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kindergarten au

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bruno never really had trouble waking up, he was quite used to it. he enjoyed mornings, and it was rare for him to stay in bed as he did today. today was more a case of not wanting to wake up, though.

though he loved his job and was used to taking johnny with him to the kindergarten, he could absolutely not face the fact that narancia was going to kindergarten. he was a goddamn baby. just a tiny little child. like, an infant. bruno simply refused to let go of leone and take a baby with him to work. baby, yes. narancia was still a baby.

and so, he kept clinging to his husband even as the man tried to get up and get dressed. he was not allowing this to happen.

leone was a steady man. today he woke up early, bruno slowly waking up by his side. he felt strange, narancia was soon going to leave home more often to go to kindergarten, together with the other kids. he was fine with it, though. he shuffled around a bit.

glancing around the room, he tried to slowly lift himself up from the bed. suddenly, he felt a force pull against him, avoiding him from getting up. "bruno, please let go. i have to go."

"sleemp." was all bruno said in response as he pulled the man down and practically laid on top of him.

"b-" he sighed. "why are you like this. the kids have to go to kindergarten, please get off."

bruno sighed dramatically and shuffled off of his husband's chest, but still kept his arms wrapped tightly around him. "i don' wann gooo."

"bruno i don't want to do it in the morning." he shrugged. "please, just,, it's like you're drunk." he tried to shove bruno but he was clenched onto him "i-"

"i never implied i wanted that. but hey." bruno chuckled, burying his head in the crook of leone's neck to hide the blush that had crept onto his face at his words.

leone smiled, blushing a little as he gave bruno a small kiss on the forehead. "god, you're adorable, did you know that?" he sighed. "we still have to go, y'know."

bruno squirmed and reluctantly let go of leone. he scooted a little away, crossing his arms. "first off, shut the fuck up, second off- uh. okay. that's all."

"tsundere, are we now?" he grinned. "alright, get up and let's go already. i can hear narancia calling to us."

bruno 'tsk'ed and shook his head. "alright, alright. fine. i'll maybe consider taking five steps." he scooted towards the edge of the bed and stretches, opening his mouth to let out a soft yawn.

leone got up and left the bed. he searched through the wardrobes for some good clothes. "why do you have so much lace?"

bruno ignored the fact his face was turning red and just shrugged. "not sure myself, are you complaining?"

"what? no, i'm not complaining. i'd rather compliment you on that." he said, blushing a little. "ah, my clothes."

the shorter man chuckled, as he wasn't really sure how to respond. it got harder to ignore his aggressive blushing, so he quickly got up to the bathroom.

abbacchio swiftly put on his clothes and turned around "how do i-" he looked around. "bruno?? where'd you go? helloo???"

bruno leaned towards the bathroom door and opened it just a crack in response, almost falling as he did it. after saying 'fuck' about 13 times, he went back to doing his hair.

"dude. put some clothes on. the kids might see you." he groaned a little, rolling his eyes. "don't be so lax, please." he blinked, trying to keep his laughter in from the amount he said 'fuck'. amused, he kept going.

bruno ignored him and continued to straighten his hair. when he was done, which was not too long after, he actually listened to his husband for once that day. he walked towards the closet, throwing one arm around abbacchio as he looked at it. he just stared at the closet.

leone just stared at bruno, wondering what was going through his mind while doing that. he decided to stay quiet for a bit, but it took so long. "i appreciate it but uh,,"

"yeah." the younger simply responded, letting go and actually actively looking for clothes instead of seeking affection.

"i'll love you after we get the kids to kindergarten, aight?" he said. "let's just do this boring morning chore and have nara play with toys or something. or do you have work?"

"no, this tiziano guy or whatever is taking over my shift." he responded as he threw on a polo and whatever jeans were the closest.

"tiziano? i know him. i know his boyfriend well, too. squalo." he replied. "you look great." he gave bruno a warm smile

bruno nodded in response, his face flushed red. "you too." he murmured softly.

"alright, are you ready?" the tall goth asked, looking back at his partner

"yea! let's see if narancia is ready to stop ranting to johnny about how rats are better than mice." bruno said, flashing the older man a smile. he thought back at narancia, the small boy was still going to kindergarten. bruno still didn't want to believe it, but it was true.

"..i did not expect that, but i also did." he stepped forwards and rested his hand on the door handle. he pulled the handle downwards and pushed the door open. "johnny?? nicholas?? are you two ready to go to kindergarten?" he called to them.

johnny excitedly bounced up to his dads. "yeah! yeah! narancia is coming with us, right?" he asked tugging at bruno's sleeve.

"now now, narancia is not old enough ye-" leone was soon cut off by narancia.

"PLEASE!! i wanna go to kindergarten with big brothers!!!" narancia begged.

nicholas stayed quiet, half listening the conversation and mainly just thinking about horses.

bruno sighed and ruffled johnny's hair. "he's coming, ofcourse. he'll be four years old very soon." he said, wishing he hadn't. to him, narancia was still 2 years old.

"alright kids, who's gonna drive? pick me or your mom." he asked nicholas and johnny.

"uh,, horse!" nicholas responded. "i-i mean!! mom!"

"me! i want!" johnny said, bouncing up and down as he tugged harder on bruno's sleeve.

"you can't drive, dear, but i suppose i will then." bruno laughed.

"what a sweet little boy, six year olds cannot drive." leone muttered, shaking his heas.

"why nooot??" johnny whined, crossing his arms angrily.

he sighed. "you don't have a license. also, tell me then, how do you drive a car?"

johnny kicked at the ground. "umm… you step on the gas and move the wheel?" he guessed.

"half correct. it's way more than that, also you're like,, 6? mom will drive, okay?" the boy's father said as gentle as he could.

bruno smiled, trying to ignore the fact that leone had to guess his own son's age, and picked up narancia. "where are the keys?" he asked leone.

leone looked at bruno. "should be in my jacket. it's on the coat rack." he said, giving narancia a small smile. narancia smiled back widely.

bruno nodded and started towards the hall, where, indeed, leone's jacket hung. he fished through the coat's pocket and eventually felt the familiar shape of their neon green flower car's keys.

johnny was angrily staring at the floor, considering committing arson. how dare his dad deprive him off breaking the law and driving in their neon green flower car.

"ready to go, kiddos?" he asked for the hundredth time. "and johnny, i promise one day you'll be able to drive our fabulous car, okay?" he said, trying to sound gentle, even though he was obviously pissed.

johnny immediately lit up. "yay! okay!" he said, being too stupid to notice his dad's annoyance.

bruno nodded and opened the door that led to their garage, the large door of the garage itself opening soon after.

"nicholas? nicholas??" leone called, as he had johnny with him, but not the boy's twin brother.

horse girl but boy stepped out from the living room, holding photos of horses. "i'm coming." he bounded forward, as if he were bouncing, and stepped into the garage, still holding the photos. "i want to ride one someday." he whispered to himself.

bruno opened all car doors and put narancia in the baby seat before closing the door. "get in, boys!"

johnny hopped in and scooted towards the middle seat, staring at narancia.

nicholas stepped the car, staring at the horses. he wasn't looking and accidentally sat on johnny. "a-ah!! i'm so sorry!!" he quickly scooted into the correct seat.

leone sat down in the passenger's seat and looked out of the window.

"what's wrong, johnny?" narancia asked his bigger brother, as the boy was staring at him.

johnny playfully pushed nicholas, which cause him to be shoved back, before turning back to narancia. "nothing. i just have to watch the baby."

"i'm NOT A BABY!!" narancia hissed, slapping johnny lightly.

"mooom!" johnny wailed, crossing his arms angrily, and bruno, instead of being a good parent and doing something about the commotion, stepped on the gas and pretended he'd heard nothing.

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gyro veered through a small crack in the door. he looked at fugo, feeling sad for his brother. he slowly stepped inside. "hey, fu!" he started, trying to sound enthusiastic.

"hey." fugo responded dully as he continued to stare at the ceiling. part of him wanted his parents to come in and gently help him get up, but he knew that wouldn't happen.

"are you,, okay?" gyro asked hesitantly. "do you need any help with anything?" he continued softly, trying not to sadden or anger him.

fugo shook his head and sat up, looking around his room. it was quite big for a toddler's room, but that was expected with the amount of money his parents had.

the older of the pair carefully came closer, giving fugo a somewhat sad smile. "are you sure? you seem kind of gloomy." he asked

fugo shrugged and scooted towards the edge of the bed, finally meeting gyro's eyes. "i'm okay."

he gave him another sad smile. "okay.. i just can't seem to believe you though.." he quietly said, getting a bit frightened.

fugo glared at gyro before standing up and walking towards his closet, opening it with shaking hands.

gyro looked at his feet and pressed his index fingers together. his eyes were a dull grayish green, his expression saying a thousand words, words no one would read. "i guess i'll go get ready too.."

tears welled up in fugo's eyes, which he immediately wiped away. crying was for weaklings. he grabbed whatever was the closest in his closet and put it on, struggling to as he was still small and weak.

gyro had left his clothes on a neatly stacked pile on his bed. he went to them and put them on, "accidentally" putting his shirt on as his pants and vice versa. "hah!! look at me fugo!!" he chuckled, a sad tone still cracking through his voice.

fugo exhaled through his nose in a laugh. "idiot."

gyro gave him a big smile. "yay!! you laughed!!" he jumped up, almost tripping over his own clothes.

fugo rolled his eyes and walked towards the bathroom to wash his face. he wasn't gonna struggle with his hair, it'd still look like shit if he brushed it.

gyro watched fugo go. he shook his clothes off and put them on like a normal human being. he sighed, thinking about the new school day. "who am i gonna meet..?" he whispered quietly to himself.

fugo decided to only briefly brushed his hair with his fingers just to look slightly less like an alien, and walked downstairs, trying not to think. "hey, mom, dad." he said, though knowing he wouldn't get a response.

gyro got to his feet and quickly followed fugo. their parents weren't responding at all. he felt guilty, but tried his best to shake the feeling off. stepping down, he settled down in the hall, waiting to go to kindergarten. he hated his home, although it being so huge. there was nothing here besides fugo, but fugo wasn't very social or happy, which was understandable. their parents didn't give their kids love, didn't listen to a word they said, didn't care for their pain or their broken hearts. they had to figure everything out themselves.

though having expected it, fugo still clenched his fist so hard he got little crescent shaped marks in the palms of his hands when his parents didn't respond. he brought one of his hands to his mouth and started biting his knuckles as he stomped after gyro. he easily stepped into his too big shoes and had to physically restrain himself from breaking the door instead of pulling it open by slamming his free hand into the wall.

he was watching his brother get so furious and frustrated. he couldn't take it anymore. he had to help. "fugo please! listen to me! you don't have to hurt yourself because they don't care about us!!" he tried out. "if they don't care about us, we don't care about them, right? there's much brighter people out there who will love us, please.. just believe in yourself and don't hurt yourself over them.. for me?"

tears formed in fugo's eyes for the second time that day, and he slipped his hands into his pocket. "you're right." he reluctantly said. "but i'm only doing this for you. not because i want to."

a smile formed on his face, and a broad one too. "you're trying!! i'm sure we'll get better by time, alright? we'll do this together." he said, still smiling. "like brothers." gyro grinned, stepping out of the door.

fugo huffed, rolling his eyes, though a small smile appeared on his face. he stepped after gyro, staring at his feet as he closed the door behind him.

"well, guess it's time to go to kindergarten now. we'll meet new people." he excitedly exclaimed. "i wonder if others are in the same situation as we are." he said, but continued to walk.

fugo nodded and hopped forward a little to match steps with gyro.