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Kaminari moaned quietly, rolling his hips upward to meet Shinsou's grinding.

"You're sure you want this? You know it's dangerous and I don't want to do anything you're not c-" the purple haired boy was cut off by a soft pair of lips on his own chapped ones.

"I'm sure. I want to do this, 'Toshi. I've been wanting to fuck you for ages, dude!" Kaminari beamed, kissing Shinsou on the cheek.

"Blunt way to put it," Shinsou drawled as he dragged his hand down the electric blond's stomach, touching his sopping labia, kissing his neck.

"Fuck, mmh," Kaminari groaned, pressing up harder against Shinsou's wandering fingers. "In a minute, lovely," the other boy teased as he pushed two fingers inside of Kaminari's pussy.

"Fuh-huck- please-"

"Don't you worry about a thing, baby, gonna fill you up real soon."

Shinsou took his fingers out of the blond's hole and replaced it with his mouth, flicking his tongue over his oversized clit. "Mhh, all this for me? This pussy all wet and dripping for me?" Shinsou questioned him.

"Yes! Please-" Kaminari started,

"Yes who?"

"Yes sir-"

"Good boy," The taller male praised, rewarding him with a hard suck to his little dick.

Shinsou shoved his fingers back into Kaminari's cunt, feeling those slick walls contract around them. "What do you want," Shinsou asked, well, sort of. It was more of a demand.

"I want it inside, please, Hitoshi, please,"

"You want what inside?"

"I want... yrckinsdme..."

"What's that?"

"I want your cock inside me!"

"My cock inside you? Inside your what?"

"My pussy! I want your cock inside my fucking cunt please, pleaseplease,"

Shinsou gave Kaminari's ass a smack. "Good boy... lube."

Kaminari dug around under his pillows to find that small cylinder bottle, gave it to Shinsou. The purple haired boy squeezed a generous amount onto his cock and some onto Kaminari's hole, not that he needed it.

He pushed inside the boys cunt with one hard thrust.

Kaminari damn near screamed.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to fu..." Oh. He had forgotten he had asked Shinsou to use his quirk.

And just like that, Shinsou was fucking the poor boy like his life depended on it.

"Spread your fucking legs. Yeah, good boy. Fuck, this cunt feels so fucking good around my cock, like you were meant to fucking please me. Mh, fucking hell. Pussy sucking me right in. Arch your back. Shit, Denki..." Shinsou gave off commands as he fucked Kaminari within an inch of his life.

He released his quirk. Denki screamed. He brung his hand down to stroke his little dick, because he was close. He was almost there, he was right there, he was gonna cum-

Until Shinsou pulled out.

"Hitoshi!! You asshole!! I was right on edg-" He complained, up until Shinsou pushed his fingers into Kaminari one last time, curling them up against his g-spot.

Shinsou did that until Kaminari got that familiar feeling. No, not an orgasm. He felt like he was gonna pee. He told Shinsou this, but that only fueled him to thrust his fingers faster. That dam broke.

Kaminari squirted. Hard. All over Shinsou's torso. Some even getting in his hair.

Kaminari's thighs shook. He couldn't breathe. He passed out.



Kaminari regained conciousness, opening his eyes to meet those pretty purple one's. He looked down.

"You're still har-" He was shushed.

"Don't worry about it. I just made you fucking squirt. I'm pretty content not nutting."

They both laughed.