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calling the shots

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When Katsuki’s alarm goes off for the third time, he finally forces his eyes open. This time, Katsuki turns it off instead of snoozing it and forces wakefulness into his sleepy brain.

He takes a moment to stare balefully at the sunlight pouring in from the bedroom window. He curses the fact that they never got blackout curtains, because apparently, then they’d never get up in the mornings, Kacchan.

Despite his hard stare, the sunlight refuses to disappear. As much as he doesn’t want to, he’s gotta get up.

Katsuki turns over in the arms enclosing him and knocks his head against the chest. Izuku curls more tightly around him with a sleepy little sound. God, he doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to remove himself from this hold, these arms that bring him such sincere peace and love. Izuku murmurs something indistinct, and it’s only because his eyes remain closed that Katsuki lets himself smile at his boyfriend’s cuteness.

But, ugh, they both have work today. They have to get up at some point.

Katsuki wriggles to loosen Izuku’s grip. The thick arms tighten around him, and he sighs. “Alright, time to get up,” Katsuki yawns, wide and unattractive, and nuzzles into the softness of his boyfriend’s pyjamas, “can’t avoid the day any longer.”

Izuku presses his face into his hair. “But I want to,” he whines, muffled.

Hidden against Izuku’s chest, Katsuki smiles like a sap. When he gets his stupid face under control again, he looks up at Izuku, nudging his boyfriend’s face away with his own. “Me too,” he says, leaving a kiss on Izuku’s cheek, “but it’s time to put on our big boy pants and get the fuck up.”

Izuku squeezes him. Not enough to crush the air from his lungs, but enough to remind Katsuki he’s trapped. He wriggles again, and finds himself wrapped up completely by Izuku, who clings to him with his arms and legs like a particularly affectionate boa constrictor.

Comfort flutters warm through Katsuki, but he groans. “Deku, we gotta get up.” Izuku sighs against him, and he feels it in his whole body. He wants to relax along with him, just melt into the blanketing of goodness, but.. “I mean it, idiot. Let go.”

The encompassing grip on him relaxes, and Katsuki climbs free from the bed before Izuku can change his mind.

But he isn’t free for long. Izuku kicks the covers off, snatches up Katsuki’s wrists and pulls him down onto the bed, right on top of him. Katsuki struggles for a moment, but Izuku instantly wraps his legs tight around Katsuki’s torso, anchoring him in place. A little more thrashing about, and it becomes clear that Izuku’s thick thighs aren’t just for show; Katsuki is trapped. Again.

Curse his boyfriend and his sexy, strong limbs.

The little shit grins and flutters his eyelashes at Katsuki, breathless and panting against him. Pressed up against Izuku’s stomach, Katsuki’s groin takes interest, and heat rises in him.

Izuku seems to notice, if the slow, lascivious way he licks his lips is any indication. So close to Katsuki, they’re wet and red and kissable, he wants to lean down and—

Izuku dodges Katsuki’s kiss, and his lips land on his cheek. There’s a confident grin on those candy lips when Katsuki pulls back.

“So you like this, Kacchan?” he smiles up at Katsuki, the naughtiness in his eyes and his tone suggesting he should be twirling his hair and sucking on a lollipop.

A hand winds around his neck, threading fingers through his hair. Izuku gives a little tug. “You like being on top of me?” He rolls his stomach, pressing into the hardening member pressed there, “Gettin’ off just ‘cause I’m pressed against you?” The fingers in his hair pull again, then scratch teasingly at his scalp.

Katsuki shivers, struck dumb by the sudden shift from playful morning domesticity to.. this. Heat creeps up his neck as his growing dick throbs.

This isn’t how it usually goes. Usually, Katsuki is the one to touch and tease and grind until Izuku’s a hot, flustered mess. He’s the one to whisper filth and draw out the gasps and shivers. He’s the one who swallows up moans, who takes control. In the time they’ve been together, they’ve always been more than happy with it being that way.

So if they’re happy with it and it works, why is this such a turn on? And why does Katsuki have absolutely no intention of stopping this?

Katsuki licks his lips, and says the only thing he can muster. The truth.

“Shit yeah, you— you’re so hot right now.”

Izuku giggles and pulls Katsuki’s head down for a kiss. It’s slow and sick and sensual, and Izuku unwinds his legs to slowly slip off his pants from beneath Katsuki. Combined with the deeply addictive kiss, the sudden reveal of skin is dizzying.

Izuku breaks away, the suction from his lips creating a little wet smack.

“You remember our word, right?”

Katsuki nods. They have a safeword, established as soon as kissing was on the table for them, because Izuku is nothing if not over-prepared.

“I wanna do something new. So you can use it at any time, okay? How’s that sound baby?”

Katsuki swallows around his suddenly dry mouth. “Sounds good. Go.. go ahead.”

“Okay, Kacchan. I’m gonna take real good care of you. But first…” He looks down at their clothes, then back up at Katsuki.

Katsuki takes the hint.

Katsuki’s shirt is the first to go, then his pants. Next, he pulls Izuku’s pants from his ankles. He pauses when he reaches Izuku’s shirt, tracing the skin just beneath the hem. Katsuki looks up and loses half his brain power when they lock eyes, Izuku’s gaze shining with lust and intent.

“Uh. You want. Shirt?” Katsuki asks.

Izuku nods and lazily raises his arms. The shirt comes off as well.

“Boxers, too,” Izuku says. Katsuki gets the distinct feeling it’s more demand than request.

Izuku lays back and watches as Katsuki pulls his underwear down long, soft legs, that green gaze like fire against his skin. Arousal throbs through Katsuki. His own underwear is still on, trapping his more-than-half chub.

Ducking down to kiss Izuku again, Katsuki’s stopped by a firm, scarred hand on his chest.

“No,” Izuku says.

Katsuki finds himself pushed back, down, and underneath Izuku. Katsuki blinks in question, and Izuku smiles predatorily. The look in those green eyes is heavy and hot and sends a little thrill down Katsuki’s spine.

“I’m calling the shots today.”

Without further ado Izuku whips Katsuki’s boxers off, finally freeing his flushed, neglected dick. Izuku stares at it hungrily, lust clouding his eyes. Katsuki’s cock twitches pitifully as his gorgeous (so gorgeous, so perfect) boyfriend licks his lips, still staring at the member like a hot meal.

He climbs over Katsuki and sits primly over his legs, knees apart and allowing a delectable view; curly pubes, a slither of wet, pink lips and the tip of a cute little cock that Katsuki is more than a little familiar with. Izuku looks at him slyly before leaning down and taking Katsuki’s cock in hand.

Katsuki breathes in sharply. “Fuck, yes.”

Katsuki can’t see much of Izuku’s face from this angle, but he thinks he might be smirking now.

Izuku pumps once, twice, dry and slow and not enough. His fingers are calloused and warm against Katsuki’s sensitive flesh, perfect against him but not nearly enough. Izuku ducks further, kissing the tip and laving his tongue over his sensitive slit. Katsuki’s breathing hitches at the textured sensation, hips bucking involuntarily for more.

Backing off immediately, Izuku slams Katsuki’s hips into the mattress with one hand, the other squeezing the base of his dick in warning. Katsuki makes a noise of protest and his eyes flash with warning, staring Katsuki down unflinchingly. “Oh no you don’t. We’re doing this my way. Right baby?”

Shock and humiliation set Katsuki’s face aflame, but he’s so turned on by this, loves Izuku’s dominance so much more than he ever would’ve thought. He doesn’t hesitate to nod.

“Good boys use their words. You gonna be a good boy for me and use your words?”

“Fuck- uh- yes, your way, I’ll be a good-” this is so damn pathetic, why is his cock throbbing- “good boy for you-!”

With a pleased, cocksure look, Izuku spits in his hand and jerks Katsuki off good and rough, adjusting his position over the man to invade his mouth. Keeping up a toe-curling pace on his cock, Izuku swallows down Katsuki’s every grunt and moan. He presses his tongue in deep, allowing Katsuki to suck at it messily with a hum.

Too soon, Izuku is pulling away with a wet smack, lips shiny with saliva. He licks Katsuki’s spit away with a wink.

Fucking shit, that’s hot. It’s just kissing, but it’s so hot. A few kisses, a few words, a few touches, and Katsuki is already falling apart in Izuku’s hands.

Katsuki has never once doubted his boyfriend is sexy as hell, but this display is unlike anything he’s ever seen. He has the distinct feeling he’ll be the one getting dicked down tonight, and honestly? He can’t complain.

(It feels like some kind of personal crisis. Or maybe it’s an epiphany? He’s really not sure, he’ll have to think about this some more once he gets off and has the presence of mind to process this.)

Another demand from Izuku. “Open your mouth.”

Katsuki listens without thought, and then there’s a finger in his mouth. “Wh-” he tries to speak, but Izuku just presses down on his tongue.

“Suck it, baby.”

And oh, how could Katsuki refuse? He wraps his lips around the digit and does as he’s told, sucking diligently, saliva pooling in his mouth and dripping from his lips.

“Ah,” Izuku sounds breathless, “good boy, Kacchan.”

It spurs Katsuki on to suck harder, to use his tongue a little more. He has to stop himself from whining when Izuku pulls his finger from between Katsuki’s lips, smearing spit over his chin. The whine is stopped in its tracks when Izuku moves his hand between his legs. He slips the slick finger inside himself, and Katsuki burns, inhaling a little gasp.

When Izuku is no longer satisfied with the single finger, he pulls it back out and presses not one, but two fingers to Katsuki’s lips. One is slick and warm, the other dry and cold. Both force their way into his mouth.

Katsuki sucks messily around them, taking his chance to licking up the digits to clean off Izuku’s slick. The taste of Izuku is mouth-watering on his tongue and his dick twitches pitifully. This time, when Izuku pulls his fingers away, Katsuki can’t help but make a little noise in the back of his throat, instantly missing the sense of fullness in his mouth.

And then Izuku is using Katsuki’s chest to brace himself as he rolls his hips and moans on his own fingers.

Katsuki aches to touch him, but every attempt gets a glare and chastising hint of nails at his chest. So Katsuki lays back, air stolen physically and metaphorically from his chest, and watches until he can’t watch any more.

“Izuku. Please.”

Izuku’s eyes flick open to give him a quick glance. There’s a pant in his voice as he asks, “Please what?”

Katsuki doesn’t buck up again like he wants to, because he’s sure Izuku wouldn’t be happy if he did. He’s lost for words, the want within him too great to communicate.

Izuku smirks to himself, shuffles up so he’s straddled over Katsuki’s stomach instead of his legs. “You want your fingers in me? ‘s that it, baby doll?”

Katsuki can only nod helplessly, enraptured by the display. What a perfect, glorious view, to see and hear and even fucking smell his boyfriend as he fingers himself open above Katsuki.

“Well,” Izuku moans breathily, like he’s curling his fingers inside himself, “what do good boys do?”

Katsuki remembers easily. “They use their words- I. Please Izuku, please let me touch you.”

Izuku straddles his boyfriend’s hips with a delicate boldness, trailing his fingers down Katsuki’s chest. He brushes his fingers feather light over his pecs before stroking over Katsuki’s nipples. Fluttering pleasure teases the sensitive flesh of Katsuki’s chest, and he clenches his jaw to stop himself from releasing a breathy moan as his boyfriend begins playing with his nipples in earnest, pinching and rolling the buds just right.


He grinds slow, torturous circles on Katsuki’s throbbing cock, giving Katsuki just enough friction to quiet his urge to flip their positions and fuck Izuku senseless. His wetness slicks over Katsuki with every movement, hot and good but not nearly enough.

Izuku licks his lips, and Katsuki drowns in need.

Another grind from Izuku, and he speaks, low and full of promise. “How about this, sweetie? I’ll let you put your fingers in me, and if you make me feel real good, I might even let you fuck me.”

The thought that he might not get to fuck Izuku is torturous in itself.

Please,” Katsuki begs, and whether he’s asking to touch or to fuck he’s unsure, but he knows he needs something.

Izuku grabs Katsuki’s hand, smearing saliva and wetness on his wrist. He presses the hand down to palm at his dick, sliding Katsuki’s fingers back to press into the folds of slick heat at his entrance. Izuku’s eyelashes flutter with the slightest tell of pleasure, and presses his fingers in.

Izuku lets Katsuki finger him freely after that, and he pulls out all the stops, desperate to please, but it’s not long before Izuku pulls them back out. It seems someone is just as impatient as Katsuki himself.

“I think that’s enough, don’t you, baby boy?”

Katsuki nods dumbly. He bucks up unthinkingly when Izuku straddles his lap again and gets a harsh squeeze on his hip for his mistake.

”Uh uh uh,” Izuku tsks, and grabs a condom from the bedside table. He tears it open and casually rolls it down Katsuki’s dick, saying, “Can’t have your dirty cock in me without anything between us.”

Next, Izuku lubes Katsuki up, pumping his dick languidly just to smile down on him as it makes Katsuki moan.

Izuku pumps with his fist tight around Katsuki’s cock, continuing even as he speaks again. “You’ve been very good for me, so I think I’ll let you wet that nice big dick of yours. You want me to ride you, baby?”

“Y-” Katsuki moans, pitched and wobbling, “yes, please.”

“Oh, so polite. That’s what I like to hear.”

Without further ado, Izuku guides the head of Katsuki’s cock to his hole and sits leisurely down, sinking the hard, sensitive flesh inside himself. Katsuki moans like a virgin the whole way in, almost missing Izuku’s satisfied sigh as he bottoms out.

Then, Izuku starts bouncing. First, he’s slow and careful, feeling for the perfect angle. As soon as he finds that angle, his walls rippling perfectly around Katsuki’s cock, Izuku sets a harsh, fast pace.

“Mm,” Izuku moans. He presses Katsuki’s hips down to the mattress when he dares to buck and plays with his dick with his free hand. “You feel so good in me Kacchan.”

Izuku is so hot and soft and tight around him. He overwhelms Katsuki with pleasure, every second feeling like the last before he bursts. Katsuki is coming undone, Izuku’s words and pace picking his seams apart with calculated accuracy.

Grinding down on the cock inside him, moans spill freely from Izuku’s lips as he uses Katsuki to pleasure himself. He throws his head back and closes his eyes, accentuating the gorgeous pink flush dipping down to his shoulders and chest as he rides Katsuki’s dick like an absolute pro.

“So hot, so thick,” Izuku moans.

Katsuki has never seen anything hotter in his entire goddamn life.

It shouldn’t be so appealing; being used. But the realisation that Izuku treating him like a particularly lifelike dildo does nothing but add fuel to the fire of his arousal, bringing him even closer to coming embarrassingly fast.

Katsuki thrusts up again, and this time Izuku lets him, too caught up in how good and deep it is to chastise the other man. He can only utter mindless praise as he continues using Katsuki, chasing his own pleasure.

“God, I wanna—ride your cock ‘till I can’t walk, jerk off on y’r gorgeous body every day,” Izuku speaks breathily, increasing his pace as they meet again and again at the point of their connection, unrelenting and delicious.

Izuku’s endurance begins to diminish, a lilting breathlessness in his voice as his face crumples beneath the weight of his pleasure. “So good, so gorgeous, my perfect toy.”

And Katsuki comes between Izuku’s walls, biting his lip so hard it bleeds. He cries out, voice strangled and wrecked. The tight heat keeps working over him, and he distantly hears Izuku groan out a word that might’ve been a simple, “Fuck.”

It’s not long before Katsuki comes back down to earth, oversensitive and sated. A low thrum of electricity flows through his veins, a pleasant warmth blanketing him even as Izuku continues taking his pleasure.

Izuku’s control wavers as he nears his climax, harsh moans and pants escaping him as he fucks down erratically, stroking his dick shakily—which is just unacceptable after all that. Katsuki forces his jelly-like limbs to cooperate and nudges Izuku’s hand away to to touch the sensitive flesh in that way that his boyfriend loves.

Finally, Izuku reaches his climax. With a pitched little moan, he clenches hard on Katsuki. When he’s done twitching around Katsuki and overloading his sensitive dick, his muscles go lax, eyes drooping.

With what must be the last of his energy, Izuku rises and lets Katsuki’s dick slip out of him. The condom comes off, thrown over his shoulder (ew) to be dealt with later. He flops down without bothering to stop himself from falling directly onto Katsuki, leaving him winded as they stick together with sweat.

Katsuki winds his arms around Izuku. For a moment, they say nothing, catching their breath as they come down from their highs.

When Katsuki regains the ability to formulate basic words: “Holy fuck.”

“Yeah,” Izuku pants into his chest. He lifts his head, eyes bleary but shining on, and pets at Katsuki’s hair. Each touch shivers down his spine, melting him down into a contented puddle. He won’t admit it to Izuku, but it’s very nice.

“You did so good baby. You were so perfect for me, such a good boy.”

Katsuki is sure he’s blushing when he says, “Well, you weren’t so bad yourself.”

Lying together, they’re honeyed warmth and home, ignorant to the cooling sweat and the stickiness of naked skin. Izuku keeps stroking his hair, now peppering kisses over his face, and Katsuki holds him tight, stroking feather-light over Izuku’s back just to feel him shiver.

Then, Izuku’s alarm goes off. It plays a calming song, but shatters the mood nonetheless.

Katsuki sighs. “We have work. Damn it, I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to walk-”

Izuku giggles cutely, pressing a shushing little kiss to his lips. “If I can walk just fine, I’m sure you’ll recover soon enough. Let’s get breakfast on the way, alright?”

Katsuki groans, as if sharing a café breakfast with his boyfriend is some great inconvenience. (No, he’s not looking forward to it, why would anyone think that?)

“Fine,” he agrees, “but you’re buying.”

Izuku looks at him with mock offence. “You’re making me pay? After I give you an orgasm like that?”

“Sh—shut the fuck up!”