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God with whiskers

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Loki sighed deeply, sitting there, lazed, leaning his head in his hand, looking at the woman in front of him with a deadpan look.

Really Loki should have seen this coming. Nothing ever went right in his life, so why in the all fathers name should anything go right in his death?

Yeah… He was dead. Choked to death by the mad Titan Thanos, and yet he had been lucky. If Thanos had had the time, no doubt he would have stayed true to his promise to let Loki face a fate worse than death.

Death at at first hadn't been to bad, he had been leading his people to Valhalla… Those Hela had killed and those Thanos had killed.

They had hailed him as their prince and willingly let him go in front, guiding all of their souls.

But then suddenly this damn woman had been blocking his way! Claiming all the lives she had taken herself would belong to her!

A deal had been made… Hela had not killed Loki, so really he wasn't among the people she thought was among her belongings.

A trade then, Lokis soul for the Asgardians she herself had killed.

Hela was delighted, she blamed Loki for her defeat. He was the one who had put surturs crown into the flame of life… It felt good in the moment, being a true hero rescuing the souls of his people.

But yeah, now he was stuck here for eternity with this woman… Yay.

The woman was Hela, goddess of death. She was also dead… But being a goddess of death itself and all granted her special powers, she was not forced to follow the same rules of death.

Between Loki and Hela was a chess board, they had been playing a couple of games. Surprisingly their skill seemed pretty evenly matched, which was good. Then at least something would be happening at this dreary place where everything was gray and their only company was the tortured souls floating around them.

"Your turn, little brother." Hela murmured.

"We are not related." Loki simply stated moving his piece.

"You were my replacement, Odinson." Hela stated moving her own piece.

"No I wasn't." Loki moved another piece. "Odin never intended for me to have the throne, it was a lie. And ever since my origin was revealed suddenly it is Laufyson apparently." he muttered.

"Yet you had it." Hela stated now moving her own bricks. "You were king of Asgard." she put down the brick. "Check."

"Always in spite of Odins wishes, never because of them." Loki moved a brick removing Helas bishop, thus destroying the check position. "And people would always claim trickery was involved… Not really unreasonable." he smirked amused. "Because it was."

"He chose you over me." Hela seethed moving a brick.

"He left me to rot." Loki replied grabbing his tower. "He promised me the world, filled my ears with promises that if I only worked hard enough I would win his favor… But it was never enough. Any task he gave me, I fulfilled to perfection! Any obstacle he would let me face I was willing to take on, all to win his favor… But it was never enough. And it was never going to be." and he slammed down the brick. "Check mate." then he flicked Helas king over with his finger and looked up.

Hela looked up meeting Lokis eyes. "It was the golden prince he wanted, wasn't it?" She asked.

"I kind of feel sorry for Thor." Loki admitted. "Only now do I realize, he had no chance to live up to expectations either. It was always, an impossible standard to begin with."

Hela laughed. "Oh you got no idea, baby brother of mine."

Loki rose an eyebrow.

"Oh if you could see him now." Hela shook her head. "Wasting away in self pity, it is pathetic."

Loki shuffled slightly in his chair, he didn't feel comfortable about this and yet… He wanted to hear more. Hela never told about what was happening with the living, and he really wanted to know. If for nothing else to distract his mind, this eternity in Helheim was boring.

"He cries at night, sobbing like a little child. It's pathetic." Hela snorted.

Loki held back his breath, stopping himself from jumping to Thors defense. Since when had he become defensive of Thor anyway? There was a time he would have rejoiced in the big oafs misery. That was then though. Before they had faced such misery together.

"New game?" Hela asked.

Loki shrugged. "Anything else to do?" he asked. "You have not given me any books or anything, one would think you are trying to make my stay miserable on purpose."

Hela smirked slightly amused as she swept the board clean, then started to put the pieces back. "I am unhappy, baby brother." she stated putting up the pieces.

"Geeh, with your bright smile it is so hard to tell." Loki rolled her eyes.

Helas eyes looked at Loki with fury. "Don't test me."

"What are you going to do? Steal my soul?" Loki asked sarcastically.

Hela snorted as she placed the bricks. "Asgardians whom dies dishonestly, they rightfully belong to me." she stated.

"And yet, the one single thing I managed to do right was dying an actual honorable death. Yet here I am!" Loki held up his hands.

"Thanos succeeded." Hela informed. "He did the snap."

Loki was quiet… Then he looked down. "I suppose it was rather inevitable." he murmured. "Both Thor, the HULK and I were there and yet we..." he halted.

"He took half of what remained of Asgard." Hela seethed. "Yet those souls… They have not been send here, they have not been send anywhere! They have gone missing!"

"Tough luck I suppose." Loki pouted.

"I want them back!" Hela stated.

"We all want things we can't have." Loki rolled his eyes. "So Thanos did the snap, what do you want to do? Kill him?"

"No need, Thor already has. Thanos is dead." Hela informed.

Loki blinked. "Really?" he asked.

"To little to late." Hela informed still putting up chess pieces., she was clearly fuming.

Loki was quiet, he honestly didn't like what he was hearing. "You say Thor killed Thanos?" he asked.

"Oh yes." Hela smirked. "For ones I see the family resemblance! Decapitation by ax! He would have made a fine executioner indeed."

Loki looked at Hela, his eyes narrow.

Hela to looked up, her eyes looming. "I want my souls back!"

"And how exactly, do you wish to do that?" Loki asked.

Hela huffed. "Sadly I can't enter the realm of the living on my own but… I could send an agent."

Loki lifted an eyebrow.

"Your soul belong to me Loki, you are to do what I tell you to do. I want you to go to earth." Hela informed.

"Oh." Loki stated. "Deary me, are you letting me go back?" he asked.

"On a condition." Hela informed. "I'll give you life ones more, if you promise to get my souls back… Thor is the key. If you fail, I shall have to retrieve you."

"And if I succeed?" Loki asked.

Hela was quiet.

"Come now, you need to give me an incentive here!" Loki stated. "Why would I even bother doing my best?"

"Fine, you may live out your new life to its natural end." Hela stated.

Loki was quiet.

"Or you may stay here and do nothing!" Hela stated. "While our so called brother wastes away in self pity."

Lokis hands clinched… Thor…. What was happening to Thor.

Then he looked up. "How is this going to work?" he asked.

Hela smirked. "Your old body has been lost to space, it is now useless. Afraid you are going to need a new body."

Loki groaned. "Don't tell me I have to go through all the pain of growing up again?!" he asked.

"Don't worry." Hela smirked. "Your new body will be fully grown in just ten months!"

Loki looked up. "Really?"

Hela nodded. "Indeed! Yes you shall have to be re-born so to speak, but your body will indeed be that of an adult in ten months, you have my promise."

Loki mulled that over for a bit.

"Or you can stay here for-ever." Hela offered.

Loki rolled his eyes. "Not like I have a choice, you literately own my soul."

Hela grinned, the pieces on their chest board now all in place, she offered Loki a hand. "A deal then."

Loki frowned but accepted the hand. "Fine! A deal. What choice do I even have."

And Hela grinned. "Listen to me Loki. There is one chance, only one to get the souls back! In a year from now exactly the man who talks to ants will re-emerge. Your job is to make Thor ready for that day. He is one of the key players! Right now he is wasting away, you need to make sure he is ready to face the past. One year! Twelve months! That's all you got! If you fail, the souls will be lost forever. Thor will be lost and you will be taken straight back here."

Loki smirked grimly his hand still tight in Hela's. "Bring it."



So…. Loki was back on earth, and like Hela had promised. He was a new born, just having escaped his mother.

Also he had four legs, a tiny little tale… He was blind at the moment but could use his magic to get a feel… A feel for a body covered in fur, instead of hands he had paws, the teethe that would soon grow would become fangs…

His new mother was purring and licking him clean with a rough tongue.

A cat… he was a fucking cat…. When Hela had assured him that his new body would be fully grown in only ten months, this was not what he had imagined!

He had thought he would get a magically enhanced body or something, nope! CAT! Bloody… cat!

Well at least he was alive Loki supposed, even though he was pathetically weak right now.

Just then a voice sounded, a child's voice.

"MOM! Mom they are here! The kittens!"

Loki hissed trying to turn away.

"Look at that one, it's all black!" The child continued, sounded like a little girl. "It's so cute! Hello! Hello little kitty!" The cheerful voice sounded.

Go away! Seriously. This is bad enough already!

"I'm going to call you Mister Mittens! Hey Mister Mittens, welcome to the world!"

…. Okay seriously Hela can go to Hel! Of course she was already there. Hope you're having fun Hela! Because I am going to get you for this! Somehow, someway! You are going to pay!

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There was one good thing about this… one!

No one was around to witness Lokis humiliation and no one would have to know about this ever! As he let his new mom give him a bath alongside all his siblings he couldn't see yet.

And oh yeah, his new mom was called Ms Fuzzy…. The girl in this house was awful with names, worst of all. The kid had taken a shine to Loki specifically for reasons unknown and yes, she kept calling him Mr Mittens.

Urgh this was the worst, Loki couldn't even walk. All he could do was push himself forward and let his nose guide him. Yet he didn't even have time for this, he had to find Thor!

He only had a year and currently Loki had no idea where Thor was. He also had no idea where he was! So yeah, Loki had to find out where he was… Where Thor was. And how to get to Thor!

NORNS! This sucked! Hurry it up already!



Finally, Lokis eyes had opened. His vision though was still incredible poor, everything was very blurry and it was still hard to move around.

His vision though did reveal to him that his mom was a gray striped cat, and all his siblings were either gray or brown so no wonder he stood that much out being completely black.

Sometimes the sound of a television would sound from the room next to this one and Loki would lay down and be absolutely quiet to try and hear the news. From what he could tell from the newscast and in conversations the humans would have. He was in a country called Spain.

That didn't really help him though, Loki had no idea about earth geography. Where was Spain? Was it close to New York? And where was Thor?! Urgh!

The news was on again, Loki was laying still, listening.

"In another story, it has now been four years since our first alien settlers on earth."

sounded the female news caster. Lokis ears twitched.

"Discussions are still rampant, does earth truly have room for alien refuges? Why give them priority as we have failed to even provide for many people already living on earth. Thor is of course a hero of earth, but has not been seen since the blip. And any Asgardians has yet to leave Norway where they have settled down in a new village they have named, New Asgard."

Loki lifted his head… Norway. Of course! Where Odin had been, Thor had probably thought it was a sign.

New Asgard!

So… Loki needed to get to Norway… Somehow. He was in Spain. How was he supposed to get to Norway from Spain? As a cat?!

Urgh… Hela, is there's a reason you couldn't just have put me in Norway?!

There was no response… Of course… Go die in a fire Hela. Seriously.

Okay she had already died in a fire... Then do it again Hela!



Three weeks… Three weeks since Loki had been returned to life and finally he was managing to walk.

This wasn't good. Loki only had a year, and the first month was nearly up while he still had to even find Thor!

Loki knew he couldn't waste time, but he also knew he couldn't go very far yet before he would just collapse in exhaustion.

One week, he would give it another week and he was out of here.



Four weeks… Loki could not waste anymore time. He had to get out of this stupid place!

He had planned his escape a couple of days ago already.

There was a window in the kitchen, a window which would always stand slightly open doing the night to cool down the house.

There was curtains going to the floor, thankfully none of the other kittens had climbed it yet so the humans would do something about it… But Loki would. He would climb the curtains, get to the window and jump to his freedom!

Determined Loki went for it!

The climb was easy, with a surprising speed Loki was up there in the window! YES! Now he just had to…

Loki looked down and suddenly realized, he was a tiny kitten with barely any motor skills and could fit into the palm of a grown mans hand.

And in that regard… That was a long way down.


This would be no issue for a fully grown cat, but he was not fully grown, there was no guarantee he would land on his paws.

Okay Loki! You wasted enough time, you got eleven months to sort all of this out. Just… Get down there, jump.

And Loki plummeted down landing heavily on the ground like a small sack of peas.

Urgh… Okay fine. I'm fine. It actually didn't hurt, he hardly weighed anything so it wasn't like the fall could damage him that much.

Okay, good! I'm out! Now Loki just… Had to figure out how he could get to Norway. This was going to be so much fun wasn't it?

That was sarcasm by the way, Loki had a difficult time seeing how this could in any way be fun.



"Jose! Jose are you there?!"

"Ah, sorry." One man blinked as his friend had just been almost shaking him.

His friend a man named Carlos shrugged. "What's with you, it's not like you to stand around like that."

"I'm sorry." Jose breathed. "It's just… It really looks like that cat is reading the bus plan!"

Carlos turned his head and blinked as true enough, a small black cat was sitting on the bench looking up at the bus plan on the wall. Carlos shrugged. "It's just a cat, they often just look at nothing. Maybe there's an insect we just can't see."

Just then a buss pulled up and the cat turned around, it jumped down and purposely walked in front of the buss to get a gander at the buss number before it nodded satisfied and walked back, jumping in just as the door opened.

The two men blinked then looked at each other.

"Did you?" Jose asked.

"Look, Jose. All that weird stuff. That's stuff that happens in America, we don't want to be like America do we?" Carlos asked.

Jose shook his head. "No."

"So don't question it!" Carlos demanded. "We saw nothing!"

"Right." Jose nodded then halted. "I think I also saw that cat reading the news paper."




It had been a long trail, hitchhiking cars to get to a bus station from where Loki had managed to find a way to France.

There Loki had found further transportation in the form of a truck where it said. "Leroy Sea-food! Taste of Norway!"

Right there on the side in big yellow letters over a painting of some fish.

Well! If Loki jumped on this thing surely it would lead him to Norway eventually…. Hopefully.

It had lead him to a harbor in Germany, and then he boarded a ship. Hiding between containers filled with tons of different kind of wares.

It smelled like a Kronans butt hole down here, why did he have to go through all of this? Why? Why couldn't he just teleport.

Finally… Finally Loki was in Norway. Actual Norway.

Great… Fantastic… Brilliant. Now he just had to find New Asgard.

As it turned out finding New Asgard wasn't that easy, since it was newly founded any map that was over three years old didn't have it marked!

Finally, through a pamphlet did Loki find out… New Asgard was located at an inhabited part of Norway.

There was no roads going there, no cars… Only ships that would deliver fish for money to different parts. But where Loki could find these ships he didn't know. The safer bet was… To walk.

Walk across the high land, in is small not at all fully grown body. Catching mice to eat and the occasional fish.

Curse you Hela… Curse you all the way to Niffleheim! You love this don't you? Dammit.

Loki was so tired, his entire small body was aching, things were swimming in front of his vision as he made it across another mountain hill and suddenly, there he saw. Below him… A village! People! And they were....

You got to be kidding me!

Wide-eyed Loki looked down at the small village and all the people running around wearing worn out clothes.

Okay, clearly Loki had been taking a wrong turn here! This was not New Asgard! No way! No how!

Then Loki turned his head as he saw a weather torn sign nearly falling down clearly spelling. "New Asgard."

Oh god dammit…

This was it… Loki was going to kill someone. He didn't know who yet, but someone had to die. Thor? Could he kill Thor?

Well apparently not for another ten months and three weeks but after that time was up, he was going to kill Thor!

And Loki groaned as he stood up ones more and started his climb down to the village.

Someone better have some decent food down there or Thor wouldn't be the only one murdered in almost eleven months from now.

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Okay… Okay… Loki was here… Loki was in New Asgard.

Now he just had to find Thor…

Loki had to shake his head, everything was swimming around him. His eyes were blurring, his body was hurting so much and his stomach was protesting. A lot…

Thor… THOOOR "Meoooooooow." the pathetic sound escaped from Loki and he groaned as he fell to the ground. Urgggh.

"By the norns!"

A female voice suddenly gasped.


Loki didn't even have it in him to protest as he was suddenly picked up and suddenly found himself face to face with a dark skinned woman.


"It's so cute!" Valkyrie exclaimed. "Where did you come from little guy?" she asked. "I didn't know anyone around here had cats!"

"Meow." Loki released a pathetic sound.

Valkyrie just seemed to melt right there on the spot. "You're lost?" she asked. "Are you a stray? Well no matter don't you worry. I got you! You hungry?"

"Meoooowww.." Loki groaned.

"Well of course you're hungry!" Valkyrie gasped. "You like fishies? We got tons of fishies little one! I get you some fishies."

Oh good, just make sure they are fresh okay? You got some salmon, I could go for that.

Loki just allowed himself to be carried off until they reached a small house where Valkyrie stepped in closing the door behind her. Then they entered what looked like a very small living room.

It was sparse, there was a fireplace, though there was no fire right now. A couch, couch table, some swords hanging on the walls and… That was it.

Valkyrie proceeded to pick a pillow up from the couch and put it on the floor, then put Loki on the pillow reaching up a hand. "Stay."

She really didn't need to tell Loki twice, Loki just yawned as he stretched his poor abused body and then curled together as Valkyrie left the room.

Loki could hear sounds coming from another room and then… a scent of Fish.

It wasn't salmon, unfortunately, cod would have to do it seemed. And Valkyrie returned with a small plate she put down in front of Loki. "There you go sweety." she spoke in a kind voice she would never have used on Loki if she knew who he was.

Loki lifted his head as he smelled the fish, good it was fresh! And he stood up to start eating.

Valkyrie smiled warmly. "That's a good kitty." she breathed. "Don't worry, you can stay here if you want. The truth is at this place… We are all strays." she sighed deeply as she sat down next to Loki. "How did you get here though?" she asked. "We are quite a bit away from the nearest Midgardian town." she admitted. "And you don't seem like a wild cat."

Loki didn't reply just ate quietly.

"You're cute though." Valkyrie smiled amused. "Ms Meowses the third!"

Loki halted, then he groaned. Oh norns, the naming again.

"Wait, are you a girl or a boy?" Valkyrie asked.

Loki decided to just ignore. He shouldn't have though, the next moment Valkyrie just blatantly picked him up and held him up to have a peak at his lower region.

"Oh look at that, a healthy boy!" Valkyrie grinned.

Loki… Was mortified. Was Valkyrie looking at his? By the all father no. He was getting ready, ready to scratch the woman as thankfully she put Loki down again.

"Mister Meowses then!" Valkyrie grinned making Loki hiss. "You're right." she sighed. "It's only going to be funny the first ten times, then it is going to get old. Name is up for debate." she nodded. "For now, I am just going to go with little stray." she smirked.

I am not a stray stupid woman! I am a god! You fool! I am… What did it even matter?

Suddenly Loki remembered what Valkyrie had just said. Here we are all strays…

Slowly Loki turned his head and looked up at Valkyrie, now really noticing how she was sitting down. Her head bowed, her shoulders hanging… She looked tired

Loki looked up at her, then reached up and put a paw on Valkyries knee.

Valkyrie looked down then smiled amused. "What a cutie." she commented putting a hand on Lokis hand, petting him slightly. "You know, I think we could use a cutie like you around." she stated as she finished petting him.

Loki just looked at her.

"Get some rest little stray." Valkyrie then asked. "I'm afraid I got some things I need to do." she stated as she stood up. Loki looked up after her.

But… Where's Thor? He's not in here?

Valkyrie just smiled lightly as she walked to the door. "I am going to leave it open." she pointed. "See, you can walk in and out." then she walked out, true enough keeping the door open.

Loki wanted to go after her… But he was overwhelmed by exhaustion. The food didn't help either.

Thor had to be nearby right? So… He could sleep an hour or two before go looking right? It was fine… he hoped.



When Loki woke up, the house was empty… Valkyrie was not back yet.

The sun was still up, it had to be afternoon or evening, days were long here at summer in Norway. Loki stood up and stretched his back. Okay, time to find Thor! He had to be here somewhere.

As promised the doors were open. Loki supposed with only Asgardians here Valkyrie wasn't really worried about robbery.

They were all in this together… Refuges together.

Loki exited to a muddy road, the few people he saw all wearing very similar worn out clothes… Midgardian clothes.

Were these truly all that remained of Asgard?

Then Loki remembered, they had been so few on the Stateman already. Then Thanos… Thanos would always kill half before he left so. Only half from back then could remain and.. Hela had said he succeeded with his plan.

Could that mean that Thor?! No… Hela had said Thor was around. He was send here to help Thor. Okay.

Thor, where are you?

Eventually Loki found the harbor and witnessed Asgardian pulling around crates of fish. Boats were anchored by the harbor and people were looking them over making sure they were in good condition.

"Looks good!" Valkyries voice sounded and Loki looked to find her standing wearing a big woolen blouse herself to shield her from the harsh ocean wind. "That's it for today! Good work everyone!"

So this is what they did to make a living? Where is Thor, he would help out with this kind of stuff… Loki looked around. But no sight of long blond hair looking like gold.

Not a glimmer of that stupidly optimistic grin which would always shine even in the darkest hour. No blue eyes glimmering with hope for the future.

Okay eye. Thor only had one eye now remember!

But even then, it had sparkled all the same.

That was Thor for you. That stupid grin and that ever lasting glimmer would just never go away. He was shining bright as the light of Asgard.

Sickening really. But right now Loki would give a lot to see it.

Where's my brother?

Hopelessly Loki looked at Valkyrie whom walked his way but didn't see him, then he ran to her and put a paw on her leg. "Meow."

Valkyrie blinked then looked down. "Stray." she smiled warmly, then bend down on her knees. "I'm glad to see you're doing okay." she stated scratching him behind the ear. "Well sweety, I got one last thing I need to do then I am all yours."

Loki looked at Valkyrie… She looked sad. And quite dreading.

"I just need to check on him, then I'm all yours sweety." Valkyrie informed then stood up.

Him? Thor?

Lokis eyes widened, was he sick? Hela had said Thor needed help.

Then Valkyrie started to walk, towards the city. Loki followed.

They reached the cluster of houses, but Valkyrie kept walking. They walked past her house, they got to the outskirts of the small city and then… Valkyrie kept walking.

Loki blinked, but followed as Valkyrie started to walk up a small path way going up the cliffs, ones again Loki followed.

Where were they going? Why were they going away from the people.

Valkyrie blinked then she turned around and saw Loki. "Stray!" she smiled amused. "You're following me."

Loki was standing still.

"It's all right, come here kitty." Valkyrie gestured and Loki walked to catch up, then he walked right behind her as they walked up the path until finally they reached the top and Loki saw… a small wooden house. Very much like the ones under them.

Huh… So Thor had decided to get a house high above the others?

That was indeed fitting for a king, Loki though had to admit he actually would have imagined Thor being among the people and help them out in a situation like this.

Well, a king should be above the others. Perhaps it wasn't so bad.

Valkyrie though seemed full of dread as she sighed, she glanced down at Loki. "I think you better stay out here kitty." she stated.

Pfff, fat chance lady.

Valkyrie walked to the door and reached for the door handle, then opened the door. Barely did she manage to open before Loki just zoomed in between her legs.

"KITTY!" Valkyrie shouted.

Don't you dare kitty me! You don't know what I have been through Valkyrie! I didn't get this far just be kept back by you! THOR! By the all father Thor this better be good!

Loki walked into what looked like a living room, very similar to Valkyries except this one was a mess!

There was trash EVERYWHERE! It was filthy! Food scraps, empty bottles and cans. Urgh, what was this?

Then, a big snore sounded. It nearly sounded like a bear choking and annoyed Loki looked towards the couch only to halt…

You…. You can't be serious. This is a joke right? A horrible joke!

Valkyrie walked in behind Loki then sighed deeply. "Thor." she spoke sadly.

Thor? THOR?! No! No you're joking, this is a lie!

This creature, this… thing was not Thor you stupid woman!

All Loki could do was watch, watch the man laying on the couch, sleeping. His mouth was hanging open and a long line of saliva was falling down his cheek and into his long unkempt beard that seemed to have both cake, Cheetos and who knows what else stuck in it!

And the hair! That wasn't even hair, that was long messed up yarn stuck to his head and soaked in filth!

He was wearing a big t-shirt and sweat pants, both with way to many stains them and barely covering his big gut spilling unto the couch cushions.

Valkyrie sighed deeply. "Korg!" she started calling as she walked in. "Hey Korg!" then she disappeared into another room.

This time Loki didn't follow her, his attention was solely focused on that… thing. On the couch.

This couldn't be Thor! There was no way! NO WAY in all of nine realms that this was Thor Odinson! Former Prince now King of Asgard. You LIARS!

Yet, the proof was right in front of Loki. He recognized the face, he even recognized the scent hiding far behind all that sweat and filth... The scent, first there was a layer of alcoholic sweat, utterly disgusting. Day old cheat dust also filled the air but behind it... behind it, was the scent of iron and soil, electricity combined with water, the scent of a thunderstorm. Loki knew it so well. When he had been a small child, he had found comfort in the scent... the scent of thunder, the scent of Thor.

This was Thor….

This… was… Thor!

Suddenly Lokis shock was replaced by anger, a deep burning anger.

So this was what Thor had been doing with his time?! The golden king?! Laying on the couch like a potato sack! Then Loki barred his fangs as he walked forward and finally jumped up on Thors big stomach, only to be faced with the snoring man.

His breath was awful. Had he forgotten how to brush his teethes as well?!

Loki hissed, his fur was standing straight, his fangs were showing. Then he lifted a paw, the claws was out, as far as possible, glistening white. Next second. The claws were buried deep into Thors face.

At ones Thors eyes opened wide as he screamed, and Loki came again with claws and teethes all aimed right at Thors face making Thor scream even more.

"THOR!" Valkyrie yelled as she came running. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!"

Thor could only scream as he tried to cover his face only to get claws in his arms. Thor leaned back only to fall down from the couch and down on the floor in a giant thud with Loki still on top of him, and Loki continued now biting Thors hand making Thor scream yet again before finally he managed to swipe at Loki and Loki flew backwards right into the wall where he fell down.

Valkyrie screamed. "STRAY!"

Thors eyes widened then turned to Loki now on the floor. "A… A cat." he gasped.

"Oh no! No-no-no!" Valkyrie ran for Loki whom was groaning, his body hurt so much. "Kitty, oh no kitty!"

"I.. I'm sorry!" Thor gasped. "I don't know what.."

Valkyrie turned to Thor and saw his face and arms were filled with scratches. "By the norns." she gasped.

Thor hissed touching his face, then hissed again. Clearly the claw marks were stinging. Good!

Then Valkyrie shook her head. "No I'm sorry I shouldn't have let a stray in here, he was so sweet before though! I don't know what happened! Maybe you rolled over him or something." she stated only for Loki to hiss at Thors direction and Thor crawled backwards.

"Sssh, sssh, kitty." Valkyrie touched Loki with gentle hands. "Oh no." she gently picked him up, holding Loki in her arms before slowly turning around to face Thor again, which meant that Loki was now also facing Thor.

Thor was still laying down on the floor, wide-eyed looking at Loki. Loki was satisfied to see Thors face and arms now being a patch work of red scratches and he hissed making Thor let out a tiny shriek.

Wide-eyed Valkyrie looked at Thor. "That's funny, I thought you would be the type who got along with animals."

"I am!" Thor exclaimed. "I love animals! And they… usually they love me." and he covered by Lokis hiss. "Get that Helheim creature away from me!" he asked crawling back.

Valkyrie hesitated slightly, then she smirked.

"Valkyrie?" Thor asked.

"On one condition." Valkyrie informed. "Take a shower!"

Thor blinked.

"The kitty stays, unless you take a shower!" Valkyrie stated stepping forward holding Loki up and Thor shrieked as he crawled backwards until he suddenly bumped into the wall as Valkyrie smirked. "Kitty kitty! You don't like the kitty Thor?"

"STOP!" Thor held up a hand. "It'll take a shower! Just get it out of here!" he asked and Valkyrie stepped back. Slowly Thor looked up looking at Valkyrie.

"Then get to it! Shower now!" Valkyrie demanded. "I am not leaving until I hear the water running!"

Thor hesitated then slowly he stood up, then he started to edge towards the door going as close to the walls as possible. Lokis eyes always following him as he was smiling, his tail swaying back and forth then finally Thor vanished through a door presumable into the bathroom, a bit after water was turned on and Valkyrie sighed deeply.

"Thank you kitty, who thought you would be so much help?" Valkyrie asked then looked concerned. "I hope you're not hurt, being thrown into a wall like that, poor kitty."

Loki let out a pathetic sound.

"I'll take you right to a healer, they'll make sure you are fine." Valkyrie informed as she walked out and Loki just let her, leaning into her arms.

He might as well get himself checked over, hopefully Thors shower would take a while, time enough to be checked up on at least.

"That was so weird though." Valkyrie breathed as she stepped out the horse. "You've been so sweet until now. Is it because you don't like drunks?" she asked.

Loki offered the most pathetic sound possible.

"Don't you worry, the big fat drunk wont touch you okay?" Valkyrie asked. "You just stick to me little Stray."

Oh Valkyrie… You innocent thing. We haven't even started yet.

Chapter Text

Thor…. Was in shock.

What… What had just happened? He had been sleeping and then, a sharp pain on his face. He had opened his eyes only to be faced with a pair of shining green demon like eyes on a black furry face.

And somehow… Somehow those eyes had seemed filled with rage, with burning anger aimed right at Thor accompanied with... "Auw, ssshhh." Thor was touching his face again.

This was not a good time to take a shower, the water made all the scratches sting. It would be impossible to use soap without suffer great pain. It made this entire shower thing a very long and tedious process.

Norns Thor just wanted to go back to sleep. Everything was hurting so much. His head, his back… And now also his face and arms where that creature had been scratching him up. Why?

Finally, after quite a while Thor had finished up and was prepared to just go back to sleep already. He had put on a long bathrobe covering his body and opened the door only to scream in shock.

For there… Right there on the other side of the door. Was… A cat.

It wasn't a big cat, it was very small. Probably just a kitten. But it was sitting there, right in front of the door. Its tale swaying back and forth, a low threatening sound coming from its throat and those green shining eyes… Looking at him. They looked very judgmental right now. And angry... So very angry.

"Va-VAL!" Thor yelled. "Valkyrie! You… Your cat is still here!" there was no reply, no Valkyrie was to be found.

Wide-eyed Thor turned back to the cat which was looking up at him.

Okay, this was ridicules… It was a cat! And from the looks of it just a Midgardian cat. It was so small! It could basically fit into Thors hands. Thor tried to send the small creature a smile, it was very strained though. "He… Hey." he stammered. "Kitty kitty."

The cat hissed and Thor stepped back in shock.

"VALKYRIEEEE!" Thor shouted.

"Yo what's up man." A soft voice sounded and Thor groaned as the Kronak entered.

"Where's Valkyrie?" Thor asked.

"Oh, she left a while ago. Oh hey look! Kitty cat." Korg grinned pointing at the cat.

"Korg help me!" Thor asked.

"With what?" Korg asked.

"The cat! It wont let me leave the bathroom!" Thor exclaimed.

Korg looked at Thor, then looked down at the cat… The extremely… Tiny little cat which Thor could easily step over.

Then Korg shrugged. "All right man." he walked over and easily picked up the cat then stepped away. "There!"

Wide-eyed Thor looked at Korg, then he looked at the cat which was still looking at him! And it looked angry.

"Didn't know you were afraid of cats dude." Korg commented.

"I.. I'm not afraid of cats." Thor stated.

"Seemed pretty afraid to me." Korg replied.

"Well I'm not." Thor informed back.

"You sure?" Korg asked.

"I AM NOT AFRAID OF CATS!" Thor shouted.

"All-right, all-right! What-ever you say. Calm down." Korg held up his free hand.

Thor groaned deeply. "I need a drink." he simply stated as he walked to the fridge and opened it up, pulling out a can off beer. He opened the beer, though the moment Thor was about to put the can to his lips a sharp pain was felt from his ankle. "ARGH!" Thor shouted looking down to see the small black creature from Hel back at him.

"HEY!" Thor shouted. "Get off me!"

The cat hissed, showing its pearly white and very sharp teethes.

"KORG!" Thor shouted.

"Wow, that cat really doesn't like you." Korg blinked.

"Hey-hey-hey!" Thor shouted jumping back as the cat was now attached to his leg crawling up Thors bath rob, and Thor could feel every single grip the cat made with its claws. "GET OFF ME!" he shouted trying to swipe at the cat with his hand, only for the cat to catch his hand with its mouth! And bite it did as Thor screamed trying to pull his hand away! But his hand was attached to a cats mouth! And the cats claws was attached to Thors bath robe and also his thigh under the robe. The pain was incredible.

"ARGH!" Thor finally managed to pull his hand away and the cat dropped down on the ground, it hissed and of all things was about to jump back if Korg hadn't caught it and now held the cat in his stony hands.

Wide-eyed Thor looked at the black creature in the Kronans hand… was… Was that cat grinning? Could a cat grin?

Then Thor looked at his hand and realized he was actually bleeding.

"Wow." Korg blinked. "Man, you should almost think this cat had a personal vendetta against you or something huh?"

Thor glared at Korg.

"So erh… What should I do with it?" Korg asked.

"It's Valkyries, give it back to her!" Thor asked. "And tell her to keep it away from me!"

"Sure thing dude." Korg stated as he turned around and left with the cat.

Thor groaned as he plummeted down on the couch. Why… Why was this happening to him? He probably deserved it but why?


"ARGH!" Wide-eyed Thor looked down to see the cat back again sitting right in front of him. "KOOORG!"

"Sorry dude!" The Kronak came running right back. "It got away from me and ran back in!" he picked the cat up again only for the cat to squirm itself out and run back to Thor who stood up.

Korg grabbed for the cat again, but this time it started to evade him and moments after it was an entire chase scene with the Kronan running across the room trying to get the cat while Thor did all in his power to get away from the it.

"Get him Miik! Get him!" Korg shouted as the cat was headed in the direction of the small alien but then turned.

Finally, all was just beyond exhausted.

Korg was gasping for air laying across a chair, Thor was gasping for our sitting on the couch, even Miik was gasping for air laying on his pillow.

The only one not gasping for air, was the stupid cat now sitting on the couch table looking straight at Thor… Again.

"Dude… I don't think we are going to get rid of that cat." Korg gasped.

"What do you want huh?" Thor asked the cat directly. It just looked at him with those angry green eyes. "Valkyrie is already willing to give you a nice warm pillow to call your own and all the fish you could possible eat. What do you need me for?" he asked. "Are you just here to punish me? Is that it huh?" he asked.

The cats eyes narrowed.

"It's not needed okay!" Thor exclaimed. "I know! I'm not a king. I'm a failure and a sick pathetic joke! Leave me alone!" he stood up.

The cat just hissed. It made no sense, why was this cat so angry at him? And why did it feel so personal!

Thors eyes watered and he sniffed. "Leave me alone." he asked again and turned around, storming into his bedroom and slammed the door shut. Finally he could sigh a breath of relief… The cat hadn't followed him.

Thor had this eerie feeling though… A feeling that that cat would not go away and the next time he opened his bedroom door. That cat would be sitting there, looking at him again.

What was happening?



Loki was seething as he looked at the closed door, his current body had so many limitations. Right now he couldn't follow.

But this wasn't over… This is not over! These people had no idea what Loki had gone through just to be here! I HAD TO BE BORN TO BE HERE! It was not an experience Loki wished to repeat. EVER! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to cross countries as a CAT?! We got ten and a half months before the man who talks to ants will emerge and it will be our only shot at this.

So the all father help me I am going to beat you into shape Thor!

"Man.." Korg blinked looking at Loki. "That's a weird cat."

Chapter Text

Thor was sitting on his couch, leaning slightly over, his eyes narrowed.

And in front of him, sitting on the couch table was a small black cat, looking right back at him with a very similar face expression.

"Now listen here." Thor murmured in a low angry voice. "I'm the one living here you got that? I don't know what it is you want. But what-ever it is, get it somewhere else!"

"Dude, you know you are talking to a cat right?" Korg asked.

Thor hissed annoyed.

"I mean, cats don't understand people language right?" Korg asked. "Or… Do they? I will admit I am not very familiar with earth species."

"Korg… be quiet." Thor asked then turned back to the cat. He pointed forward a finger. "Get out of my house!" he demanded.

Only for the cat to jump up and bite his finger.

"ARGH!" Thor shouted retrieving his hand. "You saw that right?!" He asked Korg waving his hurt hand.

"We already know the cat doesn't like you dude." Korg said in his usual laid back voice.

"Well, you don't like me fine!" Thor hissed at the cat. "But why then. DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP FOLLOWING ME!" he shouted.

The cat hissed.

Thor groaned as he sat back, the cat was now going to move it seemed. He grabbed for the remote and turned on the television.

Humans had proven themselves to be very creative with their entertainment, what was called a sit-com was playing on the screen. The laugh track signaling a joke had just been spoken and Thor leaned back sighing.

Though suddenly, a fury black body jumped up and suddenly there was a fury creature sitting right in front of the screen blocking the view… and ones again the green eyes were glaring at him.

"Are you serious right now?" Thor asked.

The Cat just kept looking at him… why did it have to always been looking so judgmental. Thor groaned as he stood up and headed for the counter in the kitchen.

He pulled out a glass and a bottle of whiskey, uncorking the bottle and poured himself up a healthy glass.

Sighing Thor put the bottle back and turned to his glass only to halt… THE CAT WAS ON THE COUNTER! Sitting right next to the glass of whiskey.

Its green eyes, looking right at Thor… then slowly… slowly it lifted a paw.

"Hey!" Thor exclaimed. "Don't you dare!"

The paw moved closer, closer to the glass.

"In the all fathers name I demand that you..." Thor began.

Then the paw swiped at the glass, and the glass fell off the counter and down on the ground where it shattered

"ARGGH!" Thor yelled grabbing his hair. "Wont you let me have anything?!" he shouted.

The cat was grinning.

"Okay that's it!" Thor exclaimed. "YOU STUPID CAT!"



Valkyrie couldn't help but blink astounded as she came for her daily visit to Thors house.

It was routine for her at least, every day after work she would check on him.

Most of the time it would just be quiet, Thor would usually either be sleeping or be sprawled out in front of the television either playing games or watching brain dead sitcoms.

This time though, there was big crashes sounding from inside of the house! There were yells, big booms and then suddenly, a furry creature came jumping through the window.

"STRAY!" Valkyrie gasped.

The turned its head by the sound of her voice then immediately changed direction and jumped right into her arms just as the door slammed open.


Wide-eyed Valkyrie looked up, up at the man himself… The God of Thunder standing in the door. In t-shirt and sweat pants. Even so.

"Thor..." Valkyrie blinked holding the kitten close. "You… You're outside of the house."

Thor looked at her, then his eyes turned to the cat in her arms. "Keep that thing, away from me!" he shouted.

"Huh?" Valkyrie blinked then looked down. "You mean the cat?"

"That's not a cat!" Thor stated. "That's a creature send from Helheim!"

"Thor seriously?" Valkyrie asked. "I know you two got off the wrong foot yesterday. But he's a kitten! Look at him! he's no threat to you. Stop being such a baby!"

Thors eyes widened in pure shock.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Valkyrie stated. "What was going on in there?! It sounded like you tried to kill him. A kitten Thor!"

"It wont leave me alone!" Thor defended himself. "Beside it's evil!"

"Oh grow up." Valkyrie snorted then turned to the cat in her arms. "Did that big bad man scare you huh?" she asked. "Yeah he's a big stupid brute. Especially these days." she muttered as the cat let out a pathetic sound, almost like a whine.

"You got to be kidding me." Thor groaned just as a Kronak came and peered over his shoulder.

"Oh hey, Valkyrie." Korg spoke managing to squeesh himself past Thor. "Erhm hey look. It was a fun idea to have a kitten here doing the night, but I don't think it is going to work out."

"So he was here all night?" Valkyrie asked. "You silly thing, I was worried about you." she lectured the kitten as if he could understand her.

"Yeah, Vortex might be cute. But he is a little bit destructive." Korg commented.

"Vortex?" Thor turned to him.

"Yeah, his fur! It is black like the deepest coldest space. And it looks like there's been a tornado in the living room. So Vortex." Korg explained.

"We are not calling him that!" Valkyrie huffed.

"Oh okay." Korg shrugged.

"I don't care what you call him, just keep him away from me!" Thor demanded.

Valkyrie rolled her eyes.

"If that cat comes into my house, one more time!" Thor exclaimed.

"You what?" Valkyrie asked. "Hit a defenseless creature? Yeah, real heroic!"

Thor gasped, his eyes wide in shock.

"I'm getting sick of this Thor!" Valkyrie exclaimed. "You just lay there day in and day out! And now you are blaming a cat for your issues?! I thought I would be serving a worthy king at last. But then I am left with a couch potato! GET A GRIP!"

Thor gasped, his eyes were wide.

Valkyrie halted to, wide-eyed looking at Thor. "Oh no.. Thor i'm so sorry. I didn't mean." she tried.

"No." Thor looked down. "You did… And you're right. I'm sorry." he stepped backwards.

"Wait Thor!" Valkyrie exclaimed but Thor was gone and the door was closed.

Korg blinked as he looked at the closed door then back at Valkyrie. "Harsh man."

"Oh Norns what have I done?" Valkyrie asked.

Korg shrugged. "Said what you wanted to say for a while. Listen man, you should take little Vortex away. He is not doing well with Thor."

"We are not calling him Vortex." Valkyrie muttered. "Fine." she turned around. "Make sure Thor doesn't kill himself in there will you?"

"It's why I am here!" Korg saluted.

Valkyrie sighed then turned back around and walked down with a cat in her arms.



Loki allowed Valkyrie to carry him back, he needed a rest and a meal… And he needed to think this over.

He was still angry with Thor, but seeing him like that just a moment ago… Loki felt. He didn't know what to think. He just knew, he didn't feel good.

As Valkyrie entered her home she put Loki down at the same pillow as before and offered him fish and water before Valkyrie plummeted down on her own couch groaning.

Loki halted, he looked up at the woman and ones again he noticed… She look exhausted. Slowly Loki approached her, then jumped up on the couch beside Valkyrie. She turned her head then smiled lightly. "You a creature from Helheim?" she asked. "What have Thor been drinking?" she asked gently scratching Loki.

Loki couldn't help it, it just came naturally. A deep purr.

Valkyrie smiled amused then let go to Lokis disappointment. "It didn't start like that you know." she breathed.

Loki looked up.

"At first… He tried. He really did." Valkyrie swallowed. "He helped building houses, using his own hands. Asked if citizens were doing all right but… He wasn't doing well. He didn't sleep at night, I didn't even know. He started to mess up his work and he would blame himself. He would drink in the evening… Just the evening to take his mind off things. But evening turns to night and night turns to morning. Still drunk in the morning he would try but he would mess things up and blame himself. He would apologize and hide so people wouldn't have to see him crying… He appeared less and less frequently until he didn't appear at all. And then… He just gave up." Valkyrie swallowed, her eyes growing wet and she covered them with her hand.

Loki looked down, his head spinning. How? How could it all turn into this? And why? What was wrong with people?

"He blames himself you know." Valkyrie said in a broken voice. "For everything. But it's not his fault. I just… I don't know what to do anymore. He's not getting better, he's only getting worse."

Loki sighed… Ten months before the man who talks to ants re-emerges. And he was stuck being a cat. He couldn't talk, he had a tiny bit of magic but hadn't managed to actually use it yet. He didn't have hands so he could write a letter, he had nothing.

Is this just a joke Hela? I am here but I am unable to do anything. You're just mocking me aren't you?



Valkyrie had gone to sleep, she had barely laid down before her eyes fell shut and she was snoring already.

Loki didn't stick around, he headed out. Back outside, back up the small path and up to the lonely little hut.

Inside he could hear sounds from the television, as Loki jumped through the window he could see it was Korg whom was playing on some machine Miik sitting next to him. Thor was no-where in sight.

Loki walked the house towards the place he knew Thors bedroom was and from inside… He heard muffled sobs.

Loki halted… Thor… Crying? This wasn't right, there was nothing right about this. Loki put both his front paws towards the door and just managed to push it open enough so he could slip through.

Inside there was dark, the bedroom like all other rooms in this house was a mess, the floor was littered with dirty clothes and dirty plates. The bed was a mess and right on it was one thunder god laying on his side, sobbing.

Loki hesitated… Then he walked forward and jumped up.

Thor twitched, then he turned around and face Loki with a pair of tear filled eyes. One blue the other golden and mechanical, at ones Thor sat up. "YOU AGAIN!" he exclaimed.

Loki though, was quiet this time as he looked up at Thor.

"I told you to get out! Shush!" Thor waved at him. "Go away! Go back to Valkyrie."

Loki just sat there.

"Look I don't know what to do with you! Why do you keep going back to me?!" Thor asked. "Look I know I… I deserve it, I deserve all of it but I don't… I don't." he sniffed.

Then Loki stood up, and then he pressed his forehead towards Thors hand.

Thors eyes widened and he looked down at Loki whom was now pressing his head towards Thor.

I'm here you big fat idiot! I'm right here! Loki hated it, hated that he was unable to speak. All he could do was this, rub his body towards Thor and release a purr.

Thor gasped. "What.."

Loki walked as close to Thor as he could, and laid against him.

Thor looked at him, bewildered, his eyes grew wet. And then he grabbed Loki and he cried, bawled in fact as he held Loki tight.

Loki just let him.

"I.. I'm sorry." Thor sobbed. "I'm so sorry."

For how long Thor cried like this, Loki had no idea. Anything the big idiot was saying was just incomprehensible gibberish. Finally though, it looked like Thor had just worn himself out and fell into sleep.

Perhaps for the first time in quite a while it was a proper sleep.

Loki just curled himself together next to Thor. He wasn't going to leave. Not now.



Normally Valkyrie would only visit Thor in the afternoon, but this morning there was the issue of a missing kitten.

And the last time that had happened, the kitten had turned up at Thors place! And Thor hadn't been happy.

Valkyrie hissed, hoping the kitten was somewhere else and that Thor was just sleeping so she wouldn't have to deal with anything.

As Valkyrie reached the house there was quiet… Okay she would just quietly sneak in and check. Quietly Valkyrie pushed open the door, and snook towards the living room and kitchen then she halted… She just froze.

Valkyrie had to blink, she was rubbing her eyes for a double check and looked again. There, standing with his back to her at the stove was Thor.

A pan was sizzling, and a scent of eggs was in the air.

Then suddenly Valkyrie realized a little cat was sitting on the counter right next to. "STRAY!" she exclaimed.

Thor jumped in shock then he turned around wide-eyed looking at Valkyrie.

"Ah… Thor!" Valkyrie stammered. "I just I… Stray wasn't at home. And you said that… erhm." she blushed deeply. "I just. About yesterday." she halted then looked down. "I'm sorry."

Thor blinked as she looked down at the floor.

"I didn't mean it." Valkyrie muttered.

"No. You did. You mean it." Thor sighed deeply. "And you are in your full right to be fed up with all of it. You are carrying a responsibility you never asked for." he said turning back to the pan.

"That's not… Of course I want to help!" Valkyrie exclaimed. "They are my people to! I just." she sighed deeply. "I don't know… I'm trying to give you room. Thinking that if you just get time you'll get better. But you are not getting better! You're only getting worse. I don't know what else to do!"

Thor lowered his head.

"Do you… want me to take Stray outside?" Valkyrie asked.

"I think you mean Ragnar." Thor spoke.

Valkyrie blinked. "Huh?"

"The cat." Thor explained. "His name is Ragnar."

"Oh." Valkyrie blinked. "How come Thor?" she asked.

Thor smirked lightly, turning a piece of bacon on the pan. "When I was a child, Loki and I would often wander off. Try to explore the nature, go further than we were allowed to on purpose. One day, Loki found something. A wild Njilavir, you know the ones. Asgardian felines. This one… Had a broken leg. Loki was heart broken… Loki liked animals. We even teased him that he seemed to like animals more than people."

Valkyrie smiled amused as she sat down just to listen.

"You can probably guess what happened from there. The poor thing had been laying there for days at least, it was clearly starved. Loki smuggled it into the palace. I mean he's Loki, what else would he do then care for it in secret? Of course he would do the exact thing he wasn't supposed to do." Thor commented, an amused light in his eyes. "Then when it got up and broke stuff he would come up with all kinds of crazy stories… He called it Ragnar." Thor smiled amused. "It is the name of a hero, who overcomes all the odds to rise up and become even stronger than he was before."

Valkyrie smiled. "It's a good name." she nodded.

"Yeah, I wanted to call him Sir Whiskers." Thor informed. "Loki got mad, said it was a stupid name and dignified creatures like cats deserved better than that." he shook his head. "Loki was also the one naming fathers horse, Sleipner. He said that names are very important. It's a large portion of the impression people will have. And animals whom can't speak for themselves more than anyone deserves consideration." 

Valkyrie smiled amused. The idea of a small Loki being that stubborn about the name of animals was pretty cute. "So what happened to the Njilavir Loki found?" she asked.

"Of course he was found out!" Thor smirked amused. "He kept it for much longer than he needed to, its leg was fine but he didn't want to say goodbye. Which just resulted in trashed rooms which he just couldn't hide anymore. Father sure gave both of us a good scolding. Loki for doing it and me for being an accomplish" he informed as he turned around holding the pan. "Breakfast?" he asked.

"If there's enough for two." Valkyrie replied in a smile.

"I'll just split it." Thor stated finding two plates and true enough, split the eggs and bacon as well as the toasted bread he had made then he put down the plates on the dining table. "I probably need to cut down on food anyway." he muttered.

"Just the drinking." Valkyrie replied as she stood and walked to the dining table taking a seat. "You seem… Better today." she commented picking up a piece of toast.

"Yeah.." Thor nodded. "I haven't been drinking for the last twenty-four hours."

"How come?" Valkyrie asked.

"The cat wont let me." Thor pointed at the counter where Ragnar was still sitting.

Valkyrie looked at Thor. "Seriously?" she asked.

"I'm telling you Valkyrie! I pick up some beer and that cats claws is right in my leg!" Thor exclaimed. "He pushed down my glass of whiskey!"

Valkyrie shrugged. "Maybe he just doesn't like alcohol."

"Where did you even find that cat?" Thor asked.

"In the village, poor thing was all alone." Valkyrie sighed.

Thor sighed deeply. "I am not sure what that cat is." he commented. "How-ever." he turned to the black feline. "I don't know… Looks like whether I like it or not. He's here now and he is not going anywhere."

"So you wont be chasing after him anymore?" Valkyrie asked.

"It doesn't help. He slips away." Thor sighed. "I suppose I better just accept him."

Valkyrie smirked. "Well, I am just glad you are doing so well this morning." she stated. "Perhaps you could even come outside today! You haven't been in the village in forever."

"I..." Thor looked down. "I don't… I don't want them to see me like this." he admitted.

Valkyrie sighed. "All right, but listen Thor. Things wont get better if you stay in here. One day, you will have to go outside."

Thor closed his eyes, but nodded.

"You keep an eye on him Ragnar!" Valkyrie nodded at the cat on the counter, then she halted. It looked like the cat had given her a nod. "Well, what-ever you are. You seem to have a good effect on Thor so well… Thank you."

And the cat. Was Valkyrie imagining it or was it giving her a relieved smile? … This was weird.

Chapter Text

Well, Loki guessed he had made some kind of progress.

Why and how, he didn't know. But he also knew it was far from enough! Thor needed to get into shape!

How-ever, when you are a small not fully grown cat, smaller than the thunder god's foot! It is not easy to force the big god to make push ups! Or go for a run! Or anything.

Loki was pushing Thor… Or rather he was trying to push Thor, budding his head against Thors foot and pushed.

Come on! Come on we need to go outside! Go for a run! Uuuuuuuuurgh!

Then suddenly Thor took a step and Loki just fell over now lacking the foot he was pressing himself against.

"Heh." a deep voice sounded from above. "You really are pretty cute." Thor commented as he reached down and Loki now found himself being picked up.

Shut up Thor… You still got one eye left I could scratch out.

"I guess I should find you something to eat right?" Thor asked. "That's why you keep pressing up against me isn't it?"

NO! I need you to go outside and start training… But yes I am rather famished.

Thor put Loki down on the counter and opened the fridge. "You are not supposed to give felines milk, that's what Loki said." he murmured. "Meat." he pulled out a sausage and put it on a cutting board. "Need to ask Valkyrie to buy some cat food I guess."

Yeah Loki was not going to eat anything coming out of a can, nor those dry food things his cat mother had eaten.

"Can you keep a secret?" Thor then asked Loki as he started to cut the sausage up.

I can't talk Thor, how would I be able to share any secrets?

"You… Remind me of my brother." Thor admitted and Loki blinked. "He was amazing, he could transform into animals and… they would usually be black with green eyes. Like you." he breathed. "His hair was black and his eyes green so I guess it makes sense… I erhm. I have this weird thought that, there might be a bit of Loki inside of you or something. And you were send here to keep an eye on me. But don't tell anyone, they'll think I have gone insane. Of course it's not true, of course you're not Loki. He's dead… And for real this time."

Loki lowered his head.

"Not even Loki would be so cruel to pose himself as a cat and not reveal himself if he had somehow survived." Thor sighed deeply.

No… If Loki could turn into something humanoid he would have.

"If Loki was here now… He would be so mad." Thor sighed. "And, disappointed. I can just see it, the way he would look at me. He didn't think I would be a worthy king, for a very long time. Then, finally… He was actually there. He supported me, he said to me I was king now and that was how it was meant to be. It meant so much to me!" Thors eyes watered. "That Loki of all people would say that! It made me think that just maybe… But he was right from the start." he broke. "He was right!"

Dammit Thor, why do you have to make me feel so awful about myself.

The plate with sausages was put in front of Loki, but he didn't feel hungry anymore.

And Thor, was leaning over the counter crying quietly.

Norns! What am I supposed to do?! If he could just talk to Thor! Loki hissed annoyed, they needed to talk. Clearly! But how?!

Then Loki looked at his plate, with pieces of sausage and his eyes widened. AHA! It wasn't much, but at least he would be able to make just one single word right?

Loki bowed over and started to use his little nose to re-arrange pieces of meat, it was very crude and hard to make out… and then he lacked pieces of meat. Dammit, but it was clearly runes! Right?

I am h

… He wanted to right I am here, but didn't work out. Still though! Thor! Thor look! Thor! I made letters.

Thor was looking the other way.

"Meow!" Loki tried.

Thor sighed deeply.

"MEOOOW!" Loki proclaimed louder swiping for Thors arm.

"Argh." Thor hissed looking down at Loki. "In a mood again huh?" he asked then shook his head. "Eat your food." he asked and walked away not even looking at the plate.

Lokis hissed. Dammit Thor! Look at the stupid plate! URGH! Fine, I'll figure something else! Urgh, and finally Loki returned to the plate just to eat.

He would find something out… Somehow.

Chapter Text

Writing a message seemed like the obvious thing to do.

But as it turned out, that was much easier said than done! Loki tried, but all of his attempts were always somehow foiled!

Thor wouldn't even bother to look, someone would step on his handy work or clean up!

Loki had pushed down a whole bag of flour on the floor so he could write in the flour, then Korg came and swept it all up! Stupid Kronan!

Loki had run outside and brought in twigs to lay in order, and Thor stepped on them breaking all the dumb twigs!

Loki had tried to start scratching on the table, but his claws were currently to tiny and weak and suddenly Korg game running after him with a spray bottle telling him he was a bad kitty.

At that Loki had seethed, he had jumped at Korg to bite the Kronans arm… Only to late did Loki remember that Kronans were literately made off stone and as a result Loki ended up screaming in pain as he fell to the floor.

"You okay Kitty?" Sounded the soft voice.

Loki hissed, then licked his fangs and realized… His left fang was broken, and looking down the tip was on the floor.

HIS TOOTH WAS BROKEN! Urgh! It was just a baby tooth, cats also got new teethe when they were some months old but still! You broke my tooth Korg!

"Oh no, I broke your tooth. Sorry man." Korg spoke.

THAT'S WHAT I JUST…. Never mind… Loki groaned as he stumbled away to nurse his broken tooth and think of something else.

It was now a bit over two months ago since he had been send back, ten months remained to make Thor ready to face the past.

What-ever the heck that meant.



Okay, writing was off the table at least for now.

What about Lokis magic? He knew he had magic, he could sense it. But… It was very little, he supposed such a small body could only contain a small amount of magic. Sadly.

What could he do with it though? Could he find a way to communicate? Loki closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on that energy inside of him.

Come on… Come on… Just a little spark.

Nothing… Absolutely nothing.

Loki hissed. Come on… come on.. Wait… waaaaait. There's something there, waait.

The door opened loudly and a womans voice shouted. "HEY THOR!"

Loki nearly fell off the counter as the dark skinned woman marched inside. "Ragnar!" she cheered by the sight of Loki. "Who's a good kitty. Who's a good kitty?!" she asked scratching Loki behind the ear.

Loki sighed deeply. At least someone was in a better mood these days, it was something about Thor actually doing better.

So Thor had started actually showering and had cut off that god awful beard. Joyous day, can we move on? It's not that special. He still has to go outside of the stupid house one more time.

"Hey Val." Thor came around the corner and Loki looked up.

Okay… Thor did look better. He was clean, he was wearing clothes that wasn't stained. Sweat pants and a t-shirt but still.

His skin looked nicer, Loki had not allowed him to drink any alcohol since they started this and Thor seemed like he had gotten the message so he just stopped trying.

To pass his time, Thor had started to cook. He wasn't really that good, but it was better than those nachos.

"Looking good." Valkyrie blinked. "How are you today."

"I'm… Good." Thor replied in a slightly hesitant voice. "Ragnar though, he's not eating the food you brought yesterday either."

"That's some picky cat. They told me it was the good stuff." Valkyrie pouted.

"Maybe another brand?" Thor asked.

Valkyrie sighed. "To the Midgard village again?" she asked. "No… Wait. Why do I have to do that anyway?" she asked.

Thor blinked.

"You go this time!" Valkyrie pointed at Thor.

"Me?" Thor asked. "To… The Midgardian village?" he asked. "Out… Outside?"

"You got anything else to do today?" Valkyrie asked.

Thor halted, then shook his head.

"Good!" Valkyrie smiled warmly. "I'll get you your coat!"

"Val WAIT!" Thor shouted but Valkyrie was inside of Thors bed room, Loki to looked after her and then she came back with coat and boots. "Come here." she walked over to Thor.

"Valkyrie, I'm not sure that..." Thor halted.

"It's going to be okay." Valkyrie assured putting the coat on him. "You're not going to our own village, you are going to the Midgard one. They wont even know who you are."

"I am pretty well known around here though." Thor pointed out.

"Well." Valkyrie smirked, then took off her own scarf and wrapped it around Thor, then pulled it up so it covered Thors mouth. "There, now no one knows."

Thor frowned slightly at her.

"Put on your boots." Valkyrie demanded dropping them down.

Thor halted, but then actually did what he had been told to do.

Lokis eyes widened. She had done it, Thor was going to go outside! For a pretty long walk to.

Man, if Loki had known he would one day be so thankful for Valkyrie… He wouldn't have done anything differently she was still super annoying.

But… He was glad she was there.

Finally Thor moved towards the door, then he halted.

Loki stood up, then jumped off his spot before he ran, ran between Thors legs and outside until he was in front of Thor looking up at him.

"Ragnar?" Thor blinked, then he smiled softly. "Okay." he nodded and then, finally took a step out and then he started to walk.

Loki sighed satisfied and ran next to Thor whom looked down, then smiled amused. "You are an odd cat." he commented.

Well Thor, truth is I am no cat at all. But I don't know how I am supposed to make you understand that, so here we are.

By the way, no matter what you buy I am not going to eat it.



Okay you got me Thor, I will take this smoked salmon. And Loki was happily eating out of Thors hand. This long travel to the midgard town had made him pretty hungry.

"You really followed me all the way here?" Thor asked astounded.

Well duh! Someone had to keep an eye on you.

"You're… Really a very odd cat." Thor commented.

Loki yawned as he had just finished his piece of salmon, then tripped slightly. This had been a very long walk for a kitten.

Thor shook his head then picked Loki up and put him in his pocket so Lokis head poked out… Oh… Oh this was nice. Good thinking Thor. And he yawned again.

It was nice and cozy in that pocket as Thor started to walk and slowly Loki drifted off, he was pretty startled as he was suddenly taken out of the pocket.

What? Back already?

Thor seemed pretty exhausted to as he outright just fell down on the couch and turned on the TV.

Okay, this time Loki allowed it. Thor had done pretty good today and beside… Loki was still very tired.



The next day, Thor had to halt… A black kitten was sitting in front of the front door looking very expectantly at him.

"You… Want to go for a walk again?" Thor asked.

It kept looking.

"Didn't know you were a dog." Thor joked but then halted as the cat kept looking. "O… Okay. I'll just get my coat."

And then, they went for a walk across the mountains. It was nice, but also really odd.

Chapter Text

Nine months before the man who talks to ants was supposed to come and do… What-ever the heck he was supposed to do.

Thor and Loki had started to take walks, every single day. Loki would always stand in front of the door after breakfast and wait for Thor.

If Thor refused Loki would start complaining, very loudly and very determined until Thor just gave in and would go outside.

Sometimes the walks would be short, and sometimes… very very long. They could be walking for an entire day.

Some days Thor wouldn't speak. Other days he would and some days, he would stop in the middle of their walk and break down crying. Then he would talk.

Thor talked about… All of it. About Hela and how weak he had been in comparison to her, how he had been unable to safe most of Asgard.

He talked about Thanos and ones again, how he had been watching Loki die, unable to do anything about it.

He told about Stormbreaker and how… Thor really thought he could have stopped it, if he had just gone for Thanos's head the snap wouldn't have happened.

Or at least that was what Thor believed.

But Loki already knew, and he hated he couldn't say it out loud. Even if Thor had gone for the head back then, it wouldn't have worked. He could not have stopped Thanos.

And Thor also cried, sobbed when he explained how he had finally killed Thanos.

How Thanos had been defenseless but Thor had been filled with rage and ones again… Destroyed everything.

If there had been a chance, Thor had destroyed it.

No… Thor. You have not, the stones were already gone. There was nothing more to do.

Maybe this was what Hela had intended, perhaps this was exactly what Loki was supposed to do… It was so hard to do though.

Thor still wasn't doing very good. He was doing better, he looked better. But still no-where near his old usual self.

That bright smile and that glimmer in his eye, it was as absent as ever. And it was the worst.

It forced Loki to realize he had taken it for granted… How bright and happy Thor had always been. How easy going, even if he was a big fat idiot acting before thinking.

He had always been so hopeful, an annoying optimist. Getting the best out of any situation.

Loki had hated that about Thor in the past… So much. It made Loki think Thor never took anything seriously.

Even when the enemies were knocking at the door Thor would still be grinning and flirting with the maidens around him.

Now Loki was willing to pay an awful lot to see that glimmer return.

Thor was sitting at a way to familiar bench on top of a cliff with a free view over the oceans, and New Asgard not to long away from them.

"This is where my father died..." Thor breathed.

Loki was quiet sitting next to him.

Thor swallowed. "When I grew up I… I always believed my Father had all the answers. That he just…  That he knew everything, and every decision he made was right. I could never imagine my father doing anything bad, or anything that would have bad consequences. When-ever it did involve some one getting hurt. I still believed he was in the right, just because he was... Odin. My father. I could never imagine him being wrong about anything."

Loki nodded, the words all to familiar. He had thought the very same thing when he was a child.

"Turns out… My father was just as flawed as anybody else." Thor sighed deeply, his eyes so hopeless. "He lied to me… And to my brother. He kept the most awful secrets. I don't even know about half the things he has done. Turns out, I never even knew my own father."

Loki glanced down.

"And now he's gone… And I am never going to know what kind of man he truly was." Thor breathed.

Loki rubbed his head towards Thor side, I know… I know Thor… I feel the same.

"It hurts." Thor breathed. "Do you think that if… If he had just been honest. Loki wouldn't have.." he halted. "Or maybe he would, there's no telling. Loki." he closed his eyes. "We… We had just begun to.. To fix it." he sniffed. "We could have fixed it!" he broke as he covered his eyes with his hand. "It.. It's what mother would have wanted. I wanted it to, so badly. I didn't even believe it anymore, but there he was! As always proving me wrong! We had a chance! But I… I couldn't safe him! I was just laying there and I saw him! He was right in front of me!"

Please stop Thor! Just stop this! I don't want to hear anymore.

"I was supposed to be strong. I was supposed to protect them, Asgard! What's wrong with me?!" Thor asked. "Why am I not any stronger?!" he asked.

DAMMIT THOR! Loki jumped down, he tried to scratch up the dirt with his paws… Runes. Come on, write the runes and let him know!

"I'm sorry Loki." Thor sniffed then he looked down and Loki looked up, for a moment their eyes met. "Loki?" Thor asked.

Lokis eyes widened.

Thor shook his head. "NO! That's wishful thinking." he grabbed his forehead. "Stop it!" he smacked himself. "Loki is dead and he's not coming back! Not this time!"

No! No you stupid idiot! I am here! I'm right here! "Meow, meoow!"

Thor sobbed. "They're gone… No matter how much I wish it wasn't so."

Loki hissed, then he felt it! His magic! YES HIS MAGIC! If he could just, Thor would understand. Loki collected the energy, he felt it. Yes.. Yes.. YES! And he let released it.

Thor sniffed as he glanced up then halted. "Ragnar?" he asked, the spot in front of him was empty, the cat was gone.

"MEEEEOOOOOW!" A pathetic cry sounded and Thor ran to the ledge looking down then his eyes widened. "RAGNAR!"

For down there, clinging to the side of a cliff was a little cat.

NORNS! Loki had not intended to teleport! Worst of all, there was no control. One second he had been right in front of Thor and now he was down here, also his damn magic had already been spend so he couldn't do it again.

"Hang on!" Thor shouted. "I'll figure something out!"

Loki could only cling on, then suddenly some sort of robe was thrown down, then Loki realized it was Thors coat and shirt tied together, proved as Thor was now bare chested and the man himself came down, reaching for Loki. His arms stretching, so close but not quite and then. Thor grabbed Loki. "Yes." the Thunder god sighed then reached up to put Loki back up on solid ground before he himself climbed back up.

Then untied the clothing items and dressed himself ones more. "That was scary." he sighed deeply.

You're telling me Thor! Plus side, I now know I can indeed teleport. Minus side… I wasn't even knowing I was doing it!

Okay… Calm down. All things considered this was a positive, Loki had not been able to do this before! So while his body was still growing his magic was still growing at least. Hopefully he would have something useful soon.

"I think we should head home." Thor stated as he stood up then picked up Loki. "That's enough excitement for one day don't you think?"

Loki nodded still kind of shocked.

"You are growing to big for the pocket." Thor pointed out slightly amused. "Well I suppose that just means you have to walk yourself soon enough."

Loki didn't mind, it was a nice feeling to have his body steadily grow stronger and more doable, he couldn't say he was a fan of being small as a mouse. And of course, as he grew stronger his magic would to… Hopefully.



They made their way back to Thors house though before they entered Thor halted, he looked down… Towards the village.

Loki was quiet.

"Maybe… We should." Thor swallowed. "Go see if… If maybe. They have caught some fish you can have huh?" he asked.

Loki was quiet, he didn't dare jinx this. Would Thor actually dare go down there? Come on you oaf, you can do this!

I swear if you go down there I'll let you finish your sit com tonight.

Thor took in a deep breath, and then he did it, he started to walk down there.

When they finally reached the village Thor pulled up the scarf to cover his face and bowed his head to make himself as small as possible.

This was… Still super weird.

Thor! Thor whom would always walked with a raised head, a puffed out chest, be as loud as possible and adore all the attention.

Now doing everything he could so he wouldn't be seen, almost hiding in the corners. Finally they made it to the harbor and there was Valkyrie observing the boat coming in.

Thor took a deep breath then started to walk towards her, then Valkyrie turned her head and she gasped.

"Erhm.." Thor halted. "I was just… Ra-Ragnar needs fish. You know how he is, he only eat fresh meat and I erh. I just… I was wondering how things were going here and I… I just wanted to check on it and erhm."

Valkyries eyes were misty, she walked towards Thor and then, without a word, she hugged him tight.

Thor blinked shocked as Valkyrie stood back.

"Of course, I'll show you." Valkyrie smiled drying a tear away from her eye. "Uh! And Ragnar." she saw the cat in Thors arms. "Hey sweety." she gave him a pet.

Thor smiled lightly then he looked up. "Is… Is there something I can do?" he asked. "Do you need help?"

"No that's.." Valkyrie halted by the sight of Thors hopeless eyes. "Could you help me carry some crates?" she asked.

Thor nodded.

Valkyrie smiled. "Thank you Thor, I appreciate it. Come on I'll show you where they are and where they need to go."

And Thor sighed relieved as he followed Valkyrie to some crates where Loki was finally put down and Thor began move them, big heavy crates. It was of course childs play for a thunder god but… It was clear. Thor needed to do just something. Anything!

And Loki was glad to see that Valkyrie was smart enough to see this.

Loki sighed satisfied then though his smile faltered… Nine months. They were doing progress but was it enough?

Only one chance.. Or those souls would all be lost forever. And so would Thor.

Something Loki realized, whether he was cat or humanoid. It was true, Thor needed him here! Thus he could not leave.
If he failed, Hela would take him back and Thor would be lost. He could not allow it to happen, he had to figure this out… he just had to.

Chapter Text

Lokis attempts at magic were… Hit and miss.

And by that the reality was… Loki had no control what so ever over what he was doing or how he was doing it.

It was beyond annoying! Ones again he had been set back by this stupid body. Anything that could help him get control was denied to him.

He had no voice to mutter spells, he had no hands or arms to make gestures with, and he had no items which could help him focus his magic or create specific results.

Worst of all, when he had been alive with his real body he had been so advanced that he really wouldn't need any of those things unless the magic was very advanced!

Back in the day he could conqour up any glamour without moving a muscle! He didn't need to whisper words to read minds or use crude magical amulets to change shape nor teleport. He could do most of those things with just a hand gesture.

Now… All Loki could do was releasing small bursts of magic, but he had no control over what it did! Also he could only do it ones every few hours, his magic would depleted after just that one burst… Also Loki was starting to get a little cautious about it.

There was the random teleportation, sure he never went that far away but.. He had ended up on the roof with no idea how to get back down again!

He had accidentally frozen his own pillow solid… And no one had noticed, thanks guys! He had created a big flash of light blinding himself, and Thor had been a sleep so he hadn't really noticed.

It seemed like the world was just out to prevent Loki in making contact with the big oaf. Perhaps this was Hela fucking with him?

Loki would not put it past her… Not since she had send him back like this.

Or perhaps it was just his usual terrible luck, Loki honestly had a difficult remembering a time where anything went right for him anyway.

Well, he continued to walk with Thor. He wouldn't let the Thunderer skip a day and.. Thor started to go to the village to check on it ones in a while.

He wouldn't do it every day, but ones in a while was enough for now.

Thor would though still do his best so he wouldn't be noticed, he would always ask Valkyrie if there was something he could do, and Valkyrie would give him a job… An easy one far beneath one of Thors stature and skill but it didn't matter. Thors pure relief was equally big each time.

Though he would only work when no one saw him, if an Asgardian came by Thor would turn around to hide his face, blushing deeply or perhaps go around a corner until the people were gone.

This couldn't go on though, Thor had to talk to them some day. Beside he didn't look so bad anymore, his beard was short and normal now.

At one of their walks to the Midgard city Loki had promptly stopped outside of a hair dresser and meowed very loudly until Thor had finally given in and got that awful hair cut.

Yeah it was back to being short, but as far as Loki was concerned that was way better than that yarn gettup.

Thor was still heavier than he had been before, but when he was wearing a coat it honestly wasn't that noticeable. Maybe he had lost weight to, Loki wasn't sure. But they had been walking every day and he hadn't been allowed to drink… Thanks to Loki. So it was very plausible. No-body had really been weighing him or anything.

Eight months… they had eight months. Was the progress enough or was this just laughable?

He needed to make Thor ready to face the past… What did that mean though?! Was Thor supposed to see visions of the past? Re-tread old roads? Would an old friend re-appear? An X-girlfriend maybe?

Why did Hela have to be so stupidly vague about any of this?

Loki was grumbling over all of this as he was laying on a box watching Thor move crates ones again.

Well it was a good workout at least even if Thor started to look rather hopeless. His eyes were growing misty and he had to wipe them with the back of his hand.

Loki sighed, well this meant Thor was probably going to be done for today.

Just then, laughing sounded, a couple of kids came running chasing each other. Thor gasped as he turned around and lifted up his hood to cover his face.

"KITTY!" One of the children suddenly shouted by the sight of Loki and suddenly Loki was nearly attacked by the kids, four of them total! Hey! HEY LET GO! Loki hissed at them, showing teethes and started to swipe making the children gasp shocked.

"Careful!" Thor came running picking up Loki. "He doesn't do well with strangers! You need to be careful so you don't get hurt!"

The children all halted, Thors eyes widened as he looked at them then he turned his head away.

"Ki… King Thor?" A girl with blond hair asked.

Thor halted slightly then turned back, then finally offered them a nod.

They all gaped and Thor looked wide-eyed at them, he looked down as he held Loki close, turning his head away before a shout.

"You're okay!"

"I told you! I told you!" A cheer sounded and happy laughter as the children flocked him.

Thor blinked as he looked down.

"How is your wound, is it okay?" Another girl asked.

"My… My wound?" Thor asked.

"That's what my mom said." A boy with bright red hair informed. "She said you had been wounded when you battled Thanos and that's why you have to rest!"

"Oh." Thor blinked. "Well, that's… I mean."

"No way! King Thor is the strongest warrior in the universe!" The other boy proclaimed. "Right my king?!"

"Well, no.. Not exactly." Thor swallowed.

The four children all looked at him and Thor sighed. Then Thor put down Loki before he knelt in front of the children.

"No I am not the strongest." Thor breathed. "I couldn't defeat Malakith, not by myself. Neither could I even touch Hela. I was no match for Thanos. I couldn't stop either of them from killing…. " he took in a breath. "Our people."

Wide-eyed all four children looked at him.

"It was my sworn duty to protect you." Thor breathed. "To protect your friends and family, and I failed in my duty. I'm sorry." he looked down.

The blond girl wide-eyed looked at Thor then she stepped forward until she was right in front of him and Thor looked up, meeting her blue eyes.

Then she leaned over, wrapping her arms around Thors neck and Thors eyes widened.

"It's okay." The girl sniffed. "things are really scary, but you're always looking over us right? Like Valkyrie says."

Thors eyes watered, a sob escaped his mouth then he wrapped his strong arms around the girl and hugged her back. Then Thor stood up, and took the girl with him, holding her up in his arms and the girl screamed in delight. "Higher! HIGHER MY KING!"

Thor smiled amused.

Loki looked up… The smile? Was it really.

Then Thor swung the girl around and she laughed, Thor grinning as well, his eyes! There was a certain shine in his eyes.

Then the other three came and suddenly Thor was a living climbing tower with boys hanging from both his arms, a girl on his back and a girl in front and all laughed and then it came… That deep voice, in a rumbling laughter and it was real.

Thor! Finally! This was the real actual Thor!

The children all attacked Thor and Thor pretended like they totally had the upper hand getting him down on the ground where they all crawled over him and Thor laughed, then finally he sat up and hugged them again. His eyes wet as he sniffed.

"Look." Thor gasped. "I… I'm not the strongest in the universe. There are forces out there much stronger than me. I can't promise I will always be able to protect you but… For as long as I can still stand, for as long as I am alive. I am going to try. Okay?" he asked.

The children all nodded.

"I… I'm going to try." Thor sobbed. "I am going to do what I can, that's… That's the reason I am here." he sniffed. "That's what a king is for."

And the children hugged him, now more quietly as Thor held them and cried softly.

Loki sighed deeply. Yes… They had done it.

Thor was going to try, and he was going to give it all he had. Because, that was who Thor was.

Eight months, we got a lot of work to do. But it's possible. Come on Thor! Fight, I need you to fight.



The next day, Thor was outside and he was doing push ups. His entire body was covered in sweat, he was gasping for breath but kept going.

That was the sight Valkyrie arrived at. "Thor." she gasped.

"Valkyrie." Thor hissed between push ups. "I have been selfish."

"No Thor that.." Valkyrie tried.

"This isn't about me! It's about them!" Thor gasped. "My people! I am all they have! I am not perfect by any means, but I am all they have! I have to… I must." and he kept going.

Valkyrie halted then she smiled softly. "Don't push yourself to hard okay?" she asked.

Thor gasped. "O… kay." he managed to get over his lips and then finally collapsed.

"Thor?" Valkyrie asked.

"That… Used to be way easier." Thor gasped deeply for air.

Amused Valkyrie shook her head. "You're out of shape, it'll become easier again if you keep it up." she assured.

Thor nodded as he gasped, then Valkyrie looked up and was not at all surprised to see a black cat with shining green eyes sitting not far from them observing them. That cat had seemingly never left Thors side ever since he entered their life. And Valkyrie offered it a smile, it nodded back at her.

Not for the first time Valkyrie had to wonder if that cat was fully aware of everything that was going on around it.

It didn't matter though. Ragnar had been so good for Thor and now they were here! Thor was honest to god getting better!

Chapter Text

"You have to be the most spoiled cat in the known universe." Valkyrie commented looking at the black cat in front of her.

First of Valkyrie, I am no mere cat. I am a prince and a god! I am really doing you all a favor by allowing myself to sink this low was Lokis mental reply as he was laying on a genuine silk pillow right in front of a roaring fire place and not very far away from him was a plate with fresh prime rib he couldn't be bothered to finish.

Outside snow had started to fall and covered the ground in a thick layer, it had been six months since Loki had been returned to earth, which meant half their time was up.

Loki was now more of a young cat than a kitten, thank the norns, no more pockets or similar for him.

Thor had definitely lost weight, there was still some tub, but it really wasn't that obvious. You really had to hand it to Thor, he had always been stupidly stubborn.

When he had set his mind upon something, he would always do it, no matter how foolish the errand was and how many times Loki told him he would hurt himself.

So many times… So many times Loki had warned Thor he would hurt himself, but Thor hadn't listened then what had happened?! He would get hurt.

But also he would laugh it off.

That Thor was still a good deal away, the current Thor was still rather timid and didn't like attention. But a light had slowly returned to his eyes.

Not always, not every single day. But often enough. Slowly he started to get more involved with the business of New Asgard, and that more than anything seemed to help him.

It was something Loki hadn't really thought about before, but he now realized… Thor had a need to be useful.

He had been the same when they were young, he always needed to be a part of something, to help or lead a group towards a goal. If he didn't have a goal he would get frustrated and restless.

Or.. In this most recent case, hopeless. Thor had a need… To be of use, to be needed.

To leave him alone in a hut had probably been the worst thing Valkyrie could have done for him.

Not that Loki blamed her or anything, thankfully though Thor had now found his goal, the place he was needed. It was right here.

He needed to be strong so he could protect what remained of his people.

Sometime he would still break down and cry, ask why he even bothered to train. He hadn't been strong enough the other times after all, why should this be any different?!

Then Loki would stand right in front of him, give him that stern look and as Thor sobbed, he would actually pick himself up and continue. "No." Thor would hiss. "I must… I have to… They need me."

You got no idea Thor… If what Hela says is true, we got one shot. Just the one! To safe the other half.

I wish I could help more… Be a part of it.

Loki sighed deeply. Part him started to speculate if maybe it was for the better that Thor never managed to figure out who he was.
If this body was a true Midgardian cat how many years would he have? Twenty at most before Thor would be forced to say goodbye again.

Perhaps his magic could keep him alive for longer, but that was a big perhaps. Would Thor be able to go through that?

Thor was doing better now, he was moving on. This was good! It would be better if Thor managed to figure things out without…. Without Loki.

Loki swallowed, hated that his eyes were wet.

Just then the door opened and the thunder god himself appeared, snow in his blond hair and his cheeks bright red from the cold as well as his run in the snow.

"Hey Valkyrie." Thor smiled a kind smile as he started to unwrap himself from the big woolen scarf.

"Ragnar not with you on the run these days?" Valkyrie asked.

"I think he's getting lazy." Thor admitted. "Or he doesn't like snow." he shrugged.

Loki shrugged, Thor didn't need him as much anymore that was the real reason… then he glanced down. Thor didn't need him as much…

"Cats are usually not fans of snow." Valkyrie admitted. "I'm glad to see you're keeping it up."

"If I don't Ragnar complaints." Thor smirked amused as he took off his coat then bowed down to untie his boots. "Beside… " he sighed. "I was among the half that wasn't taken by the snap. There must be a reason right? I am supposed to protect what remains… I… I'm the only one who survived it all. So, I… I have to." he halted and shook his head. "Sorry."

"It's okay." Valkyrie assured.

Finally Thor was done with the boots and came to the living room as well. "I'm glad you're here Val, listen I have an idea!"

"Oh?" Valkyrie asked.

"Well you see, Winter Solstice is coming up next month right?" Thor asked. "Can you believe it, Midgard has their own version of it. Here's the thing though, while on Asgard winter solstice just means a massive feast. Here on earth, they give gifts! Mostly to the children, we should get all the children of New Asgard gifts!"

Valkyrie smiled amused. "What made you come up with that idea?" she asked.

"The children, they are the ones it is all about." Thor stated. "Sadly though, there's so many of them who lost their parents. Most of them are orphans now. The adults are doing their best to take care of them but you know, they barely ever get anything nice or you know, get to wish for anything. So, let's get them something they actually want! Make a list! Ask each of them what they really want! A specific dress, a toy. Something nice! And let's do our best to get it for them."

Valkyrie looked sadly at him. "Thor, it's a very nice idea but… We don't have a lot of money. Where would we get the money from?"

"I still have friends here on earth." Thor smiled softly. "And I have yet to call in any favors, I doubt my friends would be able to turn down children getting something to brighten their day."

"You would ask your friends for that?" Valkyrie asked. "Your refused to ask when you were… you know." she swallowed. "Stuck in the house. And you refused to ask when we were building the city, you said it needed to be our own city. But you would call for this?"

"This is different. This is not for me." Thor stated. "And yes, as proud Asgardians. We needed to make the city our own. Again though, this is not about that."

Valkyrie shook her head. "All right. So do you want me to ask each of the children what they wish for winter solstice?"

"If you would." Thor asked. "And make sure to find out what they truly want. I know Torkild wants a sword! Need to make it a small one though, and not sharp! Just one for practice okay. And Sigrid, she really wants a dress like the ladies in waiting used to wear at Asgard, she wants it to be purple! Solveig, she wants a sledge. Though I have been thinking, perhaps getting a couple of sledges now they can all share between them. I mean there is snow now, and we could also use sledges to transport crates! So maybe let the fishers use them until afternoon and then the kids can use them after!"

Valkyrie smiled amused. "Maybe we don't need to ask them, you seem to already know."

"I don't know about all of them." Thor sighed deeply. "And some of them might be difficult, Brygul." he ran a hand through his hair.

"Oh, what does he want?" Valkyrie asked.

"He wants to learn magic." Thor sighed deeply making Loki lift his head. "But… We got no sorcerers or sorceress's! They were the first ones Hela killed. And we have no books, Asgards library was destroyed! I… I wish I could help him. But I don't know what to do."

"Doesn't… Midgard have sorcerers?" Valkyrie asked and Lokis ears twitched.

"Aye. But I got no idea where to find them." Thor sighed. "And even if I did know how to find them, sorcerers are not really known for their willingness to share their own secrets."

Valkyrie nodded.

"It also made me realize." Thor sighed. "All that knowledge… Lost." he looked towards the window. "We are supposed to deliver our knowledge to the young ones, but… there's no one left to teach it. I really messed up growing up! My mother tried to teach me magic but I was to busy wanting to be a warrior."

"Thor it's not your fault." Valkyrie assured. "I don't know any magic either."

"Well." Thor sighed scratching his neck. "I suppose it wont help any to keep thinking about it now." he admitted. "Perhaps there are others, on Affleheim or something who has some books. Or someone who remembers." he crossed his arms. "Without Bifrost though, it would take so long to even get there."

"You really want to give Brygul at least something huh?" Valkyrie asked.

"He had that look in his eyes." Thor admitted. "Like Loki had when he discovered new magic he wanted to learn… And the same way of pleading." he shook his head.

Brygul… Loki wondered. Then he remembered, right the red haired boy. So he wanted to learn about magic?

And Thor was right, if they wanted their history to survive they had to teach the children!

Dammit! Loki could teach the child! He knew all the tricks…. But he was still stuck as a cat! Urgh!

"I'm going to take a shower Val." Thor informed. "You just do what you want."

"Don't I always?" Valkyrie asked as she leaned back against the wall as Thor left. "Huh… Gifts for the children?" she asked. "That actually is a really good idea." she nodded reaching forward a hand to scratch Loki behind the ear. "What do you say kitty?"

Well, Valkyrie… I need to figure a way to speak. By the very least. You need knowledge, I have knowledge.

He sighed deeply… He had been with Thor for five months now which probably also meant that when Thor finally figured out Ragnar and Loki had been one and the same all along, he was going to be pissed.

Oh well, at least Loki could have a bit of fun until the time came.

Chapter Text

Thor sucked in a breath as he was sitting on his couch looking at the device in his hand… A telephone.

And in it, there was coded numbers to get in contact with… Well, his friends on Midgard.

Tony had taught him how to use this thing… Tony.

Thor closed his eyes. He had not seen the many in over four years. Ever since the Thanos fiasco he hadn't dared.

The last time they had seen each other they had been shouting at each other. Tony yelling about Thor being a dumb ass for just killing Thanos without thinking, and Thor whom was still in deep shock over his own actions desperately yelling about what else he was supposed to do.

Tony had a point though… Thor had been a fool. If there had been any chance at fixing the snap… Thor had destroyed it that day.

But this wasn't about that. Something else. Norns give me strength.

Ragnar was on Thors lap, laying so calmly. And Thor relaxed, allowing his hand to glide down the cats back then he returned to the phone and finally… Pressed the button.

It rang. It seemed to be ringing for a long time. Thor sighed. Tony was not going to pick up, why would he? They had stopped being friends a long time ago.

Then suddenly the phone was picked up and Thors eyes widened as Tonys face appeared on the screen. He to looked surprised.

For a moment the two looked at each other, there was silence.

"Erhm." Tony hesitated. "Thor… Did you.. Call me?" he asked.

"I did." Thor nodded.

"Oh." Tony blinked. "Okay."

Again there was quiet.

"Was there a reason you called me?" Tony asked.

Thor sighed deeply. "Tony I.." he halted. "I erhm. I got… A favor to ask"

At ones Tony's face was painted with suspicion, his eyes narrowing in mistrust. He looked like he was ready to hang up.

"Just hear me out!" Thor exclaimed. "Please." he added.

"This better be good." Tony stated. "And if this has anything to do with dressing up and do hero business then it's a big no! I don't do that anymore!"

"It's not that!" Thor assured.

"You need money?" Tony asked in a snort. "Take a million, take two! Just leave me alone."

"Tony." Thor sighed. "I don't want you to give me money just to.." he sighed. "It's not for me either."

"So it is money?" Tony stated. "Of course it is, if it isn't special favors it is always money."

"Winter solstice is coming up!" Thor exclaimed. "The holiday you call Christmas. We have a lot of children here… Children with no parents left. What remains of Asgard is taking care of them together but still. I just, I wanted to give them something nice this winter solstice. Each one of them, one present each. That's all."

Tony blinked. "You… Want to give all the child refuges of your city, most of whom are also orphans, Christmas presents but you lack money?"

Thor nodded. "Yes that sums it up."

Tony groaned. "Why didn't you just start with that? Now I feel like a fucking asshole."

"Oh." Thor blinked. "I'm sorry."

"Please stop, you are making me feel even worse." Tony groaned. "Of course I'll help out, money is easy for me."

Thor smiled weakly. "Thank you Tony, it is going to mean a lot to the children. They don't have much, but they are really doing their best pulling through."

"Well… That's. Good I suppose." Tony hesitated.

This was awkward. Really awkward.

"So erhm." Thor hesitated. "How are you doing these days?"

"Pretty good… All things considered." Tony replied in an equally awkward way.

"Ah, good. Good." Thor nodded.

"And you?" Tony asked.

"Well I… erhm." Thor hesitated. "I am… Pretty good to." he informed.

Ones again there was silence.

"By the way Tony." Thor hesitated. "Do you know how to come in contact with the sorcerers on Midgard?"

"No clue!" Tony stated. "I had no idea we even had wizards until Mr Cape showed up out of no-where through a weird portal!"

"Oh." Thor said. "Do you think you know someone who might know?"

"No idea. I know a lot of people, I just don't really care for most of them anymore." Tony replied.

"Right." Thor sighed deeply as the cat on his lap made a sound.

Tony blinked. "Dude your cat is giving me the stink eye."

"Ragnar doesn't like new people." Thor informed in a tired voice.

"Right." Tony halted then looked back at Thor. "Do you still have your Avengers card?" he asked.

"No Tony, it was at Asgard which was destroyed and I didn't really have time to pick up any personal belongings before everything literately went into flames." Thor sighed.

"Ah. Well listen, I am going to send you another card then, it is going to work like your old Avengers card and will have unlimited funds." Tony stated. "Though, I will be able to see just how much money you spend and what you're buying. So don't abuse it."

"I wont." Thor assured in a thankful smile. "Thank you Tony. You are making a great difference!"

Tony sighed. "Well, I'm glad I get to feel good about something these days."

Thor sighed sadly. "Erhm Tony. Listen." he tried. "I know we… Last time we saw each other. It wasn't good." he took a deep breath. "Regardless, it is good seeing you." Thor said in a sad smile. "I'm glad you're doing okay."

Tony halted, then he defeated shook his head. "It's good seeing you to buddy." he finally admitted. "I'm glad you're doing okay to."

Thor smiled lightly.

"You are doing okay right?" Tony now asked.

"I am doing better." Thor informed. "I'm still very messed up, but I am better."

"Heh, now that sounds really relatable." Tony admitted.

"Look, about the thing that happened..." Thor began.

"Stop." Tony asked. "Look... Whether killing Thanos was a mistake or not. I still don't have any clue if I am honest.. It's in the past. There's no changing it now, and no point being hung up about it."

Thors eyes were wide.

"You were hurt... Very... very hurt. And it was Thanos who did it, hurt you so bad. I could see it on you when you looked at him. How much he hurt you...  I get it." Tony assured in a tired voice. "He hurt all of us."

Thor closed his eyes. "Aye."

"I... it hurt a lot." Tony breathed. "So I took my own hurt out on you, like you took it out of Thanos."

Thor nodded as tears pressed themselves through his eyes.

"So... No hard feelings?" Tony asked.

Thor shook his head. "No." he spoke in a broken voice.

Tony smiled defeated then turned his head. "Sorry, I gotta go. Kid is yelling, need to make sure she's okay."

"Kid?" Thor blinked.

"Oh." Tony realized. "Yeah." he smiled and this smile was soft and genuine reaching all the way to his eyes. "She just turned four and she's perfect." he sighed deeply.

Thor as well smiled, warmth in his eyes. "That's really good to hear." he stated. "I'll see you Tony."

"Yeah." Tony replied. "You'll get that card in a week max promise. I... I'm actually glad I got to help. See you." and the screen was turned off.

Thor sighed deeply leaning back. Well that went a lot better than he could have feared.

Chapter Text

Loki sighed deeply, he could not help but notice the irony. He had spend so many years of his life resenting Thor. Legit believing that Thor was selfish only thinking about himself. Now Loki really had to eat his own words. Over and over.

The look in Thors eyes was so hopeless as he was down on his knees talking to a red haired boy. "Wouldn't a dagger be neat?" he hopelessly tried. "With a golden handle and protective runes?"

Brygul, the boy with red hair looked at Thor, his eyes desperate and slightly wet. "How do you make an acorn into a tree in just a minute?" he asked. "They did it all the time at Asgard!"

"I know I..." Thor halted.

"Wouldn't it be good if I knew how to close a wound with magic?" Brygul asked. "Or make a small flame?"

"That would be amazing!" Thor stated. "I would love to see it!"

"Then why wont anyone teach me?!" Brygul asked.

The look on Thors face told the entire story, there was nothing Thor wanted more in the world than to give Brygul what he wanted.

"You said to me I should tell what I wanted the most, in the whole world!" Brygul exclaimed.

"I know, I know!" Thor assured. "And it's not that..." he sighed. "Isn't there, anything else?"

"No." Brygul informed, impressing even Loki just slightly with his stubbornness.

Thor closed his eyes. "Okay. I'll see what can be done. It's just." he looked up. "What is the thing you want second most?" he asked.

Brygul looked really annoyed by that, Loki did not blame him. It was very obvious what Thor tried to do here.

Thor tried, tried to give Brygul an encouraging smile, but it was very forced… Very awkward.

"A dagger would be neat… I suppose." Brygul looked down.

Thors eyes were so painful, he really looked like an overgrown puppy dog. Man why did Loki feel so bad for him.

"Okay." Thor sighed deeply as he stood up. "Right, thanks Brygul." he put a hand on the childs head slightly ruffling up his red hair, but ones again the whole thing was so awkward and finally Brygul moved on as Thor sighed.

Just then his phone rang and Thor picked up, the face of Tony appearing. "Oh, hello Tony."

Tony frowned. "Thor, I got a bone to pick with you."

"Oh." Thor blinked. "Did… Did I spend to much. I'm sorry if it was excessive I just."

"Not at all, in fact you spend way less than I thought you would. That's not the issue." Tony stated. "The items though, the hell? 500 kilo of iron. 300 kilo of purified steel. Fifty beams of solid ebony wood. Yards of cloth…. Bars of silver?!" he looked up. "The hell is this?"

Thor looked confused. "How else are we supposed to make swords, daggers, dresses, bows and all of that?" he asked.

"That's what you're giving the kids?" Tony asked.

"Yes." Thor replied still as confused.

"What the hell happened to tablets, playstations and video games huh?" Tony asked.

"It's not what they wanted." Thor replied. "We do have a few playstations in the city but the kids are not that big fans of them." he halted. "Which is probably for the better." he admitted embarrassed remembering his own addiction.

Tony looked at Thor. "Is it normal for you people to give children weapons?" he asked.

"Yes." Thor replied honestly. "I only went my father to the knee when I was given my first short sword. In Asgard to be a warrior is the most prestigious thing you can be and children train to be warriors from an early age."

Tony sighed deeply. "Fine, clearly you have your own ways. Do what you want." he asked.

Thor silenced, clearly struggling not knowing if he was supposed to apologize or something else.

"Don't give me that look, honestly I was just super confused." Tony informed Thor. "I really thought you meant barbie dolls and playstations. I think I should have considered you guys are literately from another planet."

Thor smiled amused. "Thank you Tony… Erhm, look I know I asked about Midgard Sorceress ones all ready. But are you really sure you don't know someone who.. You know." he tried.

"Yes Thor! I am sure!" Tony informed. "My friend list involves androids, mutants, a world war II veteran frozen in ice. A dude whom could shrink himself down to the seize of an ant also I know a talking racoon now! But no magic mumbo jumbo. Might I tempt you with this blue alien chick, she's also a cyborg by the way."

"That's… That's okay." Thor replied slightly stunned. "Thank you for taking the time."

Tony shrugged. "I didn't really do anything though, did I?" he asked. "Look if I come across something I'll hit you up kay?" he asked. "But don't count on it."

"Okay, thank you anyway." Thor smiled and Tonys face vanished from the screen. For a while Thor just looked emptily at the black screen.

Then Loki had enough and walked over there, budding his head towards Thors leg to snap him out of it.

"Oh, Ragnar." Thor blinked then sighed deeply. "Asgard is not a place, it's a people." he murmured to himself. "But so few are left… " he knelt down beside Loki. "Loki would always lecture me about magic, why didn't I listen?" he asked.

I don't know Thor! Why didn't you?

"Because I was an idiot whom didn't know how lucky I was." Thor sighed scratching Loki behind the ear then he stood up and started to walk in the direction of the village, probably to check on some more citizens.

Loki sighed deeply but soon followed, trying to think himself… They needed knowledge about the Sedir and magic. Loki had knowledge. Thus far he had failed to communicate.

There had to be a way though, his body was bigger now. Stronger. He could figure this out! He was Loki Silvertongue…. Except doing this last half year he had kind of lacked a voice.



It was the night before their winter solstice party, Thor had actually managed it. Finding an item for each of the kids, something they wanted.

And yes, it was mostly swords, daggers, specific clothes.

Still though, Thor was holding a dagger in his hand. The one for Brygul. It was a really nice piece, Loki could see that to.

Sharp steel, silver handle, a moon decoration which was at least typical for mages tools but… It wasn't what Brygul had asked for. And dammit, Thor kept looking so heart broken as he looked at the stupid dagger.

Finally Thor went to bed and Loki hissed, okay… All his previous attempts had failed. But this time…

Loki jumped up on the table, he had to use his teethe to drag a piece of paper towards himself then he looked at it.

He hadn't been able to control his own magic, this time though…. Come on… Come on. His eyes narrowed.

If this knowledge is not shared it is going to become lost! It's worth it! It will be worth it!



The morning of winter solstice, Thor woke up with a heavy heart.

Brygul was on his mind, all the other kids were going to be so happy but that kid, would be so disappointed.

What was he supposed to do!? There was no one to teach magic. Thor sat up as he groaned, rubbing his face.

Quietly he dressed himself and walked to the living room. "Ragnar." he called.

There was no response and Thor shook his head, that cat had grown lazy lately. Thor looked at Ragnars pillow and true enough saw the black cat, fast a sleep on his spot. Thor shook his head walking to the counter starting to make coffee.

His elbow touching something, Thor turned his head and blinked by a piece of paper.

Huh, probably something either Val or Korg had left behind. Thor yawned as he picked it up to have a look, his eyes looked over it and he halted.

What in the… No, this wasn't possible! There was no way!

But, it was right there in front of him! How though?! How was this even possible?!



The children as predicted was in absolute awe!

The ones who had wished for weapons barely even dared touch them, and the ones who had asked for clothes had changed at ones.

Brygul though was looking at his dagger, the disappointment in his eyes very clear. Thor walked over to him looking down at the boy. "Look I..." he tried.

"I know." Brygul sighed. "There are no sorcerers left and no books. I asked for to much. I'm sorry I kept going on about it your majesty."

Thor shook his head. "No. It's okay. Listen. I got one more thing for you."

Brygul looked up. "Huh."

"You have to swear to me, to take really good care of this okay?" Thor asked. "This is important, the most precious thing that will be given today."

Brygul looked confused, also kind of scared.

Then from his pocket Thor pulled a piece of paper and handed it to Brygul.

Brygul looked questionable at him but accepted, then looked at it and his eyes widened. "This is."

"How to make an illusion." Thor nodded. "Aye, my mothers special talent which she taught my brother! This is only the most basic, but it is a starting point. I am counting on you to re-discover this art."

Wide-eyed Brygul looked up. "You mean." he asked.

"Keep it safe." Thor asked. "And use it well."

Bryguls eyes watered, then he ran forward and grabbed Thors leg hugging it tight.

Thor smiled warmly, padding the boy on the head.



It was a glorious feast, of course not even comparable to any feasts in old Asgard, they no longer had the luxury of wasting things like that or go into over abundance, but it was a good night and Thor was smiling as he walked back home only to halt as he looked at the pillow.

"Seriously Ragnar?" Thor asked. "You haven't even moved? All day?!" he asked.

The cat honestly looked more dead than alive and Thor walked over to pick him up, he was like a rag doll in Thors hands, complaining in a groggy meow.

"You over eaten haven't you?" Thor asked then sighed. "Valkyrie is right, I've been spoiling you way to much."

"Meoooow." Sounded the exhausted cat reply.

"Don't complain, you've been sleeping all day." Thor rolled his eyes.

The cat didn't respond anymore, it just looked super annoyed and Thor smirked as he shook his head.

Chapter Text

Four months, two weeks, before the man who talks to ants were supposed to arrive.

They were past winter solstice and gone into that dreary month called January on Asgard.

It was cold… It was dark… It was wet. There was no party to look forward to. It sucked.

On the same time though, the clock was ticking. It was so easy to just call it a day these days, stay inside by the roaring fire and eat some more shrimp. But Loki still had a job to do.

And while Thor did get lazy Loki would do his thing, stand by the door and meow loudly until Thor went for his damn training session! And yes, if Loki had to follow him out there… In the snow. Snow that made it extra hard for him to move around.

All though Loki was bigger, he still wasn't, you know. BIG!

Still, being outside for some hours did make going inside to the fire feel so much better. Also it helped distracting Loki.

Four months… Two weeks. Something was going to happen and if Thor wasn't ready. Who knows what could happen.

That Hela would take Loki back immediately was the least of his problems.

Loki sighed deeply, he had so much more to give! So much he could teach.

He was scared about revealing himself to Thor at this point yet at the same time, he had things he wanted to say.

It wasn't your fault Thor… It really wasn't. I see that now. Not any of what happened, and I want you to know that.

He sighed deeply as he laid beside Thor just as Thors phone rang and the Thunderer jumped surprised as he pulled out the phone.

"Tony?" Thor asked obviously surprised.

"Yeah, hey." Tony waved a hand.

Thor smiled, honestly happily surprised. "What owes the pleasure my friend?"

"Well, remember when I promised I would say something if I got wind of some magic users?" Tony asked.

Thor sat up immediately.

"Well, you see." Tony began. "I was invited to this grand opening of a museum thing, history museum. Basically they display really old stuff dug up across continents. I didn't go, I stopped going to any of these things."

Thor waited patiently, waiting for Tony to get to the point. Loki just as lazily looked at the screen.

"Anyway, I did look at some pictures and that's where I saw." Tony changed to screen so it showed a picture of a museum, several artifacts on display and lots of people. Loki wasn't impressed. "Look at the far right corner, there's a man. Asian, chubby. Looks like he swallowed a lemon and he is wearing a green bathrobe. I recognize him! That dude was with the cape guy! I invited him to my wedding, he's a wizard!"

Thors eyes widened. Loki as well got more interested as he looked at the picture again, his eyes going over then suddenly… He halted.

Wait… Was that?

"Was he at your wedding Tony?!" Thor exclaimed.

"No, he just you know. Vanished, had no idea where he went. Thought he might be among the half who didn't make it." Tony informed.

"Meow." Loki began.

"When was this picture taken?" Thor asked.

"Meow!" Loki tried again.

"Dunno, probably at the opening some days ago." Tony replied.

"MEOW!" Loki stood up.

"You think he is still there!?" Thor asked.

"MEOW-MEOW-MEOW!" Loki exclaimed. Forget about the guy! LOOK you big stupid idiot! They have a legit Star stone amulet on display! Do you know what that means?! "MEEEEOW!"

"RAGNAR!" Thor exclaimed. "Gesh what's wrong, are you in pain?"

Loki turned putting his paws on Thor. "MEOW!" We have to get to that museum Thor! That thing is a power source, it contains magic! I can use it! This body doesn't contain enough magic, but that amulet! Maybe that does!

"Ergh, maybe you should take your cat outside." Tony complained.

"I'm sorry, he's usually not like this." Thor replied as he grabbed Loki and put him down. "So where's that museum?" he asked and Loki quieted.

"England." Tony replied. "Sheffield."

"Oh that's not so far away." Thor smiled.

"Meow! Meow! Meow!" Loki continued. Come on Thor! We have to go, and we have to go know! I am sick of this shit okay!

I am sick of being stuck like this! Cut off from my magic, cut off from you! Get me to that museum! "Meow! Meow! Meow! MEOOOW!"

"Ragnar!" Thor shouted. "Keep quiet or it's outside!"

Loki hissed.

"You asked for this." Thor stated, the next moment Loki was thrown out the door and into the snow.

Loki seethed as he stood outside. Okay Thor! This means war! We are going to that museum, whether it'll be the last thing I do!



And Loki continued, the meows didn't end! Not that day, and not doing the night!

Thor being Thor didn't have it in his heart to keep Loki outside, but neither did he know what to do now when Loki was inside and nothing placated him.

Not any of the food, not the pillow. When-ever Thor tried to pet him Loki would hiss and swipe at him.

Then Thor assumed Loki wanted him to go outside, that's what the meowing usually meant. But as Thor walked outside, Loki stayed inside and kept meowing!

He kept doing it to late at night where Thor exhausted tried to go to bed… And Loki continued.

"Dude what's wrong with the cat?" Korg asked as both him and Thor were up at five in the morning looking at the complaining Loki both covering their ears with their hands.

"I don't know!" Thor cried. "Maybe I should take him to the vet!"

Loki hissed.

"He doesn't seem sick to me." Korg admitted. "He's like a teenage cat right? Maybe he's just in a mood."

"This started when Tony made that call about the museum!" Thor stated.

At ones Loki silenced and looked at Thor.

Thor blinked, for a moment they looked at each other. Right into the eyes.

"The… The museum?" Thor asked.

Loki offered him a nod and Thors eyes widened.

"You… Want me to go to the museum?" Thor asked.

NO! I want us to go to the museum! There's a major difference here Thor! And Loki meowed in displeasure.

"That's not it?!" Thor asked. "You want to go to the museum?" he asked.

And Loki quieted again.

Thor and Korg looked at each other.

"Thor… Could you do me a favor and just take the cat to the museum?" Korg asked.

Thor nodded. "A-Aye." he stated. "Okay, Ragnar. We're going to the museum okay. Just let me sleep please, we'll figure out how to get there tomorrow."

And finally Loki offered a satisfied yawn as he stretched his back and walked to his pillow, laying down as if nothing had happened at all.

Thor sighed deeply, running a hand through his hair.

"So going to that museum huh?" Korg asked.

Thor nodded. "I think we all know, Ragnar is not a ordinary cat. Not sure what he is, some sort of guardian. Perhaps a familiar. Someone is having a hand in this." he stated. "Someone who… Could leave instructions on how to do illusions." he swallowed.

"Your mean like your brother?" Korg asked.

Thor nodded. "Korg, I know this sounds insane but.." he halted. "I erhm, ever since Ragnar came I had this feeling that… That Loki is looking over me. Somehow." he admitted. "From the afterlife or I don't know but.. Someone is sending us messages. It might be very hopeful to think it's Loki I just, it feels nice to think that. I know it's probably delusional! It's insane honestly! But it also makes sense!" he halted. "Korg… Am I going insane?"

The Kronan looked at him, looking at Thor as if he truly was insane. Then finally spoke. "Njaah. You just do you man."

Thor frowned. "You think I am insane."

"No." Korg assured.

"Yes you are!" Thor accused.

"Okay maybe just a little." Korg replied.

"I KNEW IT!" Thor shouted.

"Don't put this on me dude." Korg replied and Thor sighed as he sat back.

"Well." Thor groaned. "Hope you're happy Ragnar. We're going to England."



Loki was not happy! Yes Thor had been true to his words and booked tickets to England in the morning.

What Loki hadn't thought about though, was that he was going to be put into a carrier cage!

All of Lokis instincts told him he should refuse this! He should bite and scratch anything trying to put him inside of that blue plastic cage!

But he had no choice, he had to go in there… And now he was stuck in here while Thor just casually carried around with him.

Going on a bus so they could go to a harbor in Sweden and from there take a big boat to England.

Why couldn't Thor just fly?!

Then Loki remembered that Thor would have to carry him while flying across the ocean and that was more than just slightly terrifying so Loki settled for the buss ride… and the boat ride… And then a train ride. And he was stuck inside the same plastic cage the entire time.

This amulet better be the real deal! I swear!

Chapter Text

Finally! After what had seemed like a journey that took for-ever! They were at the museum!

Thank the Norns!

The journey being so long though only made Loki extra annoyed as Thor had to stand in line for a ticket. Then he reached the booth and the receptionist looked down. "Sir, do you intend to take that cat with you inside?"

Thor halted. "Well… Yes." he admitted.

The receptionist looked defeated. "I'm sorry sir, the only animals allowed inside are dogs and they are required to be on a tight leash."

Well that's just racist, what do you people have against cats?

"I promise he is going to stay inside the cage!" Thor pleaded.

Hah, that's what you think Thor.

"I'm sorry sir." The receptionist replied. "I'm afraid you have to come back later."

Thor sighed deeply. "Okay, sorry for the inconvenience." he said as he turned and took Loki with him away from the cue. He walked to a bench and sat down, putting the carrier cage next to him. "Well, I am here. Maybe we don't actually need to go inside of the museum." he commented turning to the cage then he blinked.

The cage was open!

And Loki, was already outside sitting in front of Thor.

"Ragnar?" Thor asked he looked around. "How?" he asked.

And then Loki stood up and just walked between the bars making the fence around the museum.

"RAGNAR!" Thor shouted.

You can't stop me now Thor! I'm going in!

"WAIT!" Thor shouted, it was to late. Loki was already out of sight.



Ah, for ones Lokis cat body was useful. Slipping in through a slightly opened window was easy! And then walk across the panels right under the ceiling where people couldn't reach him. Ah, freedom. It was delightful, now where was that amulet!



"No you don't understand!" Thor exclaimed at the people who held him back. "My cat is!"

"Sir, if you wish to come inside you need a ticket! Stand in line like everyone else!" The guard asked.

"But!" Thor tried. It was no use though, they wouldn't let him inside without a ticket. He had to stand in line.



Useless… Crap… Useless… Just pretty stones so basically crap… Useless. Loki was looking across all the artefacts in the room beneath him. Looked like this room was a dud, on to the next one.



Finally! Finally Thor was in the front of the line again and with the same receptionist to! She was blinking. "Where's your cat?" she asked. "You didn't just leave him did you?"

"No!" Thor exclaimed. "He's… Just give me a ticket already." he asked and finally he got one so he could hurry into the museum.



A Shaman wand? Pfff, Midgardians thought this could do magic? Oh Midgardians were funny! It was just old cow skin tied to a stick. Okay, this room also a dud. Moving on!



Thor was wildly looking around, was Ragnar even in here? "Ragnar!" he called… No reply. Thor sighed. This was useless.

Perhaps he should just have waited outside for Ragnar to come back. He wasn't a normal cat after all.

Just then, a figure approached him. "You seemed rather distress. King Thor."

Thor blinked and turned, to see a asian man. Much shorter than him wearing a green wizards robe and he gaped. "YOU!" he exclaimed.

The man looked at him. "You know me?" he asked.

"You are a sorcerer right?" Thor asked. "Tony told about you! This is amazing!" he gasped. "I looked for you!"

The Asian man looked at him, slightly lifting an eyebrow. "My name is Wong, and yes I am indeed a master of the mystics art." he informed. "For now though I am occupied, an item that should not be freely on display is. I am here to try and retrieve it safely and without… Incidents."

"Oh." Thor blinked. "An item here at the museum?" he asked. "What item is it? I could call up Tony he is very influential, he can probably sort you out."

Wong looked pretty thoughtful then nodded. "Perhaps that is the solution." he admitted. "This amulet is not from our own world, it seems to contain much energy" he gestured at a case behind him.

Thor blinked.

"What?" Wong asked.

"I'm sorry but… That case is empty. There's nothing in there." Thor informed.

Wongs eyes widened and he turned, to true enough see an empty case. "What?!" he asked. "It was… It was right there!"

"Oh." Thor halted. "Is that bad?" he asked then he looked up and he screamed. "RAGNAR!"

Wong looked up and he to gaped, for there above them was a cat… And it was wearing an amulet.



Oh yes, this was the ticket! Loki could feel the energy flowing into his body. Opening himself up allowing himself to absorb the energy.

As an extra bonus, Thor was down there looking like an idiot. This was delightful.

"Ragnar! Come here! Come here kitty!" Thor tried reaching up his arms.

Oh this was going to be fun! And Loki stood up, then he walked.

"Wait, wait WAIT!" Thor shouted and Loki started to run.



Okay what was going on?! Why was Ragnar behaving like this?! Thor was running through the building pushing people aside, Wong running right next to him.

"You know that cat." Wong observed.

"Well, he's… He lives with me." Thor admitted. "So I guess in a way that's my cat!"

"You do know that is not a normal cat right?" Wong asked.

"I am starting to get a pretty good idea yes." Thor admitted.



Loki was laughing as he easily jumped across the tops of glass cases moving rooms, then suddenly sparks appeared beneath his feet, orange sparks.

And Loki jumped just as a portal opened. Not today you party trick magician! HAH!



Wongs eyes narrowed as his portal had failed and Ragnar had moved on.

"I… I'm so sorry." Thor gasped. "He's usually not like this."

"May I suggest that the next time you bring a cat, you put him on a leash." Wong asked and Thor nodded as they entered another room, this one empty and there… There above them was the cat, wearing the blasted amulet and looking as relaxed as a cat could possible look.

Thor sighed deeply. "Ragnar." he asked. "Ragnar please, come here. Come down here." he reached up his hands. "I'll give you all the fresh meat you want okay! And a new pillow, just come on. Come on kitty!"



Loki smirked from his perch looking down, man Thor sure was funny down there. He really hadn't gotten it yet had it. Loki just grinned as his tale was swaying. Man he could do this forever. This was funny.

"Come here kitty! Come on." Thor tried.

Well, Loki supposed. He had been absorbing magic for the last fifteen minutes it should suffice at least for now. Loki stood up, then stretched his back as he yawned. Oh this was going to feel so good.

"That's right, that's a good kitty Ragnar." Thor called still with his arms up. "Now just come here! Come here Kitty."

Oh i'll come all right, Loki grinned as he looked down at Thor, his green eyes shining bright.

Then, Loki bend his legs as he looked down at Thor. Thors eyes widened as he to seemed to realize what Loki was about to do.

And then, Loki jumped! Jumped right for Thor and Thor gaped as a cat came plummeting down towards him.

Except, as the cat was in mid air, suddenly it changed seize! It grew, green garbs appeared. Legs became arms, fur retrieved to show white skin, long black hair flowed until it was a fully grown Prince of Asgard whom heavily landed on Thor sending Thor straight to the ground on his back, now with a god of Mischief having his knees right on his chest, and his face inches away from Thors face.

"Hello." Loki grinned his green shining eyes locked with Thors. "Brother."


Thors eyes, were wide in shock! Wong as well stepped back, clearly in shock.

"Come now you can't be that surprised." Loki smirked. "It was kind of obvious wasn't it?" he asked. "I mean who else would leave that message huh?"

"Lo… Lo-Loki." Thor stammered. "Loki… Loki."

"Yeah that's my name you're wearing it out." Loki sighed as he sat back, still sitting on top of Thor though. Then he looked at Wong whom raised his hands now sparkling with magic.

"Easy magician, I am not out to do harm." Loki sighed then turned to Thor. "Hey. Hey Thor." he slapped his cheeks. "Come on wake up. Time to get up."

Thor blinked, then wide-eyed looked at Loki.

"Do you have any idea what I had to go through to get here?" Loki asked. "I had to be born!"

"What?" Thor asked.

"It was awful!" Loki exclaimed.

Wong frowned. "Hand back the amulet!" he demanded.

"Pff, no." Loki turned to him. "I need it!" he stated.

"No you don't." Wong stated standing ready to fight.

"Yes I do!" Loki stood up. "Listen! I died, I mean really died. Then I got an offer, be send back if I just help Thor! What they didn't tell me though, was that I was going to be send back as a fucking cat! So I had to be born, as a cat! Grow up! Travel across countries! Again, while being a four week old cat! Get Thor off his ass! And I still don't even know what the end goal is here! So yes! I need it!" he exclaimed, just as a shimmer ran across his body and Lokis eyes widened. "Oh shit."

"Huh, you're not kidding." Wong commented as he stood up, relaxing again.

"What, what's happening?!" Thor asked from the floor.

"He already used up the magic he absorbed." Wong informed. "He can't maintain this form any longer."

Loki pouted. "Well it's not my fault that meow!" in a blink, the young god had been replaced by a black cat, a black cat that looked pissed. He didn't get long though before suddenly a thunder god attacked from behind.

"LOOOKIIII!" Thor cried as he just grabbed the cat and picked it up, to hug it in a crushing embrace. "Loki it's you! It's really you!" he bawled. "I was right I can't believe it! You're here! You're really here!" he cried and bawled crushing the cat in his embrace.

Loki screamed, trying to get out! Swiped Thor with claws and teeth but to no avail. Thor was just to strong and obviously didn't care at all that his face was now a patchwork of scratch marks. And finally Loki gave up, there was just no fighting this… So he hung limply in Thors arms.

Wong looked at them then sighed. "Okay, I'll hear you out." he finally said moving his hand and soon a yellow portal opened. "Shall we?" he asked.

Thor nodded his eyes filled with tears, Loki just hang limp as a rag doll from his arms and Thor stepped through, not letting go of Loki whom was in the process of starting to regret his own actions.

Chapter Text

Thor was in quite a state, he had yet to let go of Loki. And it also seemed like he hadn't really taken any notice of the room he was now in.

"This… Is Loki." Thor gasped. "Ragnar is Loki.. .Actually Loki! I mean I.. I had speculated that some of Lokis spirit was in Ragnar, but I also thought I had made that up! Or he would be Lokis agent or something, not actually Loki." he rambled. "YOU'RE LOKI!" he held up Loki in front of him.

Loki just looked sullenly back at Thor.

"Wait a minute." Thor gasped. "Then that means, all those things… THOSE WERE CONSCIOUS CHOICES!" he shouted. "You, you tore up my shirt! ON PURPOSE!"

That shirt was filthy Thor! I did you a favor that you didn't have to wear it one more time.

"And the beers and the bloody nachos! You punished me for opening a bag of nachos! It was all on purpose! All this time." Thor gasped. "All this time you were..." then his eyes turned to anger. "LOKI!" he shouted lowering his hands holding Loki. "You were there the entire time! Why didn't you say anything! This is just typically you! You always do this!" he exclaimed in an angry voice.

Then Thors eyes turned wet, he sniffed and he hugged Loki tight. "You're heeeeeere!" he bawled.

Loki had just made himself limp allowing Thor to do what-ever he wanted, he just wanted this over with.

"No wait, I am just making this up aren't I?" Thor asked. "I have lost it, you can't be Loki! WONG!"

"No he is Loki." Wong informed. "I saw it to."

"BY THE ALL FATHER!" Thor shouted in shock. "Why didn't you say anything?!" he asked in a cry.

Loki groaned as he wriggled finally getting out of Thors hands and landed on the floor as Thor grabbed his head.

"This can't be happening!" Thor gasped as he wide-eyed looked in front of himself. "Why is this happening! I mean I am happy, I think… But why Loki! Why didn't you just tell me!"

"I TRIED!" A familiar sophisticated voice sounded. "I left messages all around the place but but you didn't see them!"

Thor turned to the couch then his eyes widened by the sight that met him.

"What?" Loki asked now sitting on the couch.

"Lo-Loki." Thors face grew deep red. "Is there a reason that. Ahem." he coughed into his hand. "That you're not wearing any clothes?"

Because yes indeed, Loki was very nonchalantly sitting on the couch leaned back, also he was very… very naked. Only thing he was wearing was that amulet.

Loki pouted. "Conjuring clothes is a waste of my very limited magic right now." he simply stated.

Wong cleared his throat, then summoned a green robe into his hands and handed it to Loki.

Loki sighed as he accepted the piece of clothes and threw it on.

"You can keep that." Wong informed in a deadpan tone. "I insist."

Loki smirked amused.

"Okay! Loki! You need to explain to me!" Thor begged. "I don't know what is going on! You… You died. And you said it was for real and… Born? As in.."

"Yes as in literately born!" Loki informed. "I also now got FOUR new sisters and brothers whom are indeed cats." he sat back as he groaned deeply.

"Ho-How?" Thor hopelessly tried.

"Hela." Loki groaned rubbing his face.

"What?" Thor asked.

"You know, your sister. The goddess of death!" Loki snorted. "Yeah she's ruling Helheim now, and she has realized her true potential it seems." he sighed deeply. "She has large power in the world of the death, but she is barred from the world of the living. All she can do is sending agents and well! Hello there!" he spread out his arms.

"You… You work for Hela?" Thor asked.

"You really think I had any choice?" Loki asked. "I'm here aren't I?"

Thor halted, his eyes were filled with so much confusion and even… Tears.

Loki sighed. "Thor look..." he tried. "Yeah, Hela send me with a mission. I am her agent." he admitted.

Thor stiffened.

"Her mission. Well it… In four months, something is supposed to happen." Loki tried to explain. "I.. I am not sure what it is. But I am supposed to make you ready for it."

There was quiet, Thors and Wongs eyes on Loki.

"Hela said, there is one chance… Only one. To get everyone back. Everyone whom was killed in the snap." Loki informed.

Thors eyes widened.

"If that chance goes to waste, those souls will be lost. Forever." Loki looked up, meeting Thors eyes. "There is still a chance to safe a couple of hundred of our people." he said. "At least, if Hela wasn't lying to me."

"But… How?" Thor asked. "Thanos is dead! I killed him! The Stones are gone!"

"I don't know what is supposed to happen." Loki admitted. "Something about a man who talks to ants!" he stood up.

Thor shook his head. "No… They are gone."

"Thor, look at me!" Loki asked as he stepped forward. "I am here!" he informed then grabbed Thors hands and Thors eyes widened. "I am right here!"

Wide-eyed Thor looked up, tears silently running down his face.

"And if I am here, then maybe." Loki halted.

Thor sniffed, the tears growing worse.

Loki sighed deeply, he let go of Thors hand, then grabbed his shoulders instead. "Thor, there's so much stuff I have been wanting to tell you." he admitted.

And Thor looked up, his eyes so painful. It made this really difficult.

"I just…. I want you to know. The things that happened." Loki breathed. "Me falling from the Bifrost… New York. Thanos killing me." he took a deep breath. "None of it was your fault."

Thors eyes widened. "What?" he asked.

"It's not your fault." Loki informed. "And neither is the things Hela did, and neither is the snap. None of it, is your fault."

"But I didn't stop it." Thor sobbed. "I was supposed to stop it!"

"You couldn't stop it." Loki informed. "No one could. Thanos was going to do it, no matter what. And no one could stop it. Not me, not you, not even Odin. No-body. It was going to happen, and it wasn't your fault."

Thor sniffed. "You don't understand." he swallowed. "He was right in front of me... I had a clean shot. Just the one shot, I aimed... and hit the mark I aimed at. His chest." he swallowed. "Should have gone for the head. Then... He did the snap. And walked away." he bawled. "I could have stopped it Loki! I could... I could.." he broke.

Loki shook his head. "No." he stated. "You couldn't. It's not your fault."

And then, Thor just lost it. Lost it completely as he leaned over and dragged Loki into a tight hug, then he cried.

He cried loudly, in big sobs.

"Erhm Thor… I apologize." Loki halted.

"For… For what?" Thor asked between his gasps.

"I can't maintain this form for very long at the time." Loki admitted. "The cat body is currently my true body and well… I just ran out of magic again."

"Huh?" Thor asked and then, Loki vanished from Thors arms and Thor looked down to see a bundle of green robe moving around, and then finally a cat head appeared under the green cloth looking up at Thor with shining green eyes.

Thor breathed deeply, then he swallowed as he sat down on his knees. "I… I really don't understand any of this." he admitted, his voice still so broken. "But… I'm so glad you're here." he sniffed. "I can't believe this... All the things you done for me. Stayed with me at night, made sure I took care of myself. You even stayed when I was crying, you of all people should get sick of a big idiot like me constantly crying!"

Loki just looked at him, his green eyes saying everything. No... That wasn't how he felt at all.

Wong sighed. "I believe you need some rest." he commented. "To… Sort things out. Can I offer you a drink? You drink beer don't you?"

"No not for a while Ragnar wont..." Thor halted then looked down, at the cat in front of him. "Loki!" he exclaimed. "Loki has been punishing me every time I tried to take a drink." he groaned grabbing his head.

Wong frowned.

"But it was what I needed." Thor swallowed. "Everything Loki did... It helped me! It really." his voice broke again. "Tea would be just fine." he assured. "Thank you."

And Wong nodded, then a cup of tea just appeared on the table and Thor sighed as he moved to the couch sitting down then suddenly realized… He was sitting right where Loki had been sitting… Naked.

Oh well, technically Loki was naked all the time these days.

Speaking of which, he jumped up on the chair opposite and laid down, looking very tired as well.

"Did… Did it make you tired. To use magic?" Thor asked.

Loki nodded.

"I suppose… It has been a pretty eventful day already huh?" Thor continued.

This time Loki didn't give any reply, he just laid there with closed eyes.

Thor looked at Wong. "Do you think he will be able to maintain his Aisir form for longer?" he asked.

Wong shrugged. "I don't know. But that cat form is his default body now." he frowned slightly. "He seems to be speaking truth in which case."

"What?" Thor asked.

"He said in four months time there will be a chance, to undo the snap." Wong looked up. "I will admit, I have little reason to trust this man. But if there is the slightest chance, it is my duty to see it through." he admitted. "Keep the amulet. Be warned though, if I discover it has been miss used. I will be taking it!"

And Thor nodded. "Thank you." he swallowed. "You've been very kind."

"I must be getting soft in my old age." Wong commented dryly.

Chapter Text

It had been a couple of days since Thor had left New Asgard.

Valkyrie couldn't say she was entirely sure about what was going on, something about a museum and a sorcerer having been spotted.

All of that was all well and good, but why had needed to bring the cat was a bit beyond her.

Yes, they had hardly ever been apart since Ragnar had entered their lives, and it clearly had had a good effect on Thor. But come on!

Still though, they had come a long way. To think that a year ago Thor had been hiding in his house, to ashamed of what he had become to even show himself.

To now, he had gone to another country… For what-ever reason. But he was out there!

Valkyrie was just making sure Korg had not been setting Thors house on fire as a strange orange glow appeared in Thors living room.

Valkyrie blinked as the glow grew and became a round portal, and then… Thor stepped through, holding a well known black cat in his arms.

By the sight of Valkyrie Thor brightened up. "VAL!" he grinned, tears in his eyes and his smile so genuine.

"Thor." Valkyrie smiled amused. "Looks like you found your sorcerer." she remarked.

"Huh?" Thor blinked looking behind himself where the portal closed. "Oh, yes. Him to." he nodded as the portal closed behind him.

"And Ragnar made it to! Hello sweety, hello." Valkyrie grinned starting to pet the cat.

"Erh, Valkyrie." Thor hesitated. "Listen… About Ragnar." he tried.

Valkyrie looked up. "What?" she asked.

"Well, you see." Thor halted, then he broke into a wide smile. "He's actually Loki!" he cried happily.

Valkyrie blinked. "What?" she asked.

"Loki!" Thor sniffed. "He's back! He's right here!" he held up the cat whom looked lax and unimpressed.

"Errrh." Valkyrie looked at Thor. "Thor are you okay?"

"It's true! Look, look!" Thor put the cat down at his feet. "Ah! Just a second." he grabbed his bag and pulled out what looked like a green robe then dumped it on the cat. "Okay Loki show her!"

There were some annoyed sound from beneath the cloth, and then a cats head appeared.

Then there was silence, nobody moved.

"Loki… Any time that fits you." Thor tried.

The cat didn't move.

"Loki you're making me look like a stupid idiot." Thor hissed and the cat seemed to grin then Thor slapped his own forehead. "You're doing it on purpose aren't you?"

And the cat… It really looked like it was grinning.

Valkyrie looked at it then shook her head. "Thor, maybe you should sit down." she asked. "I'll get you some water!"

"Valkyrie I am telling you!" Thor exclaimed then groaned before he glared at the cat. "You know this means pay back right?"

He was just met with a pair of shimmering amused eyes and Thor groaned as he walked to the couch.

Soon Valkyrie returned with the promised glass of water. "Here you go." she put it on the table. "Is there.." she bit her lip. "Anything else? Tea? Something to eat?" she asked.

Thor groaned rubbing his face. "Val, just…" he halted as he looked up.

Loki in Aisir guise was suddenly there, wearing the green robe and he was standing right behind Valkyrie.

Thors eyes widened.

"What?" Valkyrie asked just as Loki leaned over, his mouth right next to Valkyries ear and then he spoke.

"How's it going. You old drunk."

"AAAARGH!" Valkyrie screamed as she jumped up and turned around, grabbing her dagger and pointing it right at Lokis throat.

Loki whom was offering her a calm amused smile.

Wide-eyed Valkyrie looked at him, and Loki smiled back.

"You… You… You..." Valkyrie gasped.

And Loki smirked as he put a finger on the blade of Valkyries dagger and pushed it away. "I suppose the good news here is that Thor is not entirely insane." he commented. "Though I really have to question his ethics as king when not supervised."

Thor groaned. "And Loki is still the god of mischief." he commented.

Loki offered him a smirk. "It is who I am. I am sure if you think about it you wouldn't want it any different."

"You." Valkyrie seethed.

"Huh?" Loki turned to her.

"You piece of shit!" Valkyrie yelled and suddenly, Loki found himself grabbed, thrown down and pinned to the ground.

"AUW!" Loki shouted.

"So you're telling me, this entire time!" Valkyrie hissed with her knee in Lokis back and holding his arm in a lock. "You were the cat! And you didn't think we ought to know!"

"I tried to tell but you didn't see any of my messages." Loki hissed with his face planted unto the floor.

"So what stopped you from just turning back and telling huh?" Valkyrie asked.

"I literately couldn't!" Loki shouted. "I was stuck okay! That cat body is my real body now and DAMMIT! I just ran out of magic again."

"What does that mean?" Valkyrie asked the next second, all she was holding was a green robe and a black cat darted from beneath the robe and towards the wall where it turned and hissed at Valkyrie.

"Oh yeah real mature." Valkyrie snorted as she stood up.

"Valkyrie listen." Thor chuckled amused. "Loki can only maintain his aisir form for minutes at the time. The only reason he can change at all now is because of the amulet he is wearing. That's the reason why he wanted to go to that museum."

"What?" Valkyrie looked at Loki then at the amulet he wore, then she turned to Thor. "You stole that amulet from the museum?" she asked.

"Erhm.. erh. Yes." Thor admitted.

"Heh, nice." Valkyrie smirked then turned back to Loki glaring at him. "But we are not done!" she stated. "I carried you around! I hand fed you. I SLEPT with you laying beside me!"

Loki just looked sullen.

"Have you any idea what it did to Thor when he watched you die?!" Valkyrie asked. "Then you weren't even dead?! YOU BASTARD!"

"Valkyrie no!" Thor reached out a hand. "Why do you think he's like this? He really died!"

"Then how is he HERE?!" Valkyrie asked in a shout turning to Thor.

"He was literately reborn." Thor informed. "But… as a cat."

"Wait, born?" Valkyrie asked. "As in coming out of… You know?"

Thor nodded. "Loki said it was horrible."

"Oh." Valkyrie blinked.

"And then he had to cross countries by himself just to get here." Thor informed. "Val, he did all he could!"

Valkyrie pouted but crossed her arms. "Fine!" she stated then glared at Loki. "But I got my eyes on you! AND NO MORE FAVORS! It's over! You cheat!"

The cat hissed.

"Yeah that doesn't have the same effect anymore. You're not cute at all!" Valkyrie stated.

"Really?" Thor asked. "I think he's adorable."

That made the cat turn to Thor. Then his hiss grew extra vicious.

"Oh I see." Valkyrie smirked. "Yes you are cute, adorable! The cutest thing in the world!"

Loki glared at her.

"Live with it fuzzball." Valkyrie snorted. "You're still a jerk!"

Chapter Text

Thor was having the nicest sleep he could even remember having. His body felt warm and heavy, in a really nice way.

His mind was blissfully empty, there was just his soft bed. Soft pillow and that nice warm blanket.

He was so much at peace, a familiar soft voice speaking.


Thor sighed deeply.

"Thooor." That voice, he felt so glad and content hearing it, it was so familiar. Like a childhood memory that made him feel comfortable and safe. And then a scream, right into his ear.


"Argh!" Thor jumped in shock and then fell to the floor in a thud, wide-eyed looking up at a young man standing above him wearing only a green wizards robe and nothing else. "Lo-Loki." he gasped.

"Chop chop!" Loki clasped his hands. "There are only four months until what-ever the hell is going to go down actually goes down! You are still not anywhere near your prime and I got other stuff to do! Get up." he kicked Thor in his side.

Thor groaned deeply as he crumbled together. "Loki why?" he asked.

"Because Thor, I've been stuck as a cat the last eight months and I got a lot of pinned up frustrations." Loki replied. "Get dressed. Work wont do itself." he stated as he turned around and walked out.

Thor groaned deeply, but dutifully did as he was being told, getting up and dressed as he walked out into the living room and saw Loki in his cat form sitting at the counter looking expectively at him.

By habit Thor went for the fridge to look for fresh meat for Ragnars food then he halted, he turned to Loki. "I am not going to feed you anymore." he stated. "You can turn yourself into an Aisir, you can get your own food." he stated and reached for the yogurt instead for his own breakfast. Finding a bowl and poured up then he glanced at Loki. "You still can't do it for anymore than a couple of minutes?" he asked.

Lokis hiss was answer enough.

"You think you'll be able to do it for longer eventually?" Thor asked.

At that Loki was silent, then he sniffed raising his head.

"You don't know. Huh." Thor commented and Loki glared at him. "There has to be a way though right?" he asked. "I mean, with the amulet you at least managed the shapeshifting. What if we found… An even better amulet?" he asked.

Lokis eyes were deadpan.

"I am just saying." Thor pouted. "Wow now I think about it, you really must hate this. You were always so proud of your magic and that you didn't have to use any cheating like others." he reflected. "Except for when you used that scepter doing New York. That was weird. You usually hate relying on outside sources of magic like that."

Loki… Did not look amused, he looked like he wanted to kill something. And really badly.

"Loki?" Thor asked.

Loki jumped down from the counter, walked to his robe now on the floor and crawled under it, next second the god was back. "Okay Thor! Here's a few rules for you! Do not mention New York! Do not mention that stupid scepter! And by the all father, do not patronize me right now okay?" he asked.

Thor blinked. "Are you… Embarrassed about New York?" he asked.

Lokis face was deep red as he crossed his arms and looked the other way.

"Well, I suppose you did loose." Thor nodded. "A pretty humiliating defeat even."

Loki seethed. "It wasn't even my plan okay!" he exclaimed. "I had been turned into someone elses puppet! You think I am happy about that?!"

Thor halted, then he looked down. "Right… Thanos." he remembered. "He did talk about that, at the statesman."

Loki halted.

"That's why he wanted you dead specifically, isn't it?" Thor asked.

Loki sighed deeply. "I wanted to refuse him just on principle, at that point I was just done being anyone's puppet." he informed. "But even I can't resist the power of an infinity stone."

Thors eyes watered.

"Hey Thor, could you make me a cup of tea?" Loki asked. "I haven't had any for ages."

"Oh yes sure. Which kind?" Thor asked.

Loki… Could not answer. He was a cat again.

Thor smirked. "I am going to guess herbal, there's this thing called Jasmine tea, I think you will like it. It's similar to some things they had at Asgard." he stated turning to the cupboards and started to shuffle around to find the box with tea leafs. He halted as he held the box. "Erhm Loki… " he tried awkwardly. "About… You know, stuff that happened."

Loki hissed as a warning sign.

"I don't really care anymore." Thor sighed. "I mean, what does it even matter anymore?" he asked. "This city, it's all there is left… I think, what we need to concentrate on is just protecting them you know? And help them grow. And I think, that's also what you want. Isn't it?" he asked turning to Loki whom sat with a lowered head. "I erh… I have not been a very good king." Thor muttered. "I want to be better. Will you, help me?" he asked.

Loki looked up, then offered a defeated nod.

Thor smiled softly, then his eyes watered. "When Thanos came… I tried my best. I really did." he sniffed. "But my best wasn't good enough. And I keep being so afraid, what if my best… Just isn't good enough?" he asked. "Then what is the point even trying when my best is still just messing everything up!"

Loki shook his head as he sighed deeply, he hadn't absorbed enough magic to transform yet so he lifted a paw instead to form runes Thor could read.

"You wont know if your best is good enough until you tried. Maybe it wont be. But also just maybe, it will be. You just have to try. I am here with you."

Thor seemed to almost loose it, his eyes were filled with tears and he sniffed. Loki just glared at him and then Thors eyes widened. "Oh! Tea!" he turned back to the counter. "Right." he reached for the kettle filling it with water and soon water was boiling.

Thor took great care in making the tea, pour it up in a mug and placed it on the table. Then he halted before he shook his head allowing Loki room. When Thor turned back, Loki was sitting on the chair wearing his robe.

Holding the mug with both hands and he sighed deeply.

"You know… Out of all the things you can do as an Aisir. I honestly really missed this." Loki admitted taking a sip.

"Sipping tea?" Thor asked.

"Yes." Loki held up a hand. "Allow yourself to be one with the moment. Do not think of the past or the future. There is just you, the scent of herbs and the warmth in your hands. It's called meditation Thor, you should try it some day. You might actually like it."

"You know you're right! I should!" Thor stated and Loki blinked.

"Huh?" Loki asked looking honestly shocked.

"I should learn how to meditate!" Thor stated. "It sharpens your focus right? And it erh… It helps you." he waved with his hands. "Focus? I guess."

"This is why you suck at magic Thor." Loki stated.

Thor blushed deeply. "Right, so… I really ought to learn. Right?"

Loki blinked. "You… You want to learn magic Thor?" he asked.

Thors head was deep red, then he nodded.

"You do know that is an art requiring immense patience and discipline. Right?" Loki asked. "And there's a lot of theory involved. Runes you have to learn, concepts that needs to be understood. Going over them over and over and even then your basic understanding will only be minimum as only years of practice in the art will grand you any true understanding of it. It takes at least a decade just to get the most basic spells right. A hundred years to do anything you yourself would consider useful."

"We got time don't we?" Thor asked. "I mean, you are here now right?"

Loki halted.

"I promise! I know I never listened in the past. But I will do so now!" Thor exclaimed.

"Well… Erhm." Loki halted. "Right now we have to worry about what happens in four months okay?" he asked. "So, just concentrate on regaining your former strength."

"Oh, okay. I see." Thor muttered abashed. "But after we are done with that we can begin right."

"Sure." Loki smiled a weak smile.



The moment Thor turned his back though, Loki hopelessly grabbed his head.

If Thor didn't win, Hela would take him back! Then what would happen to Thor?!

And even if Thor did win, how many years would he have? Ten? Twenty? Thirty if he was really stretching it.

To learn any proper magic, it would take at least a hundred years and… Was Loki handing out promises he couldn't keep?

Norns… What had he gotten himself into?

Okay easy… Priorities first. Thor has to win this! He just has to! If Thor fails then… Loki looked up.

He would blame himself for failing to safe the Asgardians. Loki would be taken back and Thor… Loki could not see it end well for Thor. It would destroy him.

Loki barely even noticed he had run out of magic again and was now a cat. Oddly enough it was a relief, then he didn't have to answer any of Thors questions…. Right now, he wasn't so sure he could.

Chapter Text

Thor was not really sure what to think.

Loki had send him outside but hadn't joined him for training, told Thor in a condescending voice that Thor had work to do.

That was fair of course! But why was Loki just staying inside?! Thor though used his frustrations to just push through.

Though he had to admit, he kind of missed the company of a cat running after him and observing him.

And it actually had been Loki all along… When Thor remembered that he couldn't help but smile and he wasn't angry anymore.

After having trained Thor decided to check on the village, it had been some time and he was happy to see how well they were all doing.

The kids whom had gotten weapons for their Solstice presents were training with them, and treating them with as much respect as was an Asgardian worthy.

By the sight of him the kids lightened up. "KING THOR!" they laughed and came running.

Thor roared in laughter as he picked up a girl. "You're doing well I see!" he grinned. "Torkild!" he addressed a boy holding his sword. "Have you practiced those swings like I showed you?"

"Yes my king!" Torkild exclaimed. "Every day just like you told me to do!"

"Good job! One day you shall be the warrior defending Asgard!" Thor proclaimed. "The Norns know we need warriors." he sighed deeply.

Torkild nodded. "I'll do my best!" he exclaimed and Thor smiled ruffling up his hair just as a certain red head came.

"BRYGUL!" Thor cheered. "How are you my boy?"

Bryguls face was deep red, he was shuffling his feet.

"Is all well?" Thor asked.

Brygul nodded. "I just… erhm. King Thor, may I… Show you something?" he asked.

Thor smiled kindly and nodded. "Any time." he assured.

"I know it's not very good nor impressive but I." Brygul sucked in a deep breath, he started to move his hands, his feet moved in a specific pattern. Thors eyes widened and then from Bryguls hands came… A creature, though it was see through and looked to be made out of a golden mist. Still, the bird that flew was beautiful as it was released and flew across them making the other children laugh and cheer as they chased it.

Only for their fingers to slip through the illusions when they caught up.

Thor was astounded, his eyes watered and then the bird vanished. Thor looked down at the boy.

"I know it's not very good." Brygul muttered. "I can't make it look like a real bird or even look solid. Neither can I make it any bigger or last any longer but."

"Are you kidding?" Thor asked. "What you did is amazing! All you had was a piece of paper and you managed to do that! You know how amazing that is?" he asked.

"It is?" Brygul asked.

"Child. I had the finest instructors known in the nine realms, including my own mother whom was the finest illusionists who ever lived. And I never got that far myself." Thor informed. "You though, you have only been doing it for a month and only had one single piece of paper! You, Brygul, is something else! Don't stop."

And Brygul beamed, grinned happily. "I wont my king I promise!"

"In fact, I know someone you should meet." Thor informed.

"Really?" Brygul asked.

Thor nodded. "Yes, I am sure he will be happy to help you. All though, it is going to take a while before you can see him. But I promise, just keep up the good work."

"Okay." Brygul smiled. "I will!"

And Thor smiled warmly ruffling up his hair as well.



As Thor returned to his house he was honestly exhausted, how-ever… The moment Thor got a look at the couch table he halted.

On the table was a cat, passed out. And all around it were papers… Papers, upon papers, all filled with writings and Thor picked one up to see formulas, diagrams… How to close a wound with magic… And there was more.

Thor sucked in a deep breath. So this is what Loki meant that he had things to do! Immediately Thor felt bad for being annoyed at Loki, and he went to the storage closet where he found a folder complete with plastic sleeves, and carefully put each paper into its own sleeve so no one would accidentally spill anything on the precious pages.

Then he picked up Loki whom didn't react at all… He really was legit passed out. Had overspend in magic obviously and Thor put him down on that pillow he had been using the entire time, just in front of the fireplace. Then put the folder next to Loki where he could find it when he woke up.

Chapter Text


Spring was in full bloom.

Any sign of snow was long gone and the Asgardians could ditch their heavy coats when they walked outside.

Soon it would be summer… Two months. Two months before the man who talks to ants were supposed to arrive.

Loki had spend his days writing, several folders had now been filled with pieces of papers carefully placed in plastic sleeves. Any important secrets or pointers Loki could think of or remember. Time was moving so fast.

Ten months since all of this began. The good news was that Loki was now fully grown in his cat form.

He was decent seized, had a strong slender body and shining black fur.

Also the bad thing was… This was it, his cat body was now fully grown. He would not get bigger, he would not be able to retain anymore magic. At least not without some sort of help. This was what he was going to get.

Loki sighed deeply as he was looking at the blank piece of paper in front of him. He used magic to write. Maintaining his cat body and just used magic, it was the least wasteful. But it was still a struggle, he would always keep writing until either he passed out or someone demanded he took a break. Mostly Thor.

Loki couldn't help but feel like he was leaving behind his own legacy.. He had yet to make it clear to Thor.

Loki… Belonged to Hela. It was only at her mercy he could even be here and she was free to take him at any time. He was her property, fair and square.

How ironic… Loki had fought so hard so he may no longer be anyone's property. Not Odins… Not Thanos's. And yet here he was.

Yes Hela had promised, but Loki was not so sure at all her word was to be trusted. She was as underhanded as he himself was when the situation demanded it.

Two months, it felt like no time at all. Would Thor be able to handle it? And what would happen… If Thor failed.

Worry overtook Loki, clinching at his chest and stopped him from thinking any further.

"How's it going fuzzball."

Loki hissed as Valkyrie just waltzed in like she always did, she glanced at the blank paper in front of Loki.

"Writers block?" Valkyrie asked.

Loki didn't bother replying, either way he could do it would be wasting his precious magic.

"Honestly though… Man you really done your part." Valkyrie commented turning to the book shelf which already had an entire row just of those same black folders. Thor had even gone to town to buy more for Loki. All the empty ones waiting to be filled being on the bottom shelf.

Valkyrie walked over to the shelf and picked up a filled folder, then opened it up looking down at all the drawings. "Man… I have to admit Lackey. This kind of amazes me." she admitted as she rested a hand on a page, then let her finger trace one of Lokis diagrams. "Heh, when I grew up I always thought being a scholar was really stupid. Dusty old men using their entire lives head deep into a book. I always made fun of them. Now though, we could use one or two of them couldn't we?" she asked. "This is our legacy… Isn't it."

Loki sighed as he finally gave in and jumped down on the chair turning into an aisir. "You kind of have to appreciate the irony don't you?" he asked. "A Jotnar delivering the legacy of the Aisir."

Valkyrie shook her head. "Jotnar or Aisir, you still grew up in Asgard. So it's not that weird is it?" she asked looking at Loki then her eyes widened. "Oh norns you're naked!" then she slapped a hand over her eyes. "Yeah I did not need to see that."

Loki rolled his eyes as he bowed down to pick up his usual robe putting it on and Valkyrie peeked through her fingers then sighed deeply.

"No need to look like that. One of the first things you did to me when I returned here as a cat was getting a good look at my junk." Loki pointed out.

"That's not the same!" Valkyrie proclaimed. "You were cat! And I didn't know!"

Loki just smirked amused.

"Don't think I have forgotten." Valkyrie glared at him. "At Sakaar, you were the worlds biggest sleezeball. Always sucking up to the grandmaster and saying all the things to him he wanted to hear just to get favors."

"That's how Sakaar functioned." Loki sighed deeply. "And it worked didn't it? If Thor hadn't arrived and I had stayed there, in time I would have not just become the Grand masters right hand man but I would have dethroned him and Sakaar itself would be mine to do with as I pleased. And well think of it, you really think my ruler ship would be that much worse than the grandmasters?"

"That was your plan?" Valkyrie asked. "Play the long game, work yourself up and then completely take over?"

"Yes it was, and it was working just fine until Thor showed up." Loki replied.

"Wow. Man you are one scary dude you know that?" Valkyrie asked.

Loki smirked then he halted as he looked back at the table. "Erhm Valkyrie… I erh." he twisted his fingers. "I need to ask you something."

"Wow now you're scarring me, that tone doesn't sound like Loki." Valkyrie stated.

Lokis face didn't change, he looked at his hands, his eyes distant.

"Oh… Well." Valkyrie hesitated. "What is it?" she asked. "And look if it's anything weird, then the answer is no!"

Loki smirked a bit amused, then his smile faltered. "I erhm, I haven't exactly told Thor… everything." he admitted.

At ones Valkyrie became defensive. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I told most things but I don't think Thor realizes what many of these things means. I already told it was Hela who send me back, to do a job for her." Loki swallowed. "Valkyrie, I am her agent. Every second I am here is merely at her mercy. She can take me back any time she so wishes."

Valkyries eyes widened.

"I have a job. To make Thor ready for what is to come. Two months from now." Loki replied. "When that job is over." he looked up.

"WHAT?!" Valkyrie shouted. "You're just going to leave?"

"Well, I did talk Hela into allowing me to live out the rest of my new natural life span." Loki smiled weakly. "That is… If I succeed. And if her words is to be trusted."

"Her words are not to be trusted!" Valkyrie informed. "She promised me that she would never turn against me or my army but she did! Killed them all! She lied. sat us up and killed us! You can't trust her!"

"Then." Loki smiled though his eyes were wet. "It is probably safe to assume that in two months time we have to say goodbye."

Valkyrie halted. "No… that's not right. Isn't there something you can do?"

"I'm already dead." Loki reminded Valkyrie. "This isn't my real body, it's a replacement. My soul has already been in Helheim. Valkyrie… I'm dead. And this.." he looked at the papers in front of him. "Is a mercy granted by Hela… Of all people."

Valkyrie shook her head. "Loki, you have to tell Thor!"

Loki closed her eyes. "Do you really think the added burden of my fate will help Thor at current time?" he asked. "He needs to be ready, so he can undo the snap. Rescue all the people who were taken away. Hela informed me, their souls did not go to Valhalla nor Helheim. They went missing, disappeared. We are not just talking the lives, but the souls of what remains of Asgard." he stated.

Valkyrie was stunned quiet.

"Look… What I wanted to ask you." Loki swallowed. "I just want you to look after Thor. I know you did your best before but, Thor needs purpose! He needs things to do! You can't just leave him alone in this house! He is going to fade away!" he looked Valkyrie directly into the eyes. "Just… Help him."

"Loki." Valkyrie looked at him. "The things that happened, it destroyed Thor. Not a physical wound, I could have dealt with that. But on the inside, and I couldn't fix it! It was a miracle he started to get better, I couldn't believe it." she gasped for breath. "But… If he fails retrieving all those souls and if you go away. I don't think anything in the entire world will be able to help him."

Loki closed his eyes. "Yes, that's what I feared." he admitted. "He blamed himself for the failure, and he is going to blame himself if this new chance fails."

"I just pray, that this is not Helas cruel trick to get revenge upon her brother." Valkyrie admitted and it ran cold down Lokis back. It just might be.

There was a bit of silence then Loki sighed. "Wont you at least… Give him things to do?" he asked. "Don't just leave him alone."

"I'll try." Valkyrie promised. "You really care about him huh?"

"Dying kind of put a lot of things into perspective." Loki exhaled deeply. "In the life I had… I made a lot of stupid mistakes. Acted dumb, really dumb." he admitted. "Though, for all of that. There was just one person… Only the one, whom kept believing there was good inside of me somewhere. Even when Thor finally figured what I actually am. An agent of chaos, a liar and a cheat he still." Lokis voice choked. "He still wanted me around."

Valkyrie softened.

"I always thought Thor was an idiot when we grew up. I hated him, hated he always got all the love and attention. Hated how over bearing he always was! I thought he was showing off, treating me like a child who needed his help for everything. I honestly believed that the reason he kept dragging me with him on his adventures was just to make a fool out of me. To upstage me and make fun of me! He always was a show off. But… He really just wanted me to be around. He wasn't lying about it like I thought he did, he meant it!" Loki closed his eyes. "I'm such an idiot! I first got that when I was about to die!"

Valkyrie sighed deeply.

"And now I'm dead." Loki looked up. "I'm not actually alive. I am cheating again."

"Well, you seem pretty alive to me." Valkyrie commented. "And your claws certainly feels very real."

Loki smirked.

"Can't believe I am saying this but..." Valkyrie sighed. "What-ever happens, I really hope you get to stick around! I… I don't think we can handle this without you."

Loki closed his eyes.

"Loki?" Valkyrie.

"You know… When I was a child. The one thing I wanted, more than anything. I wanted… To be needed." Loki admitted. "I wanted to be irreplaceable. And now… It would be so much better if I could leave and be assured you would be okay without me."

"Sorry." Valkyrie muttered.

"Nothing to forgive." Loki assured then he stood up. "I am going to take a nap." he stated as he walked over to his pillow… And then he just shrank until he was under that robe and crawled out to curl together on his pillow.

"Dammit, I never thought I would feel sorry for you." Valkyrie admitted. "And I certainly never believed I would be begging for you to stay! DAMMIT LACKEY!" she shouted, then halted. Taking a breath before she spoke calmly. "I'll do what I can, promise." she said. "We'll figure things out… Somehow."

Loki didn't respond just laid with closed eyes and Valkyrie sighed. It was so annoying when all you could do was just hoping for the best.

Chapter Text

Tick tock… Tick tock… Time is up.

A year.

Today was a year ago exactly since Loki had been reborn.

It was early summer, the weather was…. Absolutely amazing. Loki was sitting in a open window looking out, allowing the warm breeze to brush over his fur.

He was reminded of Helheim. How cold and desolate that place had been. No living trees or plants, just suffering souls crawling around looking like mummified corpses. Searching for something, anything to ease their suffering.

Oddly enough, Loki found the thought of going back there wasn't what got to him. It was the thought of leaving people behind right here.

"Loki!" Thor grinned as he walked up behind Loki holding a mug of coffee in his big hands. "What a wonderful day."

Loki looked up at Thor. Thor was shining ones again. His blue eye glimmering and somehow the golden mechanical one seemed to do the same.

He was a toned and impressive figure, the tank top he wore freely exposing his big strong arms and well, a flat toned stomach that suited him a lot.

His hair had grown out again, but this time it was well kept as it fell to his shoulders. It was a complete turn around from one year ago. He looked amazing.

Thor took in a deep breath as he allowed the wind to hit his face at as well, then he reached forward a hand and let it slide down Lokis back. Loki didn't object, he closed his eyes taking the time to feel Thors big hand.

"You want some tea?" Thor offered and Loki nodded.

"Coming right up!" Thor grinned as he walked back into the kitchen and turned on the kettle.

Loki kept watching as Thor moved around preparing the cup of tea, not just that but two plates of breakfast. Just some toast and jam.

Loki sighed, he really wasn't that crazy about jam, it was much to sweet for him and he made a hiss.

"Ah! Sorry!" Thor remembered. "Just some cheese for you." and he put both pieces of toast that had jam on them on his own plate, then made something new for Loki before finally he returned to the window with all the breakfast items as well as Lokis robe cast over his arm he now threw over Lokis head.

Soon after Loki the Aisir made his appearance, though still sitting in the window just leaning up against the frame as he accepted tea and toast. "Thank you." he said before picking up the toast taking a bite.

Thor smiled warmly. "It really suites you to say thank you." he commented.

"It suites you to be considerate of those around you." Loki replied.

"Auch." Thor grimaced but then shook his head. "Yeah, humility suits us both I think!" he grinned. "Loki, it's really a shame you haven't seen all the things Brygul has taught himself to do! Isn't it amazing?" he asked. "Just that one piece of paper and well, all the things he can do still looks like mist. But still, he can make a misty figure that looks like me!"

"Considering he had no true instructors, that is very impressive." Loki had to admit. "Just think of where he will be in a hundred years." he smiled softly.

"And think of what he can do with a real instructor!" Thor beamed.

Loki smiled weakly, they had yet to tell the Asgardians that Loki was here. Just Thor, Valkyrie and Korg knew. To all the rest he was still just Ragnar.

Thor had been confused why Loki had asked that but accepted Lokis wishes, clearly assuming Loki just wasn't ready to show up. That he didn't want the Asgardians to see him as a weak cat.

Thor was wrong on those accounts… Loki didn't want to show up and give them all hope just to leave again. He took another bite of toast.

"Look I've been thinking!" Thor stated. "Thus far New Asgard has only focused on sustaining itself. that's all, the citizens did what they had to do to have a daily meal and roof over their heads. But it's time to actually put a bit of afford into development right?" he asked. "Build some new things!"

"Things like what?" Loki asked.

"Well, a library would be a good place to start I think. And you've put so much work into putting our legacy unto paper. We ought to help others who remembers to do the same! Make books for the library." Thor stated. "And I do believe we had some special techniques when it comes to farming, we should see if we could apply that here! And a proper healers house! With beds for anyone sick who needs it! You wrote down the runes we used to use in healers rooms to make them the best environment for healing. We should use it! Lastly... Transportation. Look at making better spaceships or perhaps, a way to travel through Ygdrasils branches to the other realms." Thors brows furrowed. "We should explore possibilities at least."

Loki smiled amused. "Why Thor, you're starting to sound like a king." he commented.

"Really?" Thor asked.

Loki smirked. "It's the job of a king to protect his people, but also his job is to stand in front and lead. Put things in motion for progress and development."

Thor smiled embarrassed. "You would be better suited for that part though." he commented.

Loki shrugged. "That's entirely possible. But you're the king, so deal with it. How ridicules would it look with a cat running around wearing a crown?" he asked.

Thor chuckled amused. "That would be so cute though! Loki the cat king."

"Oh shut up Thor." Loki snorted.

"I could just see it!" Thor gasped. "With a little green cape! And a tiny little scepter. It would be the best thing ever."

Loki rolled his eyes.

"King Loki! Hail his meowjesty!" Thor grinned. "Oh by the norns, how cute would it be if we could fine your helmet in cat seize?!"

"Okay that's it." Loki stated putting down the plate and tea and then, he launched for Thor grabbing his arms in a arm lock. "Who's cute now Thor?" he asked.

"YOU ARE!" Thor proclaimed easily slipping out of Lokis hold and ruffled his hair, and soon a play fight just broke out. Loki jumped on top of Thors back and Thor laughed loudly as both crashed to the floor. Loki now sitting on Thors back.

"What do we say Thor?" Loki asked.

"I yield, I yield." Thor chuckled.

Then Loki pouted. "You were holding back on purpose! You're way stronger than I am."

Thor shrugged. "I was just having fun honestly." he stated just as the doorbell rang and both looked up.

It couldn't be Valkyrie, she always just walked in. Loki turned back into a cat and jumped off Thor as Thor stood up looking confused.

Loki swallowed, his heart beating so loud as Thor walked to the door and opened up and there…

Was a massive green figure and a small furry thing with a striped tail.

Thor gaped. "Friend Banner?" he asked astounded. "Is that you?"

The green man offered Thor a soft smile. "Hey Thor. It's so good seeing you. You look amazing."

"Oh, Thank you." Thor replied. "It's… Good seeing you to." he replied a little stunned. "And, Rocket." he looked down.

"Whassup!" Rocket waved a hand.

"Oh, please come in." Thor stepped aside. "I was just having breakfast, can I get you something?"

"Now that you're asking." Bruce spoke as he stepped in though he had to bow down to fit through the door frame. "I wouldn't say no to some coffee."

"Same." Rocket stated as he waltzed inside. "Sit down big guy, we got some big news for ya!"

Loki who had jumped back into the window frame was sitting absolutely still as he eyed the two newcomers. So Hela hadn't been lying, she had been serious.

"Really?" Thor asked, he too seemed to take a deep breath.

"Thor." Bruce gasped. "I know this is going to sound crazy but… We may found a way, to get them back! To get everyone back!"

Thor gasped.

"Just, believe us okay?" Rocket asked.

"No I believe you." Thor stated and both halted.

"Really?" Bruce asked honestly astounded over how easy that had been.

Thor glanced at Loki their eyes shortly meeting then turned back to Bruce. "Yeah I erh… I kind of got this foretelling that. Something like that was supposed to happen around now." he admitted. "By any chance, have you run into a man who talks to ants?"

Bruce gaped. "How did you know that?" he asked.

"Wooow. You know a fortune teller or something?" Rocket asked.

"It's… Complicated. I was just told to be ready for today that's all." Thor stated. "Come on I'll make you that coffee then you can tell me all about it."

"Just one cup." Bruce asked. "Then we need to get going!"

"oh okay. Should I pack anything?" Thor asked.

Bruce nodded. "Your weapon of course, and a change of clothes might not be a bad idea."

"Sure." Thor replied. "Oh and one thing. Can I bring my cat?" he asked.

They both looked dumbfounded at Thor.

"Your cat?" Bruce asked.

"He's not a normal cat." Thor replied as Loki decided to jump down from the window frame and walk over to them, then jumped up on the table looking at Bruce.

Rocket rolled his eyes. "I hate cats" he informed… Which to Thor was pretty ironic as Rocket looked a lot like a cat honestly.

Bruce frowned. "When you say he isn't normal, what do you mean by that?"

"Well he.." Thor halted then cleared his throat. "His name is Ragnar." he informed. "He is a. Erhm, A guardian kind of. I guess. With… Special gifts."

"Special how?" Rocket asked with squinted eyes.

The next moment the cat vanished, just vanished and a meow sounded from across the room where he now was on the counter.

"He can do that, among other thing." Thor informed.

"Wait are you telling me… You have a magic cat?" Rocket asked.

"Yeah." Thor replied. "I have a magic cat."

Bruce and Rocket glanced at each other then Bruce shrugged. "Okay, I see no problem with that."

To make your day

Chapter Text


Ufff, there was a lot of familiar faces here at the Avengers facility.

Everybody whom had fought against Loki in the battle of New York. Well all except the man of Iron, he was a no show.

But all the rest. The black spider woman, his old pet hawk, the insufferable do good captain man. And of course Thor himself and the big green ogre also called Bruce Banner.

Oh joy… For ones Loki was pretty happy just staying a cat.

There were also some new faces.

The talking raccoon and… uff, Nebula.

Loki shivered, yeah he remembered her from when he had been in Thanos's capture! Apparently she had changed sides now. Her eyes though were as dead and devoid of light as ever.

There was another bird man, this one they called Falcon. He was just yet another do gooder, of course he was the Captains friend.

And then there was, the long awaited… Man who talks to ants.

Considering Loki had spend an entire year thinking about this guy, it was kind of disappointing. The man was a dork.

But what had Loki expected? The man was talking to ants. Now when Loki actually fought about it, that was a really stupid power.

Ones Lokis initial defensiveness had subsided though, he started to notice.

These people looked terrible! Yes, it had been nearly a decade since he had last seen them and that was a long time in human years but… It honestly looked like they had all aged even more than a decade.

These people looked haggard and just used, wrinkles of worry and stress had infused their faces. There were shadow in their eyes and then Loki realized.

Yes, Thor was very close to his old self now but… There was still that shadow within his eyes. There was a wrinkle on his forehead which hadn't been there before. That sadness was ever present deep inside of him. This knew knowledge and heavy burden. And that... Was never going to go away.

Thor armor was no longer spot free and shining bright, it was dented and cracked, covered in dirt and even blood, it had stood the test of true battle and true sorrow. That wasn't going to change.

And the same went for everyone in the building. Every single one.

But also, there was hope. Some of these people didn't even dare to hope.

Clint Barton was in that category, he was reluctant yet desperate.

And then there were those whom just clinged to hope. Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers.

The only ones who looked like they had managed to somewhat move on with their lives were Bruce Banner and Thor.

Loki didn't know Sam Wilson, Scott Lang, Nebula or Rocket raccoon. He didn't know what they had been like in the past.

Well okay, he had known Nebula. But again, she had been without visible emotion in the past and now she looked… Without visible emotion. She had gotten a new face plate, that was honestly the only real difference Loki could see.

Then suddenly the who talked to ants in person sat down in front of Loki. "Aww it's a cat. How cute."

Thors eyes widened just as Scotts hand moved closer. "NO WAIT!"

To late, Scotts hand was inside Lokis mouth and Scott let go of a cry of pain as he retrieved his hand.

"Sorry!" Thor asked. "He… He doesn't do well with people. Just leave him be okay?" he asked.

Clint lifted an eyebrow. "Is there a reason why Thor brought his pet?" he asked. "We already got one rapid furball. There's enough shedding in here already."

"HEY!" Rocket shouted.

"It's a teleportating cat Clint, it might just be useful." Bruce informed fixing his glasses.

Damn that guy still looked really weird! Loki did his best to stay as far away from the abomination as possible.

"So." Thor hesitated. "What do we have?" he asked.



A time machine… They had build a time machine.

Wide-eyed Loki looked at the big monstrosity, sparks flying everywhere, it looked like it was going to fall apart. Lokis head tilted.

Then he jumped up to the table with the computer screen and looked at the calculations… This… Was not going to work.

You inverted it you bozos. For a brief moment Loki considered turning into an aisir to explain but then he felt the presence of a big… BIG green thing right behind him.

Loki froze.

Then a pair of ginormous hands reached forward and picked him up.. Loki was stiff as a board, mortified. Oh norns… Safe me.

Then a soft voice. "Please I hope you didn't press any buttons." Bruce Banner spoke looking at the screen then sighed deeply. "Okay it looks good." then he put Loki down on the ground. "Don't jump up there!" he lectured with a big green finger and then he turned back to the screen to make more calculations.

And Loki… Just staggered away as he tried to get his heart rate back under control. Perhaps the mortals would figure it out on their own that they had inverted the process. They had gotten this far after all, half way there.

Well, as they ran the tests and they predictable didn't work they just seemed confused and Loki groaned annoyed.

It's so simple you idiots! Technically you have it right, it's just inverted! How did they even manage to come this far in the first place?!

It looked like it had all been stupid dumb luck!

Loki groaned, he was starting to consider it… Really seriously consider it, just reveal himself and do it for them.

But he really… Really didn't want to.

The hawk, black spider and Captain he could deal with… The big ogre though? … The god damn ogre.

Just then a big sound sounded from the outside and Loki looked up to see a fancy car pulling up at the drive way, everyone else gasped as well as they ran for the door and opened it up just in time for one Tony stark to step out of the car.

"Tony." Natasha gasped.

Tony sighed deeply. "I looked at the formulas you left me." he admitted. "And well, theoretically. It's actually possible." he admitted. "Except, the plans you gave me were inverted."

Loki groaned, finally. Someone with a bit of brain.



It took Stark the grand total of ten minutes to correct all the calculations and had the machine up and running. Now without sparks as well.

Someone competent! Thank you!

Then though suddenly the discussion started.

"Wait, if we are going back in time. What will happen if we mess things up?!" Scott asked. "Will we just arrive back at new present where everything is different?! I mean Hello! The butterfly effect!"

"We just have to make sure we wont be seen." Steve replied. "And put everything back the exact same way it was!"

Even Tony seemed to be frowning. "It is very risky." he admitted.

Loki groaned, that's not how this is going to work you idiots!

"But as long as there is a chance right!?" Thor asked. "That's why we are even here!"

"Tony is right we need to consider very carefully." Bruce nodded. "Do one thing wrong and who knows what could happen? A new reality where Hydra won and took over."

Then Loki couldn't take it anymore and just shouted. "THAT'S NOT HOW IT IS GOING TO WORK!"

Wide-eyed all turned to him.

"You are thinking of it wrong! The timeline is not singular!" Loki started to explain. "When you go back, you will be creating new branches. This timeline will stay the same."

There was silence, absolute silence.

Then Tony screamed. "AAARGH!" he shouted. "There's a naked Loki in the room!"

Loki rolled his eyes. "Why are everybody so sensitive over this?! Yes, underneath our clothes we are all naked! Get over it!"

"WHY ARE YOU NAKED!" Tony shouted. "AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?! Aren't you supposed to be dead?!"

"I was dead!" Loki snorted.

"The cat!" Scott stammered. "I saw it! The cat turned into Loki!"

"THE CAT WAS LOKI?!" Bruce shouted. "You weren't asking us to bring a cat! You were asking us to bring Loki!" he shouted at Thor.

"Loki knows about this kind of stuff, he's helping isn't he?" Thor asked.

"Could someone give him a pair of pants?!" Tony asked.

"One wrong move and I'll shoot!" Natasha informed as true enough she had a gun pointed right at Lokis head.

Loki groaned. "I'm really not your problem right now!" he informed. "You are trying to undo the snap! I want the same thing. Half of my people are gone too!"

"Your people?!" Clint asked.

"Yes my people!" Loki proclaimed. "I am still a prince of Asgard!" he stated. 

"Ple-Please!" Steve asked, his entire face bright red. "There is a lady in this room! Just..." 

Natasha lifted an eyebrow. "You really think I haven't seen worse?" she asked crossing her legs. "This suites me better, no armor. Easier to shoot him in the heart."

"Please." Thor asked as he rushed towards Loki with a blanket in his hands, then wrapped it around Lokis shoulder before turning to the rest. "Just hear him out!"

Loki sighed deeply.  "Okay… Okay I'll try to explain. So Thanos and I don't exactly have a friendly relationship." He said folding his hands. "After New Mexico I fell through space, Thanos picked me up. I was his prisoner for a bit, she can testify to that!" Loki informed pointing at Nebula.

"It's true." Nebula informed. "I was his prison keeper."

"Thank you." Loki replied turning back to the others. "Anyway! I was Thanos's prisoner, until he decided to send me to New York. Against my own will I might add. And you all know what a spectacular fiasco all of that was! Fast forward to five years ago. Thanos killed me as punishment for my failure, then I made a deal with the goddess of death in the afterlife. Now I am a cat! But honestly, I think what you should focus on right now is that you want to undo the snap. I want to undo the snap! So really it's in every bodies best interest to agree on a truce." Loki stated. "By the way, I can only maintain humanoid form for so long. We got six minutes and twenty-three seconds left until I am forced back into my cat form can we move on now?"

There was stunned silence, as people tried to comprehend Lokis long ramble.

"GREAT!" Loki exclaimed. "Basic time theory! There are an infinite number of possibilities and thus there are an infinite number of timelines! Timelines which are constantly being multiplied! For instance, your timeline was just one timeline for a long time! Then suddenly, Tony was of two minds he couldn't decide if he wanted orange juice or apple juice! Then suddenly, the timeline split into two! One where Tony went for the orange and one where he went for the apple and each new timeline just continued from there! What you are going to do, is to travel back in this time line but then create a new split!"

Again everyone just looked beyond stunned.

"I'll be honest here guys." Scott began. "My head hurts."

Rocket snorted. "I suppose the point is we are cool. We wont be messing up our current timeline by traveling back."

"A crude way to put it, but basically yes." Loki replied.

Tonys eyes narrowed. "I got second thoughts here." he admitted. "I don't really trust mr crazy pants words." he admitted. "Well mr crazy no pants." he groaned.

Loki glared at him. "Look, last time we met. You caught me at a really bad time okay."

"You threw me out of a window!" Tony exclaimed.

"And he smashed me into the ground way more times than what was necessary!" Loki exclaimed pointing at Bruce. "But I am willing to let bygones be bygones, Why can't you?"

"Erh lemme see." Tony looked at him. "You killed a couple of hundred humans." he said. "And Phill! You killed Phill."

"Is this really a discussion you want to have right now?" Loki asked.

"He was under the influence of the mind stone." Nebula suddenly spoke up and all turned to her, she though looked back at them. "The scepter he wielded." she explained. "When father first asked Loki to lead his army, Loki spat him in the face. Said he was no ones servant. Even when Father offered Loki his freedom in exchange for the Tesseract did Loki say no. We used the scepter to plant suggestions into his mind."

"YOU SEE!" Loki gestured at Nebula.

Again, there was quiet.

"My head… really really hurts." Scott informed them all.

"Meh, all I know is that there's a chance to get my family back." Rocket informed. "The angel pirate says this guy is good. Who am I to judge him? It's not like I understand any of this crap myself!"

Tony looked at Rocket. "We have a bit of a history you weren't involved in okay?" he asked. "Darn it, now my head hurts to." he admitted rubbing his forehead.

Clint sighed deeply. "I can't believe I am saying this. Believe me it feels wrong. But I think we should just let Loki help out."

They all looked at him.

"It seems like we have a common enemy." Clint informed. "And a common goal. His knowledge could be very useful to us. Then we can figure out what to do with him after this shit is over."

There was quiet and all looked at each other.

"So we all agree?" Loki asked, quiet. "Okay I'll consider your silence a consent which is good, because I have officially run out of magic. It is going to take twenty-three minutes and fourteen seconds before we will be able to speak again. If you got questions, ask then." he informed and then, the blanket just dropped and from it crawled a cat.

Everyone just looked at the black fury creature as it crawled out and then shook its head. There was stunned silence, only Thor coughed into his hand just trying to break the awkwardness. Didn't really help much.

"He's not just lying is he?" Tony asked. "He's really stuck like that?"

"Aye." Thor nodded. "Believe me, if he could stay Aisir all the time he would. It's just not an option right now."

"Urggh." Tony groaned. "Wizards with magic necklaces, talking raccoon, blue alien cyborg chick… God who is now a cat? Sure! Why am I even surprised by anything anymore?!" he asked.

The rest just kind of shrugged.

"Fine!" Tony sighed looking up. "Let's just get this over with okay?" he asked. And again all just nodded. At least they were all on the same page on that one.

Chapter Text

There was a starring contest going on. Two figures sitting absolutely still, glaring into each others eyes, neither one wanting to break away and thus admit defeat.

The archer, with an angry sullen face expression… And a black cat whom honestly looked pretty much the same, only with a swishing tale and a deep growl sounding from its throat.

Clints eyes narrowed, Loki showed a bit of teeth.

And they were just sitting there.

It was fascinating honestly, for just how long they could keep going at it.

It was hypnotizing in a way, so much so several avengers just stopped the things they were doing to look at it before they shook their head, finally moving on with what they were doing.

"I bet ten bucks Clint is going to break eye contact first." Tony stated as he was working on the machine.

"I take that bet." Natasha replied as she stood beside Tony observing him.

"You sure Nat?" Tony asked. "You do know Loki is a demi god right? And a cat! Starring at stuff is kind of what they do. And they don't stop."

"Clint is the best Sniper shield has." Natasha replied. "Part of his job is to keep eyes on a target for hours or even days while not moving an inch as that could reveal his position to the enemy."

"Oh my god, those two are caught in a deadlock aren't they?" Tony asked. "We lost them Nat, we are never going to get them back."

Natasha smirked amused. Then her eyes softened. "Tony..." she hesitated. "It's good to see you. I really mean that."

Tony halted.

"Don't worry, I don't mean anything else by that." Natasha assured. "Only that it's honestly good to see you."

Tony sighed. "I really didn't want to go back here." he admitted. "There's just so much shit going on."

Natasha nodded. "I understand."

"It's good to see you to." Tony then admitted and Natasha looked up. "Didn't know how this was going to go down but… It really is good seeing all of you."

Natasha's eyes were soft and she nodded. "Yeah." she said.

"You really think this is going to work?" Tony asked.

Natasha shrugged. "I don't know." she admitted. "But I suppose there's nothing else for it than to try. I mean, what other options are there?" she asked.

Tony sighed deeply. "No other… There are no other options." he affirmed.



"Okay listen." Clint whispered, his eyes had still not broken away from Loki. "I don't trust you! I got no reason to! Any funny business from you and I will shoot you!"

A growling sound came from the cats throat. It was almost like he was speaking and he was saying… Come at me bitch.

Clints eyes became extra hard.

"HEY BOYS!" Natasha suddenly shouted from the machine. "Are you done measuring your dicks yet?"

At ones both Clint and Loki turned to Natasha with wide open eyes. "WHAT?!" "MEOOW!"

"Dammit Nat!" Tony exclaimed. "They turned their heads at the same time! Now we are never going to know!"

"It's for the better." Natasha commented. "As you said, we might have lost them if nothing had been done."



"Wow." Scott gasped as he stood in front of Thor. "So erhm, hey!" he waved his hand. "You weren't there with all the hero act stuff and so on, so we never met. Which is probably good, because if you were on Tony's side I might have gotten a hammer to the face. But if you were on Steve's side. That would have been cool."

Thor blinked, he was really confused right now.

"A-Anyway." Scott blushed deeply. "So I am Scott Lang… Ant man! Ant man is my hero name. And I guess, I am an avenger now!" he stated. "So I suppose, the two of us. We are like team mates." he pointed from one to the other. "Not that you need to consider me a friend! I just..." he gasped for air. "I watched New York on television and it was amazing it was like seeing honest to god real life heroes! And I was just… Wow. I never really thought I could become one of them, you know how crazy this is?!" he asked.

Thor smiled warmly then chuckled. "Well met, friend Lang." he spoke. "It is good having you here! If you had been nearby doing New York, I am sure you would have been of great aid!"

"yeaah… I don't know about that." Scott admitted rubbing his neck. "I am just not exactly.... Beside, I was kind of… held up at the time."

Thor looked at him.

"Prison. I was in prison." Scott admitted.

"Oh." Thor blinked. "Well, I assume you served your due."

"Absolutely!" Scott stated. "I have gone straight! I no longer do robberies!"

"Oh really?" Sam asked as he stepped up. "Then what were you doing trying to sneak into this very facility some years ago?"

Scott closed his eyes.

"Well?" Sam asked.

"I wasn't trying to rob you!" Scott exclaimed. "I just… Needed to borrow a few things. So I could.. commit a heist at this other place."

"Heist?" Sam asked with crossed arms. "That's just another word for robbery isn't it?"

"NO!" Scott proclaimed. "There are steps to a heist! beside it was for a good cause! Saving the world. You know, the things heroes do!"

"Uhu." Sam nodded not looking very impressed. 

"Hey you don't need to judge me!" Scott exclaimed. "I had gone straight, and it was because of you guys I was nearly thrown back into the slammer. Remember?" he asked. "Instead it was two years house arrest! All because Captain America was asking a favor and I thought. HEY! It's Captain America, that has to mean it's to protect the world right?!"

Sam halted.

"That's what I thought." Scott snorted. "A thank you would be fine."

Sam glared slightly at Scott. then turned to Thor. "Hey! Sam Wilson, code name Falcon. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you Thor! And I hope we can work well together." he offered Thor a hand.

And Thor grinned just happy to move on with the conversation grabbing the hand. "Well met Son of Will!" he greeted the second newcomer.

Sam chuckled amused. "Man, you are just as impressive in person as on a tely screen." he commented.

Thor smiled. "I am glad I don't disappoint." he replied.

"So erhm, I don't mean to sound ungreateful. But your brother." Sam hesitated.

"You do not need to fear!" Thor stated. "We all share a common enemy, his name is Thanos!" he stated. "Beside, Lokis abilities are currently very limited so even if he was out to harm you. I kind of doubt he could. I mean he can scratch you, and that hurts a lot believe me! I know! But he is going to have a hard time seriously hurting you."

Both Scott and Sam looked at Thor with an odd look in his eyes.

"He wont act to hurt you." Thor promised. "He has no interest in hurting any of you."

"Are you sure?" Scott asked. "You do know he bit me right!" he pointed at his hand where Loki had first bit him when everyone still thought he was a cat. "For the love of god just tell me this doesn't mean I am cursed or something! I got bad luck enough already!"

Thor chuckled. "No of course not. It does not work as such."

"Okay..." Scott hesitated lowering his hand. "Well, I'm going to take your word for that then."

"Not that you are in a position to judge is it?" Sam asked. "So what were you in prison for anyway?"

Scott pouted as he crossed his arms.

"Well?" Sam asked.

Scott sighed. "You know of Vistacorp right?" he asked.

"Yeah." Sam nodded.

"They were over charging costumers deliberately, super corrupt. Poor people were going bankrupt because they were tricked! I broke into their headquarters to hack their systems and return the money they owed to all the people they had scammed." Scott informed.

"They caught you for that?" Sam blinked. "That though sounds like a whistle blower act. Didn't you get any protection?"

"Then I stole the car belonging to the CEO of the company and drew it into a swimming pool." Scott finished.

"Oh." Sam said. "Damn, for a fleeting second there I thought you were actually smart."

"I am!" Scott defended himself. "I got a masters degree in electrical engineering!"

"That doesn't make you smart." Sam informed and Scott just pouted.

Thor had no idea what these two had been talking about, so he was just smiling kindly.

These new Avengers… they seemed nice!

Chapter Text

"It's set up." Bruce informed. "We are ready."

All the avengers nodded seriously, Loki sitting on a chair so he was at least a bit above the floor.

Then Tony and Scott went on the explain how it was going to work with the special suits stored in bracelets.

They split up the people, decided who was going to go where for which stone.

Thor was going back to Asgard… To get the reality stone while it was still inside of Jane.

Really there was no other choice than picking Thor for that one, he was the only one even remotely familiar with Asgard.

Well him and Loki… But Loki was staying behind. And the second Thor figured that out he just looked heart broken.

Damn that big teddy bear. Now Loki felt guilty for not going with Thor on this odd adventure.

"Okay people, fifteen minutes and we are going. Get ready!" Tony proclaimed and people spread out.

Thor though just stood, chewing his lip tightening his fists. He looked nervous, beyond nervous. Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and then… He started to shake.

Loki jumped down and ran to his robe on the table, then transformed back under it so he could walk over to Thor.

Thor who was shaking, taking gasping breaths, as he was hyper ventilating.

"Norns." Loki commented. "It's still so weird seeing you like this." he admitted and Thor looked up as Loki smirked. "When we were kids, you were never scared of anything. You would set your mind upon the dumbest most reckless missions, missions that would obviously get you hurt. But you never flinched."

Thor smiled defeated. "I suppose at that time I thought I was invincible." he admitted. "Also… At that time it was only myself I had to be concerned about."

Loki nodded. "We rarely considered that our actions might actually affect others didn't we?" he asked and Thor blushed deeply. "No need to look like that, I do believe we were equally guilty of that sin." he admitted.

And Thor glanced up, his blue and golden eyes looking so innocent. Damn that guy, he had been through so much and he was still just a pure soul.

How in the all fathers name was that possible?! Thor in the past had been so arrogant and ignorant! It had been his defining characteristics in their youth! But… Never malicious.

It's not that Thor had ever wanted to spread hurt, only that he never really thought about or grasped what the consequences his actions might have. It simply hadn't occurred to him that Jotunns had feelings. Honestly, hadn't really occurred to Loki either.

That was different now though, the complete opposite. To much so even.

Loki sighed. "We were raised always being told we were better than everyone else." he pointed out. That though only seemed to make Thor look even more ashamed. "I was just trying to say." Loki tried, but was lost for words. "I just... urghh." he groaned rubbing his eyes.

Thor closed his eyes. "What if I fail?" he asked in a quiet voice. "What if I'm just not good enough for this?"

"You wont fail." Loki just simply stated and Thors eyes opened up.

"But." Thor tried.

"I just said it didn't I?" Loki asked. "You wont fail! And I am the smartest person in here, so that must mean I am correct!"

Thor smirked amused, then he chuckled. "Thank you Loki."

Just then a big green ogre came stomping towards them. "Sure you don't want to join the party Loki?" he asked.

"I would if it was safe." Loki sighed deeply. "How-ever, my existence in this timeline is already fluctuating. Trying to send me into the time stream could mess things up, not just for me, but those traveling with me. This is to important to be reckless about."

Bruce nodded.

"Hey since when have you two become buddie buddie?!" Tony asked as he came to.

Bruce shook his head. "We faced Ragnarok together Tony." he informed.

"Right." Tony looked up. "You really think it's safe to leave Loki alone here?"

Bruce smirked. "Tony… If it was only earths population at stake, I might have had doubts. But Loki is very loyal to his people. You didn't see it, but I did. First at Asgard, Loki came back with a spaceship creating an escape route for the Asgardians. All at his own risk! He didn't have to come, he could have gone the other way. But he did!  And he ran into the war zone with Surturs crown to do what he had to do, at own peril. Then… At the statement, he did all he could to distract Thanos. Buying the Asgardians as many seconds as he could to reach the escape pots, even when he knew.. He knew for sure it would kill him. He did it anyway." Bruce looked seriously at Tony. "There were so many times Loki could just have legged it. He had the space stone, he could have teleported away. But he never did, he stayed to the bitter end. He really cares about the Asgardians Tony. He gave his life for them."

"Giving his life is perhaps going a bit far since he is standing right here!" Tony pointed out.

"Even if it was a trick, it would still be an incredible dangerous one." Bruce sighed. "I trust him Tony. At least when it comes to rescuing his own people, I trust him." he stated. "I suppose in the end. Actions just speak louder than words, and I saw it all myself."

"Damn, it's so weird hearing you say that." Tony admitted. "You're making Loki sound all good an heroic! It's weird!"

"A lot of things happened." Bruce smiled apologetically.

"I only got one thing to ask of you." Loki said to Tony earning his attention.

"Yeah?" Tony snorted.

"Don't screw this up!" Loki demanded. "You are going to New York when my younger self invaded. Back then, I wasn't off my right mind but I was capable! And! Listen, this is important."

"Okay." Tony said.

"Remember after you had caught me? I started to shapeshift into you guys just to annoy you." Loki commented.

Tony snorted. "yeah I remember, and yes it was annoying:"

"You are missing the point Tony. I wasn't shape shifting before you caught me. Only after! Neither was I using any illusions even though they are my specialty. Why do you think that is?" Loki asked.

That made Tony blink, and he actually looked confused.

"The mind control is broken by a blunt blow to the head." Loki pointed at his head. "Before the HULK grabbed me and….. Did his thing."

Bruce turned his head embarrassed away by that as Loki continued.

"The scepter was suggesting things to me, and it simply didn't occur to me to use any other abilities than those the scepter gave me. It wanted to be the star of the show! After our green friend was so kind to use me as his own private battering ram. The connection was broken, and I felt compelled to use my normal gifts again. Shapeshifting, illusion and teleportation. Though the chains prevented me from doing the latter." he counted his fingers. "More importantly, I had my eyes on the Tesserect. Not to hand it to Thanos, that desire had stopped with the head blow, but for personal use! I knew if I could lay a hand on it I could escape. So to put it simply… Do not mess things so much up that you'll give me one single opening!" he stated sternly. "Because if you give me the slightest chance, I will be taking the Tesserect and you wont be able to retrieve it because I would have used it to just transport myself off world! You would never have seen me nor it again."

Tony blinked. "Oh."

"Wait!" Bruce held up a hand. "What if we just catch the younger you earlier, like when you are on the Helicarrier. Give you a good head bash and explain the situation to you?"

"My other self will exist in a split time line, and he is going to know it. He is not going to become me and thus has no interest in what happens to me nor the Asgardians of this timeline, only his own. Chances are he is just going to split. I wouldn't risk it if I was you."

"You are a real piece of work you know that?" Tony asked.

"Let me put my situation at the time into perspective for you." Loki asked. "At that time, I was caught between three different forces." he held up three fingers. "Thanos, who had promised me that if I failed in my mission he would let me face a fate worse than death. And I do not doubt him on that." he bend one finger. "Asgard, who would like to have my head for treason! And I mean my literal head detached from my body!" he bend a second finger. "And the Avengers, earth mightiest heroes who had all the reason to think of me as an alien invader and cold blooded murderer! I don't know what kind of punishment earth fancies. But I have a good imagination. Yeah, if I had the slightest chance to split. I would do it." he stated crossing his arms.

"Huh, really caught between a rock and a hard place there." Tony smirked, he didn't look sorry at all and Loki glared at him.

"Why didn't you explain any of that to us? Or to Odin?" Thor asked honestly confused, and a bit hurt.

"I wasn't prepared to grovel in front of Odin at that time." Loki rolled his eyes. "And I was still pretty mad at you Thor." he admitted. "Yeah okay, I probably could have handled that situation better. But it's the past now right?"

Defeated Thor shook his head. "Pride has always been your greatest strength and your greatest weakness brother." he stated.

Tony sighed then glanced at his watch. "Five minutes guys, any last words of advice now is the time."

Thor glanced up, then without warning he stepped forward and grabbed Loki pulling him into a hug.

At first Loki resisted, trying to get away then he sighed as he just allowed Thor to finish and they stood back. "It's not even a big deal, you're going to see me as soon as you get back." Loki rolled his eyes.

"I know." Thor admitted. "I just… I'm really happy we got this far!" he smiled warmly. "We are brothers ones more! Actual brothers! If you know what I mean."

Loki sighed deeply. "Thor, even when I hated it. We were always brothers. You dumb oaf."

And Thor grinned.

"Safe travel." Loki asked and Thor nodded.

"Thank you brother."

Chapter Text

Loki took a deep breath, as deep as his cat body allowed.

He very well knew, that from his own perspective, this should only take minutes. From the Avengers perspective though, it could be anything between seconds and years.

To be honest though, these felt like the longest minutes in all of Lokis life! Seconds just stretched on, it felt like for-ever.

He had seen all the Avengers, Thor included, vanish. Thor had looked at him just as they went away, gone in a flash.

And now… Man this building was empty. Weren't there supposed to be people?

Apparently not, Lokis ears twitched trying to find the sounds of foot steps or voices. But there was nothing.

People had been barred from the area, top secret time machine and all of that…. Damn, these people had been awfully trusting leaving their former enemy alone with the machine.

He could easily destroy it and strand them all in their new split time lines.

But Thor was right… He wouldn't… To much was riding on this.

Hela… Would she come? And how would it happen? Would he simply slip out of this body and find himself back at Hela? Would all go to black? Or would he have to go through the pain of dying again?

No, he couldn't think of it. And not just assume. Hela had said she would let him live out this cat life. He had to believe she was saying the truth. Even if she had been lying, it was not like he could do anything about it!

Suddenly, the machine started to hum, Loki looked up and then, figures started to form on each their pad.

Thor, Banner, Stark, Lang, Nebula, the furball, Wilson, Barton and… Lokis eyes were on the last spot… It was empty.

This could only mean one thing. Loki hadn't known Natasha Romanoff, he had no real opinion off her yet his heart sank as the ineventable question came… Steve was the one to ask.

"Where's Nat?"

The look on Clints face told the entire story.

The face reminded Loki of Thor doing this past year, the anguish and sorrow was raw… And fresh.

Then suddenly a yell sounded, fighting was breaking out. Loki knew he had no right to interfere, the worst thing he could do was to remind these people off his presence.

So he did the only decent thing he could do, he jumped down from the table and ran to the door leaving the room as they all broke together, now moving closer to each other, thankfully comforting each other rather than fighting.

At least though her dead had not been for nothing, Loki had taken notice. Everyone coming back was carrying energy sources… Strong energy sources. Beyond anything normal living creatures could make. Six sources… They had the stones.



After thirty minutes had passed, the avengers started to leave the room. Staggering out in different directions.

Loki kept a close eye on the door where a few people came out, but not the one he was interested in… Finally Loki ventured back into the lab, but Thor was gone. He had to have taken a different exit… Darn.

Finally Loki just got over with it and got to his robe, the transformed back to his aisir self. Then he frowned a bit, before conjuring a pair of black pants to wear and finally… He walked to the only person in the room.

The last person Loki wanted to talk to really, but Clint Barton was just the only one here. "Erhm, pardon me." he asked and Clint looked up, his eyes red and puffy. Filled with so much pain. "I was just wondering… If you might know where Thor went?"

"Outside I think." Clint replied. "Door there goes to the outside area." he pointed to his left.

Loki nodded. "Thank you." he breathed then he halted. "Erhm, I am sorry for your loss."

Clint snorted. "You don't have to act like you care."

"I wont be pretending that I knew her." Loki admitted. "I just know she was one of the few people alive able to out smart me. And she meant a lot to Thor. Thus, she must have been a very special woman. And her demise would be a loss to everyone."

Clint blinked as he looked up. "That's… A surprisingly respectful thing to say." he had to admit.

"As a Prince, I have been raised to be tactful." Loki replied in a slight smirk. Then his smile faltered. "You got all the stones."

"Yeah." Clint sighed. "Tony has gone to build a gauntlet for them, he says it's going to take a couple of hours. Don't get any funny ideas."

"Only after everyone has been brought back would you have reason to worry." Loki stated.

Clint lifted an eyebrow. "Do we have reason to worry?" he asked.

Loki shrugged. "I am the god of mischief, trickery is my game. It would not be in my nature to tell you that."

"I suppose I better keep an eye on you then." Clint stated.

"Indeed." Loki offered him a last nod and then finally headed for the door. Opening the door Loki was indeed face with a lovely outside.

A field of grass, trees not far from them. The sun was standing here, the weather was just lovely. And there, sitting not to far away on a bench was Thor, holding a bottle of beer in his hand. Then lifted it to his lip and took a drink.

This time Loki was not going to stop him, instead he walked over. And then sat down next to Thor.

Thor sighed deeply, not commenting on Lokis presence, but took another drink. Before he reached down and grabbed a second beer, wordlessly offering it to Loki.

Loki just accepted, opening the bottle just using his hand then tasted the liquid Thor was so fond of.

Huh, this was pretty good. Not at all as bad as Loki could have feared.

"Funny huh?" Thor commented.

"What is?" Loki asked.

"It never gets easier." Thor breathed. "Mother… Father… Heimdal… You… Natasha. It hurts every single time."

"Good. That means you have a soul." Loki replied.

Thor halted. Then he closed his eyes. "Doesn't feel real... Feels like she is going to walk out that door any second now. Scolding me for having a long face. It never feels real does it? Knowing that... You wont ever see them again, talk to them again. Even have a fight." he sighed taking a sip of his beer.

"She was a true warrior was she not?" Loki asked. "And she died a true warriors death, a death of honor. Saving the universe at own peril. Facing her fate with no hesitation most likely. She must be on her travel towards Valhalla."

Thor sucked in a breath, but then nodded. "Aye." then he leaned back. "We did it… That doesn't feel real either."

"Do not celebrate just yet Thor." Loki asked. "Wait until the snap has been undone, then you can breath easy."

Thor nodded then he frowned. "Honestly it seemed to easy." he admitted. "All that talk about being ready, I scarcely did anything. It didn't require all that training at all." he frowned.

That made Loki halt, his body froze… Hela had said Thor needed to be ready! She had even send Loki down to make sure of it.

But if it wasn't for the time travel bit, was there still then more to come?

"Loki!" Thor gasped earning Lokis attention, then Thor turned to him, meeting his eyes. "I talked to Mother!"

"Huh?" Loki looked at him.

"She was there! In Asgard of days past and she… Kind of discovered me and outed me." Thor admitted. "I didn't have to tell her anything though, she already knew I was a different Thor than the one she knew."

"Well… She was raised by witches." Loki contemplated.

Thor nodded. "I am so happy that...." he gasped. "I got to tell her the greatest news of all."

"Oh?" Loki asked.

"Mother, I said to her." Thor breathed. "In the present, Loki seems so lost. But in the future, we are figuring it out! Loki is with me, really with me! He is amazing mother, supporting and helping Asgard in a way I never could!"

Loki was quiet.

"And the way she looked at me." Thor smiled. "Such relief and such happiness, she hugged me tight and asked me to take care of you. She said that all she ever wanted was for both of her sons to find happiness! She sends you her love Loki! She asked me to tell you, that you will always be her son! And she loves you!" 

Lokis eyes watered. Thors words had come out of no-where. He barely even knew what to say.

"And she also said to me that I shouldn't be so hard on myself." Thor shook his head. "She said... Odin is expecting to much of you. He is looking for an ideal, but you're just a man, like everyone else. And there is no shame in that. I love you so much Thor." at that Thor had to wipe his own eyes. "Stop trying to be what you think everyone else want you to be, and just be you. The best you can be... And look after Loki. Those were her words."

Loki looked at Thor, his throat was in a tight knot and his own eyes wet, then he wiped them with his sleeve.

"You didn't need to tell her I was supporting Asgard when that's not true." Loki managed to get over his lips.

"Erh Loki, all your work! The texts you written down." Thor pointed out. "That is true support. Is it not? They can help not just one generation. But multiple!"

Loki halted.

"And Mother could always tell when I was lying! She believed me, so I can't have been lying." Thor smirked.

Loki shook his head, taking another sip of his beer.

Then Thor halted. "Loki, I don't wish to be rude but… Aren't you supposed to be turning back into a cat around now?"

Loki smirked. "You are correct, I am over the usual time limit." he informed. "How-ever, there are currently six infinity stones in my close proximity. I am basically bathing in infinity energy right now. So, I am good." he informed.

"So you don't have to turn back?" Thor asked.

"Well, for now." Loki sighed. "Apparently they want to put all the infinity stones back so." he shrugged drinking some more beer.

"What if we..." Thor halted. "Kept one?"

Loki smirked. "Why Thor? Are you suggesting to resort to trickery to keep such a stone for yourself?" he asked.

"I'm not sure." Thor admitted.

Loki shook his head. "Honestly… Having such a massive power in New Asgard would only invite trouble no-body needs. The most powerful beings in the universe would be knocking at our door to get it. It's not worth it." he simply stated. "You have an excellent opportunity to just get rid of them for good. I say take it."

Thor nodded. "Probably a good idea. I mean, every single time we had one of those blasted stones it always ended in disaster!" he stated. "No wonder father hid the Tesserect on earth, it was just to much trouble wasn't it? Just look at what happened when you tried to take it with you!"

"You really don't need to remind me Thor, I died remember?" Loki asked as he rolled his eyes.

"Oh trust me I remember." Thor nodded then sighed deeply. "I remember all three times you pulled that one. And believe me, it never got any easier."

Loki halted, his heart clinching and he swallowed hard.

"So if you could do me a favor Loki. Stop dying every two seconds, that would be nice." Thor commented.

Loki smirked. "Is that your attempt at humor Thor?" he asked.

"Yes." Thor admitted.

"It's terrible." Loki stated and Thor smirked.

"So, what's your answer then?" Thor asked.

"To what?" Loki asked.

"Stop dying." Thor said.

Loki halted, then he groaned as he closed his eyes. "Thor, you ought to know by now. It doesn't work that way! People don't get to plan their deaths! I wasn't planning to fall from the bridge Bifrost! Nor was I planning for Thanos to choke me."

Thor looked at Loki. "But you were planning for Malakith to stab you?" he asked.

"That's... Different." Loki pouted. "Anyways, that's beside the point! So I planned for one fake death! When-ever I was in real life danger, it really was not planned okay! I don't actually like dying! It hurts dying Thor, A lot!"

Thor quieted. "I… I'm sor-"

"Don't." Loki cut him off. "Just forget it."

Thor was looked at Loki, his eyes nervous. "Is something wrong?" he asked.

"I'm not sure." Loki admitted. "You were supposed to be ready, for something important. A great task. I am not sure if this was it."

"Then what could it be?" Thor asked.

"That's the issue isn't it? I don't know!" Loki exclaimed and Thor was quiet.

"I… I'll stay alert then." Thor nodded and Loki sighed.

"Aye, that's probably wise."

Chapter Text

Loki was not entirely sure what to think of the gauntlet Tony had created.

The original infinity gauntlet had been very elegant yet strong in its design, a beautiful piece! This one… Looked like crap.

Well, as long as it worked. And it did indeed seem like it would work, using electronics to connect the stones and allow a wielder to do the snap.

That though left the question… Who was going to wield it?

Thor was gasping. "That's it, isn't it?" he asked. "I was supposed to be ready for something. This is it! I am supposed to bring them back!" he grinned.

Wide-eyed Loki looked at Thor. It was obvious why Thor wanted to do it, in Thors mind he had been at fault for their original failure and wanted to redeem himself, at any cost.

How-ever, from the buzzing of the glow and how Loki still felt himself drenched in energy just being around it he already knew. If Thor wielded it and made a snap then… Loki swallowed. Thor would not be able to exit unharmed. Not even Loki could tell what the extents would be… But they would be bad.

"Wait." Bruce halted. "You know what sort of energy those stones are releasing?" he asked. "Gamma! And you know what I am filled with? GAMMA!" he pointed at his chest. "I have a better chance!"

"But." Thor started to object. "Do you indeed think you are strong enough?" he asked.

"Thor! Ever since that accident happened. The accident that turned me into the HULK. I have been waiting, waiting for a reason!" Bruce stated. "This is it, don't you see it."

Loki frowned then he halted. Wait…

"Friend Banner, it was my failure which let to Thanos victory! I ask of you, let me set it right!" Thor asked.

"WAIT!" Loki shouted and they all turned to him. "You are thinking about it wrong again!" he stated. "You are working on the assumption that only one person should wield it. But what if multiple people wielded the stones together. Lending each other power?!"

"Huh?!" Everyone eyes were at Loki.

"This is perfect!" Loki walked to Bruce. "It's true! You are drenched in energy similar to that of the stones! You are the perfect conductor, so you wear it and stand in the middle! Then we need one person for each stone." Loki stated looking around. "Someone whom has either managed to defy the stone in some way and thus can claim mastery or have a special connection! STARK!" he shouted. "Mind!" he pointed.

Tony blinked. "I'm sorry?"

"The stone had no power over you, you will be its wielder in the snap!" Loki stated. "Step over here!"

Tony halted, but then walked over to Bruce. "And?" he asked.

"When Bruce puts on the gauntlet, touch him! He will be conducting the energy." Loki stated then looked around. "THOR! Strength!" he pointed.

Thor sighed relieved and stepped forward.

"Captain Rogers, the man out of time. TIME!" Loki proclaimed.

"Huh, oddly enough that makes sense." Tony had to admit as Steve stepped forward.

"Reality." Loki tapped his lip as he looked around at the others.

"Let me do it!" Rocket asked. "Please! This is my family we are talking about, the only family I have ever known!"

Loki nodded. "Very well. I myself shall take space."

"Now hold on." Tony stated.

"Space and I always seemed to have an odd connection. And beside, can't hurt you having the strength of two gods in this can it?" Loki asked. "That only leaves one." and he turned to Clint.

Clint swallowed. "Soul." he breathed. "Me?"

"You are the rightful owner now." Loki replied. "You paid a steep price, and the stone has become attuned to you and the pain you feel."

"Nat." Clint closed his eyes then he looked up. "Good! I stand for both Nat and myself! This is her!" he stated standing forward.

"So we are just going to chill out back here?" Scott asked as he pointed at himself, Sam and Nebula.

"If you would." Loki asked, then he halted. He turned to Nebula, she harshly looked at him and Loki frowned.

"Loki?" Thor asked.

Slowly Loki stepped forward, until he was right in front of Nebula. "Do you not wish to aid?" he asked. "To undo your fathers work."

Nebula, was quiet, her eyes harsh and without emotion.

Then Loki reached up a hand… and ripped off the bronze plate on her head.

What happened after that all went so fast no one could barely even regret, Nebula screamed in rage as she launched for Loki, Loki launched back at her trying to grab her.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Scott shouted.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Rocket shouted. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" he jumped at Lokis leg which gave Nebula an opening to kick Loki in the stomach and Loki fell to the floor as Nebula turned and ran.

"YOU FOOL!" Loki hissed. "That's not your Nebula! There's been a swap! That's the one from the past!"

"What?" Rocket asked.

Clint gaped. "SHIT! They took her, but I fought she had escaped!"

"Clearly not, they made a switcharoo!" Loki seethed.

"What does that mean?!" Tony asked.

"That we need to hurry!" Loki hissed. "We have to do the snap now! BRUCE!" he shouted.

At ones Bruce reached for the gauntlet which unfolded to fit his hand and put it on. "What now?!"

"Everyone whom has been assigned a stone touch Bruce!" Loki shouted putting a hand on Bruces chest. "Try to make a connection with your own stone! Think of it, of the thing it represents! Feel the power, and lend it your power!" he demanded as he had already made a connection with the space stone in the gauntlet.

Everyone nodded as they rushed to Bruce putting a hand on him on various places. Thor putting his hand next to Lokis and they looked at each other, smiling grimly.

Bruce was gasping.

"You feel everyones power Bruce?" Loki asked. "Use it, it's yours to use."

Bruce nodded as he raised the hand with the gauntlet. "Please, bring them back. Bring everyone back!" he asked and made… One single snap.

The energy just tore through Lokis body, filling every fiber and every nerve. Thor as well gasped for breath as the shock went through them and then… There was quiet.

Tony, Clint and Rocket all fell to the ground, gasping for breath. Tony was stumbling and Bruce, was taking deep breaths, then held his arm.

"Friend Banner, are you hale?" Thor asked.

"yeah… My hand just feels. Burned." Bruce admitted as Thor put his hands on the gauntlet for him and pulled it off, revealing a black burned hand Bruce looked at.

"That would have been much worse if you had tried to do that alone." Loki informed as he gently touched the arm. "This will heal… Had you done it by yourself, it would not have."

Bruce sighed deeply. "Thank you." he said quietly.

"So." Tony swallowed. "Did… Did it work."

A phone rang, Clint gasped as he looked at the table. Slowly, as if he didn't dare he moved closer.

Everyone was quiet as Clint picked up the phone, then gasped as he saw the screen and immediately took the call putting the phone to his ear. "La-Laura?" he asked.

There was silence and then. Clint gasped… And he smiled as tears formed in his eyes.

That alone was answer enough… It had worked.

"Loki!" Thor gasped. "You think the Asgardians?!" he asked his eyes wet.

"You have a phone now don't you?" Loki asked. "Why not just call Valkyrie?"

And Thor gasped. "Aye! Aye of course!" he grinned, his entire face shining. "Loki, we are going to have so much work when we come back. Twice as many Asgardians to house! But we'll pull through! I know it!"

Loki chuckled amused. "Of course we will." he stated just as the ground shook.

Wide-eyed Thor looked up. "What… Was that."

Loki swallowed. "Nothing anything good." he wide-eyed looked at Thor. "What-ever you do… Don't let them get the gauntlet!"

And the next moment, everything just exploded! Loki was thrust aside as debris came from everywhere! All Loki could hear was was that big nose and all he saw was blasting light and then… Darkness.

Chapter Text

Loki groaned… It was dark, and it was wet.

His body hurt and something heavy was pressing down his body.

Loki tried to struggle, tried to get the object off him but found it to heavy, he tried to let go of a yell to see if anyone was in hearing range.

But the thing that escaped his throat was not words… It was a whine belonging to a smaller animal.

Oh right, his default body was now that of a cat. And when a shapeshifter sleeps or looses conscious they will go back to their normal body.

Then he heard, big heavy foot steps, belonging to a larger male. Thor? Loki meowed to signal for help.

The person stopped. "A cat?" a voice asked… Not Thor. "Wait, Loki right?" It was… Steve Rogers.

Loki meowed again and finally the figure came closer. "Loki." Steve sat down in front of him, then touched his face. "Hang on. I got you okay." and Loki felt the large debris being removed from his body and then thrust away.

Steve hesitated. "Okay, I really hope I am not hurting you any further." he said then gently picked up Loki and held him in his arms. "Oh, hang on." Steve bowed down picking up Lokis green robe which was now filled with dust, and wrapped it around Loki like a kitty blanket. "There we go." he halted then he looked up. "It doesn't sound good up there."

Lokis ears twitched as he raised his head… There were noises, but they seemed to be drowned out. Maybe he had hit his head. Probably actually.

"Just rest Loki. I'll get us out. I promise." Steve breathed.

Damn, this guy was one of the soft heart kinds huh? And not just pretending to be. Huh, so another one of Thors good influences it seems.

Loki didn't object, but allowed Steve to carry him around as the super soldier was forced to kick away debris and push beams aside to make a path.

Just then a small voice sounded. "CAP!"

Steve had to look around, then looked down to see a little tiny man standing on a big rock. "Scott."

The little man became a regular seized man in the next second and his helmet removed to reveal the disheveled Scott Lang. "You okay?" Scott asked.

"I'm fine, but Loki might be hurt." Steve breathed and Scott looked down to see the cat in Steves arm.

"Seriously?" Scott asked.

"Could you hold him for a while?" Steve asked, he didn't even wait for a response to just shovel Loki into Scotts arms, and then now with both his own arms free could grab a big block of debris and pull it aside.

Scott blinked, then looked at the cat in his arms now wrapped in green. "You better not bite me again." he murmured.

Loki could not bother to even respond, just laid down.

For a while they moved forward until they hit a big steel wall and Steves face fell. "We have to turn around." he had to admit. "This is a dead end."

"No it's not." Scott informed as he stepped forward and then reached into his pocket. "Fair warning, that wall is supporting the things above us so when I throw this thing. Just run."

Steve looked at him. "You are not going to blow it up are you? If that is the case, I need to ask you to stop right now!"

"Nope, no blowing up. This is cooler." Scott informed as he threw the object and in the next second, the wall just shrank, shrank into a tiny little doll seize and Lokis eyes widened.

What powerful awesome magic was this?! Manipulating the seize of not just himself but the object around him?!

"RUN!" Scott shouted and both did just as debris above them started to fall down and finally they broke their way outside to the fresh air.

The moment they were out though. Steve and Scott halted, wide-eyed looking forward.

"Well…." Scott commented. "Shit."

Because right there, spreading in front, were ships upon ships, coming from big massive dimensional holes. And even before they landed creatures were jumping out of it.

An army… A massive army. It made the army Loki had commanded look like an utter joke! This one was…

Loki gulped, they were so screwed right now.

Just then a familiar voice shouted. "FRIEND ROGERS!"

And Loki sighed relieved as both Scott and Steve turned to see a familiar blond coming towards them with his own group consistent of Clint and Sam.

Then by the sight of Loki Thor gasped. "LOKI!" he shouted picking up space and nearly crashed right into Scott before he managed to stop.

"Please! Take him!" Scott asked holding Loki up. "I don't want him!"

"Loki are you hale?!" Thor asked at ones ignoring Scott and picked up Loki.

Loki groaned, how was he supposed to answer that question as a cat?! And Thor was currently holding him!

"Loki please!" Thor asked.

Then Loki just gave in and turned back to Aisir while Thor was still holding him, and Thors eyes widened in shock as both fell down on the ground. Loki on top of Thor.

"I'll live Thor." Loki informed as he picked up his robe and gently slipped it on, not bothering to move from Thors chest. "Everything just hurts, but I don't really think this is the time to be concerned about that do you?" he asked finally standing up.

"Why do you keep doing that?" Thor asked still laying on the ground gasping for air.

Loki just shrugged, not bothering to offer a reply, then he looked towards the ships coming in and he gasped.

"What do we do?" Sam asked, his body shaking.

"Isn't it obvious?" Steve asked. "Those people are here to fight. So we fight."

"WHAT?!" Scott shouted. "Are you insane! There are millions of them! I mean look at all that shit. And we are just." he looked around at them. "LESS THAN TEN!"

Steve smirked. "We've done it before. We were just six people fighting an entire army."

Loki lifted an eyebrow. "You do know this doesn't even compare remotely don't you?" he asked. "The army I was leading was a fraction of this one! And I myself, the leader of that army, stood without a chance against Thanos. He killed me easily. And he is the real general here."

"Doesn't matter." Steve stated. "When enemies knocks on our door, we make a stand. No matter how bad the odds. That's just how we do things."

"I would listen to Cap if I was you!" Tony suddenly shouted as he came flying from above and landed among them. "He is stubborn as hell, you wont be able to change his mind." he stated. "How-ever, Lokes. If you feel like running, no one here is going to stop you." he spread out his arms. "Feel free, we got bigger concerns than you. Obviously."

Loki snorted as he crossed his arms. "I'm not running!" he stated.

"Come on, know you want to." Tony mocked.

"You know what that man did to me?!" Loki shouted pointing at the army, though clearly he meant Thanos. "To the Asgardians?!" he exclaimed. "To THOR!"

Thor gasped.

"Don't get sentimental." Loki held up a hand. "Now is not the time." he faced the army and then he let his robe transform. Transform into armor, complete with a long green leather jacket, long elegant boots. A chest piece in golden colors and wrist cuffs matching it. "So, we are just going to face our death proudly charging in like a bunch of idiots?" he asked.

"Pretty much." Clint informed pulling out his bow.

"How are any of you people still alive?!" Loki asked as he summoned two daggers now holding them in his hands.

"Honestly?" Tony asked. "If I have to take a guess. Dumb luck!"

"Sounds about right." Scott sighed.

"Wait." Sam blinked as he looked around. "Where's Bruce?"

They all halted, something… Started to rumble, they looked at each other and then suddenly. Something… Something seemed to projectile out of the building behind them.

A massive green figure whom flew up into the air from a mighty jump and flew upwards, high up in the air all of them looking up.

Then, the figure starting to fall down, straight towards one of the spaceship, only for him to lift up his arms folding them into fists as he yelled.

"HULK SMAAAAAAAAAASH!" And he plummeted right into the ship and through the ship breaking it in two before he fell down on the ground in a big crash releasing a huge cloud of dust, and as the dust slowly settled it was Bruce, sitting on one knee gasping, then he stood up and spread out his arms as he roared. "AAARGGGHHHH!"

"Well." Loki blinked. "I suppose, ones a beast always a beast huh?" he asked.

Then, a second figure came flying down, a female figure seemingly enveloped in light as if to show up the Hulk she flew through Three ships, leaving big wholes in them and they exploded behind her before she landed in front of them as she grinned. "Hello boys, seems to me you could use a hand."

Loki blinked as he looked at her then threw up his arms. "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU FIVE YEARS AGO?!"

The woman snorted. "You think earth is the only planet in the world? I had other concerns."

"Other concerns than the fate of the entire universe?!" Loki asked. "The snap would affect ALL planets, including what-ever stupid backwaters planet you think you were protecting."

The womans eyes narrowed. "You want a fist in the face? We can arrange that."

"STOP!" Thor stepped between them. "Not now!" he asked. "Loki, this is Carol Danvers Captain Marvel. Lady Danvers this is Loki, he is on our side now! And we are still outnumbered one million to one so." he folded his hands.

"FINE!" Loki held exclaimed. "For the record though, I do not like this woman!"

"That's rich. Coming from a former alien invader." Carol commented coldly.

"You don't have to like her, you just have to help us kick some alien butt." Tony shrugged.

Loki sighed deeply. "Fair enough."

Then in front of them, Bruce still in front was looking at an airship that had just landed and roared as he stormed forward, grabbing Chitauri left and right and just smashed them together.

"Dude, the party is starting without us." Tony pointed out his helmet clasping down. "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!" and he flew in.

"Watch over me Nat!" Clint shouted as he ran as well with raised bow.

"FOR ASGARD!" Thor roared as he headed right in there.

Loki groaned as he stood. "I have done so many dumb things in my life, this has to be the dumbest one."

"Yeah… I feel you." Scott sighed deeply. "It'll be okay." he padded Loki on the shoulder.

Loki snarled at him. "Don't touch me."

"Sorry!" Scott exclaimed lifting his hands. "I was just… I mean. I thought… We could have like a moment or. I don't know." he shrugged.

Lokis eyes were stone cold.

"Okay." Scott breathed. "Well." he turned to the battle field and ran. "For earth! And avenging and justice and stuff!" he exclaimed and Loki sighed as he held his daggers and then, he ran as well. Not being stupid enough to yell a rallying cry that would give away his position.

Chapter Text

Loki made a flip, slit the throat of a Chitauri, kicked another alien creature so it flew backwards into a group of soldiers. Grabbed another Chitauri, broke its neck, threw three daggers at ones, all planting themselves into enemy aliens necks, summoned two knew daggers, stabbed a big ogre thing through the air so the dagger sunk to its handle, kicked the ogre thing away so the knife was pulled out and he threw it so it landed in the neck of yet another enemy.

It felt like he was killing a hundred enemies a minute, plowing through. But it was laughable honestly. The piles of corpses he had created wasn't even making the slightest dent into this army.

Thor was making big swings with Stormbreaker, killing dozens of enemies with each swing as big bursts of pure electricity frying the enemies.

Suddenly the two was right next to each other, their shoulders nearly touching.

"Ah, this is bringing back memories. Isn't it Brother?" Thor asked lifting his ax.

Loki rolled his eyes as he send out a burst of pure magic, thanks to the infinity stones still being so close he could draw on their energy. "We've been in a lot of stupid situations Thor. This tops it all!" he stated as they swapped places to start on the other waves.

"Even when we snook into that Volcano on Musselpheim to try our might against that lava dragon?" Thor asked.

"Even then." Loki replied, slicing and kicking. "And by the way, that was you dragging me into it! It's always you dragging me into your stupid quests!"

Thor shrugged bashing another enemy. "And when we traveled to Utgard just to see if we could slay a Helhound?" Thor asked decapitating an enemy with his ax.

"That was your idea!" Loki proclaimed grabbing a head and twisting it so the neck snapped. "I told you it was a stupid idea! You said it would proof our manhood! Proof what?! That neither of us have a brain?!" he asked.

"Yeah, that was a stupid idea." Thor sighed roasting ten other enemies.

"You're telling me! I told you that. But did you you listen?! NOOOOO!" Loki rolled his eyes holding up his hands and send a giant wave of ice energy spearing several enemies with the sharp icicles.

"So which one is it?" Thor asked.

"WHAT?!" Loki shouted.

"Which is dumber? This or the Helhound?" Thor asked.

"THIS!" Loki shouted back and they both went in, each working on each their nice mountain of corpses.

Finally there was a break as the two gasped standing with their backs to each other. "Norns." Loki gasped. "We are going to be worn out before we even reach a general."

"We just have to push through! There is a chance!" Thor gasped. "This is it isn't it?! What you needed to make me ready for. Which means there has to be a chance to win this!"

Loki blinked, he hadn't thought about that. Thor though had a point! Hela would not have gone through all this bother if they were just going to loose now. So they did have a chance! How though, how.

Then suddenly, something glowed in the air. Loki looked up and suddenly, a big orange portal opened up and showcased, a number of dark skinned warriors wearing a foreign armor stepping through.

There were hundreds of them.

"Loki!" Thor gasped. "BACK UP!"

Loki frowned. "It wont be enough." he enformed just as another portal opened and from it came, people wearing robes looking just like Wongs and he gasped. "Sorcerers!"

Thor grinned. "Just one sorcerer is worth ten great warriors!" he stated and Loki blinked as he looked at Thor. "What?" Thor asked.

"A sorcerer worth ten warriors?" Loki asked. "That's… Not how it goes Thor. Sorcerers are cheaters right, not as honorable as warriors. Asgard says.."

"TO HEL WITH ASGARD!" Thor shouted and Loki blinked. "Many warriors are just jealous."

And Loki gaped, then though he smiled. Even blushed as he looked away and a new portal opened and out came…

Thor gasped, he grinned and waved his arms. "VALKYRIEEEEEE!"

And true enough, it was Valkyrie on her steed leading troops. For so long, Loki had only seem them wearing Midgardian worn out clothes.

But here they were! Wearing armors and wielding weapons as they roared, they looked towards Thor and then they saw Loki, standing there holding his weapons.

For a minor second Loki was afraid, afraid they were going to be angry. But then a collected cry of happiness sounded.


"Evening the odds?!" Thor asked. "I LIKE IT!" he shouted as he swung his weapon ones more.

Even Loki suddenly felt a wave of energy hitting him, and somehow slicing up a hundred more enemies just seemed so much easier somehow and Thor and Loki ran in each their direction to help out each their own group.

Loki got his eyes on a group of Asgardians whom had become overwhelmed, huddling together in a group as the were surrounded by enemies, just then Loki saw.

A an alien with white skin and greasy hair, lifting his hand to release a beam of pure energy and he did, though the second before it hit the Asgardians Loki raised a shield and blocked the light making them all turn to him.

"I think not, Ebony Maw." Loki stated.

"Oh." The white alien regarded him. "You seem familiar somehow. So our counter parts failed to kill you?" he asked. "Well, this must be rectified."

Loki snorted. "You sure sound full of yourself for someone whom doesn't know what happened to your other self. What makes you think I wasn't the one killing you?" he asked. "You know what happened to our Thanos?" he made a motion with his hand, right over his threat signaling decapitation.

Ebonys eyes narrowed.

"You got my brother to thank for that by the way." Loki smirked. "He freed Thanos's head from his body ones. What makes you think he wont do it again?"

And Ebony roared as he lifted his hands sending waves of magic at Loki, who dodged, rolled on the ground, got back on his feet and returned the fire.

Suddenly black long needles were flying around Ebony and now zoomed towards Loki whom returned raised the same amount of icicles and hit each needle breaking them.

Ebony sneered. "You have grown stronger."

"Actually, not really." Loki replied. "You have just never seen me at my full power. When Thanos picked me up, is was after I had fallen through the void… For so long. With no food or water, no place for rest. Then, you were so kind to play around with me, never allowing me to recover fully before you send me to Midgard. And I suppose from your perspective we are right after that failure."

Ebonys mouth was a thin line.

"You never let me fully recover on purpose, you knew that if you ever allowed me to actually genuinely recover. I would beat your ass." Loki smirked.

"Well. Let's test that theory shall we?" Ebony asked and they ran for each other ones again.

They seemed to be pretty evenly matched, both heavy users of magic… How-ever, it was when they thought with magic they were even.

Loki had already noticed, Maw was not a physical fighter. He solely relied on the magic, and that's where Loki had his advantage. If he could come close to Maw, Maw would be done for.

It was his plan, he dodged, dodged again and then, he created an illusion.

Maw smiled as he looked at the illusion. "there you are!" he lifted his hand, and the needles flew straight for the illusion through it, making it vanish and Maw halted.

Only for a knife to come from behind and tore right into Maws throat so the alien fell to the ground revealing Loki behind him. "God of trickery." he simply stated before giving the corpse a final kick then his eyes looked up and he realized.

The gauntlet the gauntlet was out in play! This wasn't good! If Thanos got the gauntlet then… Loki halted wait, he started to run. "VALKYRIE!" he shouted up in the air at the woman riding her horse and she looked down. "I NEED A LIFT!"

And Valkyrie swooped down allowing Loki to jump up and grab Valkyries hand letting her pull him up on the horse behind her.

"Where to?" Valkyrie asked.

"UP! I need to have a look at the field! Figure the true owners of each infinity stone!" Loki gasped.

"What?" Valkyrie asked.

"JUST GET ME INTO A POSITION WHERE I CAN SEE!" Loki shouted and they flew upwards and he looked out at the field, then he put a finger to his head as he looked around. "Carol Danvers, can you hear me?"

"WHAT THE HECK?!" Was the response in Lokis mind. "Are you inside of my head!"

"Yes, listen to me!" Loki exclaimed. "We only got one shot at this. Tony, Thor, Rogers. You are all on the line as well."

"Yeah." "AYE BROTHER!" "Erhm yes." Was the respond from the three.

"Listen to me, we need to act quick. Each stone has a proper wielder we need to get the stone to their places!" Loki stated as he looked around. "I am trying to figure out which goes where."

"Isn't it the same as before?" Thor asked.

"No, you were just the best we had at hand at the time." Loki informed. "Though, Clint is still the true owner of Soul! Get him the soul stone! The sorcerer with the red cape, he is the master of time! Get him the time stone!" he asked as he looked around. "The rest, come on… Come on. THERE! The sorceress with red hair! She has a special link to mind!" he gasped.

"You mean Wanda?" Tony asked.

"She uses sorcery she has red hair. I don't know her name!" Loki proclaimed annoyed. "Get me space again, Thor strenght!" he looked around. "Reality… Who could possible." he desperately looked around then he halted. "Seriously?"

"You found someone suitable?" Thor asked.

"I think so." Loki blinked. "He looks like a looser, chubby Midgardian wearing a red leather coat. Yet inside of him he has a power rivaling that of gods… Somehow. I'll send you an mental image." and he send the image of the man fighting with gun so they all could see.

"Oh I know who that is, Peter Quill. He call himself Star Lord." Thor informed.

"Wow, his name is also stupid." Loki commented. "Anyway, you are three people who can fly and one whom is good at delivering a message. You need to get the stone to each their owner and have all of us stand together with Bruce as a conductor!"

"So you guys are just going to stand holding hands?" Tony asked. "You are going to safe the world, by holding hands?"

"Yes we are going to save the world by holding hands! Shut up and get to it!" Loki exclaimed and broke the connection.

Valkyrie looked at Loki over her shoulder. "I only got half of that conversation you know."

"Why does that matter, we are saving the world right?" Loki asked.

"That's true." Valkyrie smirked. "And hey look, you're not stuck as a cat! Nice!"

"Soaking in all the magic energy all around the place." Loki sighed just as the horse basked its wing and Loki had to grab Valkyries waist not to drop off. Then his eyes widened… Oh no, was she going to smack him now?

Valkyrie though only smirked. "Where to?" she asked. "You need a stone right?"

"The gauntlet!" Loki pointed down. "For all that is sacred and Holy, Thanos cannot get his hands on that gauntlet!"

"Roger that!" Valkyrie exclaimed. "HOLD ON! HIYA!" and she kicked her Pegasus as Loki just held unto her waist while they dived down to re-enter battle.

Chapter Text

What followed was the oddest game of tag where the Avengers each threw the infinity gauntlet at each other trying to get it away from any of Thanos's warriors, and of course Thanos himself while they yelled who was supposed to take each stone.

It was tiresome as only the true owners could even touch the stones without getting really hurt, rest could only touch the gauntlet.

Rogers running with the thing under his arm as if he was an football star, throwing it up in the air as the man of Spiders caught it with his webbing, flying it towards the space rabbit whom handed it to the stupidly named Star Lord as the first owner getting to rip out his own stone, the reality stone and passed it on the Carol Danvers who flew across the field while Quill now had to keep back enemies aiming at him and his stone.

Loki sighed. "I need to get down there." he informed.

"Where should I put you?" Valkyrie asked.

"No need." Loki pulled his leg off the horse so he was now sitting side-ways then offered Valkyrie a grin. "You don't know everything about me." he winked and simply glided off the horse, for a few seconds he fell through the air, but then his body shrank, feathers formed on his arms and soon he had wings as a raven glided over the air until it was a decent amount above ground and then re-shaped into an Aisir as he landed heavily on the ground holding his two daggers, cutting and kicking new enemies.

Everything was a blur, it was just about keeping the numbers down and an eye out then a shout sounded.

"LOKI!" And Loki turned to see none other than the man who talks to Ants reaching him the gauntlet, only one stone left in it. Loki reached out and then, they both held the gauntlet. Loki halted, then he looked up at Scott.

"What?" Scott asked. "Aren't you supposed to take it?"

Loki blinked. "You… Manipulate space."

Scott frowned. "I make things shrink and grow in seize."

"YES! You are making items take up more or less space but without altering their mass, that is manipulating space!" Loki exclaimed as he flicked Scott over the head with his finger.

"AUW!" Scott shouted. "That hurt!"

"Oh grow up." Loki snorted.

"HEY! You have the strength of a demi god and just flicked me! I think you broke my nose!" Scott exclaimed. "Aaaah." he carefully touched his nose and hissed.

"You are a space manipulator." Loki growled as he grabbed the gauntlet and pulled out the stone. "Take the damn stone! And go hold hands with the rest!" he demanded putting the stone in Scotts hands and then kicked him away.

Scott stumbled then turned to Loki. "What are you going to do?" he asked.

"What do you think?!" Loki asked. "Buy you time, obviously!" he reached up his hands.

Scott halted then he nodded. "Okay. Just… Take care."

"Sure." Loki rolled his eyes.

"Oh my gosh, did we just have a moment?" Scott asked.

"No." Loki replied.

"We were having a moment." Scott exclaimed.

"WE WERE NOT HAVING A MOMENT!" Loki shouted. "Now get going or I swear to the all father, I'll kill you right now." he stated. "HURRY!" he turned and ran, ran towards the grand Titan in the middle, Thanos.

Scott took in a breath. "Take care Loki." and he turned to and ran with a stone in hand.



Loki knew what he had to do, he had to distract Thanos, at all cost! He ran for the Titan, the general.

Then suddenly a figure flew right next to him and Loki turned his head. "Stark?"

Tony smirked. "I don't have a stone either." he pointed out.

"We got a job to do." Steve Rogers suddenly was on Lokis other side.

Loki groaned. "For the record, I am not an avenger."

"Huh, I wasn't going to call you one. But now I kind of want to." Tony commented and Loki sighed. "Hey Cap, could you say it."

"No." Loki hissed.

"Come on Cap." Tony grinned.

"Don't you dare." Loki asked.

And Steve grinned. "Avengers." he exclaimed. "ASSEMBLE!"

And behind them came a man wearing a black suite making him look like a panther, the spider kid swung over them and the blasted Danvers woman came flying, she quickly flew in front of them, towards Thanos who waited patiently.

Danvers raised her fist to slam Thanos, only for him to grab her arm and throw her aside across the battle field.

Then the rest came, Loki from below, Tony from above, Rogers from the side and Thanos growled as he blocked, grabbed, smashed them towards each other and roared.

Loki was pressed back, then crossed his arms letting multiple illusions appear and Thanos looked around at all of them with narrowed eyes as Drax the destroyer broke through an illusion and aimed a fist at Thanos whom dodged, and then beat him over the head. Ready to receive Bucky coming from the other side, and Sam from above.

And then Loki came again with his magic, sending spears of ice.

Left, right, above, below, behind, front. And Thanos, grabbed them, smacked them, pushed them aside. It was laughable.

Finally, he grabbed Loki and he sneered as he pulled Loki up. "You… I believe I owe you pain unlike what you ever felt before."

Loki glared back.

"You really thought you could defeat me?" Thanos asked.

"I wasn't trying to defeat you." Loki hissed. "I was just buying time."

Then, Thanos halted, he looked past Loki and Loki looked behind himself, the other side of the battle field and he saw the hole group.

Clint, Wanda, Stephen Strange, Thor, Peter Quill and Scott Lang. Each holding their own stone and touching Bruce, a glow around all of them.

Thanos's eyes widened. "No."

And Loki grinned. "You loose sucker."

Thanos seethed as he held Loki. "Not without finishing one last piece of buisness." he stated and then..

It was like burning fire in Lokis stomach, a blade, a perfectly balanced blade going through his body by Thanos's hand.

Loki coughed, and blood came out as he wide-eyed looked up. Thanos grinned.

Then, Loki grinned in return, blood dripping from his mouth and Thanos blinked confused.

"Idiot." Loki grinned. "I'm already dead. You won… Nothing."

And then, Bruce snapped his finger.

Thanos's eyes widened and Loki was dropped down on the ground, the blade still through his body, he groaned as he glanced up and saw… Thanos, his body turning to dust.

Loki coughed, more blood coming up his throat and he smiled. So… What did you think Hela? Nice job huh? His eyes grew heavy, everything grew dark… Asgard is safe… I win. And with that, all grew to darkness.




Loki blinked confused, everything around him looked kine of fuzzy, it was the battlefield but everything was muffled, like if cotton had enveloped the world itself turning down all the sounds.

All except one, a horned woman wearing green standing in front of Loki, and she was furious.

Loki frowned as he stood in front of her. "I fulfilled your task didn't I?" he asked. "You told me to get your souls back. Well I did!"

"YOUR SOUL IS SUPPOSED TO BELONG TO ME!" Hela roared and Loki blinked confused.

He looked down at his feet and saw… the body of a black cat, laying at his feet, a big hole through its stomach and blood dripping out, then he looked up at the woman in front of him. Confused.

What was Hela talking about? They had already established this. He was her agent, he belonged to her… Unless.

Lokis eyes widened. "I died a heroe's death!" he gasped. "I died twice, and both times were heroes deaths! You lost your claim on me, I belongs to Valhalla again!"

And Hela seethed her eyes burning.

"I see! You wanted me to die of old age, or of an illness or something!" Loki gasped. "Wait, did you rig that cat body to die of cancer or something? Then living out its natural life span would still mean going back just after a year."

The look on Helas face told everything, he had hit jackpot. That was exactly what Hela had planned.

"But I decided to die a heroes death before then." Loki grinned. "And this time there is no trade to make." He smirked.

"NO!" Hela screamed. "You belong to me!" she roared.

"Sorry." Loki shrugged. "Looks like Valhalla is calling for me, I earned my place. Twice!" he held up two fingers.

Hela seethed.

"Well… I suppose if you really want me that badly." Loki hesitated. "I am afraid there is only one option left for you."

"And what would that be." Hela seethed.

Loki smirked, he looked down at his feet at the cat body laying in front of him. "That body has only been dead for a minute, there is still time." he looked up. "You could always revive me and hope that the third time I die, it'll be a cowards death so you may have me."

Hela was burning in sheer anger, her body nearly seemed to be enveloped in flames.

"Of course reviving would mean having to repair that body. For any ailment including any rigging you might have made to it." he shrugged. "Would be a shame for you though. If I go to Valhalla now, which I could do, I will be out of your reach, forever. If you desire revenge upon me, that's your only chance." Loki smirked. "Hey, I am a liar and a cheater. There's a pretty good chance I am going to die a stupid cowards death. Or even commit treason and die because of that, any dishonorable death and I am yours." he smirked at her. "It's your only chance to get me."

And Hela snorted. "Fine." she finally said. "Fine, you want to live out your pathetic cat life? Go ahead." she asked. "Everybody dies sooner or later. And if you do not die a hero, you'll be mine!"

"Well I suppose I better give that entire hero thing a try then." Loki stated and Hela seethed as she lifted her hands and then, the cat by Lokis feet started to glow and Loki, found himself slipping away. "Well, nice talking to you Hela. I suppose I'll be seeing you next time to, I am not looking forward to that at all. But we can't all have what we want right."

"Shut up." Hela seethed and Loki felt himself vanish.



Everything as dark… All sounds were muffled.

Loki thought, he could hear a familiar voice, calling a name… a familiar name.

The voice was deep and familiar, the place so warm. Loki groaned, then slowly he opened his eyes to see a blur of pink and yellow. A face, with blond hair and beard, a sparkling blue eye and the other golden, both filled with tears.

"LOKI!" Thor cried as he held him. "Loki, you're."

Defeated Loki looked back up at Thor…. I'm okay, you big stupid oaf.

"Thank the norns! You really scared me!" Thor cried. "You're covered in blood."

Loki sighed deeply, then nuzzled his head towards Thors chest.

"Thor!" A womans voice called, Valkyrie. "Loki! Is he?!" she tried.

"He's alive." Thor gasped. "He just… He really overspend. On everything. He needs to rest."

"Thank the norns." Valkyrie gasped. "Loki, hold on. We'll take care of you okay. You'll be fine."

And Loki sighed deeply, feeling so safe in Thors arms. Yeah… He would be fine. For ones, he felt pretty sure. He would be fine.

Chapter Text

Thor honestly couldn't remember having been as scared as when he ran through the battlefield, desperately looking for Loki.

No one had seem him, he had been one of the people attacking Thanos head on, then when they finally won. No one knew what had happened to Loki.

Thor had run to the spot Thanos had been standing, tears in his eyes as he searched, calling out Lokis name but to no response. At first he had missed it, but then he saw.

A lump on the ground, small. Black fur caked and covered in blood. No! No no no! With a shaking body had Thor picked up the poor creature. A cat! Its fur though was such a mess, stiff and caked and he wasn't moving!

Thors voice trembed as he called. "Loki! Oh by the norns! Loki! Loki please! Loki!"

And then… The cat had stirred, and slowly opened its eyes to reveal their brilliant green.

Thor had never been as relieved in his life! And he cried and bawled as he hugged the cat close, he barely even remembered Valkyrie gently guiding him away.

Thor remembered hands trying to take Loki from him and he protested, bawling and crying before he met a pair of piercing blue eyes belonging to a sorcerer.

"I am a doctor." Stephen Strange informed in a patient voice. "And I am a master in the mystic arts. I swear, I will do all in my power to help him."

And finally, Thor let go.

Thor wanted to stay by his brothers side, but Valkyrie yanked him away and reminded him, the Asgardians whom had helped in the fight needed to see him and Thor nodded.

He took a deep breath and reminded himself that he was king, then he went to them and offered them a smile. Told each one of them how proud he was of them, how they had proven their courage and spirit in battle they all smiled, declaring they would drink for their victory in the evening. At New Asgard.

Then questions came… about Loki. Loki had been at the battlefield, they had all seen him.

Thor swallowed then he nodded. "Loki was here." he affirmed in a nod. "He was here to help, to aid us in battle."

"Then… Where is he now my King?" A warrior asked.

"He." Thor swallowed.

"He is among the wounded." Valkyrie stepped in. "But he should be fine. That is, with some rest and a bit of healing magic. He will join us at New Asgard soon enough."

And they all brightened up.

The sun had begun to set and that was when finally Stephen Strange stepped out, now holding a cat in his arms, the cats black fur clean and shining, as clean and groomed as any cat ever was.

"STRANGE!" Thor gasped running to him. "How… How is he?"

"He's fine Thor." Stephen Strange smiled defeated. "It's the oddest thing though, I checked him over and over. But there doesn't seem to be a single wound. The blood was his own, I checked. Maybe he healed himself?" he asked. "Physically, he is as healthy as can be. But he is drained for energy. He needs rest, a lot of it." he informed handing the cat to Thor.

"So he'll be fine?" Thor asked.

Strange smiled amused. "He'll be fine." he assured. "Provided he gets lots of rest, lots of water and nutrition and." he halted.

"What?" Thor asked.

Strange looked at him then shook his head. "I want to offer you a trade." he informed.

"Huh?" Thor blinked.

"This." Strange held up a well known amulet. "Is what Loki took from the museum in England, to help him transform."

Thors eyes widened.

"It is a power source of sort, containing raw magic. In exchange for this amulet, I offer you this." Strange held up what looked like a golden bracelet with green scales in it. "The magic energy in it is about the same, how-ever it is designed for just one purpose in mind… Transformation. With this in his possession, Loki should be able to maintain other shapes for much longer time spans."

Thor gasped, then his eyes watered.

"I take that as a yes." Strange smirked. "Please allow me." he asked as he slipped the bracelet on one of Lokis paws and then magically the bracelet shrank so it fit. "Just a little spell so it will always fit Loki no matter what shape he takes."

"Thank you." Thor breathed.

Strange shook his head. "I gazed upon several million outcomes of this entire conflict." he informed. "Lokis presence is what allowed us an outcome this good. At least I owe him for that."

Thor smiled lightly, holding the cat close.



Soon Thor was returned back to New Asgard, these portals sure were convenient!

Carefully he carried Loki to the house, and carefully Thor placed the cat on his own silk pillow in front of the fireplace.

Then found fresh water and fresh food.

Thor hesitated a bit, unsure what to do next, but finally elected to actually put a blanket over Loki, it just felt right.

Then Thor was left to look hopelessly at the cat. "Erhm..." he hesitated. "You need rest so… I'll just be quiet okay." he whispered backing away. "Real… Quiet."

Then Thor sighed, he had to check on the village.

In the evening they had a feast, drinking beer and praising the battle. Thor joined them, but asked Korg to look after Loki.

Loki though, didn't wake up.

Neither did he the next day, or the next… Three full days, and Loki had not moved an inch on his pillow. Still sleeping.

Thor started to get nervous, wondering if he should contact Doctor Strange. Someone who could help him! Anyone!



Thor was now seriously scared, he was shaking as he was sitting at the harbor looking towards the ocean.

Would Loki be all right? Please by the norns let him be all right!

Then Thor blinked as he saw something which looked like it was made of golden mist flying in front of him, a bird of sorts. He turned and saw Brygul whom put down his hands, dispelling the bird.

"You seem… Lost my king." Brygul breathed.

"Just anxious." Thor admitted. "Your illusions are improving." he smiled lightly.

"Not really." Brygul pouted. "I keep going over the paper again and again, but I am stuck." he formed his hands and between them came a mouse, still just golden mist and he frowned annoyed.

"The key." a smooth voice sounded. "Is focus."

Thors eyes widened and so did Bryguls they both twirled around and there was…

Loki, standing tall. Wearing, for him rather modest green clothes. But there was still a certain elegance and finesse to the design. Also it looked Asgardian. Thor looked at his wrist and saw the bracelet then he looked up at Loki.

Loki whom looked pale, there were bags under his eyes. Honestly he looked exhausted, but he was here.

Brygul lost it. "Pri-Pri-Pri-Prince Loki!" he stammered.

Loki smiled an exhausted smile, then Thor stood up and walked over to him. Then without a single warning, he just reached over and pulled Loki into a crushing hug as he cried. "BROTHER!"

Loki smiled lightly. "Nice seeing you to Thor." he informed.

Thor sniffed. "You are the worst brother ever!" he cried. "You scared me so much!"

"Sorry… I guess I overspend." Loki sighed deeply as Thor finally let go.

"How are you feeling?" Thor asked.

"I'm okay." Loki informed in a tired smile. "I have no idea where you got this from, but it works pretty nicely." he informed holding up his hand showcasing his arm with the bracelet. "Not as good as pure infinity energy. But you know, I think I can handle that."

"That's good." Thor smiled and Loki turned to the red haired boy whom was still gaping.

"So you're Brygul." Loki commented. "Thor told so much about you."

"He… He has?" Brygul asked.

Loki nodded. "I'm glad to see the piece of paper I wrote was put to good use."

"You-You wrote it your highness?" Brygul asked, it looked like he was about the faint.

Loki nodded. "Seems to me though, you have gotten as far as you can without a instructor so..." he sat down. "Show me what you got."

"Huh?" Brygul asked.

"I've been wanting to see this for a long time." Loki admitted. "Please." he asked.

Brygul swallowed. "O.. okay. It's.. It's not very good."

"Of course not." Loki smirked. "Learning magic is a task which takes a lifetime. Don't worry, I am here to help."

Brygul gaped. "Really?" he asked.

"Yes." Loki replied very honestly. "Any secrets my mother taught me, any knowledge I garnered from the books of Asgard which has now gone lost. It's yours. As well as any Asgardian who will listen."

Bryguls eyes were wide.

Thor smiled as he sat down beside Loki, then put a firm hand on Lokis shoulder. "Don't strain yourself brother." he asked.

"I wont." Loki assured just as Brygul formed his hands and formed the first animal which made Loki smile. Even though he was clearly exhausted, his smile was real. And Thor smiled as well as he sat beside Loki while Loki delivered pointers to Brygul whom eagerly listened.

Things… Were going to be okay. Thor just knew it.

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"So." Thor was beaming as he stood in the center of New Asgard, a group of people looking curiously at him as they had all been gathered for a statement. "It's been three days ago now, since we battled against Thanos ones more. And we undid the snap doubling our numbers!" he beamed. "This of course means, we have lacked houses and beds for all the newcomers. But ones again, Asgard has pulled together and shown its true worth! We didn't have much, but what we had we have shared and we will manage."

People smiled amused, some putting arms around an old friend whom had been returned to them.

"Anyway, words has already spread. That Loki was present at the battle, many of you saw him!" Thor grinned. "You were all informed, he was wounded. And he was, now though…" he stepped aside.

There was silence, stunned silence, then. The door behind Thor slowly opened up and out stepped, a young god.

Pale skin, black hair, green eyes. And something that was quite unlike him, he actually looked nervous.

"Erhm." Loki hesitated then raised a hand. "Hello."

For a moment there was silence, then great cheers making Loki blink and Thor shook his head.

"Okay." Thor spoke and people silenced. "Loki, under Asgardian law. Has been wanted for… Well, a list of crimes."

Loki sighed deeply.

"Breaking the peace treaty between Asgard and Jotunnheim, attacking Midgard which is part of Asgards domain. Impersonating King Odin and sitting illegitimately on the throne." Thor counted. "And… Other things."

Loki closed his eyes, his cheeks flushing. What Thor was saying was all true… Didn't feel good though. Thor was even kind enough to leave out the things which weren't public knowledge such as… trying to murder Thor… Several times… Ups.

"How-ever, there's a reason why you reacted the way you did by the sight of him." Thor grinned. "Loki, proved his true loyalty! In our hour of need, Loki returned to Asgard at own peril with a means of escape! He himself dived into the flames of surtur to help defeat Hela! And he came back willingly to carry his duty for our people! When Thanos arrived Loki acted to defend us, all of us! And then he did it again at the battlefield! Through his actions, Loki has proven his loyalty! And that is why I as king, hereby absolve him of those crimes in the past!"

And people grinned and cheered until Thor made them quiet.

"Our numbers have doubled, but we are still not many." Thor breathed. "A couple of hundred people, that's all. To carry on a hundred thousand year old legacy! That means, each and every one of us are important beyond measure! Millions of people, their history and legacy. Is with us! In our hearts and minds." he informed. "That's why, the knowledge of the old must be delivered to the young! And I have the perfect candidate for the job!"

Loki blinked. "Erh Thor, we didn't agree to this." he pointed out.

Thor grinned as he looked at Loki. "I am King. My word is law." he pointed out.

Loki send Thor a sullen glare.

"Don't look like that." Thor asked. "It's an important job and you know it, perhaps… The most important one right now. And you're the only one with the mind and knowledge to do it! Loki, you're irreplaceable! We need you!"

"Norns Thor, don't say it like that." Loki sighed deeply.

"I hand the responsibility to you Loki." Thor smiled. "Delivering this knowledge is of utmost importance and now has grand priority! When-ever you need something. Come to me, it will be high priority."

"Couldn't make it easy for me could you?" Loki asked then stepped back. "I accept, my king." he bowed for Thor then stood up. "It is indeed high time that the children around here is taught of our history! This will be obligatory!"

You would be expecting the children to complain over the prospect of school, but that didn't happen. They were cheering! And the adults to were grinning, hope in their eyes and then Lokis name was hailed making Loki blink as Thor grinned putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Loki! They love you!" Thor grinned.

Loki was honestly stunned, he had always desired this. But to have it, was oddly enough different than he thought it would be. These people were not grovelling in fear, they were actually happy! And seemed so happy to see him. So this is what it felt like to be adored huh? People cheering not because they had to, because they wanted to.

"I erh… Got something to inform though." Loki informed and people quieted. "At Asgard, I was well known as one of the greatest sorcerers around. While my knowledge remains the same. My power not so much." he admitted. "I erhm..." he halted. "When I faced Thanos. While we were still at the Statesman I.." he halted. "My body was destroyed, for good." he informed. "What you see now is the result of my shape shifting. How-ever when I sleep… When I am knocked unconscious. I return to my now true form. A rather weak form, which is only able to hold onto so much magic. So I am not entirely the same as I were."

People were quiet, they didn't look angry though. They looked understanding which honestly stunned Loki.

"Well erhm, my true form." Loki swallowed, then he seemed to vanish, except he hadn't vanished. He was a cat by Thors feet and people blinked, then Loki turned back, his cheeks red. "So yeah… I'm a cat now. That's my true form, and that probably wont change any time soon." he looked away. "First one who laughs is going to get it." he murmured in a low voice only Thor could hear.

No one was laughing though, as Loki dared to look back. People still just looked happy, even relieved.

"Loki." Thor shook his head. "You were born a Jotunn, raised an Aisir and now you're a cat." he smirked amused. "That doesn't change though. That you always had the heart of an Asgardian. That never changed, and I don't believe it ever will."

Loki shook his head, smiling amused.

"What-ever the future may bring, that is going to stay the same." Thor stated. "And that's why you belong here! With us! Loki of Asgard!"

"Well Thor, future is a mystery." Loki smirked. "But for now… Aye." he sighed. "I'm home."

And they turned to the Asgardians whom were all grinning and all cheering. Thor putting a hand on Lokis shoulder and then they walked down to join all of them. Laughing, cheering and talking.

They of course had many hurdles to overcome, as Loki pointed out. The future was a mystery.

But they would figure it out, like they always would.

The king and his cat brother.

The end.