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A Perfect First Kiss

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"Spring night..she was standing on a pier facing the outer banks. The moonlight glinting off her face she resembled a goddess. that was of course her cruel trick."*

“But I thought Hunter said there was a pier...and, and moonlight?” Fitz sputtered, looking from Bobbi to Hunter and then back again.

“Standing on a pier? Really? And you bought that?” Bobbi shot a sideways glance at Fitz, who was sitting beside Jemma and Daisy, and Mack. Fitz just shrugged his shoulders and Mack took another drink of beer, so she went on. “It was really a lot less romantic than that.”

“Oh, bloody hell, Bob!” Hunter burst out. “I don’t think this is really --”

“It’s a good story, Hunter.” Bobbi leaned closer to Jemma and Daisy. “It was actually an alley…”

Bobbi took a deep breath, willing him not to have noticed her. Of course it didn’t work.

“No need to follow me, love. You could have just said hello.”

Lance Hunter, the man she was supposed to be getting intel from, but who she secretly found a little bit too distracting, pushed her up against the wall. She could have taken him down without any trouble, but he felt warm and solid against her. She wiggled her hips a little to test how much force he was applying and bit back a grin as he jerked away from her.

“Hello,” she said, a little breathily. Just for her cover of course.

He was too cocky, with a grin that turned her insides to goo. She shouldn’t like that so much.

“Oh, f—“

He bit off the curse as he fell to the ground, landing on his very nice ass. An observation she could make after tailing him for the last two days.

From behind him there was a startled meow and a small, gray cat peeked out.

Bobbi knelt down to make sure the cat was alright and caught Hunter’s embarrassed look. Taking pity on him, she leaned closer and whispered, “Be careful out there.”

Then she pressed her lips to his, only a little surprised when his fingers threaded through her hair, pulling her closer. There was a spark between them she hadn’t felt before and she gave herself over to the kiss, trusting him for this one moment.

But then the moment was over and she pulled back. His eyes were still closed as he tried to follow her lips. With one last look at him sprawled out in the alley, she slipped into the shadows. This mission had suddenly become much more appealing.

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Phil looked to Melinda. “Ready?” he asked, grabbing her hand and leading her onto the crowded sidewalk.

She went grudgingly. This stupid plan of his had better work. 

After about half a block they saw their target approaching. She rounded on Phil and slapped him hard, stopping him in his tracks. “I can’t believe you said that!” 

Although Coulson knew an argument was part of the plan, he was still taken aback by her ferocity.

He spluttered for a brief second before finding his voice. “I didn’t mean it as an insult,” he said dumb founded.

Her voice only grew louder, causing more people around them to slow or stop and gawk, which forced their target to find a less crowded route. “Oh, yes you did.” She huffed and crossed her arms. 

Fury spoke quickly over Coms. “Target has successfully been diverted. Wrap it up and join B team for the next phase.”

“Really?” Coulson asked teasingly. He paused briefly, licking his lips before pulling Melinda against him and kissing her roughly. She resisted only for a moment before she was kissing him back, weaving her fingers through his hair and wrapping her other arm around his neck.

Reluctantly, their lips parted after a moment.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Phil said, remembering their cover.

Melinda grinned broadly as she wrapped an arm around Phil’s waist. “I guess I can forgive you after that,” she said as they walked to their next destination. She had to admit, even though the kiss wasn’t part of the plan, playing an overly passionate couple with Phil might be her new favorite diversion.

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Mack blinked, but Elena already activated the cloaking device. They stood still, invisible to their younger selves walking down the hallway. 

Elena’s hand found Mack’s as their counterparts argue. He wished he could lean down to kiss her without visually judging the distance. She always appeared so much larger than life in his mind. 

The younger Mack had no such problems as he swooped the other Elena into his arms. As the couple lost themselves in the kiss, Mack and Elena slipped into an empty closet and deactivated cloaking. 

Elena grinned. “Good timing. I forgot how long that kiss was, Turtleman.”

“Don’t call me Turtleman.” Mack leaned down and Elena’s lips met his. Everything else slowed down as she pulled him closer, and he forgot the world outside. 

“Um, guys? Please tell me you didn’t get caught by the Chronicoms and the silence means what I think it means?” Daisy’s voice floated next to their ears. 

Mack lifted up his face and cleared his throat. “Mission is a success. We’ll return to the Zephyr now.”

“Did you forget about the comms, Director?” Elena laughed.

“I’m not turning off comms in the field,” Mack said. “But I’ll still kiss my girlfriend.”

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The mission was supposed to be a cakewalk. Robbie and Daisy were to meet a potential Hydra defector at a Parisian cafe, bring him back to the safehouse that Mack had set up and wait to be extracted. It was a glorified babysitting job that Daisy had done a hundred times before.

But this time, it had all gone pear-shaped. She and Robbie had been ambushed by a dozen Hydra agents, leaving them pinned with their backs to the wall. Outmanned and outgunned, they were going to have to fight their way out.

Crouched down behind a table for cover, Robbie turned to Daisy and said, “If we get out of here, I’m going to ask you out to dinner.”

When we get out of here, I might just say yes.”

The pair locked eyes and smiled. They had been flirting and dancing around one another for months now, but of course it had taken a life or death situation for one of them to make a move.


“Born ready.”

Daisy and Robbie sprung up from behind the table, guns blazing and completely in sync with one another.

Fighting back to back, Daisy quaked a Hydra henchman through the storefront, while Robbie took one out with his flaming chain. The superpowered duo made short work of their assailants and before long, they were all incapaciated.

“How about that dinner? Still interested?” Robbie asked.

Instead of replying, Daisy pulled him in for a kiss. Tentative at first, it quickly turned passionate, with their adrenaline still racing from their run-in with the Hydra agents.

“So was that a yes?"


Later, back at the safehouse, the pair stood by a window overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Fireworks were going off for some occasion or another. It was like the city wanted to celebrate with them.

Reaching out and grabbing Daisy by the waist, Robbie said, “My shirt looks good on you.”


“Yeah. It’s honestly sexy as hell.”

Smiling, Daisy leaned in and kissed him again, resting a hand on Robbie’s cheek.

“Good, because you’re not getting it back,” Daisy teased, when they finally broke apart. “Now how about we go grab that dinner you promised me?”

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I’m coming wait for me

It had been so so long since she had seen him. Far too long since she had seen him. But now… Now she was going home. Going back to see him… it had kept her going for all these months now. It had been her motivation, the thought that after all of this… she would get to see him again. And now it was really, truly happening.

I hear the walls repeating

That they would get their happy ending. Their happily ever after. Something they deserved after all the pain and suffering that they went through. 

This mission had gone on for oh so long, for so many months and with the limited contact that she had with Fitz… it had hurt and she hated being away from him. It wasn’t what she had wanted after finding him after his death. But it had to be done. And now, sitting here, on the plane, the train, the bus and finally the taxi to their cottage, she was making her way home to him. And nothing was going to stop her. Though time seemed to drag on and on, the closer she got, the longer the seconds felt, she was getting closer to him. And as tired as she was the to get home to him kept her going, gave her that last burst of energy that she needed.

The falling of our feet and

Eventually, the taxi pulled up to the end of their drive, and it took her only seconds to unbuckle her seatbelt, and to stumble out of the taxi and then she saw him.

It sounds like drumming


Her Fitz.

And we are not alone

He was standing there in the fading sunlight, waiting for her, and when he saw her, he closed the distance between them and sweeping her into their arms. Both of them were crying, unable to believe that after so long, they were once again in one another arms. Here together once again.

And then he closed the distance between them, their lips meeting. It was a long and tender kiss, full of so much love and longing. Neither of them wanted to break it, not after having been apart for so long. 

I hear the rocks and stones

Eventually, they pulled apart, not to end the kiss but to take in one another. To look each other in the eye and say that yes, I’m here. I’m home and I’m not leaving. Not again. 

She could see Fitz’s lip pull up into a smile, his blue eyes softening, tears still clinging to those delicate lashes. The way that he was looking at her, like she was the most wonderful thing in the world, made her heart swell in her chest. He was just so full of love, kindness… and she had no idea what she did to deserve him, but she loved him, and she always would and spending the rest of her life with him… it was all she wanted.

So she leaned in once again, kissing him again.

Echoing our song

This time when they pulled apart, they allowed their foreheads pressed against one another, allowing the moment between them to deepen and after several moments she whispered three words. Three words that she had wanted to say to him for so many months that could only, truly, be understood when said in person.

“I love you.”

I’m coming