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The Player and The Geek

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Midoriya Izuku is 16 years old and a member of the comics club, science club and chess club.

Yeah, he is what most people would call a geek. 

Does he care?


He was happy baby!

Netflix instead of parties?


Sleeping in instead of going to the gym in the morning?


Watching anime instead of going to the cinema?


Time alone instead of sex?

Fuck yeah!

Izuku was a happy boy. 

Was being the key word. 

It all started when he just had to go to that stupid birthday party last saturday.


It was saturday.

It was Mina's birthday. 

And Mina was Ochako's friend. 

Who is Izuku's best friend. 

So Izuku ended up invited as well. 

There goes his netflix and comics night. 

Izuku and Ochako got at the party around eight. 

It was insane! 

Everyone was making out! 

Even fucking! 

What the hell! 

"Ochako... Maybe we should go home..." 

"Come on Izu! It's going to be ok! Oh God... No way... I mean I know he's best friend is Mina's boyfriend but still!" 

"What are you even talking about?" 

"Look at that guy! The blonde with spikey hair!" 

And Izuku looked and noticed the guy making out with some girl. 

"Yeah so?" 

"Oh my God... You don't know him??" 

Here is the thing. 

Izuku had NO IDEA who was popular. 

All he cared was his clubs, friends and the things he does at home. 

"No idea..." 

"He is Bakugou Katsuki. The most known guy in our school! He slept with like 30 girls at least! He is handsome, rich and he can have sex with whoever he wants!" 

"What a disgusting guy... Hope he gets an STD..." 

"Izuku! Oh and he goes both way. He had sex with some guys two. You like handsome guys so..." 

"HELL no!" 

Izuku already had a crush. 

Todoroki Shouto. 

Who is actually a good friend but is sadly straight and also dating someone already. 

"Ochako please let's go..." 

"OK just let me give Mina this present and we will go." 

"Ok... Great I have to be alone in this jungle." 

Izuku decided to look around. 

After 10 minute he got lost. 

"Great. I wonder where the bathroom is..."

And he found what he thought was the bathroom but instead it was a bedroom. 

There on the bedroom was the guy from earlier. 

The player himself. 

Bakugou Katsuki. 

Fucking some girl doggy atyle. 

"Aaahh Katsuki! Yes! Please more!" 

Oh shit. 

Of all the people... 


I mean how can this guy make out with one girl but end with another one in bed? 

I must leave before they notice. 

But Izuku just had to make a noise.

And got noticed. 

By the player himself. 


The fuck? 

I forgot to lock the door again. 

Was too into the making out with this girl. 

Plus she wanted to suck me as well. 

Someone got in. 

A guy. 

Some curly haired guy with huge glasses. 

Hah? What the heck? 

Is he seriously going to watch? 

Guess porn is too expensive for him. 

He tried to leave but the girl saw him and screamed and grabbed her clothes and just left. 


"Hey you fucking extra! Why the fuck did you just enter like an idiot?" 

"I thought this was the bathroom..." 

"Are you that stupid?" 

"Can you like... Cover yourself?" 

Oh yeah. 

I am still naked. 

"I might be gay but that doesn't mean that seeing every guy naked is what I like." 

Oh so he is into guys? 

Now I am interested. 

So I went to him. 

Still naked cause I don't give a fuck. 

"You know for a looser you are quite cute. Since my partener left how about you take her place?" 

This might be his chance to fuck for once cause there is no fucking way this guy had sex before. 

He blushed at first but then looked mad. 

"You think that just because alot of people had sex with you that you CAN actually have sex with anyone?" 

"Yeah. Anyone would love to have my cock. Ask anyone in this school." 

"Well guess what? I DON'T SO FUCK OFF BAKUGOU!" 

And he left. 

What the actual fuck? 

Did I just get rejected? 


Oh it's fucking on! 


I can't believe that guy! 

Fuck him! 

"Izu!!! There you are! Are you ok?" 

"No! Just saw Katsuki Bakugou fucking a girl, they saw me, she ran and he asked me to take her place. Can you believe that guy?" 

"Wait... You just said no to the hottest guy in school? Izuku are you insane? He is a God in bed! Everyone wants to sleep with that guy!" 

"Even you?" 

"No! Cause I like girls but if l liked guys then yeah!" 

"You are all crazy..." 

Fuck I want my netflix and my anime and my comics... 

Hope I never see that guy again. 


Monday morning at U.A. high. 

"Hey Midoriya Izuku!" 

I turned around to see the player himself. 

How did he know my name? 

"What do you want Bakugou?" 

"Oh what a mouth you have. Just good to suck dick." 

"Not yours thought." 

"Tch. We will see about that. The thing is I never got rejected before." 

"Wow... And I care because...? " 

"Fuck you!" 

"No thanks! How about you go fuck someone else?" 

"Listen here you little shit. I, Katsuki Bakugou, will fuck that virgin ass of yours! Got it nerd?" 

"Pff yeah right... I would rather never have sex than have that disgusting piece of meat that went in like 50 peoples." 

He just stared at Izuku. 

"Did you.. Did you just called my cock disgusting?" 

Wow... This guy is way too full of himself. 

"Yes! In fact all of you is making me sick! You think that you can do whoever you want but no! Surprise! I am not and will never be into you! Even if you were the last guy on this planet I would choose to get fucked by a horse. So just fuck off already and get over yourself! "

Alot of people were watching shocked including my best friend. 

Bakugou was quiet. 

So I left but not before showing him the finger and saying this. 

"Fuck you Katsuki Bakugou! "

Man this guy is a weirdo... 


"Dude you ok? "

"I can't believe what that guy said to you!" 

"Shut up! Hey Bakubro?" 

Bakugou said something but Kirishima didn't understand. 

"What did you say?" 

"I said fuck. I think I might be in love." 





Chapter Text


I can't stop thinking about that fucking geek.

He looks stupid but also hot. 


And the worse part is that he doesn't even like.

Doesn't want to sleep with me.


If only the nerd will be something like... 

Aahh Katsuki! I want that big fat tasty cock of yours! I can't believe you like me! I hope I will be a good bitch to you! Now please just fuck me already! 

Yep. That is exactly how he is gonna become.


Let's go to school and find my little nerd.



Such a boring day!

Math sucks... 

And the new episode of Pururuuu Purim Puririm Girls is up!


Class is almost over. 



Let's go home!

"Hey nerd!"

Or not... Oh what now?

I turned around to see the one and only jerk I know, mister I am extremly full of myself, Katsuki Bakugou. 

"What do you want Bakugou? I need to get home."

"Well you will have to change your plans cause I am talking you out on a date."

"Wow... Well I am not going to have a good day! Bye!"

Fuck him... 

I would rather eat chilli than go with him. 

And I can't eat anything spicy.

"Hey! Wait the fuck up! I at least deserve a chance!"

"Oh really? I don't think so and why me anyway? Get someone else!"

"Fuck no! We could get to know each other and you will see what an amazing guy I am!"

More amazing than the hot guys in yaoi anime?

Pfff he wishes!

"Dude... Why don't you go and stare in the mirror and keep saying how great your dick is."

"Oh so you do think that my dick is great."

"As great as an expirated corn dog."

I smirked. 

And he just looked like he wanted to yell at me but he didn't.

"Alright. What the fuck do I have to do for you to ar least go out somewhere with me."

"Hmmm.... Well how about we go see a movie?"


"But you pay! And I want some popcorn and a big drink."

"Ok... Anything else?"

"We could go for a walk in the park and talk. That way we will get to know each other. Sounds fine?"

"Yeah. Perfect. Let's go."

"Not today. My episode of Pururuuu Purim Puririm Girls is up and I have to see it!"

"The Puru... What?"

"Nothing. I got to go."

"Wait. Phone."


"Your phone."

"Oh here?"

"I will put my number here. Meet me tormorrow at 10 by the station."

"Sure... See you then."



It's past 10 and I am not ready.

I got to go. 

Katsuki is going to be mad. 

Well this is what happens when you read another chapter... 



"Hey nerd! You are late!"

"I just wasn't sure you will show up..."

"Yeah right! I am here so let's go!"

We went and watched A day with Marley.

It was cute. A film with a cute dog. 

Katsuki paid for 2 big popcorn and 2 big coke's and it was actually fun.

I like him when he doesn't say anything.

Now we are taking a walk in the park. 

And Katsuki look's... Nervous?

I took his hand. 

"You ok?"

"Yeah. Fine."

His hand is big and warm.

I like holding his hand. 

"So what do you wanna do next?"

"Talk I guess..."

"What do you do in your free time?"

"Well I watch netflix, anime, I read books and comics, go out with friends, just chill by myself."

"Oh I go out with my bros, play video games sometimes, listen to music, go to parties, meet up with people..."

"Fuck someone everyday... You never wanted a lover? Someone who belongs to you?"

"No... At least not until recently."

"Oh really? That's great!"

"Yeah. If only he would actually want to be with me..."

"Wow who said no to you? Besides me."

"Only you did."

And that is when I froze.

Wait a second... 

"Are you saying that... You want to be my boyfriend?"

"Yeah. I mean you are a little shit but I can't help but want you. You are also pretty hot and cute."

I blushed but smiled. 

"Thanks...You are not bad looking yourself. You just need to see past your huge ego."

He looked a bit angry but then smiled.


Maybe he isn't so bad after all.

So I decided to give him a kiss. 

On the cheek. 

He looked shocked.

"Thank you for today. It was fun. See you on monday!"

Maybe I will give him a chance.


On monday I was happy. 

I had a good date. 

My first date actually. 

And now I think I might actually try to be with Katsuki. 

"Dude good job!"

"Told you he wanted me! But he was too shy and ended up just giving me a kiss on the cheek."

"Still you got him."

"Yeah. It's only a matter of time and he will beg for my dick."


That voice.


It's him.

Katsuki fucking Bakugou!

That bastard!

He only wants to fuck and then tell everyone about it!

You know what?

It's fucking on jerk!


"Hey nerd!"

Oh he is here. 

Show tine. 

"Hey Bakugou! You won't guess what happened!"

"A new episoade is up?"

"Well no but my crush, a guy who I likes forever just asked me out yesterday and we are dating!"

"... What?"

"I know! I was shocked as well! But I am happy! He is really sweet, modest, always good with everyone. Aaahh I feel sooo lucky!"

"Right... Congrats then... Hope it goes well."

"Yeah! Thank you!"

"Bye then..."

And he left. 

Wait he actually looked sad?

But why?

Because he didn't get to fuck me?

I am going to follow him.


Fucking hell!


The date was great!

I should't had lied to those guys but I don't wanna say that I am beyond happy that the nerd kissed me.

And now I am crying like a fucking looser. 

"Who the fuck even is that guy? I went on a date with him first! I like him! Fuck! Stupid nerd can't he see that I am in love with him?"

And I heard something drop so I turned around and there was the geek. 


Did he hear me?

"You... You are in love with me?"

Oh fuck this! 

"Yes! So break up with that guy! I know I am not that fucking nice but I really want you! I will even delete all my contact for you! I won't meet anyone without you knowing! I promise!"

"Bakugou... I lied."


"I heard what you told your friends and I got mad because the date was fun so I decided to make up this story about some crush that I started to date."

"I lied to them because I didn't want to tell them how much I liked you! But I swear that I am serious! So can we be together?"

"Only if you accept a few things."

"Name them."

"You will not tell anyone what we do together, you will delete anyone who you slept with and won't meet anyone else for sex, we are NOT going to have sex until I say so and I would like to keep our relationship secret for now."

"Alright. Got it."

"If you want my body and my heart you will have to get my trust first."

"Yeah. Got it."

And I decided since he looks sad to go ahead and kiss him. 

On the lips this time. 

I gave him a shy little kiss and he blushed. 

"Not used with kisses like this?"

"Yeah but I like it. So you are mine now... Right?"

"I am my own person but I am also your boyfriend so let's get along Kacchan!"


"Yep. You call me nerd or geek so I am going to call you Kacchan."

"Ok... Can I kiss you?"


"If it's too much just give me a sign."


And he kissed me. 

It felt amazing. 

And them his tongue went it and I almost came. 


He is good. 

I started to moan a bit. 

I can't believe how good this feels.

Katsuki is great at kissing. 

NOT gonna tell him cause his ego is huge anyway. 

We kissed for awhile. 

But when it was over I was a bit sad cause fuck I wanted some more of that mouth on mine. 

"See you later."

"Yeah. Bye."

And he left. 

Oh shit I think I might be in love with him. 

And I am also hard. 


Well time to go to the bathroom and then to class. 


Oh. Got a text. 

Hey. Let's meet up after school. Come over and don't worry cause I will behave. 

I just really want to spend time with you and maybe kiss some more?

Oh shit.


Fuck yes!

Sure Kacchan! See you after school! ^^

Great! See you then baby! 💋


Oh crap. 

This guy is really flirty. 

I can't believe that I am with the most wanted guy in school! 

Ochako is gonna faint!

Oh wait. 

I can't tell her yet.


Well let's hope that I don't end up actually wanting his dick too soon. 

Chapter Text

I am soooo nervous but also happy. 

I am going to Kacchan's place.

The player's house.

Oh fuck.

I know we just started to date but I wanna do stuff... 

And he will most likely be amazing at anything. 

I can just feel it. 

I am here. 

And oh God his house is huge... 

Oh wait he is rich. 

Forgot about that. 

I rang the door. 

And here came Katsuki Bakugou. 

With just a pair of boxers and his hair was wet. 


I got hard. 

"Hey nerd. Just got out of the shower."

"H-Hey Kacchan."

"Come in. Why is your face red?"


And them he smirked. 


"I see. Is this a turn on for you? You don't have to hold back. Come here baby."

And I actually came. 

In my pants. 

And Katsuki noticed.

"Did...did you just came from that? Dude you really need some release. Do you even touch yourself?"

"Not really..."

I am actually too embarrassed to do anything like that. 

"That is not ok. You need to jerk off at least 5 times a week if you are not having sex. Your poor cock needs it."

My poor cock?

Is his rich or something?

"Yeah... Got it."

And then he came closer. 

"Or maybe I can help. How about I suck that sweet dick of yours baby?"


Hold the phone. 

Is he for real right now?

"Are you... Serious?"

"Of course I fucking am. You are my boyfriend aren't you?"

"Yes... Also can you go to the doctor this week?"

"I guess. Why?"

"I want you to test yourself. Just in case."

He could get something even with his mouth. 

He just stared at mr and then left.

He came back after a minute with a paper. 

"Here. Read this."

So I did. 

It was what I asked for. 

And he is clean. 

"I do this every month so don't worry I am fine. I will do another one if you really want me to but I usually use a condom."

"No. This is fine."

"So? Your answer?"

Oh right. 

Do I want a blowjob?

Fuck yeah I do. 

But is this really ok?

"No thanks. I am good."

"Alright then. Let's go eat something."


I just don't want him to think I am that easy.

Not after everything I said. 

Besides I am pretty sure I will end up with him fucking me if I let him do anything to me. 

"Want a pizza?"

"Yeah. Sounds great."

Oh wait my pants are still... 

"Also go and take a shower and change into this. Unless you like cum between your legs."

"I will go shower. Thanks."


Aahhh the water is too hot!

There. Better.

I am in his shower...

And I am hard. 


I might as well jerk off. 

But first. 

I know I am a pervert for this but fuck it. 

I am going to take his used shirt and take a good sniff. 


Fuck that is the shit. 

I am getting closer. 



I want your cock!

Oh fuck. 

I knew it. 

I want him to fuck me. 

He is so big...

I can't wait to feel that big dick inside. 

It will be amazing. 

I am going to scream. 

And moan like an actual little bitch. 


I am sooo close.


And I came. 

I hope he didn't hear anything. 


"Hey you took some time. Everything alright?" 

I just blushed. 

"Yeah... Fine." 

But then he smirked. 

Oh no... 

"Had fun in the shower?" 


Actually I will be honest. 

"I did... I was thinking how good is going to feel to take your big cock up my thight ass." 

I also made sure to make a very shy face. 

Kacchan just stared. 

And he got hard. 

"Fuck... Are you flirting or are you serious?" 

I came and whispered in his ear. 

"Oh and almost forgot. I sniffed your shirt. It really helped. Thanks." 

And before I knew it Kacchan was kissing me. 

And fuck it was great. 

I want him. 

I really do. 

"Mmm Kacchan!" 

"Izuku. Let's fuck baby. Please." 

Did the Katsuki Bakugou just beg? 

Oh shit. 

"You want me that badly Kacchan?" 

"Yeah and I know you do as well. Izuku come on. I am not gonna think your easy or some shit because I know that is not who you are. I really want to sleep with you because I fucking adore you." 

I blushed. 

Kacchan can be really sweet. 

"Alright then make me yours. But be gentle please..." 

"Yes Izuku.I got you my love." 

My love? 

Oh shit my heart skipped a beat. 

We kissed some more. 

And we got naked in like 15 seconds.

Fuck I am embarrassed. 

I tried to cover myself but Kacchan didn't let me. 

"No. Don't. You are gorgeous. I wanna see everything." 

I am red. 

Oh God. 

And Kacchan went down on me. 


I still get a blowjob! 

"Aahh Kacchan! Yes! Feels good!" 

He sucked me for a few minutes and then came back to kiss me. 

He got the lube and condoms.

Well this is it. 

I am going to be fucked. 

By the most gorgeous and full of himself guy. 

"Izuku. You need to relax for me, ok?" 

"I will try." 

And he started to prepare me. 

And them after a few minutes it was time. 

Kacchan was going in. 

And fuck... it hurts!

"Ouch.... Kacchan!" 

"Easy baby. I got you." 

After awhile he started to move and it still hurt but not as much.

The pleasure finally came. 

I just let my voice out. 

"Aaahh! Aaahh! Kacchan! Yes! More! Faster!" 

And he did. 

This feels even better than I expected! 

"I-Izuku I am close!" 

"Me... Aaaahhh! Me too!" 

"Let's come together." 

And after a few minutes we came. 

Fuck it felt amazing. 

But I was tired. 

"Go to sleep. Night nerd." 



It was the next morning. 

Ouch my head hurts and my hips as well. 


Where am I? 

This is not my room... 

And them I saw sleeping next to me.

Katsuki Bakugou. 

Oh shit. 

We had sex. 

He fucked me. 


And then I got up and went to the bathroom. 

I turned on the shower and got in. 

And then I started to cry. 

I feel dirty. 

Oh God. 

This was a mistake! 

There is no way he will still be with me after this! 

I am so stupid! 



What time is it? 


Where is the nerd? 

His glasses are still here. 

I guess he went to pee. 

Oh wait I hear the shower. 

Jeez he could have told me to join him. 


Last night was just... Perfect. 

It feels amazing to have sex with someone you have feelings for. 

Maybe he is the one...

Yeah he might just be. 

I smiled.

I am happy. 

I finally found someone for me. 

Izuku is taking awhile. 

Is he ok? 

Is his body ok? 

I was quite rough... 

Maybe I should see what he is doing.

So I went in the bathroom. 

And there was my boyfriend. 

Crying in the shower? 


What happened? 

"Izuku? Hey baby!" 

"Go away! You used me! Was it fun to play with my body? " 

What the fuck is he talking about? 


Use him? 

Play with his body? 

We are together! 

Has he gone nuts? 

"What are you even saying? You are my boyfriend! How could I do such a thing?" 

"Because you are a player who only cares about fucking around!" 

I mean he wasn't wrong. 

I WAS like that. 

But after meeting him. 

Things chaged. 

"Izuku... I used to be like that until I started to have feelings for you. Please baby come here. I swear last night wasn't just a fuck." 

"It was a mistake! That is what it was!" 

I felt my heart breaking. 

He actually hated it? 

But he was moaning...

Is he just embarrassed? 

"Izuku. It wasn't a mistake! It meant everything to me! I don't want anyone else but you! Please believe me beautiful..." 

Izuku just stared at me and then looked down. 

"I am sorry... You are right. I don't know what happened." 

"Maybe you were just shocked that you had sex and stuff. But I swear it was amazing and that it just made me want you more." 

"Me too... And I actually want you now too." 

"You wanna fuck baby?" 

He just looked down. 

"Izuku. Come on. Just be honest. If you want sex then just say so. I also want it. I want you." 

"Yes... I want Kacchan's cock, Kacchan's love." 


"I also want you sooo badly Izuku." 

And we kissed and then I got him on the bed. 

He was in my lap riding me. 

Fuck he looks amazing. 

"Aaaahhh Kacchan! Yes! Feels good!" 

"Glad you like it gorgeous." 

Fuck his ass is great. 

Izuku has a great ass for someone who doesn't work out. 

"Fuck! Izuku! I am close!" 

"Aaaahhh me too! KACCHAN! AAAHHH!" 

And he came and shortly after him I came as well. 

Fuck I think I love him. 

And I also forgot the condom. 

"K-Kacchan you went in raw." 

"Yeah... Sorry baby." 

"It's ok..." 

And we kissed. 

I really adore him. 



Chapter Text

I still can't believe how many things happened this month.

First of all my favorite manga got an anime. 

There is this new show on netflix that I love. 

Oh and I lost my virginity to the guy that I am also in a relationship with. 

The one and only number one best looking guy with an ego bigger than a galaxy. 

None other than Katsuki Bakugou. 

And I am with this guy. 

I made this guy feel in love with me. 


Midoriya Izuku. 

A geek who loves to do nerdy stuff. 

Kacchan and I also had sex. 

Every day. 


What can I say. 

I really enjoy sex. 

And he is amazing at it. 

I just love how it feels to have him fuck me. 

But there is also a little problem. 

I also want to fuck him. 

Well Kacchan wasn't too happy about it.


"But Kacchan I will be carreful!" 

"That is not the problem! I just don't bottom ok?"

"But why? You have such a nice ass!"

"Yes I know but I just don't so drop it!"

And he left. 



Why is he like this?!

Since no one fucked him means that I can be the first one to do it. 

Well he is my first so I might as well be his first. 

If only he would let me... 

"Hahaha Katsuki, you are just as charming as usual!"

"Not as charming as you my lady."

I saw Katsuki smiling at the girl. 

He was also very close to her. 





Is he actually cheating on me?


Now he wants some pussy?

What is his problem?

She kissed his cheek and he just laughed?

Fucking Kacchan. 

I will show him!


It was after school and I was supposed to meet up with Kacchan. 

Yeah well nope.

Instead I went and met with a guy. 

That I know has a thing for my ass. 

Kacchan saw me. 

Show time baby.


What the hell is Izuku doing?

We were going to go to my place and chill, well netflix and chill. 

What is he talking with that guy anyway?

I will come closer. 

"Oh senpai that is funny!"

Izuku was laughing while shaking his ass?

What the fuck... Is he flirting with some guy right in front of me?

I felt my heart break. 

I don't understand.

Why would he do this?

Doesn't he like me as well?

I know for sure that is not just fucking that he wants. 

And that guy only wants his ass. 

He tries to touch his ass. 

Oh that's it!

"Oi Deku! Come here you fucker!"



As in useless?

Really now???

"What is it Kacchan?"

"What the fuck are you even doing? We were supposed to leave!"

"Well aren't you busy with your girl?"

"My girl? What girl?"

"The girl that was all over you earlier!"

"Is that... Is that why you were... Izuku you idiot. You are a Deku."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean that you got jealous for nothing. I was flirting with her because she had the chemistry test answers for next week."

"... Really?"

"Yes. Here. Look."

And Kacchan was right. 

This are test answers for chemistry. 

Oh shit.

I am an awfull boyfriend. 

"Sorry Kacchan..."

"It's ok. Just give me a blow and I will forgive you."

I blushed. 

"Kacchan you know that I am too shy for that!"

"Oh come on! I really want you to suck me!"


"Then ride me and moan loudly and say dirty stuff."


I was very red. 


"Aaahhh Katsuki! Yes! I love riding your huge amazing cock! You are the best! More! MORE!"

"Fuck! That's my baby! Ride my dick like a pro Deku!"

"Don't call me that Kacchan! Aaahhh!"

"But I will cause it's perfect for you love."

"Aaahh Kacchan!"


It was later and Kacchan is asleep. 

I should sleep too. 

But I feel pretty bad cause I love Kacchan. 

I love him?


Oh no. 

I hope not cause if he does something bad I am not going to recover soon. 

I really want to be with him for a long time.

If only it was that easy. 

Chapter Text

Izuku was not ok. 

His boyfriend was right now at some party.

He did invite him as well but how can they even hang out?

Their relationship is a secret after all... 

And Izuku has been feeling quite nervous about this situation.

He really wants this to work. 

He wants to have Kacchan's heart, Kacchan's trust, well his everything.

But he is also afraid that it might not be what Katsuki wants. 

And there is this other problem... 


"Aaahhh Kacchan!" 

I hope I am not too loud. 

Does he think I sound weird?

"That's it baby. Just like that."

I wonder how it felt when he had sex with other people...

"Aaahhh! Faster! Please!"


Why am I thinking about this now?

And why do I even want to know?

He is with me now. 

And he is happy like this. 


"Fuck! Izuku! I am getting close!"

Maybe one day Kacchan will just break up with me. 


He might find someone else and leave me. 


What am I going to do then?

Will Katsuki just leave? 

Could he be that cold? 


It just isn't right...

I am in love with him and so is he but we are just getting to know each other. 

So it can't be love. Not yet.


We both came and after he left I... 


I have been thinking about this.

I should just shower.

Why am I jealous?

And of who exactly?

Everyone he slept with?

I even seen him have sex so it shouldn't be a big deal.

He will be my boyfriend no matter what so I shouldn't worry anymore. 



It was the next day and I was meeting with Katsuki at the park. 

Hope I am not late. 

There he is!


He looks... 


But why? 

"Hey Kacchan... Is everything ok?" 

I was worried. Just what happened? 

"Izuku... Listen. I need to tell you something." 

Kacchan looked down. 

His eyes looked sad and his voice was just weird... 

"Whats wrong Katsuki?" 

Did something bad happened? 

I have a really bad feeling about this. 

"I just... Fuck... I can't do this anymore. I am sorry."



What is he talking about?

"Kacchan... I... I don't understand... Why are you saying this?"

Kacchan looked at me. 

"Because I can't be with you anymore."

I felt my world breaking. 


My eyes were full of tears. 

My heart was screaming. 

My head was hurting. 

And my soul was just... Crushed.

"You... Are you... Are you breaking up with me?"

He just nodded. 

"But why? What did I do? I don't under-"

"You are just too much... I mean I do like you but I didn't think it will get this serious...."

"But you said that you are in love with me! Was that a lie?"

"I only said what I felt back then and the same thing I am doing now."

"I... I can't... No! Please..."

"I am sorry Izuku but it's over."

He turns around.

I heard a quiet bye. 

And he left. 

I couldn't feel my legs anymore.

I was on the ground.



Everything hurts... 





Come back. 

I love you. 





I screamed only to realise that I was in bed. 

It was 3 a.m.

Wait... Was that just dream or...?


I need to know. 

So I got my phone and called Kacchan. 

"Come on. Pick up. Please!"

After the third ring a sleep voice answered. 

"Mmm yes?"


"Yeah. What is it?"

"Are we still together?"

"... Hah?"

"Are we still boyfriends? Do you wanna break up with me? Are you mad at me? Tell me! Please!"

"Hey! Hey! Calm down! Are you ok? Why are you even asking me all this?"

"Well... I..."

"Izuku...are you crying?"

I didn't realise it but before I could reply I started to cry even harder.

Kacchan just ended the call. 


Does that mean that I was right?

He hates me?

Oh God. 

I kept crying but after 5 minutes I heard the door. 

Who in the world... ?

I went and opened it only to end up on the floor with Kacchan on top. 


"Fuck. Izuku. Are you ok? Come on. Let's go to bed."

It took me 10 minutes to explain everything. 

It was hard to talk. 

Kacchan looked worried.

He took my hand and looked right into my eyes. 

He looked as confident as ever. 

"You listen here and don't you dare forget this! I am your boyfriend and I don't have ANY fucking reason to break up with you! You are the best fucking thing that ever happened to me and I am very happy! You make my day Izuku. And I.... I really love you baby. "

I was shocked. 

He loves me. 

That means we both feel the same. 

" Kacchan... "

I kissed him.

I still had tears in my eyes but fuck it!

I just want Katsuki. 

That night we made love for real. 

Kacchan was very gentle.

It was quiet. 

Just our bodies were moving. 

There was no sound. 

No moaning. 


Just us kissing and loving each other. 

It was perfect. 


The sun was way too bright. 

I was tired. 

Kacchan was sleeping next to me. 

We were very close to each other. 

He looks so handsome... 

Fuck I love this guy. 

He actually came to me at 3 in the damn morning because I was crying like an idiot. 

He is the best. 

I really am lucky. 

Thank you Kacchan. 

Chapter Text

It's been a whole year since Kacchan and I broke up.

We have dated for 2 years but then something happened. 

A huge ugly fight. 

I am still single. 

And so is he. 

He isn't a player anymore.

And we are going to go to university soon.

Katsuki will go to the same one as me. 

Which shocked me honestly.

I still look at our photos. 

I can't stop thinking about him.

I still love him. 

And he also feels like this. 

I know for sure because of the way he looks at me. 

That lonely yet lovely look. 

I wanna be with him again but will it work out?

I can't tell...



I can't stop thinking about this damn geek.

I fucking love him. 

This was the most fucked up year. 

I didn't even go out anymore.

I was scared that he would end up with someone else. 

But no. 

I am still the only one.

Fuck I want him back. 

I still have his number. 

Fuck it. 

I will send him a text. 


I guess I should go home. 



Who is it?

I froze.

Oh God it's Katsuki.


Hey Izuku... I know that maybe you don't even want to hear from me but fuck I miss you nerd! Please give us another chace! I love you! 



I felt the tears.

I want him back. 

I never even got to tell anyone about us. 


Alright. Let's meet at your place. 


I am here.

His place. 

And I am nervous. 

"Hey nerd." 

I turned around and Katsuki was there. 


I just started to cry and jumped in his ar s and kissed him. 

I love him. 

So much. 

So damn much. 

It hurt like hell to be apart for this much. 

"I missed you baby." 

"Me too."


After a month we were still together. 

We decided to not break up no matter up. 

Since it can't be anyone but each other. 

And honestly I am happy. 

Cause I got the player. 

I got his heart. 

"The player ended up with geek after all right?" 

"Fuck yeah." 

Now we are driving to our new place. 

We are going to leave together because we are going to have the same classes. 

I love my player. 

He played me good and won my heart.