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Strawberries and Whipped Cream

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In the world they live in, modern day humans are descendants of those who could shape shift into wolves. However, over time, the ability to shift into wolves was lost, but the dynamic that was presented still remains to this day in humanity’s history.

Secondary genders are all humanity has left of their ancestors. The dynamic itself is quite simple: alphas are the strong, dominant ones with the scents they can release showing their true emotion or intention depending on the person and betas are the ones who can keep an alpha in line despite not possessing the same strong musculature and bone structure of an alpha.

Betas are an odd group indeed. Only the women can get pregnant, they go through a strange sort of half-rut that alphas get, but for them it’s less intense. They can go to work and operate like a normal person throughout their day. Much like alphas, they can show their true emotion or intention depending on the person. In all honesty, betas and alphas really are not that different. The only way they really differ is the alpha can dominate the beta with pure brute force and scent alone (though this is pretty difficult, but it’s not as difficult as making another alpha submit), the alpha ruts are longer, more intense, and alpha women have the anatomy of a man despite being genetically female and they can impregnate any female beta they choose (since alphas do prefer to have mates they can impregnate, female alphas going for female betas is completely normal).

The two dynamics lived in peace, actually. There was no real discrimination between the two since the betas could gang up on the alphas and put them in their place. The equality between their dynamics and secondary genders meant the alphas could never keep them down for more than a week. Everything was in peace for so many millennia, but as with everything, it all has to come to an end, much like high class selection gatherings (which were illegalized a long time ago worldwide, but still practiced in secret by a few) and the strict rules surrounding courtship for the lower and middle classes. Everything is much more laid back now, everything is peaceful, everything is great…

That is, until the day Enji Todoroki’s mate is gives birth to their youngest child, Shouto.


Rei is a beta who was mated to Enji through a selection gathering the alpha’s family had arranged in secret, away from the eyes of the government and the public as a whole. He had a whole selection of betas to choose form, his glare icy and cold as he seemed to sum them up with his eyes first before asking one question, “What’s your quirk?”

He ruthlessly denied the quirkless a chance and those with quirks he thought were useless were denied just as ruthlessly.

He landed on her, asking the same question he did to the others and was more than pleased with her quirk. Well, okay, he wasn’t completely thrilled with it—he had wanted this high class beta who had a telekinesis quirk instead, but he settled for Rei because, as he had said with a slight groan of annoyance, “It’s good enough for now.”

Rei’s mating with Enji was not a happy one. He used her more for breeding than he what did as a companion. He never spoke to her, never treated her like an equal, never showed her an ounce of kindness or care, only backhandings whenever she spoke up too much, hits to the face when she annoyed him or did something wrong, and the old throwing her to the floor before kicking her in the ribs routine he did whenever he was extremely angry.

She did spire him three children, all alphas, but they were nothing special outside of Touya. Touya was the one he really had everything on, but the boy had inherited his mother’s weak constitution despite having a flame that burned hotter than his own. He would have to wait until after the final child was born before Enji would decide whether to continue his training or end it there.

This would be Rei’s last pregnancy. Sometimes female betas can have a rare genetic disorder which predisposes them to be able to carry anywhere between one to four pups only before the birthing process becomes deadly and miscarriages as well as stillbirths become common. Since this is his last shot, he has to make it count and he only hopes this final child will live up to his dreams.

If this child doesn’t, then he doesn’t know what else to do to surpass All Might.


When Rei gave birth to her final child, she had been told the child would be a girl…a beta girl, not an alpha like Enji would prefer. Though something was off with her child right away after the birth was completed.

Newborn pups always reek of the scent of their secondary gender during their ruts or half-ruts. Alpha scents are strong and evoke a sense of power in a beta whereas beta scents are a toned down version of an alpha one.

What is strange is her baby, her newborn…smells…sweet. Like strawberries and whipped cream.

The scent is a strong rush of sweetness never seen or heard of before. What is more shocking yet is the way the newborn seems to shy away and whimper from both alphas and betas. Pups—specifically newborns—are drawn to those of their own dynamic. It allows a pack feeling to take place. It’s more of an instinctual thing than anything else. So why is her baby acting so strange?

Upon having a beta doctor touch her, the child gives a loud cry which sounds like she’s in pain. Rei instinctively wants to be there for her baby, but with the way she is thrashing about, trying to get away from the doctor tells her she won’t be able to, “What’s going on? What is wrong with my baby? Isn’t she a beta?”

“We thought she was! We really thought she was…look, we’ll take her over to you and see if she responds to better you or not.”

The doctor hands her the newborn after getting her as clean as they could and placing her in her mother’s arms. The pup was still whimpering but it wasn’t as severe as before. Even in her mother’s arms, the pup looked too fearful. It pained Rei to know her own pup was scared of her.

It also pained her to know she would have to lie about her being an alpha so Enji wouldn’t try to kill her for giving her a beta child instead.


Enji heard of the birth of his final child a few hours after Rei had given birth. He was gone on patrol when the birth happened, so to be here now was a nice situation. He hadn’t been present for the other three kids’ births until a day or two later. To know his sidekicks could handle it was a refreshing thing to hear.

So imagine his surprise when he finds a new pup who Rei tells him is an alpha, but instantly cowers from his touch of fucking fear and has a freakishly sweet scent.

His glare at her makes her feel small underneath his imposing figure, “An alpha, you say?”

“Yes, she’s an alpha.”

“Really now? Well then, let’s prove it.” Enji turns to the nurse in the room checking in on Rei, telling her, “I want a DNA test done to determine my daughter’s secondary gender. Make it happen today, got that?”

The nurse nods and tells him, “I’ll go get a blood draw kit. No need to worry sir, we’ll have the results in two days’ time.”

Enji replies gruffly, “Good.”

Rei is terrified.

If she admits she lied to Enji over the phone, then he will definitely try to kill her once she gets home. At this point, given his suspicion, she is better off staying quiet and remaining at the hospital… Maybe the doctor will be able to break the news easy to him. Maybe the doctor will say she has something wrong with her that requires appointments she will have to be present for so he won’t be able to kill her.

Ah, as evil as that is to wish on her own child, it’s all she can do to ensure her own survival.

“I know that child is not an alpha, Rei. If that thing turns out to be an alpha somehow, I’ll be shocked, but disappointed nonetheless at how weak it is.”

She doesn’t say a word. Silence is her only ally now.


Two days of testing reveal the baby is not a genetic girl, but rather a genetic boy with an unknown secondary gender. They did an ultrasound on the boy and found a functioning womb in him, but the doctors were unsure as to what secondary gender he could be or if he has some rare case of androgen insensitivity syndrome that is affecting his presentation as his secondary gender.

Overall, it took at least two weeks before baby Shouto would be allowed to go to his home. It was not without a talk from the doctor, needless to say.

Enji and Rei were alone in the room with the man, Shouto resting his head on his mother’s shoulder as she held him close, “Your son has no genetic disorder or anomaly. He’s a perfectly normal, healthy boy…who happens to be able to get pregnant. Which brings me to my next part: Shouto is not a beta or an alpha.”

It’s not devastating for them to hear as it is outlandish. What? There’s only two secondary gender roles in humanity. If he’s not an alpha or beta, then what is he?

“Explain.” Enji growls out, his alpha coming to life in his rage and scent, starting to make Shouto whimper in Rei’s arms.

“The reason why he’s not comfortable with alphas and betas is because he’s not an alpha or beta. I believe he is a third gender found amongst wolf packs called ‘omega’. He doesn’t cower out of fear, I believe it is an instinctual submission in an attempt to make the stronger and ‘scarier’ dynamics not attack him. Much like how alpha pups are born growling and snarling to assert dominance due to their inner alpha taking over, omegas would be nervous and cry for another omega to have support from in order to feel safe.”

Enji is none too pleased with the explanation, “What makes you think he is an omega?”

The doctor’s answer is quite simple really, “Omega blood never appeared in humans because of the blood being too weak to last in our bodies. Omegas still exist among wolves and given the way he acts compared to an omega pup, he acts exactly like one. Because we are descended from wolf shifters, we have a similar marker in our DNA for our secondary gender that is found in wolves. Shouto’s matched that of an omega wolf, thus confirming his gender.”

Enji is seething on the inside, causing him to ask, “How the hell did this happen? What are omegas good for anyway? What do they do?”

“Omegas in wolf packs are the ones who get pregnant and raise the pups in the pack. Compared to betas, they are superior for impregnating since they are far more fertile and the chances of birth defects, stillbirths, and miscarriages are nonexistent amongst them. They also can calm an alpha or beta when they are mad with scent alone and are seen as superior mates to have since they are far more submissive and gentler in nature when compared to their beta counterparts.”

“How about being a hero? Is there any way this thing could be useful for that?”

“It depends if he has a heat or not like wolves do. If he does, then he can never be one. During heats, omegas are weak and defenseless. They can’t help it, but that time is a breeding time for them… Since he is the first human omega, there’s too many unknowns out there and far too little ways to tell if he ever could be a hero in the future.”

“How the hell did this happen? How did I get the first ever breeding machine for a son?” Enji groans out in pure frustration at everything he’s heard, not happy with what he is being told so far.

The doctor—having had enough of his alpha aggression—glares him down, his beta nature not accepting or tolerating Enji’s bullshit any longer, “You know, betas are fairly resilient. Given the fact that beta blood made it into humanity instead of omega blood says it all. The only times a beta gets a pup who is either stillborn, deformed, or sick is when they are suffering abuse from their mate or if they have a rare genetic disorder themselves. If you ask me, I believe something had to have happened early on in the pregnancy to make this happen and I believe it had something to do with you. Mind elaborating, Enji?”

Truthfully, Enji had tried to poison Rei with this one poison he had obtained from a villain’s hideout after he had detained them. It didn’t work worth shit and it didn’t kill her in three seconds like it said it would. Honestly, Enji was going to kill Rei so he could get another beta mate with a quirk he preferred so he could have as many pups as possible to use to surpass All Might one day.

To know the poison is what made this happen…it horrifies him because it wasn’t Rei’s blood. It wasn’t her fault at all and there’s absolutely no way he can pin this on her. All he can do is admit he did it himself and he’s the only one responsible for this abomination existing.

This being said…he can turn this around still. He can play dumb, use his status as a get out of jail free card, and make himself out to be a caring husband in the entire process when he’s anything but, “I did do something…you see, I was trying to find a way to fix Rei’s abnormality regarding her fertility. I was only trying to help her because we always wanted a large litter of pups…I found this fertility enhancer when I had detained a villain at his hideout. I was desperate and thought it could work. Unfortunately, I don’t think it did, but something in the mixture could have been what made Shouto’s being an omega possible.”

Rei knows Enji well enough to know the concerned husband front is an act. She knows Enji didn’t do it to help her; no, he was going to poison her and dispose of her body to be with a better, more fertile beta who could give him the large horde of pups to surpass All Might he always wanted. He had spoken of it for years whenever he threatened her as she stood up for Touya…but to know he was actually going to go through with it makes her feel all sorts of terrified.

“I would like to have this elixir if you can give it to me. Otherwise, I am going to report you for mate abuse. For now, I want Shouto to be closely monitored and I expect monthly check ups with Rei.”

“Why her?”

“Because I don’t care for you and it’s obvious your newborn child doesn’t either. Omega pups can warm up to alphas, but only when they can sense they are warm and kind by their scent. He has warmed up to alpha members of my staff and his own mother. Going off of how scared he is of you, I can’t help but to believe the worst.”

Enji would accept the defeat with dignity, keeping himself neutral and calm as he replied, “Fine, I will bring you in the elixir and Rei will be the one to take Shouto to his monthly check ups. Can we leave now, doctor?”

“Of course you can.”

Enji takes his mate and they leave the hospital, with Enji’s rage brewing up a storm inside of him as he has their driver take them home.


The first time the Todoroki kids see their new sibling, it is with shock at his scent and questions of his secondary gender. They were told the story of omega DNA and how Enji’s trying to increase their mother’s fertility rate led to Shouto being the first ever omega being born. Afterwards, they were to swear to keep it a secret, for Enji didn’t want anyone knowing about Shouto’s secondary gender.

It was Touya who had made the first move to grab Shouto, the boy with the light red hair grinned at the sight of him while taking in a whiff of his thick strawberries and whipped cream scent, “Shouto, hey, Shouto! I’m your big brother and someday, I’ll be a hero so I can keep all the alphas and betas away from you.”

Fuyumi had almost dropped her glass of water upon hearing these words, asking him, “Um, Touya…isn’t that a bad reason for wanting to be a hero? I mean, Natsu and I are alphas too. Aren’t we allowed near him?”

“No, you’re not. Shouto is the first omega ever to be born in existence for the entire human race. What makes you think I’ll give him to you, Natsu, or any alpha or beta?”

Touya had said it so matter of fact, so calmly and maturely that it actually worried Rei to hear him speak like this. He sounded so much like Enji whenever he was about to snap all of his pent up anger and hatred towards her.

“We don’t know if betas can mark omegas or not, there’s no need to threaten them.” Fuyumi points out, trying to keep her scent restrained so Touya won’t be able to smell the sour note she gets whenever she’s both angry and annoyed.

Natsuo frowns to this as well, his annoyance being made loud and clear to Touya through his scent as well as his words, “She’s right! You can’t hog Shouto like that, he’s the omega for all of us. We can share him, Touya.”

Natsuo had tried to touch Shouto, but this led into Touya kicking him to the ground, using a move he had learned from his father while training. While Natsuo let out a cry of pain, Touya was glaring him down, his scent heavy and putrid in the air as it became threatening, “He’s not the omega for all of us. He’s the omega for me and if you try to take him from me, I will kill you all and take him away with me.”

Rei turns over to Enji, glaring him down as she remembers the phone call she had received from the doctor on their way back home. The doctor had specifically said to keep Shouto away from the alpha children because though they may be older, they are not adults and cannot control when their inner alpha will take over their rational minds and provoke a response to Shouto they wouldn’t do otherwise. Enji had written it off, saying they could handle it, but her and Enji are mated adults. They can control that part of themselves, their alpha kids can’t, and this is the result of Enji’s stubborn arrogance.

She then ends it here and decides to focus on Touya, “Touya, give me Shouto. He needs to eat—”

He literally nipped at her hand when she tried to touch Shouto. It was an action so animalistic she didn’t even know how to take it in, “What?”

“Shouto is mine. Give me a bottle of donated breast milk and I’ll feed him myself, beta.”

He’s been too calm this entire time, but then Enji steps in before Rei can obsess over it, “Give him to her, Touya. If you don’t give him over right now, I will force you to with any means necessary.”

“Try it then, old man.” comes the snarl of war before Touya moves to attack his father with his quirk, not caring if he hurt anyone else or not in the process, his instincts completely taking over while this happens in front of his family’s eyes.

They fought for a bit, but Enji noticed something.

Touya’s movements were sharper and quicker, his quirk stronger as he clung onto Shouto and held him close.

It took Enji a while to beat him in this fight and when he did, he took Shouto away from him to give him to Rei instead. Enji would then devise a terrible plan, one which would change their family forever, “If you want Shouto, then you better be able to prove yourself as being alpha enough for him. If not, then you will never get him, Touya.”

Touya’s cyan eyes meet Enji’s matching ones, the glare of rage gone as he breathes out, “You mean it? I can have Shouto?”

“Only if you continue to fight like that and surpass All Might.”

He looks at Shouto as he feeds on their mother’s breast, and comes to his decision, “Alright, I’ll do it. I’ll surpass All Might and make Shouto my mate someday.”

It’s cruel to do, but Enji doesn’t care. He only cares about surpassing All Might and if he has to use Shouto as leverage for Touya to work harder, then he’ll do so, consequences be damned.

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After Touya’s outburst, Enji’s only solution to keep all of the alpha children in line was to ban them from being by Shouto for good. Touya had been pissed, but Enji promised him that so long as he could defeat him in battle during their training sessions then he’d be allowed to see Shouto.

Of course, this only happened once and Touya wasn’t allowed to even hold him then because both parents knew how feral he got around Shouto. It’s as though he became an entirely different person, one ran by instincts alone. It was terrifying for Rei and the kids to see. Enji, on the other hand, adored this change and thought he could make Touya into someone powerful.

One day, during a training session, Touya was getting stronger than ever before. His flames kept burning brighter and brighter, with his eyes glowing from the outrage Enji had given him that day: he would never have Shouto, even if he did surpass All Might.

Enji had thought this was the final push he needed to make in order to make Touya perfect, to make him the one to surpass All Might. He had won the fight and afterwards, Enji was proud of him, but…

As he was praising Touya’s efforts, he found the boy collapsed on the floor. At first he had thought this was exhaustion at play, but when he heard no breath or pulse from him, he knew he had pushed him too far. Touya died by taking on too much damage during their battle and still fighting regardless of his own suffering.

Shouto was only six months old when this happened. He never got to meet Touya or be near him. All he has of Touya now is a butsudan in his bedroom.

Sometime after the funeral, Natsuo would enter his office and address him plainly at first, “What happened to Touya? How did he die?”

“He died because he was being stupid with his quirk during training.”

It wasn’t a lie in Enji’s stern eyes, but still, it was enough to enrage Natsuo, “That’s not what happened and we both know it! You did this, you killed Touya!”

Enji rolled his eyes as he continued on doing his paperwork without a care in the world, “I did not kill the defect, he did this to himself by being stupid with his own quirk.”

“He wouldn’t have been so angry all of the time if you hadn’t used Shouto as a tool for him to get stronger during training! He wouldn’t have ever gone that far with himself unless if you had done something to make him that mad!” the little white haired boy would then glare him down with his charcoal eyes, “I hate you for what you did to Touya and I will never forgive you for killing him! You’re more evil than any villain out there!”

The boy would stomp out of his office and Enji let him. He was distracting him from this paperwork that needed to be done anyway.


You want to know what Enji learned? That poison he had thought would kill Rei wasn’t actually poison, it was actually an elixir meant to make betas more fertile by affecting their estrogen levels. So, yes, it truly was all his fault Shouto came out to be the monstrosity he is.

Thanks to the way the alpha children had reacted to Shouto’s scent, Enji was forced to keep Shouto at home, on his property at all times, and away from the rest of the world. Shouto didn’t have friends because of this. Shouto didn’t get to go to school either because of this. No, he was placed in online schooling to keep him from being found out as an omega.

The only way to make this worse for himself is when Enji realizes Shouto has the perfect quirk, despite being a breeding machine: half hot, half cold. Fire comes out of his left side, whereas ice comes out of his right. Given the fact they still don’t know if he will get a heat or not, it can and will certainly affect whether or not he can be a hero.

Shouto had developed to be a normal, healthy boy despite his strange condition. His hormone levels were normal, and his bones were strong. Nothing was off with least, Enji hoped there was nothing wrong with him.

You see, Enji didn’t see the point in ever training Shouto despite his quirks because he had a feeling the boy would a get heat. Low and behold, he was correct.

Shouto’s room is on a separate end of the house, far away from Enji, Rei, and their alpha kids. It was on a midnight when he was eleven that it happened. He woke up with stomach cramps, his scent sharper than ever before and this strange substance running down his legs. He would go over to his mother’s room, knocking lightly on the door, “Mommy, my tummy hurts and there’s something sticky going down my legs.”

Shouto knew well enough to know that if he ever has any pains or strange happenings to his body to report it to his mother right away. Just his luck, she would answer the door and see the little boy standing there, scent sharpened and more potent than ever before with something sweet smelling going down his legs, “What’s wrong with me, mommy? Why does my tummy hurt? What is this stuff going down my legs?”

“I don’t know sweetie, but it’s okay. I’ll find a way to make it better.”

She didn’t what else to do other than to make an emergency call to his doctor and go to the hospital right away.

Luckily for her, the beta man was ready on call and they did agree to meet up right away at the hospital. Meanwhile, Enji was gone that night for patrol, but when he happened to pass the hospital and saw his car in the parking lot…he had a gut feeling about what happened.

He would enter the hospital, stoic and his scent giving off an air ‘talk to me and die’ hostility. He requested to see the doctor who had been seeing Shouto for the last eleven years of his life and found his mate with the abomination himself.

“What’s wrong with that thing? Did it have its heat now?” Enji hissed at the sharper, more potent scent coming out of Shouto. His eyes were narrowed and he was glaring daggers at Rei, who seemed more nervous than ever before, “…Yes Enji, he is in heat. You see, he has all of the symptoms of heat found in wolves. We don’t know how long his heat will be or how intense it will get. He will have to stay here for his first heat to see what happens to him during this time.”

Enji was about to snap her fucking neck over this.

First, Shouto is an abomination who shouldn’t exist. Then, he goes into a heat and they don’t even know how long it will be or how it will affect his body?

She’s so fucking dead over this, he’s going to kill her for real this time so help him—

“Mommy, please, don’t leave me. This is so scary…everything hurts, and I don’t know why. Mommy please, mommy don’t go.” Shouto begs his mother as his body begins to heat up, “I can’t use my quirks now, they’re not working right. I can’t cool off from this and it’s starting to scare me. Please, don’t go. Don’t leave me here.”

Rei knows Enji is pissed at her, but ever since Shouto was born, he hasn’t been able to do more to her than simple back handing or softer punches to the face. He knows the beta doctor hates him and has never dropped his suspicion of abuse, thus, Enji is forced to be more civil at home. Well, not completely civil. He emotionally abuses her at home in a much crueler way now, but she’ll take it over the violent beatdowns she used to get at home.

If this means avoiding him killing her in the same way he killed Touya, then she’s all for it, “Don’t worry baby, I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay by your side throughout this entire heat.”

“Thank you, mommy. I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”

Enji is forced to walk away from the scene, forced to accept defeat because he knows the damned bitch had found a way to preserve herself for the time behind.


Shouto’s heat lasted a good five days. It was a nice five days of being away from home, away from Enji and simply staying by her son’s side through this trying time.

The doctor watched his hormone levels and ran various tests on him during this trying time. It made Shouto’s first heat worse, but they had to figure out what happened to his body during his heat and why he couldn’t do certain things such as using his quirk or leaving his bed for any time period longer than going to the bathroom and back to bed again.

They would learn that Shouto’s hormone levels hadn’t changed during this heat, but the doctor noted it could change as he gets older since he hasn’t hit puberty yet. His first heat was full of stomach cramps and this substance they dubbed ‘slick’ going down his legs. It seemed during his heat, his scent gland secreted hormones that started off puberty for his omega side and caused him to be pliable for any potential to breed him.

The doctor would remind him, “I know it’s a scary thing to go through, but it’s perfectly natural. Omega wolves can’t hunt or leave their nest until after their heats are taken care of by their mates. It only makes sense the same would happen to you, Shouto: omegas are meant to be fertile and have as many pups as possible. It makes sense you would be the same way.”

Except, Shouto doesn’t want to be the same way. He wants to be more than pregnancies and pups. Growing up, he wanted to be a hero, but he’s more realistic about his dreams now since he knows with his heats, he couldn’t ever be a pro. Being a nurse wouldn’t be bad though. He wouldn’t mind being a nurse if he can’t be a hero like his father always said he couldn’t be.

“Oh…okay then.” Shouto replies softly, his voice barely above a whisper. It hurt to know even his own doctor viewed him as a breeding machine (like his father always called him) and nothing more.

His mother was always a source of comfort for him! Then again, she was the only one ever by him. His siblings don’t see or speak to him for reasons he doesn’t understand, and his father is always mean to him whenever he does bother to be in the same room as him.

He tried asking her on the way home, “Mommy, do you think I could be a nurse someday?”

She goes silent before clearing her throat, “It all depends on your heats, sweetie. If your heats get longer or worse over time, then I’m not sure if you could be one or not.”

It’s all he needed to hear to know his own mother viewed him the same way as his and everyone else did: she too saw him as a breeding machine and nothing more.

It devastated him to hear this from the one who should have loved him and believed in him more. Nothing was worse than knowing he was truly alone in his own ambitions and dreams. Nothing was worse than knowing no one in his own home believed in him and left him alone for reasons he didn’t understand.

He keeps quiet and goes to his room in a sullen mood, laying down on his mat so he could cry in peace over what he heard on the way home.


His mother committed suicide a year after his first heat. Shouto didn’t even know she did at first because his father didn’t tell him until the day of the funeral. He was so devastated over her demise that his siblings couldn’t comfort him as he cried, no one could. He could only weep in pure despair because now he was left alone with his father and siblings who didn’t even speak to him or see him once in his lifetime!

Who will take him to his doctor appointments?

Who will help him with his schoolwork?

Who will teach him how to cook, clean, and keep a tidy home for his future mate?

He’s not sure anymore. He’s alone in this world now and nothing could be worse than this.


When Shouto hits thirteen, his puberty begins, and his heats start to stretch on for a full seven day week. Enji knows the boy can never be a hero and though he would prefer to have him mated off to royalty to gain status for himself, he is stuck facing reality as is: Shouto is the only omega in existence. Even if he did entice a royal alpha to mark him, the news would break about his secondary gender along with how he came into existence. Then Enji will become the laughing stock of the planet and he’d rather not have such a thing happen to him.

He cannot take Shouto to a selection gathering for many of the same reasons (aside from them being illegalized now) because he knows the high class loves to gossip the most out of any other class.

In order to keep Shouto’s secondary gender a secret from the rest of the human race, he would devise a plan to save his own reputation.

He would arrange for to be mated with someone he can trust. A hero who has risen up in the ranks despite his young age and general newcomer feel. A hero who is a fan of his and loves working with him whenever he can get the chance to do so. Someone who will always be on his side and never turn against him or believe an ill word spoken of him.

He’s twenty now, but he’s positive he will be a good one for Shouto regardless of the age gap between them.

“Hawks, I have an offer for you.” he would tell the young man one day when he invited him over to his home for tea and a chat.

Hawks looks at him with a raised brow, wondering what is going on, “What’s the deal, big guy? You know I do love a good bargain when I see one.”

That and Hawks is curious as to why he was called over here in the first place. In all of his short career as a hero, Enji has never once invited him to his house and to be here now tells him something must be up for him to not only have him here but to announce this so suddenly.

“There is something you should know before I make you the offer…here is the file on my son, Shouto. I want you to read it first before I make you my offer.”

Hawks would pick up the manila envelope and open it to see the contents inside. There, he would read the files of Shouto, who is this new secondary gender they call an ‘omega’ after he was found to share the same secondary gender marker in his DNA as an omega wolf. He has a female reproductive system despite being genetically male, he goes through these periods called ‘heats’ where his body secretes slick and a pheromone that appeals to all alphas and betas who are not mated with the added bonus of his quirk not being able to be used during this time period, and he also get actual periods now because his body is preparing him to one day carry as many pups as possible.

“What does this omega thing have to do with Shouto? What does Shouto have to do with your offer?” he asks Enji, wondering why he would even have him read that when he didn’t so much as allow Shouto to leave the property ever.

“Shouto is an omega, as you can tell by the files. He is meant to breed and nothing more. He came about into existence because I gave Rei something meant to boost her fertility… Now that Shouto exists as the only omega in the entire human race, I need to do whatever I can to keep it quiet. Keeping it quiet so my family isn’t badgered by the media about it is hard to do when I have to find him a mate. He’s far too old to be without one at this point.” ah, yeah, Hawks keeps forgetting that Enji is a high class alpha! Before selection gatherings were illegalized, it was perfectly common for them to mate at extremely young ages. It still sounds strange to Hawks to hear that Shouto is too old to be without a mate when to him, it’s perfectly fine, normal even. Most kids in the lower and middle classes used to go to selection gatherings at his age anyway. He doesn’t quite understand why it’s so bad he is not mated now, “Since I cannot trust anyone else with him, I want to ask you to mate my son.”

Hawks almost chokes on his tea because…what?

Did he really just say that? Does he actually want him to be mated with Shouto?

The twenty year old doesn’t know what to say. He’s always dreamed of being mated into the Todoroki family due to his own childhood fondness of Endeavor. What he never expected was to be given an offer so soon, so suddenly and out of the blue like this.

He didn’t think it would happen this way, but it did and now Hawks is left with a certain dilemma.

“Arranged mating, huh? You know Enji, when this kid is fifteen, I’ll be twenty two, right?”

“I don’t see why age should matter when Shouto would have been mated off as a child when selection gatherings were still legal.”

“It’s just…I don’t feel exactly…comfortable with having sex with a minor.”

Enji’s hand meets his forehead when groaning it out, “I’m not telling you to fuck him, Hawks! I only want him to be marked by you, that’s all. You can do whatever you want with him then.”

Hawks is still a bit leery towards the deal because, “Marking between alphas and betas always ends with an alpha’s rut being triggered. Beta and beta pairings are lucky in the sense they don’t have that response. It’s an instinct thing with us alphas to go into ruts when we mark our mates and I’m not comfortable doing that to a thirteen year old.”

“Okay, fine, don’t mark him. I will arrange him to be your mate and you can mark him whenever you please. Does this work for you?”

Though Enji sounded annoyed there, Hawks feels relieved to have heard this offer instead. He doesn’t want to mark a teenager, especially one as young and fresh as Shouto, “It does, but I want to meet him first. You know I never got to meet him before, right?”

“I understand. Come with me and I will introduce you to Shouto.” Enji replies as he gets up from his seat and Hawks follows suite, more than interested in meeting this Shouto for the first time ever.

He follows Enji down a few halls and eventually they are stopped in front of a door. Enji would call out to Shouto, “Open the door and let us in, Shouto. I have someone here for you to meet.”

Shouto would open the door and Hawks would see the pretty boy in person. Boy, he is pretty!

One eye is the same lively cyan as Enji’s eye and the other is same charcoal grey as Rei’s. His hair is split evenly down the middle between a dark blood red and pure white. He is still growing, but his hips are gaining this slight curve to them already. He’s so cute in his little outfit too, with the large white cable knit sweater and black leggings, “Hello alphas.”

He greeted them properly with a bow and a gentle tone of voice. What surprises Hawks the most about Shouto in all honesty is his bedroom and how plain it is. It doesn’t look like anyone lives in here with how empty and clean it is.

He’s not here to focus on his room, he’s here to meet Shouto to see if he wants to mate him someday or not, “Hey Shouto, what’s up? I’m Hawks. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh, like the number three hero Hawks? Wow, you’re so cool in person… I never met an alpha out of the hospital before. What do alphas do when they’re not doctors?”

Hawks knows why Enji had to isolate Shouto, but…he really couldn’t let him in on the basics? Really? Oh well. He’ll brush it off for now.

“Ah, you’re too sweet! Alphas are people just like you, Shouto. They all have their own personalities and hobbies…no one alpha is the same, such as that no one human being is the same. I can’t say what others do when they’re not doctors, but I’m a hero and I like to enjoy my free time relaxing and doing fun stuff like going on rollercoasters.”

“What’s a rollercoaster? Is that some kind of variation of storm, like a hurricane or tornado?”

…Really should have taught him the basics, Enji!

“…You know what? I’ll show you one someday and we can ride it together.”

“That sounds like fun. I can’t wait to ride one with you.”

There it is…despite his excitement and general interest in Hawks, he can smell it now. The scent of strawberries and whipped cream.

Shouto is the only omega in existence which means Hawks (as well as almost all of humanity) has never been by one before until he met Shouto. Smelling his scent as it starts to come out the more excited or interested in something he gets makes Hawks start to feel his alpha instincts taking over, telling him to mark the omega and stuff him full with his cum and pups…

Whoa shit, no! Shouto is too young for that!

That being said, the scent alone sealed the deal for him, “I can’t wait to ride one with you either. Ah, but I should get going, Shouto. I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?”

Shouto blinks, finding it hard to believe, but then he nods cautiously, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow, alpha.”

Hawks exits the room and Enji follows him as they head down the halls and go over to the front door, “Well? What’s your stance on my offer?”

“I accept. I will be his mate when he is legal.”

Like hell Hawks would ever throw away a chance to be a Todoroki relative! That and his scent was so sweet, so enticing, so addictive… His alpha wouldn’t let him walk away from this deal if he wanted to. Shouto is his and he’s going to be his someday when he’s legal. That’s all there is to it.

“Very well then. Thank you for accepting my offer. I hope you enjoy the omega.”

“Eh, trust me, I think we’ll be enjoying each other someday.” Hawks would then open the door and say, “Thanks for the tea and the future mate, Enji! I can’t wait to be a part of your family… Huh, I wonder if Shouto will take my surname or if I’ll take his…eh, it will come to me when the time comes.”

Enji allows the winged hero to ramble on to himself as he leaves his home. For now, he’s simply relieved he has found Shouto a mate who follow his orders and keep his best interests at heart.

Chapter Text

Shouto’s life is lonely.

Ever since his mother died, he’s been alone in his home where his father only speaks to him maybe once a day at most and he never sees siblings because they’re all older with their own friends. He doesn’t have any friends because his father has him on an online school that doesn’t allow him to browse the internet on his laptop and he’s never left the property except to go to the doctor’s office once a month (he does alone now, with the driver who takes him back and forth to appointments).

Without any friends or his mother to keep him company, all he can do is try to make the doctor’s appointments last longer than they need to in order to have some sort of joy in his life. Unfortunately for him, it’s always short lived.

Then Hawks was announced to be his mate by his father. He had discovered this by the man barging into his room the night he had first met the winged hero, his cyan finally shining with some form of positive emotion in them for once, “Shouto, I have great news for you.”

Shouto would look upon him oddly, wondering what all he could be getting at, “What is the great news, alpha?”

“Hawks has agreed to be your mate.”

“My…mate? Shouldn’t I have a say in who my mate is, alpha?”

Where Shouto got this ridiculous notion in his mind, Enji will never know, but he will eradicate this thought from him regardless, “You’re an omega. Omega wolves don’t choose their mate, and neither will you, Shouto. Hawks is a good alpha and he will be able to keep you a secret from the rest of the world. Unlike many, he is the one I trust and what I am looking for in a mate for you is someone I can trust to be loyal to me and my wishes.”

Shouto looks down at his lap, attempting to make sense of this, “Why would my mate being loyal to you be a sign he will be a good mate? Shouldn’t my mate be good to me?”

“Shut it, omega. You are only good for breeding. It’s not like you could ever be more than barefoot and pregnant for the rest of your days.” Enji then narrows his eyes at his son, “Be lucky you even have a mate! Hawks is far too good for you. He could have any beta around and yet he chose an abomination like you. Be grateful for what I’ve done for you.”

The increase in the threatening scent tells Shouto all he needs to know, “I’m grateful, alpha. I’m sorry, I’ll do my best to be more grateful for all that you do for me.”

“You better.” Enji snarls at him, slapping the boy across the face before leaving the room.

Ever since his mother died, his father would back hand or slap him across the face whenever he became too angry at him or whenever he was angry in general. It’s something small that makes him slightly nervous to be Hawks’ mate someday.

If he has his father’s approval and trust, then does that mean he is just like his father behind closed doors?

He knows it’s wrong to think of Hawks this way because he did seem so nice when he first met him, but he’s not sure. His father acts nice to everyone in public but at home he’s a tyrant. How does he know for certain Hawks won’t be the same way?

He doesn’t want to think lowly of his future mate. He does seem nice and he is attractive… Why is he bothering with him anyway? Is he getting something out of this? Does he want a lot of pups?

Shouto doesn’t want to be pregnant right away. He’s not even certain if he wants pups or not someday. He gets to see the nurses wearing pretty clothes and helping people in the hospital. What’s so wrong if he wants to do this instead if he can’t be a hero?

He sighs as he lays down on his unrolled mat. Maybe being mated to Hawks will be a good thing… What if he doesn’t let him leave his property though? What if all he does is use him for his heat and get him pregnant often?

No, no! Try to be grateful, try to look on the bright side of things!

He is lucky to have a mate. As his father has been saying ever since he turned thirteen, he’s too old to go without a mate anymore. It’s high time he gets a mate and starts his future.

What if he doesn’t want to start it now? What if he wants to go about it at his own pace?

He should be able to decide, shouldn’t he?

No, he’s an omega. They don’t get choices in wolf packs, why would he get a choice now?

Here Shouto used to dream of getting a hero for a mate who would sweep him off of his feet and take him far away from his father. Now that he has a hero for a mate, he’s not sure if he can trust him to not be a thing like his father was to his mother and himself.

He wants to believe Hawks is different. He wants to believe so badly he won’t be a thing like his father, but his father hates All Might so much and he’s the exact opposite of himself! His father only seems to like people who either bow to him out of admiration, praise his strength and prowess, or people who have the same exact beliefs as himself (he’s found many of his father’s sidekicks to fit this bill whenever they were over. Shouto was not allowed to interact with them or make himself known to them but hearing them talk was all he needed to know they were something he never wanted in a mate).

How is he supposed to think highly of anyone who is on friendly terms with his father? How is he supposed to feel safe around them when he knows what they must be like to even like him to begin with?


The first time he sees Hawks after his first meeting with him is a week later when he shows up on a weekend night as Shouto is making dinner for the family like a ‘good’ omega would do since they ‘tend to the pack’ as his father always reminds him.

“Hey Shouto! What you making there?” he asks in a sing song voice as he dashes over to his side so fast, Shouto could have sworn he blinked only and then Hawks was by his side, “I’m making okonomiyaki. Are you going to be staying for dinner?”

“It smells really good.” Hawks comments to him, trying to not fall prey to that deliciously sweet scent his alpha cannot get enough of, “Ah, you wouldn’t mind if I’m here watching right? I’m not the best cook myself, so whenever I can get the chance to learn, I like to take it.”

“Alphas cook too?” Shouto asks out of bewilderment because it goes against everything he’s ever known. Betas and an omega like him are supposed to tend an alpha’s needs. Alphas are lost without them. How can they cook? How can they clean or take care of themselves? All they do is provide, which is something a beta can do on their own, but an omega like him can’t (or so he’s been told all of his life).

Hawks raises a brow to this, finding Shouto’s disbelief rather strange, “Yeah, there are alphas who can cook, clean, and do basic adult shit. We’re not all completely helpless, Shouto. I know I’m not the best cook, but I can learn to take care of myself.”

Shouto feels the need to clarify this because that’s not what he was saying at all and he doesn’t want Hawks to think he views alphas to be bad, “I wasn’t saying alphas are completely helpless. I just find it strange because I was never told alphas could cook. I was always told it was a beta’s responsibility to take care of their alpha…or in my case, an omega’s responsibility.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that.”

“It’s alright. You had no way of knowing.”

Now Hawks feels awkward because damn, he really did not mean to make him feel as though he was being accused of anything! He really wasn’t accusing him of anything, honest, but it…well…came out that way.

There has to be a way to lighten the mood… A way which does not involve his alpha screaming at him to mark the omega, mark the omega now before anyone else can!

Stupid instincts! He’s not marking a minor! He can wait until Shouto is legal. Just because Enji would be fine with him marking Shouto now doesn’t mean it’s right to do so. He has to think about what is good for a kid like Shouto who clearly doesn’t know much or have any friends.

He didn’t know what to say at first, so he went with what was at the top of his mind, “What do you want to do someday, Shouto?”

Shouto knows he can’t be a hero and saying so to a top pro would only sound stupid. He does manage to tell him, “I think being a nurse would be nice. I think it’d be nice to be by people and possibly make new friends. I’d like to have friends someday.”

Right. He’s not allowed to leave the property. Though it is for good reasons, Hawks cannot deny it must not be good for Shouto on some end or another. Why not just announce an omega has been born amongst the human race, but leave out that it’s Shouto so he can leave the property and have friends of his own who will keep his secret?

Wouldn’t that be better than keeping him locked away here like Rapunzel?

Hawks tries to lighten the mood because hearing the omega speak is just…sad on so many topics, “I think being a nurse would be cool. You’ve been to the doctor’s so much I’m sure you could figure out what nurses do pretty easily.”

Shouto gets out a plate for the okonomiyaki and plates the meal onto three plates, sighing as he checks his phone and sees his sister isn’t coming tonight. Apparently she’s going out with friends, which must be nice to do. She lives such a fun life…why can’t he have the same fun life too?

Oh wait. He’s an omega, a one of a kind occurrence in humanity’s history. He can’t ever have such a life because of his gender.

“I’d like to think you’re right, but I never know anymore what I can or cannot do.” Shouto replies while taking a seat at the table. Hawks takes one right beside him, “Really? Because I think you could do amazing things if you went all Plus Ultra on it.”

Shouto looking at him as though he’d grown a third head almost made Hawks laugh because the expression itself is adorable on him, then he looks down and begins to take a bite of his meal, “I like to think you are right, but…never mind. What’s it like being a hero?”

“Being a pro hero is cool. I get to use my quirk to stop villains and make life safer and easier for everyone else to live. Also, since I have my license, I could give you little rides in my arms if you ever want to go on one.”

“…Rides? What rides?”

“Rides as in I carry you in my arms while I fly at top speed.”

“Oh. That would be fun.” Shouto admits bluntly, but he feels dumb though for not catching onto it sooner.

Hawks decides to have a bite of the meal, commenting to Shouto after he swallows it whole, “Wow, this is really good! You’re going to have to teach me how to make this sometime!”

Shouto pauses to the praise because he’s not used to hearing it. Criticism will always be normal for him, but praise? That’s a new ground he’s never experienced before, “Really? You like it?”

“I do! I think it tastes great.”

Shouto blushes, a bit flustered by the praise but then he remembers something, “Oh! I forgot to get the tea! Which tea would you prefer: green, white, black, or herbal?”

“I’d prefer white. Green is too bitter and black is too strong.” the winged hero responds, not really caring about that but allowing Shouto to get him it regardless.

A few minutes later, Shouto is back with the tea, hoping the alpha won’t find this detail to be something undesirable about himself, “Here alpha, I brought you your tea.”

“Thanks, but if we are going to be mates…please don’t call me ‘alpha’. It’s so creepy and weird to hear my future mate calling me that. Just call me Hawks for now, okay?”

“Calling you ‘alpha’ is a show of respect for you. Do you not feel respected by it? Am I saying it wrong?” Shouto wonders as a confused frown mars his otherwise cute face.

“No, that’s not it at all! You were being respectful to me, you did say it right, but I want you to call me by my hero name for now, okay?” he attempts to do some damage control because Shouto is already one of the saddest people he’s ever met in his lifetime and he doesn’t want him to go hard on himself over this.

Shouto is baffled by this, not knowing how to respond at first until he manages out a, “Okay…alpha…Hawks…sorry!”

“It’s okay, really. You’re doing your best and it will take time to get used to it. No need to be so nervous about it.”

The omega teen nods and begins to eat his food. He feels as though he did something wrong with the okonomiyaki, but maybe he’s wrong about that. Maybe he did it right this time, yet he can never be too sure.

Before he can say another word to Hawks, his father enters the dining room and Shouto instantly feels small again in his presence.

Enji takes a seat, reminding Hawks bluntly, “You can mark him whenever you want. I don’t really give a damn. He’s getting too old to be unmarked by anyone at this point.”

Shouto looks down at his plate, his face burning in shame as his appetite dies from his father’s words, “No thanks, Enji. He’s too young for me to mark, remember? I want to mark him when he’s legal.”

Enji scoffs to this but doesn’t say much else. He would ask Shouto, “Where is your sister?”

“She’s out with her friends, alpha.”

“Of course she would be…” Enji cringes at the sight of the white tea, telling Shouto, “Make me some matcha. You know I don’t care for white tea.”

“Yes, alpha. I’ll be back.”

He exits the room and Enji asks Hawks once they are alone, “What do you think about him? Is he still someone you want to mate?”

Hawks thinks Shouto is sad from being isolated all of his life because of his gender, but other than this, “He is still someone I want to mate. He’s cute and he’s a great cook. I think I could be happy with him. That and his scent is to die for. I’ve never smelled anything so sweet before…I wouldn’t mind spending one of his heats when he’s legal. It said in the file that his scent becomes more potent during that time. Is that really true?”

“It is, it’s why he has to be quarantined in the hospital during that time.” Enji confesses with much shame in his eyes.

“Oh. Well, that won’t be happening after he’s legal and we’re mated!” Hawks promises Enji with a grin to try to lift the heavy atmosphere.

Then Enji gets out the contract he had obtained from his lawyer’s office, “I want you to sign this. It’s a contract for the arranged mating. Since you are going not to mark Shouto right away, you do need to sign a contract signaling you as Shouto’s legal alpha.”

Hawks isn’t sure how to feel about this. These sorts of contracts are used in cases like his and Shouto’s, but something about it makes him feel as though he’s buying a person and Hawks doesn’t like this idea.

He doesn’t like the idea of buying Shouto when he’s his own person and they do intend to mate when he is legal. (It’s something he will stress to Shouto when they’re alone again.)

He could sign it and Shouto would be his legally. If anyone tried to mark him by force, they would get life imprisonment because of this contract. However, it just feels…wrong to do to Shouto.

Shouto is not property to be negotiated. Shouto is not something to be owned, bought, or sold. He’s his own person and Hawks won’t degrade him like that by signing this contract.

“Enji…I can’t sign this. Shouto is not property to me.” before he can object, Hawks explains, “I am not a high class alpha. I am a middle class alpha and we do not do things like this in the case of delayed mating. We wait it out and court during this time period. I’d feel better doing it that way than like this. I know it will upset you but it’s what I was raised with in my family tradition and I don’t want to break it.”

Enji is quiet for a few moments, taking Hawks’ words in for a moment there before eventually giving in, “Fine. You may do things in your own tradition, but mark my words, you will regret not signing this contract sooner or later. Shouto can only be kept a secret for so long…what will you do if someone does try to mark him by force?”

“I will destroy them.” Hawks answers easily, making Enji pause for a moment in shock at his nonchalance, but he continues onward after this pause is done, “What if another alpha takes interest in him?”

“I’ll scent mark him daily so others know he is mine.”

“What if they challenge you for his hand?”

“Then I will beat them. Simple as that, really.”

“Very well then.” Enji places the contract back into the envelope he had it in, “I will tell my lawyer of your decision. Do not let me down, Hawks. I will never approve of anyone else for Shouto except you.”

Hawks chuckles lightly, “No need to worry! I’ll be sure no else ever gets him.”


Hawks left after their dinner was finished and Shouto feels a bit less worried about him being a bad guy. His guard is still up, but he feels as though Hawks may not genuinely be a bad person… If he isn’t, then why is he friends with his father? That’s something he will have to ask him sometime.

In his cellphone, he has only the numbers of his siblings, his father, and his doctor. Now he has Hawks’ number, something Hawks saved under the title of ‘future mate’, making Shouto as he starts to feel important to someone again for the first time ever since his mother died.

Hawks may be a good guy. He doesn’t know yet if he will be one or not, but he’s positive he can never be as bad as his father after tonight.

Chapter Text

Shouto is fourteen when he hears from his father he will not be moving in with Hawks due to the fact no other hospital or doctor outside of the one he goes to can handle or know anything about omega healthcare. Hawks lives so far away from his home and doctor that it’s simply not in the cards for him to be with him for now. With the way his heats are, it’s simply not feasible for him to be anywhere his scent could be smelled by anyone nearby. That and no other hospital has a special quarantine area where Shouto can go to ride out his heats.

He wants to leave the property and live with Hawks at his high rise. The one good side of getting a mate was to leave the home and see the world beyond his landline. To hear he won’t be able to now is something which saddens him because he knows this was most likely his final chance to leave the property for the first time in his life.

He wishes things were different, but for now, he’ll have to work with it.

At least Hawks texts him, calls him, and video chats him whenever he has the chance. He gets to see so much of the world thanks to Hawks who constantly tries to show him new, exciting things. Whenever he does get the chance to come over, it’s usually for dinner and it’s not often he gets to see Hawks in person. He’s busy being the number three hero with his own agency and living in a completely different area from him. Shouto can understand this, but at times…he feels as though they are more like friends as opposed to arranged mates.

Maybe it will change when he gets older, ‘legal’ as Hawks always says, but Shouto is not too sure.

He’s heard that mates are supposed to kiss, hold hands, and do things that would be considered intimate. Hawks hasn’t done any of that with him, which causes him to view the older alpha as more of a friend than anything else.

His life would change drastically because of Hawks in one significant way, though.

His arranged mate would tell him after eating dinner with himself, his father, and Fuyumi, “Shouto, I know you don’t want to be barefoot and pregnant all the time. I want you to have a shot at doing something you will love someday.”

They were alone in Shouto’s traditional, still barren and sterile, room when this was said. Shouto raised a brow to this because…no other alpha or beta in his life really, honestly believes he can be more than a rare trophy mate to some lucky alpha someday (his father would never allow him to mate with a beta because he needs ‘a good alpha’ to keep him in his ‘place’).

“What do you mean by this?”

“Simple: I got your old man to agree to letting you go to UA High in their general studies course! I think it will be a great option for you, especially since only betas usually go there anyway.” Hawks pauses, looking at Shouto strangely when asking, “Is there something wrong? I thought you’d be happier about this.”

“I-It’s just…I’ve always wanted to see more of the world, but what if they learn I’m not a beta? What if they try to mark me against my will? What if they—”

Hawks places a hand on his shoulder and tells him with a gentle look in his soft golden eyes, “You don’t need to worry about that… Shouto, I have a lot of things under control here and I want you to trust me on this.”

Shouto pauses, sighing as he whispers, “I suppose I should…but what about the forced markings? How can I protect myself from that when I’ve never by more than four alphas at once in my lifetime?”

“You’ll be fine. You can always use your quirks in UA if they get too close to you.”

Shouto honestly never really used his quirks before. He never had any reason to. He never left the property, he was never put in any life threatening situation, and he never thought to use his quirks for any situation because all the situations he was in were easily handled without them.

“…Okay, I guess.” he supposes UA will have to be the place he first learns how to really use his quirks, then.

“What did you do to even get my father to agree to this? He’s never allowed me off of the property once other than to see my doctor.”

“Let’s just say I had a little talk with him a while back.” Hawks sees Shouto’s uncertainty in his eyes and kisses him on the forehead, not feeling comfortable with kissing a minor on the lips, “There’s no need to be so nervous. I know you always wanted to see more of the world. Why are you so hesitant now to take the chance to see it?”

“Because I’ll be alone with no one there to keep me or my secret safe.” Shouto feels dumb when admitting it out loud, but it needs to be said, “I am happy and grateful to see the world. I really am and thank you for making this real for me, Hawks. I really appreciate and value this so deeply…but it’s a scary task to take on alone. I always thought I’d have someone by my side when I did see the world. I never knew I’d be alone for this.”

Ah, that’s the problem then. He doesn’t want to be alone because he’s afraid of being put in harm’s way. Alright, well, he may as well do his best to calm his future mate down.

“Shouto, it’s going to be okay. I know doing something new for the first time by yourself can be scary, but you need to know it will be alright. The world isn’t a big, scary dangerous place where everyone will seek to harm you. Try have some faith in your fellow human beings, okay? It may seem hard to do, but there are good people out there among the bad and I know you will be able to befriend them.”

Shouto tries to find some comfort here, but he can’t really. Alphas and betas he doesn’t know scare him. He will always be afraid of them, it’s just a sad fact of his life.

For Hawks, he will plaster on a fake smile and say, “Okay, I’ll do my best to give it a try.”

He’s not happy about this, but he’s sure his future mate means well. He wouldn’t do anything to endanger him. He’s a top three hero. He wouldn’t ever risk his safety no matter what…right?

“Good, because trust me, you will enjoy high school, Shouto! It’s an experience that should be done in person, not on a computer screen.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

Hawks checks his phone then, rolling his eyes when he groans, “Great. An emergency near where I live. I have to go now, Shouto. Goodbye.”

He kisses the boy on the cheek, making him blush while he gives a stammered, “Goodbye, Hawks.” as he leaves him.


Hawks would approach Enji with his proposal for Shouto’s high school career in a meeting at a sushi place he liked to eat at in his area. It was a strange thing to do, this much he can confess, but he doesn’t care. He just wants to ask him, “Why can’t Shouto go to UA?”

“Because he’s an omega and his scent can’t pass for a beta. Given the way Touya acted all of those years ago when he was a baby, I believe the only option for Shouto to obtain an education is through online schooling. This way, he won’t be outed for being an omega and he won’t be forcibly marked by any random, horny punk.”

Enji explained this as though it were a business deal and it made Hawks kind of…annoyed, to say the least, because, “Teenagers—especially a hero school full of them and pro teachers—can control their instincts better than small children can. You shouldn’t be depriving him of this chance to be a normal kid because of a one time thing with Touya. From what you told me, Fuyumi and Natsuo didn’t act out badly at all, it was all him. If you ask me, I think you’re judging a bunch of potentially nice way too harshly here. Shouto needs friends and a chance to do things a normal kid can do, Enji. It’s shitty to keep him locked up all the time.”

The redhead rolls his eyes, his flames flickering about his face when telling him in response, “How do I know it will be a one time only thing? Touya’s reaction may have been extreme, but keep in mind he was a powerful alpha training to be a hero as well. His instincts were stronger in him than what they would have been in a weaker alpha. Now tell me, how can we protect Shouto from being forcibly marked by any other heroes in training at UA who happen to be alphas?”

Hawks doesn’t really know how to answer this question, but he does have one of his own, “Does the government know about Shouto’s being an omega?”

“Governments worldwide know about it. After he was revealed to be an omega, he was put in an international database signifying he was not a rare beta, but an omega. This database I am talking about is one meant to keep doctors, scientists, and government officials in on such things so they will know how to treat rare conditions—or in Shouto’s case, a deviation—found normally in betas with conditions such as being born intersex or having androgen insensitivity syndrome and how to better protect them should they leave their country or even choose to stay in it. Shouto would be safe everywhere he went in the world since security would be highest for him because of this database existing. Why do you ask?”

Hawks is floored to discover this because it is so fucked up to him, “Whoa, wait a minute there big guy…Shouto could have been out there in the world this whole time and you didn’t let him despite knowing governments would be obligated to do whatever they could to protect them?”

The number two hero has nothing to say to this, which only serves to make Hawks pissed off about it, “Going off of what you’re telling me, he could have gone to school and made friends for himself like a normal kid. Am I wrong in thinking that?”

“You’re not. If Shouto or any other beta with rare conditions affecting their genitals, gender presentation, or both were to go to any school, the school would be notified of it and the teachers would be set up to protect the student at any and all costs.” Enji admits serenely, making Hawks snap at him, “Aren’t the governments supposed to keep his secondary gender a secret then as well?”

“Yes, they are.” he acknowledges this to Hawks, who finally snaps at him after being unable to restrain himself any longer to the outrage pouring inside of him to the news, “Why keep him locked up then? Why keep him away from society all of his life when there wasn’t any reason to!”

This is true. There never was any real reason to keep Shouto locked up all of his life.

The database Enji informed Hawks of is one which came into existence after male betas born with varying degrees of androgen insensitivity syndrome came into existence. The ones born with the condition who looked like female betas yet lacked a uterus and ovaries were raped to death once they either left their homes or left their countries to travel. In response to the outrage over this, governments around the world vowed to protect all betas with conditions affecting their genitals and presentation of their gender. This would result in the Secondary Gender Conditions Database which would require all betas worldwide born with intersex conditions, androgen insensitivity syndrome, and other disorders affecting their genitals, presentation of gender, or both to be registered at birth into this international database so governments worldwide would be notified of the betas and do whatever they could to increase security around them at home or abroad so they wouldn’t ever experience murder, sexual violence, or human trafficking again like they had for so many years. Over time, this would come to apply to transgender betas and now it applies to an omega like Shouto.

Though the database is small since these conditions are extremely rare and it mainly compromises transgender betas for the majority, it is still in use in the modern age as a way to ensure the safety of these betas and omega Shouto.

That being said, Enji’s true reasoning wasn’t a good one at all and Hawks would discover this the hard way, “Because he’s the only omega in existence. The only omega to have ever been born in the history of the entire human race. The last thing I needed was for him to be marked by a Touya or worse by force. I did this to keep him safe and out of the media.”

That firmly spoken explanation didn’t do anything to help his case in Hawks’ eyes. He could only feel himself starting to tremor from all of the negative emotions bottling up inside of him to what he is hearing because it doesn’t like Enji did it to protect Shouto from being forcibly marked. No, it sounds like he did it because, “Listen Enji, I like you and you will always be my favorite hero…but what you did to Shouto is fucked up and inexcusable beyond belief. You didn’t do it for his safety because you knew he’d be safe regardless of where he went. You did it because you wanted no one to know he is your omega son and that makes me sick to think! For a hero—especially the number two hero—you should not be treating Shouto like this. You should have done better by him, yet you didn’t. He is your son: you should still love him regardless of what gender he is! If you don’t allow him to go to UA, then my views of you will never be the same again and I can’t say you’ll be my favorite hero anymore if you reject Shouto of his chance to be a normal kid.”

Enji doesn’t want to lose Hawks—more like he doesn’t want to lose his number one loyal fanboy—so he decides to cave in to the winged hero’s demands to keep what he wanted, “You’re right: I did him wrong and I should make it up to him by allowing him to go to UA. I shouldn’t have been so paranoid and protective… I’m sorry for disappointing you, Hawks. I will do right by both you and Shouto allow him to go to UA.”


The conversation still left a sour taste in Hawks’ mouth regardless of what Enji said he’d do. Though he is happy to give Shouto a shot at being a normal kid, he cannot help but to have his views of Endeavor stained and ruined after this one conversation.


Enji would enter Shouto’s room after Hawks had left, his only words being something strong, “Listen right now, Shouto, because I will only tell us this once: if you want to remain in UA, you will have to follow my rules by the letter and not waver once from them.”

“Yes, alpha.” Shouto replies on the dot, focusing intently on the rules that would be spoken next.

“Good, now rule one: no social media. If you are going to be in UA, you will take school seriously and that means no social media to distract you.” Shouto nods, allowing his father to continue, “Rule two: no texting Hawks during class. Again, much like rule one, this is to keep your focus on your studies. Rule three: you may only befriend mated betas and alphas. Those are the ones who are least likely to pay attention to your scent, forcibly mark you, and out you for being an omega. Rule four: if an alpha or beta tries to forcibly mark you, scream for help and if in an extreme case where help doesn’t come, use your ice or flame to create some distance so you can get away and report it to a teacher right away. Rule five: keep up excellent grades. If you so much as start to fail one of your classes, I will pull you out of school for your own good. Rule six: you may only see friends at school, not on the weekends. This is to keep you out of trouble and away from anyone who would leak out your gender to the media. Rule number seven: no talking to anyone from the media no matter what. I do not want any suspicion drawn to you whatsoever. If you see a member of the media around, run from them and do not speak no matter what. Do you understand the rules?”

“I do, alpha.” Shouto answers, taking out a notebook as he begins to write down all of the rules. Enji huffs in response as he watches the abomination to humanity begin to write, “Good. Now, I have to go get some paperwork done. I want you in bed by ten. Got it?”

“Yes, alpha.”

Enji leaves the room after this confirmation is given and yet, despite his nervousness, Shouto feels grateful for his father’s rules because they gave him an excellent tip on staying safe: avoid all unmated alphas and betas because they will be the ones most likely to either mark him forcibly or out him as an omega. This will make finding friends easier, especially with his secondary gender and how he is supposed to keep it hidden for his own good.

Okay so the rules are stricter than what he envisioned Hawks wanting him to have. Regardless, he’s just happy he has a shot to be a normal kid and go to school to make friends, especially now that he knows what to avoid in making friends.

UA will be fun—a place full of heroes! How cool! Well, if he can get past the entrance exams that is…still, at least he can try and that’s all that matters!

Even if he doesn’t get into UA, at least he can say he gave it his all with all of the studying he will be doing beforehand. At least he can say his future mate must care about him a lot to give him this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Chapter Text

Upon learning he had passed his exams for entering Class 1-C at UA, Shouto was happy, but it felt odd to be the only one in a room taking a test. At least he passed and got in on his own merits, though. That’s all that matters to him.

He was happy to make friends, but he found some of the rules applying to betas and alphas entering the school to be a bit odd.

For one, why do they all have to be mated? Is this normal for all schools? Do alphas and betas who aren’t high class mate when young too?

He decided to ask Hawks about it because he feels it needs to be asked, “Hey Hawks, I got into UA! I just found out today…it was strange to take an entrance exam alone in a building, but I was fine with it. At least there were no alphas there…it’s exciting because I’ll get to make friends soon and that will be nice.”

Hawks—through his end of the video chat—smiles brightly, “That’s great, cutie! I knew you could do it!”

“…Who’s ‘cutie’?”

Hawks deadpans and curses Enji for sheltering Shouto too much, “Never mind. Anyway, I know you said you’re excited to make friends. How many friends is my future mate going to have?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Shouto admits honestly, not knowing what to expect since he has never been by any alphas or betas his age before. In fact, he’s never been far away from the hospital or the property before. Then Shouto remembers what he was wanting to ask Hawks, “Oh! I did find something strange…why are they making sure alphas and betas are mated? Do all schools do this? Do all betas and alphas mate young like my father says I should have been?”

“No, but that is strange they would have that requirement… Wait, was it a requirement to enter UA? Could people who weren’t mated enter the school?”

“It sounded like they would only accept four unmated alphas and betas in the entire first year class for all courses. Why are they doing this? It’s so weird…I tried asking if I had to be mated, but they said because I am in an arranged mating, the rule doesn’t apply to me.”

“Weird… I’ll call up Aizawa and ask what’s going on there. I’ll be sure to answer your question right away, princess.”

“Where is this ‘princess’ you constantly speak of? I’ve never seen any princess in any of our video chats and it’s starting to get confusing.”

Hawks will kill Enji for this later, but for now, “You. You are the princess. It’s a nickname for you.”

Shouto feels dumb, but his parents never gave each other lovey-dovey, cutesy nicknames. If of anything, they only spoke to each other in bitterness and spite, so it never really amounted to anything healthy or romantic. How was he supposed to know Hawks meant it as loving, sweet nickname when he never knew such things existed?

“Oh, well, um…thank you for thinking so.” Shouto stammers as Hawks tells him, “I’ll call you right back after I’m done talking to Aizawa. Bye for now!”

“Goodbye alpha—Hawks. Sorry.”

He didn’t mean to call him alpha, but it’s a bad habit that’s been drilled into him by his father all of his life. He’s getting better about it, but there are times where he will slip, much like what he is doing now.

“It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up over it! I’ll be right back.”

He hangs up on Shouto and calls up Aizawa, confused by the new rules because…it makes no sense. When he was in hero school, it didn’t matter if he was mated or single. It only mattered that he was a good, strong, capable, and responsible future hero. Now to hear they need to be mated? He hopes Shouto going to UA didn’t force kids to have to be mated for his safety as an omega.

“Hey, Eraser! So, I heard that UA is forcing all of their first years except for four students only to be mated. Mind telling me what’s going on?” Hawks asks Aizawa the moment he hears his tired, annoyed groan over the phone.

Aizawa was not too pleased to have Shouto’s arranged mate calling him up so soon, but he supposes it was inevitable. Though he understands that as a high class alpha, arranged matings are still perfectly normal and legal, but still…to know Enji is mating his son with Hawks doesn’t sit well with him.

Hawks is too old for Shouto in his eyes. As such, he has a far harder time accepting this and hasn’t exactly been the nicest to the young hero. Even his response now is not anything too positively spoken, “Hello Hawks, in case if you were too busy being a cradle robber to notice, but mating is a necessity now for all students regardless of whether they go into schools or not. Thanks to the uprising in forced markings from betas and alphas, it’s getting to dangerous to go without mating. Villains are the worst culprits of forced mating, so for kids in the hero course, mating is a necessity for safety. No parent from the low or middle class will allow their kid to attend any hero school that doesn’t demand such things because then they believe the school doesn’t take their child’s safety seriously.”

Hawks frowns to this, knowing this is a very real problem that has been happening for a long time now.

Mating used to be an antiqued thing only high class alphas and betas did to preserve bloodlines or to merge companies/other business ventures. Amongst the low and middle classes, it was seen as outdated and unnecessary. Though Hawks was interested in mating for a long time now, no one in his school or workplace wanted to be mated. Mating Shouto when he’s legal makes him happy, but he knows the tides have turned now.

Betas are getting mated out of fear. Alphas are becoming more aggressive after years of rejection. They are allowing their animalistic side out to dominate betas ruthlessly through violent rapes, beatings, and attempted murder using their quirks or weapons if they are quirkless. Alphas claim it is an instinctual thing; if betas are not going to be submissive to them and ride out their ruts with them, well, then they have it coming when the alphas do strike!

Not all alphas do this, mind you, but the number has been growing higher and higher over the years. Hawks has known many of his former classmates, second years, and third years from his school who were betas that got mated out of fear of being forcibly marked.

What compounds this epidemic worse is the fact that villains and petty criminals worldwide always forcibly mark a beta as a way to avoid prison time (which can happen in quite a lot of countries) or to get a reduced sentence for their crime. Villain attacks always end in betas either being forcibly marked or killed after a villain uses a half rut inducing drug to make them weak enough to where they can’t use their quirks to defend themselves.

That’s another thing promoting the mating out of fear craze. Ever since one villain managed to make a drug that could induce a beta into a half rut, it was mass produced onto the black market and underground scene. Villains and petty criminals alike worldwide all can get it easily since the ingredients to make it are cheap, mass produced, and easy for drug makers to acquire on the black market. Anyone who can make a simple drug can make the beta rut inducing drug. It really is that simple for them to do, which is why all scumbags have them on hand. One can even buy it from drug dealers if they look around enough for the right dealer! Which means that even the average person can obtain the drug, use it on a beta during a date, and forcibly mate them in a way no different from date rape.

It’s an epidemic that appears all over the news very frequently. The number of incidents reported put it at a historic high never seen before of at least thirty percent of alpha-beta matings being forced, but many believe the numbers could be higher given the unreported cases.

It saddens Hawks to know mating is being done as a safe guard. He doesn’t know why alphas are suddenly getting so vicious and underhanded, but he knows it’s a tragic and disturbing trend.

“Ah, I see. At first I was afraid it was because of Shouto being an omega. I can handle anyone who tries to take him from me by force, there’s no need to change anything to stop anything from happening.”

“The only thing I would want to stop happening is the arranged mating between you two. You’re too old for him, Hawks. He shouldn’t be with an adult, he should be with someone his own age.”

Hawks takes offense to this because, “Whoa there! I am not that much older than him! You’re talking about me like I’m some forty-something when I’m not.”

“You may as well be with the way you are willing to even mate with someone who is not legal. If you were high class I could understand, but you were raised in a middle class beta family. You should know better than this.”

“Enji wanted me for his son. It was either going to be me or somebody else who wouldn’t have ever allowed him to go to UA. Are you telling me any far older royal or high class alpha would have been a better choice than me?”

Hawks knows deep down that if he had refused, Shouto—being a high class omega—would have been mated off to the first high class alpha interested in him. Considering all the high class alphas Enji would have chosen that would have been closer to Shouto’s age have been mated off for years, the only ones available are those who had lost their mates due to death and those ones are far older than Hawks himself is.

So hearing Aizawa getting hard on him is more than annoying. On some end or another, it’s starting to feel…insulting, “Okay, you’re right. The other single high class alphas would not have been a good choice either, but Hawks…promise me you are waiting until he is legal to do anything to him.”

He is quick to assure him, “I am going to wait until he is legal to do anything to him. I wouldn’t touch him until he’s legal anyway. It’d feel too…weird to do so. I didn’t even mate him because he’s too young for me to feel comfortable doing it, so you can stop treating me like a pedophile now.”

Hearing Aizawa sigh and say, “Fine, I’ll stop treating you like a pedophile, Hawks. It doesn’t mean I approve of your relationship any more than what I did before.”

“Fine. I have to get going. Nice to chat with you. Bye!”

Before Aizawa can reply, he’s calling back Shouto from his spot on his king size bed in his bedroom, more than ready to fill Shouto in on the strange situation that has been going on while he was locked up on his property, “Hey there, Shouto! What have you been doing?”

His mate yawns a bit, making Hawks imagine him with a cute stretch to it when he speaks, “Just reading some book to help me brush up on my studies before I get to UA. Did you hear back from Aizawa?”

“I did and what he told me is something you should know…”

Hawks at first didn’t want to tell him about it, but he did. He explained the whole situation with the increase in forced markings against betas and how mating was—at one point in the lower and middle classes—seen as unneeded and obsolete. He told him why matings happen nowadays amongst the lower and middle classes: fear of being marked against their will to someone else.

Shouto, after hearing this, is horrified to say the least, “Isn’t forced mating illegal?”

“It is in Japan, but with the drug, it’s impossible to tell if a mating truly is forced. The drug that induces the beta half rut is impossible to detect in a drug test. Because of this, most cases of forced marking are not taken seriously by the police. The only time they are is if the person has a perfectly clean record and doesn’t do ‘risky’ things that could attract such attention or if the culprit is a villain or petty criminal. Because of the harsh questioning of the victims, most betas never report their forced markings.” Hawks clarifies to him but upon hearing Shouto’s small whimper he replies right away, “It’s okay, Shouto! I won’t ever allow anything like that to happen with you and besides, I highly doubt that drug would work on you.”

“…I hope you’re right.”

“I am! There’s no need to worry: your number three hero boyfriend will always be here to save you!”

Shouto chuckles to this softly, adding in, “Okay, I’ll remember that… I should get going. It’s getting late for me. Goodbye, Hawks.”

“Goodbye, Shouto. Goodnight.”


Hawks isn’t nervous at all about Shouto being in UA! Everyone will be mated except for four students, so it will all be good. The mated ones will keep them in line and there’s a great chance Shouto won’t ever encounter them anyway.

He can rest easy as he thinks this over and gets settled into his bed.


Sometime after passing his exams, Shouto starts his first day at school. He’s nervous yet open to all the adventures awaiting him behind the doors of UA High. He would enter the pristine building, ready to feel attacked or be attacked for being an omega.

What happened instead was different.

He simply went to Class 1-C, took a seat in the corner in the back where no one could see him, and waited for their teacher to tell them all about orientation.

Really, his first day didn’t have anything exciting so far. All of the courses here were the same ones he had been taking online for so many years, but it was nice to see other students and hear other voices instead of the silence of his home. UA itself is so big and pretty. He feels like he’s walking in an enchanted castle with many rooms and secrets to be explored whenever he walks down the halls. It’s all so very much a dream come true to be in a place so majestic and new.

He never knew leaving the property to go elsewhere outside of the home would be so…good.

He never knew it would be so nice to leave his home and be by other his age and in his age group.

None of his classmates really speak to him though. He’s the only one in class who is not mated, with everyone else either being mated to another student in class or having another mate in another school. Either way, the mated people all have something to talk about and bond over whereas he…doesn’t.

Then again, Shouto’s not that talkative of a person to begin with. He possesses a shyness and reservation born out of the isolation he’s experienced over the years. His lack of knowledge about pop culture references and figures of speech (as well as many social interactions/situations) have left him feeling as though he’s a fish out of water amongst his classmates whenever he hears them talk. It makes him too uncertain to speak to them because of his belief they will judge him harshly for being the way he is.

He wants to make friends, but it’s so much more intimidating than what he initially thought it would be. How is he supposed to make friends with the people in his class when he doesn’t understand what they are talking about? How is he supposed to talk to them when he has nothing to relate to or interest them?

Shouto eats alone at lunch, a bit bummed out by not being able to make any friends for himself, yet he is grateful and happy because he’s off of the property and he finally, finally has a chance to see and experience more of the world he was denied a part in for so much of his life.

“Hey, you’re Todoroki, right?” he hears a soothing, deep voice speak to him from his spot on the table where he’s playing with his phone after he had finished his meal of zaru soba. (He doesn’t get this much at home since his father doesn’t like it.)

“Um, yes, alpha. Who are you?” he asks when meeting the indigo eyes of an indigo haired boy who he has seen in Class 1-C. He doesn’t talk much to people either. Maybe he is someone who was isolated all of his life too…

The alpha takes a seat across from him, “I’m Shinsou Hitoshi. I figured I’d talk to you since you’re the only one in class not going off about their mate twenty-four seven. My mate is from another school too, but you don’t see me talking about her all the time.”

Shouto nods and manages to get out a small, “I have a mate, but I’m not marked by him. We’re waiting for the right time.”

“Oh, I guess I can see why you don’t bring it up then.” Shinsou suddenly comments out of nowhere, “You’ve been really quiet all day long. Mind telling me why?”

“I don’t have much to talk about. I was homeschooled all of my life and I didn’t have any friends to talk to or play with growing up… My childhood was also very strict, so I don’t know or understand what most people in class talk about most of the time. It makes more sense to be silent and not let everyone know how…different I am from them.” Shouto answers bluntly because he feels no shame about it or has the wherewithal to understand why most people would feel embarrassed to admit to this anyone in any social interaction/situation.

“I didn’t have any friends either growing up. All I had was my mate because she was the only one who saw me for who I am.” Shinsou is honest in response, finding the boy to be a breath of fresh air in his class.

Shouto comments with a small smile on his face, “I bet it must have been sweet when you two did become mates... My mate is older than I am and won’t mark me until I’m ‘legal’. At times, he feels more like a friend than a mate because he doesn’t do the things my father says mates do like kissing me, spending the night with me in my bed, and cuddling with me.”

Shinsou actually doesn’t see anything wrong with this, “How old is he?”


“Yeah, then he’s doing the right thing. Any alpha who is an adult shouldn’t be doing those kinds of things with teenagers in the first place.”

“Why not?”

Shinsou has to do a double take because certainly, Shouto did not just ask that…did he?

“Did you just say ‘why not’?”

“Yes, I did.”

Just to be certain before moving forward, “Are you a high class beta?”

“I am. Why do you ask?” Shouto responds with a small blinking of his eyes as he looks at Shinsou in a bit of confusion.

“Okay, so I know age gaps are common in high class relationships. I know mating young is the expectation for all betas and living with the mate right after being marked is perfectly normal regardless of age. I am a middle class alpha, though, so hearing how your mate is approaching things with you sounds less creepy and gross.” Shinsou sees Shouto is still confused, so he sighs and tries to better clarify what he was trying to explain, “I marked my mate because she was almost forcibly marked. It was done out of fear and outrage. We do love each other, but our marking wasn’t done in a loving way. It was done with her tears and my alpha rage wanting to kill the bastards who tried it on her. It sounds to me like you romanticized mating in your head and what it’s supposed to be like. Todoroki, in reality, most matings nowadays only happen amongst the middle and lower class secondary genders out of fear, panic, and as a means to ensure safety. Much like the high class, love has left the equation for mating in the middle and lower classes. It sounds to me like your mate is being very patient while sticking true to his own morals. He is waiting until you’re older and more experienced to handle a mating which is far more loving than what I did with my mate.”

“I think you should be more grateful for your mate. It’s obvious he loves you if he wants to wait for you instead of taking advantage of you.” Shinsou ends his little lecture with this comment, hoping his point came across well.

Hearing this would have been good for Shouto…had he not been raised by his father who constantly bemoaned the fact Shouto wasn’t mated at five like in the old selection gatherings days. Though arranged mating is the way high class families do things now the election gatherings are illegal, Enji still couldn’t help but to think Shouto was far too old when he was arranged to be with Hawks.

Shouto doesn’t understand why an age gap is a bad thing or why Hawks doesn’t do all of the intimate, loving things mates do, but he can at least admit Shinsou is right on one end, “I do need to be more grateful for him… Thank you for helping me see that, Shinsou.”

“Don’t mention it.”

The lunch bell rings and the indigo haired teen offers Shouto, “Do you want my number? We could text sometime if you want.”

“I’d love that.” Shouto is quick to reply, his eyes wide with wonder as they exchange each other’s numbers.

He did it. He actually did it. He has a friend now!

Chapter Text

Shouto had been excited to make a friend. The day he had first met Shinsou, he called up Hawks after school to tell him of his new friend. 

Hawks would receive the exited call when on patrol in his neighborhood, “Hello?” 

“Hawks, I made my first friend ever today! He’s a mated alpha who doesn’t talk about things I don’t understand and he’s really nice to me too.” 

The pro had to chuckle at his mate’s excitement, finding it to be cute to hear him being so excited, “Really? That’s great, Shouto! What does he like?” 

“He likes biking and cats. I am hoping to go over to his place sometime soon, if he’ll have me that is.” 

“I’m sure he will! Why wouldn’t he want such a cute boy like you over to his place?” Hawks starts off jovial but the conversation takes a more serious note when addressing an issue that’s been bothering him ever since Shouto went to school today, “You didn’t run into any unmated alphas or betas, right?” 

“No, everyone in my class is mated.” 

“Good because I don’t want you to be taken advantage of by any unmated person. Forced markings are still a widespread problem, Shouto…I can’t help it if I worry over you.” 

Shouto would tell him, “If there are going to be four unmated people in UA, I’m positive I’ll never see or speak to them. Everyone in my class is mated. There’s no need to worry, Hawks.” 

“Ah, you’re right! I’ll do my best to not worry!” Hawks exclaims with a sheepish grin, “Listen, I have to go now. Bye Shouto!” 

“Goodbye, Hawks.” 

He can’t help but to worry, though. What if they come across Shouto at the Sports Festival? What if they want to mark him once they smell his sweet scent? 

No, he needs to calm down and not think over the bad things. He needs to calm down and focus on the good things instead, such as Shouto getting a friend. Shouto getting a friend is always a good thought to have, even more so when he considers how long his future mate must have wanted one after being locked up on his property for so long… 

No, he won’t think about that either! That will just piss him off if he thinks about that issue too much. 

He hears a cry for help and rushes towards it, needing any sort of distraction right now from the worrisome thoughts swirling about in his mind. 


Class 1-A would have an attack happen at the USJ. The villains had come in, with smoke bombs of the beta rut inducing drug being used by all of them, causing the air in the building to be drenched in it. 

Luckily for them, the students of Class 1-A were all mated except for three alphas so the drug didn’t have any effect on anyone there. Still, it served as a cruel reminder to the rest of the beta population: get mated right away or else the villains will use your gender against you in new and cruel ways. 

Hawks had never been so grateful to know Shouto wasn’t there. He knew at one point or another, Shouto had thought about being a hero, but he dropped the dream once his heats came because according to him, ‘it couldn’t happen’. He felt bad for Shouto originally over this, but now he’s grateful to know his future mate was safe this whole time. 

He had to see Shouto after this event happened, so he took off work to fly over to the Todoroki home and see Shouto for himself. Though he was not involved in the attack in any way at all, he was still shaken by the idea that villains had infiltrated a top hero school Enji had gone to. 

“Is Shouto home, Fuyumi?” he asked the girl who had greeted him at the door. 

“Oh yes, he is. He went to his room to study. If you want to see him, you may. Just be sure to not distract him from his studies for too long, alright?” 

“Alright, you know I wouldn’t do such a thing to my Shouto!” 

She rolls her eyes but allows him inside anyway. Though it is normal for high class relationships to have age gaps, Fuyumi cannot help but to feel as though Hawks was chosen because their father wanted someone who would control Shouto for him. She does like the young man well enough, at the same time though she cannot halt her concerns from taking over. She only hopes and wishes he truly loves Shouto and isn’t doing this because he’s an Endeavor fanboy wanting to live out a dream of being a Todoroki. 

As for Hawks, though he likes Fuyumi and Natsuo, he always got the feeling they never approved of him for Shouto. Fuyumi is much more subtle about it, whereas Natsuo had been blunt when he flat out said it: “Like I’d ever approve of a fanboy of that bastard being Shouto’s mate! He’d be better off with anyone else other than you.” 

Ah yes, Natsuo…he does hate Enji so much and for reasons he doesn’t really understand either. He’s tried asking him in the past, but Natsuo had never been responsive towards him. He does this weird thing where he closes himself off from everyone around him and leaves the room, thus ending the conversation in an uncomfortable silence. 

It’s so strange for Hawks because he cannot put down why Enji’s own son would hate him so much, which Hawks knows by extension leads Natsuo’s disapproval of him as Shouto’s mate. 

Oh well. He can forget it for now and focus on the main goal: checking on Shouto. 

He knocks on his door only once and Shouto answers it gently, “Hello Hawks, why are you here?” 

His question is answered in the form of a tight hug, causing Shouto to blush, “A-Ah…Hawks?” 

His scent sharpens and Hawks has to really fight his alpha instincts screaming at him to mark the boy right here and now to focus on his main objective instead, “I was worried, you know. That attack at the USJ and the invasion of the media…I was worried. I was worried you would get hurt and I just needed to see you to be certain you were safe.” 

“I know I said I would protect you no matter what, but this unnerved me because I couldn’t be there today for the USJ. All Might was severely injured during that fight too…I’m afraid of what could have happened to you had you been there.” 

“I wasn’t though, so everything should be fine.” Shouto reminds his future mate who only tightens his hold on him, “How do I know they won’t come after Class 1-C next? Shouto, I’m worried over you. I know you’ve never used them much, but please promise me if you are in a bad situation, you will use your quirks to defend yourself.” 

“I promise I will, but there’s no need to worry. The villains are only interested in All Might, so Class 1-A is the one at risk here, not Class 1-C. I’ll be fine, that much I can promise you.” 

Hawks wants to believe this so badly, and yet he can’t. 

After what happened today…he’s nervous about Shouto being in a school and he’s starting to somewhat understand why Enji had him homeschooled all of these years. It doesn’t excuse or make him more sympathetic as to why Shouto couldn’t leave the property in general except to go to the doctor, but it does help him understand why he hadn’t allowed him to go to school. 

(He still believes Enji’s main reasoning on that issue was because he’s ashamed of Shouto’s being an omega and his desire to keep this information away from the general public.) 

Shouto speaks up after a little bit, telling him, “I still need to study, Hawks.” 

“Oh, right… Hey, I could help you with that stuff! You know, I’m not that much older than you. I still remember things from school.” Hawks comments to him, sounding more like his carefree, happy self again which is nice. 

“Okay, that’d be nice!” Shouto responds, more than happy to have some time with his future mate since he doesn’t get to see him as much as he’d like. 

Hawks enters the room more and closes the door behind him, already feeling his nerves calm down at the sight of a safe Shouto in his room and far away from any villain attack. 


The Sports Festival is fast approaching them and Shouto doesn’t want to be in it. 

Despite having two quirks, he just knows if he enters this festival there will be trouble for himself and he’d rather avoid it if he can. After school is over the day before the festival, he approaches Principal Nezu and asks him a question concerning this, “I don’t want to participate in the Sports Festival, sir. I’d rather have nothing to do with anything that could draw attention to myself. Can I please not go? Can you do something so I can’t attend?” 

Nezu understood where the omega is coming from. After the entire staff had been briefed on his secondary gender, they all vowed to be more understanding towards the boy than other students since his case would call for it. They can’t risk the general student body knowing of this and leaking it out online or elsewhere to get money and attention. It would only endanger Shouto and UA could get shutdown by the government as a result of it. 

Which is why he had agreed to it, “Very well. You don’t have to participate in the festival, Todoroki. I won’t force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.” 

Shouto heaves an exhale of relief, about to thank the principal profusely until another person entered the room, “I don’t think he should be allowed to sit this one out.” 

Shouto freezes to the voice, not liking what he was hearing from the owner of it who had a very alpha scent to him, “Aizawa, we need to be considerate of his concerns. He is an omega and it is our duty to protect him.” 

“Not allowing him to participate is coddling him. If anyone else were to have asked the same thing, you would have laughed at them and reminded them of the failing grade they would have received for not participating. Todoroki is an omega, yes, and we do need to protect him. However, he is still a student of UA and he should not be given special treatment because of his gender.” Aizawa replies strongly, causing Shouto to feel nervous around him, “Alpha…please, I can’t. My father, he won’t like it—” 

“I don’t care what Enji thinks. This has nothing to do with him and everything to do with you. You should be allowed to participate in this event.” 

“I’m quirkless, though.” Shouto lies as a last ditch effort to get himself out of this. 

This did not work, considering Aizawa’s response, “So what? Quirkless Class 1-C students have competed in the past at the Sports Festival. They never made it far and they never had any media attention on them. If you are quirkless, you won’t make it past the first round and you will be disqualified, which means you will be fine.” 

Shouto didn’t have anything left for this other than, “My scent…what if I get nervous and someone smells me? What if they out me as an omega to the entire world?” 

“If they do, then we will lie to the media and say it was all a misunderstanding made by a sexist student towards a beta. You don’t have any feasible excuses here, Todoroki. You will participate in the festival just like everyone else does.” 

Nezu ultimately nods his head in agreement, causing Shouto’s heart to sink to the pit of his stomach, “I’m afraid I have to agree with Aizawa here. We will have solutions for you in case if the worst case scenarios do happen. There’s no need to worry, Todoroki. You will be just fine participating in the festival.” 

“But you said I didn’t have to just a few moments ago!” Shouto exclaims, finding this whole process to be heavily unfair. 

“I know what I said, but Aizawa made an excellent argument with excellent points I could not deny. I’m sorry, Todoroki. You will be participating in the Sports Festival whether you like it or not.” 

He feels so scared to be put in an area where unmated alphas could be near him. Surely there’s a way out of this, right? Surely there must be a way out. He just has to find it. 

His father. He can tell his father and he will get him out of this in no time! 

“Yes, alpha. I understand. I should get going now, I don’t want to keep my driver waiting. Goodbye.” 

“Goodbye, Todoroki. Try not to be so nervous about this. I promise it won’t be that bad.” 

Shouto doesn’t believe him on it for one moment. 


Shouto doesn’t like going to his father for anything but as they are eating dinner, he breaks the news to him, “I tried to get out of participating in the Sports Festival tomorrow, but the principal is forcing me to do it.” 

Which was enough to enrage Enji in one swift blow, “What? The nerve of that damned beast! How dare he attempt to humiliate me!” 

He hadn’t ever seen his father so angry, not ever since his mother was alive. To see him stomping over to his study, his flames flickering about everywhere and his eyes steely, made him release distress pheromones (that’s what the doctor called it today after school when he had seen him). Fuyumi had to put a hand on his shoulder and croon to him in an attempt to calm him down, “It’s alright, Shouto. Dad will handle everything.”

Shouto can only hope he will. He doesn’t want to participate in the Sports Festival. He wants to be in the sidelines, watching everything happen, not be in the area where he could run into unmated alphas or betas. 

Enji’s screaming could be heard next along with quite a lot of arguing and debating with a person over the phone. The sounds were enough to make Shouto quit eating and head over to his room in instinctual fear of being attacked by an angered, raging alpha whose volatile scent held no bounds and could be smelled throughout the house. 

He cuddled up on his mat, wrapping a blanket around himself to feel safer in his room, and waited for the call to end. 

It did, with the sound of a cellphone hitting the wall in rage and his father angrily stomping over to his room before opening the door quickly, “Damn you, omega! Aizawa has Nezu on his side and now they’re forcing you to compete or else you’ll get a failing grade for lack of participation! If you had been in the hero course, you wouldn’t be graded at all for participation, but dammit, ugh!” 

“You worthless, worthless wretch! How could you have not thought about going to Nezu sooner? Why didn’t you tell me about this event coming up sooner? Were you wanting to humiliate me on national television!” his father snarled at him as his outrage continued on with no end in sight, “You will be there tomorrow, but I won’t allow you to compete. You will be in the sidelines, like a good breeding machine would be, and you will not be anywhere near the cameras so the world won’t know my shame. Got it?” 

Actually, this is what Shouto wanted. To be out of the festival, to not participate, to not have to worry about cameras anywhere, and to not worry about being by any unmated people in general, “Yes alpha, I understand. If I get this failing grade, will I still be allowed to attend UA?” 

“Hell no. This is the last straw. I knew allowing you to attend a school was a bad idea to begin with. Now I have a reason to pull you out of there for good.” 

Shouto’s breath hitches in his throat, tears starting to slowly build up at his waterline because…he can’t go back to being trapped here all the time. He’s experienced freedom now and he doesn’t want to give it up! He wants to be with his friend, he wants to see the world, he doesn’t want to be locked up again! 

“No, you can’t, please! This isn’t fair, it’s not even an academic failure of mine, it’s all the school’s fault for trying to force me to participate, please—” 

The slap across the face hurt and burned at his skin, leaving a painful tingling sensation there as Enji scowls at him, “Shut it, omega. You’ve already blown your chances of going to school. There’s no one else to blame but yourself. You shouldn’t have been born as a breeding machine for your mate and nothing more. You damned yourself to this fate, not me or anyone else. This all falls on you.” 

Suddenly, Shouto understands why their mother killed herself. His father is a cruel, cold hearted monster masquerading behind the title of ‘hero’ to make himself appear good when he’s really rotten on the inside. 

How is it his fault he was born an omega when his father was the one who gave his mother than fertility boosting drug? How is it his fault he’s an omega when it’s all his father’s fault instead? 

He doesn’t voice these thoughts, knowing his father will kill him if he does and instead watches as he leaves the room. 

Shouto doesn’t want to participate in the festival. He really, really doesn’t, but if he doesn’t then he won’t be allowed to go to UA anymore. If he does, he won’t be allowed to go to UA anymore either, he just knows it. 

In that moment, he decides if tomorrow is going to be his final day of freedom, then he will spend it with Shinsou by participating in the Sports Festival. He may not want to, but if he doesn’t then he won’t ever see his friend ever again. May as well get a good day of spending time with him in before they’re separated for good. 

Chapter Text

Inasa got in on recommendations. The alpha was larger than life itself, with a large smile, a lot of warmth inside of him, and a large framed, tall stature not many could measure up to. The only downside to his ‘on fire’ personality and size is…no beta wanted to mate with him and more oft than not viewed him as someone to be feared. 

Inasa has tried courting, he’s tried asking around, but no betas were ever interested in him. As such, he calmly resigned himself to being alone forever, which was…fine, it took him some time to fully accept this idea, but it was fine now! 

Now he’s in UA and he has all of these awesome people he’s in class with who all have amazing quirks too! Well—scratch that, almost all of them are awesome. 

He tried to give him a fair chance, but Bakugou Katsuki always rubbed him the wrong way. The way he bullied Midoriya, the cocky attitude, and the well stated belief that he was better than all of these so-called ‘extras’…ugh! He’s everything a hero shouldn’t be! A person who reminds him far too much of Endeavor. 

He always longed for a day where they could fight one-on-one so he could beat some humility into him and give him the karma he so thoroughly deserves for being a terrible person. He already didn’t like the guy when they first met (calling him a ‘giant windbag’ and ‘extra’ didn’t help his case, especially since he always looked upon him with the same cold eyes as Endeavor), but then he kept adding onto it by treating Midoriya like crap and if there’s one thing Inasa is against, it’s bullying. 

He doesn’t even mean to go off on Bakugou most of the time or use his much larger size to intimidate the other unmated alpha, but he can’t help it. Whenever he hears him belittling Midoriya and using his instincts to do so…he snaps because it’s wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to happen no matter what. 

Every time he does, his classmates always have mixed reactions (ranging from praise from Uraraka to a mild scolding from Kirishima who thinks he 'goes too far'). Then again, a majority of them are betas, believe it or not. 

Iida and Momo are high class betas who were mated in an arranged mating that worked well for them. It was a great way to combine businesses for their families, ie Iida’s family agency was able to expand upon acquiring the money from Yaoyorozu’s family and her family was able to get into the hero agency business because of his family. Purely business, but they don’t complain. They at least like each other as close friends, which is great to see in a high class couple! Most high class couples that Inasa had seen in middle school didn’t even talk to their mates despite living with them. When they graduate, they always have plans to start a polyamory relationship so they can live in separate homes from each other and have separate lives. 

Midoriya and Uraraka mated on the day they took the entrance exam to UA. Uraraka couldn’t find another beta or alpha to mark her and Midoriya was a dominant beta who needed someone to mark. Needless to say, when they met each other, it was out of desperation to get into UA that they did mark each other. They do seem to like each other though, so maybe it will turn into something real! 

Kaminari and Jirou went through the same thing, but she seems to love teasing her fellow beta more than anything else. Kirishima and Mina knew each other for years before going to UA. Though Kirishima said he was ‘shocked’ Mina would want him as her mate when she could have gotten any alpha she wanted, Mina would always shrug and pat his back, “Eh, why have an alpha when I could have the nicest beta around who won’t use his gender to control me.” 

Sero is an alpha who has a beta mate who goes to another school as does Sato, Koda, Shouji, Tsuyu, and Aoyama. Tokoyami’s mate is a childhood sweetheart, Ojiro and Hagakure are mates (much like Uraraka and Midoriya, Kaminari and Jirou, they mated before they took their UA entrance exams), and then there’s ‘the unmated three’ as the class calls them. 

The only alphas in class are Inasa, Bakugou, Mineta, and Sero. Only Inasa, Bakugou, and Mineta are unmated. 

Most people in their class marked people who were taking the entrance exam because they either didn’t like anyone at their middle school or neighborhood well enough or because they didn’t have any desirable choices at those places. Others didn’t really have a shot with anyone at their middle schools or neighborhoods, so they had to go for people at the entrance exam out of desperation to even be considered a candidate to enter UA. The requirements for recommendations and the entrance exams were the same: only four first year alphas or dominative betas could be unmated, the rest had to be mated, no questions asked. 

Inasa was lucky to get in, as was Bakugou and Mineta. However, he doesn’t understand how the grape hero got in! His treatment of beta women is appalling and the way he talks makes Inasa’s skin crawl. 

This aside, he does his best to get along with his classmates (again, aside from Bakugou…and Mineta too. He has no time for rapey perverts). He doesn’t mean to make them nervous whenever he uses his alpha to make Bakugou back off of Midoriya. It’s what happens whenever he lets his outrage get the better of him after Bakugou provokes him a bit too much. 

The only problem with being the unmated alpha giant in class? Not too many people talk to him or have him sit with them in class. It’s a sad predicament of his life, but…oh well. What else can he do about it? At least at the Sports Festival he’ll be treated like a person and not a big, scary alpha meant to be feared by everyone around him. 

He sighs while staring at the ceiling of his bedroom the night before the Sports Festival, “It must be nice to have a mate… I bet it must be nice to have someone you can talk to and sit next to at lunch… It must be nice.” 

No matter how much he claims to be happy with being alone, he will always want to be with someone. Inasa is an extroverted guy, being alone doesn’t sit well with him. He will always want a mate, even after resigning himself to the life of lone wolf. 


The day of the Sports Festival, Shouto is dreading it, yet he is excited to see Shinsou and spend at least one final day with his friend. 

Shinsou is stunned to see Shouto in the gym uniform, his indigo eyes shining as they announce Class 1-C, “Todoroki, you came! I was afraid you wouldn’t show at first.” 

“I know, but I’m really nervous to be honest. I’m not supposed to be here, Shinsou. I’m supposed to be in the stands, according to my father. He didn’t want me to compete today and I didn’t want to at first either. Then he told me that after today, he’s pulling me out of UA whether I sit out on the festival or not, so I thought I may as well enjoy my final day here with you.” Shouto admits with the saddest, most resigned look Shinsou has ever seen in anyone’s eyes before. 

He places a comforting hand on Shouto’s shoulder, looking upon him in a bit of outrage towards his father, “Todoroki…that’s not right! He shouldn’t be able to do that to you!” 

Shouto chuckles sadly, not meeting his eyes anymore when he says it, “I know but what can I do? He’s the number two hero and I’m…nothing special compared to him.” 

“That’s not—” 

Before Shinsou could finish his thought, the first round of the Sports Festival was announced, with the classes expected to take place in it. Shinsou did his best to pay attention to the rules, but he couldn’t take his mind off of what Shouto had said. Knowing his only friend in the entire building was about to leave made him feel…lost as well as angry at his father for being so cruel to do such a thing to him! 

He hopes Shouto can make it to at least the second round…he’d love to see his friend there and work on the same team together. 


Shouto did not expect to pass and yet he did but not in the conventional way. 

Given his lack of athletic ability and his shoddy usage of his quirks, he didn’t think he would make it to the second round. Much to his dismay, he did. 

Apparently, using his ice after freaking out over being by two unmated alphas and running for his life somehow worked in his advantage. Freezing the robots worked as well, but then came the part with the other students breaking out of his ice, namely, the two unmated alphas. 

There was an ash blonde alpha who blew himself out of the ice and a wind quirk user who was extremely tall and strong. Unlike the ash blonde who was shouting, “You’re dead, beta extra!” the other alpha was grinning, “Great job! You’re really pretty too. I bet your quirks will qualify you for a spot in Class 1-A!” 

Both are loud and possess the stronger, more potent scents of unmated alphas. The scent is the main thing which gave them away as being unmated, but he didn’t know which one was scarier: the loud ash blonde or the tall one in the skies. 

When he got to the ropes, he had been ready to quit. No, he wanted to quit. Then it all went downhill with the wind boy scooping him up in his arms, “C’mon, you can’t quit now! You did so good before, why quit?” 

Shouto didn’t even know why the alpha was being nice to him, but it felt scary to be in the arms of an alpha he didn’t even know. To top it off, this is where he had planned to quit or regroup with the others in Class 1-C who didn’t make it past the first round. 

“Alpha, I didn’t really—” 

“No, it’s okay if you got scared! I can help you!” 


“Wow, you’re prettier up close! You must be single, I mean, no offense or anything but your scent is strong and smells so good!” 

Shouto didn’t know what to say to the alpha but winning second place by being carried over to the finish line and told to walk for himself wasn’t what he had been expecting. When he entered the arena, he looked over to the tall alpha who smiled brightly, “Now you can be by your friend for a longer time! Isn’t that great?” 

“…Did you listen in to my conversation with Shinsou, alpha?” Shouto asks out of his own bewilderment, not quite sure if he wants the answer to this or not. 

Inasa is embarrassed when admitting it, “I did, but I was right behind you, so I couldn’t really help it. It made me so sad to know your dad is so mean to you! I guess…I was trying to help, so you’d have a whole day with your friend.” 

The ash blonde alpha came in at third place, his crimson eyes narrowing at the sight of the unmated beta. Sure, he overheard his conversation, but he didn’t give a damn! The fucking beta could have handled this shit himself! He certainly did not deserve his second place spot, that’s for sure! 

“Hey! Beta extra, you didn’t do shit to get to this spot!” he snarled at him, making Inasa start to growl at him. 

Shouto doesn’t like this alpha. He’s loud, got these explosions going off in his palms and he thinks the alpha will try to attack him. No, more like he knows he will going off of those hostile, threatening pheromones, “Back off of him, Bakugou! A sexist bully like you should be a villain, not a hero anyway! You’re not worthy of that title. You’re too crappy to be worthy of it. I helped him so he could be with his friend; maybe if you learned to stop being so narcissistic, then you could get somebody to actually like you instead of tolerating you!” 

The sharp words seemed to cut down the other unmated alpha by the way his eyes softened in a bit of vulnerability for a moment there. Shouto almost felt sorry for him, but then he had to go back to his dangerous ways, “Fuck you, windbag! He didn’t fucking earn it! You cheated to help the beta bitch win to humiliate me!” 

Inasa is already a beast of an alpha. All it usually takes is one harsh growl, a stare, and a release of his angered pheromones to make Bakugou back down. This time, it didn’t work. 

Bakugou—without really noticing or caring to see if his explosions were going off still in his palms—tried to grab Shouto by the wrist. He had a good grip on his right side, which made Shouto snap out of fear and an instinctual need to protect himself. 

In other words, he used fire at point blank range to get Bakugou away from him. 

By the time Bakugou let go, he was on fire from head to toe and Midnight had ordered Recovery Girl to arrive and for others to get water right away to put out the fire. 

Inasa should have been horrified, or at least tried to put out the fire, but all he did was stare at Shouto in awe as he panicked and attempted to trap Bakugou in ice in a move to put out the fire, “Whoa, you can use fire too? That’s so cool! I’ve never seen anyone with two quirks before! You shouldn’t be in Class 1-C at all; you should be in Class 1-A!”

“I really can’t be a hero, alpha—and I really need some help with this! I don’t know how to put out the fire!” 

“Oh, that’s easy!” Inasa smiles as he sends a powerful gust of wind Bakugou’s way that does put out the fire instantly but also sends him flying into the arena wall, “Okay, now tell me all about you because I’m super curious! Two quirks is the coolest thing ever, and you’re so pretty too!” 

Shouto feels flustered. First, the alpha he had set on fire made him go into self-preservation mode and now this other alpha is calling him pretty and cool…it’s all so much to take in! Don’t get him wrong, he’s glad this alpha is nice and did this kind thing for him to be with Shinsou longer. What he wasn’t expecting was to be complimented and have an alpha stand up for him like this in such a public setting. 

“I’m Todoroki Shouto. Who are you, alpha?” 

Inasa blinks twice before smacking himself hard in the face, “Ah! I’m so dumb! Please forgive for my stupidity! My name is Yoarashi Inasa and I cannot wait to get to know you better Todoroki!” 

Shouto doesn’t know what to say as more and more people pile on into the arena. 

Should he befriend this alpha? 

Would it be okay for him to befriend this alpha? 

How would Shinsou feel if he got another friend?

“Todoroki, I’m glad to see you made it!” Shinsou said as he approached him with a proud smile, “I know you said you could use fire and ice, but I never knew it was like that. You should have given me a warning. It was hard to break out of the ice, you know.” 

“I’m sorry, Shinsou! I didn’t mean to do it, honest.” 

“No, it’s alright…who is this alpha, by the way? Why is Bakugou being taken out of here with burns all over his body? What happened, Todoroki?” 

Inasa beams in pride when saying it, “He put a sexist bastard in his spot with his flames is what he did! You should have seen it; he was so amazing! Bakugou tried to grab him with explosions going off in his hands still and when he grabbed him, Todoroki burned him at point blank range to defend himself! It was so cool!” 

The giant alpha then pauses and grins, “I’m Yoarashi Inasa, by the way! Pleasure to meet you, Shinsou! I’m trying to get to know Todoroki better and that includes you now! If you’re his friend, then you’re mine as well!” 

Oh wow…this is…this much for Shinsou and much for Shouto as well. Still, they cannot deny that Inasa is at least the nicest of the unmated four, so he’s got that going for him. 

“Um…good to know?” Shinsou comments with a raised brow. 

Inasa smiles and it’s too bright for Shinsou to look at head on, thus he focuses his attention back to Shouto, “So, what are you going to do from here?” 

“I guess…do my best to compete? I don’t know. I didn’t expect to make it this far. Well, I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Yoarashi going airborne with me in his arms.” Shouto admits with a small blush on his face, a bit embarrassed over the way he won. 

Shinsou clears his throat before asking him in a whisper in his ear, “Does your mate know about the Sports Festival?” 


“Okay, does he know you were going to be participating in it?” 

Shit. He didn’t tell Hawks about his participation. 

It had been a last minute decision, he had some studying to do, and then he fell asleep and completely forgot to text him about it the next morning! Oh no, what will he do now? What will he do when—

“No, he doesn’t.”

Shinsou then looks at him as he pulls away from his ear, “If I were you, I’d tell him right away. This is the kind of thing that shouldn’t be kept secret from your mate, Todoroki.” 

“Mate? What mate? Isn’t Todoroki unmated?” 

Ah, Shinsou forgot Inasa was in the same area as them! Of course he would hear this part! 

“It’s not that easy to explain—”

“I’m a high class person arranged to be mated to another alpha. He’s older than I am, but he wants to wait until I am ‘legal’. I’m not marked by him yet, but he is my mate.” 

Inasa is taken aback yet over the moon with joy! 

If he can win over Todoroki’s heart, then he’ll have a pretty and strong mate who reeks of strawberries and whipped cream! He has never thanked the high heavens more than now for his sharp sense of smell!

You see, when Inasa was behind Shouto at the beginning of the first phase, his alpha instincts were going off, telling him to mark the person in front of him. His scent was sweeter than that any of beta around and any lesser alpha could not have picked it up in a room full of alphas and betas like he did. The whole while he had the beautiful beta in his arms, he knew he had to make him his. There was no way he’d ever find another person on this planet who is not put off by him in any way, shape, or form and would be willing to be his mate! Especially one as pretty and strong as Shouto.

That and he did want to help him be with Shinsou more, but his instincts did play a role as well. 

However, before Inasa could do anything else, Midnight was already explaining the rules to the rest of the people who had managed to pass. 

Chapter Text

Shouto didn’t do too well in the second round.

He had told Shinsou he had no intention of winning it and even tried to ask Midnight if he could leave this round since Inasa carried him all the way over here and he did cause the ash blonde alpha to be taken out of this round, possibly the entire festival even.

Just his luck, Midnight was feeling sadistic that day (at least in his eyes she was), “You see, if I kick you out for being flown here by the kind hearted Yoarashi, then I’ll have to kick out Mineta as well for riding on Yaoyorozu’s back. As for Bakugou…we all saw what happened there. He injured you first and called you sexist, derogatory names. He was the one out of line, not you. You won’t be kicked out of this competition, Todoroki. Sorry.”

Shouto freezes and asks her, “…Did this ‘Aizawa’ have anything to do with your decision?”

“He did tell me you’d try to weasel out of it, and I agreed to not let that happen.”

“Oh, I see… I’ll do my best then.” Shouto sighs as he wishes now more than ever that he wasn’t here.

Shinsou, since he did want to make it to round three, ultimately could not have Shouto on his team no matter how badly he wanted to have him there with him. He was forced to work with strangers, which was awkward enough for him, but he could make do.

Shouto, meanwhile, had to deal with being by so many alphas and betas he had only ever seen in the halls before. He was approached by one such alpha who was clearly unmated going off of his strong scent of a French male perfume…except his was as if he had put on too much.

It reminded him of that time one of his father’s sidekicks did this when they came over for dinner. It was enough to make him gag from his room, really. Much like it’s enough to make him gag now.

“Hey, you’re the beta who burned up that Bakugou guy right?” comes the voice from behind him, causing Shouto to tense up, “Who is Bakugou?”

“The loud kid from Class 1-A with the explosion quirk. I’m going to guess you didn’t pay attention when he spoke at the beginning, which is for the best.” the unmated alpha boy with the deep blue eyes explains (he is right: Shouto didn’t listen, he was too busy being upset over today being his last day and trying to calm himself down for when he told Shinsou about it), “You’re my personal hero for that, you know. Jerks like him shouldn’t be hurting stunning betas such as yourself.”

“Who are you?”

“Monoma, but if you’re lucky, you could call me your future mate.” he replies with a sly, flirty smile as he gets in too close.

Shouto doesn’t know how to read his actions, but he is quick to tell him, “I’m a high class who is arranged to be mated to another alpha. He’s waiting until I’m ‘legal’ to be mark me.”

“Really? I come from a high class family as well! The only thing is I could never find a beta worthy enough to be my mate… What is your name? I’ll be sure to have my family contact yours to end this current arrangement for you and get you with an alpha who can mark you now.”

“No thank you, alpha. I’m happy with my arranged mate.”

“How can you be? He didn’t even mark you. Age gaps are normal in the high class, you know.”

“I do know, but I’m happy with him.”

Something seems…off about Monoma’s eyes as he continues to smile, but then he grabs Shouto firmly on the wrist he was burned, “You’d be happier with me, beta, and if you knew what was best, you’d—”

“What are you are doing to him?” comes the low growl Shouto is more than pleased to hear right now.

It seems his new friend is here to help him out with this issue.

Monoma slowly releases Shouto to glance up at one of Class 1-A’s powerhouses, Yoarashi Inasa.

Somehow, he still felt cocky enough to smirk and comment, “If it isn’t Class 1-A’s giant? Why don’t you go back to scaring off betas with your size and obnoxious personality?”

Shouto raises a brow at Monoma, not liking how he is talking about his new friend, “Yoarashi is not obnoxious. I think you’re mean for no apparent reason, alpha, and I don’t like that in anyone, especially a potential mate.”

“Silence, beta, nobody asked you!” Monoma hisses at him, causing Shouto to bow his head.

Inasa did not like this at all, bringing out his angered alpha pheromones to the forefront, “Let him go before I make you, Monoma!”

Monoma let go of Shouto, his alpha submitting to Inasa in his request, not wanting a fight with the giant one by his side, “Whatever. I was going to hit on another beta anyway.”

Shouto turned around to face Inasa to thank him for what he had done, “Thank you, alpha. You didn’t have to.”

“Ah, don’t mention it! He’s one of the four unmated alphas. Another one you will want to avoid aside from Bakugou and Monoma is Mineta. He’s a complete creep with no respect for betas whatsoever and if he does give you trouble, then please let me know, okay? I can put him in his place like I did with Monoma.”

“Okay, I’ll be sure to remember that. Thank you again, alpha.” Shouto says before looking for a corner…so he won’t have to talk to people and hopefully not be part of a team.

He didn’t know how long he had been waiting until he felt a pinch on his ass.

Shouto’s not used to that. Hawks has never done it before, no one has. He feels gross from having it happen to him, but at the same time, it did hurt, “Ow! Who did that?”

“Mineta Minoru, my beta…you do look sexy in those tight clothes and you have a nice ass too.” he practically drools while speaking, the disgusting grape creature sending chills down Shouto’s spine.

“Um…thanks I think? I am arranged to be mated to another alpha—”

“But he hasn’t marked you going off of your sweet, delicious scent and how strong it is. Which makes you fair game for me.”

Shouto’s fear reaction had been simple: kick the little monster away from him and run for his life.

Seeing everybody break up into teams except for himself has him feeling some relief. Looks like he won’t be able to participate after all.


Shouto was disqualified from the second round because he couldn’t and didn’t assemble a team for a himself in the short time allotted for him to do so. This allowed him to get his wrist looked at by Recovery Girl (it was a minor injury that will be healed within an hour thanks to her without any scars left behind) and make a very, very important phone call to Hawks he should have made the night before.

Of course, Hawks doesn’t answer his phone right now, which means Shouto has to leave him a voicemail, “Hi Hawks, I know it’s sudden, but I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you this. My father says the Sports Festival will be my last day at school, so I decided to participate in it to be with my friend one final time… I made another friend, though, so that’s always nice. Anyway, please call me back when you can. I’ll need to hear your voice and speak to you if I am going to be stuck at home again. Goodbye.”

He hangs up the phone, sighing as he does so, and heads up to the stands to watch the rest of the festival with his classmates.

Maybe his final day here won’t be so bad…maybe he’ll be able to enjoy it somewhat and make it better for himself.


The second half was fun to watch, especially since Shinsou did great as did Yoarashi. He approached his friend afterwards, a smile on his face as he did so, “You were fantastic! I know they’ll let you in the hero course after this.”

Shinsou grins and tells him, “You would have been great too, you know, if you didn’t do everything to get out of it.”

“I’m not as good with my quirks as others are. After years of not using them, I can’t control their intensity well and I don’t know how to use out of anything other than fear.” Shouto admits, which causes Shinsou to frown a little, “You should learn how to control your quirks and how to use them when you’re not afraid. It can’t be good for you to not know how to.”

Before Shouto can reply, Inasa is charging over to their side, “Todoroki! Did you see me! Do you think I did great!”

Shouto blinks at the tall alpha and his shenanigans, his response simple, “I did, and you did fantastic as well out there, alpha. Both of you were amazing and I’m proud of you both.”

“Yes!” Inasa cheers while picking up Shouto in a tight hug and twirling around in a circle, “Let’s eat lunch together, Todoroki! What’s your favorite food? I’ll get you that and then some!”

“Can Shinsou come too, alpha? He’s my friend and I would like to spend as much time with him as possible.”

“Why wouldn’t he be able to come? I know how sad you are about today—it’s why I carried you over to the finish line in the first half of the festival, so you could spend more time with him. I wouldn’t take you away from your friend, that’s something a villain would do.” Inasa exclaims with a big grin, “Oh, I’ll go find the four of us the best spot around! Wait here, okay?”

“Sure.” Shinsou replies, not sure what he thinks about the loud, tall alpha Shouto had befriended. When the alpha is out of earshot, he comments to him, “If things go south with your arranged mate, you should try making something work with Yoarashi.”

Shouto’s vacant look on his face is all Shinsou needs to hear before he replies, “But alpha…my arranged mate and I aren’t going south anytime soon. Maybe we will someday for vacation, but not now.”

Shinsou mentally groans before telling Shouto what he’s had to tell him a good ten times now, “You can call me ‘Shinsou’ remember? I don’t like being called ‘alpha’ by you. It’s too formal and off-putting to hear my friend refer to me that way.”

“Sorry! It’s a bad habit.”

“It’s okay, I know why you do it. I just wish you weren’t raised being forced to be that way.” Shinsou would then go on to clear this up for Shouto, “What I meant when I said ‘things go south’ was if things get bad between you two.”

Shouto blinks owlishly, his eyes wide when replying, “Oh. Good to know then.”

Shinsou doesn’t mind having to explain certain things to Shouto. After learning how strict his upbringing was, he felt it necessary to explain as many things to Shouto as possible since he is much like a child exploring the world for the first time ever and Shinsou doesn’t want any unmated person to take advantage of him.

Just his luck, Shouto’s day would not be a happy one. Right when Inasa had returned in a great mood, ready to eat with a potential mate and a new friend, he had seen him all of these years later.


Instantly his mood soured, but it became darker when he saw him in person approaching Shouto with the coldest eyes he’s ever seen, “Shouto, we need to talk.”

Shouto tensed up subtly, but Inasa caught it with his eyes. He seems to be afraid of his father and Inasa can’t say he blames him.

“Yes, alpha. I’ll speak to you now.” he turns his gaze over to Shinsou, his eyes full of despair when saying to him, “I’ll be right back, Shinsou. It will be only a minute.”

Shinsou doesn’t buy that for one minute, but he agrees to allow Shouto to leave before his father gets impatient, “Sure, Todoroki. Take as much time as you need.”

Shouto would leave with his father, not wanting to speak to him alone, but knowing his fate is set in stone.


Whereas Inasa had followed Enji and Shouto over to the entrance to a tunnel in the arena, Bakugou had happened upon there by chance.

He was pissed off about what happened at the second half of the festival. First, the dumb beta bitch didn’t pay attention to him when he was speaking for Class 1-A in the beginning of the festival and then he had the nerve to cheat with Inasa only to burn him in point blank range when he called him out for it?

What a stupid fucking beta bitch! The giant can have him if he’s oh-so-interested!

Luckily for him, the burns weren’t too severe, and Recovery Girl was able to heal him. Unfortunately, due to his other injuries from Inasa putting out his father before anyone could come in with water, he won’t be able to compete in the rest of the festival. Well, that and he didn’t even participate in the second half, so he wouldn’t have been able to participate anyway even if he wasn’t injured.

While he was busy being pissed at the stupid beta bitch from Class 1-C, he would hear a heated conversation and keep himself behind the wall.

“You disgrace! How dare you humiliate me after I specifically told you not to participate in this festival! I gave you one final day here as an act of kindness and this is how you repay me? What do you have to say for yourself, abomination?”

That voice… Is it…Endeavor? The number two hero?

“…I’m sorry, alpha. You said today would be my last day regardless of whether or not I participated. I just wanted one last day with my friend before I was locked up on the property for good again. Surely you can understand, can’t you? You did give me this one last day. I just wanted to make the most of it with my friend.”

“Shut it!” the resounding sound of a slap making contact with the stupid beta bitch from earlier didn’t really phase Bakugou too much. He was burned by the stupid bitch and unable to compete because of him, after all. He still wanted to smack that beta himself, but this will have to do, “How dare you go against me? How dare you think for one second you are anything more than a breeding machine for your mate? Mark my words, your final day ends here! I will not allow you to disrespect me or your alpha the way you did today! We are going home and you are never leaving the property again.”

“No, wait, please, alpha! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was going to fail that was my plan! I wasn’t supposed to make it to the second round. I didn’t even do it off of my own merits, that must make it less bad, right?”

“Don’t get mouthy with me, you mutant!” Endeavor hisses at him, his growl and volatile scent filling up the tunnel and making both unmated alpha boys freeze out of an instinctual survival skill to not piss off the stronger alpha, “This is where it ends. I was generous enough with you, but you’ve taken advantage of it and gone too far. Your UA career ends here.”

“…Can I at least say goodbye to my friend?”

“No, you may not. Come, mutant, we’re leaving now.”

Bakugou didn’t know what to think about this. It was all so strange and left far too many questions.

Are they related somehow?

Why would he say today is Shouto’s last day at UA?

Why was he pissed off at him for even competing in the first place?

Are they traditional? Is that why he got so angry?

What did they mean when they spoke about the property and Shouto’s never leaving it again?

All of this made no sense. It was so strange and bizarre to Bakugou who ultimately did not know what to think or make of it.


Inasa was raging mad when he saw Endeavor exiting the tunnel entrance with Shouto in his grasp. He glared down the hero who had hurt him years ago and made his stance against him loud, clear, and strong, “Endeavor! Let him go!”

Enji pauses and barely passes a glance to the loud teen, “What do you want, boy? Don’t waste my time with a petty request for a photo or autograph. I have an unruly, disrespectful son to deal with.”

“He is not unruly or disrespectful! He’s a nice beta who deserves a better father than someone who is as unworthy of being a hero as you!” Inasa snaps at him, ready to unleash all of his own hate in one solid go, “You are a disgrace to heroes everywhere and I will never respect you as one. You are unworthy of the title and I will never see you as being anything on par with All Might! You’re not even worthy enough to be one rank below a true hero like him!”

“Watch your tongue.”

“Make me old man!”

Before the hissing alphas could start a full blown fight, Shouto’s phone rings and he answers it, feeling all of the relief in the world when he does, “Hello?”

“Yeah, so I got your voicemail and I need to speak to Enji right now.”

Hawks sounds…angry? He’s never heard him sound angry before. Is he mad at him? Will he promote the idea of keeping Shouto locked up on the property until he is ‘legal’ by Hawks’ standards to be mated?

“Um sure, I’ll get him on the phone right away.” Shouto hands the phone over to his father, who rips out of his much smaller hands, “What?”

His gruff answer did not help matters, especially since Hawks is pissed over what he heard in the voicemail, “Don’t get gruff with me! I told you I wanted him in a school, to make friends and live like a normal kid. Now you’re taking that away from him all over something small and stupid? How was participating in the Sports Festival a bad thing? You know, you’re coming off as a really shitty person right now Enji and if you ever want me to respect you ever again…you will not threaten my mate like that or break our agreement. Got it?”

Enji glares down Shouto, wanting nothing more than to beat the damned omega to a bloody pulp but knowing he can’t. He can’t do anything to punish Shouto for speaking to Hawks about anything he does to him either since Hawks will find out from Shouto or someone else, which means his hands are tied and he cannot punish him when he gets home.

“Very well.” he exhales in defeat, sounding calm yet angry all at once, “Shouto will stay in UA regardless of what he did today. I’m sorry for making you two upset. I won’t ever break our agreement ever again.”

“You better not. Now let me speak to my mate.”

Enji hands Shouto back his phone, snarling as he stares down Shouto, “You get to stay in UA, but only because of your mate and the agreement we made. Slip up once in your grades and you will never be allowed to come back. Understood?”

“I do, thank you, alpha.” Shouto then speaks to Hawks once again, “Hello, are you…angry at me?”

“No, why would you think that? I was angry at your dad for threatening to take you out of UA.”

“Really? Well, he said I can stay and he’s leaving now. Thank you for whatever it is you did. You’re the best mate ever.”

“Yeah, what can I say? I’m a multitasker! Now, speaking of that, I should get going. I have a villain to stop and a person to save. Bye, Shouto!”


Shouto hangs up with his mate, a smile on his lips as he approaches a still fuming Inasa who had wanted to chase Enji down and give him a piece of his mind.

“I’m going to stay at UA! We can be friends now, alpha! I can’t wait to tell Shinsou about this.” Shouto exclaims with a joyful glean to his eyes, knowing now he is going to stay and be able to have two friends now.

“That’s great, Todoroki! Let’s go eat lunch together, I picked out the perfect table for the four of us to sit at!”

Inasa takes Shouto’s hand into his own as he leads him over to Shinsou and exclaims, “He’ll get to stay at UA! Come on, let’s go eat together. This news is just too good to ignore!”

“Really?” Shinsou exclaims out of disbelief, “How did you make that happen?”

Shouto tells him simply, “I didn’t, my mate did. I’ll explain it more after we get our food.”

“You better.”

Shinsou is still stunned, but he’ll take it. He’ll take anything to keep his beta friend around in UA.

Chapter Text

Shinsou is stunned after hearing the full story from their spot at the table Inasa had gotten them. Though Inasa was never one he would befriend on his own, he can say that the unmated alpha has done good things for Shouto.

This being said, he believes Inasa should be a backup alpha only, in case if Shouto’s arranged alpha end things or if his father ends the arrangement. Still, he cannot help but to remark, “Wow…at least you’ll be able to stay at UA now! That’s always a great thing to hear. Your mate really is good to you, Todoroki.”

“He is, he’s the best mate I could have asked for.” Shouto acknowledges confidently, making Inasa feel as though his competition won’t be so easy to beat.

Maybe it’s his desperation for a mate fueling this. Maybe it’s his attraction to the cute beta with the divinely sweet scent. Maybe it’s the way his alpha screams at him to mark him and protect him at all costs, but either way, he wants to mate Shouto.

Shouto is a nice beta who’s not scared of him or put off by his personality. He’s simply a quiet, introverted, nervous beta who clearly needs someone kind and strong in his life to love and protect him from his monster of a father.

“What’s your favorite food, Todoroki?” Inasa tries asking again, knowing he came off as a bit…strong back in the arena.

Though he came off strong, Shouto didn’t mind it. All it meant is Inasa is willing to be his friend and he’ll always take in new friends, “Zaru soba.”

Inasa crinkles his nose, but quickly drops it so as to not offend Shouto, “I’m not a fan of cold food, but I do like udon! Udon is similar to soba!”

“…I guess, in the sense that they’re both noodles. Other than that, they couldn’t be more different.”

“Well, no matter! I will try every dish of soba until I find one I like!”

“Good luck on your journey, then. Soba is an amazing pasta and I think you’ll like it quite a lot.”

Before they could continue their conversation, there is the announcement that the festival is starting up again. Shouto looks over to his friends and tells them, “Good luck, Shinsou and Yoarashi. I’ll be cheering for the two of you.”

“I won’t disappoint you, Todoroki!” Inasa cheered whereas Shinsou calmly replied, “Thanks for the support. I’ll be sure to get my spot in the hero course after my match.”

“I’m sure you will, Shinsou.”


Inasa had sat next to Shouto in the Class 1-C booth during a lot of the matches. He was loud, larger than life, and made a good chunk of the people feel uncomfortable to be by him. Nevertheless, Shouto still congratulated Shinsou even after he lost his match. Inasa did great on his matches, he wound up facing up against Tokoyami in the end and won the whole thing. He was in first place, Tokoyami was in second, and Midoriya came in at third.

He felt happy for Inasa…that is, until he exclaimed to All Might, “I won this for you, Todoroki! Did I do a great job or what?”

It was embarrassing (Shouto hid his face in his hands) but endearing. At least another alpha in his life thinks positively of him. At least he has another friend who thinks the world of him.

Now that he will get to remain in UA, he will probably get to know Inasa better and that’s a good thing. He can have more than one friend now.


Hawks had seen the Sports Festival online and needless to say, he wasn’t happy with what he saw.

This Yoarashi Inasa carried his mate over to the finish line of the first half, was by his side when two other alphas got too close to him for Hawks’ liking, sat beside him when watching matches in the final round, and dedicated his victory to him.

Yeah. No, Hawks was not born yesterday. He knows what this alpha is doing and he doesn’t like it one bit.

This alpha is trying to make a move on his mate. Which is something Hawks will not allow to happen in his lifetime! How dare this alpha make a move on him? How dare he do this so publicly, on national TV where people are leaving comments saying they ‘ship InaTodo’ as they call it.

Where’s his ship name with Shouto? Bastards! Cheering on the guy who is trying to steal his mate!

He calls up Aizawa right away because he has a feeling he may have had a hand in this.

It may sound crazy to think this, but Hawks isn’t stupid, and he knows better than to trust the guy who clearly disapproves of their relationship.

“Hey, Aizawa…mind telling me how Shouto wound up participating in the Sports Festival when he told me he wasn’t going to?”

Finding out about this during the morning when he watches kitten videos is not the way he ever envisioned discovering there were unmated people after his mate.

“Simple: I didn’t allow him to back down. I made him go through with it because he can find a nice alpha in either Yoarashi or Monoma. He should be with someone his own age, not someone who is too old for him.”


How dare he comment on their relationship! How dare he scheme against them! How dare he!

Shouto is happy with him. He can make Shouto happy. He doesn’t need to know there is some petty fuck out there scheming against them. If Aizawa is going to play dirty, then so will he!

He knows he may not act like a mate to Shouto at times and it was hard to develop a physical attraction to him since his age always stuck out like a sore thumb to him. Regardless of these facts, he does care about Shouto and he does want to be his mate someday.

Which is why he is more than peeved upon hearing of this, “That doesn’t give you the right to sabotage our relationship.”

“What relationship? You don’t spend too much time with him in person and you’ve never even taken him out courting. You’re more like a friend or brother to him at this point in the eyes of many as opposed to an actual mate. It’s better for him to be with someone his age. Even you should know that.”

“Age gaps are normal in high class relationships, for one, and two, you do not have the right comment on my relationship. You don’t know what we’re like behind closed doors and you don’t have any room to comment on us. Try to separate Shouto from me and I will fight you every single step of the way, Aizawa.”

“Get ready to fight then because that kid shouldn’t be in an arranged mating. He should be with someone he chooses for himself.”

“He would choose me over any of the unmated alphas you’ve got, so it’s best if you wave the white flag of surrender right now.”

“I never will. Goodbye, Hawks.”

Hawks doesn’t even dignify him with a reply. He hands up and ends the conversation there.

Aizawa is trying to end them?

Well, he can bring it on then! Hawks didn’t get to his top spot without dirtying his wings at least a few times… Who’s to say he can’t play his best cards now?


He waited a good two weeks before asking Shouto about his relationship with Inasa.

You see, Iida was killed in an altercation with the hero killer, Stain. Stain was arrested by Endeavor while fighting a struggling Izuku Midoriya who refused to let him leave. Midoriya was severely injured, while the hero Stain had originally targeted was dead alongside Iida. The school is in a process of mourning, especially his mate, Yaoyorozu. They knew each other for so many years and then to have that happen…it was devastating for her and understandably so. With her place in the hero course being threatened with a possible expulsion due to being unmated, she was offered to be in a polyamory mating with Kaminari and Jirou. Right now, they are all trying to comfort each other from this loss that has impacted the class.

Hawks knows this because of Shouto telling him what Inasa had told him. Knowing he eats lunch with Inasa every day with Shinsou makes Hawks feel on edge, but upon asking about Monoma, he felt relief. Shouto doesn’t like him at all after what happened at the festival and this Mineta person is another one he doesn’t care for either. Much to his relief, he cannot stomach Bakugou Katsuki either after the Sports Festival, so his only real competition is Inasa.

When visiting Shouto at his home, he tries to play it off as casual and nothing to do with probing jealousy or the feelings of being threatened he has been dealing with ever since the Sports Festival, “So…Shouto, my pretty omega, mind telling me how close you and this Yoarashi person are?”

“Yoarashi is a good friend to me like Shinsou is. He’s very nice and warm, he always finds little ways to make me smile… He’s nice for an unmated alpha, not a thing like that Bakugou person.”

Hawks hums to this, not really gaining much from this. Thus, he tries a different approach. He takes the book Shouto is reading out of his hands and sets it on the floor so he can be focused entirely on him as they sit atop the blankets on his mat.

“Uh huh, okay, but if Yoarashi asked you to be his mate, would you consider it?”

“No, because I’m with you.”

That doesn’t answer his question or give him any information to work with, “Okay, but would you want him as a mate if you got the chance to have him as one?”

Shouto thinks it over for a moment before blinking slowly, “He’s my friend. Why would I want him as a mate when I have you to be my mate?”

Either Shouto doesn’t get the questions or he doesn’t understand the underlying hypothetical he’s asking of ‘if I wasn’t your mate’. Hawks isn’t sure, but he’s drawing a blank at what to do next with Shouto.

“If I wasn’t your mate, would Yoarashi be an alpha you want as a mate?”

“I…don’t know. I’m a high class, we don’t choose our mates. Either way, it would be strange to be mated with my friend. Wouldn’t it ruin our friendship if we were mates?”

Yep, Hawks has hit a brick wall with him. He doesn’t know what else to do other than ask, “Do you like Yoarashi more than me?”

Shouto kisses him on the cheek and tells him, “It’s okay, Hawks. I like you both equally. You’re both really good friends to me.”

Friends? Did his own mate just…no, he wouldn’t! Hawks does not get friend zoned! A lesser alpha, yes, but not Hawks himself!

“…Friends? Shouto, do you see me as a mate or a friend?”

“Well…you don’t really do the things mates do. I know why you don’t kiss me or cuddle with me because Shinsou did explain where you are coming from there, even if it still makes no sense to me. You don’t take me out for special one-on-one time and I’ve never seen your place before. We don’t have sleepovers either, which is strange. I don’t know…I guess I see you as a friend who is amazing to me that is going to be my mate and Yoarashi as my new, fun friend who does all that he can to get to know me and spend time with me.”

Ah…okay, he should have done more to actually come off as a mate to Shouto.

He should have done more to be intimate with him without going too far. He should have taken him out courting. He should have tried to cuddle with him. Okay, so he can’t have Shouto over until he’s mated and the heats won’t be as severe (or so the doctor says). Other than this, he shouldn’t have allowed the age gap to scare him off from doing things with Shouto to cement himself as more than a friend who happens to be arranged to mate him.

Throughout the years of Shouto asking him about himself and the world around him, he should have tried to get to know Shouto better in the same way Inasa is currently doing. He feels like a bit of a failure on this end, but he figures he can always try to figure out what Shouto would want out of his mate.

“Well…how would you like your mate to treat you?”

“You already treat me really good.”

Okay, he’s getting nowhere. How about he goes about things on a different track…

He remembers reading in the file about Shouto’s being an omega that omega skin is far more sensitive than any other skin out there. Thus they require only the softest materials in order to be comfortable and not ‘itchy’ as they say whenever they wear clothes that are not comfortable.

The sneaky alpha moves in closer to Shouto’s side and slides a hand underneath his shirt, lightly running his fingertips against his side…

The squeak he heard had him smirking mischievously as he began to tickle the daylights out of Shouto. He kept going until he heard a small hiccup and stopped, allowing Shouto to catch his breath.

Shouto was on his back, underneath Hawks. His hair looked like a halo around his head and his smile as the laughs began to die down made Hawks think he looked cute like this. Yeah, he looks cute like this! He should smile more for him, and not Yoarashi if he can help it.

He leaned down and nuzzled his neck, deciding some scent marking was needed to keep the unmated alpha giant at bay.

Shouto looks up at his eyes, his laughter now died down as he asked his mate, “What was that about?”

“I just wanted to see if you’re ticklish. It’s a nice fact I’d like to keep between us, if you don’t mind. I feel like there are things about you only I should know since I am going to be mate someday and not anybody else.” Hawks can semi-honestly say. Except, instead of ‘anybody else’ he wanted to say ‘Yoarashi Inasa’.

He takes off his jacket and jeans next, leaving Shouto to blush, “U-Um…Hawks? Why are you…taking off your clothes?”

Shouto had never seen any alpha in a state of undress. At gym class, he is allowed to take a shower in the newly constructed private shower stalls inside the beta locker rooms (the entire bathroom is done this way, which is fine by most betas, but the best for Shouto in the end who needs to hide his secondary gender from them). Since he exits the showers sooner than the others and even gets dried off as well as changed in his stall, he never actually had to see a beta or alpha boy naked before.

Hawks’ state of undress is the closest he’s ever gotten to it. He can admit he has amazingly strong legs despite wearing rather baggy clothing most of the time and his arms are to die for. Nonetheless, he cannot help it if he remains feeling a bit flustered by the sight of him like this.

“Like what you see, ah? Well, I figured I’d stay the night with you and make it into a fun sleepover! We can share the same mat, cuddle, and watch some movies on your old school laptop.”

“What movies could we watch?”

“Ones from a streaming site. I know Fuyumi has a laptop we could watch movies on. If you want, I could ask her for it, but then I’d have to get dressed in all of my clothes again.”

(He knows about her laptop because when he’s come over in the recent months, she is always on it.)

“Oh, no it’s okay. I can ask her for it.” Shouto reassures him before getting out of his bed to speak to his sister. A few minutes later, he returned with her laptop and told Hawks, “I am going to go get changed in my pajamas. I’ll be right back.”

Hawks hums in response and awaits for Shouto’s return. What he did not expect was to see Shouto in a baby blue, quarter sleeved sleepshirt which sits at least five inches above his knee.

He has never Shouto as exposed as this before. He simply drinks it all in before Shouto asks him, “Which movie do want to watch?”

“I’ll surprise you with my choice.”

Hawks logs into his account on the streaming site and pulls up The Hunchback of Notre Dame.It’s great Disney fare and it causes his omega to cuddle deeper into his side and underneath his arms.

He doesn’t know why he didn’t do this sooner, but better late than never. If he keeps doing things to show he is a mate and not someone meant to be friend zoned, then everything should be good and Yoarashi Inasa can stop trying to steal his omega.

If he doesn’t…well then, war will break out and it won’t be pretty.


It’s the day after this when Shouto learns he will be going to the training camp meant for Class 1-A and B kids.

Here he had been happy to wake up in his mate’s arms, finally feeling like they were a mated couple, only to hear this after he had taken his final exam and learned he was at the top of the class.

His teacher had told him of this in private after school had ended for the summer. He didn’t know what to think of it, but it filled him with dread.

The hero course doesn’t feel like a safe course to get involved with. Yoarashi can vow to never allow another classmate to die again, but honestly…Shouto doesn’t feel safe going and the whole reason why he is going (‘to improve your quirk usage so you can better defend yourself’) sounds insane to him. He feels as though he can learn this at home, away from the cursed classes who seem to have something awful befall them at every corner.

He calls up Hawks, not wanting to go in all honesty, but his father is forcing him to because his heat won’t hit until the beginning of next month anyway. Also, this is his punishment for ‘disrespecting’ him by participating in the Sports Festival and calling up his mate to explain the situation over a voicemail.

“Hey Hawks…I have some bad news.” Shouto sighs sadly while sitting in the back of the car as the driver takes him away from school.

“What is it? Did something bad happen?”

“Well, my father is having me to go to this training camp to learn how to improve my quirk usage so I can defend myself better. It’s the same training camp Yoarashi told me about, the one the hero course students are going to.”

“Really now? That’s a good idea to improve your quirk usage, but a bad idea to have you in such a dangerous course!”

Hawks then comes up with an idea on the spot, one which is as sneaky as the one Aizawa tried to pull not too long ago, “You know, since it is so dangerous to be by those hero kids, how about I come along with you for extra protection? I am your mate, after all, and I should be doing more with you to make you feel like we are real mates instead of friends who happen to be mated.”

“Really? You’d come with me for a week?” Shouto asks out of a hopeful happiness, practically hearing the smile on Hawks’ lips as he replies, “Of course I will! I cannot leave my pretty omega alone like that will all of those unmated people and dangers lurking around the corner! Don’t worry Shouto, I’ll be sure to come along.”

“What about your work?”

“The sidekicks can handle it for a week. Besides, it’s about time I meet your friends and who better to start off with than Yoarashi Inasa?”

It makes Shouto so happy to hear his mate is wanting to meet his friends and be involved in his life. It makes him feel as though they are closer to being real mates now, “Great! I can’t wait to see you then. I should tell my father, I’m sure he’d be more than pleased to know you’re coming along.”

“Sure go ahead and tell him, but remind him of the unmated people so he really understands why I have to be there.”

“Got it. Thank you for coming along, Hawks. You’ll love Yoarashi. He’s the nicest, gentlest giant around.”

Hawks bites his tongue on Inasa, but he does say a smooth, “Aw, don’t thank me, Shouto. I’m just doing what a good mate does.”

A good mate does whatever he can to keep the competition away. Competition at this point meaning Yoarashi Inasa.

Chapter Text

Hawks is coming along on the trip to the training camp. Aizawa did not discover this until the morning of the ride and he saw the number three hero standing right there, right beside Shouto. 

His eye twitched, but he didn’t know what else to do other than ask, “Why are you here, Hawks?” 

The winged hero smiled widely, “Because I am Shouto’s mate and I can be here as much as I please.” 

He knows he is getting underneath Aizawa’s skin, but he doesn’t care. This is what he gets for trying to separate Hawks from his mate! 

“You don’t need to be here.” Aizawa growls at him, causing Hawks to roll his eyes, “Really now? Because I beg to differ. You see, the hero course is horrendously under protected by the school. Not only were you attacked and invaded by villains at the USJ, but you also lost a student to the hero killer. If you ask me, it is clear that the hero course of Class 1-A is the primary target of the League of Villains due to their target on All Might’s head. Therefore, it is dangerous for my mate to be left alone with you during this training camp experience.” 

“You don’t—”

“Oh, but I do. You see, as his mate, I have a right to be here for his own personal safety. Before you ask, my sidekicks are handling everything this next week, so there’s no need to worry about my workload, Aizawa.” 

Aizawa snarls at him lowly but restrains himself. Hawks is ultimately right in the end—and fuck he hates to admit it—he does have a right to be there to protect Shouto as his mate. 

It annoys him, but there’s nothing he can do about it now. 

“Fine. You may come along then, Hawks.” he grits out through his teeth, unbelieving at the sight he sees and has to hear for now. 

“Thank you for the offer, Aizawa! I cannot wait to spend a week with my cute Shouto.” Hawks replies with a shit eating grin Aizawa wants to smack off of his face. 

Upon the sight of Hawks, Midoriya is already freaking out to Uraraka, a majority of the class is looking upon the couple in awe as well as confusion, Bakugou is clearly pissed Shouto is coming along, and Inasa is a bit shocked at the sight of Shouto’s mate. 

“Your mate is Hawks! You never told me this!” Inasa exclaims as he watches Hawks keep his arm around Shouto’s waist. 

“Yep, I’m his mate, jolly green giant. So if you don’t mind, hands to yourself while I’m here with him.” he says while giving Inasa a subtle glare. 

Shouto doesn’t seem to catch the hostile tension between the two, instead telling him, “I’m sorry, Yoarashi. I should have told you, but I kept forgetting to. I should tell Shinsou about Hawks, now that I think about it…maybe after camp we can meet up with him and his mate. What do you think, Hawks?” 

“I think that sounds like a great idea, Shouto! I’m always down for a date with you.” 

Shouto blushes at the flirty wink given to him, not knowing to what make of Hawks’ words. Before he can react to it, there’s a loud, angry protest from the alpha he had burned at the festival, “What the fuck! Why is that beta bitch here?” 

The rest of the class—majority betas, keep in mind—all react with a hiss of their own the words that were said. 

“That’s not manly, bro. Calling him a beta bitch is like calling me and Mina beta bitch.” Kirishima is quick to pounce, his frown deepening at the alpha. 

“Yeah, is that how you handle a loss from a beta? By calling them sexist names? Unbelievable. Aren’t your parents betas, alpha pig?” Mina shoots back just as fast as her mate, not liking the sexist term she’s heard for one minute. 

“Like I give a damn about what those beta hags think.” Bakugou shoots back, not above using his alpha pheromones to get the group of betas to shut up. 

“How repulsive! I don’t get how a sexist pig like you could ever be considered for the hero course! Surely there is some background put into scouting out potential students.” Yaoyorozu says with a pointed glare at Aizawa. 

Aizawa doesn’t have the chance to respond to her when Inasa is already using his size and alpha pheromones to shut Bakugou up through a forced instinctual submission to the strongest alpha in the class pack, “Shut up, sexist bastard! I won’t allow you to talk that way to any beta around! Your parents may have spoiled you rotten and given an inferior alpha like you an ego you don’t deserve, but I’m not above breaking that down to make you take back those words you just said, sore loser!” 

Inasa’s using his alpha voice (the one an alpha usually reserves for their mate when riding out a rut together or when they are battling another alpha to assert dominance over the pack), his stance is strong and ready to strike, and his pheromones are deadly yet challenging, provoking even. It’s as though he’s saying, ‘go ahead, lesser alpha: try me, fight me, prove you’re worthy’. 

Bakugou may be proud, but he can’t deny the fact his alpha recognizes Inasa’s alpha as the stronger alpha. As such, he submits in humiliation in front of everyone present—a number three hero as well—and keeps his mouth shut from here on out. 

The betas in class all instantly praise Inasa, with Kirishima being the first, “That was awesome, man! There’s nothing more manly than an alpha standing up for a beta.” 

“You’re the coolest alpha ever! No alpha at my school would have stood up for betas like you did!” Mina cheers whereas Jirou gives him her praise, “You’re really awesome, Yoarashi. Want to hang out with Kaminari, Momo, and I on the bus?” 

“I’d love to!” Inasa cheers, finally feeling accepted by the rest of the class despite his strong personality. 

Meanwhile, Hawks smirks at the development. At least he knows now for fact he has only one competitor for Shouto’s heart and not two. 


Hawks and Shouto sit right behind Aizawa, the arranged couple already having to answer so many questions in a mere timespan of ten minutes. Well, Hawks answered most of them. Shouto was left to lay against his strong chest and sit in between his strong legs. Hawks would occasionally scent mark him in front of the future heroes and even give him kisses on the top of his head and cheek. Overall, it was a fun ride over for Hawks to make with Shouto, with the main prize being Inasa’s jealous frown the whole ride over.

After they arrived at the spot where they were to meet the Wild Wild Pussycats, Hawks would take Shouto into his arms and tell him, “Want to fly the right way, pretty boy?” 

“What do you mean by the ‘right way’?” 

“I mean, in the way that is better than the first time you flew with the giant at the Sports Festival.” 

“Giant? Do you mean Yoarashi?” 

Hawks doesn’t bother answering this verbally. He simply nods and lifts up Shouto into his arms. He then flies into the skies and out of Aizawa’s line of sight. 

The teacher groans at the thought of that man being alone with the underage omega. However, there’s not much he can do about it for now. Hawks was correct in everything he said earlier. He cannot object too much to him now, especially since he is right. 

He did arrive at the campsite earlier than the students do, but not earlier than Hawks, who is soaking in praises from a mystified Shouto, “Hawks, that was so amazing! I really enjoyed riding in your arms. You were so strong and I never felt afraid once.” 

The hero with the medium golden blonde hair grins widely, “Yeah, flying does come naturally to me, what with my wings and all. Mind telling me who was better to ride in the skies with: the giant or me?” 

“I’d have to say…even though I enjoyed you both, Yoarashi’s grip on me wasn’t as tight as yours was and I was afraid of falling the whole time I flew with him. You held me tightly and I wasn’t afraid of falling. So, you were better the one for me to fly with.” 

Seeing the alpha beam in pride made Aizawa want to puke, but he held off on it. He held back on his internal outrage and simply waited for the students to arrive to the campground. 


Bakugou was not expecting to wander the halls when wanting to bathe in the hot springs with the other alphas. It’s not his fault, really! Stupid extras should have put up fucking directions because this place is like a maze! 

He was about to give up on ever finding the hot springs (he would have asked Kirishima, Kaminari, or Jirou for help, but none of his classmates are speaking to him after what he said about Shouto earlier) when he overheard something interesting from a door which had a small crack open, “Dammit, Monoma! All you had to do was be likable! How hard is that?” 

“It’s not my fault if the beta is picky and Yoarashi’s obnoxiousness doesn’t ward him off for some reason or another.” Monoma answers nonchalantly, “I don’t think I’d want a beta who is friends with Yoarashi anyway. The guy uses his size and alpha way too much to make other alphas submit.” 

Inside the room is Vlad King, who is at his wits end and Aizawa who is already groaning, “You were the only unmated alpha who had a real shot at stealing him from Hawks! You’re high class: why not do some high class traditional crap to be his mate instead?” 

“It’s not that easy. Unlike what you middle and low class people think, high class alphas and betas have a lot of rules and standards to live up to. We don’t have it easy, unlike you.” Monoma replies with a wave of his hand, “I can’t just pull some crap to challenge Hawks to be the new alpha in Todoroki’s life instead. I have to go through the approval process from his father first, considering he’d even agree to it in the first place. If he doesn’t agree to the approval process, then I can’t ever challenge Hawks to be his mate.” 

“What happens during that time, if he were to approve of it?” Vlad King asks, wondering what all goes on in this process. 

“First of all, he’d have to do a complete background check on my entire family tree on both sides of my family. If he finds any one thing he doesn’t like then the challenge won’t happen. If he approves of my background, then I could go through the process of challenging Hawks, which would be a one-on-one battle of Todoroki’s father’s choosing.”

Aizawa groans, his head slamming against the wall, “…Great. You just couldn’t be a normal person around him. Now we have to rely on Yoarashi, of all people, to win him over from Hawks.” 

Monoma sighs as he gets up from his chair, “I don’t see why you two care so much. Age gaps are normal in high class relationships. It’s no big deal or scandal. Why are you making it out to be one when it isn’t?” 

“Because the age gap between them is not okay and should not happen! Hawks should know better than to get mated to a kid.” 

“Whatever. You’re both being crazy and irrational about this. Clearly you don’t understand high class culture.” 

“I wouldn’t want to if it allows adults to mate with minors.” Aizawa hisses out as Monoma exits the room, “Eh, whatever! I don’t need to tolerate this insult of my culture. Bye, have fun choosing out who should be his mate between the two train wrecks and the obnoxious giant.” 

Monoma, once in the hall grins evilly at the sight of Bakugou, already wanting to take his bad mood out on him through the art of getting under his skin, “Hello Bakugou, mind telling me what it’s like to be s lone wolf?” 

Lone wolf is an insulting term to any alpha regardless of class. It means an alpha who is so undesirable they cannot get a beta mate and are damned to spend the rest of their existences unwanted, unmated, and unloved. It places all of the blame on the alpha and their very being, essentially calling them human garbage, flawed in the worst of ways (this can refer to pedophilic tendencies, necrophiliac tendencies, or murderous ones), inferior, and overall repulsive. 

Bakugou hisses to this, his eyes narrowing at the words Monoma said, “Look who’s talking! You’re not mated either, dumbass!” 

“Yeah, well, I’m high class. I will always have a shot with an arranged mate my parents have chosen for me since Todoroki is no longer an option. I’ll be mating them when I’m done with camp. Do you have anyone to mate? Anyone to court?” 

This is where it becomes humiliating.

You see, Bakugou didn’t bully Midoriya only because he was quirkless. He also bullied him because he was jealous of the way the beta could get any beta around. Betas were drawn into him like a moth to the flame, whereas they were repulsed by Bakugou’s very being. He’d tried so many times to confess and ask a beta to court with him, but it never went anywhere. Every single beta rejected him out of fear and they always begged another beta to mark them instead (usually stupid Deku, of all things) for reasons Bakugou never understood. 

He was popular, this much is true, but he could never get a mate. He could have one night stands, but after that, the beta he slept with would ghost him in real life and over text. 

Over time, it ate away at him and he became bitter towards all betas as a result of it. Having everyone in his class now rejecting him and not helping him out once during that forest challenge has him more than upset because he’s being humiliated by fucking betas all over again! How is he not supposed to hate them on some end or another when they bring it on themselves? 

“Shut the hell up!” 

“You don’t have anyone to court, do you? Let me guess: you never courted before because you were always rejected by betas and you’re only good for dick to them. Heh, should’ve known! Anyone with as hideous of a personality like yourself could never get a beta even if they tried. No wonder why Aizawa put you on the ‘no shot with Todoroki’ list, which consists of only one name: Bakugou Katsuki.” 

Bakugou snarls, ready to challenge the alpha right here and now, “You don’t know shit about me!” 

Monoma laughs straight in his face, his words cruel, “How can you be so stupid? I know all of this about you because betas from your middle school have been talking about you on video sites and blogs, saying the exact same things I said to you.”


Monoma sees his chance to strike and tells him, “Look yourself up on a search engine. You’re as hated as Endeavor himself with the sexist way you spoke about Todoroki on TV before you injured him with your quirk because your weak ego was hurt. Betas all over the world hate you now and the words ‘Bakugou Katsuki should never be a hero because he’s sexist’ are ringing loud and clear, resonating with the beta population on the planet. You’re hated, Bakugou. There’s no way you could ever get a beta at this rate.” 

“You see, this is where a high class like me has an advantage: I don’t have to be personally liked by my arranged mate. All that matters is my bloodline and status. All I have to do is provide for my mate and everything will be fine. If we hate each other, we can live separately in a polyamory situation and never see each other unless if it’s for holidays, public events, or family reunions. Low and middle class alphas like you need the other person to like you or else a mating won’t happen unless if you’re one of those creepy, rapey alphas who forcibly marks people after being rejected one too many times. Say what you will about me, but I have a trump card and you don’t.”

Not wanting Monoma to win, he snarls out, “Fuck you!” as the other alpha walks away from him, clearly feeling victorious over their little chat. Bakugou, on the other hand, hasn’t been online ever since the festival ended. He’s been too busy hiding from his humiliation from that incident, but now…he feels compelled to look it up on his phone once he gets back to his bed.

He enters the room, asking Aizawa and Vlad King, “I know everything about getting that beta bitch a different mate. Why the hell am I on the ‘no shot’ list and not Mineta?” 

Aizawa doesn’t hold punches here, because Bakugou’s sexist talk has finally pushed him over his edge, “Alright Bakugou, the real reason why I never considered you once to sweep Todoroki off his feet is because you’re a spoiled brat who’s damned to be one of those rapey alphas who resorts to forcibly mating a beta after being rejected one too many times. Your sexism towards betas is clearly based off of their rejection of you. You believe they are the ones at fault when—looking at the videos posted up by the numerous betas who rejected you online—you were the only one to blame for being rejected.” 


“Yoarashi was too loud, enthusiastic, and happy-go-lucky. His size and lack of control over his pheromones combined with these factors put betas off from him. Now, if he could put off other betas by being so nice he comes off as severely desperate, then you can put off other betas by a total asshole with volatile, angry pheromones that would signal you are more likely to attack or rape rather than mate.” 

Bakugou, not being one who’s heard any criticism ever since the first hero course exercise at UA, doesn’t take this well. His response being predictable to both teachers in the room, “Fuck you both! I don’t need to be nice to that beta bitch, not after what he did to me! I wouldn’t want him as a mate anyway, so screw you both!” 

He stomps out of the room in a fit of pure outrage. Sometime after this, finally finds the alpha hot springs area and takes his bath in silence, happy the area is empty by the time he arrives here. 

It’s not his fault! He’s not a bad alpha, those stupid betas are the ones who are at fault, not him! They’re all wrong about him and when he sees what they’re saying about him online, he will find he has about as many as ten thousand supporters for every one thousand haters. 

Chapter Text

Bakugou looked it up online. He saw everything they had to say about him and it wasn’t pretty. 

Already, he’s being compared to villains who forcibly mate betas. Everywhere online, all he sees are hate comments from both betas and alphas alike who call him a ‘sexist, backward disgrace to alpha kind’. The very, very few who do defend him are people nobody would want defending them: people accused of forcibly mating their current mates. 

Hearing why the one beta who he had confessed to liking and asked out to a courting—only to be given a lie of ‘I’m sorry, I can’t, I have a funeral to attend’—rejected him in one video is hard enough for him to handle. 

The reasoning had been straight up and it cut him to his core, “Bakugou’s scent was always hostile, he was always angry, he was a bully to betas, always talking about betas as though they were only good for sex… When he confessed to me, the arrogant bastard actually had the nerve to act like I should be honored he even graced me with such a request! Seriously, what a sexist pig. Yeah, I told a terrible lie to get out of it, but trust me fellow betas, if you were in my shoes you would have done it too. Trust me when I say it: that alpha is damned to be a lone wolf and it’s because he’s a sexist, shitty person no one in their right mind could love. I wouldn’t doubt if his beta parents don’t like him either. I mean, how could any beta parent actually love a little shit like that without feeling ashamed of their secondary gender? Either way, lone wolf material and that loser shouldn’t even be considered for mating with anyone, let alone a rock, because even a rock deserves better than him.” 

After seeing the comments agreeing with her and the many response videos all saying the same thing as well as the blogs and opinion articles saying he should be kicked out of UA…it’s enough to make him feel worthless. 

Bakugou has never felt worthless before or bad about himself like this. Seeing so many people hate on him like this, confirming what Monoma and Aizawa said about him only moments earlier… It makes him feel like shit and it hurts a lot more than what he would admit. Which is why he calls up his parents late at night to talk to them about this. 

What else is a boy supposed to do when he feels like the world hates him? 

His mother answers the phone with a groggy, “This better be good, you devil child! Why are you calling me up so late?” 

“Am I a bad person?” 

The question alone is asked calmly and it’s enough to make his mother pause and reply, “Why are you asking me this?” 

“Because after I saw all the shit being said about me by betas and alphas online…I need to know if I am really as bad of a person as I feel right now.” Bakugou admits honestly. 

“Katsuki, I’m not gonna lie, you made this question hard to answer. You bullied betas, you couldn’t take rejection well, you act like a sexist pig, you talk like a sexist pig as well… I thought I raised you better than that, but obviously, we did something wrong with you. I don’t think you’re a good person; I think you’re a bad one. I think if you keep talking and acting the way you do towards betas, you will be a lone wolf for the rest of your days.” Mitsuki sighs when giving her only child the cold, hard truth about his situation, “The only way you can ever improve is to start seeing flaws in yourself instead of perfection. You need to acknowledge you are not in the right and you are in the wrong. You need to make changes to yourself, so you can improve yourself and be a good person for the first time in your entire lifetime.” 

It hurt even worse to hear this, but then…if his mother thinks this way, then maybe he is in the wrong for what he did. Maybe he is a bad person and needs to change himself. 

“Does dad think the same way about me?”

He hears his mother asking his father this—apparently, he woke up when they were talking because being quiet is impossible in his household—and what he hears from his father only confirms it, “I do. I’m sorry Bakugou, but I don’t think you’re a good person. I think you are a bad person who needs to work on himself before he becomes a lone wolf.” 

“Where the hell would I even begin! Stupid betas don’t even give me a fair fucking chance!” Bakugou snaps out of frustration. 

“There. You could start there. Quit using sexist terms like ‘stupid beta’ or ‘beta bitch’. Don’t try to say you don’t use it either, Katsuki. We saw those videos from your classmates in middle school, we know what you were really like. It’s why we never publicly defended you.” 

Mitsuki takes the phone back from her husband, telling her son, “You could start by looking up all of the sexist terms for betas and make a mental note to never use them. You could then start looking up what it’s like to be a beta in today’s world with the forced mating issue on the table. Then you could end it all off by apologizing for your ways genuinely to every beta you’ve ever treated like shit and do your best to never make the same mistakes again.” 

“…Okay, I’ll do that then. Thanks for the advice. I gotta go.” 

He hangs up on his parents, feeling worse than what he did before he called him. With all of this in mind, he is more than ready to take on the challenge of changing himself. He is more than ready to do whatever it takes so he won’t be known as that creepy, rapey lone wolf no sane normal person wants to be by. 


He started off simple: he looked up the sexist terms online and vowed to never say them again in any fit of rage, no matter how severe it gets. He then went over to the table where his classmates sat at dinner time and said to them, “I looked up what people were saying about me online and after talking to my parents, I decided to say it now: I am terrible person and a piece of shit for saying what I did about betas. I won’t ever do it again.” 

Here comes the hard part…apologizing. Bakugou doesn’t do apologies, but if he doesn’t want to be hated forever, then he will have to force it out of himself, “I’m sorry, okay, shitheads? I’m fucking sorry and I won’t do and say the same shit I did before!” 

The table is quiet and Midoriya speaks up, “Does that apply to everyone here?” 

“Ugh, fuck yes it does, Deku!” Bakugou snaps at him. 

“Then why haven’t you apologized to Todoroki yet?” 

He didn’t know how to answer that one, “What?” 

Kirishima breaks it to him in his own blunt way, “Listen Bakubro, I think it’s manly you apologized and all. You treated Todoroki the worst out of us all: you burned him with your quirk first, called him sexist names repeatedly, and you always act like you want to either kill him or rape him going off of how volatile your scent gets. I can’t accept your apology until you apologize to him and start to change how you act towards him. I’m not sure if I speak for everyone here, but I won’t take your apology seriously until you apologize to him.” 

With the unanimous agreement from the rest of the table, Bakugou is left to face his hardest challenge yet: apologizing to Todoroki even though he doesn’t really want to. 

Apparently, Deku knows him better than he thought he did and he tells him, “Watch the video of how you treated him at the Sports Festival if you need a brush up on how badly you acted towards him.”

“Fucking fine!” 

He’ll watch the video, but it’s not like it will change his mind or anything. He was in the right there, not the stupid beta Aizawa is so obsessed with. 


After watching the video again…he realized right away why everyone was calling him a sexist pig before the avalanche of videos from his beta classmates stating what he was like towards betas in school, why they rejected him, and why they only used him for sex came online. He can admit that he had no right to get that aggressive towards Shouto and seeing his behavior on his phone screen has him cringing at himself for how…gross and sexist he acted. Yes, he can admit he came off as a gross sexist pig on live TV because the way he acted there was no different from the numerous videos he saw from All Might where he defeated villainous alphas and betas who were trying to grab betas so they could forcibly mate them. 

He can admit it, he was a pig there. He was a big sexist pig there and he owes Shouto the apology of a lifetime for the way he acted. 

He never wanted to act like a gross villain All Might apprehended. To know he did so on national TV makes him feel disgusted with himself and makes it easier for him to go through with apologizing to the beta. 

“Hey, Todoroki…mind if I speak to you alone for a minute?” he asks the beta who is eating dinner with his mate inside the campground main building. 

(He knew they’d be here because Shouto’s training took place in an entirely different area and time as well. His and Hawks’ sleeping arrangements were completely separate from everyone else’s too. It only made sense they’d be getting Wild Wild Pussycat food too.) 

Shouto clearly doesn’t look comfortable with the suggestion and Bakugou can understand why. He didn’t act the best towards him. He can only imagine what this particular beta thinks of him, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, alpha.” 

Hawks is quick to comment, “He has a point. How do we both know you won’t attack him with your quirk or sexist language?”

Bakugou can acknowledge that, “Okay, I fucked up! I fucked up really bad with you and I’m sorry for what I did at the stupid festival and what I said.” 

Shouto cuddles into Hawks’ side tighter, nodding slowly when saying it, “I’m not sure how seriously I can take this. I barely know you and what I do know of you isn’t anything good, alpha. All I know is you are not to be trusted because you are a violent, abusive, vile person. How can I know you mean it? Words can only do so much, you know.” 

Shouto is letting this out because that’s how he feels towards his father in general. He doesn’t know how to explain it, but he feels if his father were to ever apologize to him, he’d want more than words. He always apologized to his mother for hitting her, but he’d still do it again anyway the next time he got angry. How will he know if Bakugou will be the same way or not? He doesn’t even know this alpha and what little he does know only makes him less likely to trust him. 

Bakugou, on the other hand, at first is a bit pissed, but then he can acknowledge that Shouto is right. He doesn’t know him at all. What little he does know of him has been nothing but bad. There’s no way he wouldn’t think less of him if he just apologized with words only and no actions. He has to do more if he wants to prove he’s not a bad person. 

“Simple: I won’t ever talk like a sexist or get mad at you over my failures ever again. I won’t do the same thing to any beta in general. Just you watch, Todoroki, I’ll prove the entire world wrong about me!” 

Shouto doesn’t trust it at all. Growing up with his father only taught him to be leery of any alpha willing to apologize so quickly and easily. 

“I hope you can, then.” he replies softly and turns to face Hawks, “I’m done eating. Can we go to our room and cuddle, Hawks?” 

“Yeah, we can. There’s nothing I love more than being with you.” 

Bakugou doesn’t know what to say. All he can do is exit the building and resolve himself to live up to the standard he set for himself in his apology talk to Shouto. 


While Bakugou was enduring this revelation, Inasa was dealing with another issue: Hawks is a jerk. 

The entire bus ride over to the training camp, he didn’t let Inasa get a word in with Shouto and when Shouto fell asleep on his lap, he covered him with his wings before putting his headphones on to listen to some music. After Shouto woke up, he kept him by his side the whole time, drenching him in his own scent which made Inasa a bit peeved off because it didn’t feel fair to have the hero here when he’s acting like this. 

At the meal with the Wild Wild Pussycats, he wouldn’t allow him to speak to Shouto there either. He only opted to seat Shouto at a table far away from himself, which only served to make Inasa all the more irritated because he was distracted in a conversation with the betas of his class (mainly Kaminari, Jirou, and Yaoyorozu) and he didn’t get to go over to Shouto’s table because of that. 

Once in the hot springs, Hawks wasn’t any better there. He wasn’t above stripping down and showing everyone his…larger than expected cock. Inasa didn’t think was possible for an average sized guy like him to have one so big, that’s for sure! 

Inasa didn’t like it because he could tell Sero and Mineta were feeling uncomfortable with the way Hawks was almost making it out to be a challenge for alpha superiority. He may not care for Mineta, but since Sero didn’t seem to like this outward display of attempted superiority, he decided to speak up on the behalf of them, “Hey, it can’t kill you to have the towel on before you go into the water!” 

Hawks rolled his honey gold eyes, “Are you kidding me right now? There’s no need to be so uptight! We are all alpha men here, let’s cut loose and enjoy the time we have to ourselves.” 

“I don’t think you want any time to yourself. Not with the way you won’t allow me to speak to Todoroki.” 

Welp, he didn’t mean to say it underneath a beautiful night sky in the middle of summer, but here he is, saying it anyway. He feels equal parts stupid and lighter for getting it off of his chest. 

“Well, I wouldn’t be having to create some distance if Aizawa weren’t using you to try to break me and my arranged mate up all because he can’t get over our age gap. Being a middle class alpha, I know how to treat people right. Lately, you haven’t been acting right.” 

“What do you mean by that! I never did anything bad to you!” 

“Oh but you did!” Hawks glares at him as his eyes narrow, “You see, Shouto is my mate. I am going to mark him when he’s legal because I respect the fact he is too young to mark. Right now, you are willingly going along with someone else’s plot to end our relationship. I know all about your flirty texts, the way you act so kindly to him, and the way you treat him like a princess. No alpha does that to a beta unless if they’re interested in courting them and the fact you’ve been making a move on my mate despite the fact you knew he was arranged to be mated, tells me all I need to know about you.” 

Inasa’s hard, cold stare doesn’t intimidate Hawks in the slightest bit, nor does his sharpened, strong scent, “Oh, so what do you know about me then?” 

“You’re a shameless homewrecker who wasn’t raised right if you think it’s okay to go for another alpha’s mate.” Hawks responds pointedly, his wings as firm as the rest of him while Sero and Mineta begin to tremble in their presence from their clashing scents alone.  

Inasa is used to certain things: his size, his scent, and his alpha all being a powerful combination to assert dominance over any other alpha in existence. He used a combination of the three, with his scent showing murderous intent and his alpha coming out at all full force as he bared his teeth at Hawks. 

What he didn’t expect was for Hawks to not bow down. No matter how vicious his alpha got, Hawks did not once flinch whereas Sero and Mineta had long left the hot springs out of instinctual fear of being killed by two strong, warring alphas fighting for dominance. 

Hawks not only did not bow down, he openly mocked him, “Let me guess jolly green giant: your freakishly huge size and strong scent have gotten you many victories over lesser alphas, huh? Sorry, but it will take a lot more than that if you want to make me submit to you of all people.” 

Suddenly, Hawks’ scent flared, stronger than Inasa’s and much harder to breathe in. His alpha came out only slightly to growl once (which sounded deeper and kind of demonic compared to Inasa’s wolf’s growl) and Inasa was already backing down because of his alpha recognizing something for the first time ever in his life: he was not the superior alpha here. 

“Listen here, you have another thing coming if you think you can steal my mate from me. You’re clearly not the strongest alpha here and if you keep going for Shouto, then I will wage a war you won’t be able to win. Leave Shouto alone or else I’ll go for your throat, alpha.” 

As Hawks said this, he did not sound like himself. He sounded more and more like his alpha when angered and it was enough to make Inasa nod his head before heading out of the hot springs himself. 

Hawks would enjoy his bath in peace, whereas Mineta and Sero would tell the rest of the class of how the forever dominant Inasa was made to submit to Hawks. 

It humiliated Inasa, but at the same time, it gave him resolve. 

If Aizawa doesn’t want Shouto with Hawks, then there must be a good reason behind it! He will ask Aizawa about it tomorrow and then he will do whatever it takes to win Shouto over, Hawks be damned! 

Chapter Text

Shouto is staying inside a five star hotel style room with a large, luxurious bed he shares with his mate every night. He and Hawks cuddle up each night, enjoying each other’s presence. He enjoys being by his mate…he wishes they could have done this right from the start when they were first arranged to be mated. Then maybe he wouldn’t have come to see him as a friend instead of a mate.

His ‘training’ is more or less Hawks trying to get him to be more comfortable with using his quirks. Since he’s never been trained on how to control or use them properly, he’s starting from scratch and Hawks is more than happy to help. 

After their breakfast (Shouto is used to eating salad in the mornings, but Hawks has been picky about him putting on at least some weight, so he has him eating a traditional Japanese breakfast in the mornings), they will shower and get dressed, ready to train on their own. 

He would have a harder focusing than usual during his training this particular afternoon because of something he happened upon earlier in the morning.

You see, after he was done getting dressed, he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth before he forgot. What he forgot is a teeny, tiny fact: Hawks was in the shower and the water had just stopped only moments before he did this. So, he opened the door and went inside, completely forgetting his mate’s presence. What he didn’t expect was to turn around and see Hawks completely naked for the first time in his life as he grinned, “Hey Shouto, I wasn’t done getting dressed! I can understand if you wanted to get a sneak peek of the goods, though. Like what you see? Because once we’re mated, this is all yours.” 

How Hawks could manage to be flirty in such a situation is something beyond Shouto’s comprehension and yet, all he could do was blush and stammer at the sight of him, “I-I’m…sorry, alpha, it won’t happen again!” 

He rushed out of the door, the image of Hawks’ naked body burned into his mind, his original intention forgotten as he blushed even darker yet. His mind stuck onto the image of the first alpha he’s ever seen naked in his lifetime. 

He didn’t think an alpha would look…that different from him below the belt! He knew they would look different, but he didn’t think it’d be that different. 

He wishes he didn’t see that, because it’s engraved into his mind even now. He tries to shoot off a ball of flame at a target, but he misses completely for the twentieth time that day once his dual colored eyes land on Hawks, who is standing there so casually in his black skinny jeans and fitted white t-shirt. 

His mate flies up to him and asks with a concerned look on his face, “Is there something wrong, Shouto? You’ve missed a lot of targets when you were doing good earlier… Is everything okay?” 

Shouto is a bit embarrassed to admit it, but he doesn’t see the point in not saying it, “I saw you in a state of undress this morning and I don’t think I can get it out of my mind.” 

Hawks takes this in for only for a few moments before grinning in pride, “Ah, I get it! I was too sexy for you to handle! If that isn’t a compliment, then I don’t know what is.” 

Shouto didn’t know how to react to this, “I…I guess? I’ve never seen a naked alpha before, so to see you was a new sight I hadn’t seen before.” 

“Did you like the view?” Hawks questioned him while giving him a curious gaze. 

Shouto’s blushed deeply, his first words being, “I only learned about alpha anatomy from my online school. They didn’t show anything graphic, just a diagram of an alpha anatomy. I didn’t know what it looked like in real life until I saw you naked. It’s a lot to take in.”

“Oh, okay, so you were shocked then! Makes sense considering I was the first one you ever saw naked. Any questions you want to ask me about alpha anatomy or no?” 

Shouto knows the basics from what he learned in sex ed in his online school and the questions he asked his doctor over the years about it after going through his first sex ed lesson when he was twelve. Though he is curious about one thing… 

“Your penis is big…how will it fit inside of me when you do mark me? Will it hurt? It looks like it would.” 

Hawks blinks a few times before laughing. 

He’s had sex with female betas before, some were virgin as well, so while he understands Shouto’s concern, he finds it oddly adorable while hilarious at the same that his one question to ask was this.

Shouto frowns, not liking what he’s heard so far, “Are you making fun of me for asking this?” 

“No, no! Your question caught me off guard, that’s all.” Hawks collects himself and clears his throat, “What I meant to say is simple: no, it won’t hurt. During a beta’s half rut, even if they are virgin, they are usually wet enough to handle a cock like mine. You’ll be just fine, Shouto: you have slick, right?” Shouto nods while looking away, not too fond about the slick topic being spoken of out in the open like this, “That will make it not hurt when we do mate.” 

“Okay, I was just wanting to be sure because I didn’t think you’d fit inside of me.” 

“Trust me, I will. I’m the number three hero, I can make anything happen.” 

Hawks flies around to Shouto’s right side, kissing him on top of his head as he said, “You’re so cute, Shouto! All curious about my body and whatnot. If you want to see me, all you have to do is ask and I’ll let you look.” 

Shouto blindly wonders in response, “What if you or someone else asks to see me naked? Should I allow it?” 

“No, that’s for me to see only, not anyone else, especially any and all unmated alphas and betas.” 

“Okay, I’ll remember that.” 

“Great! Now, try to hit the target again, pretty boy.” 


Later that night, Hawks had been planning on taking Shouto out to see the stars, but he was interrupted from his plans by the jolly green giant approaching them at high speed. 

“Todoroki! We’re going to play a fun game and I was wondering if you’d like to join us!” Inasa called out to him as he attempted to catch his breath upon reaching them. 

Hawks was about to hiss at him when Shouto asked him, “What kind of game are you playing?” 

“It’s called the test of courage! We are going to be separated into teams of two, A and B for Class 1-A and B. Then we are going to take turns going into the forest in a loop in pairs of two. During the time one pair of two is in the forest, the other team will be hiding there trying to scare them. Who gets scared the most will lose and whoever gets scared the least will win. Do you want to be my partner? I think it’d be a lot of fun! If you get scared, I’ll protect you and—”

“And the answer is a ‘no’ from me. If Shouto is going to be playing this game, it won’t be with you. It will be with me.” Hawks cuts in with a hard tone but it quickly fades away once he asks Shouto, “Do you want to play this game, Shouto?” 

Shouto thought it over and agreed, “Sure, why not? I never get to play games with anyone, and this will be fun.” 

“Great! I’ll be sure to get Aizawa’s permission for you to play.” 

“I’m playing too, as my mate’s partner.” Hawks reminds him bluntly, not really liking the way jolly green giant is not backing off of Shouto. 

“Great! The more, the merrier as I say! Let’s go!” 

Truly, Inasa was hoping Aizawa would choose him to be with Shouto in the forest. He wanted to be the one who held the pretty boy’s hand and protected him from all of the dangers in the forest. 

However, he has a feeling with Hawks here, his request won’t come true. 


Inasa was right: with Hawks present, his request did not come true. No, Inasa got stuck with Bakugou and Shouto was with Hawks in the woods right now. So far, it’s awkward and miserable being by the volatile alpha he views to be a sexist pig despite his apology. 

Still, he tries to make the best of it. He tries to be civil with Bakugou even if he doesn’t want to be anywhere near him. 

Then, they smelled it in the air: a gas, most likely poisonous, heading for them. They would find a student from Class 1-B passed out on the ground. Inasa would place the beta on his back and call out to Bakugou, “We need to get out of here right now! There’s something strange going on here and I know it’s not because of a Class 1-B kid’s quirk!” 

“Use your wind to blow the smoke away, dumbass!” Bakugou snarled at him, causing Inasa to snarl right back, “I can’t! It will only spread around the forest and harm more people! I’d need to find the source of the gas, but I’m not going to do that without a gas mask, which I don’t have!” 

“Ugh, fine! Let’s find our way out of here then!” 

Inasa really wishes it didn’t have to come to this point. Right now, he’s getting a gut feeling something bad is about to go down and with Shouto around, he feels more on edge than ever before. 

Hawks may be the number three hero, but can he really protect Shouto from the League of Villains? 


The moment the gas appeared, Hawks got Shouto away from the area by flying up high into the skies. There was blue fire encompassing one area of the forest, with a thick plume of purple gas covering another, and then there’s a villain he recognizes as Moonfish fighting with Bakugou and Inasa. 

He doesn’t know what is going on or why these attacks are happening now. All he knows is he is grateful he is here. Otherwise, Shouto would have been in severe danger and he wouldn’t be able to ever let him out of his sight ever again. Well…he’s at that point now as he holds the omega in his arms, “Hawks, what is going on? Why did you take me up into the skies?” 

He swallows down his own fearsome thoughts at what would have happened to Shouto if he weren’t here to tell him, “I took you up here because UA is under another villain attack yet again. I came to this camp to keep you safe and that is what I will do.” 

Shouto feels fear suddenly come over him at the news he is hearing right now. 

Villain attack, here, at the training camp? How? Why? 

If his father finds out about this, will he be taken out of UA? 

Will he lose Shinsou as a friend? 

What will happen to him once this is all over with? 

He’s terrified to even ponder this because it could all go downhill so fast and…and… 

The calming pheromones Hawks is releasing make him pause in his thoughts, the smooth rumble of his croon following it making his distress pheromones go down slowly but surely, “Listen, I won’t let anything bad happen to you, okay? I am here, I will be sure you are safe no matter what I have to do. I will get you out of this, Shouto. I promise.” 

He’s never been by villains before. He’s never been taught what to do when one strikes. His father always said he’d be locked up on his mate’s property for the rest of his life anyway, so why bother teaching him anything regarding villains? 

Well, turns out his father was dead wrong for not teaching him anything! Now he’s stuck here, afraid of what could happen and what will happen if he doesn’t get away from the villains. 

“Okay, I trust you. Just…don’t allow them to mark me, please. I don’t want to be marked by a villain.” 

Hearing his mate’s whimpered plea, Hawks gives him yet another soothing croon, “I won’t allow that to happen. You’re my mate and I will always be here to protect you.” 


In the fight against Moonfish, Inasa is regretting many things right about now. 

For example, he never got to ask Aizawa about Shouto and Hawks. He simply got to training because he forgot about it after waking up late this morning. He never got to tell Shouto how hard he is starting to fall for him, and he never ever got to be with him for one moment alone this whole trip because of Hawks! 

Bakugou wants to use his quirk, but Inasa won’t let him because he knows the proud alpha will start a forest fire with their shitty luck. Of course, Inasa’s wind wasn’t enough to break the man’s teeth and it wasn’t enough to hold him back forever. 

Which is why he was grateful when Tokoyami appeared out of nowhere to smash the villain’s teeth out. Bakugou was useful then in the case of subduing dark shadow, but other than this, Inasa was happy to see people other than Bakugou. 

“Midoriya, are you alright! You look beaten up really bad!” Inasa shrieked at the sight of the green haired beta, who only grinned through his pain, “I’ll be fine, Yoarashi. Where’s Kacchan? The villains are looking for him.” 

Oh, right. Mandalay's announcement they received about the villains’ intentions. Inasa didn’t pay any attention to that part, he only listened to the part where she was instructing Hawks to retrieve as many students as possible from the forest before helping them fight the villains they were facing up against. 

Inasa didn’t want to run the risk of being by the other alpha, so he offered, “I can fly Bakugou and you back to the camp. I don’t think there’d be any problem with that.” 

“Fuck no! I’m not riding in your arms, asshole!” 

“Why not?” 

“Because I can’t fucking stand you, that’s why!”

“Screw you! I need to get you to safety! How am I supposed to do that before—”

“Hey there kiddos!” comes the taunting voice he didn’t want to hear. 

Hawks lands in front of them, with Shouto by his side because he didn’t want to leave the omega alone with any unmated alpha or beta during this mission (it did take him far longer to save people because of this). Shouto was already scared and his scent was starting to be let out. He couldn’t risk leaving him alone at the camp because the risk of one of those villains being unmated or both of them was too high. He didn't know how they would react to Shouto or what they would do to mark him. He has to do whatever it takes to keep him safe: as his mate, it's what he is supposed to do. 

Inasa scoffs to this, his eyes rolling, “Hello, Hawks.” 

Bakugou almost wants to laugh. As someone who’s been on Inasa’s hate list for so long, it felt good to see someone else getting the short end of his hate stick for once. He did hear about Hawks overpowering his alpha at the hot spring and he wanted to thank the hero for doing it. He would have done so now, but if only it were not for that lovely scent in the air of strawberries and whipped cream. 

“Hey, who smells so good?” 

Shouto instantly freezes in Hawks’ arms, causing the alpha to shrug, “No idea. Alright, let me take a look here… I already got quite a lot of students back to camp, but I still need to—whoa crap!”

Hawks eyes up Midoriya’s and Shouji’s injuries, causing him to set Shouto down for a moment to look them over, “Damn, they got you good, didn’t they? I should take you both back to camp right now.”

“I can take them back to camp!” Inasa seethes, not liking what he is hearing from the hero he views to be cocky. 

Hawks rolls his golden eyes, having enough of the other alpha already, using his alpha voice on him once more to make a point, “I’m the fastest of the two of us. I already got almost all of the Class 1-B kids out of the forest except for four of them and the only ones I need from Class 1-A are you guys and Yaoyorozu. I did this all with Shouto by my side too, so don’t get cocky with me.” 

“How did you manage that with the gas?” Inasa shoots back out of curiosity more than actual hostility.

“Two of the kids had gas masks given to them by Yaoyorozu. After I got them out, they gave it to me and Shouto to use. Now, I need to take them back to camp.” Hawks hisses at Inasa before his eyes fall onto the Class 1-B kid on the ground who is unconscious as well. 

Before they can fight anymore, Shouto suggests to his mate, “Why don’t you take the boy on the ground and Midoriya back to camp then Yoarashi can take Shouji back to camp with you? I think that would work best for now. You can always return for me. I know you can: you’re the best hero I’ve seen in action so far tonight. Once the rest of Class 1-A and B are out of the woods, I know you can handle the other villains the heroes are facing right now.” 

Hawks doesn’t want to leave Shouto alone…but he knows Tokoyami is a good kid from his internship with him. He knows he can trust him with the utmost important task he can give a person tonight, “Tokoyami, I want you to protect my mate while I am gone. Be sure he never leaves your sight.” 

“I will be sure to protect him with my life, Hawks.” Tokoyami vows as he watches Hawks take both Midoriya and the Class 1-B boy into his arms, “Wait! What about Kacchan? They’re after him—” 

“He’s an unmated alpha. He can handle himself. I will return for him and Shouto after I drop you off. The jolly green giant can take Tokoyami back to camp once he’s done dropping off multiple limbs guy.” Hawks comments before flying away at top speed back to camp, with an angered Inasa following suite. 

Now that they are alone…the scent is somehow more intense and Bakugou cannot help but to state the obvious, “Todoroki, you’re the one with pleasant scent, aren’t you?” 

Shouto doesn’t know what to do other than to remain silent. This backfires on him because the other is quick to sigh, “Dammit… No wonder he kept you by his side all night long. Those villains could be unmated, and your scent could be potent for some unmated people for all I know. How was he able to find us anyway? How was he able to find anyone?” 

“He has the keenest eyesight I’ve ever seen on a person and he can feel the vibrations in the air through his feathers. That’s how he can track people so easily and it’s how he managed to save so many people tonight.” Shouto explains easily as Bakugou notes he seems to enjoy talking about his arranged mate. It’s something Bakugou wishes he had for himself, but he knows he will need to work on himself before he can ever get a mate like Shouto who speaks of their alpha so fondly. 

Tokoyami hums in awe, “Hawks is truly an amazing alpha and hero. You got lucky to have him as a mate, Todoroki.” 

Seeing the smile on his lips and smelling the scent emitting from him…Bakugou cannot deny his alpha wants to mark Shouto. He cannot also deny the fact he finds the other boy to be cute when he smiles. 

Why can’t things ever look up for him? 

Chapter Text

Hawks did manage to return the severely injured Midoriya, the Class 1-B kid, and Shouji to the camp. After this, he gave one final order to Inasa, “Come back to the woods with me and take Tokoyami back with you. After this, I want you to stay here while I retreat Yaoyorozu and the other three Class 1-B kids, okay?” 

“Fine.” Inasa responds curtly, not really wanting to work with Hawks, but forcing himself to for the sake of his terrified, injured classmates. 

Hawks would fly back up in the skies, use his feathers to find Shouto’s location, and when he did arrive, he was met with a wave of relief washing over him. Shouto is still here, Shouto is with Tokoyami and Bakugou safe and sound. 

He approaches his mate, kissing him on the forehead and holding him close, “Were you fine when I was gone?” 

“I was just fine. There wasn’t any need to worry.” 

Shouto is not lying here. All that happened in the short time period of being alone in the woods with Tokoyami and Bakugou was awkward silence with a bit of small take on Tokoyami’s end to Shouto. It wasn’t bad at all Shouto didn’t feel threatened while he was alone. 

“Yoarashi, take Tokoyami back to camp. I’ll take Bakugou and Shouto back with me.” 

“As if I’ll listen to you!” Bakugou snarls at him, but Hawks then brings out his hostile scent and his alpha voice, making Bakugou’s alpha feel a fear around Hawks’ alpha which was stronger than what he felt around Inasa’s alpha, “You will listen to me, both of you alphas here will! I am making it clear right now: you will come back to camp with me, end of discussion. Got it?” 

Bakugou’s alpha submits, but Inasa is still willing to put up a fight, “I don’t think so! I can take Todoroki back to camp with Tokoyami and you can take Bakugou. Taking Todoroki everywhere must have slowed you down, right? If so, then I’ll take him back to camp with me and I’ll keep him safe while you save everyone else.” 

“Back down, alpha. I don’t take insubordination well from a lesser one in any pack.” he growls at him, his voice low and demonic sounding as his alpha comes out in the same force it did back in the hot springs, but worse.

Hawks doesn’t like having to use his alpha like this, but Inasa is getting on his nerves. His patience has already run out on the teen and he needs him to leave with Tokoyami while he still can.

It also doesn’t help he only offered to take Shouto with him so he could try to steal him from him. Hawks doesn’t look upon such things lightly and to know Inasa won’t quit or go away anytime soon is only making the bad blood between them worse on Hawks’ end. 

However, since he is one of Shouto’s two friends, he won’t go too harshly on him. He doesn’t want to upset Shouto by taking away one of his friends, so he decides to not call him out for attempting to steal Shouto right in front of him. 

Inasa grumbles but stops himself short, not wanting to make things tense for Shouto or make him afraid of him, “Fine. Come on, Tokoyami, let’s go.” 

Tokoyami nods and gets picked up by Inasa, who carries him away, using his wind to bring them back to camp. The moment Inasa went airborne, the scent of strawberries and whipped cream disappeared. 

Hawks turned around to find both Shouto and Bakugou gone, with a man in an orange trench coat along with a black and white mask covering his face chuckling, his top hat looking as tacky as the rest of him in Hawks’ eyes, “Hello, Hawks! My, aren’t we just lucky to get such a hero like yourself here tonight? You know there’s nothing I love more than entertaining a pro…but alas, our time is meant to be cut short! No need to worry, we’ll take excellent care of the alpha and the beta with the alluring scent.” 

The man was already moving right after he had spoken but Hawks was right on his heel. His alpha was roaring inside of him, urging him to rip out the throat of the man who dared to steal his Shouto, his omega from him! 

This may have led him into using far too much force when he used his feathers to knock the man out of the air and onto the ground. The man fell unconscious, with the marbles he had collected slipping out of his grasp and the people inside the marbles being released. 

Oddly enough, Hawks was not focused on Bakugou being closest to his side. What he was focused on was the villain with the dark purple scars, staples holding healthy skin with necrotic skin together, black hair, wild blue eyes, and a scent which screamed ‘deadly’ approaching his omega. 

“Todoroki Shouto…Touya’s little brother, right? The one who was always locked away.” he comments as he pulls the omega up from the ground, his hand caressing his face as he does so, “My, you’re prettier than I ever thought you would be! No wonder why he chose to suffer for a chance to be with you. I would have chosen the same” his voice then drops to a whisper, but Hawks heard it nonetheless, “if I could have the only omega in existence.” 

He goes on edge then, not caring that the other two villains are ready to strike at Bakugou at any moment or the alpha had called upon their escape route while simultaneously ordering the nomu to, “Kurogiri, we got what we came for. Get the warp gate ready for us. Nomu, take Compress back to the hideout with you. We can handle it from here. I’ll be joining you shortly…after I take my mate, of course.” 

At this point, Hawks was already in the air and ready to strike, “Let go of my mate.” 

“Make me, winged hero.” Dabi taunts, a sneer on his face as he sent a wave of blue flame to counter Hawks’ feathers. The winged hero was stunned to see the feathers turning to ash in a flame which burned hotter than Enji’s. He barely dodged it in time to come out alive from the attack. 

Right as he was getting for another attack on Dabi, the alpha was starting to smell around for Shouto’s scent gland, looking for it so he could mark him. Hawks forced himself to move at a speed he never had before, and yet it was Bakugou who had blasted his way over there first, his crimson eyes burning with pure rage, “You fucking bastard! Let him go!” 

Bakugou ripped Shouto out of his arms and threw him back onto the ground. In the process, he fell into Dabi’s grasp and plunged them both into the portal Dabi had called for. 

Shouto was stunned in silence as the other villains followed suite, his eyes wide as it all hit him: Bakugou…the hot headed blonde alpha…had saved him from being forcibly mated.

Bakugou…saved him. 

Hawks is holding him tight, his breathing slightly ragged as he holds him close, “Dammit…Shouto, I was terrified! He almost marked you!” 

Shouto is shaking in his arms, though. He’s starting to panic, causing his pheromones to secrete out more, with his scent becoming impossible to hide with scent marking. 

“I want to go home.” Shouto whimpered, “I want to go home, Hawks. This was too much…that alpha knew me. He knows I’m an omega. A villain knows I’m an omega. What can I do now?” 

Hawks tries to calm him down with croons and coos, yet it proved impossible to do. Shouto is too shaken to be fully calmed down and Hawks can’t blame him. 

Personally speaking, it terrifies himself to know an alpha so powerful knows of Shouto’s being an omega thanks to some connection with Touya. What will he do with this information? What will he do to get Shouto to be his? 

There’s no other choice now. Even if Enji doesn’t approve, he has to do this. He has to be the one who saves Shouto and protects him no matter what. He’s going to be his mate someday, which means he must step up to the plate. 

After tonight, he will ask Enji for permission to have Shouto live with him. 


Thanks to Hawks, many of the students who would have been harmed by the gas were saved and the casualties were low (as in Midoriya was the only one who got severely injured, whereas Yaoyorozu and a Class 1-B kid only received mild injuries). Many in the media praised him for saving so many kids and making the casualty numbers low, but the kidnapping of Katsuki Bakugou was still front page news. 

Many believe Bakugou was taken because of his sexist ways and the villains saw something they could relate to him. Given the way he saved Shouto from a forced mating, Hawks cannot believe this for one moment. He wishes he could say Bakugou saved Shouto from an attempted forced mating, but he can’t if he doesn’t want Enji to end their mating (which he knows the man will given how mad he is at the moment). 

At the moment, he is with Enji alone at his home and in his office. He swallows down his nervousness to face the angered alpha, who clearly looks ready to kill with the news he received, “You shouldn’t have allowed him to go to camp. Look at the catastrophe that happened! A student was kidnapped while another was severely injured! Shouto is an omega, Hawks, what if they had found that out? His only use is in breeding anyhow and the last thing I need is a grandkid who is part criminal!” 

Hawks bristles to that last part, not liking what he heard for one moment, “Hey, Enji, don’t say that about Shouto. He’s more than breeding. He is a person with dreams and goals of his own. If he were allowed to pursue them and have them, he would prove you wrong on everything you’ve ever said about him. Also, if I weren’t there, the catastrophe would have been so much worse, so please stop bitching about it, okay?” 

Enji shuts up and Hawks decides to give him an interesting tidbit of information, “Shouto wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for Aizawa forcing him there, much like what he did with the Sports Festival. He told me he is doing this as a way to break Shouto and I up because he doesn’t agree with our mating because he thinks I am too old for Shouto. Really, if you are going to blame anyone, it should be him for trying to defy your choice for Shouto.” 

Enji was not too happy to hear this to say the least, his snarl out in the open as he shouted, “That damn bastard, how dare he! I am going to give Nezu a piece of my mind over this! By the time I am done, Aizawa will be forced to stay away from my son…just you watch, it will happen. I will make him end this childish nonsense!” 

Just like that, Hawks became a victor over his conflict with Aizawa. 

Then he decides to test his luck with a request of his own, “We will be mated someday, Enji. Any chance Shouto can live with me from now on?”

“Why would I allow that?” Enji’s tone suddenly changes to one of disinterest, but Hawks is not above testing his luck when it concerns Shouto, “Because after the attack at the training camp, Shouto doesn’t want me to leave his side. Really, what better way to calm my omega down than to allow him to live with his alpha?” 

Enji has one objection to this, “His heats and doctor visits. How do you suggest we handle this?” 

“I suggest we have the doctor send the information over to a hospital near my place and I will have the top doctor there look over him from now on.” 

Enji thinks this over, but ultimately decides that, “I need to think this over, Hawks. Your offer is appealing enough, but I need to fully consider it before making my decision.” 

“I understand. Take all the time you need.” 

“I will, but first things first, I need to deal with Aizawa. You may leave now, Hawks. Go see Shouto if you wish, but just know he is still shaken up from what happened at the camp.”

The winged hero nods and leaves the office so Enji can call up the school. 

Despite the rocky patches there in the conversation, he cannot help but to feel as though he’s won in the sense of Enji will force Aizawa to back off on his scheme. Which means Shouto is certain to remain as his mate without any Aizawa-induced meddling. 


Shouto is still very much shaken up after what happened at the camp. He cannot sleep well, he doesn’t want to go out anywhere anymore, and he finds himself wanting to be by Hawks more oft than not. He does worry over Bakugou, because he does owe the alpha a big show of gratitude after he saved him from Dabi, but he supposed the heroes will save him. 

Hawks enters his room and Shouto instantly is in his arms, too shaken over what happened, “Hawks.” 

Hearing the small call of his name has Hawks sighing as he nuzzles Shouto, “What’s wrong, pretty boy? Are you still scared over what happened?” 

Shouto nods quickly and explains his fear, “I always knew alphas were dangerous and scary, especially the villain ones, but I never thought I’d meet one in my lifetime. I never thought I’d be by one who knows I am an omega and wants to mark me. I never thought I’d almost be forcibly mated…if it weren’t for Bakugou, I’d be mated to that villain right now. I owe him my life after what he did for me. Because of him, I am free to be with you still.” 

Hawks moves Shouto over to the same mat they had once cuddled on before this whole mess happened, holding him close as he sighs, “It’s going to be fine, Shouto. I won’t ever allow anyone to pull a stunt on you like that again. I asked your father a big question just now and I am expecting to hear back from him once he’s thought it over more.” 

Shouto blinks, confused as to what said question could be or why it is so important in keeping him safe from scary villains who know he is an omega, “What was the question you asked?” 

“If he would be okay with you moving in with me and living with me from now on.” 

Shouto doesn’t know how to feel about this. A week ago, he’d be so happy because then he’d get to leave the property for good before he was ever mated to Hawks. Now he’s a bit more cautious after the villain attack. The world is not a safe place like he had always thought it to be. He will always have to be more careful than the average person and he will always have to be on guard. This is a hard lesson from the villain attack on the camp. 

He never thought it would be something to be discussed so soon. On one hand, he wants to leave the property early still and yet on the other, he wants to remain there after what happened at the camp. 

One thing does bother him, though, “If I live with you, will I still be able to attend UA? I like having friends, Hawks. I don’t want to lose them because they’re the only ones I got.” 

It annoys Hawks to know he is talking about Inasa in this friend label as well as Shinsou, but there’s nothing he can do about it now. Inasa is his friend, but Hawks is intent on keeping it that way. He needs to win over Shouto’s heart before Inasa has any chance of leaving the friend zone. He will never allow the damned giant to take his Shouto away! That is something he won’t stand for! 

“You will, I promise you will. I won’t ever take you away from your friends, Shouto. I could never do that to you.” 

This warms his heart to hear it, but at the same time, he’s worried, “How do I know the villain won’t find me there?” 

Hawks is not above pointing out to him, “If he knew Touya, then he knows where you live. He doesn’t know where I live, so you would be safer with me as opposed to him.” 

“I suppose you’re right.” Shouto concedes, yet he still has a tinge of fear present in his lovely eyes. 

Hawks doesn’t know what else to do other than to make an offer he knows his mate won’t refuse, “Do you want to cuddle? I could stay the night with you, and we could cuddle all night long if you want.” 

Shouto thinks it over and nods in agreement, not wanting his mate to leave him. Both himself and his omega want him here because what happened at the camp was too much for him to handle in general. He never thought he’d be in the situation he was with Dabi and yet there he was, almost marked by the strange man he had never seen before. 

“Yes, please. I need you here, this was too much to handle for me and I need you here to help me with this because I never thought this would actually happen to me. I thought the world was a safe place and now, I’m no longer certain of that.” 

“Hey…the world is not entirely evil. Don’t let one bad experience scare you back inside the property gates, okay? There’s more to the world than what you think there is and I think you need to exploring it. There’s good and bad in everyone and everything. Just try to find the good and focus on it, then you’ll be fine. I promise.” 

Hearing his mate’s gentle coo made him smile as he leans into his arms, “I’ll try to remember that… Thank you for staying with me.” 

Hawks kisses his forehead, his response as gentle as his coo, “Don’t thank me for it! I’m just being a good mate, Shouto.” 

He would stay there all night long, falling asleep with his omega in his arms all while dreaming of a future of them together without any Inasa around to ruin it. 

Chapter Text

Shouto was happy to see Shinsou at the orientation for the next semester. He smiled brightly at him, approaching him with a pep in his step as he cannot wait to speak to his friend in person again, “Shinsou, hi! How are you?”

“I’m good. I heard about what happened at the camp. Are you alright, Todoroki?”

“I was really scared, but I’m fine now. At least we get to spend another semester together, right?”

Shinsou pauses to this, biting his lip as he tries to think of what to tell him, but eventually settles on a simple conclusion, “Well, you see…I am going to be in Class 1-A.”

Shouto blinks to this, finding it odd and yet he is proud of him for being able to achieve the first step of his dream so soon, “Really? Why?”

“Because Mineta got expelled after the footage of the way he acted towards you at the Sports Festival went viral and there were petitions being signed to get him expelled.” Shinsou explains as he settles his hands into his pockets, “I’m sorry I won’t be in class with you, Todoroki. At least we’ll have lunch together.”

“Yeah, that’s good at least and you have Yoarashi there to be your friend too.” Shouto reminds Shinsou who nods and yet doesn’t seem too comforted this, “True, but he is a bit…loud for my taste.”

“You’ll get used to it.” before Shouto can say much else, Inasa is approaching him with a loud greeting of, “Todoroki! I’m so happy to see you! How have you been?”

“I’ve been good. How are you doing?” he answers him gently, finding Inasa’s excitement to be an oddly refreshing source of distraction from his current predicament of waiting for his father to give an answer regarding his living arrangements with Hawks.

“Well, after Bakugou was rescued from Kamino, I got to go on a vacation to the beach with my family. It was so much fun! I wish you could have come, Todoroki. There’s so much I have to tell you too…but before I do, here!”

He shoved a box of chocolates into the omega’s hands, thinking the expression on his face is cute as he eyes up the box of treats, “What is this?”

Inasa blinks while slowly saying, “…A box of chocolates.”

Shouto had never received such a thing. He didn’t know what to think about it, his mind drawing a complete blank as he replied, “Thank you for the chocolates. I’ve never had any before, so I’ll be sure to let you know how much I like them.”

The tall alpha beams, his eyes glowing when he says it, “You’re welcome! Now, if you excuse me, I have to get going to class! See you there, Shinsou.”

Shinsou’s indigo eyes are wide at what he sees. Unlike Shouto, he’s a middle class alpha. He knows what this is from anywhere: a courting gift.

Inasa is trying to court Shouto. It’s enough to make him tell the omega in all of his shock, “You need to tell your mate about this.”


“Because that is a courting gift. Inasa wants to take you courting, Todoroki, that’s why he gave you the chocolates.”

“What is courting?”

Shinsou didn’t have the time to explain it as the students were all heading off to their classes. All he could do was sigh and say, “I’ll tell you later at lunch, okay?”


Shouto doesn’t see what the big deal is. It is just a box of chocolates. Who’s to say it would ever lead into anything more?


At lunchtime, he doesn’t see Shinsou around, but he does see Inasa rushing over to his side with a bright smile on his lips, “Todoroki! I got us a nice table to sit at today for lunch. I figured it could be just the two of us for now since Shinsou is pretty occupied with Midoriya’s friends.”

Shouto looks over to where Inasa is pointing and indeed, Shinsou is with Midoriya’s friends. It’s not that he doesn’t like Midoriya, but he’s heard of his hero worshipping ways while he was at the camp. The kids would always say he knew everything about every hero around, and how amazing he thought they all were. It made Shouto not want to talk to him because his father is a hero and he doesn’t need to hear someone praising him nonstop.

“Okay, let’s go eat then.” Shouto says to Inasa, who is more than happy to lead the omega over to their table after they get their food. (Inasa got bukkake udon and Shouto got zaru soba.)

He would stare at the boy with hearts in his eyes as they ate, but then Shouto would ask him, “Yoarashi, did you get your license? I know Shinsou got his over the summer when I texted him, but what about you?”

Inasa’s lovey-dovey look dies at the mention of it, a scowl coming on as he grumbles, “If Bakugou hadn’t fought with me, I would have gotten my license! Now I need to do remedial lessons every day after school because we didn’t work well together.”

Shouto blinks and speaks up a bit more, noticing something new in Inasa, “You don’t sound as angry as you usually do whenever you speak about Bakugou. Did something happen there?”

“Well, I decided to try to give him a second chance. He’s been a lot nicer to the betas in class lately and he has really cut back on the sexist talk. He doesn’t even say or make any sexist comments, even when he’s mad. It’s quite amazing really.” Inasa then comments, “That and my arguing with him during the licensing exam caused us to lose our shot at getting our provisional licenses. I should learn to let stuff go and quit holding onto grudges, as well as using my alpha to intimidate people.”

“What does that have to do with the losing your license?”

“It’s nothing to do with my license, but everything to do with the fact I met an alpha who could intimidate my alpha into submission. Being put in that spot made me realize how awful it was and how terrible I was to the people I thought were terrible and deserved it. I don’t know, I have a lot to work on before I can become the best hero ever.”

Inasa then changes the subject to ask, “Did you see Hawks after the training camp incident?”

“Only once. He stayed the night at my house, but then he left the next morning. He had a lot of work to do back in his area of the city.” Shouto admits with a small sigh, having enjoyed being Hawks for as long as he had been. Hawks is a surprisingly good friend who happens to kiss him, cuddle him, and compliment him.

Is he a friend then or no? Shouto is not too sure at this point.

Inasa hums to this, feeling better about Hawks not being by Shouto for as long as he had been at camp, “Ah, just wondering… You know, if I was your mate—arranged or not—I’d do everything to be by your side no matter what! You would be the one I would cherish most and hold close. I would do anything and everything to wake up with your pretty face in my life.”

Shouto does not know what he means by any of this. Inasa is just a friend, so why is he talking like this? What does he mean by any of this?

“Really? That’s interesting. I didn’t think I was that special.”

“You are, though! You are very special to me and I will always see you as being special!”

It’s so strange to hear. Shouto has always been called an abomination or a mutant by his father for being an omega. Now to hear someone calling him ‘special’…it’s too strange and he doesn’t know what to make of it.

He blushes slightly as he finishes his food before the bell rings, “Thank you for thinking so.”

Once the bell is done ringing, Shouto says to his alpha friend, “Sorry, Yoarashi! I have to get going. I’ll see you tomorrow, goodbye for now.”

“Goodbye, Todoroki! You look really pretty today!”

Shouto flushes in embarrassment before nodding and leaving without having ever spoken to Shinsou about ‘courting’ and what all it entails.


Shouto would sigh when the day was over and he checked his phone for a text from his father. Apparently, the only way he will allow Shouto to live with Hawks is if Hawks marks him and Shouto knows that is not happening anytime soon.

He feels…much more let down than he thought he would be. He doesn’t even know why he feels so let down either. He feels as though his father has ripped something important away from him and he doesn’t really know why he feels that way.

Oh well. He’ll get over it in time, he’s sure.

“Todoroki, wait! Before you go, we need to talk about courting.” Shinsou would call out to him before he exited the building.

He would turn around to face his friend who had chased him down here, and he tilts his head a bit when asking, “Is this still important? I don’t see how a box of chocolates could be anything more than what they are.”

Shinsou would clear his throat before explaining what it meant, “Well, for starters, when an alpha or dominant beta shows interest in another beta, they give them a gift. Usually it is chocolates or flowers. If the beta accepts the gift, then the alpha or dominant beta will feel encouraged the beta they want is ready to court with them. They will then go over to the home of the beta they are interested in and ask for permission to court them.”

“What happens during courting?”

“You go out to places and events with the one who receives permission to court you with someone from your family to supervise the entire time to be sure the alpha or dominant beta is being good towards you. During this time, the alpha or dominant beta will start to give you gifts as a way to show affection and interest. Since Yoarashi gave you those chocolates and you accepted them, he will ask your dad for permission to court you despite the fact he knows you are arranged to mate with Hawks.”

(Shinsou does know about Hawks thanks to Shouto telling him about the winged hero and their arranged mating over the phone during the summer break.)

Shouto’s face burns a bright pink out of embarrassment because, “I-I only accepted those to be a good friend! I didn’t know what it meant, really! Oh no, poor Yoarashi…he will be treated so awfully by my father too!”

Upon the sight of his friend panicking, Shinsou began to release calming pheromones, hoping it would calm down Shouto. Luckily for him, it calmed him down enough to where he could breathe normally.

Shinsou is quick to remind his friend, “You’re a high class beta. Your father won’t even accept the courtship offer, that much I am certain of. With the way he acted at the festival towards you, I wouldn’t doubt if he would be just as nasty to Yoarashi for even attempting to ask you to court him.”

Shouto hopes he will be. He knows it sounds bad, but he doesn’t want to upset Hawks or have him feeling hurt by this. He knows he didn’t get to choose his mate, but Hawks is still a nice guy and he doesn’t deserve to go through the heartbreak of Shouto courting with anyone else other than him.

“I hope you’re right, Shinsou.” Shouto breathes out quietly, hoping his friend is right.

Seeing how distressed the omega is, Shinsou decides to do something to cheer him up before he returns home, “I’ll send you a video of my cat. I have this really cute one I think you’d like a lot.”

“Okay…thank you Shinsou. You are the best friend I could ever ask for.” Shouto admits bluntly, not quite understanding why some people would feel nervous to say such things to their friends.

Shinsou is touched to hear this, but he doesn’t know what else to say outside of, “No problem, you’re the best friend I could ever ask for too.”

Shouto would wave his friend goodbye and enter the car the driver had been assigned to pick him up in, already feeling knots in his stomach over the idea of being asked to court by Inasa and the hurt Hawks would feel over this.


Before Shouto would return to school, he would hear about the dorms, but because of his heats he wasn’t allowed to live in them. He still lives at home, because his father won’t allow into the dorms no matter what, and now he’s just learned he cannot live with Hawks until the winged hero decides to mark him.

Aside from this little defeat for the arranged pair, Hawks is lucky in one regard: thanks to Enji’s ferocious bitching at the principal about Aizawa’s behavior, the teacher is now forced to stay out of Shouto’s mating business as well as his overall relationship. Hawks was very, very pleased to hear this despite his setback of being told he could not live with Shouto until he chose to mark him.

The winged hero would have visited the Todoroki residence to see Shouto today for dinner, but he couldn’t attend to it due to his presence being needed in his town.

Shouto was sad to hear Hawks was not coming. Ever since he started doing more…affectionate things, is what he thinks his sister called it when he last spoke to her when she was over and asked about his relationship with Hawks, he is starting to feel closer to him.

Which is why he is currently a bit let down as he eats his dinner with his sister and father present. He wishes Hawks were here to break the silence in the room. He’s already answered all of Fuyumi’s questions about his day, friends, and mate. What more can he do now?

He simply sits back and allows himself to eat his food in silence so he can end this sooner. What no one saw coming was the knock on the door of the Todoroki residence, “Hawks better not be showing up late.” Enji mutters underneath his breath, already annoyed at the idea of anyone interrupting his meal time.

He opens the door and finds a freakishly tall alpha standing there with dark hair cut short and dark eyes, “Who are you?”

Despite the gruff greeting, Inasa forges onward into his plan, “My name is Yoarashi Inasa. Sir, I was wondering if I could court your youngest child!”

Inasa had dressed up in a black three piece suit, with a white button down and black tie with the nicest shoes he has, and he had with him a bouquet of light pink and white roses.

Enji wanted to hiss at such a disgusting display. No self respecting alpha should ever beg like this to be with a worthless breeding machine like Shouto! Honestly, middle and low class alphas lack basic self respect to even degrade themselves in such a horrid manner!

He was about to tell this boy to leave his property, to never come back or else he’d burn him to a crisp. What he heard instead has the gears in his conniving mind pumping at higher speed as he realizes what he can do with this.

Instead of making others fight in a tournament for the right to mate Shouto in an attempt to make Hawks follow the high class tradition and mate him, he could use this as an incentive to make Hawks realize where he is wrong.

Yes, he could use this as a way to get Shouto mated!

“Sure you can, but keep in mind, he does have an arranged mate still. You will have two courtings in one weekend to win him over and if you cannot get him to like you enough and win my approval, then I will cancel the courtship.”

“What about the arranged mate? It’s pretty unfair to pit him against me since he’s had all of this time to be by him and get to know him.”

“Actually, you two are on equal terms: Hawks is very busy most of the time so he can’t be with Shouto much. The most he has been doing as of late is spending the night two weekends a month with maybe one dinner with Shouto and I a month. So you see, you are starting at the same point. If of anything, you have the advantage: you are by him more at school and you speak to him more. You are certain to win over his heart.”

Enji can tell he has Inasa convinced of this by the way a confident gleam appears in his eyes. He stands a bit taller while handing over the bouquet of the roses, “You’re right! He’s basically mine! Here, take the roses and give it to him. I want him to know how special and wonderful he is to me.”

“Sure, he will know. I will be certain he does.” Enji tells Inasa as he shuts the door on him and returns back to the dining room. There, he throws the bouquet at Shouto, causing the poor omega to spill some food on himself as he did all that he could do to not allow the bouquet to fall into his plate, “What is this?”

“A bouquet from that tall alpha kid, Yoaka or something like that. Anyway, I agreed to allow him to court you seeing as how Hawks hasn’t mated you yet.” Enji informs him nonchalantly, eating the food on his plate as though he hadn’t just broken some big news.

Shouto’s jaw drops and he stares at his father in disbelief, “What? I am going courting because Hawks won’t mate with me until I’m legal?”

Enji nods, not caring how detached he sounds to the whole thing, “Exactly. You are getting too old to not be mated, Shouto. If I had my way, Hawks would have mated you the day I arranged the mating to happen. He is going to be mated to a high class omega. He should adhere to our traditions instead of being so resistant to them.”

“But…I don’t know if I want to court anyone. I like my mate. He’s a nice person and—”

“And this kid isn’t? Shouto, you are going to give him a fair chance whether you like it or not. I will not hear another word out of you unless if it is ‘I agree, alpha’.”

Shouto doesn’t protest his father’s hiss nor does he do anything other than finish his meal in his silence. He excuses him to go to his room afterwards and once in there, he calls up Hawks.

“Hey pretty boy! I can’t be on for long, so please make it quick.”

Shouto fidgets in his spot, uncertain of how to tell him the news, but being the blunt person he is, he says it one go, “Yoarashi came over to my place tonight and he gave my father a bouquet of roses to give to me. He asked to court me and my father agreed, saying it’s because you are waiting to mate me.”


There’s the scary growl Shouto doesn’t like to hear. Somehow, he pushes himself onward to speak more, “He says you are going to be mating a high class omega and you should adhere to the high class traditions instead of being resistant to them.”

Hawks exhales and asks Shouto, “Do you want to court this other alpha?”

“…I don’t know if I even want to court in general. I like you because you’re nice and you don’t treat me differently from anyone else. Courting with another alpha feels weird to me. I don’t know what to think of it, really.”

“It’s okay, Shouto. I’ll talk to your old man and get this sorted out, okay?”


“Well, I gotta go. Bye Shouto.”

“Goodbye, Hawks.”

Shouto hangs up, feeling a bit better to know Hawks will do something to solve this whereas Hawks feels enraged to know Enji is trying to force his hand to do something he isn’t comfortable with.

Chapter Text

Hawks had not been the least bit happy when he got home that night. He called up Enji right away, not wanting to waste any time in discussing what he had spoken to Shouto about earlier.

“Mind telling me about Yoarashi getting a chance to court the mate you said I could have?”

He didn’t mince words with Enji, he never did with anyone else. Why start now? I mean, it’s not like Enji totally pissed him off and went behind his back to force him to mate with Shouto—

Oh, wait. He did.

He could hear the eye roll there as he spoke, “Can it, Hawks! Just be happy I even allow you to be arranged to him after the way you rejected the chance to be his official mate! I am the doing that thing a favor by finding it an alpha who will mark it as soon as possible.”

“…Did you just use the words ‘it’ and ‘that thing’ to describe your omega son, your youngest child?” Hawks zeroes in on this, not liking the noun and pronoun chosen to describe Shouto.

It feels like Enji doesn’t see Shouto as a person, let alone an equal human being. Hawks is starting to believe he sees Shouto as either a pawn to use to get the highest of high classes interest or as nothing more than a living, breathing doll. Either way, he doesn’t care for this and he does not like this side of Enji at all. It’s getting harder and harder to respect the man as a person with the way he keeps talking about Shouto.

“So what if I did? Shouto is a freak of nature, an abomination to humanity itself whose only use is found in breeding.”

Yep. It’s getting a lot harder to like the guy with how he is acting, “Okay, you can shut up now. Shouto is a person and you will refer to him as one with male pronouns and by calling him a ‘boy’ otherwise I will have no respect for you anymore. He’s also not an abomination to humanity just because he’s a different gender. He’s a sweet, quiet, cute boy who was locked away from the world because his father is a sexist shit who can’t accept him no matter what and views him to be a stain to his reputation. Also, he is smart enough to get into UA’s general studies classes and he wants to be a nurse someday. There’s more to him than just pregnancy and heats, Enji. You never allowed him to see what he could be outside of it and that is all on you.”

It’s tense, as tense as they had ever been. There had been disagreements made between the two over the years, but there was never this. Hawks never used his alpha voice on Enji and he never called him names such as ‘sexist’ before.

He didn’t even intend to go that far, but what Enji said about Shouto made him so mad! How could anyone talk about their son like that? It’s beyond him in all honesty.

It fills him with disgust as well because this was a side of Enji he’s never seen before. A snide, cruel, conniving, scheming, sexist, degrading side of himself Hawks has never seen until now. He has seen Enji downtrodden, he has seen him injured in battle, he has seen him mad, upset, and frustrated. He’s never once seen this side of him before in his lifetime. It disturbs him on a small level because he feels as though there’s something to Enji he doesn’t know, a darker underbelly of sorts he’s not seen yet which only makes his skin crawl when he thinks on it too much.

“Whatever. Listen, Shouto needs to be mated. He is a high class regardless of his gender. He’s far too old to be going without a mate, and you are taking too long to mate him.”

“I am waiting until he’s of legal age to mate. I don’t want to fuck a minor, Enji. That’s not what I want to do, and you know that.”

“You’re mating into a high class family! Either adhere to our traditions or else I’ll get someone else to mate Shouto.”

“I don’t give a damn. I’m not a high class alpha and I don’t agree with mating in a strictly business manner.” Hawks interjects, not liking how this conversation has spiraled, but he attempts to maintain his cool and composure by attempting to finish the conversation on a confident note, “It doesn’t matter who you pick to court Shouto. I can one up every bastard around, Enji. Trust me when I say it, this is one fight you do not want to pick with me.”

When Enji doesn’t say anything else, Hawks is quick to say, “Go ahead and let the giant court with him. I am not intimidated by a lesser alpha who submitted to me at the training camp. Go on and do your worst. It’s not like I can’t handle it.”

He hangs up on Enji, not liking how their conversation was so negative and hostile. He didn’t want it to go that way, he really did want to try to talk things out civilly and figure out why he was so hellbent on getting Shouto marked he would do this. Then this whole mess happened and now he’s stuck wondering where he and Enji stand as occasional coworkers.

He lays down in his bed, glaring up at the ceiling in a bit of frustration at the whole situation. He cannot believe Enji is actually doing this to make him do something he doesn’t want to do! The nerve of him, really!

A light bulb goes off in his head as a plan begins to form. He thinks about it more and more before coming to a conclusion: he knows how he can win in this whole mess. It’s so simple, really! In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to win at all.

He is the number three hero, after all. He is not above dirtying his hands to get what he wants or win in a fight.


Shinsou would hear about the courtship offer Inasa made to Shouto the following day at lunch. All his cat loving friend had to say was, “Wow, that was shitty of Yoarashi to do.”

Shouto was shocked by his response, which is why he asked him, “Why is it ‘shitty’ of him to do?”

“Because he knows you have a mate already and it’s like he doesn’t care. He knows you are happy with Hawks and yet he’s still trying to make a move on you. I would have expected that kind of behavior from a high class alpha, but not from a middle class alpha. That shit is not okay in our culture and he would know it too because he’d be raised with it like every middle and low class alpha and beta is.”

Shouto tries to find something positive in his friend’s actions, commenting softly to Shinsou, “I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a way to offend Hawks. Maybe he doesn’t think Hawks is really my mate.”

Shinsou scoffs to this openly, rolling his eyes as he does so, “Everyone in class bragged about getting to meet Hawks because he is your mate. They know about it, Todoroki, which means Yoarashi would have known and he doesn’t care.”

The omega feels small in his seat. He doesn’t want to think ill of his friend, but at the same time he can acknowledge the way he is acting isn’t fair to Hawks. Hawks sounded so upset when he told him about it over the phone… He wasn’t too blunt about it, but Shouto could just tell he was upset by the way he was acting and the strained, faked laxness in his voice.

He wants to think better of Inasa. He really, really does, but he doesn’t think he can at this point when he hears Shinsou talking like this, “I will try to talk to him about this because with the way you’re describing things…it sounds like he doesn’t have any respect for my arranged mating with Hawks.”

Shinsou is blunt when admitting, “I don’t think he does.”

It all makes a tight knot form in his stomach when thinking about this! Does Inasa respect his arrangement with Hawks? Does he want him and Hawks to be mates? Does he not want them to be mates? He’s not sure anymore.

Shouto would stand up from the table and give Shinsou the blunt truth on where he is going, “I need to find Yoarashi. I can’t court with him if he’s not going to respect my arranged mating.”

“I’m amazed you’d care about that. I thought you would have wanted a choice for yourself or a shot to be with someone else other than the guy your dad chose for you. Why are you fighting for this, Todoroki? Aren’t all arranged matings in the high class miserable to be in? Don’t you want to choose your own mate?” Shinsou asks his friend because he finds his upset demeanor to be shocking.

Most high class would want to choose a mate for themselves or at least have a shot with someone else. Why is Shouto so upset over being given the chance many would have loved to have in his position?

“Because I like Hawks. He’s a good guy and a sweet person to me. Arranged matings can be miserable if the person is terrible, but Hawks isn’t terrible. I never thought about choosing my own mate. I always knew it would never happen, but I am okay with the decision my father made for me because he’s so nice.” Shouto admits to Shinsou with something flickering in his eyes. Shinsou isn’t sure what it is, but he hopes it’s nothing which will leave Shouto with a negative consequence when he does have his talk with Inasa.


It didn’t take Shouto long at all to find him. The alpha is so big, so gigantic and easy to spot out anywhere. He approaches him easily and asks him outright, “Can we talk alone, Yoarashi? There is something I want to speak to you about.”

“Sure! Do you want to go outside or in the dorms?”

“I’d prefer outside.”


Inasa spoke excitedly of their courtship the entire time, not noticing once that Shouto was silent and upset. He never once took note of the silence or the way the omega’s scent was starting to sour slightly from his own saddened mood. His excitement clouded all the signs for him to see and as such, he was shocked when he arrived outside and Shouto became confrontational, “Do you like Hawks or respect my mating with him?”

Inasa is genuinely surprised to hear this, yet he pulls himself together long enough to ask, “What? Why would you ask me that?”

“Because Shinsou said that middle and low class alphas and betas don’t ask to court with a beta who is already taken. The way he explained it to me made it sound like you don’t like Hawks or my mating with him. I want to know the truth from you: do you like Hawks? Do you respect my mating with him?”

Shouto is visibly upset, his hands are trembling slightly and his eyes are full of sadness along with disappointment. Inasa wants to lie and says he does like Hawks, at the same time…he can’t.

He can’t do it, no matter how hard he tries, “I don’t like Hawks. I’m sorry Todoroki, but I can’t like him. He came off as hostile to me right away at the camp and I didn’t respond any better. Maybe we could get along, but only if he stops being hostile towards me.”

“Do you respect my mating with him?” Shouto stresses, because hearing what he is hearing right now is distressing for him to take in.

He always wanted friends who would get along with his mate. How can he say he has that if Inasa doesn’t get along with Hawks?

“I don’t. I’m sorry but arranged matings are wrong in my eyes. I can’t respect something you had no say in.”

Shouto’s heart broke upon hearing this, yet at the same time, he has to wonder, “Why did you ask me to me court with you? I am taken. You know I am. Why would you do something so mean to my mate like this?”

Inasa finally lets it out because he needs to get this off of his chest. He likes Shouto too much to not say it, “Because I like you!”

“We’re friends, of course you would have to like me to be my friend.” he replies to Inasa in deadpanned manner, not understanding what Inasa meant at all.

The tall alpha is flabbergasted with this reveal, and yet he manages to give out a small, “No, that’s not what I meant. I mean, I like you as more than a friend. I think you’re pretty, I think you’re cute, I think you’re kind, and I think you’re amazing with your quirks. I’d like to get to know you more, as a potential mate, because my alpha is drawn to you and I can’t deny you’re the only beta who was ever friendly to me so… I guess…I want a shot to be your mate.”

It took Shouto a while for the words to sink in, but once they did…he was blushing. He was blushing deeply because these were the sort of things he knew mates usually said to each other after being mated. He didn’t think it was possible for it to happen outside of a mated relationship and if so, why hasn’t Hawks said this to him just yet?

No matter. All he knows is, Inasa poured his heart out to him and he doesn’t know where to go from here because he’s never had those kinds of feelings for anyone in his life.

In the clear, sunny, cooler yet still warm early autumn weather, Shouto takes his time before clearing his throat, “That’s…really sweet of you to say and think about me, Yoarashi. I don’t know what to think or feel about it. I’ve never had the same feelings for anyone in my lifetime, so I’m not sure how to respond.”

Inasa is fine with this, as long as Shouto is willing to give his suggestion a try, “Give me a fair chance to court you this weekend, Todoroki. I promise I will be a good alpha to you. If you don’t feel anywhere near the same feelings I have for you, I will end the courtship myself and we can be just friends, okay?”


“Really. I like you as both a potential mate and a friend. I wouldn’t want to lose you as a friend over a crush not going anywhere.”

“…Fine, I’ll go courting with you, Yoarashi. You deserve a fair chance, that much I can say.”

Inasa’s smile widens and he loudly cheers, “Yes! Thank you so much, Todoroki! You won’t regret it, I promise!”

Shouto nods, yet brings up, “You won’t be too mad or hurt if I don’t feel anything more for you than what I feel for Shinsou, right?”

Inasa is quick to reply in the same volume as before, “Of course I won’t! I will always value you and respect your decisions and opinions no matter what!”

Shouto really hopes he can and will stay true to his word. He’s not sure if he will have the same feelings Inasa has for him or not. All he can do is keep an open mind and allow himself to be open to any new feelings which may arise during his courtship with Inasa.


When he arrives home after school, Shouto is greeted with the sight of the prettiest flowers he’s ever seen in a beautiful bouquet. There are vibrant plumerias, gardenias, hydrangeas, dahlias, lotus flowers, and wisterias in a vast array of blues, purples, and violets. Right beside it is a lovely bento box in a pretty cobalt blue, with an envelope on top of it.

He opens the envelope, a blush coming on his face as he reads the note, I should have given this to you years ago as a way to show my seriousness in being your mate and wanting to be seen as a romantic partner in your eyes instead of a friend. I hope you enjoy this, pretty boy! It was all I could think of to match your beauty and cute personality. Let me know how you like it and the bento. I got it from my favorite bakery, so let me know how you like it. If you don’t like it or hate it, feel free to tell me and I’ll get you something better. ~Love, your mate—aka the number three hero, Hawks

He takes the bouquet inside to his room first, admiring how beautiful it is while also noting in a bit of shock that Hawks listened to him when he liked the colors blue, purple, and violet the best. He then heads outside and grabs the bento box, making the second trip to his room with it in his hands.

Once he opens the box, he is met with some strawberry filled mochi, a custard pudding, and some fluffy buns he doesn’t know the name of.

He started off with the mochi, finding it to be okay only, but not really caring for the texture of it. The custard pudding was good, as was this one fluffy bun that looked like a melon yet was like bread but sweet. Then there was this other bun with a cream filling in it he really enjoyed. He wishes he knew what these breads were called because they are delicious and he’d like to learn how to make them himself sometime if he can!

Then the door opens and he hears a loud voice echoing in the house, “Shouto, get dinner made already! You’re an omega, you should be cooking!”

Shouto sighs sadly while putting his bento away. He really did enjoy it because it was so good, but as an omega, he will always have to wait on an alpha hand and foot.

Chapter Text

Dinner that night wasn’t anything new for Shouto. Without Fuyumi around, it was silent and dull. His father doesn’t speak to him unless if there is someone else around, which is nice in all honesty because then he doesn’t have to deal with him or his harsh words towards him. 

The minute the meal is done and Shouto finished cleaning up the dishes, he would call up Hawks, ready to tell him how much he loved the gifts. 

“Hi Hawks, am I calling you at a bad time?” Shouto asks his arranged mate with caution, not wanting to take any attention away from his job. 

“What? No, not at all! I just handled some villains a while ago. Are you calling me about the gifts? Did you like them?” 

Shouto blushes at his flirtatious tone while looking at the bouquet, suddenly not feeling as confident as he was before, but more…nervous? Is that what this is? He’s not too sure, but he forces himself to speak on the issue regardless of his confusing feelings, “I loved them. The strawberry ball thing was not my favorite, but I really liked those breads. What were they? They were so good to eat.” 

“I knew nobody could resist the wonders of melonpan and choux cream! Those are some of my favorites there as well, but the strawberry shortcake is the best in the entire nation, hands down.” Hawks remarks to his arranged mate, causing the omega to feel more of this strange feeling while he is quick to ask, “What about the bouquet? Was it as pretty as you?” 

“It was really beautiful and in all of my favorite colors too… I’m amazed you remembered that.” 

“What? You’re my mate! I have a mental Shouto index of everything you like and don’t like. Any excellent mate would, you know.” 

“That’s really kind and considerate of you to do.” Shouto vocalizes without any other consideration being made. He can’t really help it at this point because no one else in his life has been so nice to him. It still melts his empty heart whenever he hears Hawks saying something nice to him. 

“True, which is what an excellent mate should be no matter who the person is. You only deserve the best, Shouto, and I am willing to bend over backwards to give you it.” 

Shouto doesn’t really understand why Hawks is talking like this. Then again, if he had more experience with people in general, he would know Hawks is only acting like this because he’s jealous (not to mention he feels threatened) of Inasa and the courting he will get to do with his arranged mate. It makes his alpha hiss and snarl, it causes him to fight the urge to mark Shouto as his mate and end this madness for good! He restrains himself, no matter how powerful his alpha’s cries and screams are, because he does not want to mate a minor. 

He’s not a high class alpha. He doesn’t feel right mating a minor like Shouto, no matter how omega, desirable, or pretty he is. 

Shouto didn’t have much to say to this because after years of his father talking down to him for being an omega, he doesn’t really have any self-esteem to speak of and he doesn’t see truly see himself as deserving the best or mediocre treatment from anyone. Thus his only reply is, “I have to get going now, I have a lot to study for. Thank you for being so nice to me, Hawks. Goodbye.” 

“You don’t have to thank me for anything. I’m just being an excellent mate. Bye Shouto! I can’t wait to speak to you tomorrow.” 

“I can’t wait for it either.” 

He would hang up on Hawks and get to studying…not without having some of the melonpan and choux cream, of course. 


Inasa wouldn’t speak to him or see him for the next few days before the courting. Apparently, he believed any contact the first day after it got approved would ‘jinx’ the courting to go badly. According to Shinsou, this is a really old traditional standard and very, very few actually adhere to it. Hearing Inasa did was shocking for him, but other than this, he could admit it was nice to have more one-on-one conversations with Shouto at lunch, though it did sadden him to know he thought so lowly of Midoriya to actually think he wouldn’t believe him over his father.

(It’s not like Shinsou doesn’t understand Shouto’s hesitance in meeting him. He just wishes Shouto would be more willing to at least give Midoriya a chance.) 

Nevertheless, it was a pleasant week for the boys to spend time together. On Friday, everything would be interrupted by Bakugou approaching Shouto at lunch and telling him, “We need to talk alone. Come with me to the 1-A dorms right now so we can talk about what the villain said at the training camp.” 

Shouto turns pale to this, causing Shinsou to have concerns for his friend, “Todoroki, are you okay? Is this even a good idea? I mean, Bakugou is still…rough around the edges.” 

“No, it’s fine. I’ll be fine. I just need to talk to him alone for a few minutes and I’ll be back, okay Shinsou?” 

“Alright. Whatever you say. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, don’t be afraid to text or call me.” 

“I won’t be, there’s no need to worry.”

Shinsou isn’t too sure. He may not know Bakugou well at all, but he doesn’t trust him being along with Shouto. Still, he will honor his friend’s request and give him a chance to have this chat with him alone. 


Once inside the warm interior of the Heights Alliance 1-A dorms, Shouto is struck by how different it is from his strictly traditional home. He doesn’t get much time to think about it, though, not with Bakugou instantly going off on him, “Do you know who the patchwork villain is? You know, the one who almost marked you.” 

Shouto is honest when telling him, “No, I don’t know who he is.” 

Bakugou hums to this, leading Shouto over to the commons area where they sit on the same couch together, “He said you were Touya’s little brother. Who is Touya?” 

“He was my oldest brother. He died when I was a baby, so I don’t have any memories of him.” 

So far this is going good, but then he asks him, “Didn’t your family talk about Touya to you?” 

Shouto shakes his head, being completely truthful when admitting the hard facts, “No. My father and mother never spoke of him to me, neither did my siblings. I have no clue who Touya was as a person or what he was like. All I know is we have a butsudan of him in our home and that’s it.” 

Bakugou found this to be weird, but he didn’t comment on it. He’s not here to talk family drama shit, he’s here to ask something that has been bothering him this entire time, “Are you really an omega like the villain said?” 

He freezes, uncertain of how Bakugou figured this out other than, “You…heard him make the omega comment, didn’t you?” 

“I did and I looked it up for myself online after I got out of Kamino. Omegas only exist in wolves, but they never have at any point in history existed in humans. Many believe the omega genes were simply too weak to pass onto us after the first wolf shifter came into existence. Mind telling me if he is being honest here or not? Because all he did was jackoff to you when I was being held captive, making small moans of ‘my omega’.” 

Shouto doesn’t know what to say or do right now. He’s starting to panic because he’s not supposed to let anyone know he’s an omega. His secondary gender is not supposed to be leaked out to the student body. It’s a secret, just like his home life. 

Why is Bakugou prying where he shouldn’t be? 

Somehow, he manages to keep calm enough to reply, “He’s lying. I’m not an omega, I’m a beta.” 

Bakugou doesn’t look like he buys it and surely enough, he doesn’t. He leans in and takes a good whiff of Shouto’s scent, commenting, “No beta smells that sweet. Also, at the hot springs, you weren’t with the other betas. You went when everyone else was done. If you really were a beta male, you wouldn’t have anything to hide from anyone.” 

He’s so calm and even toned, it’s scary for Shouto to see him like this! Is this what an alpha resolve looks like? Because if so, it is terrifying for an omega like him to face alone. 

“High class betas are different. We don’t bathe with other betas.” 

“High class betas do, though. I would know because I fucked a high class beta who happened to be my middle school alpha friend’s cousin. I know you are bullshitting me, just come out and say it already. If you were such an ordinary high class beta male, why was the villain in such a desperate rush to mark you?” 

Shouto cannot hide anymore. He knows he has been figured out and it’s too much for him in this moment! 

“Hey, look, I won’t tell any of the assholes and bastards here, okay? I just wanted to know because I knew there was something off about you from the Sports Festival because your scent was too sweet, but I didn’t really think about it because I was pissed at you for humiliating me on TV! Ugh, look, I promise I won’t tell anyone, okay? Just stop freaking out! Your pheromones are suffocating when you’re upset!” Bakugou attempted to bargain with him, with Shouto whimpering slightly, “You promise you won’t tell anyone? Because if you do…I will be pulled out of UA and my father won’t allow me to leave the property until I am of legal age.” 

The crimson eyed alpha nods, quickly reassuring him, “I promise I’m not gonna tell anyone. I’m not a total asshole; I don’t want to hurt you or ruin your life. I’m not a petty bastard who would do that shit.” 

Shouto does his best to remain calm and yet he can’t seem to calm down. He doesn’t know how to handle someone else knowing about his being an omega. He always thought if he told everyone he was a beta, no one would think twice about it and so far no one has. Now…now Bakugou knows and it’s all the fault of some stupid villain who tried to mark him! 

“Ah, dammit!” Bakugou hisses underneath his breath, his hand coming over to wrap lay itself on Shouto’s shoulder before rubbing it up and down his back in slow soothing circles. 

He felt himself calm down just enough for him to leave without smelling too much like an omega, managing to say to Bakugou, “Thank you, Bakugou. I didn’t know you could be nice.” 

“Don’t go telling everyone about it! I just don’t want you to get taken advantage of because of your gender.” 

Shouto nods and takes his leave, not knowing if he can trust Bakugou or not. All he can do is hope he can, he supposes.

No matter. He cannot think about Bakugou now. Not when he has a courtship with Inasa coming up very soon. 


When he arrives home at night, he doesn’t know what to think about the conversation he had with Bakugou. He’s still on edge about whether or not the alpha was serious about keeping his secondary gender a secret. Shinsou had noticed he looked worried, but all the cat videos in the world couldn’t help him calm down. No matter how hard he tried, he kept worrying over his secret being revealed to everyone. 

He worried so much, he couldn’t eat dinner that night. His father didn’t care, then again—when did he ever care? Shouto cannot name a time he did something because he genuinely cared about him. 

Depressing thoughts aside, he is on the phone with Hawks in his room, hearing the hero talk about his day with interest because it helps keep his mind off of what happened with Bakugou today.

“Yeah, it was hectic today! Things have gotten more dire ever since All Might retired, but I’m willing to step up to my role as the new number two. So, did you learn anything about what Yoarashi plans to do for your courting?” 

That certainly cut Shouto out of his trance of concentration, “Oh, no I haven’t learned too much. All I know is Fuyumi is going to be there to supervise and I have to meet him up at noon in this one area of the high end area.” 

Hawks takes mental note of this, wanting to figure out a few more details, “Do you know which area it is? Any idea where you are going?” 

“He said it was the high end area of Shinjuku. I’m not too sure what the address is, he sent it over text, but I’ll send it to you if you want to know it. Why would you want to know it? Are you afraid he’ll hurt me? Because Yoarashi would never hurt me and Fuyumi will be there to protect me.” 

Hawks is quick with his lie, because like hell he’ll allow the giant to win, “Oh no, I’m not afraid of that! You see, I frequent that area quite often [lie] and I want to be sure you are in a safe area of the city [lie, he plans to spy on them].” 

It’s only because Shouto is dense and oblivious due to his growing up isolated from the world that Hawks gets away with these lies. No, Shouto really takes it as genuine concern which makes his heart feel warm again because no one has ever shown him genuine concern like this before, “You’re too good for me. I never courted before, so I don’t know what to expect, but talking to you makes me feel less concerned about it.” 

“What? I’m not too good for you! I tend to think you and I are perfect for each other. Don’t you, pretty boy?” 

“I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be with someone who is perfect for me. I don’t know what it feels like or how it is supposed to be or feel. I never really thought it was possible for mates to be perfect for each other. High class matings and families are so very different from everyone else. Going to UA made me realize this when I met other alphas who are not high class.”

Shouto had been honest when saying this because it’s true. Growing up high class, he knew what would happen when he got mated: he would be a fun trophy for his mate before his mate would tire of him, mark someone else, and live in a separate home from him in a separate town or nation even while Shouto would be free to either have another mate or live alone. They would never see each other again or be in each other’s lives unless if it was for a public event where they would pretend to be in love and compatible for each other. 

Shouto knew how it worked because that’s what his father taught him mating in the high class would be like. He knew it would be like this all of his life. He never knew it was possible to court or to actually feel something for your mate. 

He knew what to expect: he would pop out a few pups, his mate would tire of him, leave him for someone else, and then he’d be free to do whatever he wanted. 

Which is why going to UA and meeting people like Shinsou and Inasa who explain what the people in the other classes experience has him confused on what mating should be. Should it be like the high class tradition he was raised with or should it be like the low and middle class tradition his friends have? 

The whole courting situation with Inasa is adding into this confusion as well. He doesn’t know a thing about courting or what it is supposed to be like. The internet on his phone is only confusing him more with the search he has done on it. This is mainly because he doesn’t understand much of what they are saying due to the figures of speech they use. Other than this, the situations themselves also sound so outrageous it leaves him baffled to believe for one second this is even real. 

He curses his father for never teaching him about courting. 

Hearing his arranged mate’s response takes him out of his moody thoughts long enough to listen, “Yeah, I should have figured as much. It’s obvious Enji never taught you about courting, so I can understand why you thought the high class way was the only way to do things. I’m not going to say which way is superior because everyone is different and what works for one person won’t work for another. I do want you to know I intend to make you have that feeling of us being perfect together someday. When it happens, you’ll know, and you’ll be able to see what I see.” 

Shouto hopes he will be able to because he doesn’t want his mating with Hawks to be like that of the average high class mating or the one his parents had. To know he could potentially wind up like his mother in the slightest of ways has him shivering, but he suppresses it to respond to Hawks, “I hope it does. I bet it must be a pleasant feeling to have.” 

“You will, trust me.” Hawks suddenly remembers what he was going to say earlier on in their conversation, “Oh! Before I forget: do you want to try a piece of strawberry shortcake from the bakery I got the food in the bento from?” 

“Sure, I’d like that!” 

“Great! I’ll remember to get it sometime! I should get going, there’s a problem with a bank robber downtown. Bye, pretty boy.” 

“Goodbye, Hawks.” 

He’s actually more excited to try a slice of strawberry shortcake than what he is to court Inasa. Is there anything wrong with this? He certainly hopes there isn’t. 

Chapter Text

The following afternoon, he would meet up in Shinjuku with Inasa and Fuyumi by his side. They had their driver take them there, of course, but it was still exciting for Shouto to see so much of the city that he’s been denied a part of for so long. When he saw Inasa there, he couldn’t stop the smile coming onto his lips as he greeted him kindly, “Hello, Yoarashi. Thank you for taking me out today.”

“Aw, don’t mention it, Todoroki!” Inasa began as he handed him a red rose, “This is for you, by the way. I figured we’d start things off easy: lunch and a movie with a look around this little art fair going on today. What do you say? Are you up for it?”

“I am, this sounds exciting.”

For Shouto, it truly is. He doesn’t know where they will eat lunch, how they can watch a movie in public, or what an art fair is, but he’s more than willing to learn all about these things! He’s going to be doing so much today that he never got to do before…it’s exhilarating.

“Oh, I was wanting to take you here to lunch!” Inasa points to a nice noodle shop across the street, with Shouto following the alpha as they walked the crosswalk, “It looks nice. Do they only serve noodles here?”

Inasa nods, his voice loud, boisterous and lively, “Yep! They have every type of noodle dish you can think of! I’m positive you’ll find something you love.”

Shouto is excited, but once he enters the building (Inasa held the door open for him, what a gentleman! or so Fuyumi says), he is stunned at how many people are here, the smells in the air of various sauces and dishes, and the way one obtains food themselves.

Inasa leads them over to a nice booth, with Fuyumi saying, “I’ll leave you two alone and catch up with you when you’re done eating.”

“Great! We’ll see you then!” Inasa cheers, happy to be alone with Shouto so very early on in their courting.

He didn’t know what to do once alone with Inasa. He didn’t know how to obtain food here, so he asked him, “How do we obtain food from here? Is there a person who makes it we speak to or no?”

Inasa is gentle in his delivery of the explanation, “In this shop, a waitress comes up to you—waitresses and waiters are women and men who take the orders of people’s food in restaurants and bring it to their table—and asks for your order. She will bring it to the chef, and he will make our food for us which she will then bring to us.”

“Oh. That sounds good, but how do we know what to ask for?”

Inasa shows him the menu and Shouto feels stupid once he opens it, “Ah…this is where the food options are as well as the drink options. What is this document called again?”

“A menu.” Inasa deadpans, amazed Shouto really doesn’t know what restaurants are or how they work, “You really have never been to one of these things before, huh?”

“No.” Shouto admits bluntly, not quite understanding why this would be strange or a problem.

His friend has to wonder, “Why not? Didn’t you at least hear of these things on movies or TV?”

Shouto gets a blank face and Inasa has to bite his shock when he answers him, “My father was…strict. I was raised to be the perfect mate and that meant learning the domestic arts, not watching movies or TV on my spare time.”

This is not a lie. Shouto’s father did not allow him to watch TV or movies growing up because he wanted him to learn how to be a perfect homemaker on his free time from his studies. This was all so Shouto could be a ‘perfect mate’ to his alpha and not a ‘complete disgrace’. The only thing he lied about is why he never left the property.

Inasa goes quiet to this, finding it all to be a bit…strange, “Why didn’t he ever take you to a restaurant?”

“I’d rather not talk about unpleasant things, Yoarashi.” Shouto tells him, not wanting to reveal his omega identity because, just his luck, Inasa may know things about high class betas like Bakugou did and he could call him out on his lies.

Inasa instantly looks guilty, his eyes on the menu immediately when replying, “I’m sorry, I won’t bring it up again.”

Shouto tries to lift the mood by saying, “No, it’s okay! It’s okay to have questions for me, just…please don’t ask anything too personal. There are things I haven’t even told Shinsou yet that I’m not comfortable talking about.”


Before things could get too awkwardly silent between them, the waitress arrives and Inasa is quick to ask, “I would like a cup of matcha and tsukimi udon.”

“Okay, what about you?” she asks Shouto whose reply was simple, “Zaru udon and a cup of water, please.”

“Great. I’ll be back with your dishes.”

Inasa is stunned because, “I thought you’d want the zaru soba!”

“I would, but you like udon a lot for some reason or another, so I decided to try it to see if I would like it more.” the omega admits in a bit of his own flustered emotions when mentioning the reasons why he went against his much loved choice of zaru soba.

Inasa felt happy to know Shouto is willing to try a noodle dish just because he likes it. At least his (hopefully) future mate is willing to do whatever it takes to become closer to him.

“You look pretty today, Todoroki! I like the sweater on you.”

“Um, thank you? It’s a hand me down from Fuyumi.”

He doesn’t know if it’s weird or not to like an alpha sister’s sweater a lot. If it is, he doesn’t really care.

Fuyumi always wore this turtleneck Alice white cable knit sweater during the colder weather seasons. It wasn’t too skin tight like some of her sweaters could be, but it was soft and warm. Also, Shouto loved the color of it. His father never allowed him to go shopping for his own clothes because that would mean he would have to leave the property. For years, his mother would be the one to shop for him. Then when she died, his father bought his clothes for him on the computer before Shouto would hit an age where he would learn how to do so himself.

When Fuyumi was about to throw out this sweater, he knew he had to stop her because it was the exact fabric, cut, and color he had been looking for online yet couldn’t find. She found it strange he would want it, but she didn’t protest. She allowed her omega sibling to have it and he couldn’t have been happier.

It’s warm and soft. What’s not to love about it? Okay, so it is a bit long on him, but he still loves it! Also, it looks great with his leggings (yes, he wears leggings because his skin is too sensitive to handle the harshness of denim) and silk pants he would wear.

“Oh…well, you look great in it!”

“You look nice too.”

Whereas Shouto is in a hand me down sweater and a pair of black leggings with black flats, Inasa is in a white button down which hugs his body perfectly and a pair of dark blue jeans with simple white and blue sneakers. Shouto feels underdressed in comparison, but he tries to not let it show.

Inasa blushes, his response a stammer, “Ah, it’s nothing fancy, but thank you for thinking I do look good!”

It was after he said this their meals came along with their drinks. Shouto is stunned at how fast this was, but Inasa saw it coming, “They are really quick here with their service.”

“I can tell, and it’s amazing how quick they are.” Shouto notes before digging into his noodles, getting ready to drench them in the dipping sauce.

Shouto took a bite of it, loving the sauce…the noodles are not as good as his soba, but he can deal with it for now. It is out of nowhere when Inasa offers him something he hadn’t seen coming.

In the high class, an alpha only offers to feed a beta if they are already mated. To see Inasa holding out some of his udon and asking, “Do you want to try it, Todoroki? It’s really good!” made Shouto freeze and a certain select words slip out of his lips, “You’re not my mate, Yoarashi. I can’t accept food from you.”

It was spoken quickly, automatically and done without any intention to hurt Inasa. Still, Inasa was hurt regardless of his intention and he was suddenly apologizing to the tall alpha, “I’m sorry, Yoarashi, but in the high class, only a mate can feed a beta like this. I didn’t mean to snap at you, I’m sorry—”

“Did you say it because of tradition or because you don’t see me as a mate?”

Shouto didn’t know the answer to this. He didn’t even know why he had said it like that and he feels really awful for not being able to give Inasa a straight answer, “I don’t know why I said it. It happened before I could think about what I was saying.”

Inasa’s response was one which calmed Shouto enough, “So tradition then? Because I can handle that. I can handle that just fine, Todoroki.”

“Yeah, I think it was that.”

Shouto’s not too sure why he had frozen in his spot and said those harsh words. However, he will try to make this pleasant for Inasa because he wants this to go good for the both of them.


Hawks did come to Shinjuku and he did follow the trio into the noodle shop at a safe distance. Seeing Shouto reject Inasa’s offer of feeding him made him smile, but soon enough they were done eating and heading over to a movie theatre.

Watching Shouto have these firsts with another alpha…it made him feel…hurt and pissed (jealousy is also there as well, but he won’t ever admit it). He always envisioned he’d be the one taking Shouto to these places after he marked him and they became mates. He always figured he’d be the one to see Shouto’s excited, awed face as he walks on through the line of the theatre and orders snacks from the concession stand. To know he wouldn’t be the first one to be right by his side as he sat down in a seat at the theatre and hold his hand or wrap an arm around his shoulder… Have him sleeping on his lap if he feel asleep…

It felt so wrong to know another alpha was doing these things with him and not Hawks himself! It made him want to pounce on Inasa and claw at his face until it was all ruined. His alpha instincts are begging him to march over to Inasa’s seat where Shouto is asleep on his lap (Shouto didn’t last long into the movie; he fell asleep rather quickly and Inasa moved him onto his lap so he’d be more comfortable), take Shouto into his arms, and mark him right there in front of him.

He doesn’t though. He holds back, keeps his distance far from the couple but his eyes on them at all times. He will not allow Inasa to win Shouto over. Mark his words, Shouto will reject him come Monday and he will be sure to make it happen!


After the movie, Shouto was still asleep and Inasa’s solution had been to carry him to the art festival and hope he would wake up. Shouto did wake up at least five minutes into the festival, blushing profusely while apologizing, “I’m so sorry, Yoarashi! I stayed up too late last night studying! I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“It’s okay, Todoroki. We’re at the art fair now, let’s go look around!” Inasa exclaims while setting him down gently and leading him about from booth to booth…booths where he would try to hold Shouto’s hand or kiss the top of his head.

Key word here being ‘try’. He would use his one of his feathers to break things near the couple each and every time, which would result in the booth owner yelling at Inasa and an argument ensuing over the ‘you break it, you buy it’ policy many of these booths have.

If Fuyumi suspected anything, she didn’t say a word which only worked in Hawks’ favor. He smiles deviously at the sight of the alpha struggling to get a simple kiss in with Shouto, only to fail because of Hawks breaking something with his super quick feathers.

After too many arguments with booth owners trying to sell their artwork, Inasa decided to call it quits, “I’m sorry, Todoroki! I really wanted to get you something but everyone keeps accusing me of breaking stuff when I know for fact I didn’t break anything.”

Shouto blinks before reassuring Inasa, “You don’t have to get me anything, Yoarashi. I am happy being able to spend time with you.”

Inasa smiles, about to kiss him when another red feather works to break something else Inasa is blamed for, “You are a bull in a china shop! Either you pay for what you broke, or you leave, giant buffoon!”

“I didn’t break anything, honest!”

Hawks chuckles, feeling good to know he ended any possibility of Shouto getting kissed by the alpha.


After the art fair was a bust (they wanted Inasa out of there and as such, the trio of Fuyumi, Inasa, and Shouto was kicked out), Inasa was left to give Shouto a hug goodbye after Fuyumi gave a strict order of, “No kissing.”

Inasa would leave with a friendly wave and a loud, “Goodbye, Todoroki! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Goodbye, Yoarashi. I cannot wait to see you then.” Shouto would reply gently as the giant left the scene.

Of course, this is where Hawks casually made his presence known. Unlike Inasa, he had managed to buy something from the art fair for Shouto. Something he thinks he will like.

“Hey pretty boy! Didn’t expect you to be here.” he greeted him after tapping on his shoulder from behind.

Shouto turned around and saw his mate standing there, a small bag in his hand, “Hi, Hawks. What are you doing here?”

“I come to the art fair whenever I have a day off during the same day it is happening. I’ve spent all day there looking for a gift for you and I figured you might like what I got for you.”

Shouto takes the small bag the winged hero offers him and opens it to find a small white music box. He has an urge to open the box but places it back in the bag so as to not run the risk of it dropping, “Thank you, Hawks… How did you know I like music boxes?”

He would listen to them after his mother died to bring some comfort into his life. His mother would sing songs from music boxes to him whenever he had a nightmare, or he wasn’t feeling well. It always made him feel safe in an environment where such a feeling was always fleeting.

“I remember you telling me why you like them a year ago when I visited you one time and you were listening to a music box. I asked why you didn’t listen to other music and you said it was because you didn’t feel the same comfort you got from a music box.” Hawks answers casually, his golden eyes locked onto Shouto’s blue and grey the entire time, “I figured I would give you something nice you would enjoy. Besides, I bet you would like a new one after a while, right? No one wants to listen to the same songs forever.”

Shouto shows his gratitude by hugging his mate abruptly after he’s done talking. He would tell him in a small, sweet whisper, “I love it. Thank you so much.”

He wraps his arms around his omega’s waist and tells him, “Yeah, well, I’m just doing what a good alpha does.”

Fuyumi ends their moment by telling Shouto, “Our ride is here, Shouto. Get in the car, I want to speak to Hawks alone for a moment.”

“Yes, alpha.” Shouto replies quickly before heading into the black car. As he is chatting up the driver, Fuyumi eyes Hawks up critically, her own disapproval of him being Shouto’s mate shining through in her words, “I know you were here today watching their courting, Hawks. There’s no need to lie to me.”

“How would you know if I was or not?”

“Yoarashi is not that clumsy to break everything in sight. That and you cannot contain your scent well when you’re jealous and mad at the same time.”

“Your point?” he asks calmly, wanting to know what she was getting at.

What he hears next takes him by surprise because he did not see this coming, “I didn’t say anything to Shouto or Yoarashi about it because I can tell Shouto only sees Yoarashi as a friend. That and I don’t approve of him for Shouto either. He’s just too…loud and brash. I have a feeling being alone with him would be scary for Shouto, especially during his heat… He’d also be the type to leak out Shouto’s gender without meaning to because he’s just so loud and Shouto doesn’t need that.”

“Good to know.”

“If my father allows Shouto to court again with someone else I happen to approve of, just know I will tell them of your presence right away if I do find you.”

Hawks knows better than to piss her off when she’s in a mood like this. Thus he takes the high road, “Warning acknowledged, sis! Anyway, I think you should get going. Shouto seems tired and I don’t know why. I’ll have to call him about that… You probably shouldn’t keep your driver waiting either, he looks kind of ticked.”

“Fine. Just remember what I said.”

“Will do!”

As she gets inside the car, Hawks cannot stop the grin of victory appearing on his face.

Ruin the courting? Check.

Ruin the courting with Fuyumi’s blessing? A double check he didn’t see coming from a mile away that he will gladly take.

Chapter Text

Shouto arrives home from his courting with Inasa, feeling guilty for falling asleep during the movie. He didn’t mean to fall asleep, but he had been up late the night before, obsessively checking the internet to figure out if Bakugou leaked the truth about his being an omega or not. He knows he probably should trust the alpha, but he can’t. He can’t trust him because he doesn’t know him, and he doesn’t know if he believe him when he promises to not tell anyone of his secondary gender. 

This being said, he is happy with the gift Hawks gave him. A strange rumbling erupts from his chest and out of his throat as he listens to the soothing new song. He had been too tired to really focus on the new sound or obsess over it. After the song started playing, he fell asleep due to his own exhaustion. 

When he did wake up the next morning, he thought it was only nine. What he did not realize was it actually twelve in the afternoon and he needed to meet up with Inasa at 1:30 for their next courtship. Of course, he did not know this until he checked his phone and saw the time and place he needed to meet up with Inasa. 

He stared at his phone for a few moments before officially freaking out, “Oh no! I need to get ready still!” 

He would get out of the clothes from the day before and rush over to the shower, not caring he was naked and anyone in the house could see him at the moment. His shower was only fifteen minutes long, ending with Shouto refusing to soak in the bathtub afterwards and choosing to run over to his room where he would dry off with the towel on his waist. There, he would choose an outfit consisting of pale blue panties, cobalt blue cigarette silk pants, and a plain white long sleeved shirt. With a pair of white slip on shoes on his feet, he was ready to go, “Yumi, we need to meet up with Yoarashi soon!” 

“Where, Shouto?” 

“A place by the beach. He said he wants to show me the beach, collect seashells, and have a snack there as well.” 

“Oh, well, that sounds interesting…let’s go then.” 

Truthfully, it doesn’t sound interesting to Fuyumi. However, she will be more than glad to ruin their courting because she doesn’t like Inasa for Shouto and she doesn’t think she ever will. 

She texts the driver the location Inasa sent to Shouto on his phone, reminding him of their second courting today while doing this, and they head on outside to wait for the man to arrive. Since she doesn't have Hawks' number and Shouto is too worried about being late for his courting with Inasa, Hawks never hears a word about this courting. 


They were late, but when Shouto saw Inasa he couldn’t deny feeling excited. 

He had never been to the beach before. The beach sounds like it will be fun. He cannot wait to walk in the sand, see the water, and touch the seashells for himself for the first time ever in his lifetime. To know he’d be doing so with a friend made him smile all the more as he greeted Inasa cheerfully, “Hello Yoarashi, I am sorry we are late.” 

“It’s okay, I was running late myself actually. The train was really busy today, so it took me longer than usual to get here from my place.” Inasa admits with a sheepish grin on his face. 

Though slightly toned down from yesterday, Fuyumi does not trust Inasa to keep Shouto’s omega status a secret for one second. She still views him to be a loud, goofy, bumbling baboon who cannot keep his mouth shut for five seconds. 

She thought she would be proven wrong today and turns out, she wasn’t. 

“Oh! Let’s go to the beach now! I bet you must be really excited to see it, huh? I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the beach or not, but it’s a really cool and relaxing place to be!” 

“I never have been, but I bet it is everything you say and then some.” 

He really cannot keep quiet, can he? Oh well: at least it seems like he doesn’t like Inasa as more than a friend. If he did, then she would have done whatever it took to keep him away from Inasa because again, he’s a loud, bumbling, goofy baboon who cannot be trusted with any secrets of any sorts.

Inasa takes Shouto’s hand and leads him down the block from their meet up spot and across the street. They go down a hill and there he sees it for the first time ever in his life: the beach. 

The sand isn’t as vibrant as the photos in his online classes made it look to be, and the water isn’t as clear, glossy, or clean. Regardless, it’s a beautiful sight and Shouto’s first instinct is to try to walk on it barefoot… Which is a mistake because it is so rough and scratchy on his sensitive omega skin which demands only the softest materials possible! 

He shivers from the discomfort and wipes the sand off on a patch of grass before setting his feet back into his shoes. Inasa would chuckle at the sight, “You’re too cute, Todoroki!” 

As for Fuyumi, all Inasa did was draw attention to himself as well as Shouto. Far too many are glancing their way, causing her to feel uncomfortable with leaving Shouto alone with him for any number of seconds. 

“Ooh, there’s the water! Let’s go see the waves!” 

Shouto was excited to see the waves, the seafoam on the beach, touching wet sand (it was slimy and unpleasant; Shouto will never touch it again for as long as he lives), and to take off his shoes long enough to feel the water on his skin (it was nice and cold, just how he likes it). 

While he was genuinely having fun and enjoying himself with awed eyes and comments of, “The beach is so strange, not what it looked in my classes material, but wonderful nonetheless. The sand is the main thing I don’t like about it, but the water and the fresh air are lovely. Where do we find these seashells, Yoarashi? How do we find them?” 

“Simple! We walk along the beach and dig them up from the sand!” Inasa cheered, causing Fuyumi to not be able to feel happy with the smallest moments of genuine happiness Shouto is showing here. 

She knows her brother loves being here, loves exploring the new environment in caution with his friend and sister by his side, yet she cannot stop her glaring of Inasa because the boy is too loud.

The last thing Shouto needs is unnecessary attention. Attention such as this will lead to someone smelling his too sweet scent and asking questions which could be dangerous for Shouto. She’s not trying to be a bitch about this, but Inasa doesn’t understand the danger he puts Shouto in by being so loud and making such a scene! Though she doesn’t approve of him, she can say Hawks would be a better choice for courting Shouto because he’d do whatever it takes to keep attention away from him. Inasa isn’t doing any such thing at all, which only makes her think of him as being an unfit mate for Shouto. 

She stays by them the entire time, leaving Inasa feeling too awkward to make any notions of intimacy towards Shouto as they walk along the beach, talking about school, cat videos, and his remedial lessons as they searched for seashells. 


Shouto had not been able to find any pretty seashells, but he did find one he liked before they had their snack. It was the only pretty one he could find all day long: a half of a white clam with silver detailing on it. It was beautiful and he loved it. It reminded him of this one story his mother used to tell him whenever his heats hurt too much to sleep…The Little Mermaid is what he thinks it was called. Regardless of the story or what it was called, this is a subtle reminder of his mother and he loves it. 

Their snack on the beach was really just them eating snow cones from a stand on a deck right on the waters. Shouto ate his cherry flavored snow cone with a smile on his face at the sweetness as well as the chill on his tongue. He watched the water below the deck move about in a mesmerizing dance, asking Inasa, “Do you come here often? You seem to know your way around this beach.” 

Inasa can confess to this one, “My family goes here quite often for summer vacation. Some of my cousins live in this area and we make it into a huge family reunion sort of thing. What about you? Do you go anywhere with your family or have reunions with them?” 


“Our father is too busy with hero work. We could never do such things even if we wanted to.” Fuyumi explains in Shouto’s stead, hoping this will get Inasa to drop the topic of family in public. 

(This is another reason why she feels he is unfit for Shouto. While they were looking for seashells, he started asking about their family in public and Fuyumi had to do a lot of explaining so Shouto wouldn’t be backed into an awkward corner because of Inasa. Asking so many questions in public where people would hear the freakishly loud teen gasp and gawk over any truth Shouto would reveal is something that would definitely jeopardize his safety from their father. She doesn’t need Shouto getting punished or hurt because of Inasa being an overreactive loudmouth.)

“Ah, well, that’s understandable.” Inasa answers, but before he could ask more, Fuyumi spoke up suddenly, wanting to end this right away so as to avoid another probing question being asked in public, “Yoarashi, Shouto is supposed to be home soon. I have work to get back to at my place and I cannot be here any longer. Whatever else it is you have planned, please make it quick.” 

Inasa looks sadly at Shouto and sighs, “Well, we probably wouldn’t have time to go see the standup comedian I was going to take you to see because that would be at least a good hour or more.” 

“I’m afraid we can’t do that.” Fuyumi answers quickly, but instead of seeming upset…Shouto seems…fine with it.

“It’s okay, I know how your work is, Fuyumi.” Shouto says to her before turning to Inasa, “I’m sorry if we have to end things early, but I’m afraid there’d be nothing interesting in seeing someone standing up from a sitting position, Yoarashi. I’m confused as to why you would take to see such a thing.” 

The tall alpha teen smacks his forehead with his hand, “No, a standup comedian is a guy who goes on stage and tells jokes to make people laugh! They’re really funny, Todoroki, and I think you’d like them!” 

“Maybe I would…you should show me a video of one at UA sometime. Then I’d have a better understanding of what you’re talking about.” 

“I will be sure to!” 

Fuyumi clears her throat and the wind quirk user sighs, “Oh well, I’m sorry it had to end so early! Goodbye, Todoroki! I cannot wait to see you again!” 

“Goodbye, Yoarashi. Thank you for the good time and this snow cone as well as the explanation of what it is.” Shouto replies with a smile on his lips, having enjoyed his day with the tall alpha. 

(Shouto did not know what a snow cone is. Inasa had to tell him it wasn’t a cone made of snow but then he gave up on explaining it, instead choosing to take him over to the stand to see how they were made. Shouto blushed bright pink in embarrassment, but he watched in awe as the man took the shaved ice, colored it with flavored syrup, and gave it to them.)

Inasa takes his hand before walking with him and Fuyumi back to where their driver was waiting for them in the nice black car. Upon reaching their destination, he would hug Shouto goodbye and wave them off with a large, peppy motion of both arms, making Shouto giggle in response as he waved back shyly from his spot in the car. 


Once they were home, Shouto would be asked by his sister, “How do you feel about Yoarashi after this date?” 

He didn’t know what to tell her other than, “He’s a really nice guy and I would like to get to know him more.” 

That did not satisfy his sister at all going off of the look on her face. No, her next question was a more to the point, “Okay, but who is your mate, Yoarashi or Hawks?” 


Shouto’s eyes widen as a hand comes over his mouth. 


He didn’t even think when he spoke. It was as if he knew he didn’t have to either. All of this is so strange and confusing. Why didn’t he even consider Inasa in all of this after how nice he has been to him? Why did he automatically go to Hawks? 

Fuyumi softens her eyes towards him and places a hand on his shoulder, “Shouto, it’s okay to feel what you do.” 

“But I didn’t even consider him once. I didn’t even think about my answer. I just said ‘Hawks’ without thinking it. What could that mean? Why did I say it so quickly?” he begins to panic, not understanding what is happening to him whereas his sister seems to have an idea of it. 

It disturbs her to think of it, but she does tell Shouto for his own sake, “That’s either because your omega views Hawks to be your mate or you are starting to develop deeper feelings for him than friendship. It could be both or one of the two, but for now, if it is instinct…there’s nothing wrong with going along with your instincts, Shouto. If your omega cannot see Yoarashi as a mate, then there must be a reason for it. It’s best to go along with your instincts instead of against them, even more so with this situation.” 

Shouto appears to be contemplating something, which gives Fuyumi the proper question to ask, “Do you think you could ever come to see Yoarashi as more than a friend? Do you think you could ever see yourself being mated to him?” 

He is quiet for a few minutes, but once his eyes rise up from the floor, they meet hers in confidence as he admits it out loud, “No, I don’t think I can ever see him as being more than a mate. The whole time I was with him, even yesterday, it didn’t feel like I was with my mate. It felt like I was with a friend trying too hard to be my mate. I don’t think I could ever see anything going further than friendship between Yoarashi and I.” 

Good. However, because Fuyumi is a nice sister, she won’t voice her own relief and joy to the news she’s heard. Instead, she replies, “Alright, I’ll be sure to tell dad that then. Do you want me to tell Yoarashi this for you as well or do you want to do it yourself?” 

“I want to do it myself. Yoarashi deserves to hear it from me in person on Monday.” 

“Great, I can avoid that conversation! Well, I have to go now. Goodbye Shouto and good luck with breaking the news to Yoarashi.” 

“Goodbye, Fuyumi. Thank you for coming along with the courting.” 

“It was no problem.” she says before leaving the home to go back to her own, happy to know this courtship went nowhere and Shouto won’t be marked to a bumbling idiot like Inasa. 

As for Shouto, he wasn’t lying when he said what he did. The entire time he was courting with Inasa, it felt like he was with a friend trying too hard to be his mate. As bad as it sounds, but he cannot see the alpha as anything more than a friend. He tried to give him a fair chance, he tried to give him the same opportunity he would give to Hawks, and yet…he felt wrong being by another alpha who was not his mate. 

Hawks may be an arranged mate, but he’s still his mate. He cannot ever see Inasa taking his place because Inasa is someone his omega registers as being a friend only and nothing else. That and he doesn’t have any feelings for Inasa which run deeper than friendship. He did have fun with him, he did enjoy their time together, but what he truly desires is for Inasa and him to be friends only from here on out. 

He hopes the alpha won’t take it the hard way when he does tell him the hard conclusion he has reached. He doesn’t want to make his friend sad or upset with him. He doesn’t want to lose him as a friend, but he did promise to remain friends with him even if he didn’t choose to continue courting with him. Things should be fine between them, shouldn’t they? I mean, Inasa is a nice guy who is loud, yet Shouto trusts him enough to keep his word. This shouldn’t be so hard… This shouldn’t be so scary…and yet here he is, worrying over the worst case scenario: Inasa choosing to no longer be his friend ever again because of the rejection. 

He gulps down his nervousness, getting to work on dinner tonight as a way to keep his worries away from his mind and out of his heart. With every clattering of pans being moved about, water filling up pots, and knifes being used to cut up ingredients, he feels less stressed over telling his gentle giant of a friend about the rejection coming his way. It doesn’t mean he is any more prepared for it though. On the contrary, he is terrified to face it on Monday. 

Chapter Text

The following day, Shouto would feel nervous to approach Inasa. His stomach was churning, burning inside of him at the idea of facing Inasa. He didn’t know what to do if Inasa got angry at him or quit wanting to be his friend. All morning long, he couldn’t focus in his classes and he couldn’t keep his thoughts away from the giant alpha for one second. It was starting to bother him so severely that all he could do was keep his fingers tapping against his thigh throughout the morning hours as a way to ground himself, to keep himself in reality as opposed to his thoughts.

During lunch period, he tries to avoid Inasa but the alpha is impossible to avoid no matter what it seems. Either this or life really hates him. Shouto considers both options to be fact at this point.

Regardless, his chances to avoid this have officially ended and now he is left to face with Inasa, who is all sunshine and smiles as he greets him, “Hi, Todoroki! Do you want to talk at the dorms? I want to know what your answer is concerning the courting between us.”

In order to delay the inevitable a bit longer, he tells Inasa, “I will be there in a moment, but I need to tell Shinsou something first. I’ll be right back, okay?”

“Okay, don’t take too long though! I have a lot planned for our future courtings.”

Oh fuck, he feels worse than what he did before! Dammit, Inasa, why do you have to be so sweet?

He seeks out Shinsou through the thick crowd of students, eventually finding him with Jirou, Yaoyorozu, and Kaminari.

He approaches their table and tells Shinsou, “I need to talk to you alone, Shinsou.”

Shinsou finds this sudden request to be odd, and he nods right away, “Alright. I’ll be right back.”

“We’ll be waiting.” Jirou replies coolly as Yaoyorozu and Kaminari continue chatting between themselves.

Shinsou followed Shouto over to a janitor’s closet, worried for his friend because he never acts so jumpy and scared around him. It makes him wonder if something bad happened or not. It makes him wonder if it has to do with Inasa or not. All of these scenarios are jumping out at him and he doesn’t know how to take them all in.

“Shinsou, I don’t want to court with Yoarashi anymore and I’m really scared to tell him because I think he won’t be friends with me anymore after I tell him this.”

Though Shouto is clearly anxious and scared, Shinsou feels relief crash on him like a wave and he rides it out when speaking, “Why did it not work out? Was Yoarashi a bad guy to you?”

Shouto instantly rejects this notion, his head shaking when stressing, “No, no he wasn’t! He was wonderful to me, but I can’t see him as my mate. He’s just a friend to me and nothing more.”

Shinsou feels more relief coming in, yet he manages to be there to comfort his friend, “I’m happy to hear he was good to you, but Yoarashi seems like a nice guy, Todoroki. I am positive he will take this well if you explain to him what you feel and why these feelings are leading into rejection of him.”

“I, well…I don’t know. I don’t know if he will accept me as a friend or not after this. I really, really enjoy spending time with Yoarashi. I really enjoy having him as a friend. I don’t want to lose any friend I have because you and him are the only friends I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t know what I’d do without you two.”

Shouto meant every single word he said here. He’s never had a friend until he met Shinsou and Inasa. Losing even one of them as a friend is something which scares him because he finally has friends for the first time in his life and he doesn’t want to go back to the lonely days of having none. He enjoys having someone to talk to. He enjoys having someone to confide in after a bad day. He wants to keep his friends in his life no matter what because it has been nothing but dark and dim ever since he was born and presented as an omega.

Shinsou feels the sincerity there in his words, causing him to hug Shouto tightly as he tries to calm him with a calming pheromone, “It’s okay, Todoroki. You won’t ever lose me as a friend. I will always be your friend no matter what happens in our lives. Even if Yoarashi doesn’t take it well, I’m positive he will continue on being your friend, but if he doesn’t, I’ll kick his ass for you.”

Shouto slowly hugs him back, his own response being a whisper, “You’re too good to me… Thank you, Shinsou. I will always be happy I got to meet you and have you in my life.”

“I can say the same.” he then releases Shouto from the hug and makes an offer to him, “If you want, I can walk you over to wherever it is Yoarashi wants to speak about this and be your side to protect you from whatever reaction he may have.”

Shouto really considers this option because it sounds so easy and with Shinsou there it would be far less nerve wracking. This being said, his omega is telling him it is wrong to bring another alpha to his talk with Inasa. Like Fuyumi said, he should be going with his instincts as opposed to going against them…so he knows the answer to Shinsou’s offer, “I’m sorry. I can’t bring you with me even if I really want to. The o—beta in me says it’s wrong to bring another alpha to this.”

“I understand and I respect that. I’ll be waiting for you in the cafeteria once you’re done with your talk, okay?”

“Okay.” Shouto replies in a bit of forced confidence before heading out to the cafeteria entrance where Inasa was waiting for him.

He takes a steadying breath, addressing him with as much calm he could muster within himself, “Yoarashi, I am ready for our talk now.”

“Great! Come right this way, Todoroki!”

Shouto follows the happy-go-lucky alpha, feeling so awful for seeing him as a friend only instead of mating material.


They are alone in the dorms (the common area to be specific) when Inasa asks him with a wide grin, “Are you going to continue courting me?”

Seeing his happy face, smelling his euphoric, confident pheromones… Shouto feels so bad for what he is about to say next, but he cannot lie to his friend or lead him on in false hope. That’d be worse than what he says next, “Yoarashi, I enjoy spending time with you. You make me feel happy, light as air, and as though I could do anything. You make me feel the same way Shinsou does and being by you makes me feel like I am with him. I tried so hard to see you as a mate, to feel for you in the way a mate would feel for their own, but my beta couldn’t see you as a mate. It could only see you as a friend and that’s what I see you as too. I’m sorry to do this to you, I don’t want to lose you as a friend, please tell me you’ll keep your promise and keep being my friend.”

Inasa pauses for a moment there, the sting of rejection from the only one he ever got to court hurting a bit more than he expected yet it was nothing he couldn’t handle. He notices the fear and desperation in Shouto’s voice well enough to give him a reassuring croon, “There’s no need to worry, Todoroki. I will keep my word and I will keep being your friend no matter what. I just want to ask if you could give me some time to recover from this.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean…it hurts to be rejected by the only beta I ever courted. I will keep being your friend no matter what, trust me, I will! I just need some space to heal from the heartbreak. Are you okay with me having that?”

Shouto wonders out of worry, “What do you mean by ‘space’?”

Inasa answers it simply for the boy, “I mean alone time. I know it will be hard at first, but I need my time to heal from this because I can’t just act like nothing happened, not after I liked you for so long.”

Shouto doesn’t fully understand this, but when he sees the hurt in Inasa’s eyes, he caves to his wishes. Though it will hurt to not have Inasa around, he can’t force him to be around him and be the source of his pain. Then he’d be a bad person like his father which is the last thing he wants to happen.

“Okay. I’ll give all the space you need so long as you keep being my friend.”

Inasa hugs him one final time before giving himself the space and time to heal from the rejection he faced today, “Thank you for being understanding, Todoroki. I will always be your friend no matter what! There’s no need to worry; you won’t ever lose me.”

Shouto will have to take his word for it. All he can do now is give Inasa his space and time to heal before knowing if he will still choose to be his friend or not after the rejection.


Despite his anxieties about it, Shouto exited the dorms feeling relaxed and capable of breathing normally. Even as he approached Shinsou in the cafeteria, he felt nothing but calm the whole time.

“Hey Shinsou, I was wanting to let you know the talk with Yoarashi went great. He says once he is done having his alone to heal from the rejection, he will keep on being my friend.” Shouto informs his friend right away with a peaceful presence to his aura.

Luckily for Shouto, Shinsou was right by the entrance and getting ready to leave, “Really? That’s good it went by so well. I was afraid he’d get too emotional or overreact. Looks like the remedial lessons are doing him some good, huh?”

“I suppose so.” Shouto is about to ask his friend about the latest cat video when the bell rings, causing him to sigh at the sound, “Great… I didn’t even get to eat.”

“I’m sorry about that, but I have to get going to class. Goodbye for now, Todoroki. I’ll text you after school.”

“Goodbye, Shinsou. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

He does because he was able to get past the hardest part of it.


After school, Shouto would be approached by Bakugou who shoved a bar made of fruit and seeds in his hand, “I heard you didn’t get to eat lunch today. I don’t know what you were talking to the loud ass about, but it shouldn’t have been so fucking important it took away from your time to eat! You’re already too skinny. You need to eat something.”

Shouto looks at the wrapping of the bar in his hands and asks him, “How did you know that?”

“I was about to leave the cafeteria when I overheard your conversation with the brainwasher.” the usually loud alpha clears up before confusion can take place in Shouto’s mind, “Also, you look like shit. Haven’t you been sleeping lately?”

Shouto is stunned to see the alpha cares. Considering he does know the truth about his being an omega, he decides to spill the beans to him, “I haven’t. I’ve been too afraid of my secret being leaked out. Before you get mad, please try to understand things from my point of view: I will be locked up on my property forever and never allowed to leave again if my secret is out there. I don’t want to lose the very little freedom I have, so knowing someone who doesn’t like me knows my secret and could leak it out at any time… It’s terrifying.”

The explosive alpha wants to be angry, yet he can’t be. Shouto’s explanation makes too much sense and he cannot stop himself from understanding why the omega boy would want to be away from his abusive shithead of a father, “I don’t hate you and I don’t dislike you. I would never leak your secret out if I did because I’m not a shitty guy like your dad is to you. Before you ask about it, I overheard him talking to you at the Sports Festival. I know what he is like and I wouldn’t ever want anyone to deal with a person like him alone.”

Shouto is genuinely touched by this, suddenly feeling a bit less afraid of his secret being made known. Still, he has to ask because Bakugou’s words have him curious, “What do you feel for me then if you don’t hate or dislike me?”

Bakugou grits his teeth, his response suddenly very snappy in comparison to the calm he had been before, “I fucking like you, dense ass! Damn, how could that have been so fucking hard for you to get?”

Shouto blinks, uncertain of what to do or how to process this. All he can do in response is stammer out a stunned, “Oh. I never knew that. Um, thank you for liking me?”

“Don’t thank me for liking you—dammit, forget it!”

Shouto is about to head over to the car where the driver is waiting for him (Bakugou and himself had this conversation outside the school gates where no one was on the sidewalks that day) when he said, “Okay then…look, I have to get going Bakugou—”

“If the brainwasher doesn’t sit next to you at lunch tomorrow, I will.” he cuts him off with a wave of his hand, “It’s reckless of you to be sitting alone. Considering your secret, it’s a dumbass move to make. I will sit by you if the giant and the brain washer won’t so you won’t get shit from anyone at the cafeteria. Got it?”

“Um, sure, but I never get harassed—”

“I’m eating lunch with you tomorrow. Get the hell over it.”

Shouto nods and gets inside the car without a second thought, having a hard time processing Bakugou’s words and actions as he opens the bar to eat it.

Much to his own surprise, it’s actually a slice of soft, chewy, fruity goodness. Who knew?

He’ll have to thank Bakugou for this tomorrow…maybe when they’re eating lunch together.

Yeah, that sounds good to him.


Later on at night, he calls up Hawks to tell him of the news regarding himself and Inasa. He figures his mate deserves to know what happened today. I mean, Hawks is his mate. He is one of the first few who should know regardless of the situation.

“Hawks, I have something important to tell you.”

“Whoa, not even a ‘hello’ or ‘hi’? It must be important. Tell me all about it, pretty boy. I definitely want to know all about this big important news.”

Shouto would say it rather casually, feeling so much better knowing Bakugou won’t ever leak his secret and Inasa claims he wants to be his friend still, “I rejected Yoarashi today as a potential mate. Being with him didn’t feel like I was with a mate. It felt like I was with Shinsou and my omega didn’t recognize him as more than a friend, so I decided to end it today.”

Hawks is immediately happy upon hearing this (okay, there’s a feeling of cockiness and pride building up inside of him as well) and it shows in his response, “Really? Well that’s the best news I could have gotten. I know it may not seem like it, but I was afraid of losing you to the giant.”

“Why would you be afraid of that?”

“Because I don’t want to lose you as a mate.”

Shouto has a hard time understanding this, “Wait…you want me as a mate? Why? High class alphas cheat on their mates for others all the time, sometimes even marking in them in some strange, loveless polyamory acceptance so as to get away from their first mate and be with the one they truly love. You can have any beta out there on the planet. There’s so many who are better than me…why would you choose me over anyone else?”

“I want you as a mate because over the years, I came to like you and to know someone else was courting with you made my alpha mad with jealousy. I want to be seen as your mate by your omega someday. I hope I can be, because I do want us to be happy together. I don’t want to be in a loveless mating where we are living separate lives with others in a polyamory situation. I am a middle class beta; when we mate, we don’t go for anyone else. We make our current matings work and we do whatever we can to make our mates happy.” Hawks is quiet at first, uncertain of how to approach the topic he brings up next, so he decides to wing it instead, “Polyamory is very rare amongst the middle and lower classes. In general, we don’t do it unless if there is an equal love between all parties. Even this is a very rare occurrence for us, so the high class way of mated relationships was never going to work with me. That being said…I don’t know what I would have done if you did choose Yoarashi over me. I just…I don’t know. I am so used to seeing you as my mate…I don’t know what I would have done if I wasn’t anymore. To be blunt with you, I’d never let you go. Letting you go will never be an option for me, Shouto. You are my mate and I refuse to ever let you be with anyone else but me.”

Hearing this makes Shouto feel warm inside because it feels so nice to hear his mate actually saying he views him to be a mate. He feels bad for taking a while to see Hawks as more than a friend, but he is making steps in the right direction for his mate. He is starting to see Hawks knows him better than what he gave him credit for and hearing this only allows him to know the extent of how much he really, truly cares for him.

It makes him blush eventually when replying to the sweet words, “I…I never knew you cared so much. I didn’t think alphas could care for their mates like this… I’m so happy to know you can care for me at all, especially in the way you describe things! I know I may be high class, but I’m happy to know you are willing to give me a mating where things won’t be loveless and miserable. You are such a good alpha, Hawks. I got lucky to be mated with you.”

“Aw, don’t mention it! I know being raised high class made you skeptical of alphas, but trust me, we’re not all bad and I won’t ever treat you in the same way a high class treats their mate. You will be loved and cared for by me once we are mated, that much I can promise you.”

Shouto smiles to this promise, his words full of optimism for the first time in his life, “I cannot wait to be your mate, Hawks.”

“How are you enjoying the music box I gave you? Is the song any good?”

“I am enjoying it a lot. The song is perfectly calming and soothing as well. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it, thank you so much for thinking of me, Hawks.”

“You’re welcome. I know you have to get going soon for bed and whatnot, so goodnight, my omega.”

“Goodnight, my alpha.”

Shouto hangs up on his mate, feeling a flustered after calling him his alpha, yet his omega is happy for some reason he doesn’t understand.

Odd…oh well, he has no time to think about it! He’s going to get that much needed shut eye right now and stop obsessing over it for tonight.

Chapter Text

It all started after the Sports Festival.

Katsuki had begun to take notice of the beta boy who humiliated him on national TV, watching his every movement, wondering where his hidden strength was, why doesn’t he display it more often. More specifically, why did he throw away his shot at making into a higher placing in the festival?

He knew his father played a big role in the decision, but he had to wonder why Endeavor wouldn’t want the world to know he had a powerful son. Seeing as how he has two quirks, why wouldn’t Endeavor want him out there, competing on the national stage?

His mind was racking itself for answers, wondering if it was his too sweet scent of strawberries and whipped cream or if it was his too feminine frame the flame hero was ashamed of. He wonders if it was because of a choice, if Shouto didn’t choose to be a hero… Then why did Endeavor talk as though he’d never leave their property again for participating in the festival?

He doesn’t know and it only piques his curiosity more.

Katsuki begins to observe his every move, the peaks in his scent varying on his emotions, and the way his hips sway whenever he walks… Is Endeavor homophobic? Is he ashamed of his son being gay?

He’s not sure. The plot only thickened when he saw the beta with his mate, Hawks. This would shoot down the homophobic theory and keep his mind preoccupied for the rest of the day. Then he would run into Monoma after overhearing his conversation with the teachers. This would lead him into an internet rabbit hole he never thought would be possible.

He learned how the world saw him and the way his parents agreed with it, which made him reconsider everything in his life. Knowing everyone online thought he was more fit to be a villain than a hero told him everything he needed to know. When the whole kidnapping ordeal was done, he was left to drown in his own beaten down ego as the whole world blamed him for All Might’s retirement (the comments online were cruel, yet they all held the same tone in varying levels: ‘if All Might had not felt obligated to save a sexist pig like Bakugou Katsuki, then All Might would never have retired so soon’) and it didn’t help matters he blamed himself enough for it as well.

He had to avoid social media and the internet in general after this. He couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t good for his mental health in the end.

He did go back on the internet after the kidnapping ordeal, but only because he wanted to look up what this ‘omega’ thing is. He never heard of omegas before in all of his lifetime. There are only two genders on the planet: alpha and beta. These ‘omegas’ cannot exist or be real! Surely the villain Dabi was lying, right? Surely this was all some ploy to enrage Hawks further.

Katsuki didn’t know but he was willing to find out! Hearing that patchwork fucker masturbate to Shouto while he was kidnapped was disturbing enough. It made his skin crawl with disgust all while making him feel like shit because he could acknowledge the man had good reason to do so.

Shouto’s scent is sickeningly sweet and addictive to those who are not mated. The strawberries and whipped cream scent following him everywhere he went would be hard enough for most people to ignore, but for an unmated alpha it is impossible to walk away from. It stays in an alpha’s mind, tempting them, taunting them to mark him and make him barefoot and pregnant, which is ridiculous because beta males cannot get pregnant!

He cannot deny Shouto is pretty too. His body is not hard like the students of Class 1-A, no, it’s soft and feminine enough to be desirable. His voice is smooth like honey and his eyes are stupidly beautiful on his stupidly perfect face with the mismatched hair to go with it—

Fuck it. Katsuki just admitted he is attractive and now he’s gone as far to look up what omegas are.

Researching omegas did bring up some interesting facts for Katsuki.

For example, he discovered omegas are real but they exist only in wolves. Their scents are sickeningly sweet, the male ones are said to be more feminine in nature, and both genders (male and female) can birth pups.

When he thinks about Shouto, he realizes all the traits add up in (though he’s not sure if he can birth pups or not, but he highly doubts it because no man can) the younger boy.

Shouto’s body aligns more of what the articles describe a male omega as being, his scent matches the addictive sweetness of a male omega, and given the fact he’s heard other betas in class say Shouto never bathed with them in the hot springs…that told him all he needed to know.

He wanted to confront Shouto but confronting Deku about being All Might’s successor came first and as such, he was on house arrest. However, once it was done, he finally got to have the talk about Shouto’s being an omega. In all honesty, he felt bad for the omega. He was so scared, and he didn’t intend to scare him with this. He wanted to get answers to his questions and that was it, really!

After he had received the answers to his question, he found he couldn’t keep the omega out of his mind. He thought if he got the answers he was looking for then the omega would leave his thoughts.

It bothered him when he realized this, but not more than when he heard Inasa was going to court with Shouto that weekend. He couldn’t work with him during remedial lessons and seeing him in the dorms only pissed off his alpha more.

Friday, he had growled too much at Inasa, which led to Kirishima commenting to him, “Whoa, Bakubro, if you like Todoroki that much, just ask him to court with you if things don’t pan out well with Yoarashi.”

“I don’t like him!”

“If you don’t, then why were you staring at him so much after the festival? Why did you save him from being taken away by the villain?”

All of the class knows about how the ash blonde alpha had saved the two toned haired omega. He didn’t really hold back on it when he recalled how he got kidnapped to the police and the rest of his class. Katsuki wasn’t going to sugarcoat it or lie about it. He saw no point in doing so, that and it helped show his classmates he was serious about changing his ways.

“Because I didn’t want him to be forcibly mated!”

“…Uh huh, sure. Whatever you say. If you ask me, it sounds like your alpha likes his beta and that means a crush for you will come in due time. When it does, be sure to make your move because Yoarashi is very romantic and I doubt he will stop until Todoroki is his.”

That thought irked him, but he didn’t comment on it. He only came to accept his growing feelings towards the pretty omega when he learned he had a shot because Inasa is just a friend and nothing more. Now he has a shot with the omega and he’s not going to throw it away!

As the only omega in humanity’s existence, Shouto deserves the best of the best and who better for that than Bakugou Katsuki?


Shouto would come to school the following day, feeling more ready to face the day than what he did on Monday, and more than ready to finally breathe in comfort knowing his secret as an omega will never be let out.

He feels lighter, happier, and less distracted overall. He can focus in his classes, he can participate much better in gym class, and he’s able to go a day without tapping his fingers against his thighs. He even got some sleep last night! It was wonderful. He hasn’t felt this good in a while now.

When lunch period hits, he is quick to get himself in line to get his hands on some zaru soba. He didn’t mind the zaru udon, but soba will always be his favorite noodle to eat.

Upon getting the noodle dish, he happy walks off to a table that is far off from everyone else. There he begins to eat in peace while waiting for Shinsou to show up. However, he doesn’t get Shinsou. No, he gets a loud of slam of a food tray being set down as Bakugou takes a seat across from him.

“Hello, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Shouto comments to him casually, feeling a wave of happiness hit him as he begins to eat his soba.

Bakugou scoffs to this, not really caring at this point, “I said I would be here, why would you doubt that?”

“Because you usually eat with other people.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t feel like dealing with stupid people for a while.”

“I thought they were your friends?”

“Only a few of them are. I don’t have time for a majority of them because of how dumb and annoying they are.”

Shouto hums to this, not knowing what to think about what he has said, and responds gently, “Oh, okay then… What are you eating? I don’t think I’ve seen that dish before.”

Bakugou blinks to this and yet he doesn’t miss a beat, “Spicy noodles. You like spicy food?”

“No, not really. I prefer cold food.”

“Yeah, then you won’t like this. Why do you eat the zaru soba all the time anyway? Shouldn’t you be eating more than that?”

Shouto explains after he is done with his next slurp of noodles, “Because I love it and I do not get to have it much at home… Maybe I’ll have it once every other month if I am lucky, but since I am going to UA and they offer it every day for lunch, why wouldn’t I eat it?”

Bakugou cannot blame him for this, but on the other hand, “You’re too skinny for someone your size. You should be eating more than noodles.”

To which, Shouto shrugs, “Maybe I will eat something else when I am in the mood, but for now, zaru soba is the best dish around and I will stick with it.”

Things go quiet for a moment there, with Bakugou ending the silence by asking, “How did you like the bar I gave you yesterday?”

Shouto meets his eyes in a bit of gratefulness, “It was really good. I thought it was good, at least. It helped me get through the rest of my night at home.”

“Great.” the alpha then thinks back to the way Endeavor acted at the festival and wonders, “Is your dad a prick to you? He sounded like a prick from what I heard him say to you at the Sports Festival.”

Shouto goes quiet to this, not wanting to answer this out loud. All he did instead was answer the question naturally, “He can be…difficult. He always has been, what with his temper and all. There is a reason why he is the least liked hero in the business, you know.”

“So he’s as much of an asshole at home as he is in the public?”

“You can say that.” Bakugou appears to want to ask more, but Shouto is not having it here, where so many could listen in, “I’m not comfortable talking about it here. Can we please change the subject?”

Ah, he pushed him a bit too far with that subject! Okay, Bakugou can work with that. He knows he didn’t start off on the right foot with Shouto, so he will have to work his way up to the point where he can feel confident enough to ask for permission to court him. He didn’t think this would apply to the problem at home with his father, but Bakugou can work with it for now.

“Sure, whatever. With a quirk like yours, why aren’t you in the hero course?”

“Because of the secret about me you know very well.”

Looks like he will have to speak to him alone about a lot of the things on his mind. Maybe he could try talking to him on the roof sometime or outside? Maybe in his dorm? He’ll have to be picky about this one.

Before he can go further with the conversation, the bell rings and their conversation has come to an end.

No matter, Bakugou will learn all that he will. He is persistent. He won’t quit until he gets all the answers to his questions.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Todoroki.”

“I hope to see you as well.”

The boys would part, each with a new view of each other. Bakugou sees Shouto as being more mysterious than what he initially thought he would be. Shouto sees there is more to Bakugou than being loud, angry, and screaming all the time.

Who knows where it will lead for the two of them…


Shouto is stunned to see Hawks in his room after their dinner is done, but he is happy to see his mate again in person.

“Hi, Hawks.” he greets his mate with a smile whereas Hawks hands him a box, “Hey Shouto, I got you something I think you’d like.”

The box itself is black with a cobalt blue ribbon on it. He opens the box and finds a book…one he hasn’t seen before.

“What is this?”

“A book of fables, fairytales, and poems. I figured you’d like it because you made it seem like you’ve never heard of a lot of these before.”

Shouto is excited as he opens the books and finds many exciting tales he’s never heard of before. He always feels so left out whenever his classmates or teachers reference these fairytales, fables, and poems because he’s never had much exposure to them. To know he will finally understand what they are talking about it is something he cannot thank Hawks enough for giving him, “I love it. I will finally know what everyone references…Hawks, you didn’t have to—”

“Ah, hush, I did! It’s what a good mate does for their omega.” Hawks then announces something exciting for the two of them, “You know…since you rejected Yoarashi as mating material, I talked to your old man and he agreed to allow me to court you whenever I have any free time at all.”

“Will my siblings have to be there?”

“Well, traditionally they are supposed to be there, but Enji said since you are high class and I am mating you, there will be no supervision.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Shouto answers in a bit of disbelief, surprised his father would allow such a thing to happen in the first place. No matter, he won’t question it now. He will take the opportunity he has and run with it.

Hawks is trying to choose what to do on his first courting with Shouto, which is why he is fishing for ideas from the omega, “Have you ever been to the beach?”

“Yoarashi took me there during our second courting.”

Shit, “Oh, okay then… How about the mall? Have you ever been to the mall before?”

Shouto’s eyes widen to this, suddenly full of hope when he speaks, “The mall? My mom used to go shopping for clothes for me there as well as other boutiques! I’ve never been allowed to go to the mall because of my omega status… Can I really go to the mall and pick out clothes for myself in person?”

It sounds mundane, but Shouto wants to be able to do things normal people do. He has been locked up all of his life on this property. Is he really wrong for wanting to do the things he was always denied doing? He knows it may sound boring to Hawks. He knows it may very well be the most basic thing on the planet to do. For him, this isn’t. This is a chance to interact with the world around him in a way he had never been allowed to do so in his life.

Hawks can understand that a lifetime of being locked up on the property would make anything mundane to a regular person sound amazing and new to Shouto, which is why he suggested it in the first place. Since Shouto seems so excited to do this, he nuzzles him for a moment, then says, “You can. I won’t stop you from shopping for clothes at the mall or getting whatever it is you like. If you want to, we can go there for your first courting with me.”

“I’d love that!” Shouto’s enthusiastic response makes Hawks chuckle at how cute his mate is. He would then say to his mate, “Great, that’s what I’ll do for our first courting together then.”

Hawks does have something to ask Shouto just to be sure he’s fine with this, “Hey, I’m thinking about spending the night with you tonight. You don’t mind that, do you?”

Shouto shakes his head, making it clear enough, “No, not at all. You’re always welcome to spend the night with me.”

“Great! I was thinking you and I could maybe eat some ice cream and talk about our days… You could get out a music box too if you want something to listen to while we talk and cuddle.”

Shouto thinks this sounds fine, but… “I am not allowed to eat ice cream. My father says it will make me fat.”

Hawks bites down his curse filled rant to give a slightly forced laugh, “Well, whatever he doesn’t know won’t hurt him! I’m your mate and if I say you can eat ice cream, then you will be able to eat ice cream.”

Shouto still seems nervous to even get ice cream, which is why Hawks has to hold his hand and reassure him, “If your old man throws a fit, I’ll handle it. There’s nothing to worry about, okay?”

The omega nods and with fear in his step, he follows Hawks over to the kitchen where they get out their ice cream into their respective bowls. Hawks, on the other hand, feels uneasy about the way Shouto is acting.

Is there something going on he doesn’t know about?

The only way to know would be to ask Shouto himself when they’re alone in his room.

Chapter Text

Hawks didn’t want to confront Shouto like this. He didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. He couldn’t stop himself from doing this, no matter how much the sliver of himself that is still an Endeavor fanboy didn’t want to.

Over the years, he’s learned a few things about Enji: he’s harsh, he’s prickly, and he can be very, very sexist as well as an unreasonable control freak who cares more about his public image than his own child. Along with this, hearing he bans Shouto from eating ice cream (and who knows what other food) because he wants to keep him at a certain weight has Hawks feeling sick to his stomach.

He needs to know the full story. Why is Enji such a prick? Why is he so cruel to his youngest child? Why is he so quick to anger? Is there something here Hawks isn’t seeing or has been seeing this whole time which gives away the true answer? He needs to know because this is killing him.

In the meantime, Shouto has to pause at the sweet treat in his mouth, after swallowing it, he comments, “This doesn’t taste like ice. Why is this so creamy, smooth, and cold whereas the snow cone was so sweet and rougher in texture?” Hawks would have to explain “Because snow cones are made of shaved ice. This is made of ice, heavy cream, and other wonderful ingredients.” Seeing the amazed look on Shouto’s face has Hawks blushing at how sweet his omega is as he takes a few more bites.

He would clear his throat after this, asking him, “Shouto, is there something about your father I don’t know?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…why is he so controlling over you?”

“Because I’m the only omega in existence.” Shouto answers, then takes another bite of ice cream.

Hawks nods but comes up with another one, “Why does he control what you eat?”

Shouto swallows his latest bite of the strawberry vanilla flavored treat, telling Hawks, “Because he doesn’t want me to get fat, because then my mate won’t have any interest in me.”

“I don’t care about your weight, though. As long as you’re happy and healthy, that’s all that matters to me.” Hawks interjects, not wanting his mate to feel as though he wouldn’t want him if he weren’t a certain size.

Shouto hums to this, taking another spoonful of ice cream and purring at the feeling of the cold cream going down his throat, “Really? So when we are mates, I’ll be able to eat this? What about snow cones? Will I get to eat those as well?”

Hawks frowns to this, not liking what he’s hearing because it brings up too many cruel conclusions in his mind, “You will, I won’t restrict what you eat or anything.”

His mate’s blue and grey eyes are filled with an unspoken happiness as he sets down his bowl of ice cream and hugs him tightly. Shouto doesn’t say anything, but the purr he hears tells him he must be happy…right? Why do omegas purr anyway? Betas and alphas don’t purr…so why does Shouto purr again?

“Shouto, are you okay?”

“I am…I asked my doctor about this over the phone before you came over, but apparently whenever I do this…it’s because I’m happy. Omega wolves do this whenever their omega feels happy, so you must have made my omega really happy with what you said.”

Interesting…but a bit off of the subject.

His alpha may want to do all that he can to get Shouto to purr all night long for him (for some reason or another, hearing his purr and knowing he caused it makes his alpha feel an immense amount of pride), but he doesn’t. He instead asks him, “What would happen if your dad knew you weren’t following his diet for you?”

The purring died down almost instantly to this, causing Hawks to want to take it back, but the question was already spoken. He didn’t know what else to do other than to wait for Shouto to answer him.

Shouto is silent at first as he leaves Hawks’ arms, yet he is quick to admit, “He would hit me, just like he did to my mom. He says I am a breeding machine and all I am good is getting pregnant with a ton of pups for my mate.”

Hawks does not like this at all, “What?”

“He hits me if I step out of line, but if I stay in line then the alpha won’t hit me or shove me to the ground. He used to do the same to my mom a lot, but she told me I was her ‘blessing’ because he used to be worse to her before I was born. After she died, I went from being her blessing to being my father’s embarrassment, a disgrace, an abomination who shouldn’t exist.”

This…this explains a lot.

No, it explains everything.

Why Enji didn’t allow Shouto to interact with the outside world, why he threatened to take him out of UA over the Sports Festival, and why he always spoke lowly of Shouto around him. All of this is explained in Shouto’s statement to him and it makes his alpha see red as the Endeavor fanboy in him wither and fades from existence. He would hold Shouto close and asks him, “Were you happy to have me as a mate at first? Did I at least make your life better after we were arranged to be together?”

“I wasn’t…comforted with the thought of you being my mate at first. You see, I didn’t care for heroes back then because of my father and I thought if anyone were friends with him, then it was because they were just like him. I’m sorry if I ever acted skittish or nervous around you, but it was because I was afraid you’d turn into my father if I ever stepped out of whatever lines you have for me.” Hawks doesn’t feel better discovering this fact despite understanding why Shouto would feel this way about him. It leaves him almost feeling hopeless in this mating, but then, “You proved me wrong over the years and I feel really bad for thinking you were ever a thing like him. You’re too nice, too sweet, too considerate, gentle, and caring of me… I haven’t ever had any alpha be any of the above for me until you came into my life. Even if I didn’t get to see or be by you much, just speaking to you made me happy and feel less alone in this big house without anyone to talk to. You made my life so much better when you agreed to be my mate and every day, I’m grateful to get the chance to be yours someday.”

Seeing Shouto say this with such sincerity in his voice and teary eyes propels him to gently take the omega’s hand and lay him down on his lap, not caring if his ice cream melts or if Enji throws a fit.

At this point, he doesn’t give a damn about Enji anymore and he certainly doesn’t care about being a Todoroki either. No, all he cares about is his mate in his arms, look so sad as he buries his face into his chest, tears staining his shirt while he does so.


Hawks had wanted to confront Enji, he really did, but Shouto warned him of a certain fact: “Confront him and he will cancel the mating between us.”

Hawks knows Enji is petty enough to do so. After hearing from Shouto what really happened at the Sports Festival, he doesn’t put anything past Enji anymore. His favorite hero is now nothing more than a common villain in his eyes and he couldn’t despise him more for it even if he tried.

Regardless, he decided to stay true to his promise of courtship with Shouto: he will take him out to the mall, he will allow him to shop for clothes and shoes like a normal person does regardless of their gender, and if he wants any food there, he’ll buy it for him Enji be damned!

(Okay so that was not a part of the original promise, but who’s to say Hawks cannot add anything onto it?)

Though he is a tiny bit worried: there is a rumor about the league circling around that he was slated to get involved with them originally but can’t anymore because of his presence during the villain attack at UA’s training camp.

He hopes it has nothing to do with the patchwork villain. He doesn’t want that creep anywhere Shouto. If he so much as tries to lay a hand on him again—

Okay, no blood thirsty thoughts so soon in the morning! He doesn’t need those now does he?

He doesn’t think so.

…Oh, that is what he can confront Enji about! If he cannot call him out for being an abuser to his wife and Shouto, then he may as well have the next best alternative. This would beckon the question though: who would be better to ask about the identity of the patchwork villain, Natsuo or Enji?

Given the way Natsuo was said to be the closest to Touya, he would think Natsuo would be the best bet. Then he thinks it over more and wonders if Enji would have a better memory of it. As much as he doesn’t trust abusive Enji to tell the full truth about the villain’s identity or whatever he may know of his past, he has to shoot down Natsuo as a potential person to speak with because the alpha does not like him, which means he won’t talk to him.

He doesn’t want to have this talk with Enji, but if it means keeping Shouto safe from harm and away from someone trying to mark him by force…then he will have to do it. He will have to talk to the man who was once his favorite hero but is not anymore.

He will have to talk to Enji in the same manner he did before. He will have to handle him with the same ignorance he had before his talk with Shouto where he learned the truth about everything concerning the flame hero.

His alpha wants to attack Enji for hurting his mate and his mother. His alpha wants to make him pay, to make him suffer for treating Shouto in such a way all of his life! No wonder the boy always feels the need to ask an alpha permission before doing anything: it’s because of his shitty father controlling him with fear and abuse!

Calm down. He needs to be calm for this. He cannot get angry now. He cannot lose his self control over his alpha or his instincts. He needs to remain calm so he can do what’s best for Shouto in the long run. Because if he cannot keep a villain trying to mate his omega by force away from him, then what good is he as a hero?

No good, not worthy of the title, that’s what he would be!

He may be at work now, yet his mind is on other places, another person who he believes needs him most right now. He needs to keep Shouto safe. He needs to find the patchwork villain, arrest him, and be sure he can never come near his mate ever again.

He is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. If he has to cooperate with Natsuo long enough to learn the full story of Touya, then he will do his best to learn whatever he can. If he has to work with Enji, the man who has failed and disappointed him with his abuse towards his son and wife, then he will swallow his outrage and do what is best for Shouto.

Until then, he has a job to do and he cannot keep allowing himself to get distracted like this.


After his work day, Hawks would approach the Endeavor agency, wanting to speak to the hero alone.

He would have wanted to call him out for his abuse of Shouto and Rei. He really is the unluckiest alpha alive because he won’t be able to do so until after he is mated to Shouto, which kills him on the inside seeing as how he doesn’t like being fake to people.

This is especially difficult to do when he sees the sidekicks living like kings here whereas Enji’s own family lives in fear of him and his tyranny. How could a man who abuses his wife and child be so kind to others who work for him? It’s such a disturbing thought that Hawks forces the question out of his head, not liking the answers he was about to conjure up.

Regardless, he forced him to enter Enji’s office and faked a sense of cordiality with him in his greeting, hoping it wouldn’t be noticed by the man, “Enji, hi! You busy?”

“Not at the moment. What is it you want to ask me?” the flame hero speaks with disgusting apathy as he sets the paperwork down with more care than what he gives his family.

How the hell did Hawks never connect the dots before when it was always right in front of his eyes?

He forces the anger into a little box inside of himself to ask Enji, “Did Touya ever have a friend?”

Enji’s face and voice darken simultaneously, his eyes narrowed at Hawks when responding bitterly, “What does Touya have to do with anything?”

“Because the alpha villain who tried to mark Shouto at the camp, he said he was an omega and he made a comment about Touya. He has black hair, vibrant blue eyes, and his quirk was one of a destructive blue flame which reduced my feathers to ash.”

Enji’s face goes blank for a moment only to quickly resume it’s irritated expression, “I wouldn’t know if Touya had a friend or not. I was never invested in his personal life. If you are truly interested in learning more about that defect, then ask the other defect, the boy one…the one with the white hair.”


“Yeah, him. Ask him.”

Hawks wants to jump across Enji’s desk and hurt him for hurting his family. His alpha is begging him to hurt him in the same way he hurt his family but worse. ‘Leave him begging, leave him bloody, leave him on his deathbed, make him suffer, suffer, suffer for hurting our omega—’

He stills himself for a moment. It’s enough to take a few deep breaths and recollect himself. It’s enough to make him take pause so he can function and think like himself as opposed to his instincts.

To hear Enji calling Touya a ‘defect’ and Natsuo one as well…it only made everything Shouto said feel more real in a way he wasn’t prepared for. To think this man was once someone he idolized, someone who inspired him to become a hero! He feels equal parts sickened and disappointed with himself for ever being a fan of Endeavor.

‘If I wasn’t a fan of his…then I wouldn’t have ever been able to be Shouto’s mate. He would have been given off to someone just like his father who would only abuse and mistreat him in the end. Someone who would lock him up on their property, use him for sex, and then leave when someone new comes by. Shouto doesn’t deserve that. He never deserved the loveless life he’s led.’

This thought is enough to ease away his bloodthirsty rage towards Enji and it is enough to get him to say in his usual upbeat way, “Ah okay, I’ll be sure to talk to him then! Thanks for the suggestion, Enji. Can I have Natsuo’s phone number? I figure it will be easier for me to call him than to meet him in person since he does, you know, hate my guts.”

Enji would give Hawks Natsuo’s number with a grunt and resume his work as the winged hero left his agency.

Hawks was only barely lucky to have not let his true views or feelings towards Enji slip out through his scent alone. Had he not been so careful or more lax in his control of his alpha, then Enji would have known and Shouto wouldn’t be his mate anymore. If of anything, he’d most likely get him arranged to some alpha sidekick of his he could control or an abusive Endeavor fanboy if he could make it happen.

He really cannot put anything past him. Analyzing and reanalyzing anything and everything Enji has done over the years is starting to make him feel dumber for not spotting out the signs of abusive behavior sooner! The damned bastard was not the best at hiding it either! Ugh, he cannot believe this, he cannot he was so blindsided by his own fandom of him that he wouldn’t let himself see the signs so plainly placed in front of him without a care, as though Enji knew he wouldn’t ever read into it.

What’s worse is, if Enji truly did think Hawks wouldn’t read into it, he was correct. He didn’t read into it until he was arranged to mate Shouto and even then, it took Shouto telling the truth of his childhood and mother’s relationship with him to all Hawks to finally piece everything together about Enji.

He’s mad not only at Enji, but himself as well for being so caught in his own hero worship of him that he couldn’t see him for the person he truly was, even when he put it in front of him so boldly, as though he were not afraid of anything at all.

Shouto…he feels as though he owes him an apology for being an Endeavor fanboy, for not spotting the many obvious signs Enji never bothered to hide, for not really connecting the dots on his true nature until he told him everything.

He will apologize to Shouto for this. His mate deserves to hear it.

Chapter Text

Whereas Hawks spent his day lamenting over the false image Enji had portrayed to the world (all while wanting to discover the identity of the patchwork villain who is after Shouto), Shouto was stuck in school and having to explain to Bakugou the full story behind his father.

Of course, this happened during lunch period and Bakugou had been straightforward about it, “I want to talk about your old man with you. I know you don’t want to do it in public, so I want to do it in the dorms. Are you fine you okay with that?”

“I suppose so.” Shouto sighs, knowing there is no way to really avoid this. Shinsou is with his Class 1-A friends and Inasa is still having his space with Midoriya and his friends. He’s stuck here without any way out.

Thus, he sighs and accepts the challenge in front of him, “Let’s have that talk then. I don’t want to wait a minute guessing over what he is like.”

Shouto would follow the alpha, not wanting to really have this talk, but knowing there is no way to deny it any longer. The walk is silent, heavy, and laden with Shouto’s own reluctance of not wanting to have this talk so soon.

He wishes he hadn’t listened into the conversation between himself and his father during the festival! Now he’s screwed and he doesn’t know what to do to get himself out of this.

It is a quick realization when he faces Bakugou alone in the dorms, the sound of the door closing behind him making it all too real as he is left to face him on an issue he doesn’t care to talk about.

“Tell me everything about him. I want to know why he is the way he is to you.”

Shouto would hesitate, his words timid at first, “How do I know you will believe me?”

“Because I know you wouldn’t lie about this.” the firm reply is quick and yet comforting in its own harsh, strange way.

So Shouto opens up and tells him everything he told Hawks the night before. He tells him of his father’s fake image, why he treats him the way he does, and of the many, many harsh rules and punishments both he and his mother shared before she passed away.

By the end of it all, the alpha before him appeared pissed. His shock only seemed to be mixed in with his anger and all he could do was growl out, “Fucker! I can’t believe he would do that to you! The fucking bastard, I’ll kick his fucking ass!”

“Calm down, please! I don’t want any fighting because it will draw attention to me and the whole world will eventually discover I am an omega.” Shouto begs of the angered teen, hoping the older boy will listen to him.

Luckily for him…he does. He listens to him on this issue and he takes a few minutes to calm himself down from the horrifying tale he’s heard so far.

He goes over to Shouto’s spot on the kitchen table, placing a firm hand on his shoulder as he tells him, “I won’t do anything that would cause you harm. I will speak up against Endeavor’s bullshit whenever he is around me. Do not expect me to remain silent around him. I won’t hold anything back when I see that bastard again.”

Shouto is baffled by his response, because he cannot help but to wonder, “Why do you care what he does to me? Why do you care what he is like to me?”

“Ugh, fucking really? Didn’t we go over this? I’m not a heartless, petty bastard! I do like you, dumbass.”

Bakugou tenses, not meaning to have said what he did and hoping Shouto wouldn’t have read into it.

Just his luck, it went right over Shouto’s pretty head and he wrote it off entirely different, “Oh…you want to be my friend then?”

His hand meets his forehead, his groan low, “No! That’s not what I meant! Let’s not obsess over it, okay? Let’s just eat lunch together.”

“Here? In the dorm?”

“Yeah, I can make us some real food, seeing as how you need it.”

Shouto blushes to this, finding it a bit frustrating yet embarrassing to hear the food he eats is not considered ‘real’ food by others, “How is zaru soba not real food? It’s not made of anything fake.”

The response he heard was a spoken through a chuckle, “Are you kidding me right now? It’s nowhere near being a real meal! You don’t even eat rice with it. How are you supposed to grow and shit if you don’t eat right?”

“I’m a healthy weight according to my doctor.”

“Yeah, well, he must be a quack to say that.”

“Omega bodies are different from alpha bodies.”

“It doesn’t give you any plausible reason to be that skinny. Now sit down, shut up, and let me cook for you!”

Shouto does as he says, unable to stop himself from sniffing the air in contentment as Bakugou began to work on some mysterious dish he’s sure he’s never had before. He sniffs the air, taking in the scent, the aroma of what is cooking inside the large kitchen. He tries to depict what it is by scent alone yet is unable to do so.

So imagine his surprise when he sees this next: a bowl of soup with noodles in it.

What is it called, again? He doesn’t believe he was ever allowed to eat this stuff before.

“What is this?”

“Do not tell me you weren’t allowed to eat ramen.”

The shamed look on Shouto’s face answers his question for Bakugou, who gives a little nod to himself before explaining, “Ramen is an amazing soup made with ramen noodles. It’s super popular and everyone who tries it, loves it. Give it a bite, I know you will love it too.”

Shouto doesn’t mind giving this a try. It will be a nice break from the other food he is allowed to eat.

He takes a bite of the soup and his eyes glow in the new discovery, “Wow…this is really good! I’ll have to learn how to make it for Hawks someday when we’re mated. I’m sure he’ll love to learn about this ‘ramen’ dish.”

(Enji didn’t allow Shouto to eat ramen because he believed the soup to be both ‘too salty’ and ‘too fattening’.)

Hearing he wants to make this for Hawks, his mate, has Bakugou not feeling so good. He doesn’t like the idea of the winged alpha eating Shouto’s cooking or being mated to him. Just the idea of Hawks—of all alphas—getting Shouto just because of an arrangement and nothing else…it makes him sick to the pit of his stomach.

It feels unfair because Shouto got no say or choice in the arrangement. He was just left to deal with whatever his father threw at him without any second thought or voice in the matter. He was left to accept it and move on instead of finding someone for himself that he could fall in love with. Overall, none of this was fair to Shouto, but high class life isn’t fair to anyone. In fact, Bakugou can say it’s the cruelest of fates to be born in a high class home.

“Thank you for the meal. I really enjoyed it, but I should get going before lunch period ends.” Shouto’s words snap him out of his thoughts and he nods while replying, “Don’t thank me for treating you like a person. I didn’t mind cooking for you anyway.”

Shouto blinks to this, not knowing what else to say than, “Oh…well, I hope we get to know each other better.”

“You know we will. Now leave for class, I don’t want you to be late!”

Seeing the omega leave the dorms has him wondering what it would be like to have a chance to court him and be his mate. It has him wondering more about omegas in general, but also about what it would be like to be the alpha who has Shouto in his arms every morning.

He silently seethes as he realizes all too quickly this is a privilege Hawks will one day have and not him or anyone else Shouto could have chosen for himself. No, even in his romantic life, his father will always control him no matter what.


Shouto did enjoy lunch with Bakugou and his cooking was surprisingly excellent for an alpha. He didn’t think it possible for an alpha to cook with such skills, but it seems he was wrong about them yet again.

On his way back home, he would receive a call from Hawks, whose voice lacked the energetic yet laid back joy he came to admire and adore in his alpha, “Hey Shouto…I want to tell you I’m sorry.”

“…For what? You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“No, I mean, for being a fan of your father’s. Endeavor was my favorite hero growing up and I allowed my hero worship of him to cloud my judgement to the obvious signs of his true nature. I shouldn’t have ever let that happen or allow it to take me to hear you tell your side of the story in order to connect the dots. I’m sorry, Shouto. I shouldn’t have ever been a fan of his in the first place.”

Shouto can hear the guilt overpowering his mate’s words, and yet all he can say to this is, “I don’t think it was a bad thing you were a fan of his. If you weren’t a fan of his and hated him like everyone else did, you wouldn’t have ever been my mate and I’d be stuck with someone just like him. I’m happy you were his fan, because that meant I got to be with you instead of anyone else he would have chosen for me.”

It’s silent and staticy on Hawks’ end for a while there. Shouto can hear the sound of the wind still, which allows him to know Hawks is still on the line for the time being. Then he hears it, a small exhale and a less guilt burdened voice saying, “I guess you’re right… Thank you for being so understanding of me. You would have had every right to hate me for being his fanboy.”

“I don’t hate you. I never could, not after you were so nice to me…” Shouto trails off for a moment there, wanting to change the subject when he suddenly remembered something, “Oh! I got to eat this dish called ‘ramen’ today! It was really good—have you ever had it before? Because if not, then I’ll find the best recipe around and make it for you to eat sometime.”

“Ah, you never had ramen before, huh? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but I have had it before. I am willing to try any dish you make me, though, because I know it will be made with your love.”

“…What bubble is there to burst? Also, emotions can’t be ingredients, so how could you eat my love?”

“You know what? I’ll explain those phrases to you later. I have an important phone call to make. Bye, Shouto.”

“Goodbye, Hawks.”

This conversation would end on a pleasant note, with Shouto not knowing who Hawks was calling next after he hung up on him.


Getting a hold of Natsuo was not easy, but once he did, he was quick enough to get to the point upon hearing the annoyed answer of, “What the hell do you want, scammer?”

“Hi, it’s me, Hawks. I was wondering if you could help me narrow down the identity of the guy at the training camp who tried to mark Shouto by force.” Hawks began right away, knowing small talk will get him nowhere with Natsuo.

Hawks is at home when he makes this call, knowing the later time will mean Natsuo is free and ready to talk to him about this very, very important issue.

“How could I help with that? I don’t know a guy with black hair and a patchwork face.”

“He knew Shouto was an omega because of Touya. Mind telling me if Touya had any friends who he could have trusted with Shouto’s secret?”

He hears Natsuo’s phone dropping and is instantly wondering what is wrong when he hears it being picked up again quickly after with his words shaken, “What was his quirk, again?”

“A blue flame which reduced everything to ash.” Hawks has to wonder, “Do you know who this guy is? Can you tell me what you know about him?”

“…He was supposed to be dead. At least, that’s what I thought.”

“Dead? Why would he be dead?”

Natsuo would sigh when recalling a dark part of the Todoroki family history, not wanting to ever relive it but having to for the sake of Shouto’s safety, “Simple: my father said he was killed in an apartment fire along with his mom.”

Hawks almost drops his phone to this, his mind jumping to the worst conclusion first right when Natsuo says this, “What? How did he know that?”

“Because he started the fire himself.”

As if everything Shouto told him wasn’t enough, he has to hear this too? How worse can Enji get before he becomes as evil as All For One?

“Why would he do that?”

“Because Nakano Ken knew all about Shouto being an omega and he was dumb enough to make it obvious at Touya’s funeral. He asked mom where Shouto was at and claimed he would take care of the ‘omega’ in Touya’s stead. Our father overheard this, but never confronted him over it. Ken was a child of a single parent, his father never being in his life once and his mother working two jobs to support them. Two weeks after Touya’s funeral, his apartment would burn down and everyone inside it perished, with their corpses being too charred and ruined to determine who was who. Since they were all low class beta and alphas, the victims were to deemed to have died from faulty smoke detectors, but Fuyumi and I always knew the truth. Our father killed Ken and made it look like an accident when it wasn’t so. I don’t know how he survived, but…I did think he was dead for years… To know he is alive and after Shouto…it’s…I don’t know how to explain it…”

Natsuo is clearly in shock, as is Hawks who is having a harder time processing this than normal.

Enji is a murderer now? What else can get worse than this! What else can he do next to make himself more of a degenerate in Hawks’ eyes! The man is evil and not just because of how he treated Shouto and Rei, but because of how far he is willing to go to protect his own image from being tarnished by Shouto’s existence.

He wills himself to calm down enough to ask, “How did Touya know this guy?”

Natsuo takes a few moments to calm down from his shock to the news Hawks had given him to explain further, “Ken is someone Touya met in preschool before his quirk manifested. They used to play together all the time, but after his quirk manifested, he couldn’t see Ken as much anymore. They took up a habit of sneaking out late at nights to meet up in the park where they played and they would spend a good few hours there before going home. Touya trusted Ken with his life, since his quirk was a flame more powerful than my father’s, but not as strong as Ken’s blue cremation flame. I’m guessing he told Ken the truth about Shouto since he trusted him enough…is there any way I can see a sketch of him? Any way I can at least see his face and see if it really is him?”

“Bakugou, Shouto, and I all gave a description of him to a sketch artist at the police station in Kamino. You can go there and request to see the sketch if you claim to have an idea of who he could be.” Hawks would tell him point blank, hoping Natsuo would do this for Shouto’s sake. The last thing the poor omega needs is to be marked by some stranger he’s never met before.

“I’ll be sure to do that tomorrow. I have to go now, Hawks.”


Before Hawks could say much else, the line had gone dead and he was left speechless at what all he heard.

He knew Enji was cruel, but cruel enough to kill someone over discovering Shouto’s secret? That’s a whole other level of cruel and evil he cannot even fathom when alone in his bedroom, staring at the ceiling.

He hopes Natsuo will be able to identify the villain because if he can’t, then who else would he speak to? Fuyumi? She doesn’t like him either, though! Ugh, why does this have to be so hard? Why does Enji have to ruin everything he touches?

Regardless, he needs to do all that he can to ensure he is caught before he attempts to strike at Shouto again. He cannot and will not allow his mate to be stolen away from him like this! Not when he is falling for the omega and cannot stop it from happening!

For a moment there, he wonders if he should tell Shouto about this. He wonders if he should know his eldest brother’s best friend is the one who is trying to mate him by force. He wonders if it would do Shouto any good to know and in all honesty, he cannot say it would be.

He doesn’t want Shouto to think lowly of Touya, since it really was not his fault he placed his trust in the wrong person. He was just a kid and he doesn’t deserve to be despised for things he didn’t see coming. He doesn’t want Shouto to live in more fear of his father than what he already does thanks to the man having controlled him all of his life up until now. He wants Shouto to enjoy his time in UA and be a normal kid. In order for this to happen, he cannot do anything to detract from it. Which means the patchwork villain’s identity will remain a secret between Hawks, the police, and Natsuo for now, until they can capture him.

Hawks hopes they will be able to catch him soon because he doesn’t know when the alpha will strike next or where.

Chapter Text

On Friday, Shouto would learn his relatively peaceful week spent with nightly talks with Hawks and daily lunches alone in the 1-A dorms with Bakugou would come to an exciting conclusion.

Hawks would send him a text message of Shouto~~~ I’m going to take you out courting tomorrow!!! Get ready for it, because you’ll be seeing the mall for the first time in your life pretty boy :D

Shouto read and reread the text at least ten times before a huge smile came onto his lips. He couldn’t stop himself from releasing his scent, the strawberries and whipped cream scent becoming stronger as he sat there in the 1-A dorm dining room table.

“Dammit, get your scent under control! There may be a shit ton of mated people here, but that doesn’t make it safe for you to be so reckless with your scent.” Bakugou snaps from the kitchen, making Shouto take a pause before sighing, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to alpha—”

“Call me ‘Bakugou’, not ‘alpha’. This isn’t some traditional shit. I won’t hit you if you don’t obey me like your father would.”

“Right. Sorry.”

Bakugou does wonder as he brings out Shouto’s lunch for him (he claims the omega needs to ‘eat more’ and eating in the cafeteria won’t do because he’d choose zaru soba), “What made your scent sharpen like that? I remember reading online that omega wolves’ scents can fluctuate with their moods and heats. Does the same thing happen to you?”

Shouto sees in no point in lying about the obvious because, “It’s true. My scent can change whenever my moods change or my heat strikes. It’s something I can’t notice because obviously I’m immune to the changes in my scent, but according to the doctor, that’s normal.”

Bakugou hums to this before asking, “What are heats like? Is it like a period or what?”

He was about to eat his spicy noodles when he noticed Shouto was blushing quite a bit and picking at his somen, “Um, why do you want to know about this?”

“Because I am wondering why you are gone for one week a month from school.”

Crap, he noticed, didn’t he? Here he was telling Shinsou this was because he was being sent out to see his mother’s family to be sure he wasn’t being hurt by his father. He didn’t tell him the truth about the hospital or his being an omega because he didn’t feel the need to. This and the fewer people who knew this secret about him, the better.

He meets Bakugou in his crimson stare and unwavering, he tells him, “I…do get heats. They are a week long and it’s not like a beta girl’s periods. It’s more of…a time of…where…my body needs an alpha or beta to have sex with me so my omega can be satisfied.”

Bakugou is a bit confused by this, “What’s the point of a heat?”

“In the words of my doctor…to get pregnant by the most powerful alpha or beta around.”

Oh. Well…doesn’t this make things awkward for the two of them now? Bakugou hadn’t intended to make things awkward between them and Shouto could tell he didn’t mean to.

He attempts to lighten the mood by asking him, “It’s no big deal, though! A heat is just a heat, much like how a period is just a period. What are ruts like for an alpha? I know what happens to an alpha’s body during that time, but do you ever feel…pain, cramping, or slick coming out of you like I do when I have a heat?”

“Fuck no! If we did, it’d be super fucked up. All that happens during ruts is alphas jerk themselves off nonstop and wait for their horniness to pass.” he explains with a wave of his hand and another bite of his spicy noodles following after.

“Jerk themselves off?” Shouto states out of confusion, not at all understanding what Bakugou is saying.

Luckily for him, the alpha boy catches onto this quite quickly, “What that phrase means is ‘they masturbate’. It’s a less awkward way of saying it, that’s all.”

Shouto nods, feeling a bit stupid for not knowing what this meant, “Ah, I see.”

A few moments of eating and silence pass before Bakugou is asking, “What had your scent getting so strong out of nowhere before I came back in here?”

A smile makes its way to Shouto’s lips as he sighs dreamily, “My mate is taking me courting tomorrow. He says we are going to the mall…I’ve never been to any mall before. I bet they must be amazing with all the clothes they have. I wonder what else they could have. I mean, the possibilities are endless, right?”

To the older teen across from him, this is nothing special at all. Hell, if he took any beta courting to a mall for a day of shopping he’d be chewed out and rejected on the spot. However, since Shouto is an omega who had not been allowed to leave the property except to see his doctor, things like this are fun new adventures for him and Bakugou cannot blame him for wanting to see a mall for the first time in his life.

“Yeah, they are.” he replies, not wanting to take away any of the fun or wonder of it from Shouto. He may not like the fact the omega is courting with someone else, but he could never bring himself to ruin anything for the omega in front of him.

If the mundane things are what makes him happy, then he will allow him to have them because heaven knows he won’t obtain them otherwise. Freedom is a privilege given to alpha and beta children when they are born. Freedom is something Todoroki Shouto won’t ever have until the day he is mated off or his father dies. Even then, it won’t be a guarantee: Shouto will always need to be careful because the boy’s secondary gender alone ensures he will never be free.


The following morning, Shouto wakes up early, gets showered up, dressed, and ready for his courting with Hawks. His winged mate is set to show up at any time and he’s practically bouncing in his spot by the door as he awaits to see the young man.

He would wait at least five minutes before hearing a knock on the door. With excitement, he opens the door and greets Hawks politely, “Hello alpha, are we going to go courting now?”

“Shouto, really, please don’t call me ‘alpha’ for any reason so long as I live! I don’t like being referred to as that title. I really, really don’t.” Hawks stresses to him through a small grin before commenting to him, “You look cute today in your little outfit. You should wear lavender more; it brings out both of your eye colors wonderfully.”

It takes Shouto a good five minutes to get what he is saying and when he does get it…he’s embarrassed to know it took him so long to understand what a compliment is.

“Ah…thank you.” he stammers out, but then his mate takes him by the hand, “Come on, pretty boy, let’s go out to the mall and spoil you rotten!”

“…I’m not a food item. How can I be spoiled?”

“No, I mean as in I’m going to give you everything you want and ask for because you’re a precious prince in my life.”

“Oh, I think I get it then?”

Hawks will settle for this. There’s always more time to teach him slang terms and basic figures of speech. Right now, he needs to get his pretty boy hyped up for the date of a lifetime!

He is going to take him to the largest mall in Tokyo and he will buy him everything he wants without second question. It’s a sweet plan to court him with because he realizes Shouto has never had anyone really pamper and spoil him before, so he may as well have it now.

“Never mind, let’s focus on the here and now.” Hawks says while leading him out of the house and away from the property’s gates. He would take him into a car and tell him, “I would normally fly you, but Tokyo is pretty strict with a hero like me using my quirk for anything outside of hero work.”

“It’s okay, I understand, but why are we going to Tokyo? Do they have malls there?”

“They do and they’re nice malls too! I’m actually taking you to the biggest one around. What do you say, huh? Sound like fun?”

“It does! I cannot wait to see the mall and what wonders that lie inside of it.”

Hawks realizes how sad this is. For most people, going to the mall is not a life changing event, but for Shouto it is. After a lifetime of being cut off from the rest of the world, he’s finally going to see it for himself and Hawks can say he is more than proud to show him it.

He feels a bit better knowing he is going to have a first of Shouto’s. After Inasa took him out courting, it actually hurt to know he wasn’t there when Shouto went into his first ever noodle shop or when he went to his first ever movie afterwards. Even not going to the art fair with him hurt Hawks in a way he cannot describe. He wanted to be the one who did these things with him and more, but he didn’t realize it until after he saw him doing them with someone else.

It kills him to know it took him so long to do anything with Shouto like this. Shouto is his mate! He should have been doing things like this to begin with!

Oh well, no matter now. What matters is giving Shouto the best time of his life today. He is going to show him the stores, the food court, the kiosks, and whatever else he can. Why? Because Shouto deserves to see it all after a lifetime of being denied the right to.

He likes the outfit Shouto is wearing today: a lavender pullover with powder blue silk pants that are form fitting yet not too tight on him like some of his clothes can be. He tried to dress himself up a bit nicer for his mate since he is so freakishly casual around him no matter what. Which is why he is wearing a cream colored button down tucked into his dark grey skinny jeans.

Okay, so it’s not really a step up from what he usually wears but this works regardless of his intention to dress as nicely as his mate does for him!

Shouto is so busy seeing all of the cars on the highway, watching the scenery with awe-filled eyes, causing Hawks to chuckle, “Does going out for a drive really excite you that much?”

“Well, yes. There’s many things and places I’ve never been to before. Seeing all of the different cars, the different scenery and the way it changes the closer we get to our destination…it’s beautiful to me. I never thought I would get to see such a sight in my life.” Shouto explains easily, his eyes never leaving his window.

It breaks Hawks heart to hear this because it’s another reminder of all the ways Enji screwed over his youngest child.

“I’m glad you get to see it then.” Hawks replies smoothly, not wanting to lose his cool over Enji and his general awfulness on a day like today.

The closer the car got to the mall, the more amazed Shouto became with everything outside the window. Tokyo is so big, he’s honestly never seen it before until now! To know he will be at a mall soon, his very first mall, has him almost bouncing in his seat from the anticipation of it all.

Once the car parks in a parking lot, Shouto follows Hawks over to the big building, his eyes wide when he speaks, “Whoa…it’s bigger than UA and my doctor’s hospital!”

“Yeah? Just wait until you see what’s inside.”

Shouto was more than ready to see the inside of it. He takes Hawks’ hand and allows the hero to lead the way for him, not wanting to get lost in something so huge by accident.


At first, it was overwhelming.

Shouto had never been by so many people before. He had never seen a shop in real life before, so to see so many of them… It left him speechless and clinging on tightly to Hawks’ hand. His mate promised him, “Don’t worry, I’ll be here with you through everything. How about we start with that store over there? We can work our way over to other stores when you feel more comfortable, okay?”

“Okay.” Shouto would say in a small voice as he followed Hawks over to the first clothing store.

He liked the store well enough, but none of the clothes were in colors he liked so they went over to the next one. By the time Shouto had gone through four stores without anything he really wanted to wear or buy, he felt more comfortable choosing stores for himself. Once he did, he was able to find clothes he liked and Hawks bought them for him, which left him feeling a bit flustered because, “I can pay for it with my father’s card.”

“No, no; I’m your mate. I should pay for you because that’s what a good mate does.”

Shouto blushes to this, but doesn’t fight him further on the subject. He instead allows the alpha to spoil him with new clothes, new shoes, and visits to different shops.

He never knew there were shops dedicated to children’s apparel, shops dedicated to girls accessories, shops meant for edgy, cool kids, or designer shops where only the posh could afford to go. To know there was stores dedicated for shoes, perfume, or skincare only was amazing in and of itself! Looking through all of these shops and stores was as eye opening as it was fascinating.

When it hit twelve, Hawks was quick to say, “Let’s go eat lunch, Shouto. You’ve gone long enough without eating.”

“Where would we eat, though?”

“In the mall, cutie! They have this thing called a ‘food court’ where you go to eat really good food.”

Shouto was stunned to know this even existed, but he was all for seeing it himself because he never heard of it before, “Okay, let’s go see this ‘food court’ then.”

Hawks was feeling pretty proud of himself when he led Shouto up a few escalators to the food court level. The omega’s eyes were wide and all he could do was take in all the smells and sights of the delicious food everywhere…

He doesn’t even know where to begin other than, “I want zaru soba.”

Hawks is not shocked at all to hear this (hearing he wanted anything else would be shocking) however, he tries to get him out of his comfort zone by making him an offer, “How about we try a chicken place? I heard there’s this one spot here that makes the best teriyaki chicken around.”

“Okay, I guess we can try that.” Shouto responds while heading over to the chicken spot with Hawks.

What he wasn’t expecting was to hear a loud sound of the building being crashed into out of nowhere or for there to be screams from many people as the area became filled with both wingless and winged nomus flying/running about everywhere.

They attacked, they maimed, they injured, and they appeared to be set on killing the people present in the building as Shouto and Hawks rushed over to the ledge of the level of the building they were on.

Hawks grit his teeth, having a bad feeling about who could be behind this attack.

(He knows it’s the league, but he has a feeling a specific member of the league set this whole thing up…)

He knows he should use his feathers to save people, but first thing is first, he needs to get Shouto out of here before anything bad happens to him. He needs to get Shouto as far away from here as possible before he gets kidnapped by the league thanks to these monsters!

He takes Shouto into his arms and flies him out of the building with a speed the winged nomu could not compete with. He would then set him down in front of his car and give him one order, “Call up your old man and tell him there’s a nomu attack happening at this mall. We need his help right away if we are to survive this.”

“Yes, I will do that right away!” Shouto responds through a small whimper at what is happening because this is just as scary as being back at the camp and having the patchwork alpha trying to mark him on the spot.

Hawks leaves Shouto with a final command: “Stay here and do not leave unless if you see a villain from the league or one of those nomu coming after you, okay?”

“Okay.” Shouto nods, feeling frozen in his spot while he watches his mate fly away.

As for Hawks, this whole thing feels too perfectly planned.

The outrageous number of nomus, the numerous casualties he is going to have to prevent, and the fact he has no backup right now from any other hero or sidekicks tells him all he needs to know.

Shouto is in danger and it’s not from the nomus. No, he’s in danger of being kidnapped and marked by the patchwork villain alpha, also known as Dabi, or by his real name Ken Nakano.

(Yes, Natsuo did go down to the police station and identified the man in the sketch of the patchwork villain was none other than his big brother’s best friend.)

No matter. Hawks can’t obsess over this now. What he needs to do is get out of this alive and ensure Shouto won’t be stolen from him by that creep.

Chapter Text

Hawks is not a hero who has faced a nomu before. In fact, neither has Miruko and yet here she is, doing her best to help him. According to her, the reason why this attack happened is simple, “I was sent to try to find the person who makes people into these things, but I’m guessing they thought I was getting too close to discovering the truth about them… It doesn’t matter now! We need to get as many people out of here as possible before anyone or anyone else dies!”

He goes along with her orders, feeling relieved to know Dabi isn’t here or has any involvement with this.

Hawks can only hope Shouto is fine and Enji will be here soon…

True, he does not like Enji at all anymore, but Enji is the only other pro hero aside from All Might who has faced nomus and won in battle. Sure, his main experience may be with the ones in Hosu City, but he did defeat those nomus and he did come out of it unscathed. In this instant, he needed backup who could not only hold their own against a nomu, but also win.

It’s moments like these where he wishes All Might had never retired. Now he is stuck here, wishing for Enji (of all people) to show up before the nomus get out of control. Already, they are overwhelmed with the number of them and getting the people outside alive and well. Hawks is doing all that he can and Miruko is giving it her all, but these things don’t go down easy.

Hawks can strike at them with his feathers, but it barely phases the nomu and though he is doing his best to prevent casualties, there are still people being injured by nomus in various ways.

Right now, as he is saving many, many grateful people, all he can do is worry over Shouto. The poor omega never got the chance to learn how to use his quirks properly thanks to the villain attack on the camp and his crazy studying schedule from being in UA’s Class 1-C. He kicks himself for not working with his mate more on this area because Shouto does need to know how to defend himself. Situations like this can and do happen, what he needs to do after this is whatever it takes to help his mate learn how to master his quirks in a situation where self-defense will be needed.

He knows he’s not licensed to use his quirks in public, but Shouto is an omega…he needs to be extra careful. What if these nomu had not been sent by the person who makes them? What if these nomu had been sent by Dabi and what if he was here today at the mall? What would have happened then?

He doesn’t care to think on it too, especially since he has more people to save and much more nomus to deal with on his own.

Dammit, Enji! Get here already!


Shouto remained by the car, too terrified to know what to do in a situation such as this! He’s never been trained or raised on how to handle such things. He was always told his alpha mate would keep him on their property once he was mated to them. He never once believed he would be here, in a nomu crisis with no one to really turn to in such a difficult time.

He watches as his brave and quick mate weaves his way in and out of the mall with grace, ease, and speed as he saves the lives of those in need. So far, no nomus have come out of any entrance, which must mean they are doing enough to hold them back.

More heroes and sidekicks approach the scene, lesser known ones Shouto had never of before, before his father arrives to end this nomu invasion. Shouto watches, his feet firmly planted into the ground as he begins to have flashbacks of the patchwork alpha who had mentioned Touya before he made a move to mark him.

He tries to not go back into that time, but it’s easier said than done. He’s already starting to have a harder time controlling his breathing, the control over his scent long gone as he struggles to remain calm during this terrifying time.

The scenery around him is changing to that of the training camp, where they were in the woods, with the alpha who had the black hair and wild blue eyes to accompany his patchwork face. With every other blink of his eyes, he sees the real situation in front of him and on the next blink, he will see the woods where the awestruck, happy villainous alpha is standing before him.

He shakes his head, willing the image to go away the best he can and yet…he can’t. The alpha is approaching him one moment and then gone the next, his panic setting in as this whole event feels too similar to what he had experienced before.

“Shouto, get a hold of yourself.” comes the threatening scent and growl of his father, which is enough to help ground him in this situation, “I cannot have you acting like this and having your scent go on unchecked! What are you thinking? Do you wish to be found out for what you truly are?”

Shouto is able to breathe, his father’s presence actually doing him good for once: it helps remind him this is not the training camp and the alpha villain who spoke as though he knew Touya is not here, “No alpha, I’m sorry for my outburst. It won’t happen again.”

Enji seethes under his breath, “It better not.” before heading off to fight the nomus inside the mall with Hawks and Miruko as well as the other heroes and sidekicks who had shown up.

The mall was cleared of nomus a few hours after his father's arrival and the police were able to detain more of them from this whole mess. Hawks would immediately fly to Shouto’s side, hugging him tightly after everything that happened, “I’m sorry you had to see Enji on the day of our courting… I shouldn’t have had you call him, but no other pro fought a nomu and won except for him and All Might. I didn’t know who else to call who could have helped us win. I’m sorry this was a whole mess, Shouto. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

Shouto responds by holding Hawks back as tightly, his eyes squeezed shut as he releases a shaky exhale, “It’s okay…I’m not mad at you. I’m glad he was here because it reminded me I was not back there in the training camp with the alpha who tried to mark me by force.”

He is stunned to hear Enji’s presence had a positive effect on Shouto for the first time in his entire existence. That being said, he refuses to let Enji’s presence be the one good thing coming out of his first courtship with Shouto.

No, he has a backup plan in mind, “You know…at the end of our courting, I was going to take you back to your place so we could watch movies from my streaming service on my laptop. I was thinking we could cuddle on your bed and get close to each other underneath the covers if you want.”

“What kind of movies are we watching?” Shouto asks in a small yet curious voice.

Hawks releases him from his grip, kissing him on the forehead when coyly replying, “It’s a surprise for you, but I can promise it’s nothing bad, dark, heavy, or scary. What do you say? Do you want to go back to your place and do this?”

When Shouto hesitates, Hawks pulls out his big guns, the one sure fire thing to make his mate agree to this, “We’ll get to eat ice cream while watching it.”

That was all it took for Shouto to agree, “Yes, I’d like to do this, especially if it means we get to eat ice cream.”

“Great! Let’s head on out then, cutie.”

The flirtatious wink makes Shouto blush, but he doesn’t comment on it much before getting back into the car before his father can ruin the sweet moment between himself and his mate.

Once they left the parking lot and were back on the road, Shouto wondered, “Shouldn’t you have stayed with the police like my father and the other heroes did?”

What he heard would amaze Shouto on the powers of courting amongst the lower and middle classes, “Eh, I didn’t have to because I was courting you and protecting you mainly. All I will have to do is submit a report about it tomorrow or whenever I can get to it.”


There is a bit of silence there before Hawks brings up a subject he didn’t think he’d need to bring up to Shouto again. Well, not one so soon anyway.

“Shouto…I know you’re not comfortable with using your quirks all too much, but you need to learn how to defend yourself. There are times where I won’t be there to defend or protect you. Those times will be very, very, very rare, but they can still happen someday. I will do whatever I can to prevent it, but you need to learn how to defend yourself in the meantime. I want to train you on how to use your quirks because I don’t want you to be taken advantage of or kidnapped by some villain. Are you okay with that?”

He had said this slowly and with heavy caution in his voice. He did not want Shouto to get upset, after all, yet at the same time, he wants him to be able to defend himself. He doesn’t want Shouto to be stuck in a position where he will be too vulnerable to properly escape or defend himself. He’s the only omega in humanity’s existence; if other people or villains got a hold of this information, they would use it to both hurt and ruin him as completely as they could.

Shouto shifts in his seat, knowing this conversation would come up sooner or later.

He knows it was only a matter of time before Hawks brought this up again. He does want to be able to escape if someone (the patchwork villain) is trying to steal him away, yet he’s also quite scared because, “Touya died because my father pushed him too hard during training… He didn’t care if Touya’s quirk hurt him when pushed too far, he kept pushing him to the point where he died. I don’t want to wind up like that, Hawks.”

Hawks never actually knew how Touya died. Enji always played it off as Touya killed himself, but after hearing this, he has a few other things to ask, “How do you know how Touya really died? Didn’t he die when you were still a baby?”

“He did, but my mama explained it to me when I saw his butsudan and asked about him. Training is scary, Hawks. It could kill me if I am pushed too far and I don’t want to die like Touya did, engulfed by his own flame.”

No wonder why Shouto is afraid of training then! Touya’s death is a cautionary tale of his father pushing his son too hard and for what reason? What reason could there have been for Enji to push Touya so hard to the point where he died during training? Such things are possible, but only when they are hitting a certain breaking point with their quirks, which varies from person to person depending on what kind of quirk they have.

Hawks has to show Shouto that training is not a bad or scary thing, then. He has to prove to him he is not like his shit stain of a father and he won’t ever push him to the point Touya had gone, “Shouto, I’m sorry that happened to Touya. I won’t ever push you that far when I am training you, okay? If things get to be too intense for you, I will stop and give you a break.”

“Okay…” Shouto replies with all of the uncertainty in his being, clearly not too happy with the idea of training.

“You were fine with what we did at the camp. What makes training so different?”

“What we did at the camp was me being allowed to use my quirk in fun, new ways. It wasn’t training, it wasn’t what my mama told me my father put Touya through.”

“What did he put him through?”

Shouto would not look the least bit comfortable when recalling what Rei had told him, “He would push Touya to use his strongest flame against him all while using his own flame at its highest heat. He would fight with Touya as though he were a villain trying to kill him and he would not stop the fight until one of them was down on the ground, passed out.”

Hawks’ grip on the wheel tightens at the same time his jaw does, his eyes full of fury at the outright abuse Touya had suffered before dying in the cruel, brutal way he did.

His mind had only one response on the tip of his tongue, “Why did he do that to him? What was the point in putting him through that torture and abuse?”

“Torture and abuse?” the omega boy asks with a slight tilt of his head, not quite understanding what he was getting at.

“Shouto, training is not supposed to be like that. People are not supposed to try to kill each other during training. People are supposed to help each other with strengthening their quirks through a light sparring or quirk training exercises, not anything like what Touya went through with your father. In the eyes of the law, what he did to Touya was child abuse and torture. What he did was not normal and should never happen.”

Shouto doesn’t quite understand it still. He knows what torture is because that’s what his mother described when speaking of Touya and his training sessions. What he didn’t understand was the word ‘abuse’.

Enji hadn’t taught him (or any of his children for that matter) what abuse is and what it constitutes as, hence the reason behind Shouto’s confusion.

“What is abuse?”

Hawks had a feeling this question would come up the moment he said the word ‘abuse’, so he does his best to explain it, “Abuse is what your father did to Touya: he hit him, he attacked him, and he hurt him physically. It is also what he does to you: he talks down to you, he makes you feel bad about yourself, and he threatens you for no apparent reason. You see, what he did to Touya, Rei, and you was physical abuse—he hurt you all physically—yes, even the slaps and backhandings count as physical abuse. What he did to you for most of your life was mental/emotional abuse—he hurt you emotionally by tearing down your self esteem until there was nothing to be salvaged from it. Abuse is wrong, Shouto, and there’s never any reason, excuse, or justification for it.”

“Not even my father wanting Touya to become the next number one hero so he could surpass All Might?”

“Why would he want Touya to do that?”

“Because he hates All Might and he always wanted to surpass him so he could be the next number one. When he couldn’t, he used my mama to have kids with powerful quirks who could surpass All Might for him one day. It’s why he trained Touya all the time.”

Shouto had said this in such a matter of fact manner that it almost knocked the wind out of Hawks.

To know Enji killed his son’s best friend because he knew about Shouto’s omega status is already far off the deep end for him (well, then again, this was crossed when he learned the truth about Enji from Shouto) but to hear he only had his kids so he could use them as tools to surpass All Might… What an evil sack of bones, blood, and skin masquerading as a human being! Enji is despicable and disgusting for everything he’s done to his whole family!

To know this was all because he had a hurt ego over not being the number one hero only serves to make it all the more sickening for Hawks. He didn’t have those kids out of love, and he didn’t mate with Rei for anything other than her quirk, this much he is sure of after everything he’s learned! He’s tempted to mark Shouto so he can finally tell Enji off for all of the awful things he’s done to his family and yet…he holds back.

He reminds himself Shouto is still a minor and he doesn’t need this right now. He needs him to be a good, supportive, loving, and kind alpha who will show him the world and allow him to be a part of it. He needs Hawks to be the mate he promised him he would be and he feels as though he couldn’t fulfill the promise if he did mark him when he is still a minor.

“That’s never a good reason to abuse anyone. Your father should get over his own hurt ego and stop destroying the lives of others around him in the abusive way he does. He shouldn’t be allowed to hurt you or anyone in your family and get away with it…” Hawks would then exhale and calmly tell Shouto, “After we are mated, we will never see or speak to him ever again. I will not allow your abuser, your tormentor, to be a part of your life. You won’t need him around, not when you have me to keep you safe.”

Shouto is stunned to hear yet…happy all at once. So happy, in fact, he cannot stop himself from leaning over and kissing Hawks on the cheek, his words spoken through a purr as he replies to the beautifully worded promise, “…Thank you for this. I never thought…I really never thought I’d be free of him. Thank you, thank you so, so much… I cannot wait to be your mate, Hawks. I’ll have all the freedom in the world, and it will be because of you.”

The one thing being allowed to interact with the world could never give Shouto was freedom from his father’s claws viciously controlling his life. To know he would be granted this through a mating with Hawks has him purring and excited for a future he can only see as bright.

Chapter Text

When they arrive back to Shouto’s place, they enter the home without second thought or any worries in mind. Hawks would tell Shouto, “Go on inside without me, cutie. I have to take this call, but I’ll be right inside soon.”

“Okay, I’ll get everything set up in my room for us then.” Shouto responds to his mate, heading inside the house afterwards to set everything up in his room. This involved getting his mat ready, bringing out his softest blankets, and fluffing up his pillows. He would be sure to change into more casual clothes (‘casual’ meaning a pair of black joggers which could almost be mistaken for leggings and a light grey pullover with white stars on it).

He didn’t think it was anything too fancy to make Hawks feel uncomfortable, but he hopes it is casual enough for the alpha. He feels as though it is casual enough, anyway. He’s in his soft, cuddly clothes and ready to watch these movies with Hawks…if only he’d come in soon.

At the sound of his mate entering the home, Shouto perks up and rushes over to the door to greet him, “Are you ready to get some of the ice cream again? I want my bowl to be rather big since I didn’t get to eat lunch.”

“Aw, dammit! I forgot we didn’t eat lunch! How about this: I’ll order us some chicken to eat and after that we can pig out on ice cream, okay?”

“…Pig out? There’s no pigs here. Also, how are you going to order cooked chicken?”

Hawks takes his time to carefully detail what he meant, “What I mean by ‘pig out’ is eating a lot of ice cream, probably too much if I’m being honest. As for the chicken, some restaurants deliver their food to people’s homes if they order it on their apps on the phone or online on a computer or laptop. Some places make you call them to place an order, but I’m going to pick out a really nice place on my phone to eat from.”

He takes out his phone and shows Shouto the app he is using to order the chicken from. He asks Shouto, “What do you want from the menu?”

Shouto looks through the entire menu three times before drawing a blank, “I’m not used to eating chicken, so…how about this honey garlic chicken? I think that sounds good, and with steamed rice, it’d be better.”

“Great, here’s how you order it.”

He would tap on the photo of the chicken, add in the specification of steamed rice over fried, and hit ‘add to cart’. Hawks would tell Shouto, “Okay, I want you to try this after I choose my order.”

Hawks would choose basic karaage with some tangy dipping sauce and steamed rice. He would have Shouto correctly tap on the karaage photo, choose the dipping sauce option he wanted, and the steamed rice before hitting ‘add to cart’. It made him smile to see Shouto looking accomplished with himself, not allowing the sad reminder of his miserable childhood getting in the way of the innocent moment.

“Okay, now all I need to do is hit the cart icon and tap on the ‘place order’ button at the bottom of the screen. I just need to choose my payment option and the order will be placed. See? It’s simple, Shouto.”

“It truly is, I didn’t know ordering food could be so simple.” Shouto watches in awe as Hawks places the order and then receives a time for when the food will arrive.

Hawks decides to do something else while they wait for their food, “How about we watch the movies when we are having our dinner? For now, I’ll show you to figure out apps.”

He’s lucky Shouto truly does not mind this suggestion at all, finding the apps on Hawks’ phone to be fascinating, “That sounds interesting. I would like to know how to work these apps for myself so I can have them on my phone too.”

“Great, here, let’s go to your room and I’ll show you how apps work.”

Shouto would follow Hawks over to his room where he would learn how to work apps from his mate.


The rest of the day had been fun after the scary nomu attack. Shouto would have his mate teach him how to work apps, he would eat chicken (he loves the honey garlic chicken), and they would watch the movies Hawks chose for him to watch. He would see the animated movies he hears his classmates speak of as being a ‘part of their childhood’ and he would see some live action ‘classics’ as Hawks had called them.

Overall, Shouto can say he had a pleasant time with his mate (his only complaint is he didn’t get to eat ice cream) and the best part of it all was getting to sleep in his arms.

While things were good for Shouto during the rest of the day before he went to bed, at night, there would be a visitor. One with raven hair and scars stapled to his skin. One who would visit the Todoroki home and stop in the room of Todoroki Touya. He would see the butsudan and open it, finding the photo of Touya glowing in the full moon’s light. He would sigh before speaking with a heavy heart, “I’m sorry I didn’t know about what was happening sooner. I should have said something before the shit stain killed you…I shouldn’t have been silent. I’m sorry, Touya, but I’m here now to fulfill the promise I made to you. I will mate Shouto. I won’t ever allow him to wind up with someone like the dumpster fire.”

Ken remembers it as though it were yesterday: Touya and him had sneaked out to a neutral meeting point with equal distances between their homes in the middle of the night. This was nothing new, but tonight something felt different.

Maybe it was the hidden urgency in Touya’s text or the way he had worded everything so specifically in reply to a text about an alpha in Ken’s class getting beaten up by a beta (this was meant to be a humorous text which would make Touya laugh, but this time it hadn’t).

He doesn’t know what is going on or why he hasn’t been allowed to the Todoroki home ever since Shouto was born. All he knows is he misses being by his friend more than this.

He would see Touya in the park, his whole presence and aura reading serious as well as tense. Touya had a tension Ken could spot out from anywhere, his shoulders were tightly held in a proper posture position which appeared to be painful as much as it did forced, and his eyes were glued onto him yet they seemed to not be looking at him or anywhere at all. No, it seemed as though Touya wasn’t there fully.

“Why did you want to meet up tonight? We usually don’t meet up on a weekday like this unless if it’s Friday. Is there something going on, Touya?”

(Yes, the text had been a simple one: Meet me tonight. We need to talk.)

Touya takes a calming exhale as he sits down on a bench, causing Ken to take a spot on it next to him, “You’re the only one in this world I really, truly trust Ken. You and I have pretty similar quirks, we like the same bands, and the same food… You’re like a brother to me, a brother I never had. You really are my best friend—no, my only real one.”

Ken finds this to be odd because Touya is not normally so serious, so why is he acting like he is?

“Touya, is there something wrong?”

“There’s a reason why you haven’t been allowed over to my place ever since Shouto was born.”

Ken raises a brow to this, “What is it? Why wasn’t I allowed there?”

Touya would then tell him everything about Shouto, “He was born with a vagina, Ken. He’s not a beta or an alpha. He can get pregnant and he has this delicious scent… He’s an omega, the only one in existence for humanity itself, and no one but you can ever know, okay?”

“Okay…but don’t they exist only amongst wolves?” comes the question which would lead to Touya explaining, “They did, but the old man gave my mom some shady drug that mutated Shouto’s genes and made him come out as an omega.”

It does explain why he wasn’t allowed to come over after Shouto was born, but, “Why did you need to tell me this here? You could have said it over text, and I would have deleted it.”

Touya’s answer is quick yet desperately spoken, “Because there’s more to it! I want to be Shouto’s mate, but the old man says that can only happen if I surpass All Might as the next number one hero… It’s not an easy task to do and I’m not sure if I’ll make it. I want you to promise me something right here, right now: if anything happens to me, will you mate Shouto?”

Ken is taken aback by this question spoken loudly in the empty park, his own words small and shallow, “What? Why would you want me to mate him? Why do you want to mate him? Isn’t he your baby brother?”

“I know he is my brother and I know it can be seen as wrong, but I can’t help it! Shouto is the one I want to mate. Shouto is the one with this delicious strawberries and whipped cream scent, all I do is think about him nonstop. My alpha wants him. I want him. I can’t help what I want, Ken. I really, really can’t.”

“Why would you want me to mate him? Aren’t you going to mate him someday?”

“I want you to mate him in case if anything happens to me… You don’t get it; we’re high class. Matings are arranged, not done out of love or fondness of another person. They’re done as a business arrangement and the last thing I want is to be gone and have Shouto wind up with someone like our father. Don’t tell me you can’t see him choosing someone as awful as himself for Shouto. I know you can see it, which is why I need you to promise me this.”

Ken doesn’t know what else to do in this moment, other than to promise his best friend, “I will mate Shouto if anything happens to you, Touya. Don’t worry, I promise I will.”

Then he would hear the vibration of his phone going off, causing Touya to check his phone. His expression would sour while he groaned, “Great… Fuyumi says I should get back before the old man does his random room checks again.”

Ken would hum to this and Touya would hug him, with Ken not knowing this interaction with him would be his last, “Goodbye Ken. I’ll see you this Friday, okay? I can spend the night at your place and we can hang out all weekend long.”

“That sounds awesome, Touya! I can’t wait for it…” he hugged his friend back only for the hug to end, Touya’s eyes empty yet at peace somehow as Ken gave the final goodbye he would ever hear from him, “Goodbye, Touya. I’ll text you when I get back.”

Had he paid more attention to the way the black hoodie Touya had been wearing that night slipped down his wrist to reveal bandages covering it or the way his black sweatpants revealed burnt skin on his ankles as he ran back home, he would have had Touya stay the night with him that night.

It wouldn’t have been the last time he saw Touya in person or the last time he received a text from him when he sent him his own, showing him he had gotten home safely to his less than safe neighborhood.

To this day, he still remembers the final text from Touya: Good, I’m glad you got home safe Ken

The following day, he wouldn’t hear from Touya at all. It was only until the day after this he would hear about Touya’s demise from Natsuo, learning every detail he could about his best friend’s final moments.

The moment he received the phone call from Natsuo, he resolved himself to keep true to the promise he made Touya: he will mate Shouto so he won’t wind up with someone like his father.

The only problem with this plan is simple: he has no clue where Shouto’s room is. All he can do is hope his sweet scent will be enough to help him find the omega.

While it does not do much to help him find Shouto (is his scent being blocked or toned down by something?), he finds no harm in opening the doors to the rooms he’s never been in before to aid in his search of Shouto.

Then he hears it: a light padding of feet shuffling down the hall. He knows by memory alone it is not Enji’s feet because his footsteps are loud, heavy, and anxiety inducing. These are light, smooth, almost quiet footsteps which must mean it is Shouto.

He hides behind a corner and waits for his prey to make his move. The omega is about enter his room when a hand grabs his right wrist. This had the unintended consequence of causing Shouto to shriek bloody murder and Dabi having to pull him close…well, attempt to. Shouto is struggling and demanding to know, “Hawks? Is this you? Because if it is, this is not funny! Stop it, stop it please!”

Dabi’s chuckle at the omega’s cute antics is enough to make Shouto freeze, “No, I’m not him sweetie. I’m someone much, much better for you… You see, before Touya died, I promised him I would mate you so you wouldn’t wind up with someone like your father.”

“What? Touya? How do you know him, why do you keep bringing him up to me?”

Shouto is terrified and right on cue, both his father and Hawks are seeing where the commotion is coming from.

“What the hell, Shouto!” his father roars, causing Dabi to hiss. This distraction from seeing the man who had killed his best friend…the one who had been responsible behind his mother’s death as well as the attempted murder on himself… It makes something dark and angry fester inside of him.

In the midst of his memories hitting him like a train, his grip loosened on Shouto and the omega got into the arms of his mate, “Hawks, he claims to know Touya! He says he promised Touya he would mate with me before he died, but I can’t see Touya saying anything like that to a villain like him.”

Hawks doesn’t know what to do other than get Shouto out of there right now whereas his alpha is demanding him to rip out Dabi’s throat for even touching Shouto the way he has done.

“Ah, you weren’t ever told about me… No surprise. I’m not shocked the dumpster fire didn’t bother to mention my existence. Then again, I’m positive he thought he was off scot free after he burned down my home and gave me these scars.” Dabi’s eyes are glued onto Enji’s cyan—the same shade as Touya’s but Dabi knows the difference between the two: Touya’s were warm and welcoming, Enji’s are cold and full of malicious he has yet to see in any villain, “Long time no see, Todoroki Enji. I know you arranged Shouto to be with someone as shitty as yourself, but just know I promised Touya—as his best friend, the night before he died—that I would mate Shouto for him. I’m not leaving until he’s mine.”

Dabi’s instincts are heightened as are his senses. He’s ready to kill because mating Shouto can wait; he knows he can defeat Hawks easily. What he needs to do now is simple: he needs to kill Enji and then kill Hawks so he can mate Shouto and fulfill his promise to Touya. Killing Enji won’t be an easy task and he’s ready to devote his time to it if it means he has one less obstacle standing in his way of being with Shouto.

This isn’t done for himself. It’s done out of an obligation for his best friend. It’s done to fulfill a promise from his best friend. He won’t stop until Shouto is his mate. He will do this for Touya’s sake…for Touya’s wishes to be made true.

Enji’s eyes widen in horror because this is a boy he had thought he had killed. He was convinced he was dead and Natsuo was lying to the police when he had identified him earlier in the week. He never knew it was true, he never knew a piece of his darkest secret was alive—is alive and is staring him right in the eyes right now.


Hearing his name being spoken by that monster did something dark to Dabi. He growls and hisses in response to Enji’s mystified address of him, “You do not get to call me that…only Touya could, not you. You are not my best friend: you are a demon and I will rid humanity of you!”

Hawks can smell it in the instant he says this: the bloodlust in the air, full of hatred and hostility. It’s so powerful, it’s enough to cause his alpha to override his own natural will to fight alongside Enji to be certain this alpha won’t be a threat again.

His alpha causes Hawks to take a different course of action. In an instinctual act of survival, he lifts up Shouto and runs back inside his room, locking the door behind him as he does so. He would gather up as many clothes from Shouto’s closet and dresser into a duffel bag he had reserved for when he would have to go to the hospital for his heats, throwing his own laptop in at the last second. The duffel bag would be slung over his shoulder and he said to Shouto, “Shouto, I know I am asking a lot out of you right now, but can you burn a hole into the wall where your window is at? I need you to do this for me so we can leave.”

Shouto whimpers and buries his face into the crook of Hawks’ neck, too shook up by the villain’s scent to really do much else.

Hawks can tell this is why he is acting this way. It causes him to take pause and release enough calming pheromone to make Shouto calm down just enough to do what he needs to do for them to escape.

Shouto does feel calmer after inhaling so much of it, but he doesn’t think he can do what Hawks need him to do right now, “What if I can’t make a big enough hole?”

“Then I’ll find a way to make it bigger. Please Shouto, try, for me.” Hawks pleaded with him as he brought him closer to the wall where he would need him to burn it, “Just imagine it being Bakugou at the Sports Festival, okay?”

Shouto didn’t need to think about that. The moment he heard the villain alpha charge at Enji, he extended his left hand and managed to make a large enough hole for them to escape. Because this flame was the same intensity as the one he had used on Bakugou, it was enough to get the job done without doing too much damage to the house.

Hawks would fly through the hole once the flame was gone, already knowing where he is taking Shouto, “We have to go to the police. After that, I’m taking you home with me. I am not leaving you alone and vulnerable to him ever again, Shouto.”

Shouto hopes he doesn’t. This alpha terrifies him and there’s so much he doesn’t know…

Who is Ken?

Chapter Text

He remembers when he first got his quirk. Everyone was afraid of Ken and no one wanted to go near him after he reduced a table to ash by accident. Being a low class alpha means he won’t stand a chance at getting any beta interested in him. No, they all want a high class or middle class alpha or beta who can give them ‘a better life’. It doesn’t matter what Ken becomes someday because he knows they will all reject him no matter what because of his quirk.

His quirk is the reason why he is avoided, why he is abandoned and left behind. Why no beta will ever go for him…why no one will ever…be his friend…

If Touya sees this, he won’t ever like him again. He won’t ever be his friend anymore or have anything to do with him. No, he’ll avoid him and hate him just like everyone else!

Imagine his surprise when he saw Touya again and his first words were, “I hear you have a fire quirk like me, Ken. Can I see it?”

“Where did you hear that from?” Ken would ask in a panic, hoping he could play it off as a rumor.

Life hates Ken Nakano, though, so he hears this instead, “I heard it from my cousin at your school! Come on, Ken, let me see it! Let me see your quirk. I heard it can reduce anything to ash. That means you have a flame that’s hotter than mine! How cool is that?”

Ken is stunned to hear Touya finds his quirk to be ‘cool’ or anything positive. Everyone else is afraid of him for it, and yet his best friend is here, praising him for it.

“…Cool, I guess?”

“Show me it, please Ken! I want to see it!”

Ken shows Touya his quirk by reducing a twig to ash. His flame is blue, cold, and cruelly depressing much like his existence in and of itself. Then there’s Touya flame, which is bright, a purely warm yellow gold in color which radiates positivity and acceptance. Everything Ken is not.

“Whoa, Ken, your quirk is awesome! Hey, maybe we could become heroes together someday. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

Ken once more is taken aback, surprised his friend even still wants to be seen with him at this point, “You…don’t think it’s evil or scary?”

“Why would I?” Touya asks with a confused blink of his eyes, “You’re my best friend, Ken! I would never stop liking you no matter what quirk you have.”

It was the nicest thing anyone ever said to the young boy. To know Touya still wants to be his friend makes him smile and feel warm inside as the acceptance from him envelopes the cremation quirk user in its sweet embrace.

“Thank you for being my friend, Touya… You’re the bestest friend I will ever have.”

“You’re the bestest friend I will ever have too!”

In honor of Touya Todoroki, Dabi kills Enji Todoroki in his hallway with a speed and power fueled solely by his instincts alone. He would see Shouto is gone, with the winged hero having disappeared as well.

No matter, he can kill Hawks another time. Right now, he needs to see Touya one more time before he takes his leave.

He smoothly glides down the hall in confidence, a sense of accomplishment and justice flooding through him while he enters the room where the butsudan lies. He opens the door and see the photo of Touya, wanting nothing more than brag about his kill in person…only to be met with the butsudan instead.

No matter. Touya deserves to know what he did.

“Touya…I did it, I killed your father for killing you! He will never hurt you or your family ever again! Now, all I need to do is kill Hawks and Shouto will be my mate, just like I promised you…” he then glances down, a wistful look in his eyes as he vows, “I won’t let you down. I will never let you down. I will mate Shouto and he won’t ever wind up with anyone like Enji, I promise.”

He looks up at the photo one last time, giving Touya a final goodbye for the night or month…who knows long it will be before he sees him again, but regardless, he says, “Goodbye Touya, I will see you after I mate Shouto.”

He slinks his way out of the home, blending in with the darkness as he retreats a victor from the Todoroki home. Enji’s body is ash now, and Dabi has robbed him a chance of a proper traditional funeral or of a longer life. Whatever, it’s all his karma for being a terrible person to begin with.


Once they arrived at the police station, Shouto would learn everything about Ken Nakano from what information Natsuo gave to the police. He would feel horrified to know this young man truly did know Touya, which means his promise most likely was not a lie. He probably did promise Touya he’d mark him in his stead, which is enough to make Shouto sad in the midst of his fear.

Why would Touya actually have his friend make such a promise?

Why would he do something which would make Shouto unhappy and scared?

If he loved him, why would he have his best friend make such a promise to begin with?

The information did nothing to calm him. It did nothing to keep him soothed or tune down his worries and fears. He instead was left with questions unanswered as well as a worrying thought of this ‘Ken’ person never leaving him alone. He didn’t get to dwell on it for long thanks to his mate, “Shouto, are you sure you want to stay with me and not Fuyumi for the night? Until they find out what happened to Enji, you will need a place to stay for the first few nights before something more permanent can be decided.”

Shouto doesn’t know Fuyumi as well as Hawks thanks to his father isolating him. His answer to this is simple enough, “I want to stay with you. I don’t know Fuyumi well enough in the same way I do with you and I’d feel more comfortable being with you as opposed to her.”

Hawks is straight faced at first before breaking down into a wide grin, “Great! I’ve been wanting to take you to my place for years now! I cannot wait for you to see my place, sleep in my bed and wear my clothes to bed… It will be so much fun!”

Shouto cannot stop the smile from coming onto his face, finding Hawks’ happiness to be contagious, “It sounds like it will be. I’ve been wanting to see your place for years too. I bet it’s really big and nice.”

“It’s not as big as your father’s place, but it is definitely nice. I’ll be right back, Shouto. Give me a minute here, okay?” Hawks points out to him before leaving him in the police chief’s room to go tell the news to the police about where Shouto will be staying for the first few nights.

Shouto wants to go home and sleep in his bed, but he knows it won’t happen ever again. Something tells him tonight is the night where everything changes. Whether it’s for the better or not has yet to be seen. For now, he will simply take it all in stride and accept whatever happens to him next.


The police closest to the Todoroki residence would find only ashes of Enji’s body before Hawks and Shouto were able to leave the police station they were at. He would learn then that his father is dead, except…he doesn’t feel sad over it. His only emotional response to the news is apathy and nothing else.

Sure, it’s bad…kind of…that his father died, but after years of treating him like shit, he couldn’t really expect him to love him or care if he did die or not. As such, Shouto shrugged it off. Hawks, on the other hand, was a bit more torn about it.

On one hand, the Endeavor fanboy who was once inside of him is miserable he is gone. On the other, the man who knows what Endeavor is really like towards his family and what he did to Ken Nakano is only upset over one thing: the fact he never got to tell him off. He wanted to confront Enji, to let out his outrage and let him know he lost his biggest fan ever straight to his face. Now he won’t ever get that chance. Now he’s stuck with this built up spite towards Enji, whether he likes it or not. All he can do to release it now is to catch Dabi and ensure he will never get to mark Shouto.

Whatever, he won’t let that bring him down tonight! He will get to take Shouto home with him and they will get to spend a few days together, which will be fun.

Well, it is fun when he does take him back to his high rise. It’s high end, modern, and yet very lived in. Hawks had added in his own touches with a change of paint color on the walls (from metallic silver to a warm, creamy off white) and a change in furniture (from leather to suede couches with lighter colored wood chairs and dining room table). It is open concept, welcoming, and has a fireplace in the living room with a large, flat screen TV not too far away.

The marble floors have beautiful veining throughout and his kitchen is the stuff chefs can only dream of with all of the highest end appliances and nicest finishes!

“Whoa…Hawks, this is amazing. I’ve never seen something so beautiful before. I can’t wait to live here full time as your mate. It’s just…so…wonderful.” Shouto remarks in awe and enchantment while his blue and grey eyes take everything in.

Hawks takes his hand, quick to say to him, “Don’t get too caught up in it yet… You haven’t even seen the rest of it. Here, I’ll show you around.”

He is then led over to Hawks’ master suite where he will be staying for the night or more (Shouto hopes it’s more because this place is something he could only dream of). The walk in closet is so big, he didn’t ever think a closet could be so large until he saw it for himself tonight! There’s an attached bath, with the same marble flooring stretching throughout all of the rooms in the house and though it is lovely (the glass door shower and the acrylic wall paneling inside it are as nice as the large, two person clawfoot bathtub he sees in here), what Shouto is really happy to see is the bed itself.

It’s a California king size bed decked out in a dove grey duvet with matching pillows and sheets. The bed itself is the softest memory foam the omega has ever touched, and he loves it. He wants to dive into the softer sheets and duvet to cuddle in the bed immediately yet holds himself back to see the rest of the high rise.

All he really sees is a half bath, a guestroom with an attached bath, and the laundry room which is located behind what appears to be a closet door right by the pantry in the kitchen. After this, Hawks leads him back to his room where they get in the bed and underneath the covers of the duvet, which Shouto instantly snuggles into due to his own inability (or lack of desire) to control his omega instincts any longer.

He would ask Shouto, “You like what you saw?”

To which his mate would shake his head enthusiastically, “I loved it… I really, really do… I cannot wait to start living with you full time, Hawks. I know it will be the best time of my life.”

“How so? You know I won’t mate you or touch you until you’re legal.”

“I don’t need that to be happy. I need you and the freedom I know you won’t deny me. I know we may not be able to mate yet because your whole obsession over my age, but I know this taste of real, permanent freedom will be the best time I ever have in my life.”

Hawks takes him into his arms and nuzzles him gently in response, “I am glad to know I make you happy… Don’t worry Shouto, you’ll always be free with me. I won’t ever hold you back or cage you up like your crappy father did. You will be free no matter what when you’re with me.”

Shouto beams to this, but the cute yawn Hawks hears only a moment later tells him all he needs to know for now, “Let’s go to bed, okay? I know you’ll be tired tomorrow if you don’t get enough beauty sleep.”

“How is sleep a beauty thing?”

“…Let’s just get to bed now Shouto, okay?”

The omega in his arms nods and his eyes begin to flutter shut with Hawks following suite as he finds he can no longer stay awake.


The following morning (more like afternoon), Shouto wakes up in Hawks’ arms and smiles to himself as he cuddles deeper into his hold. Being in his mate’s home—soon to be his future home—and being in his arms has him feeling as though they are more of a real mated couple now…even though they haven’t officially mated yet.

No matter. This is good enough for Shouto now. To know his father is gone so he can enjoy this endless freedom with Hawks only makes his smile widen more. He’s…free. For the first time in his life, he’s really, truly free! He’s free and nothing can ever cage him up ever again! The world is finally his own to explore and be a part of. What could be more invigorating, more life changing than that?

He doesn’t know, but either way, he’s happy. No, elated, overjoyed, optimistic for his life for the first time ever because his father is gone which means he’s free from all of his rules.

Certain things will be harder to break (the lack of dietary restrictions will take some getting used to) yet other things won’t be. Shouto is finally free to move on with his life, free to live it, free to do whatever he pleases with it.

“Morning, Shouto.” Hawks greets him with a kiss to the forehead, catching Shouto off guard as he does so.

“Good morning, Hawks.” Shouto replies politely while entangling himself out of his mate’s arms at the same time, “I’d like to get started on making breakfast for you if you don’t mind.”

“I want you to eat too, so make yourself a plate as well.”

“Fine, I will, but only if you let me go.”

“I’ll let you go if I get to have this.”

Before Shouto can what it is, he is kissed by Hawks on the lips. The kiss leaves him breathless and as though tiny little sparks are going off inside of him. Though it is a chaste, simple kiss on the lips, it’s enough to leave Shouto blushing early in the morning.

“Aw, you look cute!” Hawks coos while pecking his cheek, enjoying the reaction he is getting out of this far too much for it to be normal. However, Shouto is quick to clear his throat and stammer, “I’ll be in the kitchen then.”

“I’ll be there in a moment. I need to get sexy for my pretty omega first.”

Shouto’s blush deepens to the flirty tone, causing him to move faster out of the room and over to the kitchen where he would begin with making a traditional Japanese breakfast.

He had the miso soup going with two tamagoyaki being made next. Since he is free now though…he decides to make the fluffy, souffle pancakes instead of rice. When he was alone in the police station, he looked up on Hawks’ phone some cooking videos and found one for the fluffy pancakes. Needless to say, he sent a text to his own phone of the video in question. As such, he is watching it now as he starts making the pancakes.

(It’s moment like these where he’s glad Hawks and himself sleep with their phones in the pockets of their pajama shirts or bottoms.)

Right when he finishes with two pancakes and dishes them up on the plates, his future mate enters the room…shirtless and cleaned up from a morning shower. His defined pecks and abs make Shouto feel flustered as does his bare legs in the pair of tight boxers he is wearing.

“Wow, you went all out, huh? I thought you weren’t allowed to eat pancakes growing up.”

“I wasn’t but I wanted to make them for you after I saw a video on it on your phone last night. I hope they are good.”

On Hawks’ plate there is a tamagoyaki and a fluffy pancake with a bowl of miso soup on the side. Luckily for him, Shouto has the same plate which causes Hawks to release a relieving breath he didn’t know he had been holding in.

He takes a bite of the pancake first, wanting Shouto to feel good about what he made. That and he loves these pancakes the best. There’s no way he would ever ignore them!

“Shouto, this is really good! You did a great job on them!” Hawks would praise his future mate while he blushed at the compliment, “Ah, thank you for thinking I did a good job. I was worried I didn’t make them right at first.”

“No, you did an excellent job on them. You definitely need to make these again sometime.”

Shouto agrees with a nod of his head, “I will then.”

He enjoys the domesticity of it all: eating breakfast with his mate, talking about his work schedule for the day, and spending time with him in the quiet reverie of home life.

He’s never felt closer to Hawks than what he does now…honestly, it makes him feel good enough to purr.

His future with his mate will be happy, he can already tell it will be.

Chapter Text

Enji’s funeral was a short one. It was a basic wake with every top hero and sidekick around as well as family. Since Enji’s body was already reduced to ash, they couldn’t do much traditionally funeral wise, but they did have a Buddhist monk speak at the beginning of the wake. At the end, Enji’s ashes were given to his agency, where a butsudan now stands in his old office. 

Shouto didn’t want to go, so Hawks didn’t force him to. That and Shouto didn’t think his father would even want him at his own funeral, so…it wasn’t too bad for him to not go. Technically he was respecting his father’s wishes (as he tells Natsuo over text when he complains about Shouto not having to go). 

Enji’s funeral aside, Shouto had a great time with Hawks during his stay there. What did not make him happy was having to be placed under his sister’s custody since she’s the new ‘head of the family pack’ so to speak. He doesn’t know her too well, but he knows she doesn’t care for Hawks which was enough reason for him to be stubborn and stay with him instead of seeing her and mate after their father’s funeral. There is an upside to this situation, though: he will be living at the UA dorms reserved for Class 1-C during the rest of his time there for school. Because of this fact, he was able to stay with Hawks and not Fuyumi (she lived too far away for him to attend school daily) while he attended school during the new construction at the dorms. After it was finished, he got to stay at the dorms at long last. 

Arrangements have been made by the school and Shouto’s doctor to have him set up his own special treatment area for Shouto’s monthly check ups and heats. It’s a room on the highest level of Class 1-C’s dorm, right across the hall from Shouto’s dorm. It makes Shouto feel safe because the other students simply believe the doctor is here to do top secret research work for the government in a safe work environment. Okay, they only think this way because that is what the staff told them. However, the students of Class 1-C were threatened with expulsion and possible arrest if they revealed the doctor’s presence and his reason behind it to anyone in person or online. 

Thus, Shouto is free to be with his classmates at long last without his father there to ruin things for him! It means he will get to see Shinsou more on the weekends and maybe Inasa too if he’s gotten over him, that is. Oh and Bakugou! He can eat with Bakugou in his dorm from time to time too now. It will be so much fun! 

He feels so free in his traditional Japanese decorated dorm and yet…this freedom somehow feels hollow. He cannot explain why, but his omega feels…empty, almost…unhappy. 

He doesn’t know why, but it’s a strange sensation which keeps him up during the first night at his dorm. He wants to feel happy here all over, but he can’t, not so long as his omega is not happy. 

The boy sits up in his bed, unable to sleep and needing answers for this. 

He approaches his doctor’s door and knocks twice. After the second knock resonates in the air, the door is opened and it reveals the face of the doctor he’s had all of his lifetime, “What’s wrong, Shouto?” 

“My omega feels empty being here, but I am happy to be here. What is going on here? Why can’t I be fully happy?” 

Shouto does not understand the logic of not wanting the doctor to know what is wrong. Doctors are trained to treat people, how can they treat people if one does not say what all is ailing them? 

His doctor frowns for a moment there, telling him, “Come inside. I wonder if this has to do with your heat…” 

Shouto’s heat has been happening randomly as of late. One month he will get a heat, the next he won’t, which is strange enough. At first his doctor thought it was because of the change in his diet messing with his hormones (Hawks and Bakugou giving him delicious food is a bad thing? He’s not positive really) but seeing as how he hasn’t had a heat happen yet this month…his doctor is getting worried. 

“Okay, tell me what is going on.” he said when closing the door for Shouto. 

The omega would start off simple enough, “Well, I was really excited to be living here in the dorms now because I get to see my friends and you more often. I was so excited, I still am, but my omega isn’t. My omega feels empty and I don’t know why.” 

“Explain what ‘empty’ means here.” 

“Empty here means…like something is missing. Like there’s a piece in my life I am missing and cannot get back so easily.” 

He is silent for a moment there before asking him, “Well…how did you feel before you moved in here? How did you feel during the time period you were with Hawks?” 

Shouto thinks on it, a small smile coming to his lips as he thought of the month where he got to wake up next to Hawks’ side while the dorms were being set up for his doctor and himself, “Happy. I felt happy and whole to be with him every day for that month. It felt like we were real mates.” 

What he hears next has him in shock, “I think what happened is you developed an emotional attachment to him, with your omega developing a slightly deeper one. It sounds to me like you are falling for Hawks, Shouto. I know it sounds strange, but I think it’s the only conclusion at this point. Though I wonder…how does being by Hawks make you feel?” 

“Like I am walking on air and I feel fluttery everywhere. He makes me feel safe and at peace too… What does this have to do with anything?” 

The hand on his shoulder is anything but comforting as the doctor sighs and gives him a knowing look, “You have a crush on your mate.” 

Shouto’s eyes widen and he doesn’t know what to do. He only knows he has never heard of this before but he won’t bother the doctor any further with it. He appears to be tired in the way Hawks would get after coming home really late and waking up too early the next day. No! No thinking about his mate here! 

He nods, collecting himself enough to reply, “I see. Thank you for your time. I’ll be heading back to bed now.” 

“Sure. You can come on in whenever you feel you can’t sleep or are sick, okay Shouto?” 


Shouto would leave the room after this is said and he would return to his room, looking up the definition of a ‘crush’ on his phone as he did so. 

Needless to say, the blush on his face intensified to the point where he almost started on fire on his left side.


When Bakugou sees Shouto again that week, he has moved into the dorms and is away from Hawks. He won’t ever admit it out loud, but after getting to know the omega better over the past month, he doesn’t like him being by Hawks or any alpha for that matter.

He knows it’s irrational and wrong, yet he cannot stop himself. He releases a growl whenever he sees Shinsou speaking to Shouto in the halls, he hisses at the sight of Inasa glancing at him, and the fact he has smelt like Hawks for the past month has him fighting his alpha urges to scent mark the omega all over so to erase his scent from his body.

Bakugou doesn’t like feeling this way. He doesn’t like feeling angered and greedy whenever he smells another alpha or sees another alpha by Shouto’s side. He wants to change. He wants to let it go, but it’s easier said than done. Yes, it’s easier said than done because he does want to be Shouto’s mate.

He’s not sure if his family would approve of him for being Shouto’s mate or not, but he’s willing to try to get them to approve of him. He’s Bakugou Katsuki, after all. Backing down from a challenge is not what he does.

He sees Shouto down the halls and does little things to catch the omega’s eye: for the last month, he has been leaving him little notes of encouragement or compliments for days when he seems down, he will go out of his way to try to hang out with him after school or on the weekends (which never amounted to anything because of the bird fucker), and he will keep the eyes of those he sees to be threats away from Shouto with a gnashing of teeth seen in a low, animalistic growl (Monoma’s attempt at getting arranged for mating was not successful, so Bakugou glares him down a lot more than necessary).

He still made him lunch alone in the dorm every day during the week of the past month. He used this time to take in the small details, to learn what he liked or didn’t like, what would make his nose in crinkle in distaste or would bring the smallest sighs of contentment out of his breath. It took a while and a lot of observation, but he thinks he’s managed to nail it down.

Shouto doesn’t like spicy food (as shown when his nose crinkled in disgust the one time he ate it), he doesn’t care for hot food much (he breaths in contentment whenever he eats any cold dish), and his favorite noodle is soba. Even if the dish is hot, he will enjoy it if it has soba in it. The omega doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth regarding drinks, but he does like matcha, white tea, herbal tea, lemongrass tea, and the different flower based blends Mitsuki liked enough for him to consider letting Shouto try.

(It was a bit worrying at first to know the omega he wants to mate has tastes similar to his mother, but he learned right away in pure relief Shouto and his mother differ on one thing: he hates soda of any kind because he does not like carbonated drinks due to the ‘weird, uncomfortable’ sensation on his tongue and throat. At least he is not mating his mother…)

As for music, movies, TV shows, and general hobbies…Shouto doesn’t have much of a preference regarding those. He only knows what Hawks shows him and though he likes some and doesn’t like others, other than this he doesn’t have much of an opinion regarding TV shows, music, and movies. General hobbies of his usually include reading and ice skating, thanks to Hawks getting him into it. Other than this, Bakugou doesn’t have much to work with there, but he figured as much given the strict way Shouto was raised.

Which is why Shouto finally being in the dorms is a good thing. Now he can see him more often by going over to his dorm whenever he pleases. Now he can start his mission to begin the process of showing the omega he is serious about being his mate.

Before he would have his lunch with him, he would see Inasa talking to Shouto in the hallway right when lunch period started. Bakugou raised a brow to this, but this was quickly replaced with his signature scowl as he approached the duo. Then he stopped as he began to listen to what the loud alpha was talking about.

“I know it’s been a long time since we last spoke, Todoroki, but I want you to know I am ready to be friends now. You see, I met this girl in remedial lessons, she’s a beta named Camie and we’re courting right now. I’m hoping to be her mate if all goes well.” Inasa spoke calmly yet confidently, as though he believed this relationship would make it.

Shouto blinked before congratulating his tall alpha friend warmly, “That’s wonderful, Yoarashi. I hope you two are happy together and become mates someday.”

Inasa grins, his excitement shooting through the roof as he speaks, “I know! I am hoping we can become mates someday too! Oh, but…I do want to apologize to Hawks for the way I acted around him and you. It was wrong of me to court you when you were taken with him. Is there any way I can do that?”

The omega boy mulls this over in his mind, his only response being, “I’m not sure, but my mate is really understanding of such things. I know once he hears you out he will be willing to give you another chance.”

“Great! I cannot wait to hang out as couples someday! It will be so much fun!”

The dual colored omega nods to this, clearly happy to have his friend back and it was his reply to Inasa which made Bakugou take pause in his original plan of confrontation, “I cannot wait for it either.”

“Do you want to eat lunch with me today? I heard you haven’t eaten lunch with anyone else other than Bakugou ever since our courtship failed. I really missed spending time with you as a friend and I think it’d be nice to eat with Shinsou again.”

“I think so too, but I should ask Bakugou first before planning anything. I don’t know if he has anything planned for us or not. It’d be rude of me to not ask him first what is going on.”

“Sure, go ahead and ask him!” Inasa tells Shouto with a big wave and a joyous call of, “I’ll be in the cafeteria with Shinsou when you’re done! Join us if you can!”

Shouto sees him off calmly, his response not as loud as Inasa’s, “I will if I can.”

He would then see Bakugou not too far away from where Inasa and himself were standing. He approached the ash blonde alpha, asking him, “Do you mind if I eat lunch with Shinsou and Yoarashi today?”

Bakugou would have said ‘fuck yeah’ under any other circumstances, but today is different. He wants to show Shouto he is serious about being his mate someday. Being his mate someday means hanging out with his friends, even if Bakugou doesn’t have a positive opinion of Inasa and thinks Shinsou is a creepy brainwasher fucker.

“Why the hell would I care? They’re your friends, you should be eating with them now that things aren’t weird between you and the windbag.” he answers with a small shrug, yet he is quick to add in, “Besides, I’m going to eat lunch with you bastards anyway! It’s not like I would leave you alone to be ogled by the 1-B prick.”

That alone should be enough to single his interest in being Shouto’s mate someday.

Unfortunately for Bakugou…it wasn’t.

Shouto didn’t see this act of understanding and kindness for what it truly was. He only saw Bakugou as being nicer than he ever thought was possible for allowing this to go on despite his obvious dislike of Inasa and open disdain of Shinsou. It showed he was willing to give them a fair chance instead of judging them for no apparent reason, which made Shouto very, very happy, “Great. Let’s go eat then.”

He would follow Shouto into the cafeteria, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible because he doesn’t like Inasa still and Shinsou’s quirk still creeps him out.

Regardless of his own feelings towards the other alphas, he set them aside to show Shouto his own seriousness in wanting to be his mate someday. He allowed him to go first in line to get food (something a good mate would do), he allowed him to order whatever he wanted even though he wanted to smack him upside the head for ordering zaru soba again (something a good mate would do), and he takes his seat at the table with the two fuckers without any complaints, cursing, or insults (something a good mate would do which is what Bakugou will be: a good mate).

Shinsou immediately raises a brow to Bakugou’s presence at their table, “Why is Bakugou here?”

“Because he said he would eat lunch with us today. I’m hoping you guys can become friends and put aside your differences.” Shouto would try to placate his friend before anything else happened.

Shinsou nods curtly, but doesn’t say anything to Bakugou, “Hey, how are you adjusting to dorm life now that you’re not with your mate? I know you said you couldn’t stay with your sister and her mate because Hawks lived closer to UA than she did.”

Bakugou did not know this, so he will sit back, eat his noodles, and listen for once because he has a feeling this could be important information to hear.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to stay with her anyway. I don’t know her as well as I know Hawks and I didn’t want to leave his side. It felt like we were really mated while we lived together…it was a wonderful time being with him, but now it’s different.”

An indigo brow is raised as Shinsou asks, “How so?”

“It’s different because…I am happy to be here. I really, really am, but my omega feels empty without Hawks and now I’m starting to feel things for him I haven’t felt for anyone before. I always feel fluttery and like I’m walking on air when I’m around him, he makes me feel warm, safe, at peace—”

“You have a crush on him, Todoroki!” Inasa gasps in excitement, “You came to like him as much as he liked you, it’s so sweet!”

Bakugou almost dropped his chopsticks into his spicy noodles.

No, this cannot be right! He cannot be developing such feelings for Hawks, not after he did everything to show how much he wanted to be his mate!

Then he spots it out from anywhere: the wide eyes, the pink blush on his cheeks…Shouto is flustered and that means what is being said must be true.

“The internet said the same thing, so did my doctor… If you guys think I am having a crush on him too then it must mean this is true.” Shouto speaks up in a small voice, too flustered to speak in a proper volume at the moment, “I…what do I do now? How do I know he even likes me back?”

“Why would you ask that? Aren’t you two arranged to be mated anyway?” Shinsou brings up quickly before Bakugou can hiss to the questions posed by the omega.

Shouto sighs sadly while picking at his noodles, “Fuyumi doesn’t approve of Hawks and I’m convinced Natsuo hates him with how hostile he gets towards him. Since my dad died, Fuyumi is the new head of the family pack which means she could cancel my arranged mating to Hawks at any time if she chooses to.”

This gives Bakugou hope because he knows enough about high class culture to know that when an arranged mating is canceled, it cannot be reinstated again. Which means he has a chance to be with Shouto still.

“Well…what is going to happen there?” Shinsou asks softly, hoping for his friend to not lose his mate.

“Fuyumi is coming tomorrow to talk to me about Hawks and my mating with him. She says she won’t do anything without my input. If Hawks doesn’t like me in the same way…if he only sees me as a friend…should I allow Fuyumi the end the arrangement?”

Inasa can tell this is genuinely upsetting Shouto, so he does his best to cheer him up, “When I was trying to court you, I could tell by the way Hawks glared at me and one upped me in everything I did that he likes you back. If you don’t believe me, then ask him, Todoroki. I know he will tell you the truth.”

“I hope he does.” Shouto said, a saddened gaze to his eyes as he wonders if Hawks likes him in the same way he does for him, or if he was only being so kind because of the arrangement at hand and what he knew of his father.

Meanwhile, Bakugou eats his noodles in a silent rage, hoping and wishing for Hawks to not feel the same for Shouto…as well as Fuyumi cancelling their arrangement so he can be with Shouto instead.

Chapter Text

After lunch was over, Bakugou would walk with Shouto and his friends out of the cafeteria. He didn’t talk the entire time they ate together, but he did listen. He did listen to them and he did notice certain troubling things. For example, the omega seemed to be flustered or blushed a bit too much whenever either Inasa or Shinsou brought up Hawks in a teasing manner. He had this saddened yet hopeful look in his eyes whenever he trailed off and didn’t pay attention to the conversation. He would be called out for thinking about Hawks—something he denies, but Bakugou knows better. He was thinking about Hawks and that is what has Bakugou on edge.

He observes his every movement and expression whenever Hawks is brought up in any manner, the conclusion being the same no matter which way he tried to splice it: Shouto likes Hawks. For reasons beyond Bakugou’s comprehension, he actually likes the guy his shit stain of a father arranged him to be with.

Maybe it’s a type of Stockholm Syndrome?

Maybe it’s from the way his piece of shit, worst excuse for a human being on the planet father raised him?

Maybe it’s because he was manipulated by Hawks into liking him?

It’s a mystery to the young alpha no matter what he tries to make of it. How, just how, could Shouto have fallen for the guy he was arranged to be with! Didn’t he ever have a desire to be with someone he chose for himself? Didn’t he ever want to choose his own mate? Why is he settling? His father is dead: he’s free to be with whoever pleases thanks to his sister becoming the new head of the family pack. So why Hawks? Why not someone closer to his age? Why not Bakugou himself?

He attempts to make sense of it for the rest of the day, and yet he can’t. He cannot make sense of it no matter how hard he tries. This is a situation beyond his mental capacity. I mean, just how does anyone actually develop a crush on an older guy who was the biggest fanboy of his father, someone said father arranged them to mate nonetheless? It makes no sense. It just doesn’t!

After school—which was basically spent enduring the mental gymnastics of understanding this messed up, impossible predicament at hand—Bakugou would approach Shouto bluntly right when he saw him in the halls, “Hey, let’s go for a walk.”

Shouto is confused by the offer, which leads to the reason being stated outright by Bakugou, “I need to talk to you alone about something important. It’s not something that can wait either. I need to talk to you alone.”

“Oh, okay. When do you want to have this walk?”

“Meet me outside the 1-A dorm after you put your stuff away at the 1-C dorm.”

“Okay, I will see you then…” Shouto pauses, a look of concern taking over his face when asking, “Is it anything bad?”

He feels annoyed the omega cannot catch onto what or why he wants to talk to him alone, yet he restrains it well enough to keep him calm over it, “No, dumbass! It’s nothing bad, just something important!”

Shouto’s relief has him feeling less bad for getting a bit snappy there, but it needed to be done. The omega is dense, and he needs help at times understanding things better.

“That’s good. I’ll get going back to my dorm then. I’ll see you outside of the 1-A dorms, Bakugou.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you then.”

Shouto won’t know what hit him when he’s alone with Bakugou for this walk.


Bakugou exits the 1-A dorm, glad to find Shouto there waiting in his uniform still. He himself had changed into skinny jeans, black jogging shoes, and a black shirt with a white skull on it before coming out to see Shouto for their walk.

He would begin their walk by saying, “I want to take you out to this hiking trail I know of. People generally don’t go there this time of year, so it will give us the privacy we need.”

“What is so important it would involve privacy in the first place? Bakugou, why are you acting so strange today?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been super quiet when I know you never are. You never commented on my zaru soba when you always do whenever I eat it for lunch. You didn’t even have anything to say to Yoarashi or Shinsou. What is going on?”

He’s amazed Shouto had enough perception to notice these changes about himself. Ultimately, the idea of a walk is thrown out of the window for something else instead, “Can we talk alone in my dorm?”

Shouto finds this to be odd, and yet he figures Bakugou won’t tell him what is going on if he doesn’t comply otherwise, “Sure. We can do that.”

He follows Bakugou inside the 1-A dorm, finding it to be no different from the 1-C dorm at all. They didn’t have the time to interact with anyone as Bakugou weaved them in and out of the throng of people without getting any attention on them.

They would ride the elevators together and wind up in front of his dorm door after a short walk in the hall. Bakugou would open the door and Shouto would find a very, very clean room with posters of All Might, movies, and musicians on Bakugou’s walls. It was very clear this was an average teenage boy’s room, which kind of stunned Shouto because he was expecting something more loud and in your face.

Nevertheless, he takes a seat on Bakugou’s bed when asked to and he listens as he begins the talk he so desperately wanted to have, “I know I shouldn’t give a damn about your personal life, but fuck… I can’t help it.”

Shouto is silent when Bakugou continues on from his spot in front of him, “Have you ever thought about choosing your mate for yourself?”

This is a pretty absurd as well as strange question to make, “I’m a high class omega. Such a thing was never an option or thought to me. I wanted a small say in what qualities I wanted in an arranged mate, but I knew it would never happen. Other than that, I never thought about it. It was never a part of my culture to do so. Why do you ask?”

“Because you should be allowed to choose who you want to be with, dammit! You shouldn’t settle for the choice your shitty asshole of a dumb sexist prick father chose for you for his own benefit! You should be able to choose your own mate, someone you like and want to be with, not someone your pathetic waste of space father wanted you to be with! Don’t you realize how fucked up it all is? Can’t you see how fucking wrong this whole mating situation between you and Hawks truly fucking is?”

Shouto blinks to the harsh yet firm tone of Bakugou’s voice, finding him to be hostile at this moment and that only put Shouto on edge, “That’s what you think because you were raised in a different culture from me. For me and many other high class people, this is normal. I don’t get why you can’t accept the fact there are other people out there who do things differently from you. My father was every bad thing you said about him, but it doesn’t mean my mating with Hawks is wrong.”

The ash blonde is frustrated, a loud huff escaping him as he roll his eyes, “Your mating with him is wrong. Just because he didn’t mark you when you were younger doesn’t mean he’s somehow in the right for agreeing to be your mate in the first place.”

“He agreed to be my mate so my father wouldn’t choose one of his sidekicks or someone who wouldn’t treat me right.” Hawks had told Shouto this during the month they lived together during a night where Shouto felt insecure and Hawks had been patient enough to sit down, listen, and talk to him about it, “He will become my mate when I am of legal age someday, but for now, we’re arranged mates. There’s nothing wrong with it or bad about it. He’s never hurt me, he’s never laid a hand on me, he’s never called me names or made me feel bad about myself… If it weren’t for him going hard on my awful monster of a father, I wouldn’t have ever left the property to go to UA in the first place! You wouldn’t have ever met me or known about me if it weren’t for him!”

“Fuck him still! He shouldn’t have agreed to arranged mating in the first place! He’s not high class; he knows how wrong it is!”

“Why are you going so hard on me about this? What is your problem with my relationship with him?”

“My problem is the dumbass shouldn’t be your mate and you should not have any feelings for him!”

Shouto’s eyes are the size of a saucers for a moment there before he goes on the defensive, “What? Why shouldn’t he by mate? Why shouldn’t I have any feelings for him?”

Bakugou does not back down regardless, making it known to him, “He shouldn’t be your mate because arranged mating is wrong and he’s too old for you! Even he knows it, it’s why he won’t mate you until you’re legal.”

“Age gaps are common in the high class culture. I was too old by the time we were arranged to get anyone of good standing. My only other options would have been my father’s sidekicks or an alpha like Monoma. I got lucky to have Hawks because he fought to get me freedom. He stood up to my father for me and when he learned the truth about him, he apologized for ever being his fan to me. He did so much…how can you say he shouldn’t be my mate when all he’s done is good for me?”

“Where the fuck did you hear the age nonsense?”

“My father and the sidekicks he would have over would make comments about it as well. High class culture and your culture are two completely different things. One is not better than the other and I don’t think you can accept any diversity of culture with the way you act as though mine is so wrong.”

Bakugou doesn’t reply to the culture comment because he knows it will only lead to more fighting between the two of them. Already, he can tell Shouto is getting defensive and the omega is making it clear he won’t really listen to him despite whatever good points he makes, “It doesn’t change shit, it’s still wrong. Don’t you know how fucked up it is to hear you have feelings for the guy? You must know how fucked up it is! Do you have a Stockholm Syndrome for him or are your feelings for him a result of some sort of manipulation or acceptance of your fate because of the way your culture works?”

The moment these words are said, Bakugou knows it’s too late. He’s crossed a line with Shouto he shouldn’t have ever crossed, “My feelings for him are not a result of a syndrome, manipulation, or acceptance of fate because of the way my culture works. My feelings for him are something that grew over time once he started acting more like a mate to me instead of a friend. My feelings for him are real and genuine, something that grew over time. You don’t know a thing about my relationship with him or my feelings for him. The fact you would even say that…”

Shouto doesn’t even finish the thought before walking around Bakugou and storming out of the dorm. Realizing his fuck up, the blonde teen tried to apologize but the damage was already done, “Fuck, look, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have—”

“I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want to see you anymore!” Shouto snaps, his eyes narrowing at Bakugou, “I’ve already had to deal with my father trying to control and dictate every part of my life. He thought he knew what I felt when he never once asked me what I did feel on anything. I don’t need to deal with that from anyone anymore, especially you. My feelings for Hawks are real and they come from my own experiences with him, not anything else. If you are going to treat me and talk down to me like I am an idiot who doesn’t even know whether his feelings are real or not, then I don’t want to speak to you ever again.”

Shouto gets in the elevator and rides it all the way down to the bottom level and storms out of the dorm building. He doesn’t want to be there anymore, not after everything Bakugou said. He’s too mad, too hurt, too…upset over everything said.

He never had any control over his life during the time period his father was alive. The one thing he did have control over—the only thing that was truly his own—was his emotions. What he felt and how he felt were always something he could say was completely his own, something not owned or controlled by anyone else.

To have it insinuated otherwise only burned him in a way he thought was only possible with his father alive. Now he knows there is someone else out there who will hurt him just as bad as his father: Bakugou Katsuki.


Shouto was too upset to study that night. He couldn’t focus on anything, he couldn’t seem to get a hold of the anger and hurt coursing through him ever since his talk with Bakugou. He knows he probably shouldn’t have gotten so angry since Bakugou could leak out his secret to the world at any time in a form of retaliation against him, yet he couldn’t help it. What Bakugou said really, really hurt him. It’s not something he can just forget out of nowhere and forgive in an instant. He’s not sure if he can ever forgive Bakugou for what he said.

Still, he answers the phone anyway when Hawks calls him up, “Hey pretty boy! How’s my mate doing?”

“I’m doing fine, I guess…”

There was a pause for a moment there before Hawks would respond in concern, “What’s wrong? You only sound sad when there’s something wrong. Did someone make you feel bad today? Did you have a run in with an alpha or beta who was too touchy-feely with you?”

Shouto is amazed he caught onto this, his first thought being, “How did you know I sounded sad?”

“You always do that trailing off thing whenever you are sad. That’s how I know.” Shouto would bite his lip, not sure if he should tell the truth or not to Hawks, “Please tell me, Shouto. We’re mates; you can come to me for anything. You know that, right?”

At the sound of his mate’s gentle croon, Shouto’s hesitance snaps, unleashing his frustration to his mate no matter what information would be revealed, “Bakugou became my friend after he apologized to me for the way he acted at the festival. He would spend lunches with me, he would give me these little notes of encouragement on bad days when I passed him in the halls, and he was nice enough to eat lunch with my other friends. Today after school, he said he wanted to talk to me alone and I agreed…it went downhill from there.”

“How so?”

“It went downhill because…he said that my being mated to you is wrong because arranged mating is wrong. He said you were wrong for wanting to be my mate despite knowing how ‘wrong’ it is. I got upset and told him that different cultures approach such things differently, it doesn’t make one more right than the other. He didn’t accept it and changed the subject when I pointed that out to him.”

Shouto doesn’t know if he should be fully honest here or not, yet there is Hawks crooning to him still, “Shouto, don’t let the guy who was a prick to you get underneath your skin like that. I may not agree with arranged mating, but I don’t mind being arranged to you. I like the idea of being your mate someday and nothing anyone says can change that.”

This allows Shouto to speak the full truth, since he feels a bit more confident after hearing Hawks’ words, “There’s no one else I’d rather be mated to than you… Hawks, lately my omega has been feeling empty without you here. Whenever I am by you, I feel happier, at peace, like I am walking on clouds, and I feel fluttery all over. According to the internet, my doctor, and friends, I have what is called a ‘crush’ on you. Bakugou was at the lunch table when I told my friends about my feelings for you…what got me really upset was the way he acted like my feelings for you weren’t real or my own. He kept saying it was Stockholm Syndrome, manipulation, and acceptance of defeat due to the culture I was raised in. I know my feelings for you are real though and nothing he says can change it: I have a crush on you which means I like you as more than a friend, according to the internet.”

“It upset me because it reminded me of how my father used to act like he knew what I felt when he never did. My feelings were always my own, the only one thing he couldn’t control about me, and to hear someone I considered to be a friend view me to be so stupid as to not know what my own feelings are…it hurt me and I told him to never speak to me again.”

The silence Shouto was hearing had him worried at first and wondering if Hawks hung up on him. What was really happening was Hawks was shocked by the words he heard before a wide, shit eating grin took over his lips as a certain form of joyousness took over his whole person.

Still, he has to comfort Shouto now, which means teasing will go on the backburner for the time being, “Shouto, it was for the best. He’s clearly not a real friend if he cannot respect your culture, your feelings for me, or our relationship. If you ask me, it sounds like he wanted to have you as a mate and he was trying to make you doubt our relationship so you’d have Fuyumi cancel the mating between us.”

Shouto is speechless for a moment, his mind going blank to the words, “What?”

“Yeah, he was trying to break us up. It’s as clear as day, really. He was not good at hiding his true intentions.”

Shouto felt so stupid for befriending Bakugou after hearing this, but then he hears something he never thought he would hear, “Don’t feel bad about it; just tell him you don’t want to be his mate and he should be able to drop it. Besides, the fact you have a crush on me should have been a good enough sign for him to leave you alone in the first place. Since he didn’t that tells me he doesn’t really understand boundaries well. If he keeps on pestering you, I’ll deal with him for you because I happen to like you in the same way you like me.”

Shouto almost dropped the phone, a sound Hawks clearly heard over the line if the chuckling meant anything, “Do you really mean it? Do you really like me back in the same way I like you?”

“Of course I mean it. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I…was afraid you didn’t really want to be with me as a mate. I was afraid you were only being nice to me because of the arrangement and nothing else. I didn’t think you actually liked me back in the same way I do for you.”

“…Shouto, I do want to be your mate. I should have acted like a mate in the first place, but you were so young and I felt too awkward doing anything with you because of our age gap. I do like you back in the same way. I have for a long time, but I didn’t realize it until Yoarashi came along and showed interest in you. That was my wake up call to start acting more like a mate so you wouldn’t see me as just a friend who you happen to be arranged to mate with.”

A purr escapes Shouto’s lips and he clasps a hand over his mouth out of horror, yet Hawks whines, “Aww, c’mon Shoucchan! Let me hear your cute purr! You know I love to hear it before I have to go back to my patrol.”

Shouto takes his hand off of his mouth, his omega finally no longer feeling empty as he knows for fact now Hawks is serious about being his mate and his feelings are reciprocated in this situation.

Chapter Text

Fuyumi would arrive at UA in the early morning hours the following day to discuss Shouto’s arrangement with Hawks. She had not been too happy to know he had chosen to stay with him instead of her during the month long renovation at the 1-C dorm. She was worried over Shouto the entire time he was with Hawks and now, she will finally get the answers she’s been looking for. 

She was allowed to enter the dorm by Shouto’s teachers and UA’s security team. Once she did, she was greeted with Shouto in the entryway greeting her with a polite bow, “Hello, alpha. Welcome to my dorms.” 

She stares at him for a moment in shock before clearing her throat, “Shouto, you don’t have to address me formally. I will hear you out on the arrangement between you and Hawks. Like I promised you, your mating will all be your choice, not mine.” 

He hopes it will be because he has a feeling she won’t like what he has to say to her regarding this, “My dorm is up on the highest level. Here, I will take you to the elevator we will need to take to get there.” 

He would lead Fuyumi through the common area and over to the hallway where the elevator was located. They would enter it together in silence and in the same silence, they would exit once indicated to do so to head over to where Shouto’s dorm was located. 

The omega opens the door for his alpha sister and watches as she enters the room. He tries to figure out if she is in a bad mood or not, but once the door closes behind him, the first thing he hears is: “I will not enforce any of the rules dad had for you.” 

Shouto is caught off guard by this, not expecting to hear such a thing coming out of her lips so soon, “What?” 

“You heard me correctly: I will not enforce any of the rules dad had for you. You are free to eat whatever you want, interact with whoever you please, and stay at UA regardless of your grades. I won’t hold you back from joining the workforce and I won’t stop you from seeing the world. You’re free to do whatever it is you please, Shouto.” 

Maybe it’s a side effect from growing up hearing his father calling the outside world a ‘dangerous, deadly place’ for an unmated omega like him to be a part of, but he is wary of such a thing, “Are you sure it’s not too dangerous for me to be out in the world? An unmated omega like me would attract a lot of attention, Fuyumi. How do I know I won’t have any problems with unmated alphas and betas?” 

She looks upon him in sadness, her words striking a cord within himself when he hears a truth he had never been told of before in his life until this very moment, “Shouto, it was never dangerous for you to leave the property. There is an international database called the Secondary Gender Conditions Database which calls for there to be higher protection for high risk betas who were not born with the stereotypically male or female genitalia and transgender betas. You were put in this database as an omega, which means there would have been higher protection for you anywhere in public. Dad never had to lock you up. He chose to do so because he was afraid of your omega status being known and sullying his reputation.” 

Hearing this makes his whole world stop turning, the news causing him to not be able to breathe for a moment there because…this is…ha, of course he would! Of course his father would find another way to screw him out of the freedom he always wanted! 

Well, he’s dead and gone now! This information has only given Shouto another reason to be happy and eternally grateful the disgraceful sack of skin and bones is gone from the land of the living for good. Now Shouto is free to do whatever he please and go wherever he chooses without needing permission or worrying about whether it is safe or not.

He doesn’t say anything regardless of this. All he does is nod before wiping away a few tears of frustration and pent up anger away from his eyes. Fuyumi would see this, prompting her to hug her brother in an attempt to soothe him. In the end, it only made him cry harder in silence as he realizes he was raised the way he was for no reason at all outside of his father was too ashamed of him to ever let him go outside the property for anything else but hospital visits. 

She would give him however long it took until his tears were dried up and he was left to sit down on his bed before hearing his sister clear her throat, “That aside, Shouto there are few things I want to ask you before we get to the heart of the matter here. Can you answer them for me?”

His voice is rough and hoarse, yet he speaks regardless of it, “I can.” 

“Good. Now, how did you get to school every day from Hawks’ place?” 

“I would ride the train, but then I’d have a taxi there waiting to take me to UA once I got off of the train.” 

Fuyumi frowns slightly to this, “Were you safe riding the train?” 

Shouto nods, his answer as honest as it can be, “I was. No one ever did anything to me. Then again, Hawks only had me riding the nicest, fastest trains, so that could have played in the safety factor too.” 

She changes the subject swiftly, quick to wonder, “Who did the cooking while you stayed with him at his place?” 

“I would cook whenever he came home late, but most of the time we cooked together.” 

“What about bathing? Did you two bathe together or no?” 

Shouto’s bright pink flush was all she needed to see to know this answer was spoken in truth, “No, I never bathed with him once! I couldn’t be comfortable with him seeing me naked anyway… I mean, I’m not a normal boy with normal boy genitals. I hope he won’t hate me once he sees me naked, but I’m never too sure with such things.”

Fuyumi glances at her brother’s insecure expression in his eyes and places a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “Trust me, if Hawks really does love you, he won’t care what your genitals look like. He will love you regardless of that, no matter what.” 

He hopes Hawks will, but he can never be too sure. What alpha man would want an omega boy like him, with a vagina and fully functioning uterus, instead of a beta girl with the same thing? It’s something which scares Shouto at times, but he always thinks of other thoughts to push this one to the back burner of his mind. 

“I hope you’re correct on this issue.” he whispers, but she takes this as a sign to continue the questioning, “What did you do every day after you got out of school?” 

“I went back to his place, did my homework, and cleaned up the place before he came home. We would then cook together since he insisted on helping me and we would watch TV afterwards.”

“What did you do on weekends when he was free?” 

“He would take me courting. He knows a lot of small things about me, things I didn’t think he would notice or care about. It’s nice to be with someone who cares enough to notice.” 

“What about when he wasn’t free on weekends or when he had to work late?” 

“I would go down the street and visit the various tea, coffee, and small shops near his place so I wouldn’t get lost. I would sometimes see Shinsou on the weekends, but I couldn’t do that much because he’s been busy with hero work lately. Whenever Hawks did work late nights, I would do my homework, clean the apartment, and make a meal for the two of us before going to bed.” 

“What about when he worked late on the weekends and weekdays?” 

“I would watch TV and the movies he had. It’s interesting to learn more about this ‘popular culture’. I never knew it was so influential until I started being exposed to more of it through Hawks. It feels good to know what people are talking about in school.” 

Fuyumi is still uncertain about Hawks being good for Shouto or not. She hopes he is because it sounds like Shouto likes Hawks a lot…perhaps, more than what he did before. 

She decides to ask one of the final questions on her mind before getting to the final point, “Where did you sleep at his place?” 

Shouto doesn’t see the point in lying because she doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of his answers so far, “I slept in his bed. It was nice because he could comfort me from nightmares then and I always woke up feeling safe in his arms.”

Fuyumi’s brow raises, trying to not judge Hawks too harshly when she speaks, “Did he do anything against your will, such as touching, hitting, kissing, or degrading you?” 

“No, he would never do that me and he didn’t do that to me once.” Shouto insists firmly, with pure strength and conviction to his words that it makes Fuyumi nod in response, “Alright then, now let’s get to the point of this: Shouto, I will not force you to be arranged to Hawks anymore. If you want to end the arrangement, it will end right here, right now.” 

Shouto’s answer is instantaneous as it is desperate, “No, I want to be arranged to Hawks still! He likes me in the same way I like him. You see, I learned about this emotional term called a ‘crush’ recently and I discovered I have this for Hawks as much as he does for me. I don’t want to end my arrangement, Fuyumi. I want to be Hawks’ mate, please, don’t make me end it.” 

Fuyumi is convinced to allow Shouto to stay with Hawks…that being said, she doesn’t trust or like him. It doesn’t matter how good Hawks is towards Shouto, so long as he was the one who had their father’s approval to mate Shouto, she will never like him. 

Touya was supposed to be Shouto’s mate. Touya is the one who should be Shouto’s mate, not anyone else, not even Hawks. 

If it is true that he did tell Ken to mark Shouto in his stead so he doesn’t wind up with someone like their father…well, scratch that, Fuyumi fully believes Touya told Ken to do this. They were so close as young alpha pups, it only makes sense that Touya would choose the one person he could count on and trust to mark Shouto in the case should anything happen to him. 

She may not like it—and she may still consider Ken to be Shouto’s rightful mate since Touya is no longer around to be it—but she has to respect Shouto’s wishes. She is not their father: she will do whatever it takes to ensure Shouto is happy with her as the head of the family pack, even if it means allowing him to be with someone she ultimately doesn’t approve of or care for. 

“Fine, your arrangement will remain the same. You and Hawks are still arranged to be mates, Shouto. There is nothing to worry over.” 

He smiles at her, hugging her tightly as a show of gratitude. She doesn’t say anything in response to this expression of utmost thankfulness. She knows what Shouto means by it. She won’t force him to say anything else in this moment of peaceful acceptance and happiness (for Shouto, that is. Regardless of Ken turned out, she would have chosen him as a mate for Shouto out of respect to Touya and his wishes over Hawks or anyone else any day). 


Shouto did not return to class. He instead spent the day with his sister, trying to get to know her better as a person. 

They went out shopping to places their mother liked to go. They went out to the places Touya liked to eat at whenever they ate out. That had been interesting because Shouto got to try the food he liked…it was too spicy for him to like, but at least he tried it, right? 

Fuyumi would then take him to the park where Touya and Ken would meet at nights to talk to each other in person. 

At first, he was confused because it was desolate, worn down, and dirty from lack of upkeep as well as the littering and the junkies on the benches shooting up in public. 

“Believe it or not, this used to be a beautiful park. It’s also where Touya and Ken would go to sneak out at nights to see each other.” she pauses as Shouto takes in the sight, not believing for one second he is in a place where Touya once frequented with this monster he knows as Dabi, “You see Shouto, Ken was a low class alpha who came from a poorer background. His father was absent and his mother was a junkie, like these people on the benches are. However, he was a very smart boy for his age and as such, he was allowed to go to the same preschool Touya went to: the one reserved for high and middle class alphas and betas.” 

“Ken was picked on because of his social status and background. No one at the school liked him except for Touya. Touya was his only friend and Ken was Touya’s only real friend. Many only befriended Touya because he was a kid of Endeavor. Touya learned right away that no one really liked him, they liked our father instead. When he met Ken, he met someone who didn’t like our father and that was what started their bond.” 

She then pulls out an old photo on her phone of Ken and Touya as kids. He looked so…different back then. Not as much of a ghastly alpha beast trying to mate him by force, but as a normal kid who had spiky black hair, vivid blue eyes, and a smile which only seemed to appear on his face whenever Touya was around. They looked oddly alike, except Ken’s features were sharper and what most would consider to be those of a supermodel whereas Touya had soft, rounded features that most would find comforting in a hero. 

Shouto asks her, “Why is Ken’s skin the way it is now?” 

Fuyumi puts the photo away and exhales gently, “His quirk was a blue flame called ‘cremation’. If he used it too much, it would burn and decay his own skin. He must have used it too much…either that or he got those burns from when the apartment burned down. He worked so hard despite the discrimination he faced in the higher end schools to not wind up like his mother, but…well…he became something worse.” 

She sighed when telling him, “Shouto, he was Touya’s best friend and when he says he wants to mark you because he promised Touya he would, I believe him. Touya and him were inseparable, with many things in common between them. I know it may sound hard to do, but I want you to consider him as a person and not a monster. If you can give a loudmouth idiot like Yoarashi a shot at courting…then why not Ken?” 

Shouto snaps his eyes over to her face, finding nothing but sincerity there, making him sick as he protests this, “No. No, I will never consider him. Yoarashi was a nice friend of mine who never tried to mark me by force. Ken tried to do that more than once, Fuyumi! I don’t owe him anything!” 

“Shouto, if it weren’t for him, you’d still be living under dad’s rule! He did do good for you. Listen, this is not about what you or I want, it’s about Touya and respecting his wishes. Touya was the one who was going to be your mate originally, not Hawks or anyone else. You should be with the one person Touya chose for you, not the one dad chose for you.” Fuyumi insists to her brother, yet it is all in vain.

“No, I don’t want to! You said I am the one who chooses who I get to mate with and I choose Hawks, not the guy who tried to mark me twice against my will!” Shouto’s frustration hits its peak and he cannot be by her any longer, “I want to go back to UA now. I don’t want to be here anymore, hearing how I should respect Touya’s wishes even though you said my mating was my choice. I don’t care about reasoning with Ken or trying to get to know him. I want to be with Hawks because he likes me back, not because he feels obligated to be with me because of a promise. If you can’t respect that, then I don’t want to spend time with you.” 

When she sees the look of pure utter frustration in his eyes, she reaches a hand out for him, crooning to him while she does so, “Shouto, I’m sorry. I know and believe it’s all your decision…I just don’t want Touya to be forgotten in this.” 

“Touya has nothing to do with who I like or why. You’re an alpha, you never have to fear or worry about being mated against your will. You wouldn’t understand what it’s like to have it almost happen to you twice in a row, by the same alpha because you’re lucky enough to have been born an alpha, so it will never happen to you.” Shouto starts off passionately before ultimately sighing in defeat, “Never mind, there’s no point in trying to explain it to you. I want to go back to the dorms now. Please, Fuyumi, respect at least one of my wishes and let me go back now.”

Fuyumi withdraws her hand and agrees solemnly, “Fine, we’ll get you back to the dorms, Shouto.” 

Shouto is relieved to be taken back to the dorms. The last thing he ever thought he would hear is his own sister saying he should give Ken a chance after everything he did. Somehow, this hurts just as much as Bakugou’s words the day before did. 

Chapter Text

When he was back at the dorm, Shouto couldn’t help how upset he was. Fuyumi tried to talk to him during the trip back to UA but Shouto didn’t respond to her once. He never once said a word to her and he didn’t give her the satisfaction of having anything to work with conversation wise. He was so mad his sister would even suggest he give Dabi a fair chance to court him because of Touya choosing him to be his mate before he died.

He never knew Touya, but he did feel bad for him after learning about him from their mother. He wishes he had met Touya and spent more time with him, really, he does… That being said, Fuyumi is an alpha.

She doesn’t have to worry about being marked by force.

She doesn’t have to worry about an alpha or beta trying to steal her away from her mate.

She will never, ever have to be on guard in public around unmated people because she won’t ever have to worry about her secondary being made public knowledge and having it used against her. She doesn’t have to worry about anything Shouto does because she’s an alpha and alphas don’t have any problems in the way omegas do.

He stayed in his dorm for the rest of the day, waiting for Hawks to call when he heard a knock on his door sometime after school was done.

Curious, the omega opened the door and was disappointed to see the alpha who had made him upset the day before appear, “Oh. I thought I made it clear I didn’t want to speak to you ever again.”

“I’m fucking sorry, okay? What more can I do to prove I am not a bad guy to you?”

“You’re not sorry for what you did, though! I told Hawks all about what happened yesterday and just to let you know, he likes me back in the same way I like him and Fuyumi agreed to allow me to stay mated with him.” Shouto’s eyes become filled with a strong note of betrayal when he relays to Bakugou what Hawks had said the night before, “He said it sounded like you wanted us to break up and not be together anymore. He told me it was obvious you were only being nice to me as a way to steal me from him and if you think you can come here, lie and manipulate me into leaving my mate, then you are sorely mistaken. Leave, Bakugou. I don’t want to play your games.”

The alpha growls to this, forcing himself inside the room without second thought, “Fuck you! I am not here to lie or manipulate you into doing anything! I was only trying to get you to choose someone for yourself, someone closer to your age, someone better for you than the winged fucker!”

“I don’t want better, I want Hawks.” Shouto speaks through what Bakugou thinks is supposed to be a hiss but sounds more like a weird noise kittens make when attempting to hiss, “What you did yesterday to me was awful and I never want to experience it again. I won’t allow someone like my father back into my life now that I’m free from him. Leave me alone, Bakugou.”

Bakugou doesn’t leave, though. No, he stays and attempts to make his point known to him, “Listen dumb fuck, I want to court you! I want a chance to be with you in the same way that loud ass, annoying windbag was! I’ve wanted to be your mate for a while now and I’m not going to let some winged fucker get in the way of that!”

Shouto only takes this in one way: Hawks was right. He wanted to break them up so he could be his mate instead. It doesn’t make things better for Bakugou at this point, and Shouto is nearing the end of his rope, “Why were you nice to me in the first place? Why did you start talking to me and spending time with me? Was it all to break Hawks and I up so you could be my mate instead?”

His lack of an answer was enough for Shouto to know Hawks was correct in his assessment the night before. It hurts to know Bakugou had been nice to him for only one reason. It hurts even worse when he realizes Bakugou had an ulterior motive all along in everything he did for him. Nothing was done out of any genuine kindness or goodwill. It was done to try to separate Shouto from Hawks.

“I…I need to be alone right now and away from you.” Shouto murmurs at long last in the midst of the silence. He was about to leave the room when he was stopped by Bakugou, who made one final attempt to get Shouto to be his mate because dammit, he was not going out like this!

“Todoroki, I want to be your mate. I’ve wanted to be your mate for a really long time now. I have the feelings for you that you and Hawks have for each other. I want at least one fair chance to be your mate. Can’t you give me that one chance?”

Shouto is strong in his choices when he speaks, “I can’t because I don’t feel the same way for you. I like you as a friend, and I thought you wanted to be my friend… It hurts to know everything you ever did for me was because you wanted to end my mating with Hawks so you could be with me instead. I thought…I really thought you could be my friend. I guess I was wrong.”

Hearing Shouto did not have the same feelings for him that he has for Hawks did hurt more than any other rejection he had in the past. In fact, he can say those never hurt at all compared to what he is feeling right now with Shouto. The other rejections were nothing more than a mere scratch, a shallow, painless paper cut if you will. It was nothing compared to what being rejected by Shouto felt like. Being rejected by Shouto felt as though he was being burned alive from the inside out. Yes, this rejection was a true pain because unlike the other betas who had rejected him in the past, it was a shallow crush, a longing from a distance with strangers he didn’t know personally yet found attractive. This was different: he knew Shouto and he had a real attachment to him. This pain of rejection is one which hurt far worse than anything else has ever hurt before.

Still, despite being rejected, despite feeling as though Shouto’s fire was burning him from the inside out, Bakugou did not want to leave his life or want to go on in his life without Shouto there. He had become too much a part of his life already. He doesn’t want to lose him for good. If all he can ever have Shouto as is a friend…then he will settle for it.

Besides, if Hawks dies or fucks things up with Shouto, then he can swoop on in and establish himself as a mate to Shouto. It can happen, and he secretly hopes it does so he can have the omega as his mate (he cannot help himself, after all: Shouto is the one he wants to be his mate and he cannot help what his heart and alpha want).

“You have every right to be pissed off at me…but I thought I could win you over. I thought I did enough to establish my interest in you, but I clearly didn’t do a good enough job of making it obvious to your dense ass. I’m sorry for everything I said yesterday and I’m sorry for having any intention of being your mate at all. Can we at least be friends from now on?”

“What? Why do you want to be my friend now? Is it so you can try to break Hawks and I up?”

Bakugou shakes his head, his answer easy enough for him to speak with the heartbreak coursing through his veins, “Fuck no. It’s so I can have you in my life still. You’ve become a big part of my life, whether you like it or not. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t in it anymore. Just not being by you for lunch drove me up a wall and made me feel sick to my stomach. Give me a chance to be your friend from now on and I promise I won’t let you down again.”

Shouto doesn’t what to do other than to groan, “Bakugou…I’m sorry, I cannot give you an answer right now. All of this is so much to take in, especially after the day I had today, and I need time to think. Please, give me time and space to think this over. When I have my answer ready, I will go to you and tell you straight to your face.”

“Fine. I can deal with that. I’ll give you the time and space you need then, Todoroki.”

Bakugou leaves his room after this is said and Shouto heaves a sigh of relief, happy to know he is gone for now. He will consider whether or not to keep Bakugou as a friend, but at the moment, he needs to speak to Hawks or Natsuo about what Fuyumi said to him today.

He knows it’s dumb to be this upset over something like this, yet he can’t help it. Fuyumi really got underneath his skin in the worst way possible and he wanted to scream at how frustrating she was being. He did not want to be with anyone else other than Hawks—he doesn’t know or get why she claimed to put his choice first when she really doesn’t if she can say such things afterwards about Ken needing a ‘chance’ to be with him because that’s what Touya would want!

It’s frustrating, it’s irritating, and he needs someone to talk to about this. He needs to talk to someone about what she said because he’s still so angry at her for even saying such things to begin with. He wishes he could tell Shinsou about this, but he hasn’t even told him about his being an omega yet. How could he explain this whole ordeal without the biggest fact of all thrown in there: I’m an omega, not a beta, sorry I lied to you about it for the longest time.

It’d open a whole can of worms he doesn’t have the desire or motivation to deal with right now all while running the risk of hurting Shinsou’s feelings. As such, he doesn’t wish to involve Shinsou in this mess because he knows it will only cause more problems in the end. What he does want to do is talk to Hawks about it. Since he is not calling him or replying to his texts, he will try another idea: talking to Natsuo about it.

He does have his siblings’ numbers in his phone (in fact, for the longest time his only contacts were Fuyumi, Natsuo, Enji, his driver, his doctor, and Hawks. Now he has Yoarashi and Shinsou in there too, which makes him feel all sorts of warm), so maybe he could speak to Natsuo about this?

He could give it a shot. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Him and Natsuo may not speak much (basically only once a year when their father was alive, but maybe it will be more now that he’s gone) yet he has a feeling he will listen to him this time around.

The omega calls up his big brother out of a desperate need to speak to him, not knowing where to begin when he hears the familiar voice of Natsuo speak, “Shouto, why are you calling me? Is something wrong?”

“Well…I guess you could say that.”

“Tell me everything.”

With that, Shouto would tell his brother everything that happened with Fuyumi, hoping to receive an answer to his problem at hand.


Natsuo calls up Fuyumi after speaking to Shouto, his outrage barely containable when she answers the phone, “Hello?”

“Why the hell did you tell Shouto to give Ken a chance after he tried to mark him twice without his consent?”

Natsuo could barely restrain his growl and yet Fuyumi held firm in her decision, not backing down once when she said, “Because he does deserve to be given a fair chance. Ken was a wonderful person when Touya was alive. How can you forget all the great memories we have of Ken coming over before Shouto was born? How can you act like Ken is some villain now when we knew him throughout our childhood?”

“Because he is a villain now and he goes by Dabi, not Ken! Fuyumi, he’s changed for the worst. He’s a villain—a villain. Why would you want our brother, our omega brother, to be with a villain who will rape him and treat him like a slave if they ever get mated?”

Fuyumi frowns, happy her mate is gone as she speaks to Natsuo from inside her office at her home, “Because Ken deserves to be heard out by us! He was once our friend too, and he deserves to have us hear him out. We don’t know why he became a villain or how. We don’t know what triggered him to act like this, and if we do know what that is, we could help him. If we help him, we’ll be doing Touya a favor and we’ll help Shouto get a better mate that Touya wanted for him instead of Hawks.”

Natsuo’s harsh bark of laughter makes her flinch out of shock at the anger and hostility audible in it. He would then tear her apart without mincing his words once, “Doing this for Touya? You and Ken are not doing anything for the sake of Touya. You’re doing it for your own selfish reasons. If Touya saw what Ken became, he’d help him, but he would never forgive him or help him if he did learn he tried to mark Shouto twice without his consent. You aren’t doing this for Touya; you’re doing this because you don’t like Hawks for Shouto, which is a despicable reason to do anything. It’s no wonder why he’s so pissed at you; I would be too if I were in his shoes! As for Ken…I can’t speak for him, but I don’t think he is doing this for Touya as much as he doing it to relieve himself of whatever guilt he still has for the way Touya died. It doesn’t make what he is doing right, and it doesn’t mean he has a right to court Shouto or be his mate.”

“Well then, what do you expect me to do about it? To just ignore the fact Ken needs rehabilitation and a second chance or to allow him to continue on this self destructive path he has taken?”

“I never said I was against Ken getting a second chance to leave the villain way of life. I am against Ken getting a chance to court with Shouto because that’s not what Shouto wants for himself. He’s happy with Hawks and I may not like the guy either, but Fuyumi you have to respect his feelings. You cannot force Shouto to stop liking Hawks out of nowhere and make him like Ken better instead. That’s not how life or people work. If you keep this shit up, you’ll become dad. That alone should be the last thing you’d ever want to be.”

She stiffens, her eyes glaring daggers into the beige wall across from her, “I am not a thing like him. I gave Shouto complete freedom. I am willing to let him be with Hawks even if I don’t like him. Don’t you dare compare to him when I am not a thing like him.”

He is not any better in his equally prickly response, “You may have done those things, but by trying to talk Shouto into giving Ken a second chance by attempting to guilt trip him—which is manipulative as fuck by the way—is something not too different from what dad would do. You need to learn to accept his feelings as real and valid instead of something you can control on a whim. You made Shouto really upset today over the fucked up shit you pulled on him and he called me up angry over it. I never thought I would hear Shouto being angry until that conversation, but you made it happen! Congratulations, Fuyumi, you’re on your way to becoming Enji Todoroki!”

“Shut up! I am not!” she screams, her free hand balling into a fist as she implodes on her brother.

“You are, whether you like it or not. By trying to make Shouto go for someone he doesn’t like or know, you did do what dad would have done. You shouldn’t be so inconsiderate of him like that. You should try seeing things from his point of view before coming to conclusions on what he should do, how he should feel, or who he should be with. I’m pissed you would do that shit to him and in all honesty, if you don’t atone for your ways here, I won’t ever be able to look you in the eye without any shame or disgust ever again.”

She falls silent to this, not ever once dreaming she would hear this from her brother, her one ally in everything that went wrong in their family.


“You heard me.”

There’s static between them for a good three minutes when Fuyumi finally breathes and says, “Alright, I will do as you say and think of things from Shouto’s point of view. Thank you for the eye opening talk, Natsuo.”

“Just do better by Shouto, okay?” Natsuo tells her with a small sigh present in his voice.

“I will. Goodbye, Natsuo.”


They would hang up, each with their own thoughts and views on Ken Nakano and what he has become.

Chapter Text

“Ken, you’re it!” comes the voice of Fuyumi giggling mischievously as he stares at her in confusion, “What?”

“C’mon Ken, you’re a part of our game now! Let’s play!” Natsuo cheers before running off with his sister. He would look over to Touya, asking him through one look alone what was going on, only to hear Touya sigh, “Yeah, let’s go play their game, Ken. It’ll be fun.”

Ken had never played with anyone outside of Touya before. Fuyumi and Natsuo were always too little to play with himself and Touya whenever he came over. Of course, this only happened when Enji was gone for days on end and Rei had the house to herself.

That aside, Ken didn’t really have any friends outside of Touya. So to play with new kids…it was strange yet exciting, fresh in a way he never saw coming. He would take a small step forward before being given an encouraging smile by Touya and taking it all for what it is worth, “I’m gonna get you, Fuyumi!”

He would chase down his friend’s little sister before tagging Natsuo once he saw he was closer. Instead of being repulsed by Ken’s touch, Natsuo…accepted him. He accepted him without second thought and giggled to the touch, “Your hands are really soft, Ken! You’re going to be a wonderful mate to your beta someday.”

‘If I can even get one’ is what he would ruefully think to himself before running from Natsuo, “You’re it!”

“Ah, no fair! Yumi, you’re dead for this!”

It was the first time Ken Nakano was ever able to fun with other kids. It was the first time Ken ever had a chance to make real friends.

Dabi wakes with a start to the memory, his bleary eyes finding the clock which reads ‘3:00 AM’ in big digital print. He would exhale a small breath, wondering why he was remembering this now when he hasn’t had these thoughts in years. Why is he going through this now? Why can’t he let anything from that time of his life go?

‘Ken, Ken—'

There it was: that voice which sounded exactly like Touya’s whispering in his ear. He used to hear it at random during the years of living on the streets, but lately it’s been more urgent, more pressing and prodding into spaces of his life he didn’t need (or desire) any prodding in.

“I must be going crazy.” he mumbles to himself before trying to sleep once more. When he does make his attempt to return to the land of slumber, he would a knock on his window frame, something Touya used to do back when he was alive and needed to speak to Ken about something urgent.

Which is why the text he received from Touya on the last day he saw him alive should have been more of a red flag to him back then, but he figured it couldn’t have been that bad if Touya sent it over by text. He feels so stupid now for not reading more into it! He could have saved Touya, he could have helped him run away, they could have returned as a duo to kill Enji so Touya could be Shouto’s mate. There’s so much that could have been done…

Instead, he had this: a promise to fulfill to Touya to mate Shouto in his stead. He’s not even sure if Touya would still want him to do it if he were alive or not. All he knows as he stares at his ceiling is a simple thought, “I promised you I would mark Shouto in your stead. I don’t know if you still want me to or not… Would you have approved of his new mate? Would you have said to end the promise? I don’t know what you would say about my wavering on this issue.”

Before his eyes would flutter shut again, he yawn out in defeat, “I’m sorry, Touya. I don’t think I can mark him.”

He was in his bed, alone in his room where he was convinced he had fallen asleep when he heard it, “I don’t want you to quit, Ken.”

His whole body freezes stiff in his bed, his head turning to the side to find the silhouette of Touya—well, what Touya would have looked like at his age as opposed to the age he had died—standing there, right by his bedside.

He doesn’t fall asleep, but he does attempt to keep the conversation going, “Why, Touya? Haven’t you seen me lately? I’m not a thing like you, I never was. I was never as good looking or kind as you. I was never meant to be anything great no matter how hard I tried… I’m not you. I’m Dabi, the villain. How can you say you want me to be with Shouto after what I’ve become? Don’t you know all of the terrible things I’ve done while in the league? How can you want a murdering villain to be Shouto’s mate?”

“Because I despise his current mate. I don’t like this Hawks fellow or the way Shouto has developed a crush on him…a crush which should be meant for me and me only. I watch you, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shouto all the time, Ken. I know what you’ve done and what you’ve become. You’re not a bad guy. You are meant to be something great and I know with this villain group, you will be something great. You managed to kill my father! If that’s not something great, then what is?” Touya then has this wistful sound to his voice which sounds so foreign to Dabi, “I know your lifestyle may not be conventional, but Shouto deserves better than Hawks. I want you to be with him because you’re the only one I’d ever allow to be with him outside of myself.”

He would then say what he always wanted to say to Touya: “I’m sorry.”

Touya didn’t seem to understand by the way his head tilted slightly to the side (from what Dabi saw on his wall, that’s what it looked like at least), “For what?”

“For not noticing there was something severely wrong with you the last time I saw you alive, in person. I should have known what was going on, I should have known something was wrong… I could have helped you, we could have run away together and lived on the streets, we could have returned as a duo to kill your father so you’d be with Shouto… I failed you in so many ways when you’ve never failed me. I’m so sorry, Touya.”

He sees the shadow on his wall extend a hand out to his own and when Dabi dares to look away from it, to look at the friend he had lost so long ago, he freezes.

Touya’s features are still rounded and soft, his hair is gentle and not spiky like Dabi’s own has always been. Though he is clearly older than what he was when he died, he noticed the voice as the young man who was once his only living friend, “Don’t apologize for what happened. It wouldn’t have mattered if we ran away: the old man would have caught us and killed us on the spot. He wouldn’t have ever let me go without killing me first. Stop blaming yourself for his actions, Ken. You’re a good person, unlike that subhuman dumpster fire.”

“How do I make this whole mess up to you, Touya?”

“By keeping the promise you made me. Mark Shouto for me in my stead and become his mate. Can you do this for me?”

It doesn’t take Dabi long to reply swiftly, “I can. I will mark Shouto for you in your stead, I promise.”

Touya smiles at him and suddenly, his form shapes back into the one he had before he died, “Thank you, Ken. You’re the greatest friend a guy could have.”

Dabi is pretty aloof about this, trying to maintain a level of cool about this conversation, “I know, and I will do my best to be the guy who lives up to that.”

Touya gives Ken a final wave, “Goodbye, Ken. I have to go see Shouto now, but even if he doesn’t wake for me like you do…at least I will get to be by him.”

“Goodbye, Touya.”

Everything would go black after this and he would not have any other dreams for the rest of the night, only darkness surrounding his sleep. Upon waking, he would feel more confident in his decision to keep his promise to Touya. If Touya really does want him to be Shouto’s mate, then he has no other choice than to go through with the promise he made.

Every time he felt a quiver of doubt or wavered in his ability to keep a promise, he would always receive a visit from Touya encouraging him to keep going until Shouto is marked by him. This time, it’s no different. The next instant he sees Shouto, he will mark him, just like he promised Touya he would.


When Hawks learned of what Fuyumi had said to Shouto, he was livid. He thought she’d be better than her father, but it turns out she was nowhere near being better than him! To actually tell Shouto to give Ken a chance, despite Shouto feeling uncomfortable with it…what a crock of shit!

If Shouto did want to be with someone else other than him, it would hurt Hawks, but he would let Shouto be happy than trap him in a miserable mating. He’s not Enji; he wouldn’t be that cruel to do such a thing to Shouto and yet here his sister is, trying to tell him who he should be mating with.

How dare she! How dare she tell Shouto give this villain, a guy who tried to mark him twice against his will, a chance when he clearly doesn’t want to!

“Yeah, we need to talk about your alpha bullshit you pulled on Shouto a day ago.” he would say to her face over the phone, not wanting to do this the basic way. No, he wanted to confront her straight to her face.

Her eye roll did nothing to stop him, no, it only made him more enraged, “What alpha bullshit did I pull on Shouto, Hawks?”

“The alpha bullshit where you try to tell him who he should mate and why. Honestly, why the hell would you tell him to mate or court with someone who tried to mark him by force twice? I don’t care if he was Touya’s friend at one point or another, you had no right to tell him how to handle it or what to feel about it, especially in regards to Ken.”

“You don’t need to attack me for what I said and did. Natsuo already did that yesterday and I learned my lesson. I will let Shouto mate with whoever he pleases and not try to steer him in any direction I please even if it is a better one.”

Hawks frowns to that last part, “How is your brother’s crazy best friend trying to mark him by force better than what I am?”

Fuyumi doesn’t mince her words when saying it, “Alright, since you asked me this yourself and my father is dead, I don’t have to hold back anymore. You want to know why I never approved of you for Shouto? Because I know you only agreed to mate him so you could be a Todoroki in name like the crazy Endeavor fanboy you are—”

“Were, I don’t like that bastard anymore after what Shouto told me about him.”

She blinks but doesn’t hold back in her other criticisms of him, “Okay, so I can’t hold that against you anymore. I’m amazed you even believed him, given how obsessed you were with the hero Endeavor.”

“Yeah, I was a fan, not a child abuse enabler. Big difference, Fuyumi, but it’s nice to see you think so lowly of me.”

“Anyway, I also don’t like you because you were never meant to be Shouto’s mate. Touya was.”

That’s something Hawks never heard before, “What? Touya was meant to be Shouto’s mate before me?”

She doesn’t mince words while saying it, either, “Yeah, he was. You see, Touya was head over heels for Shouto when he first held him as a baby. Our father said he could be Shouto’s mate if he trained hard enough to surpass All Might as the number one hero. Touya agreed and the day he found out he had been lied to and our father never intended him to be Shouto’s mate ultimately led to his death.”

In response to Hawks’ silence, Fuyumi ends her reasoning with a little conclusion, “You see, Shouto was meant to be Touya’s all along. When he got him arranged to be mated with you, it was a spit to Touya’s face and a disgrace to what he died for. I will never approve of you because you were chosen by our father to be Shouto’s mate and in my eyes, you will never be his mate. Only Touya will be his mate. If Touya can’t be his mate, then I’d rather have Touya’s choice for Shouto than what our father chose for him.”

“I have been very good to Shouto and I treat him far better than what the creepy villain ever could.” Hawks hisses to her, barely holding back how insulted both himself and his alpha felt to her words, “You better not tell Shouto who he can and cannot mate because it feels like you only hate me because Touya would have hated me. It seems to me you are carrying on his legacy of being possessive over Shouto by trying to control who he can and cannot mate, which is shitty of you to do.”

Touya is a sore subject to bring up to Fuyumi and Natsuo at this point. He knows better than to bring him up to them usually, however, he couldn’t stop himself this time around. Fuyumi was insinuating he was a worse choice for Shouto than the guy who tried to mark him against his will twice. The same guy who is a villain who has killed a lot of people, mind you.

So yeah, Hawks is insulted and angered by this. Who wouldn’t be though? Anyone in his shoes would be pissed off and fighting dirty with their words, even if it was something which made her eyes glow in a blaring glaze of unbridled, uncensored hatred towards the winged hero, her reaction being eerily even given the way he insulted her so, “You do not know a thing about Touya. Don’t you ever mention his name like that again or else I will make your life hell.”

He didn’t grace her with a reply because in his eyes, she’s not worth it. Then she goes on to say, “I will be civil with you for Shouto’s sake, but know I will never once like or approve of you. You will never be Shouto’s true mate in my eyes. That spot will always belong to Touya and I don’t think he deserves to be with someone our abusive asshole of a murdering father chose for him.”

“Like you could do better, Ms. ‘I made my brother so upset with my alpha bullshit he quit speaking to me’?”

“Goodbye, Hawks.”

She would hang up on him and Hawks would mindlessly hiss at his phone, pissed at the way she acted towards him. Still, he kept his cool because Shouto should be calling him soon and he doesn’t want Shouto to get upset or worry over him.

Despite what Fuyumi believes, he is not a thing like Endeavor was to their mother and he never will be. He will always treat Shouto with the utmost respect and care because that’s what Shouto deserves from a mate.

“Hey Shouto! What’s up?” he greets his mate happily, hoping to get a positive response out of him.

What he got instead was the voice of Natsuo speaking, “I’m not Shouto. I’m Natsuo, Hawks.”

Ah shit. Another one of Shouto’s siblings who hates his guts, “Hi…why didn’t Shouto call me?”

“Because after I talked to him yesterday about Fuyumi and what she said to him, I learned from him you’ve been good to him. I don’t approve of you as a mate for Shouto, but…I do want to say thank you for giving him the small amount of freedom he had while our father was still alive and thank you for being good to him.”

That is something Hawks never expected to hear from Natsuo. A string of curses and cries of ‘you’ll never be my brother’s mate’? Yeah, he expected that because Natsuo has done that in the past when they were by each other in person. A call to voice gratitude towards him is something he never coming.

“…This isn’t a joke, right? You’ve never had a nice thing to say to me or about me for years now. Why are you doing this now?”

“I’m only doing this because Shouto said you were good to him and you were the reason why he got to go to UA. You did do some good for him and for his sake, I am thanking you for it. Shouto deserves to have a happy family atmosphere. I may not approve of you as a mate for him, but I won’t hate you for being his mate anymore. Shouto doesn’t need me or Fuyumi to be adding onto family drama and tension when it’s not needed. This is not for you; it’s for Shouto.”

Hawks is grateful for this, yet at the same time he can’t help but to question, “Wow…thank you for that. Being good to Shouto is something that came naturally to me, you know. In the middle and low class culture, families will usually stress the importance of treating your mate right. That and I liked your brother anyway, so treating him good was easy. It sounds to me like this was inspired by how upset he got with Fuyumi. Am I wrong there?”

Natsuo’s sigh tells him he is right about this, “It was. I mean, I learned from him that if I hated you for being his mate, then he’d cut me out of his life for good. I don’t want to lose Shouto in my life, so I decided to not be like Fuyumi and to quit objecting to your being his mate.”

“Oh…well, thanks for that one. I know it will make Shouto happy.”

“I hope it does, but just know if you ever make him cry or hurt him once, I will castrate you myself.”

“…Duly noted, then. Listen I have to go now, goodbye Natsuo and thanks for the little chat.”

“No problem, bye Hawks.”

Hawks hangs up on Natsuo and feels a bit…better to know at least one of Shouto’s siblings doesn’t hate his guts anymore. At least something good came out of Fuyumi’s fuck up, right?

Chapter Text

Fuyumi had been walking to the train three days after her disastrous talk with Shouto. She wants Shouto to be with someone Touya chose for him, not Hawks. Hawks is not Touya. In her eyes, he will never be Shouto’s mate. Shouto can choose Hawks all he wants, but it won’t change the fact she firmly he is making the worst decision of his life.

Can he not see Hawks may be good to him now, but it guarantees nothing for the future?

Can he not see Hawks will be the type to turn into their father someday?

It frustrates her to know Shouto is going for someone their father chose. Someone their father—who did not give one single damn about Shouto—chose to be his mate. Hawks may claim he’s no longer his fanboy, but Fuyumi knows their father wouldn’t have picked him out for no reason. No, she knows it will happen eventually, Shouto will become their mother should he mate with Hawks, it’s only a matter of time.

All she did was make a suggestion to Shouto to go with Touya’s choice instead and all of a sudden, she’s the villain? Really? Their father can arrange Shouto’s entire life and yet the minute she shares her suggestion, she’s the one who is in the wrong. It’s pure bullshit in her eyes.

She heard a stunned gasp, a breathless voice saying her name in a voice she instinctually knows the owner of, “Fuyumi?”

The alpha girl pauses in her step and looks at the alleyway she is about to walk past, “…Ken? Is that you?”

She recognizes his scent from anywhere, his voice sounds like a deeper version of the one she remembers and she’s so positive it’s the same Ken from her childhood, the one where Touya and him were best friends who played with her and Natsuo once they were old enough to.

“Yeah, it’s me. Mind if we have a little chat. I was wanting to talk to Shouto, but I guess he doesn’t want a thing to do with me.”

Fuyumi has nothing but empathy and sympathy for Ken. Though he may be a villain now, she doesn’t believe him to be evil or bad. This is Ken, after all. The same ken who had played with her siblings and herself as kids before Touya died and his apartment burned down to the ground. There’s so many questions, so many thoughts running through her head as she enters the alleyway, ready and willing to speak to her long lost childhood friend again.

“What made you think Shouto would be here?” she wonders, finding this to be an odd assumption of his to make.

He shrugs from his spot in the alleyway, his scars, staples, and dark clothing looking jarring on him despite the dimness of their surroundings, “I assumed he would be living with you from now on given the fact you’re the new head of the pack.”

She sighs softly before giving him a vague answer, wanting to tell him the full story, but holding back on it until she hears exactly how (as well as why) he became a villain, “He’s not, they wanted him at the dorms at UA, so he’ll be staying there until he graduates and mates with Hawks.”

“Of course they would have that! Damn UA!” Ken groans inside the filthy alleyway, where the brick walls are slimy looking and Fuyumi is positive she hears rats rumbling about inside the dumpster not too far away from them, “I was nervous to see you, you know. After I had someone track you down, I was going to go to your place with your mate and see if I could talk to you about being Shouto’s mate. I didn’t know if you’d even want to look at me now, knowing I’ve become Dabi and am so far away from the Ken you once knew.”

Her mate would have freaked out at the sight of him, that much Fuyumi knows. There are many things her lovely (not to mention very pregnant) Hikari can tolerate about her life and family history. What she could not handle is seeing a villain showing up at their front door, asking casually to see Fuyumi. She would be calling the police in a heartbeat if he went through with his original plan, so she’s grateful he never did.

That being said, she’s happy to see Ken again regardless of what he looks like or what he’s become. She’s missed him over the years and always thought of him in sorrowful nostalgia in the way she did with Touya. To know he is here, alive, breathing, in the flesh, and right in front of her… It makes her smile.

“I don’t care what you look like. I don’t care if you’re Dabi now so long as you’re still the same Ken I knew back then. You were one of my close friends too, Ken. Losing you hurt me so badly…it was like losing Touya all over again.” she would then gather up her courage to ask, “What happened? Did my father give you those scars?”

Ken laughs to this, finding it funny somehow, “Ha, no! Your father’s flames were a joke compared to mine. His fire could never hurt me. I saw your father outside my home the night the fire happened. I ran got out through the fire escape ladders and hid inside in a dumpster in an alleyway across the street from my home. That’s how I escaped him alive, but I didn’t get my scars until later on. You see, I was a drifter for years who survived off of begging and doing odd jobs for cash. One day, these fuckers were harassing this old lady as she was walking home. They would have killed her had I not stepped in. I used too much of my quirk when fighting them, though, and I passed out after they were ash.”

“I would wake up in a hospital, where the old lady had saved my life with her healing quirk. It was enough to save my muscles, bones, eyes, ears, and prevent any need for amputation…but it wasn’t enough to save my skin. I had to have these staples placed on my skin with these scars. It was all she could do to save me. I stayed with her, posing as her ‘grandson’ until the day she died. Then I went back to drifting.”

Fuyumi finds this to be tragic yet at the same time, she cannot help but to wonder, “Why become a villain then? Why be in a group that kills people like that old lady who saved you?”

“Because of Stain and the need to avenge Touya. You see, Enji was a fake hero who used the title to feed his weak ego in constant need of validation. He was also the person who killed my best friend and attempted to kill me next. I joined the league to kill Enji and fulfill my promise to Touya.”

“What promise?”

Fuyumi had heard of the promise being made to Touya by Ken, but she wanted to hear the full story behind it and not just the account the police had from Shouto.

He’s silent for a moment, his words softly spoken once he finds the inner strength to break it, “Do you ever have Touya visit you in your dreams, or hear his voice whisper in your ear at random times of the night when you’re trying to sleep?”

She’s stunned by this because, “I’ve had him in my dreams before where we sit down in my room and talk about my day… Why? Do you get the same thing?”

He nods and tells her with a slightly shaken breath, “I do and I…well, sometimes in moments of doubt, he encourages me. Does he ever encourage you, Fuyumi?”

“He does, well, he did after our father and I was nervous about being the new head of the family pack. Why? What does he encourage you about?”

“Keeping my promise to him. The one I made the last time I saw him alive.” he looks down when admitting out loud, “There were so many times I thought about quitting on it and moving on with my life, but Touya always shows up at these times, telling me to keep going on because he doesn’t approve of Hawks. He wants me to be his mate, Fuyumi, and whenever I hear this from him…I can’t quit.”

This was it. She will finally hear what happened the last time Ken saw Touya alive!

“It happened before he died. He sent me a text, telling me to meet up with him, so I did. It was late at night, he was wearing the clothes he wore for lounging. He had bandages on him…bandages I only saw glimpses of. He told me all about Shouto and then asked me if I would mate Shouto if anything happened to him. At first, I was confused why he would want to me mate him when he was so persistent on mating Shouto himself, and explained his fears of Shouto winding up with someone like your father if he was gone. I promised him I would and then he had to leave. The next day, I didn’t hear from him. After that, I heard from Natsuo how he had died, and I never kicked myself harder for not noticing all of the signs of something being wrong.”

“Whenever I see Touya in my dreams…he always tells me I am still his only choice for being Shouto’s mate and I agree to keep up with my promise to him.” Ken then moves his eyes over to Fuyumi’s teary ones, hoping she will hear him out on this end, “I want to speak to Shouto and explain everything. I know I did things the wrong way around the first two times, but that was because of my alpha taking over my rational self. Please, Fuyumi, find a way to arrange a meeting between me and him. If I can explain everything about it to him, then I’m sure he will agree to be my mate.”

She feels the honesty in his words and eyes. That was the Ken she knew speaking to her again for the first time in years, not the guarded Dabi figure she’s been talking to so far. This is Ken, her friend, Natsuo’s friend, Touya’s friend, the one he approves of for mating Shouto.

Because she values Ken, because she despises Hawks as a mate for Shouto, because she does not want anyone else to but someone Touya chose to be Shouto’s mate…

She agrees, not caring what Hawks or Natsuo will think, what Shouto will say or do in response to this. All that matters is helping Ken fulfill his promise to Touya, because she can tell it haunts him to this very day and probably has haunted him during the years after Touya’s death, “I will, Ken. I will help you see Shouto again and I will help you fulfill your promise to Touya.”

He hugs her and it feels the same way as it had when they were kids. It brings back so many good memories, it almost leaves her crying in the hold alone. She holds back her emotions, wanting to be strong for Ken here because he is owed the strength after everything he’s gone through.

“Thank you. You, Natsuo, and Touya…you will always be my family to me. I promise I will be a good mate to Shouto, Fuyumi, I will be everything he needs, honest.” he speaks through a hoarse voice, clearly restraining his own emotions in this moment as well.

“I know you will be.”

“What about Natsuo? Is there any chance I can see him again?”

“I wouldn’t push it, Ken. He’s still upset with the way you attempted to mark Shouto. He’s not spoken to me ever since I suggested to Shouto he should give you a chance. He chewed me out really bad over it, acting as though I was our father when I’m not…Shouto hasn’t spoken to me ever since as well. I don’t know how I will do it, but I will help you fulfill your promise to Touya. Here, I’ll give you my number and you give me yours. I’ll text you when I have a plan in mind, okay?”

“Okay, thanks Fuyumi.”

“Don’t mention it, Ken.”

They would exchange numbers before bidding each other a final goodbye, with Fuyumi going back on the street and Ken heading back into the shadows of the night.


Fuyumi would return home, eat dinner with her mate, and go to her mother and Touya’s butsudans, giving an offering of dates to Touya because she knows that to be his favorite fruit whereas her mother received an offering of a glass figurine she had picked up from an antique shop. These are little things she knows her family members loved when alive, but now that they’re gone, she can at least rest easy knowing she has their butsudans in her possession instead of Enji’s.

After Enji died, she got the full possession of the butsudans as head of the family pack. She keeps them both in separate rooms which used to be guestrooms, but are now shrines to her lost loved ones. Enji himself has no butsudan. Fuyumi was given the ashes from the crime scene and left to decide what to do with them. She never made a butsudan for their father; no, he doesn’t so much as a photo in her home to speak of. She made sure to throw his ashes away in the dirtiest, most polluted and disgusting landfill around, ensuring he would suffer greater humiliation even after death.

She would retire to her room with her mate later on in the night, the two of them falling asleep together, with Fuyumi wondering how she can help Ken fulfill his promise to Touya…

She wakes up in her bed, hearing something stir from her mother’s room where she keeps all of her belongings and her butsudan. Fuyumi gets out of bed, tired and sore for some reason or another—maybe Hikari kicked her too hard again? Yeah, that must be it.

The alpha girl goes across the hall where her mother’s butsudan resides, finding it strange to be hearing any noise at all. Is there a mouse in it? She’s not too sure.

She opens the door and finds her mother standing there in the room, the doors of the butsudan opened.

Rei looked the same, yet healthier, livelier, and less sad overall. She appeared to be at peace, with a certain happiness to her aura Fuyumi had never felt once in her life back when she was alive.

“Mom? What are you doing here?” she asks her slowly, finding this to be odd. Usually whenever she has these dreams, it’s of Touya. Why is she here this time around?

Her mother’s grey eyes were soft at first but they harden upon the sight of Fuyumi, “We need to talk about Shouto, Touya, and Ken. I have no problems with you being head of the family pack, but the way you are handling Shouto and his mating situation is disgraceful and you should be ashamed of yourself for the way you are dealing with it.”

Fuyumi does not believe this at first, finding it to be a ludicrous thing of her mother to say, “What? I am dealing with it right: I am ensuring Shouto will not wind up with someone dad chose for him. How is that disgraceful?”

“It’s disgraceful because Shouto has a right to choose who his mate will be and you’re not even listening to him! You’re treating him the same way your father treated me: like a piece of property to be owned.”

To this, Fuyumi’s alpha goes on the attack, “I am not a thing like him! I am a better head of the family pack, I freed Shouto from all of dad’s crazy rules, I told him the truth of the outside world, and I told him he could choose to keep the arrangement with Hawks or not. I gave him those things; I am not a dictator over him like dad was!”

Rei shakes her head and sighs in disappointment, something Fuyumi never thought she’d see from her mother, “I should have known… You and Touya both suffer from the same flaw your father had when he was alive: he couldn’t see Shouto as a human being. You believe he is Touya’s property even now that he is gone, so much so to the point where you’d have Ken—of all people—mate him before Hawks just because he made a promise to Touya about it. Touya believes Shouto is his even beyond the grave and he wants to own him in the same way your father wanted to own me. It’s why he manipulates Ken into keeping that promise for him. You’re both like your father: alpha children who believe their little brother is nothing more than property to be owned.”

“I do not think that way! How can you say this about me? I’m the best head of the family pack this family will ever have! Shouto should be thanking me and kissing the ground I walk upon for all that I’ve done for him!”

“Treating him like a normal person is something he should be thanking you for now? That’s something he should have had all along. I never got the chance to give Shouto this because of your father’s presence in our lives and the lack of details we had on omegas, but he should have been receiving this from everyone all along. He doesn’t owe you anything, especially for something you do for others every day without demanding any praise.” Rei then frowns, finding this issue to be important to bring up, “Tell me Fuyumi, what is more important to you: Shouto’s happiness or Touya’s?”

She doesn’t miss a beat when replying, “Both are important to me.”

Which causes her mother to roll her eyes, “Clearly they’re not. Shouto has told you how happy Hawks makes him and yet you’re still trying to get him mated with Ken—not because you approve of Ken, but because Touya did. There’s nothing wrong with loving Touya or missing him, but Shouto is the one who will have to live with his mate, not you or Touya. His say should mean everything, not Touya’s.”

“We’re high class, mom. Arranged matings are normal for us, even you.”

“I may have been mated to your father through an arranged mating, but if I had a chance to have a choice for myself, I’d never have chosen him for myself. The one thing I always regretted most about my mating was that I never had a chance to choose. I was given away like some item to be bought to a person I never liked. That’s not something I would ever want for Shouto and it’s not something you should want for him either.”

She would have nothing to say to this, which causes Rei to ask her, “How could you even trust Ken? You haven’t seen him in years and what you know about him now is fact: he’s a villain, who tried to mark Shouto twice against his will. How do you know he’s not lying to you about being a good mate to Shouto or how he couldn’t ‘control his alpha’ around him? He’s still a villain, Fuyumi. He’s not to be trusted, especially after he almost marked your brother twice against his will!”

“Ken will be a good mate to him! I know he will be. I know he will quit being a villain for him because that’s the Ken I know. That’s the Ken Natsuo and Touya knew. Touya chose him for a good reason and I trust his judgement.”

“So Touya’s choice comes before Shouto’s happiness, then? Shouto really is nothing more than Touya’s original mate to you, now isn’t he?” Fuyumi doesn’t respond, which tells Rei all that she needs to know, “If you dare try to make anything happen between Ken and Shouto, you will face a consequence far more dire than Shouto and Natsuo hating you with the same fervor they hated your father with. Cancel this plan with Ken now while you still can, Fuyumi.”

Fuyumi doesn’t listen to her mother’s warning, though. No, she stands firm in her decision because she is the head of the family pack and her word is what matters, “I’m not. I can’t betray Touya like that.”

Rei looks to the floor, the sting of shame on her face strong while she mumbles, “Even now, Touya comes first… This isn’t about Ken or Shouto. It’s all about Touya and appeasing him.”

Her eyes would meet Fuyumi’s head on when she said, “You and Touya are just like him. You both don’t see Shouto as a person; while your father saw him as an abomination, Touya saw him as his possession, and you saw him as Touya’s possession as well. I’ve never been more disappointed in you two until now… Goodbye, Fuyumi. Don’t say you weren’t warned when this all blows up in your face.”

Right when her mother turned around to reenter the butsudan, Fuyumi woke up and it was morning. She would think over what her mother said, only to feel offended at what was spoken. It did nothing to deter her from her plan to help Ken. This is not for her or Ken at this point. It’s for Touya, who never got a fair chance.

(Meanwhile, the butsudan door that had been closed the night before, remained as open as it was in the dream.)

Chapter Text

Shouto would have three days of peace before bringing himself to call up Hawks to have a little talk about Bakugou. Now that he is (somewhat) over what happened the last time he saw Fuyumi, he is ready to face the Bakugou idea head on: should he keep him in his life as a friend or not have him in it at all?

He doesn’t want to make any decisions on it without talking to Hawks first about this. Bakugou did try to come between them, after all, and it wouldn’t be right to Hawks to exclude him from this decision.

“Hey Hawks, there’s something pretty important I want to talk to you about.”

“What is it? Is everything fine? Do you still feel safe at school?”

“I do, I just…well, it’s about Bakugou. After I called him out for what you said he was doing, he said wanted to be in my life as a friend still, but I’m not sure about it. Would you be comfortable with me being his friend or not? I mean, he didn’t deny trying to break us up…”

“Well…is he okay with being just friends?”

“He says he is, but I’m not too sure. I want to give him an answer soon like I told him I would, but I don’t know what to do. I’m still really mad that Fuyumi would tell me to give Ken a chance after everything he did, so I haven’t had the chance to think it over properly. I know he’ll want an answer soon, so what do I do?”

Shouto is asking this when he should be having lunch with Inasa and Shinsou. Here he is, alone in the locker room, and uncertain of what is the right decision to make. As for Hawks, he is pleasantly surprised to see Shouto calling him up about this. Truthfully, he’d be pretty upset if Shouto chose to be friends with the alpha who tried to get in between them so he could mate Shouto instead. He doesn’t want to tell Shouto what to do or who to befriend, but he does at least want his feelings considered in this decision.

“How about this: I’ll come over to his dorm and have a talk with him. Once I’m done with the talk, I’ll tell you if I think he’s still scheming to break us up or not, okay?”

“Okay, because if he is, then I can’t be friends with him. I like being your mate and I want to be your mate when I am finally the right age for you.”

Shouto is being honest when he says this. He cannot be friends with someone who wants to come in between Hawks and himself. He can only be friends with people who support their relationship, regardless if they are Bakugou or not.

Nonetheless, it made Hawks happy to know Shouto is prioritizing their mating above a possible friendship with a guy who tried to end their arrangement. It was further proof of the omega developing feelings for him in return, which always made Hawks feel elated to hear, “Aw, how sweet! Well, I can’t blame you I mean I am the best option around…much like how you’re the cutest mate I could have ever asked for!”

Shouto blushes to this, biting his lower lip before clearing his throat, “Thank you for thinking I’m cute…but I should get going before Shinsou and Yoarashi start to worry over me. Goodbye, Hawks. I hope I’ll see you after your talk with Bakugou.”

“You will! I intend to take you out to a nice ramen shop after the little talk with this alpha. There’s no need to worry, Shouto. I will take care of everything.”

“I hope you can…Bakugou’s not the easiest one to talk to at times, just as a warning.”

“Yeah, but I’ve dealt with worse, so there’s really no need to worry at all!”

Shouto hopes there isn’t, but he can never be too sure. It seems as if every time he thinks he doesn’t have to worry over something, it turns out he does have to worry and it’s always something far more serious than what he thought it would be.

“Bye cutie.” comes the coo which breaks him out of his line of thought, “Bye, Hawks.”

They would hang up, with Shouto feeling nervous about Hawks’ talk with Bakugou and Hawks looking forward to surprising Shouto with a visit.


Shouto would learn from Hawks he would not be able to talk to Bakugou until Friday, but Shouto was fine with this. With it being Thursday and all, he was shocked to learn Hawks managed to be able to get to speak to him so quickly. Usually the pro never got off of work so quickly or easily. To know he managed to do this for him makes Shouto feel the fluttery feeling all over as he realizes he is important to his mate.

He would go to bed feeling lighter than air itself with the happiness welling up inside of him to this realization. He never knew he was or could be important to Hawks. Being important to Hawks means he is worth the effort for mundane things such as this. Being important to Hawks means he is worth the time spent on such a perilous event like talking to Bakugou about his intentions with Shouto.

He would almost purr before going to sleep, but of course, he wanted something more before he went to bed. He would get out the music box from Hawks and play it to soothe himself to sleep in a soft, dreamy lullaby.

He was in his room, in his dorm, when he heard his name being called out in a gentle croon, “Shoucchan…Shoucchan…”

Shouto would sit up in his bed, his eyes blinking slowly as he woke himself up to the sound, “Who’s here?” he muttered in response, his tiredness seeping into his voice.

“Shoucchan, you don’t recognize me?”

He looks right in front of him, stunned when he sees the young man with the soft, rounded features, blue eyes the same shade as their father’s, and the softly flowing hair he’s known only one person to possess…

“Touya?” he asks in a bit of shock, still not really believing he is seeing his brother right here, right in front of him.

He grins and it’s gentle, so gentle, as though he is treating Shouto like a porcelain doll through his expression alone, “Yeah, it’s me Shoucchan. You’ve grown up so much since I’ve been gone… I’m amazed you aren’t mated yet with how beautiful you are now. You really are the prettiest one around, aren’t you Shouto?”

Touya touches his face and it’s soft. Everything about Touya is soft in comparison to the harshness of Ken. Everything about Touya is less terrifying when he compares it to Ken.

Which reminds him right away…

“Why did you want that psycho to mark me? I don’t want to be his mate, Touya. I want to be with Hawks. He makes me happy and—”

“Shoucchan, hush, there’s no need to get so worked up! I’m here now. Don’t you want to talk to me instead? Don’t you want to get to know me better? After all, I know so much about you, it’s unfair for my mate to know nothing about me.”

Shouto pauses to this, not sure he heard this right at first, “Did you just call me your mate?”

Touya nods, his answer clearly spoken, “Yep, I did. You see, you were promised to me by the old man many years ago when you were just a baby. He said I could be your mate if I surpassed All Might as the next number one hero… Needless to say, he was bullshitting like he always does and on the day I died, well, I learned it the hard way.”

Shouto knows the rest of the story, so Touya doesn’t need to tell him, “Is that why you burned yourself to death with your own quirk? Because the old man said you couldn’t be my mate?”

Touya nods, his hands taking Shouto’s into his own, “Yeah, that’s why. I wanted to be your mate all of my life, so much so to the point where I went through torture to be with you one day. Shouto, what I am about to show you is not the prettiest sight of all, but you need to know what I went through to be with you.”

Suddenly, the room fades and Shouto is gripping tightly onto Touya’s hand as he watches Touya—who must have just manifested quirk—kneeling before their father in the training room (the one room Shouto was never allowed in because the old man didn’t want his ‘omega stench’ in the air) as he spewed out his meal. Their father stood in front of him, eyes glaring daggers at him while seething, seeming more a monster than a human in this instance, “Get back up! How dare you pretend to be fragile, you little bastard! How can you ever surpass All Might—let alone take on a mere mugger—with such weak endurance? Get up!”

Touya would get back up, shakily standing on his two feet, only to be kicked down by their father as he was beaten in what was Shouto now knows to be the ‘training’ regimen his mother spoke of.

This scene would fade after Enji hit his mate for trying to stop him from attacking Touya further. Scene upon scene of brutal beatings, their mother bandaging him up, Touya only getting to see Ken in minimal time, and spending even less with his other siblings… Then it happened, Shouto was born and suddenly, the gloomy boy lit up like a Christmas tree at the sight of him. Shouto would see how Touya acted, what happened to separate him from Touya, and the deal their father made with him.

This was met with more memories of training, school, some time spent with friends at school but mostly Ken, the only one who knew the truth, and hopes of being Shouto’s mate.

Then came the one Shouto didn’t want to see.

The one where Touya died.

He would watch on in horror as Touya entered the training room, his presence calm yet oddly pissed, “When will I get to mate Shouto? Will I get to mate him when he’s twelve or eleven?”

Enji would be silent at first, simply ignoring Touya as he warmed up for their training session.

“Old man! When will I get to mate Shouto: when he’s twelve or eleven? He’ll be too old to not be mated soon, so when will I get him?”

The harsh, snappy question is what caught Enji off guard. He was out of his trance for a moment, but this was met with a cold, hard laugh which sent chills down Shouto’s spine, “You actually believe you are good enough for Shouto? As if you ever could be! You won’t be mated to that abomination. He’s a disgrace to humanity, a gender which shouldn’t exist, a fully biological boy with a pussy who can get pregnant one day—there’s no way he’s good enough for you, my masterpiece. You will get a good beta girl to be your mate instead and you will have many pups with her to carry on my name. Shouto will be mated off to whoever I believe will keep his secret safe…and if I can’t find such a person, then Shouto will remain here on the property for the rest of his days, unmated and unknown to the world, just the way he should be.”

He tenses but then he growls loud and deep, “Fuck. You. You do not get to control my life or who I mate! I want Shouto and you won’t keep me from him! You will never keep me from him, you old sack of shit!”

This would lead to Touya throwing the first punch, which would lead to Enji egging him on as they fought with their quirks next, “I thought you wanted to be mated to Shouto, Touya! I can’t tell with how weak your flames are!”

Taunts such as these littered their fight and before Touya knew it, he was thinking of Ken and his final words ever spoken were simple enough as he attempted to match his flames against those of his father, “Just need to get it hotter, like Ken… Need to be stronger, like Ken!”

He raised the temperature of his flames too high. As a result, his white flame burned through his throat and other parts of his body as he fought off his father’s hell flame.  

He won the fight, but only after giving up his life.

Shouto would ask, “Why would you bring up Ken then?”

“Because the old man always said I needed to be more like him. He hated Ken, but he loved his quirk and his ability to react quickly in a bad situation. He said my quirk should have been as powerful as his and my reaction time needed to be sharper like his. It’s why I thought of Ken then. I needed to surpass my limits to be stronger like Ken so I could beat the old man.”

The scene would fade away and Shouto was back in his dorm again, with Touya straddling him this time around, causing Shouto to feel…uncomfortable.

He didn’t mind learning the truth about Touya, but there is something which felt off to him: the way Touya reacted when he was born. It was too possessive, too…unnaturally feral for it to be any semblance of normal. The way he pushed himself throughout the years, all for the sake of being his mate, didn’t feel romantic or endearing to him. Instead, it scared him. Even seeing the memory of Ken promising Touya to mark him in his stead has him feeling all sorts of put off.

This whole visit feels off to him and learning all that he did only made him feel nervous around Touya as opposed to comforted. His omega is screaming at him to wake up because the alpha in front of him is far more dangerous than Ken Nakano could ever be.

He leans in closer to Shouto, taking a whiff of his scent, his eyes closing as he smiles, “You still smell the same…the same strawberries and whipped cream scent I cannot get enough of, even now… I would have been so good to you as a mate, Shoucchan. I would have loved you, I would have cherished you, I would have treated you right. You would have had the world and then some if you so desired had you been my mate right from the beginning.”

Shouto is tense as his brother inhales his scent. His blood runs cold and he freezes, unsure of what to do next to stop this.

“I love you, Shoucchan. I went through everything I did just to be with you because I love you. I only think about what’s best for you all the time and even now, I can say the only mate you should ever have is me.” he would begin to leave little kisses on Shouto’s neck, causing the omega to ball up his blanket in his hands, his eyes squeezing shut as a few whimpers escape him, “I’m not alive anymore, though, so I can’t be with you. All I can do is watch as you squander away your chances to be happy by being with someone as shitty as our father. I want you to be with Ken, Shoucchan, since you can’t be with me anymore.”

“Why? He tried to mark me twice against my will. Why would you want that for me, Touya?” he asks in a breathless voice, hoping the alpha will stop soon.

Touya takes a breath, not sugar coating a word when he said it, “Because Ken is the only one I will ever approve of for you. I know he will treat you right and I know he will be as good to you as I would have been if I had my chance to be with you. He may have tried to mark you twice in the wrong way, but he is unmated, Shoucchan. He had no exposure to omegas before, he couldn’t help it if his instincts took over.”

“Yoarashi and Bakugou were unmated and they didn’t try to do that to me once. Not even Mineta and Monoma attempted to mark me without my consent. Are you meaning to tell me he’s far weaker in self control compared to them?”

“No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying you should be more empathetic towards him, Shouto. Your scent effects other unmated people in different ways, you know.”

“I don’t think it makes what he did okay, though… Touya, please, stop, I—”

“Shush, Shoucchan. I only do these things because I love you and want what’s best for you. What’s best for you is having Ken as a mate since I’m not here to mark you instead.” Touya silences him with a gentle touch running through his hair and though Shouto can speak to Touya like a normal person, he’s more scared of him than what he ever was of Ken right now.

Ken may have been irrational, but Touya is calm, rational, in control, and knows what he is doing.

He tries to push Touya off of him, but his brother was trained by their father. Which means he has a muscle mass which easily overpowers anything a skinny little omega like Shouto could put up.

He pins Shouto down to his bed and begins to suck hard on his neck. The area where he had been kissing before now being sucked on and making Shouto cry out, “Stop, Touya, stop! I don’t want to be marked like this! I don’t want to be marked, stop!”

After what felt like an eternity of fear and struggle as he attempted to get out of Touya’s death grip on him, the sucking stopped and Touya got off of Shouto.

Shouto would curl into ball, sobbing into his sheets whereas Touya still possessed the nerve to kiss him on his temple and croon, “Shh, Shoucchan, I know what is best for you. I went through all the hell and back again that I did just to be with you. I know it may sound strange to have Ken mate you now, but just keep in mind, the old man chose Hawks because they are a lot alike. If you mate with him, he will hurt you and beat you just like our father did to me. If you mate with Ken, you’ll be safe and loved. Just remember that before making any rash decisions, okay?”

Touya’s hand runs through his hair another time, getting ready to leave when Shouto speaks up, “What did you do to me? Why did you do this to me?”

“…All I did was give you a little present from me to remind the hero who you belong to. It was a gift of love Shouto, because you are mine and you will always be mine no matter what happens or separates us.”

Touya would kiss him on the forehead before telling him, “Sleep, Shoucchan. I don’t want you to be tired for tomorrow because of me. I love you too much to do that to you.”

Everything would go black after this was said.

The moment everything went black, Shouto woke up with a start, his breathing ragged as he looked around his dorm room for Touya. Luckily for him, his biggest brother was gone and he was able to start his day. He would head over to the shower (they had placed one on his level so he wouldn’t have to worry about someone from his class walking in on him naked by accident) and start to brush his teeth…only to find a mark on the spot where Touya had sucking on his skin the night before.

He would drop the tooth brush in horror before picking it back up and finishing his brushing session. Once this was done, he’d call up Natsuo, more than ready to get some answers to the questions now burning in his mind.

“Natsuo, can you come over to my dorm today? I want to talk to you about Touya.”

Chapter Text

Shouto was bothered by the presence of his dead brother in his dream. Though he always wished to speak to Touya, he never wanted it to go the way it did. Touya was scarier than Ken, and scarier yet is the fact he knows what Ken is like now and he still wants him to be mated with him anyway.

He doesn’t mean to be so upset over this, but it disturbed him deeply. If everything he saw in that dream was true, then…it means Touya was always deeply possessive of him in a way which was no different from the way their father was to their mother. He shivers at the thought of Touya being his original mate. Just the mere idea of Touya being the one to mate with him had he not met his end…it sends a chill down Shouto’s spine.

It bothers him when he is in class. It doesn’t stop bothering him until lunch period hits and he heads outside of the building to go out of the gates to see if Natsuo was waiting for him or not. Luckily for him, his brother was there, a look of concern on his face, “Shouto, you wanted to talk to me about Touya, right?”

Shouto nods, his voice showing his discomfort with the issue at hand in a subtle way, “I do, I want to talk to you about Touya because I had a strange dream last night where he talked to me about himself and his life… I saw a lot of things that I want to know if any of it is real or not because mom never went into detail about Touya around me. I want to know if it was true or not.”

Natsuo would look at his brother, sighing as he said, “Okay, where do you want to talk, Shouto?”

“Would my dorm work?”

“Sure. We can talk there.”

Shouto would lead the way, not liking what is going on. Sure, his teacher and staff know his brother is going to be here for lunch today, but he didn’t tell them the truth of the matter. He didn’t even tell Hawks about it because it was so bizarre. He really needed to hear it from Natsuo, because if he had to talk to Fuyumi again…he knows she’d spin it into a talk about him mating with Ken instead of Hawks so as to make Touya ‘happy’. Which is the last thing he gives a damn about at this moment.

“So, Shouto…you got anything to eat for us? I am pretty hungry, you know.”

To this, his somber mood lightens, “Oh, I do! You see, I learned how to use this application on my phone to order food for us. I thought that soba would be good for me, but I got you mapo tofu so I hope it’s good.”

Natsuo raises a brow while asking, “How did you pay for that?”

“Dad’s credit card. Everything in his account went into Fuyumi’s after he died, so it’s technically hers now. I’m sure she’ll be fine with it, though.”

He chuckles to this, telling Shouto, “I may be pissed at her now for what she said to you and I did chew her out pretty badly for it the last time we spoke, but I am glad she has total control of his accounts now. It’s a wonderful reminder he’s gone now.”

Shouto wonders what Natsuo will say when they’re alone and he tells him everything Touya said.


When Shouto told Natsuo of everything that happened (luckily for him, no one was in the dorm, so they were able to have this chat in the dining area) in the dream, along with everything he saw, Natsuo grew pale. He remained so until the end of the tale, when Shouto asked, “Was it all true? Is everything I saw something that actually happened?”

“Yeah, it’s all true, Shouto. Every word of it, the scenery…especially the training sessions…I walked in on one once and it looked the exact same way it did in your dream.” Natsuo looks down, a frown marring his face as the color returns to it, yet there is bitterness present when he goes on, “I cannot believe him! It’s just like the day you first came home from the hospital all over again! I cannot believe that even now, he still feels like he owns you. He was always too obsessive, possessive, and clingy of you… You wouldn’t remember because you were too young, but the way he was in your dream is the same way he was towards you when he was alive.”

Shouto remembers seeing that memory of how strange and possessive Touya acted of him. It was creepy and sent chills down his spine as he recalled it all too vividly. He doesn’t know if he’s the only one Touya has visited like this or not. He does know that Touya scares him and as bad as it sounds…he’s grateful for the way his short life played out because Touya was terrifying to be by in his dream. What would he have been like if he was alive? Surely something far worse than what he had faced only the night before.

“Did he ever visit you in your dream like he did with mine?” Shouto asks out of a slightly fearful curiosity.

“He did, but it was to tell me to back off of Fuyumi and give Ken a chance…” he responded with the same bitterness as before, then disappointment clouds his grey eyes, “I told him off because he needed to hear it. Touya views you the same way he did when he was alive: his mate, his possession he’s entitled to, his…property. I don’t like it for one moment because I’ve never seen you that way, Shouto. I’ve always seen you as a person and I thought Fuyumi did as well, but she’s more like Touya and the old man than I thought she was.”

“Can you tell me about it?”

Natsuo sighs when agreeing to do so, “Fine, but just as a heads up, it wasn’t as dramatic as your dream.”

It had taken place in Natsuo’s dorm. He woke up in his bed to find his roommate asleep in his own still. He would look over to his right and find Touya standing near the door with a cheeky grin on his face, “Natsuo! It’s been too long since we last spoke. How have you been?”

“I’ve been good…Touya, is that really you?”

He hadn’t believed it was Touya at first until he heard him say while rolling his eyes, “Come on Natsu, if you want to embarrass you, you should’ve said so! Since you’re so desperate…remember that time when you confessed to having a crush on the ice cream lady down the street from your school, right in front of her all without knowing she was there? You went on and on about how pretty she was, how you’d love to mark her and inhale her sweet musky scent all day long—”

“Okay, okay! It’s you, it’s definitely you.” Natsuo cut him off before the memory recalling could go on and get more embarrassing for him, “Why are you here now? Why didn’t you come sooner or more often during the years?”

“Because Ken needed me during those years. That and I didn’t want to go anywhere near our home after what the old man did…I kept an eye on you, Shouto, and Fuyumi over the years though. I still know all of the embarrassing secrets about you guys, like the first time you got caught masturbating in school because home was too ‘stuffy’ to do it in.”

“Shut up!” Natsuo nearly shrieked in horror whereas Touya had a good laugh at his misery, “Man, you just keep me material to work with! I miss you, Natsuo. I really, really do.”

“I miss you too, Touya.”

There was a static silence between before Touya would suddenly get serious out of nowhere to make a demand far too outrageous for Natsuo to handle, “Natsuo, I am disappointed in something. I’m not happy with the way you told off Fuyumi for what she said to Shouto about Ken. She was doing the right thing when she told him to give Ken a chance. He was the one I chose out for Shouto, you should respect my decisions for my mate and allow Ken to be with him instead of Hawks.”

To this, Natsuo’s jaw almost dropped on the shock, “What?”

“You heard me the first time around. I don’t need to tell you that defying my wishes for my mate is wrong, you should already know that as a high class alpha. What you are doing right now is disrespectful not only to the head of the family pack, but to me as well by rejecting my choice for my mate. Go apologize to Fuyumi and apologize to me right now for being so disrespectful towards us and our decisions for Shouto.”

The young man with the white hair could not control himself any longer. He snapped and went just as harsh on Touya as he had to Fuyumi, “I do not need to apologize to you two sick fucks. For all that you claimed to have hated in the old man, you sure loved following him and his ways! Shouto is not property, you cannot demand him to mate with someone who you must have seen trying to mark him forcefully twice in a row! You and her are exactly like the bastard: you both don’t see Shouto as a person and I think it’s fucked up of you two to be this way.”

Touya seethes, his flame starting to come to life in his hands, “I am not a thing like the old man! I chose Ken for Shouto because he’s my mate and I love him! This is what is best for him. Ken may have done things the wrong way the first two times around, but I know he’ll be better if he can keep his alpha under control.”

“Don’t you hear yourself when you talk? You’re not thinking about Shouto or what he wants at all! I may not care for Hawks, but I can accept that Shouto is happiest with him. For his sake, I’ll tolerate Hawks. If you really loved him and saw him as an equal, you would accept his decisions without forcing your own on him.”

“Do not tell me I don’t love him when I do! I love him more than anyone around! He’s my mate, I only want what’s best for him!”

“Really? Because the old man said you weren’t ever going to be his mate. He never had any intention to arrange you two, which means Shouto was never your mate. You’re just a creepy, possessive, sexist prick like dad was. The only difference between you two is you wanted to own him and fuck him whenever you pleased.”

Touya cracked to this, his fire leaving his palm as he made a move to tackle Natsuo, luckily for the med student, he woke up before anything could happen.

“That’s what happened in my dream with Touya, but that happened a day after I called out Fuyumi for her bullshit towards you. Now that I know he’s causing you to be scared and leaving a mark you, I know I need to do this, as much as it pains me to.” Natsuo would proceed to tell Shouto something interesting, a solution to their problems sort of interesting, “My roommate has a quirk that allows them to expel negative entities that haven’t passed on, or refuse to, straight into the afterlife. If I can get them to come over to Fuyumi’s place where the butsudan for Touya is, they will be able to force him into the afterlife so he won’t bother you anymore. The only downside is, I’ll have to be civil with Fuyumi again and I’m not too sure if I can right now…for your sake, I’ll do my best because it’s obvious you need it.”

Shouto is genuinely stunned. He never knew Natsuo was the only living relative who viewed him to be an equal and not an object or property to be owned. It was strangely…loving and heartwarming to know Natsuo viewed him as a true equal. As someone who had their own opinions and feelings and thoughts on things as opposed to someone who had none.

It’s strange because so few in his family viewed him this way. He was so used to be seeing as nothing more than property that he came to view himself as being it over time. However, ever since he started coming to UA and getting closer to Hawks, he is starting to see himself as not being property. It will take a while longer, but with people like Natsuo in his life who see him as a true equal, it will happen someday.

“Thank you, Natsuo. You don’t have to do this so soon, you—”

“I know, but you need it. Touya is clearly trying to control you and your life from beyond the grave. It needs to stop because he needs to learn you are not his property. You are his equal and he needs to start treating you like it.”

He hugs his brother tightly because he knows he is doing this for him and he is grateful for not only this, but for his view of Shouto as being his equal.


Hawks would go see Bakugou for a talk after he was done with his patrol. He will go see Shouto after he is done with the talk, but for now he needs to focus on reading Bakugou to be sure he is someone he can trust to not try to scheme or pull anything to break them up.

It had been nice to know Bakugou had agreed to meet up with him outside of the dorms, at this training ground area called ‘Ground Beta’ for their talk. Hawks did not want to deal with anyone asking for autographs or in general taking up too much of his time.

(Yes, Shouto had given Bakugou Hawks’ number when he saw him in the hallway and told him to make the arrangement to speak with Hawks alone because ‘I can’t be your friend if you can’t get along with my mate’. Bakugou agreed, reluctantly, and made the arrangement over lunch while Shouto was with Natsuo.)

Upon arriving in Ground Beta—Hawks had received permission to be here from All Might—he would find Bakugou waiting in front of a building one would mistake to be an apartment building. He was dressed casually in cropped jeans and a black muscle top. The alpha teen was clearly playing a poker face, trying to appear tougher than what he was in Hawks’ eyes.

He would start things off with a harsh, “You wanted to talk to me, winged fucker?”

Not a good way to start things off, but Hawks doesn’t mind, “I did. You see, Shouto doesn’t know if you really are sincere about not wanting to break us up anymore. I am here to talk to you to see if you are or not.”

Bakugou huffs to this but says nothing else. Hawks would ask, “Why did you want to come in between us? What problem did you have with us being mated?”

“I had a problem with it because I wanted to mate him too, asshole! I wanted to be his mate, I actually came to like him and want him and shit. I wanted him to be mine and not anybody else’s. Besides, you’re too damn old for him anyway! Where the hell is your shame?”

“I don’t have any because Shouto and I’s relationship is based off of a mutual understanding and attraction towards each other. I won’t touch him until he’s legal, you should already know that.”

“Doesn’t make shit right!”

“It doesn’t make shit right that you have such little view of him that you would try to tell him what he felt for me was not real or his own feelings. You were acting just like his father when you said that to him and to be honest, I still want to punch you for that one. I won’t for Shouto’s sake, but the urge is still there.”

Bakugou doesn’t say anything to this, but Hawks expected as much from the moody teen, “Listen, I will tell Shouto you are trustworthy to be his friend if you can do at least two things for me: move on like Yoarashi did and accept the fact Shouto and I are going to be mated someday. Can you do that for me?”

The alpha teen seems to genuinely think this over for a short while before coming to his own conclusion of: “I can’t move on from him because he’s the only one I ever felt anything for. As for accepting the fact you two will be mated someday, that’s a hard pill to swallow. I know you two will be and I can accept it, but it doesn’t mean I like it. As far as I’m concerned, I can only do one of the two things you’re asking of me, even then it’s pushing everything in me.”

Hawks analyzes his body language, the look in his eyes, and the tone of his voice only to find he is being completely truthful. Hawks can appreciate the honest answer because it means Bakugou isn’t lying or scheming to him. It means Bakugou can be trusted with Shouto, but only on one condition, “Fine, I can accept that, but you have to promise me you will not come in between Shouto and I ever again. Can you at the very least do that for me?”

“I can. I won’t get in between you again, I promise. It was low and shitty of me to do. I shouldn’t have ever done it.”

The winged hero would nod and tell him, “Okay, that sounds good. I already have my answer for Shouto when he asks me about you. I’ll see you around, Bakugou.”

Bakugou scoffs to this, feeling less than hopeful about what Hawks will tell Shouto, “Yeah, whatever!”

As for Hawks, he already knows what he will tell Shouto when he sees him again. In the skies, he flies over to his mate’s dorm, ready to tell him his conclusion on the sincerity of Katsuki Bakugou and whether or not he can be trusted to have as a friend.

Chapter Text

Hawks arrived to Shouto’s dorm in a fun, new way: he flew over to his window and knocked on it. (He figured out the location of Shouto’s dorm by looking into all of the windows, as creepy as that sounds.)

Shouto would be stunned, but the boy in the black turtleneck shirt would open it regardless to allow his mate in, “How did the talk with Bakugou go?”

“It went over as good as it could I think.” Hawks tells him, going on to say, “I think you two can be friends someday. You just need to give him time to move on from you and get used to the idea of us being mated.”

Shouto nods to this, wondering, “Can we be friends now?”

Hawks shakes his head, his response as blunt it can get, “No. He’s not over you and he will need time to get over it. Give him a lot of time to get over it and I think he’ll be as good a friend to you as Yoarashi and Shinsou are.”

The omega would seem relieved to hear and yet Hawks felt the need to be completely honest with him on this issue, “Shouto, I don’t think I’ll ever trust Bakugou to be by you until he’s mated with someone else. Just the fact he was trying to take you from me is enough to make me not trust him with you now. If you do decide to befriend him, please have Yoarashi or Shinsou there to be sure he’s not trying to break us up, okay?”

“I will be sure to…that way I can get him used to my friend group while being sure he’s not being nice to me or being my friend just so he can break us up.” ah, that’s what Hawks can say he does adore about his mate! He does have a unique way of taking a negative and making it positive.

“Great, I’m glad we can see eye to eye on this.” next, he would pull out something from the pocket inside of his coat to give to Shouto, “I thought you would like this. I know you didn’t get to have it growing up for some reason or another, so here you go. You can have it.”

It was a glass figurine, the kind his mother loved and got him hooked on growing up. Shouto wasn’t allowed to have these after she died because his father sold the ones she had off at an auction and forbade him from collecting them because they were ‘wastes of space’.

He always wanted at least one of his own, but…he only told Hawks about this a year or two ago when they were first getting to know each other well enough. He didn’t expect him to remember or to even give him such a gift.

“How did you remember?”

“I always remember the little things when it comes down to you, Shouto. I know I didn’t act like the proper mate during the first two years of our mating, but I still gained a small crush on you that grew over time. I always thought I would give you a glass figurine the day before we mated, so I’m sorry if it’s not that special, but after everything you’ve gone through lately, I figured you need it now more than ever.”

Shouto is truly, deeply grateful for this. He holds the figurine delicately in his hands, staring at it in its beauty for a few moments before setting it in a place where it will not break. He would then go over to Hawks and hug him tightly, not saying a word but the purr Hawks heard told him all he needed to know.

He relished in the sound of the purr—which to Hawks’ ear sounded like a kitten—and allowed himself to enjoy it because it took quite a lot to make Shouto purr. Making him purr is a task in and of itself, so Hawks takes a lot of pride in himself whenever he does manage to elicit this sound out of his mate.

“Shouto, you know we need to eat, right?”

“I know, but I’m not feeling hungry right now.”

Hawks would eye up his mate as his purr died down and the hug ended, “Are you sure? I mean…Shouto, I want you to be healthy. I don’t want you to be skipping meals and I did come over a bit later than what I had originally planned [as in, he came over three hours later than what he had planned]. I want you to eat something.”

It’s his way of saying ‘Fuyumi took away the dietary restrictions your dad gave you, now eat something’. Ever since Fuyumi did do away with the dietary restrictions, Shouto has not been the most adventurous with his diet. To be blunt, all he has been eating is zaru soba. Hawks is worried too since he doesn’t know if Shouto eats dinner or not (Shouto never really answers the question, but when he does, it’s always zaru soba).

He gets it: Shouto will need time to adjust to the new freedoms he has. He just doesn’t want it to come at the expense of his health.

“I’m not feeling hungry tonight. I’ve been having a hard time feeling hungry ever since I moved into the dorms. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been getting hungry at nights or the mornings.”

Hawks clicked his tongue, allowing himself to pick up Shouto and toss him over his shoulder, causing the omega to blush, “What are you doing?”

The answer Shouto receives is simple and straight to the point, “Taking you to the doctor. This is not normal Shouto and I need to know what is going on. I can’t be here knowing you are sick with something or could be sick with something and do nothing about it.”

Shouto didn’t want to see his doctor because he was afraid this could be a sign of his heat starting.

He doesn’t want Hawks to see him during his heat! It’s embarrassing with how he acts and gets. Also, he doesn’t want Hawks to see him naked. He’s afraid Hawks will see him naked, think he’s a mutant, and leave.

“No, Hawks, please, I want to cuddle instead. Can’t we do that instead?” he would try to bargain with his mate only to be disappointed instead, “I’m sorry, Shouto. You need to go to see the doctor. This is not normal or healthy. You shouldn’t be eating only once a day. You should be healthier than that; a loss of appetite like this, out of nowhere, is not normal for anyone.”

Shouto doesn’t have anything to argue with this. Whether he likes it or not, he will have to go to the doctor and face the news he doesn’t want to hear.


The doctor would ask Shouto a few questions mostly about how his omega was feeling. The questions and answers were as follows:

“Is your omega missing Hawks more lately or less?”


“Did anything happen which upset your omega?”

“My sister tried to tell me to give the villain Dabi a second chance after learning the truth about his identity.”

“Are you still upset with her?”

“I am.”

“What about your omega?”

“I think it is? I don’t really know at this point. I know my omega has been feeling…disconnected and abandoned, but I don’t know why.”

After Shouto’s last answer, the doctor would go through something on his tablet before coming to his conclusion, “Omegas are by nature a breed that needs to be accepted into a family pack. Without a family pack, omega wolves will die from depression induced starvation. I think the loss of appetite is tied into this and my suggestion for you is simple: try to make amends with your sister. The last thing you want is to lose all appetite together. Whether you like it or not, you will have to get along with her.”

Shouto is silent at first, then he asks, “What about in the general beginning? Wasn’t that from missing Hawks?”

“It was, but this prolonged loss of appetite which is worsening is a sign of your omega wanting the acceptance from the family pack. Without a good relationship with the head of the family pack, you will be stuck with an omega who will cause you to lose your appetite to the point where it could get deadly. Of course, there is a way to fix this without having to speak to your sister and that is to mate. Mated omegas are not reliant on packs in the same way unmated omegas are. If you want an easy fix, then mating will fix it.”

Shouto doesn’t mind the easy fix solution since he is still upset with Fuyumi over what she said to him, but he knows Hawks won’t go for it. Hawks won’t mark him because of his age, that much Shouto has always known for fact.

Unfortunately, this is only confirmed by Hawks rejecting the idea all together, “No, I’m not mating him until he’s legal.”

“Well then, it looks like Shouto will have to make amends with his sister.”

Shouto looks down at his hands, wishing Hawks would have marked him instead of this. He’s not ready to make amends and he’s not sure if he wants to.

“I don’t think I’m ready to.” Shouto admits out loud, looking over to Hawks as he asks, “Can’t we just mate instead? I don’t think I can make amends with her so soon.”

“Shouto, no one is telling you to do it right away. You have to try because if you don’t, you could get very, very sick.”

His doctor asks the reluctant omega, “Shouto, is there any way you two can talk this out? I’m sure she’ll understand once she hears your side of the story.”

He’s not too optimistic though, “I don’t think I can. She didn’t listen to me the first time around. She just kept pushing her idea on me and didn’t take anything I said into account.”

Hawks would hold his hand then, promising him, “I’ll be there when you speak to her again. Put her on speaker, I’ll be able to call her out for her shit if she dares try to pull any of that crap on you again.”

Shouto feels a bit queasy about confronting his sister, but with Hawks by his side…it should be fine, shouldn’t it? I mean, he wouldn’t allow her to do anything or say anything which would upset him further. He would keep him safe from anything stupid or inconsiderate she said, which is all that matters to him.

However, he wouldn’t get to give his answer. Instead, Fuyumi called him.

He put it on speaker as he answered her, “Hello?”

“Shouto, hi…how are you doing?”

She sounds nervous yet remorseful…something which puts Shouto at ease, “I am doing good, how about you?”

Fuyumi chuckles a bit before sighing, “Not too swell. It’s hard to take care of a pregnant mate and deal with the guilt I feel after all of those terrible things I said to you. Those things I shouldn’t have ever said. Natsuo and Hawks made me realize I was wrong in my priorities and views. I want to say from the bottom of my heart: I’m sorry.”

Shouto isn’t used to hearing apologies from his alpha family members. Fuyumi usually acted as though Enji was in the right, whereas Natsuo was never home long enough to voice his disgust over Enji and the way he treated Shouto growing up.

To know his sister is actually apologizing to him and is sounding genuine about it as well…it makes him feel good, like a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders.

“Thank you, Fuyumi. I was really upset over what you said a while ago, but I can let it go if you can accept that Hawks is my mate and I chose him because I’m happy with him.”

“Of course I can! I can accept it if it means you’ll be happy in our family pack. I won’t say a word about who you should mate or be with ever again, I promise.”

“Great. I hope you can keep it.”

“You know I will Shouto, now you go and enjoy the rest of your night, okay? I have a call coming in from Natsuo I need to answer. Goodbye, have a fun and safe time!”

“I’ll be sure to. Goodbye.”

While Shouto seemed happier upon hearing this, Hawks is far more cautious. He knows Fuyumi better than Shouto due to having spent more time speaking to her during the years when he would visit Shouto at his home. He knows it’s not like Fuyumi—who is stubborn and selfish about her ways—to suddenly apologize and admit she was in the wrong so quickly. Fuyumi never did that for him, so why would she do that for Shouto, especially after what happened when they last spoke?

It makes no sense to him and it puts him on edge, making him wonder what game the alpha girl is really playing here as Shouto speaks with a small smile on his lips, “I’m glad she apologized to me, at the very least. I feel like I can eat again…Hawks, can we get some ice cream?”

He doesn’t want to make Shouto’s omega upset again, so he does the right thing for him at this point, “We can, but only after you eat real food that isn’t zaru soba.”

“Okay. Do you want me to order the food with the application on my phone?”

It’s cute how proud Shouto is of himself for being able to do something as simple as using an app on his phone. Hawks thinks it’s cute anyway.

“No, it’s all right, I want to take you out to a nice ramen shop. I think you’ll really like it.”

“I’m positive I will.”

He wants to tell Shouto to be more careful around his sister, yet he can’t otherwise Shouto will lose his appetite again. He needs to do what is best for him and keep him happy. That being said, he doesn’t trust Fuyumi’s sudden change of view so easily. No, he believes there is something more to it, a string attached he’s not seeing just yet. However, he will keep an eye on her and see if anything changes.

He won’t let her do anything to jeopardize Shouto’s safety to fulfill Touya’s desires. Shouto is his mate and he will not tolerate anyone hurting him, even if it’s his own siblings doing so.


Fuyumi knew she needed to make the call. She had to wait two days after seeing Ken in person again to ensure Shouto had enough time to be mad over what happened between them the last time they spoke. She also knows due to his heavily sheltered (not mention sexist) life, Shouto is more likely to accept any apologies from her no matter what she’s done if she comes off as genuine enough.

She was genuinely sorry for upsetting Shouto…but she’s not sorry for what she said when they last spoke in person. She still stands by it and she will help Ken get Shouto as a mate. It’s what Touya would want and she will do whatever it takes to help Touya see his wishes coming true.

She would hear from Natsuo about his roommate who would be able to force Touya’s spirit to go to the afterlife with their quirk. Upon hearing what Touya did to Shouto, she agreed, but only because she needs Natsuo on her side in this.

If Natsuo thinks there’s any wrong or fishy, he’ll tell Hawks and Hawks will be the one to stand in the way of Shouto and Ken being together. Touya knows there’s no chance he can be with Shouto, which is why he wants him to be with Ken, because Ken is the only one he could ever approve for Shouto.

She doesn’t want to make Touya leave yet at the same time, she has no other choice. Natsuo is vital in her plan of getting Shouto alone with Ken. If she can win his trust over, then she will be able to carry out Touya’s original plan of Ken mating with Shouto.

Fuyumi heads over to the room where Touya’s butsudan stands, her eyes full of gloom and doom as she whispers out, “I’m sorry, Touya. You have to leave to the afterlife now if you want Ken to be with Shouto. I need Natsuo on my side, I need him to support me. If I don’t have his support, then Shouto will never be with me alone again and I won’t be able to help Ken mate him. I’m sorry, but it has to be this way.”

She would hear a whisper in her ear, one which would leave her feeling less down about this decision, ‘I’ll be fine, let me go, Fuyumi… Ken can take care of Shouto from here… Do what you must, just carry my final wish and get them mated.’

She smiles in comfort to the airy words spoken in her ear, finding herself feeling at peace about this whole thing.

“Yumi, can you get the ice cream for me? My feet are really swollen and I just want to lay down!” Hikari calls out to her from the living room, pulling Fuyumi out of her thoughts.

“Yes my beta, I’ll get it for you right away!”

Fuyumi is an excellent alpha to her pregnant mate. She gets her ice cream, massage her feet, and gets her anything from the store whenever and where she desires, all at the beck and call of Hikari’s orders.

It would shock anyone to know Fuyumi is an excellent mate to her beta, especially given how badly Enji treated his own, but she is wonderful to her. She believes betas to be equals; as such, she allowed Hikari to choose if she wanted to be arranged to her or not. Ultimately, Hikari chose to stay with her, which made her feel as though she had been walking on air when this decision was made.

Another voice whispers in her ear, one bitter and full of rage, ‘You can treat her like gold because she’s a beta, but Shouto is Touya’s property because he’s an omega… You really are your father’s daughter, aren’t you Fuyumi?’

“Shut up!” she snaps to the whisper, “I am not him! I am better than him! I am everything he could never be, so just shut up already!”

“Is everything fine?” Hikari calls out, apparently having heard her seethe, “Yes, everything is fine, love! No need to worry, I’ll get out your ice cream now and rub your feet.”

“Are you sure?”


Hikari has noticed something is up with Fuyumi as of late, but she can never get her mate to say what it is that is bothering her. All she can do is sigh and accept her princess treatment as her alpha waits on her hand and foot.

Chapter Text

When Natsuo did arrive to her home on Sunday morning, Fuyumi was gone out to the store to get her mate some food. As such, Hikari was the one who answered the door. She’s a tall beta (as in, she’s taller than Fuyumi), with seemingly kind blue green eyes and shoulder length milk tea brown hair.

She’s dressed in an empire waist, pastel yellow silk dress with fluffy cream colored slippers on her feet, “Oh, hello Natsuo! This must be your mate, right?”

Natsuo’s roommate is a girl, yes, and they are mated. However, the beta girl he has mated is one he mated in private after ending things with the arranged mate his father had chosen for him. He was going to tell more people about her, but Enji was still alive and he feared he would have tried to kill her as a way to ‘punish’ Natsuo for not mating with another beta he had prepared for him to mate.

“Yes, I am his mate. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Serena Belladonna.”

Unlike Hikari, Serena looks a bit…harsh to the eye. She’s not as tall and graceful looking of a beta as Hikari is. No, she’s shorter than Natsuo and Fuyumi, with chin length black hair and seafoam green eyes. Unlike Hikari, she is wearing a burgundy smoky eye makeup with a black winged liner and mascara coated lashes thickened with flash lashes on the top and bottom lashes. Her lips are coated in a blackened burgundy as well which only makes her snake bites shine brighter in the light, with her attire consisting of a white long sleeved crop top (one that has the logo of her favorite band on it) and high waisted black PVC skinny pants with matching black combat boots.

Hikari raises a brow to this, finding one thing strange, “Foreign? I thought Enji was pretty clear that if you mated with a foreigner they would have to descendants of politicians, nobility, royalty, or weapons manufacturers. What is she descended of, Natsuo?”

“Serena isn’t descended of anything important to the high class. She’s the daughter of a mechanic and teacher.” Natsuo explains with a small warning snarl in his voice, “Her background doesn’t matter. What matters is Serena wants to help us by using her quirk.”

“A middle class then? That is just…strange. Why would you have a middle class mate? Didn’t your father choose a better one for you? Is this mating something you did to spite him?” Hikari asks Natsuo, acting as though Serena was not right there by his side.

Natsuo snaps at her, his teeth being bared as he defended his mate, “I mated her because I like her! My mating with her has nothing to do with the shitty old man! Why would I want a high class beta anyway? All you high class betas do is drive your mate to the ground with your crazy demands and spoiled attitudes. At least Serena is a good person, unlike you.”

He did not want to see Hikari. In all truth, Natsuo cannot stomach her and he thinks Fuyumi could have done better for herself. Hikari—though angelic looking—is an elitist, a classist through and through who believes herself to be better than everyone else. It doesn’t help matters that she is a snide, spoiled brat who was demanding before pregnancy and only used it as a way to unleash her inner brat without any inhibitions.

Ugh, Natsuo hates her and he thinks about asking Serena if she can find a way to use her quirk to get Touya to burn Hikari in her sleep.

Hikari shrugs, clearly unaffected by what Natsuo said, her attention now on Serena, “How do I know the middle class won’t rob me blind when she’s doing her weird quirk thing?”

Serena herself took offense to this, her makeup decorated eyes glaring daggers into Hikari’s very being. It’s enough to send a shiver down the high class beta’s spine when she speaks all too monotonously, “For your information high class elitist, I wanted to be a hero growing up. Since I was not lucky to be born with a useful quirk, I could never be one so I am going into forensic science instead to help solve crimes and bring victims the justice they deserve.”

“As for my quirk…well, it’s more telepathic than anything else. If a negative entity or spirit is in the room, I will see them in my mind and with my mental focus solely on that being, all I need to do is move my right hand to the left. The room will illuminate in light for a few seconds, thus showing the being has been sent to the afterlife. Any more questions, or are you going to keep ignoring me for my mate instead?”

Hikari doesn’t say anything else to the couple, instead waving them to come inside their home as she steps away from the entryway. She would lead them over to a room one up from the one across their bedroom where Rei’s butsudan sat, opening the door to find Touya’s butsudan there.

Serena entered the room and told them, “Leave me be. This process takes a while. Once I am done, I will return to you and the volatile entity will be gone.”

Hikari snorts to this, finding it a bit suspicious, “How do I trust you won’t steal a thing?”

“Again, I wanted to be a hero before. I would never steal from you. Besides, inside this tacky shack of a home, there’s nothing I would ever lust for or desire. Clearly whoever designed this home has the poorest of tastes.”

“I designed this and decorated it, for your information.” Hikari hisses, with Serena shrugging nonchalantly, “Huh, you have very bad taste then indeed. I will be back.”

Hikari growls when facing Natsuo, “Anything you have to say to me about that thing you dragged up from a gutter and brought into my home?”

“Ah, yeah: not sorry. She’s hotter than you and any other high class beta in Japan. I like alternative types because they’re interesting, you know, something you aren’t.”

“I’m the head of the family pack—”

“Fuyumi is, not you. Get that through your thick skull.”

Hikari would go silent for a moment, then she would look over to where the door for Touya’s room was shut, finding a bright, blinding light seeping through from underneath the door. She was amazed at how little amount of time it took, but she wasn’t going to complain. Maybe Fuyumi will start to act more normally now that Touya is gone (she did only discover about Touya’s presence in their home the night before. Fuyumi explained it was the reason behind her strange behavior as of late before promising Hikari she would never keep such a secret from her again. Had Hikari known the only way to get rid of Touya was to have Serena here…she would have chosen to keep Touya around instead).

Serena would leave the room, with her words as monotonously spoken as before, “I cleared Touya out of the room. He went away without much of a fight, but he wanted me to give this message to Shouto before he left: I love you, Shoucchan. Allow Ken to be your mate, he is the only one who I can promise you will never become our father.”

Hikari wrote it all down, telling Natsuo, “I’ll be sure to give this to Fuyumi. She was so close to Touya after all…”

“Anything to say to Serena, Hikari?”

She doesn’t even spare Serena a second glance, her words clipped when speaking, “I don’t think I owe the middle class anything. If of anything, they should be apologizing for the chaos they put the world into with their refusal to accept alpha and beta mates. They should have known that independence would have been met with backlash from incels and villains wishing to do them harm. Now we have an epidemic and it’s all their fault. So I’d like my apology now, middle class.”

Serena scoffs, rolling her eyes in her response, “I don’t owe you any apology. Alphas and betas should have accepted the rejection better and not acted out of instincts. They have self control and it’s their choice to utilize it or not. They chose not to. It’s not the betas of the middle and low class to blame, it’s the alphas and betas who cannot accept rejection from anyone or anything in life who should be blamed. If you cannot see it that way, then you are a sexist, self-loathing beta who is a disgrace to submissive betas like myself everywhere on the planet regardless of class.”

Hikari was about to strike at Serena, but Natsuo got her away from the pregnant giant in time. He would glare her down before taking Serena out of the home without another word being spared to Hikari.


Hawks’ weekend with Shouto was sweet, to say the least. They ate ramen together (which Shouto loved and enjoyed, by the way), they slept together at nights in his dorm, and Hawks was able to take him out shopping for clothes as well as groceries like a normal person. It was cute to watch Shouto look at everything in the supermarket as though it were something amazing, but if he thought on why he looked at it this way, then he would only become enraged at Enji all over again for what he did to Shouto.

He would leave Shouto on Sunday evening with a kiss and a gentle plea, “If you and Fuyumi decide to make any plans together, you’ll me. Won’t you, Shouto?”

“I will, but why do you want me to?”

“Because I want to be sure you’re safe. You never know when a villain will strike.”

Shouto accepts his mate’s worries and concerns, the boy in the white button down’s answer simple (he did wear only button downs and turtlenecks this weekend, something to hide his mark from Touya from Hawks, even his sleep shirts were all button downs so Hawks wouldn’t know), “Okay, I’ll do that. I probably should anyway with anyone I spend time with because villain attacks have been happening more ever since All Might retired.”

Hawks will allow Shouto to go with this reasoning instead of his true one. He doesn’t want Shouto to know he doesn’t trust Fuyumi and thinks there is something up with her. He wants Shouto to be happy so his omega will be happy, thus resulting in him being healthy.

He also wants to keep Shouto safe, which is why he has him make this promise. He intends to keep in closer contact with Shouto than normal to be sure he will be notified of exactly when and where he will be meeting with Fuyumi.

“Yeah, but you have me to keep you safe, always remember that.”

“I’ll be sure to.” Shouto replies before giving his mate a hug, “I had a wonderful time this weekend. Thank you, Hawks.”

“You’re welcome, Shouto.” he would say before kissing him one last time, “I’ll see you soon… Goodbye for now.”

“Goodbye.” Shouto would say to his mate as he took off into the skies.

Right as Hawks was leaving, he would hear a gruff voice calling out to him, “Have you made up your mind yet?”

He would look to his right and see Bakugou not too far away from him. He wanted to tell the boy this tomorrow in school, but it seems he is doing this now, “I have and I will be your friend, but only after you have time to move on and accept the fact I will be mated with Hawks someday. I want you to be happy like Yoarashi is with Camie, and I want you to do find your own mate someday. I hope you understand.”

“Of course I fucking understand! Why wouldn’t I?” Bakugou sighs loudly, in an exasperated manner before telling Shouto, “I’ll do my best to move on, but it won’t be easy for me, okay? You’re the one I want to mate. I can’t help what I want in the end. I want to be with you, but I know you want to be with the winged fucker. I won’t stop you from doing what you want, but it won’t make things easy for me. I need my space for now, okay? I can’t act like nothing happened between us and everything is normal when it’s not.”

Shouto blinks to this but smiles out of gratitude at how understanding the alpha is being right now, “I understand. Thank you for being civil about this.”

“Don’t mention it!” Bakugou would send him a side glance before turning around to head back to his dorm, “I’ll come to you when I’m over you being with the winged fucker. See you until then, Todoroki.”

“I’ll see you until then, Bakugou.”

It’s nice to know that everything in his life is going right for once. His sister apologized, he got to have a safe shopping experience for once, and he is on better terms with Bakugou now.

Nothing can go wrong from here on out. He is going to be just fine, he knows he will be.


Fuyumi would receive the final message from Touya. It broke her heart to know her brother has passed onto the afterlife now, but she needs to be strong. She needs to do whatever it takes to make Touya’s will come true.

She contacts Ken with a simple text: i have a plan to get you & shouto alone

She would wait only a minute before hearing back from Ken, tell me all about it.

are you available this friday? my plan is to take shouto out of school for a day so i can spend a day with him, but i will take him to this countryside area far away from the city so you can be alone with him & finally have a chance to talk

To this, the wait was longer and it was putting Fuyumi on edge. This was all she could think of after getting Shouto’s forgiveness, so she hopes Ken will take it. This is their only shot to make Touya’s wish come true. Their only way to ensure Ken will be able to keep his promise to Touya.

Ken would respond and it would be one which made Fuyumi feel relieved: all right, i can do that. give me the exact address of where you are going to be at and ill make it happen

She would send him the address in one text, but give him another with a promise, if anything comes up, ill be sure to text you right away, ok?

ok, thanks for the help fuyumi

don’t mention it ken

She would set down the phone and get back to getting her mate her dish of udon that she demanded a while ago. She would be sure to bring her the strawberry banana smoothie along with her as well and set it down at the table for her mate.

Hikari would not give her a ‘thank you’. All she would do is give Fuyumi a hard look as she seethed, “Remind me to never have your brother and his horrid mate over again.”

She knows what Hikari is talking about. Ever since Natsuo had visited, she’s been complaining about him and Serena nonstop. Right now is simply an example of her complaining far too much.

“Okay, Hikari.”

“I don’t want that disgusting cake face clown in my home or your brother with his disgustingly crass attitude. How on earth you and him were birthed by the same parents, I will never know. He’s just so grossly rude and crude to me every time we speak. He acts like I have it coming when I do not!”

“No, of course you don’t. I’ll be sure to talk to him about that. If I had known they would have acted that way, I wouldn’t have left you alone with them. I’m so sorry I was gone, Hikari.”

“You better be! I’m the best mate you will ever get and the mother of your future pups someday! You should be apologizing to me after the way they spoke so snidely, so condescendingly to me!”

Fuyumi nods and her mate stops her rant to taste the udon dish Fuyumi had made for her. She would take a bite of it and crinkle her nose in mild distaste, “It’s not too bad, but it could be better. I’ll settle for it for now.”

Fuyumi’s home—unlike the Todoroki home she grew up in—is contemporary in style with modern touches and finishes. It’s a one story house, but she’s got a nice backyard and big rooms to make up for it. As she sits at the table in her dining room, she takes her mate’s criticism (and complaints) with aplomb. She knows her mate is pregnant now with their first pup. She knows pregnancy is hard on a beta, going off of what she remembers from her mother’s pregnancy with Shouto, and thus she is sympathetic to her mate no matter how unbearable she can get.

“Okay, I’ll do better for you next time.”

“Pfft, you better.”

This is how Hikari’s entire pregnancy has been so far: full of harsh criticisms about anything Fuyumi does and constant demands which Fuyumi needs to meet or else she’ll face her wrath.

Anyone else would have left one night and never returned, only to mark another beta and live a happy life far away from Hikari. (In fact, there are high class alphas and betas who do this to mates like Hikari. It’s a very common phenomenon, but Hikari knows Fuyumi won’t leave her. Fuyumi may be the alpha, but Hikari wears the pants in this relationship. She won’t ever leave her so long as she is her doormat.)

While Hikari rants and rants nonstop to Fuyumi, the alpha is feeling content. Not because she’s happy with the situation she is in at the moment, but because she’s happy she finally has a plan to help Ken mark Shouto.

Chapter Text

Shouto, unfortunately, could not meet up with Fuyumi that week. His heat had started after Hawks left and this one was the worst one ever. He had stomach cramps every single day, his blood sugar kept dropping and his legs were so sticky with slick it was unbearable. 

He would ask his doctor in the after the pain from a cramp had subsided, “Why is it so terrible now? It was never this bad before.” 

Shouto’s heats weren’t really that sexual, but this one…he kept thinking of his mate as his omega practically demanded Hawks to be present for this. He didn’t know why it was getting this way or why it was that bad.

The response he heard was a question that had him blushing, “Are you thinking about having sex with your mate at all? You didn’t really think of him in the last heats you had.” 

This is true and Shouto’s answer to the question is one which he hopes will give the doctor enough to work with to answer his initial question, “Yes, my omega is demanding him, and I don’t know why.” 

“Isn’t it obvious? Your omega recognizes Hawks as your mate and wants him here to mate with you. However, since he is not here, it’s taking a toll on your body. I can call up Hawks and tell him of this development if you want me to.” 

“No! I-I don’t think he’d come anyway, but…I don’t think I want him to see me like this. What if he doesn’t like what I look like naked?” 

Shouto knows he’s not a normal boy with a penis. He’s always known this all of his life. It’s all his father ever bitched about when speaking of him to his mother or siblings over the years, “How can I let him outside when I could never pass him off as a beta? He has a pussy for fucks sake! What if he gets naked or has to shower anywhere? Everyone will know he is not a normal beta and he will be singled out for it which means I will lose everything over that damned mutant! No, Shouto will remain on the property until I can find him a mate who won’t be disgusted by him.”

His doctor said to him in a croon, “He will see you naked eventually, Shouto. It’s only a matter of time. Besides, according to your father, he had Hawks read your medical file on the day he had you two arranged. He knows all about your body and he still chose to be arranged with you. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” 

“But…what if…” Shouto couldn’t get it out before another cramp hit him hard. The omega boy was left whimpering and hissing in pain as he attempted to use his fire on his left side to warm up his hand well enough to get through the cramp. 

Unfortunately, it did not work. Another wave of pain hit him instead and he was left to gasp as it rode out through his system. While his doctor did keep his word to not tell Hawks about his heat, Hawks did visit him the day after his heat began when he hadn’t heard a word from him for one day going on two. 

He didn’t tell the doctor he was going to visit Shouto either. He just went over to Shouto’s doctor’s office, knocked on the door, and allowed himself in when the beta man did answer, “Hey doc, where’s Shouto? Shinsou says he’s sick and I came here to check up on him.” 

“You should leave, he’s really not—” 

“Huh…interesting scent in the air…” Hawks would mutter as he took in the scent of strawberries and whipped cream with a tinge of marshmallow and burnt vanilla. He would walk past the doctor’s exam room to the door which looked like a closet door. When he had tried to stop him, Hawks had growled at him, low and deep, allowing his threatening pheromones out as he did so. 

After he saw the other had backed down, he opened the door and found a room which looked no different from a basic school nurse office (which was the same look the exam room had) but there was a difference in this room: there was an area boxed off with walls, a large window, and a door right beside it. 

He would see Shouto there, naked, and writhing about on the bed provided for him. There was a stock of the softest blankets all piled around him as he struggled to work through what Hawks now recognizes as his heat. 

“He’s in heat, Hawks. He was really worried about you seeing him naked… He was afraid you’d want a more traditional beta boy as opposed to him if you saw him naked.” 

Hawks truly was not disturbed or put off by the sight of Shouto naked. Others probably would have been, but Hawks didn’t care. He only cared about whether or not Shouto was okay, “Is he just fine? He seems like he is in pain.” 

“His omega wants you badly… Apparently, he’s thinking about having sex with you.” he would hear the sigh while watching Shouto closely, “Hawks, this heat is hard on him. It’s harder on him than the others he’s had in the past. Please be considerate of him and mate him already.” 

Hawks wants to mate Shouto more than anything. He wants nothing more than to indulge himself in his scent and mark Shouto as his own. His alpha is roaring at him, trying to compel him to open the door to that room and take Shouto as his own already. 

The taunts are so clear in his mind too, ‘take him…you’ve been given permission more than once by different people…in his culture, age gaps are normal…take him already, take him!’ 

It is out of sheer will that he goes against his alpha’s wishes and demands to tell him, “No, I am not going to mate him. He’s still too young and I don’t want to mate a minor. I’m sorry. Is there anything else I can do to help him?” 

“You could give him a piece of your clothing. I’m positive he’d love anything with your scent on it at this point. It’d be better than nothing.” 

Hawks takes off his coat before taking off his shirt and handing it to the doctor, “Here you go. Give it to Shouto and let him know I’m sorry, but I can’t mate him when he’s underage.” 

“I will.” the older man sighs as he enters the room where Shouto is at. Hawks watches as he happily takes his shirt into his nest and cuddles up to it, seeming to be in less pain than before now that he has something from his mate. 


After his heat had ended, he wound up meeting up with Fuyumi on Monday to go out to the family vacation house in the countryside. He had heard of this house before in the past, but he didn’t think it was actually real. Knowing it was real made him excited to go, and yet he still texted Hawks with the news of his day out with Fuyumi in order to stay true to his mate’s promise, especially since he was nice enough to give him his shirt to use during his heat.

Having something with Hawks’ scent made his last heat go by so easily. The stomach cramps decreased and—as ashamed as he was to admit it—when he was rubbing up against the shirt it made the heat itself burning him from the inside out feel all the less powerful. 

It made his omega and himself feel pleased to know Hawks was so kind and considerate towards him that he would go out of his way to give him something which aided in his heat. Though he was disappointed to know the alpha had no desire in marking him, he tried to not let it get to him. 

“How was your heat, Shouto?” Fuyumi would ask on the car ride over to the vacation house. 

“It was terrible for the first day, but then Hawks arrived to check on me and he gave me his shirt instead of marking me. It does not seem like a lot, but it helped me greatly during my heat. I wish he would have marked me, but there’s nothing I can do about that now. I will have to wait until I’m ‘legal’ for marking to happen.” 

Fuyumi won’t say it now, but she is seething at the idea of Shouto actually wanting an incompetent alpha to be his mate! It’s just so…wrong! Hawks should have marked him when he was in that much pain, there’s no excuse for him to be so cruel to Shouto. The worst part of it all is Shouto can’t see how cruel Hawks was towards him for not marking him! At least Touya would have marked him when he was young so his heats wouldn’t have been miserable like this. What the hell is Hawks thinking? 

“Well, I’m glad he helped you out. He must be a nice guy to do that for you.” she forces out of her mouth with all the reluctance in the world. 

Shouto smiles to this and a small blush appears on his cheeks, “Yeah, he is…”

“Oh, thank you for taking me out today, Fuyumi! I don’t like having to go to school after my heat. My scent is usually pretty strong afterwards and I don’t like it when others comment on it.” he admits shyly to his sister, finding the subject of his heat and anything to do with it to be embarrassing. 

Fuyumi smiles kindly at her brother, letting her momentary outrage at Hawks go as she says, “It’s no problem for me, Shouto, really. I’m just glad we’re on good terms again.” 

Shouto would look at the text he had just received from Hawks, telling him, I’ll be in the same area you are at. I’m not doing this to spy on you or anything, it’s to keep you and your sister safe, I promise

I know it is, and I appreciate it. I’m sure Fuyumi will too once she hears about it… When do you want me to tell her about this? 

Only if and when a villain strikes

Okay, I’ll remember that. 

Hawks then sent him cat videos, which had Shouto glued onto his phone the entire car ride over to the vacation house. He would only stop watching them when the car itself was parked. 

“We’re here, Shouto!” Fuyumi would announce excitedly, getting out of the car with Shouto following after her. 

The house itself was large, settled by its own private beach not too far from it, and the grass surrounding it was luscious and bright green. The house is another traditional Japanese home, but not as elegant as the one Shouto had been trapped in all of his life. It looked more laid back and lived in somehow in a way his old home never could. 

He would follow his sister inside the house, finding the layout to be similar to the one in his old home and the style of the home to be the same traditional one he had in his home. 

Huh, it wasn’t that different from his old home… 

He looked around it, finding it to be nice but too familiar to his old home for it to be comforting or feel brand new. Right when he went over to the first room to look into it, he would see him: Ken Nakano, or as he is known to the public now, Dabi. 

“Shouto…look, we got off on the wrong foot, but I promise you I am a good guy. I am supposed to mark you, I promised Touya I would so you wouldn’t wind up with someone like your father or someone he didn’t approve.” he would begin, but Shouto was already trying to run from him. 

That is, until he was stopped by his own sister, “Fuyumi, let me go! He’s here, he’s going to mark me, you have to let me go!” 

“No! Shouto, this is for Touya. He loves you and he wants you to be with Ken. He did what was best for you by choosing a mate who won’t leave you to suffer during your heat. You have to trust me, this is what is best for you.” 

“No it’s not! I don’t want him as my mate and I don’t care what Touya wants, thinks, or says! He’s creepy and I didn’t like him when he showed up in my dream. Why are you taking his side, Fuyumi? Why can’t you be like Natsuo and accept the fact I am going to be with Hawks?” Shouto cried out as Ken came closer to him. 

“Because I am the head of the family pack and I don’t approve of Hawks for you! I never have and I never will. He’s not a good guy for you, Shouto. Anyone who leaves you to suffer during your heat is not a good person. Ken will be better for you, he is what Touya wanted and you will be with him!” 

“I won’t because I don’t want to be with him! Fuyumi, he scares me almost as much as Touya does. I want to be with Hawks. Let me go and let me be with Hawks.” Shouto struggles against her hold, finally managing to use his ice from his right side for the first time in his life to make an ice wall to separate himself from his sister. 

However, he would not get far out of the door before being pinned to the ground by Ken. The alpha took a good inhale of his scent and chuckled darkly into his ear, “Fuck reasoning with you… I’ve already tried that and it won’t get me anywhere because you won’t listen and obey your alpha like omegas are supposed to do. This is where it ends: I will mark you for Touya’s sake and you will be my mate, no questions asked, got it?”

Shouto whined out in pain as he tried to regain his breath. Ken was not having it though. He instead growled at him and his voice became a firm growl, “I said: got it, omega?” 

Fuyumi would go outside to see Ken on top of a terrified Shouto, using a voice she’s only ever heard from her father whenever he was blood thirsty with rage towards her mother, and watch as Shouto whimpered, clearly shaken by the tone of voice as well as the murderous pheromones being used here. 

“Ken…you could be nicer to him about it. You said you wanted to talk to him, right? Why not try that first?” she stammered out to him, hoping he would listen. 

Except, Ken Nakano was not in the mood to listen. Not this time around. 

“Fuck that! I tried that but it’s clear he won’t listen to me. I’ll just have to mark him and fuck him into submission then. I’m sure Touya would have done the same thing if he got this bratty with him.” 

This is a side of Ken she’s never seen before: nasty, cruel, and vile as he keeps Shouto in a vice grip. 

“I think you should get off of him and try to talk to him again. If you explained more about Touya and your’s friendship and why this is so important, I’m positive he would agree. He’s not being bratty, he’s just scared—” 

“Scared or not, it does not justify his actions, Fuyumi. As a head of a family pack, you should know that. Submissives should never speak back to their owners.” 

“What? Ken, Shouto isn’t something to be owned.” 

“You said I could have him because Touya chose him for me, even though he wants to be with that winged freak. If he’s really not property to be owned, then why treat him like he’s Touya’s property then?” 

Fuyumi’s eyes widen in horror as she realizes what she has done. She’s fucked up beyond belief and now…now she’s left Shouto to be marked by someone cruel and condescending. 

She tries one more time to appeal to Ken and his rational side, “This isn’t like you, Ken. You’ve never spoken this way before. Why are you speaking like this now? You never held these thoughts in the past. Are you doing this as part of an act to intimidate him into submission? Because I think you’ve gone far enough with it.” 

“You don’t know me now, Fuyumi. The me you knew as a kid is dead and gone. I just don’t feel the need to play the act of being him anymore now that you’ve gotten me what I wanted all along.” 

Her eyes widened, a fear overcoming her whole person as she walked over to where they were at, hoping what she heard was not true, “You don’t mean that Ken. I know you, I know you wouldn’t lie to me about who you are.” 

Ken rolls his eyes, his tone mocking when admitting, “I did not lie about my promise to Touya for one moment, but I did put up an act of who I once was around you. It’s all your fault, really. You should have known better than to trust me with him after I tried to mark him twice by force.” 

“Ken, please, you’re starting to scare me and Shouto...please calm down and let’s go inside and talk this over.” 

He laughs hard to this, his glare hard on her, “My name is not ‘Ken’ anymore, it’s Dabi, and the time for talking is done. We are done here. You’ve done what I needed you to do and I don’t need you anymore.” 

Fuyumi realized then, in horror, what she has done: Ken lied to her...and now this monster she doesn’t know is about to mark Shouto! 

Right when she hears Shouto release a loud cry of pain, she runs over to where Ken is at, shrieking, “Stop it! Get off of him!” 

This would be her own downfall: Dabi turned around, his flame at a hot enough temperature to release a blue flame which reduced her to ash as well, “Let this be a message to you, Shouto: anyone who gets in the way of my marking you will be reduced to ash.” 

He closes his eyes in horror, trying to use his ice, only for Ken to melt it right away with the smallest amount of flame and when he did try to use his fire, it was only a small flicker due to his own inexperience of using his quirk in times of emotional and physical distress. Dabi croons to him, calling out his name in a sickeningly sweet voice, “My Shouto, my omega...don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise to Touya to him. I will mark you and make you mine. There’s no going back now, you’re all mine.” 

“No...please, no..” Shouto begs, hoping for someone, something, anyone, anything to get him out of this. 

Chapter Text

Hawks did not trust it when Shouto sent him a text telling him with nothing but excitement, I’m going to the family vacation house today! I can’t wait to see it! Fuyumi is going to take me.

It felt too…strange, too sudden. Why would she take him out now? Why would she take him out somewhere so far away and isolated? Why didn’t she do this earlier before she had that talk with him about Ken?

(Luckily for Hawks, he knows where this house is since he has been there in the past when Enji was alive, before he got arranged to mate Shouto. This was more for times when Enji wanted to talk to him about hero work in a private area where his sidekicks and family weren’t around.)

He was too late to stop Fuyumi by the time he arrived at Shouto’s dorm that Monday morning. However, before he left, he would hear a familiar voice call out to him, “Winged bitch, why the hell are you here?”

Since Bakugou is the only one besides the Todoroki family, his doctor, Ken, and himself who know the truth about Shouto being an omega, he doesn’t feel uneasy telling him the truth on the matter.

“I came here to see Shouto. His sister is taking him to their family vacation home in the countryside. I didn’t want him to go, and I thought I could at least stop her or tag along somewhere else. I was too late though.”

Bakugou raises a brow to this, finding it suspicious for obvious reasons, “Why would you do that? She’s his sister, why would you not want them to spend time together?”

Hawks didn’t have all day to explain it to Bakugou, but he did at least tell him, “Because Shouto got mad at her the week before last week when she tried to tell him to give Dabi a chance to be his mate because of his true identity and the promise he made to Touya to mate with Shouto should anything happen to him. Then she apologized out of nowhere a few days later when she’s usually far too stubborn to change her mind so suddenly and now he’s gone… I don’t trust her. I think she’s planning something bad and I don’t want him to get hurt.”

Bakugou hisses and snarls to what he’s heard, “What the hell! She told him to give Dabi a chance? Why the fuck would she really do that? You know what…tell me on the way there. I’m going with you to wherever they’re at.”

Hawks is stunned at this, asking him, “Why do you want to work with me? Don’t you hate my guts?”

“I do, but I’m not going to let his sister hurt him! I’m not a complete asshole, you know. Now, let me go with you or else I’ll get my own ride there myself after I text Todoroki and have him send me a location text.”

Hawks is stunned Bakugou wants to work with him on this, but he is willing to accept his help because Dabi’s flames can burn his feathers and he still has yet to think of a way to actually beat him in a fight. Bakugou can at least land some damage on Dabi and that will help if he is the one Fuyumi had really chosen for Shouto to meet up with.

“Okay, you can come, but we’re leaving now.”

“Fine by me. Now talk, tell me what is going on with Todoroki and his sister and what it has to do with Dabi.”

This is going to be a long talk in a long car ride… Hawks can already feel it will be.


Bakugou was pissed off by the time they parked the car further down the road from where Fuyumi parked hers. He was fuming, wanting to—as he said it—“kill her for being so fucking stupid and then call her out for being so fucking stupid after she’s dead”. Hawks had the same sentiment after hearing about it the first time around. Knowing he wasn’t alone in this was nice.

By the time they arrived, Dabi had already pinned Shouto to the ground and he had killed Fuyumi after debating with her long enough. For what, they didn’t know, all they knew is the final look she had on her face was one of intense regret and guilt.

Bakugou and Hawks were both immediately out of the door. Instead of working with Hawks, though, Bakugou charged head first in and set off an explosion near Dabi’s face which had him retreating with Shouto in his arms.

He couldn’t set off a flame at Bakugou without getting too close with the way he kept going at him aggressively. Hawks allowed this to go on, using some of his feather to go at Dabi’s scars to distract him. However, the alpha would get sick of this eventually and he would lash out as Bakugou screamed, “Let him go, you sick fuck! Can’t you see your promise to his brother doesn’t matter worth shit if he doesn’t want to be with you?”

“Fuck you… Shouto will be happier with me than that bastard his shit stain of a father chose for him. I’m not letting him go, I’m not letting him be with him, and I will be his mate no matter what anyone says. I am not letting Touya down, not for anyone, especially not for you.” Dabi grinds out through gritted teeth as Bakugou keeps coming at him too hard for him to keep up with Shouto in his hold. Since he cannot use his strongest flames with Shouto in his hold, he throws the omega to the side and readies himself for a strike against Bakugou.

“Really? If he’d be happier with you, then why is he so scared right now? I don’t give a fuck about what promise you made to his dead brother. The guy is dead and Todoroki doesn’t like you. That alone should be enough to keep you away, but you keep coming back like some damn cockroach…” he would then see out of the corner of his eye, Hawks using his feathers to bring Shouto into his arms. Before he could make a move to get over to them and leave, Dabi would use the same flame he had used on Fuyumi on Bakugou instead.

“Do. Not. Compare. Me. To. A. Cockroach, bastard!” Dabi growls out openly, remembering his childhood as Ken and how all the high class kids used to call him that. He may have gone too far in attacking Bakugou, because he did burn down the vacation house in his blind rage and when he tried to look for Shouto, he was already high up in the skies with Hawks, flying away at a speed he cannot keep up with.

He screams and curses as he leaves the burning down vacation home, ready to head on back to the hideout after what has happened here.

“As long as he is not marked, he’s still fair game. Just wait, Hawks. He will be mine soon enough.”


Hawks wound up taking Shouto to the nearest city’s police department. There, they would give the report about Dabi being at the vacation house as well as the murders of Fuyumi Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou (at least, Hawks thought he was dead…he could be wrong, though). Shouto would then tell the cops everything that happened in the morning which led up to this happening. It made Hawks sick after hearing it, but he stayed by his mate’s side regardless.

He would stay with Shouto for the rest of the week after this incident happened. Shouto was so scared, so traumatized by what happened he couldn’t sleep at nights without Hawks by his side or eat without his mate there to remind him he is safe now. Even with the counseling he was put into after this event, he still didn’t feel better without Hawks being there.

What didn’t help were the random villain and nomu attacks UA started receiving after Fuyumi’s funeral (which was sad and bizarre at the same time: it was sad because Fuyumi died, but bizarre because Hikari brought her newly arranged mate to the funeral…and wondered why Natsuo got so pissed at her for doing so). Though the attacks targeted Class 1-B’s training sessions and internships for now, it was clear they were going to go for Class 1-C soon enough.

“None of the attacks have happened at school, so you’re safe still Shouto!”

Of course, his mate’s words did nothing to comfort him. All he felt was a deep sadness after what happened to Fuyumi and Bakugou, then this started up again and he’s nervous his class will be next.

Then one day, out of nowhere, the villains and nomus quit going after Class 1-B and start going after Shiketsu students instead. Shouto is a terrible person for breathing a sigh of relief to this, but he felt much, much better knowing UA was no longer a target, which meant no chances of a run-in with Dabi.

So one can see why after two months of this, when the snow is on the ground and the students of Class 1-C are gathered on a bus for a trip to a ski resort, everyone felt at ease, even Shouto.

He had never been to a ski resort before. He’s never heard of skiing before until now and he’s excited to give it a try after seeing some videos of it from Shinsou and Yoarashi. He sits in the back of the bus, excited to see his mate there (Hawks is arriving in a separate vehicle to the ski resort) and hopefully get some alone time with him. Lately his omega has been demanding his presence more, this being much more severe during his heats. He doesn’t even know why he is being so clingy over Hawks like this, but…he wants him.

Can he really be blamed, though? Hawks has been the perfect mate to him. Much like how Bakugou would have been one of the best people to go skiing with since he’s positive he would know his way around a ski slope.

No, no thinking about Bakugou and the friendship that could have been! He’s going to focus on happy things…like the kitten montage video Hawks had sent him in a text.

He watches this video as well as other cat videos Shinsou had sent him because, well…he doesn’t have any friends in his class. He doesn’t click with them or feel as comfortable around them as he does with Shinsou and Inasa. He is cordial with them and he does talk to them when they talk to him, but he’s not found anyone he’s really clicked with friendship wise. Oh well, at least he still has Shinsou and Inasa…

Hawks sends him a text, one saying, I can’t wait to see you, Shouto~~~ you’ll have fun on the slopes, I promise xx

Shouto smiles and gives a simple reply of, I’m sure I will and I can’t wait to see you either.

He’s so lucky to have such a good mate. Who knew his father could get one decision right for him?


Shouto was so excited to go on the skiing trip with his class for the weekend. It was meant to celebrate as a class before Christmas break and he was excited to see his mate not only today, but during the entire break as well at his place. (Such is their plan to spend their first holiday together.)

Then it happened: right when he saw Hawks waiting for him outside the resort, he was ready to head over to his side when a winged nomu swooped down from the air and took him away.

He began to scream, to beg his mate, “Hawks, make it let go of me, please!”

He tried using his quirks, but the wind was blowing out the flame and the ice had no effect on the grey colored creature with its brains sticking out. The omega didn’t know what was going or where the nomu was taking him, but he could on a microphone attached to the beast’s skin, “Bring Shouto Todoroki back to me right now. I don’t want to wait another minute. He’s alone and ready for me to mate.”

His blood ran cold as the nomu took off in the snowy sky, ready to bring him to Dabi on his orders.

Luckily for him, Hawks had caught up to the nomu and was already attacking it with his feathers. He also got lucky because Class 1-C had another hero brought along with them for added security…

“Let the boy go, you disgusting creep!” comes the voice of Mt. Lady, who looked both annoyed and pissed at the same time.

Shouto struggled, wanting to leave this thing’s grasp, but then he heard it…the wings of his mate and another nomu as well.

“Seriously! You couldn’t do something as simple as bringing him up to the sky so I can mark him? What the hell!” Dabi groans as he comes in standing on another winged nomu that looked like a larger (and more powerful) humanoid creature with wings than the one that had taken Shouto. There are reigns he is using to keep his balance as the nomu he’s on speeds over to Shouto.

Mt Lady tries to catch him, but Dabi’s releasing some of his hottest flames on her, thus causing her to have to go on the defensive while the nomu that has Shouto is zipping about, trying to dodge Hawks’ feathers.

Right when Hawks is close enough to pry Shouto out of the nomu’s grasp, Dabi flies on in and grabs Shouto, his vibrant eyes glowing with equal parts glee and pride as he pulls Shouto in close, “Did you really think I’d stop trying to mark you? You’re wrong, my Shouto. Now you’re going to be mine and if you aren’t mine this time around, then oh well, I’ll just have to keep trying and trying again until you do become mine.”

Shouto’s head is forced down by Dabi’s hand in his hair while he muses out loud, “An alpha’s scent gland is on their wrists, while a beta’s can be either on the shoulder or the juncture between neck and shoulder…which means yours must be right behind the neck.”

He was about to bite down on his neck while Mt. Lady had to deal with the nomu that first took Shouto going after other students. Dabi had really thought he had won…however…

Hawks was not done just yet. Dabi’s tunnel vision of the mission at hand had gotten the better of him.

The winged hero used his feathers to keep striking at the winged nomu’s eyes and brain, causing it to buck in pain and making Dabi lose his grip on Shouto long enough for Hawks to fly on in. Upon the sight of Dabi trying to mark his mate—even now in this clearly dangerous situation where one or both of them could get killed from such a fall at such a height—made his alpha snap and thus, Hawks did the only thing he could do in that moment…

He bit Shouto on the back of his neck while taking him away from Dabi. It was either this or allow the villain to have him instead and Hawks wouldn’t allow that.

He knows he said he wouldn’t touch Shouto until he was legal and he does plan to stand by this (if he can now that he’s mated to him). This situation was the one that forced him to make his move. If he didn’t mark Shouto, then Dabi would have done so instead.

Dabi didn’t get to strike at Hawks, though. No, like the other winged nomu who had started going after random people, he too was trapped in the giant grasp of Mt. Lady’s hand.

His eyes narrowed at Hawks as he held a…purring? Shouto is purring in response to being mated with him?

Well, who knew this would have happened when he marked him?

This aside, in response to the purring, Dabi vowed to the winged hero, “I will kill you one day myself, Hawks, and I will make Shouto my mate just like I promised Touya I would.”

Hawks wouldn’t dignify him with a response. The police were called the moment Shouto was taken away. All they have to do now is wait for them to arrive. For now though…

“Hey, Mt. Lady, do you think you can drop him at a high enough height to break some bones so he can’t try to escape from us?”

She smirks at the suggestion, nodding as she does so, “That I can do!”

“Thank you.” Hawks tells her sweetly, flying away with Shouto in his arms back to the private room he got them at the resort.

If what he asked of Mt. Lady is wrong…well, he will just tell the truth about Dabi trying to go after his mate. That will be enough to clear up any flack he could potentially get over this.


The ski trip was fun, even if Hawks and Shouto got mated in an awful way. Upon returning to their private room at the resort, they would take off their coats, boots, gloves, and hats before getting changed into their lounge wear. (A white t-shirt with grey sweatpants for Hawks and soft black leggings with a long sleeved blue shirt for Shouto) At first, Hawks was worried Shouto would ask for sex. What he got instead was Shouto asking him, “Can we cuddle, alpha, my alpha?”

The voice he said this in was higher pitched and cuter sounding. He doesn’t know why he spoke in this voice, but he figures it must be Shouto’s omega voice. This is fine by him, he thinks it’s adorable, and a perfect match to his alpha voice, “Of course we can cuddle all you want, my omega. I wouldn’t ever say ‘no’ to cuddling.”

Shouto would smile and cuddle deeper into his mate’s side when given the first chance to do so.

Yes, Shouto was super clingy and wanted to stay in bed and cuddle with his mate instead of going into heat or wanting sex. This is fine though, because Hawks had no intention of touching him sexually yet because he is still too young for that. Just because they are mated now doesn’t make such a thing right in his eyes.

That being said, the rest of the ski trip was fun even if Hawks had to give yet another police report with Shouto by his side (they didn’t really get to go skiing because Shouto had wanted to cuddle instead, thus the most they did was cuddle in front of the fire place near the main lobby). Hawks made sure to cuddle with Shouto as much as he wanted to keep him happy after their mating. That and he wanted Shouto to smell like him. He still smells of strawberries and whipped cream, but his scent has a vanilla tint to the cream now and he’s noticed some unmated alphas and betas watching his omega at the resort. Once the trip was over with, Shouto and him headed back to their home.

At the moment, Shouto and Hawks are at his home, watching the snow fall in the darkened room lit only by the lights from the tree and the ones they had put up on the ceilings. Okay there are a few candles here as well, but that doesn’t matter because Shouto is in his pajamas (a pair of too short pale blue shorts with a large white t-shirt that covers them completely) and Hawks is shirtless, with only a pair of black of black joggers on him. They have a holiday themed fleece blanket around them, with Shouto marveling at the drink that is hot cocoa, “This heated cocoa is really good! I cannot believe more people don’t drink it year round.”

“It’s one of those cold weather things. It’s too hot to drink during the spring and summer.”

Shouto hums to this, a far off look appearing in his eyes soon after, giving Hawks reason to worry, “What’s wrong Shouto?”

Shouto was quiet for a moment before speaking up sadly, “I miss Bakugou and Fuyumi. I miss eating Bakugou’s food at lunch, I miss talking to him and being his friend. I miss Fuyumi and her occasional presence in my life… I wish they hadn’t died, Hawks. They didn’t deserve it and I miss them so much.”

He would hold his mate closer to himself and kiss him on his forehead, “It’s okay to cry and miss them. If you ever need to talk about it, feel free to come to me and I will help you out no matter what.”

Shouto nods, leaning more into his mate’s side while watching the snow fall, “I’ll remember that… At least Ken is out of my life now. I’m glad he’s in prison and I’m glad you marked me instead. I couldn’t live with him being my mate, not when you’re the only one I want.”

 “Aw, you’re too sweet! You are the only one I’d want as a mate. I know I said I’d mark you when you were legal, but seeing him getting so close to marking you…it felt like if I didn’t do it, then he would. I couldn’t let that happen no matter what. I…you mean too much to me for me to let you be some other guy’s mate.”

“You mean a lot to me too. I can’t wait to graduate and live with you full time.”

“I can’t wait for that either, Shouto.”

In the silence of their living room, watching the snow fall from a large window, Hawks moves Shouto to sit between his legs and kiss him on top of his head, wrapping his arms around him while he rests against his chest.

He may not have marked Shouto in the ideal way, but he’s happy he did. Now Shouto is his mate and they can start their mated life together. Though there will always be sadness over the loss of Fuyumi and Bakugou, Hawks has a feeling they will be just fine.