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When Jealousy Strikes

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Pursed lips. 


A scrunched up nose. 


Broad shoulders that immediately drop down with a dejected sigh, head tilting away from you. You take the gleaming range of menus in your hands and pass them over to him, “You decide then. I’m prepared to eat anything at this rate.” 

He pouts at you, “I’ve tried everything though.” 

You shake your head, “I highly doubt there’s going to be food that you’ve never tried before poof out of nowhere. Just pick something before I have to resort to snacking on my scented chapsticks.” 

Jin looks at you bewildered, “Is that even healthy?” 

“If you don’t pick something in the next ten seconds, it will be.” 

He quickly scrambles and looks through the sheer load of menus you’ve picked up for him, but the same dull process repeats itself. He looks, he sighs, he flips. All while you have to continue to restart your countdown with the hopes that he’ll turn to you with bright eyes and excited fists. 

However just when you’re about to give up all remains of hope left in yourself, you hear a loud ‘yah!’ escape him and you’re instantly poking your head around to see what he came up with. 

“A bakery?” You question, wondering how that menu even got through among all the popular restaurants. Jin eagerly nods, eyes crinkling. 

“It’s a new one! We have to try it!” 

“So we’re having bread and sweets for lunch?” You wonder how he comes up such an idea when he was just questioning your healthy chapsticks a moment ago. 

“But…the first ten customers eat for free….” He mumbles the words quietly but your eyes immediately sparkle, a rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins. 

“Then what are we waiting for?!” 

You latch onto his wrist, dragging him along when all you can hear behind you is his faint windshield wiper laugh.


It’s really cute. 

There’s a gorgeous pink and white layout, hand crafted cakes on display with a sweet smell circulating the air and a giant line of many customers eagerly waiting to get a piece of it all. Jin practically flings himself over to secure a spot, spreading out his arms for room as you’re running and heaving with gasps to make it over. Sliding in next to him, a sigh of relief escapes you when Jin does a headcount and realizes that you’re the ninth and tenth customer, barely making it on time. 

“There’s so much we can try Y/N! They even have a chocolate fountain.” You giggle when he presses his cheek against the glass window to catch a glimpse of the decor and you stifle back a laugh when he openly does this, causing so many people to whisper and stare at him. 

It’s embarrassing, but you would be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t find it endearing. 

However, the whispers grow into something more the longer he eagerly looks around, a lot of them surrounding specifically the female customers and it’s almost like an anchor has dropped to the pit of your stomach. 

With an unconscious pout, you slide closer to him and Jin glances at you briefly, wondering why you looked like you were suddenly feeling sick. 

He glances behind him now, seeing the large volume of female eyes watching him when he only stare back with wide eyes. His gaze shifts back to you now and a faint chuckle escapes him. 

“Are you jealous?” He quietly questions, a huge smile on his lips when you look at him with enlarged eyes, “That’s cute.” 

“What? No.” You loop a hand around his arm and tug him closer to you. Jin’s eyes can only follow the action and he can’t seem to stop the laughter that naturally bubbles out from seeing you like this. 

“Hmm, you sure?” He scans you up and down, being very dramatically obvious about it. “It kinda looks like you are.” 

You roll your eyes and then shake your head, trying to focus on the shop in front of you and not the rise of collective feminine voices. A worker dressed in a pink apron soon comes out, giving out samples for those waiting in line and she passes by you and Jin. He reaches out to quickly grab a cupcake from her, handing it over to you. 

“I think it’s really sweet that you’re jealous.” The laughter is already spilling out of him, “Just like this cupcake.” 

You shake your head, eyes contorted when you’re trying your hardest not to laugh but then he can’t contain it anymore, bursting out and slapping his knee. It bubbles out of you too and your shoulders shake, making you wonder why on earth you were jealous in the first place. 

If only those girls could hear how much of a dork you’re dating.