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To be broken

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The wedding between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers made, unsurprisingly, international headlines. With both of them being public people and all. To minimize potential damage the ceremony was to be held in a secure location and only a select few journalists were allowed to attend. And that only the ceremony itself. Loki had taken charge of the following reception and was coordinating the caterers. Bruce couldn't help but laugh at the fact that Thor had been roped in to help with manual labour. Carrying stacks of chairs, picking up boxes with wine and generally being made to run around a lot. He was not very pleased with his brother who didn't care about the glares he got.

Finally, it was time to take their places. Somehow they had found a Catholic priest willing to officiate the wedding, even if the union itself by necessity was civil. No one was surprised that Bucky Barnes was Steve's best man and Bruce was Tony's. There was no maid of honour. Pepper was not an option for obvious reasons and Natasha had declined. A trumpeting fanfare announced the couple, the engineer had refused the wedding march. Stating there were no bride so why play "Here comes the bride"? To the same end, neither wore white. Instead they had black suits with red - Tony - and blue - Steve - with black ties. Nor did they hold a bouquet of flowers. 

The priest smiled and nodded to the men before beginning the ceremony. 

"We are here today to witness not only the union of two people but the union of two souls, hearts and minds", he greeted. "Both are men who have overcome overwhelming odds to stand here together. Coming to face with death and countless dangers. And now they are willing to face the challenges of matrimony, of being in a same-sex relationship when there are many opposed. Their love and dedication is remarkable. It is an honour to stand here with these brave men."

A sniffle was heard somewhere among the crowd. Not everyone present were known to Bruce but that was just as well. Beside him Loki had a thoughtful expression, head tilted. Their hands were clasped together.

"Now the grooms may say their wows."

"Steve, you are crazy", Tony said, startling a laughter from the audience. "You tried to join the army while being more skin and bone than flesh. Took part in a experimental procedure and became Captain America. Then you crashed into the Arctic with a plane. You are crazy but because you are crazy, I got to meet you. You are crazy, because for some reason you love me. Despite seeing me at my worst, you still love me. I want nothing beyond that love and to give my love in turn."

"Tony, I love you", Steve said. "You are an amazing person. Brilliant, witty and intelligent. Everything about you is so full of life and your strenght is nothing short of remarkable. I have nothing to give you except my love and I will give you that, for the rest of my life."

"Anthony Edward Stark, do you take Steven Grant Rogers to be your husband in the eyes of the law and of the Lord. Do you promise to honour him, respect him and love him till time is no more?"

"I do."

"Steven Grant Rogers, do you take Anthony Edward Stark to be your husband in the eyes of the law and of the Lord. Do you promise to honour him, respect him and love him till time is no more?"

"I do."

"Then, by the powers invested by the state if New York and by the blessing of God, I pronounce you wed. You may now kiss."

The super soldier yanked his husband forward by the collar of his suit, giving him a kiss that was barely suitable for a public setting. Wrapping his arms around Steve's neck Tony melted into the kiss. Someone started applauding and cheering, causing others to follow suit. Both men were blushing slightly as they broke apart and waved to the guests. Then they linked arms and walked back down the line while Back in black started playing.

"Typical Stark", Loki said, grinning. "He always has to show off."

"I'm surprised he waited till now to pull a stunt like this", Bruce laughed. "It suits them, breaking expectations like this."

"I agree. Let's get herding shall we?"


The reception had winded down to after-party and now only the Avengers remained, and a few friends. Tony and Steve had sneaked off not long ago, shedding clothing in their wake. Good thing the after-party had moved to Avengers Tower. Clint was having a discussion with Sam about which bird was superior. Falcon or hawk. At the same time Natasha was forcing Thor to clean up after himself. For once.

Bruce and Loki were sitting together in a window seat. The Trickster was leaning against the scientist, face against his chest and arms him. They had not spoken in a while. There was no need to.

"Bruce..." the god said hesitantly. 


"Would you like to have a child? With me?"

"A child?"

"I can make myself fertile in my female form. If I remain in it I can become pregnant and give birth. Even breastfeed if I stay female until our child is old enough."

"Loki, I need to ask you. Do you really want a child with me?" Hope was blooming in Bruce's chest. After the accident he had given up on the idea of having a family. Of having children. "What about the radiation?"

"I can block anything harmful to the baby and radiation doesn't affect me. Yes, Bruce, I do want a child with you. I want us to be a family."

Kissing the raven he took a pale hand in his. "What do you say about we go and try to make that baby?" The smirk he got in return was just perfect.

The End