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Kacchan: Deku Lover

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“Kacchan?” Deku's soft, sleepy voice was in his ear, his long, thin fingers gently shaking pro hero Ground Zero awake.

“What?” The hero tried to bury his head under the pillow but heard his phone continuously going off. He bolted upright and grabbed his phone thinking he was being called in for an emergency with a villain.

Instead it was Kirishima, his so called best friend, sending text after text after text. 



SO I'm watching porn right?

Just minding my own business

Found this one guy

He's pretty good

Cute from what you can see of him


So I'm watching 

And he's got all these hero based toys

Like I told you I had made of me

He's even got vids with mine


And I swear to god

He's going on about having GROUND ZERO dick 

Custom made dude!?


Thirsty much bro?


“Oh my fucking god!” It was 1:30 in the morning and Kirishima was texting this shit?

LET ME FUCKING SLEEP YOU USELESS FUCKING WASTE OF SPACE! Was Bakugo’s reply. He would deal with Red Riot and his findings in the morning. 

His phone dinged again and it was more crying while laughing emojis. 

Slamming the phone down so hard it probably cracked, Bakugo rolled over to face the pornstar Kirishima had mentioned.

“What's wrong?”

“Kirishima found the video where I sent you my dick.”

Deku eyed him worriedly, more awake now. He had a tendency to ramble and mutter when he was nervous and he was now, despite the early hour. “Are you okay with that? My god I didn't even think of the implications to you when I made the video. I mean as a hero you were the odd one out not having a toy made. But your friends and family…”

“Shut up, Deku. Other than having you in my bed every night, that video was the only thing in the world I wanted. Besides if I was worried, I wouldn't make porn with you and let you post it, faces hidden or not. Now go the fuck to sleep.”

“Okay. Good night, Kacchan. I love you.”

“Love you more.” After a small kiss to Deku's cheek dimple, Bakugo held him tight to him and fell back asleep.

The first thing Bakugo heard after closing the door of the condo was moaning. It had been a shitty day but there was nothing he loved more than coming home to find Deku hard at work. 

He normally opened the door to the second bedroom that was used for recording quietly so as not to disturb the scene. Rewatching the videos later, Bakugo could always tell when he came in. Deku always got a little more into it. The camboy loved his job but having his boyfriend sitting at the door watching him get off for other people's pleasure made him even more aroused.

But today was different. Today Bakugo was pissed. Not at Deku, but at work and at another hero for getting the credit for his takedown.

And Bakugo knew exactly what toy Deku was using. They had talked about it over breakfast and he had been totally fine with it. But that was before that hero took his villain. 

This time Bakugo slammed the second bedroom open, making Deku jump. The camera captured the silent “fuck” and slight bite to his bottom lip in arousal. He was a few feet from the camera sprawled across his newly acquired octopus chair, dildo shoved up his ass. His face was obscured by one of Bakugo's spare hero masks.

He knew Bakugo was pissed but he also knew Bakugo had two types of anger - 'leave me the fuck alone' and 'let me fuck it out of my system'. After their first anger fuck, Deku told him it was so good, he was welcome to fuck him like that any time he needed to, even if he was recording. Most of his videos were pre-recorded anyway. 

Bakugo wasted no time in crossing the room and pulling out the dildo. Half white and half red, if turned on it didn't vibrate but rather changed temperatures. The Shoto Todoroki themed toy flung across the room and bounced off the wall. Fucker might've gotten credit for taking down a villain but he wouldn't get credit for making Deku cum.

Bakugo flipped Deku over onto his stomach and held his face against an arm rest. He undid his pants with the other hand and no sooner had they dropped, Bakugo was shoving his cock into Deku. 

Deku cried out as the sudden intrusion but it quickly turned into a moan as Bakugo slid out and slammed back in. He could barely move his body with the way he was pinned but he did as best as he could, rocking his hips back to meet Bakugo's thrusts.

“Whose are you?” Bakugo growled as he fucked him hard, the chair wobbling slightly with impact. Deku's response was muffled by the arm rest. Bakugo's hand moved from where it had been holding Deku's head to grabbing a fistful of green hair and pulled him up by it. The smaller man cried out in pain but it made his cock leak more over the chair. “Whose are you?!” Bakugo demanded.

 “Yours! Fuck! Your little slut!”

Satisfied by that answer, Bakugo let go of his hair and put both hands on Deku's tiny waist, pulling him towards him with each thrust in. Deku braced himself on the seat cushion and armrest. 

Having worked himself up on the dildo already, it didn't take long for Deku to start muttering “fuck” over and over, quicker each time. Bakugo shifted slightly and a broken, almost animalistic cry escaped Deku's lips. 

Deku's body was greedy, walls clenching around Bakugo's cock desperately as he was slammed into. Bakugo's thrusts were brutal and it did hurt a bit but Deku only begged for more. The blond didn't lose himself like this often. Even when they were rough, Bakugo didn't seem to own him as completely as he did when he was like this. 

Deku's whole body was shaking hard and it was all he could do to hold onto the chair. His release shot through him with a scream. He coated the chair with rope after rope of cum. He kept screaming, his voice catching with every unrelenting thrust. 

Unable to hold himself up anymore, he collapsed against the chair. Bakugo's movements were faltering as he chased his own release.

He dug his fingers into the flesh of Deku’s narrow hips hard enough to bruise as he slammed back in. He couldn’t wait to see the purple marks bloom across his skin. 

He couldn’t hold back his grunts and groans and he knew he sounded feral, but he didn’t care. He dragged his nails roughly over his boyfriend’s ass, digging them into perfectly rounded cheeks, before pulling them apart; stretching Deku’s hole wide around his cock as he pounded ruthlessly.

He only managed a few more thrusts before cumming hard inside him, coating him. Filling him. Marking Deku as his.

The green haired man was still slumped against the arm of the chair, a string of drool connecting his face to it. 

Bakugo slowly slid out and as he did cum beaded at Deku's hole. He pushed it back into him with his fingertip.

He walked over to the camera and ended the recording. 

"Can you help me?" Deku asked after a minute, once his breathing had mostly returned to normal and his brain was working enough to form words.

Bakugo eyed him and ran a hand over his back. His touch was tender, a sharp contrast to a few minutes prior. "Was I too rough?"

Deku barely had the strength to turn to face him. "No. It was so good. I feel like jelly."

He helped Deku to the bathroom and waited for him. Seeing his legs still shaking as he exited it, Bakugo scooped the green haired man into his arms and carried him to the living room. He wrapped him in a hero themed blanket and held him close, kissing his curls. They stayed like that until Deku's stomach growled, then he left his lover to get dinner started. 

In the months they had been dating, Bakugo had all but moved into Deku's apartment. His furniture was still at his old place but it had been weeks since he had been back there. His clothes were here, his cooking spices were here. His Deku was here.

But despite that, Bakugo hadn't told anyone they were together. He told his friends he was seeing someone, but he hadn't said who. He wasn't ashamed - he just wasn't sociable. Red Riot had been bugging him nonstop to meet the one who put up with his best friend. 

Despite Deku being in the other room laying on the couch recovering, they talked about their day. He wasn't so bad that he couldn't move now that his jelly legs subsided, but he was comfy and Bakugo worried in his own way if he moved too much any time they got rough. So he stayed curled under his blanket telling him about his chore filled morning and masturbation afternoon.

Talking about patrols and Todoroki stealing villain credit had Bakugo recalling something he had been handed at work. He grabbed a crumpled piece of paper from his coat pocket and shoved it at his boyfriend, something that would finally get Red Riot off of his back.

Deku looked at him curiously before smoothing out the paper and reading.

"A hero gala?"

Despite Deku's excitement and nerves regarding the upcoming gala, he still made videos. He didn't have a set time he was posting his video to the Stroke of Midnight site. So it was pure coincidence that Bakugo was mid live interview after taking down a villain attack when his phone made that distinct-to-him ping. 

His jaw slackened slightly, his eyes already clouding with lust. It was the worst possible time to be getting a hard on. Fucking Deku!

Fucker had Bakugo conditioned. As soon as that little ping went off, the blond was raring to go. It didn't matter that they were living together or that their sex life was incredibly active. He couldn't get enough.

He couldn't focus on the interview so he did the only thing he could think of. He flipped the camera off and said he was done. 

He had moved up in the agency and now was on the top floor. Only two other heroes were on the floor with him and they weren't in the office. So he did something he never thought he'd do. 

He abandoned his paperwork for a bathroom break.  

Locked in the privacy of the bathroom on a floor no one else was on, Bakugo found the hidden folder and tracked down the latest video. Clicking it, a familiar section of mouth down to chest came into view.

"Hey everyone! Deku here and I'm bringing out a new toy I'm really excited to show you." And he was excited because that fucking dimple was there. No matter how many times a day Bakugo saw it, he was powerless against it.

Deku held up a pink egg shaped device that was attached to an air pump. "I'm embarrassed to admit how long it took me to figure this out. But give me a break - I'm gay and this is part of a female hero." His laugh was almost shy and Bakugo felt his heart squeeze. "Though this is unlike any female bits I've ever seen. This is the toy from the Acid Hero Pinky. This is actually really neat once I learned how it works."

"There's a small knob on the pump which lets the air flow into the egg with every pump." 

Deku made sure it was secured to the desk and began pumping air into the toy. As the egg grew a little, it began to open like a flower. 

Once the sides had peeled down, a pink nub was in the center. Each pump of air had it growing and growing, elongating until it looked like the end of a suction-less tentacle.

"I didn't know girls could look like this. The box calls it a Tenta-clit." He ran his fingers along it as though it were a cock. "I don't know what feels best for girls, but I have it under good authority that she uses it like a cock."

Bakugo was that good authority. Pinky and their friend, fellow hero Cellophane, had been dating since they were at U.A. He didn't remember how the conversation had come up, but Pinky had talked about her tenta-clit and Cellophane had admitted to liking when she fucked him with it. 

It was information Bakugo had never wanted. Or didn't think he did. But watching Deku now, he was glad he told him about it. 

Deku's lips were shiny with saliva as he wrapped them around the pink tip. He sucked it slowly, his tongue darting out to draw circles with it. Soft hums escaped him and he took another inch in his mouth. 

Bakugo took his cock in his fist, his thumb following the movements of Deku's tongue. He loved and hated when his boyfriend sucked his cock that way. So slow and agonizing. His mouth felt so good that it was impossible not to want more. But Deku just teased and teased. He loved the build up and how hard he always came from it. But it was torture. 

Deku didn't seem to be dragging it out today. It wasn't as long as the cocks he was used to handling - only about half the size of Bakugo's - so he it took all easily. 

When he pulled off, he smiled his cheeky little dimpled smile. "I love how it feels in my mouth. The little point to the tip? Mmm I could suck this all day.”

He reached off screen and grabbed their nearly empty bottle of lube. At the back of his mind, he made a note to grab more on the way home. They were going to need it. 

On any regular day, Bakugo wanted his boyfriend prone under him, fucking him hard and deep until Deku was unable to speak. 

On days when videos came out, Deku usually limped the entire next day. 

Deku's voice shook him from his musings as he squeezed more lube onto it than he usually did. "I know what you're thinking. Why so much lube, Deku? You've had bigger cocks up your ass. And you're right. But this is like a tentacle. It's supposed to be gross and slimy. And I mean gross in the best way. Who hasn't wanted to get covered in tentacle slime at some point? I know I have."

He was jerking it in his hands like a cock as he spoke. "Look at it. I never thought I would or could say I wanted a girl's clit inside me but fuck I really do."

The camera shifted and the Tenta-Clit was on the floor in front of the camera.

He backed up against it, rolling his hips as it slid up and down between his cheeks and across his hole. As he lowered his ass down onto the Tenta-Clit, letting it push into him, something else came into view. 

Ground Zero was tattooed onto his lower back. Bakugo knew he had it, obviously. But it was the first time he saw it on screen. The tattoo artist had advised against getting spouse's names inked, but Deku had just laughed and said he was getting all the names of the heroes he fucked on his skin. Deku only had Bakugo's name to get tattooed though. Waiting for it to heal had been hard, but how hard Deku came when Bakugo shot his jizz across the tattoo made it worth the wait.

The memory of it, plus Deku's moans as he slowly rode the toy had Bakugo stroking his cock faster and faster.

How was his ass so perfect? Bakugo of course wanted to fuck it - he always wanted to fuck it - but more than that in that moment, he wanted to eat it. 

He wanted to spread his boyfriend’s cheeks and lick his hole while it was stretched out by the toy. To feel it sliding in and out of him by the flat of his tongue. He could practically taste him already. 

A drop of drool landed on his screen and Bakugo's cheeks reddened, slightly embarrassed to be that far gone even though no one would ever know about it. 

The toy was fully in him when he pulled off it quickly. He reached around and pulled it from the floor. He turned it so it would be angled differently and stuck it back to the floor.

He sank back down onto it and let out a moan. He started bouncing on it, gasps escaping him every time he was fully seated on it. Letting out a moan, he ground his hips causing his breath to stutter. 

Bakugo gripped his cock harder, stroking it hard and fast as those almost keening, pleading noises that escaped Deku. The man was barely raising his ass, only an inch or so if he did. He mostly just rolled his hips harder and harder.

"Yes, oh fuck, feels so good. It's right against-"  He cut himself off with a cry. He wrapped his hand around his cock, stroking faster as his noises got more and more feral sounding. 

His ground his ass down, moving his hips faster. "Right," he panted hard in between his rough cries, "right there! So good." 

His babbling turned into soft sobs and he abandoned his grinding for riding the tenta-clit hard, slamming his ass down over and over. His cries got louder as he begged for more, that he was so close. The bit of his hand that was visible was a blur he was stroking so fast. With a loud wordless cry, ropes of cum shot across the floor. 

Bakugo's pace matched Deku's and they came together, some of his cum landed in the toilet, as well as some on the seat itself.

The video screen went black as Bakugo cleaned his mess, recalling the day Deku had been recording that. He came in after Deku had cum and had made him lick his jizz off the floor before fucking his oversensitive hole.

Deku knew he still watched the videos that got posted, so he shot him a message after tucking his spent cock into the pants of his hero outfit. 

Had to go jerk off in the bathroom because of that video. Hope you're happy with yourself, nerd.

Deku's reply was instantaneous. I am ^.^ better let me make it up to you when you get home.

Fuck he loved him so much. It seemed like just the other day he was rushing home to jerk off to videos of Deku, hidden away in his bedroom and dreaming over someone he couldn’t have. Now he was rushing home to see him, to kiss him.

Ugh. Fucking nerd was making him soft.

Deku adjusted his tie and the silver clip that held it in place. He matched Bakugo exactly - black suit, white shirt, black tie with a large orange X on it, and a tie clip shaped like a grenade. 

“Are you sure you want me as your date?” he asked nervously. He had never been to a gala before.

“Oi, look,” Bakugo snapped, having been over this a dozen times. “I hate these things. They're boring and I hate socializing. I never go, and I never ever plus one this shit. I'm going because I want to show you off.”

“But everyone will think we're serious-”

“Aren't we?”

“Yes, but I do porn for a living. You're a pro hero. You save lives . I shove things up my butt.”

Bakugi snorted a laugh and pulled him in by the tie. He placed little kisses on Deku's lips and when the slighter man smiled, he kissed one of his dimples. 

“I love when you shove things up your butt. Especially my thing. If they don't like that I like you, fuck them. I'm happier with you than I ever have been. So if anyone talks shit about you, I'll blow up their fucking faces.”

“So mean.”

“You like it.”

“Do I?” Deku teased.

“You do and you know it. But speaking of shoving things up your butt, I got you something.”

Deku bounced a little on his toes as Bakugo reached under the bed and pulled out a black plastic bag. Eyeing him curiously, Deku reached in and pulled out a box. The front of the package showed a small vibrator that could be controlled remotely. 

“Go shove it up your ass.”

Bakugo could see that Deku was uncomfortable as they made their way into the building the gala was being held in. He had been to a couple before himself and hated them. He loved the purpose but hated the actual event. 

Hero galas weren’t like most galas, though some of the more uptight heroes tried to keep it reigned in. The basics were the same. Pay an obscene amount for a ticket, mix and mingle with fellow heroes, eat food, and listen to speeches from those in the industry or from businesses concerning it. But heroes worked hard, putting their lives on the line every single day. It hurt to lose citizens and almost every hero had been in therapy for it, if they weren’t still going. But nothing compared to losing one of their own. Galas were almost always fundraisers for widows or citizens who needed financial assistance after a villain attack if their insurance didn’t cover it. Needless to say, there were quite a few that got held. 

But really, they were just parties. Press had been banned after the time Midnight drank too much and started an orgy in the dining area. Heroes worked hard and they let loose just a hard. Those that don’t want to leave when the dinner was finished. After that, anything goes, though it didn’t tend to get that level of loose unless Midnight was there. There was a steep admission fee, and the drinks were overpriced too, and that’s where they made the most money. Most people saw it as a night to get wasted for a good cause. It was an exhausting event for Bakugo, so he tended to just send in a donation. 

Once Deku saw what they were really like, Bakugo was sure he’d loosen up. He handed their coats to the coat check attendant and led Deku into the main hall where the other guests had gathered. Listening to Deku ramble on excitedly and pointing out different heroes.

Bakugo was never a social creature but he talked to as many fellow heroes as he could that evening. They all seemed surprised he was being so cordial but all he did was introduce Deku to them and watch as his giddy boyfriend rambled excitedly about the hero's achievements. The smile never left Deku's face. It only grew wider and wider until his cheeks no doubt hurt. That fucking dimple was out again and Bakugo could barely keep his eyes off of him.

Until a bear hug from behind surprised him. A blast over his shoulder did nothing but make the hugger laugh. Kirishima. 

"You actually showed up, bro!" Kirishima crowed as Bakugo turned to face him. 

"Red Riot, Red Riot, Red Riot," Deku mumbled giddily to himself. Like Red was some big hero. He was, but he was also Bakugo's best friend so he thought he was exempt from the fanboying. Apparently not. And it was really fucking cute. Why the fuck hadn't he introduced them earlier?

"Who is this?" Kirishima asked Deku.

"Boyfriend meet Shitty Hair." Bakugo told him. "Shitty Hair, the boyfriend you wanted to meet."

"Our hair still isn't that different," Kirishima laughed. "Eijiro Kirishima. Thanks for putting up with this asshole."

"I-Izuku Midoriya. It's an honour to meet you! You're such an amazing hero and your Quirk is so cool!" No sooner had he started listing off his favourite Red Riot battles, then they were interrupted.

"Deku! There you are!" Midnight pushed through some people to get to him. Her eyes were clouded with worry. "Something came up and I need to leave. I have a speech I need to deliver tonight. As a shareholder, will you deliver it for me?"

Deku immediately looked worried, his heart going out to her. "Of course! Is everything okay?" 

"Family emergency. Everyone is alive but it needs to be tended to immediately."

"By all means. Please give them my best."

"Thanks, Deku. I will." And then she was gone.

But Red Riot wasn't.

"Deku? Like the Deku?" He looked like he was going to laugh.

Deku just wanted the ground to swallow him whole. He wasn't sure how the heroes were going to react to his job, but he had been sure it wasn't going to be positive.

“You wanna fuckin’ die?" Bakugo snarled, immediately defending him.

Red Riot only busted a gut, wiping his eyes. "Deku, I'm so sorry for laughing." He was still laughing even as he slapped Bakugo's shoulder. "But the thirst this guy had for you! I didn't think sending you his dick actually worked."

"You're not laughing at me?" Deku blinked.

"Hell naw! That wouldn't be manly. I'm a fan of your work. Quite a few of us heroes are. But apparently not as big a fan as this guy." He had to wipe his eyes again. After a minute he got himself under control. But then he looked at Bakugo, scrutinizing. "Wait. That's been you in the latest videos, hasn't it?"

"What about it?" Bakugo challenged.

"Dude, I jerked off to you…"

Bakugo rolled his eyes but his attention was drawn to Deku as he gasped. "Mindwash is here! He's so cool! Is that Chargebolt with him?"

Red Riot shouted Chargebolt's name across the room and the electric hero immediately began making his way over with his boyfriend in tow.

They all talked and laughed - and Bakugo scowled - for a short time, but as it got closer to being time for speeches, Deku left Bakugo to go practice.

With him gone, Bakugo looked at his friends.  “His birthday's coming up. And I want to know if you want in.” He murmured a few details.

Mindwash and Chargebolt looked at each other then leaned in to whisper to each other before Chargebolt turned to Bakugo. "We're in."

Red Riot looked shocked at Bakugo's idea, then when he was sure his bestie was serious, he was all shark toothed smile. "Count me in too, bro."

Bakugo snorted. “Excited much? And you said I was thirsty.”

“Waiter! Over here please!” The turbo hero known as Ingenium, had appeared near them without them realizing. When the waiter appeared, he took two glasses. “My friends are thirsty!” He turned to Red Riot and Bakugo and handed them the glasses. “It's not very heroic to be dehydrated!”

"Class pres still looking out for us," Red Riot clapped him on the back, stifling his laugh. Clearly Iida had missed the topic of conversation. "Thanks, bro."

They all sat down to eat. Deku had started out sitting close to Bakugo, but quickly engaged in conversation with the heroes at the table and shifted away slightly so he could be more animated with his hands as he spoke. Speeches began not long after and Bakugo played a game on his phone during the first one he didn’t have his food to distract him from. Then it was his boyfriend's turn, so he immediately gave him his attention as he walked up to the podium.

“Hello everyone,” Deku said rather nervously as he stood in front of the attendees. He locked eyes with Bakugo who nodded encouragingly at him. Deku smiled back at him, cheek dimpling. He cleared his throat and tried again, blossoming under Bakugo's undivided attention. “Hello everyone! Midnight had to leave for a family emergency, so I'm stepping in for her. My name's Deku and I'm a shareholder in Stroke of Midnight. I’m also in the talent roster. I have the honour of speaking to you tonight...”

Bakugo loved his boyfriend but it was Midnight's speech, not his. He was getting bored. He unlocked his phone and hit a dial on the app he'd downloaded earlier.

A noise - half cry half gasp - left Deku's mouth as he jerked forward in surprise. The audience went silent as they watched Deku's eyes close, lips still parted. He took a deep breath before continuing to talk, apologizing for the interruption. He was so grateful Midnight had the speech written down and he just had to read off her papers. 

Bakugo smirked as he lowered the speed. Deku's voice evened out and he glared in his direction. “The tantalizing thing about Stroke of Midnight is...”

Throughout the speech, Bakugo played with the remote at random. Each time it went higher, Deku fought a moan, knees nearly buckling a couple times as he gripped the podium. Each time it slowed, Bakugo got a dirty look. And he responded to said look by a quick buzz on maximum. 

By the time Deku got off the stage, he was a mess. He had to walk past some of the tables and those near him could hear the buzzing of the vibrator. They could see the sweat on him, the tremble of his legs, the dilation of his pupils, the quiet whimpers of desire.

He looked half wrecked and no one had touched him. Those that had met him through Bakugo looked over at the smug blond. Those that hadn't, followed Deku with their eyes as he all but threw himself at him.

No one was paying attention to the speaker that took his place. Hell, even the speaker had his eyes on them.

“Kacchan, bathroom.”

“I'm listening to this important, heartfelt speech, nerd.”

Deku tried to keep his voice as quiet as he could. “Bathroom. Now. If you make me sit, I'm sitting on your lap. I'm pulling your cock out and I'm bouncing on it regardless of where we are or who all can see us.”

“Is supposed to be a threat? Because that's really tempting.”

“Please, Kacchan,” Deku murmured in his ear. “Take me to the bathroom and fuck me. I need your cock so bad. Please.”

When Bakugo pulled back to look at him, Deku's big eyes were watery, like he needed his cock so bad he'd cry for it. He loved when he got like that. So Bakugo led him to the bathroom just off the main room they were in. With the vibrator buzzing the whole way.

He shoved him in the closest stall and wasted no time in bending him over. Neither was in the mood to take their time. Bakugo unzipped his pants as Deku undid his own. He pulled the vibrator out of the smaller man’s ass and made him hold it.

Bakugo spat on his hand and slicked his cock before pressing it immediately into Deku’s ass. He didn’t waste time with slow thrusts. He bent Deku forward over the toilet and began pistoning his hips. Harder, faster he fucked him. 

Deku grabbed his ass cheek with one hand and spread it so every inch of Bakugo’s cock could be buried inside of him. He braced himself on the wall with the other as he slammed his ass back to meet every thrust. 

They had no idea that they weren’t alone in the bathroom, no idea that one of Bakugo’s hero associates was a few stalls over, beating his meat furiously as Deku’s needy crying and pleading for more filled the bathroom.

He tried to keep his noises down but Bakugo didn't want any of that. He tangled a hand into Deku’s hair, green curls wrapping around his hand, and held him in place as he slammed his cock into him over and over until Deku’s knees buckled.

Bakugo didn’t relent. He just kept fucking him with everything he had in him until Deku’s wild noises got louder and louder until the pro-hero was certain everyone in the dining area could hear how good Deku was getting dicked. He was so loud neither of them heard the hero a few stalls down gasping and panting softly, the sound of his orgasm covered by Deku’s scream as he painted the toilet and walls with his cum.

Bakugo was close behind him, a high moan escaping him as he came hard in Deku’s ass. Rope after rope filled the camboy’s ass until Bakugo slowly eased out. 

As he reached to pull his pants back up, Bakugo realized Deku had dropped the small vibrator onto the ground while they had fucked. 

“Dumb nerd,” he grumbled affectionately before stepping away to throw it out, not wanting anything that was on the floor anywhere near Deku’s ass. 

The green haired man followed him out of the stall. Still panting softly, he pulled Bakugo in for a deep kiss before they cleaned themselves up and headed out.

As they stepped out of the bathroom and into the main dining hall, the room was silent and all eyes were on them. Some looks were lustful, some envious, some were even proud. And some were appalled. 

Deku went bright red, hiding behind Bakugo slightly. His embarrassment skyrocketed as Red Riot got to his feet, not ashamed of the bulge in his own pants. Wolf whistling before applauding. Deku stammered as Bakugo pulled him up beside him and kissed the side of his head. 

"Wanna head out?" Bakugo whispered to him. Deku squeaked and nodded. The standing ovation from Bakugo’s friends lasted until they were out of sight. The last thing they heard was Red Riot laugh before the doors closed behind them, thrusting them back into the real world. 

Deku was still red. Bakugo couldn't deny he loved how shy and meek he could be. It reminded him of when they first met on the train months ago. 

Yet when they were alone or Deku was in front of a camera, he was totally different. He couldn't get enough of the paradox. He would’ve fucked him on the train ride home had Deku not insisted they wait until the privacy of their apartment before going another round.

Deku’s birthday fell a few weeks after the Gala and Bakugo had something special planned for him, something he had been cooking up in his head for a little while. 

"I'm back!" Deku called as he entered the apartment. 

Bakugo slipped out of Deku's recording room and closed the door. He walked up behind his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around him. "Happy birthday, dork."

Deku turned in his arms and scrunched his nose at him. "I can't believe you made me go all the way to Midnight's office to get my own gift. Can I open it?"

"Go for it."

Before he did as he was told, he eyed Bakugo curiously. "Why are you in your hero outfit? You have to work today?" He tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"Never mind that right now. Just open your damn gift."

Deku didn’t waste anymore time in tearing the bow and paper off of the small box. "Gren- oh my god Kacchan!"  

"You're always saying 'you don't have merch. You don't have merch'-"

"I don't sound like that!" Deku shoved Bakugo's broad chest playfully as the blond mocked him in a high pitched nasally voice.

"Yeah you do. But now I have merch and you can get off my back." Of course, Deku got it before it hit the market.

"And onto your cock. Or grenade."

Deku pulled a green grenade out from the box. But instead of being one to cause explosions, this was meant to go up the butt. Bakugo's first toy to be publicly available was a grenade shaped butt plug, with the orange X that matched his hero suit on the base in place of the typical jewel. 

Deku climbed up Bakugo's body, legs around his waist, arms around his neck, and lips an inch from his. "Thank you, Kacchan. I love it."


"Want me to put it in now?" Deku asked him cutely, peppering him with kisses. "Maybe wear it and nothing else while you make me a special birthday dinner?"

"Fuck that's tempting," Bakugo admitted. He used one hand to keep him from falling even though Deku's legs were like a vice grip, and the other grabbed his freckled jaw and held him still to kiss him. "But I got something else for you."

Slowly Deku climbed down and looked at him curiously. "Something else?"

Bakugo took him by the hand and led him to the second bedroom. He opened the door and stepped in, letting Deku take in the sight.

Pro heroes Red Riot, Real Steel, and Tremor were sitting on the cheap bed set up for videos. Chargebolt was sprawled on the octopus chair and Mindwash was draped over the back of it, looking up from where he had been nuzzling the blond's neck. Each one of them were in their hero outfits.

Deku's eyes widened and he looked over at Bakugo. "Wha-?"

"Your present."

"I-I don't think I understand," Deku said slowly. 

Bakugo turned Deku's head to the five other men in the room. "You brag about being a hero lover. Here's your chance. Five heroes are here to fuck you."

"T-To fuck me?" Deku's eyes were huge, lit up brightly. But he tried to school his features. "You're okay with that?"

"Okay with it?" He kissed Deku's neck. "Nerd, I set it up. And I'm gonna join in." The green haired man moaned before he could stop himself. "You like that, don't you? You want all those cocks inside you, pumping you full of cum like the slut you are."

Deku moaned again and pressed his ass back against Bakugo. "Yes!"

"Sparky, get the fuck out of the chair."

Sparky, otherwise known as the pro hero Chargebolt, got out of the chair and when Mindwash sat on the bed with the others, Chargebolt sat on his lap. 

"Strip and get in the chair," Bakugo told Deku before turning his attention to the other heroes. "Alright assholes, while he's doing that there's rules we're fucking going over. First of all, I fuck his ass first. Second, no one touches his cock. Let him cum untouched. Other than you," he added before one hero in particular could raise his hand. 

"Don't waste your cum. The more cum in his ass, the better. This is getting recorded but it's not ever getting posted. Last and most important, so listen well, fuckers." He turned to Deku who was sitting on the octopus chair, completely naked and already half hard. "What's the word?"

"Broccoli," Deku answered. Normally it was red, but with Red Riot there, if he moaned the hero’s name, it would end things before he wanted. "And if I can't talk, it's a double tap." He reached to Bakugo and tapped him twice in quick succession to show them. When the guys nodded, Bakugo stepped up to the chair and handed Deku lube before stepping away for a quick second to turn the camera on. 

"Stretch yourself."

Despite it being how he made a living, Deku was red-faced as he began stretching himself one finger at a time. He wasn’t used to being the center of attention. Sure, he made mostly masurbation porn and had done a few live chats in his time, but it was different being in a room with real men - real heroes -  watching him shove his fingers in and out of his own ass, knowing that soon they were going to be buried inside of him and filling him with their cum like a good little slut. 

Deku shivered in anticipation before popping the cap on the bottle of lube. The heroes got to their feet and stood around him, eyes glued to watching Deku slide one finger into his ass and then two. He fucked himself with his fingers and precum ran down the tip of his cock. He was shy and didn’t keep eye contact with the heroes, preferring instead to focus on their outfits. Red Riot was the first to start taking his off, starting with the sleeves. But Deku reached out quickly, eyes huge.

“Please! Leave it on, please.”

Red Riot paused and rolled his sleeve back up with a grin. “Sure thing, birthday boy.” He did undo his pants though, letting them pool around his feet as he spat on his hand and started stroking his own cock as he watched the show. 

Deku had seen see the hero’s cock before - or at least a toy of it. He had sucked then fucked himself on that toy. He did it on camera for money. He did it at night for his own pleasure before he got the Ground Zero dildo. But seeing it in the flesh was exhilarating for him. He reached out for it, wanting to feel him in his hand. He wanted to feel the sturdy hero’s cock twitch with arousal. He wanted to feel the precum dripping down. 

One by one the other heroes did the same until they were all naked from the waist down, each with their fists wrapped around their cocks and stroking themselves, taking turns for Deku’s free hand jerk them off while he stretched himself on his fingers for them.

Deku barely had three fingers buried in his ass before Bakugo flipped him over onto his stomach. The other heroes knew what they were there for, but it was almost like they weren’t entirely sure it would happen until they watched Bakugo slide his cock into his boyfriend’s ass. 

Deku was moaning immediately, his head dropping down, slowly fucking himself on Bakugo’s cock with every thrust. The blond leaned down and licked Deku’s neck, placing kisses and little bite marks all over him. 

“You feel so fuckin’ good.” Bakugo gave a low moan into the crook of his neck as Deku clenched around him. Deku mumbled something in response but it was hard to hear him, so Bakugo smacked his ass. He grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back so they could look at each other. “Say it again.”

“K-Kacchan,” he moaned and their lips met in a brief kiss before he repeated himself. “I love your cock. You fill me so good. Fuck me please. Fuck me, fuck me.”

Fuck me became his mantra until Bakugo did, making Deku moan louder and louder until Red Riot couldn’t take it any more. He moved around to Deku’s head and rubbed his cock slowly against his lips. 

Deku’s cock jerked as he breathed in the musk of the other hero before opening his mouth. Red Riot’s cock was a bit shorter than Bakugo’s but nearly twice as thick. He had to stretch his mouth around it but any discomfort was forgotten the moment he tasted Red Riot’s precum on his tongue. He immediately began bobbing his head in time with Bakugo’s thrusts. 

The larger hero moaned and grabbed Deku’s green hair with his huge hands. He held his head and started fucking his mouth, mouth hanging open, eyes hooded as obscene sucking sounds filled the room. He looked down at the camboy and pulled him off his cock. Strings of spit connected him and Red Riot smeared his cock across Deku’s face before shoving it into his mouth again. His face shone with spit and precum and he looked beautiful. 

Deku kept eye contact with him as long as he could but they fluttered shut as Bakugo’s cock brushed against his spot. He moaned around Red Riot’s cock and it became more of a whine as his hair got pulled tighter. 


Deku lurched forward as Bakugo’s hand came down on his ass. It burned a little, but it was how Deku liked it. He loved the way his boyfriend carefully used his quirk so he could have a Ground Zero handprint on his ass.

His cock was leaking all over the chair but he couldn’t grab it and stroke it. His two lovers had found the perfect rhythm and Deku gripped the chair, trying to hold on for the ride. Skin slapping against skin, lewd slurping noises, and moaning were all that could be heard as the other men watched them fuck. Tremor stepped closer and Deku’s eyes flicked to him, then his cock. 

Tremor was the only one still wearing his pants, but his cock was pulled through the green criss crossed material at the top of his pants. It just made Deku hotter as he greedily reached out to stroke the vibration hero’s cock while he was being spitroasted.

Deku’s cock leaked more as the details of his gift really sunk in. Heroes had come to fuck him - to shove their cocks in him and fill his ass with their cum. This was so much better than any toy he could ever use. And his boyfriend was recording it. Happy birthday indeed. 

The other men stood around and jerked their cocks as they took in the view. Real Steel startled a bit as a hand that wasn't his touched his cock. He watched it for a minute before looking to his side.

Chargebolt stood between Real Steel and Mindwash, hands on their cocks, stroking them as they watched Red Riot slam his cock into Deku's mouth so hard he gagged and cried.

The longer they watched, the more impatient Chargebolt got until he caved. He dropped to his knees in front of Mindwash and opened his mouth. Mindwash set his long cock on Chargebolt's waiting tongue and slowly started fucking his mouth.

Real Steel's attention flickered between Deku, the reason he was there, and the blond on his knees barely two feet away.

With his lips wrapped around Mindwash's cock, Chargebolt beckoned Real Steel over with a crooked finger. As soon as he was close enough, he pulled off of his boyfriend and licked the new, thicker cock in front of his face, sucking the tip. He stroked Mindwash as he started giving long bobs of his head, taking every inch of Real Steel's cock, moaning at the stretch of his mouth.

"Aren't you supposed to be here for Deku?" Tremor asked as the watched Chargebolt switch back to licking Mindwash's cock and stroking Real Steel. He thrust into Deku’s hand, rotating his attention between the group and the birthday boy. 

"Maybe I'm helping keep them hard," Chargebolt said with a wink before pulling both cocks together to suck both heads at the same time.

"You're as big of a slut as Deku," Mindwash moaned and looked over through hooded lids to see Deku being held in the air by Bakugo and Red Riot's strength alone as they fucked his ass and mouth in perfect tandem. 

Deku’s hand on Tremor’s cock had stilled as the pair fucked his brains out. The vibration hero stroked himself, eager to take over for whoever came first. Red Riot grabbed him by a shoulder strap of his hero outfit and crashed their lips together as he kept fucking Deku’s mouth. 

Tremor reached down and cupped Red Riot’s balls. He let out a bit of his quirk, letting vibrations course through him. The redhead moaned, legs shaking, before he pulled out of Deku’s mouth and moved around him to his ass.

A loud "fuck!" caught everyone’s attention and they looked over to see Red Riot shoving the tip of his fat cock into Deku's hole alongside Bakugo's. 

Head flung back, Bakugo have a wordless cry as he shot rope after rope of cum into Deku's ass. He shuddered slightly and when he pulled his cock away, Red Riot grabbed Deku by his hair and throat and took over, fucking him hard right off the bat. The sound of cum squelching with the movement was the loudest thing in the room until Red Riot let go of Deku's throat. 

"Fuck me fuck me fuck me!" He sobbed as he slammed his ass back as hard as he could towards the built hero.

Bakugo still panted softly as he moved to stand by Tremor. “What are you waiting for? His mouth is empty.” Tremor stroked his cock a few times before getting ready to take his fellow hero’s suggestion. He lined up to put his cock in the camboy’s mouth.

Deku let out a scream of pain tinted pleasure. Bakugo immediately tensed, ready to intervene until he saw the look of bliss settle on his boyfriend’s face. There were tears running down his face but Deku cried a lot so it was sometimes hard to tell.

Red Riot's skin had hardened and his roughened hands were digging into Deku's hips. Without question there would be bruises, possibly small bits of blood. But Deku's body was curved, pushing his ass against Red Riot as much as he could and he sobbed.

“Word,” Bakugo lifted Deku’s chin to look into his face, just to be sure.

“Green green oh fuck GREEEEN!” Deku screamed as Red Riot fucked his ass harder. The moment Bakugo was sure he was fine, Tremor shoved his cock down Deku’s throat.

Red Riot kept his hands bruisingly tight on Deku’s hips as Tremor wrapped his hands around Deku’s throat. Tears leaked from his big green eyes as he swallowed Tremor’s cock to the base. His face got redder and redder as he was choked. Tremor ran his thumb along the bump of his cock head that he could feel through Deku’s throat before he released him.

“Tear me apart,” Deku sobbed, voice hoarse as he pulled off of Tremor’s cock, jerking it in his fist. “Please! Wreck me. Wreck me!”

Red Riot did as he was begged to do. He lifted Deku’s body off of the chair, holding onto him like he weighed nothing. 

In comparison, it was true. He was small compared to the wall that was the sturdy hero, and Deku loved it. Red Riot could throw him across the room like it was nothing, and the breadth of his chest was at least twice of Deku’s. 

The cock inside him was at least twice as wide as his own as well. It stretched him, filling him. He had been full like that before, having fucked himself senseless on the toy that had been made from a cast of Red Riot’s cock.

The toy didn’t compare to the feeling of that fat cock sliding in and out of his ass for real. Deku couldn’t stop the noises escaping him and he was too far gone to hear the sharp intake of breath from Bakugo as the noises from the smaller man got more urgent, more feral.

Tremor kept fucking his face, pulling his cock all the way out just so he could hear the noises coming from the smaller man. He wanted nothing more than to reach down and fist Deku. He wanted to wrap his hand around his cock and stroke him while letting waves of vibrations roll over him. But that was against the rules. 

No sooner had the thought entered his mind than Deku cried out, his cum spilling over the seat and floor. 

Red Riot's moans were getting rougher and more ragged as he slammed in hard and fast. Tremor shifted closer to him and reached for the hero’s balls again, rolling them around in his hand until the redhead’s body froze, pumping rope after rope of cum in Deku's ass. 

Deku barely had time to catch his breath when Red Riot pulled out and Tremor took his place. 

He was slower and his thrusts were shallow. For that, Deku was grateful. He just wanted a moment to catch his breath and come down from being overstimulated. Tremor seemed to get that and gave Deku the couple minutes he needed.

Even when Deku began rocking his body back towards him, Tremor’s thrusts didn’t change. 

He did activate his quirk though. As he brushed his cock against Deku’s prostate, he let a vibration roll through him. The camboy squealed before melting into the chair, not caring that he was laying in his own cum. 

“Fuck, do that again. Please!” Deku keened.

Tremor let out more vibrations as he thrust in again. And again. And again. With each one, Deku’s cock got harder and harder. 

Bakugo leaned and scooped Deku’s spunk off of the cushion. He shoved his coated fingers into boyfriend’s mouth, making him taste his own cum. The camboy loved it. He loved having his head forced down into his own cum and being forced to clean it up, but when he couldn’t, cleaning it off of Bakugo’s fingers was just as good.

Deku’s eyes were glazed with arousal as he sucked on Bakugo’s fingers before giving him a cheeky grin around them. The blond leaned down and bit his dimple lightly before kissing him, shoving his tongue in his mouth and tasting the remnants of cum that Deku had swallowed. 

“Having fun?” he murmured against his lips as he pulled back.

“Yes!” Deku shouted as Tremor sent another vibration against his prostate. His body was a trembling mess and it wasn’t from the quirk. Bakugo gave him another kiss before heading over to sit near Red Riot who was lazily stroking his cock watching Deku. 

Tremor’s thrusts got harder and faster, losing his rhythm until he came with a shout, his cum mixing with the other men’s. 

“Who's next?” Tremor asked as he pulled out, drawing the attention of the other three. Cum started to leak out of Deku, so he pushed it back in with his finger before heading over to the bed to collapse.

Shinsou was lazily sliding his cock in and out of Chargebolt’s ass and the blond had his mouth wrapped around Real Steel’s cock. Clearly they couldn’t handle the wait and heavy arousal. The silvery hero pulled him off and walked the couple feet to Deku. 

He spread the camboy’s cheeks to look at his hole. It was gaping, all but begging to be filled again. Globs of spunk could be seen inside of him and some of it had already begun leaking out. It was disgusting how much cum from other men was already in him and Real Steel couldn’t wait to stick his cock into it all. Sloppy seconds - or fourths - was sexy to him and he nearly blew his load feeling the cum loads coating his cock when he pressed inside the smaller man. 

Between Chargebolt’s very talented mouth, and now Deku’s gaping ass, the steel hero knew he wasn’t going to last long. 

Mindwash lifted Chargebolt into the air and held him in place with his capture tape as he walked them slowly over to the chair Deku was on. Real Steel pulled Deku back so he was bent over one arm of the chair and Mindwash lowered Chargebolt so he was draped over the other.

Chargebolt reached up and pulled Deku in for a kiss as they were both fucked. The kiss became frantic and hungry as he tasted the lingering taste of cum. As much as Deku loved it, Chargebolt was even worse. Or better, depending who was asked. The hero would do anything to have a load shot into his mouth, and it didn’t matter who it came from. 

Their “kiss” could barely be called that anymore as it was just teeth and clacking and strings of saliva connecting them. 

“You’re so full of cum, holy shit,” Real Steel moaned as he slammed his hips in and out. He was about as big as Kirishima, but Deku had been so worked open that even with a cock that size, he was loose and sloppy. 

It was the hottest fuck Real Steel had ever had - a detail he made sure to tell Deku, who responded by pressing back against him and grinding hard. The steel hero brought his hand down and smacked the cheek that Bakugo hadn’t marked.

Deku let out a squeal that dragged out into a moan. “Again! Fuck. So good.”

Mindwash kept his eyes on Real Steel, and when it was clear the broad man was going to cum, he let his cock fall out of Chargebolt’s ass, letting the blond hurry over.

With each thrust that got Real Steel closer, the louder he got. He seemed unnecessarily loud to the other heroes who had had their turn, and his moan was dragged out as he came, but it seemed to excite Chargebolt more, based on how fast he was stroking his own cock. 

Real Steel pulled out of Deku’s ass and in an instant, Chargebolt was on his knees and cleaning off the thick cock with his tongue. Golden eyes rolled into his head as he moaned softly. He was careful of how sensitive Real Steel was, but he just tasted so good.

“It’s your turn,” Mindwash spoke up, his low voice catching Chargebolt’s attention immediately. Deku looked exhausted but he nodded, ready to take more cock. 

But Chargebolt just kissed the camboy on the lips and leaned over the chair. He spread his ass enticingly. “Come on, Deku. Your turn to get your cock wet. Fuck me, birthday boy.”

Deku looked over at Bakugo who had his bottom lip caught between his teeth. His boyfriend nodded. “Fuck his ass, nerd.”

Deku nodded with a dopey grin on his face. He was exhausted but didn’t want the night to end. He could last one more round. He would make himself. He’d never pass up the opportunity to fuck a hero. But to top one, well that was something he hadn’t been expecting. 

Chargebolt had already had Mindwash’s cock buried in his ass so he didn’t need stretching. Deku could just slide on in, which he did. Both moaned as a steady rhythm was set.

Deku rarely topped. He didn’t mind it, and Bakugo had told him he’d take his cock any time. But he loved the feeling of cock stretching his ass. He loved the feel of them sliding in and out of him. He loved just being taken

He tipped Chargebolt’s head back so they could kiss. He ran his hands all over the blond’s chest before dipping his hand to stroke his cock in time of his thrusts. They were at it for a minute before Deku felt his cheeks being nudged open. A hard cock ran over his hole a couple of times before sliding in. 

“He’s so loose it’s like banging a stick in a garbage can,” Mindwash announced to the other heroes sitting on the bed. Deku’s flushed, both embarrassed and aroused by that. 

“You’re used to it,” Bakugo retorted. Chargebolt didn’t seem to mind the comment, though. He just laughed, knowing it was fairly accurate. 

“Didn’t say I was complaining,” Mindwash pointed out before hunching over Deku’s back, his thrusts relentless. The impact set the pace for how Deku fucked Kaminari, and the blond clawed at the chair, moaning like he was in heat. 

It was all Deku could do to hold on for the ride. Any time he felt himself getting close to the edge, Mindwash would ease off. Over and over it happened until Deku started to cry again.

“I-I need it,” he sobbed and he tried fucking back against him. “Please. Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Please !”

As Deku slammed his ass back against him, Mindwash wrapped an arm around his chest, pulling him back until his own chest was against Deku’s freckled back. He didn’t move, instead he let Deku fuck himself on his cock. 

Kaminari didn’t move either. They just stayed still letting themselves be used for a moment. Deku’s cries were needy, but they gave way to guttural cries as he chased his orgasm.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum again,” Red Riot groaned as he got to his feet, stroking his cock. 

Mindwash motioned him over and pulled out of Deku’s ass so Red Riot could shove his cock in a few times. The purple haired hero kissed him as he added another load to Deku’s ass. “Get Denk to clean you off,” Mindwash told him as he shoved his cock back into Deku. 

Red Riot went around the side of the chair to Chargebolt’s blissed out face. The blond had to be shaken a little to bring him back to earth and the second he was, he eagerly cleaned off Red Riot’s cock for him. 

When the redhead made his way back to the bed, Mindwash pushed Deku down, who in turn pinned Chargebolt down. He slammed into his ass hard and fast. Almost brutally. 

Chargebolt’s cries of “yes! Fuck me like that!” and the animalistic noises as Deku had his ass pounded into grew louder and louder until Deku cried out, his watery cum pouring into Chargebolt, who in turn screamed as his own cum splattered on the chair. 

Mindwash gave three more rough thrusts before adding his cum to the mess that was Deku’s ass. 

“Babe, stay in him for a sec,” Chargebolt panted as he tried to pull Deku’s cock from his ass. It fell free when Mindwash held Deku upright and eased him backwards. 

Chargebolt dropped to his knees as Deku slumped forward over the chair. He shoved his tongue inside his gaping hole, eager to swallow as much as he could. 

Deku barely noticed it happening as he struggled to keep focus. His body was visibly shaking as he tried to support himself on jelly legs. His face, while red and sweaty, was relaxed and happy. 

“Sparky. Back off,” Bakugo got to his feet a moment later and approached his boyfriend, lovingly pushing sweat drenched green curls from his forehead. 

Chargebolt pulled away from Deku’s ass, holding as much of the cum in his mouth as he could before pulling his tall boyfriend down for a kiss. They pushed the cum back and forth as they kissed until Chargebolt took it all and swallowed it down. 

“You’re so dirty,” Mindwash told him affectionately before stealing a quick kiss.

“Shut up and get out,” Bakugo told them all as he scooped Deku up into his arms.

“Is he okay?” Kirishima fretted.

Bakugo nodded. “He’s exhausted. Get your fucking pants on and go. I want everyone gone within five.”

The other heroes all exchanged looks and headed out as soon as they pulled their pants up. Later on, Deku would find a pile of gifts, each an item from the heroes’ actual costumes. 

Red Riot left the red half cape he wore around his waist. Chargebolt left his choker, and Mindwash let go of his capture scarf. Real Steel’s gift was his iron stamped jaw guard, whereas Tremor left his wrist guards behind for him. 

They would be treasured gifts - the wear and damage to the items only added to the authenticity. But they would be noticed later. Once the other heroes were gone, Bakugo carried his boyfriend to the bathroom to bathe him and care for him as he came down from the high of the evening.

Bakugo’s other gift, a custom made and fuzzy Ground Zero bathrobe was hanging nearby to wrap around him when they were done. Deku ended up falling asleep in the tub to the soft whispers of love and praise from the man who loved him more than anything. 

Bakugo's hands were rough and calloused from his quirk and the physical work that was all part of being a hero. But his touch was gentle as he rubbed cream into Deku's lower back. Featherlight touches trailed over the hot, red, raised skin. Despite the residual pain, Deku moaned softly at the feeling.

Ground Zero stood out as his tramp stamp, long since healed and the lines perfectly crisp.

Five other signatures had been freshly inked onto his back earlier that day: Red Riot, Real Steel, Mindwash, Chargebolt, and Tremor. 

Whether or not Deku had meant it when he first said he would tattoo the names of his hero fucks, Bakugo wasn't sure. But it suited the fanboy so much and honestly? Bakugo found it more than a little sexy. 

He leaned forward and kissed Deku's spine as he continued running his hands over the names, rubbing the healing cream in. 

"I can't wait to cum all over these."

“Do you think my viewers will believe I got the names because I met the guys or do you think they’ll suspect more?”

Bakugo leaned in and kissed his ear. Deku tipped his head back for a kiss and when his boyfriend did as he wanted, he couldn’t help but smile.

Fuck, that dimple, Bakugo couldn’t help but think as he placed a small kiss on it. He had wanted to do that for years since he first saw it. And now Deku was his and he could kiss it any time he wanted to. 

He’d had it bad for Deku for a while before he met him, but after dating him, fucking him, waking up next to him, it only got worse. 

Bakugo had fallen head over heels in love with him.