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No one would've believed you if you said Dazai had a soft spot for Chuuya, in fact, Dazai himself would deny it.


But if you asked Chuya, He'd call you crazy and say the Mafioso "softness" isn't fuzzy at all.


Dazai had his ways of showing affection but because of his dark nature from being a heartless killer in the mafia, it was rough and forced.


For instance, every time Chuya used corruption he'd pass out instantly afterward. Dazai's sick cold heart always ached when he was about to turn away from the sleeping midget.


Although he shrugged it off as he didn't want to be an ear full about how inconsiderate he was to his partner, over time the feeling of wanting to take care of him increased.


Originally, the brunette just dragged him by the legs. Not caring if the other's back was rugged with marks. But after a while, he did get more "thoughtful".


they had developed a routine after some time, but Chuuya didn't cooperate with it until years of being made to.


It was a bath, pajamas, food, pain relief pill, and then sleep.


Of course, Dazai had to do most of the work because Chuuya was too exhausted to even lift a spoon after using corruption. 


But strangely enough, the cruel demon found it important to take care of Chuuya after using corruption. The thought was sweet, but the process was rough.




Dazai struggled to get the bobby pin out of his pocket to picklock Chuuya's apartment door, it was much more difficult than expected when you have a heavy passed out Chuuya on your back.


Honestly, the redhead should respect him more, considering he was patient enough not to just break his door down. Or just flop him by the door and call it a day. 


No. He was too kind.


After what felt like hours of trying, Dazai finally got his pin. He started to poke it into the keyhole. wiggling it around to unlock the knob, he was finally successful when he heard a 'click!'.


He sighed as his slender arms grew tired from carrying around the midget. But with Chuuyas loud snores and disgusting breath of grapes and whine only made it worse. 


He grimaced and shuffled into the apartment, kicking the door shut. Too tired to prioritize locking the door first, he flopped Chuuya onto the nearby couch signing in the relief of pain in his boney arms.


He swore they were going to snap if he carried the sloppy slug for a second longer. 


The brunette went back to lock the door shrugging off his coat, which used to be Mori's and kicked off his shoes. Making the small apartment dirty wasn't a concern of his when it was eleven in the night and Chuuya still needed to get ready for bed.


Why did he care so much about the tiny slug? If it was anyone else like Akutagawa, he would've left them passed out. But the small snores and occasional sneezes made Dazai's heart heat up his entire body.


The hot-headed one could be so adorable when He was peaceful and not bickering all the time.


He stretched as he made his way to the bathroom, after breaking into his apartment so many times; he knew his way around. 


Dazai turned the handles as water started pouring into the tub, making sure it was nice and warm before plugging up the bath so it could start to pool.


Tiredly, he walked back lifting to where the chibi was laying sprawled out on the sofa.


"Get up, slug, bath time." He said in a bored tone.


But all he did was roll over and mumble "Fuck off" as he tried to get comfy on the small couch. 


"Bath, pajamas, food, and pills, and then sleep, Okay?" Dazai promised in an almost reassuring tone, as he leaned down a bit so the smaller could hear him. "You know the drill, now get up."


Chuuya grumbled not budging an inch, Dazai sighed pushing the red curls that covered the other's face, gently tucking them behind his ears. He couldn't resist his hands as they caressed Chuuya's cheek. 


A small frown formed of the brunette's lips as he saw cuts and blood covering the soft skin. He licked his fingers before rubbing off some remnants of blood.


But the ginger rolled over grimacing at the wet feeling on his face, what a tsundere.


Seriously Chuuya could be aggravatingly stubborn. Only leaving the Mafioso to one choice, he lifted the midget over his shoulder, at least his arms could get some time of rest this way. 


Chuuya slowly coming to his senses, tried to kick the other as a way of saying "Fuck off" again. But the taller was far too drained to do anything other than ignoring it.


With small whines and protests, they made it to the bathroom.


His body almost gave out on him as he sat the curly redhead down on the closed toilet seat, yes now was the difficult part, after all, Chuuya couldn't bath with his clothes on.


The emotionless brunette started to unbutton the other's gray vest and tossing his black coat and hat as well. Lazy attempts to try and shoo Dazai's hands away only angered him more, as he firmly took them away.


"Stop," was all he said, he turned and saw the bathtub was now full and ready so he turned off the flowing water.


"What are you doing, shitty Dazai?" Chuuya murmured breathy, as his eyes fluttered open.


"Shush, and just cooperate won't you? We're both tired and I don't feel like dealing with your stubbornness." Dazai didn't answer his question as he pulled the gray vest off the other's shoulders.


"S-stop, I can bath myself I-idiot." Chuuya insisted but yet he was still drowsy and lazily pushed his vest aside.


"Oh yeah, like last time when you passed out in the tub?" The brunette huffed as he started to then unbutton Chuuya's white dress shirt. He didn't realize until now how much blood stains were all over his clothes. The demon smirked to himself thinking the color went well on him. 


"Q-quit! I said I can bath myself!" Chuuya connecting to his senses and waking up a little after the cold air hit his chest as his shirt was left open. His body was cold and shivered but his face was warm and his cheeks were on fire after being exposed to the other.


"Yeah, I heard you, I just don't care," Dazai said as he fought against the weak attempts to stop him. Corruption oddly affected Chuuya, he could rage on mindlessly destroying everything in his path, but when it was canceled, he was tired and could barely defend himself.


After a small fight of Chuuya's annoying small protest and hits, he was finally undressed and shivering cold and weak. Despite being freezing, everything from his neck to his face was red and heated.


He couldn't express how humiliating it was to be bare naked in front of his rival. But yet, Dazai made no comment and was rather shameless and acted like it was nothing.


"Do you seriously have to fight about everything?" Dazai sighed, growing annoyed already. "Now come on, shrimp dick. Get in."


 "N-not while you're in here!" Chuuya stammered, but he really couldn't argue with his mind being hazy and only caring about sleeping.


With a small groan, the Mafioso forcefully grabbed the smaller one by his arms and struggled to get him into the bathtub. If this was any other time, Dazai would've been beaten already. But because Chuuya lacked most of his strength at the moment, the fight wasn't too hard.


 "Let go of me, asshole!" Chuuya kicked and yelled, "Stop! Let go!" 


Forcing the smaller to sit in the bathtub wasn't as hard, because once he made contact with the warm water and bubbles he immediately surrendered. Falling weak to the comfort of his shivering cold weak body, he slides into the warm tub sighing in relief.


"See was that so hard?" The brunette smirked a bit as he helped settle Chuuya in.


"Quiet! I said I could it myself!" Chuuya blushed. He felt pathetic he was submitting so easily. But he was tired, and at this point, it wasn't worth it. "I'm not that tired, let me do this by myself!"


"Really, Chuuya. For once, just shut up and thank me." Osamu sighed as he grabbed a bar of soap dipping it the water to get a little wet. Chuuya huffed a bit, but Dazai ignored him grabbing his nearest arm and running the bar over it. He made sure to be gentle around the cuts and scrapes, but obviously, it wasn't good enough for the redhead.


 "Ow! Geez, asshole! Could you try to be gentle?" Chuuya hissed, trying to take his arm away but He held it firmly.


"Unless you want me to put soap in your mouth like the child you are, stop your whining." He said in a firm tone, hardening his hold as red marks formed on Chuuya's wrist.


Chuuya only hissed rolling his eyes, but he stops whining eventually. Satisified, the other continued to clean him. Getting off the dried blood from him and the enemies.


He could remember where the red marks of corruption would wrap around Chuuya's face and body as he bleeds and laughed like a maniac demolishing everything and everyone. It was quite the show he put on.


"Other arm," Dazai commanded, pleased; he didn't have to fight as Chuuya willingly reached his other arm to him.


Little did Chuuya know that this whole routine was a way of Dazai saying; thank you. 


Dazai being Dazai, wouldn't admit that openly out of anywhere. No, he had a reputation. But if it wasn't for Nakahara and willingly using corruption, in many scenarios, Dazai would've died a torturous death. 


Even when the chibi was mindlessly destroying everything, he had saved Dazai many times. And, the brunette found it odd. Who would risk their life for a life as wasteful as his?


If he had died all those times, Chuuya would've been freed from his endless taunting. So why then?


Well, he knew he wouldn't get the answer for a while now, so all he could do was take care of the smaller as a thank you.


"I don't get why you insist on doing this," Chuuya snarled as Dazai scrubbed shampoo through his red locks.


"I don't get why you grow out your hair, guess we'll never know the answers to most of our questions." Osamu hummed as he played with the curly locks. 


Just like his question. Why save him? 


Chuuya flinched as what felt like a waterfall of water pour down onto him to get the soap out of his hair, he seethes and trembled from the cold water.


Chuuya shot him a glare but with his sleepy eyes, gave away any spite behind it.


"Don't be pouty and dry up." Dazai sighed stretching his back, as he flung a towel to the floor by the tub. 


The ginger grabbed the towel almost tumbling out of the tub from how weak his legs felt. 


Chuuya found it humiliating enough, to be pampered by his rival no less! But a part of him craved it more then anything, the soft affection if he did cooperate. And the warm feeling of being cared for and treated always brought butterflies to his stomach.


Would he ever admit it? Probably not.


Dazai assisted Chuuya in getting dressed in boxers, some plaid red sweat pants, and a random t-shirt: for pajamas. Even though throughout all Chuuya did was complain.




"Just eat the damn soup already." 


"How do I know it isn't poisoned!" Chuuya yelled behind his hand covering his mouth to prevent Dazai from forcing the spoon of soup down his throat.


"Alright, I'll eat it to show you." Dazai exhaled eating a spoon full to prove his point. "See?"


"You'd eat it even if it was poisoned, suicidal maniac." Chuuya huffed with his arms crossed.


 "That'd be a painless way to die." The other mumbled, he stirred the soup thinking about what soup or food he'd eat as his last dish in this miserable prison. But he was sure Mori wouldn't allow that as usual. He quickly snapped back to reality remembering Chuuya still had to eat. "Anyways, say 'Aah!'!" 


"I'm going to kill you if- hsff!" Once the smaller opened his mouth, Osamu shoved a spoonful of tomato soup in his mouth. Dazai smirked as Chuuya flushed a pretty cherry red color as he fed him. 




At last, the pills.


Chuuya laid curled up on his, now messy bed. Dazai had originally made it but after they fought while getting Chuuya dressed, it wasn't in perfect condition.


"Alright, chibi, last thing." Dazai yawned, he was too exhausted to argue anymore. Just hoping Chuuya would take the pills without a hassle.


"Told you to stop calling me that, mackerel." Chuuya groaned with his face in his pillows 


"Uh-huh, and I told you to stop calling me that." The brunette teased sitting on the bed, with a water cup in one hand and a pill in the other. "Now, c'mon."


Chuuya made a lazy attempt to kick the teasing other but failed poorly. Sitting the exhausted Chuuya up as he put the cup to his lips signaling him to sip it. But if course, no results.


"Go away, I don't want them," Chuuya growled, lifting his face to avoid the cup so he could talk.


"I don't want a lecture from Mori, so open up," Dazai replied pressing the cup farther into the tightly sealed lips. But they didn't leek one bit.




He shook his head stubbornly ignoring the brunette's attempts.


"Stop being a child, we can sleep after you take the pills." The Mafioso insisted, seriously, they could've been asleep nearly twenty minutes ago if he would just cooperate.


Dazai sighed, scooting closer to the redhead, he grasped the other's nose blocking his nostrils for air. Chuuya struggled to fight back but it didn't take long for him to give up, because he soon started gasping from his mouth for air.


Dazai drank some water, not swallowing though, and kissed Chuuya on the lips forcing the water in his mouth, before popping the pills in his mouth as well.


"Swallow," Osamu ordered in a monotone voice. Even if he didn't sound firm, Chuuya stilled obeyed swallowing it anyways.


"Good boy," he said sweetly kissing the smaller on the nose. "Noww, we can sleep~"


The ginger sighed rolling over getting comfortable in the messy bed. Dazai threw off his clothes until he was left in bandages and boxers. He crawled in with Chuuya as well cuddling him closer with the other's back against his chest.


"My night in shining armor ~" the brunette whispered smoothly kissing the other's cheek.


"Go to bed, Dazai." The flustered redhead returned coldly, nudging him a bit.


"Bossy chibi."


"Sloppy Mackerel."


"Little Slug."


"Extra stuff with bandages."




"For the love of god go to bed."