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The last thing Todoroki wanted to do on a Tuesday afternoon was meet with his teacher.

It's not as if he didn't like Aizawa - quite the opposite, actually. His homeroom teacher was quiet, level-headed, and had a certain kind of love for his students that Todoroki would almost call fatherly. Maybe that’s exactly what it was, fatherly ; it's not like he really knew how a father was supposed to act around his kids. Regardless, he respected his students to some degree, and they respected him back, looking past his stoic veneer and intimidating gaze to see a man worthy of nothing less than admiration.

And while Todoroki never thought he'd find himself liking a teacher very much after growing up with tutors hounding him over his studies, he was no exception from the rest of class 2A. Aizawa was just a great guy.

But that didn't mean he wanted to meet one-on-one with the pro hero.

Aizawa had returned to the school much sooner than anyone had suspected he would, exhaustion written clear on his face along with something else the student couldn't place. He'd never really been good at reading expressions, and Aizawa was already difficult to read. Even Shinsou seemed off, more snappy and tired than usual, a somewhat haunted look in his eyes. 

He'd gone straight to his room with expressed orders from Aizawa to do so. The teacher himself had been locked in his office for the last two hours, along with Yagi, with other faculty members coming and going, only to leave sporting a fake smile that had even some of the general studies students on edge.

And then Todoroki had been called to go see him.

He'd been lounging in the common room, going over notes with his classmates for their English quiz the next day - subject-verb agreement wasn't that difficult, but Kaminari was having a more difficult time with it than usual - when Present Mic had come to get him, a similarly solemn look on his face as the rest of the teachers. He was jittery, fingers wrung together and hands moving wildly as he spoke, trying to maintain his carefree persona. But unlike Aizawa, Yamada wasn't very good at hiding his emotions.

Even as he left the dorms, he could hear the other students talking, hushed whispers they thought he couldn't hear as they discussed the reason he was being called.

"It must have something to do with the League," Midoriya muttered, raising a hand to rest on his chin. "Aizawa-sensei went straight to his office after he got back."

"I heard they broke out," Shouji whispered, gesturing to the ear at the end of his tentacles. "The teachers were talking about it."

A sharp breath from Kaminari. "Jeez, really?"

“Then do you think Endeavor was attacked?” Midoriya questioned. “I'm pretty sure that would have been on the news were that the case…”

"I bet five-hundred yen that Dabi guy is his brother," Bakugou teased, making no effort to stay quiet.

And that's how Todoroki found himself walking over towards his homeroom teacher's office, Yamada hot on his heels and trying his best to make small-talk. But the boisterous man was more fidgety than usual, less confident in his words and more reserved in his movements than he typically was - it was far too obvious, even for Todoroki of all people, that the English teacher was hiding something. That fake grin he'd worn since leaving Aizawa's office hid nothing, just as it didn't for the other teachers. There was something going on, and whatever it was, he was almost certain that he was about to find out.

And that he wasn't going to like it.

"You need to relax, listener," Yamada said suddenly, cutting off his ramblings for a second and looking at his student, concern clear even through his ridiculous glasses. "You're really tense right now."

Todoroki nodded, noticing almost instantly how rigid his shoulders were, how wired his muscles were - almost as if he were waiting for a fight, for a surprise attack that was less than likely to happen. (Of course, with the League being free again, he couldn't be sure.) He took a breath, trying to force himself to relax. "Sorry, sensei."

"Don't apologize," Yamada scolded, the typical carefree vibe he wore suddenly non-existent. "I'm guessing you've picked up on what this is about? That's why you're so tense, yeah?"

The student nodded. "The League, right?"

That much was obvious. Sure, Todoroki was a little dense, but even he could figure out that this most likely had to do with the League in some capacity, seeing as his grades were near perfect and he wasn't exactly one to get into trouble. Maybe his father had been attacked again, like Midoriya was theorizing, though that seemed unlikely.  Nothing was on the news as far as he knew, and Fuyumi wasn't currently calling him desperately while Natsuo sent him screenshots with scathing commentary. Perhaps it was one of his siblings that had been attacked instead, or both of them. His father probably wouldn't tell him, were that the case - didn't need his little protege to be distracted from his training over something as meaningless as family.

It still didn't make sense, though.

Yamada sighed, running a gloved hand up under his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, the League." He paused for a moment before he turned to look down at the boy, green eyes glossing over him briefly, almost as if he were feeling out the situation. But just as he was awful at reading emotions, Todoroki was awful at showing them as well. "I want to let you know, Todoroki, that this is something that will most likely be blowing up the hero community, as well as the rest of Japan, over the next few days, if not months. If you need someone to talk to, Shouta and myself will be there. We also have counseling services, if you need them."

"I don't like how you're talking about this," Todoroki said bluntly, turning to look at his teacher with narrowed eyes. "Why would I need counseling over the League? If my father was attacked again, then it's not my problem."

"It's not my place to say what this is about," the hero said, looking off to the side and rubbing a hand on his neck. "I'm just letting you know, kiddo."

It seemed like the man had wanted to say more, but they found themselves in front of the teacher's office, and Yamada suddenly went quiet. He knocked twice on the door before being called to enter, stepping aside once he opened the door to let his student in. Todoroki complied, stepping inside carefully as the door closed behind him, the blond hero disappearing elsewhere and leaving him alone with Aizawa and Yagi.

Aizawa looked up from the paperwork on his desk, eyes more tired than usual as he met his student's gaze, the sag in his shoulders giving away how exhausted the man really was. Yagi didn't look much better, slumped back against the couch with his fingers laced together, head hanging down before he turned to look at the student. Both rose at the same time, Aizawa speaking as he did so.

"I'm sorry to call you when you should be studying, but this is a matter that couldn't be put off for your convenience," he said matter-of-factly, picking up a notepad and a pen. He rounded his desk, stopping near one of the private conference rooms used for meetings and gesturing towards it with his head. "Take a seat inside, then we'll get started."

Todoroki complied, walking as casually as he could into the room and taking a seat in one of the two chairs in front of the desk, Yagi joining him in the other as Aizawa took a seat on the opposite side, setting his notepad on the table and letting out a sigh. While he didn't want to admit it, the boy was getting more and more anxious with each passing second, the uncertainty of the situation making him uneasy enough that his right size had begun to frost over just a little bit, something only he would notice. He knew he was stoic most of the time, making him difficult to read - and never before had he been so thankful for his practiced stillness, regardless of how it had to be beaten into him.

"Why am I here?" he said finally, dual-colored gaze turning to meet the tired eyes of his teacher. "If this has to do with my father being attacked by the League, then I'm uninterested aside from knowing whether he's alive or not."

His homeroom teacher looked at him carefully, seemingly reading deeper into his words than Todoroki imagined he would. "Would it bother you if your father didn't make it out alive?" he asked, careful to keep his words even.

For a moment, Todoroki thought over the question. While he'd never liked his father, hated him, even, he wasn't one to wish death on anyone, even the man who ruined any possibility of having a normal childhood and healthy, functional relationships with other people. Did he want the man to be punished for his actions and to be knocked down a couple pegs? Absolutely - he couldn't think of anything better. Did he believe his father was actually trying to change and become a better person? Not really. Did he want him dead? Not at all.

Fuyumi, for whatever reason, accepted that he was trying to change, sticking up for him whenever she could. While she'd been ignored by their father, she never had to go through the intensive training that he had, had rarely been in the path of his anger, and was generally separated from what he did to everyone else in the house. Mother was still wary of him, but she also believed he was trying to change. And while Natsuo would probably be fine with their father finally dying in some bloody battle with the League, the youngest Todoroki couldn't share his brother's sentiment. The happiness of his mother and sister were too important to him, overpowering his need to see his old man suffer.

"...yes," he said eventually, looking down at his hands. "My mother and sister would be devastated. I couldn't bare to see them hurt."

"Do you care only because of them?" Aizawa pressed, raising his eyebrows. 

Slowly, Todoroki shook his head, albeit reluctantly. "I'm sure you're aware that I hate my father, which is why you're asking this," he said softly, looking down at his hands. "Father is... a complicated person. While my liking for him is still… low, I'm not at Natsuo's level of hating him. I still care for him to some extent, though I'm not sure why."

"Natsuo's one of your brothers, right?" Yagi asked, casting a glance over at the student.

Todoroki stiffened, reaching up to scratch at his scar. "My only brother," he corrected, blue-grey gaze meeting the darkened eyes of his teacher. "Touya ran away when I was eight. He was declared dead four years later. I think the term is dead in absentia ."

The way both his teachers stayed silent unsettled him, but Todoroki pressed on.

"I still want to know why I'm here," he said, settling his hand back in his lap. "This does have to do with the League, right?"

Aizawa eventually nodded, tired black eyes meeting blue-grey. "In case you were unaware - which I'm sure you're not, knowing your class - the League of Villains escaped their imprisonment around noon, as they had another member we didn't know about. He had a teleportation quirk and was able to assist in their escape. Their suppressant cuffs were deactivated not long after they got out, and when we checked their last known locations, they were long gone. The only thing we found was the decayed body of who we presume to be the member who broke them out."

"Kurogiri wasn't their only teleporter?" the boy asked, slightly confused.

"Apparently not even Hawks knew about him," the hero said, something dark behind his words. It was as if he wanted to say more, like he knew something about why the other hero had said nothing in regards to the other villain's existence, but he stayed quiet, shaking his head as if to banish the thoughts clouding his mind. "But that's not the point. Before they escaped, we were able to interrogate each of the members and get information out of them that we hadn't been privy to before." He took a breath, running a hand over his face. "Unfortunately, some of the information was in regards to the Todoroki family, and I need to know if what was said is true or not."

Todoroki struggled not to react at the words. "What kind of information."

"The kind that could cause a lot of trouble if word were to get out."

This wasn't at all where Todoroki thought this was going. He was almost certain that someone in his family had been hurt, not that his teachers had been given supposedly damning information on his family instead. How the League of Villains were able to dig up information on them was beyond him - something he didn't even really want to think about, as it meant either someone was digging into them or Hawks wasn't as loyal as everyone thought he was. But the way his teachers were watching him, constantly darting to his scar and back, could only mean that they were aware, to some extent, of Endeavor's parenting style.

Eventually, Todoroki nodded. "I'll answer what questions you have," he said, voice hollow. This was the kind of information that could cause trouble, cause him trouble, if it ever got back to Endeavor. But this was also a step towards seeing the man who ruined him fall from grace. He knew it wouldn't be easy, it was never going to be easy, but Natsuo was right about one thing.

Father doesn't deserve to be protected, regardless of what Fuyumi says. He didn't protect us, didn't protect big bro Touya - why should we protect him?

We shouldn't, was his only response.

"Some of the things I'm going to ask may be personal, and I want to let you know that you don't have to answer if you don't wish to," Aizawa said, looking down at the notepad before him. "Do you understand this?"

Todoroki nodded.

"Good. Then we might as well start." The man took a breath, flipping a page over before he began to read. "At 10:52am, we began our interrogation of Dabi. During our interaction, he let us know certain things about the Todoroki family, namely that your father, Todoroki Enji, was severely abusive towards you, your mother, and your brother, Touya, while being neglectful of your other two siblings."

Why would someone like Dabi know that? Todoroki thought, tilting his head to the side ever-so-slightly. He'd had minimal interactions with the villain, the main one being that one time in the forest nearly a year ago, and hadn't really thought much about the man since, aside from when he fought Endeavor four months later. Sure, it was strange that some A-ranked villain seemed to be taking a personal interest in his family, but so long as his siblings weren't involved, he wasn't too worried. The guy was rather physically weak from what he remembered, looking almost sickly and skinny beneath that bulky jacket, and a fire-quirk was something he was used to fighting against.

But that didn't explain how he knew. 

When he didn't respond, Aizawa continued, looking more tired than the student had ever seen him. "Todoroki, I'm going to need you to start from the beginning. Is it true that your father chose to marry your mother and have kids with her for the explicit purpose of having kids with stronger quirks?"

"Yes," Todoroki said, his teacher's words snapping him from his thoughts. It was the exact same definition found online when the term quirk marriage was searched, a definition engraved into his mind. "He wanted a successor who could finally become Number One and carry on his legacy, as he knew he could never beat All Might himself - not with the limitations of his quirk. He needed something to counteract his overheating."

Next to him, Yagi reached up to clasp a bony hand over his mouth, looking as though he were about to be sick. “So he was telling the truth,” he breathed, words muffled as the former hero shook his head. The question of how Dabi would know such a thing began to claw at him again, but the thought was pushed aside as he looked at his teacher, looked at the man his father hated so vehemently. The horror and disbelief on his face slowly changed into something more angry, something that almost made the boy think he'd return to his All Might form.

“Please, sensei,” Todoroki began, voice gentle as he addressed the old man. "Don't blame yourself. None of us…"

A raised hand cut the young hero-in-training off, and the former hero echoed his words without having heard them. " None of us ever resented you , right?" he asked, a sad smile on his face.

The dual-quirk user nodded, somewhat confused as his words were echoed before he could say them, as if they'd already been said to him. "Yes. The actions of my father can't be blamed on you. It's not your fault he essentially threw a fit about not being number one."

Yagi chuckled softly, shaking his head as he did so. "I'm glad you're able to joke about this, Young Shouto, but… this is a serious matter," he said, face growing stern as he spoke. Todoroki couldn't help but notice how he used his given name, making his words so much more personal. "His actions… those aren't the actions of a hero."

"I'm well aware," Todoroki replied, words short. 

It had only been a few minutes, and already, this conversation was beginning to grate on his nerves. Of course he knew those weren't the actions of a hero - he didn't see his father as a hero to begin with. He saw the man as a monster, a human disaster who just so happened to be blessed with a powerful quirk he could use to take down villains, as if beating his wife and kids wasn't already a step away from being a villain in its own right. That's what Natsuo called him time and time again, and according to both him and Fuyumi, it was something Touya would call him often.

To his face.

But that was besides the point. He was explicitly aware of his father's less-than-heroic nature behind closed doors. He didn't need the man he was bred to overtake to tell him so, even if the man was someone he looked up to more than anything. The Todoroki's were dense, not stupid, and Shouto was no exception.

"To continue," Aizawa said, eyes dark as he looked over the paperwork again. "Before you developed your quirk, Enji would train Touya, correct?"

That was something the youngest Todoroki wasn't too sure about, at least, not in its entirety. "From what Natsuo told me, he stopped training Touya right when my quirk manifested, as I could withstand the fire he couldn't. But I remember…" he paused, eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to summon the hazy memories. "I remember Touya begging for Father to train him, even when he was covered in bandages."

"Covered in bandages?" Yagi questioned. 

"Touya's quirk was… there was a downside to it. His body was made for ice, but he got fire instead. His fire was hotter than my father's actually, but…" he trailed off, expression sour. "When he used his quirk, he burned himself."

Aizawa clenched his teeth. "And Enji trained him despite knowing his quirk was self-destructive?"


But there was more to it than that. There had to have been. After their father stopped training him, finally relinquished the boy of his suffering when it came to using his quirk, why would he beg to be thrown back into the same hell he'd cried to escape before Shouto knew about it firsthand? Todoroki could vaguely remember his brother being covered in burns before he was tossed aside - but after Shouto's quirk manifested, Touya's burns were always worse. They lined his arms and neck in a way that just seemed so painful, as did the patches of frostbite their mother would give to him without realizing it wasn't Enji, but her firstborn son, coming to talk to her. 

The answer to this was obvious, but Todoroki really didn't like to think about it. It made him feel guilty beyond belief, knowing that his brother likely suffered because of him. Perhaps that's why he finally decided to say it, to share the burden he'd carried for so long.

"I think… Touya was trying to protect me."

"From training?" Aizawa asked after a moment. 

The hero-in-training nodded. "Training for me was… hell. I can only imagine what it was like for Touya, with his quirk troubles and all." Aizawa tensed at the words, but Todoroki continued. "When Father was especially mad, he'd ask to be trained in my place. I think Touya was forced to keep his quirk on longer than he should have while our father…"

He couldn't continue, the memories making him sick as he trailed off. He remembered crawling into the dojo one night, hours after their father had left, only to find Touya lying in a puddle of his own blood, darker than the light red of his brother's spiky hair. The skin on his arms and back were red and bubbling, face a disgustingly purple color that made the young boy frantic. He'd run to get Fuyumi, only to be stopped when a hand grabbed his ankle, holding the toddler in place. 

"Fuyumi doesn't need to see this,”  he'd said, bright cyan eyes flickering with an anger barely hidden beneath the surface. "Neither do you or Natsuo. Get some rest, little bro. It'll be fine."

Touya wasn't out of his room much after that, rarely joining his other siblings for dinner and hardly ever asking to train. Fuyumi would bring a bowl to his room and spend a few minutes talking to him, but he was mostly separated from the rest of the family, as was Shouto. But Touya's absence was his choice. 

Just like it was when he ran away. 

But had it really been his choice? Hadn't their father abused him enough to the point it was either stay there and die or leave home and suffer the same fate?

"Todoroki," Aizawa said, snapping the student from his thoughts. He'd set the legal pad down, eyes glinting red as he focused on the dual-quirk user and hair swirling around him. When the boy sent him a confused glance, the teacher sighed. "You were freezing over," he explained, releasing his quirk as he did so. 


With a sigh, Todoroki shook his head, running a tired hand over his face. The continuous mention of Touya was beginning to stress him out more so than he thought it would, but he was almost certain there was a reason. 

"You know something about Touya, don't you?" 

The two teachers looked at each other, something guarded behind their eyes that made Todoroki's hackles rise. The silence, though it lasted for just a moment, spoke volumes.

"He's alive, then?" His words were almost hopeful.

Reluctantly, Aizawa answered, not meeting his student's gaze as he spoke. "Yeah, he's alive."

His words weren't happy. The opposite, actually - his teacher sounded dejected, almost helpless, the way he confirmed his brother's status. It made Todoroki's skin crawl - he should have been happy, having just heard the brother he regretted not knowing better was actually alive, but for it to come up now of all times didn't make sense. 

"Why would interrogating Dabi lead to finding out about Touya?" Todoroki asked, confusion laced in his words behind the apprehension. As much of a mystery as Dabi was, the fire-wielder was a villain, and as far as he knew, Touya would never concern himself with someone like that, regardless of how much he hated Endeavor. 


The look Aizawa was giving him was one that he wasn't used to being the subject of, but it was one he would recognize anywhere, even if he was rather unaware when it came to reading people. It was the same look that Midoriya had been subject to for a while, back when the reckless boy could hardly throw a punch without shattering his arm into a million pieces. 

It was pity. 

Todoroki didn't like where this was going.

"What color were Touya's flames."

It wasn't a question, at least, not one that Aizawa didn't know the answer to. It was also a question that Todoroki could answer all too easily, even though he wished desperately that he couldn't. But the answer danced before him like the swirling blue flames that shone so brightly along his brother's arms the night he ran away, using that beautifully destructive quirk to shield the cowering toddler and his other two siblings from their father. He rarely saw Touya use his quirk, but that awful night was something he'd never forget, just as he'd never forget the brilliant blue flames that burned unhealthily pale flesh into disgusting patches of tarnished skin. 

Skin that was now purple with scar tissue.

In that moment, it all made sense.

"No," Todoroki stuttered out, his horrified words barely above a whisper. "No way. Sensei, you've got to be wrong. There's no way that Touya would ever…"

But wouldn't he? Touya always hated their father, despised him in much the way Natsuo did, if not more. Natsuo wasn't subjected to years of training like his brother had been, but they were incredibly close growing up, perhaps even closer than Touya and Fuyumi were, so it made sense that they'd have similar beliefs about the man. If one brother wanted the hero dead without going through the hell that had plagued the fire-users of the Todoroki household, then why wouldn't the brother that actually lived it.

All of it added up. The hatred for Endeavor, the fixation on the Todoroki family - it was all personal. The blue flames that burned the man's flesh each time he used them were so blatantly one of Touya's traits, something that even the youngest Todoroki recognized with a little bit of prompting. The scars that lined Dabi's form were the result of years and years of quick overuse and had to be utterly agonizing, if his childhood memories were anything to go by. But some things still didn't make sense, like why Endeavor of all people didn't recognize Dabi as Touya during their fight, or why the brother who protected him so vehemently as a teen would risk his safety in the forest a year ago to a lunatic villain like Moonfish.

It hurt. It hurt way more than Todoroki ever imagined feeling about Touya. He'd prepared himself since the day his brother went missing for the news that his body was found, or some other kind of confirmation that his brother was actually dead. After all, they never knew for sure. 

After a few minutes of what could amount to be shock, Todoroki finally found his words.

"I want to see him," he said, trying hard to keep his voice from shaking too harshly. He took a breath, forcing himself to calm down and ignore the desperation that clawed at his chest. "Sensei, please, I need to speak to him."

Aizawa's gaze softened somewhat, a bit out of character for the stoic man. "He escaped with the others," he said, looking down at the paperwork before him again before pushing it off to the side, almost distastefully. "I'm not sure it would be a good idea anyways. He was quite adamant about not telling you who he was."

"Then why would Touya tell you who he was if he didn't want you telling me?" Todoroki asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. It was well known that Dabi was a pretty mysterious guy, all things considered. Apparently today was the first anyone had ever confirmed the man's past, so it didn't make sense that he would casually tell the heroes - especially one who taught his younger brother, who he seemed to still be trying to protect, if he didn't want Aizawa to tell him who he was.

"Young Shinsou was with us," Yagi explained, scratching at his neck. Almost instantly, Todoroki put the pieces together, but his teacher continued, an uncomfortable expression resting on his face. "Once he got Dabi to reveal his name, your brother… changed strategies, it seems. He went from wanting to take down Endeavor by killing him to taking him down by exposing him."

That sounds like something Natsuo would do , the boy thought, not entirely sure how to feel about the situation.

"I don't know why he'd think he'd be able to tell us about Endeavor's abuse without getting you or your siblings involved," Aizawa muttered, running a hand over his face. "You'd think he would have thought that out."

"Touya's not used to being listened to," Todoroki said. “Natsuo says he tried calling the police once, but they told him not to slander our father. The next time he called, they let him know. I wasn't born yet, so I don't know if this is true, but apparently Fuyumi had to ice his wounds for a week."

How lucky was it that she had an ice quirk. Made it perfect to tend to her brothers' wounds.

"But what I said still stands," he continued, dual-colored eyes flickering up to meet his teacher's gaze, determination unwavering. "I want to speak with him. It's been eight years, sensei. I need to talk to him before Natsuo and Fuyumi find out."

The underground hero let out an exasperated sigh, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his desk as he spoke. "Didn't I tell you that he escaped?" Aizawa deadpanned. "We can't exactly go to the station and question him."

"Do you have any idea where he might be?" Todoroki pressed, voice raising ever so-slightly. "The cuffs have trackers in them - Touya snuck out one night and Father found him because of it. He'd know to disable them before he got too close to where he was going, but I'm sure there must have been other hints. Direction, speed, something …"

A hand found its way onto Todoroki's shoulder, startling the boy and effectively stopping his rambling. "Easy, Young Shouto," Yagi said, a pained smile on his lips. "You've been hanging out with Young Izuku too much, it seems. You've adopted his habit for mumbling."

Todoroki dipped his head ever-so-slightly, looking at his hands in embarrassment. So this is what Midoriya feels like when he gets called out .

"I'm not overlooking what you said about Endeavor placing quirk suppressant cuffs on his son, and I will be asking you more about that later, but I want to answer your question first," Aizawa said. An irritated look made its way onto his face, but he continued. "What I'm going to tell you is classified, so I don't need you telling anyone else. I trust you won't, which is why I'm telling you. Do you understand this?"

The student nodded.

"Alright. When the League escaped, the cuffs alerted us that they were at an abandoned warehouse about ten kilometers from the police station," he began, tired gaze meeting that of his student. "While the rest stayed at the warehouse for a bit longer, Dabi left before the others, much faster than someone can run. His cuffs were disabled maybe a kilometer away from the warehouse, but we know the general direction he was going."

Todoroki deflated a bit. Just because they had a general idea of the direction he was going didn't mean they could conclusively say where he was going. The only thing that gave him a little bit of relief was that Touya wasn't currently with the League, if he was reading things correctly. But that also presented issues. Why wasn't he with them? Didn't he depend on them? Wouldn't it make sense that he stayed with the group after just breaking free, considering the whole strength in numbers thing?

And something else didn't make sense.

"Touya's always been physically weak," Todoroki said suddenly, a bit of confusion in his voice. "It doesn't make sense that he'd be able to run fast. Not to mention the burns - they look like they'd tear if he ran at all."

Neither teacher responded, nothing more than a shared glance between them. It was obvious they knew more than they were letting onto, silently deciding whether they should let Todoroki know or not. Their unspoken conversation ended when Yagi nodded, turning towards the young Todoroki as Aizawa let out a breath, going to grab the notepad again.

"We don't think he got away on his own," Yagi explained, looking over towards Aizawa with a nod. "We were given some… information by the other League members that lead us to believe that your brother has found an unlikely accomplice."

"Another villain?" Todoroki asked.

Aizawa shook his head, irritation crossing over his face. "A hero," he corrected, his bitter words shocking the student. He looked over the notepad, flipping a few pages before reading off some of what was written. "According to both Toga Himiko and Bubaigawara Jin, we have reason to believe that Hawks was more than just an undercover agent and actually had a closer relationship with Dabi." He looked up to Todoroki, eyes narrowed. "I have a feeling Hawks was the one who got Dabi away from the warehouse. Furthermore, Dabi was headed in the direction of Hawks' apartment, which only solidifies my theory."

That wasn't at all what Todoroki had been expecting. It seemed as though his world had been turned upside down over and over since coming into this room, and at this point, the vertigo was starting to make him sick. It wasn't an implication, rather a flat-out accusation of collusion with a villain, something that could be considered treason were it to be confirmed. Just that morning, everyone had found out that Hawks had been a double agent, feeding the heroes information in the League, only to find out less than twelve hours later that the young hero may not be as loyal as everyone thought he was. 

All because of his brother.

He always knew Hawks was a little out there - his father was quite adamant that the younger hero had a few screws loose - but freeing the League of Villains because he had a relationship with one of them? That was extreme on all accounts, and something that put everyone in Japan in jeopardy. He didn't want to believe that Hawks - the Number Two of all people - would do something like that, but he didn't know the man, having had very few interactions with him over the years. Tokoyami never spoke ill of him, but did agree that the hero hid a lot behind his airheaded persona.

"Why haven't you contacted him, then?" the dual-quirk user asked, staring down his teacher with a scrutinizing gaze. "If he's with Touya, then we need to contact him."

"We don't have his information," Yagi said, shaking his head ever-so-slightly. He looked exhausted, like his emotions were worn for the day and this was pushing him over the edge. "I tried to contact the Commission, use my position, but they said his phone had been at his apartment all day, giving him an alibi."

Aizawa nodded, pinching the bridge of his nose as he spoke. "Naturally, they wouldn't give us his number. Said it was private information."

"My father has his number," Todoroki said, already pulling his phone from his pocket. "Hawks texts him almost daily. Or, used to. He hasn't been doing it much these last few months."

Which, the more Todoroki thought about it, made sense. If Hawks knew who Touya was, then there was a chance he was able to figure out that Endeavor wasn't exactly the nicest person in the world, or the most loving father. With Touya's burns, it wouldn't be hard to put two and two together, and it was more than likely that the winged hero would take the side of the man he was in bed with than the hero who generally disliked being around him, even if Hawks had made it clear in the past how much he looked up to Endeavor. It had been the same for Midoriya - when he learned about who Endeavor actually was, he'd lost all respect for the man. Even Bakugou seemed to dislike Endeavor at this point, as it turned out he'd overheard his and Midoriya's conversation.

It wasn't something he was actively trying to hide anymore, but it wasn't something he spoke openly about either. The more people who hated Endeavor, the better.

"Do you think he'd give you Hawks' number?" Aizawa asked, furrowing his brows. He didn't seem too keen on the young Todoroki having any interactions with his father, but at the same time, he seemed rather eager to figure out what was going on.

Todoroki nodded. "He has no reason not to," he said with a shrug, opening his messages and typing rapidly.

[16:20] me - hey can i have hawks' contact info

[16:20] me - we're doing a project on pro heroes and my group was assigned hawks

It was almost scary how easy it was to lie, especially to his father of all people, but he didn't have much time to dwell on it. Almost instantly, the text bubble popped up on screen, along with his father's response.

[16:21] the father lord - Of course, Shouto. It's his day off, so you may even be able to talk to him today.

[16:21] the father lord - shared Hawks' contact information

[16:22] the father lord - By the way, the League escaped. Be careful if you go off campus.

[16:22] the father lord - I have to get back to work. Text me if you need me.

[16:22] me - k

"Got it," Todoroki said, looking up to his teachers and raising his phone as proof.

Yagi blinked, a little chuckle escaping him. "Well that was quick," he joked, though it was clear he was still rather uncomfortable. "Does he always respond to you that quickly?"

"I don't text him often, so when I do, he instantly responds," the boy explained, clicking open the contact information. There was no contact image or anything other than his name and phone number, which didn't surprise him very much. Endeavor may have grown to respect Hawks a bit more over the years, seeing as he rose through the ranks so quickly, but that didn't mean he liked him. "Do you want me to go ahead and call?" he asked, turning to look at Aizawa.

"Go ahead," his teacher replied, urging him on with a subtle dip of his head. "Put it on speaker."

Todoroki complied, hitting call and setting the phone on the desk. All three crowded around each other as the phone rang, each dial tone making his anxiety increase exponentially. If Hawks didn't answer, then the chances he'd be able to have his questions answered were slim. They'd lose the only lead they possibly had, the only connection to his brother, and Todoroki couldn't think of anything worse.

It seemed he didn't have to be worried, however, as the winged hero finally picked up, his words slurred and heavy with sleep.

"What is it, Rumi?" he said, the ruffling of sheets in the background making it clear that the phone call had woken him up. Even so, Todoroki could hear that cheeky smile he always wore. "You know not to call me on my day off, bunny. I need my beauty sleep."

Taken a bit aback, Todoroki didn't initially respond, looking at his teachers instead for what to say. This brief silence seemed to put Hawks off, however, as he spoke again.

"Rumi?" he asked, sounding a bit more awake.

"Hawks," Todoroki eventually said, mentally facepalming as he spoke. His strong-suit certainly wasn't in speaking, but that was just pitiful.

On the other side of the line, there was some rustling, though whether it was the hero's feathers or the bed sheets he couldn't tell. "Who is this," Hawks demanded, his voice low and vaguely threatening. "This is a private number."

In the background, Todoroki swore he heard someone ask who is that , only to be shushed by Hawks a moment later. It seemed Aizawa and Yagi picked up on this as well, given the look they shared.

"It's Todoroki Shouto," he said, looking back towards the phone. "My father gave me your number."

If there was any doubt that Dabi was in Hawks' room, the muffled god dammit put that to rest.

"Oh, okay then," Hawks said, his voice still taught with the same defensiveness that had been there earlier, though it sounded like there was an effort to make himself sound relaxed. How the Hero Association ever thought this man would be good enough to lie his way through being a double agent was beyond him. "What can I do for ya, littlest Todoroki? I'm still in bed, so I can't do much, but…"

"It's four in the afternoon," the hero-in-training pointed out.

A pause. "Yes, well," Hawks began, a nervous chuckle being heard through the line. "You can't blame a guy for getting some extra sleep in. With the League getting out and all that, I don't think I'll be doing much sleeping these next few weeks. I'm sure you know about that, right?"

"You still plan on taking down the League?" the student asked, tone dropping significantly.

Hawks seemed to pick up on this, his own words serious as he spoke. "Of course," he said, carefree demeanor gone. "Nothing else comes above that."

"Not even my brother?"

It was quiet for a long while, the only sound coming from the other end of the line being Hawks' rapidly increasing breathing, along with what had to be Dabi cursing to himself. Neither of the teachers reacted, holding their breaths as they waited for a response, which eventually came.

"Last time I checked, Natsuo was straight, so…" Hawks began, that stupid smile seeping into his words again. 

"Hawks, I know," Todoroki said, voice cracking ever-so-slightly as he spoke. This situation was draining every ounce of emotional energy he had left, and while he knew he was bordering on pitiful, he needed to get the words out there. "I know that Dabi is Touya. Aizawa told me everything. I know he's with you right now - I can hear him in the background." He paused, closing his eyes as he spoke. "Please, Hawks. Let me talk to him. I haven't… it's been eight years. He's my brother."

A sigh answered his request. "I don't know if that's a good idea, Icyhot," Hawks muttered, his words an indirect admission of his guilt. Instantly, Aizawa went to write something down on the legal pad, only for Yagi to stop him as Hawks continued. "Today's been rough on him. I don't know if he's ready."

"Just ask him," Todoroki demanded, only for his words to soften as he spoke again. "Please."

He didn't receive a reply, but he heard rustling, along with what sounded like a hand being placed over the phone. Though their conversation was muffled, he could make out bits and pieces of it. Neither of them sounded too happy, Hawks sounding apologetic and worried and Dabi sounding absolutely livid, if the deadened swears were anything to go by. But after a minute or two, the phone exchanged hands, an all-too-familiar yet strangely different voice taking over instead.

"Shouto," the voice said, making all three people in the room tense.

"Touya?" Todoroki asked, looking at his phone as if it were his brother right in front of him. "Is it really you?"

The villain hummed, voice low through the phone speakers. "It's Dabi now," he said slowly, as if it hurt for him to admit. "Though, I guess your teacher told you as much."

"Yeah, Aizawa-sensei told me," he confirmed, only to be met with a string of curses in response. "He's with me right now. Him and All Might."

"Fuck! " That was definitely Hawks.

"They're with you right now?" Dabi nearly growled, panic already seeping into his voice. He could hear the bedsheets being thrown to the side, along with frantic footsteps as the two struggled off the bed. "Is this on speaker?"

Aizawa cleared his throat, leaning forward towards the phone. "Yes, this is on speaker," he said, and the shuffling on the other end of the call came to a stop. "I guess Toga and Bubaigawara weren't just joking about the nature of your relationship then, Touya."

Beside him, Yagi coughed in embarrassment, face already beginning to flush.

"It's Dabi," the villain corrected, sounding more combative and irritated than he had a moment before. But then he sighed, the bed creaking beneath him as he sat down. "Whatever. It doesn't matter anymore. Just… what do you want, Eraserhead. Can I not have five minutes to speak to my brother before you send the police after me?"

"Dabi," Hawks began, only to be cut off as the pro hero spoke again.

"You'll have ample opportunity to speak to Shouto in a minute," Aizawa said, looking up to his student and back down to the phone. "But before that, I need you to do as I say. This is a delicate situation, Dabi , and if you want things to turn out favorably, you'll listen to me and do as I tell you."

There was a moment of hesitation before the villain answered. "Fine. What do you want."

"Put the phone on speaker," he said, the beep from the other end confirming his compliance. "Hawks, can you hear me as well?"

A hesitant yes was his response.

"First off, I want to let you both know that, at this point, the police and other heroes have not been alerted to the situation," he began, words taking on the same tone he spoke with during hero activities. Todoroki had only heard it once or twice, but it was rather intimidating all the same, more so than his regular voice was. "Secondly, I need to what the current status of the League of Villains is."

"Another interrogation?" Dabi groaned, earning him a slap to the shoulder from Hawks. “Hey, watch it, birdie.”

"Dabi, be serious for a minute?" Hawks snapped, his exasperation evident.

A huff. "I'm always serious, pretty bird."

Vaguely, Todoroki wondered if this was how couples were supposed to act. He'd always found romantic portrayals like that to be strange, seeing as he'd grown up with his parents hardly speaking with each other aside from his mother begging for his father to ease up on his training. If nothing else, it would explain Bakugou and Kirishima's relationship.

"Whatever," Hawks said dismissively, turning his attention back towards the phone. "I don't know where the League is. After they attacked us, I flew us straight to my apartment. They don't know where it is, so it was the safest place for us to go."

"They attacked you?" Yagi gaped, eyes going wide. "I mean, I know Young Dabi is somewhat separate from the League's familial structure, but why would they…?"

Dabi let out a snort. "Because that fucking creep heard that me and the birdbrain have our own agenda," he muttered. "We had a plan to take them down in the first place, but you shitty heroes kind of ruined it."

"Plan?" Todoroki asked, deciding to speak up again.

"I'm going to be honest,” Hawks began, sounding a bit apprehensive. "Dabi and I had a plan to arrest the League without him being there when I leaked their location. But there were other League members that didn't hang around the base often, so we were going to wait until they were all gathered.” He paused, letting out a sigh. "One of them is dead now, but there's still a few others out there."

Aizawa nodded slowly, taking in the words. "Were those the ashes we found at the warehouse?"

"Ujiko Daruma," Dabi confirmed. "That was the pseudonym he used. Dunno his real name. But Shigaraki dusted him like a dumbass. He was the one who made the noumu."

"What?" Todoroki nearly shouted, eyes going wide. He was all too familiar with the noumu, having encountered them first-hand on three occasions, those being the USJ incident, the attack on Hosu, and the forest nearly a year ago. Of course, there was also the intelligent noumu from when Touya attacked Endeavor all those months ago, as well as smaller incidents that he wasn't personally involved in.

Aizawa and Yagi both stiffened, clearly remembering back to the USJ incident. His homeroom teacher was holding onto the fabric over his elbow, teeth clenched as he forced himself to speak.

"Why would he do something like that?" Aizawa asked, voice low.

"Not sure," Dabi began, but Hawks cut him off.

"He said something about… his childhood being stolen," the hero explained, the sound of his feathers ruffling in the background. "He did a lot of rambling before he attacked us."

"Shit, I forgot," Dabi hissed, leaning closer to the phone. "He said he wants to kill All For One."

Yagi instantly sat up straight, his expression serious. "Yes, he said something about that during his interrogation," the former hero said, something hidden behind his words. "This doctor must have been working with All For One. Perhaps Kurogiri would be willing to tell us about him…"

"Fat chance," Dabi muttered. "Kurogiri's about as loyal as Gigantomachia. There's no way that misty fuck would ever talk."

Yagi blinked. "Gigantomachia?"

"Another League member," Dabi explained. "He's loyal to the creep now, which is an issue for you heroes. He's a powerhouse. My flames did nothing to him."

"But… your flames can melt rock," Todoroki said, confusion laced in his words. "The night you ran away, you blasted a hole through the stone walls that surrounded the dojo."

He was met with silence on the other end of the line. Little muffled whispers from Hawks could be heard, and after a minute, Dabi let out a shaky sigh. Though it wasn't his intention, he seemed to have brought up bad memories mentioning the night he ran away, the night that probably led him to becoming Dabi, leaving Hawks to try and comfort the villain as he found the words he needed.

"Gigantomachia's no one to mess with, Shouto," he said eventually, his voice almost entirely dejected. "I don't think even Father could stand up to him, even with his Prominence Burn."

Todoroki sucked in a breath. That technique was a sore-spot, as it was one of the main reasons their father gave up training Touya. The firepower it required was almost too much for Endeavor himself, but when Touya had tried to use it, his burns were so severe that he'd been hospitalized for nearly a week, requiring several specialty healing quirks to try and repair the damage. Even Todoroki was having a bit of an issue perfecting it, but he was slowly picking it up, and his father seemed quite pleased that it wasn't causing nearly as much damage to his son as it did to him. 

At least he had one successful biology project.

"You seem to be willing to turn over information on the League, Dabi," Aizawa said, snapping dual-quirk user from his thoughts. "I'm assuming you have no intention of associating with them any longer?"

"You could say that," Dabi muttered. 

Hawks sighed. "Dabs, come on."

Dabs? Well, he's in deep.

"Look, I'm only going to offer this once," the pro hero said, focusing his attention on the phone. "Dabi, if you are willing to work with the heroes to take down the League, as well as provide me further information in regards to the domestic abuse case I'll be opening against Todoroki Enji, then I am willing to overlook any actions Hawks has taken today that may or may not have led to the escape of the League. Considering his actions are quite possibly treasonous and could have him sent to jail, I think you should accept my offer."

That was a low-blow if Todoroki had ever seen one. He was using their relationship against the villain, exploiting what they were willing to do for each other. Though he couldn't be too sure, Todoroki had a feeling that the doctor wouldn't have been able to teleport the League out of jail if he hadn't been given some inside information. And since Hawks was at the warehouse by his own admission, it wasn't too far-fetched to assume that the winged hero was the one to provide said information. If nothing else, he didn't stop the villain from teleporting them and had harbored a villain, the latter of which was a crime in and of itself.

When Dabi didn't answer, Hawks eventually spoke up.

"What will happen to him?"

"If nothing else, we can strike a plea deal," Aizawa said, pointedly avoiding the look Todoroki was giving him. "That's the worst-case scenario. The more information he gives to us, the less inclined I am to arrest him." He paused, looking over to Yagi, who only nodded. "Take that as you will."

It was an open-ended answer, but one that gave Todoroki a little bit of hope. Chances are that his brother would never be able to walk around in public like a normal citizen would, but the way Aizawa worded his answer meant that there was a possibility his crimes would be excused. It wasn't likely, and he knew his Touya would probably have to serve some time, but testimony from heroes like Hawks and Eraserhead, along with All Might of all people, would probably be enough to get him a rather light sentence.

"I already planned to give information to Hawks," Dabi said, his low voice taking on a more serious tone. "If you can promise me he won't face any trouble for this, I have no problem giving any information I have over to you as well, which you can then tell the other heroes."

"You have my word," Aizawa replied. "I don't have as much sway at the Commission as Yagi does, but I'm sure he's on board as well."

The older man nodded. "Of course. All things considered, Hawks is one of the best heroes we have right now. It would be better for everyone if he was actively working to take the League down instead of facing charges," he said, playing with the ends of his tie. "Furthermore, I think it would only cause more issues were it to get out that the Number Two broke out the League of Villains because... well, you know. I think that would be best to keep under wraps."

"Yes, please," Hawks stuttered, trying to sound cheery through the phone and failing miserably. "Really don't need Endeavor knowing about that. I've been burnt by him once and honestly? Not a fan."

Dabi sounded like he was about to say something, only for Hawks to clasp a hand over his mouth before he could start. 

But Todoroki was still a bit put off by what the winged hero said. "Father burned you?" he asked, eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"It, uh… not bad," Hawks placated, a quick smack sounding through the phone as Dabi slapped the shorter man's hand away. "It was after the last rankings came out. I, uh, well, you watched, I'm sure. You know what happened. He wasn't too happy afterwards."

"I'll kill him," Dabi growled, sounding a bit further away from the phone than he was before. "First Shouto and mom, but you too? God damn piece of shit…"

Hawks sighed. "It wasn't that bad, Dabs."

"Doesn't matter!" the patchwork villain shouted, words echoing through the phone. "It doesn't matter how much information I turn over the heroes, I'm still going to kill that bastard before this is all over!"

"Touya," Todoroki began, forcing himself to speak. "Touya, listen. I told Aizawa-sensei everything. You don't have to kill him. They're opening an investigation."

His brother snorted. "Right, Shou. Ever heard of statute of limitations?"

Todoroki's heart dropped. Of course he had.

"The last time I was in that house was eight years ago. Any burns he gave me have long-since been covered up, save for a few spots where I haven't charred myself. Every time I went to the hospital could be explained by my own fucking quirk,” he spat, voice quivering with rage. "There's no way Father will ever be punished, Shouto. When was the last time he hurt you?"

With every passing word, the boy felt his hope wavering. "Before I moved into the dorms," he answered truthfully, words barely above a whisper. That was nearly a year ago at this point.

"Exactly," Dabi said. "After everything he's done, do you really think he deserves to live?"

"Yes, I do," Todoroki argued back. "If Father staying alive means we get to have you back, Touya, it would be worth it." He paused, teeth clenched as he struggled to keep his emotions under wraps. It was unlike him to get like this, to be in a position where he was feeling so much that it actually hurt, but a lot of things didn't make sense today. On an average day, he only had two other siblings instead of three, and the third one wouldn't be a villain who everyone thought was dead.

So it was a bit of an odd Tuesday.

His teachers were looking at him now, wary expressions on their faces. Yagi reached forward to place a comforting hand on his shoulder, and only then did he realize he was shaking, pent up feelings of both rage and relief flooding him at the same time.


"I don't remember you," Todoroki continued, taking a breath to clear his thoughts. "Father kept me away from you three. But I want to know you. I want our family to be happy, and that doesn't have to be with our father. It would be enough for me to get to know you like I've gotten to know Fuyumi and Natsuo. Father doesn't have to be there at all. But he doesn't have to be dead either."

Aizawa cleared his throat. "I'm going to ignore that I just heard a villain say he wants to kill the number one hero," he said bluntly, though there didn't seem to be much weight behind his words. "While the statute of limitations may have passed at this point for a criminal case, there's still the possibility of a civil case. It would still be highly publicized and could likely cause Endeavor to lose most of his support. While it's not optimal, it's better than nothing."

Todoroki nodded, glad to have his teacher's support. "See? Touya, you don't have to kill him. He's still going to get what's coming to him," he said, waiting for his brother to respond. When he heard nothing, he continued. "Can you promise me you won't kill him?"

"…I don't…" Dabi began, trailing off and letting out a sigh. "I can't promise that, Shouto."

"Quirk, Dabi," Hawks said gently, though that explained the brief crackling sound, like the flick of a match that came with their fire quirks being activated. Touya always had an issue with his quirk going off when his emotions ran too high, and it seemed as though he still hadn't grown out of it. "I'll talk to him about it later, try to get him to think through things. But like I said earlier, it's been a really long day."

"I'm right here, stupid bird."

The sound of Hawks' wing hitting the villain made Todoroki relax a bit. After all, Hawks would never let Dabi kill their father, regardless of whether he was still a fan of the hulking man or not. "Anyways, Aizawa, we can meet later this week, if that's alright with you," the winged hero suggested, his demeanor turning strangely professional. It really didn't suit him, in the student's opinion, but he said nothing. "Sooner rather than later, considering the League will be out for us. It's also safe to assume that they know Dabi will be leaking information, given that he's with me."

Aizawa nodded thoughtfully. "I'll set up a meeting for Thursday or Friday after I'm done teaching for the day," the underground hero decided, clicking open his pen and flipping to a new page, scribbling down a quick note. "We can discuss the circumstances a bit later. After all, Todoroki is still a student. He doesn't need to be involved in this."

Todoroki narrowed his eyes, blue-grey gaze meeting his teacher's bored expression. "I think I'm inherently involved in this, sensei," he deadpanned, bordering on irritation.

"You're involved to an extent,” Aizawa conceded. "But you and your classmates aren't going to be involved in the apprehension of the League unless the arrests coincide with when the work-studies are active again. Which… knowing your class, it will be."

Yagi shook his head, an amused smile on his face. "This class…"

Through the phone, the scarred man cleared his throat, drawing their attention. "Will my real name still be released?" Dabi asked.

"That's not up to me," Aizawa said, scratching at the back of his neck. “It depends on what the Hero Association decides, and I never know with them. There's a reason I'm an independent hero who tries his best to avoid running in with them. But I'm willing to bet at least some heroes will know by the end of the week, if not all."

The villain hummed thoughtfully. It was an incredibly delicate situation, after all, one that could cause a lot of problems for a lot of people.

"Regardless, Todoroki, do you have anything else you want to say?" the teacher asked, addressing his student. "I know you have a quiz to be studying for tomorrow. This information isn't exempting you from your studies."

Of course Todoroki had more he wanted to say. He wanted to ask his brother what happened after he ran away, how he was able to survive on his own for so long, how he became a villain. He wanted to let him know how much Fuyumi and Natsuo still talked about him, even though their father often snapped at them for doing so. He wanted to tell him about their mother and how much better she was doing, though he knew that she was a sore-spot for him as well. But he'd never had a way with words, never known what to say when the moment called for it. He'd gotten better with Midoriya's help, but he was still clueless, still dense and far too blunt to make his words mean anything.

So he went with what was most simple.

"When can I see you?"

He was met with the equally dense response of, "Do you even want to?"

Did he want to? He wanted to see Touya , not Dabi. But if they were the same person, that meant he'd have to see Dabi. The villain who taunted him to his face as he snatched Bakugou out from between his fingers. The villain who led the most powerful noumu to date to tear apart their father's face. The villain known for killing villains who he deemed to be worth less than trash.

The villain who happened to be his brother.

"...yes," he answered, dipping his head as he did so. "I want to see you. Natsuo and Fuyumi will as well."

"After everything I've done, Shou, I'm not sure Fuyumi will want to see me," he said, the bitterness clear on his tongue. He was close with their sister growing up, but even then, she had always defended their father. It was her way of coping with the neglect, it seemed - if she lived up to everything he wanted her to be, did everything he asked of her, then maybe she would finally be worthy in his eyes. "And I'm sure Natsuo would tell me to keep going."

Todoroki smiled gently, his brother's sarcastic quip somewhat comforting. "I'm sure he would. He supported you after the fight with Father and High End," he said, ignoring the way Aizawa rubbed a hand over his face while Yagi sent him a concerned glance.

"If Natsuo had a quirk, Father would have been dead by now," the villain muttered half to himself, amusement dripping from his words. "He'd make a scarier villain than me."

"Perhaps," Todoroki said warmly. "But, you didn't answer my question. When can I see you?"

Dabi was quiet for a moment, but the younger Todoroki could almost see the villain playing with his staples, the thoughts running through his head. "I'm sure Hawks and Eraser could figure something out," he said eventually, the apprehension present once again. "Be sure to let Natsuo and Fuyumi know it's… me they'll be seeing before it happens."

"I still intend to talk with them," Aizawa chimed in, probably referring to the talk they had earlier that morning. "I need their side of the story still. But I'll work something out with Hawks so that you four can meet up. With supervision, of course."

Todoroki dipped his head ever-so-slightly. "Thank you, sensei."

"Don't worry about it," his teacher said, waving his hand dismissively. "Anything else?"

The student shook his head. "Not that I can think of."

"Alright. Hawks, I'll be giving you a call later tonight, so be expecting me," the underground hero said, pulling the phone closer to himself and writing down the winged man's contact information. "If there's nothing else, then we'll be ending this call."

"Sounds good, Eraser," Hawks chirped, sounding much more like himself than he had during the rest of the call. "Dabs, you good?"

The villain hummed softly. "Yeah. I'll see you later, Shouto. Bye."

"Bye, Touya."

The call ended after that, and the student reached across the desk to take back his phone, tucking it protectively back in his pocket. Letting out a sigh, he leaned forward and rested his forehead on the edge of the desk, letting the exhaustion and stress from the situation wash over him. He could only imagine what Aizawa and Yagi were thinking, but he was grateful that they said nothing as he collected himself, letting him come to terms with the reality of the situation.

When he finally sat up, Yagi patted his shoulder reassuringly, a comforting grin on his face.

"If you need anything, my boy, please don't hesitate to talk to us," the former hero said. "But if you're alright, then you're free to go back to the dorms."

The exhausted young man nodded in understanding, standing as the other two did so. He said nothing else, not willing to trust himself with words as he left the teachers' office. The walk back to the dorms was strange, the emptiness of the halls echoing his footsteps in a way that mirrored his own nerve-wracking thoughts. 

Things were going to change from here on out, and Todoroki wasn't sure if he was too excited about it. This could all go south very quickly, could lead to a lot of pain for a lot of people, but at this point, he had to other choice than to trust that his teachers knew what they were doing, even if they seemed just as stressed out as he did. Considering he trusted Aizawa more than almost anyone else, he wasn't too worried, but this situation was so out of the blue that he didn't know what to expect anymore.

If nothing else, Todorki was sure of one thing.

He owed Bakugou five-hundred yen.