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“What the fuck is that?” Katsuki asked loudly, staring at the off-white, kind of dirty, weird-looking pillow in Deku's hand. 


"What's what?" Deku immediately turned around to face him, putting the obvious thing in his hands behind his back while looking at Katsuki like a deer caught in the headlights. 


More like a deer caught red-handed.


"Deku,” He started patiently, which was a feat only 22-year-old Katsuki could say he's achieved, “I just watched you walk into this apartment, with that thing I also just watched you put behind your fucking back." 


Said thing behind Deku’s back starts to move, causing Deku to sigh in defeat, moving it back in front of him. 


Wait, move?


“W-Well…” Deku stuttered shyly, looking to the tile floor before he looked back up at Katsuki with his big fucking green eyes. Shit, Katsuki knows that fucking puppy dog look anywhere. This isn’t going to go well for him.


“I was walking home from Physics and heard some whimpering…” Deku began as Katsuki was distracted by whatever the thing was in Deku's hand letting dirt fall all over the floor below from it. “And I went behind the building from where it was coming from and decided to go see if everything is alright, and I know you’ve told me not to go in strange dark alleys again but there was something crying and how can I call myself a future journalist if I can’t go investigate the source on my own but anyway that’s beside the point, when I made it there, there was this tiny box and I realized the crying was coming from there and decided to check it out…”


Deku probably saw the irritation making its way back home on Katsuki’s face because one glance and he quickly summarized and left out the rest of his reckless decisions. “There was this tiny dog, and he was cold and hungry so I decided to wrap it up in my sweater and give it my… uh… lunch.”


Silence enveloped them as Katsuki’s eyes went from his boyfriend to the poofy squirming ball of fluff, to his boyfriend again, to the object, to his boyfriend before settling on the apparent dog.


“That’s a fucking dog?!” Katsuki shouted, pointing at it. It squirmed in Deku’s arms at the loud noise, revealing a short stout, scrunched face and two pointy ears. Holy fuck that's a dog. “Why the fuck did you bring him here?!”




"And what do you mean, you gave him your lunch?! I slaved over a hot stove, only for you to give it to a mutt!?" Katsuki scolded, not unlike a grandmother.


Deku then looked at him dead serious. "Kacchan, he isn't a mutt he's a sweetheart and I love him."


Deku squeezed the dog closer to him, already a dog dad.


Oh God, don't tell him--


"Oh no. Deku." Katsuki said. Cautioned.


"Kacchan hear me out ok?" Deku started, holding the dog in one hand while he used his other hand to placate the blond who was beginning to have a brain aneurysm. "I know we are busy and stuff but he's a small dog and Ochako said dogs are good friends for stress relief and he looked so sad and stressed himself and we both have been kinda stress lately so I thought..."


"Deku. Please tell me you aren't fucking thinking what I think you are thinking."


“This apartment is animal-friendly! We just have to ask our landlord if it’s okay? I know he doesn’t exactly like us, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask!”


Katsuki groaned, still in mild disbelief. "How do we know he doesn't belong to someone?!"


"We can see if he does, but for now, maybe you know, we can keep him warm. Maybe take out for walks sometimes and snuggle on the couch with him when we or he is sad."


Katsuki shook his head. This was a stupid idea. Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility he doesn't think they can afford. "Deku.."


“I know it’s sudden but I did want to ask you first, but I felt like it was destiny for me to find this dog, look at him.” Deku pleaded, holding the dog beside his face for Katsuki to see.


The dog squirms a bit, looking a little worse for wear. Katsuki wonders if this dog even had owners, seeing as it was a bit scrawny and dirty if not obviously ungroomed. The only possibility that it did was the fact that it wasn't growling or attacking them instinctually.


Pomeranian, Katsuki also concluded, watching the light brownish fluff ball stare at him with beady little eyes. Deku immediately nuzzled the tiny dog’s face, small giggles leaving him as the dog squirmed a little in his hold. The dog looked like it wanted to leave immediately. Katsuki's eyes roam back to Deku’s too wide of a smile and his squished up cheeks as he squeezed the animal close.


He narrowed his eyes.


“There is already enough irritatingly cute in this house.” Katsuki found himself saying.


Deku stopped nuzzling into the mildly distressed dog, eyes widening significantly as pink spread across his cheek. 


He then slowly gave Katsuki a cheeky grin, “Did you just call me cute?”


Katsuki's face burns immediately, unable to meet the gaze of his 2-year long boyfriend. He gestures around him. “I was talking about this sofa. It’s ugly and we should get a new one.”


“Kacchan, we are in the kitchen.”


“Which the dog shouldn’t be in, let’s make that the first rule.” Katsuki changed the subject. But it was also the wrong subject.


Deku's smile grew bigger somehow. There was a reason Katsuki avoided going outside this early but apparently, he was living with the goddamn sun. “First rule? Does that mean they’ll be other rules for this little guy to stay in our apartment?”






“Ugh, you’re really pissing me off,” Katsuki complained, a little too tired and a little too in love to actually be pissed off.


“Oh come on Kacchan, you won’t have to do anything! I'll do all the work!” Deku declared, stubbornly determined. 


“That dog will die if you were its sole guardian, you can barely take care of yourself!”


“Hey! Just the other week I manage to eat lunch at a good lunchtime.” Deku argued.


“Deku, you only fucking ate lunch that week and almost expired granola bars you store in your backpack do not fucking count!”


“This is only temporary! If we can't take care of him, then we find someone who can, alright?" Deku reasoned, before frowning and Katsuki really hated it when his face looked like that, "Since most of my classes are in the morning and I only work 3 days out of the week, I figure it should work until we get everything figured out. But I also know that if you aren't comfortable I understand..."


Katsuki sighed, really hating the dejection in Deku's voice. It's been like this for a while, a peek of his underlying anxieties of their freshman year. Deku tries to hide it for him, but he isn't stupid. Especially because Katsuki knows Deku. 


Katsuki sighs, "How the fuck do you expected me to say fucking no when you look like that?" He pointed directly (and rudely) at Deku’s face.


Deku cheeks flushed redder. "I'm really not trying to guilt-trip you Kacchan. I know we both work hard and a dog might either be a really good or really bad thing. But I don't want you to feel unhappy or stressed out. So maybe--"


Katsuki squeezed the shorter boy’s lips shut with two fingers. He can't believe he's going to say this. "Deku. Fine."


"Vmat?" Deku mumbled between his squeezed lips. 


Katsuki rolled his eyes biting back a fond grin. "I said ...fine." 


Deku eyes grew bigger than Katsuki's ever seen it. It pisses Katsuki off because no one should have such big, sparkling eyes. This isn't some Shoujo anime. He puts a hand over them instead and Deku squeaks, suddenly blind, "--before you look at me like that. They're going to be rules..."


Deku nodded excitedly with his eyes still covered and Katsuki wanted to squeeze his dumb cute face. "Okay, Kacchan."


"I think it’s stupid to take in a dog but I don’t want you to look like I stole the dog myself from you all month. Well, figure out the schedule… but AFTER we check to see if he has owners. We also take it to the vet to make sure it's alright or whatever. I ain’t getting a fucking disease. We ask the landlord because I don't want his dumbass to go through our stuff when we are out again because he can't organize his paperwork. Then, maybe we'll let him stay. But it's just to test it out. If he's more burdensome to everything then we are finding him another place where they can take care of him. It's shitty but I'm not about to neglect a fucking dog, no matter how much you want to keep him Deku."


He removed his hand from Deku's eyes and watched as his boyfriend mulled over the terms and conditions. He's been trying his best to talk more and compromise with Deku, even if he wants to tell him that this was a stupid ass idea. Their past wasn't too savory with him being a dick when they were younger but he won't suck at being the boyfriend Deku deserves. 


But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to be difficult as fuck.


Deku looks back up to him, featuring softening at Katsuki's attempt to work it out with him. His face switched quickly, suddenly determined. "Yeah, okay. We can do that. But I'll also show you how much this will be a good thing. I'll make you fall in love with him too." He grinned.


Katsuki rolled his eyes, smile fond. He flicks his boyfriend's forehead. "I'd like to see you fucking try. So I guess fucking congrats I can believe you bought us a fucking dog."


The dog squirmed some more.


Deku's bright signature smile and eyes lit up his entire face. Katsuki had to squint. "Yay, you're so awesome Kacchan! Also, We're gonna be his dads!"


"Don't." Katsuki put his hand on his boyfriend's mouth, "Ever say that again…"


Katsuki felt Deku giggle against his hand, till he felt a kiss on his palm. Katsuki recoiled and pretended to be disgusted, "Gross Deku don't give me your nerd germs." 


"I'm the one who kissed your hands. There are a million germs on your hands." Deku said as he went to wrap his hand in Katsuki, moving to give him a proper kiss.


Katsuki leaned forward. "Bitch I'm fucking hygienic." 


Deku laughed as he continued to lean forward, until...


A growl.


The dog's face immediately contorted until it was an angry scowl, all teeth, spit, and gum. It growled some more.


“Oh!” Deku yelped, unfurling his other hand from Katsuki and pulling the dog away from the blond.


“Did that asshole just growl at me?” Katsuki shouted, trying hard not to fistfight a dog. He wouldn’t, really because he's not a monster, but if he was any more of an asshole he probably would just to teach the dog who was top dog in this house. Yeah, the dog is like the least threatening dog in the world but what the fuck was that?


“Kacchan don’t call him an asshole!” Deku scolded, holding the gremlin who was still staring at Katsuki like the blond betrayed him in an afterlife. Katsuki scowled.


“Well, he fucking growled and snapped at me, so he’s an asshole now,” Katsuki said, really not liking the angry dog in Deku’s hands and feeling a little betrayed that Deku defended a dog he's known for like an hour and not him, who he knew most of his life. “Let him go before he bites you, idiot.”


Deku frowned as he looked down at the mutt. He then, with all his stupid, stubborn bravery that Katsuki doesn't know why he's attracted to, reaches out his hand to pat the dog's head. Katsuki’s body tenses and he’s about to shout at his stupid boyfriend until he sees the dog visible relax albeit still wary.


Katsuki mouth gapes.


“He’s just scared Kacchan, he just needs someone to love him,” Deku says softly, petting. “He’s just misunderstood, Kacchan.”


“He’s a dog Deku, not a rebellious teenager.” Katsuki deadpanned.


“He’s so small… probably hungry and sad...” He ignored Katsuki, still petting the dog, “He wouldn’t hurt a fly…”


“Yeah, and he’s also dirty and probably the spawn of Satan, we don’t fucking know! And he can… he can bite the living shit out of you dumbass, then what?” He said, scowling at Deku’s scarred left hand that was still petting the growling dog.


Deku seemed to notice his line of sight and gave him a small smile. The green-haired boy stretches his arms so the dog is as far away as possible from Katsuki as he leans over and gives Katsuki a peck on the cheek. The dog seemed to calm down with distance.


"It'll be fine Kacchan, I promise. And thank you so much, you're amazing." Deku said earnestly, looking at Katsuki like he invented the concept of dogs himself.


Katsuki grumbled, thoroughly under whatever spell Dekus got him under. "Whatever, don't make me regret this."


"I promise you won't, you'll love him in no time!"

Katsuki, did not, in fact, love this dog.


Getting a dog was a terrible idea.


Katsuki was always fucking right.


And Deku was always wrong.


That’s how this relationship worked.





“Why the fuck is the dog lying on my side of the bed.” He said, not taking his eyes off his spot on their bed. It’s been almost a week that they’ve had the dog. After a visit to the pet store, some missing flyers, and the vet they still had him. 


They usually kept the little bastard in the living room on the small bed they had bought for him, as Katsuki did not want their bed to smell like dogs. However, The last two nights after a second visit to the vet (the shot visit), the little gremlin had been whining and pawing at their door throughout the night. Yeah, it sounded heartless that he hadn’t budged for the last two day but apparently that’s why he had a big-hearted boyfriend for. 


Deku peeked his head from under the cover, no doubt watching Katsuki’s patience evaporated right in front of his very eyes because Deku immediately hid back into the covers again, like a small child caught awake past bedtime.


“Alright,” Katsuki said, his tone a false sense of calm, and decided to move the dog off the bed himself. He began to lift the dog, (actually careful of his shot areas, alright?) until he heard a small growl.


Um. Excuse me?


"Hey, little shit don't growl at me! You can’t lay in the middle of our fucking bed!”


“Kacchan.” Deku tried to placate, removing the covers off of himself quickly. He got to his knees on the bed and reached for Katsuki’s forearm.


“Why the fuck did we buy that expensive ass bed for??” He complained, glaring holes at the mutt who was burrowing even further in the blankets. “If you ain’t gonna use it!”


“Kacchan he’s sad right now. He got a bunch of shots, and we had to leave him there, remember? It spooked him. Just come to bed.” Izuku said, now pulling Katsuki’s forearm to coax him into bed.


“Nope, he's not sleeping on the bed.”




Katsuki now glared at Deku. He doesn’t want to end the night with a fight but there had to be some boundaries here. “No.”


But then Deku’s face was suddenly pressed squarely into his chest.


“He thinks you're warm. Kacchan's warm.” Deku mumbled, nuzzling his face into Katsuki's chest and wrapping his arms around the taller males waist. Well, shit, Katsuki’s always lost these kinds of fights.


“I'm not a fucking blanket,” Katsuki mumbled but he was falling for it. Whatever this was.


Deku nuzzled further. "You're warm like a blanket."


"Are you trying to seduce me so I don't throw the dog off the bed."


"No," Deku said quickly, suspiciously, still leaning over the dog with his face buried in Katsuki's chest.


"Liar," Katsuki huffed, kinda tired, "Deku this position is fucking awkward. I need to lie down asshole."


“Then lie down.”


“I can’t the dog is on the bed.”


He heard Deku sigh from his chest and now he thought they might actually fight or Deku will fall asleep upset and he doesn’t know which one is more annoying.


But then Deku finally looked up at him from his chest. He looked really tired but he still gave Katsuki a sweet smile. “How about we put his bed in the bedroom, yeah? Telling him to lie here, but not too far away from us?”


Katsuki blinked, thinking that idea wasn't too bad. Or whatever maybe he's fucking tired and it has nothing to do with his weakness for Deku's sleepy eyes. “Fucking--! Fine. Just know you’re responsible for him if he scratches at the door in the middle of the night or if he pees in here.”


Deku smiled became brighter and Katsuki lats himself on the back for being the fucking best. “Okay, thank you Kacchan. You’re the coolest.”


Katsuki rolled his eyes, pushing back the other’s face. “Hurry up and go get the bed. You’re too tired you don’t know what you're saying.”

Katsuki woke up, a warm body curled next to him, and another at his feet. He complained about it for about 2 days till he finally just accepted this was his life now.

“Deku!” Katsuki roared, a common event in this apartment if you weren't catching on.


“...Uh, yeah?”


“Where’s that little shit at?!”


“Kacchan… What did I say about the name-calling?”


It was then that Katsuki barged into the living room Izuku was in. He paused a moment in his rage to access the scene before him. Deku was crouched down with a notebook in hand staring at the dog that was laying casually on their couch in front of him, with a dozen other notebooks surrounding them on the floor.


The scene before him shouldn’t be that odd but Deku usually didn’t crouch when he wrote.


"What the fuck is all this mess??"


“Oh! Kacchan!” Deku said brightly, giving him a huge smile. He was wearing Katsuki’s sweater again, little shit. “Just in time actually… I was thinking we should name him already."


Katsuki’s brain rewired itself so it wasn’t distracted by how warm and right Deku looked in his sweater. “I already named him and that not the point here-!”


Deku deadpanned him, turning back to his notebook, "Little shit is an awful name Kacchan.”


“Not when he does this in the bedroom.” It was then that Katsuki showed Deku what was in his hand. A wipe with dog poop in it.


Except Deku once again had his head stuck in his notebook.


“He's Fluffy, but that name would be too boring…” Deku began to mumbled.


“Are we not gonna talk about the fucking poop?!”


Deku continued to ignore him. “Poofy? No no, It has to be more unique!”




“Maybe something fancy, like Reginald…”


“Deku, he took a shit.” He paused, took a deep breath to quell his anger, “On our fucking carpet. AGAIN. Now’s not the time to name the gremlin.”


“Kacchan!” Deku said suddenly, the stars sparkling in his eyes like he did when Katsuki finally grew balls to ask him out (3 months after their first kiss). Katsuki was startled because that was not the next series of events he expected to happen. “We can name him Boomy!"


Katsuki suddenly scowled at him, and even though there was still poop in his hand, he said, “What are you, five?”


“What? No! Hear me out, look at him! Not only does he look like a tiny little explosion, but he also ‘booms’ everywhere on the carpet! Get it? Boom can be another way to describe pooping, but also because that was your superhero name when we were--"


“Shut up!”


"It's the perfect name! Boomy! Hey, boomy, how do you like your new name?" Deku cooed, moving a large stack of papers with scribbled out names to pet the dog. Before the dog would have scooted away from Deku's touch but now the little shit was his best friend, tail wagging while it nuzzled into Deku's hand.


Of course, it was, Deku babies the shit out of it.


"Don't coddle it, it shit on the floor! Look!" Katsuki stomped over Dekus papers, mostly because (somewhat) nice Katsuki had left the building seconds after this stupid conversation started. He held up the poop napkin to both Deku and the mutt's face.


It was then the dog started to growl again.


Katsuki growled back, like the adult he was, "I don't like you either, asshole."


"Kacchan! Stop it! He doesn't like you because you call him it and mean names!"


"Oh yeah, how will I ever get the asshole who poops on my carpet to like me." Katsuki drawled sarcastically, his teeth gritting in anger.


Deku squinted his eyes, "You're being mean again, aren't you?"


"I'm always mean don't insult me."


Deku frowned, turning his head away from Katsuki dismissively, prompting the blond to gawk at him at the audacity, "Well, I and Boomy are going to the bedroom, where mean guys aren't at and aren't welcomed..." He picks up the dog, that perches on the shorter boys arms like he fucking belongs there or something; his beady little eyes watching Katsuki as they walk past him. Katsuki glared at the mutt, trying to communicate his displeasure of the canine through his eyes.


"Oh." Deku stopped for a brief second, looking at Katsuki with an uninterested expression, "You still got poop in your hands…" He then walks away, a little swing in his hips that Katsuki can't help but stare at.


Wait he's supposed to be mad.


"Deku you little shit come back here! We need to talk about this shit!"

“K-Kacchan, stop!” Deku laughed softly, scarred fingers entangled in surprisingly soft spikey blond hair.


“Shut up nerd.” Katsuki murmured into Deku’s neck, continuing to kiss up to it, his jaw and the smattering of freckles on his forever round cheeks. “You asked for this…”


“Why cause I got a higher score than you in Physics…?” Deku laughed lightly again, and the light sound entered Katsuki’s body and warmth his cold, bitter heart once again. Like it has been doing all these years.


Katsuki scowled into the other's neck, knowing it looked pouty because of how fucking soft Deku just made him, “Fuck you, I’m still better than you at Calculus II and Chemistry combine.”


"Oh come on Kacchan that's not fair, you're great at everything!" Deku pouted and Katsuki wanted to pull his cheeks at unfairly attractive it looked on him. 


"Flattery won't stop me from kicking your ass nerd." He said but continued to kiss Deku’s neck and jawline, enjoying the warmth and little sweet noises coming from his boyfriend. Deku's skin is so soft and he smells like cinnamon and their cheap body wash and he can't get enough.


He doesn't know when he's gotten this goddamn sappy and gross.


But God has it’s been a while. 


They are always fucking studying and Deku with his part-time job caused them to have very little time for each other. Katsuki can see the dark circles under Dekus eyes, a sign of his continuous lack of sleep. Coming home, studying, and going to bed was their daily routine.


Oh yeah, and the little shit ball that recently started to take care of. Their free time was usually reserved for him.


Katsuki leaned more of his body against Deku's as he continued his attacks, causing the green-haired man to sputter and laugh in surprise until his back was to the sofa. Katsuki was now hovering over the other as the green-haired man looked at him with his big, too expressive, familiar green eyes. And maybe Katsuki fell a little more in love or whatever.


“Kacchan, I love you,” Deku whispered excitedly in the space between them, like a child experiencing Christmas for the first time. He wrapped his arms around the blond's neck. Katsuki decided to hide his involuntary smile with a forced scowl. Izuku laughed at him again, seeing right through it. They both take a moment to stare at one another but then Katsuki just smirks, giving in.


“You’re alright.”


“Kacchan!” Deku whined but kept his arms tightly wrapped around Katsuki's neck. Katsuki finds it hilarious.




Deku puts his knee on Katsuki’s stomach, trying to feign pushing away. “No more kissing me until you say it.” he pouted for added effect. 


One of Katsuki's hands lightly swipes at the pout. “Stop that it makes you look stupid.”


“You're stupid.”


"Deku," he threatened, his fingers now ready to attack at Deku sides. 


But then Deku pecks him lightly on the lips. A surprise attack.


Katsuki blinks. Then he narrows his eyes at the guy now hiding his face with his arms and laughing.


“You’re a little shit,” Katsuki moves in to escalate things because he very much wants to. Wants to spend all fucking day in with Deku and---




Suddenly, a puffy, miniature pillow blocked the entirety of his vision of Deku, causing him to cough when he felt some get in his mouth.


“Oh! Boomy! You up?"




The little shit wiggled its butt in Katsuki’s face causing the blond to recoil in disgust.


“Hey fucker get your ass out of my face!” He got up to sit on his knees and away from the little terror that was currently stealing his boyfriend’s face.


“He probably needs to go outside and pee!” Deku giggled as he was assaulted with dog licks on his cheeks.


“Well, he should fucking hold it. And don't let him lick your face.”




“Kacchan, it’s a good thing! It means he’s learning outside is where he uses the bathroom! That means I've trained him well!"


Katsuki kept glaring at the mutt, "what fucking training?"


"Potty training! When I'm home with him, I've been teaching him how to use the restroom outside. It was kinda tough but I did all my research, made some um, notes too. That way he won't poop on our floor anymore..." Deku said softly, looking off to the side guilty. 


Katsuki softens, just a teeny bit, but he's still glaring at the dog still licking his boyfriend's cheek. 


"Hey you little shit, it's my time with Deku, fuck off." He said. Outloud. Not unlike a child.


Deku blinked at him then grinned, “oh no, is Kacchan jealous?”


"Jealous, why the fuck would I be jealous of a fucking dog?!" Katsuki barked, grumbling as he got up to grab the leash and collar from the little hanger. “Come on you mutt, let’s get you to the toilet."


“Ah Kacchan, you don’t have to I could--”


“Shut up, I got it.” Katsuki grumbled, putting on his shoes, “You just wash your face and look pretty till I get back so we can fucking continue.”


“Oh okay, I’ll--” Deku’s sweet smiling turned scandalous, “Kacchan!”

But, he guesses not everything was fucking terrible.


99% of it was but there was still a sliver of something else...

Katsuki had received something he deemed a 'Deku message', which was a text filled with stupid emoticons and long unnecessary paragraphs usually pretty simple, that afternoon. 


So just to save anyone from that fucking enigma of a message, Deku had basically asked Katsuki to come to walk in the park with him. Katsuki was very much going to decline him, but then Deku sent him a picture of him holding his favorite hot chip snacks, and he more or less stopped by the apartment to grab his walking shoes.


But he also just needed a breather too, okay? Being crammed inside the library all day studying for midterms was nearly driving him up the wall. And shit, if he was doing his chemistry homework, he probably would’ve blown up a wall.


Katsuki casually jogged his way towards the area Deku said he was waiting for him. From a distance Katsuki could already see puffy dark hair and knew he found his target, also looking down to see a small dog tied to a leash. 


But that wasn’t what cause Katsuki resting bitch face to turn into a fully intended bitch face.


"I already told you I'm not interested." He heard Deku say loudly but politely, but Katsuki immediately caught on to the slightly annoyed tone of it. A man only slightly taller than Deku stood in front of him, leaning into Deku's personal space, where only Katsuki should be. His face isn't anything special, he's not even worth an 'extra' label. That'd be a waste.


Also if Deku, actual sunshine and kindness personified, was annoyed by you, you probably fucked up.


(He would know.)


“There’s a coffee shop around the corner...” the man leaned closer and Katsuki leaned closer to a murder option.


Deku leaned back. “And I’m going to have to politely decline, again.”


“Oh come on, I’ll treat you nice.”


Deku's face pinched in irritation and said. "... I have a boyfriend."


The man faltered a little, his own expression pinching a bit in anger like Deku cheated on him or something. "Oh so now you have one?"


"Well, I’ve always had one, I just thought me saying no 10 times would’ve been enough but it doesn't seem like it for you. You've followed me around long enough. Excuse me." Deku sassed back, starting to walk away from the other.


However, this dense motherfucker was relentless, "Hey, don't be rude, just wanted to talk!” And this time, the man got even closer.


Katsuki started storming off in that direction faster, ready to tell the guy ‘Hey asshole, fuck off and go find your own stupid nerd!’ but in Katsuki's current levels of angry it would probably just come out as 'fuck off'. 


Look, Katsuki was a sort of territorial guy. He doesn't care if Deku talks to other people and he never tells him who the fuck he can talk to because he wasn't that much of a dick, but he does have an inclination of getting jealous. And can you blame him? Deku is fucking smart and tough but kinda oblivious to people's impure advances. Once anyone catches his big stupid green eyes and charming smile, it's like all the creeps crawl from under the floorboards to take advantage of it... 


But this really wasn't about jealousy and Deku wasn't obvious at all this time. This asshole was clearly making Deku uncomfortable.

Well, not on his watch.

However, before he could say anything, he stopped short in surprise and a strange bubbling of pride he thinks fathers get when their son punches a bully in the face or something, because suddenly--




Their dog was barking and standing in front of Deku like it was a fully grown massive wall of defense for his boyfriend and not a small tiny sentient marshmallow.


“Whoa! Boomy! Calm down!” Deku cried, holding the leash tightly, probably worried the dog might bite the asshole.


“What the hell?" The man whimpered, backing up. You take this thing outside!” 


“I'm sorry! He doesn’t really like strangers close or--”


Dicks, Katsuki finished for him, his feral grin never waving as he jogged straight over, making sure to put his entire arm and body all over Deku when he got there. 


"Good boy." Katsuki grinned at the mutt below him, looking up to see the now scared AND enrage face of the asshole.


"Kacchan, don't encourage bad behavior." Deku scolded, still oblivious to the territory stare off that was happening between Katsuki, their pet, and a dog.


The asshole looked like he wanted to say something but was cut short by two different growls.




"Let's go Deku." 


He picked up the dog, only mildly surprised that it let him, and stormed off with his boyfriend in hand. Once they got far away, the dog leaped out of Katsuki's hand like it burned. Whatever his job was done.


"I could have dealt with that myself you know…" Deku complained, gripping his hands tighter in Katsukis. It was a little shaky. 


"Yeah, okay but like hell I was gonna let that douchebag encrouch like that... fucking asshole, all up in your space,"he mostly muttered to himself, feeling defensive of every asshole there were walking by, "And don't complain because if I recall last time you scared off that annoying girl that was hitting on me in the library."


Deku gawked at him, cheeks turning rapidly red until he was looking strangely like a strawberry, "It's-- I-- it wasn't like that! I was just telling the history of our favorite comic series since she seemed so interest in it!"


"Yeah, sure Deku. You definitely weren't trying to bore her to death with every mundane detail. It's okay, we'll call it even."


Bark! The mutt jumped around, looking back at Deku and him like hes intuned with the conversation.


"Look even the mutt agrees with me!" 


"Kacchan," Deku groans hiding his red face in his hand. Both Katsuki and the mutt continue to drag him away and made sure there werent any nameless creeps in a 5 foot radius.


Deku had been gone this week break to visit his mom and Katsuki definitely wasn't lonely or losing his goddamn mind because of it. He definitely didn't stare at the dumb selfies Deku took on the train like Katsukis never seen a train before, or the photo he sent of him and his mom eating lunch together.


No. He was perfectly fine...


(It was only the second day of the whole ass week!)


In fact, he was having a grand ol' time, not having to worry about his clutz of a boyfriend, or the constant mutterings of everything said boyfriend does.


Like right now, as Katsuki's brushing his teeth, he can imagine Deku muttering to himself about the task, about reaching the back of his teeth to when's the last time he's seen a dentist to some hero special he saw as a kid that had this cheesy jingle about brushing your teeth.


Katsuki snorted to himself because he can definitely picture that. "What a fucking dork."


Bark !


Katsuki looked down with his toothbrush still in his mouth. 


The dog was staring at him. Judging him. Katsuki felt his cheeks warm up.


"Shut up," he muffled, spitting out his toothpaste aggressively.


The dog just stared at him, not even blinking his beady little eyes. Katsuki frown deepened.




"Fuck off!" Katsuki roared as he stomped out the door, promptly ignoring the sound of tiny feet following him. 


Why couldn't Deku just take him again?


Something about not wanting 'Kacchan to be lonely' or something. 


Katsuki shook his head. The idiot. He's the one that needs a babysitter. Who knows what kind of trouble he'll get into.



He needed to eat lunch. He didn’t want to eat anything heavy but they didn’t have much in their cabinets either. He manages to grab a few ingredients to make a quick stew. They really needed to go to the fucking groceries.

"Fuck I made more than was needed," he mumbled to himself absentmindedly. He even realized he had set a bowl aside first then put his favorite salsa in it when he could've just poured it all in the pot while he cooked it. 


Did he really accidentally make dinner for Deku?


"Fuck!" He shouted loudly, in the quiet apartment, the spatula flying to the ground. Then he cursed because the dog was already running to come to lick it up.


"No you shitty dog, that has pork in it!" He shooed the dog away, grabbing some napkins and crouched down to clean up the mess. 


He really can't believe how ridiculous he's behaving. It's literally one week without the shitty nerd and his brain just can't accept that. He means they've been around each other all their lives but there were times where they would go days, months without seeing each other, not to mention they've been dating for two years! Shouldn't the sappy clingy feelings have disappeared already? And since when did he ever have that sappy clingy feeling??


Katsuki rubbed his eyes with his clean hand, frustratingly still really tired. Now that he thinks about it, ever since they started this hard semester of college, they haven't really been away from each other that long. Let alone a week. Usually, they'd come home to each other and complain to one another about everything and nothing.


Katsuki frowned, still staring at the mess he hadn't finished wiping up until he felt something soft nudge his hand. He looked down at it to see the dog staring at him with his tiny creepy eyes. And maybe they weren't that creepy … maybe when they blinked they looked kinda cute. And the fur was pretty soft.


"Little shit," he said, but It came out more fondly than he would like. He absentmindedly was going to start to pet the dog but stopped mid-move.


He looks at his hovering hand. 


Wait, what the fuck is he doing??


No, he is not falling for this shit.


Just because he's a little stress and the dog had soft hair doesn't mean that he will be accepting this asshole anytime soon.


"I'm not falling for it you little shit. Think you're so clever, huh? Well jokes on you, I don't lose."


The dog blinked his beady eyes at him, then moved to gently lick at its paw. Fuck shit.


"Nope!" He shouted, hands up, moving hastily to the living room. Then he came stomping back because he was in the kitchen to eat the food he just made and still had to finish cleaning the mess.


"I'm winning you asshole just watched." He narrowed his eyes at the dog, who kept staring at him as he aggressively finishes cleaning up.

A few days later at night, he woke up to a gentle nudge of his shoulder and a soft whisper of 'Kacchan' flowing into his ear. 


"Ugh, I'm sleeping." He grumbled and hissed like a lazy cat. 


He heard a soft laugh as he was nudged some more. "Let's go to bed. I'm home….. and I missed you!"


Katsuki reached for Deku's face, and in his half slurred brain he patted it aggressively. Kinda like he would a dog. He heard Deku sputter.


"Why did you walk home at night alone idiot?"


"I took a cab."


"Still stupid."


"I wanted to surprise you! Are you surprised??"


The dog finally started barking from the spot by Katsuki feet, happy to see Deku.


Katsuki scoffed getting up to now drag Deku to the bed. "...yeah."


And then one day he was the one who came home pretty late at night. The truth was he was planning on studying for an upcoming chemistry test, but he felt too annoyed to study at his stupid group's apartment. It had been a long week and while he could tolerate these assholes more than others, today just wasn't a good day. So he decided last minute to just go home, unannounced and pretty late.


He knows he's told Izuku that he was going to not show up that night, planning on staying over at Kirishima's and Kaminaris because of the late-night studying, so he expected Deku to be asleep already. Actually, he scolded the nerd until he agreed to go to sleep at a reasonable time.


So when he made it into their apartment, he was annoyed to see the TV in the living room still on. 


That little shit, I told him to actually sleep today. Katsuki thought to himself, ready to give his idiot boyfriend a much-needed lecture. He set his bags down, rather loudly because he wasn't that much of an ass and wanted to give his boyfriend a headstart, and stomped his way through the entryway.


But when he reached the couch, he stopped in his tracks. 


Deku was curled up at Katsukis side of the couch (yeah they had sides, sue them). He was wearing his favorite overworned, too big, and definitely needed to be trashed hoodie. Also, he was definitely wearing only one sock. 


But none of that was what caught Katsuki's eyes.


Even with just the TV's light, Katsuki could see Deku's cheeks were wet, and redness around his eyes and nose told Katsuki he had been crying here alone.




Crying isn't unusual for the dark-haired boy. Since they were in diapers, Deku was always sensitive or like what Deku's mom likes to say, 'very intuned with his emotions'. Basically, he was a goddamn crybaby. In fact, Deku once cried during a commercial that ended up being about painting for a house. It was easy for him to cry, much to Katsuki's annoyance. But those tears usually were out in the open, ridiculous tears that Katsuki after he pulled that stick from his ass, fondly expected. 


These tears here, however, were hidden tears, pained tears, stressed tears.


The tears that Katsuki hated the most.


Katsuki sighed, moving to kneel down to get a better look at Deku's face. 'Annoying', he thought as he moved up his hand to smooth back Dekus curls. He knows Deku can't help it, but he wishes the idiot would just call him when it became too much. They both work hard to succeed and strive, but they both handle stress differently. Bakugou was more conserved, though he was a lot more irritated until it burst out in one go, usually in angry and frustrated tears. And usually when he was with Deku. Deku however, pretended everything was fine until he was alone so he wouldn't burden anyone to cry his fucking eyes out.


It was a result of isolation in his childhood from lots of people. Their childhood. That's why Katsuki didn't push him. But sometimes he really wishes Deku wouldn't hide it from him.


Katsuki sighed and move to get Deku from the couch. He was going to get a damn sore neck if he kept laying like that.


As he begins to move Deku, he catches a glimpse of a puff of fur. It was snuggled in Deku's arms and popped its head out when it felt movement. 


Well, that explains why Izuku was actually asleep and not still awake from his usual anxiety he gets when he cries like this. 


At least he wasn't completely alone.


Katsuki made eye contact with the dog, and there was this weird understanding Katsuki will later blame on the late night. There was concern the mutt's eyes, and while Katsuki expected the dog to growl like he usually does when he's disturbed from sleep, he actually moves out of the way so Katsuki could grab Deku better.




Katsuki shook his head. He was more out of it then he thought. He slid his arms under Dekus shoulders to lift the other in a surprisingly gentle manner. He felt Deku squirm from the movement.


"Deku," Katsuki said roughly, but there was an attempt of gentleness hed give no one else.


"Mmm?" Deku slowly blinked his eyes open.


"Let's go to bed."


A beat. "Kacchan’s home?"


Katsuki bites back a smile at the soft and babyish language. "Yeah, dummy. I canceled it."


Another beat. "Oh... Im.."


"We'll talk about it tomorrow."




Izuku moves to get up, and Katsuki helps him. 


And maybe when the lay curled together in bed, Katsuki doesn't complain when another curls up by his back.


And sometimes Deku stupid determination defeated all odds and proved him completely wrong.


But he’d never admit that shit.

It was a few nights before summer vacation. What he first heard was the sound of the door being disturbed. That should have been enough to get up off the bed but 2 all-nighters made the pull of sleep more appealing than the fact that there was now the sound to the front door being open. He almost decided to close his eyes again but then he heard a sharp gasp from somewhere beside him and he suddenly jumped up. 


“What the--”


Before he could finish, there was the sound of stuff being moved around from the other side of the front door.


“Kacchan..?” He heard Deku whisper beside him, worry in his tone. 


“Shhh.” Katsuki shushed him, eyes still fixated on their door as if it could help him hear better. 


There was more scuffling before more voices can be heard. Several voices. Katsuki began to remove the covers from his body. He looked to the dog laying comfortably at the foot of the bed. 


Absolutely the worst dog in history.


“Holy shit Kacchan I think someone’s in our apartment. Actually, it sounds like several people. Like several robbers. Oh my God-- there are robbers in our apartment.” Deku panicked/whispered/yelled.


“Which is all the more reason you should shut up and help me find the fucking bat.” Katsuki hiss-whispered, but despite his harsh words, cupped his boyfriend’s cheeks in a stern but gentle manner. “You look in the closet there and Ill under the bed. Also, do you have your phone? We need to call the cops.”


Deku nodded his head, calmed by the hand on his cheeks before moving to get up with his face etched with determination. “Yeah, you’re right. I'll just grab my phone and--”


Deku stared at the bed in horror. Katsuki patted the hand that was on the other’s cheek to get the other’s attention.


“Deku, what the fuck is--”


Deku whipped his head up out of Katsuki’s hand to look at the blond in dread, voice a harsh whisper. “Kacchan, we both left our phone’s charging in the living room."


Oh yeah because their fucking landlord had yet to fix the plugs in their room.


“What the shit are you-- fuck goddammit I hate this stupid goddamn apartment!”


Deku gestured his hands wildly like a madman. “This is why I said we should’ve kept the landline Kacchan!”


Katsuki glared, gesturing wilding back. “This is the 21st century Deku, only old grannies and our parents have landlines.”


“Well, that’s because they want to be prepared in case they get robbed, Kacchan!”


“That makes no fucking sense Deku!”


“But what would make sense is us having a house phone!”


Katsuki narrowed his eyes, pointing an aggressive finger towards Deku. “If we weren’t being robbed right now I would make you sleep on the fucking couch for the sass.”


Deku crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly. “You like my sass Kacchan, you just won’t admit you were wrong here.”


“I’m never wrong.” He said, definitely wrong sometimes.


There was a distinct squeak that living 2 years in the same apartment that would immediately grab their attention. 


“Oh no Kacchan, I think they are coming to our room...” Deku fretted.


Katsuki got the bat from under the bed and move to stand in front of the shorter boy. “Then stay the fuck back.”


Deku then got in front of him, the lamp from their nightstand now in his hand, “No you stay back.”


“Deku, I don’t have time to argue about this, back!”


“And you are a fool if you think I’m going to let them hurt my Kacchan!” Deku frowned, standing his guard beside him.


Katsuki’s face heated against his will, feeling like the emotionally constipated awkward lovestruck but confused teenager only Deku was capable of bringing out. “D-Deku, shut the fuck up, you idiot. Do I look fucking weak? Besides, knowing you, you’d probably want to talk them out of it and try to get them to tell you about their feelings.”


“Hey! It works sometimes. Maybe they had a tough home life!”


Katsuki looked at him, dumbfounded. “See, this is Exactly the fucking reason you’re going to let me do the fucking punching and let me protect yo--”


The door swung open and Katsuki already started swinging, only catching a glimpse of the robber being a bit startled. Maybe they weren't expecting anyone to be home. Had they been watching them for a while?


The guy yelled, ‘hey!’ maybe to call for the other guys, swinging out the way of Katsuki’s bat.


“Get the fuck out of my apartment you shitty robber!” Katsuki barked, always ready for name-calling, regardless of the danger.


It was then that two other guys showed up, rushing for the both of them. Katsuki was already trying to swing, distinctly hearing Deku asking them what they want as he swung the lamp too.


They didn’t have any weapons, but were pretty big and manage to outnumber them.


Katsuki gritted his teeth at the 3 men in ski masks, like a bunch of stereotypical robbers in a superhero's origin story coming right them.


Why on earth did they want to rob a bunch of struggling college students whose fridge still hasn't been open in 2 weeks is beyond him.


As Katsuki swung the bat, protecting his home, his family, his space that these fuckers tried to evade, he watched as Deku swung too. However all too suddenly he watched in dread as one of the fuckers reached a fist as Deku fought another. He saw red.




Then there was a scream of pain.


 But it wasn’t from Deku.


“What the fuck! Get it the fuck off! What the fuck is it!!!” The robber who was trying to punch Deku screamed.


“Holy shit dude I thought that was a fucking pillow!” The guy still in Katsuki’s gasp said in wonder. Katsuki took his chance to punch him square in the face to get him to back away.


The dog growled, keeping his mouth clamped harshly on the elbow of one of the assholes. The man pulled at the dog, trying to get him off. That gave Deku enough time to swing his lamp at the man’s head in a panic, and with a thump, the man passed out.


The other two immediately started to flee, their dog chasing and barking them out of the apartment like he was their worst nightmare.


Which honestly, he probably was.


Their dog continued to bark at the escaped intruders as Katsuki and Izuku stood there for a while, progressing the lamp, bat, and the passed out (not dead??) man that was on their floor.


“Kacchan,” Deku said eventually in a way if you didn’t know him, would think he was laughing. But he knew that was the telltale signs of hysteria and very soon tears. Katsuki was busy poking the robber with a foot, making sure he was thoroughly passed out.


“Stop doing that Kacchan, they-- he's gonna-- gonna wake up!” Deku hissed whispered, gripping his own wrist in a display of nerves. Katsuki caught his distant gaze.


“Here,” Katsuki said, pulling in Izuku till he was leaning on his shoulder. The anxiety that had raised in his own body caused his body to feel tired and his breathing to be a bit difficult. Whatever. He kicked ass.


But having Deku near him and not on the floor like the robber soothed him.


“W-We gotta call the cops. Get out of the apartment...” Deku wheezed, burrowing his head deeper into Katsuki’s neck, still staring at the passed out man he hit in the head with a lamp.


“Yeah fuck let’s do that before the shithead wake up.” He declared, stepping over the unconscious bodies and out the door. He pulled Deku to follow him when he felt his boyfriend stand there staring at the robbers. Their growling dog following right behind them.


Katsuki looked around their completely trashed living room. “All my fucking shit-”




“Why the fuck did they even rob us, huh? They had to know that there were piss poor college students living in this shithole. What they should steal is our student debt--




“I can't believe they fucking escaped! I told that fucking asshole landlord that this place needed security. For fuck sake, the people next sell--”




Deku interlaced his hands with his own, calming his panic. “We are okay now. It’s just stuff. Let’s go outside and ask the neighbors for a phone… okay?”


Katsuki looks down at the green-haired boys scarred shaky hand in his and wobbly smile, he looks down at the shaky dog who's still somewhat growling at the room where literal passed out robber was at. Yeah, they needed to get out of here. He nods squeezing the boy’s hands, “Yeah. Let’s go before I have to knock'em out too.”


“We’ll let you know.” The cop says, bowing slightly as he moves back to his car. The shitty robber was handcuffed in the back of the police car, half awake with a large bump on his head. Katsuki was a little peeved he wasn't able to convince the officer to take their landlord as well.


“Boomy!” Deku croaked suddenly, the tears he had been impressively holding finally cascading down his cheeks. The little dog yelps as the police let him go after accessing the situation and danger, running towards them in blind excitement. Deku crouches down, petting and rubbing the dog immediately. "You were such a good boy! Such a good boy, you protected us!"


Katsuki found himself grinning, crouching down too in front of the small dog as it yipped at him. “You’re still an annoying bastard.”


Deku stands up immediately, upset. “Kacchan, don’t call him that!”


“But you kicked ass I guess. And I'll let you pass since you protected our Deku.” He says to the dog, before glancing at his boyfriend who was now gawking, cheeks red.


 “Hey! I-I was the one that k-knocked him out...” Deku trailed off, his gaze never leaving Katsuki's own red gaze on him as the blond picked up the dog with a surprisingly gentle smile. Deku's face turned even redder as he looked down in his shoes, only momentarily pulled out when he felt Katsuki put the dog in one of his arms as he grabbed the other's free hand. They can probably use some late-night noodles they can pick before they have to go back and clean up the mess.


“You’re alright.”


“Kacchan,” Deku whined but then smiled mischievously. “If you’re not going to admit you love me at least admit you like Boomy.”


He sighs, looking at the dog in his Deku’s hands. He lets go of Deku to put both his hands on both the dog’s and Deku’s head. He ruffles their hair.


“You guys are alright.”