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The Emerald Kingdom

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in a land far away, where the grass was the brightest of greens and the sky was the most brilliant of blues, lay a kingdom ruled by none other than king hisashi, queen inko and their son izuku midoriya. izuku had come of age to bear a suitor and kingdoms from all around the world would come to meet him and offer their sons to the young prince. however, this was the last thing izuku wanted. he knew that once he was married off to some random prince, they’d keep him locked up in a castle for the rest of his life, and izuku forbid it. all izuku truly wanted for himself was to be free from all the royal responsibilities he had to endure. he wanted to be a normal teenager. how could he do that with a husband on his arm? all izuku knew for sure, was that he was not getting married. 

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Chapter 1

Izuku knew he shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t be out here, but there was so much to explore! So much to see, so much to experience. He wanted to feel it all. 

Prince Izuku had secretly snuck out of the window from his bedroom because today was the night of the blue moon. It only happened once every thirty years and he didn’t want to have to wait until he was forty four to get the chance to see it. It was against palace rules to be out so late past his curfew, due to safety reasons, but he couldn’t miss it. He refused to.

His servant, and best friend, Yaomomo was completely against his rebellious spirit. She threatened tattling to the king and queen about his late night rendezvous’s, because this wasn’t the first time he’d sneaked out, but in the end she always vouched for him, even if she was risking her job and her life. Izuku was exceedingly thankful for her. 

The young royal had thrown on a commoners cloak, pulling the hood just enough to cover his telltale eyes, and snuck into the village. He always loved going down to visit the hamlet, the small children there couldn’t recognize him and treated him like they would any other person they’d met in their short lifetime. It gave Izuku a great amount of contentment, not to be treated like a royal. People always walked on eggshells around him whenever they found out he was apart of the royal family. That was the reason he’d began wearing the cloak. 

Once he made it to the village square he took a seat on one of the hay bales and monitored the sky intently. The sky was absolutely gorgeous from the villagers point of view. Since Izuku lived in the castle, there were always mountains of stone and bombastic willow trees that obstructed his entire view of the moon. The view from the village is everything he could’ve ever dreamed of. The prince suspired jubilantly, a lazy smile protruding across his rounded face. If only his life could be this simple all the time. 


Sneaking him back into the castle was a task he’d granted Yaomomo to do, since he’d be too busy basking in the blue moons elegance. Now, Izuku’s parents weren’t tyrannical leaders, they were both awe inspiring leaders that masses looked up to from all around the world. But when it came to protecting their only son, they could make your life a living hell. And that’s why when Izuku had returned from the village celebration he saw, and heard Yaomomo being viciously berated by his father. 

“Izuku!” His mother squawked, briskly walking towards him in her night gown and pulling him into a bone crushing hug. She was trembling and the young prince immediately felt the guilt sink into his heart. “We were so worried!” She cried, pulling her face away from Izuku’s neck, grabbing onto both sides of her sons rosy cheeks, commencing in her motherly instinct to scan his face and neck for any acts of violence that might’ve been inflicted on him while he was away. 

Izuku pouted and flushed in embarrassment but let her continue in her coddling because he knew it made her feel better. He hadn’t meant to put so much stress upon her, after seeing his mother like this he would definitely make sure to do a better job at sneaking back into the palace next time he snuck out. If there even is a next time, the prince winced as his eyes landed on Yaomomo still being reprimanded by the king. After tonight, his father would definitely hire more guards to surround the castle, not only during the day but during the late ours of the night, when Izuku would sneak out. 

“Mama, I’m fine, I’m sorry for worrying you a-and Papa.” The green eyed prince apologized with a deep bow at the waist to show immense respect towards his parents and for his true regretfulness for the actions he committed. His parents were always overprotective of him, being he is the only child the queen had ever conceived. He was the crown jewel in his parents eyes, their pride and joy. Everyone including the kingdom loved Prince Izuku, so if anything bad were to happen to him it would be sure to cause certain chaos. 

“Izuku!” His father bellowed, bidding his son over to him with his fierce red eyes. He had sent Yaomomo back to the servants corridors, she was must’ve been very upset after the scolding. Izuku made a mental note to go check on her after talking with his father. The young prince gulped in fear as he took reluctant steps toward the king’s angry form, leaving his mother to look after him with weary eyes. 

“Yes, Papa?” The young prince made sure to keep steady eye contact with his father because he knew it’d only make him more angry if he didn’t face him head on like ‘a real man would’. 

His father’s eyes soften a little but the scowl on his face remained. “Why on earth did you leave palace grounds past curfew?” With the way his father had phrased his words, it didn’t sound like much of a question, more like a demand. 

Izuku gulped again. Though his reasoning for sneaking out was a bit childish, he didn’t want to risk telling a lie to his parents and being caught, ultimately breaking the trust they had in him. “I ... I wished to see the blue moon. Mama told me it was the most brilliant moon she’d ever seen in her life a-and I desperately wanted to see it for myself! I’m sorry for not telling either of you before I left. Please, forgive me.” Izuku bowed deeply at his waist again, his eyes focused on his father’s slipper clad feet. 

The king sighed from above him, something he only did when he was deep in thought. “I see that your reasoning for leaving the palace wasn’t ill intended and for that I will excuse you ... for now. If this ever occurs again and I have to hear about it from your servant, there will be great consequences awaiting you. Do you understand?” 

Izuku lifted himself up straight before answering his father. Eye contact. “Yes papa, I understand. It won’t happen again.” Crap. 

“Izuku, I’m doing this because I love you. I promise I’m not trying to keep you locked in the palace like some would a princess. You’re a man, you need to be outside, but you must remember, you’re our only son, our only child. Your mother and I are constantly worried about you and your safety. You’re our world, Izuku. We just want to keep you safe.” 

The young prince couldn’t help but shed a tear or two at his fathers words, the guilt and humiliation eating at him like a bacteria. “I-I’m sorry, papa.” The boy sniffled, his eyes crestfallen. 

His father smiled fondly down at him, as he used the sleeves of his night down to gently wipe at his sons tears. Izuku’s mother joined his father, proudly standing beside him. “We love you, Izuku.” She spoke lovingly, leaning in to give her baby a kiss on his forehead. 

”I love you, too.” Izuku sighed remorsefully, nestling his face into the crook of his mothers neck. The guilt finally settling deeply in his gut. 

“It’s time for you to go rest up for the night, it’s way past your curfew.” His father tutted gently. 

The young royal nodded petulantly and bowed to his parents before retiring to his bedroom, where he changed out of his commoner clothing that his parents thankfully didn't notice. He laid his head on his cushioned pillow and tucked his thick quilt under his chin, drifting off to sleep in no time.

Little did the prince know, that this incident would be the very start of his rebellion. 

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Chapter 2

*One Year Later*

“Izuku! Izuku!” Yaomomo’s familiar voice, yelped in distress. “Izuku, wake up!” 

Prince Izuku woke up with a start, eyes wide and searching his grand room for the threat that was causing his best friend to yell at him in a panic. “Momo—!?” 

A platonic kiss was planted on his freckled cheek by the thin lips of his favorite person. “Happy birthday.” She grinned, showing off her perfectly aligned teeth. 

The prince froze in his sitting position, the sleepiness in his emerald eyes fading away. “Birthday?” He gurgled, his voice a little less high pitched than it was at any other time of day. 

Momo stared at him incredulously. “Your highness, you forgot your own birthday?”

Izuku grumpily rolled his eyes. “I told you not to call me that.” He pouted, rubbing the last evidence of sleep from his eyes with balled up fists. 

Momo shot him an apologetic look. “I know, but the king and queen are right outside the door. I don’t want to get either of us in trouble.” She glanced to the door and then hesitantly took a seat next to Izuku’s shirtless form. “I made you a special outfit just for today, I want everyone to see how handsome you’ve grown to be!” 

Izuku groaned as the ravenette ruffled his already messy bed hair. “Doesn’t feel like a special day, to me.” He sighed and fell back into his comfortable bed. Perhaps his parents would let him stay in bed all day long while his birthday passed. There was always next year, right? 

“But this one is different because you’re becoming of age! You know how big of a deal this is, especially to your parents.” Momo pointed out, and splayed out the outfit she’d made for Izuku on his gigantic bed. “You’ve become so much more hostile towards royal responsibilities, lately. Is everything ... ok?” 

Izuku sighed inwardly and shut his eyes. Izuku was turning fifteen years old, meaning he was meant to be married off soon. Traditionally, it would be the eldest daughter being married off, but since Izuku was the only royal child born to his kingdom his parents would have to marry him off to some random prince. Izuku had heard the horror stories of princesses being raped by their husbands, unwanted pregnancies occurring and sometimes even wars. Thankfully, Izuku was a boy and couldn’t have kids, but he could still be raped. Men were gross and horny, and Izuku wanted no part of that. He wanted to live his teenage years until he found the man he actually loved. Unfortunately, due to his status that dream of his would stay that way. A dream. 

“I don’t want to get married. Not right now, at least.” He finally spit out. It felt surprisingly satisfying to finally say that out loud even though he had to keep his voice down from having his parents hear. He opened one eye to take a peak at Momo’s face and to his utter surprise, she looks ... understanding. 

Momo had always expressed her feelings on tradition and how it should be kept no matter what, and that’s why Izuku had never told her what he felt about the whole arranged marriage thing. He didn’t want to push his beliefs on her even though she would accidentally do it to him at times. She was hired by the royal family, of course she was going to be traditional. She was supposed to set a good example for Izuku to look up to. She definitely was. Izuku couldn’t ask for a better companion than Yaoyorozu. 

“In all honesty, I do understand where you’re coming from. I always thought fifteen was a bit too young to be married off but there really isn’t anything you can do. I’m sorry, Izuku. I ... I wish things could be different.” 

The prince clamored at his friend, shaking his head feverishly in disapproval. “Y-you don’t have to apologize, Yaomomo! I’ve known about my planned marriage since I was ten, I’ve kinda grown used to the idea, but if I honestly had the choice I would definitely wait until I was ready.” Izuku shot her a humorless smile. “But I can’t do that, can I?” 

Yaomomo frowned and hooked her arms around her friends neck, pulling him closer into her big chest. She nuzzled her face into the wild locks of Izuku’s dark green hair. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. That’s all she could really do in a situation like this. Offer her friend comfort, which he was extremely grateful for. 

“Don’t apologize.” He tutted gently. “Yaomomo?” He asked, slightly pulling away from where his head laid on her chest. 

“Yes, my prince?” 

Izuku rolled his eyes again, Momo chuckled softly. “Do you ... happen to know when my parents sent out the invitations to the neighboring kingdoms? Regarding my ... marriage.” He winced. 

Yaomomo sighed. “They sent them out about three months ago so, their response letters should be arriving any day now.” 

The young prince groaned, causing Momo to shush him. His parents were still outside the door. “Do you know how many they’ve sent?” 

“It was three if I remember correctly. One to The Kingdom of Fire and Ice, The Iron Kingdom and The Kingdom of Everlasting Youth. I hear their sons are very handsome! Maybe you’ll take a liking to one of them.” She tried to be optimistic, but her words flew right past Izuku’s ears. 

“I should get dressed.” The prince sighed dejectedly, ripping off the rest of his heavy quilt and looked down at the clothing Momo had made for him. 

Of course the color green would be a reoccurring theme in his clothing, he belonged to The Emerald Kingdom, green was the royal color. It also didn’t help that Izuku was born with the brightest green eyes anyone had ever seen, even his hair was a mossy green color. It was like he was made especially for The Emerald Kingdom. That’s why the common folk would always scramble to get him whatever his little heart desired whenever he was visiting the town square with his family. The prince was strikingly beautiful, almost feminine looking. It was hard to ignore his eyes that brightly shined even if you weren’t looking into them. They glimmered just like emeralds would. The villagers would always say it was a privilege to be able to glance into the enchanting eyes of the prince, saying they’d been blessed with good fortune for the rest of their days. That was the reason Izuku had worn the cloak over his eyes whenever he’d sneak out. 

“Green is your favorite color, isn’t it?” 

Izuku didn’t have a favorite color, but if he did it’d probably red. He never really cared for wearing the royal color when he didn’t have to, anyway. “I suppose it it. Thank you for the clothes, Momo.” The young royal nodded, signaling his friend to leave his quarters. 

Today would be a long day. 


It was finally dinner time, a grand feast spread upon the royal families marble dinner table. All of Izuku’s favorites were set in front of him but he couldn’t will himself to even take a bite.  

“My love, why aren’t you eating?” His mother inquired, pausing in her own eating to glance over at her son. 

The greenette shrugged. “I’ve lost my appetite.” It wasn’t a complete lie. Ever since his talk with Yaomomo that morning, he couldn’t seem stomach anything he was presented, having to turn down many of the villagers pastries and sweet treats they had made just for him. 

“That’s not like you. Are you feeling ill?” His father frowned, putting down his cutlery from across the table.

Seeing this as an escape, the young prince nodded his head, hoping to be excused to his room where he could remove his stuffy clothing and get some rest from the long day. 

The king suddenly smiled proudly. “Maybe after hearing the grand news your mood will improve.” Izuku’s father grabbed his mothers hand in a gentle manner. “The kingdoms have accepted our invitation. In few days time, it’ll be time for you to choose your suitor!” His mother practically squealed, finishing her husbands train of thought. 

Izuku shrunk back into the uncomfortable chair he was sitting on. “F-few days time?” He echoed back. Izuku was under the impression that he had a couple of months before the suitors and their parents came to visit him in the palace. 

“Yes! Aren’t you excited?” His mother seemed so ecstatic to marry him off to some random prince from a neighboring kingdom. 

Before the young prince could stop himself the words he’s been wanting to voice, slip out of his mouth. “N-no, I’m not.” His words hang in the air for an awkward five seconds before his fathers hoarse voice spoke. 

”What on heavens earth do you mean, you’re not excited? You’re of age Izuku, you should feel prideful in yourself for serving your kingdom well.” His father chided. 

Izuku frowned. “Serving my kingdom? What about me? What about what I want?” 

“Izuku ...” His mother drifted off softly, not being able to finish her sentence. Her eyes glinting with disappointment. 

“What’re you implying boy?” His father spoke harsher this time, a scowl etching it’s way onto his wrinkled face. 

The green eyed prince’s hard gaze wavered at the sight of his father but kept his mouth turned downwards. “I ... I don’t wish to be married off. I don’t want a suitor.” 

His mother and father both gasped in shock,  Inko clutching onto her chest as if her heart would jump out any second. His father had a furious look of disapproval on his face. The joyful ambiance of the birthday dinner long forgotten. 

“You dare speak in such a way? Just by uttering those words, does an enormous injustice to our kingdom. Apologize at once, Izuku.” His father’s voice was filled with venom, all aimed at his son. 

The prince gulped down his fear and said nothing. 

“Izuku!” His father boomed, suddenly standing up from his seat and taking quick, angry strides towards his terrified son. The king took the young prince’s wrist in his calloused hand, yanking him up from his seat eliciting a panicked yelp from his son. 

“Hisashi!” Inko squealed, but stayed in her seat. She was practically powerless when her husband became this enraged. 

“You are to choose a suitor to whom you shall marry! Am I understood!?” His father shook Izuku’s pathetic body in his grip, the boy almost submitting fully to his fathers rage.

”I refuse it!” The young prince yelled back disobediently in his fathers face, another audible gasp coming from where his mother sat. Nobody ever yelled at his father. 

A harsh slap echoed through the void full room, Izuku’s freckled cheek burning from the violent impact, as tears stung his emerald eyes. His father had slapped him. Hard. 

Izuku’s breathing becomes uneven as he wriggled his wrist from his fathers weakening grasp. 

“Izuku ... I—“

The prince doesn’t give him time to speak before he runs out of the dining hall leaving his parents to both call out for him before he made it to his room where Momo sat patiently awaiting for his arrival. 

Izuku was dreading what was to come during the next few days.

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Chapter 3

”Are you nervous?” Yaomomo questioned, running a brush through Izuku’s unruly green hair, as he sat obediently on his bed. “F-for tomorrow, I mean. You’re finally meeting your suitors.” 

The prince sighed into her motherly touch, a small frown taking over his soft features. “I’m terrified.”

Yaomomo halts her movements. “Izuku, I’m so sorry.” She whispered, caressing his slightly bruised cheek with a small frown of her own. “I really do wish things would go differently.” 

Izuku smiled longingly up at her from where he sat on his bed, her hands continued in their motions of brushing through his green locks. “I’m sure they’re all great, strong men, but what’s causing me the most dismay is that one of them will turn out to be my husband. I’m still not ready to face that reality.” 

“Remember.” Momo put down the brush on Izuku’s wooden bedside table, and placed a small kiss on his exposed forehead. “You don’t have to give an immediate answer. You’re granted about three months before having to make a final decision.” 

Izuku’s eyes widen at the revelation. “Really?” Yaomomo nodded excitedly. The prince’s heart unclenched from loss of anxiety. “That makes me feel slightly better. Thank you for telling me, Momo.” The ravenette placed another sweet kiss, this time on his temple, and brought up the thick quilt to his naked torso. 

“You should rest, tomorrows a big day.” Izuku laid himself back on his bed, letting her finish her task in tucking him in. “Rest well, sweet boy.” She bowed her head slightly, in show that of respect, and left Izuku’s quarters, heading down to her own room.

Izuku curled up into his covers and snuggled deeper into his fluffy pillow but nothing seemed to do the trick. He wasn’t the least bit tired. His mind couldn’t stop making up sequences that could possibly happen when he finally meets his ... suitors. Izuku’s stomach churns at the thought. What if his future husband was abusive? What if he was years older than Izuku? What if he forced him into having sex? The young prince winced in fear of his worst nightmare becoming a reality. The royal had never been in a romantic relationship with anyone, meaning he’d never kissed or held hands with another person in his life. How would he react if his husband wanted to kiss him? Certainly, not gracefully. Izuku wasn’t touch starved per se, he just wasn’t used to being touched in a ... romantic way. Even if the romance was forced. 

Izuku soon drifted off to sleep, dreaming up scenarios of the day to come. 


Prince Izuku was extremely fidgety. He couldn’t seem to sit still in his throne that lay adjacent to his mothers. The queen would shoot him worried glances but never spoke. Izuku’s father sat at the very opposite side of Izuku, which he was highly grateful for. Things had been tense ever since the night his father laid hands on him. They hadn’t spoken a word to each other, and it felt wrong, but Izuku didn’t know how to speak to him. 

The royal family all sat obediently in their respective thrones, facing the enormous wooden doors that led to the outside world, where Izuku so desperately wanted to escape to at the moment. Ships from neighboring kingdoms were on route to their own, holding kings and queens and ... Izuku’s suitors. They were set to arrive early in the morning, which is why Izuku had been woken up at the crack of dawn to get him prepared for the day. The prince wore a simple green kimono, each layer was a lighter green than the last. Momo even took the time to do some of his makeup, feeding him pomegranate seeds to give his pouty lips a little bit of a red tinge. Izuku felt ridiculous but Momo said he looked ‘absolutely ravishing’.

“My king, the royals have arrived safely.” Yaomomo informed, her eyes flicking over to meet Izuku’s intense gaze. Izuku’s father nodded his head dismissively, sending Momo off to stand by her masters throne.

The ravenette worriedly glanced at the prince again before slightly bowing her head. Her friend had been in a bad mood since the moment he opened his eyes, staying mostly silent throughout the kimono fitting and even while Momo fed him his favorite reddish fruit. She knew that under his stoic expression, was a scared young man who wasn’t ready to know the harsh realities of royal life. Yaomomo let her head bow deeper, feeling like she’d failed as a servant and as the prince’s closest thing he had to a friend. 

Without realizing, the heavy wooden doors began to creak open, signaling the royal family to stand from their thrones and wait patiently for the first of the suitors to make their appearance. Izuku stayed glued to his seat, gripping tightly to the cushioned armrests, partially in defiance and in pure horror. Seeing his suitors meant he was accepting of the fact that he was to be married off, and that definitely was not the case. 

”Izuku!” His father hissed from his throne. “Now is not the time to act childish!”

The young prince stared forward, trying to ignore his fathers fierce glare that burned the side of his face. He gulped down his fear and watched the king and queen of The Kingdom of Everlasting Youth step into the room, their son following begrudgingly behind them. His father hissed at him once more, before turning his attention to the guest that had stepped into the room. 

Izuku’s gaze fell to the cobblestone floor, as his hands entangled themselves on his lap, his shoulders tensing up at the sudden attention that was now surely on him. He suddenly felt extremely shy. 

Katsuki.” A women’s voice spoke so firmly, it echoed. It almost sounded like a warning of some sort. Izuku peaked up at the name, regretting it almost instantly, ruby red eyes already glaring directly at him. The young prince looked back to the floor in instant panic. So, his name is Katsuki.

An angry sigh heaved from the lips of his suitor, and Izuku almost looked up again. Why was the prince so angry? Was he mad at Izuku? Did he also not want to get married? Questions whizzed back and forth in Izuku’s head, distracting him just enough to almost miss when the prince begins to speak.

“Your highnesses, it is a privilege to make your acquaintance.” Katsuki’s words come out practically coated with fake enthusiasm that only Izuku seemed to pick up on. The green eyed boy almost laughs at his suitors bluntness. He thinks that if they hadn’t been meeting under such circumstances he’d want to befriend the angry prince. He practically radiated ‘rebellion’ and it intrigued Izuku a great amount. 

“How well mannered.” His mother complimented, smiling into her words. Izuku fights the urge to laugh again.

Katsuki released an annoyed ‘tch’ earning him a slap to the back of his head from his mother.  This only seemed to anger the prince more as he glared daggers at her. Izuku stared in amazement. He so badly wanted to act as boldly as Katsuki did, and he had, only to get a slap in the face in return for his rebellious behavior. Katsuki seemed to take the abuse to his head like it was nothing ... maybe he could talk to him after the presentations were over. 

Prince Katsuki stalked angrily up to Izuku’s throne, almost causing the latter to yelp out in a panic when he had stopped right in front of him, modestly leaving a bit of space in between their bodies. His gaze was still hard, but it seemed to lack any of the burning anger he had towards his mother. Izuku suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable, knowing the exact reason why the fiercely handsome prince was now threateningly standing over him. You see, in accordance to the tradition, the suitor in question had to place a kiss to the young prince/princess’s hand, as a sign of respect. None of this felt even the slightest bit respectful to Izuku, though. In all honesty, he actually felt quite objectified by his parents, and all other parties that were involved with his planned marriage. 

Even so, he offered a limp hand to the prince that stood in front of his seated form, his green eyes flitting over to state at the floor once again. He hears his father give an approving hum, and Izuku almost recoils the hand just to spite him, but is too late when he feels a rough hand slip into his, tugging it up hastily to a slightly puckered mouth where it received a swift kiss to his small knuckle, a quiet ‘chuu’ coming from where Izuku’s skin was touched by warm lips. 

The young prince’s face heats up in humiliation, his head bowing deeper, his chin was almost touching his chest. “Prince Izuku, you’re more ravishing then what people have spoken of you.” The prince spoke firmly, still holding onto his hand. Izuku’s eyes widen in shock, his head snapping up to make eye contact with ruby red eyes for the third time that day. A playful smirk was etched onto Katsuki’s handsome face, he looked pleased with himself. A little too pleased for Izuku’s liking. The greenette composed himself before nodding his head silently, pulling his hand away from his suitor, in one quick motion. I can play games too, Kacchan~ 

The smirk on Katsuki’s face falters at Izuku’s sudden show of defiance before he playfully sneered at the prince and stalked back to his parents who looked absolutely mortified by their sons actions. Izuku found it absolutely amusing. He decided then that he liked Katsuki, but not in the way either of his parents wanted. He liked him in the friends way, in the teasing-until-annoyed way. He had no intentions on marrying the blond, that was certain. I have no intentions on marrying anybody, Izuku thinks to himself. 

Izuku turned to glance at his own parents who looked equally as disgusted as Katsuki’s. If looks could kill, his fathers glare would have definitely sent him six feet under. The green eyed prince gulped down his anxiety and focused on his breathing before he had a panic attack. He really just wanted to get this part of the day over with. 

As Katsuki takes the last steps down from Izuku’s throne, his father speaks up in a gruff voice. “Please, excuse my son. He hasn’t been feeling well of late.” The green eyed boy almost scoffed. What was that supposed to mean? He doesn’t voice his question out loud.

“Oh, it’s no trouble. The youth nowadays days are always so unpredictable.” Katsuki’s father spoke softly, shooting a pointed side glance at his son. He seemed like the total opposite of his wife, smiling timidly, hands wringing out in front of him while his wife was shrouded with a dominant kind of energy, standing tall and proud, similar to her son. After sparing a glance at Katsuki’s mother, Izuku suddenly realized why their kingdom was dubbed with the title of ‘Everlasting Youth’. The queen didn’t look a day over twenty, her skin was glowing, and there were no signs of wrinkles on any part of her face; even her body was in amazing shape, considering her age. She even shared same eyes as Izuku’s suitor, red and fierce, burning with determination. Katsuki seemed to inherit all of his features from his mother, the blond hair, red eyes, dewy skin. They were both incredibly attractive, Izuku was surprised the prince didn’t have a significant other waiting for him back home. 

“Believe me, we understand, completely.” This time, Izuku’s father shoots him a pointed glare, holding more resentment than Katsuki’s father did. The young prince squirmed under his gaze but refused to submit to him, not until he apologized for the failed attempt at a happy birthday dinner. 

Izuku held his ground, staring straightforward, a bored expression gracing his features. If he was being forced to get married, he certainly didn’t have to pretend that he was enjoying it. 

His parents thanked the king and queen,  as they settled themselves to one side of the humongous room, and called for the next suitor. 

The Iron Kingdom’s prince, or Tenya Iida, was entirely too serious about the entire arranged marriage thing, declaring that he would win over Izuku’s heart in front of everyone in the room. Izuku flushed out of embarrassment, having to endure another kiss to his knuckle. Katsuki scoffed at the prince’s forwardness, but before he could spark an argument with him his mother smacked him across the head once more. Izuku watched bemusedly at their family dynamic. They seemed dysfunctional but in the best way possible, if that even made sense. It didn’t. 

The young prince sighed as his gaze drifted over to glance at the second suitor that’d been presented. He was certainly handsome, with his dark blue hair, broad shoulders, and sharp eyes, anybody would be lucky enough to have him as a husband ... just not Izuku. The prince reminded Izuku entirely too much of his parents, too traditional and not willing to have a little fun once in a while. I’m sorry Iida-kun, but I refuse to marry my own parents. Izuku couldn’t even bare the thought. 

Soon it was time for the final suitor to be presented, and a very intimidatingly tall, overly muscular man practically stomps into the room, his eyes immediately landing on Izuku. The young prince shrinks back into his throne but doesn’t look away. He doesn’t think he should. Those eyes, his eyes were such an electrifying blue that they almost made Izuku’s head reel, but it wasn’t the pretty color that made the young royal fight the urge to shut his eyes ... it was the absolute fury in them. Those eyes, his eyes looked absolutely menacing, evil.

Izuku can’t look into them anymore when he feels his head actually start to spin, so he sneaks a glance at the third and final suitor, and he admits to himself that it was probably the worst thing he could’ve done in that moment. 

The last suitor ... his eyes were heterochromatic and ...  swollen. From crying? Izuku thinks to himself, although he’s not one to judge, considering all the tears he himself has shed. The young prince, standing adjacent to his menacing looking father, stood with his head held high, his posture, overly straight and his shoulders, way too tense to be comfortable. He looked like he was in pain, a lot of it. Izuku winced when the young prince’s father practically shoved him towards Izuku’s throne, the partial red head stumbling forward, before taking limping steps to stand in front of Izuku. 

Red and white hair, he looks like a peppermint. Wait, red and white hair!? How had Izuku not notice that before? Everything about the prince seemed to be split in half, including his hair, with the left side of his head being a muted scarlet and the right side being a wintery white. How fascinating. Izuku had been so lost in thought, he hadn’t realized the prince was already standing in front of him, his own trembling hand already outstretched and waiting for Izuku’s. 

“O-oh.” The emerald eyed prince whispered, an embarrassed blush taking over his cheeks. He lifted his dainty hand and slotted it with the shaky hand in front of him, wanting to get this humiliating first meeting over with.

His suitor doesn’t bother looking up from the floor as he quickly pecked Izuku’s knuckle and hurriedly scurried down the steps and back next to his fathers side, looking up at him for some sort of validation. The king nodded down at his son, who seemed to deflate, his shoulders suddenly becoming less tense then they were a second ago. Izuku immediately started thinking about their own family dynamic. Perhaps his father was traditional, just as his own parents. But ... where was his mother? 

After all three suitors were presented, Izuku finally stood along side his parents, hoping to soften the lecture he would surely get after this. His mother seemed distraught by her sons actions, while his father had just been furious with him. Making him look like a fool in front of other kingdoms would definitely ensure Izuku for a long scorning, or worse. The young prince winced inwardly at the thought of his fathers hand baring yet another bruise on his tanned skin. 

“We thank you all for your cooperation, our servants shall take your bags to your rooms, where you may rest for the day.” Izuku’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Your rooms? Did that mean ...? No, no, of course not. That was insane. “We will be looking forward to the next few months of having such remarkable young men, room in our kingdom. Along with his families of course.” No, no, this was not happening.

”They're stay—?” Izuku accidentally interrupted, his father did not take that lightly. 

“Do not speak, whelp.” He spoke so sharply, it could cut diamond. 

Izuku’s stance faltered hearing his fathers dominant voice. He would definitely be having a go at me after this. 

”You are dismissed.” The king spoke gruffly, sending the room into a frenzy of polite chatter and movement. Thank god it’s over.

”Izuku. Meet with me outside the palace gates, I need to have a word with you. Be prepared to fight.” His father deadpanned down at him, his sharp, red eyes were swimming with hot anger. Izuku’s stomach suddenly filled with dread. A fight with his father automatically meant bruises for days to come. 

“Hisashi, don’t—!“ His mother tried protesting, protectively holding onto her sons hand.

”Don’t speak, woman.” His eyes never left Izuku’s, even as he talked to his wife. “I’ll be expecting you.” 

His father stalked off, his shoulder blades shifting underneath his kimono; even for his old age, Izuku’s father was still incredibly muscular. The young prince shuddered in fear, his hand gripping tighter to his mothers. Inko looked at with a worried expression, a frown etching onto her —normally cheery— face. 

“Izuku, I’m sorry.” She whispered. Everyone seemed to be apologizing to him these days. 

He sighed softly, shaking his head, as if to tell her that none of this was her fault. It was his. Izuku knew that his father would be deeply upset with him after the way he’d been acting, but he didn’t think it’d push the king into sparring. He placed a kiss to his mothers forehead. “I’ll see you at dinner, mama.” 

He walked slowly after his father, he couldn’t change his fate but he could delay it. Izuku could already feel the phantom pains. 

The day was long from over.

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Chapter 4

”I can’t believe I raised my son to be so disobedient!” His father growled, throwing a punch to Izuku’s stomach, making him double over in pain. “How dare you make your mother and I look like fools!?” Another punch, this time to Izuku’s face. Izuku see’s black for a second, the searing pain from his fathers fist being too much for him too handle. The young prince could feel all of his fathers frustrations from the past few days settle into his ferocious punches, each feeling a little more painful than the last. Maybe he deserved this. Maybe he should just stop acting like such a child and ... listen. 

“You’re not even going to fight back!? I didn’t raise my son to be weak! Fight me like a man! Where’s that mouth of yours now? Huh, Izuku!?” 

The young royal says nothing, his head hung low in shame, his viridian eyes brimming with hot tears that he refused to let spill over. He was on all fours in front of his father, practically submitting to him in fear of getting another searing punch to his gut. He didn’t want this, he didn’t want to fight. He just wanted to feel like a normal teenager, damn it. Why couldn’t his father see that?

”F-father—“ He hiccuped. “I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry f-for acting like a s-spoiled brat these past few d-days. I p-promise, i-it won’t happen a-again. P-please—“ He hiccuped again. “I d-don’t want to f-fight anymore. Please.” 

God, he hated it. He hated speaking those words. Practically admitting to defeat, submitting to his fathers control, that he so clearly had over Izuku. But if he was going to end his suffering, he would have to lie. For now. Just so this could be over with. Another punch and Izuku was sure he’d pass out. 

His father tched at him, but Izuku refused to look him in the face, he refused to look into the face of defeat. He had been humiliated enough today that it could expand into his next lifetime. He hated the pain, he just wanted it all to be over. 

“At dinner, I expect you to be on your best behavior. You now know what will happen if you don’t. Consider this your warning, Izuku.” His father’s voice was the coldest he’d ever heard him speak, it didn’t even sound like he was talking to his son. 

Izuku nodded his head furiously, the tears he’d been desperately holding in finally streaking down his cheeks at an agonizingly slow pace. “Yes, father.” 

The king walked away after that, stepping over Izuku’s trembling body to walk back into the gates of the palace. 

Once Izuku was sure the king wouldn’t be able to hear him, he let out a string of pitiful whimpers as he straightened his body out, standing on wobbly legs. It hurt like hell, his body hurt like hell. With much effort, he managed to limp back into the palace, keeping his head low in case any of the suitors or their guardians were present in any of the rooms he walked by to get to his room. 

At sight of his bed, he collapsed face first onto it, immediately regretting his decision. His stomach was now swollen, purple and red splotches forming all around his abdomen from the the punches he’d received.  If this was Izuku’s warning, he’d hate to see what the real thing was like.

After the haunting thought passes through his head, Izuku’s emerald eyes begin to flutter shut, the adrenaline he’d felt pumping in his body soon seeping out of him, as he drifted off into a deep sleep. 


“I’m sorry for this.” Momo sighed, holding the lace drawstrings to Izuku’s corset in her dainty hands. 

The young prince bit the inside of his cheek. This was going to hurt. “Just do it.” He gulped, bracing himself for the incredible amounts of pure, unadulterated pain he was sure to feel. 

Momo sighed shakily and tugged harshly at the strings, constricting the tight fitting fabric around Izuku’s bruised abdomen. The prince doubled over in pain, a sob dying in his throat, his body was in so much pain that he couldn’t even cry, his eyes being completely dry. All his body could do to react to the new found pain was shudder and twitch in ways that didn’t look human. 

“I’m so sorry, Izuku. I’m so, so sorry.” Momo whispered, stroking his face with her thumbs, hoping to calm her friend down. He looked so distressed, with his eyes scrunched up in the excruciating pain he was surely feeling at that very moment. The bruises the king had given him were some of the worst Momo had ever seen before. She almost cried when Izuku had first shown them to her. 

The young prince shook his head, finally regaining reigns of his mind and body, willing himself to stop trembling. “J-just hand me my k-kimono.” He whispered hoarsely, small hands still propped up on the bed, his body still slightly bent over from tying the corset around his ribs. God, everything ached. Izuku could feel his heartbeat in every fresh bruise his father had adorned on him. His insides felt scrambled, especially now that his organs were practically being mushed together by constricting fabric. Right where the worst of his bruises lay. 

“Would you like me to help you put it on?” Momo asked, a new found sweetness in her voice that Izuku had never heard before. She probably feels bad. No matter how badly Izuku didn’t want to be portrayed as weak, there was nothing in the world that he wanted more than to feel taken care of. To be cared for, just for a while. 

He nodded his head once. “Yes, please, Yaomomo-chan.” 

Momo immediately got to work with sliding his battered body into the freshly made, green, kimono. Her hands were so soft, and gentle when they touched him. They were so different from Izuku’s fathers. And he couldn’t even remember the last time his mother had dressed him up when he wasn’t feeling well. This new found affection had a set a fire underneath Izuku’s fragile heart and he found himself craving more. More of what? He wasn’t entirely sure. He just knew he liked it and that he needed more. Maybe I am touch starved.

”Ok. That should do it, for now. I don’t want to accidentally touch anymore of your bruises,  your body might go into shock from the amount of pain it would receive, and you have a dinner to get to.” Momo mumbled to herself, combing her fingers through Izuku’s forest green hair, her eyes moving all across the prince’s face before landing on his bruised cheek. The ravenette frowned and leaned in to ever so softly press a barley-there kiss right on the bruise, hoping to give the prince some comfort before he had to face the man who’d given him the splotch off purple. 

“Good luck. I’ll be waiting for you.” She sighed again, leading her friend toward the exit to his room by his hand. 

Izuku hesitated at the door, and then turned his head to look at Momo who readily looked at him, expecting a command of some sort. But what comes out of the prince’s mouth isn’t a command. 

“Thank you, Yaomomo. For everything ... thank you.” 

And before the ravenette has time to react, Izuku is already limping away, making his own way towards the dining room, where trouble was ensured. 


If the prince doesn’t choose you to marry him, I’ll make sure you never see the light of day ever again.” Were the words of encouragement King Enji had told Prince Shouto before reaching the docks of The Emerald Kingdom. Ever since they’d gotten the invitation from King Hisashi and Queen Inko, his father had been non stop talking about the prince and how important it was for Shouto to marry him. Shouto wondered why but never asked. 

It was dinner time and all the suitors, including their parents, would be joined together around the dining table to have an enormous feast, filled with foods of their liking. The royal family that would be boarding them would also be there and that made Shouto’s stomach fill with dread. There was no doubt his father would push him to pursue the prince right there in front of everyone, and Shouto really wasn’t in the mood to be humiliated. 

Everyone was already at the table, patiently waiting for the prince’s arrival, though it was strange that he didn’t walk in with his family like the rest of the young prince’s did. It was none of Shouto’s business, anyway. 

Shouto wasn’t great with social cues, seeing that his father pretty much kept him locked away in the palace so that there were no distractions to his training, but the look on King Hisashi’s face ... didn’t look right. But again, it was none of his business. 

“I-I’m sorry I’m late, f-father.” Shouto’s head snapped up from where he was staring at the table. The prince had finally shown up and he looked absolutely petrified as he spoke softly to his father, though not softly enough if Shouto could hear him. 

“Take your seat next to prince Shouto, my boy!” Shouto frowned upon hearing his name uttered by the king and swiveled his head to look at the empty seat next to him. Damn it. Now his father would definitely be adamant on him pursuing the prince. He was grateful that they’d sat Enji towards the end of the table, where he couldn’t watch Shouto’s every move. Shouto, was sat pretty close to the very beginning of the table, where most of the suitors had been seated, with Prince Katsuki being placed in front of him and Prince Tenya being adjacent to his right. 

Relief flushed over his body as he realized that Prince Izuku wouldn’t have to see his hideous burn scar that encapsulated his left eye socket. It was unsightly and huge and so painfully obvious, and it was the exact reason why Shouto grew out his bangs. If he thought the scar was ugly, so would everyone else.

Prince Izuku limped towards the seat next to Shouto, and the prince watched with attentive eyes as the seemingly injured boy carefully slumped himself onto the chair, muffling a quiet whimper of pain that only Shouto seemed to hear. 

Shouto watched in bemusement as the prince next to him clutched his stomach in what looked to be terrible pain, and now that he was at a close enough distance, Shouto could see a splotchy purple bruise on the prince’s cheek. What happened to him? 

The prince seemed to notice his intense gaze as he hesitantly turned to make eye contact with Shouto, a small nervous smile making its way onto his battered face. 

“I’m ok.” He whispered, as if he knew what Shouto had been thinking. 

It was none of his business, really, but his curiosity got the better of him. “Are you—?” 

But before he could ask, King Hisashi interrupted him, announcing loudly that dinner had officially began, encouraging everyone to begin eating. 

Prince Izuku wasn’t looking at him anymore, his eyes now trained on the katsudon bowl that sat in front of him. Shouto frowned slightly before turning to look at his own food. It’s none of his business. 


After dinner, King Hisashi had everyone stay seated, the reasoning behind it was so he could explain the suitors scheduled time they had with Prince Izuku. Shouto found it kinda of revolting the way they spoke of him, as if he weren’t in the room. The prince in question didn’t look too happy about having to spend time with any of the suitors, anyway. Maybe he didn’t want to get married. Shouto shook his head at his thoughts, frowning at himself. It’s none of his business. Stay out of it

Shouto’s scheduled days with Prince Izuku were Monday’s and Thursday’s, the other suitors filling up the two other days in the week. Sunday’s were Izuku’s free day, where he had the liberty to do whatever he pleased. Shouto noticed the boy next to him perk up at that. So he doesn’t want to get married. 

It was Sunday, meaning tomorrow was Shouto’s first day out with the prince, maybe he could ask him about his opinion sometime then. It’s none of my business, but I can’t help but to be curious

He didn’t know why he was so adamant on knowing what the boy was thinking and why he looked the way he did, bruised and battered. 

Even if he didn’t know the right things to ask, Shouto would still ask them. He hoped to know more.

And he didn’t know why. 

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Chapter 5

Izuku couldn’t sleep. His mind was racing, trying to keep up with everything that had happened during the day. It’d felt like an entire month had just flashed before his eyes. Much of his memory from the day was just a blur of colors, except for dinner. Except for wandering heterochromatic eyes. The prince frowned as he thought back to him. Prince Shouto. He sure was pretty, up close. Izuku blushes at his own thoughts. 

The young royal had caught the other boy staring at him multiple times during dinner, each time his eyes held the same emotion. Prince Shouto looked worried, and it seriously weirded Izuku out. Nobody looked at him like that unless they were his mother or Yaomomo, so why was a stranger giving him the same look? Does he knows about what father did? Did he see? Does he pity me?

Prince Izuku grumbled and rolled over on his side, a sharp pain in his ribs making him whimper in hurt from the bruises that had been accidentally touched. It’d felt like déjà vu from earlier that night. Thats when a realization hits him. 

With the way the prince limped into the dining room, looking like a kicked puppy, of course he’d draw attention to himself. He was practically asking for it. Though nobody else seemed to notice except Shouto. Why? 

Prince Shouto didn’t really seem to be much of a people person, staying silent throughout the entirety of dinner, the only time he’d look up from his food was to take a glance at Izuku’s slightly trembling body. Well, there’s also that

Izuku groaned in frustration with himself. It was no wonder the prince kept staring at him. Any normal person would be worried if the person that sat next to couldn’t stop shaking! Relief flushed over his body, his muscles feeling like liquid as he released them from their tense hold. Prince Shouto must’ve just been curious. 

At least he’s doesn’t know about father ... I think.

He tossed around in his bed again, eliciting another painful whimper from his mouth. There were other things that were keeping him up, like the fact that tomorrow was his first day getting to actually spend time with the half and half boy, and embarrassingly enough, Izuku was nervous. 

Prince Shouto was intimidatingly handsome, his beauty was impossible to match. His eyes, first off, were a stormy gray color on his left side, matching perfectly with the hair on that part of his head, while his right eye was an electrifying blue color, just like his fathers. Though it didn’t hold the same anger. And then there was his burn scar. Izuku admits, when he caught sight of it for the first time, he was a bit taken aback, but not because he thought it was ugly. But because, he thinks, that at some point, it must’ve hurt like hell. Before a scar, there is always pain. 

Izuku scrunched up his eyes to clear his mind, but to no avail. No matter how hard he tried, red and white streaks of hair would seep into his psyche. After a while though, he didn’t bother trying to stop his own wondering thoughts.

He wondered ... if the prince was thinking of him too. 


“Don’t make me look like a fool, Shouto. We’re  here to make that boy your husband, not your friend.” Enji growled down at his son who was walking adjacent to him down the long hallway that led to one of the exits of the castle; where Prince Izuku would be waiting for him.

Prince Shouto tensed a bit at his fath— Enji’s words. There had to be a hidden message somewhere woven into his sentence, but Shouto couldn’t be bothered to search for it. The half and half prince nodded his head numbly, hoping it’d be a satisfactory enough answer for Enji. 

King Enji was about to speak again, but halted when Prince Izuku came into view, his father also standing next to him, gripping his shoulder a little too tightly, based on the slight wince Izuku had on his face. Shouto breathed a sigh of relief at the prince. If he and his father hadn’t shown up, who knows what Enji could’ve said ... or done. 

“King Enji, Prince Shouto, wonderful morning.” King Hisashi bowed, beckoning his son to follow suit. Prince Izuku bowed at the waist, a whimper of pain and then a panicked cough attack sounding from the prince’s mouth. 

Shouto’s brows furrowed. The prince seemed to look worse than the night before, the purple bruise on his cheek had darkened its color, making it stand out on the prince’s tanned cheek. It looked really painful and fresh. He must’ve gotten it last night, but why weren’t his parents more worried for him? Was he attacked? Did his father do that to him?

Shouto was no stranger to abusive violence, having to endure it everyday since he was five years old. There was something about that bruise and how the prince was acting towards his father that didn’t sit right with Shouto. But god damn it, it was none of his business. If the roles were switched and Izuku had been the one trying to pry into his own relationship with his parents, he’d be very upset. 

”Are you ready to go?” 

Shouto choked back a yelp, as he was shamefully broken out of his invading thoughts, he noticed that everyone had stopped talking and all eyes were on him. 

”H-huh?” He said smartly. Shouto winced inwardly at himself. 

The prince in front of him had the tiniest ghost of a smile on his face. “Are you ready to go?” He asked again. 

Shouto swallowed thickly before nodding his head, not trusting his voice. 

Prince Izuku nudged his head toward the door, follow me. The half and half boy walked closely behind him, hands shoved in his pockets and head hanging low in embarrassment. 

“You two have fun, and be safe.” King Hisashi called. His voice sounded all too happy to be genuine, Shouto thinks. 

The two young royals nodded towards their parents and strutted away from them, making their way towards the village that sat a little below the palace. Prince Izuku had suggested going down to say hi the common folk, and it wasn’t like Shouto could object to the idea. He was trying to woo him, and saying no to something Izuku seemed childishly excited for didn’t sound like the best idea.

“How’d you get that scar?” 

Shouto almost halted his steps at the sudden question, causing his ankles to clash against one another almost making him topple to the floor. He straightened out his posture before answering, praying his stumble wasn’t too obvious.

“That’s a bit personal, don’t you think?” He replied cooly, using his peripheral to watch the prince walking next to him. 

Izuku shrugged.

Shouto frowned and turned his attention to the scenery around them. The tress were really green, they almost held the same color as Izuku’s eyes, just slightly duller. 

“Are you going to answer my question?” The greenette pressed, his gaze still on the trail they were treading on. 

“How’d you get that bruise on your cheek?” Shouto instead asked, clearly catching Izuku off guard as he tried his best to cover up the surprised gasp he had accidentally let slip. 

“I-I asked first.” He replied childishly, crossing his arms petulantly over his chest. 

Shouto chuckled inwardly, but kept up his stoic expression that drove everyone crazy. 

“I asked second.” 

Izuku tittered at Shouto’s aloofness, and for some reason he prides himself for being able to make the prince at least crack a small smile. It was the first time Shouto had seen his face in something other than a frown since the suitors had arrived. 

“Fine. How about we start with easy questions and then see where that goes.” Izuku suggested and Shouto could feel his piercing viridian eyes staring into his side profile, but he didn’t dare meet them. 

Shouto nodded, agreeing to Izuku’s childish attempt at sparking a conversation, though Shouto wouldn’t have been any better at it. Socially inept, remember?

”Yay! Ok, I’ll go first.” Shouto bit back another good hearted chuckle. Izuku seemed to be enjoying himself when he wasn’t in close quarters of the palace. The half and half boy wondered why. He decided he’d ask later, seeing as that was the game Izuku decided he wanted to play. “How old are you?” 

Shouto couldn’t help the confused expression on his face. “That’s a bit of a boring question, don’t you think?” 

Izuku gawked at him. “I’m going easy!” 

Shouto almost smiled at the greenettes outburst. Almost. “I’m fifteen, just like you, I’m sure.” 

Izuku nodded his head, answering the secret question Shouto had somehow lodged in between his answer. 

It was silent for a good while before the prince beside him breaks the silence. “Are you thinking of a question?” 

Oh right. It was Shouto’s turn. Idiot.

”Oh, um, favorite color?” He asked. It was the first thing he could think of under the circumstances, ok? 

“Now who’s asking the boring questions.” Izuku teased. 

Shouto rolled his eyes half heartedly. “Shut up, just answer the question.” 

Izuku tittered again, only a tad bit louder than earlier before shrugging his shoulders. “I don’t have a favorite color.” 

The partial red head was shocked to say the least. Prince Izuku lived in The Emerald Kingdom and claimed to have no favorite color? Was that even possible considering the place he lived? Hell, if Shouto lived there, he’d probably take too much pride in the color green. 

“Here’s my next question: what’s with the face?” Izuku asked slyly, leaning his body forward to get a better look at Shouto’s face. 

The half and half boy self consciously straightened out his face, returning it back to its usual deadpan. “How come your favorite color isn’t green?” 

For the first time since they met, Shouto stared wholeheartedly into the eyes of Prince Izuku’s and ... wow. So the rumors were true. His eyes ... his eyes were breathtakingly gorgeous. So green, they rivaled the scenery surrounding them. So green, they seemed to glow. So green, Shouto wanted to stare into them forever. 

“You can’t answer a question with another question.” Izuku lightly tutted, breaking Shouto from his daydream, a light flush taking over the apples of his cheeks from zoning out so easily just from looking into bright viridian eyes. 

“I’m confused as to why your favorite color isn’t green.” Shouto rewords. “I mean, it would make the most sense. Have you seen yourself?”

Izuku took a literal glance at himself, spreading his arms out to his sides, examining them thoughtfully. “Don’t know what you mean.” He shrugged. 

Shouto spluttered. “You’re joking right? You live in The Emerald Kingdom, your hair is green, and ... so are your eyes. A very pretty green if I do say so myself.” Prince Izuku flushed in embarrassment and ducked his head down. Shouto bit back a gleeful smile. “So, why not green?” 

“Is that your question?” Izuku inquired softly, his shoulder bumping into Shouto’s bicep as they continued their trail towards the hamlet. 

“Yes, that’s my question.” 

Izuku sighed heavily. “Well, the color green is kind of ... impersonal? I guess, I don’t really take pride in it at all, especially with the way I look. It’s kind of embarrassing, really. Whenever I meet with the townspeople, they always gush about how ... beautiful I am.” Another embarrassed flush, colors his cheeks. “After so many years of being praised for looking the way I do, I think it just got old. Not that I don’t appreciate the compliments! It just got a bit repetitive is all. S-sorry, I rambled.” 

Shouto shook his head, he actually quite enjoyed listening to the soothing voice of Prince Izuku. “I didn't mind, and ... they aren’t wrong you know.”

The greenette beside him peaks up to look at Shouto, and this time he meets his gaze. The slight tilt in Izuku’s head gave off the impression that he was confused, so Shouto clarified.

“The villagers, what they say about you, they aren’t wrong.” He spoke sincerely, light pink spreading across his sharp nose and onto his cheeks. 

Izuku’s bright viridian eyes widen a bit, his face sporting its own light pink flush as he turned his gaze away from Shouto and onto the dirt path that lay in front of them. 

“T-thanks.” He bobbed his head robotically, making the forest green curls that were sprawled there, bounce slightly. 

Shouto cleared his throat awkwardly. Had he made it awkward? Was it weird that he said that? He was here to win the prince’s hand in marriage, so it shouldn’t be too weird. But, somehow, that wasn’t Shouto’s biggest concern. 

Because in that moment, Shouto had forgotten all about the stupid arranged marriage. Because in that moment it’d felt like their royal statuses had been stripped away ... because in that moment it’d just felt like Izuku and Shouto.

And he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.

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Chapter 6

“Put this on.” 

A navy commoners cloak was shoved into Shouto’s chest, hands scrambling to save the cloth from falling onto the dirt road. He stared down at it in his arms and then looked up at Izuku who was slipping on his own dark green cloak, pulling the hood over his eyes. Where’d he even get these?

“What’re you doing?” Izuku asked, snatching the cloak from Shouto’s grasp and took it upon himself to wrap it around the partial red head’s broad shoulders. Shouto’s breath hitched in his throat, so close. Izuku was so close. So close, Shouto could count all the freckles that dotted his cheeks. “We’re putting these on so nobody recognizes us, if you were wondering. I ... I don’t really feel like being bombarded by the villagers today.” A flash of guilt shone in Izuku’s eyes. Too kind

Shouto nodded his head, pulling up the hood of the cloak when Izuku was done tying the strings around his throat. 

Izuku giggled softly, covering his smile with a small fist. Shouto frowned. Is he laughing at me?

”What?” Shouto deadpanned, trying to make it seem like he didn’t care. He did.

Izuku shook his head and cleared his throat, the smile on his face remained. “Nothing, just, I can’t even imagine what the villagers would’ve said about your hair, seeing as it’s so ... whats the word?” 

Shouto’s frown deepened. “Ugly?” He suggested bitterly. He knew he wasn’t the best looking person, but he didn’t think Izuku had it in him to tell Shouto to his face

The greenette spluttered in disbelief. “W-what!? No! I wasn’t going to say that!” The satchel around his shoulders jostled with Izuku’s feverish movements. Did he have that with him the whole time? “I-I was trying to say unique.” He muttered lamely. 

Shouto scoffed under his breath. “That’s just another word for ugly.” Why did he even care about what Izuku thought of his appearance? 

The shorter groaned loudly into his hands. “I think your hair is b-beautiful! It’s fascinating, even! I wasn’t trying to call you ugly, sorry if it came out that way! Let’s just keep walking!” A heavy blush covers most of Izuku’s face as he stomps away from Shouto, fists bunched up at his sides, petulantly.

Shouto stood there, frozen in his spot for a while, before chasing after Izuku, the cloak fluttering behind him like a cape. His face feels molten hot, a side effect of the other prince’s words. Beautiful. Fascinating. Those words circled around his head as he caught up to Izuku and walked silently next to him, glancing through his peripheral to see if he was still red in the face. He was

Shouto smiled softly to himself, not being able to bite it back this time, he ducked his head down to make sure Izuku wouldn’t be able to peak. 

What was this? What were they doing? Tossing compliments back and forth at each other like they were on a date. The thought made Shouto flush even more. 

“We’re almost at the village so make sure you’re hood is on.” Izuku said warily, probably still embarrassed from earlier. 

Shouto fixed the hood on his head slightly, tucking some hair behind his ears since some strands refused to be tamed. 

Silence passed between them. There was an awkward tension in the air and Shouto felt like he was suffocating it in. He wished he could start a conversation like Izuku could, it seemed to come so naturally for him, like breathing. Shouto wished he could be like that. 

“So, whats your favorite color?” Izuku asked timidly, his hands wringing out in front of him. Bless him.

Shouto thought about what his answer could be. He could easily say red and be over with it, but it wasn’t satisfactory enough, because for some reason he had the strong urge to say—

“Green. I like green.” 

Izuku’s body tensed, and from the corner of Shouto’s eyes he could see the greenettes ears turn a pretty pink color. The half and half doesn’t dwell on it though, saving the other prince from the embarrassment.

“Do you actually want to get married?” Shouto asked, switching subjects quickly, so the greenette wouldn’t have time to really think about Shouto’s answer.

Izuku huffed out an halfhearted chuckle, his lips turning downwards into a small frown. Sensitive subject, I guess. “I wasn’t exactly jubilant to hear that my suitors would be coming sooner than I had initially hoped, so no, I don’t wish to be married.” He spoke bitterly, his tone sounding so different from any other time he’d spoken that day. 

Shouto was about to apologize for asking before Izuku spoke again, his viridian eyes meeting blue and grey ones. Why did he look so upset?

”And that’s why you’ve been so kind to me all day, right? Because you’re here solely to try and win my hand in marriage. Isn’t that right, Prince Shouto?” Izuku scoffed, turning his gaze away from the partial red head to look at the dirt road.

Shouto was taken entirely aback at the sudden change of atmosphere. Everything he’d said to Izuku had been true. The compliments he gave ... they weren’t fueled by anything else other than genuine feelings. Shouto’s genuine feelings, and now they were being misconstrued because of some stupid royal tradition. 

“You’re wrong.” He finally spoke, his voice sounding more stern than he expected. “My words were genuine, and if you don’t believe me then ...” He thought about his next words carefully. “Then I’ll make you believe. You can act like a child all you want, but you’re sorta stuck with me for the next two months, and in those months I’ll show you how genuine my words are, Prince Izuku.” 

A pregnant silence passed between them. Was that the right thing to say?

”I’m not acting like a child.” Izuku tutted, a pout gracing his, petal like, lips. 

Shouto couldn’t help the amused chuckle that bubbles from his throat. Out of all the things he’d said during his short monologue, the prince had decided to focus on that? Need Shouto say more? 

Another moment of silence passed between them, this time the air around them felt different. It felt good, peaceful. It felt easy to breathe again. 

“I’m sorry, for the things I said.” Izuku apologized, head hanging low in shame. “It’s just ... I’m being forced to marry at fifteen. I just ... I want to be a normal teenager, and getting married doesn’t seem like something the average person our age does, right?” A humorless smile graces his face, it almost looked sad. Longing. 

Longing for what?

”No need to apologize. I could sense your frustrations since the moment we first met.” Shouto retorted nonchalantly, remembering how Izuku stayed seated in his throne when he should’ve been standing alongside his parents. His father definitely looked angry then.

The greenette nodded understandingly, his green curls bouncing along with the movement.

“Why were you so excited to leave the castle for the day?” Shouto asked. 

“Isn’t it my turn to ask a question?” Izuku tutted lightly.

”Don't you think you owe me one?” Shouto quipped, making the prince next to him blush shamefully.

He shrugged. “I-I guess.” 

Shouto smiled inwardly. “Why were you so excited to leave the castle for the day?” He repeated. 

Izuku huffed a sigh before answering. “My father ... hasn’t really been all that nice lately.” An audible gulp sounded from the shorter prince’s throat. “He ... just— he just wants the best for me, I think.” An insincere smile punctuates his words. 

Wants the best for him, huh? 

“That explain the bruise?” Shouto pried, subtly. Izuku seemed to notice, but for some reason didn’t say anything. 

“Uh, well, yeah. I’ve been pretty disobedient the past few weeks, so it’s not his fault, it’s mine. I just need to be a better son.” Shouto scowled at that. Putting the blame on himself, rather than the person who was abusing him, was something Shouto used to do with his own father a few years earlier. He doesn’t speak on the subject though, he wouldn’t for now at least.

“You shouldn’t let him treat you like that, I’m sure you were in a lot of pain.” Shouto said passively, his hand clenching at his sides, dull fingernails digging into his calloused palm.

Izuku chuckled halfhearted. “Still am, but it’s not like I can fight back. He’s so much stronger than I am.” 

A light bulb went over Shouto’s head. “I can teach you how to fight.” He offered without hesitation. With all the training his father put him through over the years, Shouto’s body had grown strong and lean. He was practically raised to fight, to protect himself. Maybe he could show Izuku a few moves. 

“You know how to fight?” The greenette asked, incredulously. His gaze flickering over to stare at Shouto with wide viridian eyes. 

Shouto nodded firmly, hopefully he doesn’t ask why.

”Oh well then, yeah. I’d appreciate it, if it’s not too much trouble. Thanks, Shouto.” 

The half and half boy’s mind goes completely blank. “No problem.” He managed to choke out from his, suddenly dry, throat. He fully dropped the royal title from my name, why do I like the way my name sounds coming from him? Jesus get your hormones in check, Shouto.

”Oh, we’ve arrived! I hope you don’t mind, but I really want to pay a visit to an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while. His cottage isn’t far from here, and we won’t stay long—“

”I don’t mind, I’m here for you, remember?” Shouto interrupted. “Just lead the way.” 

Izuku gaped up at him before a bright grin took over his face, Shouto almost shielded his eyes from it. “Thank you! Ok, let’s get going, I can’t wait anymore!” 

And with the, Izuku practically takes off running in the direction to his, so called, friends house, beckoning Shouto to follow after him. 

After a few minuets of running, Izuku had stopped abruptly in front of a small cottage, just on the edge of the forest. It was his friends house, based on the excited noises he made. It was endearing, so Shouto didn’t question it. 

Izuku rapt feverishly on the door, a muffled ‘I’m coming’ coming from the inside walls of the bungalow. 

Once the door finally opened, an admittedly handsome young man appears from behind it, a dull look on his face. It’s only when he spots Izuku is when his eyes widen slightly and a small smile takes over his good-looking face. 

“Tamaki!” Izuku squealed, jumping into the arms of his friend, who gladly held him flush against his chest, his smile growing wider by the second. 

“I-Izuku? What are you—?” 

“I was out on family errands and wanted to see you!” 

Shouto frowned, from the sidelines, at being reduced to ‘family errands’ but said nothing. Izuku looked too happy to be bothered, anyway. And who was he to take that smile away? 

“Oh and this is Shouto, m-my, uh, suitor, and friend.” Izuku introduced, breaking away from the embrace and pulling Shouto closer to the entrance of the house by his forearm, Shouto stumbled next to him, wide eyed. 

“Uh, hi.” He greeted lamely. 

“Greetings, Prince Shouto.” Tamaki bowed deeply at his waist, prompting Shouto to shake his head in slight disapproval. 

“Uh, there’s no need for that.” Tamaki peered up from his bow, his body still bent forward. “Just treat me like you would any other person, please.” 

Tamaki straightened out his body and chuckled softly, his eyes were filled with something that looked almost fond. “No wonder you and Izuku get along.” 

Shouto frowned in slight puzzlement. “What does that mean?” 

Tamaki chuckled again. “He said the same thing when we first became friends, years ago. I can see why you two get along.” 

Shouto flushed slightly. “O-oh.”

”U-uh, so anyway!” Izuku spluttered, his body jumping in front of Shouto’s, as if he was hiding him. “Are you gonna let us in? Or are you gonna keep us out here all day? I’m famished!” 

As if on cue, Shouto’s stomach growled, loudly at that. He flushed a dark red as Izuku giggled at him through his palm. 

Tamaki smiled at the pair, before widening the door to welcome them in. “Of course, please come in.” 

The rest of the day was spent in Tamaki’s humble abode, Izuku had been the happiest Shouto had ever seen him, and as long as Izuku was happy, Shouto was happy. Though he wouldn’t express it on his face.

It was late in the evening when Izuku bid his goodbye to Tamaki, holding on longer than when he first greeted him hours earlier. The trio said their goodnights and the two royals were back on their way toward the palace. 

Izuku was quiet on their way back, a small frown tugging at his lips. That wouldn’t do.

”You know,” Shouto started. “You can always come back tomorrow, with Prince Katsuki.” 

Izuku shrugged. “I don’t think it’ll be the same.” 

Shouto tilted his head in confusion. “Why not?”

“I ... I think— uh, how do I say this?” The partial red head peers at Izuku through his peripheral. “If— I think— I just want— I want Tamaki’s place, to be ... our place. It won’t be the same if ... if you’re not there.” 

Shouto’s eyes widen at Izuku’s words, and he tries to not let them flatter him, but he couldn’t help the rush of emotion that surged through him. Our place. Shouto can feel his face growing hotter by the minute, and he doesn’t try to hide it. 

“Sorry if that’s weird, I just feel like since I told you so many personal things today, that Tamaki’s place could just be kept between—!” 

“It’s not weird!” Shouto interrupted, his voice louder than he was expecting. The half and half boy cleared his throat, self consciously, before continuing on with his sentence. “I’m just ... h-happy, I guess. Your words are too flattering, Izuku.” 

The greenette chuckled nervously, scratching the hairs that lay by his nape. “W-well it’s the truth. So, it’s official, Tamaki’s place is ours. Ok?” 

Shouto smiled, entirely too fondly. “Alright. We can come see him again on Thursday.” Shouto suggested, watching Izuku’s face break into another bright grin. 


Shouto nodded, firmly. 


Chapter Text

Chapter 7

The rest of the week went by fairly quickly, on Tuesday Izuku spent time down by the lake with Prince Katsuki, who told Izuku all about his home and the boyfriend he left behind for ‘this stupid thing’ as he put it. Izuku kinda already figured he’d have one by how charmingly handsome he was, it didn’t surprise him one bit. Katsuki was great company, he found out. Having to spend time with Tenya though, it proved to be very ... unnerving. Prince Tenya was a nice enough boy, and handsome too, but Izuku could not, for the love of all things holy, could not get over how much he reminded him of his parents. Izuku had suggested going down to the village and purchasing some apples to help the servants bake a pie later, and Tenya immediately shot down the idea because it would be putting them both, but most importantly Izuku, in danger. The greenette lost count of all the times he sighed that day. 

Though, Thursday proved to be better. Shouto showed up at his bedroom door, much to Izuku’s embarrassment, holding a small green chrysanthemum between his thumb and forefinger. That day, they’d gone back to Tamaki’s place or better known as their place, they’d spent the day appreciating the cherry blossom trees that were in full bloom, and since Tamaki was a few years older than both of the prince’s, he swore to chaperone them just in case anything dangerous happened. His presence was definitely welcomed. 

It was now Sunday, also known as, Izuku’s day off and he had a lot planned for the day. He had planned to go down to the lake again and maybe take a swim, it was a hot day and Izuku was sweating buckets through his casual kimono. But when he was about to leave the palace, he was stopped by his father, who looked very displeased with the easygoing look his son had on his face. 

Turns out, Izuku had forgotten about their Sunday training sessions, which was basically different wording for ‘I’m going to beat you up, and you’re going to take it’. And he did, Izuku took it all. The punches, kicks, slaps, shoves, he took them all because he knew if he didn’t then it would lead to something more severe. 

After training, Izuku hobbled back to his room, Yaomomo sat on his bed waiting patiently for him, with medical supplies already on hand. 

”Your bruise looks better.” She spoke softly, caressing the light purple bruise on the prince’s cheek. “At least he didn’t land any punches on your face this time, it’ll give you more time to heal.” 

Izuku sighed into her touch, nuzzling his cheek closer into her palm. “My stomach is where he lands most of his punches. The rest of my injuries are just small cuts.” He punctuated his words with a swipe of his tongue to the small gash on his bottom lip. It tasted like iron there. 


Yaomomo got to work with wrapping medical cloth around Izuku’s abdomen, and cleaning the rest of his injuries, the whole process taking an hour due to Izuku’s sluggish movements. 

After a brief power nap, the greenette completely gave up on the idea of going swimming, not wanting to wet the bandages that were wrapped around his torso. Realizing he had nothing better to do, he walked over to Prince Shouto’s quarters, hoping he was free for the day. He could keep him distracted from his pain, right? 

With a limp in his step, he managed to get across the large hallway that separated the suitors rooms from his and was about to knock on Shouto’s door before an abnormally large hand gripped onto his wrist, freezing him in his spot. 

“Prince Izuku.” King Enji spoke darkly. “I see you’ve come to pay my son a visit. Any particular reason why?” 

Izuku turned his body to face him eliciting a small whimper of pain to slip past his lips. “U-uh, I just wanted to see if h-he was f-free to hang out t-today.” He answered swiftly, trying to subtly wiggle his worst away from Enji’s hand, proving to be unsuccessful as the grip around his wrist only got tighter. 

“C-can you let p-please let go?” 

“What do you think you’re doing?” Shouto’s voice spoke sharply from behind Izuku, causing him to yelp away from the sound. A warm hand intertwined with his, tugging him backwards into a firm chest. Izuku winced from the pain but said nothing, grateful to have been freed from King Enji’s menacing hold. 

“Leave.” Shouto spoke coldly, a tone Izuku had never heard him use before. He seemed very upset, and if the greenette wasn’t so pressed against him, Shouto would attack his father for even going near Izuku. 

Enji tched at his son and then stalked down the hallway to his room, slamming his door so hard it made the floor vibrate. 

Izuku sighed a breath of relief. What was with everyone trying to manhandle him? Today was supposed to be relaxing, not stressful!

Shouto pulled them both into his room, shutting the door softly behind him.

“Are you ok?” He asked, facing Izuku’s body towards him, making the shorter boy hiss loudly in pain, his knees buckling. “Izuku!” 

The greenette shook his head, pushing warm, comforting hands away from his body. “I-I’m ok.” He whispered, hoarsely. 

“No you’re not! What happened to you? Was it my father? I swear I’ll—“ 

“No! I-It was my father! It doesn’t m-matter, anyway.” 

“It does matter. You’re hurt, again! I refuse to let this keep happening to you! Not if I can do something about it.” Shouto huffed, his face twisting into an angry scowl. 

Izuku clutched his abdomen, the adrenaline in his body making all the bruises on his body thump along with his heartbeat. “S-shouto. Can you please, j-just hold m-me?” 

Normally, it’d be Yaomomo he’d be asking to embrace him, seeing that she was the closest thing he had to a real friend. Izuku wanted comfort, he wanted to feel safe. Yaomomo did a great job at doing that whenever he asked her to, but she wasn’t here now, and Izuku wasn’t about to walk back all the way to his room just so he could cuddle. Shouto would have to do. Maybe.

“H-hold you?” The partial red head stuttered, his face a light pink shade. 

“E-everything just— everything feels wrong right now. Yaomomo would normally be the one to c-comfort me whenever I f-feel like this but s-she’s not here and I understand i-if you d-don’t want to—“

”I do! Want to, I do.” Shouto interrupted, a glint of determination shone in his heterochromatic eyes. “I just— don’t really know how to e-embrace someone though, I’m sorry.” Izuku hoped he wasn’t just imagining the blush creeping up Shouto’s neck. 

“I-It’s ok, just ...” Izuku took a hesitant step closer to Shouto, looking up at him to see if it was ok to step into his personal space bubble. The taller boy looked down at him expectantly, silently giving Izuku the ‘ok’ with his mismatched eyes. The greenette swallowed thickly and slowly wrapped his sore arms around Shouto’s middle, his head resting just below his chin. The half and half boy tensed a bit and Izuku was about to back off completely before he felt strong arms going around his neck and shoulders, pulling him in impossibly closer into Shouto’s warm chest. Izuku’s breath hitched in his throat ... this felt different. Why did it feel different? How was this any different from receiving affection from Yaomomo? The pair were doing everything the same, it felt nice, but why did it feel ... better. 

“I-Is this ok?” Shouto asked, his fingers subconsciously tracing small patterns onto the back of Izuku’s neck, making the latter shiver pleasantly from the stimulation. That was different. 

“I-It’s really nice. Thank you.” Izuku stuttered meekly, snuggling his face deeper into Shouto’s chest. He was so warm. The greenette let out a small yawn, and shut his eyes, not realizing how sleepy he’d gotten from the comforting arms that held him. 

“Are you tired?” Shouto spoke softly, his lips ghosting over the shell of Izuku’s ear, eliciting another shiver to rack his body. Shouto’s voice was so deep and calming, Izuku could probably fall asleep right then and there if he’d kept talking. 

“A little.” He sighed, fluttering his eyes open, and backing away from the embrace slightly. “I should go back to my room.” 

”What? Why?” Shouto asked, a small pout making its way onto his handsome face. Izuku couldn’t help but giggle at it. Cute. 

“To sleep, what else?” He quipped, causing Shouto to pout further. 

“Sleep with me.” The taller boy said, not realizing the extent of his words until Izuku started sputtering over his words with a bright red blush covering his entire face and neck. “I-I m-mean, sleep i-in bed with me! Actually s-sleep!” 

Izuku calmed himself down after hearing Shouto’s reassuring words. His heart beating a million miles per hour. “Sorry, I-I should’ve been more specific.” Shouto muttered, his face as red as his hair now. 

“I-It’s alright, I tend to do that too, sometimes, and it gets me in a lot of trouble.” Izuku giggled softly at the look on Shouto’s face. He looked mortified with himself, his inner turmoil causing a small scowl to present itself on his face. “B-but I would like to, um, sleep here, with you. As long as we get to cuddle, I’ll do anything.” 

Izuku almost face palmed at himself. He guessed it was only fair that he humiliated himself too.

Shouto smiled shyly. “Of course. Anything you want.” 

Izuku blushed at his words and nodded his head softly. He felt like he was in a daze. What the hell was even happening? 

Shouto tugged Izuku towards his bed, his movements were a bit hesitant at first but after Izuku let his body lose from its tense hold, he seemed to gain a little more confidence. 

“I don’t want to hurt you, so if I’m coming close to touching a bruise, you must tell me, ok?” The half and half boy said, staring deeply into Izuku’s eyes as he spoke. 

The greenette nodded again, and let himself sink into Shouto’s bed. He felt a little shy at first, seeing as this was another boys bedroom he was in, but quickly got over his embarrassment from how comfy Shouto’s bed was. A content sigh slipped past his pouty lips, as his eyes fluttered shut, he couldn’t even imagine the hours of sleep he’d get if he had Shouto’s bed. Maybe it was his blankets. Maybe Izuku should steal one. 

But before Izuku could form a plan on how to stuff a pillow up his shirt without looking pregnant, the bed dipped from beside him, making his eyes snap open and look to the additional weight. Shouto was making himself comfortable, leaning on one of his propped elbows so that he could stare at Izuku. 

The greenette wasted no time in scooting closer to the boy, careful of not to push down on any of his fresh bruises. Izuku snuggled into Shouto’s chest, both of his arms tucked away into his own chest. The half and half boy, hesitantly, draped his arm over Izuku’s waist, drawing him in a little closer until the smaller prince was completely flushed against Shouto. 

Izuku felt good. He felt safe. But it didn’t feel like Yaomomo’s hugs or cuddles. This embrace felt different, there was something else intertwined between their bodies that made it seem more intimate than Izuku was used to. It was still comforting, more comforting than Yaomomo’s that’s for sure, perhaps because of how firm Shouto’s arms were compared to hers but, for some reason ... a reason Izuku did not know ... his heart was beating out of his chest. It was beating so hard, he was afraid Shouto would feel it and pull away, but that didn’t happen. 

Maybe Izuku was getting sick, he certainly felt warmer than usual in his current situation, and he felt a little jittery too. Izuku nodded inwardly and snuggled into Shouto’s chest a little more before letting himself be lulled to sleep by Shouto’s rhythmic breathing.

And maybe Izuku was imagining things but, he felt the heart beating heavily inside Shouto’s chest pick up its pace just enough for Izuku to notice. He felt it to.

... Maybe he felt it too.