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When our worlds collide

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„It’s not a good idea, hyung,“ Jeongguk shook his head: “I don’t even know anyone there.”

“You know me and half of the school will be there,” Namjoon replied.

“Yeah, half of the school that has no idea who I am,” the younger snorted, adjusting the backpack on his shoulder.

“Well, that can change, the party is perfect opportunity for you to get to know those people,” Namjoon didn’t give up: “Come on, I’m not gonna lie, those parties are usually pretentious and boring but it can be also fun and you going with me would surely help.”

“Your boyfriend is coming, isn’t he? Just go with him,” Jeongguk sighed: “Hyung, you know I don’t like these pompous parties of yours. No one gives a fuck about me here in this school, no one knows my name because my parents aren’t Seoul’s high society.”

They were attending private college, Namjoon was a year older than him and he was actually like the only person here who he became friends with, which was really sad, considering he was a junior now. But like he said, his family wasn’t the local nobility, he was going to this school just because his parents saved money to give him good education and future. But ninety percent of students here were from filthy rich families. And he was talking rich rich, like I-can-wear-different-expensive-brand-clothes-every-day rich. Everyone here was born with golden spoon in their mouth and their parents were rich enough for neither of these people to ever work.

The hallway was crowded as everyone was heading for lunch.

“I have to show up at that party, my parents would kill me,” Namjoon pleaded him: “I promise we won’t stop for long, one hour and then we’ll go out, we can meet Yoongi and Hoseok, okay?”

Jeongguk sighed, not really excited about the idea.

And then his eyes landed on him.

There with his two best friends was Kim Taehyung. He was one of the richest kids at school, his mother was famous fashion designer and his father was a lawyer. As always, he was with Jimin and Seokjin, his best friends. Seokjin was Namjoon’s boyfriend, they’ve been together for years but despite Jeongguk and Namjoon being friends, he didn’t really know Seokjin. The three guys were like mean girls of the school, cold hearted bitches that everyone wanted to be friends with. Namjoon was often telling him that they weren’t as bad as they looked, he’s known them since childhood, which was normal in their circle, all rich people knew each other.

The three guys were arrogant, snobby and insensitive but there was one minor problem – Jeongguk’s had a big fat crush on Taehyung ever since he saw him for the first time more than two years ago. 

Taehyung was absolutely gorgeous, he was truly beautiful, there wasn’t single flaw on him. Well, at least when it came to his looks because his personality was not so great. He was everything Jeongguk knew he’d never have.

“You know, Taehyung is gonna be there too,” Namjoon’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

“And? Hyung, he doesn’t even know me,” Jeongguk sighed.

“Because you never properly met, I am gonna introduce you. Tae can be quite…difficult sometimes, I don’t have any illusions about him or Seokjin and Jimin but, they are not that bad when you get to know them, believe me,”

“Hyung, he doesn’t even know my name. We’ve had some classes together over the years and I could literally count on one hand how many times he even looked at me. I am nothing,” Jeongguk looked over at Taehyung.

Just then, Lee Hong appeared next to the three guys. He wrapped his arm around Taehyung’s waist, pressing a kiss to his cheek, making the latter giggle.

Yes, Lee Hong, Taehyung’s rich and perfect boyfriend. Everyone knew that those two have been together basically since middle school. They grew up together and got together when they were teens. Hong was the perfect boyfriend for Taehyung, he had the perfect family tree, perfect bank account and perfect future. He was also a perfect douche.

“He will be there with his boyfriend,” Jeongguk pointed out, knowing Hong would go there as well.

“It’s…their relationship is complicated, they are together basically out of habit and because it’s expected from them,” Namjoon explained. That was really hard to believe, everyone knew they were the perfect couple of the school.

“Just come with me, okay? Like I said, just one hour,” Namjoon pleaded.

“Even an hour is a lot with all these people around,” Jeongguk groaned but then gave up: “But I guess I could save you from dying of boredom. We will meet Yoongi and Hoseok afterwards though.”

“Yeah, sure thing!” Namjoon beamed, happy that he finally got Jeongguk to his side. He’s been trying to get him to one of those parties for ages and this was the first time the younger agreed. Yoongi and Hoseok were Jeongguk’s friends, they didn’t go to this school, they weren’t from rich and important families, they were just normal dudes. Jeongguk introduced them to Namjoon last year and the four of them were hanging out quite often since then. Namjoon was the only normal and non-arrogant person here.

“Babe!” Seokjin called when he spotted his boyfriend.

“Hello, beautiful, how are you?” Namjoon smiled as his boyfriend approached and they shared a peck. To Jeongguk’s dismay, Jimin, Taehyung and Hong came as well.

“This is Jeongguk, my friend, remember him?” Namjoon looked at his boyfriend.

“Ah, of course,” Seokjin nodded, eyeing Jeongguk with open judgement and then looked at Namjoon: “You’ve always had a thing for charity cases.”

“Seokjin,” Namjoon glared at him but Jeongguk wasn’t really hurt. He’s met Seokjin enough times to get used to this. Namjoon said that his boyfriend wasn’t that horrible but it was hard to believe. Jeongguk could never understand how they could be together, they were just so different.

“Guk is coming to the party with me this weekend,” Namjoon announced and Jeongguk mentally groaned. Now there was no coming back.

“I don’t know if he’ll fit in there,” Jimin eyed Jeongguk from head to toe, cringing at his attire, immediately noticing that none of it was designer clothes.

“Yeah, well, I think we will entertain ourselves,” Jeongguk retorted with fake smile, eyes flickering to Taehyung for a second. He didn’t miss that Taehyung was looking at him intently but it didn’t look like he was judging him. It seemed more like he was intrigued by something and Jeongguk didn’t have a nice feeling about it. He’s heard stories what Taehyung and his friends did to couple of people, spreading false rumours and accusations, basically ruining their reputation. Not that he cared about his reputation here but he wanted to successfully graduate from the music production and have a shot in the industry. This was the best art school in the country and everyone here was a child of big names in every art department there was.

“We’ll see each other at the party, gotta go now,” Namjoon said his goodbye, kissing Seokjin before he disappeared. Jeongguk cleared his throat awkwardly when he stayed alone with the four guys, feeling like fish out of water.

“See you at the party, Jeonghoo, I guess,” Seokjin scoffed as he turned on his heel to leave, the others right behind him.

“It’s Jeongguk,” the younger mumbled but they didn’t hear him. He rolled his eyes, that party was going to be disaster, he could feel it.


“God, why did I even agree to go there? I don’t have anything to wear,” Jeongguk groaned, rummaging through his closet. Yoongi and Hoseok were lazily lying on the bed, watching their friend struggle. They were in Jeongguk’s apartment that he shared with his father. It was a small loft, nothing expensive, with lots of musical equipment and decorations around because his father used to be in a rock band back in the day before Jeongguk was born. His mother left them last year because the marriage between his parents hasn’t been the best for a while and she was a photograph and wanted to travel around the world to pursue her dream. Jeongguk was really mad back then but he stayed in touch with her, happy that she was following her dream. He was an adult now so it wasn’t like he needed to be babied around. Besides, his father was cool, they’ve always had a great relationship.

“How formal is it going to be?” Hoseok raised his eyebrow.

“Well, I can’t show up in ripped jeans and t-shirt but it’s not like a suit formal either,” Jeongguk bit his lip, taking out one shirt.

“Well, I think you can’t go wrong with black jeans, dress shoes, some shirt and blazer,” Hoseok shrugged.

“True, that’s enough,” Yoongi nodded.

“Yeah, well, I don’t have any expensive shit anyway so I am gonna look like the poor bastard I am either way,” Jeongguk chuckled bitterly. People from high society somehow had nose for cheap clothes, it was like they knew every single collection from every expensive brand and when you weren’t wearing that, you were immediately labelled as plebs.

“Why do you go anyway? You hate these events and people,” Yoongi snorted.

“Namjoon begged me to go. He promised to stop by just for an hour or so and then we will get out,”

“Namjoon’s been attending these events ever since he was shitting in diapers, I bet he’d be just fine without you. And it wasn’t the first time he pleaded you, so why did you decide to go all of sudden?” Yoongi pressed at his friend with a frown.

“Wait a minute,” Hoseok squinted at the younger: “Your little prince is going!”

“He’s not my little prince!” Jeongguk groaned.

“But you know who I’m talking about,” Hoseok grinned teasingly.

“Of course he is going, everyone who means something in this damn city will be there,” the youngest mumbled, eyeing a black shirt with lip trapped between his teeth.

“Oh, so you decided that diving into his world would help you get him, huh?” Yoongi looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“No I-“ Jeongguk protested but then he sighed, sitting down in his bean bag: “I don’t know what I’m thinking, honestly. We are from two different worlds. He was born rich, he wears designer clothes, he has a driver that drives him to school every day, he flies with private jets to spend summer in Europe or in yacht in Pacific...he was born to marry someone filthy rich, that’s why he’s with Lee Hong, they are perfect for each other.”

“Doesn’t sound like a relationship of dreams to me though,” Hoseok frowned: “They are basically together just because their families want them to.”

“You will be filthy rich one day too,” Yoongi smiled encouragingly: “You are studying the best school so you would get a great job and you are best friends with the son of the founder of Kim Entertainment, the biggest k-pop company in the country.”

“What the fuck? I am not friends with Namjoon so I could get a good job,” Jeongguk glared at him.

“Of course not, Joon is a great guy and I know you’re not using him but being friends with him can’t hurt you. You are talented as hell and he knows it. You know better than anyone that it is all about money and if you don’t have them, you need connections. Joon graduates this year and will start working for his father and one day he will take over the company, being friends with him is good for you. And then maybe you could have guys like Kim Taehyung,” Yoongi said it without sugar-coating it. Jeongguk knew it was true. He would never be truly successful without money, that was just how it worked in this world. And maybe if he was good enough, he could be good enough for Taehyung.

“Well, that doesn’t matter anyway, by the time I’d be at least little bit successful and rich, Taehyung is probably gonna be married to Hong and have like three adopted kids,” the younger mumbled: “We are not meant to be together, it’s just a stupid crush, it’s not like I would ever have a chance with him.”

“Not with this attitude!” Hoseok glared at him: “Come on, you are funny and smart and handsome, you can woo him even without money, just be yourself. Now let’s get you dressed and put some make-up on. I’d part your hair, that would look hot and some earrings wouldn’t hurt as well. You might not have designer clothes but we will make sure you are the hottest guy at that damn party.”

With that, Hoseok jumped to his feet, energetically going through Jeongguk’s closet to find something good to wear.

“You need to be more confident, Guk,” Yoongi patted his back: “Who knows, maybe that guy is not even worth it, maybe he is just another spoiled brat.”

Jeongguk hummed in agreement. The thing was that he didn’t have that feeling about Taehyung. Yeah, he didn’t have any illusions, he knew Taehyung wasn’t saint but he had this indescribable gut feeling that there was more to him, that what everyone saw was just a façade and Jeongguk wanted to look under it.


“Tae, looking great!” Jimin grinned, coming to his friend and kissing his cheek. He pulled back, eyeing him from head to toe: “Wow, your mom’s new collection?”

“You know I am her best model,” Taehyung smirked. For this party he went with new collection of his mother’s brand – black slacks with floral decorations around pockets and matching floral silky shirt. Only his shoes were Gucci, sue him, he had always soft spot for that brand.

“And you changed hair colour again,” Jimin chuckled, running his fingers through Taehyung’s freshly dyed silver hair, careful not to ruin the styling: “What did your mum say?”

“Hasn’t seen me yet but she won’t be happy, you know she is all about the natural beauty, always bitching about how I’m ruining my hair,” Taehyung rolled his eyes. Then he spotted a familiar face: “Speaking of natural beauty, Jin-hyung!”

“Hello, darlings, ready for the party?” Seokjin wiggled his eyebrows when he came to them.

“Where is Namjoon?” Jimin wondered.

“He said he will arrive later,” the older explained.

They were just chatting, grabbing some drinks. It was a charity event held by Jimin’s family. His mother was perfectionist, she was famous in the whole Seoul for having the best parties.

“Hey, honey,” Hong whispered in Taehyung’s ear, kissing his cheek. The silver head frowned when he smelt the clear odour of weed from his boyfriend but he wasn’t surprised.

Taehyung’s eyes fell to the entrance while Hong was babbling about something to him. He spotted Namjoon looking as smart as ever in Armani attire. His attention was caught however by his companion. He could tell even from afar that the guy was wearing some cheap clothes but weirdly he still rocked it. He had simple black jeans, black dress shoes and black shirt with dark blue blazer. His black hair was parted, one dangling earring hanging from his ear, light make-up decorating his face with big eyes and sharp jaw.

“Who is that with Namjoon-hyung?” Taehyung asked no one in particular.

“Oh, that’s the weird guy he has been hanging out with for two years,” Seokjin rolled his eyes. He knew his boyfriend was hanging out with this guy and other two dudes, usually outside of Gangnam, which didn’t sit well with him.

“Babe!” Namjoon smiled when he spotted his boyfriend, coming over to them and greeting him with a kiss. He turned to the four guys: “You guys know Jeongguk, right?”

“No,” Hong scoffed, eyeing the black haired guy.

“Well, now you do,” Namjoon smiled: “He’s my friend, he actually studies music production too and he’s really talented.”

“What is your family name?” Jimin quirked his eyebrow, staring at Jeongguk.

“Jeon,” he replied quietly.

“Don’t know any Jeon, doesn’t ring a bell,” Jimin shrugged.

“Yeah, well, it’s not really known,” Jeongguk chuckled awkwardly.

“I know everyone in Gangnam,” Jimin continued.

“I don’t live in Gangnam,”

All of them gasped, acting like he just said he lived on Mars.

“Told you, charity case,” Seokjin snickered at his friends. Namjoon glared at him.

“Anyway, have fun, I am gonna see the guys,” Hong suddenly said, downing a glass of whiskey.

“Stay with me, babe,” Taehyung pouted.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Hong rolled his eyes, smacking his boyfriend’s ass with a laugh. Taehyung shuffled uncomfortably, biting his lip to prevent himself from saying anything, watching Hong disappearing in the crowd.

“We will just go look around,” Namjoon informed them and grabbed Jeongguk’s arm: “That went well.”

“Yeah, it was peachy,” Jeongguk snorted ironically.

“They are really not that horrible, I swear,” Namjoon sighed: “Anyway, let’s have a drink and something to eat, the free booze and food are honestly the best thing about these events so let’s take some advantage of that.”

And well, Jeongguk didn’t protest.

There was a loud music playing and half of the people he knew from school were already drunk, dancing and laughing on the dance floor. He looked around, being reminded once again how different his world was from this one. This was just another day and party for these people, throwing money around without care.

His eyes slipped to Taehyung. Jimin and Seokjin were nowhere to be seen and he was chatting with some people Jeongguk didn’t know. He looked great, the silver colour made him look even more ethereal. But he didn’t miss his almost empty eyes and smile, it almost looked like he was just as out of place as Jeongguk. And somehow, Jeongguk felt for him.

Ten minutes later, the people around Taehyung left, leaving him alone at the bar. Jeongguk was eyeing him for a while, feeling pity for him.

“That’s a great opportunity to go talk to him,” Namjoon nudged him.

“I don’t know, hyung, I don’t really know what to talk about with him,” the younger bit his lip.

“You will figure something out, go on, he’s alone now,” Namjoon pushed him towards Taehyung and there was no coming back.

“Hey,” Jeongguk waved awkwardly at Taehyung. The guy eyed him with slight annoyance.

“Do I know you?” Taehyung suddenly asked.

“Um, Namjoon-hyung introduced us like half an hour ago,” Jeongguk chuckled awkwardly.

“Ah, right,” Taehyung nodded: “You go to our school?”

“Yeah, we’re actually in the same year, we’ve had some classes together over the years,”

“Oh, okay,” Taehyung hummed, looking over Jeongguk’s shoulder, making it clear he wasn’t really interested in the conversation with him.

“The colour looks great on you,” Jeongguk cleared his throat.


“The hair, you look amazing,”

“Um, thank you,” Taehyung got out, taken aback that he was actually flattered by the compliment: “My mother and lots of others wouldn’t agree with you, they’d say it’s too bold and that it doesn’t suit me.”

“I think anything suits you, you can pull any hair with looks like yours and will always look great,” Jeongguk blurted out before he could stop himself.

Taehyung felt his face heating up, eyes flickering down to his feet for a second before he looked back at the black haired guy and mumbled: “Thank you.”

Jeongguk was just staring at him, it was endearing seeing Taehyung surprised and shy. He was cute.

“Well, there is my boyfriend so I am gonna go,” Taehyung suddenly said, feeling awkward because Jeongguk was just staring at him.

“Oh, yeah, right,” Jeongguk nodded, disappointed. He watched Taehyung coming over to his boyfriend, sighing. Those couple of sentences were quite a win but it still meant nothing. It just painfully reminded him that he had never chance with someone like Taehyung.

“Babe, I think you should slow down,” Taehyung squeezed Hong’s shoulder, seeing him getting more and more drunk. He knew where it usually headed and he wanted to save himself from embarrassment.

“I am having fun, don’t you see? Just leave me alone,” Hong groaned.

“We should just go home,” Taehyung urged him.

“I said, leave me alone,” Hong snapped at him. Taehyung pulled his hand back, looking at the older with hurt expression. Hong was actually quite a sweet guy, they’ve known each other for ages but he could be difficult. Taehyung hated when he got like this. He sighed and just gave up, walking away to find Jimin and Seokjin.

He found his friends with Namjoon and the Jeongguk guy.

“What do your parents do, Jeongguk?” Jimin was just asking. He’s always been the nicest of their group, at least trying to find some common topic.

“Um, my dad used to be musician, now he owns an art gallery. My mum is a photographer,” Jeongguk revealed and then added quietly: “But she is away now, she left a year ago to travel around the world and work.”

Taehyung looked at Jeongguk searchingly, not missing the sad tone of his voice. He didn’t realize that before, since they talked only for couple of minutes, but he had sad eyes. That was kinda intriguing, Taehyung couldn’t explain why. Maybe because his eyes were often showing similar things.

They were chatting for a while and the party was getting wilder. People were laughing and drinking, some even openly taking drugs.

“Fuck,” Seokjin whispered and choked on his drink when his eyes landed in the corner of the room: “Tae, let’s go ou-“

Taehyung turned around to follow his gaze, freezing in shock. There in the corner was Hong, making out with a guy that probably still went to high school. He heard whispering and looked around, all eyes were on him. He felt humiliated.

“Excuse me,” the silver head mumbled, storming out.

“Tae!” Jimin called out but he was already gone.

Jeongguk felt sympathy for Taehyung and he felt disgusted by the people around, chuckling and whispering. It was nothing new that rich people loved gossips and scandals but it wasn’t cool if it hurt someone.

He went looking for Taehyung, not even sure why and what he’d tell him but he felt sorry for him. He found him on the terrace in the second floor. He was leaning against the railing, crying silently.

“Hey,” Jeongguk spoke up quietly: “Are you alright?”

“Peachy,” Taehyung chuckled bitterly: “My boyfriend was just making out with some teen in front of everyone but hey, what’s new, huh? It’s not like it happened for the first time.”

Jeongguk was taken aback by the information. He realized he knew nothing about Taehyung. He and Hong always looked like perfect couple in school but apparently reality was different.

“I am sorry to hear that, he’s an idiot for treating you like this,” Jeongguk mumbled.

“Who are you again?” Taehyung turned around, eyeing him with annoyance.

“Jeongguk, Jeon Jeongguk, I already said that,” the black haired guy deadpanned.

“Right,“ Taehyung rolled his eyes: “What are you even doing here? I don’t know you.”

“I just…I thought you might wanna talk to someone or…you know, forget it, you’re right, you don’t know me so why would you talk to me,” Jeongguk sighed: “I just…you shouldn’t let him treat you like this, you deserve better.”

“What do you know about me?”

“Nothing much but I think you are good guy, deep down,” Jeongguk shrugged. Taehyung was staring at him, taken aback. Just like an hour ago, he didn’t know this guy at all and now here he was, comforting him on a terrace.

“God, I hate these parties, I am sick of all the expensive food and pompous decorations and the people and-“ Taehyung started babbling but he stopped himself.

“Who says you have to be here?” Jeongguk smiled at him slightly, it was now or never, he had nothing to lose: “I mean…we don’t know each other but maybe that’s exactly what you need. If you want to we can go somewhere else.”

Taehyung was taken aback again – by the guy’s boldness and kindness. His eyes were sincere, which was something he wasn’t used to. He eyed Jeongguk, actually thinking about his offer. Maybe he was crazy but what the hell.

“Okay, let’s go,” Taehyung said.

“Wait, really?” Jeongguk gasped.

“Were you serious or were you just being nice?”

“I-I was serious, yeah,” Jeongguk nodded dumbly.

“Then let’s get out of here,” Taehyung felt suddenly rebellious. He was always trying to be perfect but he was so damn tired. Things at home weren’t the best lately either and now the thing with Hong, it was just too much. Maybe a night out with a stranger was a good idea.

“What do you wanna do? Say whatever you want,” Jeongguk suddenly grinned, eyes sparkling. He couldn’t believe it, was this really happening?

“I’d have fries, god, I haven’t had them for ages,” Taehyung groaned.

“Well, then you are lucky because I know place where they make the best fries in the city,” the black haired guy’s smile widened, revealing cute teeth.

“I hope you are not taking me to McDonald’s,” the silver head eyed him.

“Please,” Jeongguk snorted: “It’s not in Gangnam though.”

“Good because I am sick of it here,” Taehyung smirked, following Jeongguk outside. Jeongguk took out his phone, texting Namjoon: ‘Going out with Taehyung, will explain everything later, won’t meet with you and Y and H. Have fun.’

They took a cab because it was quite far away. Soon, they were walking down the street not far from Jeongguk’s home. He was watching in fascination Taehyung’s mesmerized face as he was looking around the night market.

“Didn’t know it was here,” Taehyung breathed out.

“Well, you’d have to leave Gangnam to know,” Jeongguk pointed out, chuckling when Taehyung shrieked in excitement, running to a stand with street food.

“I am taking you to have those fries, remember?” Jeongguk stopped him.

“But I am already hungry, just something small, come on!” Taehyung whined but then stopped, eyeing the stand with mild disgust: “God, I hope I won’t catch anything.”

“Don’t worry, it’s safe, “Jeongguk rolled his eyes, stepping to the stand, ordering two hot dogs for them and paying.

“Mm, this is actually good,” Taehyung mumbled with mouth full of food.

“You have ketchup everywhere,” Jeongguk laughed and without thinking, he brought his hand up, wiping up the corner of Taehyung’s mouth.

“Sorry,” Jeongguk cleared his throat awkwardly when he noticed Taehyung’s discomfort.

“It’s fine,” the silver head mumbled, blushing. He had no damn idea what he was doing here and why he was with Jeongguk. He was literally a stranger but weirdly, he felt really good with him. It felt like he could breathe more freely because this was entirely different world than the one he knew. It was one of the craziest things he’s done in a while but in a way, it felt liberating.

Jeongguk had his mind reeling with his own thoughts. He couldn’t believe it. He just went to a party and now here he was with Kim Taehyung, his crush of almost three years. He was cursing himself for not coming to a party before when Namjoon asked him but it didn’t matter because now it was happening at last and he was determined to get the best of the night even if it was their one and only.

“Still want those fries?” Jeongguk asked.

“You bet I do, I’m still starving,” Taehyung nodded excitedly, following the other in some dirty looking pub. He grimaced when he sat down on the chair, worried that he might get his pants dirty. But what the hell, it was his mother’s collection.

“Damn, you weren’t lying about the best fries,” Taehyung moaned in delight, stuffing his mouth with the fries. He didn’t eat junk food often, in their household, they ate healthy, his mother was quite strict when it came to watching weight.

“My mum would have a heart attack if she saw me now,” Taehyung chuckled: “I have always had problems with too much fat on my hips, thighs and ass.”

“I think they are perfect, you are thick on all the right places,” Jeongguk said before he could stop himself. Taehyung choked on his soda, staring at him with wide eyes.

“Fuck, sorry, that was really inappropriate, I probably sound like a creep,” Jeongguk groaned, cheeks heating up in embarrassment.

“N-no, it’s…thanks, that’s actually kinda flattering,” the silver head admitted with a blush. He looked shyly at the table, feeling weird fluttering in his stomach. He had never anyone told him that what he’s always considered his flaws was actually pretty.

“Wanna go out and walk for a bit?” Jeongguk asked when they finished the meal.

“I should go home,” Taehyung bit his lip.

“Oh, yeah, right,” the black haired guy nodded. He couldn’t help the disappointment creeping on him, this was it, his dream night was at the end.

“But maybe…we could walk for a bit before I catch a cab?” Taehyung added, making the other look at him and smile.

“I really had fun tonight,” Taehyung admitted as they were walking through the busy streets: “What looked like horrible evening was actually pretty good, thanks for that.”

“I am glad I could help, I mean…I am sorry about what happened at the party,”

“Don’t worry about it, me and Hong will be fine in couple of days like always,” Taehyung sighed, looking at the ground.

“No offence but you don’t sound very happy,” Jeongguk spoke up hesitantly.

“We’ve been dating for ages, that’s just how it is,” the other shrugged.

“Maybe it’s not the right thing though,”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Taehyung shook his head: “That’s how it works in my world, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk looked at him, feeling pity yet again. The life of the rich people looked always exciting from afar but he knew no one’s life was perfect.

Taehyung caught a cab, opening the door.

“I had fun tonight too,” Jeongguk smiled.

“Well…” Taehyung bit his lip, obviously hesitating about something: “If you asked me for my phone number, maybe we could repeat it sometimes.”

“Really?” Jeongguk breathed out.

“Just take out your phone, Jeongguk,” Taehyung rolled his eyes with a smile.

Two minutes later, Jeongguk was waving at the cab, holding his phone with Taehyung’s number in it. He laughed in disbelieve, looking up and shaking his head. Was this real life? He was afraid he’d wake up the other day only to find out it was all just a dream and Taehyung’s number wouldn’t be in his phone.

But when he woke up the next morning, it was still there and Jeongguk knew the night was very much real.

When Taehyung got home to their penthouse after the unexpected ‘date’, it was past one in the morning but to his surprise, his parents were still up, sitting in the lounge.

“Where have you been? It’s late,” his mother glared at him.

“Mum, I am an adult,” Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“You still live under our roof,” she retorted: “Where have you been anyway? I heard you left the party almost three hours ago.”

“I was with a friend,”

“And where is Hong? He was supposed to sleep here?”

“Well, I am sure he’s not heartbroken, last time I saw him, he was too busy having some slut’s tongue stuffed in his mouth,” the silver head snapped.

“Watch the language!” his mother hissed.

“Do you need something? I am quite tired so…” Taehyung sighed, wanting to go upstairs.

“We have something to tell you, your brother already knows so we want you to know as well,” his father spoke up.

“Um, okay,” Taehyung looked at them, suddenly uneasy. His parents shared a look.

“After discussing it, me and your mother decided to separate,” his father revealed.

“W-what?” Taehyung gasped.

“I already moved into our other apartment, but it’s here in Gangnam so we will still see each other, don’t worry,” his father smiled at him. Taehyung felt like throwing up.

“Is that everything?” the son finally spoke.

“Yes, go to sleep,” his mother nodded. His legs moved on their own accord towards the staircase that was leading to bedrooms. He heard his mother’s voice behind him: “And don’t tell anyone, we don’t need any scandal.”

He breathed out, stopping in the shadow of the staircase. It’s not like he was stupid, he’s known for years that his parents’ marriage wasn’t really happy but he never thought they would actually split.

He got upstairs, remembering his brother. He opened the door to his room quietly, walking over to the bed and lying down next to him.

“They told you too?” Yeonjun spoke up quietly. He was only sixteen, five years younger than Taehyung. They’ve always had a great relationship together, leaning on each other when their parents were fighting or when things got hard.

“Yeah,” Taehyung breathed out.

“You dyed your hair, did mum say something?” Yeonjun chuckled.

“No, she had different things on her mind but I am sure I’ll hear about it tomorrow at breakfast,” the older chuckled back.

“They are really breaking up, huh?” Yeonjun whispered and Taehyung snuggled closer to him.

“I guess,” Taehyung nodded: “But hey, maybe they will take some break and then dad will return.”

Yeonjun said nothing, they both knew it was not true, they knew this was it, it was over between their parents. Taehyung couldn’t help it but feel little helpless. His parents, no matter how their relationship was, have always been constant. And now his dad was leaving and they would be home just with their mother. The suffocating feeling that left him when he was with Jeongguk suddenly came back.


“Babe, how are you?” Hong wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s waist on Monday at school.

“Get away from me,” Taehyung grumbled, trying to push the older away.

“Oh, come on, babe, I am sorry about what happened at the party. I was drunk and stoned, I had no idea what I was doing,” Hong looked at him with pleading eyes.

“You say that every damn time, Hong,” Taehyung glared at him: “You know how embarrassed I felt? Everyone saw you!”

“I know and I’m sorry, okay? I will make it up to you, let’s go to your favourite restaurant tonight for sushi. Or we could fly to Japan, I will get my father’s jet,”

“I can’t leave now,” Taehyung sighed, his resolve to stay mad at Hong already melting. They’ve been through this before, they fought and broke up more times than he could count but they always got back together.

“Are you okay?” Hong frowned.

“My dad left, he moved away,” Taehyung said quietly.

“Oh, baby, I’m sorry,” Hong sighed, pulling him in a hug. Taehyung hugged him back, seeking the familiar comfort. No matter how things were between them sometimes, Hong has been his rock for years, he’s known about everything that’s happened in his life. He was glad it was okay between them.

“We can still go to that dinner, mm? You could use some distraction,” Hong caressed his cheek with a smile.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” Taehyung nodded, smiling slightly as well.

“Hey,” a voice behind them caught their attention. Taehyung froze little bit when he saw Jeongguk but he said nothing. He didn’t really want the people from school to see them talking together.

“Who the hell are you? Just back off, dude,” Hong rolled his eyes, eyeing Jeongguk with disdain. The black haired guy blinked, opening his mouth to say something but when he saw Taehyung wasn’t even looking at him, his shoulders fell and he just walked away.

Well, so much for his little fairytale. He was stupid to think things would suddenly be different. Maybe for that one night, their two worlds collided but it was back to the natural order once again. Taehyung didn’t have anything to do with him.


“I just don’t get it, you know? We had fun together and he even gave me his number but in the past week at school, he barely looked at me,” Jeongguk sighed, going through the CDs in the music store he, Yoongi and Hoseok were currently in. All of them loved music and unlike most of the people their age, they liked physical copies of their favourite albums.

Yoongi barely finished high school but he made name for himself as lyricist. Of course not in the higher circle of the society but he was still successful enough for him to easily pay the rent and save something on the side. Hoseok was a dance teacher in the local dance school, the two of them lived together in rented apartment.

“Maybe it was supposed to be like that. You had your dream night with your dream man and it’s over now. Like you say, your worlds are different,” Yoongi patted his shoulder.

“It would be easier to forget it if it was awkward or something but we actually had fun. I can just tell that he is much nicer than what he lets on. I’d just like to get to know him better,”

“Well, you have his number so why don’t you just text him?” Hoseok encouraged him.

“Hyung, I just told you that he won’t even look at me at school, he’d probably block me the second I’d text him,” the youngest rolled his eyes.

“I understand you are infatuated by him, he’s a pretty boy from rich background, it sounds like nice fairytale but, Guk, this is real life, not some romance movie. Maybe you should just try to forget about him and move on, just find someone from our background. There are plenty of guys who would kill for the opportunity to go out with you,” Yoongi looked at him pointedly.

“True, like that cutie who’s had his eyes on you for ages,” Hoseok chuckled, looking towards the counter.

“What?” Jeongguk frowned, turning around only to see the shop assistant. The guy was looking at him and averted his gaze with a blush when their eyes met.

“Seriously? You have never noticed?” Hoseok chuckled incredulously: “Guk, that dude is flirting with you every chance he gets. He’s nice and cute, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to ask him out and see what happens. When was the last time you were on a date or got at least laid, huh?”

Jeongguk hummed, thinking about it. It was true that he hasn’t been on proper date for months. He’s had some occasional hook-ups with some guys he met in clubs but nothing serious. Maybe his friends were right, maybe he should just try to forget about Kim Taehyung and look around little bit.

“You know what? You’re right, fuck it, I’m gonna talk to him,” Jeongguk nodded with determination.

That’s the spirit! Go get him, he won’t say no, I promise,” Hoseok clapped excitedly, watching his friend walking over to the counter with an album in his hand.

“Is that everything tonight?” the guy took the CD from him.

“Yeah, thanks,” Jeongguk smiled, eyeing the guy’s name tag: “Lee-hyung.”

The guy looked at him with wide eyes and smiled sheepishly. Jeongguk never really paid much attention to him but he had to admit that Hoseok was right. He was cute. He could be couple of years younger, maybe eighteen but he was definitely handsome and his smile was pretty.

“Listen, um, I’ve been going here quite often and-“ Jeongguk started, gathering all his confidence: “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go out sometimes?”

“W-with you?” Lee-hyung got out, obviously shocked.

“Yeah, me and you, on a date,” Jeongguk gave him a crooked smile and he knew he had the guy wrapped around his finger.

Three minutes later, he walked out of the shop with Lee-hyung’s number saved in his phone.

“Good job, gigolo, still got your charms,” Hoseok snickered when he and Yoongi caught up on him.

“Shut up,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes but he laughed. He felt actually good about what just happened, maybe he really needed distraction from Taehyung to be able to forget him and Lee-hyung looked like a nice guy.


Taehyung checked his appearance in the mirror. Hong promised to take him to dinner this weekend and he was actually kinda excited. It’s been a week since that party where his boyfriend fucked up yet again and for the past couple of days, he’s been behaving well to earn Taehyung’s forgiveness.

His phone buzzed and he picked up the call, surprised that Hong called him instead of coming to pick him up in the apartment.

“Hey, babe, are you here?” Taehyung smiled into the phone.

“Um, no, I’m actually calling to cancel,” Hong replied.

“What? But I am ready, Hong!” the younger groaned in annoyance.

“Sorry, I am at this poker game and it’s a wild one, I am about to win ten thousand dollars,”

“Or lose ten thousand dollars,” Taehyung deadpanned: “Why do you even care? It’s a pocket money for you!”

“It’s not about the money, babe, it’s about the thrill but you wouldn’t understand that,” Hong chuckled, making Taehyung gasp. He hated when he was talking to him like that, like he was a clueless pretty face with intelligence of an apple.

“Yeah, my stupid brain wouldn’t understand that,” Taehyung snapped: “You know what? Forget about it, I am gonna find myself a different company.”

He ended the call, leaning against the wall, groaning in frustration.

“Cancelled date?” Yeonjun called out from the staircase: “You know, hyung, we could hang out together, we haven’t done anything in a while.”

“I’m in no mood, Yeonjun,” Taehyung rolled his eyes: “Just find something to do by yourself, I am calling Jimin.”

With that, he left, not noticing his brother’s hurt expression.

An hour later, Taehyung was lying on the massage table in his favourite salon with Jimin by his right and Seokjin by his left. At least he had friends he could count on. He nearly moaned when the masseuse pressed on his stiff back, he really needed this.

Another hour later, they were sitting in Jacuzzi, sipping expensive champagne. Spa evening with his best friends was a really good idea, it helped him relax little bit. After being told about the separation by his parents and all the problems with Hong, this was like a balm for his stressed soul.

“I’m thinking of breaking up with Hong,” Taehyung blurted out.

“Tae, don’t be dramatic, one cancelled date is not a reason for break up,” Jimin snorted.

“Yeah, one date and hundreds of others before that,” Taehyung rolled his eyes: “No, I’m serious, it’s not because of tonight, it’s just…I don’t know.”

“What are you talking about? You are perfect for each other,” Seokjin looked at him pointedly.

“Perfect kids of perfect rich parents,” Taehyung mumbled: “Let’s be honest here, it was basically expected from us to get together since we were kids, our future was basically planned before we could even think properly.”

“What happened to you writing Lee Taehyung into your journal and babbling about how perfect and handsome Hong was?” Jimin raised his eyebrows.

“I guess I grew up from it,”

“I thought you loved him though, it was just a perfect coincidence that you actually got together,” Jimin shook his head in disbelieve.

“I did love him but I am not so sure anymore, like I said, maybe I grew up from it,” the silver head sighed: “I am still only twenty one, we were kids for the most part of our relationship and I don’t have to tell you how it’s been between us for the past couple of years. He cheated on me more times than I could count and it feels like we are together just because it’s expected from us. It feels like it was arranged, like I have to date someone from our circle.”

“Well, obviously, you can’t date and marry some poor idiot,” Seokjin made a face: “Look at me and Joonie, we are rich too and it works.”

“Yeah but you really love each other,” Taehyung glared at him: “That you got together was a happy coincidence but it’s different with me and Hong. Obviously your parents weren’t mad when you brought home Kim Namjoon but you didn’t get together with him just for his family or money.”

“Hong is a good guy, he’s got wild period now but he will come around when he graduates and he will settle down,” Seokjin tried to reassure him.

“I just…I’d want something different you know? I am sick of the dates in fancy restaurants, I am sick of talking always just about money, latest gossip and scandals and stuff. I want something exciting and I can never have that with Hong,”

“What do you want? A tattooed poor boy to ride away with on motorcycle into the sunset? Tae, it looks and sounds exciting but it’s not for someone like us. You know what happens to people like us who run away. They get disowned and most of them return back after realizing they made a mistake and marry someone rich anyway,” Seokjin chuckled: “Do you remember Gigi? Last time I heard about her, she lived in some mediocre district in Daegu in some small apartment with that guy she ran away with and has two kids. She is only twenty three, Tae, does that sound like happiness to you?”

“If that’s what she wants then yes,” Taehyung nodded: “Maybe I am hopeless romantic or I am naïve but I want some big romance like from movies, I want to meet someone who takes my breath away and who excites me. When I imagine I’d be with Hong for the rest of my life, I can’t almost breathe. Do you have that feeling with Namjoon?”

“No, we talk about our future sometimes and I am excited,” Seokjin admitted.

“I just want something real, not just for the sake of being seen in the society and being told what a perfect and cute couple we are. I want someone I can be myself with and have fun when we are alone, someone who cares about more than just business and stocks or where to buy the best coke for a party,” Taehyung sighed, looking up at the ceiling almost dreamily.

He was getting bored of the life he was living, it was endless circle of boring fancy parties and dinners and the same names and faces.

His mind drifted to the last Saturday, not to that party but what followed after. It was exciting to just walk around the street market and stuff his mouth with cheap but delicious fries. It was nothing huge or dreamy but to him, it was just so much. And Jeongguk was different than all the guys he knew, he didn’t talk about school or money or where to go on vacation, they were talking about just small stuff.

“I don’t know, Tae, whatever you decide to do, we will support you,” Jimin brought him back from his thoughts, Seokjin nodded in agreement and the younger continued: “But you need to be careful and really think about it because it can be something you might not be able to take back. Are you gonna throw away the whole future you planned with Hong just for a moment of feeling burned out?”

Taehyung just started at him. Maybe Jimin was right, maybe it was just some phase and maybe when Hong was going to calm down after graduation, everything would go back to that picture he painted in his head when he was fifteen.

“I don’t want to encourage you to something bad but…Hong’s been cheating on you for the past couple of years so if you did something like that too, he couldn’t hold it against you. Maybe these confused feelings would go away if you enjoyed some little affair or couple of hook-ups and then you would just get back together, happy as ever, just saying,” Seokjin winked at him. Taehyung hummed, he wasn’t fan of cheating but Seokjin had a point, if Hong could do it without any shame, usually in front of other people, always humiliating him, why couldn’t he had some fun as well? There were so many things he hasn’t tried and experienced yet and maybe they weren’t meant to happen with Hong.


Taehyung breathed in the warm spring air when he walked out of the school, leaning against the railing on the stairs outside. He had two free hours before his next class so he was contemplating what to do. Maybe he should just go look around some boutiques, they were not far away.

But then something caught his attention. He noticed Jeongguk walking through the front yard and outside to the small parking lot. He stopped next to a Vespa motorcycle. It looked old, not in that fancy retro style but like really old.

Taehyung suddenly remembered Seokjin’s biting remark from few days ago about driving off into the sunset with a guy on motorcycle and he felt sudden longing. Not to run away but to experience and feel something new.

He looked around to see if someone was still around but it seemed that everyone went either home or to their classes and the front yard was empty.

Before he could think twice, he quickly ran down the stairs and towards the black haired male.

“Hey, Jeongguk,” Taehyung got out a bit breathlessly.

“Wow, you remember me?” Jeongguk looked at him with wide eyes and sarcasm dripping from his voice. He closed his eyes for a second, sighing: “Sorry, um, hi.”

“Listen, I know this is gonna sound weird and stupid but…I have two free hours and I’ve actually never sat on a motorcycle before and I just…could you give me a ride?” the silver head blurted out.

“You need a lift somewhere?” Jeongguk got out, obviously surprised.

“No, not really, I just…I wanna give it a shot and ride,” Taehyung looked at the ground sheepishly: “Do you have somewhere to be?”

“Actually, yeah, I have something,”

“Can’t you postpone it?” Taehyung looked at him with pleading eyes but then it was like he suddenly woke up, it was stupid from him to ask something like this from a guy he met once: “God, you know what? Forget about it.”

Jeongguk thought about it. He was actually supposed to go on the first date with Lee-hyung, they didn’t have any special plans, they agreed to go just for a coffee but he didn’t want to cancel. On the other hand, the guy would probably understand and they could do it another time. He wanted to follow his friends’ advice and move on but right now, Taehyung was standing in front of him with big and hopeful eyes and he was so weak.

“Sure, I can cancel,” the black haired nodded eventually.

“If it’s a bother then don’t do it, please,” Taehyung said hurriedly.

“No, um, I was just supposed to meet a friend but I can see him another time,” Jeongguk smiled: “But, well, I have only one helmet.”

He bit his lip, eyeing the black helmet and then he handed it over to Taehyung. If one of them was supposed to die, then Jeongguk was the expendable one.

He saw Taehyung struggling to put the helmet on so he helped him. The silver head was looking behind his shoulder, nervous or uncomfortable to meet his eyes, Jeongguk couldn’t tell.

“What am I supposed to do?” Taehyung asked. He knew it was a dumb question but he wanted to make sure they were safe.

“Just sit behind me and put your legs here,” Jeongguk motioned with his hand: “And, um, grab my hips or shoulders to make sure you are safe.”

“Yeah, okay,” Taehyung breathed out, watching the other getting on the vehicle. He threw his leg over the Vespa, settling behind Jeongguk, putting his legs where he showed him before. He hesitantly put his hands on Jeongguk’s hips, glad there was a jacket covering him.

He felt his breath catch in his throat when Jeongguk started the motorcycle and he felt the vibrations under his ass. That was definitely different than sitting inside a car but it shot weird excitement through his veins. It almost felt like he was doing something forbidden and in a way, he was. His mother would kill him if she found out.

He shrieked when they suddenly started moving. His arms instinctively wrapped around Jeongguk’s waist, seeking more safety. He closed his eyes for a minute, not daring to look around but the wind caressing his body felt nice. They weren’t going fast since the traffic didn’t even allow it so he dared to open his eyes after a while.

He looked over Jeongguk’s shoulder, seeing the road running in front of them. The excitement suddenly multiplied and he was watching in fascination the objects, vehicles and buildings moving around them.

“How are you? Good?” Jeongguk asked over his shoulder when he stopped at the red lights.

“Yeah, great!” Taehyung reassured him. He was still holding Jeongguk tightly, not even realizing it and especially not realizing the effect it had on the man in front of him. The second Taehyung wrapped his arms around his waist, Jeongguk’s mind went to overdrive. He was focusing on driving but he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Taehyung was actually touching him and holding him. In a weird way, it almost felt like his arms fitted around him perfectly.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Taehyung exclaimed when they stopped and Jeongguk told him to get off.

“Did you enjoy it?” Jeongguk smiled, endeared by the silver head’s enthusiasm over something so small. He helped him to take off the helmet when he saw him struggling once again, not really mad he got to do this.

“Yeah, I never imagined it could be so fun,” Taehyung nodded and then looked confusedly around. They sure as hell weren’t in Gangnam anymore: “Where are we?”

“Oh, my dad has a meeting with someone and I promised to bring a lunch for him to the gallery so he can eat when he gets back,” Jeongguk explained. Taehyung faintly remembered that Jeongguk mentioned his father owned a gallery and his mother was photographer, travelling around the world.

They went to a small diner and Jeongguk ordered a sandwich.

Then they crossed the street, going to inconspicuous building. Taehyung wouldn’t have guessed there was a gallery but well, he was used to big, pompous buildings.

They made it to the highest floor without the elevator. It was locked but Jeongguk had a key so they entered. The place was rather small, just couple of rooms but they were spacious and well illuminated by huge floor-to-ceiling windows and even couple of ceiling windows, making the place look modern and still cosy.

Taehyung breathed out, walking over to a painting that caught his eye. Most of the art here was abstract and colourful, nothing like renaissance or impressionist paintings that were hanging all around the penthouse he lived in. He liked it.

“Do you like it?” Jeongguk asked from behind him, putting the packed sandwich on a desk in what was probably his father’s office.

“It’s beautiful,” Taehyung nodded, walking around slowly and looking at every painting: “I am a fashion designer major so art has always been close to my heart.”

Jeongguk smiled, unable to tear his eyes from the biggest work of art in the room. Taehyung looked as mesmerising as ever, looking like revived statue that came straight out of museum.

“Did your dad paint those?” Taehyung looked at the other.

“Just couple of them but most are from small artists from the neighbourhood that are trying to make names for themselves,”

“I will make sure to tell people about it, those paintings are amazing, they definitely deserve attention,” Taehyung smiled. Jeongguk smiled back. Like Yoongi said, it was all about connections and Taehyung offered by himself. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for his father to get some rich customers, he could sell some of those paintings for quite good money.  

“I should go, I have two more classes today,” Taehyung said after a while. Jeongguk was sad it ended so quickly.

“I will take you back,”

“No, please, you are in your neighbourhood, don’t go back to Gangnam just for me, I am gonna take a cab,”

“Nonsense, I cancelled my plans, remember? I am free,” Jeongguk refused. He had his own selfish reasons, if that meant he could spend another half an hour with the other and have his arms wrapped around him again, he would drive him over the whole damn country.

“Okay,” Taehyung smiled.

The ride back wasn’t as smooth.

“I would’ve paid the fine, Taehyung,” Jeongguk sighed when they got off the Vespa in front of school. They got caught by an officer because Jeongguk didn’t have a helmet and Taehyung paid for it, despite his protests.

“No, please, that’s the smallest thing I could do, you gave me your helmet and you gave me the ride without asking money for gas,” Taehyung insisted: “Money is not an issue for me.”

“Yeah, it’s not,” Jeongguk chuckled awkwardly because now he felt like the poor bastard he was.

“Thanks for the distraction, at least I wasn’t bored for two hours and the ride was awesome,” Taehyung cleared his throat.

“Not a problem, I enjoyed it too,” Jeongguk admitted. He didn’t miss Taehyung looking around nervously and he knew he was worried about someone seeing them.

“I…sorry if it sounds weird but…it’s been over a week since we hung out and you haven’t even said hi to me at school,” Jeongguk bit his lip, feeling stupid for saying that as soon as it came out of his mouth.

“I, um,” Taehyung was obviously taken aback: “Well, you didn’t text me like you promised.”

“If I texted would you say hi?” Jeongguk looked at him with raised eyebrow, making Taehyung look to the ground. He chuckled bitterly: “You know what, you don’t need to answer, we both know the answer to that. I get it, your friends can’t see you talking to the plebs.”

“It’s not like that,” Taehyung’s head snapped up.

“No? Then how is it?” Jeongguk scoffed: “It’s okay, really.”

“I, um…” Taehyung got out, not really knowing what to say: “Maybe this time you could really text.”

“Okay, I will,” Jeongguk breathed out. He knew Taehyung wouldn’t greet him tomorrow at school but he was somehow fine with it, especially if he replied to a text from him, then he wouldn’t even care.

“See you around, Jeongguk, and thanks again,” Taehyung gave him a shy smile.

“Don’t mention it,” Jeongguk waved his hand dismissively, watching as the other went back to school. He couldn’t believe what just happened. He really hung out with Kim Taehyung twice in less than two weeks, was this really happening?

Taehyung was smiling when he entered the building. He couldn’t really describe it but he really did enjoy the small spontaneous free period. It somehow made him feel free and he already felt himself seeking that feeling again.


Taehyung had a dinner with his father. He was surprised when he told him that they wouldn’t go to a restaurant but stay in the apartment his father currently lived in. He couldn’t cook, so he hired a cook to prepare the dinner for them.

“How is school going?” Mr. Kim smiled at his son.

“Good, I’m nailing all the classes,” Taehyung grinned. He was one of the top students of his major, he had no problems with his studies, he’s always been smart and put lots of time and effort into school.

“That’s good, next year you are gonna be a senior, I can’t believe how time flies,” his father sighed.

“Getting all emotional here on me, dad,” Taehyung chuckled.

“And how is it going with Hong?”

“Um, not so good,” Taehyung’s smile disappeared and he busied himself with poking the food on the plate with his chopsticks.

“What happened?” his father looked at him with concern.

“Nothing much, it’s just…I don’t know if I wanna be with him anymore, dad,” the son admitted. If he told this to his mother, she’d probably disown him but his father was much cooler, they’ve always had a nice relationship.

“I’d be a shame for you to break up, you are a perfect couple,”

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says,” Taehyung rolled his eyes: “He’s perfectly rich and from perfect family but things between us are not so perfect anymore. Since I was like fifteen, I was dreaming about marrying him and all that but I am not so sure anymore.”

“Well, whatever you decide to do, I am on your side. Your mother wouldn’t be happy but I’ve got your back,” the man smiled at him encouragingly: “I just want you to be happy, Tae.”

“Thanks, dad, that means a lot,” Taehyung smiled back emotionally. He was happy that at least someone was on his side.

“Anyway, why are we having this dinner?” Taehyung brought up the topic after a while of silence.

“I just wanted to spend some time with my son,” Mr. Kim smiled tightly.

“Dad,” Taehyung gave him a pointed look: “I know you have something to tell me. You didn’t invite Yeonjun which tells me that you are concerned about our reactions so you wanted to test it with me first.”

“You really are so smart,” his father shook his head amusedly but then his expression turned serious: “Me and your mother are getting divorced.”

Taehyung’s mouth fell open and he was just staring. His parents separated not even a month ago and he knew things weren’t good but he still hoped deep down they would make it right and get back together.

“We’ve been working on it for some time now, there are lots of things and properties that have to be divided between us. Yeonjun is going to stay in her care, it’s not an issue with you since you are an adult. We are signing the papers next week,”

“O-okay,” Taehyung breathed out. He was sad but there was nothing he could do about it, this was their parents’ decision and he wasn’t a little kid, he understood.

“That’s not everything,” Mr. Kim spoke up, obviously nervous as he put down the chop sticks: “I got an offer to work in our branch in New York and I took it.”

“What?!” Taehyung nearly screamed: “Dad, you can’t!”

“It’s a great opportunity and they have some problems so they need me,” the man sighed. He was a great lawyer and his company had branches all over the world.

“But we need you here too!” Taehyung exclaimed: “New York is really damn far away, dad. What I’d do here without you?”

“You can still come visit me, Tae, with Yeonjun, it’s not like I am abandoning you. You are an adult now and I am getting divorced, I need a fresh start.”

“That’s exactly what you are doing, abandoning me!” Taehyung got up abruptly, the chair squeaking on the marble floor: “And what about Yeonjun? I might be an adult but he is only sixteen, he needs his parents and you know damn well that he is gonna suffocate alone with mum!”

“He is not gonna be alone, you are there with them and your mother is a good woman, she just wants the best for you,”

“Neither you nor her give a fuck about us, otherwise you wouldn’t separate in the first place!” Taehyung glared at him with tears in his eyes, grabbing his jacket and storming out.

“Taehyung!” he heard his father call to him but he didn’t listen.

When he got out on the street, he leaned against the building, he couldn’t almost breathe. He thought his parents would get back together but even if they didn’t, he could still do this, he could live with his mother and visit his dad here from time to time. But he was going to move to New York, in fucking America.

He pulled out his phone with shaky fingers, he needed to talk to someone right now. Jimin was out of the city with his parents though and Seokjin was with Namjoon. There was only one person he could call and right now, he was glad.

“Hong? Could we-can I see you?” Taehyung breathed out into the phone when his boyfriend picked up. No matter how things have been between them, Hong was one of his closest friends and he knew everything about him and his family.

“What? Now? Taehyung I’ve got plans with my friends, it’s Friday,” the older got out, voice annoyed.

“Can’t you just cancel it? I-I need you right now, it’s…it’s about my father and I just need to be with you,” Taehyung begged, not able to bring himself to feel embarrassed or anything. He was shaking and he just needed to get out of here.

“Don’t be dramatic, I am not cancelling my plans,” Hong groaned: “We will talk tomorrow, mm? I will call you.”

Taehyung felt his blood boil. He needed Hong right now but he couldn’t cancel his stupid plans with his stupid friends for him.

“Don’t bother!” Taehyung barked out into the phone, hanging up before the other could reply. He looked around desperately, not knowing what to do. He sure as hell knew that he didn’t want to go home right now.

He started walking, with not aim in particular. After fifteen minutes, he ended up in a small park just couple of blocks from his college. It was quiet and dark, only couple of people walking their dogs or jogging were around. He found a bench, sitting down on it.

He didn’t even realize that he started crying until his hands on his lap were soaked in tears. He sniffled, wiping his face and forcing himself to stop. He never knew who’d see him and it’d cause scandal if people heard Kim Taehyung was bawling like a baby in a park on Friday night.

“Taehyung? Are you alright?” a familiar voice startled him. He started wiping his face, turning to look at none other than Jeongguk.

“Jeongguk, what are you doing here in Gangnam?” the silver head stuttered out, avoiding eye contact.

“I was in the school library until now,” the other explained. He hesitated but then he sat down on the bench next to Taehyung.

“Did something happen? I mean, I know we don’t really know each other and I don’t wanna pry but…if you needed to talk about something, I am listening,” Jeongguk smiled at him sincerely and Taehyung got out a shaky breath. He really didn’t want to talk about his problems with a guy he’s hung out twice with but…he just really needed to talk to someone right now.

“My parents are getting divorced. They separated a while ago but I never realized how serious it was,” Taehyung sighed, poking with the tip of his shoe into the ground.

“I am sorry,” Jeongguk said quietly.

“My friends are busy and my great boyfriend has more important things to do tonight but I couldn’t go home,” Taehyung chuckled joylessly: “I will just sit here for a while.”

“I can sit here with you, if you want to,” Jeongguk offered, hesitantly putting his hand on Taehyung’s thigh for comfort. Taehyung shivered, looking at the hand on his leg and then meeting eyes with Jeongguk. They were big and sincere and he felt somehow relieved.

Jeongguk cursed himself in his mind, he was supposed to have a date with Lee-hyung, still just first one since the last time he cancelled it for Taehyung. That was his luck, it was like universe was trying to tell him something that he was too dense to hear right now. But Taehyung was sad and vulnerable right now and willing to speak and Jeongguk didn’t want to leave him. So he shot a quick text to the younger guy with another apology and promise to definitely come next time.

“The worst thing about all that is that my dad is moving to New York,” Taehyung peeped, eyes filling with tears again.

“I know a thing or two about a parent leaving across half of the planet. My mum left a year ago and my dad still believes that she will come home, I don’t have the heart to tell him that I heard man’s voice in the phone last time I spoke to her,” Jeongguk smiled bitterly.

“I am sorry about that,” the silver head spoke up because he honestly had no idea what to say to that. It was personal information and it was sad. He never really spared Jeongguk a look before but now he was realizing that maybe they had more in common than he thought, despite being from two different worlds.

“So if you wanna vent about it to someone, I think I am the most qualified person,” Jeongguk chuckled, making Taehyung smile.

Taehyung took his advice, ranting and letting out everything that’s been on his mind. Jeongguk was just sitting there, actually listening attentively to his every word.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been talking your ear off for the past half an hour,” Taehyung groaned when he finally got everything off his chest.

“It’s okay, I am quite a good listener,” the black haired guy grinned: “Aren’t you hungry? There is a stand with street food not far away. It’s on me.”

With that, Jeongguk got up, holding his hand towards Taehyung. The latter bit his lip and hesitantly took it, letting Jeongguk pull him up to his feet.

Ten minutes later, they were slowly walking through the park, eating hamburgers. Taehyung felt instantly better, not sure if it was because of the food filling his stomach or because of the previous conversation.

“Thank you,” Taehyung suddenly said when they made it to the main street.

“Don’t mention it, I just hope you feel better,” Jeongguk smiled sheepishly, looking at the ground.

“I do, really, thanks for listening,”

“It will be alright. I know it doesn’t look like it right now. When mum left, I also thought that it was the end of the world but I got used to it and I know she is happy now. I know it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love me anymore but sometimes even parents have to do something for themselves. If leaving is what your father needs right now, then you should support him. You are not losing him, Tae, he is still gonna be your dad. Besides, you can jump at your private jet and be with him in couple of hours,” Jeongguk smiled, grinning teasingly during last sentence, making Taehyung giggle.

“Again, thank you, it was nice talking about it with someone,” Taehyung bit his lip. He opened and closed his mouth like he was hesitating about something but then he just blurted out: “You didn’t text after the last time.”

“I…I wasn’t sure if you really wanted it. I wanted to give it few more days maybe,” Jeongguk scratched his head awkwardly.

“I want you to text me, Jeongguk,” Taehyung nodded seriously: “And you don’t need to give it more days, text whenever you want to.”

“Okay, I will,” Jeongguk promised again but this time he knew he’d keep that promise. Despite hanging out two times before, this time was different. It felt like something changed, like they entered new territory after talking about personal stuff, it seemed like they were closer.

“Good night, Jeongguk,” Taehyung smiled: “Thanks for the burger and the talk.”

“Night, Tae,” Jeongguk nodded, watching as the other turned around, walking away. Taehyung smiled after hearing the nickname.

He went slowly home and he was in the middle of the walk when his phone buzzed so he checked it out, seeing a text from unknown number.

‘Like I promised, I am not taking more days.’

A smile appeared on his lips and funny feeling filled his stomach. He saved Jeongguk’s number and typed back:

‘Good. Don’t make me wait too long for the next text.’

He slid the phone back to his pocket, tiny smile playing on his lips even when he entered the penthouse, ignoring his mother’s questions about where he was. He really hoped Jeongguk would text again soon. He couldn’t describe it but it felt like a new chapter of his life was beginning and it was scary and exciting at the same time.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk thought he woke up in some alternate universe. After the weekend, three days since he met crying Taehyung in the park, he walked in the school and crazy thing happened.

His eyes met with Taehyung’s. The silver head was chatting with his friends but it was like he could feel Jeongguk’s eyes on him, he looked in his direction. And then he smiled slightly and gave him a barely noticeable nod.

Now, most people would say Jeongguk was too dramatic and maybe he was. It was just small gesture but it meant so much because never before has Kim Taehyung acknowledged his existence at school. The moment lasted barely few seconds and no one noticed before Taehyung went back to chatting with his friends but it still made butterflies go crazy in his stomach.

“So you still haven’t been on a date with Lee-hyung?” Hoseok groaned in disbelieve. He, Jeongguk and Yoongi were currently at Jeongguk’s father’s art gallery, helping the old man with preparations for tonight’s special exhibition. It was Wednesday, two days since the legendary nod from Kim Taehyung and nothing really changed. They exchanged a text on Monday, just asking each other how they were doing but that was everything, no other development.

“I just couldn’t leave him there, okay? He was so vulnerable, I’d be a really shitty person if I just got up like ‘hey sorry, I gotta go on a date’,” Jeongguk glared at him.

“Hey, I get it, okay? I am happy for you that Taehyung finally acknowledged your existence but you have no insurance it will lead to something else,” Yoongi sighed, giving Jeongguk a look: “Maybe you will chat here and there, maybe you will even become friends but he is still from the Seoul’s elite family and has a boyfriend. Maybe that is how it’s supposed to be, Guk, maybe there isn’t supposed to be something else.”

“You would be stupid if you just threw away the opportunity to go on a date with a cute guy. Just give it a chance for fuck’s sake,” Hoseok nodded.

Jeongguk bit his lip. Maybe his friends were right. Maybe it was all supposed to happen like this but maybe he didn’t have any chance with Taehyung after all.

“Okay, fuck it,” Jeongguk eventually nodded, pulling out his phone and dialling Lee-hyung’s number: “Hey, Lee-hyung, what are you doing tonight?”

Hoseok gave him a big grin and thumbs up.

“Well, then you might wanna accompany me to my dad’s exhibition. It’s nothing formal just a small event. I will text you the address,” Jeongguk smiled into the phone: “Okay, see you later, bye.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Yoongi grinned, patting Jeongguk’s shoulder like a proud parent.

At seven, the exhibition officially started but it wasn’t overcrowded by any means. People started slowly coming and the atmosphere was nice.

“Oh, hey, you made it!” Jeongguk grinned and went over to Lee-hyung when he arrived: “Sorry for the last minute date but I wanted to make it up to you.”

“Well, I couldn’t refuse, could I?” the younger smiled shyly.

“Thanks for giving me another chance. There is an open bar with drinks and food so I think that makes it up, right?” Jeongguk laughed, getting into his flirting mode rather easily. Lee-hyung was younger than him and he was generally pretty shy so it was easy for Jeongguk to take the lead in the conversation. He was always nervous only around people who were louder and more talkative than him.

They went to grab a drink and walk around the gallery little bit.

“I work in a music store so I like art but I gotta say that I don’t really understand it and paintings really do nothing for me,” Lee-hyung admitted nervously.

“That’s okay, I still appreciate that you came. And I study music production major so you liking music is actually perfect,” Jeongguk winked at the guy.

It went rather smoothly between them. Jeongguk was glad he gave it another shot and finally met with Lee-hyung because he was nice and funny and smart. They had a lot to talk about so it wasn’t really awkward.

Until Kim fucking Taehyung appeared in the entrance.

Jeongguk choked on his drink, coughing because that was definitely something he didn’t expect tonight to happen. Namjoon was behind the silver head and Jeongguk had questions.

“Um, will you excuse me for a minute, I gotta go talk to my friends,” Jeongguk squeezed Lee-hyung’s shoulder gently.

“Yeah, of course, I gotta call my mum anyway so I am going outside so I can hear her,” the younger reassured him with a warm smile.

“Fuck, he’s here!” Jeongguk rushed to Yoongi and Hoseok who were chatting with a bartender.

“What are you talking about? It’s going well with Lee-hyung, isn’t it? You look like you’re having a good time,” Yoongi wiggled his eyebrows.

“Yeah, we do but Taehyung is here!” Jeongguk hissed, watching the guy with Namjoon. They haven’t noticed them yet, chatting about something.

“Taehyung is here? Did you invite him?” Yoongi gasped.

“You think I would fucking set up a date if Taehyung was coming?!” Jeongguk glared at him.

“Where is he?” Hoseok was looking around the crowd. In the two years of Jeongguk crushing on the rich boy, his friends have never seen him. Jeongguk was ranting about how beautiful he was but he was a bit biased so he couldn’t be trusted, even though Namjoon confirmed his words. 

“Over there with Namjoon-hyung,” Jeongguk flicked his head towards the entrance.

“Wow, okay, I always thought you were exaggerating but he is really handsome,” Hoseok whistled appreciatively. Jeongguk had to agree. Taehyung’s hair was still silver and he looked absolutely gorgeous tonight. Not that he would look anything but gorgeous every damn day but the light make-up and nice earrings and jewellery in combination with a shirt from light material and light blue jeans made him look amazing. It was like another piece of art just walked into the room.

“Yeah, I can tell from over here that his outfit is more expensive than our apartment,” Yoongi snorted but then added: “But yeah, I can see now why you are so damn infatuated.”

“So go say hi,” Hoseok pushed into Jeongguk before the younger could protest because he was here on a damn date with another guy.

“Guk, here you are!” Namjoon exclaimed.

“What a surprise,” Jeongguk chuckled awkwardly.

“Yeah, it was last minute, Tae called me like an hour ago to accompany him here,” Namjoon grinned smugly. Wow, that was surprising information, Jeongguk thought that maybe Namjoon set this up for him but it was actually Taehyung?

“Yeah, I started following the web of the gallery since the time you brought me here and I noticed there was an exhibition tonight,” Taehyung shuffled shyly.

“Oh, look, Yoongi and Hobi, I am gonna greet them!” Namjoon exclaimed, patting Jeongguk’s shoulder. When he brushed past him, he whispered: “I cancelled a date with Jin for this, you can thank me later.”

“So…are there some new pieces to see?” Taehyung gestured towards paintings.

“Oh yeah, come on,” Jeongguk nodded, leading him to one of the paintings: “This one is from one of my most favourite local artists and I love it.”

“It’s beautiful,” Taehyung breathed out, examining the painting closely: “I thought I might make some changes in my room so I might leave with one of these, show me around.”

“It will be my pleasure,” Jeongguk smiled, putting a hand on the small of Taehyung’s back to show him another art work.

“So the famous Kim Taehyung,” Hoseok grinned, watching Jeongguk and the silver head with his other two friends from afar.

“I had a date with Jin planned for tonight and Tae just called me, whining about how it’d be lame if he showed up alone,” Namjoon snorted.

“Did he really come for the exhibition or Jeongguk?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

“Who knows, either way, looks like they have fun together,” Namjoon grinned, watching as Jeongguk was just explaining something to Taehyung.

“The only problem is that Guk is actually here with a date,” Hoseok pointed out.

“What?” Namjoon gasped.

“Yep, Lee-hyung, the guy we told you about. He cancelled two dates with him for Taehyung so we talked him into giving it another shot. How could we know the little prince himself would show up?” Hoseok sighed.

Jeongguk completely forgot about the world, which was something that was happening quite often when he was around Taehyung. He was talking to him mostly about the art, not that he’d know much but his dad was often talking about his gallery and the art work on the evenings so he had some information.

“Oh, hey, Guk, your friend?” Jeongguk’s father looked at the pair searchingly when they bumped into him.

“A schoolmate, yeah,” Jeongguk nodded: “Dad, this is Kim Taehyung. Taehyung, this is my dad.”

“It’s pleasure to meet you, sir,” Taehyung smiled and bowed down.

The Kim Taehyung?” Jeongguk’s father looked at his son with a smirk. Jeongguk gave him a look between plea and dead glare.

“What do you mean The Kim Taehyung?” the silver head looked questioningly at the older man and then Jeongguk.

“Oh, you know, you and your family are quite famous,” Jeongguk chuckled awkwardly.

“Sure,” Taehyung nodded but there was a tiny smirk playing on his lips. It was probably the first time he saw Jeongguk blushing and it was adorable.

The three of them were chatting for a while before Jeongguk’s eyes fell to the entrance. He cursed under his breath because Lee-hyung just returned from outside. He completely forgot about him and the date. He didn’t really wanna leave Taehyung, he wanted to use any opportunity to be with him but it’d be rude towards the younger if he just ditched him.

“Tae, what if you went to Namjoon and my friends for a while, I need to talk to someone,” Jeongguk turned to the other. He wasn’t fond of the idea of leaving Taehyung alone with his friends because he never knew what those assholes might say but he didn’t have time to care about that now.

“Sure,” the silver head nodded, finding Namjoon in the crowd.

“Oh, Tae, there you are,” Namjoon patted his shoulder: “You don’t know Yoongi and Hoseok yet, do you?”

“No, the first time,” Taehyung waved at the older guys.

“So, Taehyung, how are you enjoying the exhibition?” Hoseok grinned widely.

“It’s great, the paintings are beautiful and Jeongguk is a good guide,” Taehyung smiled politely.

“Oh, I bet he is,” Hoseok’s grin widened.

“You want something to drink?” Namjoon jumped in, kicking Hoseok in a shin.

“Sure, do they have white wine?”

“For sure, come on,” Namjoon nodded, leading Taehyung to the bar. He knew those two, they could fuck it up for Jeongguk in just couple of minutes, they could be incredibly smug sometimes.

“Hey, there you are,” Jeongguk rushed to Lee-hyung, looking over his shoulder. He didn’t want to be rude but he didn’t really want Taehyung to see them.

“Gotta go home,” Lee-hyung bit his lip apologetically: “I didn’t count on a date tonight so I already made plans with my family. But I had a really good time, maybe we could repeat it sometimes.”

“Yeah, sure thing, don’t worry about it, I’ll text you, okay?” Jeongguk gave him a genuine smile, rubbing his biceps lightly.

“Yeah, okay,” the younger giggled with a blush.

Taehyung looked around the room with the glass of wine in his hand. It wasn’t overcrowded but there were lots of people. He was thinking about what painting he might actually buy, there were few that caught his attention.

But then something else caught his attention. He spotted Jeongguk by the entrance with a cute guy. He had no idea why his mouth turned suddenly dry when he saw Jeongguk rubbing the guy’s biceps and smile at him. Did Jeongguk have a boyfriend? Well he never mentioned it but it wasn’t like they were close. He himself was in a relationship so he was the last person to have a right to some complaints. What puzzled him the most was why that sight of the two made him so uncomfortable.

“Everything alright?” Namjoon’s voice brought him back from his thought. The elder was eyeing him searchingly, looking between him and the pair on the other side of the room.

“Yeah, great, just zoned out,” Taehyung said maybe a bit too excitedly. Namjoon just hummed and Taehyung missed the small smirk on his face because he looked down at his feet.

“I’m back, everything okay?” Jeongguk came to them a minute later.

“Yeah, sure, I am gonna look around the gallery to decide what painting to buy,” Taehyung nodded and walked away, making Jeongguk frown confusedly.

“He saw you with Lee-hyung,” Namjoon said quietly.

“God, I hope that didn’t fuck anything up,” Jeongguk groaned.

“I don’t think so. The only thing that’s fucked up now is probably Tae’s mind,” the older snickered.

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe I am wrong but it seemed like Tae got a bit jealous a while ago,” Namjoon gave Jeongguk a meaningful look. The younger just stared at him before he looked at the silver head, standing in front of one painting. That was just crazy, would Taehyung really be jealous over him? Well, Jeongguk couldn’t say that information didn’t make him at least a bit happy.


Jeongguk flopped down on the couch when he came from school. He set up second date with Lee-hyung, he wanted to make it up to him and the last time they had actually fun together so he was interested to see where this would go.

He still had couple of hours left before leaving the house and he was bored.

He eyed his phone on the coffee table, biting his lip and then grabbing it. It’s been two days since the exhibition and naturally, he hasn’t talked to Taehyung at school. They texted only once and he wanted to make it right. He had perfect opportunity now, who knew when would be the next time they’d see each other, if that time even came? He was worried that the longer he was hesitating, the bigger was chance of Taehyung ignoring him.

‘Hey, how is the painting you bought?’

He sent the text. It was innocent and didn’t seem forced. Taehyung bought one painting at the exhibition, he paid much more money for it than requested but Jeongguk’s father was happy so it was worth it and Jeongguk knew that for Taehyung, those were just pocket money anyway, probably like his daily limit.

‘Hey, the painting is great, it already hangs above my bed,’

Taehyung replied after a minute. That was a good sign, he didn’t take long to answer so it meant that he wasn’t annoyed or something.

Jeongguk suppressed an urge to text back something like ‘Oh, I’d love to see how it looks from your bed’. If they were friends then maybe he could play it as a joke but he had no idea how Taehyung would react. He’d be probably offended, thinking that Jeongguk was a pervert.

‘I hope I’m not bothering you, what are you doing?’

Jeongguk texted instead. Another innocent text, nothing that would include beds.

‘No it’s okay, I’m just in Channel boutique, looking at some vintage lingerie.’

Taehyung texted back. Jeongguk choked and started coughing violently. When he was sure he wouldn’t die, he read the text again. Was this for real? Did Taehyung just seriously text him about underwear?

Jeongguk’s mind went to overdrive. He was definitely not thinking about certain Kim Taehyung in some pretty, lacy lingerie, possibly panties, garters and stockings, no sir. But if there was a guy Jeongguk could imagine rocking the hell out of lingerie, it was definitely Taehyung. It just suited him so well and he bet he’d look gorgeous. He knew that some rich guys liked wearing lace instead of regular briefs, Namjoon once told him that Seokjin did that when he wanted to feel fancy. Now the picture of Taehyung, with his silver hair, deep eyes and pretty lips in lingerie was burned in Jeongguk’s brain.

Maybe he was just exaggerating, maybe he was there with a friend or he was buying a present, he never said he was trying it on or anything.

His phone buzzed again.

‘God, I made you uncomfortable, didn’t I? That was inappropriate to talk about underwear, sorry.’

Taehyung texted and Jeongguk realized that he hasn’t replied for couple of minutes so he started typing.

‘No sorry, I was just in the kitchen, making myself coffee.’

‘What have you been up to lately? Some fun fancy party coming up?’

Jeongguk shot the other two texts, not really knowing what to talk about but he needed to take his mind off the underwear.

‘If by fun and fancy you mean depressively boring then yes. My mother is hosting party in her atelier for some designers and stylists next week.’

‘Well, that should be fun, right? You study fashion design so…’

‘Believe me, it’d be more fun if I poked my eye with a fork’

Jeongguk laughed out loud. Taehyung was actually pretty funny and he liked how he was making fun of his world, which was something Jeongguk and his friends did a lot so that was kinda their common topic.

They ended up texting about random stuff for another hour before Jeongguk said his goodbye because he had to start getting ready for his date (obviously he held that information from Taehyung).

When he was leaving the apartment an hour later, there was a small smile on his lips but it didn’t have much to do with his upcoming date.


The beginning of the party wasn’t that bad. Taehyung walked around, chatting with different people. He was running around his mother’s atelier since he was a little kid, always fascinated by the fashion so most of the people here knew him. There weren’t only the employees of the brand but also journalists, models and just in general everyone who had enough money to buy the last collection.

It got boring after a while though so he was just standing in the corner, eating finger food and sipping on expensive champagne.

“You shouldn’t eat so much, it’s already past ten in the evening,” his mother came to him just when he was about to put some kind of dessert in his mouth.

“You put on some weight lately, I noticed the fat on your hips,” Mrs. Kim continued, eyeing her son critically. Taehyung glared at her, looking down at his body. He looked good, didn’t he? She was exaggerating like always.

“And you should slow down with the champagne too,” Mrs. Kim hissed.

“I am an adult, I can do whatever I want to,” Taehyung shot back, gulping the champagne down just to spite her.

“I don’t want the last time to repeat, you got drunk here and you caused a scandal,”

“I was just dancing, mum,” Taehyung rolled his eyes. She just sighed and walked away.

He got a short distraction in the form of a text from Jeon Jeongguk. He smiled at the device when the guy wished him to survive the party. He replied with dramatic text about how he was about to die of boredom but then he pocketed the phone, his mother wouldn’t be happy.

He was just standing in the corner, listening to the string music playing in the background. Suddenly he had a feeling like the place was getting smaller and more suffocating and it was hard to breathe.

He was looking around, seeing people with their fake smiles and fake laughs, dressed in expensive clothes, with diamond jewellery and glasses of expensive alcohol in their hands. He saw couples that were standing next to each other, not really talking or making any kind of eye or physical contact, knowing most of them got married just for convenience.

He felt his chest tightening because this was supposed to be his future. In twenty years, this would be his snobby party with fake people who didn’t give a fuck about him and came just to show off. He’d be standing there like his mother, chatting with them with a perfect fake laugh and Hong would stand next to him, not sparing him one look and eyeing some young model that he would probably fuck later.

He needed to get out of here, he felt anxiety filling his chest, making it harder to breathe. He needed some distraction, he needed some change, he needed to escape.

“Where are you going?” his mother gripped his arm when he tried to sneak around her.

“I don’t feel well, I gotta go,” Taehyung babbled, freeing himself from her grip and getting in the elevator.

Only when he made it outside and an early May night air filled his lungs, he felt much better.

The anxiety in his chest was still present though and as he was looking around the busy, illuminated street with all the fancy boutiques and restaurants and the tall, steel and glass soulless buildings, he got an urge to run away.

He didn’t think twice when he pulled out the phone, hesitating for a second before he found the contact and dialled the number. It rang couple of times but just when he wanted to hang up, it was accepted.

“Hello, Tae? Everything alright?” Jeongguk’s voice filled his ear and weirdly just this managed to calm him down little bit. Jeongguk and everything he represented was exact opposite of his world and everything he despised right now.

“Hey, am I interrupting?” Taehyung spoke up, hearing muffled music in the background.

“Not at all, I am just out with my friends,”

“Oh, sorry to bother you,”

“No, it’s alright, did you need something?” Jeongguk reassured him, obviously surprised that Taehyung called him. They texted couple of times but this was their first phone call and the first time that Taehyung reached out to him directly.

“I just…I was at that party and I had to get out,” Taehyung chuckled, aware of how weird it must sound: “I just need a break from everything, I feel like I am going to throw up if I am gonna be in Gangnam a while longer.”

“Come hang out with us then,” Jeongguk encouraged him: “We’re in this one rock’n’roll bar, I know it’s probably not your cup of tea but the place is awesome.”

“But you are with your friends,” Taehyung bit his lip.

“You already met them at the exhibition and they won’t mind. Come on, I’ll text you the address. Let me know when you are here, I will come outside for you,”

“Okay, see you later,” the silver head smiled slightly, hanging up. He caught a cab, hiding his phone. He was definitely overdressed for the place he was going to, he had black jeans, dress shoes, green shirt with silver embroidery and blazer but he didn’t want to go home to change.

Twenty minutes later, he was standing in front of shady looking building with a name ‘Stairway to heaven’ above the door. He texted Jeongguk a minute ago and now he was waiting.

“Hey, you really came,” Jeongguk’s voice from the door caught his attention.

“Yeah, you think I wouldn’t?”

“I mean, I thought I lost you at the mention of rock’n’roll,” Jeongguk snickered.

“I am not as closed-minded as you’d think, Jeon, I like all sorts of music genres,” Taehyung poked him in the chest with his finger.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were listening to Mozart in your free time,” the black haired guy snickered. Since they started texting, they developed this habit of teasing each other. Jeongguk was coming up with sarcastic remarks about rich people and Taehyung was teasing him for being poor. It was all in good nature though and they both liked it.

“Just let’s get inside,” Taehyung rolled his eyes. Jeongguk grinned, opening the door and walking first in. There was a staircase leading down, it was obviously in the basement.

“Thought this was Stairway to heaven, seems more like to hell to me,” Taehyung snickered.

“It is actually heaven, the place is great,” Jeongguk grinned over his shoulder.

He opened another door at the end of the staircase and loud rock music filled their ears. The place wasn’t big but it looked cool. It looked kinda dirty and cheap but in that cool way Taehyung’s always only seen in the movies. There was a bar right in front of the door, to the left there were couple of tables and the door to bathrooms and on the right there was a small dance floor where couple of people currently were. The walls were brick without any paint on it and there were photos and merch of different famous rock bands.

Jeongguk led him to another room though, it was a bit secluded. There was a pool table in the middle with couple of small tables around the walls and a jukebox in the corner.

Taehyung gave himself time to check out Jeongguk for couple of seconds when he walked over to a table where two of his friends were sitting. His black hair was parted and a bit wavy, in cute and messy way, he was wearing black skinny jeans ripped on few places along with black boots and black t-shirt with some band logo. Taehyung refused to think that Jeongguk actually looked hot as fuck.

What caught his attention was a tattoo on his biceps. He couldn’t help it but stare at the artwork of lines with notes and clef. It was quite simple but it looked so cool. Taehyung’s friends didn’t have tattoos, it was socially unacceptable in their circle. He didn’t have any idea that Jeongguk had tattoo but it’s not like he could see it. They didn’t wear uniforms at school but they had a dress code when guys had to wear shirts with long sleeves (they could at least roll them up to their elbows when it was too hot) and girls had to wear skirts or dresses.

“Tae, you remember Yoongi-hyung and Hobi-hyung, right?” Jeongguk’s voice brought him back from his small trance.

“Yeah, sure, from the exhibition,” Taehyung nodded with a smile. Jeongguk brought another chair for him to sit at.

“I feel like an idiot, I am overdressed for this place,” Taehyung groaned, looking around. Everyone here was mostly in casual jeans and t-shirts.

“We can do something about that,” Jeongguk hummed, eyeing his outfit: “Stand up and take off the blazer.”

Taehyung eyed him unsurely but obeyed. Jeongguk stood up as well, hands coming up to the buttons of Taehyung’s t-shirt.

“W-what are you doing?” the silver head gasped.

“Relax, I think you should unbutton at least two buttons to make it look more casual,” Jeongguk encouraged him: “And roll up your sleeves. The jeans and the shoes are alright.”

Taehyung obeyed, rolling up the sleeves and unbuttoning the buttons, exposing his collar bones little bit.

“Perfect, now you look more like you fit in,” Jeongguk grinned: “I am going to get another beer, you want some?”

“Um, beer?” Taehyung looked at him unsurely. He wasn’t really that happy about drinking cheap beer in such place but he could still taste the expensive champagne on his tongue and he felt a bit rebellious, thinking about how his mother would react if she saw him.

“You know what? What the hell, get me beer,” Taehyung nodded eventually. Jeongguk disappeared, leaving him alone with his two friends.

“So, Taehyung, how is it going?” Yoongi spoke up, attempting to do some small talk.

“Good but I had to get out, I hate those pretentious parties,” Taehyung sighed.

“Thought people like you loved them,” Yoongi raised his eyebrow.

“Maybe I am not that much like people like me,” the younger gave him a challenging look.

“I’d like to see that,” Yoongi hummed with a small smirk.

“Anyway, you called Jeonggukie, huh?” Hoseok jumped in with a grin.

“Well, like I said, I needed to get out and he is like the only person I know that doesn’t live in Gangnam so…it’s not like I am using him though, I-I like spending time with him,” Taehyung admitted, blushing slightly.

“Oh, do you?” Hoseok smirked: “He likes spending time with you too, maybe a bit too much.”

“Did I miss something?” Jeongguk’s voice saved Taehyung from replying. He wouldn’t even know what to say. Hoseok’s words surprised him, not really sure what they meant. But something about that information filled his chest with warmth, replacing the anxiety he felt until now.

“Nope, we’re just bonding,” Hoseok grinned. Jeongguk glared at him, knowing well that grin but he chose not to comment on it.

“So, here is your cheap beer, cheers,” Jeongguk wiggled his eyebrows at Taehyung, putting a glass in front of him. He sat down and all of them cheered.

Taehyung took a breath and then a sip. He made a face. The beer wasn’t bad per se but he never really liked bitter alcohol.

“That bad, huh?” Hoseok laughed when he saw Taehyung’s disgusted face.

“No, it’s just…I am more into sweeter stuff,”

“You should’ve said that, I can get you something else,” Jeongguk frowned.

“What about the beer? It’d be shame to leave it,” Taehyung protested.

“Wow, I never thought I’d see a day when Kim Taehyung would be concerned about wasting cheap booze,” Jeongguk laughed whole heartedly: “I will drink it when I finish mine, it’s fine. What do you want?”

“Mm, maybe some flavoured soju,” the silver head suggested.

“Are you sure you can handle the cheap soju they serve here, princess?” Jeongguk pouted. Taehyung knew it was teasing so he didn’t know why his stomach made a funny slip at the nickname.

“Bring it on, Jeon,” Taehyung smirked.

“Oh, it’s getting wild in here,” Hoseok laughed.

Two minutes later, there was a bottle of soju in front of Taehyung, some of it already in a glass. He eyed it and smelt it, it wasn’t that bad.

“I never thought you could let lose like this, you are not the party type,” Jeongguk teased the other.

“Then you know nothing, Jeonggukie, because in my circle, I am renowned party animal,”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” the black haired guy smirked.

“Game on,” Taehyung smirked back, never one to back from a challenge. He hated when people doubted him in any way. So he just took the glass and took the shot in one go. It was obvious that the soju was cheap but it wasn’t really bad.

“What are you waiting for, do you expect me to pour drinks to myself? Come on!” Taehyung chuckled, waving with the empty glass. Yoongi was the one to take the bottle to refill it.

Half an hour later, Taehyung was watching in fascination as Hoseok was putting a song in the jukebox. He never did it before, it looked pretty simple but it was one of those regular things that he wanted to try.

“I don’t have any coins,” Taehyung whined, bouncing excitedly in front of the machine.

“Of course not, you only carry golden credit card,” Jeongguk snorted.

“For your information, it’s platinum,” Taehyung stuck out his tongue, clapping in delight when the black haired guy threw few coins in the jukebox.

Jeongguk stepped back, watching amusedly as Taehyung started struggling with the machine. It was quite old jukebox, nothing modern with touch screen or anything. And it gave him a perfect excuse to admire him from afar.

More than feeling by Boston started playing and Taehyung shrieked, immediately swaying his hips to the melody.

“Wow, that’s what you call a plot twist,” Yoongi breathed out.

“True, Tae, I had no idea you’d know this song,” Hoseok chuckled, watching the younger dance to the song, not caring about other people sitting in the room at all.

“I am full of surprises, boys,” Taehyung giggled, humming under his breath.

“Yes, you sure are,” Jeongguk shook his head with a smile. He really liked this lose version of Taehyung, it looked better on him than the uptight version he saw every day at school.

The three guys minus Taehyung started playing pool. The silver head was watching them while still dancing little bit.

“I’ve never played before,” Taehyung said almost philosophically when the guys finished second game.

“Would you like to try?” Jeongguk looked at him.

“I don’t know, looks difficult,” Taehyung shook his head.

“It’s not that difficult, come on, I can teach you,”

The bar was getting empty. It was around one in the morning and some people were going home and some were heading to parties into proper clubs.

Jeongguk handed a cue over to Taehyung and prepared the balls into the formation. Taehyung tried to do what he saw the other guys doing, bending over the table and trying to balance the cue somehow on his finger.

“Wait, let me show you,” Jeongguk chuckled, standing next to him and bending as well so he could adjust Taehyung’s hand.

“I think I’m gonna call it quits,” Yoongi eyed Hoseok, flicking his head towards the pair. It looked like things were getting more intense and he didn’t want to interlude.

“Yeah, I am with you, I am quite tired,” Hoseok nodded, sending a smirk to Jeongguk. The younger gave them a grateful smile. Not that he’d want them to leave but any opportunity to be alone with Taehyung was great.

“See you around, guys, it was fun,” Taehyung waved at them with a grin.

“Yeah it was, gotta say that I’m kinda surprised how cool you are,” Yoongi hummed.

“Wow, that’s like the biggest compliment I’ve ever heard coming from his mouth,” Jeongguk chuckled, mildly in disbelieve, but he couldn’t say he was completely surprised that Taehyung won his friends over, he was charming as hell.

The two guys left, leaving them alone.

“Come one, back to teaching,” Taehyung whined, getting back Jeongguk’s attention. The black haired guy bent again, instructing Taehyung how to hold the cue with his right hand while he helped him with the right technique on the left.

“Now nudge the white ball with the tip, you can use force now when it’s in the initial formation, aim for the ball in the middle,” Jeongguk said quietly. Taehyung focused, doing what he was told and what he’s seen the guys doing before. He nudged the ball with the cue and the triangle formation blew up.

“Did you see that? I did it!” Taehyung shrieked excitedly.

“Yeah, since I am teaching you, we aren’t gonna play normally. Just pick one ball and try to get it in one of the holes,” Jeongguk smiled, endeared by the other’s enthusiasm.

They kept going for a while, Jeongguk always gave Taehyung some advice, what ball to choose, how much power to put into the nudge.

“Wow, you are quite natural, you’re doing great,” Jeongguk clapped when Taehyung got another ball in the hole.

“I suppose normal game is harder since you have only certain balls,” Taehyung shrugged but the compliment made him happy.

He got all the balls in the holes until there was only one left.

“Gukkie, help me, I don’t know how to do this,” Taehyung whined, pouting because this time it was a bit harder. Jeongguk’s stomach made a flip when he heard the nickname coming from Taehyung’s mouth, he definitely liked it.

“Okay, come here,” Jeongguk nodded, gesturing for him to circle the table. Taehyung got into the position, bending over the table with the cue. Jeongguk stood up behind his back, bending over him to help him with the left hand. His right hand flew to Taehyung’s hips.

Taehyung breathed out shakily, super aware of the proximity. Jeongguk’s body was basically pressed to his from behind and the hand on his hip made him almost burn. He felt tension growing in his stomach, not really sure what it was.

“Relax,” Jeongguk whispered into his ear since his face was right next to his and Taehyung felt shivers running down his spine.

Jeongguk encouraged him to go on, so he nudged the ball with as much concentration as he could gather. The ball went successful into the hole but Taehyung didn’t start cheering.

He was slightly panting, anticipation and anxiety filling his chest and he shuddered when Jeongguk turned his head to the side, so his lips brushed over his cheek.

The atmosphere was suddenly different. There were no people left in his room, it was just them and rock music playing from the jukebox and suddenly Taehyung felt deep longing. He wasn’t sure what exactly it was he wanted but he felt like he’d explode if he didn’t get it.

He turned his head to the side, bit startled by how close Jeongguk’s face was. The black haired male was staring at him with such intensity that it sent more shivers down his spine. He could feel Jeongguk’s hand on his hip tighten ever so slightly and he licked his lips, eyes slipping to Jeongguk’s. When their eyes met again, they were both gone.

It was Jeongguk who closed the tiny gap between them, sealing their lips together. The angle was awkward since Jeongguk was still standing behind Taehyung and the kiss was quite short but it still knocked Taehyung’s breath away. It was like some pieces of puzzle just clicked together, as cliché as it sounds.

They separated after only couple of seconds, staring at each other, both quite unsure what to do now but both yearning for more.

So when Jeongguk’s arm around Taehyung’s hips tightened and he turned him around so they were facing each other and Jeongguk crushed their lips together again, this time with bigger urgency, both of them were more than happy.

Their lips were moving together in perfect sync, despite kissing for the first time. Taehyung put his hands on Jeongguk’s biceps to find some form of support and the latter cupped his cheek, while his other arm was still wrapped around his waist.

Taehyung gasped when Jeongguk nibbled at his bottom lip. Jeongguk used to opportunity to gently lick into Taehyung’s mouth, testing the waters, before he started kissing him with bigger fervour. Taehyung made a noise at the back of his throat as he started caressing Jeongguk’s tongue with his own.

He’s never been kissed like that in his life. To his defence, he’s only ever kissed Hong but none of his kisses left him so pleasantly light headed, making fireworks go off in his stomach. It was something new and exciting, in a way even scary but not in a bad way.

When their lips finally separated, they were both panting slightly. Taehyung closed his eyes, resting his forehead against Jeongguk’s as they were breathing the same air. He wanted to savour this moment for a while longer before it was gone. Right now, it was just the two of them in the almost empty bar and strangely, for the first time in his life, Taehyung felt like he could breathe properly.


Taehyung slowly opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling. He hasn’t slept so well for a long time, his bed felt so comfy under him and the first thing that came to his mind was the events of last night. How he ran away from his mother’s party, how he spent evening with Jeongguk and his friends, drinking cheap soju, playing songs from the jukebox and playing the pool. He remembered the kiss.

Even lying there in his bed, he could still feel Jeongguk’s lips against his, he could feel his tongue inside his mouth along with the bitter taste of the beer the black haired guy was drinking the whole night. He felt his hand on his cheek, thumb caressing it slightly and he felt his strong arm around his waist.

And then the reality and panic settled in.

What happened last night was a huge mistake. It wasn’t supposed to happen, he wasn’t supposed to be kissing guys in dirty bars, especially guys that weren’t his boyfriend.

He grabbed the phone, typing quick text to Jeongguk: ‘Do not tell anyone about what happened yesterday, understood? It was a mistake.’

He knew he was being an asshole but he couldn’t risk anyone finding out about him and Jeongguk. What even was it between them? Sure, Jeongguk was handsome and he was nice and funny but nothing else. He was just his escape from dull life of a rich kid, he was just a phase, a distraction that right now felt good but in the long run, it was a bad idea.

‘It wasn’t mistake and you know it. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.’

Came Jeongguk’s response.

Taehyung felt really bad but it was for the best. Whatever was happening between them, it had to end before it even started.

He invited Hong over the next day. His mother was working the whole day and his brother was out with his friends so they had the house for themselves, save for couple of handmaidens but they knew better than to bother Taehyung in his room.

He wanted to feel the passion with Hong, he needed to know that his boyfriend wanted him, he wanted to feel the burning desire, to see that it was real and good between them.

“Damn, baby, you are wild today,” Hong chuckled when Taehyung dragged him into his room, shutting the door behind them and pressing him against it, kissing him heatedly.

“Stop talking, we are alone,” Taehyung pulled back with a teasing smirk. Hong smirked back, pulling his boyfriend for another kiss.

They ended up on the bed, making out. The kisses were rough and heated but Taehyung couldn’t shrug off the feeling that it was lacking something. Whether it was from his or Hong’s part, he couldn’t deny that there wasn’t much passion in it. Sure, they were both young and horny guys but that was it, that was their only fuel, there wasn’t anything deeper in it.

Taehyung just pushed those thoughts back, focusing on his boyfriend who was currently lying between his legs, grinding against him. They were both panting, getting turned on quickly as they continued making out.

“Wait, Hong,” Taehyung pushed on the other’s chest, making him look at him.

“Wanna go all the way, I am ready,” Taehyung breathed out, his voice tiny. He would lie if he said he wasn’t nervous and he also had the feeling at the back of his mind that he wanted to do it for the wrong reasons but they’ve been together forever and despite doing lots of stuff, they have never slept together.

“Baby, we can just continue like this, it’s okay,” Hong shook his head, attaching his lips to Taehyung’s neck.

“No, when are we going to do it?” Taehyung pushed him back again, glaring at him: “All our friends think we sleep together for ages but every time it comes to it, you back down.”

“I just don’t want to push you into anything,”

“You are not pushing me, I am asking, aren’t I?” Taehyung groaned and then got out desperately: “Just show me you want me, Hong.”

“I do want you, Tae,” the older chuckled.

“Then show me,” Taehyung urged him: “Show me how much you want me.”

He knew that if it was certain black haired guy, he wouldn’t have to beg like this. He could feel it in the kiss and the way Jeongguk was holding him, he felt the passion, he felt wanted.

“Why do you wanna fuck everyone but me?” Taehyung got out bitterly, hinting at Hong’s numerous times he cheated on him. He wasn’t dumb, he’s seen and heard things. It really hurt him that his boyfriend was willing to go down on anyone but him.

“Don’t start with this again, babe,” Hong sighed: “Come on, let’s just continue, there are plenty of things we can do together that feel good.”

Hong started kissing him again, gripping his thigh and grinding down on him. But Taehyung pulled back.

“I am suddenly not interested anymore,” Taehyung looked at him coldly, pushing him away and getting up from the bed, buttoning his shirt.

“Oh come on, Taehyung, don’t be like that, I have a boner!” Hong called out when the younger marched out of the room.

“Not my problem, you can take care of it by yourself,” Taehyung called back, rubbing his face in frustration and leaning against the wall in the hallway. He had a boyfriend since basically elementary school and he was still a virgin. But everyone was saying they were perfect couple. Taehyung scoffed.


It didn’t take long for Taehyung to text Jeongguk. He was bored and he felt horrible for reaching out to him like that but he couldn’t help it.

Thankfully Jeongguk wasn’t butthurt or anything and he didn’t even mention the kiss. They just started chatting about random stuff like before and Taehyung was glad. He would probably never admit it out loud but he really liked Jeongguk. He was cool, nice and really funny, making Taehyung giggle down at his phone at almost every text he sent. And it was refreshing that they weren’t talking about the stuff his other friends usually did.

“Go change and go get your brother, we are leaving for the horse race in an hour,” his mother came into the lounge room where Taehyung was lying on the sofa with phone in his hand. He rolled his eyes but got up. Another snobby event was ahead of him but he knew there was nothing he could do.

“And wash your hair, it’s greasy,” his mother called out behind him. Taehyung made a face. He knew for a fact that his hair was fine since he washed it this morning.

He went to his room and showered, washing his hair anyway. Then he chose an outfit for himself, something light and casual. He went for white linen pants with white moccasins and blue Gucci shirt with short sleeves. 

He then went to get Yeonjun, knowing it was better to avoid their mother’s wrath. Ever since their father left, she was extremely snappy and nervous so it was better not to piss her off.

“Yeonjunie? We have to leave, come on,” Taehyung called out when he entered his brother’s bedroom but he didn’t see him.

“Just a minute,” the younger called out from the bathroom. Taehyung didn’t think twice before he got in.

“Hyung, what if I was peeing or something?” Yeonjun groaned, washing a razor in the sink, hiding it in the cabinet quickly.

“Didn’t know you were shaving,” Taehyung raised an eyebrow.

“I am turning seventeen in one month, hyung,” Yeonjun rolled his eyes.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot you are a big man now,” the older snickered, throwing an arm around the other’s shoulders.

“Don’t you wanna change? It’s May and it’s quite hot outside,” Taehyung frowned when he noticed his brother was wearing long sleeved shirt.

“I am fine,” the younger reassured him.

“Okay, come on, we can’t miss that perfect fun, can we?” Taehyung snickered, making the younger laugh.

An hour later, they were sitting in lounge area of the bleachers, watching horse race. Taehyung was watching the event with non present face, sipping on his juice (with a bit of vodka that he ordered without his mother knowing).

“Yes, they needed him in New York, you know how amazing he is. I mean, the long distance relationship is hard but we make it work well. The boys are grown up now too so it’s easy,” Mrs. Kim was just chatting with some woman who asked about her husband. Taehyung rolled his eyes, exchanging looks with Yeonjun. Their parents haven’t announced the separation and divorce yet, they wanted to postpone the scandal, they didn’t want to ruin the pretty picture of the perfect marriage and family but Taehyung was getting sick of it.

Taehyung’s phone buzzed in his pocket so he took it out. His face lit up when he saw an incoming text from Jeongguk, asking him if he died of boredom yet.

“Hyung, what if we went to look around if we find some friends?” Yeonjun tugged on his sleeve.

“Not now, Jun,” Taehyung mumbled, not even looking away from the device. The younger opened his mouth to say something but then he just gave up. He sighed, throwing hurt look towards his brother, that he didn’t even notice because he was too busy texting. So he just got up and disappeared.


Taehyung went out with Jeongguk couple of times. He dared to say that they were friends at this point. Nothing at school changed, they still didn’t talk there, because Taehyung wished so but Jeongguk honestly didn’t care. He was content enough with the texts and occasional hang outs.

They went to an old cinema once where Taehyung was fascinated by the popcorn machine. Then they went for a dinner to have some proper Korean barbecue. They were always hanging out outside of Gangnam which was fine with Taehyung, not only because no one would see them but also because it was nice to get out.

Jeongguk was acting casual and cool, he didn’t want to ruin what he had with Taehyung right now but the truth was, he couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. It’s been almost three weeks but he still remembered it like it was yesterday.

He was still going out with Lee-hyung, they just had their fifth date and they kissed goodbye for the first time. It was nice and all but…it wasn’t it. It had nothing on the kiss he and Taehyung shared and he wanted to relive it so badly but he was worried he might chase Taehyung away if he only mentioned it. So he just held his mouth shut.

“Lees are coming for dinner tonight,” Taehyung’s mother announced him.

“What? Hong said nothing,” Taehyung frowned.

“I invited them yesterday. I haven’t seen his parents for ages and since our sons are such love birds, I think dinner is a nice gesture,”

“Mum, things between me and Hong are not the best right now,” Taehyung sighed. He was avoiding Hong when he could. At school, they were still acting all loved up but when he was alone and Hong called to hang out, he declined him.

“What are you talking about? You and Hong are perfect for each other,” Mrs. Kim frowned.

“Yeah, that’s what I keep hearing,” her son rolled his eyes: “Things aren’t the same like couple of years ago. We kinda drifted apart, I guess, maybe we weren’t meant to be together.”

“Of course you were meant to be together, Hong is a great catch,” his mother scoffed: “This dinner is perfect opportunity to make it right so don’t disappoint me.”

Taehyung just stared desperately as his mother walked over to a handmaiden, instructing her how to decorate the table for tonight. He just wanted to run away, somewhere far away.

“Taehyung, dear, you are more handsome every time I see you,” Mrs. Lee greeted Taehyung with a kiss to his cheek couple of hours later.

“You’re one to talk, Mrs. Lee, you look absolutely gorgeous,” Taehyung smiled politely with a little bow.

“Always so polite,” Mrs. Lee smiled back: “We are so lucky that Hong found someone like you.”

“Honey,” Hong smiled, kissing Taehyung’s cheek as well and sneaked his arm around his waist.

“Looking great, Taehyung,” Mr. Lee nodded, receiving a bow from the younger.

Hong pulled Taehyung to the side while their parents went to sit at the table. The elder grabbed his hand, smiling at him.

“Look, Tae, I want to make things right,” Hong started, caressing his hand with a thumb slightly. The younger eyed him but gestured for him to go on.

“I know I’ve been neglecting you lately and I’ve been partying a lot and I wasn’t there when you needed me. But I wanna change that, I want us to go back to how things were before. I love you, Tae, and I am sorry if you ever felt like I don’t anymore,” Hong looked at his boyfriend sincerely and Taehyung…he wanted to believe it. Things between them have been shitty for the past couple of months but he still had some feelings for the older, he was his first and only boyfriend and sometimes he remembered how happy he was when they got together when they were teens. And right now he was standing here, offering peace and he couldn’t decline.

“Okay, we can make it right,” Taehyung smiled: “But you need to try with me, okay?”

“Yes, I will, I promise,” Hong nodded and then leaned closer, whispering with a playful smirk: “My parents go to opera in two days so I thought you could come and…we could finally be together.”

Taehyung’s heart sped up little bit at the promise. Maybe if they slept together, if they shared intimacy on such level, it would help them and save their relationship.

“But you need to stop with the parties,” Taehyung looked at him pointedly: “I’m not saying you can’t go out and get drunk and have fun but…promise me, no drugs and no other guys or girls.”

“I swear, baby, from now on, I am gonna be the boyfriend you deserve,” Hong nodded eagerly, bringing their linked hands up to kiss Taehyung’s. The younger bit his lip with a blush. Maybe they could make it work after all.

The dinner was quite boring. Lees were nice people but Taehyung’s never found similar language with them. Thankful they and his mother did most of the talking so he was just focusing on the food on his plate, sitting beside his boyfriend. Yeonjun was there too, looking like he wanted to be anywhere else but Taehyung couldn’t blame him.

After the dinner, the handmaidens brought coffee so they settled in the lounge room. Hong and Taehyung were sitting on loveseat, the elder’s hand was casually resting on Taehyung’s leg. The younger looked at the hand on his thigh, empty feeling filling his chest because he felt nothing. It was weird that such intimate gesture did nothing to him, maybe it was because it was so casual and normal. He couldn’t help it but think back to that certain evening from three weeks ago, when he was bending over the pool table and Jeongguk’s hand landed on his hip. How his skin was almost burning despite the fabric of shirt separating them. He desperately wanted to have it with Hong but despite their earlier conversation, he knew deep down that they’d never have that.

Yeonjun asked permission to go to his room and Mrs. Kim agreed.

“Excuse me, I am going to the toilette,” Hong got up after a while, bowing politely. Taehyung followed him with his eyes, frowning to himself when he saw the elder going up the stairs instead of going to the bathroom on this floor.

Taehyung excused himself after few minutes. He didn’t want to snoop on Hong but it was shady so he wanted to know where his boyfriend was.

He slowly came up, noticing his bedroom door was opened and Hong was in his bathroom. He slipped inside quietly, hearing that Hong was calling with someone.

“I am at the dinner I told you about, I had to come, my parents forced me,” Hong said and then chuckled: “But I’ll leave soon, don’t worry, I am gonna have some now so I am ready for the party. You just make sure that those cute guys come.”

Taehyung felt nauseous. He wasn’t one to make rushed judgements but the phone call was clear. He opened the door and gasped.

Hong was there, bent down and sniffing white powder line from the sink counter.

“I can’t fucking believe you,” Taehyung hissed, making the elder look at him in surprise.

“What are you doing here?” Hong snapped at him.

“Me? Last time I checked, this was my fucking room and you are sniffing coke here,” the younger raised his voice.

“Don’t be so loud or someone will hear,”

“I don’t fucking care,” Taehyung groaned, turning on his heel and storming out.

“Honey, where are you going?” his mother called out when he rushed past the three people in the lounge room, getting in the elevator.

“Out, I am not gonna be here right now,” Taehyung shouted back, furiously pressing the button, relieved when the door closed. He slumped back against the elevator wall, feeling his eyes burning. He was so fucking stupid, how could he think that Hong would change? He lied to his face, saying he was done with parties, drugs and other people and then he found him in his bathroom doing all those things.

He got out of the building, waving to catch a cab.

“Taehyung, where are you going, let’s talk,” Hong suddenly ran out of the building, grabbing his arm.

“There is nothing to talk about,” Taehyung snapped, pulling his arm back: “I heard you and I saw you. What was all that bullshit you told me before dinner? Just tell me the truth, Hong, we both know how it is.”

“It was my parents, okay?” the elder shrugged: “They noticed I’ve been neglecting you and they gave me a speech about how I have to make it right and treat you well because you are the best match for me.”

“My name and money is the best match for you, not me,” Taehyung glared at him: “You know what? I was willing to give you a chance, I was so fucking stupid that I believed you and was actually happy that you wanted to change things.”

“We can change things,” the elder protested.

“The only thing I am changing here is my relationship status because since this evening, I am single!” Taehyung hissed.

“You don’t mean that, we are meant to be together, you will come back,” Hong chuckled incredulously.

“This isn’t like those times before. God, I forgave you more times than I could count when you were busy fucking all those guys and girls but I am done,” Taehyung lowered his voice, looking at the other with despise: “We are over, once and for all, it could never work between us and I don’t want relationship like most people around here, based on money and business. You can come up with some excuse to your parents but tell them we are done.”

“Taehyung, you can’t do that!” Hong gripped his arm again when the younger finally managed to catch a cab.

“I can do whatever the hell I want,” Taehyung turned around abruptly, pulling his arm back again and opening the door of the car with tears in his eyes: “I am not gonna make idiot of myself any longer, goodbye, Hong.”

He closed his eyes once he was seated in the car, tears slipping from the corners. No matter how things between him and Hong have been, it still hurt him.

An hour later, he was having third drink, sitting at the bar in some place. He honestly had no idea where he was but he hasn’t seen any familiar face and he was happy. He felt so stupid and sad, he hoped alcohol would provide him with some relief but he felt maybe even worse. He needed to blow off some steam, he needed a distraction.

And he knew exactly where he’d get it.

“Jeongguk?” Taehyung breathed out into the phone when the other picked up: “Meet me in Burlesque Heaven in an hour.”

“Is everything okay?” Jeongguk sounded concerned.

“Not really but let’s not talk about it now. I need some fun, Gukkie, promise me you’ll come,”

“Um, okay, I’ll be there,”

“We’ll meet outside. Bye,”

Jeongguk was confused by the phone call but Taehyung sounded really upset. He looked over at Lee-hyung who was staring at him with questioning eyes.

“I-I am sorry, that was a friend and…I don’t know what happened but he needs me now,” Jeongguk smiled apologetically.

“It’s okay, if it’s important, you should go,” the younger smiled.

“Thanks, I will make it up to you,” Jeongguk nodded, calling the waiter so he could pay for the drinks and the dinner. Lee-hyung offered to wait with him for a cab that he called from the restaurant so they were chatting outside for a while.

“Thanks for being so cool about it,” Jeongguk smiled.

“Well, I am already used to you cancelling dates for friends so…” Lee-hyung chuckled but Jeongguk could hear the biting tone in it.

“I will make it up to you, I promise,” Jeongguk brushed hair behind the younger’s ear: “Let’s meet on Tuesday, there is this concert in one club, okay?”

“Okay, yeah,” Lee-hyung nodded with a small giggle and his breath caught in his throat when Jeongguk leaned in and kissed him shortly, then he got in the cab.

Of course Jeongguk knew Burlesque Heaven, not that he’d ever been there but everyone in the city knew it. It was a burlesque themed bar, very fancy and expensive, with boys and girls dancing in costumes, lingerie and corsets. Sometimes they were just simple dance numbers, sometimes strip shows. Only the city elite would get in or you had to have invitation. Like most of the best clubs and bars in the city, it was owned by Kim Seokjin’s family.

He was surprised Taehyung wanted to go there but he didn’t question it.

“Tae, you alright?” Jeongguk frowned when he got out of the cab, spotting the other already there. He could immediately tell that he’s already had some drinks.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Taehyung mumbled: “Can you just keep me company tonight and not talk about anything regarding my life or family? I just wanna have fun.”

“Yeah, okay, sure,” Jeongguk nodded: “How are we gonna get in? This place is only for the elite.”

“Jeongguk, I am the elite,” Taehyung gave him a look.

“Yeah, right,” the black haired guy chuckled awkwardly. Sometimes it was easy for him to forget when he was with Taehyung who he was and where he came from but obviously he could never really escape that.

Ten minutes later, they were sitting on a small sofa right in front of the small stage with dancers. There was the most expensive champagne on the table and Taehyung was busy finishing his first glass. The place was quite dark and intimate and private, in the far corner, there was a couple making out heatedly and there weren’t really that many people since it was a week day.

“Tae, you should slow down,” Jeongguk eyed the other carefully.

“I wanna have fun, Gukkie, it’s just a champagne,” the silver head giggled.

“You can have fun without drinking yourself into coma,”

Taehyung rolled his eyes but put the glass down, focusing instead on the stage, watching the number. It was nice, all the boys and girls were so pretty, swaying into the slow, sultry music and he was watching them with fascination.

“You would look much better up there,” Jeongguk’s voice caught his attention. He turned to face him, smirking little bit.

“You think so, huh?” Taehyung chuckled.

“Yeah, I think so but I also think you are too uptight to do something like that,” Jeongguk shrugged, with challenging sparkles in his eyes. His task was to distract Taehyung so that was what he was doing.

“I am not uptight!” Taehyung pouted.

“Tae, no offence but you are one of the most uptight people I’ve ever met. I mean, you are not boring or anything but you can’t relax and live a little,”

“I can’t live, huh?” Taehyung’s eyes sparkled. He hated that Jeongguk actually nailed the head. He wasn’t any prude but it was true that he cared a lot about his image. But right now, his mind was a bit clouded by couple of drinks, he just broke up with his boyfriend and he felt rebellious.

“We’ll see about that. Watch me, Jeon,” Taehyung smirked teasingly, getting up from the sofa. Jeongguk just chuckled breathlessly when Taehyung shrugged of his jacket and threw it on the sofa. Then he toed off his leather moccasins.

Jeongguk didn’t believe Taehyung would actually do it, that he’d actually go on the stage and dance for everyone to see. Even though the place was almost empty, it was still too much for Taehyung.

But then Taehyung gave him a challenging look and walked up the stairs up to the small stage. Jeongguk leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, watching the silver head with parted lips.

Taehyung turned his back to the audience as he started swaying his hips slowly. The dancers made space for him, grinning at him encouragingly. Taehyung looked over his shoulder to see Jeongguk’s reaction and he was content when he saw the puzzled and intrigued expression.

Some men cheered for him loudly and that encouraged him. He let the music and alcohol take over his actions as he started swaying his hips more, dragging his hands down his sides. He turned his body little bit, throwing a suggestive look at Jeongguk, smirking to himself when Jeongguk’s eyes darkened. Just the look in his eyes made him burn on the inside, that feeling of being wanted was back and it encouraged him for his other action.

His shaky fingers slid to the button and zipper of his loose black pants and he opened them. They slid down his legs to the floor and he stepped out of them.

Jeongguk sucked in a deep breath. Taehyung’s shirt has driven above his ass and when he got rid of his pants, he revealed what was underneath – pale pink vintage panties with black lace on the hips, black garters and black sheer stockings. All his wet dreams suddenly came true as he was staring at Taehyung’s long legs and swaying hips. His shirt fell back down so it covered his ass but Jeongguk didn’t really mind.

Taehyung’s hands flew to his hair, running his fingers through it, eyes closed and body moving languidly. He heard wolf whistles and cheers from couple of audience members but the show was for only one person. Even though he was back to the audience, he knew Jeongguk was staring at him, it was like he could feel his burning gaze on him.

The song ended and people cheered, clapping. Taehyung grinned, bowing little bit, before he grabbed his pants from the floor and went down from the stage.

The look in Jeongguk’s eyes made him shiver. He felt like prey right now and he loved it. No one’s ever looked at him like that.

He went slowly towards Jeongguk, dropping the pants to the ground when he stopped in front of him. They were staring at each other intently, Taehyung could feel his heart hammering in his ribcage but he wasn’t sure what to do.

Thankfully Jeongguk solved that dilemma for him when he stretched out his hand to him. Taehyung took it without hesitation, never breaking the eye contact as Jeongguk pulled him on his lap. He wasn’t straddling him, his legs were resting on the sofa but their faces were only an inch apart, both panting slightly. There was tension in the air and Taehyung could feel Jeongguk’s heart through his hand on his chest.

“Who would’ve guessed you have it in you,” Jeongguk said quietly, wrapping one arm around the silver head’s waist.

“There are lots of things you don’t know about me, Jeongguk-ssi,” Taehyung breathed out.


“Like that I want you to kiss me right now,” Taehyung whispered, letting out a needy whimper when Jeongguk crushed their lips together without second thought. The kiss was deep and passionate, tongues and teeth clashing together.

“God, couldn’t stop thinking about kissing you since that evening,” Jeongguk groaned when he pulled back just to take his breath but diving back in.

“Me neither,” Taehyung mumbled against his lips, wrapping his arms around Jeongguk’s neck to bring him even closer. Kissing Jeongguk could be only described as addictive and intoxicating, he couldn’t get enough.

Taehyung let out a surprised noise close to a moan when Jeongguk suddenly pulled back only to attach his lips to his neck. He nibbled at the sensitive skin, making Taehyung shudder. Taehyung felt that burning desire skyrocketing when Jeongguk’s free hand landed on his thigh, fingers digging into the soft stockings.

“Let’s get out of here,” Taehyung got out breathlessly. He knew this was probably rushed and not really the best decision but right now it was all he wanted. He was done playing nice and innocent, he was done thinking about consequences all the damn time. Right now he wanted to follow his heart and needs and they were speaking clearly.


“There is a hotel in this building,” Taehyung looked at him, cupping his cheek. Jeongguk hesitated for a second, Taehyung was clearly upset when they met so maybe this wasn’t the best time and it also wasn’t anything he’d imagine but it didn’t matter. They say the best things happen when you least expect them, right?

“Let’s go,” Jeongguk nodded.

Taehyung got up, not bothering to put on his pants. He just put on the moccasins, walking over to the bar to take care of the bill.

Ten minutes later, they were in an elevator of the hotel, kissing heatedly. Taehyung paid for the room because one night here cost like half of Jeongguk’s savings. Jeongguk wasn’t happy about it but now was not the time to think about it.

Soon they were in their room. Jeongguk shut the door behind them, pressing Taehyung against it and kissing him, first on the lips and then on the neck. He pressed thigh between Taehyung’s legs, making him throw his head back with a moan. Taehyung dropped down the pants he was holding, hands flying to Jeongguk’s back, feeling the muscles under the t-shirt.

“Fuck, Tae, you are so damn sexy,” Jeongguk got out huskily when he pulled back, looking down at Taehyung’s legs covered in stockings: “I nearly had a heart attack when you got up there and took off the pants, you look so fucking gorgeous.”

Taehyung preened at the praise. Hong never looked at him like this, never really praised him for anything he did or wore so this was welcomed change.

Taehyung pushed on Jeongguk’s chest, making him take few steps back. He looked at the ground shyly, biting his lip, before he brought his hands up to the buttons of his shirt, opening it slowly. The soft material slipped down his shoulders so he was standing there in just the lingerie, slowly looking up to meet Jeongguk’s eyes. He felt shivers running up his spine at the lustful look he was met with and he never felt this wanted in his life.

Jeongguk stretched his hand to him and Taehyung took it so the black haired male led him to the big bed. They stood next to it and they kissed again and then again until they were both breathless.

Taehyung grabbed the hem of Jeongguk’s t-shirt, slipping it over his head. He felt arousal washing over him when his torso was revealed. He could tell Jeongguk was muscular even when he was dressed but seeing him now in his shirtless glory was definitely something. He wasn’t too ripped but it was the right amount for his muscles to be clearly visible.

Taehyung brought up his hands, running them over Jeongguk’s pecs, hips and stomach, to his back, just everywhere he could reach, feeling the hot skin under his fingertips before his hands slid down to the front of Jeongguk’s jeans, opening them.

Jeongguk helped him to tug them down, stepping out of them so he was standing there only in his boxer briefs. Taehyung never felt so attracted to anyone in his life.

Jeongguk pushed him down on the bed so they were lying on their sides, crushing their lips together again, making out messily. Jeongguk’s fingers slipped down to the garters, unbuckling them from the stockings. His hands travelled down Taehyung’s legs, taking first one stocking and then the other off. As much as he loved seeing him in the lingerie, he wanted to see all of him.

Taehyung lied down on his back when Jeongguk kneeled between his legs, taking in the scene in front of him. He’s dreamt of having Taehyung like this for ages and right now when he was lying here, his silver hair sprawled over the satin pillow, moonlight illuminating his features, he looked absolutely gorgeous.

Jeongguk’s hands flew to the hem of Taehyung’s underwear, shooting him questioning look for permission. Taehyung nodded slightly, suddenly a bit self-conscious. Jeongguk hooked his fingers under the soft fabric, pulling it down until it ended up somewhere on the floor. Then he got rid of his own boxers so they were both completely naked.

Taehyung felt his breath catching in his throat when his eyes landed on Jeongguk’s semi-hard cock. He never thought they would find themselves here in this situation but right now, he knew it was where they were supposed to be.

“You are beautiful,” Jeongguk said quietly, watching the other with lustful and emotional eyes. It wasn’t the first time Taehyung’s been naked in front of someone but for the first time in his life, it felt like someone finally really saw him, he felt exposed and vulnerable but not in a bad way.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you have a boyfriend,” Jeongguk bit his lip.

“I don’t,” Taehyung shook his head: “I broke up with Hong tonight.”

“Oh,” Jeongguk was taken by surprise but then he frowned: “So am I just some band aid for you? Is that some kind of revenge on him?”

“No,” Taehyung reassured him quickly: “This has nothing to do with him, I swear. I…I want you.”

Jeongguk could tell Taehyung was sincere with his big eyes and he smiled.

“Come here,” the silver head whispered, making grabby hands. Jeongguk didn’t hesitate, lying between his spread legs with knees and forearms supporting him so only their chests were touching but the skin to skin contact still felt electrifying.

They reconnected their lips in another kiss, first slow and passionate but it got needy and rough quickly. Jeongguk then attached his mouth to Taehyung’s neck, sucking and biting on the sensitive skin. Taehyung’s hands were roaming over Jeongguk’s back, feeling the muscles move and flex under his palms.

He got bolder with the increasing arousal and one of his hands slid to Jeongguk’s ass. The black haired guy hummed against his neck, taking the skin between his lips, making Taehyung moan. He couldn’t take it anymore, he felt like he was going to explode if they wouldn’t touch so he pressed down on Jeongguk’s ass, bringing him closer so their lower halves collided.

They both gasped at the contact, looking at each other. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk almost urgently, begging him to do something. Jeongguk took the initiative when he felt Taehyung’s hand pushing on his ass again and he rolled his hips down, making their hardening cocks slide together.

“Oh fuck,” Taehyung whined, voice suddenly higher and breathier and that was all the encouragement Jeongguk needed. He started rolling his hips down, rutting against him, watching his every expression. Taehyung was panting, head tilting back and eyes flying shut in pleasure.

“You look so fucking gorgeous, baby,” Jeongguk got out raspily, one hand going down to Taehyung’s thigh, squeezing it and angling it for better angle, continuing to roll his hips down, making them both hard in no time.

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung gasped, cupping the black haired’s cheek. He knew they could just continue doing this and he would be perfectly content but that was not how he wanted it to end. He needed to be honest with Jeongguk though.

“I…I have never done this before,” the silver head admitted quietly, cheeks burning with embarrassment.

“W-what?” Jeongguk pulled back, sitting on his heels.

“I mean, I am a virgin, yeah,” Taehyung sat up as well, suddenly nervous.

“Wow, that’s-“ Jeongguk breathed out: “I thought you and Hong…”

“We did pretty much everything but we’ve never slept together,” Taehyung admitted: “Because we were together for so long, everyone assumed that we…you know, had sex.”

Jeongguk was staring in disbelieve. He couldn’t believe that Kim Taehyung was a virgin.

“Okay, well, we can do something else, I mean…there are plenty of things,” the black haired guy suggested.

“No, I want it, I am tired of waiting,” Taehyung shook his head, shuffling closer to the other.

“Tae, I just…you shouldn’t have your first time with just someone in a hotel room, you should be with your boyfriend and someone you love and…” Jeongguk looked at him seriously.

“I always thought it would be like that,” Taehyung nodded: “But I am tired of waiting. What does it matter how it happens? I just…I want to be with someone who really wants me.”

“I do want you,” Jeongguk said seriously.

“Then show me, Jeongguk,” Taehyung looked at him desperately: “Show me how much you want me, I wanna know what it feels like.”

Jeongguk was looking at the silver head to find some kind of hesitation but he was looking at him with wide and desperate eyes and he was just so weak.

“If you really want this,” Jeongguk eventually nodded, cupping Taehyung’s cheek: “You have no idea how much I want you, Tae, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Then take me, Gukkie, I am here,” Taehyung whispered, letting out a strangled sound when Jeongguk suddenly surged forward, crushing their lips together. Just in the kiss Taehyung could feel all the emotions and lust, he could feel it in Jeongguk’s hand gripping his hip and he could feel it when he lowered him back down on the bed.

“I am gonna make this so good for you, baby,” Jeongguk whispered only an inch from Taehyung’s lips, rolling his hips down again, making the silver head whine into his mouth.

They were moving together in sync, getting more worked up and hot, sweat forming between their bodies. Jeongguk couldn’t believe this was happening, not only he was about to have sex with Taehyung but he was going to take his virginity.

“Wait, how do you want it?” Jeongguk pulled back, looking questioningly at the other because they haven’t kinda established their positions.

“I have a feeling you like to be on top,” Taehyung chuckled: “And it’s okay because I want it like that.”

“Okay,” Jeongguk breathed out, partly in relief because he wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside Taehyung and show him how good it feels.

Jeongguk reached for his jeans, taking out the wallet and pulling out packet of lube and condoms. Taehyung didn’t question why he had it there, most people carried those items around just in case.

Jeongguk squeezed the lube on his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up little bit. He eyed Taehyung unsurely.

“It’s okay, Gukkie, I am not made of sugar, I’ve had fingers in my ass before,” Taehyung rolled his eyes with giggle, making the other relax. Taehyung spread his legs invitingly so Jeongguk lied down beside him, sneaking his right hand between his ass cheeks.

Taehyung shuddered when Jeongguk gently touched his crack, massaging it and smearing the lube around. Then he pushed the tip of forefinger inside him, testing the waters. Taehyung’s mouth opened silently as his body accommodated Jeongguk inside him and he encouraged him to keep going.

Jeongguk complied, pushing the whole finger inside him slowly, kissing his shoulder and neck, mumbling praises and reassurances. He added second finger after a while, repeating the previous actions of praising.

“Fuck, Jeongguk,” Taehyung moaned when the pads of the other’s fingers brushed over his prostate, sending electricity down his spine. Jeongguk started thrusting his fingers in and out quicker, watching Taehyung’s reactions.

“Does this feel good, Tae?” Jeongguk got out, voice thick with arousal as he was watching the silver head coming apart under him.

“Yes, god, so good,” Taehyung nodded, biting his lip: “Another.”

Taehyung was a moaning mess by the time his body got used to the stretch and Jeongguk was fucking him with three fingers. It never felt like this before, whether it was Hong or him doing it, this was completely different sensation and he was slowly losing his mind. His head was spinning at the mere thought of how good it must feel with Jeongguk inside him.

“That’s enough, Gukkie, I’m ready,” Taehyung breathed out, cupping Jeongguk’s cheek.

“Are you really sure about this?” Jeongguk asked one last time, leaning down to kiss him for couple of seconds.

“More than about anything in my life,” Taehyung nodded when they separated. Jeongguk nodded, pulling out the fingers and kneeling between the other’s legs, grabbing the condom and rolling it on himself with quiet moan. He pumped himself couple of times, spreading the lube over his length before he shuffled closer, grabbing Taehyung’s hips to pull him to himself so his ass was resting on his thighs.

Jeongguk looked down at Taehyung one last time, seeing his chest rise and fall in expectations and that was enough for him to finally nudge his entrance and push inside.

Taehyung gasped when the head slipped past his rim and he clenched at the foreign feeling.

“Relax, baby, you’re doing well,” Jeongguk smiled but it was clear that he was holding himself back, his own breathing getting faster. When he felt Taehyung relax around him, he pushed a bit further, pulling back little bit only to thrust back in shallowly, repeating the action until he was finally fully inside.

“Shit,” Taehyung breathed out, chuckling in disbelieve. He couldn’t believe it was happening at last, he was having sex and it was happening with the least expected person.

“You good?” Jeongguk looked at him with concern.

“Yeah, fine,” Taehyung giggled: “Just move please and do what you promised, show me how much you want me.”

“Oh, baby, you have no  idea,” the black haired male smirked little bit, pulling slowly out almost all the way and slowly sliding back in, drawing a surprised moan from Taehyung. His hands landed on Taehyung’s hips, caressing his sides up and down, feeling the skin under his palms, leaving goose bumps everywhere as he started slowly rocking in and out.

When he saw Taehyung was fine, face twisted in pleasure, he wrapped his arm around his waist, pulling him a bit closer to himself and sliding even deeper, making Taehyung’s toes curl and head tilt back with breathy moan. Jeongguk started fucking him a bit faster, snapping his hips up. Taehyung gasped, gripping the pillow under his head for some kind of support. It felt incredible, he never thought sex could feel like that and maybe it was just because it was with Jeongguk but he didn’t have time or energy to think about that right now.

Jeongguk then changed position little bit, going from kneeling to lying between Taehyung’s legs, one hand gripping Taehyung’s thigh and the other his hip, rolling his hips hard and fast.

“Baby, you feel so good,” Jeongguk choked out, making Taehyung’s eyes open. The silver head cupped his cheek with one hand, bringing him down for a kiss. Their lips and tongues collided and Jeongguk sped up, slamming into Taehyung sharply, fucking moans and whimpers from him and swallowing them happily.

“God, Jeongguk, I-“ Taehyung cried out almost in surprise when the other hit his prostate and he felt heat pooling in his stomach. Jeongguk took the clue, thrusting into the same spot over and over again, Taehyung’s hands sliding down his back, blunt nails digging into the skin.

“So good, baby, so gorgeous, want you so much, fuck,” Jeongguk babbled, staring down at the silver head as he continued to fuck him with erratic thrusts, hovering over the edge. Taehyung whimpered, staring at Jeongguk, seeing all that lust in his eyes pushed him closer to his release. No one ever looked at him like that.

Jeongguk moaned in surprise when Taehyung clenched around him and he sneaked one hand between their stomachs, taking hold of Taehyung’s dripping cock, jerking him off in time with his trusts. Taehyung moaned the loudest that evening, staring with wide eyes at Jeongguk, overwhelmed by all the pleasure he was feeling, it felt like he was about to explode.

“It’s okay, Tae, come on, come for me, baby,” Jeongguk whispered, rolling his hips, grinding against Taehyung’s ass, buried impossibly deep.

Taehyung bit his lip and threw his head back and then his mouth opened in silent scream. Only few seconds later, his cock twitched in Jeongguk’s hand and he came between their stomachs, almost blinded by the force of his orgasm.

Jeongguk groaned, not able to hold back anymore and his insides erupted as well, thrusting inside Taehyung couple more times before he filled the condom with his seed.

They were both panting and staring at each other when it was over, covered in sweat and come but neither of them thought twice about it when they moved at the same time, crushing their lips together in passionate kiss.

Chapter Text

Taehyung woke up, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. Images of last night came rushing to him, making small smile appear on his lips. His hand flew to his lips, touching them softly as if he could still feel Jeongguk’s lips there. He could almost feel his hands on his hips and when he shifted and felt slight pain in his ass, he knew it truly happened. He really lost his virginity and it happened with the least expected person.

But when the sleepy fog slowly left his head, realization and panic settled in. He sat up, cursing himself because that shouldn’t have happened. What was he thinking? He just broke up with his boyfriend and lost his virginity to a guy he barely knew. He felt like crying but not because of regrets, it was because of confusion and the overwhelming and polar feelings that were filling his chest.

At school, he just focused on his lessons. He saw Hong in the distance but he didn’t feel guilty. That only proved that whatever he once felt for him was now gone. He felt little bit conflicted and lost because Hong was his only boyfriend but at the same time, he felt liberated.

In the next couple of days, he didn’t miss the looks Jeongguk was sending his way whenever their paths at school crossed. He even texted him twice but Taehyung ignored it, not really knowing what to do.

But Jeongguk was often staring at him pretty insistently and he was worried that he might give something away. Taehyung really didn’t want anyone to know.

So on his free period, when he spotted the black haired male, he dragged him to the corner, making sure no one saw them.

“Listen, Jeongguk,” Taehyung sighed: “What happened between us was a mistake. I just broke up with Hong and I was confused, angry and little bit drunk. I don’t want anyone to find out about it, okay?”

“I won’t tell anyone if that’s what you want,” Jeongguk replied but then his eyes slightly hardened: “But it was not a mistake and you know it.”

“Yeah? So what was it? What do you want from me, Jeongguk?” Taehyung groaned in frustration: “Did you think we’d get together? That we’d fuck once and what, just become happy couple or something? It could never work between us, we are completely different!”

“We are not that different, our lives might be but we aren’t. Don’t make it sound like the hook up was the only thing we’ve had after the weeks of occasional hanging out and texting,” Jeongguk snapped back. Taehyung looked at him sadly, opening his mouth and closing it.

“Do you think I am not worthy of you? Hell, I will prove that I am and I don’t care that I don’t have millions on my bank account because at the end of the day, you don’t care about that too, I know it. That is not what you want and need,” Jeongguk added fiercely.

“You don’t know what I want and need, Jeongguk,” Taehyung shook his head: “Just let it go. Nothing happened between us, do you understand?”

With that, the silver head left. Jeongguk leaned against the wall with a sigh. He knew he should have some dignity and just respect Taehyung’s wish but he wasn’t willing to give up now when he was so close. He knew they had a connection and he felt it that Taehyung wanted him, he just needed to make him see it.

He needed to deal with something first.

He still kept seeing Lee-hyung. After the kiss, he was thinking about breaking up with him but since nothing with Taehyung happened, he let it go. Then the night happened, it was unexpected and fast and he hasn’t seen the younger ever since. He liked him, they went on couple of dates and kissed couple of times and he was really sweet but…it wasn’t it. It just missed something, it was too calm and even though that was not a bad thing, he knew it was not enough. It was complicated with Taehyung but he knew that if they wouldn’t give up, they could discover something beautiful and exciting.

“Listen, Lee-ah,” Jeongguk started when he met that afternoon with the younger. It was really hard because he was looking at him with his big and innocent eyes but he had to be honest with him, he had to end it before he’d truly hurt him.

“I…I really like you but…” Jeongguk continued but trailed of, not really knowing how to word it.

“But there is someone you like more,” Lee-hyung finished for him, making the older looked at him with surprise.

“I am not dumb, Jeongguk and I am not mad either, honestly,” Lee-hyung smiled softly: “Is that the guy from your father’s gallery?”

Jeongguk was surprised that he still remembered Taehyung, the event was weeks ago and there wasn’t anything going on between them back then. But maybe others could see it even before it evolved into something more.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk nodded: “I…we slept together and…I didn’t want to hurt you but it just happened. I’ve had crush on him for years and I know that doesn’t justify anything but I couldn’t help it.”

“I don’t blame you, we don’t choose who we love,” the younger nodded: “Seriously, Jeongguk, I don’t want you to beat yourself up for it. I am grateful you were honest with me and came clean, that is really nice. But you shouldn’t force yourself into anything. I-I like you but if there is someone else in your life then I don’t wanna be the second one.”

“I am sorry, I really had great time with you,” Jeongguk looked at him apologetically, honestly feeling awful. He didn’t know if he wasn’t doing a mistake right now, was Taehyung worth it? He knew the answer in his heart though.

“I actually met a guy like two weeks ago. We’ve been just talking and stuff but he is really nice so…maybe it’s a sign for me to give him a chance,” Lee-hyung smiled: “Thanks for giving me chance in the first place, it really meant a lot when you asked me out and I had a great time with you.”

They said their goodbyes. Jeongguk was happy that it went so smoothly, he was actually happy for Lee-hyung, that he met someone else that was nice to him, he truly wished he would be happy. Maybe things could’ve worked out between him and the younger but he would probably never forgive himself for letting Taehyung go so easily. He’s has a crush on him for so long and now when he got to know him, the feelings got deeper and he was determined to do whatever it took to get him.


Jimin noticed that Taehyung has been pretty quiet lately, often looking like he was locked inside his mind. He and Seokjin learned couple of days ago that their friend broke up with Hong so he thought it was because of it but he just had this gut feeling that it was something else.

So one day at school, he just dragged him to the side of the yard, looking at him sternly and blurting out: “Spill it.”

“W-what do you mean?” Taehyung looked at him with wide eyes but his eyes flickered away, which was a sign that he had some secret, a secret that he wanted to tell Jimin so badly but couldn’t bring himself to for whatever reason.

“I know you are still kinda off because of the break up but I can tell there is something else on your mind, so spill it,” Jimin gave him a pointed look, making it clear that there was no room for discussion.

“I had sex,” Taehyung blurted out, making sure no one else heard him.

“Oh my god,” Jimin gasped, obviously knowing that Taehyung was virgin just a while ago. He frowned: “Wait, did you sleep with Hong before you broke up? Is that why you feel so shitty because you slept together and then he dumped you?”

“First of all, I dumped him, not the other way around,” Taehyung corrected him: “And second, it wasn’t with Hong.”

“Oh my god, Tae, you lost your virginity with someone who wasn’t your boyfriend? Not in a relationship? Wow, that’s…I mean, I don’t judge you, it’s just surprising,” the older shook his head in disbelieve.

“Tell me about it,” Taehyung mumbled.

“So who was it then? Was it some random hook up?” Jimin pressed.

Just at that moment, Jeongguk walked into the yard and Taehyung’s eyes betrayed him, flickering to him for a second before he looked away with a tiny blush. It was too late though.

“Holy shit!” Jimin gasped, looking over at Jeongguk and then back at Taehyung, gasping silently and gesturing with his hands wildly. Taehyung grabbed his wrist, dragging him to the corner, far away from everyone.

“You and Jeongguk?” Jimin whisper-yelled. He didn’t know about the previous kiss between the two, Taehyung haven’t told anyone but he knew they’ve been occasionally hanging out and texting.

“It was spontaneous, okay?” Taehyung sighed: “I called him to meet me that evening I broke up with Hong. We went to the Burlesque and one thing led to another and we ended up in the hotel next door. I mean, we already kissed once before but-“

“Wait you kissed before?” Jimin shrieked.

“No so loudly!” Taehyung hissed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jimin glared at him.

“I was with Hong back then, okay? And it was just one kiss, it didn’t mean anything, I thought we’d forget about it but…god, I can’t believe I did that, I lost my virginity with a guy I barely know,” Taehyung whined.

“You talk like he’d be some random stranger you picked up in a bar,” Jimin rolled his eyes: “Not saying you are super close but you’ve been hanging out and from what you’ve told me, he is a cool guy and you have fun with him, so why do you look like you wanna die?”

“Because it was a mistake, Jimin!” Taehyung hissed: “I-I shouldn’t have slept with him, I shouldn’t have gotten involved with him, it’s…you know it’s complicated.”

“Why? Because he’s not rich and your parents wouldn’t approve?” the older gave him half pointed, half sympathetic look: “I get it, Tae, okay? I grew up with that mindset too and I suppose it would be so much easier if you were with someone from our social class and all that but…if you really like someone than nothing like that matters.”

“I don’t even know what I feel with him, to be honest. I told him to forget about it and not to text me so there is really nothing to talk about anymore,” the silver head shrugged.

“So you are just gonna turn tails and give up?”

“There is nothing to give up, Jiminie,”

“Maybe there is,” Jimin nodded: “You said a while ago that you want something exciting, something you don’t have with Hong and you’ve had fun with Jeongguk. Maybe he is that excitement and big romance you wish for. What if Jeongguk is it?

“I just…I have no idea what I want, Jiminie,” Taehyung admitted with a sigh: “When I’m with him, I feel good, I am happy. He is really sweet and funny and…god, the way he sometimes looks at me makes me go internally crazy’s probably just some phase of something I know I can’t have.”

“No one can tell you what you can or can’t have, Tae, not your parents, not the society, no one. It is your decision so it’s all up to you but as your friend, I just want you to be happy and maybe you should give him a chance,”

“Chance to what? It’s not like we ever talked about our feelings or something,”

“Was he cool about you wanting to forget it?”

“Not really,” Taehyung bit his lip: “I said it was a mistake but he said that it wasn’t and that…he would prove he’s worthy of me.”

“That sounds pretty clear to me,” Jimin smiled slightly: “Sounds like the guy is not done fighting for you and that’s exciting, isn’t it?”

Taehyung felt his chest tighten with hope and longing. He realized he wanted Jeongguk to fight for him, he wanted someone to fight for him for the first time in his life, to show that he was worth it.


Everyone in the Seoul, even people that have never attended it, knew about the annual costume party held in the fanciest hotel in Gangnam. It wasn’t a casual costume party though, it was basically just rich people wearing expensive dress and masks covering their eyes. It was a snobby event with expensive foods and drinks and everyone who meant something in Korea was there.

“Would you take me to the costume party?” Jeongguk blurted out when he came to Namjoon at school.

“Um, sure,” Namjoon looked at him sceptically: “Why would you wanna go there in the first place though? You hate these events.”

“Thought it might be interesting,” Jeongguk shrugged.

“Is it because Taehyung is gonna be there?” the elder snorted.

“Maybe?” the younger bit his lip.

“I will get an invitation for you, don’t worry,” Namjoon nodded.

“Where do I get a mask though? I have no idea where you rich people even get them,”

“Don’t worry about it, I will get it for you,” Namjoon laughed and then added hesitantly: “You know, if you wanna fit in, maybe you could borrow a suit from me.”

“What would you wear though?” Jeongguk blinked.

“Guk, I have literally at least like fifteen suits, don’t worry about it,” Namjoon laughed: “We are about the same height, you are a bit bulkier than me but I think we’ll find something that fits you.”

Jeongguk didn’t like borrowing anything from his friend but it made sense. If he showed up at the event in the only cheap suit he owned, everyone would immediately know he doesn’t belong and he wanted to blend in, to have the opportunity to speak and spend some time with Taehyung.

On the evening of the event, the car with a driver stopped in front of the hotel. Jeongguk adjusted his tie that was a bit uncomfortable. He was wearing quite simple Armani suit but it fitted him well, although he felt out of place just wearing something so expensive.

“Here you go,” Namjoon handed a black mask to the younger. It was quite simple, only covering his eyes and part of his cheeks but it was good. He put it on, scrunching his nose because it was quite uncomfortable to wear something other than sunglasses on his face.

“You look like one of us, you are gonna blend in easily,” Namjoon chuckled, nodding appreciatively as he eyed his friend.

They stepped out of the car, Namjoon was wearing a black suit and red mask. They made their way to the entrance, showing the invitations and were let in.

They entered the big lobby, the place was pretty dark, the lights were dim and it was crowded. There were fancy decorations everywhere, all styled in black and gold. Jeongguk felt like on another planet as his eyes were scanning the room but then his eyes stopped, landing on the person he came here for.

It wasn’t like in the movies where people would put on a mask and no one would recognize them so it was easy to spot him, especially thanks to his silver hair. He looked as great as ever. He was wearing black slacks with black sparkling jacket with a white lace top under it, that was hugging his torso nicely. He had silver mask on that was blending nicely with his hair and accessories.

He looked to his right, noticing Namjoon was gone. That was their agreement, they wouldn’t hang out together much because someone could tell who he was if they were there together.

“I wanted Channel but then decided for Gucci instead,” Jisoo chirped, talking to Taehyung, Jimin and Seokjin and couple of other people. She gasped when her eyes landed close to the entrance, raising her eyebrow with interest: “Who is that hottie over there? I don’t think I recognize him.”

Everyone looked to where she was looking. Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat because of course he recognized Jeongguk, even with the mask on, his jaw and deep eyes gave him away. He looked really damn good, hair quite long and parted, hanging around his face, one dangling earring hanging from his ear and an expensive suit hugging his body perfectly. It was so weird to see him dressed up like this, like he belonged to their world.

“I have no idea but he’s hot,” Seokjin nodded appreciatively.

“You know everyone from Korea comes to the costume party, maybe he is from the south or something,” Jimin commented. Neither of them knew him well enough to recognize him, except for Taehyung.

He looked back at Jeongguk but he was gone. He looked around but didn’t spot him, feeling slight disappointment bloom in his chest.

He was the one who told Jeongguk to stay away from him but the truth was, he missed him. He missed their stupid little texts, he missed their occasional adventures when they spent time outside of Gangnam. He missed his teasing, he missed their conversations about the most random stuff, he missed his laugh and his attentive eyes whenever he was speaking. He hated to admit it but he also missed his touch, whether it was unintentional, just a hand on his thigh or the small of his back, or it was intentional, slow and burning touch that made goose bumps raise on Taehyung’s skin. He even missed his lips on his own, despite feeling them only couple of times. His mind involuntarily drifted to that night when they slept together, despite forbidding himself from thinking about it. He felt his chest tighten with deep longing, not even sure for what.

Taehyung was brought back from his thoughts by his friends and they distracted him. Soon he basically forgot Jeongguk was even there as he was chatting to people.

He went to the bar when he finished his first glass of champagne.

“You look great tonight,” a quiet voice next to him startled him.

“You don’t look bad yourself,” Taehyung replied and only then he turned his head to meet Jeongguk’s gaze under the mask: “Looks like quite expensive suit.”

“It’s Namjoon’s,” Jeongguk admitted, knowing there was no point in lying: “Thought that if I looked like I belong here then maybe you wouldn’t be ashamed to talk to me.”

“What are you doing here, Jeongguk?” Taehyung sighed, thanking the bartender for the champagne as he took the glass.

“Like I said before, I am not gonna give up easily,” Jeongguk looked at him intently: “I think coming to an event that I normally don’t attend is quite a good start.”

“You want a medal for that or what?” Taehyung rolled his eyes but he felt warm, knowing that Jeongguk stepped out of his comfort zone for him.

“No, not a medal but maybe a dance?” the black haired male suggested, holding his hand towards Taehyung. The silver head looked around unsurely.

“Come on, I am just a stranger in fancy clothes, no one knows who I am,” Jeongguk raised his eyebrow expectedly.

Taehyung sighed and took the offered hand. He’d be lying if he said that tiny shivers didn’t start running through him when their skin made contact and Jeongguk led him to the middle of the dance floor so they’d be hidden in the sea of people.

“I told you to stay away from me,” Taehyung said quietly, not meeting the other’s gaze.

“And I told you that I don’t agree,” Jeongguk replied, wrapping one arm around Taehyung’s waist and holding his hand in his free one. Taehyung tried to ignore how well Jeongguk’s arm fitted around him, almost like it was made to hold him.

“What happened between us was a mistake. I don’t know what you were thinking would happen between us but it could never work,” the silver head finally met the other’s eyes.

“Our worlds might be different but we’re not so different,” Jeongguk leaned closer, speaking quietly: “I dare to say that after the weeks, I know you quite well. I know you are not like the people here around us and you don’t really want this life.”

“You know nothing about me,” Taehyung shook his head.

“I know you are scared,”

“Scared of what?”

“I am probably the only person here who sees behind your mask and I think that scares you,” Jeongguk looked at him intently: “It scares you because no one ever made you feel like that, because no one really cared about you just for you and not your family name or money.”

Taehyung didn’t reply because deep down he knew Jeongguk was right. He never felt anything like this before, he never felt so free and himself with anyone. He felt like with Jeongguk, he could take off his mask and be himself and the best thing, but scariest at the same time, was that Jeongguk still liked him and didn’t judge him. He liked him for who he was.

Jeongguk’s arm around him tightened, bringing him closer so their chests were pressed together. Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat because their faces were only inches apart.

“I want you, Taehyung,” Jeongguk whispered: “I’ve had a crush on you long before you even noticed me and I know you want me too. In those past couple of weeks we got to know each other and I know you feel it too.”

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung breathed out, averting his gaze because he felt like bursting under the other’s eyes. Gentle fingers sneaked under his chin, turning his head to face Jeongguk.

“I know I am not rich or famous and my parents are not important but that doesn’t matter because no one can make you feel like I do,” the black haired guy said quietly, tracing one finger over Taehyung’s jaw. The silver head felt like melting, he was like hypnotized, he felt that longing again, this time even stronger.

Jeongguk moved even closer so their lips were almost touching, his hand slid under Taehyung’s jacket, caressing his hip through the lace top, making his heart beat faster. At that moment, nothing mattered, Taehyung didn’t care if someone was watching them, he didn’t care about people seeing them, not only because they wouldn’t recognize Jeongguk but just because it didn’t matter. Right now it was just the two of them and he felt so weak, in the strangest but best way possible.

“I feel how you’re shivering in my arms when I kiss you or touch you,” Jeongguk breathed out, squeezing Taehyung’s hip lightly as if to prove his words and Taehyung felt shivers running down his spine. Jeongguk slowly dragged his thumb over the silver head’s lower lip and continued: “You know just like I do that the night wasn’t a mistake. I can’t stop thinking about it, how you were trembling under my hands, all the sweet sounds you were making, how you just stopped thinking about everything and just let yourself feel. I know you wanna let go, Tae.”

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung got out, voice barely audible and breaking because he just couldn’t take it. He was so desperate and sudden urge to relive that night and all those feelings hit him. He’s thought about it since it happened of course but he was doing quite well with ignoring it but right now, he felt his walls breaking down.

“Just let go, Tae,” Jeongguk repeated, smiling slightly in encouragement and then he leaned in. Taehyung stopped breathing when their lips brushed but Jeongguk didn’t close the gap completely, clearly giving him space to back off.

But Taehyung’s didn’t want to. So it was him who closed the microscopic space between them, crushing their lips together in a desperate kiss. He made a sound at the back of his throat when he felt Jeongguk’s grip on his hip tightening and his tongue demanding entrance inside his mouth. He happily granted it to him, feeling jolts of electricity running through his whole body when their tongues started dancing together.

“Jeongguk, wait,” Taehyung panted, pushing the other from him. They were still at the party, in the middle of the dance floor and although no one seemed to be paying attention to them, he was still slightly embarrassed. He’s never really been the type to show too much skinship in public.

“Let’s get out of here,” Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, making him relax because for a second, he thought Taehyung was gonna ditch him.

“Where?” the black haired guy asked, hands teasingly sliding over Taehyung’s hips.

“My mum in on business trip in Paris this weekend and my brother is at a sleepover,” Taehyung bit his lip. He didn’t know if bringing Jeongguk home was the best option but it was late evening so there wouldn’t be even lots of handmaidens or other employees.

Only five minutes later, they were in Taehyung’s family car with a driver, driving them to the Kim penthouse. They settled on the backseat, surging forward and kissing as soon as the car started moving. They were making out the whole ride, not caring about the driver at all.

By the time the car stopped, Taehyung was straddling Jeongguk’s hips, sitting on his lap.

“So pretty,” Jeongguk smiled when they separated and he flicked his thumb over Taehyung’s swollen lips. His cheeks were flushed and hair dishevelled and he looked so needy. He couldn’t help it but lean in for another kiss and he had to physically force himself to pull back so they could go upstairs.

Jeongguk didn’t even look around the lobby to take the house in, all he could focus on was Taehyung and they practically jumped at each other again when they were in the elevator.

The door opened and they were directly in the penthouse. It was dark and quiet, it seemed like no one was there.

Jeongguk quite literally smacked Taehyung against the wall, his back hitting some expensive painting. Jeongguk was a bit afraid to break something but at the same time not really because he couldn’t get enough of Taehyung, who just started letting out these little gasps as he glued his lips to his neck.

Their bodies were moving almost on their own accord, grinding against each other. If the previous time made Taehyung’s head spin, this time ignited fire under his skin. He couldn’t stop thinking about the night with Jeongguk. He knew from his friends that the first sex usually sucked but it was so good with Jeongguk so he could only imagine what would second and possibly more times in the future feel like.

“W-where is your room?” Jeongguk breathed out when he forced himself to pull back.

“Upstairs,” Taehyung flicked his head towards the staircase. They stumbled upstairs, nearly falling as they kept kissing each other all the way up.

Finally they made it to Taehyung’s room, shutting the door behind them. Jeongguk pressed the silver head against the expensive wood, kissing him again, so deeply that they both couldn’t almost breathe.

Taehyung was panting when they separated for a while, looking at Jeongguk with hooded eyes. Before he could think twice about it, he blurted out: “Wanna suck you off.”

He wasn’t a stranger to giving head, he did it to Hong couple of times but it always somehow resulted from the moment. Saying it out loud like this was so lewd but he realized it turned him on even more. He realized that he wasn’t really embarrassed with Jeongguk.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk cursed under his breath, eyes darkening before he nodded: “Yeah, okay.”

Taehyung turned them over so now Jeongguk was leaning against the wall and he dropped down on his knees. It felt dirty like this, he always did everything with Hong on the bed but with Jeongguk, there were things and desires coming up on the surface, with Jeongguk, he felt bolder and more adventurous.

Taheuyng brought up his hand, palming the other through the slacks. Jeongguk let out a shaky breath, resting his head against the wall, eyes closed. That encouraged Taehyung to move forward, unzipping Jeongguk’s pants and tugging them down. He could see the obvious bulge in his underwear and he couldn’t resist so he leaned forward, nuzzling his cheek against it.

Then he just licked the outline of the cock through the thin fabric, humming contently when Jeongguk let out a breathy moan and his hand intertwined with the silver locks.

Jeongguk looked down, almost choking at the sight. Having Taehyung on his knees for him shot more arousal down his spine and he felt his cock twitch. He wanted to move on so badly but he wanted to give Taehyung his time.

Finally the silver head hooked his fingers under the hem of the boxers, tugging them down so they pooled around Jeongguk’s ankles. He wrapped his fingers around the thick cock, pumping it couple of times, watching in fascination as the muscles in Jeongguk’s thighs clenched and the hold in his hair got tighten.

Taehyung got to work then, licking over the whole length, earning a quiet groan. He repeated the action couple of times before he wrapped his lips around the tip, sucking gently.

“Doing so well, baby,” Jeongguk got out, voice already fucked out and Taehyung preened because he managed to reduce him to this without doing much.

He took more of Jeongguk further into his mouth, forcing his mouth and throat to relax. It’s been some time since he’s given head so he was out of practice but judging from the sounds Jeongguk was making, he was doing quite a good job.

Taehyung started bobbing his head slowly, dragging his tongue over the vein on the underside of the shaft. After couple of minutes, he got into it more vigorously, enjoying the sensation. He could feel Jeongguk’s gaze on him and he felt slightly embarrassed because he wasn’t used to this. He’s always been pretty shy in bed and Hong never really cared about praising him or even looking at him, always focused on the pleasure.

“Tae, look at me,” Jeongguk breathed out. Taehyung didn’t, focusing on the task and taking him even deeper, obscene wet noises filling the quiet room.

“Look at me, baby,” Jeongguk insisted, massaging his scalp gently. The slight desperation in his voice made Taehyung finally look up, cheeks heating up. The amount of lust and adoration in Jeongguk’s eyes, when their gazes finally met, made his own hardening cock twitch in his pants.

“So beautiful,” Jeongguk nearly whispered, caressing his hair. Taehyung hummed, continuing to suck him but he didn’t break the eye contact.

“So good, Tae, fuck,” Jeongguk moaned when the head of his cock hit the back of Taehyung’s throat and his eyes fluttered shut for a second before he looked back down on the silver head: “Looking so gorgeous with my cock in your mouth.”

Taehyung moaned at the unexpected dirty talk, choking on the length, feeling arousal running through his body.

“Come here,” the black haired guy patted his shoulder, signalling for him to stop. He helped Taehyung to stand up so they were facing each other. Jeongguk trapped his lips in a breathtaking kiss.

“So good for me, baby,” Jeongguk cupped his cheek: “You did so well but I’d much rather fuck you.”

With that, he palmed Taehyung through his pants, making him moan and drop his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder. He started working his hand on him, making tiny moans and whimpers fall from his lips and Taehyung was a mess in just a minute.

They moved over to the bed. Jeongguk undressed them both and Taehyung pulled out a bottle of lube from his nightstand, putting in on the bed next to them.

Jeongguk lied between Taehyung’s legs, their naked and hot bodies pressing together and he started rolling his hips, making them both gasp as their hard cock started sliding together.

“Jeongguk, please,” Taehyung whimpered, so turned on and needy that it was almost making his head spin. He only had sex once but he felt like bursting if they didn’t move on soon. He needed to feel Jeongguk in the rawest way possible, feel him inside him, make their bodies connect.

Jeongguk didn’t have to be begged more, honestly, he wanted Taehyung just as much so he grabbed the lube. He helped Taehyung to lie on his side and settled behind him, pressing one finger inside him slowly while his other hand was resting on his stomach, caressing it soothingly.

Taehyung’s lips parted in silent moan. It was weird not seeing Jeongguk but it felt so good at the same time because like this, he could completely focus on the sensation. He felt Jeongguk’s lips on his shoulder and neck, he heard him whispering praises and reassurances, he felt his finger stretching him, it was almost overwhelming.

Jeongguk prepared Taehyung quickly but still thoroughly. This time around, they both seemed more impatient than the first time so they didn’t focus that much on the foreplay.

“That’s enough, Gukkie,” Taehyung turned his head to the side to look at the other after Jeongguk stretched him with three fingers.

Taehyung got a condom from the nightstand, handing it over to Jeongguk. The black haired male slipped the rubber on his painfully hard cock as he stayed behind Taehyung so they were both on their sides. He glued his lips to his neck, pressing open mouthed kisses there as his hand slid down Taehyung’s hip to his thigh, lifting it up. Then he guided the head of his cock to the awaiting entrance and slowly entered him.

Taehyung moaned, eyes falling shut as Jeongguk penetrated him, hips pressed against his ass so he felt him impossibly deep.

“Shit, Tae,” Jeongguk got out in broken voice, forehead resting against Taehyung’s shoulder to ground himself. Taehyung started slowly rolling his hips, getting used to the stretch and after a minute, he encouraged Jeongguk to move.

Jeongguk wrapped his arms around Taehyung, holding him close as he started moving in and out of him. He could feel the silver head shivering slightly under his touch, he could hear his tiny gasps and moans and it was driving him crazy. He wanted to worship him, wanted to make him feel so good, wanted to show him how much he wanted him and how much he meant to him.

“Feel so good, babe, you are so good, so tight,” Jeongguk panted, snapping his hips faster, knocking moans and whimpers from the other. The heat between them kept increasing as their minds and bodies were being taken over by pleasure.

“Harder, Jeongguk, fuck me harder,” Taehyung whined, gripping Jeongguk’s hands on his stomach and pushing his ass back to meet his thrusts. He never imagined sex could feel this good but maybe it was just because it was with Jeongguk.

Jeongguk growled at the shameless demand, something primal waking up in him. He pressed himself closer to Taehyung and rolled them over so the silver head was lying on his stomach, sandwiched between the bed and Jeongguk’s body.

Taehyung’s hands were resting next to his head and Jeongguk gripped his wrists, pinning them to the mattress as he started pounding into him, much less careful than the first time. He got rewarded by a long moan, muffled by the pillow and it encouraged him to go even faster and harder, fucking Taehyung almost aggressively, filthy sounds of skin slapping against skin filling the room.

Taehyung’s mind was almost numb, all he could feel was Jeongguk, he felt him everywhere, on him and inside him and when Jeongguk changed the angle of his hips and hit his sweet spot dead-on, his toes curled in sheer pleasure.

“Fuck, Jeongguk, don’t stop, fuck,” Taehyung babbled, screaming into the pillow as his stomach was getting tighter and tighter. His whole body was moving with the force of Jeongguk’s thrusts and his hard and dripping cock was sliding over the expensive beddings, providing him with enough friction.

“So good, Tae, fuck, so beautiful,” Jeongguk panted into his ear, movements getting sloppy as he was hovering on the edge: “Come on, Tae, baby, come for me.”

Taehyung started shaking, feeling his orgasm approaching. He felt Jeongguk’s fingers intertwining with his so he gripped them tightly to ground himself. It almost felt like he was floating somewhere and the weight of Jeongguk’s body and his well-aimed thrusts into his prostate were all he could feel.

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung moaned brokenly, thighs shaking and stomach clenching.

“Shit, Tae,” Jeongguk choked out because he started clenching around him uncontrollably and it took him only few more thrusts to come into the condom with a groan, biting down on Taehyung’s shoulder. The silver head was thrown over the edge as well, moaning into the pillow as he shot his release over the sheets under him.

They were lying pressed together and panting for couple of minutes. Taehyung was whimpering and humming contently as Jeongguk was peppering his shoulders and cheek with kisses, whispering how good he was.

Jeongguk carefully pulled out after a while, getting rid of the condom and getting up from the bed.

“Come back,” Taehyung whined childishly, missing the warmth of Jeongguk’s body. He felt foreign neediness taking over him. He felt so sensitive, he needed Jeongguk to hold him.

“Gotta clean you up, sweets, I am gonna be back soon,” Jeongguk chuckled, bending down to kiss him slowly before he went to what he assumed was Taehyung’s bathroom.

He washed him with a wet towel when he came back, caressing him softly with unoccupied hand. He grabbed a blanket that was lying on a sofa and threw it over the dirty spot on the bed so they wouldn’t lie in the come and he lied down to Taehyung, hugging him tightly.

“Will you stay overnight?” Taehyung mumbled against his neck sleepily, making his heart clench little bit.

“If you want me to,” Jeongguk whispered. He really didn’t want to leave but he would if Taehyung told him to.

“Stay,” Taehyung pulled back to smile at him softly and Jeongguk didn’t need more encouragement. He knew this night changed everything, he knew that this time Taehyung wouldn’t try to chase him away. He knew his life just changed and he felt like bursting with emotions because holding Taehyung like this, falling asleep with him and waking up with him the next morning was all he’s wanted for years.


After that night, Taehyung stopped holding back from Jeongguk. Not that they would make anything official but they started hanging out and they crossed the line of being just friends.

Exams started at school so they didn’t see each other there very often and when they did, they just greeted each other or shared subtle smiles. Taehyung wasn’t ready to let everyone know about them yet and Jeongguk really didn’t mind, especially since they haven’t talked about what it was between them. He couldn’t help it but feel hurt sometimes, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that Taehyung was ashamed of him.

But when they were together and they were hanging out mostly out of Gangnam, those thoughts went away. It happened couple of times that Taehyung left in the middle of the date, saying he had somewhere to be, usually some party or event. Now, Jeongguk didn’t care about going to those fancy events but sometimes it brought that feeling of being a burden back. Taehyung never asked him to come with him, never showed any interest of bringing Jeongguk into his world.

They were hanging out a lot in Jeongguk’s place because that was the only place where they could be truly alone. Taehyung met Jeongguk’s father couple of times, slightly embarrassed when the man eyed the hickeys decorating his neck, but he was really nice and cool about it so he kept coming back.

Taehyung discovered that he really liked sex, at least sex with Jeongguk. They stopped holding back and let their lust out freely whenever they could and Taehyung couldn’t understand how he could live without it for so long.

Right now, they were in Jeongguk’s bedroom and Taehyung was bouncing up and down on his cock, riding him eagerly. He was letting out his perverted side more and more, pushing embarrassment deep down and it was easy to do so when he was losing himself in pleasure.

“God, you look so fucking gorgeous like this, baby,” Jeongguk grunted, fingers digging into Taehyung’s hips as he was helping him with his movements. Lying there and watching Taehyung riding him so vigorously, lost in pleasure, one hand pinching his own nipple and the other resting on Jeongguk’s chest was addictive. His silver hair was bouncing around his head, few strands glued to his face with the sweat and eyes shut, lips parted and tiny sounds leaving them.

“Fuck me, Jeongguk, please,” Taehyung whined, speeding his movements as he was chasing his height and who was Jeongguk to deny him anything, especially when he was begging so desperately.

He started thrusting up into him, meeting his movements and more arousal ran through his body when Taehyung moaned lewdly into the quiet room.

Jeongguk wrapped his hand around Taehyung’s heavy cock and that was enough for him to find his release, shooting strings of come over Jeongguk’s chest, thighs clenching around his hips. Jeongguk followed soon after, hips stuttering as he came into the condom.

They were both panting heavily and Taehyung bent down to connect their lips in a kiss.

It didn’t last long though, he lifted himself up so Jeongguk’s spent cock slipped out of him and he grabbed a tissue to clean them both, getting rid of the condom from Jeongguk’s length.

“I gotta go, will shower at home,” Taehyung explained as he started dressing up. Jeongguk propped himself up on his elbows, watching him.

“You already going?” Jeongguk sighed, not able to hide his disappointment.

“I told you I have that event tonight, gotta go home and change,” the silver head retorted and then chuckled when he saw his lover: “Oh, come on, Gukkie, don’t pout, I promise I’ll give you a bomb-ass blow job tomorrow.”

“It’s not about that, I just wish you could stay,” Jeongguk sighed again, mildly offended that Taehyung thought he cared only about sex. He just wanted Taehyung to stay and cuddle for a while and chat.

“I will make it up to you, I promise,” Taehyung bent down and kissed him shortly when he was dressed: “Don’t get up, I will see myself out.”

With that, he just left.

Jeongguk flopped down on the mattress, still naked and sticky with sweat. In situations like these, it felt like Taehyung was coming just for sex, it felt like he was just his distraction and nothing more. Jeongguk poured out his feelings to him that night of the costume party but he got nothing in return. His heart was telling him that Taehyung wasn’t just messing with him but his head was often speaking louder, trying to convince him that he was the only between the two of them who was taking their relationship too seriously. He didn’t want to pressure Taehyung into anything but he needed some reassurance that what they had was something real.


Taehyung and Jeongguk had their last exams in the same week and someone from school was throwing a party to celebrate the beginning of summer break. Jeongguk really didn’t want to go but he would if Taehyung wanted to. But Taehyung told him that he wasn’t interested in hanging out with people he didn’t even like and drinking his ass off.

So Jeongguk suggested they’d go to a concert of some small rock band that was held the same evening and Taehyung happily agreed.

“Wow, look at you, blending in perfectly,” Jeongguk breathed out in surprise when Taehyung arrived in front of the club the concert was in. He was wearing tight jeans and plaid shirt along with black boots, which was far from his usual outfit.

“Well, I felt like shopping today to celebrate the end of the school year and since I am hanging out a lot in not so fancy places I thought I might fill my closet with different things,” Taehyung chuckled.

“I don’t know if to take it as a compliment,” Jeongguk made a face but he laughed.

They went inside, standing close to the stage. Jeongguk disappeared to get them beer and Taehyung looked around. The place was crowded but not suffocating, it was really cool, he’s never been to an event like this before.

The show was amazing, he didn’t know any of the songs but they were all mostly upbeat and the atmosphere of people singing, dancing and screaming was awesome. They played even couple of ballads and Taehyung nearly melted when Jeongguk hugged him from behind, swaying them to the slow rhythm. He felt really good, he was really happy, things couldn’t be more perfect.

He’s thought about himself and Jeongguk a lot lately, coming to conclusion that he wanted to become more than they were, at least officially because they were already acting like a couple and now when the summer break was starting, it felt like perfect timing.

The show ended and people started gathering around the bar to drink and chat for a bit. The two of them decided to stay for a while too.

They were just chatting and laughing about something when suddenly Taehyung felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. He pulled it out and checked out the ID, confused when he saw his mother was calling.

“Sorry, I have to take this,” Taehyung sighed, not wanting to get in any trouble if he rejected the call. Without further explanation, he left Jeongguk to go somewhere he could hear properly.

“Hey, mum, I told you I am with a friend,” Taehyung said when he accepted the call. His mother talked for a while and Taehyung felt his heart sinking. He felt like he couldn’t breathe and tears immediately filled his eyes.

“I’ll be there soon,” he breathed out eventually through the lump in his throat and hung up. He wanted to just leave right then and there but he had to give Jeongguk some explanation so he went back to find him.

“I gotta go, I can’t explain to you what happened right now but we will see each other, okay?” Taehyung blurted out as soon as he found the black haired guy.

“What? What are you talking about, you have nowhere else to be tonight,” Jeongguk frowned, feeling frustration bubbling in him. It was like those times before, Taehyung suddenly needed to leave in the middle of the date and he was sick of it.

“I don’t have time for this, Jeongguk, I need to go,” Taehyung glared at him little bit, not liking his tone.

“Yeah, sure, just go, just leave me hanging like always!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the silver head retorted.

“You always do this, whenever we are together, you have somewhere else to be. Let me guess, some friend call for you to come to that summer break party, right? You know, you could’ve just taken me with you but I guess you are too embarrassed to show up with someone like me, huh? But it is convenient for me to run to you when you want a distraction or a fuck. You know what? You are just like all those people you constantly complain about,” Jeongguk just let it all out, tired of this bullshit.

Taehyung was just staring at him in disbelieve, hurt by his words. But he didn’t have time for this right now, not when he had somewhere else to be. After the news he just received, he was an emotional wreck so he snapped back.

“You know what, Jeongguk? Fuck you!” Taehyung spitted out: “You are a hypocrite, you know? You always complain about my friends and people around me for being fake and insensitive yet you yell at me here without knowing shit. You think my life is so perfect but we all have some problems. You know what happened, huh, do you really wanna know? My mum just called me to tell me that my little brother is in a hospital because he tried to kill himself! So go on and tell me how selfish and insensitive I am!”

Jeongguk just gasped in shock, immediately feeling shitty. That feeling rose when he saw Taehyung’s eyes filled with tears.

“Tae-“ Jeongguk mumbled, stretching his hand to him but the silver head turned on his heel and stormed out. Jeongguk was just standing there like a salt statue, not able to even move and go after him. He really fucked up, he couldn’t even imagine how Taehyung felt right now.

Taehyung got in the cab and let it all out. He started crying, urging the driver to go faster. He was upset by the fight but he had no time and energy to think about that now, all he could think about was Yeonjun.

“Mum, where is he?” Taehyung rushed towards his mother when he made it to the hospital.

“He’s inside,” Mrs. Kim pointed at the door of one room: “He’s alright, they treated his wounds and now there’s a doctor checking him again.”

“W-what happened?” Taehyung choked out, heart bleeding for his little brother.

“A handmaiden found him in his bathroom,” his mother gulped: “He…he cut his wrists.”

Taehyung broke down, sobbing loudly and clasping a hand over his mouth. Now it all came back to him. How could he be so blind? Since their parents divorced, Yeonjun was quieter than usually. He remembered walking in on him once or twice when he was putting away a razor, he remembered that he was only wearing long sleeves. It was obviously going on for some time, it wasn’t just some spontaneous onetime thing. His brother was suffering for god knows how long and he failed him because he didn’t notice. Instead he was neglecting him and treating him like a burden. Yeonjun asked him couple of times to hang out and talk, he needed his hyung but Taehyung always told him off, wrapped in his own drama and feelings.

“How can you be so calm about this?” Taehyung looked at his mother incredulously because she wasn’t showing any signs of emotions.

“He is okay,” his mother replied.

“No, he is not okay!” Taehyung snapped angrily: “Mum, your seventeen year old son tried to kill himself! He is obviously lonely and unhappy.”

“I already talked to the doctors, they suggested a clinic in Hwaseong for the summer, they will help him there,”

“What? You can’t send him away, he needs to be with us!” Taehyung gasped in disbelieve.

“This is the best for him, Taehyung,” his mother insisted.

“No, this is the best for you! You are sending him away because you don’t want your friends to find out that your perfect life isn’t so perfect. He is your damn son, how can you do that?!” Taehyung was nearly screaming at this point.

“Taehyung, calm down,” Mrs. Kim looked at him pointedly but then she softened little bit, letting some of her emotions out: “It hurt me as well, like you say, he is my son and I’d never wish for this to happen to either of you but the Hwaseong clinic is the best choice right now.”

“I wanna see him,” Taehyung rubbed his face to get rid of the tears and as if on cue, a doctor left the room.

“Can I go see him? I am his brother!” Taehyung rushed to the doctor.

“Just for tonight,” the man nodded, understanding that it was an emotional situation.

Taehyung slowly entered the room, hearing the machines beeping. His heart clenched when he saw his little brother tucked in the white sheets, breathing in and out steadily as he was sleeping. His wrists were bandaged and Taehyung felt like vomiting.

He pulled the chair next to the bed, taking Yeonjun’s hand carefully.

“I am so sorry, Jun-ah, I should’ve been here for you,” Taehyung got out emotionally: “I am your hyung and I am supposed to take care of you and I haven’t seen that you were suffering. Maybe you were even trying to tell me, wanted my help but I always left you.”

He started crying, body shaking with sobs, not noticing through the tears that the younger opened his eyes and he continued his rant: “I promise that I will make it up to you. You will be alright and I will take care of you from now on. You are not alone, Yeonjunie, I am always here. I am so sorry.”

“Hyung,” a tiny voice interrupted his rambling and he looked at his brother, brushing off the tears.

“Hey, Junie, how are you?” Taehyung choked out.

“Don’t blame yourself, hyung, it’s not your fault,” Yeonjun smiled at him because he heard everything.

“I am your hyung and I am supposed to protect you and take care of you. I am so sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me,”

“I didn’t say anything, did I? You couldn’t have known, hyung,” the younger reassured him: “I am okay, Tae-hyung.”

“I promise I will make it up to you, I didn’t realize how the divorce affected you, I should’ve paid more attention to you,” Taehyung sighed, clutching his hand. He gulped, taking a breath before he got out: “Why…why did you do that, Junie? I can understand you were taking away the emotional pain with the physical pain but…How could you want to kill yourself?”

There wasn’t any reproaching in his voice, more like disappointment. Not with his brother but with himself and the whole situation.

“It was an accident, hyung, I swear. I just cut too deep,” Yeonjun admitted sadly: “I didn’t wanna kill myself, I wanna…I wanna stop and find help.”

“I am proud of you,” Taehyung smiled, running his fingers through the younger’s hair: “Mum told me about the clinic in Hwaseong but I am not gonna let her take you there. You will be here with me and I will take care of you. You can find a therapist here, I will go with you.”

“I agreed with her, hyung,” Yeonjun admitted, surprising the elder: “I…I wanna go there, I wanna get the help and I think it will be nice to get out of here for the summer and maybe find some friends. It doesn’t sound so bad.”

“If that’s what you want,” Taehyung bit his lip: “But if you are doing it just because of mum then you don’t have to.”

“No, I wanna go, I wanna do it for myself,” the younger reassured him.

“Okay,” Taehyung nodded: “I will take you there and I promise I will come visit you whenever I can. You are so strong, Yeonjunie, I love you.”

“I love you too, hyung,” Yeonjun smiled brightly. He drifted quickly back to sleep. Taehyung didn’t leave his side the whole night, staying up and watching over him.

Jeongguk felt shitty the whole night and he couldn’t sleep properly. He really fucked up, yelling at Taehyung, accusing him of stuff that was on his mind without knowing what happened. He couldn’t even imagine how Taehyung felt right now. He sometimes talked about his little brother and it was clear that he loved him a lot. He failed Taehyung, he should’ve been there for him instead of letting the frustrations coming up on the surface.

He contemplated if he should text him, he wanted to apologize and ask how he was doing but he felt like he had to give him some time and privacy to deal with his family drama right now.

So he was surprised when right the next morning, only few minutes after he woke up from his couple of hours sleep, there was a knocking on the door. His father was already out at work so he was home alone and didn’t think much about it when he opened the door.

Taehyung was standing there, looking like he hasn’t slept at all last night, face puffy as he was probably crying a lot.

Before Jeongguk could even process what was happening, Taehyung surged forward and crushed his body against him. Jeongguk’s arms immediately circled his waist to hold him close and his heart ached when he felt sniffing against his shoulder.

“Shh, it’s alright, Tae,” Jeongguk whispered, caressing his hair with one hand, mumbling words of reassurance because that was what the silver head needed right now. This was not time for any drama or conversations, he just needed a moral support right now and Jeongguk was more than ready to give him that.

Taehyung pulled back after a while when he calmed down little bit, looking at the other with red eyes.

“Is…is your brother okay?” Jeongguk asked carefully, not really sure if it wouldn’t trigger Taehyung but he had to make sure he was alright.

“I mean, yeah, he…he will be fine and he wants to seek help, he is amazing,” Taehyung nodded with a smile but then started rambling: “I am a horrible brother, Gukkie, I am his hyung and I am supposed to take care of him but I was so caught up in all my shit with Hong and you and all that, that I just ignored him completely. There were signs that I should’ve seen but I failed. I am a terrible brother.”

“Hey, that’s not true,” Jeongguk cupped his cheeks with both hands: “You love him very much and I am sure he knows that. You can support him now and stay strong for him, he is gonna be okay, he is determined to get better and that’s what matters.”

Taehyung gave the other a grateful smile, looking at him with fond expression. Then he peeped: “I need you, Jeonggukie.”

And with that, he buried his head in Jeongguk’s shoulder, repeating ‘I need you’ like a mantra.

“I am here, Tae, I am not going anywhere,” Jeongguk reassured him. Taehyung was in a hard point in his life right now and Jeongguk would be damned if he walked away. If Taehyung wanted him to be his shoulder to cry on, he would be.

Jeongguk led them to the sofa and Taehyung snuggled to his side, crying again, getting all the emotions out. He was so exhausted after last night and he felt like breaking, feeling so guilty and horrible because on Yeonjun but it all felt slightly better when Jeongguk was here with him.

Taehyung eventually calmed down and pulled back.

“I am sorry for being such a douche,” Jeongguk blurted out, wanting to get it off his chest: “You were right yesterday, I was a hypocrite, I assumed things without asking you. I should’ve asked you what happened and be there for you. I was judgemental and selfish.”

“It’s me who should apologize, Jeongguk,” Taehyung sighed, eyes finally dry: “You wouldn’t say those things if you didn’t feel that way and if I didn’t give you the reason. I am sorry you felt like I was using you just as distraction and for sex. I mean, at the beginning you were mostly just my distraction and the way to escape my world but you became so much more.”

“It’s okay-“

“No, it’s not, let me speak,” Taehyung interrupted him: “I feel so good with you, you were right at that costume party, you are probably one of few people who sees me for who I am and I love that about you. And I am sorry I made you feel like I was ashamed of you, that’s not true. I just assumed you wouldn’t even like to attend those events with me and I guess I wanted to kinda protect you from my world because it can be really shitty. I don’t wanna hang out with you in Gangnam not because I wouldn’t want to be seen with you but because I like hanging out outside of Gangnam, okay?”

“Now I feel even worse,” Jeongguk groaned: “It’s just…I guess it got to me because in three years, you never even noticed me at school and when we started hanging out, you barely said hi so I guess I thought that’s still the case.”

“It’s not, I promise. I know I was an asshole before, looking down at people for not wearing expensive clothes, acting like those people I despise because that was what I was always learned. But I don’t wanna be part of that world anymore. If you want to, I will take you on some event next time, I don’t really care who sees us, it would be more fun with you anyway,” Taehyung smiled but then bit his lip self-consciously: “Supposing you’ll forgive me and take me back though.”

“Of course I forgive you,” Jeongguk smiled, cupping his cheek gently: “I think I made my feelings clear already. But we need to discuss what it is between us. I mean, it feels like we’ve been dating for these past couple of weeks but we never talked about it and I’d like to make it official if you wanted to. I want you to be my boyfriend, Tae.”

“I want that too,” Taehyung admitted with a slight blush: “The concert yesterday was amazing and I actually wanted to talk about us before the phone call. I really like you, Gukkie, I’d love to be your boyfriend.”

“Even though I am poor with no famous family tree?” Jeongguk asked teasingly, feeling warmth spreading through him.

“Maybe because you are poor and with no famous family tree,” Taehyung chuckled and he leaned in to connect their lips in a soft kiss.

“We can take it slow so we’d be both comfortable. I honestly don’t care who knows about us as long as we know what we are and what we feel. It’s summer break anyway so we don’t have to parade around at school. We can still hang out outside of Gangnam and occasionally go to some fancy party together to see how things go, mm?” Jeongguk suggested when they separated.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” Taehyung nodded, snuggling back against Jeongguk’s side with a content sigh.

They were quiet for a while before Taehyung broke the silence: “I meant what I said, Gukkie, I really do need you, everything is easier with you.”

“And I meant it when I said that I am here,” Jeongguk hummed, stroking his hair gently and kissing the top of his head: “You should take a nap, you must be exhausted.”

With that, he lowered them so they were lying and Taehyung contently snuggled to Jeongguk’s side, letting his soft touch on his hip lull him to sleep. Jeongguk just lied there, listening to Taehyung’s steady breathing, smiling like an idiot because finally, after the weeks he finally knew that Taehyung was his.

Chapter Text

After they got officially together, things finally got peaceful. It was all just about communication and now when they talked about everything, they were finally happy.

They were spending most of the time in Jeongguk’s loft or neighbourhood, Taehyung really didn’t have to be in Gangnam more than necessary. Especially now when Yeonjun was at the clinic and he was home alone with his mother, he didn’t have any reason to stay there. Most of his friends were on vacations all around the world anyway, so spending time with Jeongguk was nice. Besides, he found himself falling fast and hard for him, the more time they were spending together.

It was one of those afternoons when they just stayed home, watching a movie, which turned into a make out session, something that wasn’t really uncommon in their case. Taehyung discovered that he liked this, just the feeling of light touches of Jeongguk’s hands or lips, without much intent behind it. But it always eventually turned more heated because they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Jeongguk was just lying on top of Taehyung, kissing him heatedly and grinding against him when the door to the apartment opened.

“Dad, you’re home early,” Jeongguk breathed out as soon as he broke the kiss. Taehyung whined quietly in embarrassment, trying to hide his face away from his Mr. Jeon. They met several times since he was spending so much time here and he really liked the man. He was nothing like his mother, he was nice and he and Jeongguk were very close, talking and spending time together a lot. Taehyung really liked that, more than once Mr. Jeon invited him to stay for a dinner and eating a home cooked meal while chatting about casual stuff was such a nice change from Taehyung’s normal life. Dinners with his mother were usually quiet.

“Well, I finished earlier today,” Mr. Jeon replied: “Hello, Taehyung.”

“Hello, Mr. Jeon,” Taehyung cleared his throat, sitting up, blushing.

“Taehyung, I caught you making out with my son more times than I could count, just call me Jeonhyun,” Jeongguk’s father looked at him pointedly but his voice was friendly.

“Okay, Jeonhyun-ssi,” Taehyung nodded sheepishly.

“I guess that’s better,” the man sighed.

“Any reason why you came earlier and interrupted us?” Jeongguk asked cockily.

“And you have any reason to do this here on a sofa instead of in your room?” his father retorted with a teasing chuckle: “Anyway, I actually go out on a dinner…with this one women.”

“Oh, you have a date!” Jeongguk exclaimed, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Wouldn’t call it a date,”

“What else would it be? Dad, you are going on a dinner and with a woman, it is a date,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes: “And it’s okay, you can go on dates. I am not upset or anything, I am happy for you. Mum has been gone for almost two years and we know she is not coming back.”

It was harsh but it was true. Jeongguk accepted it a long time ago and he was happy that his father finally accepted is as well. A date was a step in the right direction and he was happy that his father was making effort to find someone, especially when he’d graduate next year and move away. He would feel much better if he knew that his father wasn’t alone.

“Anyway, I haven’t done this for over twenty years, you think you can help me get ready?” Mr. Jeon looked at the pair.

“Sure, Taehyung here is a fashion design major, he will pick some outfit for you!” Jeongguk nodded, pulling his boyfriend up to his feet and pushing him in the direction of his father’s bedroom: “Unless he gets a heart attack when he sees your cheap and old wardrobe.”

“I survived seeing your wardrobe,” Taehyung grinned playfully.

“I dare to say I dress better than my father, babe,” Jeongguk deadpanned.

“I don’t know, your father is pretty hot, he probably looks great in everything,” the silver head chuckled.

“Are you hitting on my dad?” Jeongguk gasped in pretended offense but then pointed at himself: “Of course my dad is hot, this hotness doesn’t come out of nowhere.”

“You’re such a dumbass,” Taehyung laughed, pushing him in the chest and walking in Jeonhyun’s bedroom to help him get ready for the date.

It was nicely spent afternoon, they were laughing as Mr. Jeon was modelling for them different outfits that Taehyung picked for him. Taehyung really liked spending time here, it was always so nice and so much fun, their household was truly welcoming.


“Come on, we’re going out of city today,” Jeongguk grabbed Taehyung’s hand as soon as the silver head arrived to his house.

“Like a trip?” Taehyung asked excitedly.


“Oh, are we going on the Vespa?” Taehyung beamed. He really liked driving on the Vespa with Jeongguk.

“Please, that thing would probably break down before we’d even leave Seoul,” Jeongguk snorted: “No, I am borrowing dad’s car. I don’t have a private driver though, so you’ll have to make do with me. Unless you wanted to drive.”

“Gukkie, I don’t have a driving licence,”

“You don’t?” Jeongguk looked at him with surprise just when they reached his father’s old Hyundai but then it clicked so he grinned at his boyfriend teasingly: “Oh, I forgot you have people driving you places, princess.”

“I like it,” Taehyung giggled.

“Like what? People driving you around?”

“No, you idiot, I like it when you call me princess, I know it is mostly to tease me, but I like it,” Taehyung admitted as they sat down in the car.

“Good to know, princess,” Jeongguk winked at him as he started the car.

Taehyung didn’t focus on the road so he didn’t really know where they were going. His focus was on Jeongguk, who was singing to a blasting music the whole ride. His voice was surprisingly good and soft and his English was perfect, perks of studying at private college. It was a beautiful day and the small road trip put Taehyung at ease, it was nice.

“Gukkie,” Taehyung gasped, looking at his boyfriend with mixture of awe and surprise when they reached their destination. Jeongguk parked the car in front of the clinic in Hwaseong, the one Yeonjun was staying in. He’s been there only once with his mother after they dropped his brother off and he hasn’t seen him for a month now.

“You’ve talked about Yeonjun a lot, it’s clear you miss him so I figured I’d take you to see him,” Jeongguk explained with a soft smile on his lips.

“You are the best boyfriend ever,” Taehyung cried out, throwing himself at the other, hugging him tightly and mumbling thank you in the crook of his neck. Sometimes he still couldn’t wrap his head around how genuinely nice Jeongguk was, so considerate and always doing everything to make him happy. He really did miss Yeonjun so this was the best surprise he could imagine.

“Yeonjunie!” Taehyung yelled when they got in the garden of the clinic where the staff told them his brother was. The younger was sitting around a table with couple young people and his face lit up when he saw his brother.

“Hyung!” Yeonjun cried out, getting up and rushing to hug his brother: “What are you doing here?”

“Jeonggukie surprised me with a trip, I didn’t know where we were going until we got here,” Taehyung explained, gesturing behind his back where Jeongguk was standing couple of feet from them to give them some privacy.

“It is nice to finally meet you, Jeongguk-ssi, hyung’s been talking a lot about you,” Yeonjun bowed politely with a smile.

“Oh has he?” Jeongguk raised an eyebrow, looking at his boyfriend teasingly before he turned back to the younger: “And please, you can call me hyung.”

“I talked to the nurses and they agreed to let us take you in the town for an ice cream, so let’s go,” Taehyung hugged his brother around his shoulders. Yeonjun’s face lit up. He was there by his own will but it was nice that he could get out for a while, which was normally not possible but Taehyung was his relative and he was an adult so he could take him out.

Jeongguk drove the two brothers to the town, while they were catching up and talking. Taehyung was happy to hear that Yeonjun was making progress, feeling much better than before, positive that he was going to be fine once he returned to Seoul and to school.

They got big ice creams, sitting outside since it was warm and sunny. Jeongguk and Yeonjun seemed to hit it off pretty well, chatting about some videogame that Taehyung didn’t know. It was nice to just watch his boyfriend and little brother getting along so well, it was filling him with warmth and peace.

“I am gonna get a coffee, something for you, guys?” Jeongguk got up after he pecked Taehyung’s lips shortly.

“One coffee for me too, please,” Taehyung smiled.

“Latté macchiato, right?”

“You know me well,” Taehyung chuckled, realizing it was true. He never realized how much Jeongguk picked up on his habits or favourite food and drinks.

“Yeonjun, for you?” the black haired guy turned to the younger.

“Some soda, anything is fine, hyung,” Yeonjun smiled and with that, Jeongguk disappeared inside.

“You didn’t tell me he was so handsome!” Yeonjun whisper-yelled at his brother as soon as Jeongguk disappeared.

“You never asked,” Taehyung chuckled: “But yeah, he is handsome as hell and hot too, god, you should see his body, he is so muscular and his big d-“

“Okay, that’s enough!” Yeonjun cringed, making Taehyung laugh.

“But I like him, he is very nice,” the younger smiled. It was the first time he met Jeongguk and he’s heard about him from Taehyung but meeting him in person just confirmed Taehyung’s stories. Sometimes he thought his hyung was exaggerating, that he was too in love but now he knew that what he’s said about Jeongguk was true.

“Yeah, he is very nice,” Taehyung nodded almost dreamily.

“Looks like you are in pretty deep,” Yeonjun chuckled: “I am happy for you, you are really in love with him, aren’t you?”

“Wouldn’t call it in love, we haven’t been together for that long,” Taehyung protested.

“You’ve been hanging out for like what four or five months? Hyung, that’s enough time to fall in love,”

“Sometimes I forget that you are all grown up now,” the elder smiled. Yeonjun was seventeen but he was very mature, Taehyung was proud that he grew up into such a nice and polite young man.

“It is nice to see you are with someone who treats you well and really makes you happy. I mean, I’ve never really liked Hong, he’s treated you like a trash, I am glad you got rid of him and got together with someone like Jeongguk,”

“Me too,” Taehyung nodded but then sighed: “Sometimes I am just worried how things will work out between us though.”


“Because we are so different and everything is so amazing right now but I am just scared it will all shatter, I am worried he will never fit into our world,” Taehyung shared his worries.

“Why should he fit into our world? It’s not like you have to bring him into it. You don’t seem that different to me, your upbringing is but you two aren’t,” Yeonjun offered him a reassuring smile: “You have never been very happy in our world anyway so why not just create a new one with Jeongguk? The question is if he is worth it.”

Taehyung looked over at the café just when Jeongguk walked out with their drinks, smiling brightly at him. Taehyung turned to his brother with a soft gaze: “I think he is worth it, yeah.”

They spent whole afternoon with Yeonjun before they went back to Seoul in the evening.

Taehyung intertwined his fingers with Jeongguk’s as the black haired male was driving. He looked briefly at him only to be met with content smile.

“Thank you for today, Jeonggukie, you have no idea how much that meant to me,” Taehyung broke the comfortable silence between them.

“I am just happy that you saw your brother and had a good time, princess,” Jeongguk smiled back at him, bringing their linked hands to his lips and kissing Taehyung’s knuckles. Taehyung blushed, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Yeah, he was sure that Jeongguk was worth it, he was worth giving up his world.


Namjoon invited Jeongguk and also Yoongi and Hoseok to spend ten days in his family’s house in Jeju island before the end of the summer break. Yoongi and Hoseok were already working so they had to take days off from work. Seokjin and Namjoon graduated so they were enjoying their last summer before they’d start working, they weren’t planning to use their parents’ money now when they could be independent. Of course, Taehyung went too, along with Jimin and Seokjin.

Jeongguk wasn’t really sure about that idea but when Taehyung started convincing him, looking so excited about this little vacation, he agreed. He thought it wouldn’t hurt to try to get to know Seokjin and Jimin a bit better since they were Taehyung’s best friends. They have been pretty shitty to him in the past three years sometimes but so was Taehyung and he gave him a chance so he figured it was fair to do the same with the other two guys.

He was surprised that Hoseok and Yoongi agreed to it pretty easily, he thought he’d have to be convincing them but they reassured him that they were up for vacation out of the city, especially knowing how rich Namjoon’s family was. Not that they would want to use him but experiencing some luxury, especially when it was his idea, would be nice. They were interested to see how rich people were spending their free time.

“Of course we’re taking a private jet, now you’re just showing off,” Yoongi snorted, looking at Namjoon when they arrived to a small airport.

“Be grateful for the private jet, it is a full season, it is basically impossible to get tickets to Jeju now since it was pretty much last minute decision,” Namjoon rolled his eyes but he wasn’t offended, already used to this kind of teasing.

“Don’t listen to him, Joon, it is awesome,” Hoseok grinned, already sitting in one big, comfy seat. They all sat down as well and soon the jet took off.

“So this is what your life looks like, huh?” Jeongguk poked Taehyung in the ribs when they were up in the air and Taehyung settled on Jeongguk’s lap.

“Pretty much, although I don’t use private jets often, mostly first class,” Taehyung snickered, already used to the teasing.

“You look so damn amazing,” Jeongguk breathed out, running his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. He nearly had a heart attack because Taehyung didn’t tell him anything so he saw his freshly dyed blonde hair only like an hour ago. But he wasn’t really surprised, Taehyung was gorgeous, he could pull off any hair colour.

“Well, you might as well enjoy the experience to the fullest,” Namjoon grinned at everyone, pulling out a bottle of expensive, cold champagne.

“Oh, I like this,” Hoseok clapped excitedly.

They made it to their destination pretty soon, landing on a small airport only private jets and small planes were using. They took two cabs since they didn’t have many things, considering it was summer so there was no need for many clothes.

They arrived to a big and expensive mansion.

“That’s what I call a small vacation house,” Jeongguk whistled in disbelieve. It was right by the sea, there was a small private beach accessible from a big garden with big swimming pool.

“Well, my parents don’t have a word ‘small’ in their vocabulary,” Namjoon snorted, unlocking the door: “There are five guest rooms and mine and my parents’ bedroom so you can all be alone.”

“Pass,” Taehyung shook his head, coming to Jeongguk, hugging him from behind.

“I figured you’d sleep together, I was talking to the other guys,” Namjoon laughed.

“Are the walls soundproof? Just in case,” Jeongguk grinned, earning a smack from Taehyung, who was blushing like crazy.

“Not completely but it’s fine. Believe me, it’s tested, Jin-ah is a screamer,” Namjoon snickered.

“Oh my god, shut up,” Seokjin groaned: “You know what? Maybe I am gonna use one of those free guest rooms and you can sleep alone.”

“Please, we both know you take any chance to cuddle with me,” Namjoon hugged his boyfriend.

“Okay, you are right,” Seokjin mumbled into his shoulder with a smile.

They went to choose their rooms for the next ten days and agreed to meet in the living room after they’d take a shower and unpack little bit. It was late afternoon so they still had plenty of time to do something.

“Anyway, what’s the plan for the rest of the day?”Hoseok asked eagerly when they met an hour later.

“We can go visit a nearby town so you know where everything is in case you wanted to go out by yourselves and we can stop somewhere to have a dinner,” Namjoon suggested.

So that is what they did. Namjoon showed them around so they’d know where a grocery store was and also some café before they settled outside by a table at one restaurant. Seokjin was whining because he wanted to go to more luxurious place but once he tasted the delicious lobster they served there, he shut up.


They spent most of the first couple of days just chilling by the pool or on the beach. Jeongguk realized that Seokjin and Jimin weren’t really that horrible once he got to spend some time with them. They were actually pretty chill and funny and along with Taehyung, they were always up to something.

On their fourth day, they went to chill on a yacht on the sea.

“Wow, I could get used to this, you guys are lucky,” Hoseok sighed contently, sipping on a wine, lying on the lounger chair on the boat.

“Believe me, hyung, you’d get sick of it pretty soon,” Taehyung snorted, snuggling closer to Jeongguk. He was enjoying seeing his boyfriend in nothing but swimming trunks most of the time.

“We can switch if you are not content,” Hoseok grinned.

“Gladly, I am sure Yoongi-hyung would be thrilled if I moved in with him instead of you,” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows at the Yoongi, making him groan.

Jeongguk, Hoseok and Jimin went to ride water scooters that were on the yacht, screaming and laughing in the distance, while Taehyung was taking video of them, laughing at their antics. He wasn’t really sure about this whole vacation idea but it turned out to be a good thing. It was nice to have Jeongguk, Hoseok and Yoongi see something positive of their world.

“We could go to the amusement park tomorrow, I could get us free entry, I know the owner,” Namjoon suggested when they were all on the boat again.

“Of course you do,” Hoseok snorted.

“That’s a great idea, Joonie,” Seokjin agreed excitedly.

So it was decided. They drove to the amusement park the next day after Namjoon made a phone call to the owner. Sometimes it was baffling to Jeongguk how damn easy rich people had it with all their connections and money.

“So romantic,” Taehyung linked his arm with Jeongguk’s, looking around the stands: “Are you gonna win something for me?”

“Of course, princess, whatever you want,” Jeongguk grinned, walking over to one stand to throw balls. Five minutes later, they were leaving with a big, fluffy rabbit that Taehyung chose, teasing Jeongguk about how it looked like him.

They went on some rides. It turned out that Jeongguk was very adventurous, he liked adrenaline. Taehyung, not so much. Not that he’d feel nauseous or anything but the heights weren’t really great with him. Although when Jeongguk held his hand or pressed him closer to his side, he couldn’t be happier.

“Seems like quite normal vacation,” Jeongguk admitted as they were munching on some street food. They were alone most of the time, they all agreed to meet at the entrance at seven in case they separated.

“What did you expect?” Taehyung laughed, bringing up his thumb to Jeongguk’s lips to wipe out a bit of ketchup and bringing it to his own lips, licking it.

“I don’t know, probably like, spending most of the time on yacht, throwing money at each other and swimming in pool filed with champagne and shit,” Jeongguk laughed teasingly.

“We didn’t wanna waste that on you poor people,” Taehyung stuck out his tongue: “No but like…this is what we usually do, I know people usually imagine different things and it’s true that some of our friends go overboard with everything but we’ve always done pretty normal things.”

They did barbecue when they came back, opening some beers to have with the meat, just chilling in the garden until late night.

The next evening, Jeongguk and Taehyung decided to take some time for themselves since they haven’t really been alone since they got there. They had sex once in their guest room and one sloppy hand job in the shower but they wanted to have more quality time.

“Wow, you prepared a date for us?” Jeongguk breathed out when Taehyung led him to the roof of the house where a small terrace was. He prepared blankets on the ground and Jimin and Seokjin helped him decorate the railings with small lights and prepare food.

“Well, you are always the one to take me on dates so I figured I might do something for once,” Taehyung shrugged, sitting down on the blanket and pulling Jeongguk with him.

“I take you on dates because we spend most of the time in neighbourhoods you don’t know,” Jeongguk laughed but he was touched by the gesture.

They ate the food and chatted before they snuggled on the ground. The night was warm so they weren’t cold.

They started lazily making out, the night was peaceful, it was only sea under them and stars above them. The whole house was quiet and it was secluded from neighbouring houses so it felt like it was just the two of them in the whole world. It was always so easy for Taehyung to forget about the rest of the world when he was with Jeongguk. When he was in his arms, when he felt his lips against his, nothing else existed.

Their touches and kisses got more insistent and heated after a while and Jeongguk dragged his hand under Taehyung’s t-shirt, rubbing his stomach and sides before he moved it lower.

Taehyung pulled back with a gasp when he felt his boyfriend cupping him through the shorts he was wearing: “G-Gukkie, we can’t here.”

“Why not?” Jeongguk said quietly, kissing his neck and nibbling at the sensitive skin with his teeth: “Everyone is asleep by now. Have you never wanted to do it outside?”

Taehyung sighed, tilting his head to the side to give Jeongguk better access and led his hand back to his crotch. He’d lie if he said that the thought of having sex outside wasn’t turning him on. It was something they could never do back in Seoul and the night tonight seemed perfect for it.

Jeongguk understood that he had the green light so he stopped holding back. They started kissing again and it didn’t take long for them to get rid of the clothes, soon lying there completely naked, hot bodies pressed together. It felt kinda lewd to be like this outside but at the same time intimate and natural. They got turned on in no time just like they always did when they got like this.

Jeongguk was just grinding down on Taehyung and kissing his neck when he kissed his way up to his ear and he breathed out huskily: “Wanna eat you out, baby.”

Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat because, hell yeah, he loved when Jeongguk did that. He never did it with Hong, the only butt stuff they did together was fingering but Jeongguk has eaten him out couple of times in the past two months and he was losing his mind every damn time.

“Yeah, do it,” Taehyung nodded, eyes hooded, staring at Jeongguk when he pulled back to look at his reaction.

Jeongguk settled between his spread legs, throwing them over his shoulders so he’d have a good access. As soon as Taehyung felt that wet muscle on his fluttering entrance, he was a goner. Jeongguk ate him out vigorously, first just licking around the hole but then he pierced the tongue inside, fucking him with it thoroughly.

Taehyung started moaning quietly, careful not to make loud noises. His fingers were intertwined in Jeongguk’s hair, pushing him closer to his ass, back arching from the ground and eyes wide opened, watching the constellations above him. The pleasure and the stars above made all this seem almost magical and he didn’t even notice that Jeongguk pushed two fingers inside him, using only his spit as he was stretching him open.

“G-Gukkie, that’s enough, I need you,” Taehyung pulled at his hair, already feeling dizzy.

“So fucking pretty,” Jeongguk groaned lustfully, moving up to kiss the blonde passionately.

“Fuck, we don’t have condoms,” Jeongguk cursed when he pulled back: “I am gonna go get them, wait here.”

“Wait,” Taehyung’s hand on his wrist stopped him from moving. The blonde bit his lip with a slight blush before he said quietly: “Fuck me bare.”

“Are you sure?” Jeongguk choked out. It really didn’t matter, Taehyung was a virgin before and he never slept with anyone without a condom so they were both clean and now they were exclusive but it still seemed like quite a big deal, like taking their relationship to next level. But Jeongguk realized, he didn’t really mind, hell, the thought of being inside Taehyung without any barrier separating them shot more arousal up his spine.

“Yeah, I wanna feel you, all of you,” Taehyung nodded, pulling him down for a kiss and so it was decided. They got themselves lost in the feeling of each other’s lips but then they separated to finally get to business.

Before Jeongguk could even ask how Taehyung wanted it, the blonde was already lying on his stomach, sprawled over the blanket, ass sticking up in the air invitingly.

“God, baby, you drive me crazy,” Jeongguk groaned, leaning down to plant open mouthed kisses over the other’s back. Taehyung felt warm, knowing that Jeongguk still wanted him just as much as at the beginning. Not that there would be any doubt about it, it was always clear in his every kiss and every touch and every word.

Jeongguk leaned over Taehyung’s body, supporting himself with one arm so he wouldn’t put the whole weight on him. With the other hand, he gripped his cock, leading it to the awaiting entrance and he slowly pushed inside. They’ve been through this many times now so he knew Taehyung and his body well, knowing what he could take.

“Oh fuck, you feel incredible,” Jeongguk moaned breathlessly once he was fully buried inside his lover. He kissed his shoulders, giving him time to relax and relishing in the new feeling of Taehyung’s heat without a condom.

“Move, Gukkie, please,” Taehyung whimpered almost desperately, every nerve in body tingling with need and pleasure. Feeling Jeongguk inside him always felt good but it was even better without a condom, he never thought that the thin rubber could make such difference.

Jeongguk hummed, pulling out of him almost all the way only to slide back in. He set up a steady pace, snapping his hips sharply in but pulling out almost agonizingly slow, knowing it always drove Taehyung crazy.

“Faster, baby, fuck me,” Taehyung whined, pushing his ass back as much as he could to meet the thrusts. Jeongguk could never really deny him anything so he complied, plunging himself into him faster and deeper.

“So good, princess,” Jeongguk breathed out hotly, arms wrapping around Taehyung’s stomach to bring him even closer. Taehyung moaned loudly, momentarily forgetting that they were outside but he couldn’t care less about that now.

Suddenly Jeongguk sat back on his heels, bringing Taehyung with him so the blonde was sitting on his lap, back to his chest.

Taehyung whined when Jeongguk’s hands slid up to play with his nipples and he started rocking his hips and bouncing up and down. There was just something so obscene about riding Jeongguk and feeling his front pressing to his back, sweat forming between them.

Taehyung opened his eyes, throwing his head back to rest it on Jeongguk’s shoulder and looking up at the stars. He felt pleasure building up in his stomach and he knew Jeongguk was in similar state because he could feel his fast breathing and occasional quiet moaning and hissing.

Jeongguk pressed his hand to Taehyung’s chest, holding him close as he started meeting his movements, thrusting up into him. That made the blonde moan and tilt his head to the side. Jeongguk caressed his nape with free hand, attaching his lips to Taehyung’s neck, kissing it hotly.

“You look so gorgeous, baby,” Jeongguk grunted against the skin, fucking into him faster, chasing their orgasms: “You are so fucking sexy, Tae, god, I’ve never seen anyone like you.”

Taehyung got out a shaky moan at the praise, knowing that Jeongguk was honest, he could hear it in his voice. The black haired male never failed to make him feel wanted and special.

“Come on, baby, come with me, mm? We’ll come together and I will fill your pretty ass with my come,” Jeongguk whispered huskily into his ear and Taehyung nearly passed out. He started shaking, bouncing up and down more vigorously and when Jeongguk wrapped his fingers around his cock, he knew it was over.

“Tae, ‘m c-coming,” Jeongguk moaned, jerking him off and grinding his hips up to get as deep as possible.

Taehyung whined, confirming that he was coming too, one hand gripping Jeongguk’s hand on his chest and the other sneaking back, gripping Jeongguk’s ass cheek  and pressing on it, getting him another inch deeper.

They both lost it at the same time, bodies trembling slightly. Taehyung shot his load over Jeongguk’s hand with a broken cry and even through the orgasm fog, he heard a quiet groan and then he felt Jeongguk’s cock twitching inside him and he felt sudden wetness filling him. Jeongguk thrusted in and out couple more times to prolong their pleasure, the come making the slide even smoother and Taehyung never felt closer and more connected to anyone in his life. It was slightly disgusting when he thought about it but intimate at the same time. He turned his head to the side, searching blindly for Jeongguk’s lips. He sighed contently when he found them and felt the tongue gently caressing the inside of his mouth.


Two days before leaving, they decided to get properly wasted. Namjoon found few bottles of some expensive soju in his parents’ stocks and they wanted to settle outside but unexpected storm came and it was raining so heavily that they couldn’t even sit under the roof outside on the porch, so they settled in the living room.

“We should play some game, something to get to know each other better,” Jimin suggested, sitting on the floor on fluffy carpet.

“What makes you think we wanna get to know you better?” Yoongi retorted but by now, Jimin and the others knew that it was just his kind of humour so he didn’t take it personally.

“Oh, hyung, look who’s taking, out of everyone here, I know you wanna get to know me the best,” Jimin winked at the older, taking him completely by surprise, making everyone laugh at his face.

“We can make it simple, just ask questions, any type and if we don’t wanna answer then we have to drink,” Jimin then turned to everyone.

“I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t answer so I am not even gonna get wasted,” Seokjin sighed dramatically.

“Well, you can still drink by your own will,” Taehyung laughed.

“Okay, let’s do it, Jimin, you suggested it, so you start,” Hoseok jumped in.

“Okay, um, let’s see,” Jimin through about it for a second: “Jin-hyung, since you are so confident, let’s start with you. What is your most favourite body part on Namjoon-hyung?”

“Okay, I am gonna stop you there, I don’t think we have to get to know each other that well,” Yoongi made a face.

“Oh, come on, live a little, it’s just a bit of fun,” Jimin rolled his eyes. The two of them have been teasing each other the whole vacation, Taehyung laughed to Jeongguk once about the horrible sexual tension between them.

“Well, that’s not a brain-twister, of course I like his beautiful d-“ Seokjin started but was interrupted by groans.

“Oh my god, hyung, please,” Taehyung whined.

“Don’t project your dirty thought about Jeongguk into me, I was going to say his dimples, you pervert!” the older gasped in pretended offence. Taehyung blushed, burying his face into Jeongguk’s shoulder, who was shaking with silent laughter.

“Okay, my turn,” Seokjin clapped: “Hoseok, what is the craziest thing you’ve done to impress a girl?”

“I wrote a song for her and sang it under her window once,” Hoseok grinned after thinking about it for a while.

“That is not really crazy, that is romantic,” Jimin frowned.

“Oh, believe me, it is crazy, you haven’t heard the song,” Jeongguk laughed when he recalled that moment from few years ago.

And so their questions and drinking began. It was mostly fun, not really serious or too personal questions.

Jimin was just answering question about what was the craziest and most spontaneous thing he’s done: “It was after our high school graduation. Me and Tae literally decided in like few minutes to go to Monaco. We took my dad’s private jet and flew there, not even packed properly so we had to buy stuff there. We went to the famous casino and lost so much money, god. Then we spent most of the time on a yacht in the bay, just chilling.”

Jeongguk started seeing pattern here after a while. When Taehyung was asked what was the most money he’s ever spent in single day, he replied with thousands of Euros when he was in Milan in Italy. Then he was asked about who was the most famous person he’s ever met and he replied with Beyoncé.

While the room was getting progressively louder as all of them were getting drunker, Jeongguk was getting quieter and more pensive and also self-conscious.

As Taehyung, Jimin, Seokjin and also Namjoon were talking about their experience and lives, it hit him once again where Taehyung really came from. It was easy to forget when they were together because they were doing just regular stuff but Taehyung’s life was miles away from his own. It sounded so exciting, he was used to the luxurious life and that was something Jeongguk could never relate to.

He excused himself after a while, getting out at the porch to get some fresh air. The storm was over and the night was warm but also incredibly humid, it was almost suffocating.

“Hey, what’s going on?” a voice from behind him startled him. When he turned around, he saw Jimin.

“Nothing,” Jeongguk mumbled.

“You were really quiet back there,” Jimin pointed out: “I mean, I know we don’t really know each other so you don’t have to talk about it but if you wanted to, I am here to listen. Tae is my best friend, you know? So if something is bothering you, I wanna help.”

Jeongguk looked at him searchingly. Jimin’s never really been nice to him but during this vacation, he actually started liking him. It was true what Taehyung told him, Jimin and Seokjin weren’t that horrible, not at all, now he understood that their bitchy personas were just their facades just like it was with Taehyung at the beginning.

“It’s just…I don’t know, hearing you guys speak about all that exciting stuff, what celebrities you’ve met, what countries and cities you’ve visited and stuff…it just makes me feel out of place,” Jeongguk sighed: “When I’m with Tae, it is easy to forget that he actually grew up in luxury and it just made me all realize how different our lives and worlds are.”

“Believe me, most of those moments weren’t as exciting as they sound,” Jimin chuckled: “And I think Tae has been always the one to enjoy them the least. Like, of course, it’s his life, it’s all he’s ever known and he is just going with the flow, just like all of us. That is basically the only choice you have, if you don’t know anything else, you get used to it.”

“Yeah, well, that’s my point,” Jeongguk replied: “It’s been his entire life and now he is with me and with me he doesn’t have these exciting things, he probably never will, even if I found a good job after the graduation, I will never become a billionaire, let’s be honest.”

“Oh, Jeongguk, you’ve been hanging out for months but I don’t think you understand Tae at all,” Jimin shook his head.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that he is part of the fancy life but he doesn’t like it, he never did,” Jimin explained: “He’s always been quite free spirited to be honest. He doesn’t care about private jets and yachts and vacations in countries all around the world. He’s more the type of the guy to just go on a road trip and sleep in cheap motels by the highway and walking on the beach and collecting sea shells. Those are the simple things that make him happy and he’s always felt out of place in our rich world because no one can really understand that he would change all the luxury for peace and freedom.”

Jeongguk didn’t say anything, just listening and thinking about it.

“I’ve known Tae since I can remember, Jeongguk, believe me, you are exactly what he wants and needs,” Jimin smiled at him encouragingly: “I’m honestly saying that I don’t think I remember him being happier than in the past months with you and I’ve known him for twenty years, that means something.”

“Thanks,” Jeongguk smiled at him gratefully and then added with a chuckle: “You are actually not that horrible, you know?”

“Well, thanks, I suppose I deserve it. I am sorry we’ve been treating you like shit at school,” Jimin apologized sincerely.

“Wouldn’t say treating like shit, you basically didn’t know I existed and ignored me, I suppose that’s better than bullying,” the black haired male shrugged.

“I know but still, you are pretty cool, Jeongguk, it sucks we were all so dumb to recognize that earlier,” Jimin snickered, bumping shoulders with the other.

After the conversation, Jeongguk felt much better and the doubts and negative thoughts went away. They returned back and enjoyed the rest of the evening and then the rest of their vacation.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Jeongguk looked at Taehyung when they got off his Vespa on the parking lot of their school. It was the first day of their senior year and Taehyung decided he wanted to begin it together with Jeongguk. He didn’t want to go around the school and hide.

“I wanna do this if you do,” Taehyung reassured him.

“Well, of course I do, hell, I am dating Kim Taehyung and everyone’s gonna know, this is the best day of my life,” Jeongguk chuckled.

“Good because I really wanna do it. I don’t wanna hide the whole year, Gukkie, and doing it right on the first day is the best,” the blonde smiled. Hong graduated before the summer so that was one less thing for Taehyung to worry about. He’s been thinking about it a lot in the past week and he was ready for everyone to find out he was with Jeongguk.

Taehyung grabbed Jeongguk’s hand, intertwining their fingers and they walked to the front yard of the school.

Immediately, people started whispering, staring at them in disbelieve. Some people even threw disgusted looks towards Jeongguk but he honestly couldn’t care less, he was here, holding hands with Kim Taehyung and he didn’t give a single fuck about what people thought.

Taehyung was upset, not because he’d care what people think about them but because he hated this. He hated it that people were judging Jeongguk just because he didn’t wear expensive designer clothes and because his backpack was a bit shabby. He hated that they were judging him without knowing how sweet, smart and funny he was. But at the same time, he didn’t care, he didn’t care that some people would look down on him for dating plebs, like they liked to call people like Jeongguk, he held his head high the whole time.

“So, you made your official coming out, congrats,” Jimin grinned at the couple when they walked over to him. He was truly happy for them and proud of Taehyung for taking this step. He knew it wasn’t easy for many reasons but Taehyung changed a lot in the past months, most of it thanks to Jeongguk and Jimin was happy.

“Feels great, honestly,” Taehyung smiled sincerely, wrapping his arm around Jeongguk, giving him a side hug.

“This year is gonna be awesome,” Jeongguk grinned. It seemed like everything he’s ever dreamt of was finally coming true.


In the following autumn months, Taehyung’s taken Jeongguk to some fancy events. It was mostly events for young people, he wasn’t ready to have Jeongguk face his mother just yet. She knew that he was seeing someone, he told her, since he was spending lots of time with Jeongguk, often even overnight and they drove to school together, but he never told her anything specific. He didn’t have a good feeling about their meeting so he was trying to postpone it as much as possible.

She got a bit better after Yeonjun ended up in the hospital, she talked to her sons more and that made Taehyung honestly happy, she was clearly making an effort but he also knew that she cared about her and the family’s image a lot, so he didn’t know what her reaction would be.

His father on the other hand was cool. He still lived in New York but they were often calling and Taehyung’s been talking about Jeongguk to him a lot and his father knew what background he came from and he was fine with it.

So when his father called and told him he’d come to Seoul for couple of days before Christmas, not only was he excited to see him after months but he was also eager to introduce him to his boyfriend.

He, Jeongguk and also Yeonjun went to the hotel his father was accommodated in for a dinner. They decided they wanted privacy to talk, so Mr. Kim hired a chef to make a dinner privately for them in his suite.

Jeongguk was grateful that Yeonjun was coming too. Not only because he liked the boy but thanks to him, the attention wouldn’t be on him and Taehyung the whole evening. Yeonjun spent summer in the clinic but he started a new school year in Seoul and he was doing great. He and Taehyung got closer than before and the elder was trying to make it up to his baby brother, trying to spend as much time with his as possible.

Jeongguk was really damn nervous. He knew from Taehyung that his father was nice and cool but it was still nerve-wrecking to meet his boyfriend’s parent for the first time. He’s never been in any relationship serious enough to go through this and he was worried that he might get judged.

Turned out he didn’t have to be nervous at all, Mr. Kim was genuinely nice. He greeted him warmly and the whole dinner went smoothly. They were talking about Jeongguk’s parents and studies and plans for the future. Mr. Kim was praising him for being ambitious and wished him the best in the music industry. Never once during the whole evening did Jeongguk feel unwelcomed or out of place. Mr. Kim didn’t seem to care that he wasn’t dressed up in expensive clothes and he never brought up the fact that he wasn’t from wealthy family.

Jeongguk was relieved. He just thought that approval of Taehyung’s parents was very important to him. When he had it, maybe everything wouldn’t be so hard. If they accepted him and deemed him good for their son, all the insecurities he still felt from time to time would go away.

“I am gonna go down to catch a cab so you can say goodbye in privacy,” Jeongguk informed the three Kims when the dinner was over and they chatted over a glass of wine – and a soft drink for Yeonjun of course – and they were about to leave. He then turned to Mr. Kim, bowing politely: “Thank you so much for the delicious dinner, it was pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kim.”

“Likewise, Jeongguk, it was nice meeting you,” the man gave him a warm smile. He really liked Jeongguk, he was polite and well-mannered. From what he’s heard from Taehyung he didn’t have any doubts about him but he was a bit worried that his son was wearing pink glasses because he was loved up. But to his relief, he discovered that Jeongguk was just as nice as Taehyung depicted him.

Jeongguk bowed again and then left the sons with their father alone.

“So? What do you think?” Taehyung bit his hip nervously, earning a reassuring pat on the back from Yeonjun. The dinner went smoothly but he was still a bit nervous. He’s always had a good relationship with his dad, far better than with his mother, especially now when he lived across the world, so his opinion was important to him.

“You don’t really need my approval, TaeTae, it is your relationship,” Mr. Kim chuckled but then added seriously: “But I really like him, he is very polite and smart and he treats you well so if you were expecting my blessing, you’ve got it.”

“Thanks, that means a lot,” Taehyung grinned happily.

“I just want both of you to be happy,” their father looked at both sons emotionally.

“I am really happy, dad, honestly, maybe for the first time in my life,” Taehyung reassured him.

“I can tell, you’ve been babbling about the new boyfriend of yours during our phone calls for months and now when I saw you, your eyes are literally shining,” Mr. Kim laughed: “But Jeongguk is the same, I can tell that he really cares about you. I am truly happy for you. You know I liked Hong but I also know that he was mistreating you so I was never really happy about your relationship. It is great to know that you found someone who appreciates you and makes you happy, especially when I don’t live here anymore.”

Then he turned to Yeonjun: “And I am proud of you too, Junie, you are doing well. You both make me really happy.”

The three of them went for a group hug. Mr. Kim was about to spend few more days in Korea so this wasn’t their final goodbye but it was still emotional.

“Can’t you just come back? It sucks here without you,” Taehyung sighed when they separated.

“I am sure I will eventually come back, Tae, but I have lots of work to do in New York now and I still wanna take time to get over the divorce. But my heart is here in Korea with you, so it is not for forever,” the man smiled reassuringly.

“Oh, Tae,” Mr. Kim stopped them when they were about to leave: “This is your decision but I think you should introduce Jeongguk to your mother.”

“Dad, you know how she is,” Taehyung sighed: “Like, I love her and she is more attentive now and that’s nice but I don’t think she would be happy that I’m dating someone like Jeongguk.”

“I know your mother can be difficult but at the end of the day she loves you and wants the best for you. I am sure that when she meets Jeongguk and sees how happy you are together, she will be nicer than you think,”

“Okay, I guess I can’t put it off any longer. I could take Jeongguk to the Christmas party in few days, there will be lots of people so she won’t cause any scene there for sure,” Taehyung grinned, making his father shake his head amusedly.

“So, did I pass?” Jeongguk chuckled as soon as they got into the cab.

“Well, you could’ve done better,” Taehyung sighed dramatically but then he snickered when he saw Jeongguk’s frown: “I am just kidding, baby, he loved you.”

“Okay, good,” Jeongguk breathed out. It was nice to know Taehyung’s father approved of him but he also knew that the harder part was yet to come – Taehyung’s mother.


Taehyung announced his mother that he was taking Jeongguk to the annual Christmas party that was basically legendary in their social circle. She didn’t look too happy, probably concerned that her friends would see her son with some poor boy, but she didn’t disagree either.

Two days before the party, when she was in her atelier, Taehyung took Jeongguk to their house to pick a suit for him. The party was a fancy event with suits and tuxedos and evening dresses so they had to pick appropriate clothes.

“Wow, seriously, you look so hot in suits,” Taehyung hummed appreciatively when Jeongguk stood in front of the mirror in his black Armani suit and red dress shirt and black tie. Taehyung was going in red suit and black shirt so they were going to match. The suit was a bit tight over Jeongguk’s arms since Taehyung was lankier than him but the blonde didn’t really complain because he’d take any opportunity to stare at his boyfriend’s bulging muscles.

“Oh, maybe you could borrow my watch and earrings too,” Taehyung suggested when he eyed the whole look, going to his drawer for Rolex watch and some white gold earrings.

“Are you trying to make me look expensive in front of your mum?” Jeongguk looked at him amusedly.

“Okay, yeah, I am sorry,” Taehyung whined: “I don’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable, you know I don’t care what you wear, you know I love it when you wear your tight ripped jeans and band t-shirts and stuff but I am just so damn nervous that she will be impolite and-“

“Tae, baby, breathe, it’s okay,” Jeongguk chuckled, grabbing his hands so they were facing each other: “I am not mad, okay? I understand and I don’t mind. If this is what will make you more comfortable then I am gonna borrow all this. This Christmas party is part of your world and I am now too so I don’t mind dressing up for you, I want it to go smoothly as well, I would honestly feel out of place in my cheap clothes.”

“Okay,” Taehyung nodded, relieved: “I am trying to avoid these events as much as possible but this isn’t something I can skip, mum would kill me. Having you there will be great though, it will be much more fun.”

“It will be okay, I promise,” Jeongguk cupped his cheeks with a gentle smile: “And if not, then who cares? This is our relationship, we won’t let anyone bring us down.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Taehyung smiled, leaning in for a kiss. He was so grateful for Jeongguk, he could always calm him down and he never felt like burden to him. He was truly happy with him and he wasn’t going to let anything or anyone ruin it for them.

The day before Christmas day, they arrived at the party in the hotel. Taehyung’s mother and Yeonjun were already there and so were most of other people.

They greeted Namjoon and Seokjin, relieved that they had someone to talk to and since they graduated, they weren’t seeing each other that often. Jimin joined them after couple of minutes and Taehyung saw Yeonjun chatting with some girl in a corner, sending him sly smiles and subtle thumbs up.

Jeongguk wouldn’t say it out loud to Taehyung but he still felt out of place on these kinds of events. Even though he’s attended some, it was still like a different planet to him, all the fancy decorations, expensive champagne pouring down from fountains, food that he couldn’t even name, people dressed from head to toe in clothes and jewellery more expensive than his apartment and all that. He knew that no matter what, he’d never fit in this world, it just wasn’t him. And when he saw Taehyung excitedly chirping with their friends, he couldn’t help those doubts coming to him again because he didn’t look like he’d hate it, like Taehyung and Jimin said before.

The long awaited encounter came almost two hours after they arrived. Taehyung’s seen his mother in the crowd before but she was busy mingling with her friends so he didn’t want to interrupt her, thinking it was the best when she approached them. And she finally did.

“Hi, mum, looking great,” Taehyung smiled, greeting her with a kiss to her cheek: “Mum, this is Jeon Jeongguk, my boyfriend I told you about.”

“It is pleasure to finally meet you, Mrs. Kim, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Jeongguk bowed politely.

“I can only imagine what you’ve heard about me,” Mrs. Kim replied in a biting tone, looking at her son briefly. Then her eyes scanned Jeongguk up and down and she turned to Taehyung: “Is this your suit?”

“Yes, it is,” Taehyung glared at her and went on without sugar-coating it: “Thought you wouldn’t be happy if your son came to the biggest and snobbiest event of the years with someone dressed in non-designer clothes so I did you a favour.”

“Well, it looks good on you,” the woman looked back at Jeongguk with a surprising, small smile: “Are you having fun?”

“Yes, ma’am, the party is very nice and we’ve met some school mates here so it’s fun,” Jeongguk nodded.

“Well, I am glad to hear so,” she nodded, expression unreadable. She wasn’t really cold but she wasn’t super nice either.

“Anyway, I am going to find my friends that I still haven’t talked to, have fun, kids,” Mrs. Kim said eventually, not really waiting for the answer and she walked away.

“God, that wasn’t good,” Jeongguk groaned.

“Not good? Are you kidding me? That was like the best case scenario!” Taehyung shrieked: “Oh my god, I can’t believe that she approved you.”

“Approved me? Baby, that didn’t really look like that to me,” the black haired male frowned.

“Believe me, if she didn’t approve, she wouldn’t even let you stay here,” Taehyung reassured him: “I know it’s weird but believe me, I know my mum. Not saying she is completely happy about you, we have a long way to go but the fact she didn´t flip is already a win, it can only get better.”

Jeongguk didn’t argue any further. Taehyung surely knew his mother better than he did so if he said it was a win then he believed him. Besides, he looked so happy and relieved so he didn’t want to ruin it for him, he knew how damn nervous he’s been about this encounter.

“Well, now when we fulfilled our duty, we can go get some drinks, what do you say?” Jeongguk grinned.

“I say that you have always the best ideas,” Taehyung chuckled, linking their arms together: “We will get drinks and find the others, I wanna have fun at this event for once and with you here, it should be easy.”

After two more hours, Jeongguk and Taehyung and their three friends were pretty wasted. Jeongguk definitely liked this side of the rich world, all the free food and booze that was very expensive and of high quality, guaranteeing almost no hang over the other day.

He and Taehyung were just giggling about something, Taehyung was basically leaning on him so he had to support him but he didn’t really mind, he would find any excuse to wrap an arm around Taehyung’s waist.

“Hello, Tae,” a voice interrupted their antics. Taehyung looked at the person, freezing. Jeongguk and the others fell silent as well, looking at none other than Lee Hong.

“Hong, it’s been a while,” Taehyung replied dryly.

“I see you got over me pretty quickly,” the older retorted.

“Well, you got over me even before we broke up judging by your cheating so I don’t think you have any right to talk,” Taehyung deadpanned, making everyone chuckle at his comeback.

“You fell pretty low,” Hong scoffed, eyeing Jeongguk from head to toe with disdain.

“It’s actually the opposite,” it was surprisingly Jeongguk who spoke up in hard voice, standing up for himself and for Taehyung: “I might not be rich and obnoxious but I treat Tae like he deserves. I’d never even look at anyone else, let alone cheat on him. You don’t know what you had in him and I hope that one day you’ll realize what you lost. But it will be too late because he’d never take back your lame ass.”

“Damn,” Seokjin laughed, patting Jeongguk’s shoulder with pride. No one of Taehyung’s friends liked Hong much, they often talked to Taehyung, reassuring him that it would get better and looking back, it wasn’t good advice, but that didn’t mean they liked that Hong was treating him like trash.

“You heard him,” Taehyung nodded, confirming Jeongguk’s words: “Jeonggukie is much better to me then you’ve ever been so you can leave your empty insults to yourself because no one cares.”

Hong just gaped for couple of seconds but then he turned around and left.

“That was awesome,” Jimin laughed, grinning at Taehyung: “I am glad you finally gave it to that asshole,” then he turned to Jeongguk: “And you were awesome too, we support protective and bitchy boyfriends.”

“Thanks for having my back,” Taehyung nuzzled his face in Jeongguk’s neck.

“Always,” Jeongguk reassured him, putting his arms back around his waist, holding him close.


“What would you wanna do after the graduation? And be honest, what are your dreams and not something your parents picture for you?” Jeongguk asked quietly. They were in Taehyung’s room, lying naked under the blanket after hours of passionate love making. He loved these pillow talks, when they were both drowsy and the room was dark and he was just looking at Taehyung, his beautiful face illuminated by the moonlight.

After the Christmas party, he started coming to Taehyung’s penthouse more often. He even met Mrs. Kim couple of times and although it was usually in between the door, she was usually pretty nice to him so he counted it as a win.

It was currently beginning of March and their graduation was coming quickly so they were both often thinking about their future. They never talked about it explicitly, at least not yet, but it was clear that both of them counted to have each other in their lives after the graduation.

“It’s probably kinda crazy,” Taehyung chuckled lazily, half asleep.

“No dream is crazy, that is why they are called dreams. Come on, if your dreams could come true, what would you want your life after the graduation to be like?” Jeongguk encouraged him to answer.

“I’d wanna live somewhere by the sea. I like city so probably in Busan or something,” Taehyung started with a small smile: “And I’d wanna start my own clothing label. Ever since I started getting interested in fashion design, it was basically established that I would train and then take over my mum’s label but I’d like to create my own, you know?”

“I am sure you will, baby, you are really talented,” Jeongguk hummed, caressing his hip lightly.

“What would you wanna do, Jeonggukie?”

“I wanna become producer,” Jeongguk admitted but that was no secret. He studied music production after all and he also sometimes collaborated with Yoongi. The elder was a great lyricist while Jeongguk was good with beats and melodies so he was already quite experienced.

“You will be a great producer, I like the songs you’ve played me so far,” Taehyung smiled supportively: “And something else? What else would make you happy?”

“Anything would make me happy as long as you are with me,” Jeongguk replied, holding an eye contact: “I know we never talked about it before but we’ve been officially together for eight months and I know there are many months and years to come for us.”

Taehyung bit his lip to prevent himself from smiling dopily. He loved it when Jeongguk got all sentimental and emotional. They were just staring at each other, filled with peace, before Jeongguk leaned in to kiss his boyfriend slowly.

When they separated, Jeongguk stroked Taehyung’s cheek, whispering: “I love you, Tae, so much.”

Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat after the confession. It wasn’t the first time Jeongguk said it but it never failed to take his breath away. Hong told him he loved him lots of times before but it never really left like he meant it and it never left Taehyung’s heart pounding in his chest. With Jeongguk, when he was lying here, looking at him with his big, sincere eyes, he knew it was sincere and he felt the same.

“I love you too, Gukkie,” Taehyung replied. Jeongguk grinned happily, kissing him again.

Taehyung still sometimes couldn’t believe how the things worked out for them. A year ago around this time, he didn’t even know Jeongguk’s name, he didn’t even look in his direction at school. And then at the party, after Hong was making out with someone else in front of everyone, Jeongguk came to him and took him out. He couldn’t have known back then that his life would change so much after that night and he never imagined he could be this happy, always feeling empty no matter what he did or who he was with. Jeongguk changed everything.

“Jeongguk, I see you slept here again,” Mrs. Kim welcomed him in the morning when Taehyung was trying to sneak him out.

“Yes, good morning, Mrs. Kim, I hope you don’t mind,” Jeongguk nodded unsurely.

“Nonsense, you are with my son now, aren’t you?” the woman waved her hand dismissively and both guys were taken aback by her warm behaviour.

“I think that since you’ve been dating for months, it’s time for you to come for a dinner so I can get to know you better. How about this Friday?” Mrs. Kim continued, shocking them even more.

Jeongguk exchanged looks with Taehyung and he saw hope in his eyes. His relationship with his mother wasn’t the best but he obviously wanted her love and approval deep down and who was Jeongguk to rob him off of that chance.

“Friday is perfect, I will be looking forward to it,” Jeongguk nodded, noticing small sparkles in Taehyung’s eyes.

“Perfect,” Mrs. Kim smiled. They said their goodbye.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, you know?” Taehyung whispered when they got to the elevator.

“I wanna do this, for you,” Jeongguk reassured him, leaning in to peck his lips: “See you tomorrow at school, okay?”

With that, he got in the elevator and left.


The dinner was held few days later. Jeongguk dressed up in black jeans and shirt that Taehyung gifted him on Christmas. Both of them were really nervous but to their surprise, things were going smoothly.

Mrs. Kim was very friendly, asking Jeongguk about his studies and plans for the future, nodding in approval when he told her about his ambitions in the music industry. She even smiled couple of times, which honestly shocked Taehyung a lot but he was happy.

After the dinner, Jeongguk excused himself to go to the bathroom.

He was startled when he was returning and met Mrs. Kim in the hallway.

“Looks like you are enjoying the dinner. Enjoy while you can because there won’t be many after that,” the woman spoke up, her previous friendly tone suddenly gone. Jeongguk just gaped, taken aback.

“Taehyung just doesn’t know what he wants, he isn’t the first and the last to enter the rebellious stage. It is exciting to be with someone outside of our social class but he will eventually come to his senses and realize he wants someone wealthy by his side,” Mrs. Kim continued.

“Ma’am, in all respect, I don’t think you know your son very well,” Jeongguk cleared his throat, staring right into her eyes to show that he wasn’t intimidated.

“Oh, Jeongguk, I really feel sorry for you. I believe you think that what you have is real, I really do, honey, but it’s not like that,” Mrs. Kim chuckled: “When I was a bit younger than Taehyung is now, I had a boyfriend like you, handsome young man from middle class and I thought it was all so exciting and we were planning our future together. But then I came to my senses and found a man I later married and that became the father of my sons. It is always like that, don’t let your imagination and dreams fool you.”

“Doesn’t look like that marriage worked out well for you though,” Jeongguk deadpanned. He didn’t want to be rude but he also wouldn’t let her bring him down: “Maybe if you stayed with that middle class man, you would be still happily married now.”

Mrs. Kim just glared at him but then she chuckled coldly: “Taehyung isn’t built to be with someone like you. I know you think you know what he needs but you don’t. Jeongguk, he doesn’t even clean his own room, he has people for that. He is clueless, he isn’t built to live life like most people do. Being with you would never be enough for him, even if you got yourself a good job and climbed up the social ladder little bit, it will never be enough to really satisfy his needs and to make him truly happy. I know he walks around, acting like he doesn’t need money to live but he does.”

“You clearly know nothing about him,” Jeongguk retorted.

“I know more about him than you do. I am his mother and I raised him,” the woman chuckled: “I know the best what is the best for my sons and even though Taehyung is free-spirited, strong and smart, he still needs someone to take care of him. He deserves to be with someone who can provide him with anything he needs and you are not that person, honey.”

Jeongguk just stared at her, feeling hopelessness filling him. He didn’t want to believe those words but deep down, those have been his fears ever since they got together and hearing it now coming from Taehyung’s mother was feeding his insecurities.

“But I love him,” Jeongguk eventually said.

“If you really loved him then you’d know what is best for him, you’d let him go,” Mrs. Kim replied: “You need to give him a chance to be with someone who can take care of him like he deserves because I think we can both at least agree that he deserves the world. You can never give it to him, Jeongguk, you will always be outsider in our world and I know you feel it.”

Jeongguk’s shoulders fell, doubts running through his head.

“You are a young, polite and smart man, I believe you will make the right decision,” Mrs. Kim concluded quietly: “Just let my son go, Jeongguk, he deserves someone better than you.”

With those words, she left him standing there, returning back to the dining room. Jeongguk breathed out, feeling weird emptiness filling him. He didn’t want those words to affect him, he knew she just wanted to manipulate him, to hurt him, obviously she was faking all the time whenever she smiled at him or showed some interest.

But he couldn’t help the doubts and negative thoughts creeping on him. Somewhere deep down, he knew she was right. He was just Taehyung’s stage before he’d eventually end up with someone like Hong again. That was what always happened, wasn’t it? Rich people have been marrying each other for decades, hell, even centuries and outsides didn’t stand a chance. A simple stable boy never stood a chance with a prince.

Chapter Text

Taehyung had a bad feeling. His gut was telling him that something was not right. Jeongguk seemed so distant for the past month, it begun pretty subtly but it was getting worse. He was telling himself that he was just exaggerating and tried not to think about it but he couldn’t help the uneasy feeling that was eating him.

Half of the time when they were together, Jeongguk seemed elsewhere with his thoughts. He asked him what was wrong and that they could talk about whatever was bothering him but the black haired man just told him to let it go. He didn’t wanna let it go, he knew there was something wrong and they should talk about it, communication was important but he also didn’t want to pressure Jeongguk into anything.

They were sometimes attending fancy parties. Taehyung was trying to avoid them as much as possible since he didn’t really like them and knew that Jeongguk felt out of place but there were certain events that he couldn’t excuse himself from.

Like tonight, his mother’s company was celebrating twenty five years of existence and he couldn’t miss that. He took Jeongguk with him of course but he seemed even more uneasy than usually. So Taehyung just fulfilled his duty of a good son and then dragged Jeongguk away from the party as soon as possible.

“It was boring, thank god we’re out,” Taehyung chuckled when they were outside: “Let’s go grab something to eat, mm?”

He tugged on Jeongguk’s hand but he stayed glued to his spot. Taehyung looked at him with a frown. He didn’t like the look in Jeongguk’s eyes, he didn’t like that he wasn’t even looking at him but instead he was staring at the sidewalk.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Jeongguk mumbled quietly.

“What do you mean?” Taehyung’s frown deepened, uncomfortable feeling settling in his gut.

“I just can’t do this anymore,” Jeongguk repeated louder: “I can’t go to these parties anymore, I am sick of it.”

“Well, we don’t have to go, I don’t like them either,” the blonde reassured him: “I don’t care about them, believe me, I’d much rather be at home, snuggled with you and watch a movie or something.”

“No, you don’t,” Jeongguk shook his head: “I know you think so but I see how your eyes are shining when you are talking to those people. I see how excited you are when you are choosing an expensive outfit to wear. It’s part of who you are and that’s okay, really, you shouldn’t change for anyone, especially not me. But I can’t change either.”

“I don’t want you to change, Gukkie, I love you the way you are,” Taehyung smiled at him.

“I know you do but…you have no idea how it hurts me to know that I will never be able to give you all those things that put smile on your face,” Jeongguk looked at him sadly: “I wanna work hard to give you everything you need in the future but I know that whatever I do, it will never be enough. And it hurts me because I wanna give you the world, Tae.”

“You are my world now, being with you is enough,” Taehyung stepped closer, taking Jeongguk’s hand, rubbing it softly.

“It is enough now because it’s all so exciting. You are dating someone out of your social circle for the first time and I bet it feels great, it is rebellious and all that but…it won’t be enough in the future,” the black haired guy look at him: “I want only the best for you, you know that, right?”

“Of course I do,” the blonde nodded softly.

“That is why I should let you go,” Jeongguk breathed out, tears pooling in his eyes: “I love you so much, Tae, but I should give you a chance to be with someone who can take proper care of you, who can give you everything. We had our fun together but…we need to come back to reality.”

Taehyung felt like he couldn’t breathe. He let go of Jeongguk’s hand, taking a step back and staring at him incredulously. He couldn’t believe what was just happening, he couldn’t comprehend it. He knew what Jeongguk’s words meant and he didn’t want to accept it.

“You’re saying that like everything we’ve had meant nothing,” Taehyung choked out: “It’s…it’s not just a phase or fun, it’s…you know it’s something real and I don’t care about all the money in the world as long as I have you.”

“You can never be happy and content with just me, Tae,” Jeongguk looked at him with pain in his eyes: “I’ve wanted you for so long and I love you but…I can’t be selfish, I have to let you go.”

“What are you saying?!” Taehyung whispered, tears already sliding down his face because he knew.

“We should break up,” Jeongguk said quietly and Taehyung felt like he was just stabbed in a gut. Jeongguk continued: “It was all too perfect to be true. We are graduating in two months and things will be different, we will enter normal adult world and you will realize where your needs and priorities are.”

“You can’t do that,” the blonde sniffled: “Gukkie, I…please, don’t make me beg you!”

“I am sorry, baby, it could never work out between us. You were right at the beginning, we are different, our worlds are different and because of that, we are both suffering. I said I’d prove that I’m worthy of you but I’m not,” Jeongguk stepped closer, attempting to cup the other’s cheek but Taehyung flinched and stepped back.

“You know what? Go to hell, Jeongguk,” Taehyung got out in the steadiest voice he could gather, gathering last pieces of his pride. He wasn’t going to make fool of himself if Jeongguk wanted to give up: “I thought you wanted to fight for me and I wanted to fight for us because you convinced me that we can do it. But obviously that’s not how you feel so if you just wanna give up and leave then I am not gonna stop you.”

He wanted to stop Jeongguk so badly, he wanted to scream at him and beg, he wanted to be the one to fight for him this time just like Jeongguk did at the beginning but he didn’t find strength to do it. He was hurt right now and stubborn.

His heart was breaking and he felt like breaking down but he found the last strength in him to just turn around and walk away.

He caught a free cab, the ride home was short since the atelier wasn’t far away.

Only when he reached his room and flopped down on the bed did he break down, sob ripping through his throat and he started crying. He’s been through some shit in his life but nothing hurt like this.


Taehyung’s mother left the country because of some business right the next day. Yeonjun went to school but Taehyung didn’t even get out of the bed. He spent the whole day there and only when his little brother came back in the afternoon, frowning because he saw Taehyung was still home, he got worried, thinking that maybe he was sick.

“Hyung, are you okay?” Yeonjun asked quietly after he knocked on the door and entered. Taehyung was lying with his back to him so he didn’t even know if he was awake. He was worried he might have fever or something but then he heard quiet sniffling.

“Hyung, what happened?” Yeonjun closed the gap between him and his brother, lying down in front of him, gasping when he saw his red and swollen face, telling him that he’s been probably crying all day long.

And Taehyung broke down again, sobbing uncontrollably. Yeonjun just tried to shush him and comfort him, knowing he wouldn’t be even able to speak in such state. It was breaking his heart to see his hyung like that and he had no idea what happened.

Taehyung calmed down but he didn’t answer Yeonjun’s questions. The younger was relieved that it didn’t seem like he was sick but that didn’t make him worry any less.

The next day was the same, Taehyung skipped school and didn’t leave his room. Yeonjun found him in bed in the afternoon, once again not successful with finding out what happened.

He knew he needed help so he texted Jimin and Seokjin, knowing Taehyung’s best friends would surely be able to make him talk.

The two older guys came immediately when they heard about the emergency.

“TaeTae, what’s happening?” Jimin asked carefully when they entered his room and found him in his usual lying position: “I was wondering why you haven’t come to school for two days. I texted you but you never replied back.”

“Tae, whatever is happening, you can talk to us, we just wanna help you,” Seokjin joined in, rubbing the younger’s back soothingly.

“Jeongguk broke up with me,” Taehyung choked out because he couldn’t take it anymore. Saying it out loud made it realer and more painful but he was relieved at the same time because he finally got it out.

“What?!” the two friends and Yeonjun screamed in unison.

Taehyung sat up on the bed, cross-legged, hugging a cushion to his chest and he told them everything. He told them about how Jeongguk has been distant and he told them about the evening of the party and their break up.

“I can’t believe it,” Yeonjun shook his head sadly.

“What an asshole,” Seokjin grumbled, showing sympathy to his friend.

“Tae, you are my best friend so I am hundred percent on your side but…” Jimin bit his lip: “What he did was definitely stupid but sad and sweet at the same time. He thought that letting you go is the best thing to do and he did it even though he loves you.”

“But he said it was just fun between us so it clearly meant nothing to him,” Taehyung sniffled.

“It sounds to me like he said it just to chase you away,” Jimin smiled sadly. Taehyung was his best friend but he could see Jeongguk’s side as well, he understood that it was hard for him.

“I just…we’ve talked about our differences couple of times and I understand where he is coming from and let’s be honest, my behaviour towards him at the beginning didn’t help, I was an asshole, making him feel like I am embarrassed of him and stuff but…I don’t know how to make him see that I don’t need money and shit as long as I am with him,” Taehyung looked at the three guys sadly.

“I think you should try to talk to him, hyung. I know it’s hard and kinda humiliating but…I think Jeongguk-hyung is worth it, you were so happy together,” Yeonjun looked at him. He liked Jeongguk, he liked how he was treating his brother and he was also always nice to him, he believed that it wasn’t all lost.

“I just can’t see him, if he doesn’t want me then I am not gonna force myself on him,” Taehyung shook his head stubbornly. He knew it deep down that he was making a mistake, he knew that if he let Jeongguk go, he’d regret it, it might be even the biggest mistake of his life. But right now he was just hurt, he was licking his wounds and he couldn’t bring himself to anything.


Jeongguk was miserable. He noticed that Taehyung haven’t come to school for days and it hurt him so much when he imagined him at home, crying his eyes out. He missed him so much, he wanted to do nothing more than to just run to him, apologize for being such an asshole and beg for forgiveness.

But the words of Mrs. Kim that poisoned his mind were still running through his head. He had to let Taehyung go and let him have the life he deserved if he really loved him. And he did.

“I think you made a dumb-ass decision,” Hoseok glared at him when they went out and Jeongguk told them what happened.

“Seriously though, why the hell would you do that? His mother is obviously a bitch, why would you listen to her?” Yoongi joined in. At the beginning he wasn’t really supportive of Jeongguk’s crush on Taehyung very much, thinking his friend would get hurt. But when he got to know Taehyung, he found out he was a nice and cool guy and he made Jeongguk very happy.

“Maybe she is a bitch but she’s right. I could never give him what he deserves,” Jeongguk sighed.

“It seems to me that he was perfectly content with your average middle class ass though,” Yoongi rolled his eyes: “Maybe you should listen to him more instead of making assumptions or listen to his mother’s dumb-ass advices.”

“Doesn’t matter anyway, I broke up with him, I hurt him, it’s over,” the youngest mumbled, suddenly not sure about his decision.

“Well then just fall down on your knees and beg for forgiveness, you moron,” Hoseok shrugged: “He loves you, if you will explain everything and tell him about his mother, he will understand. It is not all lost yet, you can get him back.”

Jeongguk wanted to, he really did but he felt like it would be selfish.

“You need to stop doubting yourself. Maybe you won’t become a millionaire but you can still create a good life together,” Yoongi encouraged him: “And I think it will be enough for him, as long as you are happy together, he honestly doesn’t seem like he needs much, the happiest I’ve seen him over the months was always in some normal situations.”

“It’s easier said than done to stop doubting myself when I am constantly reminded that I am not worthy of him on those damn parties and people around us,” Jeongguk sighed.

“Then you need to stop caring about it. This isn’t about people around you or some stupid parties, this is about you and Taehyung,” Hoseok offered him an encouraging smile: “I know it might sound dramatic, you are still young and all that but you might be doing the biggest mistake of your life right now. What if Taehyung is that person you are supposed to be for the rest of your life with? Are you gonna chase him away and die alone and unhappy?”


Mrs. Kim returned from her business trip on Saturday. Yeonjun greeted her but Taehyung was nowhere to be seen, she assumed he was with Jeongguk but Yeonjun told her that he was in his room, he told her about the break-up. She was happy that Jeongguk listened to her but she was still concerned for her son so she went to see him.

He was lying in his bed, looking so small and vulnerable. She sat down on the edge, rubbing his back.

Taehyung turned around and looked at her with swollen eyes: “He broke up with me, mum.”

“I know, Yeonjunie told me,” the woman nodded.

“Why does it hurt so much, mum?” Taehyung whispered.

“It will be okay one day, I promise,” she replied. She remembered when she broke up with her boyfriend before she started dating her sons’ father. She was miserable too, it was hard to let go but she understood later that she made a good decision.

“It’s for the best, Tae bear, you’ll see it one day,” Mrs. Kim stroked his hair: “I am glad he listened to me, it was the right thing to do.”

Taehyung didn’t process her words for few seconds but when they sank in, he slowly pulled back to look at her. It somehow clicked and he felt sick.

“W-what did you do?” Taehyung breathed out, sitting up: “What did you tell him, mum?”

Now when he thought about it, he realized Jeongguk’s behaviour changed after the dinner in their apartment. It never occurred to him but now it made sense. What happened? What did his mother tell him?

“Mum, answer me!” Taehyung snapped when she stayed silent.

“I told him the truth, I just told him how things are,” Mrs. Kim admitted: “I told him that it could never work out between you two, you are too young to see that, you think it is a big love but it isn’t and you are gonna realize it one day, Tae!”

“That’s none of your damn business! How dare you mingling into my personal stuff and tell my boyfriend what I want and need. You know nothing about me!” Taehyung screamed, rage bubbling in him. He loved his mother, he really did, but this was the last straw. He was tired of her planning his life, she’s always done that and he was done being her little puppet.

“I know what you need, you are my son. I love you and I want only the best for you,” Mrs. Kim said quietly.

“If you truly loved me and wanted the best for me, you’d know that it’s Jeongguk. Just because you can’t live without money and rich friends, doesn’t mean I am the same,” Taehyung got up from the bed abruptly, running into his walk-in closet to get dressed. There was one place he needed to go now. He was still mad at Jeongguk for letting him go so easily but now he understood everything. His mother could be a great manipulator, she had her way with words and he knew she got under Jeongguk’s skin.

“You know nothing about me and it makes me sick that you tried to turn Jeongguk against me! What gives you the right to intervene into my relationships?” Taehyung glared at his mother once he pulled on some jeans and a hoodie, not even noticing it was one of Jeongguk’s.

“Tae, just calm down and think about it for a minute, you know I am right. Are you willing to throw everything away for him? Are you willing to give up the comfortable life, travelling around the world and buying whatever you want? Do you wanna end up in some small apartment, struggling to pay the rent and shop in department stores?”

“Yes, yes I want all that, mum and you would know if you knew me,” Taehyung deadpanned and rushed out of the room.

He took a cab, telling the driver a familiar address. He couldn’t think about the pain of the past days right now, it wasn’t like he forgave Jeongguk completely but now he understood why he did what he did. Everything wasn’t lost yet, they needed to talk about it and he needed to make Jeongguk understand that he was willing to choose him over money any time. Because nothing mattered, all the gold in the world wasn’t enough if he wasn’t with Jeongguk because he loved him so much. He needed to fight for him right now, just like Jeongguk fought for him at the beginning. If he gave up back then, then they would never get together and wouldn’t experience all those beautiful things together.

Soon he found himself banging at the familiar door. It was evening and he didn’t even know if Jeongguk was home or not.

But then, after maybe twenty seconds, the door opened and familiar face appeared.

“Tae,” Jeongguk breathed out, eyes sparkling momentarily: “W-what are you doing here?”

“We need to talk,” Taehyung said, not waiting for the invitation as he slipped inside. Quick glance around told him that Jeongguk’s father wasn’t home, he was probably on a date, he’s been seeing one woman for the past couple of months.

“I know what my mum did,” Taehyung turned to look at the other with sadness in his eyes: “I am so damn mad at you for giving up and chasing me away but I also know that you thought it was the right thing to do.”

“I know it is the right thing to do,” Jeongguk got out through the lump in his throat but his voice was shaking, it was obvious he wasn’t really sure. He’s been struggling in the past couple of days, wanting to see Taehyung and beg him to take him back but he held back. But now, when he was right here in front of him, his resolve broke.

“No, it isn’t,” Taehyung shook his head, stepping closer to the man he loved: “I need you to understand, Gukkie, really understand that I don’t give a shit about money and the world I grew up in. I don’t want it, I wanna live in a world where I have you.”

“I want that too, Tae, fuck, I miss you so much and I am so fucking stupid for breaking up with you,” Jeongguk broke down, nearly crying: “I am so sorry for hurting you.”

“It’s okay because I understand you didn’t do it to really hurt me, you did it because you care about me and want the best for me,” the blonde choked out, emotional too, cupping Jeongguk’s cheek to make their eyes meet: “But you are the best for me, baby, as long as I have you, I have everything. You didn’t give up on me at the beginning even if I was chasing you away so now it’s my turn to fight for you and not let you chase me away. I wanna fight for you, for me, for us because you are the best damn thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I just don’t want you to wake up one day and regret everything,” Jeongguk admitted his biggest fear: “I wish I could give you the life you deserve, live in a beautiful house, own fancy cars and even private jets but I am scared I will never be able to give it to you and you will realize you made a mistake when you gave all that up for me and you will be unhappy.”

“Seriously, Jeongguk, even after all this time, it looks like you don’t know me at all,” Taehyung shook his head incredulously: “Money doesn’t make me happy, not really. It was always there in my life, since I was born it was all I’ve known but I was never really happy. Not until you came into my life. I always wanted to get out and become independent and meeting you gave me courage to really do it because hanging out with you and Hobi-hyung and Yoongi-hyung made me truly see that you can have a nice life and be happy even without all that money. As long as I have somewhere to live and food to eat and have you by my side, I am perfectly content.”

Jeongguk looked at his searchingly, obviously trying to figure out if he was speaking the truth.

“I wanna stand up on my own feet, wanna design my own clothes and make name for myself without my parents, I wanna live normal life without fake people on my back and I wanna do it with you,” Taehyung continued.

“God, I am so sorry for letting you down,” the black haired male breathed out, cupping Taehyung’s cheeks: “I am sorry for everything I’ve said, I hope you forgive me. Sorry for being so weak, it was just sometimes too much.”

“I forgive you,” the other reassured him: “And you are not weak because you had doubts, I understand, it is not easy, we are not in easy situation but we can make it.”

“I just…I thought I could fit into your world but no matter what I do and how hard I try, I just can’t do that. I don’t like going on those events and parties, I’ll do it for you if you want me to but I am just afraid it might tear us apart again,” Jeongguk admitted.

“Then screw it, screw all of it,” Taehyung said with determination: “I don’t give a fuck about those parties and I appreciate you want to step out of your comfort zone for me but I don’t want that. I don’t wanna do something that makes you uncomfortable. Screw all that pompous and fake shit.”

“God, I love you,” Jeongguk chuckled, leaning in to connect their lips in a gentle kiss. Taehyung kissed him back, melting at the feeling he’s missed so much in the past couple of days.

They separated after a while, resting their foreheads together. Taehyung closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of being back in Jeongguk’s arms, feeling his palms on his cheeks, thumbs rubbing them softly. And suddenly it hit him, an urge, urge to screw everything and do what they wanted.

“Let’s run away,” Taehyung said quietly.

“What?” Jeongguk pulled back to look at him with wide eyes.

“Let’s run away, Gukkie, like we talked about it,” Taehyung said, looking at him seriously: “I thought they were just stupid dreams but maybe they can come true. Let’s just get the hell out of here, move to Busan or something, rent an apartment by the sea, find jobs and just be happy.”

“We’ve got graduation in two months,” Jeongguk frowned.

“Then we’ll do it after the graduation,” Taehyung smiled: “Let’s just pack our stuff and leave and live the life we want.”

“I can’t make you leave Seoul, your friends and family for me,” the other shook his head.

“I am not doing it only for you, I am doing it for myself,” the blonde reassured him: “I need this, I want to prove to myself that I can be independent, prove everyone who never believed in me wrong and I’d want to do that with you. Are you gonna leave this goddamn city with me, Gukkie?”

Jeongguk was staring at him for a while, not knowing what to say. He loved Seoul, he had friends there and his father. But he was seeing this sweet woman for months so it wasn’t like he’d leave him here completely alone, right? The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to do it.

“Okay, yes,” Jeongguk eventually nodded.

“Yes?” Taehyung shrieked.

“Yes, let’s get those damn degrees and then let’s get the hell out of here and start a new life together,” Jeongguk grinned and laughed when Taehyung shrieked again, jumping into his arms. Jeongguk lifted him up so the blonde wrapped his limbs around him and kissed him hard.

“God, Gukkie, are we really doing it?” Taehyung breathed out.

“Yes, fuck, we are,” Jeongguk nodded. Both of them were in slight disbelieve and they were both scared to make such a big step but it felt so good at the same time. It felt like huge stone just fell from their shoulders, it felt like the insecurities that came with their different live styles just went away, it was like they were finally free.

“I am not gonna return home though,” Taehyung said seriously when Jeongguk put him down: “What mum did was fucked up, I don’t wanna be there with her anymore. I am gonna find some hotel and stay there until the graduation.”

“Don’t be stupid, why would you go into a hotel? If you really wanna move out from your mum then you can live here,” Jeongguk offered without even thinking about it.

“Gukkie, I don’t know, I mean…I don’t wanna be a burden, besides, this is your father’s place and-“

“My dad loves you and it really doesn’t matter if one more person lives here with us,” Jeongguk interrupted him: “Besides, it will be a nice training for when we are gonna live alone together, don’t you think?”

“I suppose,” Taehyung bit his lip: “But only if your dad will agree.”

“Of course,” Jeongguk nodded, hugging Taehyung tightly, relishing in the feeling of his body against his after days. Maybe they were crazy for doing this, moving away but it somehow felt right.


Mr. Jeon agreed to let Taehyung live with them, he didn’t know details but Jeongguk explained to him that he had some trouble with his mother and his father was compassionate with his son’s boyfriend so he let him stay without any questions.

Taehyung went home to get his things when he knew his mother was out of city thanks to Yeonjun.

“So you are leaving me alone here, huh?” the younger was leaning against the doorframe, watching his hyung packing his clothes into suitcases and boxes.

“I am sorry, Yeonjunie, you know I don’t like leaving you here but I just…I can’t stay here, not after what she’s done,” Taehyung sighed. He felt guilty, especially after what Yeonjun was through last year but he was doing okay now. That was the only thing that was making him doubt his future moving to Busan, he was scared to leave his little brother, afraid he might suffer again due to his absence.

“I will be fine, hyung, I am doing great now,” Yeonjun reassured him as if he could read his thoughts: “I understand and support your decision and I am actually proud of you. I am proud that you are trying to stand up on your own feet, that takes lots of courage.”

“Well, I know I will be okay with Jeonggukie,” Taehyung smiled.

“I hope you know that you are the best hyung I could ever ask for,” Yeonjun smiled at him, making tears instantly appear in his eyes. The younger continued: “I’ve always looked up to you, I’ve always admired you for being strong and independent, not really succumbing to what mum and dad said, I admired your desire for freedom and normal life. And I hope you forgave yourself for what happened last year, what I was going through wasn’t your fault and I am gonna be okay. You need to think about yourself and Jeongguk-hyung right now, if you think this is the best for you then I support you.”

“God, why are you so damn mature? I am a mess,” Taehyung choked out, full on sobbing and he surged forward to pull his brother into a tight hug.

Taehyung moved into the Jeons’ apartment for good with all his stuff. He had lots of clothes and other items so the apartment was suddenly too packed since most of it didn’t even fit into Jeongguk’s room they now shared but neither Jeongguk, neither his father seemed to mind. It was temporary anyway.

They continued going to school, getting ready for their final exams and graduation. They were often studying together and Taehyung knew he could get used to this. He loved just lying next to Jeongguk on the bed, their textbooks and notes scattered around as they were both doing their own thing. Some of the study sessions turned into make-out sessions when one of them got bored or needy and sometimes it turned into sex with both of them giggling like idiots.

Yeah, he could get used to it, he was really excited to start a new life with Jeongguk, in their own apartment.

They started looking for the apartments in Busan. Jeongguk insisted that it had to have a view on the sea, since it was Taehyung’s dream and he wanted to give him at least that. He also wanted to find an apartment with a walk-in closet where his boyfriend could put all his stuff and Taehyung couldn’t believe that he got so lucky because Jeongguk wanted to give him all that.

Taehyung was really happy, it felt like he could breathe properly and he had suspicions that it was because he no longer lived in Gangnam and wasn’t surrounded by all the fake people. He only went there with Jeongguk to school and only saw his friends and brother when he wanted to.

But then the first hit of reality came.

Taehyung was just in a store, looking at some shorts and t-shirts for upcoming summer. It wasn’t any expensive designer clothes but he didn’t really mind. He loved fashion but he thought that being fashionable didn’t mean to have money, he discovered that even the best and prettiest pieces could be found for small amount of money. He needed to learn how to manage the money, which was something he was never taught and didn’t have to do but it was a thing most of normal people had to do.

He went to a cashier and watched with a smile all the new clothes being packed. He handed the girl his credit card when she was done

“It got declined,” the girl informed him.

“What? That’s not possible, I used it just yesterday,” Taehyung frowned, encouraging the cashier to try again but the result was the same.

“I have some cash, wait,” Taehyung mumbled, taking out some cash that he retrieved from an ATM earlier that week.

As soon as he got home, he turned on his laptop. Jeongguk and Mr. Jeon weren’t home yet so he had time and peace to look at his bank account.

He gasped and stared at the screen when he found out what happened. His bank account was locked. The money was still there but he wasn’t able to use it for payments, ATMs nor online payments. He felt sick, suddenly panicking.

He figured what happened. He knew his mother was responsible for this. When she found out he moved out, she got mad and cut him out from his finances. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t his money, his parents put it there but he still felt betrayed and lost. Suddenly the whole situation sank in and he got desperate. How would he function without the money? He had nothing.

Maybe he was stupid and naïve to think that he could do this. He didn’t suddenly change his mind but the reality just came crushing on him. Never once in his life he had to care about finances and his well being but right now, it felt like he had truly nothing and it wasn’t nice feeling.

Jeongguk found him half an hour later, crying on the bed. He comforted him first and then insisted on telling him what happened.

“I don’t have anything, Gukkie, I am screwed, what am I gonna do now?” Taehyung hiccupped when he explained what happened.

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay,” Jeongguk reassured him: “You live here with us now, you don’t have to worry about it and if you needed something, I can buy it for you, I have some money saved.”

“But what about Busan? We counted on my money to get an apartment and have something to begin with, even with your saved money, it’s not enough,” Taehyung whined, scared that their dreams just shattered.

“We will figure something out, baby, I promise, it’s gonna be okay,” Jeongguk hugged him, rocking him from side to side. Taehyung needed to comfort right now so Jeongguk didn’t show his worries. He knew things got more complicated now but he’d be damned if he didn’t figure something out because he wanted to give Taehyung his dream.

“Well, I never thought this day would come but I am officially poorer than you,” Taehyung snickered through his drying tears to brighten up the atmosphere.

“Wow, seriously, I am richer than Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk laughed: “Looks like I’m the princess now.”

“No, that is my thing,” Taehyung pouted.

“Don’t worry, princess,” Jeongguk nudged him and then grinned mischievously: “So…you want me to be your sugar daddy?”

“You are still poor to be my sugar daddy, I am pretty difficult to maintain, you know?” the blonde hit him lightly in the chest.

“Well, you gotta get used to the poor life. Let’s go, princess, we are gonna go check out some sales,” Jeongguk got up from the bed. Taehyung whined but followed him, it looked like he really needed to get used to this. He didn’t mind that much honestly, but he was scared it would ruin their moving.

The salvation came in the form of Park Jimin.

Taehyung met him after school few days later and told him what happened. Now he knew what it felt like to be poor and helpless, it was a new feeling that he never encountered before in his life and even though the money was not important to him, everybody needed something to live from.

“I can get used to being poor, I mean, it sucks but in a way, I am glad I don’t have that money, it wasn’t mine anyway,” Taehyung rumbled: “But it looks like we’ll get stuck here in Seoul now and I am just so worried that it will everything break apart between us.”

Taehyung knew this was his mother’s punishment, or more like a lesson. He knew she was trying to prove her point, prove that he couldn’t live without the millions he’s always had on his bank account and that he always took for granted. He wanted to prove her wrong, prove that he didn’t need it, prove that he wouldn’t come running back to her to beg for it.

“I can help you, Tae, I have enough money, more than I could ever spend so you can get a new account and I will send you something,” Jimin offered.

“No way, Jiminie, you are sweet but I don’t wanna take your money,” Taehyung protested.

“First of all, it’s not my money, it’s my parents’,” Jimin snickered: “And second of all, lending you couple of millions is nothing for me, you don’t have to take much, just what you need for starting a new life with Jeongguk.”

“I don’t wanna owe you anything, Jimin, you are my best friend, but still,”

“You can start returning it once you and Jeongguk start earning your own money if you want to but even if you never returned it, then it’s okay, I don’t care,” Jimin reassured him: “Tae, you are my best friend, I just want you to be happy. I am not happy about you wanting to leave the city but I understand. It is something you have to do for yourself and yours and Jeongguk’s relationship and I am proud of you for taking that step. So if you really want this and it’s what will make you happy then I support you hundred percent. Besides, Busan is not even that far away, I can jump on a plane anytime and come see you.”

“I don’t wanna leave you and the others either,” Taehyung sighed: “But this is something I really want, you know? I feel really excited when I imagine that in a month, I’ll be half across the country with Jeongguk.”

“Then there is nothing to talk about,” Jimin smiled warmly: “I am gonna send you the money and you will get your dream apartment by the sea and start your own clothing brand and kick ass and prove all the haters wrong. I believe in you.”

“I am gonna miss you so much,” Taehyung pouted with tears in his eyes. That was the only downside of the decision, it was going to be hard to leave his friends and brother behind.


“Congrats on passing the finals!” Namjoon raised a glass, grinning at Jimin, Taehyung and Jeongguk.

“Hyung, we don’t know if we passed them, we literally finished today,” Taehyung rolled his eyes with a laugh.

“I have no doubt you passed them though, you are all smart,” Namjoon defended himself.

“I agree, you definitely passed,” Hoseok joined in: “You all worked hard as fuck so enjoy it. How does it feel to know this was officially your last day as students?”

“Pretty good and shitty at the same time,” Jimin snickered.

“I second that statement, felt similar a year ago,” Seokjin nodded. They all cheered with the drinks.

Like Taehyung said, today they had final day of their final exams. Now they just had to wait for results and for graduation. It was really exciting but scary as well, especially for Taehyung and Jeongguk since their moving to Busan was nearing.

They found a good apartment for reasonable price. Jeongguk’s grandparents lived in Busan so he asked them to go check it out personally, if it truly looked like in the ad and they confirmed that the apartment was great. Apparently, even the sea could be seen from the balcony and it had a walk-in closet, which were the only two conditions Jeongguk really had because he wanted to give Taehyung that. They had couple of phone calls with the owner, agreeing that they would sign the contract and pay the deposit and first rent as soon as they arrive. Now everything felt even realer.

Jimin lent Taehyung the money like he promised. It wasn’t too much, Taehyung didn’t want tens of millions, he just took enough for the deposit, couple of rents in case they couldn’t find a job in the first weeks and also something that would buy them some furniture. Jeongguk’s savings would be enough to buy them food and other necessities, they just had to be economical about it, which was something Taehyung had to learn.

“So, you two are really leaving, huh?” Yoongi looked at Jeongguk and Taehyung. All of their friends knew about their plans by now and none of them was happy because they would live so far away but they were still very supportive, they understood why they decided to do it.

“Yep, right after graduation,” Jeongguk nodded: “Today, dad came to me and told me he will give me his old car as a graduation gift so we don’t have to worry about how to move. He wants to buy a new car anyway so it’s not like he’s gonna miss it but it’s still dope.”

“Show us the apartment again,” Seokjin encouraged them. Taehyung took out his phone, finding the photos.

“It is really small,” Seokjin scrunched his nose. The apartment was small, it was basically just living room with a kitchen counter but it was pretty spacious and a bedroom that would fit only a bed and couple of drawers but it had the walk-in closet and nice balcony.

“It’s perfect,” Taehyung glared at his friend, not just because it was a bit rude since Seokjin knew they couldn’t afford anything huge and luxurious but also because he was genuinely excited about the place. Sure, it was far away from what he was used to but considering their situation, it was still a great deal.

“I didn’t mean it like that, it’s cute, just not something I’d be used to,” Seokjin apologized.

“Anyway, hopefully you’ll find jobs soon,” Hoseok crossed his fingers.

“Speaking of jobs,” Namjoon jumped in, looking at Jeongguk: “I’ve been thinking about how to help you and I have a great and simple idea. My dad has a local branch of his recording label in Busan, I could ask him to arrange a job interview for you there.”

“Wow, that would be great,” Hoseok smiled, looking at Jeongguk excitedly.

“No offence, hyung, but I don’t want any charity. I don’t wanna get a job just because I am friends with the son of the owner,” Jeongguk frowned.

“It’s not a charity, it’s just a help,” Namjoon reassured him: “Why not use our friendship to your advantage when you can? Guk, you’re literally going to have a degree from the best art college in the country and you are talented, it wouldn’t be favouritism, you’d go to a normal interview, you’d show them your beats and you’d blow their mind. Seriously, you’d probably get the job even without me.”

“Jeongguk, that’s a great opportunity,” Jimin nodded.

Jeongguk felt Taehyung squeezing his hand reassuringly and when he looked at him, the blonde was looking back at him with wide and hopeful eyes. Well, getting some advantage for once wouldn’t be bad, especially now when they were starting fresh and he wanted to do it for Taehyung. Not to mention that working in the Kim entertainment would surely be a great career.

“Okay, ask him if that doesn’t bother you,” Jeongguk eventually nodded, looking at Namjoon.

“Sure thing, I’ll talk to him tomorrow at work,” the elder reassured him.

Taehyung and Jeongguk were truly grateful for their friends’ help. It was great to know they had people around them who’ve got their backs.


“I could talk to your mother about it, make her unlock your account,” Mr. Kim said into the phone. It was the morning of Taehyung’s, Jimin’s and Jeongguk’s graduation and his father called him to congratulate him since he couldn’t make it from New York. He knew about everything that’s happened with his son and his ex-wife.

“No, dad, seriously, I don’t even want that money,” Taehyung protested: “Me and Jeonggukie have enough to stand up on our own feet and we wanna work for it like everyone else.”

“You know I support your decision to move to Busan, hell, I went to New York after the divorce so who am I to judge? But I just think you should have some insurance. I get that you don’t want to unlock the account but let me at least send you something to the new one.”

“Dad, like I said, no,”

“Okay,” Mr. Kim sighed in defeat: “But if you ever needed, just tell me and I’ll send you whatever amount you need.”

“Okay, I will, thanks, dad,” Taehyung smiled. He didn’t want money from him but it was surely nice to know he had that opportunity if things got hard.

“I am proud of you, Tae, so much,” his dad said emotionally: “Not just because of the graduation but in general. I am proud of you for wanting to work for your dreams and money and I know you can do it, you’ve always been so smart and strong.”

“That means a lot, dad,” Taehyung sniffled, emotional too.

The graduation ceremony was nice but quite long and boring. Thankfully once the official event ended, they went for a lunch with Jimin’s parents and Jeongguk’s dad, along with Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok, Yoongi and Yeonjun. Taehyung was a bit sad that his mother wasn’t here on this big day, but it was him who made the decision to not invite her.

The lunch was nice and they had fun, chatting and drinking for hours.

“You are leaving tomorrow,” Yeonjun sighed when they all got out of the restaurant and a car came for him.

“Yeah, I am,” Taehyung said quietly, suddenly emotional because saying goodbye to his younger brother was tough: “But you can come whenever you want to and sleep in our place. Well, as soon as we get a sofa,” Taehyung snickered: “You are big enough to travel on your own so you can come before the summer break ends and then whenever you want to, you are always welcomed.”

“I will surely come,” Yeonjun nodded.

“Are you gonna be okay?” the older asked, biting his lip unsurely.

“Of course I am, hyung, don’t worry,” the younger reassured him: “We are gonna text and call all the time and I’ll make sure to rant a lot if mum pisses me off.”

“Okay, I’m counting on it,” Taehyung laughed, pulling his brother into a tight hug, feeling tears burning in his eyes.

“Gotta admit that I am gonna miss you, brat,” Yoongi looked at Jeongguk but then he looked away, poking shoe in the sidewalk. He acted all tough but his friends knew he was a softie and it wasn’t easy to say goodbye.

“I am gonna miss you too, but hey, you can take a trip down to Busan, it’s not that far and expensive by train and if you don’t mind sleeping on the ground, you will fit in,” Jeongguk reassured him.

“It is gonna be so weird here without you,” Hoseok admitted.

“Yeah, it is gonna be weird without you too, hyung,” Jeongguk hugged him around shoulders: “But I think this is the right thing for us to do, we would suffocate here, the difference between us would always hunt us. Maybe one day we will come back, in couple of years or so, but right now, it is best to leave.”

“I get it and I support it,” Hoseok reassured him.

“Thanks for setting up that interview for me, hyung,” Jeongguk then looked at Namjoon.

“Don’t mention it, it’s the least I could do for you and Tae,” Namjoon patted his shoulder, looking over at Taehyung who was just saying goodbye to Seokjin and Jimin, all three of them nearly crying as they were hugging and promising each other to stay in touch and see each other soon.

“It is gonna suck without you,” Taehyung pouted. He’s known Jimin and Seokjin basically his whole life, they have always been the only good thing in his life. Sometimes he really hated it but if he wasn’t born into the high society, he would have never met them so at least there were some positives.

“Go live your dream with your tattooed boy,” Seokjin chuckled to make him feel better.

“We are leaving in the morning though, no driving off into the sunset,” Taehyung sighed dramatically.

“Well, I think it is still gonna be perfect since it’s with Jeongguk,” Jimin wiggled his eyebrows.

“Yeah, it is,” Taehyung nodded with a soft smile, turning to look at his boyfriend only to see him already looking back and just that alone gave him the strength he needed.

They all said their goodbyes, hugging and suppressing tears. Taehyung was not very successful because by the time they were sitting in the backseat while Mr. Jeon was driving them home, he was crying like a baby.

“Are you okay?” Jeongguk whispered, rubbing comforting circled into his thigh.

“I will be,” Taehyung reassured him, putting head on his shoulder. He sighed contently when he felt lips pressing to his forehead.

“We are moving tomorrow,” Jeongguk breathed out like he couldn’t believe it but Taehyung could relate because he felt exactly the same.

“I am ready,” Taehyung pulled back to look at his boyfriend with serious expression. Jeongguk smiled, cupping his cheek and kissing him shortly.

Taehyung let his head rest on Jeongguk’s shoulder the whole ride, looking out of the window, watching the streets of Seoul. He knew he was going to miss the city but he was excited about what was waiting for them. It felt scary but really good at the same time.


They moved in, signed the contract, paid the deposit and first rent and right the same day, they went to buy a bed so they had something to sleep on.

They decided not to buy unnecessary furniture just yet, thankfully the kitchen was fully equipped and there was a washing machine in the bathroom too so they had less things to worry about. They didn’t need drawers or a sofa and TV, those things weren’t necessary.

“I know it’s not a penthouse but I think it’s nice,” Jeongguk came to Taehyung who was on the balcony, enjoying the view.

“It is perfect, everything is new and nice and it doesn’t matter that it’s not huge. Just look at the view, Gukkie,” Taehyung smiled, eyes sparkling as he was watching the sea in the distance. The apartment wasn’t right on the shore but the building was tall and they lived in one of the highest floors so a bit of sea was visible from here and that was enough for Taehyung to be completely content.

“We did it,” Jeongguk whispered, hugging him from behind. Taehyung instinctively pressed back to his body, humming contently.

“Yeah, we did it, we are here,” Taehyung replied, nervous about what was to come but happy nonetheless.

Only couple of days after moving, Jeongguk went for the job interview in the Kim entertainment. The main producer who was interviewing him liked his music and he accepted him for a month to see how he was going to do and if he would be content with him, he would hire him for good. Jeongguk was happy for the opportunity and started working, determined to do his best.

Taehyung was looking for a job as well. He could just work as a regular shop assistant but he left that as his last option. For now, he was walking around the interviews in fashion ateliers because being a fashion designer was his dream job. He still dreamt of having his own brand but right now, he couldn’t afford to start his own business and gaining some experience under a guidance of some experienced designer wasn’t bad.

He wasn’t very successful though. It’s been almost month and no one had accepted him so far and he was losing all hopes. Until he caught an attention of one lady and she invited him for a second round, giving him a task of remaking his sketches on computer.

“I got it, Gukkie, they accepted me!” Taehyung yelled as soon as he got home. Jeongguk often worked from home during afternoon’s so it was nothing unusual for him to be home pretty early.

“Really?” Jeongguk looked at him from where he was sitting by a small dining table they bought along with three chairs.

“Yeah, she liked my designs, said that I am exactly what she was looking for, young and with fresh ideas,” Taehyung grinned. He went back to his natural light brown hair because he figured he’d make better impression during interviews but he could probably go for some colour again because his future boss was rocking long bright red hair and even some tattoos. Taehyung was happy that he got the chance in that atelier in particular, he liked the idea behind it – luxurious looking fashion for affordable prices. The policy was that anyone should have the right to dress fashionably even if they didn’t have money to afford expensive brands and Taehyung, now more than ever, really appreciated that.

“Congrats, baby, I knew something would eventually work out,” Jeongguk jumped to his feet, rushing to his boyfriend to hug him. When he pulled back, he cupped Taehyung’s cheeks, looking at him emotionally: “I am so proud of you, for everything, I know it isn’t easy to be thrown suddenly into different life but you’ve been doing so well.”

“I am doing well because of you, you gave me the courage and you always support me, I don’t think I could do it without you, Gukkie,” Taehyung smiled at him and he was serious. Jeongguk was the source of his strength and determination.

“Looks like it might work out after all,” Jeongguk chuckled breathlessly.

“Yeah, it does,” the brunette nodded happily but then pouted: “Although, I am gonna start at the beginning of September so I won’t work for another month.”

“Doesn’t matter, it’s not hundred percent sure yet, but they are most likely gonna keep me in the company so we can go one more month with just my salary, don’t worry about it. Besides, we still have something on the side,” Jeongguk reassured him: “We should celebrate it, what about trying that one restaurant we’ve been passing every day?”

“Looks quite expensive,” Taehyung bit his lip.

“Tae, part of not being super rich is managing your money but it is also about spoiling yourself with something nice from time to time. You just got an amazing job, that deserves celebration. So go take a shower and put on something nice, we are gonna have a fancy dinner.”

Jeongguk smacked Taehyung’s ass playfully, making him giggle: “Okay, sounds great.”

Thankfully Taehyung took all his clothes and personal items from his mother’s house when he ran away so he still had his clothes with him. It was one of his back up plans, if they came to the point when they’d need money, he’d sell some of it, lots of items were worth millions of Won. He wasn’t happy about it, it would be hard to get rid of his favourite pieces but he started to learn that he was perfectly happy with what he’s got, even if it wasn’t much.


Even after Jeongguk got his first salary, they didn’t buy furniture to the living room. They just bought couple of drawers to the bedroom but they previously bought blankets and cushions that they put on the ground in the living room and when they wanted to watch a movie or something, they just did it on one of their laptops. They didn’t mind, it was actually very comfy to just snuggle together on the pile on the floor.

Taehyung loved these moments, he felt so cosy when he lied on the ground, cuddling with his boyfriend, watching a movie.

Jeongguk bought an expensive wine after he got the salary, it was nothing unaffordable but it was still pretty good quality. They settled on the blankets and cushions and turned on a TV show on his laptop, enjoying calm Friday night together. Those were the moments that reminded Taehyung that everything was worth it. He didn’t need money and big house and servants as long as he had this.

Jeongguk was spooning Taehyung, absent-mindedly drawing circles into his stomach under the t-shirt, occasionally kissing his nape or neck. They were small gestures that he got used to doing and Taehyung was convinced at this point, that he didn’t even realize most of the time that he was doing it. But that made it even more precious and Taehyung loved it.

They were in the middle of their third episode when their lips found each other and the show was forgotten. It was crazy that even after more than year of being together, they could still get lost in each other like this, to the point where the whole world stopped existing and it was just them.

Their kisses were soft and slow at first but they got more intense after some time and Taehyung rolled on his back for better angle. Jeongguk was still lying on his side but he could kiss the brunette much better like this and it didn’t take long for his hand to start wandering over Taehyung’s side and thigh, leaving goose bumps even through the clothes he was wearing.

Things escalated without talking, both of them were in the mood so there was no need for words. They actually ended up making love here on the blankets couple of times before so it wasn’t anything new. Only ten minutes later, they were both naked and hard, hands roaming over each other’s body.

“We really should keep lube here, not the first time we needed it,” Taehyung broke the silence with a chuckle.

“Not a bad idea, we already have one bottle in the bedroom and one in the bathroom but the more then better,” Jeongguk snickered, shamelessly ogling Taehyung’s naked body when he got up and waddled into the bathroom for the lube.

When he came back, Jeongguk was looking up at him with dark, lustful eyes. Even after all this time, that look managed to leave him blushing and feeling desired. At this point, there was really no embarrassment between them, they were walking around each other naked quite often, especially now when they had their own place, but Jeongguk always looked at him like he was ready to devour him. And even after all this time, Taehyung absolutely loved it.

Taehyung settled back in his previous position, lying on his back and handing the bottle over to his lover. Jeongguk leaned down to kiss him, gripping his hip wordlessly to turn him to his side so they were in spooning position again.

Only few minutes later, Taehyung let out a shaky breath when a wet finger circled his entrance. Jeongguk kissed his shoulder as he eased the first finger inside him. It felt good each time they were doing it. In the year of dating, they switched couple of times, it was basically out of curiosity on Taehyung’s side at first and they still occasionally did it when the mood was right but he realized he preferred it this way much more. He loved being taken care of, he loved Jeongguk’s touches and thrusts, whether they were soft and slow or fast and rough. His mentality of loving to be spoiled was still there and Jeongguk was more than happy to do it. This was the best kind of spoiling Taehyung’s ever experienced, no amount of presents or attention or praises compared to his boyfriend’s care and skills in the bedroom. It was one of those things that was completely for free but that was making him immensely happy.

By the time Jeongguk was three fingers in, pumping them in and out, relentlessly massaging the sweet spot inside of Taehyung, the brunette was moaning and squirming in pleasure, arm thrown back, fisting Jeongguk’s hair, pressing his face into his neck that he was kissing.

“Ready?” Jeongguk mumbled against the sensitive skin that would be bruised in the morning.

“Yeah, come on,” Taehyung nodded breathlessly and Jeongguk didn’t have to be told twice, painfully hard because just making and watching Taehyung come undone was incredible turn on.

Jeongguk slicked up his cock, propping Taehyung’s leg up for better access as they were still lying on their sides and he replaced his fingers with his shaft, sliding in slowly but easily. Taehyung moaned, eyes closed and mouth hanging open in pleasure, encouraging his boyfriend to move after just couple of seconds.

Jeongguk started rocking in and out of Taehyung, peppering his shoulders and neck with kisses, mumbling praises and curses against his skin. Taehyung gripped Jeongguk’s hand that was resting on his stomach to find some kind of support, their fingers intertwining and holding onto each other tightly.

“More, Jeongguk, fuck,” Taehyung whined, pushing his ass back to get him even deeper, every nerve in his body tingling with pleasure.

Jeongguk’s free hand gripped his hip as he started thrusting harder and faster, knowing exactly how to angle his hips and how to pull out and slam back in to make his boyfriend lose his mind. Taehyung never imagined he’d find someone who’d know him, his body and his mind so well. It was like they were on the same wave length, like they were two pieces of puzzle that were meant to fit together and maybe he’s always been too much of a romantic but he found all that with Jeongguk.

“Doing so well, baby, god, I could do this all night,” Jeongguk grunted, plunging himself deeper, panting against the brunette’s cheek.

“What’s stopping us?” Taehyung chuckled breathlessly, cutting himself off with a long moan, thighs trembling with the nearing orgasm.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to go on much longer, not with the way you feel around me,” the black haired male confessed and Taehyung nearly lost it because of how hot that sounded. Dirty talk, even if it was small, could always ignite fire of desire under his skin and this time wasn’t an exception. He turned his head so he could look at Jeongguk as he got out, almost desperately: “Turn me, fuck me from behind.”

Jeongguk cursed under his breath, not really able to resist such shameless request. He pressed his hips against Taehyung’s ass, rolling over until he was trapping him between his body and the blankets.

Their hands found each other next to Taehyung’s head as Jeongguk started rolling his hips sensually, a bit teasingly at first and then picked up pace, thrusting fast and hard until all Taehyung could do was moan and pant.

“Shit, baby, I’m…s-so close,” Jeongguk laughed breathlessly, mouthing on the back of Taehyung’s neck, snapping his hips even faster to bring them both over the edge. He cursed when he felt his lover clenching around him, which was a telltale sign of his nearing orgasm.

They lost it almost at the same time. Just when Taehyung let out a strangled moan and his body locked up, Jeongguk buried himself to the hilt and filled his insides with his come, knowing the brunette found his release as well.

“I love you,” Jeongguk panted when he finally caught his breath, pressing kisses to Taehyung’s cheek, showering him with affection.

“Love you too,” Taehyung mumbled, completely drained but content.

Jeongguk slipped out of him, getting up to get something to clean them with and then he carefully rolled Taehyung over so he could pull away one of the blankets that was now dirty with Taehyung’s come. He immediately put it in the washing machine and turned it on and then he returned, lying back down. They didn’t bother to move to their bed, completely content here as they snuggled together.

“Imagine if it was a sofa, it would be dirty so many times,” Taehyung chuckled sleepily.

“True, this is easier,” Jeongguk laughed: “When we buy a sofa, we gotta put blanket on it in case situations like these repeated.”

“You know they will repeat,” the brunette mumbled, already half asleep.

“Yeah, I know,” Jeongguk smiled, brushing fingers over the other’s jaw softly, looking at him until he heard steady breathing. Only then he also lied down properly and fell asleep.

Taehyung woke up when it was still dark outside but he couldn’t fall asleep again. He quietly checked out his phone to see that it was a bit past four in the morning. Jeongguk was soundly asleep next to him and that sight brought smile on his face.

He tried to drift back to the dreamland again but when he understood he wouldn’t, he carefully got up. He found a shirt on the ground, not really knowing if it was his or Jeongguk’s and then came out to the balcony.

The sky was turning lighter, announcing the upcoming sunrise and Taehyung leaned against the railing, waiting for the sun to appear on the horizon.

Balcony was undoubtedly his most favourite place in the whole apartment. They bought two plastic chairs and small table and put them there, often sitting there, just chatting, sometimes drinking, sometimes watching stars.

Sometimes he still couldn’t believe that this was his life now but not in a bad sense. Deep down, this is what he’s always wanted, he felt like this was the real freedom and now when he had it, it really felt like it.

He knew that it wouldn’t be the same without Jeongguk and he knew that it wouldn’t even be possible without him. He gave him strength to really do it, to abandon the luxurious life and live like he’s always wanted to.

Everything was great now, he even made peace with his mother. When she found out he moved away from Seoul, she tried to contact him but he never picked up. After some convincing from Yeonjun’s, dad’s and Jeongguk’s side, he finally picked up her call just few days ago. They both ended up crying and his mother apologized for what she’s done, telling him she was only doing what she thought was the best for him and Taehyung understood, he really did. His mother wasn’t the mother of the year but she wasn’t an evil person, he knew that everything she’s done was for the sake of the family, thinking that in some fucked up way, she was protecting him and Yeonjun. He was glad they talked it through and made peace because it allowed him to be truly happy now.

Yeonjun was about to come in two weeks to visit them and Taehyung couldn’t wait to see him. They were often texting and calling and even though he still felt kinda bad for leaving his brother alone, he could see that he was doing great and that definitely comforted him.

In moments like these, he thought about lots of things, about how different his life was only a year and something ago before he met Jeongguk. He often felt like he was trapped, like he couldn’t breathe, like the live he was living wasn’t even his. Jeongguk changed everything.

He jumped little bit when suddenly strong arms wrapped around him from behind but he quickly relaxed against Jeongguk’s chest.

“What are you doing up?” Jeongguk mumbled, voice raspy and thick with sleep.

“Couldn’t sleep anymore,” Taehyung confessed and then pointed out: “But it’s worth it, the sun is just rising.”

They were both looking at the orange light in the distance, announcing the rise of the sun above the sea. The city was oddly quiet but not in a bad way.

“Let’s go back to bed,” Jeongguk mumbled, kissing his neck teasingly: “I am gonna make us pancakes later.”

“Mm, that’s something I can’t refuse,” Taehyung smiled, turning around and wrapping his arms loosely around the other’s neck: “You know, Yeonjunie is coming soon, we should really buy that sofa so he has somewhere to sleep.”

“I’ll buy you anything you want,” Jeongguk smiled and then added with a snicker: “But it is gonna be IKEA or something like that, don’t expect anything fancy.”

“I am fine with anything, as long as it’s not ugly,” the brunette laughed. He scrunched his nose when Jeongguk leaned in to kiss him since neither of them brushed their teeth but as soon as their lips touched, he forgot all about it, it wasn’t their first time anyway.

“How are you?” Jeongguk asked quietly when he pulled back.

“Honestly? Really damn happy,” Taehyung grinned sincerely.

“I promise that one day I’ll give you a bigger apartment that you deserve, I’ll give you anything that you deserve,” Jeongguk pledged.

“I’ve already got everything I want, you already gave me everything, Jeonggukie,” Taehyung replied seriously and sincerely.

They were both scared when they got together, not really knowing what was waiting for them and if they could fit into each other’s world but it turned out that it didn’t matter because they created world of their own and it was perfect.