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swans can fly, he can't

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  "You know, if you really wanna be a hero that badly.. There actually might be another way."
A pause, nothing more than a few moments.. "Just pray that you'll be born with a quirk in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof of the building."

It was a joke, right? It had to be a joke.. Kaachan would never say that..

Soft footsteps bounced from wall to wall as a young boy strolled under a bridge, clueless as to the danger that would soon accompany his path. All at once as if replicating a scene from a cheesy horror movie, a large shadow crept over the boy's line of sight, causing him to whip around in surprise and stumble back. Those next few words shook him to his core, "You'll make a perfect skin suit for me to hide in, kid.", and then it all came rushing in. The green-haired kid let out a cry as a gooey substance entered his body through the mouth, choking on it and desperately trying to pry it away. This was it, this was the end. He was going to die and nobody would be there to see it.. In a last-ditch effort to get free, he arched his back and leaned back as far as he could go. It was no use, he could feel his body weakening with each breathless moment.. Maybe, he could just- take a little nap? His vision began to blur, the effect worsened by hot tears falling from his eyes in pitiful lines. Would a crying boy be all that was left of him when he died?

As if a call from the heavens had been answered to oppose his thought process, the sewer lid flew up from where it had been only moments ago and clattered onto the ground. The sludge that had been so viciously writhing in his gut froze momentarily, expressing as much shock as he himself was currently feeling. A booming voice struck through the thick silence, "Have no fear, you are safe.", where did he recognize this voice from..? Wait.. There was no way. Could it be- "Now that I am here, that is." A flash of light and his entire form rung with pain, a noiseless scream escaping his lungs and uselessly muffled by the slime in his throat. The next few minutes seemed void and absent from his mind as he was consciously aware of everything around him, the sound of someone- All Might -calling out their secret move and a rush of wind flying past his now freed skin. 

Blinking open his eyes he distantly registered a figure standing above him asking if he was okay, taking only a few more moments to regain his memory before rubbing his face and sitting up. It all came flooding back to him in a rush of pure adrenaline, eyes going wide and mouth gaping like a fish pleading for water to flush its gills. His jaw snapped shut when he realized the horrendous face he was making, whipping his head away in embarrassment before a flurry of apologies slid from between his lips. A simple pat found itself upon his shoulders, causing him to jump in shock and look up at the figure towering over him. He instantly regretted the next thirty minutes.

That wouldn't be the last time he was let down by a hero.

  There he stood on the exact spot that Kaachan had recommended to him, his shoes neatly seated next to each other in perfect symmetry. This would be the last time anyone would hear from Izuku Midoriya, he decided that soon after being ridiculed by the on-sight pros when he saved- no... Not saved. Deku couldn't save anyone, he just provided a stupid distraction... Worthless Izuku, Quirkless Izuku, Useless Izuku.. He had heard it all. He swore to never be called any of those names again, so he stepped up to the railing and vaulted over it, standing on the opposite side, barefoot and suicidal. If he didn't do it now he'd never do it.. He leaned forward and screwed his eyes shut, feeling the air fly past him as he fell, avoiding trying to save himself in the slightest. A loud crack and he was out like a light.

When he awoke, it took so long for him to realize what had happened that he assumed he didn't exist. One memory at a time, he put together the puzzle pieces of his life and groaned as he rolled over, finally reaching the most recent events and wincing when he felt a sharp pain shoot up through his spine. Opening his eyes ever-so-slightly he peered over at what most certainly was not his wall and letting out shriek of shock, another shout of pain as he moved to stand and collapsed back onto the strangely comfortable bed. Fresh tears hung heavily at the corners of his eyes, falling in curved lines down his cheeks and staining the pillow beneath his head. His heart was pounding so hard that he could feel it in his skull, the searing pain in his back rearing its ugly head each time he twitched in the slightest.

A soft creak came from a door across the room, leaving the greenette to idly wonder about who entered the room up until an eyeless man loomed above him. Izuku could do nothing but let out a hoarse "Hello" to the figure and wince as he sucked in sharp breath, clenching his jaw and averting his eyes. "Are you still in pain? Strange, it should have gone away by now.", the eyeless individual stated in a soft voice, pressing his cold fingertips against the middle-schooler's cheek and making him shiver. Suddenly, all the pain faded at once, making him let out a whimper of relief and let his body relax. In reality he probably should've been concerned as to where he was, but the thankfulness for the lack of pain was out weighing his desire to question this man.

"My name is All For One, but you may call me Sensei. I saved you.", the man- All For One -said as if he read his mind., making the greenette nod slightly and sit up. "..Why'd you save me, though..? M' quirkless.. I deserve to die..", he mumbled softly with his eyes focused on the ground, jumping when a cold hand fell on his shoulder. "One, you aren't quirkless anymore. Two, you don't deserve to die. That's just irrational." All For One spoke up in a harsh but caring tone, pulling the suicidal teen into a gentle hug and making him let out a sob. Izuku buried his face in Sensei's neck and began to cry, slowly warming up to this stranger more so than he had thought he would. It soothed his worries to know someone cared about him, but then he remembered he said he had a quirk.

"Whadyou mean by I'm not quirkless..?", he whispered softly as if someone would overhear, still shaking from the emotions coursing through his veins. "I gave you three quirks." Wait, what? There was no way. That's not possible! "Why are you lying to me?" "I'm not; you have three quirks now. My quirk, All For One, allows me to store up other people's quirks and pass them onto whoever I wish. I know you're upset about not having one, so I gave you three instea-" He interrupted the older male by hugging him tightly and whispering incoherent thanks to him, sobbing into his shirt with such desperate attempts to find comfort.  

It only took a few more minutes for him to get out all the tears he needed to calm down again, releasing his grip on Sensei and sitting back to wipe his eyes. "Come now, boy. I'd like you to meet someone." "Who..?", he mumbled back to him in response, looking up with his reddened face and messy hair. Green locks fell across his face and stuck to his skin as he stood up, legs shaking from not using them. Izuku steadied himself against the wall and took in a soft breath, pushing it out through his nose slowly. A comforting hand rested upon his back as he walked, "My prodigy, Shigaraki Tomura. You and he will be considered brothers from now on. Don't worry, he already knows you're here.", the eyeless man explained softly.

Exiting the room, they entered what appeared to be a long hallway with no doors, rounding a corner to see a bar-like area occupied by a variety of strangers. Izuku froze up and stood dead still when he saw what looked like an All Might poster on the wall, staring at it as if it was a devil symbol. A tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality, making him jump slightly in surprise. It seemed someone had noticed him staring at the poster.. "What do you think of All Might?", a hoarse and raspy voice, most likely from the man with a hand on his face, broke through the silence. It took him a few moments to muster up the courage to respond, thinking about what he did think of All Might now. "..All Might is just like the rest of society.", he stated softly, earning a frustrated grumble from the hand man.

"He's closed-minded and biased..", he muttered in a low growl, staring at the ground with his hands tightening into fists. "I hate him." The words came out sounding so wrong in his mouth, words he'd never uttered about All Might. His entire life he had spent worshiping the ground that hero walked on, and now he saw just how stupid he was for believing he could actually look up to him. Izuku could never be a hero.. Heroes were the exact people he hated. Heroes were people like Kaacha- Bakugou. He needed to get rid of that childish nickname, he and Bakugou weren't friends anymore. Maybe they had been when they were kids, but not now. Never again. That train of thought lead back to the memory of his mom, she was probably worried about him.

"When can I go home? I need to let my mom know I'm alright." A strange silence stretched across the room, making him gulp in worry of what was to come. Sensei spoke up first, much to the relief of everyone else. "..Your mother was involved in an accident. That's why I couldn't return you home. All Might was attempting to fight a villain in the town and your mother got crushed under rubble that he didn't pay attention to", the voice sounded extremely apologetic, as if it was Sensei's fault. Izuku stared at the ground, unable to comprehend what words had just been spoken to him. Mom was dead. That didn't sound right. It didn't make sense for her to be dead, it just didn't. She couldn't be dead, but Sensei was telling the truth. Izuku was an orphan.

His vision was blurry and unfocused, tears welling up in his eyes only to be wiped away and forced down, an act he'd never been able to fulfill successfully until now. An attempt to speak up was swiftly cut off when someone did it for him, the man who he now thought of as Sensei. "You're in need of a distraction, so let's get you back to the reason I brought you in here.", the gentle hand guided him forward to the boy with a hand on his face, gesturing to him with a smile. "Tomura, meet Izuku. Izuku, meet Tomura." The hand was removed from the light haired male's face, rested gently upon the counter and allowing him to now see what he actually looked like. He found himself scanning the other's face, silently wondering how he got all those scars and curiously contemplating if he should compliment him on his eyes.

Bright red orbs peered into his emerald ones with a shocking amount of kindness, making him sigh and give him a forced smile and a wave. It took a few moments of silence for Tomura to speak up, "So you hate All Might, too, huh?", he muttered in that same raspy tone. Izuku nodded nervously, "Yeah.. uh. It's...", he trailed off and dipped his head, not knowing how to explain it. Wait- What was said earlier about him having more than one quirk? "Sensei, what quirks do I have?", he whispered softly, looking up at him, nervously rocking on his heels. "I'll show you later. Two of them aren't particularly safe to use around people that you don't wish to harm, one of them especially. The last is an instinct enhancer. I'll explain more once I have time, alright?", he hummed and ruffled the boys hair, making him smile slightly in response. 

Okay, so.. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad here after all.

  That was ten months ago. 
Now, Izuku- no, Kiokesu -stood at the front gate of UA directly next to Tomura, full intent to break through the wall that held them back inside his veins. Five skinny fingers grazed the concrete entrance, disintegrating it in mere seconds and allowing a swarm of news reporters to flood inside. A perfect distraction, in his opinion. His light haired brother retreated back to Kurogiri's portal, allowing Kiokesu to sneak along the wall inside the building and make his way to the file rooms. Stealth was a mastered skill that this greenette had learned over the time he'd spent with Sensei always watching him, sneaking past the known camera spots with ease to fool that eyeless man each time. Yet, now it really came into play. Every teacher and student occupied themselves with the break-in, just like they had planned, leaving him easily able to plug his USB into the slot of the UA headmaster's computer.

It didn't take long for him to download it all, removing the newly acquired information and backing his ass out of the building through a window. Landing ever-so gracefully in the grassy field, he vaulted over the shockingly defenseless wall and jumped through the perfectly placed portal. A giggle of accomplishment left his scarred lips, grinning like a kid in a candy store as he handed over the USB to the man in waiting. Kiokesu swooned when Sensei ruffled his hair, cherishing the rare times he received physical affection from him. Most of his hugs came from Kurogiri, but he only did it out of pity for the young boy. He didn't need pity, he needed hugs. Being held in a loving way was something he hadn't experienced in, well, ten months. Ever since his Mom died. Speaking of his Mom, he looked it up and she did in fact die. After a while he thought that Sensei might have lied to him, he lies about a lot of stuff, so he looked it up. 

Right there under recently deceased was Midoriya Inko, his mom. Looking into the missing persons list, he also found out that he himself was still being searched for. The only thing he had brought with him from his house was his old hero notebook, but those were mostly just used to pinpoint the weaknesses of hero's now. Yeah yeah, he hates heroes. Kiokesu has already had this discussion with himself before, he's come to terms with his new and improved life views. The heroes are just stupid fakes that people look up to only because they're too clouded by the idea of being saved by them. They can't keep everyone safe, that much is obvious. They're not gonna be able to be everywhere at once, duh. But they're so high off of praise that they can't take constructive criticism and think that they're better than everyone else! Cocky bastards just like Bakugou. Nothing but narcissism behind their fake attitudes. 

Who could blame him for despising the very people who caused his life to spiral from the moment he was deemed quirkless? Ha, lucky for him he wasn't anymore. He'd gained strict control on his powers, despite one of them being rather.. troublesome to say the very least. Actually, he'd begun to take notes on them! A new series of notebooks named 'Villain Analysis for the Future', expertly dubbed by yours truly. Could he have named it something better? Probably, but it didn't matter now. Quirk analyzing became more of a job now, still greatly interesting him in every way possible. Life with the league was far better than anything he'd ever expected. He'd made a few friends, but all of them swiftly became his trusted best friends within months. Especially big bro Tomuchan! It was hilarious how much Tomura faked hating when he called him that, he was so obvious with how he enjoyed the treatment.

Kiokesu and him had grown very fond of each other, sticking side by side at every moment of the day, they even shared a room. The small boy would sneak out during the night and steal the next release of Tomu's favorite games, never once getting caught thanks to his stealth stats- Oh god, had he began to use video game language? Handface was really having an influence on him.. Not that he hated it, no no! He adored the slang that the other used, he just didn't see himself being able to use it without looking like a fool. Tomura owned the video game logic, it was totally his thing! Kiokesu's? Not so much. It was real cute, though. He'd have to tell Tomura such when he got back from his mission of permanently borrowing a new knife from his all time favorite weapons store, a razor sharp blade with a camo-print handle! Wonderful.

He had planned on getting this one for a very special event, one involving his beloved 'Kaachan', at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Kiokesu craved blood, and not to drink. He craved murder, or at least gravely injuring someone. There was no way he wasn't going to succeed, he had been training with Sensei for ten months now. 

  Kiokesu would make Sensei proud. Kiokesu would kill All Might

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  A gentle tap of pen against paper urged inspiration to pursue the mind of a young teen, staring down at the hurried notes scribbled upon a notebook in his hands. Eyes narrowed, he took a long breath and adjusted his position on his bed, laying with his legs straight up the wall. Pressing his lips into a flat line, Kiokesu read over the writing he had taken on his quirks. He had gained one more from Sensei just a couple days ago, but that one was so hard to control! Sensei compared it to the quirk of a hero named Ragdoll, and Kiokesu really had to agree. They were very similar in concepts, but still so different.


1. Nightmare
Fear activated Stress activated. Emitter type. Releases purple mist/gas from skin sweat glands. Breathing in the gas makes people really scared hallucinate their worst fear for 1 hour 50 mins around 20-60 minutes varying from person to person. If I stay in the gas for 20 mins 10 mins I'll start to hallucinate too. Sensei makes me stay in it for a punishment. I have a lot more tolerance for it so my fear lasts for around 20 mins. 

2. Forget Me-not
Prolonged contact with target for 2 days 24 hours however long the memory I want to get rid of is divided by 5 is the hours it takes to erase the memory. I get really bad amnesia whenever I erase a lot of memory from someone. Max memory I forget at one time is 2 days 5 days. 

3. Biography
I can know everything about anybody most things that other people know about a specific person. Collecting the memories or facts about somebody from people I come across. Can't learn about someone from themself. Have to look into someone's eyes for an unknown amount of time depending upon how much info I need to collect. People who have nobody who knows a specific thing about can't be Biographized. I have to write down or memorize the info. 

4. Unnamed Healing??         v and myself
Pulling injuries off of others and putting them on myself into a pill-like capsule to either get rid of or keep for later. Max of 5 7 pills at a time. Making the pills zaps my energy & dehydrates me so I have to rest and drink a lot of water to keep it up. Training with Sensei has made me much more tolerant to being tired and dehydrated. I can last for a long time now! 

  And that's about all he has so far. Bluh.. Well it's at least half decent for the time being. Or maybe he could ad- "KESU!! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!", a frustrated voice rung out through the air outside of his door, muffled slightly by the walls, but still making him jump out of his train of thought. "Coming, dumbass!", he called back with a groan of frustration, pocketing his notebook and standing off of his bed. Kiokesu adjusted the clothing he had on, a stupid T-Shirt that he had picked out for himself that read "villain costume" in obviously painted on kanji. Just below that he wore a long sleeved, skin tight, turtle neck running shirt. That was quite a mouthful to say aloud.. Thankfully, he didn't have to at the moment. Fiddling with the razor sharp blades he kept tucked away on his belt, he gazed at his form in the mirror. He looked so... different, now. 

A long white scar ran across his face from the left of his jaw just below his lip all the way up to the right of his forehead, the end of it hidden beneath his messy curls. Speaking of his curls, they looked so strange to him now that he was able to take the time to observe it. The formerly black lower shade was now clouded over by an ugly faded grey, the edges of the black peaking out just around the edges of it. His green was still the exact same.. How did he get that grey? Sensei had told him it was a side-effect of Nightmare, but he couldn't understand why. Oh well, it didn't matter right now. He'd spent far too long immersed in his own thoughts, anyway. Exiting through the door of his bedroom, he moved sluggishly down the hall and into the bar room with a soft sigh. "What took you so long, Kesu?" " 'got distracted. We goin'?", he hummed curiously, sending his pseudo-brother a childish grin. 

"Yeah, we're heading out now. Don't fuck this up for us. I'm controlling the Nomu, you can handle.. whatever the hell else you wanna handle, 'kay?" Kiokesu nodded sharply in response to the obviously rhetorical question, taking in a focused breath to steel his nerves before stepping into a portal.

     (( POV Eraserhead))

  There had always been a reason for everything. The universe supplied far too many unfortunate circumstances for this dark-eyed pro to truly believe there was no meaning behind them. With each new challenge he faced, another lesson emerged from beneath the rubble of his mistakes. However, the newest development had shook him to his core. Within the first few minutes of entering the USJ, the power cut out through the entire facility, blocked from restarting by some outside force. Large purple portals ripped through the air near the central plaza, hundreds- no, thousands of villains flooding through them. If it hadn't been for his intensive training, he no doubt would have froze up from pure fear. In all honesty, Shouta was terrified of what was to come.

Taking a defensive stance, the ravenette ushered his students behind himself. "Stay back! I'll handle this.", he instructed in a demanding tone, hair rising up above his head as he slid his signature yellow goggles over his eyes. From far off in the distance Aizawa could hear a raspy voice, somehow booming throughout the dome. "Where is he? I went through the trouble of bringing so many friends who are eager to meet him.. They want All Might; the great Symbol of Peace. I can't believe he's not here..." Looking to the source of the noise, he held his body lower to the ground in dread of how many villains had broken into what was supposed to be a secure location. "Maybe if I kill a few kids he'll come out to play..", the masked man pondered devilishly, sneering from behind a grayish hand that lay over his face. Shouta shuddered in disgust, sending his scarf up into the air around him and lunging into action.

It took mere seconds for him to knock out most of the minor villains, surprising him slightly in confusion. Why were they so weak? Was this all a distraction? And what was that huge thing standing next to the hand gu- A sharp pain rung out through his skull as a figure appeared out of seemingly nowhere with a blade in hand, "Eraserhead.. Wow, you're even cooler in person!", the villain- a teen no older than his students -giggled out happily. Shouta reeled back in shock, how the hell did this kid sneak up on him? Was it his quirk? On instinct, he kept his eyes trained on everyone at once, shuddering when a soft hum was heard from the now motionless teen before himself. "Eraserhead, do you value your life? I'm not asking that out of a threat, I'm genuinely curious." That question made him tense up momentarily, swiftly getting back to work on fighting off the incoming thugs.

"Do you?" Shouta echoed back, earning an almost depressed expression from the young boy. "No, I don't. I really don't.", those words sent a pang of guilt through his heart, making him question how on earth someone like this had become a villain, no less a nearly suicidal one at that. As if the teen had read his thoughts, he answered solemnly to him. "..Why didn't they save me? Why'd he have to kill her... Did he do it on purpose..? Was it to spite me for being such an idiot to think that quirkless Deku could become a hero?", the boy wondered aloud, lost in his own mind among the sea of panic surrounding him. Shouta had taken out all the other villains, he realized that only now after he had been subconsciously fighting them off while still keeping his attention on this kid. "..Heroes can't be everywhere at once. I'm sorry that you weren't saved back then, but if you'd let me- I can save you now.", he stated with a piercing gaze and an honest promise, earning a conflicted look from the teen. 

"..Sensei wouldn't like that.", he whispered softly, eyes averted to glance worriedly over to the large creature and the man with a hand on his face. Shouta gestured to the hand man, "Is that Sensei?", the boy choked on a laugh. "Tomu? No no- Tomura is not Sensei. He's too stupid to be Sensei." A snarl came from in the distance, "I CAN HEAR YOU, DUMBASS!", another chuckle from the greenette. "..Sensei is the man who told us to kill All Might... Oh- He's here." Right on cue, a booming voice rung out through the dome as All Might slid to a stop on the ground near the fleshy creature. "YOU ARE SAFE NOW. WHY? BECAUSE I AM HERE!", he bellowed at the top of his lungs, making the young teen flinch and cover his face with his sleeves. "Pleasedontrecognizeme pleasedontpleasepleaseplease-", he pleaded sheepishly with an oncoming panic in his tone, stumbling back away from the hero as if he had been burned. Shouta blinked in surprise, why was this villai- no, not a villain -this boy so terrified of All Might? "Nomu, kill him."

He looked up just in time to see the mound of muscle- Nomu, his brain supplied -slam into the Symbol of Peace at full force, eyes blown wide with shock as a single drop of blood left the hero's lips. "He made the Anti-All Might.. I was his original experiment, but he didn't want me to be a mindless Nomu.. So I'm- I'm.. the failed Nomu. Just like Sensei wanted." This teen spoke in a way that sounded like a broken record, repeating the words of someone else and forming them into his own speech. Shouta snapped his mouth shut, not having realized it was hanging open until now, and sent his scarf out to wrap around the boy. For a moment the world seemed to move in slow motion, two emerald orbs darting to the incoming capture weapon and pupils flashing red. His leg swung out fast as lightning, blocking the attempted attack with one smooth motion and instinctively charging forward. The red faded out of his eyes before he reached Shouta, but the pro had already stumbled back in shock.

"S- Sorry I- didn'- I-", he stuttered out with a panicked voice similar to that of a hormonal teen, much more natural than the prophetic tone that he had been using formerly. "I- I panicked and- I- It happens when people try to- I didn't to- I'm sorry!", he squeaked and covered his face with his hands, starling him even further. This was.. not a reaction he had expected, to say the least. "Sensei is gonna kiiiiiilll meeeeee-", he whined and dragged his palms down his face exaggeratedly, getting distracted when a sharp shattering noise echoed through the air. Shouta watched in horror as a demented grin found itself spreading across the young boy's head, eyes sparkling with a combination of amazement and fury. "..You really are something, Toshinori...", he muttered under his breath, making the underground pro's throat hitch. How did this kid know All Might's identity? God this wasn't goo- A rush of pain flew at him full force, making him let out a strangled shout as he fell backward onto the ground of the USJ. 

Directly above him, those terrifying green eyes bore down into his skull, a pitying expression lingering momentarily until a boot slammed down on his face. In literal seconds he was out cold, leaving the world of the conscious to fend for itself at the mercy of these villains. 

  Shouta woke with a gasp, adrenaline coursing through his veins as he swiftly assessed the situation at hand. Okay- He had done this before. He was an underground hero, he had been trained specifically to endure kidnapping or being held hostage. This was fine. First things first; what could he gather about the room? Shifting his body, he took note of the chains that held his arms behind his back and the cuffs that kept his legs secured to the floor. He was on his knees, that meant they didn't want to risk him being able to kick out. Glancing around the room, he realized there were no windows. That either meant he was below surface level or the building had been built to not have windows in this room. Shouta was hoping it was the latter, that would make it much easier to escape from. The thing that confused him the most was how clean the surfaces were, almost spotless as if they had been expecting a visitor. That conclusion rubbed him the wrong way.. Had they planned to kidnap him?

Thinking back on how he got here, he remembered that boy. He could tell in his eyes that he didn't want to do any of that, it was clear as day, but he did it anyway. Then there was the man he called Sensei.. A threatening figure, he assumed, who was the head of the- what did they call themselves? The Villain Association? God that sounds stupid.. And then there was the fact that the boy knew All Might's true name.. What the hell was up with these people? A shrill squeaking noise came from the door, one that Shouta had somehow not noticed before, making him wince. A figure in casual clothing walked in and if it weren't for that large scar across his face, he wouldn't have recognized the boy in the slightest. Mostly because his hair was no longer falling in front of his eyes, but now tied back into a bun upon his head. It seemed that the teen hadn't expected the other to be awake by the raise of his brow, blinking in surprise before offering him what appeared to be a smile of greeting. He didn't return it, instead scowling suspiciously

"..My name is Kiokesu.", he admitted softly, kneeling before the pro with a guilty sigh. Shouta raised a brow in curiosity, "Why are you telling me?", he questioned with danger laced in his tone, causing the teen- causing Kiokesu to wince and avert his eyes. "..m' sorry. s' not.. I-", he stuttered softly, sitting back to where he was able to cross his legs over each other. Shouta peered at him expectantly, waiting for the inevitable answer he had desired. "I didn't want to do it. I really didn't.. I can't- He'd kill you himself if I didn't.", he whispered that last sentence with an obvious tremor in his hands, interlocking his fingers in an attempt to disguise it. A sigh escaped his lungs, dropping his head and laying his chin onto his own chest. "And why do you care? You said it yourself that heroes didn't save you, so why should you save them? What's the point?" That seemed to make the greenette stiffen, biting down on his already abused lower lip to keep from whimpering. He could see the internal struggle without even looking at the kid, it was so painful to watch.

A sob filled the formerly silent room, startling Shouta to look up at the villain before him, hot tears already pricking the corners of his eyes. He observed as Kiokesu violently rubbed his face to keep from crying, "..No... No tears, Deku.. Stupid, Useless Deku...", the boy mumbled softly, almost inaudible to him. In the midst of what was sure to be a break down, the boy inched closer and hugged Shouta. Hugged him. Didn't stab him or inject him with anything- just hugged him. His breath stopped short, silently waiting for him to do something, to suddenly pull away and hit him or- Something other than this. This- wasn't villain behavior. This was the way a terrified child would act, clinging onto someone for dear life as if they were the only one who could keep them safe. Kiokesu was being abused. "..Kid, let me help you. He won't hurt you if you let me help. I promi-" "BUT HE WILL!", the child shouted against his ear, clutching tighter to him and letting out another strained sob. "He'll find me.. He always finds me. One of his quirks- He'll bring me back.. Can't-", he whimpered, curling inward on himself while still hugging Shouta.

Shouta took a moment to think before sighing softly, "..There's a way to make people unable to use their quirks against you. A new device that people have been working on. I- just so happen to be one of the few heroes with access to that tech. Its.. really experimental and only works with emitter quirks so far, but- If you take off the chains, I'll give it to you. On one condition. You stay with me.", he spoke sternly but still with an immense amount of honesty. He fully expected the young man to deny his offer, to turn him away and insist he didn't need anything like that because he could handle himself. That was obviously not the case, but he would have to respect his wishe- "..Okay.", the meek voice spoke through the soft silence, startling him out of his thoughts. The ravenette blinked in response, "Okay..?", he echoed in a skeptical tone.

  "I'll come with you, Eraserhead."