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sweet thing's all mine (forever and always)

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The bed dips as he shifts on it, inching closer on his knees so he’s settled right between Touya’s spread legs. He’s still got to pull one of them aside a little more, Touya’s got a habit of curling himself up when he sleeps like this, but Keigo doesn’t mind. He’s still got his hand tight around his ankle when he’s just where he wants to be, fingers pressing reddened marks into the sensitive skin there. 

Keigo holds his breath as he keeps going, pulling back just enough that one of his talons can dig into the skin. He presses until he can smell blood, then he drags his hand along his leg and lets a trail form, careful to keep the cuts superficial. Red starts dripping down the sides of his leg, getting caught in the pretty curves of his upper thigh until Touya shifts and it starts to stain sheets Keigo doesn’t give a damn about.

He wants to keep staring, or maybe even lick along the trails, but he doesn’t; lets himself forget about the blood and how strongly it smells until he’s focused on the way Touya’s spread all out for him, wanting and naked and his until he can’t help himself and he’s running two fingers through his folds. He’s already wet, and Keigo rubs at his clit in slow circles just to see the way Touya clenches around nothing in response, a low moan working its way out his throat. 

Keigo swallows hard, forces down the saliva pooling in his mouth at the way he’s so slick and needy in front of him, and when he pulls his fingers back he’s quick to wrap his lips around them, shivering at the taste of Touya on his tongue. He’s sucking on his fingers too long after its gone, almost deepthroating them in need, but he pulls them out and reaches between his own legs right afterwards to rub at himself with the same fingers. He feels a little sick with satisfaction at the feeling, a little warm inside because of it, but then the head of his dick’s rubbing against the edge of Touya’s ass. It’s still wet with lube from when he was prepping earlier and it leaves a smudge on dimpled flesh, dripping down and making Keigo wonder about stuffing Touya full - of his dick, of his come.

And he’s in a hurry then to readjust his strap, to grab the base of his dick and work his way better in between pretty long legs, press the head of his dick into Touya’s suffocating warmth. Keigo digs sharp teeth into his bottom lip, feels drool start to leak its way out of the corner of his mouth because - he’s thinking of it as he eases his way in, already cooing and rubbing along the lower half of Touya’s back for how well he’s taking him. 

His breath picks up underneath him, Touya’s hands curling into tiny fists as he grows restless. Keigo tries to tell him not to worry, that he’s going to make sure he takes care of him right, but all that comes out of him is strangled noise because he’s stuffed Touya right down to the base and he’s turned his head enough that Keigo can see him now.

Little puffs of steam escaping his mouth, his face growing increasingly more red as Keigo tries to hold still but can’t because every time he shifts Touya makes such sweet sounds and Keigo falls in love with him all over again. He starts to ease out and rolls back into him smoothly, keeps an even pace that makes him breathe harder and whine openly just the way Keigo’s always wanted him to, only whenever he’s awake he’s so much more shy about it. 

Keigo keeps his hand steady on his lower back and watches him like he could never get sick of it. Touya’s so wet, he wonders if he could have fucked him like this without all the lube he used, he’s not fucking him with his largest size - it had been a while since they had a chance to spend time together and he hadn’t wanted to overwhelm him - but then Keigo listens hard and loves the way he pounds into him and everything sounds especially obscence because of it. Likes the way he fucks into him so easily, even if he knows Touya loves it when the drag is a little rough. 

Touya starts to get quieter, though, and Keigo doesn’t hesitate to start rubbing at his clit again, plays around with the idea of fingering him at the same time to try and give him more fullness, but then Touya’s going tight around his dick right when he’s stopped rubbing at him to attempt it, fingers only halfway in when he’s coming on his dick, moaning and trying so hard to fuck him back it makes Keigo go insane. 

He pulls out of him right after he’s done, sees how wide and stretched his pussy is from his dick, wishes he could watch something other than lube drip out of him, and then flips Touya over onto his back effortlessly. 

Touya’s hissing, probably from the pressure on the cuts, but Keigo isn’t worried because he knows how much he likes it. And he’s awake now, just barely, blue peeking out of furious blinks, dazed and sated. Keigo plans to keep him like that, knows he needs more than just a good fucking before he’s truly satisfied. Needs his pussy stuffed full and then right afterwards his mouth. If he wasn’t tired from work, Keigo would’ve gone farther, prepped his ass and made sure he felt him everywhere.

Instead, he gets out of his harness and then crawls over on top of Touya, who still looks slightly out of it until Keigo is right over his face. Too hot hands settled against his hips, pull him closer, and then Touya’s got his mouth on him, sloppy and sleepy, but so fucking warm. His tongue works its way in between his folds and runs along his hole and Keigo shudders, doesn’t even have to ask before Touya’s fucking him with it. He just sits there, hands gripping the headboard and forming more clawed marks into the wood from how tight his hold is. 

“Good boy,” he says shakily, feels a tear slip from his eye and run down his cheek, and lets out another gasp. “Good boy, good boy, g-good boy, fuck.

He wants to grind against him, wants to use Touya, but he doesn’t; knows if he does he won’t stop and knows Touya will let him do it even when he needs this instead. Behind him, he struggles to control his wings, tries to maintain his balance even when Touya’s holding him so tight like he could eat him out forever. Would, if only Keigo thought he deserved it.

“Just… ” Keigo lets go of the headboard with one hand, works his fingers into tangled black hair, the work of bedhead and Touya’s natural unrulyness. He pulls on the strands and goes weak in the knees when Touya moans against him, pulls his tongue out of him so he can suck softly at his clit, mouth so securely set in his folds. “Just like that.”

Keigo looks down at him and sees nothing but perfection. His heart’s swelling with pride, love, possession, even, and he lets out a little sob when Touya grows more insistent against him, tongue rolling against his clit. He’s watching him, looking up like he has to see it happen and Keigo fights half-heartedly, knows if he really wanted to he could break out of Touya’s hold like it’s nothing. He’s embarrassed, but so full of love in that moment, he lets himself cry. Touya’s grip on his hips goes soft, so he’s rubbing warmed fingers along his skin, and Keigo whines his name on repeat until he’s stopped shivering and he’s all gooey and warm and happy and Touya reeks of him. 

He tries to pull back, but Touya’s still licking at him, trying so hard to clean him up, Keigo makes a few soft noises at the overstimulation but Touya knows his limits. He lets him pull back soon enough and right after, Keigo’s quick to lean down and kiss him, tastes himself on his lips and feels that little bit of him always craving more finally settled down some. He settles right on top of Touya, curled up on his chest, but it only lasts a few minutes before Touya grumbles and tries to shift away from his insistent kisses.

His voice is low and rough when he says, sounding a little annoyed, “You’re heavy. Get off.” 

Keigo smiles at him, ignores him complaining about how Keigo’s fat ass is going to crush him like this, and tries to kiss him again and misses, catches his cheek and says, “G’morning, baby,” and all threats of murder slow for that moment, where Touya is flushed in the face and soft and Keigo loves him so furiously he’d do anything for this man.

“Then get off me,” Touya insists, when he says so, and still, he doesn’t.