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Slayers and Heroes

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“Let's do this once again. What are your names, and who gave you the swords?” Tanjiro didn't know how many times they had to repeat themselves. This was probably the third time at this point, and he could tell it was their answers that was making the man sigh in annoyance.

“We told you sir. I’m Tanjiro Kamado, and this is my sister Nezuko. The other two are Zenitsu and Inosuke. The swords were given to us when we first became demon slayers.” The man in front of them (Tanjiro believe his name was detective Tsukauchi) just rested his forehead within his hand before scribbling something down on a piece of paper. The teen wishing he could see exactly what was being written down.

You see, unlike what they had expected the two demons did not in fact devour them. Instead they were dropped off in a strange building with equally strange people, and had spent the next couple hours being interrogated by the detective.

“Right. And you slay demons all throughout Japan, and are apart of the demon slayer corps. Did I get that right?” Tanjiro was not picking up on the man’s slight sarcastic tone, and instead smiled brightly as he nodded.

“Yes! That's correct!” The detective just stopped his scribbling to give the boy a look of disbelief. Obviously not exactly pleased with the answer.

“Look kids, this isn't the time to be playing around. Accidental quirk usage isn't necessarily a crime, but pulling weapons on pro heroes is. I need you to work with me here so that way we can just get you off with a warning.” Quirk? Pro hero? Tanjiro had no idea what was being said, and it had been this way the entire time Tsukauchi was speaking to them. He had tried to send glances to his friends in hopes of getting some help here, but to no avail.

The moment they were brought into the station Inosuke’s boar head was ripped away from him, making the teen irate and inconsolable. Every second spent in the interview was the dark haired boy just pacing back and forth with a glare on his features, being no help whatsoever. Zenitsu had spotted a man with a cats head a little ways away when they first arrived and was now hiding under a nearby table as he cried out in fear. Mumbling about how they were going to die over and over again.

The only one with a good excuse to not be helping was Nezuko. The girl silently sitting next to him and playing with a pen on the table. It was hard for Tanjiro to stay concentrated when she was being oh so precious. Tsukauchi then switched his attention to said girl, a smile finding its way to his lips.

“Is there a chance you can answer my questions Nezuko chan?” The girl just stared at him with wide, blank, pink eyes. There was a moment of silence before Tanjiro decided it would be best to step in.

“Um, detective Tsukauchi? She doesn't talk. She's, um, shy.” He wasn't sure how else to explain it. Just from his experience alone he could tell trying to explain his and Nezuko’s situation would be impossible. Thankfully the man didn't question him any further.

“I see, my apologies then. Another question, why wear clothes from the Taisho period? It's a little odd.” Odd? He looked down on his checkered pattern Haori in confusion before looking at the man again.

“Um, these are just my clothes? Is it that weird? Um, also it's still the Taisho period so?” The man gave an awkward smile before waving him off.

“No no! Well, it's complicated.” Complicated? He was getting more and more confused the longer they spent here.

“Oi! Tanjiro! Stop talking to the monster! Can't you see he's gonna eat us!” Zenitsu had finally decided to speak up, tears running down his face as he yelled.

“Like I told you before, I have no intention to eat you.” Thankfully the man took no offense, chuckling to himself before writing something on one of the three papers. Tanjiro could see that it read “anxious” in big letters at the top corner. “Also, if you wish to not answer questions you are more than welcome to call your parent or guardian so they can come to the station to get you. I will need to talk to them anyway.”

There was silence between all the teenagers. Even Inosuke stopped pouting share a confused glance, and growled to no one in particular when no one answered.

“I don't need a parent! I haven't had one of those my entire life!” Tsukauchi did not share the prideful expression that Inosuke was wearing, and instead seemed shocked. Eyebrow almost rising to the top of his forehead before his friendly attitude had dissipated. Tanjiro’s nose picking up the shift in emotion perfectly.

“Is that true?” The only answer he got was a growl. “What about you two?” Honestly, they were confused by how upset he sounded. It wasn't uncommon for orphans to be on their own. Many orphans became demon slayers just so they could make some money to survive, or did it as repayment towards the retired pillars that had given them a roof to live under.

“I’ve been an orphan my entire life. What's it to you.” Tanjiro gasped at his friends rudeness! Come on Zenitsu! He knew it was probably because his acute hearing was picking up something from the man’s tone, but still! Before he could reprimand him though Inosuke had burst from his spot to stand on his chair, fist raised as he exploded at the detective.

“Yeah! What's it to you Muguchi!?” Poor Tsukauchi, Tanjiro thinks the man needs a bonus for dealing with them.

“That's not my name for one, and it is every bit of my business. We have child protection laws in place for this exact reason, and I can not let you go if you don't have a guardian to come pick you up.” Zenitsu’s mouth dropped open as he let out a high pitched scream, and Inosuke’s face had paled. Both of them realizing what situation they had just put them into. The detective just ignored them to address Tanjiro once again.

“Is it the same for you?” The teen just slowly nodded, there was no reason to lie after all. the man would've figured out sooner or later.

“Our family was killed a couple years ago.” He left it at that, and thankfully he wasn't asked to elaborate.

“I see. I’ll call CPS and see if we can find some foster families for you kids.” He seemed to have decided the matter was closed. Collecting the papers on his desk, and ignoring the cries from Inosuke and Zenitsu.

“Listen up you spineless fool!” The green eyed teen had jumped off the chair he was standing on in order to get right into the man’s face. Using a finger to jab at his chest as the detective watched with a placid expression. “I ain't going to whatever a fos-tar is! Got it!” Tsukauchi was not phased though.

“I’m sorry, but you don't have a say in this. Now stay in this room for a second, ok?” With papers in hand he had gotten up, and left. A soft click being the only remnants that the detective had even been there. There was only silence for a minute, then another, and then one more before what had been said completely sunk in.

"Who does that shrimp think he is!? Thinking he can tell me what to do! I'll show him!" Inosuke was going on a rampage now, throwing off papers, and flipping over cabinets as Tanjiro watched in momentary shock.

“I-Inosuke! Stop that this instant!” The teen burst from his seat in order to wrangle up his irate friend. Grabbing ahold of him to stop anymore unnecessary destruction as Nezuko blankly watched in the background. The blonde also watching in horror from his hiding spot before his face morphed to one of annoyance, and he quickly snapped. Tanjiro swearing he saw some sparks flying off of him as he did so.

“Will you two SHUT up!” Zenitsu had barked from his spot under the table, silencing his two friends who just watched him in shock. The blonde quickly calming down before shifting his eyes back to the door. “Do you hear that? What that man is talking about right now?” Tanjiro, and Inosuke paused. Listening closely, but not hearing what the boy was talking about. Their friends enhanced hearing obviously picking up something that they couldn't.

Tanjiro let go of the feral teen, slowly making his way towards the door so he could press his ear against it and listen. He could smell exactly how many people were outside like he normally could, picking up on the different people behind it. The detective being one he was able to pick up.

“I need you to see if there are any cults in the area that mention demons, demon slayers, or the Taisho period.” Tanjiro was shocked! He thought they were apart of a cult!? How rude! It seemed Zenitsu thought the same as he whimpered to himself, and pulled his knees to his chest. Voice melancholic, and expression dark.

“They think we’re crazy, don't they?” Tanjiro felt sympathy for his friend, honestly. He was feeling it as well after all. The fear of the unknown, and being kept in the dark was making him completely on edge. Slowly moving towards the blonde so he could use a gentle hand to rub his head.

“Its ok Zenitsu, we’ll get through this.” Someone must of knew what they were talking about wasn't a lie, and would back them up! The blonde’s face turned a light shade of pink. Obviously embarrassed at the comfort he was receiving.

“T-Thanks Tanjiro.” It was rare to hear him so soft, and it brought a smile to the burgundy haired teen. Only to be interrupted by the door opening up once again. Naomasa giving it them a smile as he entered, but it quickly morphed to one of shock when his eyes looked over the now destroyed area.

“I’m sorry detective Tsukauchi!” Tanjiro gave a deep bow. “I tried to stop Inosuke, but he made a mess…” He trailed off. He felt responsible for his friends actions after all, and was willing to take any punishment handed out for them. Only for the teen to be shocked when the man just laughed.

“You don't have to apologize kid. My office has seen much worse anyway with the type of people I normally have in here.” He ruffled up his burgundy hair before tiptoeing around the carnage to get to his desk. “Now I need to ask you four a few more questions, nothing too crazy, just some things about yourselves.” They all shot glances to one another. About them? Seeing their confused faces the man continued talking.

“CPS just wanted to know some things before they get here. So I will be getting that out of the way for them.” CPS? What was a CPS? None of them had a chance to ask though before the detective began to speak again. “Then after this hopefully you’ll be able to go home with your new foster families.” There was a monetary silence before Inosuke said what they were all thinking.

“What the fuck!?”