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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Imagines

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  • Meeting Leonardo would include...


He panicked. He wasn't sure what to do. He never thought he would get caught. When it came to the four brothers, he was the best at stealth. Now, though, he just wants to hide from those wide, bright (e/c) eyes that are staring back at him.

You're very beautiful in his eyes. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair and your (s/t) complexion made you look almost angelic, but not the type of angelic that made you look helpless. No, Leo quickly discovered that would be wrong to assume. You're a warrior before you're anything else...

You had taken down the mugger who attacked you before his feet could even hit the ground. You were already having a bad day, so you used that frustration to your advantage. Thanks Mom, I will never complain about taking self-defense classes again, you thought.

When you heard something hit the ground behind you, you were quick to whip around to see what it was. You were still trying to decide what the hell you were looking at.

You had seen his bright blue eyes before anything else. You'd seen weirder costumes. This is New York after all, but all of its movements were too fluid for it to be a costume.

"Um," you said slowly. "Wh-what are you?"

The figure was fidgeting nervously before he mumbled something incomprehensible.

"What?" You took a careful step closer out of habit. You understood what it was like to not be heard, so you made it a habit when someone spoke too softly you stepped closer.

"I'm a mutant." You heard him whisper.

Before you could ask anymore questions, you heard your name being called. Shit, you remembered you had travelled with one of your friends since you lived next to each other.

You had glanced down the alley and when you turned back toward the figure, he was gone.

"What the hell..." You whispered to yourself before going to catch up with your friend.

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  • Meeting Raphael would include...


Out of all of his brothers, Raph was probably the one who always imagined what would happen if he got caught. So, when you didn't scream, he was more than slightly confused.

He didn't move from his spot in the shadows, though. Not that it did much. You already saw him and all of his bulkness.

Why weren't you screaming? Or crying? Or calling for help because some giant thing had jumped down from the rooftops?

Raph waited there, unmoving...

You didn't know what you were waiting for, an introduction maybe. He had just jumped down from the rooftops and saved your life from some street thug, and now he's acting like a cornered animal.

You're assuming that's what he is, some sort of mutated animal. Your father had worked on something like that when you were younger. You had found your love for science in the labs he worked in.

You pursed your lips when your phone started ringing, probably your roommate wondering where you are. You pulled you phone out of your pocket and began slowly stepping back out of the alley.

"Thanks," you murmured before walking away.

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  • Meeting Donatello would include...


He was just trying to get a piece of tech that he needed for one of his gadgets. He didn't mean to get caught. He would never intentionally allow himself the opportunity to get caught.

He assumed it was your dog that had run down to the docks. The (d/b) was barking its heart out until you were close enough to tell it to stop. When you rounded the corner and saw him, he thought for sure his life was over.

You walked over to the (d/s) dog and grabbed its leash, your eyes never leaving his.

He didn't understand why there was a smirk on your face and curiosity in your (e/c) eyes. He gulped slightly as you pulled out your phone. He debated hiding in his shell when you started walking closer.

"Tell you what," you began, startling him with how melodic your voice is. "Give me your phone number and I won't say a thing."

Are you serious? You seemed to be as you held out the small device. He took the device and entered in his contact information quickly before giving it back to you.

You hummed and began walking away. "Your secret is safe with me," you looked at his name. "Donatello."

He let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. "See you later, nerd." You shouted as you rounded the corner.

He's a really cute nerd, you thought as you walked away. He's probably so confused. Haha.

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  • Meeting Michelangelo would include...


He didn't want to be discovered, at least not like this. Not injured and in pain after battling the Foot clan. He was near passing out and instead of April's apartment, he ended up in someone else's. 


"Oh my God," you whispered.

There's a giant turtle in your living room. You had so many questions, like why is wearing a mask, and why does he have nunchucks. However, your eyes zeroed in on the tranq dart in his arm and you rushed to him and pulled it out, pocketing it before helping him on to the couch.

He had a few other cuts and what you think are bruises, but other than that he looked fine,e but he was tensed up and probably scared.

You wondered if he meant to wander into your apartment. Probably not, but you were almost glad he did, everyone else in this complex would have shot him.

You tried to get him comfortable. You put on a movie, so the neighbors wouldn't hear his whimpers.

You had fallen asleep at the dining table, keeping a close eye on him to make sure he was okay. You woke up in your bed the next morning, with a thank you note, name and phone number your bedside table.

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  • Meeting Leonardo for the second time


He had consulted Sensei Splinter on the matter after his short and terrifying encounter with you. Of course, the rat had told the leader of the four brothers to go back and give the stranger a proper introduction and explanation.

Leo wasn't totally sure about this plan, but it would be better for him to try to explain to you instead of you not knowing who and what he is, going out and searching for answers, and ending up getting kidnapped by the Foot clan for information.

Leo shook his head. No, that would be worse than having to deal with you screaming at him.

Donnie had found security camera footage of you that night and used the image in facial recognition to find your address. 

Leo turned to leave when Donnie spoke up. "Hey, it could have happened to any of us. You saw danger and acted accordingly. There was no way of knowing if she could handle it herself."

Leo nodded and made his way out of the lair and up to the surface.


He got to your apartment faster than he wanted to, but he knew he didn't have much of choice.

When he saw your building, he began thinking about how he'd explain himself to you. That was until he saw you sitting on the roof of your building, if you looked up, you'd see him.

You looked so at peace. You were curled up against the wall of the stairway that led back inside, a book in hand as you pulled the blanket in your lap closer to your form.

You didn't seem terrified the first time you saw him, but his nerves still brought the worst scenarios to the center of his thoughts...

Then, you looked up. Immediately your (e/c) orbs met his, and a smile tugged at your lips. You had been waiting for him to show back up. You had a feeling in your gut that he would. And now that he was really here, you were excited.

For the first time in the sixteen years you've lived in New York, you were excited.

You motioned him over as you marked your book and stood. "I won't bite if you won't."

Leo was stunned. Maybe this won't end as badly as his mind had led him to believe.

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  • Meeting Raphael  for the second time


He had ended up in the same neighborhood you lived in a week later, having stormed out of the sewers because Leo pissed him off. Raph told his brothers and Splinter what had happened and Leo decided to use the incident against him in their most recent fight; like somehow Raph intentionally got himself caught.

The red-clad turtle growled to himself as he paced the rooftop, thinking the night time air would help him calm down. Raph huffed and grumbled to himself as he tossed a soda can that had rolled by his foot on to another rooftop.

"Man, I thought I had family issues. Your brother sounds like a real dickhead."

Raph froze. He turned around to find you, a sly smile on your lips. Had you heard everything he just said?

You chuckled and closed your laptop. How long have you been out here?

"Oh, a few hours, I think. Either that or a few days. Time is a concept lost on me. So is sleep." You said as you stretched out, a yawn escaping you as you covered your mouth.

Raph didn't realize he asked that out loud. He took a deep breath before moving closer. "Why are you so..."

"Chilled out? About having a giant talking turtle on my rooftop? I think if you were planning on eating me, you would have done so already. So, I've chosen to be more curious than cautious." You shrugged and put your laptop in your bag.

Raph felt a little more than concerned if that was your approach to most things.

"If I die, I die, and if this is how my life ends, I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished."

Alright, so maybe you shouldn't be responsible for your own well being. Raph shook his head and sat down next to you after you repeatedly pat the spot next to you. "I'm guessin' you got questions?"

"Oh, more than you'd probably think."

"Hit me with 'em. I got all night."

Fuck yes, I just made friends with a giant turtle, you thought to yourself.

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  • Meeting Donatello for the second time...


It had been about a week since that encounter at the shipping docks. You had messaged him the next morning asking different questions about him and he had slowly grown comfortable with answering those questions. They never got weirdly personal, and you gave Donnie the chance to ask his own questions, always responding with honest, straight-forward answers.

Your first message had thrown him off though. No lie.


Unknown number: Heya ;) it's the hot chick from the docks last night. Whatcha up to, nerd?


You seemed overly confident in yourself, at first. Then Donnie had decided a better word for you would be "cocky."

Over the next week, you and Donnie continued messaging back and forth, until you sent the text Donnie didn't know he had been wanting to receive from you until you sent it.


Y/N: Wanna meet up? ;P


His stomach was doing backflips and his heart began beating rapidly. It was no secret that he had gotten caught. He told his brothers and Splinter immediately after he got back to the lair. What would they think if he went and willingly met up with you? Would they tell him it was a bad idea?

Donnie had done a thorough background check to make sure he wasn't messaging a known mob boss or associate of the Foot Clan. He was surprised to find out that you had worked with April at channel six news as an intern for about a year. He then questioned April about you to see if there was anything that she knew that didn't match up with the information he had found on his own and the information you had given him.

Everything lined up. There's no reason to say no. Right?


The purple-clad turtle made the decision after swallowing his nerves, he is going to meet up with you.


Donnie: Sure. Where and when? :)


That's why he's now perched in the shadows at the shipping docks, waiting for you to show up. He perked slightly when he heard footsteps. They were too light to be one of the typical workers that maintain the docks, so it was most likely you.

He let out a shaky breath when he saw the semi-familiar figure round the corner and then that sly smirk he had engraved into his memory became visible. At that, he slipped out of the shadows and slowly (nervously) approached you.

Your smirk widened when you made eye contact with him. "Hey there."

Donnie shifted his weight around as he replied. "Hi."

You leaned back against one of the shipping containers with your ankles crossed as you stood. Your hands slipped into your pockets as you took in his tall figure. He was, honestly, so very cute in all of his nervousness. He could probably take you down in a fight with ease, but here he stood: fidgeting and shy.

"So? I picked the place and the time. What do you want to talk about? Or, ya know, we could do something else, if you want."

'Might have gone too far with that one, you thought as he shot you a bewildered look and you raised your hands in surrender with a guilty smile on your lips.

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  • Meeting Michelangelo for the second time...


It had been a few days since the mishap of falling into your apartment, and Mikey was feeling as guilty as he did after he first woke up. He made sure he hadn't broken or ruined anything before he left, and made sure to leave a thank you note, his name and number. For better, or for worse.

He didn't expect for you to call or message him. You were most likely trying to forget it ever happened, or maybe you decided you had hallucinated that night.

Just as he had begun his daily spiral of negative ideas about what you might be doing to forget about him, his phone chimed.


Unknown number: Is this Michelangelo?


It couldn't be. Could it? Could the cute girl that took care of him in his weakest state actually be messaging him right now?


You two had messaged back and forth for a few hours after that initial message. Then you made plans to meet up so he could explain everything to you in person since the few times he tried to write it out through text, it just didn't make sense to him.

He chose a relatively secluded skate park. One he was familiar with, so could navigate his surroundings better (Leo suggested this. Mikey was just going to let you pick wherever.)

He was surprised to find out that you were more comfortable with his choice than any place you would have thought to pick.

You had gotten there before him and we're sitting at a picnic table when he arrived. The first thing that caught his attention was your bright orange hoodie, and then he noticed the matching Converse shoes.

He thought you looked really cute in orange, but he tried to not let that distract him.

When you noticed him, you smiled slightly.

"Hey there," you said as you waved.

"Hey," he said as he sat down across from you. "Where do you want to start?"

You smiled wider and leaned your head on your hand. "I've always liked starting from the beginning."

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  • Leo catches himself thinking about you


He had been having trouble meditating since his last encounter with you. Well, more like his last few encounters with you.

It became a part of his routine to check up on you at least once a week. Sometimes, when he swings by your apartment, it turns more into a casual visit than a formal checkup. He would never say he doesn't enjoy spending time with you, it just seems impossible to him that someone as beautiful and talented as you would want to spend your precious time with someone like him.

This had been going on for three months now, and it still feels like he's hallucinating everything. He's also found himself overthinking and second-guessing himself; two things a good leader never does. Is his friendship with you compromising his ability to lead?

Leo shakes his head. No, it's not, but it's definitely affecting his behavior around and towards you. He made the mistake of telling Mikey about how you seemed to be gravitating closer to him with each visit. Mikey's response was somewhere along the lines of-

"Dude, she's so into you! Ask her out!"

and Donnie decided to jump in and say-

"Or maybe she's just getting comfortable with you. Girls can friend-zone harder than Raph can punch when he's mad."

Leo didn't know how he felt about either of those responses. He decided against ever mentioning anything about you when Mikey and Donnie are within earshot.

He definitely liked Mikey's response more, and he almost went for it if it weren't for Donnie pointing out a very common habit for girls.

Leo scoffed to himself. Like she would ever want to be in a relationship with someone she couldn't bring to family dinners without freaking out everyone in the room. 

If there was one thing he learned about you, it was that the only thing that came before your family is yourself. It didn't matter where you were, or what you're doing, if it wasn't a major benefit to you, you would rush to your parents' side if they needed help. With anything.

If one of them was sick, you would make both stay home and you would get supplies.

When your uncle needed a new fridge? You were unavailable to help him go shopping but had done hours of research, figuring out which brand was the best and what was most affordable and then sent him links of the best options.

Your grandpa was having trouble settling into the retiring home and you had gone through every photo album your family had to find stuff that he liked, and then you found those items and brought them to him.

Your dedication to helping them in the most thoughtful ways possible was admirable.

You're thoughtful in everything you do, now that he thinks about it.

Leo's heart skipped a beat as he thought about you, it never failed. He can't be dishonest with himself; he just can't.

Leo's developing feelings for you and, in all honesty, it terrified him.

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  • You catch yourself thinking about Leo


You spent half of your free time thinking about Leo. The effect he had on you was almost embarrassing. It never failed; you always ended up feeling like there were fireflies in your stomach.

His eyes. His smile. Even knowing you have his friggin' phone number. It all overwhelms your thoughts and suddenly all you can think about is him. It doesn't make sense to you. You've gone through this so many times before. High school toughened you up, or so you thought.

The heart is such a fiddle thing, your mother had said one night during dinner after telling her you were having "boy troubles" again. You didn't give her details. You never did with such things. She had said that phrase so many times before. You had thought about getting it tattooed.

Every time you thought about him, your face would get hot and you would suddenly feel like a thirteen-year-old again, with your first ever crush on the cute boy who had a fascination with drawing string cheese but hated eating cheese. Why did I like him again?

You shake your head and lean back, running a hand over your face. "You're a dumbass, Y/n, and you're going to get your heart broken again," you whispered to yourself. "Why would he ever want someone as boring as you as his first anything?"

You frowned and pulled your blanket over your form, curling into a fetus position. You huffed, now frustrated with the tears threatening to fall. "Dumbass," you whimpered as you tried to fall asleep.

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  • Raph catches himself thinking about you...


He had been working out. Nothing unusual. He had gotten in a fight with Leo. Also nothing unusual. He had stormed out of the lair. Still, nothing unusual. He came straight to your apartment building. Something that had only started happening two weeks ago. How many times had he showed up on your fire escape in that timeframe? In all honesty, he lost count.

He just didn't know what else to do with himself at this point, and your presence was just... so very calming. He'd see that pretty smile of yours and instantly, any feeling of agitation and anger would just fall off of him. Maybe it was because he didn't want to scare you off. He wasn't sure about anything anymore when it came to you.

He knew he liked you. A lot. If he could be sure you wouldn't completely laugh at him if he asked, he would totally ask you out. Every time he went to, though, anxiety rippled through him and he instantly backed off. He decided it would be better to never know if he had a chance than to find out he never would. If anything, he didn't want to risk losing his friendship with you.

Fuck, though, if he didn't think about how amazing it would be to be able to hold your smaller form close to his, and kiss those perfect lips of yours, and wake up every morning and know that you were safe and you were his.

Raph was second to Mikey in wondering what it would be like to be able to do normal human things, like have a girlfriend and walk on the sidewalks during the day without the fear of someone seeing you.

What he would give to be human, if only just so he could have a normal life with you.

He gets frustrated with himself every time he thinks about it because he knows he can't do a goddamn thing to change what he is or what people would think of him in all his mutant glory.

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  • You catch yourself thinking about Raph...


When were you not thinking about Raph, honestly?

He's strong, hot-headed, the-exact-type-of-guy-mom-told-you-to-avoid, but a real sweetheart most of the time.

You're always thinking about Raph one way or another. Sometimes his logic is backward and he's not always right in an argument, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't understand where he was coming from. You were careful with your verbiage at the start, when he first started asking for advice. Then, you realized you could be more straight forward, and give him an answer that made sense while also not giving him the idea that you agreed with him.

You were only now getting a scope of how much power you had over him. You wouldn't respond to him when he was boiling with rage and resentment, but you wouldn't shy away from him either, and he's catching on that anger is not going to get him anywhere. Once he calms down, he explains what happened again, and then when he's done, he apologizes for yelling.

This was last week, and now he doesn't even enter your apartment until he's cooled down. You don't think he's even realized what you've been doing. You don't know if it's sunk in that his behavior has changed in his mind.

You hum quietly. Now if you could only work up the guts to ask him out because you doubt he's gonna do it.

You trace circles on the kitchen counter as you wait for your food to finish cooking. Oh, how you'd love to kiss those lips of his. You wonder how it would feel. Would he be a gentle kisser? Would you have to initiate the first kiss?

Slow down, Y/n. You haven't even asked him out yet.

You slump with that thought. "Can we just skip to the fun part?"

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  • Donatello catches himself thinking about you...


He could barely think about anything other than you at this point. Which is problematic when it comes to being a mutant ninja turtle who plays vigilante every night. What was he supposed to do though? You're always messing with his head. He thought it was hard deciphering what Leo wanted from him at times, but you drop so many mixed signals that he was swimming in his own thoughts 95% of the time he's awake, trying to figure out what you meant.

You had gotten so close to him yesterday. There were only two or so inches between you and him. Well, two or so inches between your lips and his. He didn't even know what had happened.

He had gone over to your apartment--upon request--and when he got there you were just chilling on the couch in a crop top and jean shorts. He had noted how well they hugged your figure, like most clothes you wear. When you had noticed him, you didn't hesitate to open the window. He was hyperaware of the fact you sat closer to him than usual. Your couch was small, sure, but there was a whole space open for you to sit. Do you know what you did though? You sat in the curve of his side, putting his arm around your shoulders while you did so. You smiled at him like nothing unusual was happening before starting the movie.

Halfway through it, you had stretched--your back popping audibly--before you pressed yourself further into his side and your leg slides on top of his. Your head tilted to rest on his shoulder. You had stayed in that position for the rest of the movie; occasionally he thought he felt you try to press yourself closer, but that might have been his imagination.

When it was time for him to leave, that's when the really confusing moments started to occur.

"Do you have to leave?" You asked him. Your lower lip pushed out only slightly; enough to show your displeasure, but not enough to seem pathetic.

"If I don't go now, my brothers will get worried about me, and I'd be stuck here once the sun comes up." He had tried to reason with her. However, she only shrugged her shoulders and stepped closer to him. Her chest almost pressed to his.

"Is that a bad thing? Being stuck here?"

Donnie shook his head. "N-no, it would just be inconvenient for you, wouldn't it?"

The corner of your lip curved up and you went to say something but decided against it. You stepped on to the couch and he went to turn toward you. His breath caught in his throat. You were mere inches away, but you didn't even seem slightly fazed.

"Goodnight, Donatello," you had almost whispered before pulling away from him and walking into the kitchen to do whatever.

He left before he made a fool of himself while he tried to figure out why and when your scent changed.

Now, he was sitting there. Your usual text of "hey nerd" never came. You hadn't tried to call either. Did he do something wrong? Did you suddenly realize that your odd curiosity to know what a mutant turtle's dick looks like isn't normal? He may never know. He just wanted to hear from you, but how would he start that conversation?

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  • You catch yourself thinking about Donatello


It wasn't unusual to find yourself thinking about Donnie. At this point, you thought you made your feelings for him pretty clear. You had been half trying to express interest in him and half trying to show him that you didn't find it weird he was a giant turtle. Although, you might have crossed a line asking what his dick looks like. You almost slapped yourself for that one once he left.

"The idea is to seduce him, not creep him out, dumbass," you had muttered to yourself after you had secured the lock on your window, watching his shadow disappear.

What did you need to do to get him to understand what you were wanting without saying it directly? Did you just need to say it directly? What if he's subtly telling you he's just not interested? God, why did you have to be so socially inexperienced?

You hadn't messaged him all day, wanting to see if he would reach out. It was just now noon and you hadn't heard from him, but it was always possible he had passed out from not sleeping regularly, something you easily recognized when he came over since his movements were always a little more sluggish.

To keep yourself from habitually messaging him, as you usually did, you had put on a movie and brought out a five-hundred piece puzzle; your phone on vibrate mode in your pocket so your phone only alerted you about text messages and calls.

The puzzle and movie, however, did not stop your thoughts from drifting back to Donnie. Your thoughts were not always the most appropriate either, causing you to occasionally squirm as heat pooled between your legs and made it hard to sit still. It frustrated you every time that it happened, knowing you wouldn't be able to focus until you got yourself off; and you would much prefer to watch a movie and figure out this puzzle than to spend a half-hour playing with yourself, knowing that you won't feel satisfied afterward.

"Damn you, Donatello," you whispered to yourself as you stood and left to go take care of yourself.

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  • Michelangelo catches himself thinking about you


Mikey still couldn't fathom why you stuck around him. After all, he was a giant turtle, who grew up in the sewers, with no real social experience outside of his brothers, his father, and April and Vern. He's hyper-aware of this fact and became self-conscious about it whenever April mentioned anything that would be defined as "normal" that Mikey and his bros can't do for obvious reasons.

It's also sometimes hard to be around you because, even though he'd never admit this to anyone but Donnie, he's fallen so hard for you. How could he not?!

You were talented, sweet, funny, and man, did you make his heart beat a million miles a minute.

He worked up the nerve to ask you out one night. He thought he was actually going to do it. He had everything planned. He told himself regardless of your response, he knew it would be better for him to tell you than to keep it to himself.

Every cell within his body froze when he found out, though. He had never thought of that being a possiblity. It makes sense though, unfortunately.

The rememberance of his anxiety still makes his skin prickle. He was about to do it when your phone rang. You glanced down at it and smiled. "Hold on to that thought, Angel. It's my boyfriend. He just got back from a wrestling competition in a different state."

You answered the call as you got up and left the room. Mikey felt his heart shatter into a million pieces. Of course you have a boyfriend. Why wouldn't you? You're perfect.

Mikey should've known better than to assume a beautiful girl like you was single.

His heart felt like it was being squeezed to the point he couldn't breathe sometimes. Other times, he felt completely empty. He knows it's silly to let his emotions control him this way. After all, you had only been friends for a few months.

Still, though, those few months have been the best months he's had in a long time. He used to feel weightless when he thought of you. But now, everything felt oh so heavy on him...

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  • You catch yourself thinking about Michelangelo


The last few months have been a roller coaster. Between meeting Michelangelo, getting promoted at work, your parents nagging you to find a nice guy and settle down with him and give them a million grandchildren, and finding out your boyfriend might not be as truthful in his whereabouts like you used to believe, you're understandably overwhelmed.

You had done your best to not mention any of these things when Mikey was over, knowing he was a bit insecure about not having a "normal" life, even if he hadn't said so.

Oh God. What if your slip up is the reason he's acting weird? What if he thinks that was you saying you weren't interested in him? You had tried so hard not to mention your boyfriend because you knew a break up was inevitable. Any day now, you kept telling yourself.

You like Mikey; you really do. He made your heart beat wildly like no one else could. Initially you thought it was because he was a giant turtle who did karate. That idea blew out the window after the first month of hanging out.

Honestly, you forget about your boyfriend most of the time since he's barely ever around. Who wouldn't though when you're having the time of your life with someone who actually cares about your thoughts and feelings?

Mikey's boyish charm made you roll your eyes sometimes, but he's a genuinely good person, and good friend. You only wish you had the guts to break up with your boyfriend without feeling pressured to give an explanation...

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You didn't think you were any good at it. It was a hobby of yours that you hadn't told anyone about, not even your parents. When Leo came over unexpectedly, you had been mid-practice. You hadn't even heard him come in through your bedroom window because of how focused you were.

You weren't sure how long he had been standing there. The only reason you knew he was there was the quiet woah that left his lips when you finished. You had jumped out of your skin and nearly dropped one of the one wine glasses you were using.

"Leo! I swear, I'm going to make you wear a bell or something when you're over here if you don't stop sneaking up on me!"

The blue-clad turtle only chuckled and crossed his arms as he sat down on your bed. "I didn't mean to scare you, honestly. I just didn't want to interupt you. You're really good at that by the way."

"Pfft, sure. I've been trying to learn to play the same song using wine glasses filled with water for two months now, and I still mess up every few notes."

The song, one might ask, is Leo's favorite, and you thought it would be a good birthday present. His birthday - had been a mystery until he took you down to the lair to meet his brothers and dad for the first time, which you had taken the oppertunity to torture it out of Donnie in the five minutes Leo had gone to do something without you - was three months away, and you were glad you started early in trying to learn. It's definitely harder than it looks.

"So? That much progress in that little time is incredible, Y/N. A skill like that takes time. Even for Master Splinter it took over a year to get as far as you have."

You tried to fight the blush crawling up your cheeks at his high praise. You know how much Leo looks up to Splinter, so for him to give you praise for something that his dad had trouble mastering something like this felt like a big deal to you. Not that you would ever tell him that.

You didn't want to seem overly emotional or too open or overbearing. Leo came over to hang out, to chill, to get away from the emotional and mental strain from family conflicts.

"Thanks, Leo."

Oh, how you want to say more. How you want to say that you love him.

"Anytime, Y/N."

But you don't, you won't...