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Aizawa adopts a homeless greenbean

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Aizawa saw them while he was patrolling one night. It was late, far too late for a kid to be out let alone by them self. The only people who were out at this time where either late night commuters on their way home or the rough crowd you didn’t want involved with. The kid was small, scrawny looking wearing ragged clothes. Their pants where ripped up and their shoes where falling apart. They had on a dingy black hoodie that looked too thin to provide any warmth; the hood was pulled up over their head and their face down so the underground hero couldn’t make out any of their features or even their gender. Aizawa could only tell that they were a kid by how small how they were, no adult was that small.

At first Aizawa thought that the kid was a pickpocket. He’d dealt with a few before; delinquent teens looking for quick cash so they could buy video games or cigarettes. The well practiced ones always dressed like that no matter how well off their families where. After all no one paid much attention to ratty little street kids, so it made it that much easier to get close to someone and swipe their wallet or watch. He followed the kid waiting to see them snatch something. He couldn’t arrest someone without actually seeing them commit a crime.

However, as he watched the kid they seemed to be staying as far away as possible from people, crossing the street whenever someone was walking towards them and pushing them self up against buildings when some walked around them. There was no way the kid could pick pocket anything like that. Aizawa next thought was that the kid was running away. It would explain why they were avoiding people and hiding their face. And their ragged appearance could be because of a bad home life which would explain why the kid was running. He sighed; this was going to be a long night.

If the kid had been a simple theft it would have been so much easier. Aizawa could just wait until he saw them steal something and then arrest them and turn the kid over to the police to be brought back home…or put in juvie, but Aizawa didn’t really care. What matters is that his job would be over and done with. However, if the kid was a runaway that meant he’d have to follow the kid until he could catch them. Then he’d have to con firm they were a runaway, get them to admit why they were running, and then proceed from there. All of that could take the whole night and all Aizawa wanted to do was go home and sleep before he had to go teach tomorrow. Sometimes Aizawa contemplated murdering Nemuri for forcing him into teaching; this was one of those times.

Aizawa continued following the kid down the street from the roof tops. He noted that the kid seemed to know where they were going, they weren’t hesitating at turns and their pace never slowed. Maybe the kid was going to another relative’s or a friend’s house? That would Aizawa’s job easier if there was someone else to hand the kid off to. However, that thought quickly went away when the kid entered the “bad” part of town. This place was famous for druggies, thefts, and all kinds of criminals and villains. In fact, just last week Aizawa had busted a major black market operation in this part of town. Whoever the kid was heading to here there was no way that Eraserhead could allow them to stay with them.

The eraser hero was again thrown a curve ball when the kid turned down an alley. He followed along the roof expecting for them to come out the other end, but they didn’t. Instead the kid looked around the alley, even checking behind the dumpster to make sure they were alone. Then, the kid opened the dumpster and started digging through the trash inside. Okay, maybe they had something stashed there? It wasn’t uncommon for runaways to stash possessions somewhere before they ran, but why a seemingly random dumpster in a shitty part of town? Well, it could be close to their destination, Aizawa reasoned with himself. On the other hand, the kid didn’t seem to know what they were looking for. They kept pulling out objects, inspecting and even sniffing them. It didn’t seem like they had clothes or supplies stash in there.

Then, the kid did something that horrified eraser hero. They pulled out what looked like a half eaten apple, sniffed it, and proceeded to EAT it. The kid wasn’t running away, they were already homeless and they knew where to find food; from dumpsters in dangerous parts of the city. It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time the kid had eaten out of this dumpster. They clearly knew where this particular dumpster was and they hadn’t hesitated to eat the old fruit from it. Once they had finished the apple the kid kept digging. Every now and then they’d pull out some more half eaten or rotten food, but instead of eating it this time they’d shove it in their pocket, most likely to take it back to where ever they were staying.

Aizawa hoped that they at least had somewhere inside to stay, maybe an abandoned building or something. Didn’t matter now, he’d have to bring in the kid. He wouldn’t let the kid stay on the street tonight if he could help it. He’d take them to the police and they’ll either find their parents or take them to an orphanage, but either way they’ll have somewhere some safe to stay and food that wasn’t from a dumpster to eat. He stood up getting ready to jump down from the roof and talk to the kid. Best case scenario was that he could talk the kid into coming with him peacefully, worst case he’d have to fight and restrain the kid. No matter, the kid’s safety was more important right now than their desires. The kid was eating out of a dumpster for Christ sakes!

Unfortunately as he stood the roof creaked beneath him and the kid heard him. Before he knew it the kid was gone, running out of the alley liked a spooked cat and taking off down the road. Aizawa cussed and took off over the roofs trying to keep up with the kid. Either the kid knew they were being followed or they’d done this before because they kept darting in and out of alleys and running through underpasses and taking all kinds of twist and turns until Aizawa lost track of them. It was obvious that the kid either didn’t want to be caught or they thought they were in danger. Neither of those options where okay.

Aizawa spent the rest of the night looking for the little street rat. It didn’t help that he had no idea if the kid was a boy or girl let alone what they actually looked like. If they had changed clothes there was no way Aizawa could recognize them. He needed to find them though. Based on their size they looked to be around ten or eleven years old and they were clearly starving. That coupled with the fact that they were eating literal garbage meant that their health couldn’t be good. There was no telling how much longer the kid could survive like that. They needed an actual home, food, and water and most likely some medical care as soon as possible. Aizawa also wanted to find the kid’s parents and give them a piece of his mind.

As he headed to U.A. the following morning after staying out all night he promised both himself and the kid that he wouldn’t stop looking until that child was safe.

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Izuku ran around the neighborhood a few times until he felt those prying eyes off of him. Whoever was following him was gone now. Either he’d shaken them off or they’d lost interest. Just to be safe he walked around in a safer part of the city for a little while. He even went into a bigger retail store to use the bathroom instead of a little covenant store just in case he was still being followed. After all it was easier to tell when one was being followed in a store than on the street. He did his business and even washed his face in the sink before leaving the store; thankfully since he went straight to the bathroom and then straight to the exit none of the employees tried to accuse him of stealing. No matter how desperate Izuku got he would never, ever steal. That was bad and only villains do bad things.

After the store he headed back to the beach. He didn’t get as much as he would have liked too, but he was too shaken up to try anywhere else. It wasn’t the first time he had been chased away from a dumpster by another homeless person. He was also familiar with being attacked by another homeless person over dumpsters; after all dumpsters where their main suppliers of food and sometimes clothes.

He had been told by his parents when they had dropped him off at the beach that he wasn’t allowed to go to the shelter or the soup kitchen. He also wasn’t allowed to talk to police officers or pro heroes. He didn’t exactly understand why, but he knew better than to disobey his parents, so he did what they told him to; even though it had been eleven years since he had seen them last.

He didn’t know what had happened to his parents. All he knew was that a few months after he had been diagnosed as quirkless his parents had brought him to Dagobah beach. Beach wasn’t the right word to describe the place; it should have been Dagobah landfill. His parents had taken him to the center of the trash and set him down. They told him that this was his new home and that he wasn’t allowed to follow them when they left. They gave him some other rules and made sure he understood what was expected of him before they had left. He hasn’t seen them since.

He hadn’t really understood what was going on then, he was only four after all, but he had learned a long time ago that children weren’t allowed to disobey their parents or else their parents had to hurt them. It was a law apparently. So, he followed their rules. He never tried to go home. He didn’t go to shelters or soup kitchens and he didn’t speak to police officers. Eventually he did figure out that he’s parents had just abandoned him and all their rules where just so that no one would find out. However, he was too afraid to disobey them. And deep down he still kind of believed that everything they had done was out of love and that they only did those things or told him that stuff to protect him.

Once he made it back to the beach he went straight to his “house.” It wasn’t really a house, just a broken down car he used as shelter. He climbed into his bedroom, the back seat, and got to work sorting out his haul. He pulled out the food from his pocket and laid it out in front of him. He had gotten another apple with a bite out of it, what looked like some mochi but it slightly molded, and some noodles in a Chinese takeout box. All of it was cold, rotten, and/or half eaten, but so was anything else that Izuku had eaten over the past eleven years. He used to get food from the trash cans along the boardwalk. Then a nice employee from an ice cream shop had found him and had warned him that they were going to start poisoning the food in the trash because they want anyone to see people eating from them.

Izuku didn’t understand why so many businesses where so protective of their trash. They didn’t eat any of it after all. No matter, he just found some other dumpsters to eat from. He found the best thing to do was to watch other homeless people and see what kind of dumpsters they went to. He learned pretty fast that homeless people where even more protective of their trash. Apparently the law must have been that any adult must have to hurt a child if they did something wrong. Izuku still hadn’t figured out what he had done wrong.

He did eventually find a dumpster that no one fought him over. Well, until tonight, but he hadn’t actually seen anyone. It could have just been an alley cat or something. He decided that it would be best to wait awhile before he went back anyway. He was still hungry, but since he knew he wouldn’t be able of go scavenging for awhile he didn’t eat thing. He crawled up from and put his new food in the glove box with the rest of his stash. He had a small pack of furry crackers and something he thought was a snack cake. He needed to find another water bottle soon. After he stored his food he decided it was best just to go to sleep.

You weren’t hungry when you were asleep after all.


The following night Aizawa went back to the same alley and waited on the roof top for the kid to come back. It wasn’t the first time Aizawa had worked with a homeless person, so he knew some of what to expect. One thing he had learned early on from speaking with homeless people was that they tended to be territorial of “their” dumpsters. When someone found a good source of food they were hesitant to share it with anyone else. That probably explained why the kid took off so fast. After all, they probably couldn’t take an adult in a fight and Aizawa wouldn’t put it past half the homeless bastards in this neighborhood to attack a child just to take his food.

Speaking of food, Aizawa had a plan for that. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get close to the kid for awhile, but he wasn’t about to sit back and watch the kid eat garbage. So, he had bought a take out burger and fries and after taking a bite of the burger he placed the whole box on top of the garbage bags inside. As for why he took a bite of the burger that was simple. He had been told by several homeless people he’d work with that it was a common rule amongst the homeless not to eat something that hasn’t been touched. There were people and even businesses that were willing to poison homeless people either to stop them from going through their trash or just to be cruel. He didn’t know whether or not the kid would know that, but he didn’t want to risk it. After all, if they thought someone left poisoned food the day after they were scared off he’d never come back here and Aizawa would never find them again.

He waited as long as he could for the kid, but after three hours he HAD to go back to actually patrolling. After all the agency wouldn’t let it slip if something went down while Aizawa was stalking a dumpster. He just hoped that the kid ate the food he’d left. He came back the next night with more food only to find that the stuff from last night was still there. He hoped that the kid hadn’t come back instead of just not touching the food. He replaced the old food with the new stuff and went back to waiting. This went on for a whole week. He prayed the kid was getting food from somewhere else. He was about to give up and just go look for the kid when they finally showed up.

They peaked around the corner, scanning the alley for initials threats before entering. They took twice as long this time checking to make sure they were alone. They even looked up at the roofs. Aizawa, however was too skilled at hiding for them to spot him. Eventually the kid did open the dumpster. They hesitated when they saw the Styrofoam takeout box on top of the bag, but they did eventually reach in and pulled the box out slowly. They opened it up and just stared for a long time. It was probably the most food they had seen in awhile. The poked at it and then took the burger out of the box and smelled it. Then they sat on the ground and went through every layer. They were making sure it was safe to eat.

Then, they surprised Aizawa yet again when they pulled the hood of their head and started eating like the burger was air and they were drowning.

Now that the hood was out of the way Aizawa could make out the kid’s features. They had dark, shaggy hair that was uneven and matted together. It was shorter in some places and longer in others, it looked like the kid had cut their own hair. He could also tell now that the kid was a boy. He had big eyes and pale skin. The hero couldn’t make out much more than that from afar, but it was good enough for him. Now he'll be able to recognize the kid.

He still needed to bring the kid somewhere safe but he could tell that he wouldn’t be able to just yet. The kid might have been distracted eating, but Aizawa could see the way his eyes still darted around and the ways his muscles tensed. He was ready to abandon everything and make a run for it. He couldn’t risk scaring the kid off a second time. He’d never come back. At least this way Aizawa could make sure the kid had something to eat until he let his guard down enough so the hero could capture him. Yes, capture, it was evident at this point that Aizawa wouldn’t be able to just talk the boy into coming with him; he’d have to take him by force.

Aizawa wished he had gotten a bigger meal as he watched the boy literally lick the take out container after he had eaten it all. He knew that wasn’t an option, though. The kid may be hungry, but he couldn’t stomach a large amount of food just yet. Aizawa had spoken to recovery girl about what he should do. While she had told him that greasy fast food wasn’t a good idea she did agree that it was the least suspicion thing he could leave. After all who threw away a perfectly fresh and healthy salad in this part of town? She did warn him though that if the kid was half starved to death that he wouldn’t be able to stomach large amounts of food. It wouldn’t do the boy any good if he threw up everything he had eaten.

The kid remained on the ground for awhile after eating. It was as if he had just eaten a large turkey dinner and was nearly in a food coma. Granted with how thin the child was that kid’s sized burger probably felt like a whole turkey dinner. Aizawa found himself silently hoping the kid would spot the bottle of water he had set next to the dumpster. He had laid it on its side so appeared as if someone had dropped it. Eventually the kid got up and to the pros relieve spotted the bottle. He inspected it first but soon downed half of it. He seemed to be forcing himself not to drink the whole thing. He stashed the rest in his pocket and then dug through the trash for more food.

This went on for a few weeks. Aizawa would leave food in the dumpster and then wait and watch as the kid ate it. Sometimes it was take out and sometimes it was store bought food just so it didn’t look as suspicious. After the first time the kid stopped eating it all. He’d eat some of it there and then he’d take some with him. Always in his pocket, he’d never take the carry out boxes with him. He knew better than to be seen with food.

Aizawa had been keeping a written record of things he’d noticed about the kid. First was his appearance. His hair was still a matted mess and his skin was still pale, but the hero had gotten close enough using the fire escape to make out that the kid green eyes, a light dusting of freckles, and a nasty looking scar on his right check. He was skinny and short with gangly limbs. He also noticed some things about the kid’s personality. It seemed he had been on the streets for awhile based on the way he held himself and observed his surroundings.

He also noticed how childish the kid was. Like really, really childish. If Aizawa’s first impression was correct the kid was around eleven or twelve, but he acted much younger than that. One day the eraser hero had left the kid a kid’s meal from a popular food chain. He had stopped taking a bite out of things when he tested a theory and figured out that the kid didn’t notice that. He hadn’t even realized there was a toy car in the bag until he was watching the kid.

The kid took the bag like he did every day and sat on the ground, hidden by the dumpster. He held the bag against his body with his legs and pulled things out as he ate. He was guarding his food to make sure no one snatched it while he wasn’t looking. Once he had eaten the nuggets and fries he looked in the bag to see what he had left to take with him. Aizawa knew there were apple slices and a yogurt. The kid cocked his head and pulled something out of the bag.

It was a kid’s meal toy wrapped in plastic. The kid turned the thing around in his hand over and over until he ripped the package open with his teeth; out fell a little toy car. The kid stared out at it for a long time before picking it up. He looked it over, the using his finger made the wheels spin. From his point on the fire escape Aizawa could see as the kid smiled happily. Then he started running the toy across the ground making soft “vroom” noises like a young child would.

That was the longest the kid had ever stayed in the alley. He played with the toy car for hours and he even eventually ate the yogurt while still there. It was at this point that Aizawa released that he had probably been years since this child had gotten a toy or had been able play. His behavior was startling. It implied that dispite how old the child look he had the mentality a much, much younger kid. He needed to get the kid somewhere safe soon.

Ever since then Aizawa would leave things other than food every other day. He left clothing and toys and blankets. At some point he knew the kid had figured out that someone was doing this on purpose, but the food and other items were apparently too tempting to resist. He had left him a stuff animal at one point and was surprised when he came back the next day caring the thing. He had it every day after that.

Three weeks after this had all started the kid came back limping. The hood of his new green hoodie was up and his new jeans where ripped. He didn’t have his bear. He didn’t open the dumpster this time; instead he sat in between the dumpster and the wall. Aizawa could hear the kid’s sobs all the way on the roof. He wanted desperately to go comfort the kid. He wouldn’t admit it out loud but he had gotten attached to the little problem child.

When the kid finished crying he opened the dumpster and took the items inside. He shoved the ramen and bread in his pocket and left, he didn’t eat any of it. Aizawa took this opportunity and followed the kid along the roof tops. Despite the dark, it was always night when he saw the kid, he could follow him easy. The kid wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings.

This is what allowed him to follow the kid all the way to Dagobah beach. The kid sulked through the trash, not even noticing the pro hero following him. Aizawa hid behind a trash pile and watched as the kid climbed into an old car. He took the food out of his pocket and added it to his stash in the glove box. The he climbed into the back and laid down.

Aizawa waited a whole hour before he approached the car and looked into the back seat. The kid was lying down with the blanket the eraser had left him thrown over him. He noted that all the little toys he had left the kid where stored in the pockets on the backs of the seats. That was all the kid had. There was no one here, he was all alone. Aizawa would fix that.

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The following week the kid didn’t come back to the dumpster. The first day, Aizawa wasn’t too concerned; he didn’t always come every day. However when it had been three days since he had seen the kid Aizawa got worried. He went back to the beach hoping that the kid hadn’t left town. He knew some homeless people moved from place to place, but the kid didn’t have any reason to.

Thankfully, the kid was there, in the back of that old car. He was lying under his blanket, the new pillow Aizawa had left him under his head. Aizawa sighed in relief before questioning why the kid was asleep. It was clear that the kid was practically nocturnal. He hid during the day and went out at night for food. Aizawa carefully opened the back door and leaned over the kid.

From this angle Aizawa could see the kid’s stuttering chest and flushed face. He reaches out and laid a hand on the kid’s forehead. Not only did the kid not respond to him, but he was burning up. The kid was sick. Aizawa cursed. He should have gotten him somewhere safe sooner. He should have made sure he had shelter. He should…he just should have done more.

Aizawa made up his mind in a second and picked the kid up. His blanket was still over him and Aizawa grabbed his pillow and one of his toys in the hope that it would keep him calm when he woke up somewhere new. After he made sure he had a firm grip on everything he took off toward U.A.

Recovery girl was going to be pissed.


Thankfully since it was the middle of the night Aizawa didn’t run into any of the students or staff when he reaches U.A. He took the kid straight to the infirmary and laid him down on a cot before pulling out his work phone and calling the youthful heroine. She picked up after two rings.

“There better be a good reason for this,” she scolded.

“We have a code green,” he answered. That was there code for “the homeless child I have been feeding for a month is sick.” There was a rule that everything handled over the phone had to be in code. They couldn’t risk the league finding anything else out about them.

“I’ll be there in a moment,” the heroine responded hanging up. After that Aizawa texted a picture of a green heart to the principle, letting him know the situation while also informing him that it wasn’t a priority that he make it there. He had of course informed the principle of the boy after he had discovered him. Nezdu had offered to allow the boy to stay at U.A. if Aizawa could get close to him. Aizawa, may have been attached to the kid.

It only took ten minutes for recovery girl to make it there. That was a big plus to them all living on campus now. She came bustling through the door and started grabbing medical supplies. She even grabbed an IV and a bag of nutrients.

She pulled the cover off the boy and got to work hooking up the IV.

“How long has he been like this?” She questions as she took his vitals. Her pointer and thumb could wrap all the way around the kid’s wrist. He was so small.

“I’m not sure, I haven’t seen him for three days, I finally caved and went back to his shelter and I found him like this.” Recovery girl hummed. She looked him over and then yanked his hoodie up. His side was a marred mess. It looked as if some had tried to dissect him and it was yellow with infection. Aizawa wanted to vomit.

“You’ll have to leave while I fix this, he’s too weak for my quirk,” she took a pair of scissor and started to cut his clothes off of him, “why don’t you go get him some more clothes and the rest of his belongings, and he won’t be leaving for quite awhile.”

Aizawa nodded and headed out. He went to a clothing store and picked up some t-shirts, a new hoodie, a few pairs of pants, and some underwear. Then he swung back to the landfill and grabbed the rest of the kid’s toys. His heart sank when he saw that the teddy bear wasn’t there. He stopped by a toy store before he went back to the school.

By the time he got back recovery girl was done. The kid was still pale and flushed and sweaty, but his side was stitched and bandaged and his face was more relaxed. Aizawa pulled his blanket back over him; he wouldn’t be able to put a shirt on him with the IV. He placed the rest of the things he had brought back on the nightstand.

“He’ll need a good bath and some food once he wakes up, but this is all we can do for now,” recovery girl informed him, “think he’ll run when he wakes up.”

“I don’t think he’ll have the strength, but I’ll stay with him just in case. Besides, he’ll probably freak out when he wakes up.” Recovery girl shot him and knowing looked and then bid her good-byes, telling Aizawa to call her if he got any worse. Aizawa sighed and sat down in the seat by the bed.

The kid really was a problem child.


The kid slept for 37 hours. After he rested long enough and gained some strength Recovery girl had used her quirk and held the wound in his side which she had determined was a knife wound. Thankfully it was the weekend, so after asking Mic to check in on his kids throughout the day, Aizawa was able to stay the whole time with the problem child. Funny he had been feeding and clothing the kid for a month and he didn’t even know his name.

Nezdu had come to see them the next morning. He informed them that he had gotten the best detective in the Japan on the case. They would know more about the kid once he woke up and they ask him some questions, but there was no telling how long it would take for the kid to open up to any of them. Until then the detective and the rest of the pros at U.A. where looking for information on the kid.

After Nezdu had left Aizawa had had to fight off both Mic and Midnight who had came to the infirmary to see “Shota’s son.” Aizawa had argued that the kid needed rest and they were too loud to be in the infirmary. He wouldn’t admit it, but might have blushed when Midnight pointed out that he didn’t argue against the kid being his son. After the third time they showed up he finally relented and let them in.

They stayed quiet which was surprising for them and stared in awe at the boy passed out on the cot. He looked so much worse in daylight. He was pale, his cheeks where gaunt, and you could see all his bones. Half a meal a day wasn’t enough to sustain the kid. Not to mention he had nothing but fast food and junk.

“He is so little, who old is he?” Mic questioned, they seemed stunned by how bad the kid looked.

“Don’t know, my geuss was somewhere around twelve, but he acts like young kid when it comes to toys and stuff,” Aizawa answered sitting down beside the kid.

“So, are you adopting him?” Midnight cut straight to the chase. Aizawa rolled his eyes, but didn’t fill the need to argue. If the kid let him, he’d be more than happy to adopt him. Aizawa had gotten attached to the little problem over the past month and found himself constantly thinking about him. Was he okay? Was he safe? Had he eaten that day? He thought about him all day and only felt himself calm down when he saw the kid at night and knew he was safe. He wanted to know he was safe all the time.

The other two left shortly after that. Aizawa sat by the kid’s bed side and only spoke to recovery girl when it concerned the kid. Aizawa was hoping that they would be the only ones to see the boy. His hopes where shattered though when Kirishima of all people came through the doors of the infirmary with a bloody nose.

“Um, Miss. Recovery Girl, I ink my ose is oken,” Recovery girl rolled her eyes and chewed him out while she fix his nose with her quirk. Kirishima kept bowing and apologizing and thanking her. Finally she told him go back to the dorms and takes a nap. Kirishima bowed again and made to leave. However as he turned to leave he spotted his teacher.

“Oh, hi, Mr. Aiza…” he trailed off as he spotted the emaciated kid in the bed beside his teacher.

“Not a word,” Aizawa warned, Kirishima gulped and nodded before bolting from the room.

Aizawa was going to have such a headache.


“I’m telling you guys there’s dying ten year old in the infirmary! That where Aizawa had been all day!” Kirishima tried to convince the others for the third time.

“Kiri, the nurse said you had a concussion, you probably imagined it, just calm down,” Sero commented as he past Denki in Mario Carts. Kirishima let out a frustrated sigh and flopped onto the couch next Bakugou who snickered at him.

“Why doesn’t anyone believe me?”

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After 36 hours the kid finally stirred he groaned and brought his hand up to rub his eyes before blinking them open slowly. He looked around confused before he bolted up right and his breathing had quickened. Aizawa was up in an instant grabbing the kid’s shoulders.

“Hey, kid, you got to breathe, okay?” he said and started exaggerating his breaths hoping the kid would mimic him. Thankfully he did and he calmed down enough that Aizawa felt it was safe to step back.

“Where?” he questioned looking around and then he looked at Aizawa, “Who?” He still seemed panicked, but at the same he was still too weak to make a break for it.

“You’re in the U.A. infirmary, you had am infected stab wound on your side. You’ve been unconscious for over 36 hours,” Aizawa told him, the kid nodded along. He was still a little high off of the pain medication Recovery girl had given him.

“Do you know how you got hurt?” Aizawa asked, the kid nodded again.

“The man had a knife,” was all he said. That didn’t help.

“What man, kiddo?”

“The man that took my bear,” he answered as if that told Aizawa exactly who had hurt him.

“Do you remember what the man looked like?” The kid nodded again.

“Scary,” he answered.

“Can you tell me what color hair he had? Or what color eyes?”

“His hair was black and I think his eyes where green,” the kid answered. Either he was high or he already trusted Aizawa enough to tell him whatever he asked, but that didn’t make much sense.

“Okay, was he a big man or was he more around my size?”

“He was a lot bigger than you,” okay, that was good he had a decent description of the man.

“Okay, kid, thank you for telling me.”

“You’re welcome,” the kid was polite.
“Can you tell me your name?” He asked, he needed more information on the kid.

“Izuku, what’s yours?”

“Shota Aizawa,” he answered the kid, “what’s your last name?”

“I don’t have one anymore,” the kid answered picking at the blanket, he was getting nervous.

“Okay, that fine,” Aizawa would have to get more from him later, “Are you hungry?” The kid nodded. Aizawa got up and went over to the little mini fridge in the corner, while he was at it he pressed the button on the desk to call Recovery girl. He grabbed a prefixed salad and a bottle of water and brought it over to the kid who he noted hadn’t taken his eyes off of him.

“What does that button do?” he questions, Aizawa hadn’t even realized he could see the button.

“It calls the nurse, she’ll come and make sure you’re doing okay,” Aizawa answered as he pulled over the bed tray and sat down the food on it.


“Why what?”

“Why is she going to check on me?”

“Because you were sick and hurt and it’s her job to make sure you’re healthy.”

“Oh, okay.” The kid looked down at the food set in front of him and then looked back up at Aizawa, not making a move to touch it.

“You can eat that,” Aizawa told him. The kid nodded in understanding and starting eating the salad, with his hands. They’d have to work on that later. The kid ate half the salad and then handed it to the hero.

“Kid you need to eat more than that,” Aizawa informed him pushing the bowl back towards him. The kid looked confused.

“But, what are going to eat?” He questioned. Oh, the kid wasn’t full he just didn’t want to eat all of Aizawa’s food; he thought it was all he had.

“Kid, I have more food, that’s for you. You eat it, all of it, and if you’re still hungry after that I’ll get you some more.” The kid nodded he looked like he wanted to argue, but he obeyed Aizawa regardless. Once he had finished eating the salad Aizawa took the bowl.

“Do you want some more?” the kid shock his head and rubbed his eyes, “You can go back to sleep, but drink some water first.” Aizawa pushed the bottle toward him and the kid took it and downed about half of it. Aizawa set the empty bowl on top of the mini fridge and went back over to the bed. He pulled the tray away and set the bottle of water on the night stand. He helped the kid lay back down.

“You can sleep now if you’re still tired,” he reassured him. The kid yawned as he nodded before closing his eyes and falling back asleep.

Recovery girl makes it the infirmary five minutes after the kid falls asleep. Aizawa fills her in on the kid waking up and informs her of what he said.

“We’ll need start searching for the man that attacked him,” She stated as she took the kid’s vitals, she had been able to take the IV out before he had woken up, “Izuku isn’t a lot to go by, but it’s a start, if we can a definite age we might be able to ID the kid.”

“It’s a start, I’ll go let the detective know the new information,” he excused himself. Recovery girl tutted, but smiled gently.

He might not admit it, but everyone else could see that the eraser hero was head over heels for the kid.


When Izuku had woken up he felt fuzzy. He was in brightly light room, lying on a bed. As he looked around he saw all kinds of things he didn’t know what were. Suddenly he realized that this was NOT where he had fallen asleep. He bolted up and felt panic wash over him. Where was he? Had that scary man taken him somewhere? It wouldn’t be the first time and Izuku didn’t want to relive what had happened before.

The next thing Izuku knew there were hands on his shoulder and a tired looking man was telling him to breath. Izuku didn’t understand why, he was breathing after all, but he knew he was supposed to listen to adults so he matched the older man’s breathing. He felt the panic go away some. That must have been why the man wanted him to breath like him. He looked around the room again; it kind of looked like that time his mom had taken him to the hospital when he had hit his head.

“Where?” he questioned and then he looked over at the man, he hadn’t seen him before, “Who?”

The man had explained to him that he was in an infirmary, he didn’t know what that meant but he assumed it was something like a hospital since the man also told him that he was hurt. Oh, right that scary man who had taken his bear had cut him with his knife. Izuku had gotten it to stop bleeding, but maybe that wasn’t good enough. Izuku wasn’t a doctor after all so he didn’t know. Apparently this man had helped him though because he felt better, fuzzy but better. And if the man had helped him that meant he was a good guy so Izuku could trust him. He even told Izuku his name!

He trusted him even more when he gave him his food. There had been very few people in Izuku’s life who had shared their food with him. This was the first time, though, that someone let Izuku eat all of their food. He felt a little bad about it, but Shota Aizawa had told him too and he was an adult so he was right. When he offered more Izuku turned it down, though. He wanted to make sure Shota Aizawa still had food for later. He was surprised even more when he also gave him water. Water was precious and it was something no one shared.

He made sure not to drink all of it though since Shota Aizawa would also need some and it was hard to find. He felt pretty tired after eating and his head was still fuzzy so he was relieved when Shota Aizawa told him he could sleep more. It was so nice of him to let Izuku use his bed; he’d have to do something for him later.

Maybe he’d share his beach with him or he could show where to find to magic dumpster.


It didn’t take long for Aizawa to find detective Tsukauchi, he had been at U.A. this evening working with Nezdu and the rest of the team in finding the boy’s identity and parents. Sure they had issues like the league to deal with, but U.A. was first and foremost a school and they couldn’t allow a child to suffer like this. Their most important mission right now was making sure that this child was safe.

“I have more info on the kid,” he announced as he entered the teacher lounge. The principle, detective, Midnight, Mic, and All Might where all there. They were the team in charge of helping the kid. Honestly it would have just been the three of them, but Mic and Midnight had insisted on helping after seeing the kid and when Tsukauchi had told All Might why he was there he had volunteered his time as well. Aizawa wasn’t a fan of more popular heroes that saw hero work as a form of fame and fortune, but he had to give it to the number one hero, he might have been the biggest celebrity in the world, but he was hero for the right reasons.

“Did he wake up?” Mic questioned hopefully, Aizawa nodded.

“Yeah, just long enough to eat then he went back to sleep, but I got some information from him.”

“Let’s hear it,” the detective prompted grabbing a notepad to write the information down.

“The biggest info I got is that his name is Izuku, but when asked about his last name he said he didn’t have one anymore. I have no idea what that means,” He told them as he sat down, pulling up the database they had been combing.

“Well, at least that narrows down the search some, now we can look for children named Izuku on the missing records. What else did he say?”

“He gave me a description of the man that stabbed him. He said he was large man with black hair and green eyes, that’s as descriptive as the kid got, I don’t know if he just doesn’t remember it well of if he doesn’t know how to communicate well. He talks like a six or seven year old.”

“That…is concerning,” All Might stated.

“Tell me about it.”

“On the bright side,” Nezdu interrupted, “that does give us some insight on how long he has been homeless.”

“Yeah, if he thinks and acts like a seven year old that’s a good indication that he’s been alone since he was seven.” Midnight agreed.

“Still, we’ll have to get some more information from him when he wakes up again. A deffinate age, a birth date, his parents’ name, anything would help,” the detective informed him. Aizawa nodded as he combed through the database for any criminals matching the kid’s description of his attacker.

He was going to make sure the bastard didn’t get away with it.

Chapter Text

After searching for awhile and documenting anyone close to the description, Aizawa excused himself to go back to the infirmary. Not before asking All Might to check in on his kids in a little while, tough. God knows those kids can’t be left alone for very long. He may or may not have rushed back to the infirmary to make sure the kid didn’t wake up without him there. He knew that the pain med will have worn off by now and he wanted a familiar face there if just to keep the kid calm. It wouldn’t do them any good to have the kid panicked and scared.

Thankfully when he got there the kid was still asleep and Recovery girl had informed him that he had slept the whole time he had been gone. She also updated him on Izuku’s health.

“His wound is healed and the infection is gone, but he’s still dangerously thin, that’s going to take some time fix though. The IV did a good job of helping the dehydration, but he’ll still need to drink a lot of water.”

Aizawa nodded along as she listed off the kid’s aliments, she also told him that she had taken some blood while he was gone and was running some test. The kid could reasonably have any number of dangerous diseases; he was living in a trash heap and eating garbage. Not to mention if their theory about him being homeless since he was seven was true, then he’d missed quite a few vaccinations. He wasn’t looking forward to having to do that.

Recovery girl was filling out some paperwork as she waited for the test results so Aizawa took a seat by the bed and started mentally making a to do list. First and foremost the kid needed a bath. There was dirt literally caked on his skin. His hair was matted together and it looked as if he had tried to cut some of the matted parts out already. They’d have to cut those parts of his hair out. Aizawa wondered when was the last time the kid had had hair cut.

They’d also have to set up a room for him there, Aizawa had a feeling he’d be a permanent resident there. The odds of his parents being good people and taking him back where slim to none. After all it had been years since the kid had been homeless, not to mention that the whole “I don’t have a last name anymore” thing didn’t sit well with Aizawa. Children don’t think those things unless someone tells them that.

That was another thing; Izuku seemed really trusting for a homeless person. He could chalk it up to him being a kid, but it was obvious that not everyone he had come in contact with was a good person so he didn’t really have a reason to be so trusting. However, he answered every question Aizawa asked of him and did everything he was told, which was nice, but odd. Typically a homeless person, especially one that had just been attacked, would be wary and untrusting, but this kid wasn’t. Why was that?

Aizawa contemplation was cut short when the kid woke up again. He looked around confused before seeming to remember where he was. At that point he sat up and looked over at Aizawa as if knowing he would still be where he was before. The kid spotted him and smiled happily.

“Hi,” he greeted.

“Hello, did you sleep well,” The kid nodded, glowing at being acknowledged by the adult. Recovery girl was quick to come over.

“How do you feel, deary?” she questioned. The boy in question startled a little and looked over at the nurse, he glanced back at Aizawa as if asking if she safe. Aizawa nodded and indicated for him to answer.

“O-okay,” he answered. Recovery girl nodded and held out some gummies and placed them in the kid’s hand.

“Here you go sweety, have some gummies!” The kid’s eyes light up and he looked over the colorful treats. He picked one up between his pointer and thumb and giggled as he squished it. Recovery girl smiled and went back to her work, but not before telling the kid to them if anything was wrong.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answers.

“Ma’am? I like this kid already!” She stated as she went back to her desk. The kid kept playing with his gummies. Normally Aizawa would scold a kid for playing with food, but the kid was calm right now and he didn’t have the heart to upset him.

“So, Izuku, I need to ask you some more questions, it that okay?” Aizawa asked he pulled out a notepad to write everything down on. The kid nodded and gave him his attention.

“Okay, first of all, how old are you?”

“Fifteen,” he responded without hesitation. Aizawa froze.

“You’re fifteen?” The kid nodded, “What’s your birthday?”

“July 15th, 20XX,” yeah, that’d make the kid fifteen. Aizawa tried not to dwell on that.

“How long have you been homeless?” He moved on.

“Oh, I’m not homeless,” the kid answered. What?

“If you’re not homeless, then where is your home?”

“Dagobah beach,” that, made more sense.

“Okay, how long have you been living at Dagobah beach?”

“Eleven years,” he answered easily, he was distractedly playing with the gummies as if he wasn’t saying the most startling things Aizawa has ever heard a fifteen year old say. That meant he had been homeless since he was four, if not longer.

“Where did live before then?”

“With mommy and daddy,” so the kid did have parents.

“Where are your mommy and daddy now?” he copied the kid’s language to make sure he fully understood him, there was a chance the kid wouldn’t know what the word parents was.

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you live with them anymore?”

“They said I wasn’t allowed to, that I had to stay on the beach that was my new home.” So the kid had been abandon on the beach.

“Why couldn’t you live with them anymore?”

“I don’t know, but mommy and daddy said so and I didn’t want them to have to hurt me so I did what they said.” Aizawa could see Recovery girl shot them a concerned look from across the room.

“Why would they have to hurt you if you didn’t listen?”

“It’s a law,” the boy stated as if it made perfect sense.

“It’s the law that a parent has to hurt their child if they don’t listen?” the kid nodded, “who told you that?”

“Mommy and daddy,” ah, so maybe it was a good thing that the kid was away from his parents now.

“Do you know you’re mommy and daddy’s names?” Maybe he could get a last name. The kid shot him a confused look.

“Mommy and daddy,” he answered. Well, if the kid was four when he was abandon then it made sense that he wouldn’t know his parents had other names.

“You said you didn’t have a last name anymore, did they tell you that,” a nod, “what are their last names?” he tried a different tactic.

“Midoriya,” bingo, he got a name. So the kid was Izuku Midoriya, he was fifteen years old, he was born of the 15th of July and he had been abandoned at the age of four. He had also apparently been abused in those four years he did have a home.

“Okay, Izuku, one last question, what’s your quirk?” The kid deflated at that, up until now he looked perfectly content and almost happy just to sit and play with his candy. Now though he looked sad.

“I don’t have one.”

“You don’t a quirk?” He nodded. That explains why he was abandoned at four.

“That’s okay, kiddo, thank you so much for answering my questions,” He thanked.

“You’re welcome,” was so polite for someone who had suffered so much.

“You know you can eat those, right? They’re candy,” he informed. The kid looked down at the gummies. He hesitantly put one in his mouth and then smiled happily at the taste. Aizawa returned the smile.

“When do I have to leave?” Izuku asked after finishing his gummies. The poor kid thought he had to go back to the street. Aizawa sighed.

“Well, about that, kiddo, you don’t have to ever leave. You see U.A. is a boarding school and we have housing here. I was hoping that you would be willing to stay with me here,” he informed him, the kid looked like he was about to argue, “Before you argue just hear me out.” The kid shut his mouth so fast his teeth clicked.

“If you stay you’ll have a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep in, and access to food and water twenty-four seven. You’ll also be able to take baths and even go school.” The kid’s eyes light up.

“I can go to school?” Aizawa had been teaching for years and he had never seen a child excited about being told they can go to school.

“Yeah, kiddo, you can go to school. All you have to is stay with me, does that sound fair?” The kid nodded. It was as if the kid had been taught to never argue or disobey and adult. Based on what he had said about his parents that was probably true.

“Good, when Recovery girl clears you to leave the infirmary I’ll take you to our apartment and show you around. I am going to warn you though, there are other people living here though, including a lot of children around your age,” the kid’s perked up more at that and Aizawa wonder when the last time he’d been around other kids was.

“As soon as I get the test results back he’ll be good to go. I’m going to write up a dietary plan as well, he’ll need to follow it until he gets back to a healthy weight.” Recovery girl informed.

“Okay,” he responded then turned back to the kid on the bed, “would you be okay with Recovery girl for awhile? I need to go talk to some people, but I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Izuku answered sadly, he probably didn’t believe that Aizawa was going to come back. Aizawa stood up and ruffled the kid’s hair.

“Don’t look so glum, I’ll be right back,” he thought for a moment before unwrapping his scarf and placing it over the boy, “There now I have to come back, I’ll need my scarf.” The kid looked at the scarf in wonder.

Recovery girl shot him a smug look.

Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t know what to think about all this Shota Aizawa had asked him a lot of weird questions and then told him that he was going to stay with him. He didn’t mind though, Shota Aizawa said that his home was warm and that he could food and water. He also said he could go to school.

Izuku had liked school when he was younger. He was really sad when his mom and dad told him he wasn’t allowed to go back to his preschool. Oh, yeah, he should tell Shota Aizawa that he wasn’t allowed to go back there. He didn’t think that was where he was going to go, but he needed to make sure. He didn’t want to disobey his parents after all.

After Shota Aizawa had left the nice lady, who said her name was Recovery girl, gave him more gummies and asked him how he was feeling. He felt pretty good. It had been a long time since his stomach didn’t ache with hunger. She had looked sad when he told her that. He didn’t want her to be sad so he shared his gummies with her. She told him that he was a good boy.

He liked Recovery girl.


Aizawa all but ran back to the teacher’s lounge he had everything he needed to help the boy now. He burst into the room and Mic fell onto the floor in surprise.

“The kid told me everything,” He stated, all eyes turned to him.

“Let’s hear it,” The detective stated. Aizawa relayed everything the kid had told him. The others were just as shocked as he was about the kid’s age and just as heartbroken over the news of him being abandoned at the age of four. Midnight was quick to search Izuku Midoriya in the database, but she paused at the information that came up.

“You have got to be kidding,” She stated in shock, the other four in the room gathering around her computer to look at the information; the only things that showed for Izuku Midoriya where his birth certificate, his enlisting at a preschool, and … his death certificate.

“That’s not possible!” Mic stated.

“Izuku Midoriya, age 4, was found dead in his home at x:xx on xx,xx,20xx. Inko Midoriya, the boy’s mother, had gone to wake him in the morning only to find her son unresponsive, she then woke her husband. At x:xx a.m. the distraught couple contact emergency services. The EMS arrived at x:xx at which point they determined the young boy to already be gone. The coroner was contacted at x:xx and arrived at x:xx, he examined the body and took it to xxxxxxxx for autopsy. An autopsy was performed on xx,xx,20xx at approximately x:xx. The autopsy determined the child had passed from asphyxiation caused by a seizure in his sleep. Case was ruled as no foul play.” All Might read the coroner’s note on the death certificate.

“Bullshit,” Aizawa stated. The kid clearly wasn’t dead; he was two floors up in the infirmary.

“I guess that answers why no one was looking for the kid, he was thought to be dead,” Midnight stated in shock.

“At least this gives us a case,” the detective stated, “I’m going to go make some calls, you guys get as much information as you can on the Midoriya’s and the rest of the situation.” He excused himself.

“Well, I believe we can handle this from here, Aizawa,” Nezdu started, “Why don’t you go and insure Mr. Midoriya is alright? I’m sure he’d like to leave the infirmary by now.” Aizawa nodded and left the room. He headed back to the infirmary. He really wanted to tract down this people and bring them to justice, but he knew that his top priority now was Izuku. Half way to the infirmary a thought struck Aizawa so hard he nearly stopped walking.

Guess I really do have a kid now.

Chapter Text

Aizawa made it back in record time. When he got there the kid was still sitting on the bed wrapped in Aizawa’s scarf; his face light up when Aizawa came through the door.

“You’re back!” He exclaimed happily. Aizawa could only imagine what being abandoned had done to the kid. He’d just have to keep coming back until the kid understood that he wasn’t going to leave him.

“Of course I came back. I said I would, didn’t I?” The kid nodded and pulled the scarf off and handed it to him.

“You said you’d need this,” He took the scarf and wrapped it around his neck and ruffled the kid’s hair.

“Good job keeping it safe,” The kid beamed.

“Well, the test came back,” Recovery girl interrupted, “thankfully, he doesn’t have any diseases, he’ll need vaccinated by the way, but he is pretty low on iron and a few other vitamins. I’m sending him with some vitamins I’d like for him to take. He should be fine once we get him to a healthy weight but until then he’ll need a little extra help getting there.” She handed Aizawa two bottles; one of iron supplements and a multivitamin.

“Will do, is he free to go?” He questioned.

“Yes, he is, but here,” she said handing him a laminated sheet of paper, “this is the diet I am putting him on, I know it seems like a lot compared to what your students eat, but he needs it, make sure he gets it.” She warned. If he messed up at all she’d skinned him and he knew it.

“Of course, you ready to go kiddo?” He asked the kid, he nodded and hopped down off the bed looking at blanket.

“You can take your blanket with you, it’s yours,” The kid didn’t need to be told twice as he grabbed the blue blanket off the bed and held it close to his chest. Aizawa had already dropped the rest of his belongings off at the teacher’s quarters.

Aizawa led him along the back path towards the teacher’s dorms. U.A. had built a sort of hidden path that by passed the students dorms, so that teachers and their families could come and go from the dorms in private. Aizawa was grateful for that now. He knew eventually the other kids would find out about Izuku, but he wanted him to be a little more settled before then. The students where… loud and they would quickly overwhelm the poor boy. Recovery girl had warned him about overwhelming the boy. It wasn’t impossible for a homeless person to go into shock when they started reseaving proper care.

Thankfully when they got to the dorms no one was in the common area. The common area had a living room, kitchen, and dining room in it much like the student’s dorms. However, unlike the student’s dorms, the teachers room where more like apartments. They each had two bedrooms, though most of them used the second bedroom as an office, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. While some of his colleagues were married none of them had children.

Aizawa took the time to show Izuku around the common area explaining to him how it all worked. Then he took him up to the third floor using the elevator. Izuku got a kick out of being allowed to press the button. There were two sides to the dorms each with three floors, not counting the common area. On each floor there were four apartments; On Aizawa floor there where Mic, Midnight, and an empty apartment. Aizawa explained this Izuku and then brought him to his door.

“I’ll an extra key made for you,” he told him as he unlocked the door and lead the kid inside. His apartment was pretty simply the main living area had a small living room with a kitchenette attached to it. Beside the kitchen was the door leading to the bathroom and there were two doors on the adjacent wall that lead to the bedrooms. The first room was Aizawa’s and now the second was for Izuku.

Aizawa showed him around the apartment. He showed him how to turn on and work the TV. He showed him where all the food was in the kitchen. He told him he could eat whenever and whatever he wanted, but he had ask Aizawa to cook anything. He didn’t trust the kid to use stove just yet. He showed him the bathroom and where the extra toilet paper and soap where. Then he showed him his bedroom.

“This is where I sleep, if you ever need me at night just come and get me, okay?” the kid nodded as he looked around the room. It wasn’t anything special just a simple bed, nigh stand, dresser, and desk and chair. He didn’t have any photos or decorations in his room, he never felt the need to. He led Izuku out of the room and to the one beside it.

“And this is your room,” he said opening the door. The room was pretty bare to be honest. There was just a single bed pushed against the wall a plain dresser, and a little mirror hanging on the wall. However simple it was Izuku looked around like he was in a mansion.

“I’m allowed to stay here?” he questioned as if he didn’t believe it.

“Yeah, this is your room now. I know it’s pretty empty but we’ll get you some more things later on.”

“It’s perfect,” the kid said in awe and Aizawa smiled at him fondly.


The first matter of business after the tour was getting the boy clean. Aizawa had been hoping that the boy could bath himself, but after he told him to take a shower and the kid just washed his face with sink water he knew that wasn’t an option. In all fairness the kid had probably never had a real shower before, so he couldn’t help.

Aizawa filled the bathtub with warm water as the kid watched before having strip down to his underwear. He was willing to touch the kid while he was naked, so this would have to do until the kid learned to do it himself. He had the kid sit down in the water while he grabbed some soap and a rag. They’d have to take him to a hair dresser to handle the hair issue.

The kid kept running his hands back and forth through the water. He had commented that he had never been in warm water before and when Aizawa questioned how he bathed before he told him that he would clean off in the ocean. No wonder the kid’s skin was so dried out. Aizawa wet the wash cloth and added some soap to it before running it over the kid’s skin. He told him everything he was doing for two reasons. One: so he could learn to do it himself and two: so he wouldn’t be startled or frightened with Aizawa touching.

That was another problem. When Aizawa had asked the kid to strip he looked panic, but did what Aizawa said. After all he did whatever an adult told him to do simply because he thought that’s what children were supposed to do. However, the fear in his eyes suggested that something a lot less innocent than a bath had happened the last time someone had told him to take his clothes off.

Thankfully it didn’t take long for the kid to relax when he figured out what Aizawa was doing. His muscles untensed as Aizawa massaged his back with the warm, soapy rag. After he did the kid’s torso he gave him the rag and let him do his own legs. He grabbed a cup off the sink counter and used it to pour water over the boy; he avoided his hair for now. It was too matted to do anything with just yet.

The water was dingy with dirt when he drained it. He helped the kid up from the tub and showed him how to dry off. He left him to dry himself while he went and grabbed the new clothes he had gotten from the other room. He brought them back and then left again to let the kid change in private. He told him to leave his old underwear in the laundry basket where he already put the rest of his clothes.

About five minutes later the kid came out wearing his new jeans, a new green t-shirt, and some socks; which was something he didn’t have on before. Aizawa also knew that he had on brand new underwear as well. It was nice to see the kid wearing clean, decent clothing. He also knew that he had to feel a lot better now that he wasn’t so filthy. They’d handle his hair later.

Aizawa had him sit on the couch and helped him pick out a TV show before going to fix dinner for the two of them. He followed Recovery girl’s diet and sighed as he cooked. If he ate everything that he was giving to Izuku, he’d gain fifty points. Which was the point for Izuku, the kid only weighted ninety two pounds. As he cooked he thought about coming up with an excerse plan for the kid. He had no muscles and that wasn’t good.

When dinner was ready he brought their plates into the living room. Izuku was glued to the TV. The show he had put on was actually an educational preschool show, but he figured if the kid’s education ended halfway through preschool, then he needed it.

“Here kid,” he said setting the plate on the coffee table in front of him, “eat up.” Izuku looked away from the TV and started eating his dinner. He started to eat with his hands, but when Aizawa had reach him a fork he ate with the instead. Before Aizawa ate he grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge and gave one to the kid.

He had to push him a little to eat the whole plate and drink the whole bottle, but with a little reassurance that there was more food and water in the kitchen he did eventually eat it all. Aizawa left him on the couch and went to wash the dishes. He had just finished putting away the dishes when there was knock on the door.

He went and opened the door while Izuku was still fixated on the TV. He heard him quietly tell the cartoon on screen that the star on her purse was blue. He looked through the peep hole and saw the people he wanted their least; Mic and Midnight. And they were holding a bunch of crap.

“What are you doing here?” Aizawa questioned as he opened the door.

“We came to see the little listener!” Mic announced pushing past Aizawa and into the house. Thankfully Izuku was too distracted with the TV to notice the two intruders. Midnight followed Mic in. It was now that he noticed that Mic was carrying a foldout chair and Midnight was carrying what looked like a square brief case.

“What is all that?” he questions.

“Hair stuff,” Midnight answered opening the box to reveal a bunch of hair cutting supplies.

“Do you think this is such a good idea, he doesn’t even know you two?”

“I know, but you can’t let him stay like that,” Midnight responded gesturing to the matted mess on the kid’s head.

“It’s probably hurting him and he’ll feel a lot better with it cut and clean,” she reasoned. Meanwhile Mic had take the tall chair into the kitchen and set it up against the sink so that they could wash the boy’s hair.

“Okay, fine, but if he’s uncomfortable, you stop.”

“I promise I don’t want to upset the kid, I just want to help him feel better.” Aizawa sighed.

“Hey, Izuku, we have guest,” He called to the boy, he looked away from the TV and over at the other three standing around the dining table. He waved shyly.

“These are my friends Midnight and Present Mic,” he thought it was best to use their heroes names for now, Midnight here is going to cut your hair, is that okay?” He asked even though he knew the kid would agree with anything he said for him to do regardless. The kid nodded and came over hesitantly.

“Hey, there little guy, don’t worry this won’t hurt at all and you’ll feel much better afterwards!” Midnight reassured cheerfully. She patted the dinning chair for him to sit down. Izuku looked at Aizawa for reassurance and he nodded. The kid sat down in the chair.

“Okay, so I’m going to put this stylish cape over your shoulders so we don’t get hair on your clothes, okay?” Midnight told him before clipping the black cape over him. Izuku looked down at it in interest.

“Okay, I’m going to start by using these,” she showed him the scissors, “to cut this matted pieces out of your hair, I may have to move your head some, but don’t worry it won’t hurt at all.”

“Okay,” with his okay she started cutting. It took nearly an hour for her to cut all the matted pieces from his hair. Aizawa’s floor was covered with dirty, matted hair by the time she had finished.

“Okay, we’re done with that, now we are going to go over to the sink and I’m going to wash your hair, okay?” Izuku nodded and stood up the poor kid looked exhausted. Aizawa followed them over to the sink. When Midnight had Izuku lean his head back his eyes filled with panic and Aizawa was quick to grab his hand.

“It’s okay,” he reassured, “she isn’t going to hurt you, I won’t let her.” The kid relaxed slightly at that.

Midnight turned the water on and got it nice and warm. After warning Izuku she started wetting his hair. The water running out his dark was filthy. Once his hair was wet she poured some of her fancy shampoo into her hand began massaging in into his hair. The kid relaxed with that. By the time she rinsed the shampoo out he was dosing lightly. She had to shampoo his hair three times before the water stopped running dirty. After that she conditioned his hair just because he was enjoying in.

After she had finished and they woke the kid they sat him up his hair wrapped in a towel and brought him back to the dining table.

“This is the last thing and then you can go to sleep,” Aizawa told him. Midnight plugged up the hairdryer and introduced him to it before drying and brushing his hair. After she dried his hair the three adults where very surprised to find that he kid’s dark hair was actually green and really curly once clean.

Now that the kid was fully clean he was even more adorable. He had big green eyes, matching curly hair and a light dusting of freckles on his face. He looked so young it was hard to believe that the kid would have been in high school by now.

“Wow, look at you!” Mic exclaimed, Izuku had warmed up to the over the past two hours, “you’re so cute!”

“Thank you,” Izuku yawned.

“And polite,” Midnight complimented as she put up her supplies. Mic had already cleaned up the hair from the floor.

“Okay, kiddo, why don’t you go put on your pajamas and go to sleep, you’ve had a busy day,” Aizawa said ruffling the kids now soft hair. He nodded and stood up but Mic stopped him before he took a step.

“Wait, before you go to bed I have something for you,” he announced stepping out of the door and grabbing a shopping bag from the hall. He brought it back and handed it to the boy. Izuku stared at it, but took it out with some encouragement from Aizawa.

He pulled a medium sized, light brown teddy bear with a red bow around its neck from the bag. He dropped the bag and held the bear with both hands, staring at it in wonder.

“I know you said that that scary man took your bear, so I thought I’d get you a new one,” Mic explained gently. Izuku hugged the bear to his chest tears glimmering in his eyes.

“Thank you.”


Aizawa finally got Izuku changed into some pajama pants and tucked into bed after the other two left. They would have stayed longer, but Izuku was exhausted. It didn’t take long for the kid to fall asleep once he was in bed, clutching his new bear to his chest. Aizawa ran his hand through the kid hair tenderly.

“Good night, kiddo.”

Chapter Text

Aizawa had meant to sleep in his own room that night, he really did, but he ended up falling asleep while he Aizawa sat on the floor petting the kid’s hair. He couldn’t help it, the kid just looked so peaceful while he slept and the calm atmosphere in the room lolled him to sleep in no time. Not to mention the kid’s hair was now so soft and fluffy it was like petting a cat. So really could you blame him?

Sure sleeping half lent against a bed wasn’t the best for ones back or neck, but that didn’t really matter when he only got to sleep for two hours before being startled awake. After all having a teenager scream bloody murder right next to your ear worked better than any alarm clock on the market. Aizawa sat bolt upright at the sudden noise. Years of hero work had trained enough to where he was on his feet and assessing the situations in seconds.

He scanned the room for threats before turning his attention to the source of the noise, the boy on the bed. Izuku was tangled in the blankets, eyes shut and tears streaming down his cheeks. He was whimpering in between ear splitting screams. Nightmare.

Aizawa had dealt with a lot of things in his life. He fights thefts, villains, and murders on the daily. He’s fought hoards of villains and a mutant monster just to protect his students. He’s stared death in the face more times than he’d like to admit. He’d even been dealing with teenage hormones for years now. Yet, none of this was as daunting as the task in front of him. How was he supposed to help the kid with this?

Aizawa could handle a lot of things. Villains, crooks, and other criminals? Easy. Corporate corruption and underground black markets. Piece of cake. Teaching his students to be the next generations of heroes? Childs play. Helping the poor kid screaming and crying out in his sleep? He had no idea what to do.

Aizawa could feel himself starting to panic.

Stop that. He scolded himself. This isn’t about you anymore, it’s about the kid.

He took a few deep calming breaths and slowly approached the bed. The screaming had died down some, but the kid’s face was still scrunched up and tears where streaming down his face. He was whimpering. He had the blanket balled in his fist. Aizawa tried to remember everything he had ever learned about trauma. Okay, first things first this very well could be PTSD which meant he had to be very cautious about waking the kid up.

“Izuku,” he started in a gentle but loud voice, he shook the edge of the bed, but didn’t touch the kid yet, “Izuku, you got to wake up, you’re dreaming. It’s Aizawa, you’re safe, you’re at home, in your room, and everything is okay.” He continued to sooth and shake the mattress some more until the kid opened his eyes and sat bolt upright. Aizawa cautiously held a hand out to him.

“Hey, kiddo, it’s alright, you’re safe. It’s just me here; no one’s going to hurt you.” He soothed setting a hand on the kid’s shoulder. Izuku startled, but recognition flashed in his eye when he turned to him. The boy’s face scrunched back up and he started crying again.

This was out of Aizawa’s comfort zone for sure. He was cold and distant with his emotions; he didn’t know how to comfort a crying kid. So, he did the only thing he could think of, he wrapped his arms around the boy in a tight hug. He kept speaking softly reassuring him that he was safe and that it was alright and that he was there. The kid grabbed onto his night shirt with an iron grip.

It took awhile, a long while, but eventually the kid’s sobs tampered off into light hiccups. Aizawa continued to hold and rock him until his breathing even out. The kid was asleep. He held him close for a long time before he pulled back and looked down at the kid.

There were still tear tracks drying on his checks, but he looked at peace again. Aizawa couldn’t even begin to imagine what the poor kid had been dreaming about. Not to mention how often this happened. Sure it this could have been the first time, but Aizawa highly doubted it. You don’t get abandon at the age of four and spend eleven year homeless and alone without suffering at least a little trauma. Aizawa sat there for awhile holding the kid and wondering how many nightmares, flashbacks, and breakdowns this poor child has suffered through alone.

Aizawa slowly shifted so that he could lie down on the bed the kid still tucked securely against his chest. He reaches down and pulled the blanket over both of them. Then he looked around a little before spotting the bear on the ground next to the bed. He grabbed it and settled it against the kid.

As long as he was around, the kid wouldn’t have to deal with anything alone again.