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"Okay, truth or dare, Midoriya?"

Izuku debated on both, and he almost picked dare until he realized it was Denki asking him so he chose, "Truth."

Denki frowned, but he still gave away his question. "Have you ever kissed anyone?"

Everyone's eyes in the dark were then on the green-head, who had started to turn red. 

Mina tilted her head, chilling next to Ochaco on the ground. "Hmm… I feel like he's kissed at least maybe one girl in his lifetime?"

Ochaco, huddled in the covers with Tsuyu beside her, was slightly red in the face. "He's probably kissed a few girls…"

All Katsuki could do was scoff and roll his eyes. "Oh, please. The only girl he's ever kissed was his own mom, and that is the only person ever!"

"Hey, come on man, don't be like-"

Izuku interrupted Eijiro. "H-he's not wrong."

Everyone, but Katsuki and Shoto, gasped. 

"Really?" Tenya asked.

Izuku was flustered and embarrassed, but he stuck it to the truth. He numbly nodded, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.


In the dimly lit area of the common area, Shoto was seated on the couch with Yaoyorozu, only spectating, not participating or speaking—until then.

Everyone was staring at him, even Momo who was falling asleep on his shoulder. 

"Uh…" Izuku awkwardly smiled. "Yes?"

"Hm. Alright." 

Everyone was beyond confused when Shoto softly placed Momo's head on Kyoka's shoulder and stood up, walking past everyone to get to the elevators. 

No one said a word, only Shoto when he said, "Have a good night," and disappeared into the elevator doors.

Katsuki was the first to speak, sharing a corner with Eijiro in a blanket—"Weirdo."

"That's not nice, Bakugo!"

"Shut it, four-eyes!"

Izuku was so confused.

All Shoto could do was vigorously search on google tutorials on how to kiss and how to not make it awkward, crisscrossed on his futon.

But he still struggled to find good, sensible tutorials/articles. He felt weird watching the videos, but he was sure that was how kissing should be with everyone so he pushed past the unfamiliar vibes.

"How badly can you injure someone if you mess up a kiss?"

All Shoto got was results related to cheating, and that was not at all what he needed. But if he scrolled further down, he would find what he needed—

"Unless you rip their lips off, they should understand if it's a first kiss. Unless it causes mental damage. That's when you run."

"But what if he doesn't know about the kiss…?" Shoto mumbled, tapping his fingers on his laptop and debating in his head.

He played the videos again through his mind, remembering back to the articles that explained how to kiss.

He tried to practice on his pillow when he set his laptop aside, but he wasn't sure if he was doing it correctly. He maybe even felt a little weird, but he was told that was a good practicing object.

Although, after trying to do everything step by step for almost an hour, Shoto felt ready.

So, all night, he made out with his pillow.

"Oh, morning, Todoroki!"

"Morning, Midoriya." 

Izuku smiled at Shoto as he walked toward him to the kitchen area, in the process of making cereal. 

"How'd you sleep last night?" Izuku asked.

Shoto mindlessly opened the fridge, looking inside. "Pretty good. You?" 

He didn't even get much sleep.

Izuku's smile slightly faltered as Shoto walked over to him with nothing in his hands after closing the fridge, the milk almost slipping out of his grasp. 

"Great! But the game last night…tiring..."

Shoto stood right behind him, a certain look in his eyes.

Izuku's face felt warm, turning around to fully face him after setting the gallon down on the surface. "You okay?"

Shoto didn't even nod or shake his head, shifting closer and practically pushing him against the counter.

"W-what are you doing?" 

Shoto knew that Izuku knew that he knew how flustered he was, and it only made the situation even more daring.

Shoto slowly started to lean in, his hands holding himself up above Izuku, who looked like he was going to pass out.

Swiftly, Shoto reached behind him and opened the cabinet, taking out a bottle of salt.

Izuku was even more confused than last night. "Salt…? You...wanted salt?"


Izuku could only look at Shoto's back as he started walking towards the exit, his slippers sliding against the floor.

What the-  

Izuku was left curious—he didn't want to bring up what happened last night, but ever since then, Shoto had been acting extremely weird, and weirder than usual. 

Maybe he's just feeling a little sick… Izuku watched as he walked into the courtyard, releasing a breath he was unaware of holding and loosening his body against the counter. Yeah, maybe.

Shoto didn't know what happened back there. He wasn't even breathing , and he was so shaken by how... stiff he felt. He'd never felt like that before in front of anyone. Or, well, ever. His heart felt like it was going to pop out of his chest, and he felt sick.

He whipped out his phone, shaking a few grains of salt onto his tongue.

"Why did I feel like I was going to pass out in front of my friend?"

Is friend too misleading?

Shoto erased the last word.

"Why did I feel like I was going to pass out in front of my crush?"

A bunch of random articles and videos popped up, mainly about love, of course, but he saw a question that was answered make the most sense—in summary of the answer, he was feeling anxious.

"I've never felt that before…" Shoto mumbled to himself, leaning back against the bench in front of the fountain.

He started pondering about how he was feeling about Izuku and how nervous he had felt about wanting to give him a kiss. He felt his mind go blank , he wasn't even thinking.

Why was I so nervous? Shoto scratched his head, setting his phone down. He looked through the large windows to look into the kitchen, where Izuku was eating cereal at the dining table.

He let out a small smile.

Maybe he was nervous because he didn't want to ruin what they had, even though he knew Izuku was quite fond of men himself.

Shoto sighed, closing his eyes.

What a long week this will be.

"Hey, Midoriya."

"Hi, Todoroki!

"Never mind. Hey, Baku-


Shoto only grunted and turned back to Izuku, where they were all situated in front of the dorms playing a class game of hide and seek with teams.

Mina was it, but the three guys who were in a team were standing in front of the Heights Alliance building like they had nowhere else to hide.

Well, they did, so to speak, but Katsuki was making it hard for them to even find a spot, which was why they moved back over to the origin. So Shoto was trying to figure out a plan, but he felt too...weird talking to Izuku.

Katsuki groaned and crossed his arms, looking away from his teammates. "I dunno why I got stuck with you two."

Izuku said, "Maybe because you needed a break from Kirishima?"

Shoto was taken aback at how flustered Katsuki looked, almost throwing hands at Izuku if he wasn't there to hold him back. 

"What'd I do?!"

Shoto had to stand in front of Izuku to keep Katsuki away from him at an arm's-length.

"Everything!" said Katsuki.

"Calm down, Bakugo." Once Katsuki looked decently relaxed, he set his arm down. "He was just saying what's true. You guys are always seen together no matter what."

Katsuki held back to not attack the half-kid. "Shut the hell up, half-n-half! You don't have a reason to be intruding!"

"But I'm right here."

Izuku had to butt in before anything happened, moving in front of Shoto and using his arms to calm them down. When he noticed they weren't going to throw fists, he grabbed their elbows and jogged them over to an empty spot near all the trees. "Come on, let's hide before Ashido finds us!"

Katsuki tore his arm away, pointing aggressively at the green-head. "I will not let you boss me around!"

And so he ran the other way, the way Eijiro and his teammates ran.

Izuku chuckled after a few moments, the two at the front of the trees.

Shoto couldn't have known it was a nervous chuckle even if he tried. 

"And then there were two…" Izuku rubbed the back of his neck, glancing shyly at the taller male beside him.

"Hm. So there was," Shoto uttered, looking down at him and raising a subtle eyebrow at how red he turned when he looked at him.

He simply ignored it and reached down to grab his hand. "Let's go."

Izuku felt his hands start to sweat, but he was so lucky to be holding onto his right side so it could cool down unnoticed. 

They were jogging to a good hiding spot, but all Izuku could do was hope he wasn't going to make a fool out of himself. The last time he and Shoto even conversed was four days ago, and that was when the whole awkward scenario of Shoto "leaning in for a kiss" happened.

Izuku just felt awkward—they stopped behind a big tree trunk next to a tree log, Shoto making him crouch down to go into the log's opening—and he was unsure of how to properly bring the topic up without making it sound awkward.

The thing was, he wasn't sure what Shoto preferred gender-wise, so that was why he was so confused. 

Shoto didn't seem to have an interest in anyone romantically wise, and Izuku was pretty sure his close friends, including Shoto, knew that he liked guys just as much as he liked girls so Shoto would have said something if there was a reason for what he did.

But that was the only time he talked to him for days, and being inside of that log with almost no space and overlapped legs, Izuku realized he'd never been closer to him more than then.

The closest they've gotten was sitting together on the couch! And maybe even sparring, but still.

Shoto wouldn't stop staring at him, either, and his gaze was too intimidating for Izuku to dare say a word—his hand was shaking when he reached up to scratch his cheek.

Izuku was nervous, he was self-aware.

If anything, the whole situation would have become awkward if Shoto knew what that word even meant: no one was speaking, there was complete silence aside from the staring contest Shoto was putting on, and they were really close. Closer than ever before.

Izuku was kind of glad Shoto didn't know what being awkward meant, because that meant the situation wouldn't have been so dreadful.

Still, Shoto was staring at him, only blinking like once or twice and it made Izuku feel shivers go down his spine.

What was he supposed to do? To say?

Shoto didn't seem like he was going to do or say anything, so Izuku was going to be the icebreaker. 

Well, he was but then his words got stuck in his throat when he saw Shoto's eyes flicker down to his lips. 

Izuku's cheeks felt warm, and he was pretty sure Shoto knew that.

"H-hey! So—" 

Izuku was finally speaking to break the silence, but Shoto briefly licked his lips and audibly swallowed, slowly and hesitantly leaning in, eyes closing.

Izuku did more than just swallow, he choked a little. So, not knowing what to do with heart and body frozen in panic, the smaller boy shut his eyes tightly and tried to pucker his lips, shaking profoundly as he felt Shoto's fresh breath against his lips.

Mina's voice telling someone to reveal themselves was what had brought them back to reality, Izuku pushing himself back and hitting his head against the log and Shoto calmingly, but quickly, moving back as well. Izuku's sharp hit against the log caused the piece of wood to tilt back, Izuku screaming as Shoto was only slightly concerned as they were falling.

"Hm?" they heard, Mina jogging over to the log and peeping through the hole. She gasped and screamed so loud that a few birds had left the area.

"OH MY-"

"IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" shouted Izuku. 

Shoto only followed shortly after with, "We just fell."

The scene that Mina was presented right before her very own eyes was Shoto holding himself up above Izuku, their legs tightly cramped together in the little space they had.

"Wh- but why were you guys in here?!" Mina tried to reach out to help them when they both struggled to tear apart, but it was useless.

"We needed somewhere where you couldn't find us. And, well, you simply scared us so Izuku hit his head and tilted this thing over," said Shoto.

Mina used her acid to make a whole for them, helping them out. 

"Well," she heaved as she helped Shoto get out, "at least I found you guys!"

Izuku struggled to get out because Mina was focused on wanting to talk to Shoto for questions—"How long have you guys been in there?"—but then she helped him up when he couldn't even get out. 

"Like, maybe ten minutes or less," said Shoto.

When Izuku was set beside Shoto, Mina noticed how stiff the two actually were.

She decided to poke at the fire with a smirk—"So, you're sure nothing happened in there?~"

Izuku, too shaken up to answer, let out a squeak of air.

Shoto, on the other hand, simply responded with, "Positive, the tight space was just making it too close for comfort." He looked down at the timid boy. "Isn't that right?"

Izuku could only look at a tree behind Mina and nod, head spinning.

Shoto was a little agitated, and that was mainly because his plan took initiative a week ago and he still hasn't made any real moves.

Ever since hide and seek, he felt no other moment would have been a perfect moment.

But maybe—just maybe—that night where Shoto stayed up with Izuku in his dorm for help with English was the actual key to the plan.

"So...for this word in English it's spelled like this, okay?"

Shoto didn't even look at the paper, he was too busy stalling and staring at the figurines and posters on Izuku's walls. Simply answering while using the bed as a backrest, he said, "Okay."

Izuku was eyeing him and he was able to notice, but when Shoto turned to look at him for the first time since they entered and struggled to find a place to sit before deciding on the ground by his bed, Izuku was already red-faced and scribbling words for Shoto's English study log.

Shoto noticed he was slightly sweating, so he raised an eyebrow and reached over with his right hand to place over his forehead.

Izuku abruptly stopped, looking at Shoto. "W-what are you doing?"

"You look hot."

Izuku felt his heart burst, only to realize what he actually meant. "O-oh! Sorry!"

Shoto's brows furrowed, his hand cooling him down. "Why are you apologizing?'

"Well, um—" Izuku looked anywhere but at Shoto—"you felt the need to cool me down! So, s-sorry…"

Shoto simply stared at his glistening eyes, his own eyes flickering down to his lips that were being chewed out of nervousness, he noted.

Shoto, feeling the moment was just right, slid his hand from his forehead down to his cheek, holding it in his palm and securing his jaw in his hand.

Shoto could feel how hot he was even through his ice quirk.

"It's okay," Shoto said, a small smile breaking through his features.

The little guy knew he was going to faint any moment now.

The hand that firmly held his jaw slowly started to bring him in, moving toward him all the same.

Izuku, feeling himself grow stiff in his limbs after dropping the pencil and notebook, simply let himself go along.

Besides, kissing his secret crush was only something that would happen in his dreams! He couldn't just pass the opportu-

Shoto's unevenly-tempered lips met his own, and Izuku forced himself to close his eyes.

He didn't think they both even breathed, but Izuku's hand slapped onto Shoto's shoulder to try and do something but he was unaware of his own physical strength.

"Ow." Shoto pulled away, shifting his shoulder. His hand never left, though.

"I-I'm sorry!" Izuku tried pushing himself away, but Shoto kept him firm. To hold him down even more, Shoto slid his hand to the back of his neck, where more would be secure.

"It's okay," simply said Shoto, just like the other time. "But, um…how was that?"

Izuku blanked out for a second, struggling to look into Shoto's eyes. "How was what?"

"The, uh, kiss."

Oh. "Oh!" Izuku licked his lips, chuckling nervously while slowly growing more comfortable with the stoic teen knowing he was even nervous himself. "It was, uh…" Izuku cleared his throat. "Well, it was my first kiss so it was fine to me, but…" He pouted a little. "Were my lips chapped?"

Slowly, a small laugh left Shoto. Shaking his head, he uttered, "Not at all, they were nice and soft."

Izuku felt lightheaded, going to rub the back of his neck but only to grab Shoto's hand instead. Shoto, thinking he went to hold it, wrapped his hand around it. 

It was an awkward position, but it didn't ruin the giddiness they both were feeling, even if it was in their own ways.

"Thank you, I can say the same to you, Todoroki!" Izuku felt so relieved and happy, but he was unsure how to tackle whatever the heck was going on.


Izuku blanked back into reality, feeling their hands be brought into the middle. He felt Shoto's hands slightly shake, and it made him just want to hug the guy.

So, he intertwined them together, smiling as the half-and-half tried to muster up his words while starting into colored eyes.

With a flushed face, Shoto asked, "C-can we do it again? I feel like I messed up the first time."

"I feel like I messed up!" Izuku laughed, but he smiled softly. "But, yes."

Nodding and swallowing, Shoto leaned forward again, a bit more confident compared to the first time around.

His lips met with his nose, and Izuku could only laugh when Shoto lightly groaned and left his head fall.

"Apologies," muttered Shoto. "I just… I know this is your first kiss and mines as well—not anymore, now—so I've been practicing because I want it to go smoothly, but for some reason, I just can't…"

...Hold on.

Izuku gasped. "Wait a minute, is that why this whole entire week you've been acting weird?" 

Shoto only nodded. "I guess so, it was during truth or dare when it started."

Izuku felt like he could cry. He felt tears well up in his eyes—his long-time crush, his best friend, the person he could rely on spent his whole week finding a perfect moment to give him his first kiss, and it was his as well!

Izuku just couldn't hold it in anymore. He grinned, wrapping his arms around Shoto's neck and bringing him close to place their foreheads together.

Shoto simply placed his hand on his arm, a little red in the face. "What's wrong?"

Even though Izuku was smiling so wide, Shoto was still worried.

"Nothing, I just fell for the right guy, is all."

Shoto's brow furrowed, confusion all over his face. "When did you fall? And for me? Is that what you're saying? Because I don't recall ever asking you to fall."

A sigh and a laugh was all Shoto was given, the words, "God, I really do love you," leaving the mouth that was soon pushed onto the gaping one.

With time, their kisses and affection wouldn't be so tacky.