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A Simple Kind of Life Never Did Me No Harm, A-Raisin' Me a Family and Working on the Farm, My Days Are All Filled with an Easy Country Charm (Thank God I'm a Country Boy)

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The quinjet door lowered and everyone other than Clint and Natasha froze.

“Hi Clint!” a girl shouted. She was chasing a small flock of chickens, followed by a goofy looking dog.

“Aw, chickens, no!” Clint said, face-palming. “Not again, Kate!”

“What- What is happening?” Tony asked.

“You’re the one that wanted to do this! ‘Get a farm,’ you said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ you said. We don’t fucking know how to farm, Clint!”

Natasha cracked up, bending over from her laughter.

“Oh, hi Natasha!” Kate shouted.

“Hi Kate.” She turned to Clint before saying, “I didn’t think you guys were actually going to do this. Oh my god.”

“Seriously, what’s happening right now?” Tony repeated.

“Oh! Guys, this is my friend Kate and my dog Lucky. Kate this is the Avengers.”

“Sup, guys?” she asked, panting.

She’d finally gotten the chickens back into their pen and was now lying on the ground with the dog licking her face.

“We need to lay low for a bit. These two,” he pointed back at Tony and Bruce, “accidently made a murder-bot that wants to destroy the entire world, starting with us.”

“Well, it’s a change from the Russian tracksuit mafia, at least,” she said, pushing Lucky off of her and standing up, brushing the grass and hay off of her clothes.

Clint shooed the others out of the jet and into the farmhouse.

“C’mon, guys, I’ll explain inside.”