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Our Favorite Part of You

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Katsuki looks down at the meal spread before him. Eijirou's back is a fucking work of art of bulging muscles as he strains to hold himself up. Deku's scarred hand is stroking up and down the length of it as he mumbles praises and encouragements. His fingers hook into the back of the collar again, giving it a couple tugs, making Eijirou whine.

That collar is why this morning escalated to sexy times faster than Deku can mumble random facts about All Might. Katsuki and Deku were sipping on their coffee, scrolling the hero news, when Eijirou walked in, shirtless (not unusual for him) and sporting a new addition around his neck.

It's been a bit of a recurring banter topic for them to tease Eijirou on how his hero mask looks like kinky gear, and he keeps denying it, telling them one day he'll be wearing actual kinky gear and then they'll see for sure that his mask is different.

In his own opinion, the mask is still kinky — and he's pretty sure when all's said and done, Deku will agree with him — but that collar made all his blood rush to his dick so fast he felt light-headed. Eijirou should have known better than to get the Wonder Duo horny for him at the same time.

So that's how they got there, with Eijirou on all fours and Katsuki in the best fucking position to enjoy him. His hands grope and massage his ass, spreading his cheeks to show his hole, and he can't help grinding his hips into him, the bulge tenting his boxers poking Eijirou's taint, and Ei pushes back into him.

"Come ooonn bro, stop teasing already!" Eijirou never has any patience when he's the one getting fucked, they’ve barely started and he's already leaking on the bed. Sometimes they'll stretch the foreplay until he's driven mad; Deku especially loves running his mouth all over him until he's crying, but today Katsuki doesn't really want to take his time. He wants to see his dick disappear inside that perfect body, pound him hard and fast, grab that collar and pull Eijirou up as his cock's still deep inside of him, make him arch all pretty for them.

He tells him all that, "And Deku will fuck your mouth, and I'm gonna use that collar to decide how deep you take his dick, how's that, hah?"

Eijirou starts to say something (knowing him, it was definitely gonna be loud and enthusiastic agreement) but he's cut off by Deku shoving fingers into his mouth.

"I don't think you have any say in this, Ei," he says, leaning down to speak directly into his ear, then giving it a nibble, "After all you're the one with the collar here so you have to do as we say."

Katsuki can hear the wet sounds of Eijirou slobbering all over Deku's fingers. Music to his ears.

Deku turns his head towards him, his cheek still nuzzling Ei's fuzzy undercut. "I think Kacchan's idea is great," he says with eyes burning with anticipation. Katsuki pushes his tank top up to his collarbones with one hand, enjoying the spark of hunger in green eyes as he pulls on one of his nipples. He knows he's hot when he's in charge — he's hot all the time — and he likes the attention, so sue him.

"Pass me the lube, nerd, gotta make this end sloppy too."

The lube is passed, and Katsuki doesn't bother warming it, just squeezes the bottle over Eijirou's pretty asshole, making him yelp and flinch with his whole body at the shock of cold. Katsuki rubs circles around the rim with his thumb, dipping the tip inside easily. Fuuuuck, he could probably take it without much more preparation.

He shoves down his boxers and his cock springs free, coming to rest in the tempting cleft of Ei's ass. He wants to do everything to that ass. His hand comes down on it sharply, making a satisfying sound, and again his fingers dig into the flesh as he spreads him open one-handed, Katsuki’s hips rolling so his dick can slide over Ei’s hole.

He squeezes more lube onto that mess and Katsuki’s dick twitches; maybe because of the cold liquid dripping onto it, or more likely at the sound of Eijirou moaning sweetly around Deku's fingers. This is frankly an unnecessary amount of lube, coating the inside of Ei's thighs and dripping down his balls, adding to the mess of his leaking dick on the bed. It's all over the front of his boxers and pants he didn't bother to remove. It's gonna be slippery as hell when he gets inside him but Katsuki doesn't care, he wants to hear the wet, messy, dirty sounds of Eijirou taking them.

He drops the (now empty) bottle and guides himself into a hot, sloppy heaven.