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Being In Love Sucks

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It was the start of the new school year and Moonbyul was sitting with her closest friends, Hyejin and Wheein. The two were sophomores this year and met Moonbyul during their freshman year when they had to pair up in a group of three. The two were planning to just work in two and got surprised when a student approached them.


“Hey, is it okay if I work with you two?” The student said.


It stunned the two to see that the student who asked was none other than Moonbyul.


“S-Sure.” Wheein stuttered causing the sophomore at the time to chuckle as she sat down next to them.


“Would suck if you guys had to do a project of three with just the two of you.” The sophomore stated and at that moment Wheein and Hyejin understood why everyone loved the sophomore. She was too kind.


During the project, the three got along and the two allowed the sophomore into their friend group which only comprised just the two of them, because when you grow up together why add anyone else.

Moonbyul found Wheein hilarious and Hyejin chill. It made them adorable in a must protect way and Moonbyul just had to get closer with the two which resulted in their close friendship now.


The three were talking about their classes this year and were happy to know that they at least have two classes together.


“Yes!” Wheein exclaimed happily. “We all have lunch together at 4th hour.”


“I wish I had it 5th or 6th though,” Hyejin said a little bummed knowing she will starve for her remaining five classes.


“Hyejin are you saying that you would ditch me if you could have lunch on a later period?”


“Yes,” Hyejin answered which earned her a slap on her shoulder from her best friend.


Moonbyul smirked as she watched them playfully bicker over Hyejin’s food obsession. She felt a little jealous of the two’s dynamic. She made many friends and acquaintances, but she'll never have what the two had. Sure her and Minhyuk's relationship was similar, but it felt different between the other two's relationship. as Minhyuk wasn't here at the moment. He's too busy hanging with his own group of friends. She wants a 'friendship' just like the two. 


One day. Maybe it might even happen this year.


One could only hope.

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The bell rang and Moonbyul walked with Hyejin and Wheein to their classes before entering her own. She entered the fieldhouse for her gym class and took a seat at the bleachers. A few people waved to her and went to complain about having a gym class 1st hour. To be honest, Moonbyul didn’t really mind having gym 1st hour, she kind of liked it as she could be awake for her other classes later.


“Moonbyul! What’s up?” A voice called out which startled her a little. She looked up to see Seulgi walking up to her along with Irene and Wendy.


Moonbyul smiled. “Sup, Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy.”


The three girls sat next to Moonbyul on her right with Seulgi closest to her.


“Now we know we’re at least going to win for sure if we play against the others,” Wendy said as she pumped her fist in the air causing the remaining three to chuckle.


It’s no secret that Moonbyul is good in most sports. Basketball being her go-to sport as she is a part of the basketball team and will join again this year. The four girls talked until the bell rang and the teacher came in.  Everyone stopped talking and paid attention to what the teacher was saying.


Mostly everyone as Moonbyul was scanning her class to see who she would play against and with. Most of the students she recognized except for one student. She had blonde hair that reached her shoulders, what seems to brown eyes from afar and could see a mole on her lower right eyebrow.


She took Moonbyul’s breathe away instantly and she blushed a little as she stared at her. Maybe she was staring for too long cause the girl caught her staring and Moonbyul quickly looked somewhere else cursing herself mentally and blushed a little more. Seulgi must have noticed cause she felt an elbow poking on her side and when she looked up, she saw Seulgi smirking as she raised and lowered her eyebrows repeatedly. Moonbyul was annoyed and lightly slapped Seulgi’s shoulder.


That caught Irene and Wendy’s attention and they looked at the two confused. At that time the teacher stopped speaking and let the class do whatever as long as they didn’t leave the gym.


“Guys Moonbyul likes someone.” Seulgi immediately said causing her to get slapped again by Moonbyul.


“What?” Irene asked confused.


“I just saw MoonByu-“ Seulgi was about to continue, but Moonbyul covered her mouth with her hands.


“Shut up. I was just confused.” Moonbyul stated harshly. “I never saw her before okay.” She let her hands-free from Seulgi’s mouth.


“That doesn’t mean you can just look at her with literal hearts in your eyes.”


Moonbyul was about to attack Seulgi, but as soon as the bell rang, Seulgi noticed Moonbyul’s intentions and ran out the door with Moonbyul following suit. Seulgi was too fast, and she could escape cut off Moonbyul by the other students trying to leave for their next class. Moonbyul quietly cursed and looked to her side to see the girl she was staring at and quickly looked away blushing.


She jogged to her next class and sat down immediately in the seat in the back row, covering her face with her hands. She didn’t notice someone walk to her and jumped when someone tapped her shoulder.


“Oh shit, sorry Moonbyul. I didn’t mean to scare you there.” A voice called out.


Moonbyul knew the voice and looked up to see her ‘twin’ Minhyuk. They weren’t twins, but people always said they looked like it, so they went along with it.


“It’s all right Minhyuk.” Moonbyul said as she set her hands onto her desk “I was just… thinking.”


Minhyuk raised his eyebrow confused. “Thinking? About what?”


Moonbyul wanted to lie and say it was nothing, but the two never really lied to each other.


“It’s this girl.”


“Oh?” Minhyuk was surprised. “The heartbreaker Moonbyul likes someone?” he smirked.


Moonbyul hid behind her hands embarrassed. “Shut up.”


Minhyuk chuckled. He met Moonbyul during 8th grade and the two would always come to each other when something was wrong. Every time Moonbyul broke someone’s heart she would always tell him and he would laugh as some assumed that Moonbyul denied them because she was dating him. Moonbyul would never be seen dating a guy, especially her supposed twin as they saw each other more as siblings than anything else.


Him seeing Moonbyul flustered by someone made him smile as he remembered the last time Moonbyul was in a relationship that was just terrible. When it ended, she was a mess as it destroyed her and it took her a year until she got back on her feet. Because of it, she decided that she would never fall for someone again. Seems like she failed that as she’s getting flustered when Minhyuk makes fun of her over this little crush.


“I’m sorry.” He sits next to her as the bell rings. “I’m just surprised. I remember you saying that you would never fall for someone again.” Minhyuk smiles at Moonbyul, she smiled sadly back at him. “How about you describe this girl to me, huh?”


Moonbyul’s eyes lit up and Minhyuk had to stop himself from giggling as the teacher was talking about the syllabus everyone knows. Moonbyul was really in love and he was happy for her.


Let’s hope this doesn’t become like her last relationship.


“Well, she has blonde hair that reaches to her shoulders, beautiful almond brown eyes, a mole on the right side of her face under her eyebrow,” Moonbyul said all while smiling.


Minhyuk chuckled, and it made Moonbyul all confused.




“It’s just you were smiling as you said all those things.”


Moonbyul was shocked at what she heard. She didn’t even notice and when she touched her cheeks, she felt her lips curled upwards. Minhyuk chuckled even more.


“What’s so funny Mr. Lee?” The teacher annoyingly said.


“N-Nothing Mrs. Brown.” Minhyuk stuttered.


Mrs. Brown raised her eyebrow suspiciously but went back to reading the syllabus. Minhyuk sighed in relief. It’s the first day, and it seems like Mrs. Brown will not like him. He also noticed someone as he was looking up and lightly tapped Moonbyul’s arm. She looked up at him and all Minhyuk did was point his finger in a direction. Moonbyul followed where his fingers were pointing at and she blushed at who she was now looking at. At the very front row closest to the door was the girl. She quickly buried her face onto her hands and mentally cursed to herself. This girl would be the end of her.

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As soon as 2nd hour ended, Moonbyul quickly left the class, leaving a laughing Minhyuk behind.

She entered 3rd hour and when the bell rang; She looked around the room and was a little relieved and a little disappointed that the mystery girl was nowhere to be seen. The only people she was close with in this class were Eunbi, also known as SinB, Sowon, and Yuju. She saw SinB waving hi and waved back, then her attention was back on the teacher.

The bell marking the end of 3rd hour was sounded. Moonbyul said her goodbyes to the three girls and left for her favorite class, lunch. Usually, Moonbyul would sit with Minhyuk during this hour, but now that she had the same lunch period as Hyejin and Wheein, her two favorite sophomores, she decided that she should sit with the two as this is their only class together.

The three sat at a table and chatted about their classes and so far Hyejin got in trouble for sleeping in class, Wheein doodled not paying attention to her teachers, and the two were both told by a teacher multiple times to quiet down. Moonbyul laughed as she shook her head side to side. She felt sorry for the teachers as they had to put up with these two troublemakers. One of them is already a hassle but put them together and you’ll have gray hair by the end of the semester.


“So Byul, how were your classes?” Hyejin said as she took a chicken nugget from Moonbyul’s tray. Moonbyul rolled her eyes and gave the nuggets to Hyejin which caused the girl to smile and Wheein rolling her eyes.


“My classes were good. But there’s this girl- “


“GIRL!?!?” Wheein shouted slamming her hands on the table.


“Don’t think too much about it.” Moonbyul held her hand up in a stop gesture. “She seems to be new as I haven’t seen her before,” Moonbyul stated, but Wheein wasn’t buying it.


Only a few people know that she’s into females, Minhyuk, Wheein, and Hyejin. She would tell more people, but she hasn’t found the right moment to, and she just doesn’t see the point on why she should come out to some people she probably won’t meet ever again after she graduated.


“I cannot think about it, Moon Byulyi,” Wheein said. “This is like the first time I heard you say a girl.”


Moonbyul was confused.


“So what? What about the times I said I met, SinB, Seulgi, and the others?”


“Well, that because you always said their names first. Never have you said just A GIRL.”


“… Oh.” That’s the only thing Moonbyul could say, cause Wheein was right. She always could say people’s names because she introduced herself to the people she hasn’t met and yet she had missed the two opportunities to introduce herself to this new girl and get her name.


“You’re ri- “ Moonbyul was about to admit until she met the girl again just standing out of the lunch line. “WAIT! She’s right there! Hold on a second.” Moonbyul quickly got up and walked towards the girl.


“HEY! You were about to say I was right!” Wheein said very upset that she was robbed of the chance of the always right Moonbyul saying she was right for once.


Yongsun stood against the wall as she didn’t know where to sit. She didn’t really make a friend as she was too scared to talk to any of them and there was this girl who was staring at her. She frowned.

The first day of school and you already made someone hate you.

Yongsun sighed. Guess she was gonna have to eat her lunch on the floor. She was about to lean down against the wall until she saw someone walk towards her in the corner of her eyes. She looked up and was filled with fear when she saw it was the girl who kept staring. She quickly looked away and wanted to run. Yongsun didn't know what the girl wants from her and she felt too shy, so she turned around to leave.


“Hey! Wait!” the staring girl yelled towards her.


Yongsun felt hands on her arms and she froze. What did this girl want from her, really? She slowly turned around to stare into beautiful brown eyes. She blushed lightly.


"Ah sorry." Moonbyul quickly let go of her grip on Yongsun and smiled. “Hi, I’m Moonbyul.”


Ah, so her stalker's name is Moonbyul.


“I saw you just standing here, so I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me and my friends.” Moonbyul rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly and quickly looked down. "I- I mean you don't have to if you want. I'll understand if you don't want to. I- "


This girl talks too much. Yongsun thought to herself


"Sure." Yongsun quickly replied hoping that it would shut the girl from talking her ear off any further.


“G-Great, just follow me.” Moonbyul started walking and Yongsun hesitated for a moment then she followed the girl to her table which seated two other people.


“So, what’s your name?” Moonbyul asked




Moonbyul smiled. “That’s a pretty name.”


Yongsun blushed. Did this girl really just compliment her?


As they reached the table, Moonbyul sat down on what seems to be her spot on the table. “You can sit anywhere. It’s just the three of us.”


“Four now.” Hyejin quickly said as she finished the rest of Moonbyul’s lunch.


“Yeah… Wait. Did you just eat my lunch?”


“… No?”


“AHN HYEJIN!!!” Moonbyul tried to grab Hyejin, but Hyejin was too far and she face-planted onto the table.


Solar chuckled at Moonbyul as she sat down next to her and started eating her now cold lunch. Her new friend seems to be... interesting.

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The rest of the classes seemed to fly by fast for Moonbyul. Turns out that out of the remaining five classes, Yongsun was in three of them. The two sat next to each other since Moonbyul insisted that they did, but they didn’t really talk as Yongsun told her to be quiet so she can listen to the teacher.


Moonbyul sighed and laid down on her bed. She kept wondering why this Yongsun girl felt so different than the other girls she met. Moonbyul tried to think of the many possible reasons other than the most obvious. It can't possibly be that reason, right? After ten minutes, Moonbyul decided not to dwell on it anymore and pulled out her phone to play video games until she fell asleep.


Yongsun was pacing back and forth in her room. She was thinking about Moonbyul. The girl seemed nice as she insisted that Yongsun sit next to her in class, so she wasn’t alone. She even respected her wishes when she wanted her to be quiet. The only thing that irks her about the girl is the staring. Every time in class, she felt someone staring at her and would always look to her side to see that someone was, Moonbyul, but the girl would quickly look somewhere else pretending she didn't stare at Yongsun the entire time. Yongsun sighed and laid on her bed. 


Hopefully, this girl isn't bad news.


It was the next day and Yongsun decided that maybe she could find and sit next to Moonbyul and her friends. Yongsun only knew the three and didn't want to sit next to her classroom until the bell rang again. Yongsun spotted the three at the same lunch table from yesterday and walked towards them.


“Byul, the Yongsun girl is coming over here,” Wheein whispered.


“I can see that. Thanks for stating the obvious.” Moonbyul retorted. “Hi, Yongsun.”


“Hi-AHHH!” Yongsun yelled as she slipped and fell face-first onto the floor.


“Yesh,” Hyejin said and Wheein winced.


Moonbyul quickly went to Yongsun’s side and helped her up. “Are you okay?” She asked a little worried that Yongsun might have gotten a concussion from the fall.


“I’m fine. Thank you for your help.” She patted herself down to makes sure to straighten any wrinkles.


“Yeah no problem, just be a little more careful next time.” Moonbyul sat Yongsun next to her chair.


As she went to sit in her seat, she made sure to scold the floor, like the floor will learn their lesson and no longer make no other students trip on it like the bully it is.


“Are you sure you’re okay? If you’re not we can go to the nurse's office. Maybe they have a band-aid? Or- “


“Moonbyul-“ Yongsun cut her off. “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry too much.” Yongsun smiled softly hoping that that was enough to convince Moonbyul.


Moonbyul was skeptical but later sighed in defeat. “Okay. If you say so, but if you feel any pain, please go to the nurse.”


“I will.”


Wheein and Hyejin just witnessed this very intimate moment between the two and Wheein quietly whispered into Hyejin’s ear hoping that the two wouldn’t overhear.


“Moonbyul looked so whipped.”


Hyejin nodded and whispered back in Wheein’s ear. “Yeah, but they just met so she would be nice and it's also in her nature, but if it was you who fell, I would be laughing my ass off.”


“Me too.” The two sophomores burst out laughing, startling the other two on the table and possibly anyone else who sat near them.


“What are you two laughing at?” Moonbyul said annoyed. Yongsun just stared at them confused.


“Nothing it’s just what we would do if we saw each other fall.”


Moonbyul rolled her eyes. “You guys would so laugh at the fallen person then go and help them up.”


Wheein faked a gasp. “Oh my god Hyejin, Moonbyul knows us so well.”


“Well, of course, she would, we did exactly that when she fell.”


“That’s it!” Moonbyul got up.


The sophomores quickly grabbed their stuff and were backing up slowly.


“Oh look at the time right. 1st hour is about to start.” Wheein said sweating. “Me and Hyejin should leave if we don’t want to be late. It’s like our favorite class.”


“No, it isn’t.” Hyejin quickly got jabbed on her side. “I-I mean yeah, yeah love English so much.” Hyejin faked a smile. “Okay see you later Byul and Yong.” Hyejin and Wheein quickly ran off to their ‘favorite’ class.


Byul chuckled lightly and sat back down.


"That was weird," Yongsun said, confused about the whole situation she just witnessed.


"Don't worry, they're always weird. You'll get used to it." Moonbyul reassured.


The bell rang and Moonbyul got up and held a handout for Yongsun to take, to which she did and stood up as well. Moonbyul quickly took Yongsun’s backpack before she could take it. Yongsun looked at Moonbyul a little shocked.


“Look I know you said you were fine, but I’m gonna just hold your stuff just in case. Don’t worry I’ll give it back to you when I don’t have classes with you.” Moonbyul winked and walked off, Yongsun rolled her eyes and soon followed.


The two walked into the fieldhouse and sat on the front row bleachers next to each other.


“Hey, Moonbyul!” Seulgi yelled and walked up to the two with Irene and Wendy following suit waving at them. “Oh, hi person I have never seen,” Seulgi said as she stared at Yongsun. She whispered to Moonbyul, “Who is she?”


Moonbyul chuckled. “Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy meet Yongsun, Yongsun meet Wendy, Irene, and the unfunniest person you’ll meet in your life.”


“Hey!” Seulgi put a hand to her heart to look hurt.


“She is a little right Seulgi. You are the least funniest person in our friend group.” Wendy exclaimed.


“Wow, the betrayal. You better watch your back from now on Wendy.” The group laughed at that. “See I can be funny.”


“Sure.” Moonbyul rolled her eyes.


The bell rang and the teacher made the students grab their own gym lockers and allowed them to play any sports they had out in the gym the remaining class period. Moonbyul finished first and quickly went to the basketball court to pick up a basketball and started making baskets.


“Who you trying to impress with your skills? Yongsun?” Seulgi said smirking.


Moonbyul rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Shut up and 1 v 1 me.“


Seulgi walked over with that grin still plastered on and if they weren’t on school grounds, Moonbyul would so smack that grin off. They rock paper scissors to see who has the ball first. Seulgi won.


They then checked each other and started playing. Seulgi was dribbling to the basket and trying her best to avoid Moonbyul from stealing her ball but failed as Moonbyul easily took the ball from her. Moonbyul then ran back to the half-court mark to claim that it's now on her court and ran back to the basket and scored with a layup.


Seulgi was panting as she miserably failed to catch up to Moonbyul. “I think I’m remembering seeing this Yongsun girl somewhere." Seulgi weakly laughed. "Maybe from afar-oof.”


Moonbyul threw the ball at Seulgi. “Your turn.”


“Can I at least get some help? 1 v 1ing someone from the actual basketball game is like a toddler trying to fight a professional boxer.”


“Fine.” Moonbyul smiled cockily. Even if Seulgi had help, Moonbyul knew she would win.


“Hey Yongsun, want to play with me?” Seulgi yelled getting Yongsun’s attention.


“Sure.” walked up.


Yongsun was just watching the two and was impressed with Moonbyul's skill. She played like a pro.


“Yongsun? Really? Do you even know if she plays?” Moonbyul said laughing.


“Hey, you said I can have a partner and I chose Yongsun.” Seulgi shrugged ‘innocently’.


Yongsun finally got to the two, Seulgi whispered something into Yongsun’s ear. Moonbyul was a little irked by the action. The two quickly got into position and they started playing. Once they finish the check Seulgi immediately threw the ball to Yongsun who rushed to a distance to try to shoot a basket. Moonbyul was close enough to take the ball from Yongsun, but something inside her was telling her not to grab the ball and just let Yongsun try to score. Yongsun got the ball into the hoop.


“Ha, I scored a point.” Yongsun smiled as she started doing a silly victory dance.


Moonbyul couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “Yeah yeah you scored on me. What dance are you even doing?” She laughed.


“I don’t know,” Yongsun said as she spun her hands in a circular motion.


Once the bell rang, the game was done with Yongsun and Seulgi as the winners. Moonbyul didn't mind. As the three walked back to grab their backpacks. Once Seulgi was on Moonbyul's side, she whispered in Moonbyul’s ear.


“You’re so whipped for Yongsun. It's like you're in love her or something” Seulgi quickly ran to Irene and Wendy and waved goodbye as the three left.


Moonbyul in love with Yongsun? Please, that's not true at all.


"Come On Moonbyul. We don't want to be late for class." Yongsun yelled as she showed off her beautiful smile.


But Whipped? For sure. Moonbyul thought to herself as she quickly tried to catch up to Yongsun. She was still carrying Yongsun's backpack after all.

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“Ah, this is so boring; I don’t want to study anymore. Let’s play video games now.” Wheein whined as she slammed her final study guide onto the floor.


“Wheein you just started ‘studying’ 5 minutes ago,” Moonbyul stated.


“Shut it. You never study.”


“That’s because I don’t doodle in class, so I learn the material taught to me.”


Wheein crossed her arms, clearly frustrated. “Maybe if the teachers didn’t sound so boring, I would pay attention.”


Moonbyul laughed at that. Wheein wouldn’t even pay attention if the teacher taught the subject in a cool way. Wheein liked to play like the literal puppy she is.


“Fine. We can go play video games, but an hour later you have to go back. I don’t want Yongsun to yell at me for making you play games instead of studying.” Moonbyul said as she walked over to Wheein’s tv.


She grabbed two controllers and threw one to Wheein. Wheein caught it and instantly sat on her bed as she stared at the tv and console turning on.

“Okay, Mom. I won’t tell the other mom.”






The two stared at each other.


“Want to play Minecraft?” Wheein tried to advert Moonbyul’s attention to something else other than killing her.


It worked. “Fine. Move over.”

“And that’s how you get the answer to your question,” Yongsun said.


Hyejin still looked puzzled. “But how did you get that answer? I still have a different one.”


“Really? Let me see.” Yongsun took Hyejin’s paper.


As she saw the culprit, she frowned.


Hyejin really needs to use a calculator.


“Hyejin 7x4 equals 28, not 31.” Yongsun gave Hyejin her paper back.


“Ooohhh.” Hyejin felt embarrassed.


She changed the 31 to 28 and redid the equation again until she was finally led to the answer she needed.


“Thanks again, Yong.” Hyejin smiled sheepishly.


Yongsun waved a hand at her.


“No need to thank me, just remember to use a calculator when you can and not your brain as it seems like you don’t know your multiplication.”


“Fair enough, but I’m trying at least.”


“I know and I’m proud.” Yongsun smiled as she patted Hyejin’s head. “I wish Wheein learned from you.”


Hyejin just shrugged. “Wheein and school just don’t mix unless it involves drawing.”


Yongsun nodded in agreement. “Speaking of Wheein. I wonder how’s she doing.” Yongsun got up from the floor. “Wanna come?”


“Yes, I do.” Hyejin got up quickly. She had a feeling that Wheein wasn’t doing her work and wanted to see the drama between her two elder classmates.


Yongsun and Hyejin walked up the stairs and were walking towards Wheein’s room. Before they could even enter the room, the sounds of peaceful Minecraft music could be heard. Hyejin’s hunch was right and she regrets not bringing some popcorn to watch the event that was gonna happen next. She looked at Yongsun who seemed to be fuming as she grabbed the handle and forcefully pushed the door open to see Moonbyul and Wheein playing Minecraft instead of studying.

Wheein was in the middle of killing a sheep for wool and Moonbyul was building her dirt house when the door to Wheein’s room flew open. The two froze immediately. Moonbyul paused the game and they both slowly turned their heads to see a fuming Yongsun and a laughing Hyejin. They were in for it now.


“I TOLD YOU TO MAKE SURE WHEEIN WAS DOING HER FINALS PACKET!!!” Yongsun screamed as she stomped towards the two.


“I-I was, I-I s-s-swear.” Moonbyul stuttered as she stood up.


“BULLSHIT!” Yongsun started to hit Moonbyul’s arm.




“Ow. I know. Ow. And I’m. Ow. Sorry. Ow. Please. Ow. Forgive me. Ow. Stop. Ow. I can’t feel my arm. Ow.” Moonbyul pleaded.


Yongsun hit her a few more times before slowing down to a complete stop. She then inhaled and exhaled deeply to let go of some frustration and stared at Moonbyul.


“I forgive you. And I’m sorry for hurting you.” Yongsun apologized as she held onto Moonbyul’s forearm. “But that doesn’t excuse you for letting Wheein go play games instead of studying. She really needs it.”


Moonbyul internally screamed from the touch and smiled softly.

“I know and I’m sorry.”


Yongsun closed her eyes and nodded slowly. Like she was accepting the apology through a nod. She then looked at Wheein with a deadly glare and Wheein froze in place.


Yongsun squinted her eyes. “I told you to study.”


“Ugh I tried Yongsun, but I can’t focus on it,” Wheein whined. “If you wanted me to study, you should have been helping yourself and not let Moonbyul do it. You know she’s a sucker for my cuteness.”


“That is true.” Moonbyul agreed.


Yongsun glared at Moonbyul and Moonbyul looked away. Yongsun quickly glared back at Wheein.


“I had to help Hyejin with her algebra final part. You know Moonbyul is terrible with math.”


“That is also true.” Moonbyul agreed again.


Yongsun glared at Moonbyul again. Moonbyul raised her hands in surrender. Yongsun sighed and let go of Moonbyul’s forearm.


“Just get back to studying please.” Yongsun turned around and started walking out the door. Before she left she said one more thing.


“Moonbyul, if Wheein finishes her final packet, I’ll give you your present on your birthday instead of Christmas.”


And with that Yongsun left with Hyejin. Closing the door along the way. Moonbyul and Wheein stared at the door.


“Wait you were only planning to give me a gift on Christmas instead of my birthday?”


It was the last day of finals before winter break began. Moonbyul was taking her last final and was able to finish before the bell rang. She quickly ran to one of the classrooms and waited for someone to exit. Jimin exited with Chanmi who waved at Moonbyul and Moonbyul waved back.


Hey, Moonbyul,” “Chanmi smirked. “Who are you waiting for?”


“Chanmi you know she’s waiting for her new best friend.” Jimin joked.


“Hey, I didn’t forget about you guys.”


Chanmi rolled her eyes at the blatant lie as they haven’t talked for a couple of months since Moonbyul met Yongsun.


“If you didn’t forget about us, then how about you come to the Christmas party tomorrow at Yeri’s house at 6 pm?”


“I can’t. I promised Yongsun that we would hang out.”


“Then how about you both go. It’s not like we’re saying to ditch your bestie.” Jimin stated.


“I’ll… see. I’ll text you if we’re going if Yongsun agreed to it, okay?” Moonbyul felt hands wrap around her left arm.


“I agree to what?” Yongsun questioned.


“Oh Yongsun, are you gonna go to the Christmas party tomorrow at 6 pm?” Jimin asked shyly.


“Oh, yeah, sure we can go. Can Hyejin and Wheein come too?”


Chanmi perked up. “Yeah, they can come. I’ll text more Moonbyul the details so she can tell you. Okay bye guys”



Chanmi smirked at Moonbyul and walked away with Jimin following before she waved goodbye.



“Okay, thanks. Bye.” Yongsun yelled, hoping they heard her.


The two started walking to Yongsun’s car.


“Are you sure you want to go? It’s okay if you don’t want to.” Moonbyul asked. She hoped Yongsun didn’t agree because she felt like she had to.


“Yeah, I want to go,” Yongsun stated. “I want to meet your friends other than Minhyuk, Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy.”


“What about Hyejin and Wheein?”


“They’re my friends now. Not just yours.” Yongsun retorted.


“Ah right. My bad.” Moonbyul chuckled.


“Hey, slowpokes hurry up, my ass is freezing over here!” Hyejin yelled, catching the two’s attention.


“Coming!” The two screamed at the same time and rushed as fast as they can without slipping on ice.


Moonbyul was nervous about Yongsun meeting her other friends. It’s not like she doesn’t like them or that they were a bad influence, it’s just that they were her party friends and are very outgoing. She knows Yongsun is shy, and she’s afraid her friends would overwhelm her. Please make Yongsun enjoy this party tomorrow.


I know I’ve been uploading stories really fast, but after 5 chapters I’m starting to realize that the story might not seem as good as I’ve been rushing past them in order to write the other one for the next day. I’m not saying your taste in fanfics is bad it’s just I want to be able to enjoy the story I wrote, so I’ll be posting stories on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from now on. Hopefully, with this much of a break, I can make it better, so we can both enjoy it. I hope you guys can understand and thank you so much for loving the story as it is. Have a good day and I’ll see you Monday with Chapter 6 :)

Chapter Text

“Woah. This place is huge!” Wheein exclaimed, looking at the mansion in Infront of them.


“Yeah, that’s why there’s always parties here,” Moonbyul said as the four girls walked up to the front door.


“How many times have you come here to party?” Yongsun questioned.


“Too many to count, but I’ve stopped a while ago.”


Yongsun wondered if Moonbyul stopped because of her. The two have been hanging out a lot ever since they’ve talked which evolved into Yongsun getting a crush on the Junior.


Once they reached the door, Moonbyul rang the doorbell.


“Even the doorbell sound screams rich,” Hyejin said.


Moonbyul nodded. “Yes, it does. And Yongsun why did you bring something I told you not to.”


Yongsun knew Moonbyul told her to not bring anything, but Yongsun felt bad if she came to a host’s house without giving them anything. She doesn’t know anything about Yeri, but who doesn’t like a cute bear plushie?


“I know, but I wanted to be nice.”


Moonbyul raised her eyebrow. “What did you even get her? I thought you guys never talked?”


“We don’t, but no one can resist a cute bear plushie.” Yongsun gave her a goofy grin.


Moonbyul rolled her eyes playfully. What is she gonna do with Yongsun? The four waited for about three minutes until the door swung open.


“Oh, hey guys what’s up?” Yeri smiled, then she quickly turned her head inside. “Hey everyone, Moonbyul and her friends are here.”


Loud cheering could be heard after that.


Yeri turned back and realized the gift Yongsun as holding at pointed to it. “Is that for me?”


“O-Oh y-yeah. Umm…h-here.” Yongsun extended her hands for Yeri to take.


Yeri smiled and bounced her eyebrows at Moonbyul who glared at her in return. “Thank you Yongsun.” She then took the gift and moved to the side. “Come on in you guys.”


The girls went inside and the three, excluding Moonbyul, dropped their jaws. As soon as you enter the mansion, a large staircase leading both upstairs and downstairs was shown on the left side and a large living room with a fireplace was shown on the right side. A 20-foot-tall Christmas tree stood tall in the middle of the living room.


“Look who decided to come hang out with the cool kids again,” Chanmi said. Moonbyul rolled her eyes.


Minhyuk walked towards the group waving. “Hey, Moonbyul. Hey, Moonbyul’s friends.”


“Hey, Chanmi and Minhyuk.” Moonbyul waved back. “Where do we set our jackets?”


“You can leave them on the coat rack over there or the closet next to it,” Minhyuk answered.


The four set their jackets in the closet. Once they did, Hyejin and Wheein left immediately looking for something to eat leaving their two friends behind. Moonbyul brought Yongsun her as she went to talk with her party friends. Yongsun didn’t really know anyone, so she stayed beside Moonbyul. She only talked when someone spoke to her which was mostly Moonbyul.

Moonbyul felt bad for Yongsun and tried her best to introduce her to some people who she thought would get along with her. Moonbyul and Chanmi made their senior friends meet as they were both shy. Jimin and Yongsun got along well and later, Irene and Chorong entered the group and Moonbyul felt relieved to know Yongsun was making friends. It was also an added bonus to know that they were seniors just like her.


Hopefully, she doesn’t leave me behind for her friends.


“Earth to Moonbyul.” Amber waved her hands in Infront of Moonbyul.


“She’s too busy checking out her girlfriend to see your hands.” Minhyuk teased.


Moonbyul heard what Minhyuk and glared at him as she blushed. He raised his hands in surrender, causing the group to laugh. The group consisted of Jin, Amber, Minhyuk, Seulgi, and Chanmi. Moonbyul didn’t want to leave Yongsun, but Chanmi and Seulgi dragged the two away from each other so their senior friends along with Chorong can talk with each other, but didn’t want to stress Moonbyul so they went far enough away where she can still ‘keep an eye’ on Yongsun.


“I’m not checking her out.”


“Lies.” Jin butted in.


Moonbyul glared at Jin. “And she’s not my girlfriend.”


“Not yet.” Amber butted in this time.


Moonbyul groaned as her blush grew. Everyone can see Moonbyul’s crush on Yongsun except Yongsun herself and it made Moonbyul feel guilty that she had a crush on her. The two only had been friends for a couple of months and the senior was already making her feel things that she once felt. She shook her head trying to brush the past away before it ruined this fun night.


“Guys, can you drop this, I don’t like Yongsun in that way, we’re just good friends.”


Everyone groaned and rolled their eyes at the biggest bull they ever heard in their lives, but they didn’t want Moonbyul to be uncomfortable.


“Fine. We’ll stop.” Chanmi said.


The group then went back to talking about something else. The group either giggled or rolled their eyes when they saw Moonbyul staring back at Yongsun.



Hyejin and Wheein finally finished eating most of the food on the table. The two thought they could never go back to the cafeteria food after this day. Hyejin tapped her belly.


“Man, rich people food is soooooo goood.”


“Agreed,” Wheein repeated Hyejin’s actions.


The two sat and talked about how their other two friends were doing and heard someone from God knows where scream:


“If anyone is leaving through the backdoor, remember to watch out for the mistletoe!”


As those words hit their ears, the two both looked at each other with mischievous smiles on their faces. Time to cause some mischief. The two quickly got up and looked for their targets. As they spotted Moonbyul, they were surprised that Yongsun was nowhere to be seen.


“Oh, she’s right there.” Wheein pointed to Yongsun who was talking to a group of girls.


Hyejin shrugged. “Well, at least this makes our job is a lot easier.”


“It sure does.”


The two quickly discussed their plan and separated ways to execute it. Hyejin went for Moonbyul and Wheein went after Yongsun.


Hyejin was up first and she was walking up to Moonbyul and her friends.


“Hey everyone,” Hyejin said as she cut off whatever Seulgi was about to say. “Does anyone want to do a snowball fight?”


“Sure, why not?” Jin said.


“Seems fun, I’m in,” Seulgi said next.


The others nodded in agreement.


Moonbyul squinted her eyes at Hyejin. “Where’s Wheein?”  She had a sneaking suspicion that these two were up to no good.


“She’s waiting outside. You know her. Once she hears something fun, she’s gonna run towards it.” Hyejin lied. “Anyway, let’s go.” Hyejin grabbed Moonbyul’s arm and walked towards the backdoor with Moonbyul’s friends following her.


Yongsun was watching as Hyejin walked to the group and led them somewhere. She then became confused. Moonbyul wouldn’t leave her behind in a party to do fun stuff, would she? She was too busy looking at Moonbyul’s group that she didn’t notice Wheein walking up to her and jumped when Wheein spoke.


“Hey Yong and her friends. Want to go snowball fighting? Ah sorry Yongsun for scaring you.”


“Sure,” Jimin said.


“I don’t really want to play, but I’ll see you guys play,” Irene said next.



Chorong just nodded in agreement.


“Fine,” Yongsun said last. Maybe that’s where Moonbyul went as she saw Hyejin dragging Moonbyul.


The five girls started walking towards the backdoor. Yongsun was in the front and saw Moonbyul. She waved, and the junior waved back. Once she was close to the door, she was shoved. She closed her eyes waiting for the impact of hitting the floor, but she felt arms wrapped around her and the impact of breasts on her face and blushed. She opened her eyes and looked up to stare into soft brown eyes filled with worry.


“What the hell Wheein. What was that for? Yongsun almost got hurt.” Moonbyul said agitatedly.


“I knew you would catch her,” Wheein answered. “And look who’s underneath the mistletoe?”


The two looked above them and were shocked to see that they were indeed underneath the mistletoe. All their friends were ooing. The junior lightly pushed Yongsun up and looked down blushing.


“We don’t have to do that. It’s just some dumb decoration that-.”


Moonbyul froze and shut up when she felt something softly touch the top of her head and quickly looked up at Yongsun.


“That’s for saving me and this – “She pecked Moonbyul’s cheek. “- is because of the mistletoe.” Yongsun blushed lightly looking away.


Moonbyul.exe has stopped working. She was blushing furiously and everyone that saw the whole thing laughed, ooed or awed, but Moonbyul couldn’t hear them. She was too busy looking at the woman in front of her. Her heart was pounding like it was gonna pop right out of her heart any minute. Yongsun kissed her… in the cheek.


Shit. What are you doing to me, Yong?


Moonbyul became quiet the entire time and Yongsun worried if she did something wrong. Moonbyul dropped off Wheein and Hyejin off first and when she got to Yongsun’s house, she stopped the car and looked at her.


“I’m sorry if I made you think I hated it.”




“The-the kiss. I-I didn’t hate. It was, it was nice.” Moonbyul smiled lightly.


“oh, y-yeah. You know the tradition.” Yongsun sheepishly smiled as she shrugged.


Moonbyul hugged Yongsun. Yongsun froze from the sudden touch but was able to hug back and breathed in Moonbyul’s scent. If winter had a scent, that would be the junior’s scent right about now. She heard laughing.


“Are you sniffing me?”




Moonbyul chuckled a little longer before she kissed the top of Yongsun’s head and let go of the hug quickly.


“Th-that was for the mistletoe.” Moonbyul looked away blushing.


It was Yongsun’s turn to laugh.


“Okay.” Yongsun smiled warmly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Yongsun opened the door.


“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”


Yongsun closed the door and Moonbyul slammed her head onto her wheel making sure she didn’t hit the horn. Moonbyul and Yongsun weren’t able to sleep that night.

Chapter Text


Moonbyul couldn’t get the image out of her head. The way Yongsun’s soft lips were pressed against her cheek. Her smile, her blush, her-


Ugh! I’m going crazy! These feelings suck so much!


It was Moonbyul’s birthday today and all of her friends and family wanted to celebrate it at different times. Moonbyul agreed to all of them. She was first going to hang with her long-time friends, then with her new friends, and then with her family. Moonbyul sighed. She was gonna see Yongsun after what happened, and she was nervous. Hopefully, that kiss didn’t change their friendship. She got up, grabbed her keys and headed to her first destination.

Moonbyul parked her car in front of Yeri’s house… great. She was going to celebrate her birthday at one of the many places she wanted to try to forget about. Moonbyul originally didn’t plan to come to the party at all, but Yongsun nagged at her to come, so she went.


You’re so whipped for her.


Moonbyul sighed and got out of the car. She ranged the bell as soon as she reached the door. The door then swung open, revealing Seulgi at the door.


“Happy Birthday Moonbyul!” Seulgi yelled excitedly.


“Thank you, can I come in? I’m freezing out here.”


“Oh yeah, for sure.” Seulgi moved to the side to let Moonbyul in.


As soon as she entered, she was immediately greeted by cheers to wish her a happy birthday. She smiled and said her thanks to each of the people who wished her a happy birthday. After Moonbyul was finished saying thanks, she went up to her party group who wished her a happy birthday and Moonbyul again said her thanks.


“So, what are you and your girlfriend gonna do for your birthday later?” Seulgi said wiggling her eyebrows.


Moonbyul groaned. “Yongsun is not my girlfriend and we, including Hyejin and Wheein, are gonna go hang out somewhere after this.”


“That’s what they all say,” Chanmi said.


Moonbyul was about to say something, but Sandeul interrupted her.


“Guys, we all know Yongsun is not Moonbyul’s girlfriend.”


“Thank you, Sandeul.”


“She’s her wife.”


“You bastard!” Moonbyul punched Sandeul.


Everyone laughed as Sandeul cried out in pain. As the laughs died down, Amber spoke.


“Can you believe this is gonna be my last month with you guys?”


“Yeah, it sucks that you’re moving.” Minhyuk sadly said.


“Yeah, but I sure won’t miss the weather here.”


The group laughed at that.


“But Moonbyul, I want to tell you something,” Amber said full of worry.




“The family moving into my house. We got to see them and…”


“And what?”


“It’s… Minji, her family bought my house.”


Moonbyul froze once she heard Minji’s name.


Minji is moving back here? But why?


After she got over her and got her life together, she comes back. The past soon comes flooding in and Moonbyul was about to cry when a hand was gently placed on her shoulder, bringing her back to reality. She looked to her right and saw Sandeul smile softly at her. She sighed shakily.




Sandeul dropped his hand. “Yeah, no problem. Just know we’re always here for you okay?”




“Sorry for telling you Byul.”


Moonbyul smiled weakly at Amber. “No don’t be I’m glad you told me. Now come, this is a party to celebrate my birth not a pity party.”



After a while, Moonbyul left the party to go meet up with Wheein, Hyejin, and Yongsun. After a while she reached the mall and entered, heading to the spot the group decided to meet up at. As she reached the indoor water fountain, she smiled to see a bouncing Wheein waving to her with bother of her arms.




She finally reached the group and said hi to the two. Though she couldn’t find Yongsun.


“Where’s Yongsun?”


“Ah, she said she needed to get something quickly before you came here, but I guess she was too slow,” Hyejin answered.


Moonbyul nodded and the three waited for Yongsun to return. After waiting for about five minutes, Yongsun came back holding a small box.


“What took you so long?” Moonbyul asked.


“Only getting you your gift from my car, but I couldn’t find it.” Yongsun handed out the box for Moonbyul to take. “Don’t worry I found it. It was in my pocket the whole time.”


Moonbyul rolled her eyes and laughed as she took the small box. Guessing by the size of the box, it had to be some type of jewelry. She tried to open the box.


“NO!” Yongsun yelled startling everyone around them and Yongsun blushed in embarrassment by her sudden volume and she quickly apologized before she looked at Moonbyul.


“Don’t open it just yet. Open it when you get home.”


“Then why give it to her now?” Hyejin questioned.


“I didn’t want to forget. The box was literally in my pocket the whole time as I was looking for it in my car.”




“Guys, I’m about to die out of boredom just standing here. Let’s go to that arcade I saw when I entered. Come on let’s go.” Wheein grabbed Hyejin’s arm and ran towards the direction the arcade was located.


Moonbyul and Yongsun walked as fast as possible, trying not to lose Wheein and Hyejin. Though a hyper Wheein is fast enough to catch up to a cheetah and the two were left behind.


“Dang. Huh. Wheein sure is. Huh. Fast.” Yongsun panted through breathes.


“That’s why we. Huh, call her. Huh, Wheepup. Huh.”


The two walked as they tried to catch their breaths. Knowing Wheein and Hyejin are already at the arcade and forgot about them already, the two did a little shopping before they go to the arcade. They could always say they didn’t know where to go. Wheein would understand.

When they finally got to the arcade after an hour and a half, they were met with an angry Wheein and a not amused Hyejin.


“Where were you two?!?” Wheein yelled.


“We were… lost?” Moonbyul shrugged as she smiled sheepishly. Showing the many bags she didn’t have earlier.




“Calm down Wheein, we got you food~” Yongsun handed Wheein and Hyejin cinnamon pretzel bites.


Wheein squinted at them as she took a piece and instantly made a satisfying sound with the food she received.


“You are forgiven a little bit, but I’m still mad at you. Just a little.” Wheein said and continued eating her bites.


The two sighed in relief and the four then went back to play in the arcade using Moonbyul’s money of course.


“We’re celebrating my birthday and I’m the one who has to pay?”


“Thank you Moonbyul.” Hyejin smiled and Moonbyul rolled her eyes.


Wheein and Hyejin were busy playing with the claw machine as Wheein was desperately trying to get this plushie. Moonbyul and Yongsun went and played competitive games against each other. They first played basketball which Moonbyul destroyed Yongsun in. Second, they played a digital shooter which Yongsun equally destroyed Moonbyul in. And to settle the score on who’s the best at arcade games they did a punching game which was a very close match, but Yongsun ultimately won.


“Remind me to not mess with you ever again.”


“Will do, or else you’re gonna catch these hands the next time we fight,” Yongsun smirked and Moonbyul chuckled nervously.


The four then met up at the laser tag entrance to do a two v two before they left. Wheein and Yongsun vs. Moonbyul and Hyejin. It was very chaotic, Yongsun and Wheein kept running around screaming making Moonbyul and Hyejin easily find them, but feel like they were gonna go deaf when they got close enough to shoot them. Moonbyul and Hyejin were also cheating by hiding their chest plates the whole game. The game soon ended with Hyejin and Moonbyul as the winners.


“That wasn’t fair, you guys cheated.” Yongsun grumpily said.


Moonbyul laughed. “maybe you should’ve used your brain instead of screaming the whole time.”


Yongsun lightly punched Moonbyul and they four laughed as they went shopping or looked around the mall for the remaining time of their hangout. Soon Wheein and Hyejin’s rides came to pick them up leaving the two behind again.


“Have fun on your date,” Wheein called out before they left.


“Wait for what!?!” Moonbyul yelled, but Wheein didn’t get to hear as the car already left.


“I guess we should go home too since you’re also gonna celebrate your birthday with your family,” Yongsun said.


“I guess, but I have fun hanging out with you. They can always wait.”


“I love hanging out with you too, but you should spend these last few hours with your family, we can always hang out next time.”


Moonbyul smirked. “A next time? Yongsun already wanting to hang out with me. OW!” Moonbyul rubbed her bruised arm.


“Did you forget that I beat you in the punching game?”


“Okay, okay.” Moonbyul pouted. “Since you hurt me, can I open your present?”


Yongsun blushed. “What?!? I-I mean I-If you w-want I guess, just d-don’t lie to me how you f-feel about it.”


“Okay. I’ll be one-hundred percent honest about how I feel.”




Moonbyul reached into her jacket pocket and grabbed out the small box. She opened it carefully like she was afraid that something would pop out. When she opened it her mouth hanged open in surprise.  Inside the box was a necklace made of silver with a little moon hanging from it. Moonbyul smiled.


“I was gonna mess with you and say that it was ugly, but it’s too beautiful to say something so mean.”


“Oh my god, you jerk.” Yongsun punched Moonbyul lightly.


“Guess I deserved it.” Moonbyul chuckled as she rubbed her arm for the umpteenth time. “Thank you so much, I love it.”


Yongsun looked away blushing. “Y-you’re welcome.”


Moonbyul pulled Yongsun into a hug. Yongsun was surprised but returned the gesture quickly. The hug felt like it lasted for an hour before the two let go.


Moonbyul smiled at Yongsun. “Text me when you get home okay?”


“Not unless you do the same and tell me how dinner with your family was.”


“Sure thing.”


The two stared into each other’s eyes filled with love and didn’t want to leave feeling that they could lose something if they did. The two felt as if they should confess their feelings for one another or at least say something. Yongsun was about to, but Moonbyul cut her off and broke their intimate moment.


“I’ll, uh, see you later then.”


Yongsun was disappointed. “Oh, yeah, for sure. Umm, have fun I guess.”


“Yeah, same to you, good night.”


“Good night.”


The two waved awkwardly as they walked away from each other and as they both reached their vehicles, they both sighed and slammed their heads onto the wheel, with Yongsun accidentally honking the horn and startling herself and slamming her hands onto her face.


These feelings for Moonbyul/Yongsun sucked. The two thought.



Moonbyul went to her parent’s house to have dinner. It wasn’t eventful as it was just her two younger sisters, her mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and one of her sister’s boyfriend. The family ate quietly with a few small talks to catch up on each other’s lives. Yesol saw something around Moonbyul’s neck and pointed it out.


“What’s that around your neck? I never saw this one before. Is it new?”


Moonbyul looked down and smiled. “yeah it’s new. It was a gift from someone.”


“Is it from that Yongsun girl? She makes you smile a lot more. I do hope we get to see her someday.” Moonbyul’s mother spoke.


“Mom!” Moonbyul whined as she blushed, and everyone laughed.


“I mean it. Even if you two never date, I want to at least see the girl once.”


Moonbyul groaned and placed her hands to her face. Why can’t she have a normal chat in peace without it going back to Yongsun? She wasn’t really complaining though. She may show that she hated it on the outside, but secretly underneath she loved it. It gave her more confirmation over her feelings with the senior and how she might like her back, but it scared her knowing that maybe she was getting mixed signals and Yongsun only saw her as a friend.


Man, being in love sucks.

Chapter Text

It was Christmas day, Moonbyul’s favorite holiday, so it wasn’t a surprise when she woke up as early as 5 o’clock, yelled at her family to wake up, and immediately ran downstairs jumping up and down like her three dogs as she waited for her family to get down. Once the family was gathered in the living room, they opened presents and had a few laughs.

As she carried her presents into her room, she noticed the present for Yongsun on her desk and mentally slapped herself for forgetting. She quickly placed her presents down on her bed and grabbed her phone to call the senior. The phone ranged until it was answered.




“Hey, Yongsun. Am I disturbing anything.”


"No, not really. Why?”


“Just wanted to know if I can come to your house to give you’re your gift.”


“Why not give it to me tomorrow?”


“Yongsun, Christmas gifts are meant to be open on CHRISTMAS.”



A sighed could be heard on Yongsun’s end.


“Fine, just don’t be embarrassing when you see my parents.”


“Can’t keep any promises. Bye.”




Moonbyul hanged up before Yongsun could yell at her. She can’t wait to see Yongsun, but then she realized that she would be meeting Yongsun’s parents and that made her nervous.



I’m meeting Yongsun’s parents. Shhhiiiiii



Moonbyul was standing in front of Yongsun’s door for five minutes, but she still couldn’t bring herself to knock on the door. Monbyul sighed.


Calm down Moonbyul. You got this. You shouldn’t be worried too much, it’s not like your dating Yongsun.


Once the beating Moonbyul’s chest quieted down enough, she knocked on the door and after a minute or two later, Yongsun opened the door. The senior smiled brightly when she noticed it was Moonbyul.


“Hey. Come on in.” Yongsun scooted to the side to let Moonbyul in. As she entered, she quickly around and saw Yongsun’s parents in the kitchen table eating.



Oh no! You screwed up already! You never interrupt a family moment like this.


“Wait right here. I have to get your gift too.” Yongsun then whispered. “Thanks for coming over, it was getting awkward.” Then she quickly left, leaving Moonbyul alone with her parents.


Moonbyul was smiling internally until Yongsun’s mother, Mrs. Kim, spoke.


“So you’re Moonbyul?”


“Y-yes m-ma’am.”


Mrs. Kim chuckled at Moonbyul’s nervousness. “Our Yongsun talks a lot about you.”



Moonbyul was surprised at that.


Yongsun talked about me… to her parents???


“Sh-she h-has? H-hopefully th-they w-were g-g-good.”


Mr. and Mrs. Kim both laughed.


“All good. Don’t worry.” Mr. Kim reassured.


Moonbyul let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding onto. Yongsun came back with her gift for Moonbyul.


“I’m back, here’s your gift Byul.”


“And here’s yours.”


The two exchanged gifts and opened them at the exact same time. Their jaws both dropped when they saw the gifts.

Moonbyul took out the polaroid camera and Yongsun took out a silver necklace with a sun and a framed photo of her, Moonbyul, Hyejin, and Wheein. The two then stared at each. Moonbyul spoke first.


“How did you know I wanted a camera?”


“Well you said you always wanted to start taking pictures as a hobby, so I thought why not start you off with a camera that gives you physical copies.”


Moonbyul smiled softly at Yongsun’s words.


“Thank you. I love it.”


“I’m glad you like it. I…umm… happy that you got me a necklace and the picture frame of all of us.”


“Well you gave me a moon necklace, so I thought I’d give you a sun necklace. And I remember you telling me during a phone call one day that you went to a new school because you felt alone at your old one, so I thought getting you a picture of us four would remind you that your not alone anymore.”


Yongsun looked down trying to hide her blush as she shyly smiled at Moonbyul’s thoughtfulness.


“Thank you,” was all Yongsun could say. She was so mesmerized by the photo taken by Moonbyul that she forgot her parents were watching the two. She jumped a little when her father cleared his throat.


“Sorry to cut this moment short, but Yongsun’s food is getting cold.”


“Oh yeah, sorry, I understand completely, I’ll leave you guys alone now. Thank you for allowing me to come visit.”


“No problem, just make sure to plan to visit at a much earlier date so this doesn’t happen.”


“Yes, sir. Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Kim. Bye, Yong.”


And with that Moonbyul left leaving the Kim family alone.


“That girl is sure…unique.” Mrs. Kim said.


“Yeah, she sure is.” Yongsun walked back to the table to rejoin her parents for dinner and everything went quiet again.



Yongsun was sitting in her living room watching the New York live countdown footage when her phone rang. She didn’t need to look at the caller ID to know who it was and answered the call.




“Hey Yong. What have you been up to?”


Yongsun smiled. Hearing Moonbyul’s voice always made her day a whole lot better.


“Nothing much. Just watching the New York countdown by myself.”


“What? Where's your parents?”


“They’re at a party.”


The line was silent for a while and Yongsun checked to make sure the line didn’t cut. It wasn’t




“Just hold on a little longer, we’re coming over.”


“Wait wha-“ The line ended before she could question Moonbyul.


Yongsun put her phone down and went back to watching the live footage. Twenty minutes later, her door knocked and she went up to open it. She was immediately attacked by a hugging Wheein.


“Yongsun we didn’t forget about you I promise!”

Yongsun smiled and patted Wheein’s head. “I know.”


“Yeah Wheein, she knows cause someone couldn’t hold our little secret for just twenty more minutes.” Hyejin glared at Moonbyul.


“I couldn’t take it, she sounded so sad when I was talking to her.”


Yongsun laughed and gathered the other two for a group hug.


“Thanks, guys.”


The four then had a mini party as they waited for the countdown to start. They had serious talks, jokes never had I ever, and games. Yongsun always celebrated New Year by herself and it made her happy knowing she was celebrating this New Year with her close friends… with Moonbyul.


“5… 4… 3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” The four cheered, clanking their glasses filled with non-alcoholic sparkling wine.


Wheein and Hyejin were arguing which sparkling wine was the best. Moonbyul was watching the two bicker and laughing at some comments. Yongsun was looking at the Moonbyul’s hand, which was close to hers but separated by a small space. She was wondering if it was okay to hold her hand or if it was too much. She didn’t want to ruin what she and Moonbyul had but didn’t want to hide her affection for the junior.

She was deep in thought that she didn’t realize that Moonbyul was looking at her. The junior saw what her friend was looking at and placed her hand on top of Yongsun’s. Yongsun still didn’t realize, so she squeezed a little which caught the senior’s attention this time. Yongsun blushed and quickly looked at Moonbyul who smiled softly. Yongsun smiled back.


“Promise to do this again next year?” Yongsun asked, knowing the answer the junior would say.




Though Yongsun expected the answer she smiled brightly and went back to give the two sophomores her attention as the two were still bickering.

“Oh, guys hold up, let’s take a picture of this day.” Moonbyul got up and went to her backpack.


She came back with the Polaroid she was gifted. She turned the camera around to take a selfie.


“Okay, guys grab your glasses and say Happy New Year.”


The three did as they were told and said Happy New Year when Moonbyul took the photo. Once the photo got its color the girls cheered and signed the photo. Yongsun smiled.


This wasn’t so bad.




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Chapter Text

The second semester finally started and Moonbyul was excited that summer is just one semester away but was a little down knowing that this will be the last semester she would get to be Yongsun in school. The senior sat beside her talking to Wheein and Hyejin about their classes and Moonbyul was so deep in thought and the three were so focused on their conversation that they didn’t know the person who was walking towards their table.

That was until the person wrapped their arms around Moonbyul. Moonbyul was shocked by the gesture. At first, she thought it was one of her three friends, but when she looked up, she saw that the three were staring right at her with confused expressions. She only figured who the person behind her was once they spoke and she immediately froze in fear.


“MOONIE! Oh my god, it has been soooo long since we last saw each other. How are you?”


She remembered Amber’s warning at the birthday party and mentally cursed at herself for forgetting about it. Hearing that voice reopened wounds that she thought she fixed, so she tried her best to keep a strong image as she mentally breaking down. Moonbyul then slowly turned to look at the person who has caused her nothing, but pain.


“H-hey Minji,” Moonbyul said shakily. “I-it has been a long t-time. I-I’ve been… good. You?” Moonbyul wanted to run, flee, do anything, but stay here.


“I’m doing soooo much better seeing you.” Minji booped Moonbyul’s nose.


Yongsun didn’t know who this girl was and by seeing Hyejin and Wheein’s reactions, they didn’t know either. The girl was making Moonbyul very uncomfortable as the junior cowered deeper into her chair when the girl spoke or touched. Yongsun may not know who this girl is, but she already didn’t like her one bit.


“Ummm… excuse me.” Yongsun said getting the girl’s attention. “I think you’re making Byul uncomfortable.”


Seems like Yongsun’s words offended the girl, cause she quickly left Moonbyul’s side and walked to her.


“And you are?”



Yongsun was surprised by Minji’s attitude. “I… uh… My name is Yongsun Kim.”


“You must be new then, so let me help you understand. My name is Minji. Moonbyul and I used to be a thing, so whatever you know about her, I already know and a lot more.” Minji smirked.


Yongsun was shocked by what she heard. This girl, Minji, and Moonbyul were a… thing? Well, used to and that is understandable by the girl’s attitude. She wonders what Moonbyul saw in her in the first place.

The bell ranged and Moonbyul quickly got up, grabbed Yongsun by her hand and rushed towards their first-class period, (which was still the same) but not without apologizing to Wheein and Hyejin. Once the two entered the field house and sat down on the bleachers, Yongsun spoke.


“How come you never told me about her?”


“I- umm…” Moonbyul looked down and started twiddling her thumbs.


Yongsun understood that Moonbyul and uncomfortable, so she decided to get rid of the subject for now. She placed her hand on Moonbyul’s shoulder, who relaxed from the touch.


“Look we don’t have to talk about it now since you seem uncomfortable. We can always talk about it later when you feel ready okay?” Yongsun smiled even though she knew the junior wouldn’t be able to see as she was still looking down.


Moonbyul just nodded and sighed heavily. Feeling relieved that Yongsun understood and didn’t push further. Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, and Jin came over and saw the two. They all waved and sat around and when Moonbyul told them about what happened before class, they all tried to cheer her up.


“Hey, at least she’s not in our gym class right?” Jin said.


Wendy hit Jin’s side. “Shut it Jin or else you’re gonna jinx it.”


Just then the door slammed open, catching everyone’s attention. Jin got hit on his side again as the person slamming the door was none other than Minji.


“Look what you did! You jinxed it!” Seulgi yelled.


“I didn’t mean to.”


Moonbyul groaned and placed her hands onto her face. Her favorite class was gonna become a nightmare.


“Oh, hey, guys.” Minji walked towards the group. “I can’t believe you ditched me Moonie. I’m very hurt.”


Minji shoved Yongsun to the side and took her spot next to Moonbyul. The group looked in disbelief at what she just did. Minji noticed the stares and looked at Yongsun.


“If you didn’t want to be shoved, maybe you shouldn’t have been sitting next to my Moonie.”


Yongsun was fuming and everyone who knew her could see it. This girl was so rude. She possibly couldn’t see any way how Moonbyul could have been in a relationship with Minji. Maybe the girl blackmailed Moonbyul or something. She needed to know, but she wants Moonbyul to be comfortable when she does, but that won’t happen as Minji is blatantly getting in front of her Moonbyul’s face. She was about to give Minji a piece of her mind when the teacher came in and started calling for attendance. She told herself that she’ll give this girl a piece of her mind later.

During the teacher’s conversation, Yongsun moved to Moonbyul’s other side and calmed the junior down by placing her hand on top of her own. She looked at Minji to see her expression and she looked unhappy but did nothing about it. Yongsun smirked at her small victory.

Once the teacher finished assigning seats and let the students do whatever until the bell rang, Seulgi and Jin quickly took Moonbyul to play basketball with them. Irene and Wendy followed suit. Yongsun was about to follow too, but Minji sat her back down forcefully.


“What do you think you’re doing, Kim?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Don’t play dumb.” Minji harshly said. “You don’t have what Moonbyul and I have, so stop it.”


Yongsun quickly swiped her hand away. “Good, cause whatever you two have isn’t healthy.” She then turned around and started walking away, but not without Minji shouting one last thing at her.


“Watch your back, Kim!”



“Finally! Food!” Hyejin exclaimed as she took a bite of her cheeseburger.


The four still had lunch together, but it was moved to sixth period which Hyejin loved. The group grew bigger as they now sat with Sandeul, Jin, Jhope, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri.


“I heard Minji came back,” Yeri said.


“Luckily she doesn’t have the same lunch,” Jhope said.


“That’s what Jin said during gym and the devil showed up minutes later,” Irene exclaimed.


“Hey, I said it wasn’t my fault.”


“No Jin, it’s totally your fault, but this time I know she doesn’t, because Namjoon told me he saw her get lunch two periods ago.”


“I hope you’re right,” Moonbyul said as she played with her food.


The group went back to eating and small talk. Moonbyul later gave the rest of her lunch to Hyejin as the sophomore begged for more food.


“So, you three hadn’t met Minji before right?” Seulgi exclaimed.


Yongsun, Wheein, and Hyejin nodded in agreement.


“How do you guys feel about her?”


“I hate her guts.” Yongsun quickly said and everyone in the table laughed. “What?”


“Sandeul calmed his laughter. “Nothing it’s just, you answered so fast.”


“Of course I would. I might have just seen the girl for a few hours, but the girl did nothing but made Moonbyul uncomfortable and she shoved me! I mean who does that to someone when there’s an open seat for her to take?”


Moonbyul chuckled. “That’s Minji for yeah.”


“I don’t see what you saw in that girl.” Yongsun huffed and crossed her arms.


“I don’t really know either, but I could tell you about our past together.”


Those words caught everyone’s attention and they all stared at Moonbyul. Yongsun gently placed a hand on Moonbyul’s arm.


“Are you sure? You don’t have to force it.”


Moonbyul took Yongsun’s hand on her arm and placed it on the senior’s lap. “I know and I promise you when I say I feel comfortable enough to talk about.”


“… okay.”


Moonbyul sighed. “Well, it started when I was a freshman- “


“Sorry to cut your flashback short, but Minji is coming.” Yeri interrupted.


“JHOPE YOU LIAR!!!” Wheein yelled.


“Don’t blame me, blame Namjoon.”


Moonbyul tried to calm down the group, but she herself wasn’t calm. She didn’t understand why Minji was here if she had lunch two class periods ago. Minji finally reached the group and wrapped her arm around Moonbyul’s shoulder. The junior tensed up from the action.


“Hey guys, missed me?”


“No.” Joy quietly said, but Minji must have heard it as she glared at her. “I… uh, mean, yeah for sure.”


“Minji I thought you already had lunch?” Moonbyul questioned as she slowly tried to nudge Minji off her.


“Oh I did, but I asked the teacher that I needed to go to the bathroom.”


“All the way here?”


Minji ignored Moonbyul’s question.


“Anyway, Moonbyul want to come with me?”




“Too bad.”


Minji grabbed Moonbyul’s arm and pulled her along towards the bathroom. Moonbyul turned around and mouthed, “help me” as she was being dragged. Yongsun’s blood was boiling at the entire scene that took place and she quickly stood up to follow the two.


“I don’t know who to fear more. Minji or an angry Yongsun.” Hyejin said.


Wheein answered Hyejin’s question.


“Of course you know and it isn’t Minji.”



Once the two entered the bathroom, Moonbyul was immediately shoved against the wall.


“Ow! What the he- “


Minji slammed her hand on the wall next to Moonbyul’s head, making her silent. Minji smirked.


“You know, I really missed you,” Minji stated. “Couldn’t stop thinking about you when I was away.” She slid her hand on Moonbyul’s shoulder. “I missed us.”


Moonbyul shoved Minji’s hand away.


“I didn’t.” Moonbyul started to walk away.


Minji pretended to sound hurt. “Ouch, I’m hurt Moonie. Did you know how hard it was to come back here?”


“Don’t call me Moonie and I never asked you to come back. And if I’m being honest, you leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Moonbyul then opened the door and left, leaving a shocked Minji behind.


Yongsun was in front of the bathroom door. She was about to open it when it opened by itself. Yongsun looked to see that Moonbyul was at the door and sighed in relief. Moonbyul was happy that Yongsun tried to save her. The two started to walk back to their table and as they did Moonbyul sighed and spoke.


“Hey Yong?”




“Can I come over to your house? I… think I’m comfortable enough to tell you now.”


Yongsun softly smiled.



Chapter Text

— Sorry for the long wait, but it’s finally here:)


After school, Yongsun and Moonbyul went to the senior’s house as the house had more privacy compared to the junior’s. As the two were sitting on the living room couch, Moonbyul was shifting nervously. Yongsun noticed the action.


“Hey,” Yongsun softly spoke catching Moonbyul’s attention. “If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it now, you don’t have to say it. I’ll understand.”


Moonbyul smiled. Yongsun was always patient with her no matter what the junior did.


“No, it’s alright. I’ll tell you.”


Yongsun sighed. “Okay, but if you need to stop, just tell me.”


Moonbyul smiled.




Moonbyul and Minji have known each other since they were in elementary. Moonbyul came to Minji’s rescue when she was being bullied and the two stayed side by side ever since. Since the two have been friends for years, Moonbyul started to notice changes happening to her friend slowly but didn’t think much of it as Minji seemed to still enjoy her company and that was the only thing that mattered to her. During their first year in middle school, Moonbyul came out to Minji. The girl was a little hesitant, but she remembered how close Moonbyul was to her crush, Ben, so she accepted her.

The reason for Moonbyul coming out to Minji was because she had a crush on her best friend. They were always teased as a couple by their closeness and it made her fall for the girl, but she never wanted to push things further in case it ruined their relationship. But with the help of Seulgi and her friends, she got the courage to ask out Minji, who said yes. Minji only accepted Moonbyul’s proposal, because she thinks to date her would get her closer to Ben, who was known to go after girls that are dating. Her plan worked as the guy who never talked to her suddenly started to talk to her.

Though Moonbyul and Minji have been dating for two weeks now, they did nothing that couples would do, but Moonbyul never questioned it as Minji might not be too comfortable yet. Her friends thought something else was up and though they were the ones to encourage Moonbyul to ask Minji out, they realize now that Minji was just using her for something, they just didn’t know what, but they don’t want Moonbyul to find out and be heartbroken. During lunch, Minhyuk spoke to her about the situation.


“Moonbyul, I think we should talk.”


Moonbyul arched an eyebrow at the odd question. “About what?”


“About Minji.”


“What about Minji?” Moonbyul was confused about what Minhyuk wanted to talk about.


Minhyuk tried his best to speak, but it always seemed to catch in his throat. He didn’t want to say it, and everyone knew, but YooA took it upon herself to finish what he was going to say and what everyone was thinking.


“I think you should break up with Minji.”




“You just seem upset-“


“Upset that my friends no longer support my relationship.”


“You know that isn’t true. We supported your relationship, but it seems like, and I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like Minji is just using you.”


Once those five words were said, Moonbyul froze. She always suspected something was up with Minji when she never wanted to do anything as simple as holding hands, but she never wanted to think that. If Minji was using her, what would be, who would it be and why use her? She was conflicted and fell silent as she played with the food on her tray, losing her appetite.


“Moonbyul, I’m- “


“No, no you may be right. I just… I just need some time to myself.”


The silver haired girl grabbed her tray to throw away and walked away. Everyone knew Moonbyul’s feelings for her girlfriend and felt sorry that she didn’t returned the same love. It hurt even more knowing that they needed to tell their friend this and how she would react.


“Maybe we shou- “


“No.” Jin interrupted. “Give her some space to think. We’ll probably worsen the situation than we already did if we follow her.”


Minhyuk disagreed with the last part but understood that Moonbyul might need some to herself and decided to give her the space she needed. He never thought her alone time would take two weeks. He wanted to comfort his friend but didn’t know what to do in order to do so. He was walking to the park with Sandeul, Jin, and Seulgi as they tried to think of a plan to comfort Moonbyul. The group stopped walking once they spotted Minji and Ben in front of Ben’s house and quickly hid behind a conveniently placed bush.


“What is she doing at Ben’s house?” Seulgi whispered as she grabbed her phone.


“She’s probably trying to get or give something to Ben.” Minhyuk whispered back.


“More like giving him a kiss.” Sandeul retorted.


“We don’t know that.” Minhyuk didn’t know why he was trying to defend Minji. Minji probably is cheating on Byul, but he didn’t want to speculate until there is evident proof.


“Then why is she kissing him right now?” Jin questioned.


Minhyuk was surprised and looked up a peak to see that Jin was right. He was disappointed in Minji’s actions and felt sorrier for Moonbyul. A clicking sound of a camera was heard and the four all immediately ducked down. Jin, Sandeul, and Minhyuk all stared at Seulgi angrily.


“Are you trying to get us caught!?!” Jin whispered.


Seulgi shushed Jin. “It’s for evidence. Now shut it or they’ll know where we are.”


Jin kept quiet but was mentally cursing at Seulgi. Five minutes passed and nothing happened, so Minhyuk looked up and saw that Both Ben and Minji were gone. He sighed in relief.


“They’re gone. Let’s go.”


“We’re just gonna ignore this situation happened and go play basketball?” Sandeul asked confused.


“Of course not, we’re gonna go to Moonbyul’s place and show her the photo Seulgi took, now come on.”


The three nodded in agreement and the four walked to Moonbyul’s house. As the four entered their silver haired friend’s room, Moonbyul jumped by her friend’s sudden appearance.


“Jesus! What are you guys doing here?”


“I know this seems bad, but we have proof that Minji is cheating on you. I took a photo.”


Moonbyul arched an eyebrow. “You guys were stalking Minji?”


“Of course not, you know we wouldn’t do that. We were just walking to the park and saw the two.” Jin defended. “Seulgi just show her the photo.”


“I am.” Seulgi handed Moonbyul her phone.


“This is a photo of you and Irene-“


“NO!” Seulgi quickly took her phone back. “You moved it. Here’s the photo.”


Seulgi showed Moonbyul the correct photo this time. She checked her phone again when Moonbyul gave no shocked expression. Moonbyul just sighed as she stared at the picture shown to her. She never wanted to suspect Minji was cheating on her, but the evidence in front of her was hard to deny and it made her upset. She was upset to know Minji used her, upset that Ben would go after her girlfriend, and upset that she truly thought Minji loved her the way she loved Minji.


Seulgi was worried. “Moon-“


“Maybe she didn’t mean it.” Moonbyul looked down holding back tears. “Maybe Ben forced her or, or-“

“We saw her initiate the kiss.” Sandeul interrupted. He immediately apologized when Moonbyul looked at him with tears in her eyes.


Seulgi gently hugged Moonbyul. “Sorry for giving you such sad news, but we just don’t want you in a relationship where you’re not receiving as much love as you give.”


“I-I un-understand.” Moonbyul said through hiccups.


Her friends tried their best to cheer her up by trying to catch up on the last two weeks they haven’t spoken. Moonbyul, however, was constantly distracted and her heart broke knowing what she had to do. Her heart broke knowing Minji never truly loved her and her best friend since elementary used her to get to a guy, and that hurts more than anything. Maybe she’s not meant for the love life.

The next day came for Moonbyul and she met up with Minji at a café to understand Minji’s actions, but she didn’t even get to speak as Minji broke up with her. Moonbyul was confused and became more confused when her “friend” said they should no longer be friends and left without saying a word. Moonbyul stood there for a few minutes before she quickly ran inside a bathroom stall and cried. She later went home and locked herself in her room for weeks and she was glad the school year was over, since she could never face Minji again.

As much as Moonbyul’s mom understood her daughter’s feelings and let the girl sulk, she started to get irritated and one day barged into the room and force her eldest daughter to go out and do something other than sulk another day. She got the girl to shower, change her clothes, eat a healthy meal, force her outside and locked the front door on her hoping her Byulyi will get right back on her feet.


Seriously, that girl can’t do anything unless you give her a hard push out the door.


Moonbyul knocked for her mother to let her back in for two minutes until she gave up. She then decided to text anyone if they wanted to hang out. Jin was out of town, Sandeul and Seulgi were already hanging out their friends, YooA wasn’t responding to her texts, so she must be busy, but luckily or not, Minhyuk was free, so she got up and walked to his house.

Once she got there, the two played a little basketball. Minhyuk thought if Moonbyul played her favorite sport, she’ll feel a little better. It worked as the girl was smiling and laughing as she was kicking his ass, 9-2.


“Hey, you know Yeri, right? Seulgi’s friend.” Minhyuk spoke.


Moonbyul was lining a shot. “Yeah. What about her?”


“She has a party tonight and I feel you should go.”


Moonbyul shot a basket winning with a score of 15-6 and asked. “Why?”


Minhyuk grabbed the ball. “I mean it’s a sign finally telling you to move on. I mean you finally come out the day Yeri has a party so…”


Moonbyul contemplated on the subject. Maybe it is a sign telling her to move by going to this party. She has been doing nothing but wastes her summer on Minji and that girl doesn’t deserve to be wasting tears and precious summer on anymore. Yeah, she’ll make new friends at this party and forget about Minji.




“Woah really? Thought I had to more convincing, didn’t expect you to say yes.”


“Why not, your logic seems legit.”


Minhyuk smiled and threw the ball at his silver-haired friend.


“Good. Now let’s go one more round, I let you win that time.”



Moonbyul and Minhyuk were in front of Yeri’s front door waiting to be let in. Minhyuk looked to his friend’s side to see she was staring into space. He lightly nudged her a little and Moonbyul quickly turned to him confused. Minhyuk smiled.


“Just be yourself.”


Moonbyul let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and looked back at the door when it was opening. “I’ll do my best.”


Minhyuk gave her a thumbs up. “That’s the spirit.”


Yeri greeted the two and let them in. Moonbyul and Minhyuk split up as Minhyuk saw his friends and Moonbyul saw Seulgi with her friends, so she walked up to them.


Seulgi saw Moonbyul and screamed in excitement as she hugged her friend. “Holy shit! You’re finally out of your room. Let me guess, your mom got sick of you and decided you should hang out with people again.”


Moonbyul laughed at Seulgi’s accuracy. “Yeah.”


“Thank your mom for me then. Let’s catch up.”


Seulgi wrapped her arm around the silver-haired girl and introduced her to her friends. Moonbyul already knew Irene and Wendy and was introduced to both Joy and Yeri who were a year younger. As the group chatted Moonbyul looked around and something, more like some people caught her eye.

As the group chatted Moonbyul looked around and something, more like some people caught her eye. Two girls were at the food bar eating like mad. She looked at them a couple of times and felt like the two girls were on their fifth plate. She tapped Seulgi’s shoulder and asked if she knew the two. Seulgi didn’t know, but Joy was listening in and answered instead.


“The girl in dark blue is Hyejin and the one in brown is Wheein. Those two only talk to each other and no one else.”


“Ah… okay.”


After hearing what Joy said, Moonbyul made it her mission to become their friend, so she said her goodbyes as she parted ways to walk to the two. She froze however when she saw Minji and Ben together, smiling, being happy like they didn’t just break someone’s heart. She would have been sad seeing the two, but she wasn’t. Her blood was boiling, and she was gonna give the two a piece of her mind, but she was quickly pulled away by Sandeul. He let go of her when they were in another room.


“What the hell Sandeul!” Moonbyul yelled.


“Look. I saw you walking towards Minji all pissed and stuff and I thought you were gonna walk out with a few bruises and she isn’t worth that, so I pulled you out of there.”


“I-" Moonbyul held her tongue before she said something, she was gonna regret. She heaved out a breath to calm herself down before she spoke. “Thanks, Sandy.”


Sandeul smiled. “No problem, just don’t get into trouble again okay.”




And with that, the two spilt ways and Moonbyul kept her promise to Sandeul, so she avoided Minji the entire night. She made new friends to forget the girl as much as she could, and it worked as she forgot about the pain.

She became so busy that she didn’t even know Minji moved until a month later when she entered her freshman year when her friend told her about it during a conversation. Moonbyul was happy to hear the news and went about her day feeling happy once again. She was happy, with her friendships, her family, and her grades, but one thing always seemed to cause her pain and that was love. She never wanted to go back into one and always closed herself off in that area to never fall in love because she once fell in love and it sucked.



Hi guys I’m not dead I promise :D  Sorry it took awhile I had to change Minji’s and Moonbyul’s relationship because it was hard to write in a way, but hopefully chapter 9 and chapter 10 Minji seem similar enough. Hopefully, the next chapter will be out faster as we’re back to MoonSun :D I also changed the summary for the fic since I think it doesn't fit into the story anymore. Hope you guys had a good Christmas and have a good New Year and I’ll see you guys on the next chapter.

Chapter Text

As Yongsun listened to Moonbyul’s story, she felt so much emotion. Anger, sadness, pity, relief, and a bit of jealousy, but she didn’t know why she felt that. Well, she actually did but didn’t want to think that just yet. Once Moonbyul was finished, Yongsun hugged Moonbyul to which the junior returned.


“What Minji did was terrible and no one, especially you, deserved that. I’m glad you told me.”


“Thanks for listening Yong.”


“Anything for you. I promise I won’t be like Minji.”


Moonbyul’s eyes widened by Yongsun’s words. “What?”


It took a while for Yongsun to realize what she said, but when she did, she started to fumble her words. Finding an excuse. “A-as friends. I-I mean I won’t be like Minji a-as a f-friend… yeah.”


“Ah.” Was all Moonbyul could say. She was a little disappointed by those words, but she understood why she said them.


The two stayed silent as Yongsun comforted Moonbyul. As they did, Yongsun became more curious about two things. Why is she back and after what Minji did to Moonbyul, why try to go back to her?


“I’m a little confused about why Minji is back and trying to get back with you?”


“Moonbyul chuckled. “Beats me. Your answer is as good as mine.”


Yongsun stayed silent. She really needs to get to the bottom of this before Minji hurts Moonbyul again. That’s a promise she’ll make to herself.



The next day, Moonbyul, Yongsun, Wheein, and Hyejin were at their usual hangout table. Wheein and Hyejin were helping each other with homework for their next class. Yongsun and Moonbyul were acting like their usual selves.


“I’m telling you, water is wet!” Moonbyul exclaimed as she laughed.


“By who? You’re an idiot for thinking that!” Yongsun yelled, obviously not amused.


Moonbyul laughed even more. She always loved messing with Yongsun because her reactions are the funniest. She was glad Yongsun hadn’t killed her just yet.

Everything seemed normal around the table, but that was quickly ruined when an intruder was seen walking towards them. Wheein noticed the intruder and informed the three about them. Moonbyul quickly stopped laughing, Yongsun, Wheein, and Hyejin all glared at the intruder. The intruder placed her hand on Moonbyul’s shoulder and spoke.


“Hey, Moonie, Moonie’s friends, and… “ Minji glared at Yongsun. “Yong.”


Yongsun stopped glaring but kept her eyes at Minji. “Yongsun is just fine.”


“Oh, but I thought we were close enough friends for me to call you Yong.”


“It’s funny how you think we were even friends.”


Wheein laughed loudly at Yongsun’s words but quickly shut her lips when Minji glared at her. Minji heaved out a sigh, dropped her hand off Moonbyul, and put on a fake smile as she looked back at Yongsun making the girl feel a little uneasy.


“Well, I hope to be good friends with you then. After all, we both want the same thing from someone.”


Yongsun looked at Moonbyul whose eyes were looking down, and Yongsun could sense that the junior was uncomfortable. She stood up, grabbed Moonbyul’s things, signaled the sophomores and Moonbyul to get up as well and spoke.


“Your wants are far different from my own. Unlike you, I am willing to wait, and respect other people’s wants.” And with that, the four walked away. Leaving Minji behind, who thankfully didn’t follow them, but it didn’t really matter since Moonbyul and Yongsun share the same first-class period with her.


Yongsun felt a soft nudge on her arm and looked at her side.


“Thanks for getting us out of there,” Moonbyul said.


Yongsun smiled softly. “I could tell you were uncomfortable, so HAD to get you out of there.”


“Yeah, Yongsun thanks, I thought I was gonna get arrested for murder,” Hyejin said and everyone laughed. “ I honestly don’t see what you saw in that girl.”


Moonbyul chuckled lightly. “I promise she was a lot different before.”


“Sure… “ Yongsun rolled her eyes.


“I swear she was.”


“Okay, okay, we believe you Moonie.” Wheein teased.


“Please don’t call me that,” Moonbyul whined, causing the four to laugh.



Out of the many things she didn’t expect, walking Minji to the nurse’s office was definitely one of them. She was surprised that Minji didn’t come to start something when class started and even sat away from Moonbyul. She then started to suspect something when the teacher called her over to take Minji to the nurse’s office. Like why choose her when she could get Moonbyul to get closer to. Not that she wanted Moonbyul to take her place, but it just seemed off. Her questions reappeared again and she found this the perfect opportunity to get them answered.


“Hey, Minji?”




“Why did you move back here?”


“Oh, well, my dad got relocated back here for work.”


Well, that answered one of them and it was faster than she expected. Thought she had to fight for her answer.


"Why are you trying to be friends with Moonbyul?”


Science. She wondered if the girl heard; she tried to repeat herself but was quickly cut off.


“I heard you the first time and can’t I just mend a friendship?”


“I mean you can, but you can’t just act like you didn’t just break her heart.”


Minji got out of Yongsun’s grasp, confusing the senior. The senior looked at her and she saw a pain expression on the girl.


“So, she told you, huh? I should’ve expected that.”


“Yes, she did and now I want to know what you want from her.”


“I told you, I want to be friends again.”


Yongsun didn’t believe that one bit. “Seems more than that. Are you sure you’re not trying to use her again?”  Minji’s expression changed. “Cause I swear if you are I’ll- “


“I LIKE HER OKAY!” After saying those words, Minji instantly covered her mouth.


“What?” Yongsun was genuinely confused now. Why would she say this?


“I- umm… I- " Minji stuttered as she tried to find a reason, but was luckily cut off by someone.”


“There you are, Yong,” Moonbyul said as she rushed to the two carrying her own and Yongsun’s things. Moonbyul stopped jogging and took a few steps back when she saw Minji. “Wait, I thought you were supposed to be at the nurse’s office.”


“I- “


“I think you two need to talk.” Yongsun walked to Moonbyul, grabbing her things. She then softly spoke to the junior in front of her. “Thanks for grabbing my stuff. I know you’re scared to talk with her, so after I change I’ll be nearby if you need help, just call, okay?”


Moonbyul slowly nodded her head and Yongsun’s heart broke a little to see Moonbyul like this, but she felt it was necessary if she wants to move on and truly be happy. If she learned one thing about the girl in front of her, it’s that you need to give her a good push in the right direction or else she’ll never move.

Yongsun quickly hugged Moonbyul and left, leaving the two ex-lovers to themselves. The two stood at the same spot, feeling awkward around each other and it felt like an eternity passed until Minji spoke.


“I’m… I’m sorry.”


Moonbyul quickly looked at Minji when she said that.


“I’m sorry for what I did. I’m sorry for being dumb and choosing some guy over the one person who cared for me. I’m sorry I ended a friendship because that same guy told me to.” Minji sighed shakily, holding back tears, then spoke softly. “I’m sorry for using and for being an asshole don’t have to forgive me, but I wanted to apologize.”


Moonbyul just stood there as she heard Minji apologize. Her words, they opened up old scars and wounds she thought she patched up. They made her feel the same pain she thought she got over so long ago.


“I- “ Moonbyul was choking back tears. “I don’t understand. Why did you do all those things? Was I not good enough?”


“No, no, you were. I just didn’t see that until it was too late. I was dumb and ignorant, but that doesn’t excuse the pain a caused you.”


“Why tell me this now?” Moonbyul let her tears fall. “Why tell me this after you play with my feelings again?”


“I wanted to, but my jealousy got the best of me.” Minji chuckled embarrassingly. “Thank god Yongsun reminded me what I wanted to do from the beginning this morning.”


Moonbyul looked confused. “Jealous?”


“Yeah. I was jealous of Yongsun and how she made you happy. The way I should’ve been, and it made me jealous enough to do some dumb things that did nothing but push you away even further. I’m trying to be a better person, but my old ways always seem to show and backfire on me.”


“I… “ Moonbyul hesitated, then sighed as she wiped some tears from her face. “Thanks for the apology, but… I think I deserve some space.”


Minji understood what Moonbyul wanted. She couldn’t blame her after what she did in the past. She couldn’t ask for the girl’s forgiveness, she couldn’t ask to start over, but she could give her space, she could try to be her friend, if she allowed it, but for now, space is needed and she’ll give it to her as long as she needs.


“I understand.” Minji turned around and spoke one more time before she left. “I’m sorry.”


Moonbyul waited for Minji’s footsteps to disappear before she sat down and cried. Old scars and wounds opened up, causing nothing but pain. All her life she wanted to scream, yell, curse at her, cause her the same pain she did to her long ago, but to hear her apologize, a part of her wanted to forgive her. A part of her wanted to go back to her and start over, but that wouldn’t be fair to the person who had never hurt her and showered her with nothing but love. She was angry at herself for wanting to go back.

Moonbyul was too lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the footsteps coming towards her. She only noticed someone was near her when the person leaned against her side and side-hug her. She jumped a little by the surprise and though she couldn’t see them; she knew who it was. She was thankful the girl didn’t say a word but listen to her cry and it comforted her as it was something she needed at the moment.

They moved to sit against the wall when the bell rang. She knew the stares directed at her, but it didn’t matter. The warmth from the girl on her side gave as she comforted her was all she needed now. She was happy to have her in her life.

Chapter Text

It had been two weeks after that incident and Moonbyul was glad the senior didn’t bring it up as it wasn’t something, she was ready to talk about just yet. Ever since then, her feelings for the senior seemed to have increased and it kind of scared her. She doesn’t want to risk anything, so she won’t try anything, but if Yongsun were the one to initiate she wouldn’t stop her.

Yongsun was laying in her bed sighing, she barely knew Moonbyul for even a year and she has a massive crush on her. She never felt like this before, so she asked Wheein to come over to help with her feelings. She was not surprised to see that Hyejin tagged along since they’re a total package. You get both of them or you get none of them. She let the two inside and knowing them, she gave them food and told them her whole situation with her feelings for Moonbyul once they entered her room.


“It’s pretty obvious you like her and she clearly likes you too,” Wheein said before she took a bite of her granola bar.


“Yeah. Me and Wheein have been friends for four years and we haven’t even done some of the things you two do.” Hyejin added, then proceeded to eat her ramen.


Hearing those replies led her to groan into her pillow. She hoped the two would tell her she’s crazy and to stop having this silly crush, but she was kind of glad the two were honest. It gave her confirmation that her feelings for the junior were okay and that she reciprocated it. Now it’s a question of if she should ask the girl out or not. She never did this before and she knew the junior wouldn’t try anything and it made her a little frustrated at her situation. She grabbed her pillow and groaned into it, letting out her frustration.


“Why are you groaning?” Wheein questioned.


Yongsun quickly shot up, causing the other two to jump a little by the sudden movement. “I need to find a way to ask out Moonbyul.”


“You should just ask her out during your conversation,” Hyejin answered.


Yongsun got flustered. “What! No, I can’t do that, what if she- ”


Wheein groaned. “Yongsun, look. I’m gonna be very honest with you and say that everyone knows Moonbyul won’t do shit. That means you have to be the one to initiate and ask her out or else you two would never go anywhere and stay as friends for probably the rest of your lives.”


Yongsun knew she was right and laid back in her bed defeated. Questions filled up her mind. Where would she even take the junior? Would Moonbyul like it? Would she like it? Would it be bad or good? Would she even accept her date proposal? So many things ran through her mind and it took a good five minutes and Wheein and Hyejin to shake her to finally get her back into reality with an idea. She jumped up scaring the two sophomores again. “I know the place and make it a day she’ll never forget!”


“Yongsun!” Hyejin shouted. “Stop doing that, you keep scaring us!”


“Ah, sorry.” Yongsun blushed a little from embarrassment. “And thanks, guys.”


“Anything for you Yongmom,” Wheein said as she and Hyejin hugged the senior.


“Wait a minute… Yongmom?”



Yongsun was more excited to go to school today than she normally was. Maybe because today was the day, she was gonna ask Moonbyul out on a date and just thinking about it plastered a smile on her face. She wasn’t gonna let the negatives stop her from reaching positives. As she walked to the morning table and was happy to be greeted by her three-favorite people.


“Hi Yong.” Moonbyul waved.


“Yongmom, we’re starving feed us,” Hyejin said right after.


“Why wait until I come to ask?”


“Cause Moonbyul doesn’t have money,” Wheein answered.

“What? You never even asked me.”


Yongsun rolled her eyes, knowing full well what Wheein and Hyejin were doing. She didn’t know if the morning was the right time to ask, but it’ll have to do the guess.


“Okay, I’ll get you a snack. Wanna come with me Moonbyul?”


“Sure.” Moonbyul got up and the two walked to the vending machines.


They walked in complete silence. When they reached to the machines, Yongsun gave change to Moonbyul to insert and found this as the right time to ask.


“Hey Moonbyul?“




“I was wondering if youwanttogoonadatewithmethisSaturday?”


“Huh?” Moonbyul couldn’t register what Yongsun just said


Yongsun heaved out a sigh. “I was wondering if you want to go on a date this Saturday.” She looked away embarrassed when she finally said it.


Moonbyul dropped the snacks she was holding, but quickly grabbed them. “With me?”


“Of course. Who else?”




“Wheein is not even around!”


Moonbyul chuckled. “I was making sure and yeah; I’ll go on a date with you.”

Yongsun smiled with a toothy grin, happy and relieved that Moonbyul accepted her date. “Okay. Now let’s go back before the two kids starve.


Moonbyul laughed. “Okay.”



It was finally the weekend, most importantly Saturday, which meant it was date time with Moonbyul and Yongsun couldn’t help but smile as she drove to the junior’s house. She noticed Moonbyul was waiting on her porch when she arrived and once the girl noticed, she immediately got up and ran to the vehicle and got inside the passenger seat.


“So where are we going?”


“Secret.” Yongsun giggled as Moonbyul whined from the answer given to her. “I don’t want to remain the surprise, so you’ll just have to wait.”




Yongsun drove the car towards the destination. She hopes Moonbyul liked it since she did a lot of research for their first date. She wanted to be something that they can both enjoy and remember, but when she searched up some of the places, they were either boring for her or Moonbyul and she was losing hope. However, after an hour or two of research, there was one place that caught her eye. Yongsun parked her car and the two walked towards the entrance of an amusement park.


“An amusement park?”


“Yeah, why. You can always find fun and if you’re too scared to go on the roller-coasters we can always go to the game booths, but we at least have to go on the Ferris Wheel.”


“Woah, how long have you been planning this for?” Moonbyul was amazed by Yongsun’s planning.


“Last week, but it took me almost two hours. Now let’s pick up the pace, so we don’t wait for an hour to go on rides if we are going on those.” Yongsun grabbed Moonbyul’s hand and ran towards the entrance. Moonbyul couldn’t help, but smile.


Yongsun really looks beautiful.


As they reached the entrance Yongsun realized she forgot her wallet at home and asked for Moonbyul to pay.


“You plan the whole thing, asked me out, and yet you let me pay.”


“Of course, it’s the least you could do, after I did all the hard work.”


Moonbyul shook her head as she smiled. “Fine.”


Once the two entered the park, they decided to first go on a roller coaster that looked the least scariest. It didn’t really matter though as they were the loudest screams on the ride. They came out of the ride with dazed expressions, but went on two more just for fun and not because they had a competition on who could last the longest riding the coasters, which Yongsun totally didn’t win at.


“I let you win. You started to look sick.” Moonbyul whined as she crossed her arms.


“Don’t be a sore loser.”


“I am not.”


Yongsun rolled her eyes playfully. “Sure, anyway let’s get some food.”


They went to eat and after they finished, they went to the game booths. They went to a few and won two small stuffed animals, a rabbit and hamster, and one big Squirtle plushie that Moonbyul won and gave to Yongsun. The senior found it cute that Moonbyul won it for her, but that didn’t keep her from smacking the girl when she told her the reason, she got her the Squirtle is because the two were similar face wise.

They went to their last destination which was the Ferris Wheel. It was a nice, calm way to end the day after all the things they did.


“Look at this sunset,” Yongsun said


The two looked at the setting sun and Moonbyul took a peek at Yongsun and she was breathless seeing the sight in front of her. The sight looked photo-worthy, so she took a picture on her phone. After she asked if it was okay with Yongsun of course. She then showed the senior the photo.


“Woah, it looks so good.”


“Really?” Moonbyul asked. She thought the photo was okay at best.


“Yeah. You should do more.” Yongsun suggested.


“like a hobby?”




Moonbyul thought about it. She did like taking photos but never thought about it as a hobby. However, now that Yongsun complimented her on her photo and even suggested that she take it up as a hobby, she might do just that. “okay, I will.”


Yongsun then took a photo of Moonbyul, which wasn’t as good compared to Moonbyul’s, but no one is as gifted as her so it was alright. Moonbyul then took a photo of the two of them together and they chatted until they reached the ground and walked back to Yongsun’s car and drove towards Moonbyul’s house.


“So, how was the date today?” Yongsun asked.


“It was honestly the best first date. Never thought I’d have so much fun at an amusement park, but definitely changed that.”


Yongsun smiled at the reply and mentally high-fived herself for succeeding on her mission. As they sadly reached to Moonbyul’s house, they hugged goodbye.


“Let’s do this again, okay?” Moonbyul asked.


“Absolutely. You have to plan the next one though.”


“Okay, but I can’t promise you it’ll be as good as this one.”


“that’s alright. No one is as good as me when it comes to planning dates.”


Moonbyul let go of Yongsun’s hug and lightly pushed her. “Oh my god, no need to be cocky!”


Yongsun laughed like a dolphin and Moonbyul couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculously contagious laugh. They laughed for a good three minutes and slowly stopped.


“Okay, I’ll go now. I’ll see you next time.”


Yongsun wiped a tear. “Yeah. See you and good night.”


“Night.” And with that Moonbyul left the car.


Yongsun watched the junior go inside her home and sighed in satisfaction. She was glad Moonbyul had fun, cause she was having the time of her life with her. This date only made Yongsun’s feelings grow even more for the junior and she couldn’t wait for the next date. She knew that whatever Moonbyul planned for the two of them, she would enjoy it either way. She’s in love and it feels so beautiful.





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