heart rate increased and she was a little nervous as to what lay ahead for her. She watched him walk toward her with a crop in his hand. He walked right up between her legs and her pussy was right about chest-level.

“You’re already wet, aren’t you?” He rubbed his hand all over her inner folds. Sydney gasped and let out a soft moan. “Tell me, Syd, why is your pussy already soaked?”

“Because you turn me on, Sir. You always make me so wet.”

Daryl slowly dragged the leather end of the crop over her mound and slid it down her labia, following the seam to her ass. He started to lightly tap one side and then the next with fluttering pats, gradually increasing the intensity. The harder he smacked her, the louder she moaned. He waited until her head fell back, and started tapping her labia that was spread just enough so that it was hitting her clit and making her twitch with every strike.


When Daryl asked if she liked it, Sydney replied very enthusiastically. He spanked the same area with his hand several times, getting an even stronger response. “Look at my dirty girl!” He slipped his fingers inside of her, finding her already dripping. Sydney let out a loud growling sound. She was really into this rope stuff. More than she thought she would be.

Daryl thoroughly worked her over with the crop and then with the flogger. He spun it and flicked his wrist, popping her ass multiple times and then overhand, bringing it down on her pussy. “Oooooohhhhh! Fuck YES!” Daryl was both amused and surprised at how much she was liking this.

He tucked the handle of the flogger into the pocket of his cargo pants and walked to the top of her head. He wrapped one of his hands around her throat, not squeezing, but just holding it there. He squeezed one of her breasts, hard and then started rolling her nippled between his finger and thumb. “I bet you really want me to make you cum now, dontcha?”

“Please, Sir. Will you please make me cum?” Daryl kissed her hot and dirty, then gave her a wicked smirk.

Within a short time, Sydney’s feet were on the ground and her arms were bound above her head. He pulled the rope until she had to tiptoe. She watched as he went back to the instrument table and tried to see what he was gathering.

When he returned, he didn’t say anything, he pinched her nipples and rolled them around to make them as hard as possible. Sydney cried out in pleasure and pain. She looked down and watched as Daryl attached nipple clamps. He pulled the short chain and tucked it between her teeth.

“Do not let that chain fall. If it falls, you won’t fuckin’ like it. Got it?”

“Yesh, Shir,” Sydney mumbled.

“Louder. I didn’t quite hear you,” he barked.

“Yesh, Shir!” she repeated, louder this time.

“You know what would make you look even hotter?”

“No, Shir.”

“I think you’d look fuckin’ hot with an anal hook with rope tied from it to your ponytail, pulling your head back. I think I’m gonna do that next time. You know what I’m gonna do after that?”

“No, Shir.”

“I’m gonna get you right to the edge,” he was right by her ear, speaking in that low, husky way that made her tingle. “I’m gonna make you beg me to make you cum and then I’m going to flog you until your skin is all red. I’m gonna do it over, and over, and over. Do you know why, Sydney?”

“No, Shir,” she whimpered.

“Because you are mine. You belong to me. I can do anything I want and you’re going to do what, Sydney?”

“Take it, Shir.”

“That’s right. You’re gonna take everything I give you.”

He put his still-gloved hand on her neck, his thumb on one side of her esophagus, and his fingers on the other. Before he applied any pressure, he shoved the middle fingers of her other hand into her mouth. “You like the gloves so much, get ‘em good and wet so I can shove them in your pussy.” She asked him to be forceful and foul, so he gave her what she wanted.

“You’re gonna ask before you cum. Am I clear?”

“Yesh, Shir.”

He pistoned his fingers into her fast and hard, pressing them against her G-spot. She was instantly moaning loudly and losing her footing.

“Stand still!” Daryl demanded. He increased the pressure against her throat and closely watched her face. After a minute or so, her eyes started to roll back and her loud moans became weak whimpers. He let go of her throat and smacked her cheek. She’d almost passed out and unconsciousness was not the goal. “Keep your eyes open and watch as the gray swallows up your vision.”

Sydney was beyond the point of being able to respond and Daryl let it go. He kept gentle pressure on her neck and allowed her heavy breathing and moaning to accelerate the euphoric feeling.

“Shir, may I please cum?

“Not yet. I want you to squirt and make a mess all over the floor. Tell me when that’s gonna happen.”

Shit. Sydney had only done that a few times and she wasn’t really familiar with that particular sensation. Soon enough, though, she was to the point that she was hardly able to keep her orgasm from happening no matter how hard she fought it.

“PLEASE!!!” she begged. “I can’t stop it!”

“Count to five and then you can cum,” Daryl replied. He didn’t slow down for a second.

“One, Two…”

“Slow down! Start over!”

Sydney let out a sob and he was sure that if he looked, she would have tears in her eyes. He had to remind himself that this is what she asked for and not break to make sure that she was ok.

“One… Two… Ohhhhhh FUUUUUUCK!!!”

“Keep counting if you want to cum!”

“Three… Four… FIVE!!!”

He squeezed her throat a little harder and pressed his fingers against her G-spot a little more. “Do it.. Cum, Sydney. This is what you wanted, now do it!”

Her eyes rolled back and her body shook violently, and for a terrifying moment, Daryl thought he’d caused her to have a seizure. He watched her face and felt her pulse beating in her neck. She pulled in a deep breath and let out a loud shriek and Daryl could tell by how hard she was contracting around his fingers that she was going to leave a puddle on the floor. A tiny bit more pressure and a few more strokes and she was kicking to get away from him and giving him just what he’d demanded.

“There it is! That’s my girl.” He moved behind her and held him against his chest until the worst of the aftershocks was over. He rubbed his hands all over her once he peeled off his gloves. “You did so good, baby. I’m so proud of you.” He laid a trail of kisses from her temple to her chin. “Just lean against me while I untie your hands, ok?” Sydney gave him a soft “uh-huh” and let him hold her up. She was too weak and shaky to keep herself up under her own power.

After he helped her to the bed, he situated her between her legs and covered her with a blanket. “Just rest your head, darlin’. I’m gonna massage your shoulders so they won’t be so sore later.” He rubbed hot oil into her arms and kissed her neck and told her how much he loved her for almost an hour. It took her that long to regain the ability to have a real conversation. “How did you like what we did tonight? Was I too rough?”

Sydney tilted her head back and gave him a tired smile. “Mmmmm… I love it, babe. Everything was perfect.” She turned a little and kissed him. “But, I might be too rough on you when we get home.”