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A Peculiar Arrangement

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(On the coast of Ocean Town, on a small abandoned road near a beach, sat an RV. It was white, with multicolored stripes, and the words "Mr Universe" on the sides. Inside, a boy of 13 was sleeping. His name was Steven DeMayo. He was had tanned skin, a bit short for his age, a little beefy, and had curly black hair. At sunrise, he woke up, and grabbed an old used toothbrush, after finding the paste, and rinsing with a plastic cup, he got dressed. Throwing on a hole-ridden white T-shirt, stained pink hoodie, and some shorts. He heard his father Greg's snores coming from the driver's seat. Steven quietly grabbed his fishing equipment, and headed outside. A few minutes later, he was deep in concentration, fidgeting with the reel, keeping it steady as to not scare the fish. So when he heard a high pitched squeaking sound, and the flapping of wings, he got startled.)


Steven: Aah!


Greg: Steven!, You okay!.


(Greg had come outside. A white tank-top and jean-shorts cover skin that had become sun-burnt over the years. He has long receding brown hair with a bald spot in the middle, and a goatee.)


Steven: It's fine dad. Just another bat.


Greg: I don't get it!. They just keep coming. We keep having to clean bat guano off of the windshields!. 


Steven: Maybe it's a sign!.


Greg: What are you talking about?


Steven: You told me that Mom liked bats right. Really liked them. Maybe she's trying to talk with us!. Like from beyond the grave or something!


Greg: Stewball, That's ridiculous. It's a cool idea, but ridiculous.


Steven: I guess.. Anyway, (He pulled out a bucket of fish.) I got us some breakfast!.


Greg: Wow!, Thanks bud!, I'd make something, but I overslept.


Steven: It's fine, Dad. Do you mind getting the plates?, I'm gonna get the utensils.


(A few minutes later, The father and son were enjoying their meal. They roasted the fish over some logs. At this moment, they heard a voice calling out to them from the beach.)




Greg: What the-?


(Steven turned his head, to find a mailman walking toward them. He wore the standard outfit for a delivery man, hat and all. In his left hand, he held a white envelope. At a closer glance, Steven could see that it was sealed with a red rose made from ink.)


Jamie: Pardon me sirs, but I have a letter for Gregory DeMayo?


Greg: That's.. me?. 


Jamie: A letter for you, sir?


Greg: Thanks...?


(The mailman turns to leave.)


Greg: Excuse me!


Jamie: Yes!


Greg: Who sent this letter?


Jamie: That's the thing sir... It was blank.


Greg: Oh... well, never mind.


(The mailman left.)


(Greg opened the letter, and read it aloud.)


"Dear Mr. DeMayo,

"We have heard of your financial troubles, and your general plight. It must be hard to take care of your son, with your current living status. Therefore, we have decided to invite you, to stay with us. You and your son are very special to us, so we are glad to have roommates. Transport will come at 8 o'clock in the evening. We insist that you join us."

"Sincerely, the Sisters of the Night"

"P.S. The house is located at 1897 Lugosi Lane. Stoker Residence."


(After reading the letter, Greg fell silent.)


Steven: This is... great!. 


Greg: I'm not so sure.


Steven: Why not?, I'm sure that these guys are like... some sort of bed and breakfast or something.


Greg: I'm just worried. I mean, what if it's something shady?. I mean, are we really gonna believe that this group of ladies are willing to take in two strangers, for free?..


Steven: Dad, I know this seems sketchy, but something... in my heart, just tells me that this is important. You've always told me to seize an opportunity if I see one!. Well... here it is!, a chance for us to get out of here!. Please Dad, Just give it a chance?.


(Greg hesitated, before sighing.)


Greg: I guess... we've got nothing to lose. 


Steven: Don't worry, Dad!. No matter what happens, we got each other right?


Greg: Right... I love you, Son.


Steven: Love you too, Dad.


(As the day continued, father and son went through their routines. Steven searched for knickknacks and items on the beach, hoping to find something valuable. Greg made repairs to the van, and having to stop every now and then, in order to shoo a bat away. By nightfall, The men were sitting outside of the van, waiting on the road. The few essentials they had were packed in a small suitcase. A black hearse was driving along the road, and stopped when it saw the two men. A door opened, and they got in. The driver glanced at them, She had short black hair, and glasses)


Rebecca: Where to?


(Greg looked at the address on the letter.)


Greg: 1897 Stoker Lane. Stoker Residence


(The driver visibly grimaced.)


Rebecca: That house?. Are you sure?


Greg: Yes, why?


Rebecca: It's just that it has a bit of a reputation for being a.. dangerous place. Look, if you're going to that home, then I'm obligated to give you and your son some protection.


(Greg and Steven were given two identical bags. Steven opened his bag, inside there was a vial of holy water, cloves of garlic, a wooden stake, and a necklace with a cross.)


Greg: Why would we need these?


Rebecca: Just.. trust me, I've heard stories. 


(They finally arrived at the destination. Steven and Greg got out of the car and thanked the driver. As the hearse drove off, Steven got his first glance of the house he was going to be staying in.)


Steven: Whoa...


(It wasn't just a house, it was essentially a mansion. Steven had never seen a building so big, yet so strange. It was of Victorian-Gothic design, and it seemed to loom over him.)


Steven: This is insane!. I mean.. have you ever seen a house this big, Dad?.


Greg: No!, Well... your mother's old house was pretty close.


(As they met the front steps, a dark chill met the boy's spine. A swarm of bats flew over him. Subconsciously, he put on the cross.)


Steven: Here we go...


(Steven took a deep breath.... and opened the door.)



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(When the two entered the mansion, Greg was surprised to see that none of the lights were on, it was pitch black. It may have been his imagination, but Steven could've sworn that he heard whispering. Suddenly, the door behind him closed on it's own. His head turned when he heard the sound of quiet laughter. The voice sounded feminine and intrigued. He could see a pair of blood-red eyes that shone in the dark.)


Pearl: So... you have come to join us....


Greg: Y-Yes?


Pearl: Excellent. Welcome....


(Rows of candles lit up the room. Steven could see loads of exquisite furniture, statues of armor, a pipe organ, magnificent staircases, and other fantastical items. The voice he had heard earlier belonged to a most peculiar woman. She was tall and thin, with pale skin, a long thin nose, and deep red eyes. She had a peach pixie cut, with pointy hair in the back. She wore a grey vest, a white silk shirt, a red silk neckerchief, black pants and boots, white gloves and a long black cape. She had a wide smile, and Steven could see two sharp fangs.)


Pearl: To our home!


(Greg smiled, blinked, and fainted.)


Steven: Are y-you, are you guys...?


Pearl: Yes my boy. We... are vampires.


Steven: This... is... AMAZING!. I knew it!. I knew that vampires were real!. Dad always thought I was being silly, but I was RIGHT!.


(He paused, and realized that he didn't know the name of this woman.)


Steven: I'm sorry, I forgot to ask what your name is.


Pearl: No need for apologies, I am Pearl. You must be Steven. And this man must be your father?.


(The boy looked at his father's unconscious body.)


Steven: Yeah. Sorry about that, Dad can get startled at times.


(At this moment, Greg came to, and screamed when he saw Pearl.)


Greg: Oh Jesus!, Don't kill us!


Steven: Dad it's okay!. She isn't gonna hurt us.


(He turned toward Pearl)


Steven: Pearl, this is my dad Greg.


Pearl: Don't worry, Mr DeMayo, Even if I wanted to bite you, I couldn't. It's obvious that you've come prepared. 


(She gave a glance at the cross on his necklace.)


(A bat landed on Greg's left shoulder, Causing him to become startled.)


Steven: Hang on... that looks like one of the bats I saw in our van!


Pearl: Of course!. How else could we be able to find you?.


Greg: So you spied on us?!


Pearl: I prefer the term "Keeping an eye, on you."


(Greg just sighed. At this point, he had completely given up on logic.)


Pearl: Now!. It's time for you to meet the others. Here's a map of the building. I'm sure you can find your way around this place. Now if you excuse me, I need to feed the bats. Farewell for now. 


(With a swish of her cloak, she was gone. With maps in hand, the father and son begin to walk.


Greg: This still seems suspicious. Are we really trusting a group of vampires?


Steven: Just because they're different, doesn't mean they're bad. I'm just glad that we're getting a place to live.


(As they entered the laundry room to their left, they heard someone humming. The vampire smiled as she sipped from a wine-glass containing a deep red liquid. She had smooth brown skin, long black hair, slight black lipstick, and a small nose. She wore a velvet bathrobe over a white shirt. Her dress reminded Steven of medieval times. Her eyes were covered by orange round glasses.)


Garnet: Hey there. Guess you guys are the new roommates?. 


Steven: Yeah!.


Garnet: Cool. Name's Garnet, You're Steven, and that's your dad Greg.


Greg: How did you know our names?


Garnet: Future vision. It's a power of mine.


Steven: Can all vampires have that?


Garnet: It's rare, my family's one of the only ones in the country that can do it.


(She glanced at Greg. Her shades lit up, and her fangs extended slightly.)


Garnet: And I can predict... that I'm really gonna... like you, Greg...


(The man began to blush in a fit of embarrassment.)


Greg: W-what?


(Garnet smirked and laughed)


Garnet: Pfft!, Don't worry mate. I'm into girls. 


Greg: Oh.. okay!.


(Throughout the conversation, another person had been hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. A short heavy-set woman with olive brown skin, and long icy white hair which covered one of her yellow eyes. She wore a black silk shirt with no sleeves with gold collars and yellow buttons. She also had on a pair of blue jeans with white socks and brown boots. Her hands were covered by black fingerless gloves, with a black top hat on her head as a finishing touch.)


Amethyst: Bleh!


Greg and Steven: Aaaah!


Garnet: Amethyst!, Don't frighten our new roommates


(Amethyst had a childlike glimmer in her eyes.)


Amethyst: Aw come on G!, I was just havin some fun!


Garnet: They didn't know that. They're not like us.


(The shorter girl sighed.)


Amethyst: Ugh, Fine!. Sorry guys.. You okay?


Steven: Yeah!. Don't know about Dad though.


Greg: I think I may be having heart palpitations, but other than that, I'm fine!


Garnet: You'll have to forgive us, sometimes Amethyst likes to scare people 


Amethyst: What can I say?, It's just fun!. Anyway, do you guys have any luggage?. I can help you guys carry it to your rooms.


Greg: Thanks but, we don't have that much stuff with us.


Amethyst: Suit yourself, just remember that now that you're here, you're set for life. You'll never go hungry again.


Steven: Thanks, It means a lot to us. 


Amethyst: Well, I'm gonna head to the TV Room. See you guys tomorrow!.


(With a smirk, she left the room.)


Garnet: See you two soon.


(Steven and Greg exited the room through the door in the center, and entered a huge kitchen. Pots and pans were neatly organized, and mountains of ingredients surrounded the large lady who was cooking something in a frying pan. She looked very muscular, and had dark brown skin, purple eyes, multi coloured dreadlocks, and a warm smile.  She was wearing a grey long-sleeved v-neck with golden buttons, black suit-trousers, and a thick black cape that was purple on the inside.)


Bismuth: Hey there guys!, Name's Bismuth! Welcome to the kitchen.


(She glances at Steven, and then his father.)


Bismuth: You must be Greg, and you must be Steven.


Steven: Yep!, Are you the chef?


Bismuth: You bet, Do you guys need any grub?. 


Steven: I'm full, thanks.


Greg: We had some fish in the morning. That usually lasts us for most of the day.


(Bismuth's face crinkled)


Bismuth: You sure?. We don't want you to starve.


Greg: It's just gonna take some time to getting used to all of this food.


Steven: I didn't know that vampires could eat food!


Bismuth: Ha!, Just because we need blood to survive, doesn't mean we don't have to eat. Otherwise, we'd get very sick. 


(She looked a bit concerned for Greg.)


Bismuth: You alright Greg?, You're looking a little red in the face.


Greg: Just recovering... from some heart attacks.


Bismuth: Oh... yeah, I assume you've met Pearl. She can be... a bit intense at times. But that's one of the reasons I love her.


(She started to blush at the mention of Pearl)


(The high pitched beeping of an oven interrupted Bismuth's train of thought. She rushed to pull a ham out of the oven.)


Bismuth: So I'll see you guys soon?


Steven: You bet!.


Bismuth: Great. Oh and guys?


Greg: Yes?


Bismuth: It's a pleasure doing "Bismuth" with ya.


(Steven laughed at this joke. And as Bismuth smiled, her fangs sharpened slightly. After exiting the kitchen, they found their way to a bar. There were bottles of all types of wine and beer behind the counter, comfy chairs, and a tap machine. Their exploration of the room stopped when they heard a deep voice coming from a dark corner of the bar.)


Jasper: May I help you?


(She stepped out of the shadows. She towered over the two, being slightly taller than Bismuth. She had white hair, dark olive skin, with lighter patches of skin on her forehead and below her orange eyes. She wore a white silk shirt with neckerchief, the shirt being hidden by a red velvet suit-jacket with gold buttons. She wore a long black cape with red on the inside, her pants and boots were black as well. She had a serious expression on her face.)


Greg: Oh, we're the DeMayo's. We're your new roommates?,


Jasper: I am aware, and I welcome you to our home. But I must ask that you don't touch anything in here. I'm afraid you can't be in here with a minor.


Greg: I understand. If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?


Jasper: I am Jasper. Amethyst's my sister. I could hear your child-like scream from here. I'm assuming that she gave you quite a scare.


(At this comment, Greg's faced turned bright-red.)


Greg: Well, erm.. s-she startled me.


Jasper: Don't worry, you'll get used to it.


Steven: Are you su-


Jasper: Trust me. You will.


Steven: Oh. Well thanks Jasper. It was nice meeting y-


(Steven had turned around for a second. And the woman had already disappeared.)


Greg: She's.. gone.


Steven: They're vampires, they can probably do that. 


(They went through a few more rooms, including a swimming pool, a ballroom, a dueling room, before they reached a mysterious lab. Inside, there were potions, test-tubes, and other tools. A vampire was sitting at one of the desks, muttering something before crumpling a piece of paper and throwing it into a waste-basket. She was shorter than the others, and had pale skin, short light blond hair, and green eyes. This girl wore a white silk shirt, black suspenders, a black bow-tie, brown cotton pants, and round spectacles. She was noticeably barefoot.)


Peridot: Hmm... yes.. yes!, It's perfect!. Soon, the humans will just have to give us their blood. Unless they want to face this GIANT DEATH RAY. Nyeheheheheh! 


(Steven cleared his throat, causing the bespectacled lady to flinch and turn around.)


Peridot: Ah!. You must be the new living companions. Greetings, humans!. I am Peridot, and as you can tell..


(She flashed her fangs.)


Peridot: I am a blood-sucking creature of the night. Along with 7 other vampires. Together we are the Sisters of the Night!, the best vampire clan in the history of the world. Nothing can stop-


(Peridot paused when she heard the sound of amused laughter. The laughter sounded refined, yet sweet. Another vampire came down the steps. She was almost as tall as Pearl, with olive brown skin, dark short blue hair, and glowing blue eyes. She wore a white shirt of silk, a blue clasp held a black ascot. She also wore a black cape with red on the inside. Her pants were black, and she had a nail file in her left hand)


Lapis: I assume that my little pet has met the new guests... Lapis Lazuli.. Charmed to meet you.


(The little vampire blushed profusely)


Peridot: Lazuli!. Wait until they've left the room.


(Lapis chuckled at this)


Lapis: My apologies. Peridot is my wife. She doesn't like it when I flirt in the presence of newcomers.


Steven: I think you guys are cute!. 


Lapis: Why thank you. I have a feeling that I shall like you, Steven. 


Greg: If it's okay with you guys, we're gonna go to sleep soon. 


Lapis: Of course, slumber if you wish. Peri and I will just be... conversing if you will.


(Peri giggled at this.)


Peridot: Ha!, that was a metaphor, in actuality we shall be engaging in se-


Lapis: Peri, you don't need to explain it.


Peridot: Nyehehe!. I know.


(Steven and Greg went up the stairs, and walked past several rooms, each door had a person's name. They stopped when they saw a door that said, "Spinel's room. Come in!" When they opened the door. They heard weird squeaking noises, almost like clown shoes, before a vampire ran up to them. She had pale skin and pink eyes with black streaks of makeup, and two ponytails of pink hair. She wore a black jacket with rolled up sleeves, a necklace with an upside down heart, brown pinstriped pants, and pink clown shoes. 


Spinel: Hiya folks!. Spinel's the name. And feasting on necks is my game. You're Steven, right?


Steven: Yep. I like your outfit.


Spinel: Thanks!, Made it myself.


(She giggled at this.)


Spinel: What a charmer. Musta gotten it from your pops!.


Greg: Uh, sure?


Spinel: Right, well I'm gonna head out for a bite to eat. Graveyard sounds nice at this time of night. Ta-ta!


(At this moment, Spinel transformed into a pink bat, and flew out of the room. After this, Steven and Greg found their separate bedrooms. Both were happy to see that the rooms were much larger and more comfy than their old van. Greg spent most of the night tossing and turning, thinking about what the future would bring and how this house would affect his son. Meanwhile, Steven slept peacefully. For the first time in his life, the boy felt like things were gonna be okay.)



Chapter Text

(After waking up, Steven went downstairs to enter the dining room. He was surprised to find all 8 of the vampires sitting at the table. Greg sat at the very end, looking very uncomfortable, as he turned around to give Steven a shaky wave.)


Greg: Hey there, Steven. You had a good sleep?


Steven: Uh, yeah. Is something wrong?. I thought that vampires hated mornings. 


Garnet: There is no natural sunlight here. As we get older, our species needs less sleep.


Steven: Alright then. So why do you guys look so serious?


Amethyst: There's... something we need to tell you and your dad.


Pearl: We wanted to wait until you had settled in to the house. We thought we would tell you the true reason that we invited you here.


Greg: We thought you guys were doing it for charity or something. 


Jasper: While it is true that we wanted to help your plight, it's not the main reason. 


Pearl: There used to be leader to this clan. Her name was Pinka Diamontes. She taught us how to feed, how to fight slayers, how to survive in this world. We cherished her and followed her for centuries. But one day, I believe it was 1715, she stepped down. Pinka informed us that she was tired of being a vampire, that she wished to be human. Using an magic talisman from ancient times, Pinka lost her powers, became fully mortal, and left the clan. It affected us all. I felt like there was a hole in my heart. She was my teacher, my idol, my friend! If it wasn't for Bismuth and the others, well.. I don't know where I'd be right now.


Lapis: It wasn't until 1998, that we received a letter from her, informing us of her whereabouts. She was living in a estate home, near us, right in the middle of Beach City. She had met a young man named Greg. They had quickly fallen in love. 


Garnet: Except that she had changed her name. Pinka was no more. Now she called herself, Rosa Quarzo.


Steven: That's... Mom's name!


Greg: You're kidding. You... this has to be a joke!. You're saying that my wife, is actually a ancient vampire?. 


Peridot: Correct. I assume that was obvious.


Greg: I'm not buying it!. If you guys knew Rosa, then why wouldn't she have told me?


Spinel: Ehh. Pinky was pretty secretive those days. She didn't want us contacting you, and I guess she didn't want you to find out that she used to have some sharp chompers.


Pearl: As I was saying, Rosa continued to contact us, through letters, and through video tapes. She had gotten married, and soon enough, Steven was born. Then, when Steven was 3, she gave us a final message. You see, Rosa had become human, such a long time ago. While she would always appear to be a young woman, her mind had become old and weak. In the message, Rosa said that she felt very sick. She died about a day after writing that letter. 


Garnet: We have her tapes, her messages, everything. We'd like to give them to you.


(She handed a cardboard box to Greg, on the front, it said "Stuff from Pink".)


Bismuth: We waited until Steven was old enough to understand. It took a long time to work up the courage to ask you guys to stay with us. 


Steven: Then why did you guys use bats to spy on us?


Peridot: We wanted to make sure that you would be alright. So we took some money out of the clan's massive fortune, and gave it to the bank. That way, you wouldn't have to deal with taxes, electric bills, all that jazz. 


Greg: I... I need to think about this. 


(He looked at the box that sat next to him.)


Steven: I.. I believe you. Part of my mind is screaming at me, saying that you guys are lying. But there's something.. something about all of you, that makes me trust you. It's gonna take me a long time to really get used to this, and I know it'll take even longer for Dad to be okay, but I'm willing to try. Dad may not show it, but he's really grateful that you helped us. I.. you guys are kinda like a new family for me.


Pearl: Oh Steven.. That means the world to us. 


Amethyst: You're family to us, dude.


Greg: Steven. I'm going to spend some time watching these things. You can join me sometime.


Steven: S-sure. See you later, Dad. 


Greg: Love ya, Steven. And Pearl... I hope you're not mad at me. I didn't try to take her away from you. 


Pearl: Of course not. Pinka always knew best. And from the looks of it, she chose wisely. 


Greg: Okay then. 


(He gave his son a big hug and went to the TV room. Steven then turned back towards the sisters)


Steven: Is it alright if I go outside?.


Spinel: Sure!. You could meet our neighbours?


Steven: Neighbours?


Amethyst: Yeah. They live in the house to the right of us.


Steven: Alright. Well I'll see you later.


(With that, Steven left the house, and went to explore the town of Beach City.)



Chapter Text

(Steven exited his home, his mind was filled with questions. Why did Mom lie to Dad ?,  she hiding anything else from her family ?, Just how long had the Sisters been watching them ?, Were there any other vampires nearby ?. He entered the more inhabited part of Beach City, and passing some restaurants, a donut shop, and a post office. Steven twisted and turned through the crowd of pedestrians walking past him. His trance was broken when he bumped into someone. He looked up and saw a bespectacled girl with a floppy hat, staring back at him, she seemed embarrassed. She seemed to be near his age, with long dark hair, she wore a white shirt with a mint-green dress and a brown coat. She also wore long grey socks with shoes.)


Steven: Oh god!. I’m sorry!.


Connie: No.. it’s okay!. I should’ve been watching where I was going. 


(Steven noticed a small brown book was lying on the sidewalk. Assuming that it was the girl’s book, he handed it to her.)


Steven: Here!. I think you dropped this. It must’ve been 


Connie: Thanks!. I got a bit too invested in this story. 


Steven: What are you reading?


Connie: The Spirit Morph Saga . I’m currently on Welcome to the Wizard Wilds . It’s the second book in the series.


Steven: Huh. Never heard of it.


Connie: Well if you wanted to, I could lend you some of my books.


Steven: Really?


Connie: I m-mean, if you want to. 


(She hesitated and sighed.)


Connie: Sorry… it’s just that… no one’s ever talked to me for this long. You’re one of the first people to show any interest in me. Except for my parents, that is. Look, the point is, I’ve never really had any friends before. But I feel like I can trust you, something about you tells me that you’re sincere. If I’m being awkward or weird, then you can tell me.


Steven: Are you kidding?. This is great!. I’m pretty lonely too. I lived in a van with my dad for like, ALL of my life. Now that I’ve moved here, I get to meet new people. Speaking of which…

(He extended his right hand, hoping for a shake.)


Steven: I’m Steven. Wanna be friends me?.


(The girl blushed and shook his hand.)


Connie: My name’s Connie, And I’d like that.


Steven: Awesome!. It’s great to know you Connie. Is it okay if I hang out with you? I know we just met, but I’m new to this town, Maybe you could give me some info about this place?


Connie: It’s fine. I’m free for a bit. I’d be happy to show you around. I’m not the most sociable person here, but I’m not too shabby on the town’s history. 


Steven: Cool!. Do you know where we are now?


Connie: I believe that we’re in the north of Beach City. This is where all of the shops and entertainment stuff is. Personally not my favorite part of the place. Too busy for me, I’m not very good with crowds. I’ll admit, I visit the arcade sometimes. 


(The kids started walking, with Connie acting as a sort of tour guide.)


Connie: Here’s the east side. This is where my parents work. Dad works in the town mall as a security guard, and Mom works as a doctor. Sometimes I visit them. Anyway, enough about me. I should ask some stuff about you!.

Steven: Oh, well. I recently moved into this big house on the edge of the city. I think it’s near the entrance to the north side?.


Connie: Wait.. is the house really big, black, and surrounded by a bunch of bats?.


Steven: Yes!. Why?


Connie: No way!, I live like, right next to that thing!. You must be the new neighbours!.


Steven: Does that mean that you’re one of the Maheswarans?


Connie: Mhmm, Connie Maheswaran to be exact. 


(She took out a cloth, and wiped her glasses.)


Steven: If you want, I can introduce you to my roommates. They’re the ones who invited me and my Dad to stay with them. And here’s the crazy part… they’re vampires.


Connie: What?. Come on. Look, I love vampires. I’ve been studying their mythology for a while now, but I know they’re not real. Maybe you’re just imagining things. 


Steven: I swear that they’re not human!. I can show you.


Connie: Alright.I don’t have anything better to do.


Steven: Great. First I need to let them know. Excuse me for a sec. I’ll be right back.


(Steven walked away, waiting until Connie was out of earshot. He pulled out a cellphone, which had been given to him by the clan. He found their phone number and hit the call button. He waited a few seconds, before a voice picked up, It was Pearl.)


Pearl: Stoker Residence, Who is calling?


Steven: Hey Pearl.


Pearl: Ah, Steven!. What brings you to call?

Steven: I met one of our neighbours. I wanted to show her the house. 


Pearl: I don’t know. Is she trustworthy?


Steven: She’s really nice. And she’s interested in vampires. I thought it’d be cool to show her that they’re real.


Pearl: Hmmm. I don’t know. We haven’t had humans over for years. Not that we’re afraid of them, it’s just that none of the people here seem to have any interest in coming. You and your father happened to be a rare exception, due to your connection to Pinka. What if your friend decides to tell others about us?


Steven: I promise that she’ll keep it a secret. 


Pearl: Very well. It would be nice to get to know our neighbours better.

Steven: Great!. We’re like 20 minutes away. Oh!, and tell the others not to bite her.


Pearl: Of course.


(Steven hung up, and ran back to Connie.)


Steven: Alright, they’re cool with us going over!

Connie: This should be interesting.


(Peal decided to gather the 7 other members into the living room, she stood up and put a piece of paper into her pocket.)


Pearl: Sisters. Steven has informed me that he is bringing a new friend of his over to meet us.


Amethyst: Sweet!, An afternoon snack!.


Pearl: Absolutely not!. Under no circumstances, are we allowed to drain this girl!. Just control your appetite for two more days. Then on Saturday, can we feast!.


Amethyst: Chillax P!, I was just joking around!.


Pearl: Well it certainly isn’t funny!. You shouldn’t jest about feeding!


Garnet: Enough. Let’s focus on the task at hand. Pearl, how long will it take for Steven to arrive?


Pearl: I believe he said he was 20 minutes away.


Garnet: Good. That gives enough time to get ready. There’s no need to waste time with flashy entrances, or decorations. Just act casual, and everything will be fine.


(There was a retching sound, followed by the smell of pumpkin innards. During this conversation, Lapis and Peridot had been comforting their dog, who had been created by Peridot, using the brain of a dead puppy, and a small pumpkin. This animal was uncreatively named “Pumpkin”. Pumpkin had been feeling sick for the past few days, so she had been cooped up in Lapis and Peridot’s room. Something had caused Pumpkin to vomit.)


Lapis: Oh dear!. Come here, Pumpkin.


Peridot: I think she needs to lie down again.


Lapis: I shall take her to our room. Darling, While I’m up there, Can you fetch her blanket?


Peridot: Absolutely. Don’t fret, everybody, we'll be back in about… 25 minutes.


(Lapis and Peridot left the room. The sounds of Pumpkin’s whining could be heard as they went upstairs.)


Spinel: Jeez!. Hope your cat doesn’t have to deal with that stuff, Garnet.


(Garnet’s response was quiet and distracted. Flashbacks ensued in her mind of when Estelle was a kitty. Sometimes it took ages to clean up the barf or at times, her urine.)

Garnet: You have no idea.


(Steven and Connie had entered their part of the town. Steven could see a brown moderately medium-sized home, he assumed that this was Connie’s place. An old Volvo sat in the garage. When they reached Steven’s place, they stopped before knocking on the door. Bats were flying around the two kids.)


Connie: You know, it’s funny. This is the closest I’ve ever been to the Stoker Residence.


Steven: Was your family too scared to go near it?


Connie: No. We tried to interact with the owners, but Mom says that she’s never seen anyone during the daytime. Apparently someone from Stoker, gave my mom a letter, saying that it wasn’t personal, they just hated the sun. I guess they’re just night owls.


Steven: Me and my dad, just got here yesterday. The owners  are around during the day, it’s just that there isn’t any natural sunlight. Oh, before I forget, you’ll need this.


(He took out a glove of garlic, and a cross-necklace, and handed them to Connie. Steven himself had put on a vial of holy water, which dangled from a chain.)


Connie: Sure, Steven. This is totally useful. Do you have some wolfsbane and silver with you.?


(Steven could sense her sarcasm.)


Steven: Just trust me. I’m swear not crazy.


(Connie sighed and put the necklace on, and put the garlic in her pocket.)


Connie: Alright then. I’ll humour you.


Steven: Ok. Let’s do this.


(Steven gave a knock, entered the room with Connie, closed the door, and saw that Jasper was waiting for them.)


Jasper: Hello, Steven. I assume this is your friend?


(Connie froze, her cheeks were a bright red, and she found that her hands were shaking. She noticed the large woman’s fangs, her eerie presence, and came to the conclusion that everything Connie had believed was a lie. Vampires did exist!. It took all of her effort, to quietly answer the question.)


Connie: Y-yes.. M-miss?. I’m C-Connie Maheswaran.


Jasper: Good.


(She turned her head and yelled for the others.)


Jasper: She’s here!


(Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Spinel, and Bismuth had appeared behind Jasper. A few moments later, Lapis and Peridot arrived.)


Peridot: Sorry we’re late! Pumpkin vomited on my clothes. Took a bit of time to clean the innards off my shirt.

Lapis: Too much information, sweetie.




(She squeed in delight.)


Connie: They’re real!. Omigod they’re real!. This is insane!. But it all makes sense now!. The bats, the constant smell of blood outside our house, I can’t believe this is happening!.


Steven: Told you! I wouldn’t lie about something like this!


(Connie took a moment to regain her composure, before turning back to face the Sisters.)


Connie: I’m Connie Maheswaran, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. 


Amethyst: Sup dude?, Name’s Amethyst. Nice shades.


Connie: Oh, uh. They’re glasses.


Amethyst: Eh, Same thing to me.


Garnet: I am Garnet. Pleasure to meet you.


Bismuth: Same here. I’m Bismuth.


Peridot: Greetings human!, I am Peridot and this is my partner in the binding coils of marriage. Her name is Lapis.


Lapis: Hello there.


Spinel: I’m Spinel!. It’s great to meet human folks!. 


(Spinel began to stand on her head, her shoes squeaked as they collided with each other.)


Jasper: You’ve already met me. I’m Jasper.


Connie: So you guys are named after gemstones?.


Peridot: Fun fact. The gemstones are named after us. Humans just took the names of vampires, and smacked them onto geological items.


Pearl: I’m Pearl. 


(She noticed the book in Connie’s left arm.)


Pearl: Ah!. The Spirit Morph Saga !. I was a fan of those books when I was your age!. Quite the fascinating read!. I remember when those came out in the 1300’s.


Connie: Woah!. How old are you guys?


Pearl: We’re all 24 in vampire years. But in human years, we’re 1200 years old to be exact.


Connie: That’s incredible. Imagine all of the history you’ve seen over the years.


Pearl: I assume that you’re interested in history?


Connie: Are you kidding?, It’s my favorite subject!. That is, besides literature.


(Pearl visibly beamed, a warm smile on her face.)


Garnet: I appreciate the sentimentality, but Connie, before you leave, you must promise us something.


Connie: Of course. What is it?


Garnet: You mustn't tell your friends, or anyone in this town about our true nature. You may tell your parents, as they happen to be our neighbours. Do you understand.


Connie: Yes ma’am.


(Connie’s phone buzzed for a moment, and she pulled it out of her pocket.)


Connie: Sorry guys, but Mom’s home early. She wants me to help her with shopping. 


Pearl: Of course. It’s important to respect your parents.


(Amethyst resisted to urge to roll her eyes.)


(Connie gave a wave of goodbye, and turned to leave.)


Pearl: Oh, Connie?


Connie: Yes?


Pearl: At some point, this week or the next, I’d like to go to your house to speak with you.


Connie: O-okay?.


Pearl: Run along now.


(Connie gave Steven a shy smile, which caused the teen to blush. The 8 vampires vanished in order to escape the sunlight. Connie closed the door.)


(When Connie came home, she saw that her father was on the sofa, doing some paperwork. Her mother was in the kitchen, checking a shopping list.)


Priyanka: Hi honey, you ready to go shopping.


Connie: Of course. Oh and Mom, I met the neighbours.


Priyanka: The Stoker’s?


Connie: Yep!. And get this. They’re actually vampires! But don’t worry. They’re pretty chill.


Priyanka: Connie, you’re 14. Surely you don’t believe in such childish things.


Connie: I have proof!. 

(Connie handed her mother a photo of the group. Garnet had given it to her, so she could prove that they were vampires. Priyanka blushed, shocked and embarrassed, but took it surprisingly well.)


Priyanka: Let’s… let’s just go.


(With that. Mother and daughter went to go shopping.)



Chapter Text

(After Connie left, Steven decided to go upstairs to visit his father. He entered his dad’s room to find him in a sort of trance. The TV in front of him looked to be from the 80’s. In the man’s hand was a VHS tape. Greg was looking at the blank screen, with a despondent expression on his face. He turned around when he heard his son’s voice.)


Steven: Hey dad?. You okay?


Greg: Whuh?. Oh, hey Steven! Sorry, I was just… thinking.


(Steven looked concerned.)

Steven: About mom?.


(Greg sighed and nodded His eyes were red and watery. )


Greg: Yeah… I know I should be grateful for this house, for our roommates, for everything!. But I keep coming back to the fact that she lied. Rosa lied to me! To you! All this time… she never told me!. Why.. why wouldn’t she tell me?


Steven: Maybe she was afraid that you wouldn’t believe her. I mean, the whole “I used to be a vampire” thing would’ve sounded pretty outlandish at the time.


Greg: Your mother wasn’t like that. We shared everything!, In the time I knew her, I never kept a secret!. 


Steven: I’ve been pretty concerned too. Before today, I didn’t really know much about Mom. I mean you told me some good stuff about her, but I’d like to hear from her myself. Is it alright if I watch one of these tapes with you?.


Greg: Of-of course! To be honest, I haven’t watched any of them yet. I’ve just been kinda.. lost, I wanted to wait for you to come back, so we could watch them together.


(Steven smiled and sat down next to his dad.)


Steven: That’d be great!.


(With that, Greg put the VHS into the TV’s slot, and pressed the play button. After a few seconds of static, a beach appeared on the screen. The sounds of seagulls squawking, and the calm flow of the ocean filled the air. It was dark out, except for the bright moon that shone in the sky.  The camera moved as it was picked up by a large woman with pink hair and blazing magenta eyes. She looked nervous, yet excited,)


Rosa: Greetings, Sisters.


(She did a sort of weird gesture with her hands, which must’ve been some sort of vampiric salute.)


Rosa: Steven is asleep in his crib, Greg’s watching over him. 


(She took a deep breath, and continued talking.)


Rosa: Now, I need all of you to listen very carefully. I have some bad news, It appears that I am dying. I have retained my youthful appearance, for the past 200 years, my body is failing. As I am not a vampire anymore, my body is reacting to my old age. As such, I will not be able to take care of Steven anymore. Greg doesn’t have enough money to really function on his own. So as a final act as spiritual leader of the Sisters of The Night, I order the clan to put some of our enormous fortune into the accounts of Greg DeMayo. In this way, he won’t have to pay for cleaning the van, bills, taxes, and other needs. He will be able to purchase food and drink, with the small amount of money that the government gives to him. Secondly, I want the 8 of you to take care of Steven and Greg. The world is a big and frightening place, and I want Steven to be able to thrive. But you mustn't take him in yet, I want him to be able to experience what it’s like to really function in the human world. You need to wait until he’s mature, and when the time is right, invite him and his father to the house. Still, you need to watch over him. Use the bats, since the sunlight will hurt you. Now I need to go, Greg needs me. Goodnight Sisters, I love you all.


(The image turned to static, and fizzled out. Greg turned off the TV. Throughout the video, Greg and Steven had remained speechless. Steven found that he had been silently crying, he hadn’t even noticed.)


Steven: So… t-that was Mom?


Greg: Yes… They really weren’t lying.. Jesus!


Steven: S-she was beautiful.


Greg: I know… both inside and out. She really loved you, you know.


Steven: I bet…. Do you mind if I go upstairs?. I’m feeling kind’ve tired.


Greg: Really?, It’s only 2PM!


Steven: I dunno, I just need to.. Lie down for a sec.


Greg: Suit yourself, kiddo.


(Steven left and went to his room. His mind was still racing, thinking about what could have been, what would happen to him next, when he closed his eyes.)


(The End) 

Chapter Text

(It was evening on the first day of December. Snow was in the air, but all was warm inside the Maheswaran residence. The family sat at the dinner table, discussing the events of the day.)


Doug: So I’ve heard that you’ve been making some new friends, Connie.


Connie: Yeah!. I met this kid named Steven, He’s also 14, and he’s a really nice guy. He just moved into the Stoker House.


Doug: The Stoker House?, the huge dark and creepy one?. I thought it was abandoned or something.


Priyanka: She thinks that there are vampires inside.


Connie: There is!. I met them, and I even showed you a photo to prove it!


Priyanka: Photoshopping. It’s not that hard nowadays!


Connie: Mom, The image is directly from the saved pictures of my phone! I’ve never been interested in photoshop. Besides, you know me. I’m not someone who just assumes everything strange is supernatural. And Pearl told me that she wanted to meet with her, so she’s coming here to talk to me!


(There was a knock on the door.)


Doug: Who’s knocking at this time of night?


Priyanka: Honey, It’s only 7 o’clock.


Doug: Well I’ve never heard of people knocking after 6!


Priyanka: Where did you grow up?


(Connie excused herself from the table, and opened the door, her parents followed her. They were shocked to find Pearl, fangs and all, standing at the doorstep. Doug looked slightly disappointed, as if he was expecting something weirder. Priyanka was speechless.)


Pearl: Good evening, Connie. Hello, Mr and Mrs Maheswaran. My name is Pearl. I’m from the house next door, and I’m here to talk to your daughter.


Doug: Of course!


Priyanka: What!


Doug: I’m not gonna say no to a vampire. I’m not ready to die yet!


(Pearl chuckled at this remark.)


Pearl: Calm yourselves, I mean you no harm. I do not bite friends, or their family. Now, if you could be so kind to invite me into your home, we could get started.


Doug: Couldn’t you just come in?


Pearl: Ohhoho!, of course not. Vampires must be given an invitation before they enter a person’s home. It is Vampiric law.


Connie: You may come in.


Pearl: Excellent!. Do you mind if I sit on your couch?


Priyanka: G-go right ahead….


(Once everyone was sitting comfortably, Pearl began her proposition.)


Pearl: Yesterday, I was introduced to Connie when Steven brought her over to our house. I could tell that she was different from most humans. The way she carried herself, her words, her “vibe” as Amethyst says.


Priyanka: Amethyst?


Pearl: A fellow housemate of mine. Anyway, I would like to train with your daughter.


Doug: Training? Train for what?


Pearl: Combat of course. Sword fighting, melee, the usual methods of vampire defense.


Priyanka: Why would we ever allow our child to handle a weapon! She could get seriously injured.


Connie: Mom, I’m not a baby! I’m sure that Pearl doesn’t have anything too lethal in mind.


Pearl: I wouldn’t ask her if I didn’t fear for her safety. You see, Stoker Lane is constantly under attack from hunters. Vampires aren’t exactly welcome in this town. If Connie is going to visit the house, and get to know Steven, then she shall need to defend herself. I promise to you that if Connie is ever in danger, The Sisters of the Night will protect her with their lives.


Priyanka: We could just move!


Pearl: Hunters would find you. And trust me, you don’t want to run into those people. They won’t hesitate to hurt you or your family. If you want to survive, then you need our help. Connie needs to learn.


(Priyanka was silent for a minute, mulling over the decision. Finally, she sighed and answered Pearl.)


Priyanka: Fine. But you have to promise me three things. You will never try to bite Connie or harm her in any other way. The same goes for your friends.


Pearl: I would never. Our group respects Connie too much to hurt her. If Connie and I are to train together, she will be required to wear a cross around her neck. That way she is protected.


Doug: We are not Christian, could you use garlic or something?


Pearl: Whatever keeps her safe from any of our… sudden urge for blood.


Priyanka: Fine. Do you promise that she will not die in any of these “fights”.


Pearl: If I feel that things are too dangerous, I will order Connie to retreat to our home.


Doug: Will we have to pay for anything?


Pearl: Training is free. Equipment and uniforms are provided by the Sisters of the Night. This includes helmets and capes.


Doug: You do have a nice cape.


Pearl: Thank you! It’s from Nosferatu High School. 1500’s. 


(Pearl pulled a Dracula and put the cape in front of her mouth.)


Pearl: My apologies, I forget that you humans don’t know about places like Nosferatu.


Priyanka: Finally, will this training ever interfere with her schoolwork? 


Pearl: Training would take place on Saturday and Sunday. Connie would be required to finish any leftover homework from the week. 


Priyanka: Alright then, you have permission to work with my daughter.


Connie: Yes! Thanks, Mom!


Pearl: With that, I shall bid you adieu. Farewell, my apprentice. I cannot wait to see how you do in combat.


(Pearl gave a bow, grabbed her cane, and left the house, appearing as a dark shadow that clashed with the snow. Connie remained on the couch, eagerly anticipating her next encounter with her new master.)


(The End)

Chapter Text

(Saturday evening had come, and Connie was excited to start training with Pearl. She had arrived at the Stoker Residence, gave a knock on the door. Pearl opened the door and welcomed her with a smile.)


Pearl: Greetings, Connie! So glad you could make it. Did you finish all of your homework?


Connie: It’s finished.


Pearl: Excellent. I hope you’re prepared for practice.


Connie: Of course, Miss Pearl!


Pearl: Please, you may call me Master, or ma’am, just don’t call me late for dinner.


Connie: I’m sorry, ma’am


Pearl: Don’t be. Now, join me on the sofa, I would like to ask you some questions before we begin training.


Connie: Okay.


(They sat on a sofa made of crushed blue velvet)


Pearl: It is common for vampiric teachers to ask their apprentices about their reasoning for taking up the art of sword fighting. It’s good to know about their personality and goals before we get into action. First off, why would you want to learn how to use a sword. What are your motives.


Connie: Well ma’am, I wanted a little excitement into my life. I’m doing great in school, but I feel like I’m not doing so well when it comes to social stuff or confidence. I feel like training with you will help me learn how to defend myself and my friends, and it can help me to be more assertive.


Pearl: I can assure you that you’ve made a good decision. From the moment I met you, I could tell that you were an intelligent, and composed individual. After your brief moment of excited adulation. 


(Connie blushed and scratched her neck)


Connie: Yeah… I’m a huge fan of vampires. Their culture, their demeanor, and when I met you guys, it felt like my brain was going to explode. I just couldn’t believe that vampires were real. In fact, sometimes I want to become one. I feel like it would be amazing to have powers and live for centuries, but then I realize how much I’d miss my family, and Steven.

Pearl: You’d be a fantastic vampire. But at least you’re one of the good humans.


Connie: One of the good humans?


Pearl: I mean that you’re pretty smart and likeable... for a human.


Connie: If you don’t mind me saying ma’am, but that’s kind of harsh to my species.


Pearl: Oh!, Sorry. Was that rude?


Connie: Uhh… a bit, yeah.


Pearl: I’m sorry, I’ve been working on being nicer to humans. It’s not that I hate your kind, it’s just that sometimes I feel like mankind is… slightly inferior when it comes to vampires. But I’ll try to remain respectful during our training.


Connie: That would help.


Pearl: Now, let us head to the equipment room!


Connie: May I get a drink first?


Pearl: Certainly.


(They entered the kitchen to find Steven, eating a turkey sandwich. His face lit up when he saw Connie, and he gave her a cheery wave.)


Steven: Connie!, Hi!. Are you training with Pearl!


Connie: Yep!. First class. You wanna watch?


Steven: Are you kidding?, Of course!, I’m finally able to find my way around this place without a map. I’ll see you in the duel room!


(As they traveled through the house, they could hear the muffled sounds of explosions and Peridot’s grunting, she was obviously struggling with a new invention. They also heard Spinel, happily talking to someone.)


Spinel: And then she said, “Waiter, there’s a bat in my soup!” Heh!, She must’ve been pretty surprised to find me hangin out in her bowl!


(Squeaks and clicks could be heard in response to Spinel’s story.)


Connie: Is she talking to bats?


Pearl: Yes. She does that sometimes. Whatever makes her happy, I suppose.


(The student and teacher reached a small room, filled with different types of swords, protective gear, and training uniforms. Bismuth happened to be in the room, sharpening one of the sabres.)


Bismuth: Hey there, Connie! First lesson huh?


Pearl: Why yes! I was just about to give her one of the training swords.


Bismuth: Well she could use one of those poorly made, amateur crafts, or she could use one of mine. They’re tougher to break and their much sharper.


Connie: Woah!, You make swords?!


Bismuth: You bet! But I don’t just make swords. I also make hammers, sheilds, axes, whatever. You name it, I make it!


Pearl: May I just say, that the current training swords are perfectly suitable for someone with little experience with battle, like Connie.


Bismuth: Have it your way. Connie, if you need a better blade, come to the Forge. I’ll make one for you, free of charge. And Pearl, I’ll see you after practice.


(She winked and gave Pearl a sly smile.)


(Pearl blushed after Bismuth left the room. She composed herself and grabbed a box off of one of the shelves. She pulled out a sword with a brown handle and the image of a lion)


Pearl: Now.. this will be your sword. 


(Connie took the sword, amazed that she was now its owner. She made sure not to move it around too much, in case an accident occurred.


Pearl:While it is mainly used for practice sparring, it can also be used as a defense against hunters.


Connie: What if the hunters have guns?


Pearl: They mainly come for vampires, so they just carry stakes and knives, and weapons like that. If they have guns, I will order you to stay in a safe place. Now, I want you to change into your training uniform. There’s a changing tent over there.


(Pearl pointed to a large green tent that was in the back of the room. Connie went into the tent. Taking off her regular clothes, she put on a chest plate, and covered the armor with a white silk shirt, black pants and boots, and a black hooded cloak. Then she tied her hair back into a ponytail. Connie marvelled at her appearance in the mirror. She felt… different, more confident, more refined. She wasn’t just Connie, a dorky, quiet 8th grader, she felt like a true knight, like she could take on anything that came her way. Excited with how she looked, Connie did a little twirl, and exited the tent.)


Connie: So… how do I look?


(Pearl gave an excited squeal and clapped her hands together, a huge grin on her face.)


Pearl: Connie!, It’s wonderful. You look just like one of the vampiric knights of old!


(Connie blushed and giggled at her teacher’s compliment.)


Connie: Wow, thanks!. I just feel so different in these clothes. I feel stronger… but a lot more comfortable, I especially like the cloak, ma’am.


Pearl: It is a common fact that capes, with or without hoods, are amazing. Despite what some imbeciles may say. Anyway, follow me to the dueling room.


(The dueling “room” was built more like an arena. Pillars surrounded the wide and vast area, Steven sat on the sidelines, smiling and waving to Connie. Pearl stood in front of her.)


Steven: Connie! You look amazing!


(Connie grinned and her heart started beating a little faster.)


Pearl: Now, one of the first things you need to learn is footwork. Make sure that your stance is wide, then put your right foot forward. Now advance.


(Connie followed the order, and moved forward.)


Pearl: Good, now retreat.


(Connie moved back, putting most of her weight on her left foot. She repeated these two steps, shuffling back and forth for a few minutes.)


Pearl: It seems like you’ve got the basic footwork down, now we will learn about striking and defense. Unsheathe your sword.


Connie: Yes ma’am.


Pearl: Now, thrust your sword in my direction.


(As Connie lunged towards Pearl, their blades clashed.)


Pearl: I just performed a parry. It’s a common blocking motion. Now you try. Since you are a beginner, the attack will be slow at first. I will continue to strike and I will constantly speed up and when you feel that it’s too hard to keep up, then tell me to stop.


Connie: Uhhh I dunno……


Steven: Come on, Connie. I believe in you!


(Pearl advanced on Connie, her attacks becoming faster and faster. Connie was surprised to find herself parrying the strikes with ease, her confidence growing with every block, until she finally pushed Pearl’s sword aside, and attempted to attack her teacher.)


Pearl: Excellent! You truly are a fast learner. Now, I think that’s enough for today. 


Steven: AAAHH!!! YOU WERE AMAZING! That was like… like something from a movie!


Connie: I dunno what happened. I just got in the zone and… it all just clicked for me. Like I just knew what to do!


Steven: Hey… you wanna hang out tomorrow? After your practice?


Connie: I’d love to! I.. just need to make sure my parents are cool with that.


Steven: Of course!, Well.. I’ll see you soon, Connie. I’m gonna see how Dad’s doing.


(Connie waved goodbye to Steven, and then exited the arena to change back into her regular clothes. After giving Pearl a handshake, Connie went back to her house, to continue the regular part of her crazy life.)



Chapter Text

(Throughout the centuries that the Sisters of The Night had spent inside the Stoker Residence, many neighbours had come and gone. Some folk had tried to get to know the vampires, others stayed away. No matter the circumstance, people who lived near the Stoker House would always get a letter, explaining why they shouldn’t bother interacting with the vampires. Nothing personal, the Sisters just weren’t morning people. For the most part, people respected their wishes, and life was peaceful. That is, until one morning. Steven, Greg, and the others, were woken up by one of the loudest car honks in human history. The noise caused all 8 vampires to bolt out of their coffins and rush to the door. They heard footsteps, walking up the front steps. Then there was a knock on the door.)


Pearl: W-who is it?


(Before she could get an answer, the door was opened wide, the morning sun shining into the dark house. Pearl squealed, quickly evading the light, escaping with only a slight burn on her arm. The others covered their faces with their hands. When their vision cleared, they could see a man and woman standing at the front door. They were white and looked to be middle-aged. The man looked to be in his late fifties. He had a combover and a goatee. He wore an ugly sweater, with sweatpants, and leather shoes. The wife looked slightly younger and had a ugly spray tan, large sunglasses, and a blonde “May I speak to your manager?” haircut. She wore a brown coat over a white dress, and loafers. )


Neighbours: HI THERE!




(The door was closed. The strangers walked into the house.)


Phil: How’s it hangin? The name’s Phil. This is my wife, Karen. And we’re the Johnsons!


Karen: We just wanted to get to know the new neighbours. So we started at your house!


(Amethyst muttered something under her breath.)


Amethyst: Great…


Phil: Pretty gloomy place, isn’t it, hon?


Karen: Sure is!, It could use some renovating!


Peridot: Our home is fine the way it is!


Karen: Awww…. You’re so cute! Are your mom and dad around?


Lapis: Excuse me! That is my wife that you’re talking to.


Phil: Oh, you’re one of those people.


Lapis; What do you mean, those people?


(Sensing Lapis’s growing anger, Bismuth decided to intervene.)


Bismuth: Look, we appreciate the gesture, but we’re not very comfortable with other people. If we want to hang out with you guys, we’ll ask.


Karen: Oh but you must join us for dinner! Those Mahe.. whatchamacallits are coming as well.


Steven: You mean the Maheswarans?


(Steven and Greg had entered the room).


Karen: Whatever. Hope to see you there!


Phil: Toodles!


(The Johnsons left the house, leaving time for the Sisters to think about the offer.)


Amethyst: There’s no way we’re going to di-


Garnet: We’re going


Amethyst: What!, Why!


Spinel: We’ve never had to interact with folks like them!


Garnet: If they see what we’re really like, maybe it’ll scare them off.


Pearl: I don’t know, they seemed pretty persistent.


Steven: Shouldn’t we be trying to help them?


Lapis: Absolutely not. I do not trust those people for a second!


Bismuth: Slow your role, Lappy. They’re just aggravating, not malicious.


Lapis: You don’t know that. None of us do.


Jasper: Let’s try this dinner , and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll tell them to screw off.


Greg: Do we know if it’s formal?, because if that’s the case, then I’m out of luck.


(The conversation was interrupted when Pumpkin’s panicked barks were heard outside of the house.) 


Peridot: Pumpkin!, Something’s wrong!


(Lapis rushed outside to find Phil, holding the orange dog, smiling sheepishly.)


Lapis: What do you think you’re doing!


Karen: We noticed your… little creature. It looked so cute!, So we thought that we’d pick it up.


Lapis: Pumpkin doesn’t like to be picked up by strangers .

(She emphasized the last word, growling a little bit as she squinted her eyes.)


Karen: Oh but we’re not strangers, sweetie. We’re part of the community!


Phil: So how much for the thing?


Lapis: First off, don’t call me “sweetie”, second of all, she’s not for sale!


Karen: But she’d look so lovely in one of our doggy sweaters. Our beagle would love the company.


Lapis: The answer is no. I would appreciate it if you dropped Pumpkin and left the premises. Now.


Phil: Well then.. We’ll just be on our way.


(With that, The Johnsons hurriedly walked back to their house. Pumpkin rushed to her owner, licking the blue haired woman’s face.)


Lapis: Hey baby, are you okay? Mama’s got you now.


(Lapis went back into the house. A scowl on her face.)


Peridot: Is Pumpkin okay?


Lapis: She’s not hurt, just frightened. The Johnsons actually tried to buy our dog! The nerve!


Greg: How about we forget about those guys for now. I’m gonna do some tinkering on my van.


Bismuth: Need some help?, I’m fairly skilled in mechanics.


Greg: The company would be nice. Sure.


(The crew began to focus on other matters, Steven decided to call Connie, to see if she had met the new neighbours.)


Connie: Hey, Steven. What’s up?


Steven: Did you guys meet the new neighbours yet?


Connie: The Johnsons? Yeah, we met them. Actually, they kinda let themselves into our house. Why?


Steven: I’m guessing that they invited you guys to dinner?


Connie: Yeah. Mom looked pretty annoyed with them, especially the blond woman.

Steven: Karen, right?


Connie: Jesus. Of course her name is Karen. I could tell by the haircut.


Steven: What’s wrong with the name Karen?


Connie: It’s an internet thing. I’ll show you sometime.


Steven: Anyway, are you okay with going?


Connie: Ehh, I’m used to it. Anytime a neighbour would show up around here, My parents made me go with them to visit. House warming stuff usually.


Steven:  Have any advice?


Connie: Yeah. Keep relatively quiet, and answer every question that they ask. Even if it’s a dumb one.


Steven: Thanks. I’ll try to remember it. See you at dinner time.


(7:00 in the evening. The time had come. Compared to the dark and mysterious house that Steven lived in, the Johnsons house was very plain. The inside and outside looked like it came from the 1950’s. There weren’t enough chairs at the dinner table, so Lapis, Pearl, Bismuth, and Jasper had to sit on the floor, being the tallest of the group. In the middle of the table, there was a roasted ham, a loaf of bread, spinach casserole, and mashed potatoes.)


Karen: Dig in, everyone!


Connie: Excuse me, ma’am?. I don’t mean to be rude, but is this pork?


Karen: Of course!


Connie: I’m sorry, but my family can’t eat pork.


Karen: Are you allergic to meat?


Priyanka: We’re Hindus.


Phil: Eh, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good piece of pork.


Priyanka: Actually, it does! It goes against our religion!


Karen: I’m not sure that the Lord would agree with that.


Doug: We’ll just have some of the casserole. Okay?


(Doug looked nervous, wishing to end the conversation.)


Karen: Sounds good to us!


(A few minutes had passed, and tensions had lowered slightly. Amethyst decided to try a slice of bread, but gagged after taking a small bite.)


Amethyst: What’s in this stuff!


Phil: Garlic bread!, Straight from Fish Stew Pizza.


Garnet: We’re allergic to garlic.


Karen: Are you sure about that, hon?


Lapis: We’re pretty sure.


Karen: Suit, yourselves.


Phil: I thought I’d ask our neighbours some questions. So, Doug. What’s it like working at a convenience store?


Doug: Uh… I work as a private security guard. Why did you think I worked at a convenience store?


Phil: You know, cause you’re Indian.


Karen: Do the voice, honey!


Priyanka: The voice?


Phil: Sure. 


(What followed was a racially insensitive impression of an Indian.)


Phil: “Hello!, Welcome to Shop-N-Save. Bless Aladdin, Thank you and come again!”


(Karen began laughing her head off, while the vampires and the Maheswarans looked on in sheer embarrassment. Priyanka decided that she’d had enough of the place. Pretending to check a text, she made her move.)


Priyanka: Oh would you look at that, Our cat is dead. Oh no, this is horrible. We have to go, now.


Doug: But we don’t have a ca-


(Picking up on what her mother was saying, Connie played along. Gently elbowing her dad in the ribs.)


Connie: We don’t have a cat, anymore. Really sad. See you later, Steven.


(The Maheswarans exited the house. Leaving Steven, Greg, and the 8 vampires, alone with the Johnsons.)


Karen: Such a shame. Oh well, on with the show!


Phil: You know, I must say something. You ladies have some sharp chompers. What’s your secret?


Jasper: Hereditary.


Karen: A few of them have really pale skin! And those outfits, they look like they came from a monster movie!


Phil: You must be European! That explains it.


Steven: Haven’t you heard them speak. It’s not European.


Phil: You can never tell nowadays. So many people trying to be American. Guess they realize that we’re the best country in the world.


(Lapis muttered under her breath.)


Lapis: Idiots.


Karen: What was that, sweetie?


(Lapis gave a sickenly sweet smile, her tone was high pitched and mocking.)


Lapis: Nothing, Karen. Nothing at all!


(The dinner had been a disaster, with the Sisters realizing that these new folk were too stupid to realize who they were dealing with. So for the next week or so, They ignored the Johnsons. Despite getting pestered with calls and visits, the members kept their ground. It grew to the point that a meeting was called in the planning room.)


Lapis: Sisters. I have called this meeting to discuss a most sensitive issue. We must do something about the Johnsons.


Jasper: I agree, They’ve been throwing loud and obnoxious parties every day for the past week. Do you know how long these things last? 8 hours! A day! AT MINIMUM! I’VE BEEN GETTING SEVERE FLASHBACKS TO MY HIGH SCHOOL DAYS! I HATED HIGH SCHOOL!


Amethyst: Calm down, Jas! Yeah, these new guys suck. But it’s not like we can do anything about it.


Spinel: At least we’re not the only ones with a problem. Connie and her parents are pretty upset with them.


Amethyst: Of course they’re mad. The Johnsons are racist boomers!


Pearl: What does being a boomer have to do with anything?


Peridot and Amethyst: It’s from the internet.


Pearl: Sometimes, I feel so out of touch with this generation.


Amethyst: Ok Boomer.


Lapis: Ladies!, please! Let us focus on the task of hand. I see these neighbours as a threat. I just don’t trust them.


Bismuth: Come on, Laz. None of us like the Johnsons, but they’re harmless.


Lapis: I know that premonitions are Garnet’s speciality, but I have a feeling in my gut, that they’re up to something. I saw the way they looked at Pumpkin. We have to be on our guard!


Pearl: We can’t fight them! We all made a promise to Pinka! A promise that we would never fight innocent people. We can’t act on judgement!


(Lapis scowled, shrouding herself in her cloak, everything below her neck was covered in the fabric.)


Lapis: If you’ll excuse me. I need to take some time, alone.


(Lapis headed to her bedroom. She understood why the others had rejected her idea. There was no evidence. The best they could do was to wait for the Johnsons to leave on their own. By moving away, or by death. Unless, they were taken out of the picture.)


Peridot: Honey?, Is everything okay?


(Lapis was brought out of a dark spiral, lightening up at the sight of her love. Peridot joined Lapis on the bed, putting her hand on Lapis’s shoulder.)


Lapis: Forgive me, dear. It’s just that… I’m sick of it. I’m sick of having to socialize with people like this! It’s just that… sometimes I feel trapped. I mean.. we have so much power! We are creatures of the night, powerful monsters who could change this city. Sometimes, I feel like killing people, sucking them dry and letting them rot on the sidewalk. But then I think of Steven, and Greg, and Pinka, and The Maheswarans and… you. Peri… you keep me balanced. You’re the Percy to my Pierre. I’ll always remember that.


(Peri blushed and gave Lapis a hug. Lapis closed her eyes, the wave of darkness had left, and she could compose herself.)


(Lapis returned to the planning room, surprised to find that the others were wrapping up.)


Lapis: Sorry about that, did I miss anything?


Spinel: Not really. We decided just to ignore em.


(Lapis was about to respond, when she realized something.)


Lapis: Where is Pumpkin?


Peridot: Playing outside, I believe. Last I checked, she was barking at some ladybugs.


Lapis: Well, she better come back, soon. I don’t want any trouble from Karen and Phil.


(Even though it was only 4 in the afternoon, it was already starting to get dark. By 5:30, it was pitch black. Peridot was fretting, pacing back and forth, while Lapis had grown angry.)


Peridot: It’s been over an hour!, Pumpkin would’ve come back by now!


Lapis: What if…


(A panicked barking sound could be heard, it continued for a few seconds, before being abruptly silence. Rushing to the window, Peridot and Lapis could see the Johnsons, dragging Pumpkin inside their house.)


Peridot: They didn’t! How could they!


(Lapis’s eyes began to glow, her hands formed into fists, and her voice sounded calm, yet furious.)


Lapis: I’m going.


Peridot: Don’t kill them!


Lapis: I’ll try not to.


(With that, she was gone.)


(Karen and Phil had gotten the orange dog into their living room. Pumpkin was visibly nervous, whimpering and shaking. The beagle next to her was clearly mistreated, it was bony and frail. Lapis had snuck into their house. She looked at the mutt and frowned, feeling sorry for the other animal.)


Karen: Keep her quiet, Phil! They’ll hear us!


Phil: Get the shoe. Maybe that will shut this thing up!


(The lights went out, leaving the duo in complete darkness. Pumpkin began to calm down, recognizing her mother’s scent. Ominous and menacing laughter began to echo around the room. The air became very cold, as a dark figure with red glowing eyes appeared in front of the couple. The light of a candle revealed the creature to be none other than Lapis Del Mare. A warm red substance dripped from her fangs.)


Lapis: Thought you could take her from us, didn’t you? How pathetic.




(Lapis giggled upon seeing Phil’s shocked expression.)


Lapis: I thought it was obvious! I am Lapis Del Mare, Vampire. And so are my friends.


(Karen had grabbed a knife from the kitchen, trembling as she held the blade to Lapis’s neck.)


Karen: W-We’re not afraid of you!


(Lapis smiled, and chuckled at the comment.)


Lapis: Is this better?


(Her fangs became razor sharp, her nails transforming into claws, shapeshifting into a demonesque bat-like creature. Despite her hulking form, her voice remained quiet, yet menacing. The Johnsons froze on the spot, too scared to speak.)


Lapis: Drop the dog.


(Phil complied, letting Pumpkin run to her mother.)


Lapis: Now… leave this place, and never return. Before we make you leave.


Karen: B-b-but…


Lapis: I said…. LEAVE!


(The humans began to panic, and rushed out the door, got into their car, and drove off. In their rush, they had forgotten to pack their stuff, they were that frightened of this blue-haired monster. Satisfied, Lapis reverted to her original form, picking up Pumpkin, and holding her all the way home. She was surprised to find the other Sisters had trapped her in a group hug. Steven and Greg watched the commotion with confused looks on their faces.)


Peridot: PUMPKIN!, You’re alright! Mama was so worried!


(Pumpkin leaped out of Lapis’s embrace, and jumped into the arms of the tiny Dorito with fangs.)


Pearl: Peridot told us everything, we’re so sorry we didn’t believe you, Lapis.


Lapis: Don’t worry. There’s nothing to apologize about. I’m just happy that everyone’s safe now. 


Amethyst: What about the Johnsons?


Lapis: Oh don’t worry, They won’t be coming back anytime soon.)


(She was right, as those folk were cruising at 70mph, driving as fast as they could to escape Beach City.)


(The End)