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The Tower: The Queen of Asgard

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It had been three years since Pietro and Riley Skjodbærer joined our rather unconventional family.  We had made our home out at the compound upstate.  I think that we were balancing it pretty well considering.  The kids just saw us all as parents.  The men were all daddy, though when they needed to specify which daddy their name was added.  Daddy Steve or Daddy Tony for example.  I was Mommy, Natasha went by Mama, and Wanda used the Romani word Daj.  Thor would visit more regularly than before, though he did struggle with it.  He had a kingdom to rule and all he wanted to do was be here with us.  They were still superheroing but now the rule was never all at once.  There needed to be me and at least one other person left to stay with the kids, even if it was a really big bad.  Not that that had happened.  Normally it was never more than two at a time.  The new facility was large and a lot of it was training for new people to do the jobs they used to.

I had gone back to work too.  Not full time but just as it suited me.  That was one of the benefits to there being so many of us, the kids were never without a parent.  Everyone loved the parenting thing too.  I guess it fed that nurturing-protector thing they all had that led them to be heroes in the first place.

The kids were well-loved and happy little kids who didn’t know that life could be any different than the way they lived it.  They always had people doting on them.  We sheltered them a lot, which maybe was an issue.  Natasha didn’t want them ending up on the internet or in gossip mags so they really stayed home most of the time.  It would have to change soon though.  They were nearly preschool-aged and they needed friends and to know what the world was like, even the bad stuff.  For now, though they seemed pretty well rounded.  Riley was louder and more precocious than her brother.  A little bigger too.  While Pietro was a quiet and loving boy who was happy being cuddled and read to whenever he could.  They could both use ASL and spoke some Russian, Romani and English.

We had never bothered finding out whose child was whose and it wasn’t totally evident by looking.  Both were blond with bright blue eyes.  The day when we found out for sure I was woken in the very early morning by Riley climbing into bed with us.

Wanda groaned and moved in closer to me.  “What’s up?”

I kissed the top of Wanda’s head and sat up.  “What are you doing, little bug?”

“Not tired.”  She said, crawling over Wanda.

“What am I?”  Wanda asked.  “A playground?”

Riley started giggling.  “Up, Daj.”

“What do you want?”  Wanda asks.  “You want to go for a fly?”

“Fly!”  She repeated, reaching her hands in the air.

“Oh god.  This isn’t a good idea while everyone is asleep.”  I grumbled.

“Up!”  She said, waving her arms.

“Shh, bug, it’s time to sleep,”  Wanda whispered.

She sat down and put her finger on her lips.  “Up!”  She said at a loud whisper.

“It’s sleeping time, missy.”  I scolded.

“Mommy…”  Riley whined, falling back dramatically.

“Come cuddle with, daj,”  Wanda said and Riley crawled over into her arms.  “We sleep now, and fly later.”

Riley mumbled something in Russian and opened and closed her hand on Wanda’s side as she drifted back off to sleep.

“Such trouble,”  I said curling back up under the covers.

“At least it wasn’t Pietro.  We’d have had to get up and carry him around.”  Wanda said.

I chuckled and kissed her brow.  “Night, beautiful.”

“Night, Elly.”  She said.

We both drifted back off together.  I woke later to an empty bed and headed out to the kitchen to find Steve, Clint, and Wanda with the twins eating pancakes.  I assumed everyone else had gone off to work already so I grabbed myself a coffee and a plate and sat down opposite Clint who had a very sticky looking Pietro on his lap.

“Is everyone else over doing Avengers’ stuff?”  I asked.

“Well, I think Tony and Bruce are down in the home lab but basically,”  Steve said.  “Did you have plans?”

“I was thinking about going over to the lab, but…”  I shrugged.  “I might look into preschools instead.”

Steve nodded.  “Yeah, we should probably do that.”

“Is Tony still against the couple that are nearby for no real reason?”  I asked.

Steve chuckled and nodded his head.  “Sounds about right.”

Pietro held his hands up to Steve and opened and closed his hands.

“What’s up, pal?”  Steve asked.

“Pi’ me u’.”  He said through a mouthful of pancake.

Steve shook his head.  “What’d we tell you about talking with your mouth full?”

“Don’ know.”   He said, his mouth still full of pancakes.  Clint and I both looked at each other and stifled laughter.

“We don’t speak with our mouth full, little man,”  Steve said, sternly.

“Sowwy,”  He said still not swallowing.  I turned away and started laughing silently.

“Come on, Pietro.  Finish your food first.”  Steve said.  Pietro swallowed and held his hands out to Steve again.

“Okay, let Daddy Clint clean you up first,”  Steve said.

He scowled and looked at Clint holding his hands out palms up.  “Daddy.”  He said

“Okay, bud,”  Clint said and grabbed the wipes, cleaning him up.

“Fank you, daddy,”  Pietro said, patting Clint’s face.  Steve picked the little boy up and Pietro crawled up so he was sitting up on Steve’s shoulders and rested his chin on top of Steve’s head.

“Look at that, we have a kid that likes to perch and a kid that likes to fly,”  I said looking up at him.

Riley started bouncing and climbed off her chair.  “Fly?  I wanna fly!”

“What’s with you and flying so much today, little bug?”  I asked.

Riley scrunched up her face and tapped her arms.  “My skin feels funny.”

“What kind of funny?”  Clint asked looking concerned.

She looked up at him and tilted her head.  “Umm…”  She said and then started to spin around in a circle. “Funny.”

“Wanda?”  Clint asked.

“Daj make me fly?”  Riley asked stopping and looking up at her.

“No, honey.  Daj might be able to tell us how you’re feeling.”  I said crouching down in front of her.  “Can you describe it?  Does it hurt?  Or feel tingly maybe?”

Riley looked at me with her big blue eyes and opened and closed her hand.  I wasn’t sure but it felt like a breeze ran through the room.

“Wait,”  Wanda said.  “Did my daughter just create wind with her hands?”

“You felt that too?”  I asked.  “I thought I was imagining it.”

“No, you were definitely not imagining it,”  Steve said crouching down beside me.  “Bug, can you do that again?”

She scrunched up her face and opened and closed her hand like she was really concentrating.  Nothing happened at all and Steve rubbed her arm.  “It’s okay, bug.  We’ll figure it out.  “Wanda you getting anything?”

Riley started to run around again and then threw herself at Wanda.  “Daj!  Fly me!”  She squealed.

“Hang on, baby,”  Wanda said, she head tilted and her eyes glowing softly. 

Riley grabbed Wanda’s hands and started walking up her legs, flipping over when she reached her stomach.  “Fly me!”

“Maybe it’s time for Daddy Thor to come visit,”  I said looking up.

“What was different?”  Wanda mused.  “She said her skin felt funny, held her hands up and opened and closed them, then there was a breeze.”

“She’s been wanting to fly more today,”  I suggested.

Riley walked back up Wanda and flipped over again as she held her hand.  “Fly.”  She whined.

“If I fly you, will you try and make the wind again?”  Wanda asked.

“I try,”  She agreed.

“Okay,”  Wanda said getting up and moving away from the table.  “Get a running start.”

Riley ran to the end of the room turned around and charged at Wanda, her face the look of pure determination.  Wanda waited until Riley jumped and then flicked her wrist, catching her in the pink light of her telekinesis.  Riley squealed with delight as Wanda flew her around the room.  Pietro sat perched on top of Steve’s shoulders, watching closely as she did laps around the room.  After the third circuit, Wanda gently set her back down on her feet and Riley jumped up and down clapping her hands.

“Now, what was the deal?”  Wanda asked.

“‘Kay,” Riley said and scrunched up her face again.  She put her hands up in the hair and opened and closed them, making a cute little growling sound.  Still, nothing happened.  The air in the room stayed still.  “Can’t…”  She said, scowling but obviously still trying.

“Thor was given Mjolnir to help him focus his powers.  Maybe Riley needs something like that.”  I suggested.

“Maybe,”  Steve agreed.

Riley dropped her hands in frustration and a gust of wind blew through the room, buffeting us, before puffing out against the wall.  “I did it!  Daj!  I did it!”  Riley squealed, jumping up and down on the spot.

“Yes, you did, baby girl,”  Wanda said, cuddling her.  “Good job.”

“What was it?”  Steve asked.  “What was the difference?”

“It’s tied to her emotions,”  Wanda said.   “I can relate.”

Riley pulled away from Wanda and began to run around the room making zooming sounds.  “Heimdall, I’m assuming you can see all this.  We kinda need Thor.”  I said looking up.  “I hope he tells him.”

A storm suddenly started outside, the rain bucketing down directly on the house and there was a loud crack of thunder.  Both the kids squealed happily.  Pietro climbed down from Steve’s shoulders and they both ran to the window.   “Daddy For!”

“I’m going to assume that is a yes,”  Steve said.

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Steve, Wanda, Clint and I all stepped over to the window and looked out at the storm that had sprung up out of nowhere.  We all looked around trying to see any sign of the Bifrost opening or Thor approaching.  Riley and Pietro bounced around, their faces pressed to the glass.

“I don’t know.  Maybe that wasn’t him.”  Clint said.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders.  “Well, hopefully, Heimdall heard me and passed on the message.”

“Don’t worry, he did.”

We all spun around and the twins ran to him.  “Daddy!”  They squealed.

“Children!”  He said with a large smile, lifting them up easily and swinging them over his head.

They both squealed and kicked their legs and when he drew them back in against him, Pietro scrambled up to his shoulder while Riley bounced in the crook of his arm.  “I missed you, daddy.”  She said, kissing his cheek.

“I know little one.  I missed you too.”  He said.

I came over to him and kissed his cheek.  “Thank you, sweetheart.”

“It sounded as if you might require some assistance.”

“Daddy, I maded da wind.  Woosh!”  Riley babbled, excitedly.

“That’s very exciting,” Thor said smiling.  She raised her hands and wiggled her fingers.  A small breeze picked up and ruffled their hair.  “Look at you.  Such a clever little one.”

His praise seemed to make her even more excited and she kicked her legs.  “Imma make fundah wike you, daddy!”

“You’re going to be like me?”  He asked, tickling her stomach.

“Yes!  Wike you!  Imma fly!”  She babbled.

“Okay, we’ll teach you how to fly, but when you’re older,” Thor said.

“Is she going to need something to channel this?”  I asked.  “Like Mjolnir?”

“I don’t think so.  We should be able to teach her to control it.  I can get her a talisman if need be, but it should not be necessary.”  Thor said.

“Where’s mew mew?”  Pietro asked, patting the back of Thor’s neck.

“I hung her by the door,” Thor said.  “Then I would have both my hands free to hold you both.”

Pietro giggled and Riley wriggled in his arms, trying to get down.  When he let her to her feet, she took his hand and started swinging from it.

“Okay, we should call a family meeting.  Try and figure this out.  Let everyone know you’re here.”  Steve said coming over to Thor.  Thor leaned in and kissed him lovingly.  Steve hummed softly and ran his hand through Thor’s hair before pulling back.  “It’s good to see you.”

“And you,” Thor replied.

“Okay, FRIDAY page everyone.  Tell them it’s urgent and we’ll meet them in the living room.”

We made our way to the living room with Riley dangling off Thor’s arm.

“I gotta say, I kinda love how you just turn into a jungle gym when you show up,”  I said as we walked.

“I like to ensure the children are happy.”  He said.

“They definitely miss you when you’re not here.  They just get over-excited seeing you.”

He gave me a look that almost screamed at me about how bad he felt and how hard he was trying to balance this life with the one he had on Asgard.  I felt a pang of guilt for him and I rubbed the small of his back.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t meant to guilt-trip you,” I said.

“I do miss them.  And all of you.”  He said.  “I try to be here.”

“I know you do.  You’re always here for the big things.”  I reassured him.  He nodded and frowned.  It was clear he didn’t think that was enough.  I couldn’t imagine having to be apart from the kids that long.  It was hard enough being away from any of the others when they were out on missions.  “I just meant they try and make the time count when you are here.”

He nodded again and Pietro patted his neck.  “Daddy, where’s Woki?”

“You know, honey, he said he’d love to come.  He’ll definitely be here next time.”  Thor said.

“Dat’s otay,” he said.  “I dwew a picture.”

“For Loki?”  Thor asked.

Pietro nodded.  “Is a picture of you and Woki and me and Wiley.”

“That’s wonderful.  Shall I take it with me when I go?”  Thor asked and took a seat on the couch.

“Yes, pwease, daddy.”  

“Okay, darling. I can do that for you,” Thor said.

“Fank you, daddy,” Pietro said as he moved up a little higher on Thor’s shoulders and Riley started clambering around on him.

The rest of the group all seemed to come in at once.  Most likely due to driving over in the same car.  “See I told you, it was Thor,” Sam said.  He and Bruce muscled me and Clint out from beside Thor, both of them curling into his side.  Thor chuckled and kissed them both.

“Why are you here, Solntse?”  Natasha asked as she took a seat.

“We had a little incident today,”  I said.

“El,”  Bruce whined and began to wring his hands.  “You can’t just say things like that and not continue.”

“Well, in this case, it might need a little demonstration,”  I said.

Bruce’s eyes flicked around the group, trying to work out what was going on.  “Can we get on with it?”

“Princess, do you think you can show everyone what you can do?”  Thor asked.  “Daddy is right here.”

She moved into the middle of the room, held her hands up and scrunched up her face in concentration.  Nothing happened and she made a frustrated little grumble sound.  Wanda moved and kneeled down on the floor in front of her.  “Hey, bug.  Think about flying and how much fun it is.”  Riley closed her eyes and scrunched up her face again.  “Can you picture it, bug?  When I fly you around the room?”  Riley nodded and opened and closed her hands.  A breeze picked up in the room and circled around her before petering out.

“Did she just…?”  Bucky asked.

“She sure did,”  I said.

“I maded da wind again, daddy,” Riley said, toddling back over to Thor and climbing up into his lap.

“You certainly did, princess.  I’m very proud of you.”  Thor said, giving her a kiss.

“Yeah, so there’s that, basically,”  I said.

“Okay…”  Bucky said slowly.

“She may need to spend time with us on Asgard.  We are used to dealing with this, and we can train her to control it.”  Thor said.

“Asgawd!”  Riley shouted, jumping up and down on Thor’s lap.

I looked over at Steve, feeling a great deal of trepidation.  The thought of sending my three-year-old daughter to another planet to help her train with some kind of magic was terrifying.

“Perhaps a day a week?”  Thor said, gently.  “Alternatively, we would have to install someone here to act as her tutor.”

“That’s not a good idea,”  Wanda said.  “You know how he gets.”

“Who won’t be happy?”  Steve asked.

“Installing ‘someone’,”  Wanda said, putting the emphasis on someone.

I sighed and rolled my eyes.  “Oh jeez.  Thor?  Loki isn’t even Asgardian.”

“Woki come to stay?”  Pietro asked.

“I’m not sure, little one,”  Thor said.

“So… One night a week she’s in Asgard or Loki moves in.  Those are the options?”  Sam asked.  Natasha took Clint’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

“What do you think, Steve?”  I asked.

“You’d get her for what?  Saturdays?”  Steve asked.

“Why Saturdays?”  Tony asked.

“Because they are going to need to start school,”  Steve answered.  “And that’d be weekdays. So the options are either Saturday or Sunday. But she’d need to be back in time Sunday night to get to sleep for school.”

“Yeah go Saturday, come back Sunday I guess,”  I said furrowing my brow.  “I mean… I guess divorced couples share custody.  Just… I dunno… is it weird that I’m thinking that if you take one you should take both?”

“I can take them both,”  Thor said and Pietro nuzzled into his neck.

“What would happen to Pietro while Riley is getting her special lessons?”  Steve asked.

“We’d get him his own training,”  Thor said.  “He can train with the Warriors Three.”

I shifted in my seat.  “They’re three, Thor.”

“There are none better to train them than the Warriors, my love,”  Thor assured me.

“I don’t… we don’t…”  I looked at the others.  “I just… it’s a lot.  We need to make sure she can control her powers but … we wanted to keep them out of that stuff.  I mean… didn’t we?”

“Well, maybe we have to do this to keep them safe,”  Natasha said.

“What do the rest of you think?”  I asked.

“She needs training.  Piet could probably use some self-defense skills.”  Clint said.

I pulled my knees up against myself.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  We had been keeping them so sheltered and so removed from the Avengers stuff and now we were talking about combat training them?  “They’re three!”

“Yes, but, honey,”  Clint said gently.  “They’re the Avengers’ kids.”

“Steve…”  I implored.

“I am not processing this.  At all.”  Steve said.

Pietro climbed down from on top of Thor and toddled over to me.  “It otay, mommy.”  He said patting my leg.  I lifted him into my lap and cuddled him.

“Riley has powers, Mishka.  She needs to learn how to use them.”  Natasha said.

“Yeah.  It’s one thing to teach her to keep her powers in check.  It’s a whole other thing to make a baby a weapon.”  I snapped.

“I’m a big girl, mommy.”  Riley corrected me.

“Not a weapon.”  Thor soothed.  “That was never my intention.”

“Well… I don’t… I thought you’d just be helping her channel it.  I suggest Piet go too because then they can both spend time with you and you’re just talking training him.”  I said.

“I don’t want him to feel left out,”  Thor said.

“I just want them to have as normal a life as they can.  We can’t even agree on a preschool, but what?  You’re all totally cool with fight training toddlers?”

“No,”  Tony said.  “No.”  He shook his head and ran his hands through his hair.  “I don’t… I can’t…”

“What is it, Tony?”  Steve asked.

Tony opened and closed his mouth a few times and Pietro wiggled out of my lap and toddled over to him.  He took Tony’s hand and patted it.  “You otay, daddy?”  Tony picked him up and Pietro pressed his forehead against his father’s and patted his cheek.  Tony rubbed his back and took a deep breath.  “You otay.”  Pietro repeated softly, this time more as a statement than a question.

“I am now,”  Tony replied, just as softly.

“Tell us what you were thinking,”  I said gently.

“I want them to have the best schools, but I also don’t want them to have the same schooling I did.  They also need to be somewhere safe.  Nothing fits.”  Tony babbled.  “And now with this?”

“The school thing is hard because we do need to make sure it’s a good one and a safe one.  But they do need to go.  We can’t just keep them here and expect normal kids.  But… then how … how can they be anyway?”  I said.

“We’ll keep them level,”  Natasha said firmly.

“How?  How will we do that when -”  I waved my hands around.

“We’ll figure it out, Elise,”  Natasha said.  “They’ll have their version of normal.  Maybe it will be different but they’re gonna know we love them and have their back.”

“So… so … we definitely need Riley to get control of her thing.  She can’t go to school if she’s going to accidentally take it out with a hurricane because she’s upset one day.”  I said.

“Yeah, she needs to learn. But is taking them away necessary?”  Tony asked.

“Well… so… What are people leaning to, Loki being here or her going away one a week?”  I asked.  Clint visibly shuddered while Riley started climbing Thor and chanting ‘Woki’ over and over.

“Where’s he gonna live. Is he chained to the house? Who’s in charge of him?” Tony asked.  “How do we know he’d do that?”

“Heimdall would watch over him. But more than likely there’d be another charged with watching him.”  Thor answered.

“That’s a lot of people you’d be making live here,”  Sam said.

“Only two,”  Thor said.  “And it’d be a great honor for anyone to get that kind of order from their King.”

“Okay… so that’s option one,”  I said running my hands through my hair.  “Option 2 is she goes to you.  What if… can it be less often? Once every two weeks?”

“I’d need her Friday night and would send her back Sunday afternoon then,”  Thor said.

“And -”  I let out a breath.  “What if I don’t want them doing any combat training?”

“Okay, we can agree on something else,”  Thor said.

“And… can someone come to see what it’s like… just… I mean I trust you with them, but I just want to see what they’re doing.  Like how they let parents stay on the first day of preschool.”  I babbled.

“My loves, you are welcome to come to Asgard whenever you desire,”  Thor said.

“Okay.  That might help set my mind at ease.  I guess we need to weigh up the options.”  I said, letting out a breath.  “Which option would you rather have, Thor?”

“I would rather they come with me.  I would like that time with them.”  Thor said.

“It does seem fair that you get to have them sometimes,”  Steve said.  “You are their father too.”

“If the kids go. I’m going.”  Tony said, and Pietro patted his shoulder.

“You are more than welcome, Anthony,”  Thor said.

“Unless anyone is really opposed to it, I think that might be what we’re doing then,”  Steve said.

“I want to train on Asgard,”  Wanda said.

“I’ll see what can be arranged,”  Thor said.

Wanda grinned and clapped her hands.

My chest felt tight and I winced and rubbed it.

“You okay, doll?”  Bucky asked.

“Just… I mean I know that eventually, they’d be having camps and sleepovers and stuff but… Now it’s a reality.”  I said.

“Alright, the other order of business was them starting preschool,”  Steve said.  “We need to choose one.”

“I was the one being difficult. And I’m going to not,”  Tony said.

“So, you’re happy for them to just go anywhere?”  Clint asked.

Tony nodded and I shook my head.  “But like… safety.  Celebrity chasers?  Nat?”  I said.

“So, we get them into one of the celebrity schools,”  Natasha said.  “The discreet ones.”

“Did you forget we live in the middle of nowhere, New York, Nat?”  Sam asked.

“Okay,”  Tony said.  “So we move.”

“Where would we move?  Didn’t we move for a reason?”  I asked.

“Yeah.  But now it’s not working.  So we find somewhere that does.  I still have the Tower.  We could go back.  This place could still be here.  Just do the paperwork and have our home there.”

“I thought you sold the Tower, Tony,”  Steve said.

“Oh yeah,”  Tony said smirking.  “Probably because I lied.”

“Tony,”  Steve sighed.

Tony chuckled.  “Sorry.  Kids, don’t do that.”

“So, back to the tower then?”  Bruce asked.

“Why not?  I can renovate.  Make it more like this.  A home for us.  Put a garden in off the party deck for the kids to play.  It’ll be great.”  Tony said.

Steve nodded.  “We can do that.”

“And we get a dog,”  I said, trying to slip in a request me, Bucky, Clint, and the kids had been making for a while now.

“Why the f- udge not?”  Tony said.

I looked at Clint with my jaw dropped.  “Clint!  Clint!  Did you just hear that?”

Clint’s head whipped between me and Tony and me again with his mouth hanging open.

“Quit doing that before you give yourself whiplash,” Natasha snarked.

“Puppy, daddy?”  Pietro asked quietly.

“Yeah, we can get one, Piet,” Tony replied.

Pietro wrapped his arms around Tony’s neck and burrowed his face into him.  “Fank you, daddy.”  He said as Riley started bouncing on Thor and a breeze picked up in the room.

“Oh, so that’s what makes me the favorite.”  Tony teased.

“So this is what we’re doing?  Asgard once every two weeks.  Tony will go with them and possibly some of the rest of us.  We are going to move back to the city so they can go to a good, safe school.  And Tony is redesigning the tower to make it work for us as we are now.  Also … Puppy.”  I said looking around the room.

“Puppy!”  Riley repeated, jumping up and down in Thor’s lap.

“I’m going the first time they go,” Steve said.  “Since this seems to be the lesser of all evils.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna go too.  I really want to go to Asgard.” I said.  “Plus, I want to see what they’re doing.”

“When will that be?”  Wanda asked.

“This weekend?”  Thor said.

Tony pulled out a tablet and started tapping around.  “Okay. So redesign done by tonight, get approval. Start construction tomorrow.  And then I’m okay for this weekend.”

“And Bucky and Clint, you wanna take the kiddos to a shelter?”  I asked.

“Oh, yes,”  Clint said sitting up straight.

“Yeah, we can take them this afternoon,”  Bucky said.

“Sounds like fun,”  I said.  “And I guess… I’ll put in the paperwork for Dalton.”

“I can help with that,”  Natasha said.

“Alright.  We all know what we’re doing?”  Steve asked.  The group looked around and nodded slowly.  “Good.  We’ll see you back here for dinner.”

As everyone started getting up and people said their proper hellos to Thor I realized this was the start of another big life change for us.  I really had no idea how big it would be.

Chapter Text

That night we all gathered together for a family meal.  Wanda and I had cooked.  She took the lead so there were a lot of Sokovian and Romany dishes, as well as some very American sides like Mac and Cheese just in case the kids were being fussy.

Thor sat with Riley in his lap as Steve put Pietro in his highchair.  “This is Riley’s highchair,”  Steve said indicating to the other chair.  “If you don’t want her wiping her sticky fingers on you while you eat.”

“Am I not meant to be a napkin?”  Thor joked.

Steve chuckled.  “You can be if you like.  But there are other options.”

“I’m sure she will love using you as a napkin.”  I teased.

“I would assume so,”  Thor said as Riley buried her face into his neck and started kicking her legs.

Wanda and I put a variety of foods into the kid’s bowls and then sat and began helping ourselves.

“Now, Natasha,”  I said when everyone had started eating.  “There’s something you need to come to terms with.”

“What’d I do?”  She asked.

“Well, see… here’s the thing,”  I said, putting my fork down and looking at her.  “Out here at the compound, we can go outside with the kids and play or do whatever and we’re left alone because the worst case it’s just agents around, but generally the house is isolated.  If we go back to the tower, the only way the kids can get to play outside is to go to the park, which means…”

“No,”  Nat said, firmly.  “Nope.  No.  Nuh-uh.”

“They have to be able to go outside and play, Nat,”  Sam said.

“No.”  She repeated, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Nat, they have to.  Taking out the psychological need children have to do that.  They need vitamin d to live.”  I said.

“They can play on the roof,”  Natasha said.  “You said you could make a garden for them to play in, right, Tony?”

“Yeah.  I can do that, but Nat, you can’t …”  Tony started.

“Three years!”  Natasha almost shouted.  “I have saved them from those monsters for three years!”

“I know you have, Natasha,”  I said.  “You’ve done a great job.  But every year you do it their world becomes smaller.  They can’t just exist in a bubble where there are no other parts of the world.  They should be able to go to the beach or Disney or the park with their dog.  The longer we keep them from that the less chance they have of actually being normal kids who can interact with society.  They will grow to resent us for what we kept from them.  I know it sucks… but we have to figure out a way we can navigate in the actual world that negates the damage.”

Natasha scowled and muttered something in Russian as Clint rubbed her back.  She let out a breath and gave a slight nod.  “They need to respect their boundaries, or so help me…”

“Luckily we have someone here who grew up with it and might have some ideas,”  Steve said.

“We could take out restraining orders.  Happy was always pretty good at keeping them out of shot of me.  I’ll talk to him.  Maybe they can have a team that just stays out of sight and sweeps around.”  Tony said.

“That’s a start,”  Steve said.  “We’ll work this out, Natasha, but El is right, as much as we want to protect them, they can’t live in a bubble.”

“I want to keep them in a bubble,”  Natasha muttered.  “I mean it though, I’ll kill them if they get too close to my babies.”

“Mama!”  Pietro scolded, scrunching up his nose.  “Don’t be naughty.”

Natasha laughed so hard she snorted.  “Sorry, bud.”

“Nat snorted.” I giggled.

“El, don’t make me get in trouble with my son again.”  She warned.

“What?  It was cute.”

She eyed me but didn’t say anything and I smirked at her as I took a mouthful of my food.

“I may require some assistance here,”  Thor said.

We all looked over to him to see Riley’s hand stuck to the side of his head.  She looked distressed as Thor held her hand in place so she didn’t yank his hair out.

“Oh, damn,”  Clint said getting up and coming over to him and slowly trying to get Riley’s hand free.  “Okay, get me the vinegar.”

I got up and rushed to the kitchen, bringing back apple cider vinegar.  “Okay, bug, don’t move,”  Clint said as he began to work the vinegar into Thor’s hair and untangle Riley’s hands from it.

“Daddy!”  Riley whined as she tugged on Thor’s hair.

“Jelly Bean, your hand is literally attached to someone else right now,”  Clint said.  “You know how you complain when daddy brushes your hair too hard and it rips the knots out?  That’s what you’re doing to Daddy Thor right now.”

“Sorry, daddy.”  She said, starting to cry.

“It’s okay, princess.  I’m not angry.”  Thor said.

“I stuck.”  She said, fat tears running down her cheeks.

“I know,”  Thor said.  “Daddy Clint is going to get you out.”

“You kids need to use your forks when you eat,”  Steve said.

“Yeah, that’s the difference between babies and big kids,”  Natasha added.

“‘M a big girl.”  Riley sobbed as Pietro picked up his fork and awkwardly started to shovel Mac and Cheese into his mouth, more spilling down his front than getting in his mouth.

Clint managed to work Riley’s hand free and she stopped crying and looked up at him  “Fank you, daddy.”  She said, opening and closing her hand.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,”  Clint said wiping her hands clean.  “Now we’re going to use our fork and after dinner, you and your brother are going to have a bath.”

“Baff!”  Riley said excitedly.

“No, Baff, daddy,”  Pietro whined.

“Thor, we’re going to need to put coconut oil in your hair to untangle it properly.   Maybe a hair mask.  I can help you with that after dinner if you like.”  Clint said.

“I would appreciate that,”  Thor said.

We all finished up eating and Wanda and Sam took the kids for their bath while Clint and I took Thor to fix his hair.

“Take a seat on the edge of the tub,”  Clint said.  “Gotta rinse it out first if I’m gonna try and save it.”

Thor took his shirt off and sat down on the rim of the tub.  Clint began to fiddle with the water and started to rinse Thor’s hair.  “El, can you pass me the wide-toothed comb.”

I handed it over and he carefully began to pick out the knots with it.  “This is going to be some feat.  I hope you’re feeling patient, Thor.”  Clint said.

“You could just shave it.”  I joked.

“Yeah, that would definitely be easier.”  Clint chuckled, as he very patiently worked on Clint’s hair.

“Perhaps that would be best,”  Thor said.  “She was very upset at being stuck.  I do not like that I upset her like that.”

“You’re sure?”  I asked.

“Yes.  I’m sure.”  Thor said.

“Oh, god,”  I said, going to grab the clippers.  “I can’t believe we’re about to shave off the mighty Thor’s beautiful tresses.”

Clint began prepping the clippers while I plugged them in.  “Why are you more upset than Thor?”

I shrugged.  “I’m a dramatic bitch?”

“Okay, well. Don’t scream.”  Clint said.  He turned the clippers on and ran them through Thor’s hair.

“Oh my god,”  I said as I watched.  “Don’t make him bald.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll look good,”  Clint said as he worked.

I watched on as Thor’s hair got shorter and shorter, his blond locks collecting on the floor around him.  I swept up as Clint went and soon it began to look more like a hair cut.  Quite like Clint’s actually.  Short, back and sides, a little more length to the top.  Clint pulled back and looked over his work.  “It’s still gonna need a treatment.”  He said.

“Coconut oil?”  I asked.

Clint nodded and grabbed a brush to sweep away the stray strands and I got the coconut oil and began to work it into Thor’s hair and scalp.

Thor looked up at me and hummed.  “Thank you both.”

“You’re welcome.  Sorry about ol’ sticky hands.”  I said.

He put his hand on my hips and smiled softly.  “I was warned.”

“Well, this is extreme,”  I said.  “He’s done a good job though.  Steve might say you copied him.”

Thor chuckled.  “It was getting a bit much anyway.  With all my duties I barely had time to take care of it properly.”

“Really?”  I asked, spiking it up at the top.  “But don’t you have people for that.  You had all the braids and everything.”

“I know, but… I have been growing less comfortable with asking for that level of treatment.  I know my people don’t mind but I always feel more relaxed here, when I lack all the privileges that come with the crown.”

“You feel guilty don’t you?”  I asked.  “About not being able to be here?”

“Very much.”  He agreed.

“You’re doing your best.  You’re allowed to put them down when you’re here.”  I said.  “This isn’t ideal, I know.  It wasn’t planned either and you are the king whether that’s what you want or not.”

“They don’t want to be put down,”  Thor said, sounding guilty.  “They climb me.”

“I know.  They are really, really excited to see you.  And you’re very strong and they like that you just put up with it.”  I said, taking a seat beside him.  “But… being a parent is more than that.  What you’re being is a fun uncle.  Which… is Loki’s job I guess?  You can be firm with them about boundaries.  And you should be.  That’s what being a parent is.”

“I miss them when I am away.  I want to make it count.”  He said, frowning.

“They love you.  We all do.”  I said, rubbing his thigh.  “Are you seeing anyone?  Else I mean.”

“I’m supposed to.”  He said.  “But no.  Nothing else feels right outside of this.”

I rubbed his leg.  “This will always be here.”

“You can probably rinse that out now,”  Clint said sweeping the last of the hair into the trash.

I grabbed the showerhead and rinsed the oil out of his hair.  When he was done I switched it off.  “You want to check the damage?”  Clint asked.

“Please.”  Thor agreed, getting up and looking in the mirror.  “It looks good.  You are good at this.”

Clint blushed a little.  “Thanks.”

Thor pulled Clint up against him.  “No, thank you.”

Clint grinned and leaned up and kissed Thor.  Thor pulled him closer and kissed him hungrily.  Clint hummed and submitted to him, almost melting in the larger man’s embrace.  Thor pulled back and looked down at Clint, he caressed his jaw gently.  “I have missed you, little bird.”

“I missed you too,”  Clint said.

“Shall we go find the others?  Have a little fun?”  Thor suggested.

I smiled and came over and kissed his shoulder.  “I think that’s a very good idea.”

Chapter Text

That night Thor took the kids to bed and read to them.  Pietro cried when he first saw the haircut and it took a little comforting to settle him back down and convince him it was still his daddy Thor.

The rest of us retired to the bedroom to wait for him.  There was a strange vibe to the room.  There was so much going on with plans to move again, Riley coming into her powers, Thor visiting, and plans to visit Asgard.  It was a mixture of anxiety and excitement.  It had been a while since Thor had been here and we hadn’t been together as a group like this since then but everyone seemed to be a little jittery and unwilling to start.

We gathered in a group on our big circular bed.  Mostly down to our underwear, though Bruce was in pajamas and Steve had sweat pants on.

Thor came in and looked us over.  “What is it, lovers?  I would have thought you would start without me.”

Tony chuckled.  “Yeah, what’s with that?”   He joked, pulling me into his lap.

“I think everyone is just worried about Riley,”  Sam said.  “Powers.  Going to Asgard.  That kind of thing.”

Thor stripped off his clothes and laughed his soft deep laugh.  “There is no need to worry.  Asgard is my home.  She’ll be perfectly fine.”  He climbed down into the bed and got onto his knees. “Let’s see what we can do to alleviate this stress, shall we?  Banner, do you need help with your clothes?”

Bruce blushed a little and moved closer to Thor.  Thor pulled him close and kissed him as he unbuttoned his top.

Tony kissed the side of my neck and I turned my head and captured his lips.  He kissed me deeply and passionately his hand slipped in between my legs, massaging my cunt as we circled out tongues with each other.  I moaned softly while around me similar sounds were being made by the others.  Bruce was stripped naked and straddled Thor’s lap, rubbing their cocks together.  Natasha, Clint, and Bucky were a pile of limbs, locked together.  Nat and Bucky kissing while Clint kissed from Natasha’s neck to Bucky’s.  Steve was kissing his way up the inside of Wanda’s thighs.

I broke the kiss with Tony and began to kiss down his chest and Sam moved over to us.  He ran his hands down my back and leaned over kissing Tony.  I pulled Tony’s boxers down and swirled my tongue up the length of his cock.  I sucked slowly on the head as Tony’s fingers tangled in my hair and Sam’s fingers slipped into my panties and he began to finger my pussy.

I hummed happily as I slowly bobbed my head, each time taking more and more of Tony’s cock into my mouth until I was deep throating him.  As my hums turned to moans Sam pulled my panties down and lined his cock up to my entrance and thrust into me.

I gasped throwing my head back and releasing Tony’s cock.  He shifted to his knees and wrapped his hair in his hand and thrust back into my mouth.  Sam began to fuck me from behind while Tony fucked my mouth.  I groaned loudly into Tony’s cock and gripped his hip as I tried to remain steady and submitted to them.  While they fucked my roughly, their hands were gentle as they ran over my skin and teased my breasts.  Sam wrapped his arm around me and began to rub my clit.

I fell apart between them.  Moaning and grunting into Tony’s cock as Sam brought me closer and closer to my orgasm.  Tony’s precome coated my tongue.  With a sudden gasp and shudder, I came crying out around Tony.

Both men pulled out and Tony pulled me up into a kiss.  I hummed pulling myself tight to him and then leaned back and kissed Sam.

“Alright, dear.  Time for someone else to have some fun.”  Tony said.

I was barely free from their arms when Thor had pulled me into his and Bucky moved up behind me and engulfed me from behind.  Tony moved to Bruce and the two of them kissed deeply.  Sam had moved over to Clint and Wanda, while Natasha had started to ride Steve.

“Are you having fun, my loves?”  Thor asked.

“Mm-hmm.”  I hummed as the three of us lay down, Bucky spooning me from behind while Thor put his leg over both our hips and began to slide his cock up and down my folds.

“I am happy to hear it.”  He said, kissing me deeply.

Bucky rutted against my ass, their cocks meeting at my cunt and pushing against each other.  He squeezed my breast with his metal hand and kissed my neck.

I was just beginning to wonder what they were both planning to do with me when Wanda crawled up in between Thor and I, and curled herself around me.  She latched on to one of my nipples and began to suckle and bite at it as she rolled her hips against me, so her pussy ground against mine.

I giggled and Thor chuckled deeply, readjusting to make room for her.  Both her and Bucky pulled themselves tightly against us and began to kiss so that Wanda and I were almost lost in a cocoon of muscle as we rolled our bodies against each other between them.

Bucky grabbed my hips and Thor did the same to Wanda.  Almost as one both thrust forward, Bucky penetrating me as Thor filled Wanda, pushing us more tightly together.

Wanda moaned into my breast but did not release it.  It ached as she suckled.  A good ache that made my skin prickle and a pit form in my stomach and push down on my core.  Our cunts continued to rub together as each man thrust into us, making me moan loudly.

Wanda whimpered and flicked her wrist I felt the familiar warm prickle of her powers tickle my skin.  We were soon surrounded by a pink glow and each time we moved our hips and ground against each other, there was a hard buzz against my clit.

“Fuck.  Wanda.”  Bucky groaned.

“Mm… that’s it, my little witch.”  Thor rumbled.  “Let me just…”

Blue plasma flickered through the pink and my core clenched hard, completely out of my control.  I cried out and arched back against Bucky, who groaned loudly and dug his fingers into Thor’s bicep.

Wanda whimpered and bit into my breast.  We were pressed so closely together that I could feel her own stomach muscles clench.  She came suddenly and for a moment the pink glow around us expanded out and then flickered before she got control of it.  I leaned down and captured her lips, kissing her hungrily and massaging her tits.  Thor put one of his hands on mine and that electrical charge passed through me again, making my muscles clench.  I groaned and when they relaxed again, I came, my whole body shuddering.

My orgasm seemed to make Bucky pick up his pace.  He started rutting into me hard and fast from behind.  All I could do was hold on to Wanda for the ride.

All four of us were moaning, and our moans blended in with the rest of the group.  They’d all moved in closer to us.  Steve was on his back, pressed close to Bucky and Sam fucked him.  He held Steve’s knees up against his shoulders so they could kiss.

Natasha had Clint’s hands pinned above his head as she rode him hard, her hair hanging down in sheets as she looked down into his eyes.  Bruce had pressed himself up close to Thor from behind while Tony spooned him and fucked him slow and deep, keeping him wrapped in his arms and kissing his neck.

Wanda came again, and as her second orgasm trailed off a third seemed to take over and she seized up and cried out.  I could almost feel it myself and my own orgasm hit.  This time mine dragged Bucky’s over with it and he held me close as he spilled inside me.

We lay pressed against Wanda and Thor, running out hands over them and when Wanda came again her powers flickered off and Thor thrust hard into her and came.

We curled up together as around us everyone else began to finish.  First Bruce and Tony.  Then Clint and Natasha.  Finally, Sam and Steve groaned and jerked against each other as they came.  Wanda waved her hand lazily and floated wipes over and we began cleaning each other off.

Sam hummed and stretched out as we all began to settle again.  “You’re right, Thor.  That was a good way to relax.”

Thor chuckled and pulled Sam into his arms.  “I needed it too.  I’m happy I’m here with you.”

As we all piled up on each other, it struck me how important Thor was to us.  When he came to see us it was like a reminder we needed to take time for us all as a group.  I was glad he was part of our lives.

Chapter Text

The following morning Clint, Bucky, and Thor took the kids out to a shelter that Tony had contacted.  Apparently, there was a puppy mill that had been raided and now it was a little overloaded.  In exchange for a rather large donation, the kids were getting a private tour and allowed to pick out a puppy without it getting out to anyone outside the family.

The rest of us spent the morning at work.  I made sure I was back by lunchtime because I was super excited to see the new puppy.  I had been wanting one more than the kids.

Natasha had the same idea and we were just thinking of going and making some lunch when the kids came charging into the living room.  Bucky followed them in looking slightly amused and carrying two large dog beds.  Clint came next with his arms laden down with bags.  Finally came Thor holding two squirming puppies.  One was a tiny, black, white, and tan Cavalier King Charles spaniel with big floppy ears and the other was a dalmatian with what looked almost like a paw print on its nose.

I jumped up from the couch and clapped my hands, not able to hold in my excitement.  “Oh, no.  Tony’s going to kill us.”

“They couldn’t decide and they gave daddy Thor this big, practiced - obviously practiced - twin, puppy dog eyes, and he just caved,”  Bucky explained, putting the beds on the floor.

“Oh my goodness, you terrors,”  I said, ruffling each of their hair.  “Are you going to introduce me and mama to the puppies?”

Pietro took my hand and tugged on it while Riley bounced back to Thor like a kangaroo.  I followed after her and held my arms out for a puppy.  “You’re in so much trouble, Mister.”

Thor looked sheepish as he put the Cavalier into my arms.

“Dis one’s a…”  Riley said and looked up at Clint like he might be able to fill in the word she couldn’t quite find.

“It’s a Cavalier,”  Clint said.  “I think they want to name it Cap.  Or Colonel.  They can’t quite seem to get the word they want.”

“He’s so cute,”  I said, playing with his silky ears.  “Can either of you even say Colonel?”

“No,”  Clint laughed.  “That’s why they haven’t decided.”

I took a seat on the ground and let the puppy into my lap.  The twins came over, Riley flopping over my leg so she could pat him and Pietro lying down in front of me so that the puppy could lick his face.  “You don’t want Cap either?”

“No,”  Riley said.  “Dat’s not it.”

The puppy started to sniff at the ground and looking at it nervously.

“Buck, if we have training pads, you might wanna put them out or someone’s gonna pee on the carpet,”  I said.

Bucky immediately began rooting through the bags for the training pads and I went back to playing with the puppy’s ear.  “What about Carol?”  I asked.

Riley gave me a look like I was an idiot.

“What?”  I laughed.  “She’s a Cap and a Colonel.”

Riley shook her head firmly.

“Well what then, you say something,”  I said.

Riley shook her head again and I picked her up and started tickling her.  “What do you mean, no?”  I said as she squealed and kicked her legs.

I put her back down and held my hands out to the other puppy.  Thor put the dalmatian into my arms.  “Oh my god, they are both so cute.  Does this one have a name?”

“Get this,”  Bucky said, chuckling.  “Spotty.”

“Spotty?  Her name is Spotty?”  I asked as I patted both of them.

“Yup,”  Bucky said, popping the p.

“Oh, goodness.  What a perfect name, kiddos.”  I said, kissing the puppy’s head.

“I think they want the Cavalier to have a fancier name,”  Bucky said.

“Oh, a fancy puppy name,”  I said, playing with his ears again. “What about duke?”

Riley and Pietro shook their heads.

“What about something Norse sounding?  Like Loki’s puppy?  Fenrir.”  I said.

The twins looked at each other and Riley squeaked and nodded her head.

“You like Fenrir?  Or something like that?”  I asked.

“Like dat,”  Pietro said.

I looked up at Thor.  “Do you have any ideas.”

Thor took a seat and gave the puppy a pat while he thought.  “Perhaps Tyr would fit.”

Riley and Pietro looked from the puppy to Thor and back to the puppy again.  “Yep.  Tyr.”  Riley said.

“Welcome to the family, Tyr, and Spotty,”  I said, patting them both.  “Did you have fun picking them out?  Were there lots to choose from?”

“Wots and wots,”  Pietro said pushing his face between the puppies so they’d both lick him.

“Okay, kids.  We have to figure out where these guys are going to sleep and eat, don’t we?”  I said.

“Yeah, guys,”  Bucky agreed, moving to sit next to me and taking Tyr.  “What are we going to do with them?”

“Dey can sleep wif us,”  Riley said.

“Yeah, dat’s good.”  Pietro agreed.

Natasha started laughing and shook her head.  “Well, that’s sorted.”

“We need to make sure they get taken out regularly,”   I said.

“Every three hours at the very minimum.”  Bucky agreed.

“And we need to train them so they can sit and walk on the lead and come when we call them,”  I said.

“And they can come running with us.  And play dead.  And do yoga with Daddy Clint.”  Bucky added.

I laughed.  “Oh man, I just got the best mental image of them going under him while he’s doing bridge pose.”

“Or when he’s doing up dog, and the dog is on his back.”  Bucky chuckled.

“It’s already super adorable when the kids are there trying to join in,”  I said.

“Now the kids and the puppies,”  Bucky said as he played with Tyr’s ears.  He looked up at Clint and smiled.  “It’ll be like herding cats, Clint.”

“We should get a cat too,”  I said and both the kids started to bounce.

“Are you kidding?”  Nat asked.  “We already got two puppies.  We’re already pressing our luck.”

I sighed.  “Yeah, I guess.  With the move and going away now’s probably not the best time for a cat anyway.”

“Nope,”  Bucky said.

Tony appeared from the stairwell and stopped dead.  He looked at the puppies and then at Thor who was still sitting opposite me.  “I said one.”

“They gave Thor the puppy dog eyes,”  Clint said with a shrug.

“Who let Thor go?”  Tony said.

“The children couldn’t decide whether they wanted to stay and play with me or go and buy a puppy.  So I decided it was best if I went with them so they could do both.”  Thor said.

“In my experience, often when you expect one of something, multiples are pretty great,”  I said.

“But I wasn’t even used to the idea of one dog,”  Tony said.

“Yeah, well.  You weren’t used to the idea of one romantic partner or one kid.  But now look at you.”  I teased.

Tony narrowed his eyes at me, then broke and started laughing.  “You got me there.”  He said and sat down on the couch behind me.  “Alright kiddos, tell me about the puppies.”

The kids told them their names, while I leaned back against him and he started to play with my hair.  The puppies both passed out in a pile on Bucky’s lap while the kids were talking and when they finished Pietro climbed up on Natasha and wrapped his arms around her neck and nuzzled into her.

“You a little tired, bud?  Need a nap?”  Tony asked.

He shook his head and Natasha rubbed his back.  “He just wants to sit with Mama, isn’t that right?”  Natasha said.  He made a little grunt sound and patted her neck.  “And if you fall asleep on Mama that’s okay too.”

He crawled up on her so she was supporting his weight a little more.  “Think he’s going to fall asleep,”  I said.

“Not tired,”  He grumbled.

“Uh-huh.  Not tired, little one.  I think you’re exhausted.”  Natasha teased.

“Nyet, mamochka,”  Pietro said as he wriggled and seemed to burrow into her more.  I started giggled and Natasha chuckled softly and whispered something to him in Russian.  It wasn’t long until his breathing evened out.

“Three babies down, one to go,”  Clint said.

“What about you, bug?  Are you going to sleep?”  Bucky asked.

Riley shook her head and started to climb up Thor.  “Nope.”  She said.

Thor chuckled and flipped her upside down.  “She is most definitely my daughter.”

Chapter Text

Thor spent the week with us, mostly with two little shadows chasing him around and climbing on him.  Tony organized the start of the Tower remodel while we confirmed a preschool and school for the twins.

The puppies were settling in nicely.   While they were usually gamboling along after either Pietro or Riley but when they weren’t you could find them doing yoga with Clint and Bucky, or going for runs with Sam and Steve.  Quite often you’d find Tony sitting on the couch reading on his tablet while one was asleep on his lap.

It wasn’t long until Thor’s time was up though and on the morning he, Tony, Steve, and I were supposed to be taking the kids to Asgard I was packing the last of the kids’ things with Wanda.

“I think that’s enough books, Piet,” I said as he toddled over with another clutched in his hands.

“Pappa Steve might need to carry that for you,”  Wanda said to Pietro as I put the book in her bag.  “But mommy is right, no more.”

Pietro pointed as his bookshelf.

“Piet, you know Loki will have lots of books,”  I said.

“That’s right.  I bet there’s a great big library.”  Wanda added.  “And you know what I want you to do for me?”

“What?”  Pietro asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“I want you to get a good look all around the library.  Then when you come back you can think about it and I’ll get to see it too.”  Wanda said.

“Otay, Daj,”  Pietro said.

“Thank you, my sweet boy,”  Wanda said.  “You know I would love to go with you.”

Pietro flopped into her arms and hugged her as I did one last check of the bags.  “I think that’s everything.”

“Okay, Piet, you better go say a special goodbye to daddy Clint,”  Wanda said putting the little boy back down.

“Otay.  I find him.”  Piet said and just ran off.

“Piet!  You gotta wait for us…”  I called.  “… and we lost him.”

“Sorry,”  Wanda said.  “I just… you know how he gets.”

“Yeah.  He’s probably feeling a little like you are right now.”  I said getting up and picking up both the bags.

“He’s probably hiding.  Or perching.  Or sulking.”  Wanda said.  “Figured it would be easier to get him out if his baby went to find him.”

“FRIDAY, can you make sure Clint knows that Piet is running around the house looking for him?”  I said.

“Of course, Miss,”  FRIDAY replied.

“You ready, bug?”  I asked.

She picked up another bear and nodded.  She toddled over to Wanda and held her arms up.  “Up, pwease.”

“Since you asked so nicely,”  Wanda replied, picking her up.

She nuzzled into Wanda’s neck.  “Me gamau dut, daj.”

“Mmm…”  Wanda hummed, stroking her hair.  “Me gamau dut.”

We went out to the living room with Riley and the bags and found Steve pacing and counting his fingers while Tony and Sam both sat on the couch, and Natasha was stretched out on the recliner.

“What’s going on?”  I asked.

“Someone is being a perfectionist,”  Natasha said.

“Steve?”  I asked, dropping the bags.

“Did we pack everything?  What if we forget deodorant?”  He asked, not breaking his pace.

“I’m pretty sure Asgard has things.”

“But what if the kids can’t sleep?”

“It’s not a one-way trip, sweetheart.”

“What if they don’t like us?”  He asked.  “Or Piet?”

I came over to him and stepped in front of him, breaking his pacing.  I took his hands and looked up into his eyes.  “They don’t have to like us.  It’s not about us.  And I’m pretty sure if any of them were awful enough to do anything negative to Piet, Loki would personally put a knife in them.”  I leaned up and kissed his cheek.  “This is just a test run to see how it works.  If it’s no good we don’t go back.”

Steve nodded and circled his arms around me.  “Okay.”

“We ready to go then?”  I asked.

“Yeah, I guess we’re ready,” Steve said.  “Our things are already out there.”

They got up and Steve grabbed the bags, while Sam took Riley off Wanda.  “Are you gonna have a bunch of fun on Asgard, bug?”  He asked

“Yep,”  Riley said simply.  “Daddy For is gonna teach me to fly.”

Sam chuckled.  “Is he now?”

“Yep.  Den we can fly togever,”  She said.  “You wike to fly, daddy?”

“I love it,”  Sam said, leaning his forehead against Riley’s.

“I wuv it.”  Riley mimicked.

The others were all outside waiting gathered together on the lawn with the bags for Steve, Tony and I.  There was a long series of hugs and kisses goodbyes between those that were leaving and those who were staying.  While pretty much all of them had been separated from the kids for small periods of time due to missions, it was the first time the kids were leaving the compound for any significant time.

“Now, what?”  I asked, looking at Thor.

“Gather around me,”  Thor said.  I herded the kids over to him while Steve brought the bags over.

“I shall hold the children.”  He said, scooping them back up.  “Now, it will feel like you are being pulled up very rapidly.  Stay as still as possible.  Do not touch the edges of the Bifrost.”

We nodded and moved closer to him.  We waved goodbye and while we were waving a bright iridescent light engulfed us and we were dragged upwards fast enough to make my eyes water.  The next thing I knew we all stumbled forward into a large golden-domed room.  Pietro started crying while Riley just looked around.  In the center of the room, a man with a large golden helmet and golden eyes twisted a sword and pulled it free from a pillar.

“What have you done to my child, you buffoon?”  Loki said striding into the room.  She was in her female form and wore a long green cape over her scaled armor.  Her horned helm looked more like a crown than a helmet.  “Why don’t you come to your Aunt, child?”

Pietro held his arms out and Loki took him from Thor.  “Aundie Woki!”  Riley squealed, kicking her legs.

“My little troublemakers,”  Loki said affectionately as Thor put Riley down and she ducked under Loki’s cape.  “Sorry I was late.  I was finishing up with the festivities.”

“Festivities?”  I asked.

“Yes,”  Loki said with a look on her face like I was the biggest and most annoying idiot that had ever dared to speak to her.

I looked over at Thor completely confused and hoping that he might be able to clear things up for me.

Loki muttered something under her breath.  “You didn’t tell them?  What?  Better to have them ambushed?”

“What’s happening?”  Steve asked.

“Oh,”  Loki chuckled.  “The people are very excited to finally get to see the heir to the throne and their kings chosen consorts.”

For a moment I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic or not.  “Seriously?”

“By the Allfather, you are dense.”  Loki scoffed.

I shoved her.  “Hey!  I’m the one that’s nice to you.  Watch it.”

She chuckled and waved her hand.  “This is a big deal.  There will be a procession and later a feast.  Brother, I can’t believe you didn’t tell them.”

I looked over at Steve.  “I guess they like us?”

“I guess,” Steve said with a small shrug.

Heimdall stepped forward.  “There is a carriage awaiting you outside.”  He said.  “You as the chosen consorts will be awarded special treatment.  You particularly, my lady.  As the mother to the heir, you hold a position akin to the queen.  The children will be of special interest, particularly Riley as the firstborn heir.  They will not be interfered with.  No one will approach them without permission.”

I nodded.  “Thank you.”

“Of course, my lady.”

“Are we ready then?”  Loki asked.

I nodded and we were led out to where a group of mounted guards were waiting, surrounding an open-topped carriage.  Thor, Loki, Tony, Steve, the kids, and I all got in the back.  I moved up close to Thor, wrapping my arm around his, as Riley moved to the edge of the carriage and looked down at the rainbow road and Pietro sat in Loki’s lap looking at the horses excitedly.

The whole thing was overwhelming to look at.  A huge golden city loomed off in the distance, sitting on a planet that was a physical impossibility.  Just an island floating in space, water running off the edge into nothing.  We were looking at it standing on a road that looked like it was made of thick iridescent glass that was suspended over space.

It was impossible and beautiful and I couldn’t believe where we were.

“Are you ready, my ctshanzar?”  Loki asked Pietro, who was making soft hiccuping noises as he looked at the horses.

“You may need to shield him,”  I warned.  “It might get a little overwhelming for him.”

“You think I’d let that happen?”  Loki asked.

“No.  Just… You normally see him when he’s in the comfort of his own home.”  I said.  “Not like this.”

“I repeat.  Do you think I’d let that happen?”  She said, narrowing her eyes at me.


“That’s better,” Loki said.  “I’m just waiting to hear he’s ready before I get the signal to start.”

“I’m otay, Aundie Woki.”  He said softly.  “I got books I wanna show you.”

Loki gave a signal and the horses started down the road in their procession.  “You’ve got books for me?  I would love to see them.  We’ll have to get you to your room and unpack.”

“I maded a picture.”

“For me?”  Loki said.  “I can not wait to see it.”

I smiled as I watched them.  As hard to read and flat out unpleasant Loki could be, they were always good with the kids.  Pietro, in particular, had a very strong bond with them which finding out that he was not the heir, was a little copacetic really.  They were both excited to see her.

“Undie Woki.  We god two puppies.”  Riley said.

“Two?”  Loki asked.

“Spoddy and Tyr,”  Riley said as she bounced beside Loki.

“Can we see, Fenwiwr?”  Pietro asked.

“I’ll have to consider that, my darling.  He is very large.”  Loki said.  “But I’ll see what I can do.”

I rubbed Thor’s arm and looked up at him.  “Are you okay, my love?  You seem a little stressed out.”

He nodded.  “I should have told you, but I was worried you would change your mind and not let them come.”

My heart broke for him.  I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to see his own kids so rarely because he was bound to Asgard as its king.  I took his hand and played with his fingers and he kissed the top of his head.  “I am sorry I kept this from you.”

“It’s okay.  No more secrets though.”  I said.

“I promise.”

Riley was moving around the carriage trying to look at everything.  She leaned over the edge and squealed.  “Daddy!  Dat’s space down dere!  Dat’s space down dere!”

“Yes, it is,”  Thor said, holding onto her shirt as she leaned over the edge.

She stood up and moved over to Tony, climbing into his lap and wrapping her arms around him.  “Its otay, daddy.  I god you.  You safe.”

He smiled and held her close.  “Thank you, bug.”  He looked over at me.  “How’d she know?”

I shrugged.  “She’s a sponge.”

The horses reached the end of the bridge and I began to hear the people.  When we passed through a gate, a loud cheer broke out and Riley looked up while Steve and I tensed.

People lined the streets, cheering and calling out our names.  Mostly Thor or Riley but I heard my name, Steve’s, Tony’s, and Pietro’s in the mix.  Riley climbed off Tony’s lap and moved into Thor’s climbing him to get a better view, which made the crowd roar louder.  Pietro made a small squeak sound and burrowed into Loki’s neck.

I started to twist my hands nervously and Tony wrapped an arm around me.  “You have to fake it, honey.”  He said.  “Shoulders back, chest out, fake smile.”

I nodded.  “Right.  But my heart.”

“It goes in a box.  They can’t hurt it.”

I tapped my fingers on his leg and smiled out at the crowd, but my heart was hammering.  “It’s making me flashback to that day we had to force our way out of the press conference after we went public.  We’ve done other things though.  I go to events with you and it’s fine.  Is it the kids?”

Tony took my hand and squeezed it.  “Do you need me?”

I nodded and he pulled me close and kissed the top of my head.  “You know I love you right?”

I nodded.  “Yeah, I know.”

I looked at the kids to see how they were handling the whole thing.  Pietro was still snuggled in against Loki, but he seemed to be relaxed.  Riley was standing up on Thor’s lap and waving at people.

I tapped my fingers on Tony’s hip.  “We’re on another planet.”

He chuckled.  “I know.  I’m trying to internalize my geek out.”

“We’ll have to geek out together later,”  I said.

“Our little boy is doing better than I thought.”

“He is.  Looks like he’s about to fall asleep.”  I agreed.

“It’s all going to be fine.  Trust me.”  Tony said.

I leaned against him as we wound our way through the city.  They moved up to the gates of the palace and we all got out of the carriage.  I looked up at the palace.  It loomed over us in all its golden splendor.  Two guards opened the doors for us.  “Well, here we are,”  Thor said.  “Welcome home.”

Chapter Text

Thor led us through into the grand entrance of the palace.  It was a massive hall almost a football field wide with large doors coming off it and staggered stairs up, so it gradually rose up.  Everything was ornately decorated in gold.  From the gilding on the marble floors to the intricate artwork on the ceiling.  There were pillars at even intervals on the way down and in the distance ahead was a large doorway and light spilled from it.  Guards, dressed in gold, were stationed at the pillars on either side of the hall.  It was clear that the hall was built to hold the city if need be and was used for official events.

“Ahead is the throne room, but we are heading to the royal wing,”  Thor said taking a right turn before we reached the throne room

This hall was much smaller but still bigger than any in our house, which was bigger than the average house.  The light coming through the large arched windows and skylights seemed golden too.  It was as if the whole of Asgard was just dipped in gold.

“This palace is vast,”  Loki said.  She was carrying Pietro still who was now looking around a little.  “You could be easily lost.”

“And no FRIDAY to help,”  I joked.

“Was that a challenge?”  Tony asked.

“No.  She’s just not here so I don’t get lost.”  I said giving him a look.

“Sounded like a challenge to me.”  Tony insisted.

“It wasn’t, Tony!”

“Steve, tell her,”  Tony said.  “No, wait.  Bug, didn’t mommy just challenge me?”

Riley nodded her head sagely.  “Is a chawenge.”

“Thanks, Bug.  And what do we say to those?”

“Chawange assepted!”  She roared.

I started laughing and shook my head.  “Oh, god.  What have you been teaching her?”

“Nothing, she’s just my little girl.”  He said.

“So what does that actually mean?”  I asked.  Are you installing AI into the palace?”  I asked.

“No, not the palace.”  He said.  “Maybe you can have a personalized AI butler,”  Tony said.

I looked at him quizzically.  “For me specifically?”

“Well, duh.  You get lost in your own room.”

Steve snorted as he tried to stifle a laugh and I smacked his arm.  “Well, thank you, Tony,”  I said.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and gave me a squeeze.  “Oh, good.  I thought I was going to get in trouble for that one.”

“For making me something because you’re worried about me?  Never.”  I said.

“So, my little bug.  Should I make mommy a bracelet or a robot?”  He asked.

“Robod,”  Riley said without even pausing to think about it.

Tony ruffled her hair.  “You got it, kiddo.”

Thor smiled and turned, opening a door.  “I thought you might like to invent while you were here, so I had this made for you and Banner.”

Tony looked at the lab and then at Thor in shock.  “You made a lab for me?”  He said coming in and slowly walking around the room.

“Yes, of course.  I want you to feel at home.”  He said.

There was the briefest of moments where Tony looked at Thor with the softest and most loving expression.  I think he was starting to see what I had been seeing this week and missed.  Thor was in love with us.  Completely.  We weren’t a side project for him.  He wanted us to be with him here.  Being king was his side project keeping him from us.  Not the other way around.

“Alright, kiddos.  Who wants to look at the space lab?”  Tony said, clapping Thor on the shoulder.

“Yeah!”  Riley said, bouncing a little.

Pietro picked his head up from Loki’s shoulder.  “I wanna.”

Loki put him down and they both toddled off after Tony as he moved around the lab looking at things.  Pietro grabbed Tony’s hand and tugged on it.  “Wanna see, pwease.”

Tony picked him up and Pietro started clambering up onto his shoulders.   “Oh, you want to be up, up, huh?”  He said helping him to get all the way up.

“So how’s it look?  You got everything you need?” I asked.

“I mean, I don’t know what half this stuff is, but finding out is gonna be fun,”  Tony said, a huge smile plastered on his face.

Riley tried to climb up onto a chair to reach one of the workbenches and Loki swooped in and scooped her up and put her on her hip.  “How about we don’t do that?”  She said.

“Look at you being the responsible one.”  I teased.

“Don’t get used to it.”  She snarked.

Riley started to stroke Loki’s hair.  “Little one, did you not learn to leave people’s hair alone?”  Thor asked.

“Is that what happened to the almighty royal hair?”  Loki teased.

“I dot stuck,”  Riley said poking out her bottom lip.

Loki chuckled and kissed Riley’s brow.  “Very good.  Well, it has been 800 years since your last haircut, brother.  You were well overdue.”

Thor rolled his eyes and looked over at Tony.  “Have you seen enough?  Shall we continue to our living quarters?”

Tony agreed and we all headed back out and down a hall.  Thor led our little group to a door at the end of the hall and opened it up.  Inside was what looked like a large living area.  It had a circular couch in the middle of the room around an ottoman and there was a large dining table that would easily fit the entire family.  Around the room were 12 doors.  All closed.  The room still contained a lot of gold, but here they were more highlights to the reds and whites that were decorating the room.

“Oh wow,”  I said coming in.

“This is not my primary dwellings,”  Thor explained coming in.  “I had them built for you when the twins were born.  I hoped that Riley’s lineage might convince you to come to spend time here eventually.  Each door leads to a bedroom for each of us.  And one for the twins.  But you will find the beds are large enough in the adult’s rooms to accommodate all of us.  The door directly opposite leads to the main bath.  There are smaller ones attached to each room.”

I looked around the room with my mouth open before turning to Thor.  “How long have you been hoping we will visit, Thor?”

Thor shrugged a little but didn’t answer.  I shook my head a little to clear it.   “This room is for you, my queen,”  Thor said, showing me to one of the rooms.  “It’s second only to mine.”

I looked at him and blinked.  “Why?”

“Asgardian tradition,”  Thor said, not really addressing the question at all.

“What?  What tradition?”  I asked.

Loki rolled her eyes.  “The one where the mother of the heir gets special treatment.”  She explained.  I scrunched up my face and Loki laughed.  “He has really left you in the dark, hasn’t he?”

“Yes.  What is going on with you and not telling us stuff?”  I asked.

He shook his head again.  “I apologize.”  He said and let out a breath.  “As the king’s consorts, you are all considered royalty.  I have chosen you.  As the mother of the heir that puts you in the position of Queen of Asgard and will be treated as thus.”

I am not sure I could have dropped my jaw any lower.  Here I was, still having trouble accepting gifts from Tony after so long together and now I was the Queen of Asgard all of a sudden?  “Right,”  I said and shook my head.  “So, are we expected to act a certain way?”

“No,”  Thor said.  “But you will be treated as Royalty.”

“Should I change?”  I asked looking down at the t-shirt I’d stolen from Sam I was wearing over yoga pants.

“You are not obliged to,”  Thor said.  “At the feast tonight, you will be required to dress up.  Here you can be comfortable.”

“Right,”  I said.  “The feast.”  I looked over at Loki who still had Riley in her arms.  “Loki, would you like to have some alone time with the children?  I know Pietro has a lot of books to show you.”

“You brought me lots of books?”  Loki asked.

Pietro wriggled and Tony put him back on the ground.  He ran over to Steve, getting his bag and then dragged it on the floor over to Loki, sitting down on the floor and immediately starting to pull out books.

“Wouldn’t you like to go to the library, little prince?”  Loki asked.

Pietro looked up at Loki and then down at the books he had just pulled out like he’d just made a huge mistake.  Loki chuckled and crouched down helping to pack them back up.  She swung the bag over her shoulder and scooped Pietro up too so she was holding both of them.  “Say goodbye to your parents.”

“Bye, daddies.  Bye, mommy.”  They said waving as Loki carried them from the room.

I took Thor’s hand and led him to the couch, sitting down with him.  I entwined my fingers with his and looked into his eyes.  “Alright, spill.  What’s going on with you?  Why aren’t you telling us things?”

He let out a breath and lowered his head.  “I didn’t think you would come if you knew the extent to which you would be revered.”

“Of course we would, Thor.  You are part of our family and this is your world.  I would have come much sooner if I’d ever even suspected it was possible or something you wanted.  But even if I didn’t feel that way, Riley is your daughter.  She needs to be prepared for what that means.  I’d be here for her.”  I said.

“Oh,”  Thor said looking down at my hand.

I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled into his neck.  “Is there anything else we need to be prepared for?”

He shook his head.  “That should be it.  The feast will be grand.  It is in yours and the children’s honor.  But you aren’t expected to do anything special.”

“Okay,”  I said and pulled back, looking into his eyes.  “How long have you wanted us to come?” 

He frowned and leaned his head against mine.  “Since the day we met.”

Chapter Text

After we’d unpacked and Thor was sure we were settled we talked about what the plans were for the weekend.  Tonight there was going to be a feast to welcome us.  Tomorrow Thor would start his training with Riley.

“I am going to have to leave you.  I have been away for too long and there is much I need to attend to.  If you wish to explore the castle you are free to do so.  There are guards everywhere so you will be safe.  If you wish to explore Asgard I just ask that you take guards with you.  The temptation to touch you will be a little high for my people I fear.”  Thor explained.

“We did want to buy some things for the others,”  Steve said.

“There are several markets through the city.  I’ll call for some guards to escort you.”  He said and went to the door, speaking to the guard who was standing outside.  When he came back in, he fished around in his belt and pulled out a small pouch.  “This is Asgardian currency.  The guards will help you.  However, both bartering and haggling are fine.  So if you have anything you are okay to part with, take it with you.  I’m sure my people would be interested in owning something Midgardian.  Particularly if it is connected to my consorts or children.”

“Thank you,”  Steve said, taking the money.

Thor kissed us goodbye and the three of us put together a tote bag with clothes and accessories we didn’t mind getting rid of.  By the time we were done, there was a knock on the door and eight guards filed in.  The woman at the lead stepped forward.

“Good morning, your majesties.”  She said bowing a little.  “We are here to escort you to the markets.”

“Oh great, thank you,”  Steve said and the three of us moved forward.

“First, you will need some ground rules for your trip.”  She said.  “Stay with us in the group.  Do not let anyone touch you or it will just lead to a riot.  Play hardball with the vendors.  I’ll help interpret if you need it.  Most people are going to be excited to see you.”

We nodded in understanding and the group led us back out of the palace and into the city.  Just outside the grounds was a large open-air market and it wasn’t long before we were surrounded by stalls selling food, clothing and handcrafted goods.  There was a lot to see and a lot of sounds and smells.  A lot of people were speaking a language that sounded Scandinavian.  I wasn’t sure where to even look first until I saw a stall with the most intricate and beautiful armor I had ever seen in my life.

“Here!”  I said pointing.

The group moved with me and Steve picked up a Shield and turned it over.  “This is so intricate.”

“It’s all beautiful.”  I agreed.  “You think Sammy might like something like this?”

“Oh yes.  Definitely.”  Steve said.

I began to look things over more closely.  “Are we thinking purely decorative or something he can maybe incorporate into his uni?”

“Hmm…”  Steve mused.  “Let’s go functional.  He might not end up using it, but then he has the choice.”

“A set of vambrace maybe?”  I asked.  “Then he can wear them on his arms and they won’t interfere with the wings.  And you know what he’s like about bringing knives to gunfights.”

Steve chuckled and pulled me close to him, kissing me on the top of the head.  “Sounds perfect.”

I looked over a few designs and picked up a pair in black with intricate silver scrollwork.  “Maybe these?  I like the colors.  They should go with what he wears.  But I don’t know.  Those gold ones are nice too.”

“Those ones look good.  You’re right.  They suit his style.”   Steve said.

The head guard waved over the stall owner who had been hovering nearby and said something to them in that Scandinavian sounding language I assumed was the common tongue on Asgard.

“Are you serious?  For the mother of the heir?”  He said with a strong accent.

“Oh.  Yes.  That’s me.”  I said a little awkwardly.

“You want my work?”  He said.

“Yes, please.  It looks very well crafted.”

He made a small noise and touched his chest.  “The mother of the heir.  She says well crafted.  You take.  Take.”

“Oh, we couldn’t.  Please.  You deserve compensation for your work.”  I said, feeling completely shocked.

He turned and said something to the guard in Asgardian and the two began to talk animatedly.  I looked up at Steve unsure if I’d done something wrong.  He shrugged and shook his head.

The guard turned to me.  “He wants to know what’s wrong with you.”

It felt like I’d been hit in the face.  The not paying my way thing had always been one of my big trigger issues thanks to my upbringing.  Accepting gifts outside of the usual birthday or Christmas had a strong bond to recently having received a beating.  Not to mention, I really didn’t want to just take advantage of my position here.  And now I was being called crazy because I thought people should be paid fairly?  “I - I just…”  I said, tapping my hand on my thigh nervously.  “I just don’t…”

She turned back to the vendor and they began to talk again.  My heart was hammering.  I had been so excited about this and now I just wanted to go back home.  Steve began rubbing my back in soothing circles, and I think it was the only thing stopping me from running from the stall.  “If this is going to be what bartering is like every time.  I can’t do it.”  I whispered.

“It’s okay.  I can do it.”  Tony said.

“Thank you,”  I whispered and Steve rubbed my arm.

“Okay, what’s the cheapest thing you brought with you?”  The guard said.

I looked like a deer in headlights, but Tony stepped forward and pulled a screwdriver out of the bag.  She took it and handed it to the vendor.

He took it and then the Vambrace, wrapping them up and giving them to us.  I left the stall and turned to Steve and Tony.

“I want to go back to the palace,”  I said.  “You guys keep going.  Can someone take me back?”

“But you were so excited about going shopping,”  Tony said.

“Yeah… well, that was before I got straight up called crazy for not wanting to take advantage of my position.”  I said.  “I’ve gotten used to being a gold-digging whore.  I don’t really want my ‘people buying me’ trigger hit another dozen times today.”

“They think it is a great privilege to be able to provide for the mother of the heir.  It’s not… what you said.”  The lead guard said.

“He asked what was wrong with me because I wanted to pay him.  I thought…”  I said and shook my head.

“They’ve not met someone of your status.  This is their opportunity to impress.”  She explained.

“So he thought he’d insult me?”  I asked.  “Why are you arguing with me?  Aren’t I the one in charge here?  Do as I’ve asked!”

She held her hands up in defeat and I turned to Tony and Steve.  “Something pretty for Wanda.  Something that definitely doesn’t look like it’s from Earth for Bruce and Bucky.  A knife for Nat.  Something really overdramatic for Clint like a sword or a bow.  Like really over the top and unnecessary.”

“Yes, ma’am,”  Steve said.

“Okay.  I’ll see you back there.”  I said.

Tony stepped forward and pressed a kiss to my temple.  “Find the kids.”  He said.  “They’ll help.  And bitch to Loki if you want.  I’m sure she’ll understand.”

A short man stepped forward from our guards and bowed.  “I’ll take you back, your highness.  Follow me.”

I followed him and he stayed very close to me as he led me back out through the market and into the palace grounds.  “You were wanting the library?”

“If that is where Loki has the children still,”  I said.

“Lady Loki could spend all day in the library, my lady.”  He replied.

“I’m not so sure Riley can,”  I said.  “Riley is the heir.”

“We know the children, my lady.”

I nodded.  “Sorry.  I wasn’t sure.  They haven’t been here before.”

He gave a sharp nod and led me down several corridors.  We reached a large door with four guards stationed at it.  “Here is the library.  I shall wait for you here.  In case you and the children need an escort.”

“Thank you,”  I said and went inside.


Riley’s voice echoed through the room and was quickly followed by her footfalls as she ran at me.

“Riley!”  I said, catching her and swinging her up off the floor. I tossed her in the air and then caught her and pulled her into a cuddle.  “Have you been having fun with Auntie Loki?”

“No,”  Riley pouted.  “They borwing, mommy.”

“Do you need something more active to do, little bug?”  I asked.

“Yeah…”  She hummed.

“Alright.  Let’s tell your Auntie that we’re going back to your room, okay?”

“Otay,”  Riley said.

I wandered down the rows of books that seemed to stretch upward forever.  “Loki!?”  I called.

She appeared in front of me with Pietro, a scowl etched on her face.  “You do realize you’re in a library don’t you?”

“What are you gonna do?  Banish me?”  I teased.

“Don’t try me.”  Loki scoffed.  “That mother of the heir crap won’t get you far with me.”

“Good.  Because I hate it.” I said.  “Riley is getting antsy so I’ll take her back to our rooms.  Are you still having fun with Piet?”

“My little bookworm?”  Loki said.  “Of course.  He’s most welcome.”

“Alright.  Enjoy yourselves.  You know where I’ll be when you’re ready to hand him over.”

“Let’s go!”  Riley said bouncing.

“Alright, let us away!”  I said and did a trotting jog back out to the corridor.

I approached the guard who had taken me here. “We’d like to go back to our wing.”

“This way.”  He said.

I followed along with Riley on my hip. “Do you want to walk or be carried?”  I asked her.

“Cawwied.”  She said.

“Like this?”  I asked and swung her under my arm like she was a sack.

“Mommy!”  She said giggling.

“No?”  I said and swung her up over my shoulder.  “This better?”

She scrambled so she was sitting up and patted my head.  “Yes!”

“Okay.  Up high so you can see the world.”  I said. “What do you think of Asgard, little bug?”

“Is pwetty.”  She said.

“It is pretty.”  I agreed.  “It’s part of you.  Did you know that?  You have two homes.  The one you’re used to and this one here.”

“Feews awive.”  Riley said.

“Does it?”  I asked.  “That’s probably because you’re connected to the magic here.  Your daddy Thor will teach you.”

“Turn here,”  The guard said.

I followed his direction and Riley patted me on the head.  “Where dis?”

“We’re going back to the bit of the palace daddy Thor made for us,”  I said.

The guard chuckled darkly and I turned to him and furrowed my brow.

“Half breeds and Midgardians thinking they can just waltz in here and take over.”  He snarled.

I took Riley down off my shoulder and held her close to me.  “What do you want?”

“Asgardian rights.”

“I don’t want to take those from you,”  I said, backing away from him.

“But you did, when you seduced the king.  Filthy Midgardian taking the position of queen from one of us.”  He snapped.  “You will be purified in fire when the rightful king returns.”

“I didn’t… that’s not what happened.  And we don’t want to take anyone’s rights away.”  I said.  “Oh god, Heimdall, please be watching this.”

Chapter Text

I stood in the hall holding Riley against me while the man who was supposed to be protecting us stood threateningly in front of me.  He smiled at us darkly and pulled out his sword.  “Oh god, Heimdall. Please be watching this.”

There was a soft rustling behind us and I wheeled around.  A woman stood there in bright gold armor and winged crown that her dark red hair cascaded out of.  She was tall,  6’2 at least, and she looked very strong, even for an Asgardian.  “Heimdall can’t help you.”  She snarled.

“Stay behind me, baby girl,”  I said putting Riley on the ground and backing us up against the wall and raising my fists.  In my head, I just went through all the combat training Steve and Natasha drilled into me and hoped that I could at the very least stay alive long enough that Thor or Loki would get here before they got to Riley.  “Are you planning on killing us?”

“That’s cute.”  The woman said pulling a large sword from her hip and swinging it lazily.  “Don’t try and fight us.”

“Loki!”  I screamed as Riley held on to the back of my leg.  Around us, the wind picked up and rustling our hair.

“You think she can help you?”  The woman asked taking a step towards us.

“Loki!”  I screamed again.

“You dow away!  You scarwing mommy!”  Riley shouted as the wind began to knock things down the hall.

“That’s the little half breed heir’s power?”  The woman asked, sneering the word heir.

I pushed Riley back behind my legs.  “She’s just a baby.  Leave her alone.” 

“Just wanted to know what the competition was.”  She snarled putting the sword away and taking a few steps closer.  I squared off and raised my fists.

“And why do the two of you think that you have anything to compete for?” 

They wheeled around to see Thor standing in the large open arched window behind them.  Blue plasma leaked from his eyes and dissipated in the air but his words were delivered with a terrifying calmness.

“Daddy!”  Riley said trying to wriggle out from behind me as I kept holding her back.  “They being mean to mommy.”

“Close your eyes, little bug,”  Thor said gently.

I turned and crouched down over her, pulling her tight as I shielded her from what was happening.  There was a large cracking boom and the sound of fighting before everything became deadly silent.  Footsteps approached and I shivered, hoping that this wasn’t the end for me.

“Okay, my girls.  It’s okay.”  Thor said gently.

I opened my eyes and got up, lifting Riley up who reached for Thor.  The man and woman who attacked us were being escorted away by a group of elite looking guards.  “I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”

He pulled me into his arms and I melted into him, trembling as he held me close.  “No, it isn’t, Lady Elly.”

“But I left the others with him and then I took Riley from Loki.”

He rubbed my back.  “You couldn’t have known.”

“I don’t know what they wanted.  Did they want to kill her?”  I asked.

“I don’t know.  This is new to me too.  We’re going to have to question the guards.  Some changes will need to be made.”  Thor said seriously.  “For now, you’re going to be guarded exclusively by Sif or the warriors three.”

“Oh god, Tony is gonna freak.”

“Loki is not going to be pleased either.  The twins are the only two people I’ve ever seen her show her affection for since our mother.”  Thor said. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.  For now, let’s take you both back to the rooms.”

He led us back and I flopped onto the couch.  Riley went straight to playing as if nothing had happened.  I watched her as Thor held me and gently played with my hair.

“Tony is going to think this is all his fault for not going to make me that bot.  Or for staying shopping when I wanted to leave.”  I said.

“I feel the burden is with me.  I brought you here.”  Thor said.

“It wasn’t your fault.  This is your home.  It’s part of her.”  I said taking his hand and playing with his fingers.  “Besides, it won’t change how he feels anyway.”

“Would that I weren’t the king.”  He said gently and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.

“There are risks for them on Earth too.  That’s why Nat is all wild cat over the idea of people finding out about them.”  I said.

There was a knock on the door and a woman and three men filed in.  “My lady, this is Sif, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun.  For now, we trust them exclusively.”

“My lady,”  The blond one Thor had identified as Fandral said bowing.

“Nice to meet you.   Thank you for agreeing to this.”  I said.

“Don’t worry,”  Sif teased.  “You’ll regret that eventually.”

Riley chose that moment to dramatically flop on the floor with a sigh.

“What’s the matter, little one?”  Sif asked.

“I’m borwed.”  She huffed.  “I wanned to see daddy do the -”  She made a large sound like an explosion.

Sif crouched down in front of her.  “I am sure your father will show you soon.  You have many tricks to learn, princess.”

Sif looked over to Thor and then the warriors.  “How about the warriors take the princess out for playtime, you look like you need to unwind a little.”

I shifted nervously and looked up at Thor.  He cupped my jaw and caressed my cheek with his thumb.  “I promise, she will be perfectly safe with them.  These are my friends.”

I nodded and Frandral came and bowed deeply.  “Let us away, princess.  We have many adventures to have.”

Riley looked at Thor like she was getting confirmation it was okay.  He nodded and Riley held out her hand.  Fandral took it and kissed the back of it making her giggle before scooping her up.  “Alright, my lady.  Let’s the four of us get up to trouble.”

“Be good, bug,” I called as they carried her out.

“Don’t destroy my castle,”  Thor called before pulling me closer to him.  He ghosted his lips up my neck and kissed just below my ear.  “Perhaps I can help you relax a little.”

I shivered and nodded my head and he scooped me up and carried me into the bedroom.  When the door closed he placed me on the ground and began to undress me, as I ran my hands over his large arms.

“Aside from this, how are you faring?”  Thor asked as he undressed me.  “Why did you leave the others.”

“Shopping didn’t really go very well.  I didn’t feel comfortable there,” I said, frowning.

“Something that requires words from the King?”  He asked.

I shook my head and he guided me to lie on my stomach on the bed.  “No, please, don’t,”  I said.  “I don’t want to make more trouble.”

“As you wish.”  He said.  He went to my dresser and took an ornate bottle of oil from the top and drizzled it on my back.  It was warm on my skin and smelled a little like vanilla and pomegranate, but not quite like either.

His hands began to move over my back, massaging the oil into my skin.  I moaned softly as the tension began to give.  “It’s good here with you, that’s enough for me.  It’s still exciting to be here.”

“I’m glad,” Thor said.

“It’s really beautiful.  I never thought anything like Asgard was even possible.”

“There are many places within the nine realms that are like this.  Or even more beautiful.”  He said as he kneaded the knots from my shoulders.

“Will you take Riley someday?”  I asked.

“Yes,”  He said.  “She will see it all.”

“I can’t even imagine what her life will end up like,” I said.  “Thor, can you promise me something?”

“If I can.”

“I worry about some of us.  Steve, Bucky.  Possibly Nat and Bruce.  They’re going to have to see us all die.  They will outlive Pietro and eventually Riley will leave them to live with you.  I worry about what is going to happen to them.  How they will start seeing and interacting with the world.  If you see them pulling away can you bring them here?”

He leaned over me and kissed my cheek.  “That I can promise.”

He slowly moved his hands over me and I began to relax more.  I moaned as the knots released in my back.  They moved to my thighs and slipped between my legs, stroking my pussy.  I hummed and shifted, spreading my legs a little and his fingertips worked over my clit. I moaned pushing against his hand and he chuckled.  “You are always so impatient for more, my love.”

I whined.  “Feels so good.”

“I know,”  He said as his fingers circled my clit and then pushed inside of me.  I groaned as he slowly fucked me with them.  There was a sudden heat and my core muscles clenched completely out of my control.  “Fuck!”  I gasped, my toes curling and my cunt flooding.

He laughed a deep booming laugh.  “I love how strongly I affect you.”

“Mm… I love it too.”  I said rolling over.  “Now enough with the hands.”

He chuckled and began to strip off, I rubbed my clit as I watched him undress and slowly expose his perfectly muscular body.  When he was naked he pumped his cock a couple of times in his hand, pushing and pulling the foreskin over the head and climbed up over me.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and dug my fingers into the thick corded muscle.  His lips met mine and we kissed, slowly and deeply and he rolled his hips against mine.  His thick cock rubbed up and down my folds.  I rolled my hips with him, the weight of his body of mine, pressing me into the mattress, was reassuring and comforting.  He had me. I was safe with him.  I moaned and lifted my hips, he pulled back and slowly sunk in.

His cock stretched as his considerable girth filled me and he stopped just before hitting my cervix.  “Fuck.”  I groaned out, arching my back.

“I do love how you feel, lover.”  He purred as he began to thrust.  His whole body rolled over mine and I moved with him.  The base of his cock rubbed against my clit with every roll of his hips.

I couldn’t remember a time when Thor and I had just been together like that.  Just the two of us, making love.  It was new and it was good.  My skin prickled with the static of his body and heat spread through me from my core.  I came shuddering around his cock.

Thor picked up his pace and I began to see why I’d never just gone one on one with him.  I came again and again, and each time he picked up his pace, fucking me harder and harder.  He pulled out and flipped me over, thrusting in from behind and pounding me into the mattress.  The whole time he kept kissing me and running his hands over me.  Even as hard as he was going, we felt connected.  I’d never experienced anything like it before.

I came over and over until all I was was a shuddering sweaty mess under Thor.  Endorphins flooded my system so I felt high from them and fuzzy.  With a hard thrust inside me, he came, groaning as he did.

He rolled off me and I curled up into his side.  “Holy shit.”  I panted.

He kissed me tenderly and ran his hands through my hair.  “Feeling more relaxed?”

“Mm…”  I hummed.  “Gonna need a nap after that.”

“Go ahead, my love.  I’ll be here.”

Chapter Text

After I’d napped with Thor we went out to wait for the others to arrive. Loki showed up first, fuming no one had come to tell her what had happened.  She ranted at Thor for a while and then strode off in a huff, complaining about the fact that it was always up to her to get to the bottom of these things while Thor was whoring around.

Next, came the Warriors with Riley.  They dropped her off exhausted and while her brother played quietly on the floor she fought sleep in Thor’s lap.

“If you put her to bed, she’ll probably just crash,” I said.

“She’s fine here,” Thor answered as he held her rubbing her back in circles.

I gave a small nod and let out a breath.  “Hopefully they get back soon.”

“My ears are burning,”  Tony said, striding into the room, followed by Steve.  “Are you talking about us?”

“Hey.  Did you have fun?”  I asked.

“So much stuff,”  Steve said.

“Oh, that’s great,”  I said as Pietro toddled over to them with his arms up.  “How about you come sit with us for a bit?”

Tony picked Pietro up and looked at Thor and I suspiciously.  “What happened?”

“Come sit down first,”  I said.

“Something happened,”  Tony said.  Steve gently touched the small of his back and nodded to where Thor and I were sitting.  With a soft sigh, Tony came and sat down beside me.

I tapped my fingers against my wrist nervously, not sure how to proceed.  I took a deep breath and let it out in a huff.  “So, after I left you, that guard took me back to Loki.  She was reading to the kids but Riley was going bonkers.  So rather than stay and talk with her like I said, I asked the guard to take the two of us back here… because you know me.”

“And there’s something and that guard tried to kidnap Riley?”  Steve asked.

I frowned and shook my head.  “Not kidnap, and not just Riley.”

“He wanted you both?”  Steve asked.

“I seduced the king and she’s the filthy half-breed in the way of the throne.”

“Excuse me?”  Tony asked, sounding outraged.

“That’s what they said.  I don’t think they had any intention of ransoming us.”

Tony got up and started pacing, still holding Piet, who was starting to sag against him.  “And this was just allowed to happen?”

“I’m here aren’t I?  Riley is sitting in Thor’s lap.”

“So this was allowed to half happen?”

I got up and approached him, rubbing his arms.  “I wasn’t careful enough.  I thought it was weird when I went from eight guards in formation to just one.  I didn’t trust my instincts and I didn’t do what I said I was going to do.  I should have just sucked it up with the shopping.  So that guy insulted me?  It’s not the first time that’s happened while I was shopping. I should have stayed in the group.  And then I told you I would go and stay with Loki and I didn’t do that either.  I let them isolate me and Riley.”

“No, Elly,”  Steve said, gently.  “It’s not your fault.”

“I still,”  I sighed and collapsed back down on the couch.  Steve wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close.  “Look.  I know it isn’t.  There were a lot of factors involved here.  But it’s not Thor’s fault either.  He was still watching.  He arrived quickly.  And now Loki is out for blood.”

“I assure you.  This is being taken care of.”  Thor said.

“My kid isn’t some filthy half-breed.”  Tony snapped.

“No.  She isn’t.  And if you don’t think Loki, in particular, hasn’t jotted that particular phrase down so she can reign down some righteous fury, I don’t know what to tell you.”  I said.

“I knew I should have gone and made that robot,”  Tony said, mostly to himself.  “Now it’s going to have to have weapons too.  A robot guard.”

“We’re both okay.  I promise.”  I say.

“I have my friends on guard now until this is sorted out.  I trust them with my life.  You do not need to worry.”  Thor assured us.

“Besides, whoever they were, they aren’t the norm.  You saw what the general public has been like with us.”  I said.

“No, it isn’t.  They have been treating us like the chosen ones.”  Steve agreed.

“See.  So except for that little, not so little blip, we’re all fine and it’s going to be okay.  Pietro had a really nice time with Loki.  And look, Thor’s friends wore her out completely.”  I say gesturing to Riley who had fallen asleep on Thor’s chest with her mouth open.

“So graceful,”  Steve joked.

“The kids will be safe?”  Tony asked.

“I guarantee it.  I would not risk them.”  Thor said.

“I don’t like this,” Tony muttered.

“What can we do to ease your mind?  Should we change the subject?”  I asked.

“Maybe,”  Tony said, starting to pace again.  Pietro’s head flopped as he fell into a deep sleep in Tony’s arms.

“How about you show me what you guys got?”

Steve went through the things they’d brought on their expedition.  A set of ornate and perfectly balanced throwing knives for Natasha.  A bow that was beautiful, light and yet had the heaviest draw strength I’d seen in a bow, and yet pulled easily, for Clint.  A collection of rings and necklaces for Wanda that Steve said the vendor just kept adding more and more.  For Bruce, there was a set of what looked like scientific instruments and for Bucky, an Asgardian puzzle cube that Thor said was called a Vanigler.  The most amazing thing though was a bag that one vendor had given them to carry everything that seemed to hold its own pocket dimension.  You could fit as much as you wanted into it and it got no bigger or heavier.

We put the babies to bed and not much later some attendants came to get us ready for the feast.  I was taken to a large bath by two female attendants.  It was white marble and the size of a small pool, and so warm that steam came off the surface.  They scrubbed me down and washed my hair.  When I got out they rubbed scented oils into my skin, did my makeup and hair and dressed me.  The dress was stunning.  Floaty robes in champagne that had a long slit up one leg.  Over the bodice was a gold breastplate with black scrollwork.

I came out to find Steve and Thor dressed in very similar armor.  Thor’s was black and silver with a red cape, while Steve’s was silver and navy blue.  Tony was wearing one of his two-piece Burberry suits in black.

“Well, would you look at all of you,” I said.  “Don’t you all look handsome.”

“You look stunning, El,” Steve said.

The door to the children’s room opened and Sif came out with both the children who were wearing white robes with gold ropes holding them together.  Riley had a bracelet on from home that was made of plastic rainbow beads on a piece of elastic.

“Wow, look at you two,”  I said as Riley bounced excitedly at Sif’s side.

Tony came over to them both and crouched down.  “Look at my precious little man.”  He said tickling his side.  “And the little princess.”

“My warriors!”  Thor said proudly.

“I wanna be a wawwia,” Riley said bouncing over to him.

“When you are older,” Thor said, picking her up.  “Are we ready?”

“I think so.”  Steve agreed.

We were led down the halls to where the feast was set to be held.  As the sounds of people talking and celebrating got louder Loki came striding down the hall.  He had shifted genders in the meantime and was in his full regalia of green and gold with his horned helmet.

“Brother!”  He said, sounding angry and agitated.  “Did your council advise you what was going to happen at this feast?”

Thor looked at Loki confused.  “They said it was just to announce the heir and my consorts.”

“They have the stage set for a bonding ceremony,” Loki said.  “There is a high priest waiting.”

Thor laughed.  “You jest brother.”

“I do not,” Loki said.  “They think you have remained unattached too long and now there is an heir you must bond.  They intend to force it.”

“What do you mean bonded?”  Steve asked.

“It is like your Earth custom of marriage,” Thor said.

Tony shifted nervously and Steve seemed to freeze.  “We can’t.  We can’t do that without the others.”

“They are saying if you cannot adhere to Asgardian customs you are not fit to rule,”  Loki said.  “Of course, that leaves me in charge, so if you’d like to back out.”

Thor turned to us and gave Riley to Steve.  “Wait here.  I shall go and figure this out.”

He strode off leaving us with Loki, Sif and the warriors.

“You should prepare to do this if you care for him,”  Loki said, sounding slightly more concerned than he normally did.  Pietro started reaching for him and Tony handed the little boy over.  Pietro immediately scaled up onto Loki’s shoulders and rested his chin on his uncle’s head, his little face poking out between the horns.

“Just me, or all of us?”  I asked.  My stomach had started to churn and I was feeling a very powerful desire to vomit all over him.

“They have prepared for all three, but any one of you will do,” Loki replied.

I looked at Steve.  “I don’t want to do this without the others at least knowing what’s happening.  It’s not fair on them.  I’ll do it though if it protects Thor.  But you, you can’t do this without Bucky.  If Thor can’t get them to change his mind, you can’t do this.”

Steve nodded.  “I know.”  He said and took my hand.  “I would marry you, El.  You know that right?”

I nodded and tears pricked my eyes.  “It has to be with him here at least.”

“Thank you.”  He said softly and kissed my cheek.

“Don’t sweat it.  It’s probably just chuckles here stirring the pot.”  Tony said.

“Watch yourself, Stark.  Everyone else here might care that you’re a consort, but I don’t.”  Loki sneered, pulling himself up straight like he was about to fight.

“Can we please not fight right now?”  I said.  “What about you Tony?  Can you do this?  Because that’s my main issue.  The others should at least be witness to it.  But I’m the spare.  No one is particularly going to be more upset they aren’t here for this.  They’ll understand.  You think Bruce will understand.”

“El,”  Tony said taking my hand.

“No, it’s okay.  I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing, you each have your special person.”  I said.  “I’m loved on pretty hard by all of you.”

He came closer to me and looked me in the eye.  “El, I love Bruce.  And you’re right, he is special to me.  But if you’re gonna say there’s a special person for each of us, that’s you, honey.”

I swallowed thickly.  That had never really occurred to me before given that I’d come in last and sometimes it was just about impossible to pull Bruce and Tony apart from each other.  But, even though Tony had in the past hurt me more than anyone else had ever hurt me, he was in the group because of me.  I leaned in and kissed him and he pulled me a little closer to him.  “I’ll do this with you if that’s what you want.”  He whispered.

We stood around waiting, speculating on why this was happening and what it actually meant.  After what felt like hours but was probably only twenty minutes, Riley picked her head up from Steve’s chest and pointed.  “Daddy!”

Thor emerged from around the corner looking defeated.

“They’re forcing it?”  Steve asked.

“I was able to delay it.  But they insist.”  Thor said.  “We have a week to come to an agreement between us and plan the ceremony properly.  Would the others come if I sent for them?”

I nodded.  “I think so.  Did you want to do this with all of us?”

“I would prefer not to have my hand forced.”  He said.  “This should have been something I got to come to in my own time.”

I came over and wrapped my arms around his waist.  “I’m sorry they’re putting you in this position.  I’ll do this with you though.  You don’t have to worry about us letting you down.”

“Thank you for understanding, Lady Elise.”  He said sagging against me a little.

“Are we still going in?”  Tony asked.

“You will be expected to show,”  Loki said.

Thor huffed and his hand opened and closed on my back.

“You otay, daddy?”  Pietro asked.

“You wanna doe home?”  Riley added.

Thor smiled sadly at them and didn’t say anything.  I looked up at him and caressed his jaw.  “Did you want to go?”

“Go where?”  Thor asked.

“Anywhere.  Back to our rooms.  Back to Earth.  Away from here and the feast.”

He sighed.  “You know I can’t do that.”

I leaned against him, gently stroking the back of his neck.  “Someone attempted to murder your daughter today.  You could say she is too shaken for a public event.  That you are still concerned about her safety.”

“It would definitely be better to keep her guarded at the moment,” Sif said.

Thor thought for a moment.  “Okay.  We call it off.”  He turned to Sif.  “Thank you. Can you handle that?”

She bowed and jogged off down the hall.

“So where to?”  Steve asked.

“Back to the rooms.  I’ll have food bought up.”  Thor said.

“That sounds like a good idea,”  Steve said.  “We can still have a party for the kids, and then… we’ll talk.”

Thor gave a sharp nod and we all turned and began our trek back to our chambers, completely unaware exactly what I’d just agreed to.

Chapter Text

We made our way to our chambers and I took a seat on the couch while the kids played.  Loki summoned a book and began pawing through it opposite me, while Thor, Steve, and Tony all paced.  Fandral, Hogan, Volstagg, and Sif all stood at different intervals around the room.

“So what exactly is the bonding ceremony?  What does it mean?”  Steve asked.

“The lore says that the king or queen is allowed to be untethered as long as an heir does not exist.  Once one does, they must bond.”  Thor said.

“Yes, but what does it mean?  You were planning to bond with all three of us, right?  So is there a choice or does Elise have to be part of this?”  Steve pressed.

“I have a choice.  I do not have to bond with someone simply because we created a life together, but I must make one.  You are my chosen people though.  If I am being forced into this, I would prefer it to be with all of you.”  Thor said.

“Would bonding mean anything changes for you?  What you’re allowed to do?”  Steve asked.

“Or who you’re allowed to do?”  Tony added.

“I don’t believe so. It’s like a marriage contract in that the conditions are set by the people in it.”  Thor explained.  “But there would always be a connection between me and those I bond with.  Our souls and our destinies would be entwined.”

“That’s not so bad then, is it?”  I said looking up at him.  “The being forced into it isn’t ideal.  But we kind of are that already, aren’t we?”

“In a way,” Thor agreed.

“They do know if you bond to me it’s not going to last though, right?”  I asked.  “I’m like a blip for you.  I’m temporary.”

Loki looked up from the book and shook his head.  “Not according to this.”

Our heads all snapped towards Loki.  “What?”

“Your souls will be bonded. That means, your life would be extended to match Thor’s.  You would cease being so temporary.”  Loki explained.

My stomach lurched and I pinched the bridge of my nose.  “So you’re telling me that tonight, without asking us, your council nearly made Tony and I immortal?”

“We aren’t immortal, fool.”  Loki snarked.

“Not exactly my point, Loki.  They can’t just play with our lives like that!”  I snapped.  “They nearly made it so that Tony and I would have to watch our son grow old and die while we didn’t change and didn’t think to let us in on that?”

“I have to do the same,” Thor said quietly.  “With more than just my son.”

“So what?  That makes it okay that they curse us with that too without our consent?”

“No.  But you don’t just get to throw loss in my face like that!”  Thor roared.  “I will outlive you all!”

Both the kids looked up at us in shock and Pietro’s lip began to quiver.

“You think I don’t know that?  You think I don’t worry about that for you and Steve and Bucky and now Riley too?  But they don’t get to decide for me because you’re worried about losing us.”  I shouted.

“It is not my fault they did this!  But do not think you know for a second what it feels like to know that I will outlive you all.  The moments where I forget about that are rare.”

I got up and moved to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest.  “I’m sorry.  You’re always so… fine… I just thought… I don’t know.”

“That because I’m so outwardly positive I don’t feel any negative emotions?”  Thor asked.

“No.  That it was something you went into just accepting.  That … you loved us, but it was the way someone loves their dog.  Knowing it was temporary.  Knowing they’ll be sad when they’re gone but not really thinking about that until it happens and then moving on.”  I explained.

“You are not dogs.”

I shook my head.  “No.  But we aren’t Asgardian either.  What did Clint say you called us, Loki?”

Loki chuckled.  “Ants.  I planned to step on you.  Sometimes I still think that would be a nice idea.”

Thor glared at his brother.  “I am not Loki.  And nor was that really.”

I rubbed my face on his chest.  “I guess… I just… I’m sorry.  I just… Bucky once told me that the reason he and Steve spend so much time just the two of them was because they knew that one day it was probably just going to be the two of them.  It never occurred to me that you would choose us knowing that you’d lose us and just willingly go through that when you could choose your own people and not if you hadn’t just come to terms with it.”

He rubbed my back slowly and put his chin on the top of my head.  “The heart wants what it wants.  Sometimes the experience is worth the inevitable pain.”

I took a breath and let it out shakily.  “It’s not a no, Thor.  I just… I don’t like it nearly happened without my consent.  I need to think about it.  I need to talk to the others about it.  Knowing this, I think … people need to be informed to choose.”

“We only have two weeks,”  Thor said.

I looked back over at Steve.  “We need the others.”

“I’ll send Sif.  She can explain it and bring them back.”  Thor said.

“It might take them a couple of days to set up the facility to run without any of us there.  We might need to bring Rhodey in and maybe Coulson and his crew too.”  Steve said.

“Are you sure you will be okay with me gone for that long?”  Sif asked.

Thor nodded.  “I’ll work it so that everyone is guarded.”

“Be careful of Natasha.  Approach Clint or Wanda first.”  Steve said.

Sif bowed and tapped her breastplate before running out of the room.

“Alright.  Who wants to comfort our little boy after their fight?”  Steve asked.

I let go of Thor and went over to Pietro and scooped him up.  “I’m so sorry, sweetie.  Did we scare you?”

Pietro nodded, his bottom lip sticking out.

I kissed his temple.  “I’m sorry.  We’re okay.  Sometimes people don’t always agree on everything.  I shouldn’t have shouted.  Daddy Thor and I are okay.  Are you okay?”

He shook his head.

“Oh no.  What’s wrong?”  I asked.

“Where’s mama?”

“She’s not here right now.  Just me, Daddy Thor, Daddy Steve, and Daddy Tony.”  I said.

Pietro made grabby hands for Tony and I passed him over.  “Are we playing pass the kid around here?”

“Apparently,”  I said as there was a knock on the door and Volstagg led in a group of people with trays of food.

Riley ran over and started trying to scale up the side of one of the carts.

“Excuse me, Princess.  I would advise against doing that.”  A man who looked like he might be in charge of the food said.

Steve went over and scooped her up off the ground and she started to try and clamber over him to get to the food.

“Just a moment, little princess.”  The chef said.  “We have courses to set up.”

“Be patient, bug,”  Steve said.  “Where are your manners?”

“Sorry, Mister Guy,”  Riley said, settling in Steve’s arms.

The chef chuckled and bowed a little.  “It is forgiven, little princess.  The honor is all mine.”

The food was arranged and the chef turned to Thor and bowed saying something in Asgardian before they all left.

Steve got Riley a plate and set her at the table before going and helping himself, while Thor, Loki and I all got up and came over.  “You hungry, Tony?  You and Pietro want a plate?”

“I do.  Pietro is asleep and drooling on the Gucci.”  Tony said.

“Oh god, he’s going to be so hungry when he wakes up.”  I sighed.

“That can be Thor’s problem,”  Tony said.

We all sat back around the couch and I started to eat.  Everything was delicious. Similar to food on earth, but not quite the same.  Sometimes I would go to eat something I thought was sweet and it would be savory, or vice versa.

“Can I… alright… I don’t know how to phrase this.”  I said looking at Thor.

“What is it?”  He asked.

“If this would mean you don’t have to lose us, do you still not want to do it?”  I asked.

“I still don’t like that the option was taken away from me,”  Thor said.  “But I can’t say I’m not scared that if you do do it, that one day you might decide you no longer need me around on Midgard.  I am away so much.  The bond will cause a great deal of anguish with us being apart and is hard to sever.”

I looked at Tony and Steve and then back at Thor.  “I knew these guys a long time before I even met you.  I had been in a relationship with Natasha for almost a year before we met.  And I can tell you, even before you showed up that day when I called, I knew how much you meant to them.  They spoke about you like you hung the moon and the stars.  They love you so much.  I love you so much.  And now, on top of that, we have a daughter.  We are bonded.  Rules or no rules, we are.  If we never went through this ceremony we’re bonded in a way that the only way you lose any of us, is if someone dies.”

Thor let out a breath and I could almost see the tension leave him.  He nodded a little and put his hand on my leg.

“So you don’t have to worry about us deciding we don’t want you around.  We countdown the days for you to show up.  The only reason I freaked out initially is I want us all to be part of this.”  I explained.  “Now I just need to come to terms with the living so long thing.”

“According to the book, you will gain abilities too,”  Loki said.

“What?”  I asked and Tony snapped his head around to look at Loki.

“It says they vary between individuals.  I couldn’t say what that means.”  Loki said.

“Are you fucking with us, Reindeer Games?”  Tony asked.

“I assure you, I have no interest in fucking with any of you.”  Loki sneered.

Riley climbed down from her chair and came over to Steve holding up a fist full of food.  “Here go, daddy.”

“Thank you, munchkin.  Are you done?”  Steve said, biting some of the pile of mush.

“Mmm… yep.”  She said.

“Alright, miss.  Bathtime and bed.”  I said, scooping her up.

There was a little whining and struggling as I got her washed and into bed, including a naked streak through the living room that Thor had to catch her in the middle of.  When she was finally falling asleep Loki brought Pietro in and put him down without him even stirring.

“Man, she is not normally that hyped up,”  I said as I flopped back on the couch.

“Well, she did spend the afternoon with the Warriors,”  Loki said.

“That’s true.  You guys wear her out?”  I asked.

“It would be more accurate to say she wore us out,”  Hogun answered.

“My best warriors ill-equipped to handle my daughter?”  Thor teased.

“At least we came out of it with all our hair, your majesty.”  Fandral shot back.

Thor laughed loudly.  “Just you wait.”

“I find it impressive that Loki managed to move Pietro without waking him.  Only, Elly, Wanda and on the rare occasion Clint can do that.”  Steve said.

Loki shrugged.  “He was a bag of bricks.  I don’t see how it was a challenge.”

I sighed and sank back in my chair.  “Would you ask us now, Thor?  Knowing it would mean you would keep us.  If it wasn’t forced, would you ask?”

“Yes, Elise. I would ask.”  Thor said.

“Steve?”  I said.


“Tell me what to do.”

Steve shook his head.  “I’m biased, El.  And you know it.”

“No, but… you know what it’s like.”  I said.

“For me, it means my life might eventually end, El.  It means we won’t be left alone.  Do you know how much of a gift that is for me?  Of course, I want you to do it.  But I wouldn’t wish losing everyone you love again-and-again on anyone.”  He said.  “You have to decide on your own.”

“I can’t stop thinking about Pietro.  How he’d be aging and the rest of us just have to watch.”  I said.

“So we marry him off to an Asgardian.  He can get the bond too.”  Tony said.

“Tony, you know we can’t force that on him,”  I said.  “If it happens, great, but we can’t count on it.”

Thor stood up suddenly and looked around.  “Something isn’t right.”

Chapter Text

Thor stood to attention,  looking around our chambers.   “Something isn’t right.”  He said.

“What?  What is it?”  I asked as Steve, Loki and the Warriors Three all stood to attention too.

“There’s something… Elise, go to the children’s room.  Tony - go with her.”  Thor ordered.

We both got up and retreated quickly to the children’s bedroom.  We stood in the dark watching the door. “You’ve got a suit on you, right?”  I asked.

“Of course I have a suit,”  Tony said, holding up his wrists to show me two wristbands in red and gold.

I let out a breath.  “Okay, good.”

There was a loud thud outside the door and I flinched and Tony took a step forward.  “I have one in purple.  It fits your specs.”  Tony said.  “You know… if you want it.”

I tilted my head and looked at him.  “You do?”

“This one is more complicated.”  He said reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulling out what looked like a pair of amethyst earrings.  “I wanted them to be functionally beautiful.”

I took them off him and swirled them in my palm as I looked them over.  “You made them for me?”

“I did,”  Tony said and gestured to the kids.  “For their momma bear.”

I looked down at the earrings and then back up at Tony.  The sounds from outside were muffled and indistinct.  “That is… you’re…”  I shook my head to clear it.  “Thank you, Tony.  How do they work?”

“The posts read your biometrics.  It will activate when you’re in danger.  But they have voice recognition too.”  He said.

“And what?  A suit flies in?”  I asked putting the earrings in.

Tony laughed.  “No.  It’s nanotech.  The suit is in the earrings.  And no, I didn’t sexualize the suit.”  He leaned in.  “But I wanted to.”  He added at a whisper.

I shoved him.  “Not the time.”

“Sorry.”  He said, straightening up and squaring off again.

“What if I can’t control it?”  I asked.

“I made it so a monkey could control it.  So you might have a few problems, but you should be able to get the hang of it.”  He teased.

I took his hand and gave it a squeeze.  “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”  He whispered.  “Would have preferred to not have to worry about it.  But you know, we’re supers and shit.”

The door opened and we both took steps back and squared-off ready to fight.  A blood-covered hand wrapped around the door.  “You two can come out now,”  Loki said, stepping out.

“Prove it’s you,”  I said.

Loki rolled his eyes.  “Not as hopeless as I thought you were.  What do you want?”

I thought for a moment.  “Thor once made you celebrate Christmas with us before the babies were born.  Clint gave you a gift.  What was it?  And tell me one thing you ate that you didn’t sneer at.”

“Tickets to a play about myself,”  Loki answered.  “And the pecan pie.”

I looked at Tony and he gave a nod.  “Are you okay, Loki?  Did they hurt you?” I asked following him out into the living room.

“It’s not my blood,”  Loki said, gesturing to the six bodies on the ground.

I backed up against the wall, staring at the horrific show in front of me.  I put my palms on the stone, like if I felt it, I wouldn’t have a complete breakdown. “Are we safe here?”

“Yes,”  Thor said.  “More so than elsewhere.  Heimdall can show me threats, and we can be prepared.”

I swallowed thickly.  “Okay.”

“Don’t be such a baby,”  Loki snarked. “That one is still alive.”

“Not helping, Loki,”  Steve growled.  “Sweetheart, come here.”

I shook my head and the warriors began to move through the room, Heimdall and Hogun picked up one and began carrying it out while Volstagg slung another over his shoulder.

“No, thank you,”  I said, patting the wall.

“Are you gonna puke?”  Tony asked.

“I’m trying not to.”

“Elise,”  Thor said moving over to me.

“You’re all so calm,”  I said.

“I’ve punched Hitler in the face.”  Steve joked.

I laughed, but it sounded weird and slightly hysterical.

“We’ve had to get used to this kind of thing, honey,”  Tony said.

“We’ve tried to keep you sheltered from it,”  Steve added as Thor gently wrapped his arms around me.

I melted into him, hiding my face in his chest so I wouldn’t have to see the carnage.  “I’m sorry.  You shouldn’t have to worry about me too.”

“You’re my responsibility,”  Thor said.

“I just…  I should be prepared for things like this. This is the world I agreed to be a part of.”  I said.

“No,”  Thor said.  “You shouldn’t have to get used to anything of the sort.”  He rubbed my back gently and kissed the top of my head.  “Just breathe deeply.  I’ll tell you when it’s safe to look.”

There was more movement around me and then the sound of Loki using his magic. “There it’s all clean,”  Thor said.  “How do you feel?”

I poked my head out and looked around.  There was no sign at all that an attack even happened.  “A little shaken.  Embarrassed.”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,”  Steve said.

We moved back to the couch and Thor and Tony cocooned me between them.  “Tony made me a suit.”

“Tony did what?”  Steve asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

“Made me a suit,”  I repeated.

Steve glared at Tony.  “I thought we talked about this.”

“Who’s we?  You and Tony?”  I asked.

“Um.  We as in everyone … but you.”  Steve answered sounding sheepish.


“This was before the children,”  Steve said defensively.

“Which one of you wants me to yell at them?  Steve?  Tony?  It’s going to be one of you.”  I snapped.

“El, it was before we were even really that serious.”

“Serious enough that Tony thought a suit might be useful though apparently.”  I snapped.

“I still don’t know why I’m not allowed to make you a suit,”  Tony said.

“We were trying to shelter her from that,”  Steve said.

“It’s for safety!”  Tony argued.  “Like from what happened tonight.  Or today when she was kidnapped.”

“Hey chuckleheads, eyes up,”  I said.  “I don’t want to be the next Iron Man.  But neither you two or any of the others get to decide that for me.  If there is an issue directly pertaining to me and what I do with my life, you talk to me about it and I get to decide.  Not any of you.”

“Sorry, El.”  They both said as one.

“Good,”  I muttered and sunk into the couch.  “And I’m calling my AI Synergy.”

“Okay, dear,” Tony said.

“I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight after all this.  I feel like I’m on the verge of a complete breakdown.”  I said.

“I can make tea?”  Loki said.  “If you trust me.”

“Trusting you is context-sensitive,”  I answered.  “But yes, that would be nice.  Thank you.”

Tony tucked me into his side as Loki got up and left the room.  “How can I help?”

I shook my head.  “I don’t know.  Even those times when I was directly involved in the Avengers stuff, I never saw that many bodies.  We were just eating dinner in here.”

“Do you want to talk about it or to be distracted?”  Tony asked.


“Okay.  What can I tell you?”  Tony mused.  “Would sex help?”

I chuckled and nuzzled at him.  “Only you.”  I teased.  “I don’t think I’d be a very good partner.”

“We can make it all about you, my queen,”  Thor said.

I looked up at him.  “Did you just call me your queen?”

“Yes.”  He said.  “Is that a problem?”

“No,”  I said.  “You’ve just never called me that before.”

“You’re the mother of my child.  The queen of Asgard.”  Thor said.

“I know.  I just…. I didn’t think… anything.”

“You thought you were my dog.”

I frowned and nodded.  “Yeah.”

“So I want to show you, you are so much more to me.”  He said, putting his hand on my hip and leaning in.  I bridged the difference, kissing him lovingly.

“Let us take you into the bedroom.  The Warriors will guard the rooms.  We are safe and we can make you feel relaxed.  It can go as far as you want it to.”  Thor said.  “And if you aren’t feeling it, there will be the tea Loki makes.”

I nodded and he lifted me up carrying me into the room as Steve and Tony followed after me.  Thor put me on my feet and began to unbuckle the armored breastplate, while Steve began to undress and Tony looked for hangers.

“They’ll be safe?”  I asked, looking up at Thor.

He moved the armor to the floor and tugged at the binds that held the dress in place so that it just dropped and pooled around me.   “We’re safe, Elise.”

I lay back on the bed and Thor drizzled some of that warm scented oil on me while Steve moved to the end of the bed and began to massage my feet and calves.

“When Loki returns I’ll have him set up some enchantments,”  Thor said and began to massage the oil in, starting at my shoulders.

I closed my eyes and started to relax.

“We’re alright, El,”  Steve said as he worked the tension out of my legs.

“See, the thing is, you would have said exactly the same thing before that attack,”  I said.

There was a knock on the door and Tony answered it.  I heard him speaking with Loki but I couldn’t hear what they said.  The door closed and Tony put a goblet down on a table by the bed.

“Tony,”  I grumbled.

“It’s Gucci, El.  I need to hang it.” He said.

“Hang it on the back of the chair.”

“So impatient.”  He teased heading into the closet.  He returned in just his boxers and climbed into bed on the other side of me.

The three of them massaged me.  Their hands moving more and more intimately.  Steve’s moving up to my thighs, Thor’s to my breasts and Tony’s moved over my hips.  As I relaxed more, Thor leaned over and kissed Tony.  It seemed to take Tony by surprise and he made a funny little squeak sound before returning it deeply.  I watched them closely as their tongues danced with each other and their mouths moved together.  I let out a soft moan and Thor pulled back and leaned right over and kissed Steve.   Steve met him halfway and they kissed over me.  I moaned louder.

Tony teased his fingers over my cunt.  “Our little voyeur might be getting more into this than she expected.”

Steve pulled back and looked down at me.  “Is that so, El?  Getting a little turned on watching us kiss?”

“I like seeing you together.”  I hummed.  “You love each other.”

A soft smile spread over Steve’s face.  “Oh, it’s because you’re a romantic is it?”

I giggled.  “You’re also really hot.”

“That’s what I thought.”  He teased and leaned toward Tony.  Tony smirked and captured his lips.  

They kissed graphically and Steve’s hands went to Tony’s hair and tugged on it.  Tony groaned and submitted completely to him, letting Steve guide him.  Steve ran his hand down Tony’s arm and guided his fingers to my clit.  He used his finger to push Tony’s in tight circles over the little bundle of nerves and I gasped and arched up on the bed.

“They look good, don’t they, lover?”  Thor hummed as he massaged my breasts and pulled on my nipples.  A little spark jumped off his fingertips and I groaned as my nipples hardened to the point it was almost painful.

“Mmm… they do.”  I agreed.  “It’s nice to see them getting along.”

Thor chuckled.  “I can definitely agree with that.”

Steve moved his finger from my clit, leaving Tony to circle his finger over it and he pushed two fingers into me.  I moaned and Tony reached over to Steve with his free hand and began to palm his cock.  Steve let out a low growl and his fingers tightened in Tony’s hair.

I hummed and rolled my hips against their hands.  I felt soft and slightly fuzzy as I lay surrounded by them.  Tony and Steve kept moving their hands on my cunt almost as a side thought to the power play they were in the middle of.

“Come here, Elise,”  Thor said guiding me up into his lap.

As soon as I began to move away from Tony and Steve they took their hands away from me and began to focus on each other.  Steve pulled Tony’s head back, kissing him hard like he was claiming him.  As he did, he worked Tony’s boxers down to his knees and wrapped his cock in his hand and began to pump.

Tony mewled into Steve’s kiss, submitting to him, but also struggling against him.  He palmed Steve’s cock, and his hand opened and closed on his bicep.

Thor pulled me flush so my back was pressed against his muscular chest.  He rolled his hips under me so his cock slid up and down my folds.  The head would appear and then disappear between my lips as he ground against me.  My fluids coated his shaft as he kissed my neck and massaged my tits.

“They put on quite the show,”  Thor whispered.  “Shall we watch them as we have our own fun?”

“Yes,” I moaned, needily.

Steve grappled with Tony, turning him around, so they were both kneeling, and Tony was pulled up against him.  He held Tony in place by his throat as he rutted against his ass and bit at the shell of his ear.  Tony groaned loudly, his cock, jumping and leaking precome onto the bed.  “Gonna take my cock like a good boy, Tony?”  Steve growled.

Tony made a choked groan.  “No…”

“No?”  Steve asked wrapping his hand around Tony’s cock again.  “You don’t want me to fuck your ass, Tony?”

“No,”  Tony gasped, pushing his ass back against Steve’s cock. “I do.”

Steve chuckled.  “Oh, you’re not going to be good.  I see.  I don’t know what I expected.”

Tony smirked, turned his head, and reached back pulling Steve into a searing kiss.  Steve held out his hand to Thor and Thor reached over and pressed the bottle of oil they’d been rubbing into my skin into his palm.

When Thor settled back into place he grabbed my hips and lifted me a little before pulling me back down on his cock.

I moaned loudly and let my head fall back on Thor’s shoulder as his cock stretched and filled me.  When I had adjusted to him I lifted my head to see Steve pushing Tony’s face down against the mattress while he teased open his asshole with his fingers.

I whimpered and Tony’s eyes met mine.  He licked his lips and pushed back against Steve’s fingers. Steve spanked his ass as pulled his hand away, adding more oil to his dick and then lining it up against Tony’s ass.

“Ready for it, Tony?”

Tony grunted and nodded, pushing back a bit.  Steve grabbed his hips and slowly eased his cock in.

Both Tony and I moaned in unison as his ass was stretched and filled by Steve inch by inch.  I started bouncing on Thor’s cock as I watched Tony and Steve.  Thor wrapped his arms around me and with one hand he massaged my breast and the other he rubbed my clit.

Steve seemed to want to mimic our position.  He pulled Tony flush up against him as he fucked his ass hard and deep.  One arm he kept pressed on Tony’s chest, his fingers wrapped around his throat and the other hand jerked Tony off.

Tony and I kept our eyes on each other.  His were blown out with lust, and I’m sure mine must be too.

“Tell him how good he looks being taken by Steve,”  Thor whispered. 

“Fuck.  Tony.  You look so hot.”  I mewled.

“You do too, El.”  He grunted.

“What do you think, Steve?”  Thor said.  “Can we get them off at the same time?”

Steve smiled and gave a short nod.  “I think I can handle that.”

The blonds began to work on their respective brunette hard.  Fucking into us.  Thor rubbing my clit while Steve jerked Tony off.  My legs began to tremble and Tony’s cock throbbed while we both panted and moaned.

With a sudden jerk, we both came at the same time.  I cried out and my body seized up and clenched around Thor’s cock, while Tony grunted and arched back, hot ropes of come splattering his stomach and the bed.

Steve slipped out of Tony while Thor eased up in me.  “What do you think?  Shall we wear out Elise?”  Thor asked.

Steve nodded.  “That’s why we were doing this wasn’t it?”

Thor chuckled and lifted me off him putting me back on the bed.

“Clean Tony up, Elly,”  Steve said in his very best Cap voice.

I crawled over to Tony and licked the salty semen of his stomach and his oversensitive cock, making it twitch and him whimper.  As I did Steve cleaned himself up and Thor climbed off the bed.

When Tony was clean I looked up at Steve.  “Good, girl,” he praised.  “Now lie back. Head over the edge.”

I complied quickly laying back on the bed and letting my head drop over the edge.  Thor traced the head of his cock over my mouth, coaxing my lips apart.  I opened wide and poked out my tongue, flicking it over his foreskin.  As he eased it in, my lips stretching around his girth, Steve moved between my legs on his knees, pulled my hips up and sunk into my cunt.

Steve didn’t wait for me to adjust, he just started thrusting hard and deep into me, pushing me into Thor more and more.  Thor went slower. First testing my limits, wanting to fuck my throat deep without hurting me or causing me distress.  Then when he could see how far I could take it without gagging he ran his fingers over my throat, feeling the bulge formed by his thick cock.

I hummed around it and Tony moved over to us.  “Fuck, look at you.”  He hummed putting his palm on my throat to feel Thor thrusting into me.

He ran his hands down and teased them over my breasts and then pinched and pulled at my nipples.

I groaned and arched up.  That fuzzy feeling I had intensified as my breathing was restricted by Thor’s cock.  I groaned and bucked between them.  Tony began to rub my clit hard and I lost all sense of control.

I came bucking between them and gagging on Thor’s cock, but none of them eased up at all.  Steve grabbed my hips and held me in place and angled so that each hard thrust hit my g-spot.

I came again, gushing on Steve’s cock.  He grunted and snapped his hips, coming inside me as my cunt spasmed and squirted around him.  Thor pulled back a little as he released in my mouth.  I choked but managed to swallow most of it, though some spilled down my chin.

“Fuck, that was hot.”  Tony hummed and pulled me up into a deep kiss, running his tongue over my lips, and swirling it in my mouth.

We settled and I took a drink of the tea Loki made me.  It wasn’t long before I was deep asleep cocooned by the three of them

Chapter Text

The next morning I woke still nestled in between Tony and Steve but Thor was nowhere to be seen.  I managed to wriggle out from in between them, and as soon as I was clear they moved toward each other, obviously not ready to wake yet.  I used the bathroom and then went into the living room to find Thor working at a desk.  Volstagg was guarding the door to the children’s room.

“Good morning,”  Thor said looking up.  “Glad to see you’ve joined the land of the living.”

“Are the kids okay?  One of them normally wakes the other and they come and get us.”  I asked.

“Still asleep,” Thor said.  “I checked on them.”

“Do you need help with anything?”  I asked.

“I would appreciate your insight on this scheduling.  There are so few I trust here, making sure the warriors get the rest they need and having everyone guarded is difficult.”  Thor said.

I came over and sat down in his lap and he put one hand on my thigh, tightening it for a moment before just letting his hand relax.  “I’d prefer that you stay with me.  I think that will be the best way to keep you safe.  I’d like at least two people with the children at any time.”  He said.  “I know that Steve can handle himself, so I am not too concerned about him.”

“And Tony?”  I asked.

“I don’t want to say he can’t handle himself.  I know he has the suit…”  Thor said.

“But you’re aware of his fragile mortality?”  I said.

He nodded and put his chin on my shoulder.

“Well, he’s going to want to go to the lab and work on the bots now.  That’s for sure.  Would you trust Tony and Steve alone together?”

“Perhaps.  I think together they should be strong enough to at least hold out a fight long enough for Loki and I to get there.”  Thor said.

“Well, what if Steve and Tony stick together.  And I’m with you.  Then the warriors and Loki can rotate keeping the kids safe.”   I suggest.  “Then when the bots are done there’s extra security on everyone.  Plus the others will be here soon enough.”

“I can make that work,”  Thor said with a nod.  He filled out the timetable and began to write a letter.  I couldn’t understand anything he wrote though as he was writing in what looked like runes.

“I should go and dress for the day if I’m tailing you around,”  I said.  “You could always have either you or Loki with the kids at all times too.  So if you put down when you’re needed to do things elsewhere, Loki can be with the kids.  He won’t mind even with the warpath he’s on.  He loves spending time when Pietro.”

“He does love that little boy,”  Thor said.

“He does.”  I agreed.  “I wonder what that is exactly about?  I’d put it down to the fact he loves books so much.  But remember when he came to meet them?  They were still all floppy and only just learning to roll over.   Even then he wanted to hold Pietro first despite the fact we said he was the one that was more likely to cry.”

Thor shook his head.  “Maybe he always suspected Pietro wasn’t mine biologically and therefore not the heir to the throne.”

I nodded slowly, mulling the hypothesis over.  “Could be.  Perhaps he wanted to make sure he always felt worthy the way he didn’t feel that.”

“It’s hard to say,” Thor said.  “If I understood the inner workings of my brother better, we wouldn’t have the trouble we do.”

I went to stand and he took my hand and looked up at me.  “How are you feeling this morning?  I feel like I ought to check in on you.”

I smiled down at him.  “Better.  Sleep helped.  It was dreamless too.  So that’s good.  I’m obviously still anxious, but so are you.  That’s not going to go away until this is all put to rest.”

He kissed the back of my hand.  “We will get to the bottom of this.”

I kissed him gently and went and bathed.  I changed into a less formal looking Asgardian dress than I had last night.  Though saying that, it was still far more elaborate and formal than I normally dressed.  The dress was gold with black thread work through it and wrapped around me.  Over the top, I wore a blue and black cloak.

When I came back out to the living room Steve and Tony were both up as were the kids.  Pietro was sitting in Thor’s lap drawing on some paper as Thor continued to work, while Riley tore around the room.

“Mommy!”  Riley squealed and slammed into my legs.

“My goodness, you are so hyped lately,” I said, crouching down and cuddling her.

“That might be her connection with Asgard and her newly obtained powers,” Thor said.

I nodded and moved to the couch.  “Sounds reasonable.”

The door open and Loki stalked in.  “Surprise brother.  Apparently, we have more siblings.”

Thor looked up startled and Pietro reached for Loki.  “We what?”

Loki took Pietro from Thor and the little boy snuggled into his uncle’s chest.  “I do not know who this woman is.  But she seems to be an envoy from the kingdom of Heven.  Before either of us were born our parents had two other children.  First was a son named Aldriff.  Back then Asgard was waging war everywhere.  Aldriff was killed by a spy from Heven as an infant.  Next was a daughter.  I have been unable to find anything else except word that she existed.  It’s like every record pertaining to her has been erased.”  Loki explained.  “This new faction is claiming that Aldriff was never killed but taken and raised in Heven to one day take the throne here.  Much like our parents did with me, intending I return and take the throne on Jotunheim.”

“If our brother is a worthy ruler, I’d gladly give him the throne.  Why all the subterfuge and violence?  We have no quarrel with Heven.”  Thor said.

“Wait… just back up a second.”  Tony interrupted.  “There’s a Heaven?”

“Of course, Tony,” Thor said while Loki rolled his eyes.  “These myths you have on Earth usually have an origin elsewhere.”

“Well, regardless, it looks like Heven may have been holding on to some past anger and plan to put their own puppet on the throne,” Loki said, turning the conversation back on track.  “There may be descent in your council.  I will continue to look into it.  If we can smother that it should crush any further attacks.  Heven is not strong enough on its own to take us.  It needs the support of the people.”

“And you’re sure our guest is of Heven?  Aren’t they usually possessing wings?”  Thor asked.

“I don’t know what to tell you, brother.  This is all I know so far.”  Loki said with a shrug.

There was a knock on the door and Fandral lead in the same chef from last night along with some others who were all wheeling trays of food.

“Yay!”  Riley squealed, running over to the carts.  “You maded yummy food.”

“I did, little princess.”  The chef said.

“Fank you.”  She said, looking up at him and bouncing on her feet.

The chef picked up a plate and turned crouching down and offering it to her.  “Made special for the princess.”

She clapped her hands and a breeze picked up. “Fank you.”  She took the plate and then very slowly and carefully carried it to the table.

“You are most welcome.”  He said.  “I’ve made something else for the little boy if he’d like it.”

Loki brought Pietro over and took the plate.  He tasted something and looked down at Pietro.  “You can eat it.”  He said.

“Fank you,”  Pietro said, looking over the food and then carefully sampling some, exactly as Loki had just done.  Meanwhile, Riley had made a complete mess with her food already.

“I’ve taken some liberties with the cuisine to try and make it more to your tastes.”  The chef said.  “I hope you enjoy.”

“Thank you so much,”  I said.

“Is yummy!”  Riley added, enthusiastically.

“This is the highest of praise.”  The chef said.  “Thank you, princess.”  He bowed and left the room followed by his staff.

“Winning hearts there, Rie?”  Tony asked and she grinned up at him, her face completely covered in food.  He came over and began looking over the carts as I helped myself to a selection of things.  “So, what’s on the menu this morning?  You know, aside from -”  He made an obscene gesture and I hit him.

“Tony!  The kids.”  I yelped.

“Uh-huh,”  Tony teased.  “You know you want it.”

I rolled my eyes and took a seat at the table.  “Riley, please use your fork.”  I sighed.

She scrunched her nose and picked up her fork.  She stabbed her food with the fork and then took it off the fork with her hand before putting it in her mouth.

Steve chuckled.  “That’s not how you do that, Riley.”  He said.

“I use dem.”  She said defensively.

“You put the food on the fork and then the fork in your mouth.”  He instructed.

She attempted to do as he said but the food fell off her fork and spilled down her dress.  Steve chuckled and sat down, putting her on his lap and helping her eat.

After we’d eaten the kids got cleaned up and we prepared to split into our respective groups.

“Alright.  The children are mine now.”  Loki said.

“Who’s staying with you?”  I asked.

“That would be me, my lady,” Fandral said, making a large sweeping bow.  Loki looked at him with an expression of complete boredom on his face.  “The lord Loki appears very excited to have me.  That’s okay.  We shall have fun.  Shan’t we, your majesty?”  He said kneeling in front of Riley.

She did a wobbly curtsy and patted his cheeks.  “I’m majesty.”

“Where do we want to go, children?”  Loki asked.

“Wibwawy,”  Pietro answered quickly.

“No…”  Riley whined.  “Is borwing.”

“Let us compromise.  First, we shall spend time in the library and then we shall do something Riley would like to do.”  Loki said.

Riley scrunched her nose.  “It’s okay, your majesty.  I’ll be there.  We can make it fun together.  Annoy your uncle Loki.” Fandral said.  He offered her his hand and she took it.

“Alright, kiddos. You stay with Loki and Fandral.  No wandering off and no talking to strangers.”  I said as Loki and Fandral headed to the door with them.

“Subtle, Elise.”  Loki teased as the twins called out ‘bye-bye’.

After they were gone Hogun led Tony and Steve down to the lab and Thor took me along to a meeting with his advisors and I got to see exactly what being the King of Asgard actually meant.

Chapter Text

I sat through the meeting trying to pay close attention even though I didn’t really understand most of it, and most of all trying not to look bored or uninterested.  I did notice they all seemed to arrive late, though Thor didn’t say anything.  Also, they would speak to him as if he were a child that didn’t understand what was going on.

Afterward, we returned to our chambers to find Loki looking frustrated as Riley climbed him and Steve and Tony bickering about something.  Only Pietro seemed calm as he sat on the floor with a large book he definitely couldn’t read.

“Good,”  Loki said, lifting Riley off of him.  “I’m leaving.  Your children are insane.”  He pointed at Steve and Tony.  “And those two are worse.”

“Oh my goodness,”  I said.  “You just called the babies insane.”

He got up and ruffled Pietro’s hair.  “Well, perhaps not my precious.  But those three.  And that one.”  He added pointing at Fandral who was standing at the door next to Hogun.

“Oh, Loki.  Always playing so coy.”  Fandral teased.

“Eat rocks.”  Loki snarked, earning laughter and a wink from Fandral.

Loki went to sweep out of the room as I moved to the couch, but Thor caught him by the arm.  “My council was late this morning and then showed up all at once.  Perhaps I am being paranoid, but it felt suspicious.  I want you to dig into it.”

Loki summoned a small dagger from the air and picked his nails with it.  “I’ll take care of it.”

“Loki,”  I called.  He turned to look at me and I mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to him.  He gave a very subtle nod and stalked out of the room.

Riley moved into my lap and Steve and Tony started up bickering about Steve’s ability to make bots again.  There seemed to be a general air of tension in the room.  Steve seemed to be slightly distracted as Tony ranted at him about not following instructions and his need to get the bots done as quickly as possible.

“Tony, do you think you can give it a rest?”  I asked.

“But, Elise…”

“No buts.  Enough.” I said.  “Are you okay, Steve?”

“Yeah.  I’m sorry.  I feel helpless and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that.”  He said.  “I want to punch something.  Or throw knives.”

Riley toddled over and looked up at Steve.  “You gonna frow knifes?”

Steve chuckled and shook his head, picking her up.  “It doesn’t look like it today.”

“I frow dem?”  She asked.

“Not until you’re 25.”  He said.

“But daddy,”  She whined.

“But Riley.”  He whined back.  She scrunched up her nose and started to giggle.  “Okay, little monster?”

“Otay.”  She said.

“Captain, it would be an honor to spar with you if you wish to work out some of that frustration,” Hogun said with a small bow.

Steve sighed.  “I think I would really like that.  After lunch?”

Hogun nodded and as if they were summoned by the mention of lunch the chef arrived with his trolleys of food.  Once again Riley used all her charms on him.  They definitely had become a little fan club for each other.  It was quite sweet really.

Riley and Pietro ended up both sitting in Tony’s lap at the table as they fed each other and occasionally Tony too.

“It’s cute how much Riley likes the chef, isn’t it?”  I said as I sat watching them.

“He and his family have served my family for generations,” Thor said.

“He caws me pwincess,” Riley said.

“Because you are one, honey,” Tony said.

“No…”  Riley said, shaking her head.  “I’m a wawwia.”

“You can be both,” Tony said and she shook her head again.  “Yes, you can, sweetheart.”

“Pwincesses wear pink.”  She said, firmly.  “I is a venger.”

“When Loki is your aunt, she is a princess,”  Thor said.  “She doesn’t wear pink, does she?”

“No.  Don’t wear pink.  Is bwack pants.”  Riley said.  She furrowed her brow and turned to Pietro and they both started babbling animatedly to each other.

We all watched on amused before Riley turned back to us.  “Otay, I be a pwincess.”

Steve started laughing.  “Well, then.  That’s good.”

“Twins, huh?”  I giggled.

“Couple of little weirdos,” Tony said and kissed their heads.


After lunch, I went with Thor, Fandral and the children to an arena outside so Thor could start teaching Riley how to control her powers.  Fandral had gotten a pony and was currently letting Pietro pat it and introduce himself.  While Thor spoke to Riley about his powers, she kept looking over at the pony wistfully.

“You need to get in touch with your emotions, little bug.  So that your powers stay in your control.”  Thor said.  “See if you can make a breeze for me.”

“Daddy, I dunno how,” Riley said.

“It has to be natural,”  Thor said.  “Guide the power as it flows through you.”

Riley scrunched up her face and made a little growl sound, though nothing happened.  Thor let out a breath and sat down on the ground, crossing his legs and putting Mjolnir on the ground beside him.  He patted his lap and Riley climbed into it, still looking over at the pony, which Pietro was now sitting on while Fandral showed him how to hold the reins.

“You can go to the pony when we’re done here, bug,” Thor said holding his hand out.  He flicked his fingers and lightning danced over them.

Riley’s attention immediately snapped back to Thor.  “Can I touch it, daddy?”  She asked, holding her chubby little hand out.

“Yes, darling,”  He said.  “It feels warm, like the sun on your face.”

She ran her hand over his fingers and giggled.  “Tickles.”

“When I do this, I feel very calm and at peace.”  He said.  “Try and think about when you feel like that.  When you are warm and safe and Daj is singing you a song while daddy Bruce is cuddling you and rocking you.  Maybe you can smell Daddy Bucky cooking your favorite food.”

Riley closed her eyes as she kept her hand on Thor’s and as he spoke a soft breeze picked up and ruffled her hair.

“There you go.  Well done, little bug.”  Thor praised.

She smiled and opened her eyes.  “I did it!”  She said excitedly and turned to me.  “You see, mommy?  I did it!”

“I saw.  You’re so clever, bug!”  I praised.

“Shall we try another?”  Thor asked.

Riley looked over at Pietro riding the pony and nodded her head.

“When I make a loud thunderstorm, and the rain is heavy and hurts when it hits your skin, I think of all the bad things and people I’ve lost.  I am sad and very, very angry.”  He explained.  “Do you remember when those people scared your mommy yesterday?  How angry you got and how you were a little scared too?”

“Wasn’t scared.”  She said.

He laughed, his deep booming laugh and kissed the top of her head.  “Of course you weren’t,”  he said.  “Try and picture it anyway.”

She scrunched up her face and balled her hands into fists.

It took a little more coaxing from Thor but after a little while, a large gust of wind tore through the arena.  It shoved us and spooked the pony.

“Do you think you could keep that at a minimum?”  Fandral called as he grabbed Pietro and soothed the pony.

“Sorry, friend!”  Thor called back as he hugged Riley and patted her back.  “Well done, daughter.”  He said.  “You are learning very quickly.  I had great difficulty learning this as a child.  My father had to have Mjolnir forged to help me.”

“I get a Mew Mew?”  She asked.

“If you need something to channel your abilities, I will have something forged.  It won’t be like Mjolnir though.  It will be your own device.”  He said.  “We do need you to be able to control it so that you don’t blow things down when you’re mad at Pietro.”  He looked over at me and smiled.  “Now I just have to work out how to do that.”

I chuckled and leaned over and kissed him.

“Gwoss.  Don’ do that.”  Riley said pushing us apart.

Thor laughed deeply and ruffled her hair.  “Alright, your majesty.  Let us see if we can access some more emotions that your powers are attached to.”

Thor had her go through a few emotions, pride brought up a mini whirlwind around us, envy’s wind came in bursts like it was trying to push you over.  After he’d identified a few different ones he had her try and call them up by describing which one he wanted.  It didn’t always work but when it did she got very excited.

“I’m doin’ it, daddy.  I’m doin’ it!”  She said, clapping her hands.

“Yes, you are, little bug,” Thor said, proudly.

She pointed at Pietro riding the pony and Thor laughed heartily.  “Alright, I think you’ve earned it.”

They both took turns riding the pony until they were completely worn out.  By the time Thor and I had carried them back to our chambers and put them into bed, they were already asleep.

Chapter Text

When Thor and I came back into the living room after putting the twins down for a nap, Loki was waiting for us.  Thor looked him over and furrowed his brow.  “I did not expect you to be back so soon.”

“I have been busy,” Loki replied sounding bored.

Thor went and sat beside him and I sat beside Thor.  “What did you discover?”  Thor asked.

“Your council appears to be trying to stage a coup,” Loki explained.  “Might I suggest calling for a Fenestare?”

“What’s that?”  I asked.

“It is a battle to the death,” Thor said.

It felt like my stomach flipped over and something cold gripped my heart.  “Oh,” I said.

“It proves his worth as both ruler and warrior,” Loki explained.  “It would quash the naysayers.”

“Right,” I said.  I didn’t want to tell him no, I forbid it.  I just… the idea of it was horrible.  I didn’t want him to have to risk his life.  What if he didn’t win?  What if he did and that’s the legacy we were walking into?  If someone questions you, you murder them?

“Are there other options, brother?”  Thor asked.

“Not especially,” he said.  “None that would work.”

I started twisting my hands together and Thor slipped his between mine and held them.  “Who would I be challenging?”

“Elder Vasnor,” Loki said.  “He is the one that is leading this campaign about the lost son and heir.  He is the most against you having halfling children too.  If you take him out the others will follow.”

I frowned and looked down at Thor’s hand.  “What are the chances you will win?”

“Against Vasnor and with the rules of a Fenestare?”  Thor mused.  “I’d say about 70 percent.”

I let out a breath and raised my eyes to his.  “I don’t… I don’t want to get in the way of your customs.  But is this what you want to model to your children?”

“I don’t want them there,” Thor said, sadly.  “But Elise, I’m not seeing any other option.”

I frowned and nodded and he pulled me close to him.  I buried my face in his chest as he rubbed my back.  “They never wanted me to rule, they want me to do this.  They expect me to lose.”

“This was inevitable, Elise.  I had to perform a Fenestare within a week of my rule.” Loki said.

“You do not have to attend,” Thor said, gently.

I nodded again.  “I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

Thor looked up at Loki but continued to stroke my back soothingly.  “We should arrange for this as soon as possible.”

“What happens if you lose?”  I asked, looking up at Thor.

“At the risk of sounding like a loving brother,” Loki answered.  “He will not.”

I chuckled at Loki’s need to seem aloof.  “Okay… But… what if?”

“Then my niece and nephew are without their father and counsel will gain rule of Asgard.  Whoever they seem to think is Aldrif will gain rule.”  Loki explained.  “It would not be safe for any of you here, I would smuggle you out.  I’m sure Heimdal will help.”

I nodded.  I really felt like I was going to throw up all over both of them.  I took a deep breath and focused on the beat of Thor’s heart.  It was slower than most people’s.  A slow and steady thud-thud.

“I’d make sure they were provided for,” Thor added.

I swallowed and nodded again.  Now the urge to cry was building in me too.

“My queen,” Thor said, gently.

“Sorry.  You… Just worry about what you need to worry about.  I’ll be okay.”  I said.

“No, Elise,” Thor said.  “I need to worry about you too.  I love you and you are the mother of my children.  I can feel your tension.”

I pulled back from him.  “Because I don’t like anything about this, Thor.  But your ways aren’t mine.  I don’t get to tell you how to do this.”

He sighed.  “I do not like them either.  But I cannot change them.”  He said. “If they are so against me for these petty reasons, I will have to shed blood.  But I would like you to support me.  Not the deed.  But I need you to be okay with who I am.”

I cradled his jaw and looked into his eyes.  “I’m just scared.  Of losing you.  Of what this means in general.  But I will always be yours.”

“I will not lose.”  He said.

I melted against his chest and he pulled me tight against him.  “Thank you, brother.  You are dismissed.”

“Uh-huh,” Loki said getting up.  “Do not wake the babes with your deeds.”  He said and swept out of the room.

Thor ran his hands down my back and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.  “What do you need?”   He asked.

“I want to take care of you, Thor,”  I said.  “You are so stressed.”

“I will be okay,” Thor said.

I kissed his neck.  “I know that.  Let me in, please.”

He seemed to sag a little and I sat back and looked at him running my fingers along his scalp.  “I love you, Thor.  Let me take care of you for a change.”

He nodded and I kissed him.  His arms enclosed around me and he pulled me into his lap.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my hands down his neck, kneading out his tension on the exposed parts of his flesh.  His hands opened and closed on my back before fisting the fabric of my dress.  I slowly kissed along his jaw and down his neck and he let his head fall back with a soft sigh.

His cock began to harden in his pants and pressed against me.  When I said I wanted to take care of him, I really had meant anything he needed.  A massage.  A hot bath.  Just to be held so he could feel fragile and loved.  If it was sex, then that was okay too.

I slipped off his lap between his legs and worked his leather pants open.  Once free of it’s restricting bindings, his cock jumped up hard against his stomach.  I swirled my tongue up his shaft and licked over the head as I looked up at him.  He seemed to relax more just from this starting touches.  His head was rolled back and his lips were parted as let out a soft sigh.

I pulled his foreskin back and sucked on the head and he groaned.  His hands went to my hair and bunched it in his fists.  I lowered my head down, opening my throat as much as I could to take him.  He moaned and started guiding me.  Pushing my head up and down on his cock as he gently rolled his hips.

I curled my tongue and flicked it over the slit of his cock, moaning as he pulled my hair to guide me.  His breath became shallow and his chest rose and fell quickly the more I sucked and the deeper I took him.

I adjusted my position a little and dropped my head right down, deep throating him, so my breath was cut off and I gagged.  He grunted and his hips jerked at little pushing him in even deeper.  I pulled off coughing and began to jerk him off as I sucked on his balls and licked his perineum.

He grunted a precome leaked down his length.  I licked it up and swirled my tongue over his head.  “El,” Thor rumbled.  “Come here.”

I hitched up my skirts and climbed into his lap, rocking my clothed pussy on his cock.  He placed his hand on my cheek and pulled me into a deep kiss.  I hummed into his lips and rolled my hips.  My panties began to soak through and his cock smeared precum over them.  He slipped his free hand under my dress and pushed them to the side, before guiding himself into me.

“Oh god,”  I groaned as my cunt stretched to accommodate him.  He hummed and kissed down my neck, sucking and swirling his tongue over my skin.

I started to roll my hips and clench my walls around his cock.  He yanked the fabric on my bust down and started to suckle on my breasts, moaning into them.  Pleasure swirled through me, pressing down on me and making my skin prickle.  When he started to fuck up into me I completely fell apart.

I came, my cunt clenching and my head falling back.  He grunted and with a hard snap of his hips, he came inside me.

I relaxed down on him, resting my head on his chest and listening to his heartbeat as I felt his cock pulsing inside me as he released.  Thor hummed and pressed his lips to the top of my head.  “Thank you, my love.”  He whispered.

“Can I do anything else for you?”  I asked.

He shook his head.  “Let’s just relax and wait for the others to return.  It will be nice not having anything pressing to worry about.”

I slipped off him and we straightened ourselves out before cuddling into each other.  It wasn’t long before the others showed up.  Both Steve and Hogun looked a little battered, but Steve was still holding himself like a bundle of stress attached to a skeleton.

“Hey, boys.  You not feeling any better, Steve?”  I asked.

“You smell like sex,”  Tony said, flopping down almost on top of me.

“There’s a solid reason for that.”  I teased.

“Rude,” Tony said tugging at the fabric of my dress.

“You want some?  I could go again.”

He chuckled and kissed my cheek.  “You and your sex drive.  Like you’d put on a show for Hogun.”

“Hey, I might.  You don’t know me.”  I joked.

“Oh, sorry.  Hogun, would you like to watch?”  Tony said playing along.

“I am not opposed to such a thing, but I feel like the queen might have been attempting a joke,” Hogun said.

“Feels like you deserve a treat after Steve smashed your face though,” Tony said.

Hogun rubbed his jaw and moved it side to side.  “I feel like watching sex happen without participating might be considered more of a winners gloat than a reward.”

“Hmm,”  Tony mused.  “Right.  Sorry.  You wanna just go into the closet with me?”

Hogun tilted his head to the side and his eyes ran up and down Tony.  It was like he was trying to work out if Tony was serious or not, and if he was if that was something Hogun wanted too.  I wasn’t quite sure if Tony was either, to be honest.  I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.  On one hand, Tony was known for casual sex.  Only, he’d never actually had any since I met him.  In fact, he didn’t technically have sex with all the people in our little family.

“Do you think you can handle it?”  Hogun asked.

“Honey, I’m the experienced one of the group,”  Tony said playfully.

“You’ve been with Thor?”

“Yes,” Tony said.

“Then yes, I would take you up on that offer,” Hogun said, with a curt nod.

Tony turned and smirked at me.  “See, Elise.  I’m pretty.”  He then stopped and looked back at Hogun and then at me again like he’d been caught in headlights.  “Wait.  How did we get here?”

“Because you want to give Hogun a consolation prize of that sweet ass?”  I asked.

He smiled and shrugged.  “Well, you know?  Once a Playboy, always a Playboy.”  The smile slipped and he tapped his hand on my thigh.  “Is this okay?”

“This is an open relationship, honey.  But when was the last time you had casual sex?  Before Pepper?”  I asked, taking his hand.

“Yeah.  It’s been a long time.”  He agreed.

“Do you want to?”  I asked.

“Yeah.  I think so.”

I gave his hand a squeeze.  “If you want to take a step back into the casual sex pool, then I could think of worse people to do it with than one of Thor’s best friends.  You know it’s not going to get you in any trouble.  Besides, in the closet with all of us out here, that would hit some pretty big kinks for you.”  I said.  “But just, be aware that this is your first time back.  I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret.”

“I can guarantee you’ll come out satisfied,” Hogun added.

“I just don’t want to hurt you.”  He said.

“Asking my permission?”  I teased.

“Yes,” he answered seriously.  “Elise?”

I leaned in and kissed him gently.  “You have it.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”  He said, and the smirk returned to his face as he looked back up to Hogun.  “Guess we’re doing this.”

Hogun approached up and pulled Tony to his feet.  He grabbed Tony by the back of the neck and kissed him hard as he pushed him back into the closet.  There was a loud bang as the door slammed shut and then a thud and a faint oof sound.  I broke down into giggles.

“Well, then,”  Steve said coming to sit next to me.

“Did you and Hogun sparring with each other get them both a little worked up?”  I asked.

“They were exchanging eyes all afternoon,” Steve said.  “Even if one of the eyes was swollen with blood dripping on the ground.”

“That’s new, isn’t it?”  I asked.  “He’s really just back in the game.  Remember when I met him and he was totally celibate?”

“Yeah,” Steve said and looked over to the closet.

“Your kids were learning to ride a horse for a little while today,” I said.

His head snapped back to me.  “They were what?  Without me?”   Steve asked.

“You were beating up Hogun,” I said.

“But they’re my kids.”  He said.  “I don’t want to miss out on firsts like that.”

“I didn’t know the pony thing would be such a big issue,” I said.  “But you can’t blame us for the fact that you decided to go and fight someone and you missed out on the kids doing something new.  Might need to figure out where your priorities are.”

Steve frowned.  “You’re right.  Sorry.”  He said.  “I’m still feeling really stressed out.  Maybe Tony has a better way of dealing with that.”

I chuckled and ran my hand up his thigh.  “We can probably help you with that.”

“Why don’t the three of us get into the tub.  The children will be out for a while.” Thor said.

“That sounds good,” I said.

“Volstagg!”  Thor called.

Volstagg stepped in from outside.  “You called?”

“We are just going to bathe.  Guard the children’s door.”  Thor said.

Volstagg nodded and moved to their door and Thor, Steve, and I made our way to the bathroom.  There were bathroom attendants waiting and they helped us undress and began to clean us.  Steve looked slightly uncomfortable as one woman tried to apply oil to his skin.

“Leave us, please,” Thor said to the attendants.

They nodded and put the oils and sponges down at the edge of the large tub, and Thor waded over to Steve and began to massage the oil into him.  I joined him and we both took our time massaging it into his skin.  He gradually began to relax and as the tension in his muscles let go, his blood flowed to his cock, and it began to harden.

Thor wrapped his hand around it and began to jerk him off slowly, adding a more guttural needy moan to the ones he’d been making already.

Thor put his hands on my waist and lifted me up putting me on the side of the tub.  I squeaked and looked at him.  “What are you doing?”

“I thought maybe Steve might like to taste you,” Thor said.  “Would you like that, beloved?”

Steve hummed and nodded moving between my legs he ghosted his lips up the inside of my thigh and nuzzled at my cunt as I carded my fingers through his hair.

Thor moved behind him and using the oil he began to finger his ass, teasing his ring muscle loose to take him.  Steve ran his tongue up my cunt and pushed it inside me, swirling it around.

“Can you taste me on her,” Thor growled against Steve’s ear.

Steve hummed and nodded his head as he began to focus his tongue on my clit.  He drew little random patterns on it.  Sometimes firm, and sometimes soft.  It sent tendrils of pleasure slowly creeping through me.  My skin prickled softly and I closed my eyes and just let myself feel it.  Thor slowly and methodically worked his fingers in Steve’s ass until soon he was moaning with me, adding a little buzz to what he was doing.

Steve grunted and gripped my thighs and I opened my eyes to see Thor thrusting into Steve.  I ran my fingers through Steve’s hair and leaned down and kissed him.  I could taste myself on his lips and he made a deep contented rumble as I moved my mouth with his.

“Come now, my love.  Make the Lady Elly feel the way you do.”  Thor cooed.

Steve pulled back and his mouth returned to my pussy.  He added his hand, teasing at my entrance with his fingers before thrusting them into me.

We became three people connected.  Thor reached over and wrapped his hand around my forearm as he thrust deep into Steve and Steve keep sucking and biting at my clit as he fucked me with his fingers. 

Our voices echoed off the bathroom walls.  They amplified it, made us sound almost ethereal as we moaned and cried out.

Steve’s fingers pressed and dragged over my g-spot again and again until I couldn’t even sit up anymore.  I just lay back on the marble floor and writhed in pleasure.  Grabbing my breasts and squeezing them to add to it.  I bucked up under him and arched my back.  He added a third finger, stretching me more and he twisted his wrist, corkscrewing his hand so his knuckles dug into that sweet spot inside me.  I cried out loudly and squirted, gushing on him before blacking out for a second.

It was only a second and when I came too, feeling completely high on endorphins and soft at the edges, Thor and Steve both smirked at me.  “That was something else, El.”  Steve teased.

“You were stunning, my queen,”  Thor added. 

They helped me back into the bath to clean up.  They must have came as I did, though I had been completely unaware of it.  We quickly cleaned up and hopped out, wrapping ourselves in the thick fluffy towels.  “Come,”  Thor said scooping me into his arms.  “I feel that we should try and nap too while the children do.”

I hummed and looked over at Steve.  “You feel more relaxed now?”  I asked

He chuckled and nodded.  “Yeah, that definitely did the job.”

Chapter Text

Our moment of relaxed contentment didn’t last too long.  By the end of the same day, Thor had come clean about the Fenestare, which had led to a long argument about whether it was okay to even participate in a battle to the death, how dangerous it was, and how it put the rest of us at risk too.

Tony wanted to leave.  Even the tiniest risk to the kids’ safety and he was on edge.  And so far there had been a lot of those.  Steve wasn’t so sure if we should leave.  If Thor was so determined to do this, he wanted to be there to support him.  He was very vocal about the fact that he did not think Thor should do it on moral terms.

Nothing was changing Thor’s mind though, so we spent the following day, highly strung as he prepared for the fight.  Tony dragged Steve to the lab to finish the bots and Thor had made me and the kids follow him around all day.  They were tired and cranky as we went back to his royal chambers.  Pietro was curled up in my arms and Riley was throwing herself around in Thor’s rather dramatically when Sif stormed in.

“Why was I informed, immediately upon arrival that there is going to be a Fenestare?”  She asked, squaring up to Thor and poking him in the chest.  “It’s like this place doesn’t function when I’m not here.”

I couldn’t even pretend I cared about what Sif had to say about the Fenestare.  I was too excited she was back.  If she was back it meant the others might be here too.  “Did you bring them?”

“Yes,” Sif said.  “I took them to your chambers.  They are settling in.”

I whined and looked at Thor.  He handed me Riley and pressed a kiss to my forehead.  “Volstagg, could you please escort the Lady Elise to the others.”

“Of course,”  Volstagg said and gestured to the door.

“And I will stay here and attempt to slap some sense into our King,” Sif said.

I followed Volstagg down to our chambers carrying both the kids and when I stepped inside I found them all looking high strung and pacing the room.

“You’re going to need to explain what’s going on fast,” Wanda said.  “I’m starting to lose them.”

“Hey, hey, hey,”  I said putting the kids down.  They both immediately started bouncing and jogging on the spot like they wanted to run to the rest of their family but couldn’t decide who they should run to first.  “Why do you guys always have to go so negative?”

“Because an alien shows up, demands we all come here, and the mind-reader immediately jumps on board,” Natasha said folding her arms in front of her.  “That’s suspicious.”

“Can one of you indicate to your kids to come to them, they’re about to explode,” I said.  “The rest of you take a seat.”

“Who wants Daj?”  Wanda asked crouching down and opening her arms.  Riley charged over to her and slammed into her.  I crouched and pointed to Clint and Pietro ran over to him and immediately started scaling him.

Almost everyone took a seat in the couches.  Bucky, Natasha, and Bruce couldn’t seem to settle though, and the three of them kept pacing the room.

“Okay… so, there’s been a little descension here that Thor was unaware of the extent of.  A section of his people believe he was too young for the job, but originally there was no other choice but him or Loki and he was the preference.  So they would make him jump through hoops and he’d do it.  Only now a faction claiming there are two older siblings.  They believe that the firstborn son should be ruling and not Thor and are causing some trouble.  A few things have happened.”  I explained as I sat forward on the couch.

“There’s a what?”  Natasha asked.

“Brother.  Though there has been no actual sign of him.  There is a claim he was kidnapped and raised by the rulers of one of the other realms in the hope to put him in charge of Asgard and then they would rule the nine realms.”  I answered.

“You said some things happened?”  Bucky asked.  He was flexing his metal hand and looked as close to being the soldier as I’d seen him in a long time.

“There was an attempt to kidnap and murder Riley and I,” I said.  “A guard and a woman from that other realm attacked us.”

“And where are they now?”  Bucky asked in a completely flat and rather terrifying tone.

“In prison.  Loki has been dealing with them.”

“I want to see them.” Bucky seethed looking at the door.

“That is not a good idea,” Loki said, coming into the room followed by Fandral.

“It’s also not why you’re here,”  I added.

Bucky wheeled back to me.  “What?  There’s more?”

“Yeah,” I said with a nod.  “It’s about the hoops he’s having to jump.  Right now he’s preparing for a fight to the death he has to participate in.  Though that is also not why you’re here.  When we got here, we were almost forced to … well, marry him.  He has to be bonded with someone to rule if he has a child.  Without telling him or us they were going to force the ceremony.  He managed to get them to give us two weeks.  I couldn’t do it without you guys at least knowing about it.  But… and I guess I’m proposing for him right now.  He’d like it to be all of you.”

“A what?”  Natasha asked.  “And a what?”

“Deathmatch.  Wedding.”  I said counting them off on my fingers. “And -”  I took a breath and huffed, blowing my hair off my brow.  “- the thing about the wedding is… it will mean our life expectancies change.  They will all be pulled in line with Thor’s.”

“Can you boil that down just a wee bit for my dumb brain?”  Clint asked as he cuddled with Pietro.

“The ceremony is called bonding.  It doesn’t change the rules of the relationship.  It just means we are bonded to Thor.  And each other.  We will have a special connection.  For those of us like me who are going to get the usual 78 years most likely, we will now get closer to 5000.  For Bucky, Steve, maybe you B, and you Nat.  You’ll live significantly less.  Plus Thor will be promised to you.  You won’t ever have to worry about being alone.  So… we don’t all have to do it.  But he has to do it with someone.  If you don’t want to that’s okay, but we all need to agree on who does and if that’s okay.”

“Is there a place I can go to punch things?”  Bucky asked in a low voice.

I looked over at Loki, but Volstagg stepped forward.  “Let me take you to the training arena.”  He said.  “Is there anyone else that would like to work out their tension?”

Natasha raised her hand.  Volstagg indicated to the door with his ax and the three of them headed out together.

Sam moved over and wrapped his arm around me and I melted into him.  “I missed you guys.”

“How have you been doing, sweetie?”  Wanda asked rubbing my leg.

“I guess you could say I’ve been a little bit stressed,” I said.

Sam rubbed my arm and kissed the top of my head.  “That’s totally understandable, princess.”  He said.  “You’re safe and we’re all here.”

“What about you, my darlings?  Have you been having fun?”  Wanda asked the kids.

“Uncle Woki has a big wibwawy,” Pietro answered.

“Yeah?  How big?”  Clint asked.

Pietro stretched his arms up over his head.  “Is big.  So many.”

“Piet, you should tell daddy about what Fandral has been teaching you,” I said.

Pietro stood up on Clint’s thighs and started jumping.  “Daddy!  Daddy!”  He said excitedly and then started babbling so fast that it was hard to make out any words.

“Buddy.  Buddy, slow down.”  Clint said, holding Pietro’s hands.

“Dere’s a pony, daddy.  I rided da pony.”  He squealed.

“Oh, really?”  Clint asked.

“Fandral was teaching him to ride while Thor taught Riley how to use her powers,” I explained.

“That sounds like a lot of fun, buddy,” Clint said, and Pietro slammed himself against him and nuzzled into his neck.  “So… the immortality thing.”

“I don’t know what to do.  I worry about him.”  I said poking Pietro.

“Well, maybe he falls in love with an Asgardian,” Clint said.  “Or maybe Earth Science can cure diseases.”

“Or maybe we have to watch him age and then die and we’ll just be stuck like this,” I said, frowning.

“Well, yeah,” Clint said and kissed the top of Pietro’s head.  “I dunno.  Still don’t really see it as a problem.”

“You want to do it?”  I asked.  “Just like that?”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know,” I said, furrowing my brow.  “It’s huge.  It means a lot.”

“Why don’t you talk us through it, honey?”  Sam asked.

“We’ll have to watch everyone we know die.  That means probably Piet.  Hill, Coulson, Scott, Rhodey, Clarke.”  I said.  “It means that all the shit we deal with on Earth could get worse because we will always just be there.  We might stop even being able to relate to people or form proper bonds with them.  They might start thinking we’re gods too.”

“Where did that fear even come from?”  Sam asked.

“I don’t know.  Anne Rice?”

Sam chuckled and Clint shook his head.  “So, fiction?  Have you tried actually talking to someone who has experience with that kind of thing?”  Clint asked.

“What like Thor?  The god of thunder?”  I snarked.

“Well, what about that guy?”  Clint asked, gesturing to Fandral.

“I’m afraid I’m not a good example,” Fandral said with a small bow.  “I have lived a normal life for what is expected on Asgard.  I have seen my elders die but I haven’t had to outlive any of my peers.  At least not in terms of watching them grow old.  I’ve lost friends in battle.”

“Oh,” Clint said.

“There is a chance that young Loki here may outlive us all.  The stories say there are celestials who existed before existence.  There is only one known case of their death and the skull is now the homeworld of many people.  Then came the All fathers.  The Ice Giants came with them.  They were violent and burned a path through the universe before them.  Then Odin was born of the Allfathers.  That was when the universe began to settle.  Other worlds grew and their own life forms formed with their own life spans.  But here on Asgard we live thousands of years and are revered as gods.”

“Okay, but would you choose to outlive some people by millennia if you could?”  Clint asked.

Fandral approached us and took a seat next to Loki. “That seems inevitable.  People die in war.  I outlived the Valkyrie.  My parents.”

“The what?”  Clint asked.

“Valkyrie?  The warrior women?”  Fandral asked with a mixture of shock and disbelief.  “You haven’t heard of them?”  When Clint shook his head, Fandral sat up straight and clapped his hands.  “A story for the little prince and princess.  Once upon a time, Odin was stretching his rule over the Nine Realms.  There was much fighting within them and he wished to restore peace and order.  He took with him an army of women who rode upon winged horses.  They were the most formidable army in all the realms.  All who they went up against fell.  Until one day there was a great battle and they were all slain.”  He explained.   “I was but a child when they existed.”  He leaned over and poked Pietro in the stomach.  “Your father wished to be a Valkyrie when he grew up.”

“You get me a horsie wif wings?”  Pietro asked.

Fandral chuckled.  “That might be possible, little prince.  But first, we learn on the non-winged kind.”

“Are they a different species?”  Clint asked.

“That’s right,”  Fandral said with a nod.  “Longer lived and stronger than the typical horse on Asgard, but no match for Odin’s former steed.”

Clint furrowed his brow like he was mulling over the story.  “Why would wings make them live longer?”

I snorted.  “Correlation, not causation, Clint.”

“If I were to guess, I would say it was because the magic runs deeper through them,”  Fandral added and turned to Loki.  “What do you think, dear?”

“I think it would be a shame if I had to put a knife into your eye,” Loki said rolling his eyes and picking at his nails.  “I just cleaned my blades.”

Fandral chuckled and poked Pietro in the belly.  “Now, now.  Your uncle is always so violent.”

Pietro giggled and wiggled in Clint’s lap.

“Where are the boys?”  Sam asked.

“Thor is being chewed out by Sif.  I think Steve and Tony are in the lab.”  I said.

Like I had summoned him, the door opened and Thor came in with Sif, followed by the chef and his carts of food.

“Woah, magic,”  I said as Riley wriggled out from Wanda’s arms and ran over to the chef.

Riley bounced on her feet as she watched the chef start sorting things out for everyone.  There was a lot more food than previously, but then there were also a lot more of us.

As he was setting up, Steve, Tony, and Hogun came in.

“Oh, hey, the rest of them,” Sam said.

“Where’s Bucky and Nat?”  Steve asked, looking around.

“Punching stuff,” Clint answered.

“You should give everyone their gifts,” I said as Steve scowled.

“Sure,” Tony said and went into the bedroom to find the bag.

“Sif, did you talk Thor out of it?”  I asked.

“I’m afraid not, my lady,” she said.  “I did try.”

Tony returned with the bag and pulled out the bow.  “This is for you, Legolas.”

Clint took it and his eyes went wide.  “It’s so light.  Feels like I’m holding a pencil.”

“It is like mine,” Sif said.  “It has a perfect balance and tension.  You will like it.”

Clint tested the balance and I took the bag off Tony and dug around in it pulling out the vambrace.  “I picked these for you,” I said giving them to Sam.

He took them and made a soft, pleased sound.  “These are nice.”  He said turning them over.

“I thought they’d match your wings if you wanted to wear them. Or they’re just pretty.  So you can put them on a shelf to look at.”  I said.

“They’re perfect.  Thank you, princess.”  He said and pulled me close nipping at my neck.

I giggled and leaned into him, passing the bag back to Tony.  He went back and pulled out the gift for Bruce and gave them to him pulling him into his arms and kissing him softly before he pressed the decorative case into Bruce’s hands.

Bruce opened them and smiled for the first time since I’d seen him here.  “These look interesting.”

“Thought you’d like them, Bear,” Tony said and nuzzled at Bruce’s neck.

Steve took the bag off Tony and took out Natasha and Bucky’s gifts and put them on a shelf out of the kids’ reach before bringing the whole bag over and giving it to Wanda.  “Everything else in there is for you, darling.”  He said.

Wanda looked at him suspiciously and then opened the bag and looked inside.  “Why is it so big?”

“Some weird magic,” Steve said.

She reached in and brought out a handful of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  “There’s so much.”  She said, beginning to separate each piece.

“The lady who made them wanted you to have all of them.  There is a lot more in there.”  Steve said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“It’s all so beautiful,” Wanda said, smiling.  “Thank you.”

Steve gave her shoulder a squeeze.  “You’re very welcome.”

“Lunch is served.”  The chef said.

“Is good,” Riley said from her spot at the table.  A plate was already in front of her and her mouth was completely full.

“How’d you get food, bug?”  Clint asked getting up with Pietro on his hip.

Riley pointed at the chef with a piece of food she was holding in her fist.  “Dis guy.”

“I did hand her a plate.”  The chef said.  “Did I overstep, my lord?”

“Is good,” Riley said.  “You my fwiend.”

The chef chuckled.  “Thank you, princess.  You’re my friend too.”

“I assure you, Clinton.  Magnus has been working for the throne since I was a small boy.  I trust him completely.”

“Even with what happened?”  Clint asked.

“Yes.  Magnus is loyal to us.”  He said.  “And a member of our household.”

Magnus bowed and took leave of the room as everyone got up and helped themselves to food.  Pietro climbed up onto Clint’s head and ate things that were passed up to him as Clint sat at the table with Steve, Sam, Tony, and Bruce.  Wanda and I ate at the couch with Loki while Thor seemed to pace and pick at things.

“Come here, human cat.  Curl back up with me.”  Wanda said, shifting so she could eat with me tucked into her side.

I curled in and picked at the food on my plate.  “What would the bonding ceremony be like?  What can we expect?”  Wanda asked.

“Oh, we get powers.  But we don’t know what they’ll be until it’s happened.”  I said.

“I’ll have extra powers?  Like lightning?”  Wanda asked.

“They will be a reflection of both who you are and how you see yourself in your family,” Loki explained.  “For example, someone who was very protective of their family might be able to create a shield that encompasses them.”

“Oh.  I see.  I wonder what that would mean for each of us.”  Wanda said.

Loki shrugged.  “Hopefully it renders this one mute.”  He said gesturing to me.

I tried to stifle a laugh, ended up snorting and then broke down into peals of silent giggles.

Loki did his best to ignore me completely.  “The ceremony itself involves a literal binding.  A cord will be used to bind you to each other.  For the number of you, I imagine it will look like a large web.  Magic will be passed through it and you will take a sort of vision quest.  In it, you will find where you belong within the relationship and your family.  If the bonds are true and good, then you will be granted your new gift.”

“Wow. Okay.”  Wanda said and took a drink as she seemed to mull over Loki’s words.

“Does she always eat like this?”  Loki asked waving her hand vaguely at Riley.

I looked over and saw Riley completely covered in food and shoveling more into her mouth.  “Oh, yes.  She’s a hungry beast, aren’t you bug?”

She roared in response which made Wanda start giggling.

“Who raised this child to act like this?”  Bruce asked.

“We did?”  I said with a shrug.

“I think she needs to be recalibrated.”  Sam joked.

“Daddy,” Riley said, sternly.

“Oh.  You asked for it now.”  Sam said, getting up.

“No, daddy!”  She squealed.

“Yes, bug.”  He said, grabbing her around the waist and flipping her upside down.

She flailed and squealed, kicking her legs excitedly.  A soft wind began to swirl around the room.

“Just a few more minutes.”  Sam teased.  “You’re almost fixed.”

“Riley, control that wind, please,” Thor said.  She continued kicking and squealing but the wind died right off.

“Huh,”  Sam said, flipping her back over and putting her down.

“Again, daddy!”  She squealed, jumping up and down.

“She got control of it after only a couple of days?”  Sam asked.

Thor shook his head as Riley continued to jump up and down, tugging on Sam’s shirt.  “Only sometimes.  It’s important to remind her when it’s out of her control though.”

Sam caught her midjump and spun her upside down again.  She squealed in delight.   It was such a pure noise and she was so happy.  As loud as it was with everyone here I felt at peace.  Even Bruce seemed to have started to relax a little.  The only stand out person, who was not beginning to calm was Thor.  Time was ticking down to the Fenestare, and the stress of it seemed to be seeping out of his pores.

“Thor, are you okay?”  I asked.

“As I can be.”  He said in a strained tone.

“Do you want to join Wanda and I for cuddles?”  I asked.

“Yes.  I would most appreciate that.”  He said moving over to us.

“You know he is as heavy as a horse right?”  Loki asked.

“I have been under him many times, yes.”  I deadpanned as I opened my arms and Thor collapsed down into them.

Loki shook his head.  “I don’t know what I expected to happen when I said that.”  He said.  “I am old enough to know better.”

“You did kind of walk into it.”  I agreed as I began to caress Thor’s hair and neck.

Riley came over and climbed up on Thor, draping herself over him like a cat and closing her eyes.

“Do you think she understands what’s happening?”  Sam asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“I hope she doesn’t,” Bruce said, his voice slightly strained.

Thor shifted and closed his eyes a little, and it wasn’t long before both father and daughter were snoring lightly in the pile on my lap.

Chapter Text

Thor was still sleeping soundly with his head on my lap and his daughter draped over him with her mouth hanging open as she slept along with him when Natasha returned.  She still looked a little stressed and no one really said anything while she helped herself to food from the carts.  She sat down next to Wanda and started to eat.

“Looks like Pietro is asleep.”  She said gesturing to Pietro who had started to sag over Clint’s head as he sat on his shoulders.

“I’ve got him,”  Steve said, going over and gathering him up in his arms.  He came past Thor and scooped up Riley too and took both the kids to their room.  Thor stirred when Riley was taken off him and sat up stretching.

“What time is it?”  He asked.

“Almost time,” Loki replied.  “You should go and prepare.”

He nodded and stood, heading into the bedroom.  I hugged myself as I watched him and looked for a topic to talk about that might take my mind off it.

“Bucky’s still punching things?”  I asked.

Natasha nodded.  “I tried to get him to come back, but he wasn’t listening.”

“Why’s he so upset?  I would have thought this was a good thing.  It might mean he gets to keep us.”  I said.

She took a deep breath and chewed slowly on her food before swallowing.  “I think it’s like the arm.  He had this obvious solution to a problem that had been plaguing him but he never thought about it.  Now here he had a solution to something huge and he’s upset it was never offered to him.”

“It’s not like we knew though,” I said.

“I guess he just thinks it should have been looked into.  That Thor was just sitting on this knowledge.”  Natasha said.

“That’s not what happened,” I said.  “Thor didn’t know and what?  Now he has to go into a fight to the death thinking Bucky hates him?”

“What I can’t be angry at someone I love?”  Bucky snapped.  I jumped and turned in my chair.  He was standing in the door scowling, while Volstagg stood behind him.

“You can keep it to yourself until he comes back safe, Buck,” I said, frowning.  “You’ll only be angrier with yourself if this is what you hold onto and it ends up being the last time you see him.”

Bucky came inside and folded his arms over his chest.  “I’m going to be there.”

“Yeah, because watching him die while you’re pissed at him is going to make it better.”  I scoffed.

“He’s not going to die, Elise.”

“You don’t know that, Bucky.  Chances are in his favor.  But none of us know what’s going to happen until it happens and I don’t want anyone here saying horrible things and feeling that way when he goes into this.  Because his feeling guilty isn’t going to make it easier for him.”  I snapped, turning in the chair to look at him.  “And if he doesn’t come out, you’ll hate yourself.  You know you will.  You’ll hate yourself for holding on to that.  You want to bond with Thor, don’t you?  Tell him.  Tell him that’s what you want.  Don’t be angry it hasn’t happened yet.  Be happy that it can now.”

“Well, of course, I want to bond,” Bucky said, running his hands through his hair.  “It’d give me an end to my life that I don’t know for sure is gonna happen.”

“Is that the only reason you want to?”

He dropped his eyes and shook his head.  “No.”

“So tell him.  Tell him so he doesn’t go into that arena thinking he ruined things.”  I implored, a tear rolling down my cheek.  “Tell him in case you lose him and never get another chance to say it.”

Bucky sighed and gave a nod.  “Where is he?”

I pointed to his room and Bucky shoved his hands in his pockets and huffed off in that direction.

Steve returned from putting the kids down and a little after him, Bucky and Thor came out.  Thor was dressed in armor and his winged helmet.  Mjolnir was clutched in his hand, as Bucky walked beside him.  Loki stood.  “It is time, brother.”

I jumped up and ran over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my face in his chest.  “I love you.”  I murmured against him.

He rubbed my back and nuzzled into my hair.  “I love you too.  I will return.”

“Which of you will be attending?”  Loki asked.

“I’m coming,” Steve said, standing.

“Yeah, me too,” Clint said standing up.

“Yeah, I hate it,” Sam said, getting to his feet.  “But I’m going to support my beefy boyfriend.  One of my many beefy boyfriends.”

“The rest of you, please take care of each other and the children,” Thor said.

“Don’t worry,” Natasha said.  “We have the heaviest hitters here.”

“Good,” Thor said and gently pried me away from him.  “I’ll be back soon.  It should only be an hour.”

I swallowed and nodded.  “Good luck.”

“I don’t need it,” he said and kissed my cheek.  “But thank you.”

Thor looked over at Sif.  “I’ll stay here,” she said and looked over at the warrior three.  “One of you three idiots will have to stay for the children too.”

Fandral made a sweeping bow.  “I shall be your idiot.”

“How will you pull yourself away from your sometimes darling?”  Sif teased.  “Or are you two in a spat?”

“My goodness, Lady Sif.  You do like living on the edge.” Fandral shot back.  Sif shrugged.  “Good luck, Thor.  We shall celebrate upon your victory.”

“Yes, a huge feast.  Bottomless ale.”  Thor said as the group headed out.

I sunk down into the couch and started picking at my nails.  Wanda took my hands.  “Stop that.  Smell the nice Wanda hair.”  I sighed and nuzzled into her hair and inhaled deeply.  “You could braid the nice Wanda hair if you like.”

“Okay,” I said sitting back.

“Okay?”  Wanda said turning so her back was to me.  “Yay.”

I started carefully teasing her hair into sections and twisting them together.  It was actually a nice meditative action.  Plus it kept my hands busy.

“So an hour, Sif?”  Natasha asked.

“At least,” Sif answered.  “No more than two.  Most of it will be ceremony though.”

I felt myself tensing up and my heart began to pound.  Wanda sent me a wave of warm energy, instantly making me relax.  “Thank you, beautiful.”  I hummed and finished up her hair.  “There you go.”

She snuggled back in against me, but I kept looking up at the door like I expected someone to come in with bad news.  I couldn’t quite relax and my head wouldn’t let go of the worst outcome.

“It’s going to be fine, El,” Natasha said. “Don’t make me come over there with this weird tofu stuff.”

“What are you gonna do?  Choke me with it?”  I asked.

She smirked.  “I might.”

I looked over at Bruce.  He was wringing his hands compulsively and his eyes kept flicking around the room.  There was the faintest ting of green around his neck too.

“How are you doing, B?”  I asked.

“I’m here.” He answered, his voice strained.

“Come have some cuddles,” I said.

He shook his head.  “He’s right here.”

“He likes cuddles,” I said.  “It’ll help.”

Bruce gestured to Fandral and Sif.  “They don’t know him.  He doesn’t know them.”

“Forget about them.  They’re not going to provoke him.”  I said patting the free space next to me.  “He knows me.”

Bruce took a deep breath and moved over to sit beside me.  I reached up and ran my fingers through the back of his hair.  He shivered a little and lay down curling up with his head in my lap.

“I know you’re both scared.  It’s probably good he’s ready if we need him.”  I said.

Bruce made a small noise and I leaned down and kissed his temple and went back to stroking his hair.

We sat quietly for a little while.  Wanda playing with my hair while I played with Bruce’s.  Natasha finished eating and sat back with her feet on the coffee table.  “So who have you been assigned to?”  She asked Fandral.

“In general?”  Fandral asked.  Natasha gave a curt nod. “It changes.  I usually stay with the children. Despite what the Lady Sif would have you believe.”

“And what do you do with my kids?”  She asked.

“Mostly I stand by the door so that none enter or leave without clearance.  When they are in Loki’s care I will play with the princess to keep her entertained when she loses interest in Loki’s books.  When the princess had her lesson with Thor, I was teaching the little prince to ride.”  Fandral explained.

Natasha made a tch noise and tapped her foot on the edge of the coffee table.  “What makes you qualified to take care of my kids?”

Fandral shrugged.  “I’m not sure I am.  But I grew up with Thor and he trusts me.  I think that’s the thing he’s most concerned about now.”

“Yeah, well.  I’m not so sure about that.”  Natasha scowled.

I laughed.  “He’s fine, Nat.  Both the kids like him.  I like him.  Thor likes him.  He’s probably the only person other than the kids Loki can stand being around for more than an hour.”

“They’re not doing anything inappropriate in front of my children are they?”  Natasha asked.

I chuckled and shook my head.  “They barely even talk to each other in front of the kids.  Going off how they interact in public, you’d think they weren’t doing anything inappropriate behind closed doors either.”

“How dare you, your highness?  I assure you we do many inappropriate things behind closed doors.”  He teased, feigning offense.  He then stopped and looked at me seriously.  “Please don’t tell Loki I said that.”

Natasha looked him over again.  “Okay.  You have permission to watch my children.”

Fandral bowed.  “Thank you, my lady.”

The room fell silent again.  The longer the others were gone, the thicker the tension in the room got.  Natasha started tapping her foot in an erratic pattern on the coffee table, and Bruce got tenser and tenser, the green creeping up his neck until he sat up and started wringing his hands again.

“I hope it’s over soon,” I said, rubbing my eyes with the balls of my hands.

“It is.”

I spun to see Loki holding the door open.  Thor limped in behind him.  He was covered in blood with a few obvious cuts.  One above his eye and some on his arms.

I jumped up and rushed over to him, putting my hands on his chest as I looked him over.  “Oh my god, look at you!”

“It is but a scratch, my queen,” Thor said as the others filed into the room behind him.

“It doesn’t look like a scratch,” I said.  “Do we have something to clean you up with?”

“Mead will do the trick,” Thor answered.

Fandral poured him a cup and pressed it into Thor’s hand.  “Here you are, friend.”

Thor took a long drink and pulled me close.  “That should have shut down the opposition.”

I melted in against him, pressing my face against his armor.

“Really, El?”  Natasha scolded.  “Make him take a bath first.”

I didn’t move and just made a noncommittal grunt as Thor drained the last of the mead in his cup.  “He’s covered in blood Elise,” Natasha said.

I pulled back and looked up at him.  “Let’s clean you up.”

“I’d advise against walking on that ankle,” Loki said.  “It’s clearly broken.  He should see a healer really.”

“It’s against the rules,” Thor said.

“It is not,” Loki scoffed.  “Stop being bullheaded.”

“They’re making me jump through so many hoops.  I don’t want to do anything that makes them doubt me again.”  Thor said.

“Okay.  Alright.  Let’s get you to a bath.  Bruce, Sam?  One of you can set the ankle, right?”  I asked.

Bruce growled softly.  “Yes.”

“Yeah.   No problem.”  Sam agreed.

“Okay.  Can someone bigger than me help Thor to the bathroom?  I’ll go fill the tub.”  I said.

Bucky and Steve moved to either side of Thor and put his arms around his shoulders.  They supported him into the bathroom and started to strip him of his armor as I filled the tub with hot water and added a blend of healing and relaxing salts and herbs to the water.

“Okay, into the water,” I said when Thor was naked.

“Yes, mea vita,” Thor said, sinking down into the water.

I stripped down to my underwear and sat on the side of the tub behind him with my feet in the water and began to rinse out his hair.  “This will stop the insurrection?”

“Yes.  It should.”  Thor said.  “Elder Vasnor was the head of it all.”

“Good,”  I said as I began to wash his hair.  I checked his scalp for cuts and then rinsed out his hair.

“I’m fine,” Thor assured me.

I moved in the tub and began to wash his body, checking the cuts for severity.  “You don’t have to pretend with me.”

“I’m not pretending.”

I ran my hand down to his swollen ankle.  “I think Loki is right.  This seems to be broken.”

“I’ve had worse.”

“That doesn’t make this not bad, Thor,” I said and sunk down into the water between his legs.  “You fought.  You won.  You are very strong.  We can all see it.  Do you think for just tonight, you’ll let us take care of you?”

Thor let out a breath.  “Okay.”

“Thank you,” I said and leaned over and kissed him gently.  “Alright, soak.  There are a few larger cuts that need dressing.  Sam or Bruce can do that and set your ankle.  Then you can stop letting us fuss and celebrate your win.”

“Thank you, carissima.”  He said, caressing my jaw.  I leaned my forehead against his and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him.  “We will be okay, my life.  I promise.”

I nodded and attempted to relax in his arms, hoping that he was right.

Chapter Text

After bathing Thor, Steve and Bucky helped him to the bedroom. I followed after and toweled both of us off and I put on a very simple slip dress over nothing.  Sam and Bruce joined us to help patch up Thor who was still trying to fight the fact he needed help, though thankfully not as hard.

Bruce was very green around the edges and each time he spoke it was accompanied by a deep grunt that was definitely not him, but rather the Hulk wanting to push through.

“Hulk, we need Bruce right now,” I said putting my hand on Bruce’s arm.  “I know seeing Thor like this upsets you, but the man who did this is dead.  It’s taken care of.”

Bruce made a strained sound.  “He wants to see proof.”

“I can get Sif to take you to see, but this first,” I said to Hulk.

The green faded back and he took a few deep breaths.  “How do you just talk him down like that?”

I shrugged a little.  “He trusts me, I guess.”

Sam was by Thor’s ankle manipulating it a little, while Thor gritted his teeth.  “You know, Bruce, I can probably handle this. This is a dislocation, not a break, and there are two sets of stitches.  I’ve got it.”

Bruce patted Sam’s shoulder appreciatively.  “Thanks, Sam.”

I followed Bruce out of the room to arrange for Sif to take him to see the body of Elder Vasnor.  She agreed quickly and approached Bruce.  “Follow me.”

“I - I don’t want to see the body,” Bruce said.  “Not if Thor looked like that.”

“Then you should give over control.  It’s probably for the best anyway, he wants to see that everyone is safe.”  I said.

He looked around the room a little panicked.  “Who’s going to bring me back?”

I raised my eyebrow at him and he nodded.  “Sorry.”  He said.  “Okay, stand back.”

I stepped back from him and he doubled over, muscles twisting and expanding as Hulk quickly took over.

“Hey, Big Guy.  Sif is going to take you, okay?”  I said.  “This is a palace though and you need to be on your best behavior.”

“Hulk want Thor first,” Hulk grunted.

I led him back into the bedroom where Sam was working on the stitches.  Hulk lumbered up to Hulk and placed one large finger on Thor’s cheek.

“I am fine, I promise,” Thor said running his hand over Hulk’s finger.

Hulk gave a nod and grunted and took his hand away before turning to Sif.  “Ready.”

“Alright, follow me.”  She said and headed back out of the room.  Hulk followed after her.

“You need a nurse, Sammy?”  I asked.

“Yeah, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”  Sam said suggestively.

“You know I would, dirty bird.” I teased.

“Pass me the scissors,” Sam said.

I stayed with him until all of Thor’s cuts were patched up and then I helped Thor redress.

When the three of us stepped back out into the living room the warriors three began to clap.   “Time to celebrate our victor!”  Volstagg roared and brought Thor over a large tankard of mead.  He began to pour more cups for everyone else.

“I don’t think most of us can drink that, Volstagg,” Wanda said.

“I don’t know what it is, but you can count me in,” Tony said coming over.

“Tony!  It might kill you!”  I squawked.

“If he waters it down he may be able to handle half a cup,” Thor said.

Tony pouted.  “Fine.  Ruin all my fun.”

Cups of the watered-down mead were passed around to most of us, Wanda and I passed completely while Bucky and Steve took a tankard full.  Fandral had taken a seat next to Loki who was starting to relax a little and was talking to Wanda when Sif returned with the Hulk.

I got up and went to Hulk wrapping my arm around his and putting my hand on the back of his hand.  “Look, Big Guy.  We patched up Thor and now we’re having a party.”

“Thor, good?”  Hulk asked.

“Well, we were really worried about his leg being broken.  So Sam did an x-ray and he looked at it and said ‘Oh no, this is exactly what I’m afraid of.’  Thor was so worried and asked him what it was.  Sam said ‘a skeleton’.”

Hulk looked at me confused for a second before he broke out in gentle laughter.  “Hulk’s dork.”  He said patting my head.

“Yeah.  He’s fine, aren’t you Thor?”  I said.

“Perfectly.  And now we celebrate!”  Thor called back.

“Are you okay now?  Everyone is fine.  The man is dead.”  I said.

Hulk shrugged and shifted a little.

“Do you want to see the kids?”  I asked.

He huffed and nodded.

“Alright.  Quiet though.  They’re sleeping.”  I said and led him into the children’s room.  They were both tucked up into their beds, sleeping soundly.  Pietro was cuddling a teddy bear while Riley was spread out like a starfish with her mouth hanging open.  Hulk moved in close and looked them both over carefully before coming back over to me and touching my shoulder.

“Okay?”  I asked.

He nodded and we left the room.  “Okay,”  I said, closing the door behind us.  “Anything else you want to do while you’re here, big guy?”

He shook his head and looked back at the kids’ room.

“I’ll talk to Bruce about letting you spend some time with them tomorrow,” I assured him.

He nodded again and kissed the top of my head.  “Love you, El.”

“Love you too, Big Guy,” I said.

He took a step back and shrunk back down.  I moved in quickly to support Bruce.  “You okay?  Need anything?”

He blinked at me and nodded.  “I’m a bit dizzy.”

“Come, sit down.  I’ll get you some water and something to eat.”  I said and led him to the couch.

I got him something to eat and drink and sat close to him as he ate.  He relaxed a little as everyone around him got drunker and more handsy with each other, but he still sat very stiffly.

“Has he settled?” I asked, putting an arm around him.

“He isn’t pushing so hard, but he’s still just under.”  He said.  “I think he’s worried about something else happening.”

I leaned in close to him and put my hand on his thigh.  “You know,” I whispered.  “Since we’ve been here, we’ve been dealing with stress in a very specific way.  I don’t suppose you’d be interested in that would you?”

“Are you going to say sex?”  Bruce asked.

“I am alluding to sex.  Yes.”

Bruce took a sip of his water and put his cup down.  “Okay.”

“‘Okay’ as in good to know.  Or ‘okay’ as in yes please.”  I asked.

“The latter.”

I got up and offered him my hand.  “Let’s go then.”

“Night everyone,” I said as the two of us headed to my bedroom.

“You’re gonna miss all the fun,” Natasha warned.

“Trust me when I say, I will absolutely not be missing out on any fun,” I assured her.

“Drunk super soldiers and a congratulatory orgy.”  Natasha sang.

“Congratul-orgy.”  Clint joked.

“We’ll risk it.  Have fun, everyone!”  I called.

There were calls of goodnight as I shut the door behind us.  He turned to me and I let what I was wearing slip and fall to the ground.  “Now, Doctor Banner,”  I said stepping out of the fabric pooled at my feet.  His eyes traveled up and down my body.  “I know that sometimes you worry about the Hulk being right there during sex.  I know he won’t come out with me though.  So just do what feels right.  You don’t need to limit yourself.”  I put my hands on his shoulders and slid them up to his neck.  “Which means either listening to what he wants or ignoring him and just doing what you want.  Do whatever you want and need to do to help you relax.  Whatever that is.”

Bruce’s hands went to my hips and he flexed his fingers against my bare skin.  “Elise.”

“Yes, Bruce?”  I asked, looking into his eyes.

“Do you know what you’re saying?”  He asked.  “To me?  To us?”

I nodded and grazed my teeth over my bottom lip.  “Yes.  And I trust you both.  Do you understand that?  I know neither of you will hurt me.  I know I’m safe and you need to know you are too.”

Bruce leaned in and ghosted his lips up my neck, as his fingers flexed against my hips.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and tilted my head a little, letting him take his time to come to this on his own.

He grabbed me suddenly, one hand bunching in my hair, and the other moving to my thigh and he shoved me up against the door.  We kissed hungrily, him leading as he ground into me.  The fabric of his ruined pants grinding against my bare pussy as his cock hardened inside them.

My hands went to his hair and I tugged on it, making him growl softly into my lips and his own hand tighten in my hair.  He pulled my head back, making me gasp as we broke the kiss.  He kissed down my neck and sucked at the dip of my collarbone.  A soft moan escaped from me and I rolled my hips against him.

His hand slid down my back and when it reached my thigh he lifted me and pushed my harder into the door.  “Fuck, Bruce.”  I gasped, wrapping my legs around him.

He made a deep rumble sound and adjusted his hold of me, so his hands were on my ass and his fingertips skimmed over my wet pussy.  “The things you do to me, El.”  He said.

“Show me.”  I moaned tearing his shirt open.

He spun around and carried me to the bed.  When we reached it he dropped me down and dragged me to the edge, kneeling between my legs and nosing at my cunt.  He used his fingers to spread my folds and ran his tongue from my entrance to my clit, sending a pulse up my spine and making me buck my hips up against him.

There was another growl and grabbed my thigh holding me down as he began to work my cunt like a man who had been dying of thirst that had just found a lake.  His tongue swirled over my clit and pushed inside me as he used it to taste every part of me.  My moans became louder and louder as he became more and more frenzied.  Nipping at my clit and sucking hard on it.

He only used his mouth though.  His hands were only used to hold me in place.  Still, I was falling apart for him, bucking and jerking and trying to escape the orgasm that was bearing down on me.

I cried out and arched my back as I came hard on his face.  He moaned as he continued to suck and lick at my cunt.

He stood and I lay back panting and watched as he rid himself of his clothes.  When he was naked I rolled over and crawled up the bed.  I was only halfway up when he moved up behind me and pulled my legs out from under me and pressed me into the mattress, rutting against my ass.

“B,” I moaned pushing back against him.

“I’m going to show you, L.”  He whispered as he lined himself up with my entrance and sunk deep into me.

“Fuck.  Bruce.”  I moaned, reaching behind me and carding his fingers through his hair.  He kissed the side of my neck and began to fuck me hard.  I was helpless under him and I loved it.  I loved it when he trusted himself to be rough with me.  I loved that he loved me enough to trust that I trusted him to let go.

His arm snaked around me and he rubbed my clit hard.  I turned my head and leaned back, capturing his lips and moaning into them as I got closer and closer to the edge of climax.

His fingers worked quickly and he fucked me hard.  I moaned and whimpered against his lips as I came apart.  My body clenched and then spasmed and I came, crying out and breaking the kiss.

He kept thrusting hard and deep, his face pressed into my neck.  With a grunt and a hard thrust that pushed me down into the mattress he came, pulsing inside me.

We stayed like that for a while.  I liked the weight of his body on mine and the feel of his cock just resting inside me as it stilled.

As his breathing settled he hummed and slipped from me and rolled off.  “Okay, that did really help,” Bruce said, laying on his back.  “Thank you.”

I lay down with my head on his chest and ran my fingers through his chest hair.  “You don’t need to thank me.  I really enjoyed it.”

“You still don’t understand, El.  After all these years.  What it means for me to be able to do this with you.”  He said.

I sat up a little and looked him in the eye.  “Bruce.  I understand.  You still don’t have to thank me.  All I do is love you.  That bit is easy.  The rest is all you.”

A soft smile played on his lips and he pulled me into a deep kiss.  I melted into it, content that he was finally relaxed.