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Slayers and Heroes

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Blood. Tanjiro could smell the thick, and iron filled scent of blood. It tickled his nose, and he could feel it burn into his nostrils. What? Why was there blood? Foggy memories swam around his brain. Different smells filling his senses as he picked up on some familiarity with them. Nezuko? Zenitsu? Inosuke?

He quickly gasped for air, and abruptly sat up. His head feeling like it would split open the moment he had done so. Calloused hands grabbing onto his throbbing skull as he winced in pain.

“Ow ow ow.” He whimpered as the dull throb took over his senses. Tanjiro feeling more and more confused as he cracked his eyes open a slit. The blurry forms of his sister, and friends meeting his gaze through the thick darkness of the night. He needed to get to them! He needed to make sure they were ok!

Slowly he pulled himself to his feet. Tripping over himself a bit before slowly moving towards them. Nothing was stopping him at this point. His heart just beating within his chest as he compelled himself to keep moving. His mind just repeating over and over again about how he needed to protect them. Save them. Help them. He was driven by determination alone at this point. Vision clearing as he got closer. The forms of his friends, and beloved sister coming into view.

They seemed as beat up as him. Haoris dirtied, and their bodies covered in wounds. What happened to all of them? He just couldn't place it within his memories.

“N-Nezuko?” He slowly fell to the ground, body giving up except in interlocking his hand with his sisters smaller one. She seemed different. He wasn't sure exactly how. Slowly turning his head to the side so he could take in her features. Lightly gasping when he saw she was no longer wearing the bamboo muzzle that was always in her mouth. Her features softer, and when he caught sight of small fangs in her mouth it made him voice his confusion in a form of a groan.

“Tanjiro? Are we dead?” The boy jumped on shocked and quickly sat up again. Looking over to see Zenitsu staring at him with squinted, tired eyes. It was the look the boy normally gave when he had completely given up on something, an action Tanjiro had expected from him at this point. With a sigh he slowly sat himself up criss crossed, groaning from the soreness it caused.

“I don't think so. We still feel pain so I guess that means we aren't dead!” he smiled, wanting more than anything to stay positive for the sake of his friend. It was natural for him, and he wasn't stopping even if he was concerned himself. This seemed to of perked up the yellow haired boy as a new fire was lit under him.

"How can you say that!? My body hurts, we have no idea where we are, and I can't remember what happened!? Tanjirooooo!" Well it was good to see that Zenitsu still seemed to be himself. It actually made the teen laugh a little as he watched him ramble and swing his arms around. Feeling a sense of comfort from the familiar scene. That's when he felt the hand within his twitch.

"Nezuko!" He snapped his head to where his sister was, watching with joyful eyes as she roused from sleep. Her pink eyes fluttering open before giving her brother her normal blank expression. Watching his adorable baby sister tiredly rub her face, and yawn like a cat absolutely took away all of his pain as he squeezed the girls hand tighter. “I’m glad to see you're ok.” He spoke mostly to himself, but Nezuko shot her gaze to him anyway. Giving a curt nod in acknowledgement.

“Ne~Zu~Ko chhhaaannn!” Tanjiro jumped at the familiar whimsical tone of a happy Zenitsu, the boy skipping his way over to happily stare at the girl, a fluffy air surrounding him as he smiled. Well, until his eyes had caught her uncovered mouth. Expression changing like a glass cup being smashed against the wall.

“W-Wait! Didn't she have a muzzle before?” He was quiet, hand shaking as he pointed at the girls form. Tanjiro could tell a million and one thoughts were going through his head, but didn't smell any fear dripping from him. His trust of Nezuko making the teen incredibly happy. One less person that doubted his sisters resolve made all the difference to him!

“She did, but i'm not sure where its gone. It's fine though, she won't hurt anyone.” Nezuko had crawled right into his lap almost as a way of agreeing with him. A smile on her face as she practically melted in her brothers embrace.

“I-I mean I don't doubt Nezuko chan, but isn't that dangerous?” Silence fell between them. Tanjiro only able to stare down with a pensive expression. She seemed fine? Though it wasn't like Nezuko was exactly normal, or predictable. Though he knew deep down she would never hurt a fly.

Silence was broken though by a certain someone waking up.

“Konestsu! Fight me!” Inosuke had quickly found a surge of energy and tackled the blonde to the ground. An eruption of screams breaking out between all the boys as the boar headed teen wrestled with Zenitsu. Pinning him down as he snarled, and growled.

“What is your problem!? Taannnjjiirrrooo! Save me!” The boy shrieked, and flailed on the ground. Tears running down his cheeks as he turned to shove his now puffy face into the dirt. Tanjiro assumed this was to cover up his crying face in mild embarrassment. “And you got my name wrong again….” It was muffled by the ground, but even if it wasn't Inosuke wouldn't of cared. The boy was proudly sitting on his prey as he boldly laughed. Tanjiro had a feeling he was smirking under that boars head of his. He should probably split them up now.

“Come on Inosuke. Get off of Zenitsu. Hey!” Moving Nezuko so she was sitting on her knees he made his way towards the two, attempting to rip the feral teen off of the blonde. Feeling himself get more and more annoyed as punches were thrown at him. That was it! With one hard tug he pulled Inosuke away, and got a barrage of snarls to prove it. Zenitsu proving no help as he sat up and continued to whine.

“Now I have dirt on my face, in my cuts, and in my mouth!” He continued to whine something incomprehensible. Tanjiro only able to sigh as he stared at him with judgemental eyes. Using his other free arm to lightly slap Zenitsu against the head.

“Cut that out Zenitsu! Can't you see that we have more pressing matters to worry about!” The teen stopped whining, but quickly switched back into screaming.

“TANJIRO~! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?” He continued to cry and scream, hands pulling at his hair as he went off about how “Tanjiro must hate him now, and will abandon him.” as the teen in question watched on with distaste. He cared for his friend (really!), but did they need to do this everyday?

That's when he smelt it. The crackle of electricity in the air. But where?

All the sudden a flurry of sparks erupted from the blonde. Throwing back Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Nezuko into a nearby bush, and explosions ringing out above them one after the other as the lighting from before died away. Tanjiro, and even Inosuke, wide eyed as they stared at the unaware teen in front of them.

Everyone was then silent. Zenitsu shaking in his spot as he slowly turned to stare at the mess he had created.

“Huh?” A cold, and hard realization hit them all. Hearts beating in unison as they took in what had just happened. Several painfully quiet minutes passing by before Zenitsu finally broke it.

“Ahhhhhh! I’m gonna die! Who did that!? Was that you Tanjiro!?” He shook, and whipped his head in all directions trying to find what had caused the strange occurrence.

“Zenitsu how did you do that!?” Tanjiro’s mouth dropped open, eyes wide as he stared at the damage. Even Nezuko seemed a little surprised as she cocked her head at the chaotic scene.

“Me!? I didn't do that! No way!” How the teen didn't seem to realize what was staring him in the face no one knew, but at least he wasn't the only one.

“Oi! That thing attacked us! Fight me cretin!” Inosuke sprinted from his spot and ran right towards the street light. Glaring it down as he snarled, and growled. Then as quickly as he got there he struck. Launching himself forward to land a kick at it, and instantly regretting it as he jumped back in pain. The three teens now watching as the angered boar began to pull out his dual swords and unleash his wrath onto the world. One hit turned into two, which then turned into five, but Inosuke could only just scratch the surface of the metal. His frustration being vocally spoken with a chorus of "fight me!" Mixed in with grunts.

“Its a street light you idiot.” Zenitsu, now done rolling on the ground and sobbing, was obviously annoyed. Tanjiro noting this with how he groaned, and his expression shifted to one of displeasure. Eyes scanning over the scene before he made a small sound in realization. "Hey. Is it just me, or does that street light look different compared to normal ones?" Tanjiro gasped and quickly looked to see what he meant. His one experience with street lights may of been when he was in Tokyo, but he quickly realized what Zenitsu was talking about. They did look different.

"Now that I think about it-" He looked all around him, taking in their strange surroundings. "something doesn't seem right about this place." He couldn't quite place it, and it was bothering Tanjiro to no end.

For a forest, it all seemed to be way too organized. Trees in what seemed to be a specific order, and flowers planted in perfect circles or rows. Tanjiro was honestly kicking himself for not noticing before. Zenitsu seemed to of also picked up on it as well as his eyes looked as though they would pop out of his head.

"AHHHHH! We're gonna die! A demons trapped us here, and is going to eat us! Tanjiro! Save me!" The blonde clung to the pant leg of his friend as he shook and cried. The teen just trying to pry him away without any success.

"Zenitsu! Stop! We don't know that!" Tanjiro could only wince as his friend got snot and tears all over his pants. Gross….

"Who's there!" All four teenagers stopped what they were doing at the shock of hearing a new voice. Nezuko letting out a low growl at the stranger, and Zenitsu screaming even louder.

"AHHH! It's the monster!" Tanjiro tried to shush him quickly, panic setting in a little as the sound of footsteps approaching caused them to tense up. One hand hovering over his sword, and eyes shooting everywhere for wherever the demon could appear from. He gripped the hilt with all his strength when a form all the sudden appeared from the darkness past the trees.

"Oh? It's a bunch of kids." There was a blonde haired man, a bored expression resting on his features, but that wasn't what Tanjiro was concentrated on. No. Instead his red eyes were concentrated on the large red wings that were folded up against the strangers back.

"The hell is that!?" How Inosuke just now noticed what was going on was a mystery to everyone. Making an effort to point his swords at the man whose eyes just widened, and wings unfurled to their full span.

"Put the swords down now!" There was a sense of urgency, and seriousness in his voice. None of them paid it any mind though. Tanjiro using the opportunity to pull his own sword, and Zenitsu jumping to his feet in fear. Though the bird man didn't react like they expected, far from it, and he let out a long sigh.

"What part of put the swords down did you not understand kids?" He raised up his hands in a carefree way as a smirk crossed his features. "Look, I have no business fighting kids. Just put down the weapons and come with me peacefully. You can explain yourself at the station, and we can call your parents to come get you. We Gucci?" Tanjiro had no idea what a station, and a Gucci was. Nor did he wish to figure out what it was. When no one relented the man sighed again. "Well you leave me no choice."

Quickly he grabbed one of the crimson feathers on his back, wielding it like a makeshift sword. Not even flinching at the shocked expression on Tanjiros face. The man didn't smell like a demon, but how was such a thing possible? It made no sense, and caused his brain to feel like it was spiraling. He was snapped out of his thoughts though when the man whistled to himself.

"Still not backing down? I was hoping to scare you, but you seem more stubborn than I expected." Without lifting a finger the feathers on his back fell to the ground. Once again shocking Taniiro to no end. This must've been some type of demon blood art!

"Zenitsu! Inosuke! Back me up!" Sadly his plan was already backfiring. As the moment he had turned he saw Zenitsu running the opposite direction screaming, and Inosuke already rushing forward with a manic laugh. "Z-Zenitsu!? Inosuke!?" Could they please not do this for once!? He was snapped back into concentration though by the affirmative growl of Nezuko. At least she always had his back.

"Alright! Let's go!" He rushed forward, following behind Inosuke. Watching as his friend made the first move, swinging his swords forward with as much strength as he could. Only for it to be quickly shut down as the man blocked it with the feather, and easily shooed away the feral teenager. Tanjiro paused in pure shock. It was hard for anyone to just brush away Inosuke, and this guy shooed him away like a fly!

"Hey! Fight me head on you hack!" Inosuke blew a puff of smoke from his mask, rushing forward again only to be stopped in his tracks once again. As the feathers that had originally been dropped were now rising from their spot and shooting towards all three teens. Wrapping around Inosuke as he growled, and struggled to fight them off. Easily being overpowered as the feathers restrained him effortlessly, and causing the dark haired boy to struggle on the ground.

"That was easy. One down, two to go." Tanjiro tore his expression away from Inosuke to stare at the man. He barely broke a sweat, seeming bored more than anything. Tanjiro now unsure if he should fight, or play it safe. "Not attacking? Guess I'll move then." Sadly he didn't Get the time to decide as now a horde of feathers was charging in a wave towards him. Raising his sword in defense and getting ready to defend himself as best as he could.

"First form! Water surface slash!" He slashed the wall of feathers and was happy to see it had worked. Giving him a split second where he could escape. His victory was short lived though when he saw the man's expression.

"Interesting. You have some fight in you kid, but I wasn't aiming for you." What? That's when he heard the familiar noises from Nezuko. Oh no. He quickly pivoted to see the feathers now tightly wrapped around his sister as she struggled.

"Nezuko!" He quickly rushed to her side, only to feel something ram into his back and knock him to the ground. Feathers now surrounding his entire body. The stranger clicking his tongue in annoyance.

"Geez kid, shouldn't you know not to take your eyes off your opponent?" Tanjiro did not like his attitude whatsoever!

"Ahhhhhh! I'm gonna die!" After struggling to turn his head Tanjiro was able to see that Zenitsu had also been caught. Except it was from the bird ma, no, it was from a strange new person who seemed to have been made of wood. Long branches holding onto the blonde with a vice grip.

"I'm surprised Hawks. You almost let the whiney one get away." Neither Zenitsu or, as they now knew as, Hawks seemed pleased by that.

"Whiney!? I have a right to whine you wood monster!" Other than a wince at the rise in volume neither strange men paid him any mind.

"I would of caught him. Doesn't matter now though. Let's just get them to the station now." Tanjiro's eyes widened at that. Trying his best to struggle free only to be easily thrown over the bird man's shoulder along with his sister. Whatever happened next could not of been good.

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“Let's do this once again. What are your names, and who gave you the swords?” Tanjiro didn't know how many times they had to repeat themselves. This was probably the third time at this point, and he could tell it was their answers that was making the man sigh in annoyance.

“We told you sir. I’m Tanjiro Kamado, and this is my sister Nezuko. The other two are Zenitsu and Inosuke. The swords were given to us when we first became demon slayers.” The man in front of them (Tanjiro believe his name was detective Tsukauchi) just rested his forehead within his hand before scribbling something down on a piece of paper. The teen wishing he could see exactly what was being written down.

You see, unlike what they had expected the two demons did not in fact devour them. Instead they were dropped off in a strange building with equally strange people, and had spent the next couple hours being interrogated by the detective.

“Right. And you slay demons all throughout Japan, and are apart of the demon slayer corps. Did I get that right?” Tanjiro was not picking up on the man’s slight sarcastic tone, and instead smiled brightly as he nodded.

“Yes! That's correct!” The detective just stopped his scribbling to give the boy a look of disbelief. Obviously not exactly pleased with the answer.

“Look kids, this isn't the time to be playing around. Accidental quirk usage isn't necessarily a crime, but pulling weapons on pro heroes is. I need you to work with me here so that way we can just get you off with a warning.” Quirk? Pro hero? Tanjiro had no idea what was being said, and it had been this way the entire time Tsukauchi was speaking to them. He had tried to send glances to his friends in hopes of getting some help here, but to no avail.

The moment they were brought into the station Inosuke’s boar head was ripped away from him, making the teen irate and inconsolable. Every second spent in the interview was the dark haired boy just pacing back and forth with a glare on his features, being no help whatsoever. Zenitsu had spotted a man with a cats head a little ways away when they first arrived and was now hiding under a nearby table as he cried out in fear. Mumbling about how they were going to die over and over again.

The only one with a good excuse to not be helping was Nezuko. The girl silently sitting next to him and playing with a pen on the table. It was hard for Tanjiro to stay concentrated when she was being oh so precious. Tsukauchi then switched his attention to said girl, a smile finding its way to his lips.

“Is there a chance you can answer my questions Nezuko chan?” The girl just stared at him with wide, blank, pink eyes. There was a moment of silence before Tanjiro decided it would be best to step in.

“Um, detective Tsukauchi? She doesn't talk. She's, um, shy.” He wasn't sure how else to explain it. Just from his experience alone he could tell trying to explain his and Nezuko’s situation would be impossible. Thankfully the man didn't question him any further.

“I see, my apologies then. Another question, why wear clothes from the Taisho period? It's a little odd.” Odd? He looked down on his checkered pattern Haori in confusion before looking at the man again.

“Um, these are just my clothes? Is it that weird? Um, also it's still the Taisho period so?” The man gave an awkward smile before waving him off.

“No no! Well, it's complicated.” Complicated? He was getting more and more confused the longer they spent here.

“Oi! Tanjiro! Stop talking to the monster! Can't you see he's gonna eat us!” Zenitsu had finally decided to speak up, tears running down his face as he yelled.

“Like I told you before, I have no intention to eat you.” Thankfully the man took no offense, chuckling to himself before writing something on one of the three papers. Tanjiro could see that it read “anxious” in big letters at the top corner. “Also, if you wish to not answer questions you are more than welcome to call your parent or guardian so they can come to the station to get you. I will need to talk to them anyway.”

There was silence between all the teenagers. Even Inosuke stopped pouting share a confused glance, and growled to no one in particular when no one answered.

“I don't need a parent! I haven't had one of those my entire life!” Tsukauchi did not share the prideful expression that Inosuke was wearing, and instead seemed shocked. Eyebrow almost rising to the top of his forehead before his friendly attitude had dissipated. Tanjiro’s nose picking up the shift in emotion perfectly.

“Is that true?” The only answer he got was a growl. “What about you two?” Honestly, they were confused by how upset he sounded. It wasn't uncommon for orphans to be on their own. Many orphans became demon slayers just so they could make some money to survive, or did it as repayment towards the retired pillars that had given them a roof to live under.

“I’ve been an orphan my entire life. What's it to you.” Tanjiro gasped at his friends rudeness! Come on Zenitsu! He knew it was probably because his acute hearing was picking up something from the man’s tone, but still! Before he could reprimand him though Inosuke had burst from his spot to stand on his chair, fist raised as he exploded at the detective.

“Yeah! What's it to you Muguchi!?” Poor Tsukauchi, Tanjiro thinks the man needs a bonus for dealing with them.

“That's not my name for one, and it is every bit of my business. We have child protection laws in place for this exact reason, and I can not let you go if you don't have a guardian to come pick you up.” Zenitsu’s mouth dropped open as he let out a high pitched scream, and Inosuke’s face had paled. Both of them realizing what situation they had just put them into. The detective just ignored them to address Tanjiro once again.

“Is it the same for you?” The teen just slowly nodded, there was no reason to lie after all. the man would've figured out sooner or later.

“Our family was killed a couple years ago.” He left it at that, and thankfully he wasn't asked to elaborate.

“I see. I’ll call CPS and see if we can find some foster families for you kids.” He seemed to have decided the matter was closed. Collecting the papers on his desk, and ignoring the cries from Inosuke and Zenitsu.

“Listen up you spineless fool!” The green eyed teen had jumped off the chair he was standing on in order to get right into the man’s face. Using a finger to jab at his chest as the detective watched with a placid expression. “I ain't going to whatever a fos-tar is! Got it!” Tsukauchi was not phased though.

“I’m sorry, but you don't have a say in this. Now stay in this room for a second, ok?” With papers in hand he had gotten up, and left. A soft click being the only remnants that the detective had even been there. There was only silence for a minute, then another, and then one more before what had been said completely sunk in.

"Who does that shrimp think he is!? Thinking he can tell me what to do! I'll show him!" Inosuke was going on a rampage now, throwing off papers, and flipping over cabinets as Tanjiro watched in momentary shock.

“I-Inosuke! Stop that this instant!” The teen burst from his seat in order to wrangle up his irate friend. Grabbing ahold of him to stop anymore unnecessary destruction as Nezuko blankly watched in the background. The blonde also watching in horror from his hiding spot before his face morphed to one of annoyance, and he quickly snapped. Tanjiro swearing he saw some sparks flying off of him as he did so.

“Will you two SHUT up!” Zenitsu had barked from his spot under the table, silencing his two friends who just watched him in shock. The blonde quickly calming down before shifting his eyes back to the door. “Do you hear that? What that man is talking about right now?” Tanjiro, and Inosuke paused. Listening closely, but not hearing what the boy was talking about. Their friends enhanced hearing obviously picking up something that they couldn't.

Tanjiro let go of the feral teen, slowly making his way towards the door so he could press his ear against it and listen. He could smell exactly how many people were outside like he normally could, picking up on the different people behind it. The detective being one he was able to pick up.

“I need you to see if there are any cults in the area that mention demons, demon slayers, or the Taisho period.” Tanjiro was shocked! He thought they were apart of a cult!? How rude! It seemed Zenitsu thought the same as he whimpered to himself, and pulled his knees to his chest. Voice melancholic, and expression dark.

“They think we’re crazy, don't they?” Tanjiro felt sympathy for his friend, honestly. He was feeling it as well after all. The fear of the unknown, and being kept in the dark was making him completely on edge. Slowly moving towards the blonde so he could use a gentle hand to rub his head.

“Its ok Zenitsu, we’ll get through this.” Someone must of knew what they were talking about wasn't a lie, and would back them up! The blonde’s face turned a light shade of pink. Obviously embarrassed at the comfort he was receiving.

“T-Thanks Tanjiro.” It was rare to hear him so soft, and it brought a smile to the burgundy haired teen. Only to be interrupted by the door opening up once again. Naomasa giving it them a smile as he entered, but it quickly morphed to one of shock when his eyes looked over the now destroyed area.

“I’m sorry detective Tsukauchi!” Tanjiro gave a deep bow. “I tried to stop Inosuke, but he made a mess…” He trailed off. He felt responsible for his friends actions after all, and was willing to take any punishment handed out for them. Only for the teen to be shocked when the man just laughed.

“You don't have to apologize kid. My office has seen much worse anyway with the type of people I normally have in here.” He ruffled up his burgundy hair before tiptoeing around the carnage to get to his desk. “Now I need to ask you four a few more questions, nothing too crazy, just some things about yourselves.” They all shot glances to one another. About them? Seeing their confused faces the man continued talking.

“CPS just wanted to know some things before they get here. So I will be getting that out of the way for them.” CPS? What was a CPS? None of them had a chance to ask though before the detective began to speak again. “Then after this hopefully you’ll be able to go home with your new foster families.” There was a monetary silence before Inosuke said what they were all thinking.

“What the fuck!?”

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“Taaaannnjjiiirrrooo! Don't let them take me! Save me Tanjiro!” Once again Zenitsu was clinging to him, rubbing his tear stained face onto the boys pants. The poor teen trying his best to rip him away, but to no avail. The CPS worker was trying her best to help as well as she tried to pry away the teenager from his friend. Tanjiro could smell how tired she was even before she had entered the room. The dark circles under her eyes only proving his theory to be true.

“Come on now, we don't have all night.” Tanjiro felt bad for the inconvenience. Biting his lip as he tried to think of how to get the blonde to loosen his grip, but at the same time just wanted to leave him be.

He didn't really want them to be seperated after all. He was blessed with the fact that him and Nezuko will be able to stay together (something that was supposedly very rare), but was downcasted at the knowledge that his friends would be at separate places all on their own. It made him want to reassure them, and do his best to calm their worries.

“Zenitsu, calm down. I promise even if we are all separated we will find each other again." He placed both hands on the boy’s shoulders, making sure his golden eyes were staring into his. “Ok?” The blonde just slowly nodded, eyes having a slight sparkle in them that drew Tanjiro in. Taking his hands off to let the teen hold up his own weight.

His friend had calmed down, messing with his hands as he stared at the ground. Tanjiro smiling ear to ear at the sight as he used his hand to lovingly run it through Zenitsu’s blonde locks. The teen not picking up how the boy’s face became dusted with pink.

“Everything is going to be ok, right?” Zenitsu didn't respond verbally, and instead just slowly nodded. Not letting his eyes meet with the other.

“Finally, come on now.” Before either teen could process what to do the social worker had taken Zenitsu’s wrist and began to walk him out the door. The boy freaking out with wide eyes, and his free hand reaching towards Tanjiro as he waved it wildly.

“W-Wait! Tanjiro!” His voice trailed off as the door closed behind them It was taking all of the teens energy to not run after his friend, but Tsukauchi had seemed very strict about them staying exactly where they were. Inosuke had tried to run off, and was only deposited right back where he started with a strict warning to not do it again (he was now pouting in the corner). Honestly the teen didn't want to push their buttons for what may happen. He jumped when he felt the small, soft hand of Nezuko. His sister staring up at him with wide pink eyes.

“It's gonna be ok Nezuko. I swear we’ll see Zenitsu again.” The girl didn't say anything, her eyes just staring into him before giving him a nod. Her mouth now covered with a blue paper mask of some type (Tsukauchi called it a “sick mask”). He smiled, and gave her head a pat.

“We’ll be ok…” He just had to keep telling himself that.

Zenitsu on the other hand was not ok. Every step of the way he was screaming, and crying to be let go. His heart beating as they slowly approached a new waiting room. This one being completely visible by windows, a long table, and a lot of strange looking chairs that surrounded it. They seemed very plush and comfortable, but Zenitsu didn't want to stay to figure it out.

“I’m gonna die! This woman is going to kill me! Heeellppp me!” Heads from all around were turning to stare at them now. The woman who was leading him before now stopping in her tracks to stare at him in disbelief.

“H-Hey! Stop that! I-I’m not trying to do anything to you.” A bit of him knew she wouldn't hurt him, but the little voice in his head just kept trying to convince him that something terrible would happen. So there he was, rolling on the floor as he screamed incomprehensible things. Tears running down his face, and his heart feeling like it would burst out of his chest.

“Nonononono! Tanjiro isnt with me, and i'm all alone! Who is going to protect me!? Taaannnjjiirrrooo!” He was now using his hands to cover his ears, blocking out the concerned voice of the social worker as he curled into a fetal position. Hewasntokhewasntok! Nononono!

“Excuse me? Is everything alright here?” There was silence. Zenitsu slowly turning his head so he could get a look at the new person, and he instantly regretted it. Face paling at what he saw. The man was even a man! His head was replaced by the head of a cat, and Zenitsu flinched when those yellow eyes burrowed into him.

“Oh! Officer Sansa. Please don't mind us, he’s just very anxious is all.” The woman was deeply bowing to the cat man, but Zenitsu didn't care. Instead he was shaking like a leaf, and stammering at the officer.

“AHHH! How are you not scared right now!? That guy has a cat head! He’s gonna kill us! Helpmehelpmehelp!” He was flailing on the ground now, trying his best to get his footing again as tears once again streamed down his face. Both Sansa, and the CPS worker giving each other concerned glances. The young lady awkwardly crouching in front of him so she could reach a hand towards him.

“Its ok dear, he isn't going to hurt you. Its just his qu-” He quickly slapped her hand away, pushing himself back against the wall so he could point accusingly at the pair.

“Stay away! I’m gonna die! Taaaannjjiirrrooo!” He jumped up onto his feet, rushing into the nearby room so he could slam the door behind him. Wasting no time in hiding under the table for a just a small bit of protection form the monster. Surprisingly they didn't follow, and when he peeked through the gap between two chairs he saw them moving away from the room. He could only let out a sigh of relief at that. Thank goodness! He was gonna live!

Though he quickly fell back into a wave of sadness. Wow, he truly was useless. He couldn't even do anything but run from the cat demon. If Tanjiro was with him the teen would have instantly fought the monster, and Insouke would of wasted no time in helping (well his own strange way of helping). Soon the two of them would realize he was a weak link and abandon him. Just like everyone else in his life. God, that terrified him.

His body began to shake as the thought crossed his mind. Tears started to trickle down his cheeks again as he took deep heavy breaths. No, Tanjiro wouldn't abandon him. Right? Inosuke, and Nezuko too. They would not just forget about him. But what if they did? He was now using his hands to aggressively mess up his hair. Uselessuselessuselessuseles-

“Oh, why are you crying sweetheart? It's ok.” He jumped when he heard a new voice. A soft white handkerchief shoved in his face as it began to wipe away all of his tears. Huh? When the handkerchief was pulled away he saw the person on the other end, and his face instantly turned a bright red.

She looked like an angel. Pale skin, long blonde hair, and round blue eyes. Smiling a sweet smile as she quietly hummed to herself at the boys face.

“Feeling a little better?” He almost forgot to say something, just taking in the kind presence before realizing she wanted a response.

“I, um.” He didn't know what to say. Who was she, and what was she doing comforting him? Her mouth formed into an O before she went back to smiling.

“I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name is Yua Kaminari. We’re going to be your foster family for awhile.” There's that word again, foster. He still had no idea what that meant. Though if he was with such a beautiful woman he guess it wasn't that big of a deal! He was smiling, and feeling completely on cloud nine as the woman continued to wipe at the tear tracks on his face. Well, until he remembered she had said we.

“Yua, its late, we should get home.” Zenitsu screamed, and backed away when he heard the gruff voice. Putting himself farther towards the middle of the table as he stared down the new person. How he didn't notice the man before Zenitsu had no idea. He was absolutely terrifying!

“Aw Raiden! You're scaring him!” The petite woman pouted, making her look more like a child than a grown woman.

The man was tall, and well built. Muscled from head to toe, and covered in scars. Dark hair cut into a crew cut, and sharp golden eyes piercing into the teenager as he shook in fear. His expression not giving anything away as he watched the blonde.

“I wasn't trying to scare him…” Zenitsu was surprised to hear the gruff voice so quiet. The man not changing his expression, but instead turning to face away from him. Yua giving a gentle smiling before reaching to take his much larger hand in solidarity.

Zenitsu had wanted to say something, make it so he wasn't just in the background, but at the same time he was afraid. He wasnt exactly sure why. Their voices seemed kind, and held no sign of deceit. So what was there to be scared of? He felt flashes of memories back from his time with jii chan, and living as an orphan. Oh ...that was the reason.

“Zenitsu, are you ok?” He snapped out of his thoughts at the kind woman's voice. Her face concerned as she moved a little closer to him. “I didn't get your name wrong, right?” He blinked a few times before slowly shaking his head. Why was she so concerned? He could hear the nerves dripping from her voice. Things were quiet for a bit until Raiden began to move the rolly chairs away from the table.

“Come on kid out from under the table so we can go home.” It wasn't meant to be malicious, but it did not help the teenagers already wound up nerves. Making the blonde scream and start to flail.

“Ahhhhhh! Oi! What do you think you're doing thug! You're going to drag me out, and kill me, aren't you!? I’m gonna die!” He curled into himself and screamed random sayings like a broken record.

“Zenitsu! Shh, please calm down sweetheart.” Yua was trying her best to calm him while the man was watching with a scared expression. Both of them struggling to figure out what to do at first, but soon that changed. Yua took a deep breath, grabbing the boy so she could pull him into a hug and effectively quieting Zenitsu. The teenager obviously just shocked at the sudden contact. Raiden letting out a sigh of relief before crouching down so he was eye level with the kid.

“You need to take some deep breaths kid. In, and out. Yeah like that.” It didn't sound gentle to anyone just listening, but with Zenitsu’s hearing he could tell that the man cared. Why though he wasn't sure, but he did as he said. Slowly calming down with a few minutes of breathing.

“Feeling a little better?” He just nodded. Making the woman very happy as she smiled wider. “Do you want to make our way back home now?” Did he? I mean, it wasn't technically his home. Why would it matter to them if he wanted to or not? He just shrugged. Both adults staring at one another before nodding.

“Come on kid, stand up.” With a high pitched squeal Zenitsu was lifted up to his feet by the arm, the thuggish looking man keeping a firm grip on him so he wouldn't make a run for it. The man using his calloused hands to brush off the bit of dust that accumulated on his haori. Golden eyes fluttering over his clothes with a confused expression.

Now that Zenitsu thought about it they were dressed very strangely like everyone else in this strange place. Yua even wearing pants which definitely shocked the teen. She didn't seem like a demon slayer after all, and the fabric was so odd. What was this place?

“Zenitsu? Are you coming sweetheart.” He jumped a bit in shock. Turning to see the husband, and wife (or what he assumed was a married couple) team waiting for him by the glass door.

“Oh yeah.” He bounced from foot to foot, debating if he should follow them or not. After a few seconds he decided to just do so, knowing he probably didn't have much of a choice anyway. As he followed them through the halls he thought to Tanjiro. He wondered if he was still in that waiting room, or if he was off somewhere else now? He knew the teen said they would see each other again, but the thought of such a thing not happening terrified him. He gulped. He really hoped the teen would keep his word.

Chapter Text

“Oi! Why wont it open you fucking cretin!” Inosuke didn't care that his friend was yelling at him in the background for obscene language. He wanted food, and the thing wouldn't give him food!

“Settle down kid, here.” The bag was plucked from his hands to his annoyance, and the man had carefully opened it up for him. Giving it back so the boy could vigorously chomp down on the “chips”. They were crunchy, and salty which he loved. Even after finishing the first bag he wanted more. The detective watching him with an amused look.

“If you're hungry then eat as much as you like. We have enough snacks after all.” Inosuke ignored him though, and pushed past him to grab at the other bags so he could devour them.

“Inosuke! At least thank him!” Hell no! It's his fault for offering food in the first place! Thankfully for the teen the detective didn't see it as that big of a deal.

“Its ok, he might as well eat before we head out.” Head out? Inosuke stopped shoving chips in his mouth in order to stare at the man wide eyed. Even Tanjiro had made a noise in shock as he stared from his friend to the detective.

“B-But it hasn't been that long since Zenitsu left!” He seemed nervous, going back and forth from wishing to say something to staying quiet. Inosuke blamed it on him being weak!

“I’m not going with you Wakagachi!” The man just sighed, watching the teen with a now unamused expression.

“Its Tsukauchi, and you don't have a choice. We’re trying to get this done as quickly as possible so everyone can go home, and sleep.” Sleep was for the weak! “Let's not take all night kid. Put a shirt on, and come on.” The man placed a hand on his shoulder, pissing off Inosuke to no end. This guy must have been looking for a fight!

With a growl, he grabbed the man’s arm and attempted to flip him, only for Tanjiro to get in his way. The teen holding him back as the feral teenager flailed, and thrashed in his grasp.

“Inosuke! Stop that!” This only outraged him more. How dare Ganpachiro get in his way!

“Oi! Let me go! Fi-” He was muffled when a shirt was all the sudden thrown over his head, the older man pulling it over him until it was completely covering his upper body. The teenager getting more irate as he rolled around on the floor like a toddler would. Kicking and punching as he made animalistic sounds. Both Tanjiro, and Tsukauchi watching with annoyed expressions.

“Look, Inosuke, I promise the quicker you come with us then the quicker you get your stuff back.” He froze, craning his head to stare at the man with large green eyes. Was he lying? He couldn't tell, but it was tempting. They continued to stare at one another awhile. Silence draping the room.

“Will you come nicely?” Inosuke just nodded. Slowly standing on his feet with a glare on his features. Obviously hating how easily he was bought.

“Thank you.” The older man pat his head, making Inosuke burst into a blush at the contact. Damn it! How dare he make him feel so fluffy! “Tanjiro, stay here with Nezuko. I’ll be back ok?” Inosuke looked to see the teen slowly nod. A saddened expression on his features. Ha! See you weakling!

Inosuke slowly followed the detective. Hands messing with the shirt on his body as he did so, and making unhappy sounds to show his discomfort.

“No, you aren't taking your shirt off.” He gasped, was the man a psychic!? His expression became even more crazed when the cat man had come up holding his precious boars head. Demon!

“Oi! Fight me demon! Fight me!” He stood there yelling, the cat guy not even phased as he just watched on. Everyone in the station enjoying the show as they gathered to see what was going on. No one who was actually involved being as amused. Tsukauchi felt as though he would need a vacation after this.

“Here you go Tsukauchi. Do you need anything else?” He handed off the boars head to the detective. Inosuke watching with wide eyes.

“No, thank you Sansa.” the cat saluted before turning to leave. Hey! How dare he ignore Inosuke!

“Hey! Come back he-” The detective grabbed the back of his shirt, dragging him away from the forming crowd before he could do anything else, and out the door. The dark haired boy flailing like a maniac as he screamed. Freezing when he was all of a sudden face to face with a metal beast. Mouth dropping open as he stared at it.

“O-Oi! What is that!?” He pointed a finger at it, jumping when its eyes all the sudden lit up. The detective just watching his reaction confused.

“Its a car Inosuke? Have you never seen one?” He rapidly shook his head, jumping back when it made a sound. “Oh?” The man seemed like he was thinking before quickly putting a smile on his face.

“Its ok Inosuke. The car isn't going to hurt you.” he was speaking in a tender, and kind voice. Trying his best to not spook the boy.

“Is it some type of god!?” The man blinked a few times in shock before regaining his composure.

“Um, no. It is not a god. It's a car. Look, you can enter it.” he slowly opened the passenger door only making the teen irate. Rushing at the car so he could kick its body as he screamed bloody murder.

“Die!” He was determined to kill this thing! He was gonna kill it and show off to Gonpachiro! That will show him! HAHAHA! Though before he go off on it again he was apprehended by two men. Easily lifting the boy as he kicked, and struggled in anger.

“Thank you. I’m going to need your help.” Tsukauchi sighed. Motioning to the two officers standing in front of him to place Inosuke within the back of the car. Both of his arms being held firmly in place so he wouldn't hurt others, or himself.

“Let me go! Oi! I’ll kill you!” They ignored his rambles as the detective began to start the car. A bit of him knowing this would not go well, but hoped he would be proven wrong anyway. He wanted this to work, but it was a long shot.

Surprisingly the teenager had quieted down as they drove. Wide green eyes watching as scenery passed them by, and making little sounds of aw when he would spot something that he particularly found interesting. It was kind of cute in all honesty, well, until the boy decided to try and open the door.

“No!” All three men yelled at once, the two officers thankfully thinking fast as they stopped him. Yeah, Tsukauchi was keeping the doors locked now.

Thankfully they had made it to their destination in one piece, and without Tsukauchi getting a heart attack from the amount of times the teen tried to climb out of his seat. The boy even tried to roll down the window, and throw himself out of it. Thankfully the officer next to him had caught Inosuke before he could try.

“Come on Inosuke, you don't need to pout.” Tsukauchi tried to smile as he stared back at the teen in the back seat. He had somehow gotten his shirt off again, and was glaring at him with crossed arms. The detective just sighed. Exiting the car along with the two other officers so he could approach the large mansion like house in front of them. The wooden plank above the doorbell reading “Iida”. Ringing the doorbell and patiently waiting for a response as he shot glances to the angry teen.

“Put your shirt back on Insouke.” The teenager just growled, and ignored him. Green eyes looking all over as he stared at his new surroundings. He could tell this boy was going to be trouble for the family.

“Hello?” He jumped when he heard the timid, and quiet voice. Tsukauchi switching his attention back to the intercom.

“Yes, hello. Its detective Tsukauchi. I brought Inosuke here for you.” He heard the woman make a sound before she responded.

“Yes! I apologize for taking so long to get to you. Here, I'll let you in.” Tsukauchi sent another glance to Inosuke, the teen trying his best to attack a group of months flocking towards a street light that was illuminating the dark street. He needed to get the boys shirt back on.

“Inosuke, shirt.” He used a similar tone he would use with his own kids, but knew it wouldn't work as well on the stubborn teen. He was proven right when green eyes shot to glare at him.

“No!” Yeah, that was expected. He was distracted once again though when the front door opened, and a petite woman stepped out. Her blue hair cut into a short bob, and round glasses sitting comfortably on her face. She smiled when she saw the detective, and made her way towards him so she could unlock the front gate for him.

“Hello detective, I hope your night is going well.” She bowed politely, pulling her jacket closer to her body to protect against the cold.

“I’ve had better nights, but I won't be able to sleep until these kids get situated.” He motioned towards the dark haired boy who was now kicking at the street light with vigor. He wasn't sure if this was actually a good idea.

“I know your family is one of the most reliable foster families in the area, but are you sure about this? In all honesty I was more inclined to put him somewhere else due to his violent behavior.” He looked back at the screaming teen that was just proving his point. “I know you were adamant, but if you ever change your mind then you know who to call.” She seemed surprised, and quickly burst into giggles.

“You shouldn't worry so much detective. We have not given up on a so called problematic child yet, and we are not starting now.” She walked past him, making her way to Inosuke who stopped what he was doing to stare at the woman. Obvious confusion written all over it as he scowled.

“Aren't you cold without a shirt? Here, take my jacket.” She wrapped her much too small jacket around the teenager, Tsukauchi watching in horror as he expected the boy to attack. Instead he was shocked to see the teenager blushing as he held a giddy expression on his features.

“Oi! Stop making me feel all fluffy lady!” His blush only worsened as the woman pat his head lovingly. Both the detective, and the two officers, watching on in complete disbelief.

“Your name is Inosuke, right? Are you hungry? I have some leftovers from dinner I can warm up for you.” The teen obviously couldn't be mad at the sweet woman, with the quiet voice. And just slowly nodded with pink dusting his face. How the teen did a complete 180 in personality Tsukauchi had no idea.

“Oh, right. He had some things that I wanted to hand off to you. You can decide if you wish to give them back to Inosuke, or not.” One of the officers had taken out the swords (now wrapped in thick blankets), and the large boars head from the back of the car. When green eyes spotted the furry piece it was like a switch had gone off in his head.

“Oi! That's mine!” he stormed up, and snatched it away from the man so he could plop it right over his head once again. Mrs. Iida watching the interaction with calculated, and calm eyes.

“What do you tell the man Inosuke?” The teen didn't say anything, just stared at her with the soules eyes of the mask.

“Huh?” She just sighed.

“We will need to work on your manners it seems.” She gave him a kind pat on top of the boars head before turning to the officers and thanking them. Thankfully not very concerned with the amount of work it was going to take with the feral boy, as this was not her first rodeo. Taking the swords into her small hands before turning back to detective Tsukauchi.

“Thank you for your concern detective, but I promise he will fit right into the family.” Whether Inosuke knew what was in store for him, or not was a mystery.

Chapter Text

Tanjiro couldn't help but pace around the waiting room. Feeling on edge as he shot his eyes towards the door every other second. Worried without his two friends by his side, and the uncertainty of what was going to happen. Always being the big brother made him want to protect everyone to the fullest, and being away from them was less than ideal.

He looked behind him to see Nezuko sleeping with her head resting on the table. She seemed so peaceful, and that made him happy. Gently patting her head as she let out a soft noise at the contact.

When he heard the doorknob jiggle he jumped in front of his baby sister, determined to protect her from anything. His tense body only relaxing when he saw it was the kind detective from before. Tsukauchi seeming tired as he tried his best to fix his messy tie. Smiling when he saw the two young teens.

“Last, but not least. Right?” Tanjiro just slowly nodded. Dark eyes widened when he saw the familiar hilt of his sword, its black and red design calling to him. The man just placing it onto a nearby table before opening up that weird silver thing again. A clicking sound reverberating around the room.

Tanjiro was curious in all honesty. What the box was, and why the man always seemed to be messing with it. Slowly walking closely he peeked behind the detective's shoulder. Gasping when he saw the lit up wall that seemed to be magically moving on its own! It was blood magic.

Seeing his shock Tsukauchi turned to stare at him, ceasing his typing to try and assess the situation.

“Tanjiro? Are you alright?” The teen just slowly reached his hand forward to poke the screen, jumping back when he saw it was truly there. Shooting a sparkly, and wonderfilled gaze towards the detective.

“I-Is it a god?” There was silence. Tsukacuchi staring at the boy in disbelief before scrambling for an answer.

“Um, no? Its a laptop. Have you never seen one?” The boy shook his head. Watching in wonder as the screen changed, and words began to appear. Amazing. Tsukauchi opened up a new tab. “Here, you can mess around with it if you would like.” Tanjiro is a good kid, and the detective thought it wouldn't hurt to let him tinker around with the computer.

“C-Can I sir!?” Really? He was allowed to touch such a magical thing!?

“Yeah, sure kid. Your foster mom should be here soon anyway.” He got up from his seat, and let Tanjiro take his place. After showing him how to use google he let the teen have the time of his life. Tanjiro being like a kid in a candy store as he typed in his life long questions into Google and happily gasping when he got an answer. Now he knew why the sky was blue!

Tsukauchi decided to leave him be. Might as well let him entertain himself before he brings Inko in. He shot a glance to the sleeping Nezuko before he exited the room again. Checking his phone as he did so.

Tanjiro didn't mind though. As this magical thing called Google was amazing! He loved it, and loved the slew of information that seemed to be at his fingertips now! Thats when he had a thought.

‘Demon Slayers’

He pressed enter. Reading through the results only to be hit with a sense of dread. Nothing. There was nothing that related to what he was looking for. The only thing he could find were people saying that there were theories of people with such an occupation in times past. But? He was a demon slayer now? How could I be something from the past?

‘What era is it?’

Reiwa era? No. That couldn't be right. This thing must of been wrong. It didn't matter how many times he typed it in though, it all said the same thing. But? It was Taisho period? Is this why the detective seemed so confused? He then quickly deleted it, and typed in something that had been confusing him since the very start.

‘What is a quirk?’

He read through the first thing that popped up. Quirks were powers of some type that 70% of the population had. Some being powerful enough to fight with as “heroes” and others just using their quirk to apply it into a workforce that best suited them. He tilted his head in confusion, he wasnt sure he still understood it.

He swallowed down a thick glob of saliva. Realization hitting him like a horse as all the pieces connected in his head. The blood demon art must have done this, and whatever it was he knew they were no longer in the Taisho period.

All the sudden his nose fired up. Smells of all kind reaching his nose as he quickly moved to cover it with a hand. His sense of smell had always been keen, but this was just intense. He could smell every person in the station, feel what they felt, and distinguish between them all. He always could smell well, even using it in combat, but something about his nose just felt different.

“Ok Tanjiro. You and Nezuko are alm-” The man paused when he saw the teen’s face. “Are you alright?” The burgundy haired teen just nodded. Trying his best to smile, and not let the man see him upset.

“I-Im ok. My nose is just picking up a lot at the moment.” It was acting up way more than normal, and it was honestly bugging him.

“Your nose? Is that your quirk?” Quirk? Right! How he almost forgot he had no idea. He just slowly nodded.

“I have always had a good sense of smell.” Was that a quirk? Maybe wherever he had ended up has changed him somehow? Turning his nose into a quirk. Just trying to unravel his theories was hurting his brain. The man’s eyes widened before he scribbled something down on a small post it note.

“Is your sister the same?” he looked towards Nezuko, the girl slowly waking up at the noise. Rubbing her eyes sleepily as she sat up, and stared at her brother in confusion.

“Um, no? She's different.” How else was he supposed to say his sister had been turned into a demon, and he was trying to turn her back.

“I see….” He trailed off before collecting a stack of papers on his desk. “Well, your foster family is here. If you would like you two can follow me.” he used his head to motion to them, Tanjiro just slowly nodded. Sending a sad look to the magical box as he did so. He wanted to use the Google box some more, but knew he should follow.

“Come here Nezuko.” The boy gently took his sisters hand, helping the girl to her feet as she whined sleepily. Pink eyes wide, and curious as she stared at her brother. Tanjiro making sure to squeeze her hand in reassurance before pointing towards the door. The two walking hand in hand behind the detective.

They twisted, and turned through the halls. Tanjiro picking up a variety of of people with his nose, and even picking up the emotions of detective in front of him. Nervous, serious, and a pitch of confusion he was able to pick up on. He wondered what the man was thinking about.

“Mrs. Midoriya. Here they are.” Tanjiro stopped when they reached the end of the hall, a small woman standing in front door they had originally entered from catching his eye. She was short, green hair tied into a bun, and clutching her purse with one hand. When she saw them her nervous expression changed into a smile. Tanjiro making sure to give a low bow.

“Hello ma’m, it's nice to meet you. I’m Tanjiro, and this is Nezuko.” He motioned to the girl. Nezuko staring at her with wide pink eyes before making a little noise behind the sick mask she was wearing. The green haired woman smiled even wider at the sight of her.

“Of course dear. I’m more than happy to give you a place to stay for awhile.” She used a hand to ruffle his hair, Tanjiro’s slicked back locks now sticking up in random directions. The boy needing to let go of Nezuko's hand so he could quickly fix it, and therefore leaving the girl on her own.

With a little happy sound she pounced onto the woman, instantly wrapping her into a hug and holding on with a death grip. Tanjiro only smiling as he watched Mrs. Midoriya embrace the girl back.

"Well it's nice to meet you too." She pulled her close, using a hand to run through the girls hair lovingly. It made Tanjiro happy that Nezuko seemed to like her as well.

The moment he got a whiff he knew the woman was a good person. Other then picking up the smell of her being nervous he could tell she was gentle, and kind.

"Alright Tanjiro." The teen turned to see the detective holding onto his sword, and wooden box. "I'm going to trust you won't use this in public, right?" He blushed at the man's comment before nodding. Yeah, it would not be the best idea to use it after what had happened before.

He was handed back his sword, and Nezuko's box. Instantly placing his sword right back on its hip where it will stay until they get to their temporary living quarters.

"Alright, are two ready?" Tanjiro turned to see Mrs. Midoriya, Nezuko still hugging her middle, as the woman digging out something from her bag. He just nodded. A pensive expression on his face as he looked around the station.

No Zenitsu, and Insouke. He had hoped they would still be here, but it didn't seem like it.

"Yes ma'am, I'm ready when you are." He kept his gentle smile. He gave one last bow to the detective before following Mrs. Midoriya outside. The cold air hitting him as he did so, and instantly grabbed for Nezuko's hand.

This wasn't their world. It was more obvious now than ever, and it terrified. Honestly, he didn't think anything could scare him anymore, but he was wrong. Nezuko cuddled into him, causing him to smile. It was a small smile, but it made a world of a difference.

"Its ok Nezuko. We'll be ok."

Chapter Text

“Welcome home Zenitsu! Viva la loco!” Zenitsu stared at the woman with lost, and confused eyes. What?

“Yua, did you mean mi casa es tu casa?” The man sighed as he slowly unlocked the front door, and opened it up slowly. His wife blushing as she childishly stuck out her tongue.

“Whoopsie! That's what I meant.” She giggled to herself before carefully herding the boy inside, Zenitsu needing the pressure as he felt rooted to his spot in fear. Shaking as he was lightly pushed into the home, and instantly relaxing when he got a good look at it all.

It was obviously dark inside, being so late at night, and it was full of decorations. Warm toned painted walls, smiling faced colored pictures in frames everywhere (how they got it in color he had no idea), and comfy furniture spread about. It looked very lived in, and was far from what he expected from his experiences in the orphanage.

During his small amount of time in the orphanage it was always dirty, and packed full of kids. Leaving him to be thrown out into an even dirtier street at the tender age of 8. The kids all fought for themselves. Fought for food, clothes, and resources in general. He hated it there.

“Zenitsu?” He jumped at the tender and kind voice. “Are you hungry sweetheart?” He turned to stare at the woman, watching as she moved towards a strange looking shiny box. Zenitsu gasping when she opened it.

It lit up revealing tons of food, and drinks of all kinds. Some he had never even seen before that just made his head spin! All packed away in shiny clear containers.

“Hmm, how does leftovers sound?” She was digging around within the metal box as Zenitsu watched with wide eyes, the woman not even realizing his plight as she fiddled around.

“Yua, stop overwhelming the boy.” Zenitsu yelped at the new voice, but was shushed instantly. “Try and be quiet. Our son is sleeping upstairs.” They have a son? Then why bother with someone like him? An orphan boy who couldn't do anything right.

“Am I!? Oh goodness I'm sorry!” She stared at him wide eyed before closing the door. “If you weren't hungry then you could of interrupted me anytime.” She spoke in a kind, and melodic tone. Using a hand to cup his cheek lovingly before giggling to herself. The man behind him sighing, but when Zenitsu turned to look he saw he was smiling.

“It's a little hard to interrupt you dear.” She gasped, and pouted. Marching to him so she can lightly punch his muscled arm. Zenitsu just watching the interaction, feeling like he shouldnt dare stare at such an intimate scene. He turned away, shaking in his boots in fear that he may of annoyed the couple.

“Oi kid.” He jumped, squeaking to himself the moment he heard the gruff voice. “You ok? If you rather just have your space we can show you to your room.” Zenitsu just continued to shake. What does he say? What does he do. The scarred face man just raised an eyebrow at his reaction. His wife gasping when she saw him.

“Is he having a seizure!?” Raiden groaned to himself, and poked the woman in the middle of her forehead in scorn. The woman was not bright, but that didn't mean he didn't love her.

“Zenitsu, can you nod if that's what you want?” Is that what he wanted? He thought back to living in the orphanage. Sharing a dirty basement with several other kids, and some teens. He gulped, deciding to just get it over with, and nodded albeit shakily. Raiden instantly knowing what he meant.

“Yua, can you grab some of Denki’s pajamas to borrow?” The blonde woman nodded. Rushing upstairs, and tripping over a step, before she disappeared out of sight. The dark haired man waiting a bit before shifting his golden gaze to the young teen.

“Here, follow me Zenitsu.” He motioned to the blonde, letting him trail behind at his own place. Wait? So he wasn't sleeping in the basement? With confusion taking him over he just blindly walked up the stairs, and into the door that the man opened for him.

The room was neatly put together. Clean blankets perfectly made on top of the bed, plush toys sitting on top, and a toy chest in the corner of the room. It looked more like it was meant for a young child.

“Sorry, you're the oldest foster we’ve had so far.” He seemed embarrassed. Taking the time to take off the stuffed animals, and untuck the bed. “Here you are. You must be tired.” He had to admit he was tired. It was probably hours of the morning now after all, and it was starting to take a toll. That was the moment when Yua decided to fumble into the room. Holding onto a pair of strange clothing that confused Zenitsu even more.

“Here you are sweetheart. Here are some PJs for you to wear tonight, but I promise we will get you your own soon.” They didn't need to bother with that. He took them gently, unfurling it so he could look at the clothes. The shirt had a weird pattern on it he had never seen before, and the pants were bright purple with yellow polka dots (very ugly in his opinion). It would be wrong to say anything though because of how generous they were being.

“Come on Yua, let's leave him to change.” The muscled man had to grab onto his wife’s shoulder in order to make her leave. The woman pouting as he did so, and mumbling under her breath something that the boy didn't understand. Leaving him completely alone to his own devices.

Ok? What now?

He looked around. Feeling a sense of peace from the bit of silence he now had. He decided to undress, throwing on the strange new clothing and undergarments with a sigh. They were quite comfy actually, the most comfy thing he had ever worn for that matter. He had to roll up the sleeves though as they fell a little past his fingers. Damn him, and his short arms.

So? They were letting him sleep here? He was kind of shocked tbh. A whole room all to himself. What more could he ask for? (I mean his freedom back, but that was a whole other field)

His eyes then caught something that had been tossed onto the floor. A small, and soft looking sparrow plush. It honestly struck a chord in him. The little brown stuffed toy reminding him of his companion, Chuntaro. He reached down and took it into his hands. Not even sure why he was doing so in the first place, but his body just moved before he could think.

He had never had a plush toy before, not even in childhood. Orphans didn't get toys, and nice things after all. He sighed, and pulled the toy closer to his chest. It was so soft. He fell down onto the bed, slowly laying down with the sparrow toy still in his arms. He could use the shut eye.

When the morning came, Zenitsu awoke with a shriek. Completely forgetting the events from before until it all came rushing back to him like a tide. It all felt as though that one night was ages ago. So much had happened after all, and one couldn't blame him for thinking it was a dream.

He also noticed the sparrow plush still in his arms. Dropping it to his side before he completely sat up in his spot. Just taking a moment to stare at the wall in thought. He couldn't even believe that something like this had truly happened.

He peeked outside the curtain. It all looked so different when it was bright out. Looking at even more weird things that he hadn't even noticed the day before. Things like how strange the houses looked here, they were far from what he had seen before. Built up large, and sturdy. No wood used with them in sight, and beautiful flowers that were a mystery to him until now planted around the vicinity. This place looked like many people of royal blood lived here! Though it seemed now someone as unimportant as himself also lived here.

He decided to get back up. Standing in the center of soft flooring before contemplating if he should leave the room, or stay put. Though because of his ears he kept picking up sounds from down the stairs that wanted more than anything to assess, even though the thought alone terrified him.

He gulped, and then slowly opened up the wooden door. Peeking outside to see that no one was standing in the vicinity. He breathed a sigh of relief. He had been afraid of encountering the mystery son, or Raiden. Counting on the soft humming he could hear Yua was downstairs, and he trusted her more than anyone in this house.

He slowly moved down the stairs, and peeked into the kitchen to see the blonde haired woman. Humming a pleasant tune as she cooked, and danced around the kitchen. When she turned she saw the teen and immediately paused with a smile.

“Well, good morning Zenitsu.” He jumped, shaking in his spot as he stared down at her. “I made some eggs, and toast. Why don't you come have some?” Before he could even say anything she was fixing him a plate. Putting a slice of toasted bread on it, and piling it with a small mountain of eggs. Not even giving him a chance to say no.

So slowly, and cautiously he stepped off the stairs and into the kitchen. Standing awkwardly next to the table before the woman had ushered him to sit down. Zenitsu shrieking quietly at the contact before rushing to sit down. Fidgeting in place as his teeth chattered. Yua on the other hand was oblivious.

“What would you like to drink sweetheart?” She was opening the fridge when Zenitsu screamed louder.

“Nononono! Your gonna fatten me up and feed me to that monster, aren't you!? Oh my god! I’m too young to die!” He continued to ramble on and on as Yua had tried to calm him.

“Shh, Zenitsu no! Nothing like that is going to happen. I’m just looking to see what we have to drink in the fridge. That's all.” He was taking heavy breaths now, but at least he wasn't screaming.

“W-What?” She smiled again, and nodded. Pointing a small finger towards the fridge again.

“Yup, just a fridge dear. Now do you like lemonade? Maybe some milk, or orange juice in the morning? Denki is lactose intolerant so we don't normally have anything but Lactaid.” He had no idea what she was talking about. So he just shakily shrugged. Letting the woman just pour him a glass of a light yellow drink, and place it in front of him along with a plate of food. “Here you are dear.”

He stared at it for a bit. Not sure what to do before tentatively taking the glass into his hand, and took one tentative sip. Eyes lighting up when he had done so. He just learned he really liked lemonade.

He choked on his third dip though when he heard feet pounding down the stairs. Snapping his head to the side to see a teen appear into the kitchen. His sharp golden eyes staring at him in confusion, and blonde hair sticking up from bedhead. He yawned before speaking.

“Hey mom? Whos that?” Yua finally noticed that someone else was there, but her smile quickly widened.

“Good morning Denki! How did you sleep? Well?” She wiped her hands on a nearby towel before going to pull the boy into a hug, and kiss his head. The teen blushing at the contact before lightly pushing her away.

“Geez mom! I’m not 5 anymore.” He pouted, before turning his attention back to Zenitsu. “Is he staying with us, or what?” The poor thunder breath user was shaking under his gaze.

“Oh! This is Zenitsu! And yes, he's going to stay with us for a bit.” She seemed so happy about it, the complete opposite of the boy she was talking about. Denki made a sound of realization at that. Looking at him with confused wide eyes before he moved a little closer to him. Zenitsu flailing until he fell out of his seat to the concerned gasps of the two other people.

“I-I’ll leave! I promise! Dont hurt me!” He continued to ramble as the two watched on completely confused.

“Hey man, chill out. I was going to say hi. My names Denki by the way.” He held his hand out in a friendly manner. Zenitsu watching it for a bit before cautiously taking it within his own, and the teen pulled him up onto his feet. A friendly smile on his features.

“Doing a little better dude?” The teen just nodded in response as the sunny blonde smiled wider. “Cool! Hey, you can keep those pajamas by the way. I don't care whatsoever.” Zenitsu was honestly shocked by his words. Why? Why give him anything? Before he could even try and pull himself together tears started to fall down his face.

“R-Really?” He? He was being given something? It made him think back to the kindness that jii-chan had showed him so many years before, and it confused him why anyone else would show him such gentleness. He then felt the soft hand of Yua on his head, the woman lovingly ruffling his hair up.

“Yes, sweetheart. Really. No reason to cry dear.” She continued to comfort him until the tears stopped, Zenitsu still a little floored on how anyone could treat him in such a way. Their kindness just as blinding as Tanjiro’s.

“Denki, baby?” Her son turned to stare at her. “Could you show him around?” The teen had a look of realization on his face before nodding.

“Yeah, sure. Come on Zenitsu.” He was still holding his hand, so dragging the teen up the stairs was no issue for him. Oh well, Yua will just keep his breakfast warm until they're done.

“This is my room. If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask me.” Zenitsu just nodded. Not even making eye contact with the boy. The tour wasn't anything special, as there wasn't much to the house, but Denki’s positivity had brought a little light to it.

“Hey, no reason to look so glum. We’re going to be living together for a bit after all!” He had finally let go of his hand, leaving Zenitsu to bite at the skin around his fingernail. Things like this always made him nervous.

“S-Sure?” Denki just tilted his head with a thoughtful expression.

“Hey? You like video games?” Video what? “You know, after breakfast we can play a few. Well, unless mom decides to step in and stop us. Anyway, come on! I would love to show you my favorites.” Denki rushed down the stairs at that, Zenitsu following right behind. A bit of him wondering if this wouldn't be as bad as he had initially expected.