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Signs of affection

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Prompt: Accidental / unguared signs of affection


It was kind of cute, Ty had to admit. Anders was trying so hard not to show he was hopelessly in love with the odd Irish vampire, but there were so many signs that everyone who looked could see how he really felt.

You could see it in the way he placed himself between Axl and Mitchell, always on his guard for his youngest brother’s tendency for violence.

It was obvious in the way he surveyed the room for mortals, and blood, to keep Mitchell out of temptation’s way.

It became especially clear when Mitchell laughed,  because then Anders would always look his way, his eyes softening and a matching smile appearing.

Even Mike’s sneering disapproval was met with a shrug and a middle finger. No verbal warfare or drama, just acceptance that Mike would never approve anyway.

No, Anders did not show his affection in a traditional way,  but Mitchell knew of his love anyway.