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The Mafia's Dog

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He was beckoned to his superior’s office, to which he hurried to without drawing eyes. Fortunately, the hallways were empty. On the way, Akutagawa’s mind traced through the multitude of possibilities for this sudden calling. Could it be..?

Now at his destination, a brown set of double doors with golden knobs before him, the young man knocked twice. An answer, “Enter,” was all he needed.

Entering, he saw Dazai posed a tad lazily in his tall, black chair just behind his desk. His eyes were focused downwards. Akutagawa stood now in front of the doors with his hands held behind his back, waiting.


Taking long strides, Akutagawa did so, stopping right at the front of the executive’s cluttered desk, covered in papers and untouched folders.

“Akutagawa-kun, I’m booored,” the bandaged man whined almost childishly, now leaning back in his chair, head raised to the ceiling. Dazai slouched forward again and gave an order, “Akutagawa-kun, turn around.” Of course, the ravenette did not protest.

He heard a desk drawer open, the rummaging of its contents before the closing of it, the squeak of the other leaving his chair, and the clacking of his heels on the hardwood floor. In his peripheral, Akutagawa saw hands, but it was cold metallic that he felt brisk the fragile skin of his slender neck, accompanied by what felt like rough, thick leather. What followed was the jingle of a bell.

“Look at me.”

He did just so, staring up at his superior and seeing a smile grow.

“Ah.. you look rather cute,” the brunette complimented, slipping a finger under the collar and tugging it a bit, bell ringing, “I wanted to see you outside work and business, but I didn’t want our time to be spent with something typical and boring. I saw a young woman walking her dog this morning, and funnily enough, it made me think of you.”

There was no way for him to know where this was heading exactly, the other man was far too unpredictable, but Akutagawa still had an inkling. He was the Port Mafia’s dog after all, even back in the slums when he was a child he was given the name “Silent Rabid Dog.” The word continuously followed him.


“...What is it that you wish to have me do?” There was no point in postponing.

“Hm, well.. little doggies gotta beg, no~? On your knees.”

In compliance, Akutagawa knelled. As he did, he could hear the unbuckling of a belt. Looking up, he was met with the head of Dazai’s cock.

“That’s not begging~ Hands up.”

The ravenette raised his hands, posing them as a dog would. He stared up with big, dark eyes into dull bronze ones.

He felt the tip touch his lips.

“Go on.”

First he did was kiss it a few times before taking the end between his lips to suck. He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to use his hands, to remove them from how they were posed, so he kept to only his mouth. He was quite noisy with it, something he knew that the other liked. Another, was keeping eye contact.

“That’s it.. Good boy.” He received a pet, a gentle ruffling of his hair.

“Mmph...” Hearing that had his own member hardening. That’s all it took.

Akutagawa’s mouth was full now. His skilled tongue worked the brunette’s length just as he liked it, having done this plenty of times to know. He maneuvered his jaw in just the right way to have his teeth brisk the delicate skin. He bobbed his head in the appropriate patterns and speeds. It was all deeply ingrained into him over the past few years. At this point, it had become second nature.

Dazai’s hand held his head then, strangely gentle, and pulled him off by his hair making the bell ring. That same hand traveled down to grasp his jaw. A thumb wiped off a bit of drool that had made its way on his chin. Akutagawa stared up expectantly, waiting for the next order.

“Ready for your next treat~?” was what he got, to which he responded with a nod.

“Good. Get in position.”

He was quick to stand, remove his signature black coat, and clean the desk enough so he had a place to lay. Akutagawa undid his pants with an unintentional sigh. His pants had gotten unbearably tight, but even this much wasn’t enough. He bent over the desk then, figuring if he was a “dog”, that the other would want to fuck him like one, too. Beside him, he heard a drawer open and close. He pulled at his waistband to start lowering his pants, but he felt hands jerk them down abruptly instead. He couldn’t help the surprised jolt he gave at it, followed by a whimpery moan as his fully erect cock sprung free already leaking.

The cold air brushing his newly exposed skin gave him goosebumps and a light shiver. Didn’t help that he felt hands fondle him, none too warm either. Nor the liquid that was being used to coat his entrance. He couldn’t help but squirm and act pathetic, especially when he felt something go inside.

“Aah, Dazai-san!”

One became two, became three. Dazai’s fingers took claim and stretched his little subordinate out as he pleased. Once satisfied, he removed them, causing the man beneath him to give a shaky whine.

Akutagawa then heard something metallic. He discovered quickly after a click what the source was. He was yanked back by his neck. He gave out a surprised cry before a gag. Instinctively his hands shot up to hold the collar strangling him.

“There’s a leash law, didn’t you know~?” a menacing voice spoke into his ear before he was released, falling back onto the desk gasping and coughing, still holding his neck. Dazai behind him laughed as he reapplied more lube.

Akutagawa felt something warm press against his hole. He had his hands balled into fists under himself now. He spread his legs a bit further. He was ready. Despite the scare he was given, his cock was still throbbing with need.

Slowly it was pushed in, but only the head. Already, Akutagawa was breathing hotly again.


Dazai spread apart the other’s ass cheeks to get a good view.

“You take me in so well!” he commented with a grin.

He began to push in more, making the younger squirm and whimper again. The brunette couldn’t help but to laugh at the sight. He could never get tired of this, this view under him.

Dazai sighed when it was all in. He leaned over the boy who was breathing heavy, mouth agape. He purred in his ear, caressing back a bang behind his other, “You’ve been such a good boy for me. Ready?”

Akutagawa gave a couple quick nods.

Dazai straightened up. He pulled back his hips to slam forward. Akutagawa’s eyes widened as he let out a loud cry.

He laughed again, “Loud little mutt.”

He held his subordinate’s slender hips as he thrust, again and again, yanking on the leash enough to choke but not suffocate, and ringing the bell with each movement of his hips. Right from the beginning, he was aiming for the boy’s prostate. He made sure too that his whole length would enter deep.

Tears came to Akutagawa’s eyes. His knuckles turned white beneath him. The whole time he was not the least bit quiet. Something Dazai also liked.

“Dazai-san.. Da-Dazai.. san… Aa-aah.. Dazai-saan!”

He was precumming, dripping onto the floor. He felt so close, but when Dazai felt his own self become the same, he pulled out. Akutagawa whimpered. He couldn’t help the slight shaking from being empty.

Please, no! Don’t stop!

There had been times Dazai left him unfinished, forced him to leave with an agonizing tent in his pants. Ashamedly, he couldn’t count the times he rushed to a bathroom to relieve himself afterwards. Of no surprise, there were times where Dazai forbid even that.

Suddenly he felt fingers play with his loose hole. Akutagawa trembled, a low moan leaving him. The fingers circled around his rim, stretched him out, then were gone, but he felt a familiar girth push back in. It stayed there to disappear. It was a game of back and forth. His legs were growing weaker. He didn’t know how longer he could hold out before cumming.

To his relief, finally, Dazai pushed fully back in. After only a couple thrusts, Akutagawa came. His nails scratched against the polished wooden desk. Spurts of cum splattered under the desk, onto the floor beneath them.

The clenching around the executive’s cock finished it for him. Dazai pressed forward, deep as he could go, pulling the leash and Akutagawa’s hips back, to cum inside. He did a few more slow thrusts before pulling out. Semen dripped out of his subordinate’s twitching hole and down his thin thighs.

Back upon the desk, Akutagawa panted heavily, resting his cheek onto the cool furniture. He saw the faint scratches he left behind. He wondered how many times now has he scarred this wood? How many times has he soiled these floors? The bathrooms, the hallways, even alleyways… How many people have heard them, his screams and cries of Dazai’s name? In the beginning it was humiliating, just the mere thought of it all. Now, it was just generalized curiosity that he didn’t need an answer to.

Interrupting his thoughts, he felt pats on his rear, “C’mon now, that’s not a bed.” He was abruptly spanked, making him yelp.


Akutagawa stood up now, needing the desk for a moment to stabilize his weak legs before pulling up his pants. He could feel Dazai cum spilling out of him. It had him shivering. Later, he would clean himself, as usual. Fortunately, black pants were harder to notice stains.

“Clean up your mess then leave—Oh no, you keep that on,” the Mafia Executive gestured towards the collar that Akutagawa was about to remove.

“Huh?? But—”

“I know you heard me. You are not to remove that collar until I say so,” Dazai had gotten closer as he spoke.

Towering over Akutagawa now, he snatched the collar to pull it up, hurting the younger adult a little. He lowered his head, staring down with dark eyes into those wide, scared ones, and near enough to where their noses were just about touching. They could feel each others’ breath. Dazai’s stable. Akutagawa’s shaky.

Dazai gave his subordinate a small smile, sinister on the demon prodigy’s face. His voice was just so.

“Everyone must know that you are owned, my little pup.”