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chicken, noodle, and leek

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"Chicken and leek- Grandfather's recipie." Gentaro sets the tupperware down on the table near his dearest friend's bed. It's always a gamble on if the nurses will let him have any, but Gentaro would rather it be there in the event he can. A good soup helps the soul, Grandfather said just about everytime Gentaro was given miso- As a child, and now.

Even now, when it's been so long since his friend went to sleep, harsh coughing sends a chill up his spine. 

"Dice doesn't like leek," Ramuda offers helpfully, twirling a lock of lavender hair. 

"He'll eat it. Did you get the medicine?" 

"Yup!" Ramuda goes about putting them out on the counter and throwing a few sports drinks in the fridge.

Ramuda's arms latch around his middle. Gentaro's past the point of being surprused by it. "Thank you like, so much for coming! I'm so-o-o bad with sick people. They're so yucky!" 

"What a lovley nurse you make," Gentaro takes a sip of the soup, before making Ramuda taste it, too. "Salt?"


"Water down a drink for Dice? He'll want it when he wakes up."

"I just put them away! You suck!"

Gentaro hears the fridge open, anyway. 

Dice's room is a challenge to be in usually, but the new advent of his cold has turned it into a near-biohazard. Ramuda gags as he takes out the trash. Drama queen.

Temperature check. Still burning up. 

"I don't like leek," Dice murmurs, blearily.

"You'll eat it." 

He does. 

Ramuda comes back trying to open a pill bottle. Both Gentaro and Dice watch him try to open it. 

He fails. 

"Give it here, 'm sick...not..." Dice trails off into mumbles as he opens the bottle with no issue, taking two out. 

"Wow, wow, wow! Dice is so strong! I'm falling in love!" 

"Shut up, soup time." 

Ramuda blows a raspberry at Dice, and goes to search for his abandoned knitting project he swears up and down he left in the room somewhere.

Gentaro watches it all from behind his sleeve.

"...'S good, dude."

"And here I thought you detested leek."

"Gimme a break. I'm dyin'."

"Oh no! Daisu!" Ramuda bursts into fat crocodile tears. 

"Ah, I do hope the nurses don't scold me for bringing food." Gentaro sets the tupperware on his friend's bedside. "You see, I had extra as Dice- you remember him, from Fling Posse?- couldn't finish it all. The leek ended up being too offensive to his delicate palate, even though he said he liked it. Would you believe it, he of all people caught a cold..." 

Gentaro produces a comb from his sleeve and begins working out the knots in his friend's hair as he talks. The nurses of Shibuya General didn't have time, and to put it kindly, a buzzcut wouldn't suit his friend at all. 

"I miss you quite terribly, you know." Gentaro sighs. "Ramuda and Dice are just darling, but they're not...they're not you. I wouldn't want them to replace you, of course, but if you I'd enjoy it a lot more." 

Gentaro fixes the part in his friend's hair. "I know I've said it before, but, you'd get a kick out of them...I'd like to introduce you. A lot. They're bizzare- you once told me you loved eccentrics, remember? You'd 'borrowed' your dad's truck for a joyride. We could see Libra, if I'm thinking straight..." 

Gentaro talks until the sun sets. 

Once it's dissapeared behind the horizon, he sighs. 

"Wake up soon, please?"