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It had been bad times for the Medic of Builders League United. They had been loosing repeatedly and his teammates were turning on him. They claimed he was the reason they had been failing so often, even though it is the fault of the strategies and almost nonexistent team work they had.

He noticed they were getting increasingly angry, but he was too.
Especially because of Heavy.

The Russian had been a very good friend of his, until he started blaming him as well. He accepted that he didn’t have any real friends in BLU.

And because they were getting more and more frustrated, it was inevitable that one day at least one of them would snap.


It was a Tuesday. They had failed, yet again. It was no surprise.

“Doktor.” He heard Heavy’s voice from behind him and stopped putting away his Medi-Gun. The Russian giant sounded angry.

He sighed and closed his eyes. This wasn’t going to be good.

Medic turned around to see the whole BLU team glowering at him, except for Pyro who was playing with a lighter, and Demoman who was passed out due to alcohol again.

Medic didn’t bother asking what was wrong, he knew what was coming.

“Even though leetle RED Doktor is dead, we lost.”

Medic knew he shouldn’t provoke Heavy further, but his pride won out.
“And vhat has zhat got to do vith me?”
He growled and mentally punched himself. Now Heavy was really going to lash out.

And lash out he did.

Heavy lurched forward and grabbed Medic by the lapels of his blood splattered coat. His face was mere inches away from the other mercenary’s.

“Is your fault we lost! Tiny Doktor fight better or I will show you how I kill tiny RED babies!”

Medic couldn’t suppress his flinch at being manhandled like that, and leaned his head away from the shouting Russian.
He swallowed nervously.
This was not good at all.

“Enough.” Medic heard Engineer speak up from beside Pyro.

Heavy didn’t let him go but glanced over his shoulder questioningly and angry at being interrupted.

Engineer stepped forward, standing slightly behind Heavy.
“I think it’s not only the Doc’s fault we’re losin’.”

“Yeah, right. We didn’ do nothin’ wrong, Engie. It is the Doc’s fault, jus’ admit it.” Scout snorted from where he stood a little ways off.

Engineer sighed, defeated. He couldn’t convince them yesterday, he can’t convince them now. He shook his head and turned to leave.
“You know what? I don’t care. Do what you want.”

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After Engineer left together with Pyro, Heavy tightened his grip on Medic.
“You are going to regret this, Doktor.”

Medic gasped and collapsed as Heavy suddenly punched him in the gut, hard.
Pain exploded in his stomach and he grunted, one hand clutching his gut and the other holding him up from completely falling over.

“Tiny Doktor will pay.” Heavy rumbled from over him and Medic didn’t need to look to expect the next punch.

The giant’s hand collided with his side and he toppled over. His glasses flew off his face as Heavy kicked him in the ribs, again and again.

After what felt like eternity, Heavy finally stopped, and with him stopped the kicks to his torso and sometimes even the head.

“Leetle stupid Doktor will never let team down again, understand?” He heard the giant Russian rumbling from above him, but he just curled into a ball to protect himself if Heavy decided to start again.

He felt another sharp kick to his ribs, and then distantly heard the other team members leave. Nobody checked on him. They left him shaking on the ground.




After he was sure they had left him for about twenty minutes, he had gathered the strength to slowly sit up, groaning in pain. Heavy was a large man with such strength, one could not describe it.
His hands were like iron fists.
And being on the receiving end of those fists was not a good idea.

Medic was sure he broke several ribs, and had severe bruising around his stomach, waist and back area.
Everything hurt.

He searched for his glasses and found them cracked. He placed them on his bleeding nose anyway and slowly made to stand up to get to the infirmary. It was easier said than done. It took him almost half an hour to get there, grunting in pain with every step he took, even when holding on to the wall for support.

He almost fell whilst opening the door and stumbled towards the medi-gun above the gurney.

Medic heaved himself up to reach the lever to activate it, when a familiar giant hand closed around his tightly.

“I do not think so, Doktor.” Heavy rumbled from behind him and forcefully pulled him away from the medi-gun, away from healing.
The Russian held Medic against his chest when he tried to struggle to escape.
“We were not done, leetle man.”

Heavy took out rope and didn’t even nearly break into a sweat while binding the still struggling Medic’s hands.
Even when healthy, the German didn’t have even a small chance against the giant. But now, with his whole body aching, he had an even smaller chance of escaping - which was almost none.

He could do nothing as Heavy pulled his blue gloves and white doctor’s coat off and threw Medic to the ground. The giant then leaned over him and undid his belt and suspenders and threw them to the side.

Heavy then pulled off the Doctor’s boots and produced another rope from his flak-vest. Medic tried to kick him, but the other man just held his legs with one hand and bound them together.

“Can’t alert others.” The Russian stuffed a cloth of some kind into the Medic’s mouth and bound the ends together behind his head so he couldn’t spit it out.
Now he couldn’t talk nor move.

Heavy sat up straight and looked him over, which resulted in a cold shiver running down Medic’s spine. That look promised nothing good.
What would Heavy do next? Would he torture him? Kill him several times?

The giant picked him up and carried him over his shoulder. Medic hoped that whatever Heavy was going to do, it wouldn’t remind him of-

No. No, he wasn’t going to think about that. He will just panic, and that wouldn’t do him any good in this situation. He needed to keep calm and look for an escape.

Heavy carried the Doctor to a room near the back exit of the base. Medic only recognised where he was because of the emergency exit not far from the room. He kept it in mind if he could escape.

They entered the room. It was colder in here, the air from outside coming in through the small cracks in the wall.
The small light in the middle of the ceiling was dim and just below it was a chair. There was a cart with several utensils such as knives and cloth near the wall and Medic blanched upon seeing it.

So Heavy was going to torture him. His mind automatically remembered his past before Medic could prevent it.

‘Now don’t move, or I’ll cut off your fingers. That’s not so bad, is it?’

‘He’s filth! Just kill him, Doctor!’

‘No he could still be useful for us. I can use him for experiments!’

Medic sharply shook his head to try and shake the memory off as Heavy threw him into the chair.
The Russian pulled the cart to stand beside him in front of the chair.
He whistled softly while deciding on which knife he should use. He chose the broad, slightly bigger knife than the others and began to work.

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Medic panted through the spit and blood soaked gag. His glasses had fallen to the floor ages ago, when Heavy electrocuted him several times.
His dress shirt and vest were red with blood from the cuts the giant made with the knives, and one pant leg was ripped, blood gushing out from the slash beneath the fabric.

The cold air of the evening propelled him back in time, when he was a prisoner in the concentration camp. He heard the voices of the doctors and scientists around him, examining him and trying to cure his ‘disease’.
The pain, the smell of blood, the man doing him harm, he can’t handle it.

He had began to cry when the flashbacks started, the Heavy not noticing his mental distress and continuing his torture for personal pleasure.

Medic’s survival instinct kicked in, and he remembered how he got out of that horrible place. He had pretended to be knocked out or dead, and the doctor left and let the guards drag the ‘corpse’ away to burn. What they didn’t expect was that Medic had used the adrenaline rush he had gotten and escaped their hold to run off.

They had searched for him, but had never found him because of the invasion of the allies shortly after. He had been found by Russian soldiers and had been taken care of.

So now, Medic used the same strategy.
He slumped in his chair after another punch to the gut and relaxed himself to seem dead, or at least knocked out.

He heard Heavy chuckle deeply and heard steps, and eventually the opening and closing of a door.
He carefully opened one eye to see that Heavy had really believed him to be dead, and had left.

He took a deep breath and waited a few more moments before quickly bending down to shakily undo the rope around his ankles. He tried doing the same for the gag and wrists, but they wouldn’t budge, so he just left them.

Medic stood up with a whimper and immediately shushed himself, there could still be someone nearby.
He carefully opened the door to the hallway and looked out. His luck, there was no one there. He rushed to the emergency exit as quick as he could and limped out.

He had to get away. But the memories came back, he panicked and ran - away from the BLU base.


“Oi, Heavy. There’s someone approaching.” Heavy heard Sniper say to him over their communicators and stood up to investigate.

He and the Australian had been assigned to watch duty this evening, and he had been sitting at the entrance, watching over the field.

After getting up and walking forwards a bit, he spotted the limping figure as well. He squinted and made out a red shirt and vest, and brown trousers.
The man wasn’t wearing boots and his hands seemed to be bound.

He readied Sasha but didn’t turn her on just yet. He stepped forward again and gasped when he recognised who was vastly limping towards the RED base.

It was the BLU Medic. And what he was wearing wasn’t a red shirt, but a blood soaked one. A bloody rag was bound around the man’s head to gag him and his hands were bound together before him. He looked around frantically, as if to see if he was being chased.

Heavy slowly started to walk towards the frightened man and looked around if he saw any other BLU’s. Was this a trap? If it wasn’t, who did this to the Medic?

He was pulled out of his thoughts as he saw that the BLU was only about ten metres away from him. He was just about to tell the Doctor to stop, when said man stumbled and fell to the ground.

Medic tried to stand up again, but failed and started to crawl forward instead. He didn’t seem to see the RED Heavy walking slowly towards him.

“Stop.” Heavy commanded and pointed Sasha at the injured Medic.

The enemy team’s doctor looked up and up close, Heavy saw tear tracks running through the blood on his face.
What happened to him?

The Medic looked at the man and then at Sasha with slightly unfocused eyes and tears began to run down his face.
He whined and hung his head while trying to crawl nearer to the giant.

Heavy frowned. Why would a BLU come willingly to a RED for help? He shook his head and pushed the thought to the back of his mind. He needed to help this man.

“Leetle BLU seems friendly. I help him.” He spoke quietly into the communicator and knelt down before the crying Medic.
He carefully sat Sasha aside for now and looked back to the BLU.

Medic had since given up trying to get near him and instead tried to reach out to him with his bound hands.
He mumbled something through the gag and sobbed.

Heavy leaned closer and unbound the gag so the BLU could speak.
He didn’t miss the flinch as he touched Medic.

“H-Hilfe...bitte, hilf m-mir...” The german spoke hoarsely in his mother tongue.
Heavy didn’t know much German, but those words he recognised from the war. The Medic was pleading for help.

Heavy nodded and carefully helped the Medic sit up. He whimpered several times as his wounds hurt even more with the movement.

“What happened?” At his voice the BLU flinched and tried to scramble back but Heavy grabbed him before he could escape.

The Medic struggled fiercely, but Heavy held on. He didn’t know what to do with a panicked man, but suddenly he remembered when one of his sisters came to him crying after a nightmare.

Heavy carefully pulled the distressed Doctor against him and rubbed his back gently.
“ okay.” He whispered and was surprised to feel the man actually relax in his grip.

After a short moment, the BLU didn’t struggle anymore, but he still sobbed and shook.

“Come, I take you somewhere safe.”
He pulled the Medic up into his arms, holding him like one would a child.
With his free hand he grabbed Sasha and began moving to the RED base.

The Medic held onto him and sobbed into the giant man’s neck, hoping he would not take him back to the BLU Heavy or to the Nazis.
The memories had been too much for him. He didn’t know where he was, or when he was. He only knew that the BLU Heavy and the Nazis were bad and wanted to torture and kill him.

“Bitte b-bring mich nicht zurück!” The German wailed and wriggled in the Russian’s grasp.

Heavy didn’t understand that sentence, but he supposed the BLU Medic was scared. He would be too if he had been hurt that badly by someone.

“Ssh...” He tried to remember the German word for ‘safe’. He continued when he knew which word he could use to calm the man.
“Is sicher. Ssh.” He probably botched the pronouncement but when the Medic seemed to relax a little, he supposed it was good enough.

When he reached the base, the German wasn’t sobbing anymore, just sniffling occasionally. He felt the wetness of the man’s tears against his shoulder and neck, soaking through the fabric of his flak-vest and red shirt underneath.

Sniper hadn’t come down from his post in the outlook, but he had alerted the others to be ready if it was a trap after all. Engineer, Soldier and Scout were waiting at the entrance for them, weapons ready.

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“Stop right there, private!” Soldier shouted and pointed his rocket launcher at them.
“Are you a spy?!”

Heavy growled in annoyance and turned to shield the shaking BLU, who had begun to cry again at the shouting.
“I am not baby Spy.” He grunted over his shoulder and rubbed Medic’s back with his thumb.
“Be quiet. Will scare leetle Doktor.”

“Why are you shielding the enemy?! Are you a BLU basta-“

“Solly! Shut up.” Engineer interrupted the screaming madman and Scout looked at him, surprised that he was angry for once.

Engineer looked back to Heavy.
“Should I build a dispenser?”

Heavy nodded and shushed the Medic.
“Ssh. Is okay, leetle Doktor. Is sicher.”
He said softly, and Engineer and the others have never heard the giant talk this gently and looked at him, surprised.

Engie quickly went back to work when Heavy glared at them and built the dispenser.


“Is device done?” Heavy asked, putting down Sasha and walking towards the red machine after Engineer nodded.

The Russian knelt down to sit the Medic down by the dispenser, but the BLU didn’t want to let him go.

“B-bitte geh nicht...lass mich nicht allein!”

“Okay, okay. Will not leave.” Heavy reassured the man, after having guessed what made the Medic whine to him in German again.

Since Medic didn’t want to move away from him, he opted to just sit down against the dispenser with the BLU clinging to him, sitting on his lap.

The Scout and Soldier sent him weird looks, but he ignored them. He had a strange desire to protect this man.
Maybe because he looked like the RED Medic?

Heavy shook his head. Sure, he had loved the RED Doctor and had never told him. Now he was gone. But just because the BLU looked like him, didn’t mean he was the same man.

He shouldn’t feel this protective over an enemy, but he couldn’t shake it off, so he decided to ignore it for now.

The BLU Medic relaxed against Heavy as his wounds slowly healed. The pain faded, but the fear remained.
Were they healing him only because they wanted to torture him again?
Medic whimpered at the thought, panic settling back in.

Heavy felt the sudden tension in the German and heard the small whimper that escaped the man.
He gently stroked the BLU’s back and pulled him more tightly against himself, trying to calm Medic.

It worked, and he noticed gentle physical touch always seemed to calm the Doctor down. He filed that information away for later and relaxed, trying to get the BLU to imitate his actions.

After a short while, the dispenser stopped his healing, meaning the Medic was back to health.
Heavy was about to stand up when Engineer cleared his throat to catch his attention.

“Hey, pardner. This is a RED dispenser, it won’t heal a BLU fully, so we have to walk by the infirmary first, alright?”

Heavy nodded and carefully stood up, bringing one hand away from Medic to grab Sasha.

“You two stay out here an’ wait ta see if this was a trap.” Engie told the Soldier and Scout and went inside with Heavy and their new guest.

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While on the way to the infirmary, Heavy set Sasha down in the weapon’s room. Medic didn’t once look up.

The BLU did look up however, when he was being sat down on a cold surface of some kind. He carefully looked down and saw a metal table.
He glanced around the room and the fear and panic came back full force.
It was a hospital. He was back in a hospital!

“N-nein! Bitte nicht!” He screamed and tried to get away from the giant man holding on to him. He had to get away. They would hurt him again.
“Lass mich los! Bitte!”

Heavy held fast to the struggling Medic.
Meanwhile, Engineer rushed to a bookshelf and pulled out a small book, which said something about translation into German. He knew the doctor had kept it around for an emergency, and Engie was thankful that they hadn’t cleared out this room yet.

He flipped through the pages until he was at the letter ‘h’. He looked for it and let out a yell of triumph when he found it. He showed the word to the Russian, knowing Heavy can pronounce it better than him.

Heavy nodded and pulled Medic against him in a tight hug.
“Nicht verletzen, Doktor. Ssh. Is sicher. Wir nicht verletzen.” He spoke calmly to the trembling man in broken German.

The Medic sobbed. “B-bitte nicht...”

“Ssh, Doktor. Wir nicht verletzen dich.”
After a few moments more of reassuring and calming the Doctor, Heavy was able to move away slightly to let Engineer do his work.

Medic didn’t let go of him, but allowed to leave enough space between his saviour and himself to get treated.

When they were finished, there was a bandaid on Medic’s forehead, bandages lay around his chest and the cut on the leg had been sewn shut and bandages as well. Engineer applied a cream on the bruising on the BLU’s stomach, back and face and then moved to put the first aid kit back.

Medic snuggled up to Heavy again, shivering from the cold. The Russian and Texan had to remove the rope around his wrists to then remove the man’s vest and blood soaked shirt in order to get to his wounds, but not without a slight struggle. It all reminded him too much of his time in the camp, and he wasn’t sure if he could trust these men.

The Texan and Russian didn’t miss the slightly faded tattoo on his left forearm. It showed numbers, and a shiver ran down both of the men‘s backs at seeing it.

But they managed it all eventually and Heavy carried Medic to his own room, since the German still didn’t want to let go of him. Engie told him he shouldn’t put pressure on the injured leg for a few days at least, so he had to carry him anyway.

He sat down on the large bed and waited for Engineer to come back with food and water for them both. He needed to wash the BLU as well. He reeked of sweat and blood.

He didn’t know what he should do with Medic. He would care for him, of course, but what will happen after that? The administrator won’t allow him to keep him here and protect him.
And what if the Doctor was completely broken? What if he will never return to his normal self?

He broke out of his thinking when Engineer returned, two plates of food and three bottles of water in his hands.
“There you go.” He set them down on the nightstand and stood back.

“Can you get washcloth? Doktor smells.” Heavy asked and smiled thankfully at the Engineer.

“He sure does.” Engie chuckled and moved to the small connected bathroom to get a bucket of warm water with soap, a clean washcloth and a towel.

“Thank you, Engineer.” Heavy said and nodded to said man, who just smiled back.

“No problem, pardner.”

After saying goodbyes and assuring the Engineer that he didn’t need anymore help, Engie left and Heavy began to wash Medic.

It was difficult getting Medic to let go of him, but eventually he complied and watched him and the room carefully.
He flinched when the washcloth made contact with his skin, but stayed still and let Heavy do his job.

The Russian began with his face and neck, moving to the arms and hands, then the armpits and chest - being careful to avoid getting the bandages wet - and lastly the back and stomach.

He let the washcloth soak in the water again and undid the german’s trousers to pull them off. He removed the socks and grabbed the washcloth again.

He started at the waistband of the Medic’s boxers. He went around his hips, and dipped beneath the waistband to wash the skin that lay beneath, having to pull the Medic against him and up to wash his behind.

He rinsed the washcloth again and moved to the legs, finishing with the feet. He then put the washcloth away to grab the fluffy towel to dry the man again. He left the towel around Medic’s shoulders and took the washcloth again to soak it with water. Heavy rubbed the greying hair, ridding it of the blood and sweat that clung to it.

Lastly, he rubbed his hair as dry as he could with the towel and put the washing utensils aside.

Heavy stood up to go the dresser, when the Medic surged forward and grabbed his arm tightly.

“N-nicht gehen...bitte.” The German looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Am not going far, leetle Doktor. Will be back.” He tried to leave again only to be stopped by the Medic still holding on to his arm. The man had since pushed his face into his arm as he hugged it tightly, trembling again.

Heavy sighed and bent to pick the Medic up to carry him in his arms again.
“Okay. Will not leave you, leetle man.”
He patted the others back and walked to the dresser opposite of the bed.

He opened it and pulled out two red t-shirts, and two black sweatpants.
He moved back to the bed and sat the Doctor down.
“See? Did not go far.”

He wasn’t sure Medic understood him but he talked to him anyway, just to see if maybe sometime, he would show a reaction of some kind.

He grabbed one t-shirt and pulled Medic’s arms up to dress him. Next he tried on the sweatpants, found that they were far too big and just slid of the smaller man’s hips, so he left them off entirely.

After Heavy dressed Medic he changed his clothes as well, noticing the Medic was still following every move he made.
After he was done, he sat down beside Medic and grabbed the two plates of food from the nightstand and put them on their laps.

“Here. Need to eat.” He took one sandwich from the plate to demonstrate it and took a bite.
“Is good.” He said after having swallowed.

He watched as Medic carefully picked his own sandwich up from his plate and smelled it. Medic stopped and looked at him in question.

“Eat it. Like this.” Heavy took another bite from the delicious sandwich and nodded to the Medic who tentatively took a small bite.

“Very good!” Heavy praised the BLU and patted him on the back gently.
He watched Medic take another bite, this time bigger, and patted him again and chuckled.

After they both finished their sandwiches, - Medic ate one and Heavy ate four - the giant grabbed the water bottles and held one out to the smaller man.

Medic drank half the bottle after Heavy demonstrated it again. The Russian patted his back again, proud of him, and put the bottles aside.

“Now you sleep, Doktor. Is late.” He gently pushed the BLU down onto the bed and covered him in several blankets. He was about to leave to sleep on the floor when Medic grabbed his arm again.

“Nicht gehen bitte.” The smaller man shook his head. Heavy nodded and decided he could sleep beside him on the bed this night.

The giant stepped over Medic and laid down beside him on the bed, getting under one of the three blankets.
The other snuggled up to him and grabbed onto his shirt, like he was afraid he might leave after all.
He whined and Heavy was confused, until Medic moved his legs to push the two blankets away and pushed his cold shins and feet against the warmth of the giant’s body.

“Sleep well, leetle Doktor.” Heavy whispered and clicked the light off. He slid one arm around the Medic’s back to hold him.

Was this a good idea? To care for him like that? Was this too intimate?
No, Medic just didn’t want to be alone, which was understandable.
If he was honest with himself, he didn’t want to leave Medic alone either, but pushed that thought aside again.
He just did what anyone would do.


Medic had been asleep for a while now, and the thoughts hadn’t stopped. But after a while, he had gotten so tired, he fell asleep anyway.

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Heavy woke up feeling like he had only slept a few minutes. He stretched, being careful not to jolt the still sleeping Medic, and looked at the clock above his door.

7:23 am. Time to stand up and eat breakfast. The other mercs would surely stand up soon, if a few weren’t already awake.

Heavy looked to Medic.
The BLU was still clinging to him, snoring lightly. The Russian smiled at the display and shook the man slightly to wake him up.

“Wake up, leetle Doktor. Breakfast time.”

Medic stirred and yawned, rubbing his eyes.
“Noch fünf Minuten...” he mumbled and pressed his face back into Heavy’s chest before stopping his actions and tensing.

Heavy readied himself for another panic attack, at least that’s what he assumed these episodes of fear and panic were. He carefully embraced the Medic, who had since started to tremble again.

The smaller man must be remembering yesterday, all the pain he must’ve went through. It was a wonder that he didn’t have nightmares to begin with, but Heavy was sure they would come.
He supposed Medic was too exhausted to dream last night.

The doctor pressed himself as tight as he could against the giant, as if to try and sink into him to hide.

“I know, leetle man. Was horrible day.” Heavy murmured and rubbed the others back again.

After Medic calmed down a bit, Heavy started to plan the day.
They had to get clothing from the RED Doctor’s quarters, even though it felt wrong to take something from the now deceased man. Unfortunately nothing else fit the BLU, so they had no choice.

Then they would have to eat breakfast in the kitchen. Hopefully not too many mercenaries were up and about.
He was sure that too many people would quickly overwhelm the disturbed doctor.

And the most important thing, he had to let Medic get used to staying alone again. Every time he had tried to leave him, even if only to walk to the other side of the room, the BLU had held onto him and panicked.
The smaller man must think he would be abandoned, since he can’t seem to understand english right now.

Heavy sighed and rolled over, pulling Medic with him. He arranged the other man to sit on his lap again, so he could then stand up to walk to the RED Medic’s quarters.

The BLU Medic whined and wriggled, as if he didn’t want to stand up and walk around yet.
Heavy couldn’t suppress a smile at the doctor’s antics and continued onwards.


Getting the clothes hadn’t been as easy as he thought. Seeing the old Infirmary, where his dear friend once worked was saddening to say the least.
But Heavy gritted his teeth and continued onwards to the small living quarters.

Being in the former RED Medic’s bedroom had been weird. No one was ever allowed in there, and he felt as if he was intruding into something private.

Heavy shook his head sharply.
The RED Medic was dead. The man didn’t have any privacy anymore.

But still, the giant went in and got the clothes for the BLU he was carrying, and left as quickly as possible.

He missed the previous Medic. He missed the few chess games they played, he missed being Ubercharged and he missed the friendship they had.
They could tell each other everything and still be comfortable around another.

Except one thing. Heavy didn’t tell him that he...

A whimper interrupted his train of thought and he realised he had been unconsciously tightening his hand around the BLU Medic.
He guiltily loosened his hold. He shouldn’t get distracted this much.

They arrived at his bedroom and Heavy sat the other man onto the bed again.
He laid out the clothes beside the Medic.

First the undershirt.
Heavy pulled the others arms up to undress him, and put on the undershirt.
Next was the crisp, white dress shirt.

Then he would have to change the Medic’s underwear. He blushed before quickly getting rid of the BLU’s underwear and dressing him in the new one with little red crosses on it.

The rest was fairly easy. He put the socks on Medic before then pulling on the brown trousers and black belt.
He left the suspenders for now, and instead helped him into the vest and buttoned it up.

Heavy stood up straight and looked proudly at his handiwork. Sure, the tie missed, but he was sure it would make Medic uncomfortable. The RED Medic almost never wore a tie indoors anyway.

Now only he himself had to change into more presentable clothing.

“Will go to dresser to get new clothing for me. Will not go far, okay?”
He said and swiftly went to the dresser to get a new red shirt, trousers, belt and boots.

Heavy startled when arms suddenly enclosed around his own arm, and his first instinct was to push the attacker away, when he saw who it was.

Medic was leaning on him heavily and panting, tightly hugging the giant’s arm to his chest.
Heavy smiled warmly and tried to untangle his arm.

“Is okay, am not leaving you.”
He eventually made it and guided Medic back to the bed to sit down.
“You need to rest leg. Is injured and should not use much.”

After receiving no answer, - which was expected - he changed into the new clothes before picking Medic up to go to the kitchen.


Thankfully, the kitchen was empty, except for Pyro and Engineer.
The two were making some breakfast of their own, Engineer showing Pyro how to make bacon.

“...then you just fry it. Like that.” The pan sizzled as Engineer threw in the bacon strips.

Pyro clapped happily and mumbled something behind his mask.

Medic whimpered and his his face in Heavy’s neck. The giant looked down at the man in confusion as to why he was suddenly frightened. Was it the sizzling of the pan? Was it Pyro?

Heavy stopped. That could very well be. Pyro always wore that gas mask, and if somebody didn’t know them, they were usually scared. And maybe the mask was reminding Medic of the war?

“Pyro is friend, leetle Doktor. No need to be scared.” He patted the others back and went to the table to sit them down.

After Medic was sat down in his chair, he immediately scooted closer to Heavy, looking warily at the masked person.

“Oh, hello there, boys! How’s it going?” Engie asked from his position at the stove and smiled over at them.

“Seems all good.” Heavy answered and smiled back. Engie was one of the friendliest and kindest of the team, no doubt, and Heavy respected the man greatly for that.

“What’s got the Doc so frightened?” Engie asked before pausing and glancing over at Pyro, who was watching the stove, bouncing on his feet.

“Da. Pyro seems to scare Doktor. Maybe because of mask?”

Engineer nodded.
“That’s probably it. It’s similar with children. If children can’t see the face due to a mask or beard, they can’t make out the emotions or if they are friendly or not. That’s why many children often cry when taking a picture with Santa Claus.”

Heavy nodded and put a protecting arm around Medic’s shoulders as he pressed himself into his side, still looking at Pyro.

“Well, he will get used to it in time, I’m sure.” Engie looked briefly to Pyro before continuing.
“Do you boys want anything to eat?”

“Da. Sandvich would be nice.”

Engineer laughed.
“I could’ve guessed that! Well, I’m sure we still have some in the fridge.”

While the Texan rummaged through said fridge, Heavy gently grabbed Medic’s jaw to make him look at him.
“Pyro is good being. They are not dangerous, okay?”

He pointed to Pyro and made a thumbs up, as if to sign that Pyro is a friend.
Medic nodded reluctantly, but still glanced nervously at Pyro all through breakfast.

Heavy was still proud of him. He went through hell and was still sitting here with him in the kitchen, eating breakfast with Pyro and Engineer cooking nearby.

“...and I was like: ‘Woah, what a BIG GUY!’ And then he was all like: ‘You callin’ me names?!’ And then he attacked me, man!”

“You should have showed him a lesson, like a real American would do!”

Scout and Soldier entered the kitchen, and immediately Heavy was irritated by the two loud men. He felt Medic press his face into his shoulder and sighed mentally. Did these two have to come in now?

He stood up and picked Medic up with him. He didn’t want to upset the doctor with too many people, especially loud ones. He nodded to Engineer and left, carrying Medic back to their room.

Chapter Text

After they settled in their room, Heavy faced Medic.

“Listen, small man. Need to go to bathroom, will be back shortly.”
Heavy raised his eyes brows and gestured to the bathroom in the next room.

Medic didn’t reply, just looked at him after following his gesture to survey the room quizzically.

Heavy sighed and shook his head.
He could spare himself the effort, but maybe it would help in slowly getting the doctor used to english again.

He stood up and lumbered into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.
He did his best to hurry and get back to the BLU as soon as possible, but he knew it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Even if he was only out of sight for a few seconds, the other man would panic.

And just as he predicted, the Medic was crying and clutching the bed in fear, shivering and hiding his face.
Heavy frowned in sympathy and quickly made his way to the German to comfort him.

It didn’t take as long to calm the man down this time, maybe Medic was improving already.

Afterwards, the BLU fell asleep in his arms, the panic having taken all his energy, so Heavy laid him down on the bed and tucked him in.

He thought about the BLU team. They were missing his presence, surely.
But Heavy didn’t have the heart to take Medic back to them. From what he saw on the battlefield, the doctor wasn’t treated very well from his team.

We’re they searching for him or were they happy he was gone? Did they know what happened to Medic?


The BLU Heavy panted as he ran from room to room. Medic was nowhere to be found, and he was starting to panic.
The giant hadn’t found the man in Respawn, healed and fit again.
But he hadn’t found his corpse either.
He just... disappeared.

Heavy growled in anger. Did he escape? Where did he go? To the police?
No, no, he couldn’t have gotten that far.

Maybe he passed out on his way there?
The Russian took a deep breath before going outside to search for the BLU doctor.


“Hey, pardner.” BLU Engineer tapped on the BLU Pyro’s shoulder.
“You seen Medic lately?”

Pyro shook his head and shrugged before going back to drawing a unicorn.


A knock interrupted the RED Heavy in his musings, and he turned to look at the door.

“Come in.” He spoke quietly to not wake the sleeping Medic, but loud enough for the person to outside to hear it.

The door opened and Engineer entered, tipping his yellow hard hat in greeting.

“Hey there, pardner.” He glanced behind Heavy and smiled slightly.
“The team wants a conference.” He spoke more quietly now, having seen the BLU sleep.

Heavy nodded, finishing tucking Medic in - being careful to cover him in two blankets to keep him warm enough - before standing up to follow the Engineer to the ‘War Room’.

The ‘War Room’, as Soldier named it, was actually said Americans own room.
It was mostly empty, except the long table with nine chairs around it and the military style cot in the corner.

Engie and Heavy entered to find the room already full with all the mercenaries of their team.

Spy stood in one corner, Sniper in the other. Demoman was lying half across the table, snoring slightly with his bottle of Scrumpy clutched tightly in his hand.

Pyro was sitting at the table, playing idly with their plush unicorn and giggling.
Scout sat a little ways off, leaning back ‘cooly’, and glancing at them, looking bored.

On the end of the table, Soldier stood, frowning at them sternly - at least that’s what Engie and Heavy supposed he did, they couldn’t see through his low hanging Helmet.

He shouted and Spy sighed in contempt. Did the American have to always shout like that?

Engie and Heavy sat down, Engineer beside Pyro and Heavy beside them on the other end of the table, opposite of Soldier.

“Alright! The topic of today’s conference is the BLU Medic currently residing in our base!”

Heavy clenched his jaw. Of course, he should’ve known. What he also should’ve known is that Soldier obviously wasn’t happy about the fact that the German was in their base.

“And what is leetle man’s problem?” Heavy asked, straightening in his chair.

“Didn’t you listen, maggot?! He’s a goddamn BLU!” Soldier placed his hands on the table.

“So what?”


“BLU Medic is not enemy. He is injured man who needs help.” Heavy stood from his chair and clenched his jaw.
He would not give Medic to his team which hated him. No, that would be cruel.

“He could be telling the BLU bastards our plans, man.” scout spoke up from his seat and immediately shrank back when Heavy glowered at him.

“He is injured, baby Scout! He would not be able to tell BLU babies!”

“Alright, that’s enough.” Engineer interrupted the oncoming fight and stood up.
“Listen, y’all need to calm down for a second here, boys. We will discuss this like civilised men.”

“And ‘ow do you propose we do zhat?” Spy gestured to Soldier and Heavy.
“Zhey don’t seem to want to talk like ‘civilised men’.”

Engineer sighed heavily.
“I know. But listen, I think we should vote.”

“Vote?! He is a BLU! He should be disposed of immediately!” Heavy clenched his fists as Soldier spoke about Medic. ‘Disposing of him’. He’s a human being!

“Alright then. We’ll win anyway.” Scout said and crossed his arms.

Engineer nodded and straightened up.
“Who says the BLU Medic should leave our base?”

Soldier and Scout raised their hands... but no one else. Heavy sighed in relief.

“And who says it is okay to keep the BLU Medic here and let Heavy take care of him?”

Heavy, Engie, Pyro and Sniper raised their hands. Heavy smirked at Soldier and Scout smugly.

Soldier could do nothing but growl and mutter angrily as Heavy sat down again, continuing to smile at them.

“But if I see him telling the BLUs something about us, I will personally skin you two alive.” The American pointed his finger at him angrily, but Heavy only sniffed.

‘Leetle Soldier couldn’t do anything to me.’ He thought and scoffed.

“Alright, since that problem is solved-“

Suddenly, the door to the War Room crashed open, and in ran a frantic Medic.

Chapter Text

“H-Hilfe! Er will mich holen!” Medic ran straight to Heavy and clutched at the giant’s red shirt.
He looked scared and trembled where he stood, his glasses askew.

Heavy startled and looked at the German.
“What’s wrong? What do you need?” He placed his giant hands onto the others shoulders and squeezed.

“D-da!” Medic pointed to the hallway from which he came with a shaking hand.
“Er will mich zurück holen! B-bitte hilf mir!”

Heavy recognised the word ‘da’ from his german crash course. He always found it funny that the word meant ‘there’ but sounded just like the russian word for ‘yes’.

“Who is there?”

“Blau! Der Blaue!”

Heavy glared into the empty hallway.
‘The blue’? He knew what the doctor meant and felt a hot anger grab a hold of him. If the BLU babies were trying to take his Medic back, they would die. He won’t give him back to people who didn’t appreciate anything he did and bullied him instead.

No, he will kill them if they try.

“What’s goin’ on, big fella?” Engie asked from where he stood in front of his seat, having startled up as the Medic rushed in.

“Tiny BLUs are here.”

“What?! But it’s ceasefire!” Scout jumped up from his seat and Soldier did the same.

“They try to take Doktor back.”

“So, hand him over!” Heavy glared at Scout and hugged Medic against him protectively.

“No! Didn’t ya listen, boy?” Engie gestured to Heavy and Medic.
“We just agreed to let Heavy take care of Medic and not take him back to the BLUs.”

“BLU team does not want leetle Doktor anyway.” Heavy grumbled as Scout crossed his arms defiantly.

“What do you m-“

A loud knock on one of the front gates interrupted Scout, and the team looked towards the gate at the end of the hallway.

“Those BLU maggots are trying to attack us!” Soldier yelled and stomped towards the weapons room.

Engineer, Pyro and Scout hurried to follow the American while Heavy tried to deposit Medic into a chair to chase the BLUs away.

“I will come back, Doktor.” He rubbed a hand over Medic’s hair affectionately before running to the weapons room as well.


The BLU Heavy stood before the RED base and clenched his fists. Did those RED idiots take their Medic? Maybe they were trying to convert him to a RED, so they had an advantage in the battlefield. That wouldn’t do at all.

He took a deep breath before knocking loudly on the gate. After a few moments the gate opened, and he was greeted with the sight of the RED Soldier, Heavy, Pyro and Scout.
Their weapons were all pointing at him, and he swallowed thickly before straightening his shoulders.

“Where is BLU Medic?”

He noticed the RED Heavy’s expression darkening.
“What does tiny BLU man care?”

“He is our Medic! We need him in battle!”

“Doesn’t seem like that t’ me...” Scout muttered and sniffed.

“What does baby RED mean?!” Heavy roared but stopped when the other Heavy weapons specialist stepped forward.

“You do not like BLU Doktor. You treat him like dirt.”

“What?! No we don’t!” BLU Heavy was shaking with anger. What do they think they are?!

“Does not matter anyway. We don’t have BLU Medic.” The RED Russian rumbled and adjusted his grip on Sasha.

“We will crush tiny REDs if it is not true.”
Heavy turned to leave and continue his search.

“Yeah, right. Just like the last battle?” He heard Scout Mutter as they closed the gate, but ignored it, even as the other RED team members laughed.


While Soldier, Pyro, Scout and Engineer rid themselves of their weapons and equipment, Heavy moves back to the War Room after thanking Scout for understanding so quickly. He had explained to the runner why he thought the BLU team was treating their doctor badly and he understood pretty quickly what he meant.

Medic was still sitting on the chair he left him in, which made him immensely proud. What let the smile slip off of his face however, was the blood on the BLU’s leg.

The Russian kneeled before the smaller man and carefully touched what he supposed was the reopened wound.
Medic hissed and confirmed his suspicion. It must’ve reopened as the doctor ran through the hallways to get to them.

“Engineer! I need your help!” He shouted over his shoulder and waited until the Texan arrived.
“Leg wound open again. Can you fix it?”

“O’ course. Come on, let’s go to the med bay.”


After Heavy, Medic and Engineer entered the infirmary, - Heavy having carried the BLU, - Engineer got to work.
He used disinfectant and stitched the wound shut again. He applied a clean layer of bandages and told them to not go running around so much.

“It’ll reopen again if ya keep that up.”

Heavy thanked Engie and the Texan replied with a ‘No problem, pardner’, so the giant left with Medic to go to their room again.

“Okay, leetle Doktor. Is time I really introduce myself.” Heavy declared as they sat on the bed, facing each other.
“I’m Heavy.” He spoke slowly and pointed at himself.

“Häh...-wiee.” Medic tried to speak after him and frowned when the pronunciation wasn’t quite right.

“Heavy.” The Giant smiled at the Medic’s attempt to pronounce his name.

“Heavy...?” The BLU looked hopefully at him.

The Russian smiled and nodded, relishing the giggle that escaped Medic.

They spent the rest of their day getting Medic to pronounce basic english words and know their meaning.
After that they ate lunch, together with the other mercenaries. Heavy was incredibly proud of the immense improvements Medic made today.

He showed the doctor that with giving him a bear-hug. He chuckled when Medic giggled again, closing his own arms around the giant in return.

Nothing much happened the rest of the day. They got new clothes for Medic and learned some more english before eating dinner and going to sleep.

Medic was asleep within a minute. He snuggled up to Heavy and the next moment he snores lightly.

Heavy smiled fondly and hugged the doctor against himself, pressing his face into the smaller man’s hair.
He fell asleep quickly.


BLU Heavy knocked on Spy’s door quietly, entering after the door opened.

“What are you doing ‘ere this late hour, monsieur ‘eavy?” The Spy asked him and took another drag from his cigarette.

“I want to ask if you can bring Medic back to us. We need him in battle.”

Spy nodded and closed the door.

“Alright. And what did you ‘ave in mind?”

Chapter Text

‘ ‘So...what am I going to do to you now...?’

The doctor chuckled darkly.
‘You won’t answer me, will you?’
He patted his cheek mockingly.
‘Ooh, have I hurt you too much, perhaps?’

He clapped his hands twice and more physicians and doctors came in.
‘Let’s get going, boys.’

He screamed. ‘


Heavy awoke to whimpers and yelps in German. He looked at the writhing, shaking figure in his arms and quickly recognised the Medic’s distress as a nightmare.

The doctor was thrashing, sweat forming above his brow as he begged for something in German. His voice was shaky, filled with fear.

“Doktor...” Heavy shook the others shoulder gently, and then less gently when it didn’t work.
“Doktor, wake up!”

Finally, with a gasp, Medic awoke and looked around frantically.

Heavy laid a hand on the smaller man’s cheek to make him look at him.
“Is okay, Doktor. Just nightmare. Is sicher.”

Medic whimpered again and flung himself at the Heavy, clutching his red shirt tightly. The giant hugged him tight and rubbed his hands over his back gently.

“Ssh. Heavy will protect you.”

“I know, Herr Heavy... thank you for...everything.”

Heavy startled. Had Medic just spoken...english? Had he remembered?
The Russian looked at the man in his arms, shocked.

The BLU looked back at him and smiled warmly.
“I... I...” Slowly, Medic’s smile vanished and a confused expression took its place.

“Medic?” Heavy asked hopefully. Was the doctor he knew from the battlefield still there?

“Was...wollte ich sagen..?” Medic glanced around, clearly perplexed.

Heavy sighed, disappointed. The short moment of remembrance was gone so quickly. Too quickly.
But his good mood returned as he thought about how this was some major improvement. Hopefully Medic will remember again, sometime. And hopefully the memories will stay with him that time.

Heavy turned to look at the clock above the door. 6:53 am. They might as well stay awake and eat breakfast.

After they made themselves presentable, Heavy carried Medic to the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to see Engineer and Pyro already there. Thankfully, the doctor didn’t seem too scared of the pyromaniac anymore, and was just as anxious and nervous around them as he was around everyone else.

While they ate together, - bacon, scrambled eggs and toast, - Heavy talked with Engineer.

“He remembered.”

“What?!” Engineer coughed, having nearly choked on his orange juice.

“He talked english this morning. Not long, but was enough.” Heavy smiled as he watched Medic inspect his bacon curiously.

“That’s amazing! He’s improving really fast.”

“Da, he is.” Heavy said proudly and finished his bacon. Medic watched him eat the meat and did the same. The BLU smiled at the pleasant taste and giggled.

“Speck! Es ist Speck!” He told Heavy happily and pointed at the bacon strip in his hand.

“Da, is called bacon.”

Heavy continued his conversation with Engineer as Medic began to eat again.
“He had nightmare as well.”

“I think that’s not a bad sign.” When Heavy looked at him incredulously he elaborated.
“It’s probably the brain processing the memories.”

Heavy hummed and glanced at Medic.
He hoped the BLU will recover more, but he didn’t want to be greedy. He was already happy as it was, but it could be better. What should they do with Medic when he remembers anyway?
He will never agree to take him back to his BLU team.

“What should we do with Doktor when he is normal again?”

“Maybe we can convince the administrator to let him change sides?”
Engineer smiled.
“He could come to our team.”

Heavy smiled as well. That would be wonderful. The thought of fighting with the BLU Medic side by side and having him around all day filled him with a pleasant warmth.

“Would like that very much.”

“Me too, pardner.”


“Zhe...littleh Maus..? ...ate zhe chieß?”

“The cheese.” Heavy corrected Medic, smiling at him before continuing to clean Sasha. They had a battle tomorrow, and they need to be ready.
He had given the Medic a children’s book in english to get him used to the language again.

“Ah, zhe cheese. But vhen it... saw zhe caht..?”


“Cat, richtig. Wo war ich? Ah, dort.
But vhen it saw zhe ran avay.”

Heavy laid the cloth aside to clap.
“Very good, Doktor! You are fast learner.”

Medic blushed and rubbed his neck, embarrassed.
“Z-zhank you...?”

Heavy nodded, signalling the BLU that he said the right words.


Heavy sighed when he heard Soldiers voice from the hallway. He knew they needed to plan for tomorrow, but he had hoped he could spend more time with Medic first.

“Come, leetle Doktor. Is conference now.” He went over to Medic, who had sat on the bed, and picked him up.


The BLU Engineer looked at the new blueprints for a new sentry design, but he couldn’t concentrate. His mind always strayed to the situation with their Medic.

He didn’t agree with how Heavy handled the whole thing. It wasn’t only Medic’s fault they were losing often lately. Their problem was the teamwork.
No one really communicates with the other anymore, they all just do their own thing.

Where was Medic anyway? Nobody seemed to have a clue. Had Heavy killed him for good?
Engineer frowned, sadness creeping into his expression.
He hoped Medic was alive and well.
The doctor did an incredibly good job on the battlefield, but most of the others couldn’t appreciate his work.

It didn’t matter if Medic healed them over and over again if they didn’t strategise and work as a team.

Engie sighed again. He will help Medic if he needed it. He already felt guilty that he didn’t help the German sooner, but he had to try and make it up to him somehow.


Heavy and Medic arrived to the conference room and sat down next to Engineer and Pyro.

“Alright, ladies! This is our strategy!”
Soldier took a deep breath to start but stopped suddenly.
“What is that BLU doing here?!”
He pointed at Medic, who shrank back and clutched Heavy’s arm in fear.

“Will not tell BLU babies.” Heavy growled and put an arm around Medic’s shoulders.

“And how do you know that, maggot?!”

“He does not understand us yet. Mind is injured.” Heavy squeezed the German against himself tightly.

Soldier wanted to continue, but after a stern look from Engineer, he carried on with their plan for the battle.

“What should we do with leetle Doktor?” Heavy asked when Soldier was finished.

“We can’t take him to the battlefield, obviously. So...” Engineer hummed in thought.

“Leave him here?” Scout perked up and Heavy nodded.

“Da. Can’t do anything else.”

“I insist you lock him in a room.” Heavy turned angry eyes on Soldier.

“Doktor is no threat.” He growled through clenched teeth.

“He will take our intelligence and give it to the BLU bastards!”

“No will not! You stupid, tiny, baby man!” Heavy has since stood up as well jabbing a finger at Soldier.

Soldier growled back, and Engineer knew a fight would start if they didn’t find an agreement soon.

“Boys! Ya’ll are behaving like a bunch of idiots! Dag nabbit, I can’t believe you!”

Everyone turned surprised eyes at Engineer. They have not seen or heard the Texan shout in a long time.

“We can lock him in a room, but it will be Heavy’s room and nowhere else. We will leave him food and water and the tv from the common room.” His tone said there was not going to be a discussion about this, and everyone respected that. Engineer was truly terrifying when he was angry.

“We will only be gone for a few hours at most.” Engineer spoke to Heavy, more softly now.

Heavy nodded and sat back down to comfort Medic, who had grown scared at the argument.


After the conference, Heavy and Medic ate dinner and went to bed after a little bit of reading. While the doctor already slept soundly, Heavy couldn’t stop worrying about tomorrow. What if Medic panicked and hurt himself?
What if somehow the BLUs got in and took him away?

The German in question snuggled closer to Heavy, and the giant hugged him tighter. He sighed quietly and shut his eyes again.

Chapter Text

“Bye, leetle Doktor.” Heavy picked up Sasha and went to exit their room, but was stopped by Medic hugging him tightly.

The giant smiled fondly and hugged him back, kissing the BLU on the forehead, before finally exiting the room and shutting the door behind him.

He felt his smile vanish as he thought about leaving Medic alone while he fought. He hoped the doctor would not do anything stupid or panic.

He took a deep breath to calm himself before joining the rest of the team.


The administrator’s voice echoed through the room and the mercenaries steeled themselves for a battle where both sides didn’t have a Medic.

This was going to be difficult.



The BLU Spy looked up to the speakers in the BLU respawn room and straightened. This was his cue.

He cloaked and ran as quickly as he could to the other end of the battleground, to the RED base, all the while avoiding the fights.

Thanks to his cloak, he could enter the base without anyone suspecting a thing. Once safely inside the hallways, he decloaked and walked calmly through the many corridors.
One room...he had to find that one room...

Ah, there. The RED Heavy’s room.

He could hear the faint sounds of a tv inside, and then a laugh. He carefully turned the door handle and found it to be locked.

He sighed while taking out his trusty picklock and quietly unlocked the door.
He put the tool away and turned the door handle again. This time, thankfully, the door opened.

BLU Medic was sitting on the bed, watching a comedy tv show and chuckling from time to time. He faced away from the doorway, which made Spy’s job much more easy.

He silently entered and closed the door behind him again with a small noise.
He winced, expecting the doctor to turn around and attack him, but he seemed to be too engaged with the tv to notice.

Spy took a breath and cleared his throat loudly.



RED Heavy laughed and fired Sasha at the remaining BLUs.
They won again, even without a Medic.

The team was celebrating already on the way back to the base, but he couldn’t really join them. He had a strange feeling. Like something was...wrong.

He shook his head and continued putting away his gear. He was probably just worrying about Medic again.
He sighed and moved to make his way to their room.

Heavy frowned as he opened the door. He was sure he had locked it before leaving. He carefully opened the door.

“Doktor?” He asked as he went inside, only to find the room empty.

He rushed to the bathroom. Maybe the BLU Doctor was there? He started to panic when he didn’t find the man there either.

“Medic?!” He called out again. Maybe he hid under the bed?

He froze when he saw something. A pool of blood on the floor, still fresh.


Everything was dark. He distantly heard two voices, one of which elicited an uneasy feeling within him.

Suddenly he felt a familiar lurch, and then there was light.

Medic shut his eyes again and groaned.
‘What is going on?’ He thought and sat up slowly.

The voices stopped talking and he reluctantly opened his eyes to find he was in a room of some kind. The walls were grey, streaked with blue lines and the letter ‘BLU’.

He the BLU base?

Panic clutched his entire being. He was about to stand up to run away when he heard that deep voice again.

“Doktor is awake, Da?”

Medic’s head snapped to the voice, which belonged to the BLU Heavy. The giant man was standing in the doorway, essentially blocking his escape.

After the doctor did not answer and only stared at him, he continued.
“Not in mood to talk, I see.”

Medic stood and lurched towards the exit but was quickly captured by the BLU Heavy and restrained.

“Listen to me, leetle man!” Heavy definitely sounded angry now.
“You may be bad at job, but you are still on BLU! I do not like you helping RED!”

Medic had no chance to escape against the giant Russian. He could only scream and struggle while he was carried away.


The BLU Engineer startled up from his seat at his workbench as he heard screams from the hallway.

He carefully opened the door and peeked out, being sure nobody could see him.

What he saw made his jaw drop.

There was his team’s Heavy, carrying Medic over his shoulder.
The doctor shouted something in German and struggled, wriggling in the tight grip of the giant.

This couldn’t be happening. ‘What does Heavy think he is doing, dag nabbit?!’
Engineer thought angrily and opened the door to slip through.
He silently followed the two, but it wasn’t very difficult since Medic’s screaming override any other noise.

He watched silently from afar as Heavy entered into a room which he believed was for storage. He saw the Russian close the door.

He waited a few moments, hearing more yelling and a sound like someone was hitting the other. That’s what broke Engineer out of his shocked state.
He turned around and rushed out of the base.

Chapter Text

The RED team searched the whole base. To Heavy’s great worry, they haven’t found Medic. They searched a second time, being sure to go into every small storage room they had, but still left with empty hands.

Heavy didn’t only leave with empty hands, but with an empty heart.
His worry was great, and his anger almost greater. He was angry at himself that he couldn’t protect Medic.
He broke his promise.

The Russian went outside to get fresh air, a feeble attempt at clearing his mind of the overwhelming thoughts and emotions.

What if Medic is dead for good? What if he ran away and got lost, never to return again?

“Heavy! Hey, RED Heavy!” He was broken out of his thoughts when he saw the BLU Engineer run towards their base. The man waved frantically, trying to get his attention.

Is this a trap?

Heavy growled and stormed forward, seized the BLU by his collar and pulled him up.
“What does leetle baby man WANT?!”

Engineer winced at the loudness and held his hands up in what he hoped was a non-threatening manner.
“Listen, Heavy. I know where the Doc is.”

Heavy shook him roughly and growled again. “Where is leetle Doktor?!”

“The BLU Heavy has him! He brought him to a room, I know which one. I can take you there!” Engineer tried to stop Heavy from killing him, but he suspected it wasn’t working very well.


After BLU Heavy finally had Medic tied down in the chair, he straightened up and regarded the traitor over his nose.

“What did leetle man think? RED team treats you better?”

Medic didn’t answer, he just stared anxiously at him, like he was going to kill him any second. And the more Heavy thought about it, the more Medic didn’t talk, the more the idea appealed to him.

“Tell me!” He slapped the traitor across the cheek sharply, his head snapping to the side at the impact.
Medic clenched his eyes shut but willed himself to not name any sound. He remembered how the BLU Heavy has relished it the last time he was here.


The BLU Engineer noticed other RED mercs coming out of the base with their weapons ready, thinking another fight was about to happen.

“Hey there, pardner. Take it easy, will ya?” The RED Engineer stepped forward and hesitantly lay a hand on the Russian’s shoulder.

“They got Doktor!”

“I know, big fella. But this man here says that he knows in which room Medic is held, am I right?” After nod from the BLU, he continued.
“Good. He can take us there and we can rescue him. How does that sound?”

Heavy reluctantly let the Engineer down again, and the BLU straightened himself. With a nod to us his counterpart, he began to explain.

“I heard screams comin’ from the hallways, and then I looked out to see our Heavy carrying Medic over his shoulder. The poor Doc was screaming and struggling like crazy, but you know how strong Heavy is.” He shook his head. Concentrate.

“He went into a storage room and then I heard a sound like someone hitting someone else.” He swallowed nervously when Heavy clenched his fists.

“I keel tiny BLU Heavy.”

“I agree, we kill that bastard.” The RED Engie said and smiled proudly when the whole RED team agreed.

“I’ve got no problem with that, to be honest.” The BLU Engineer spoke up and everyone looked at him in surprise.
“He’s been treating us like dirt since as long as I can think - especially Medic, poor guy - I don’t mind him getting a beatin’.” He shrugged.

“Alright, then it’s settled, boys.”

“Let’s save leetle Doktor.”


After they all went to the respawn room to get their weapons, they formed a circle l to discuss their plan.

“Alright, maggots! We will charge in, kill everyone inside and then go back!” Soldier shouted and smiled proudly at his ‘excellent’ plan.

The rest of the team only sighed. They knew Soldier’s way of thinking by now and weren’t surprised by what he said anymore.

“No, will not keel everyone.” Heavy crosses his arms, having placed Sasha onto the floor.

“And why not, maggot?! Are you disobeying the commands of America, Commie?!” The madman pointed an accusing finger in the giant’s direction.

“Will not keel Doktor. Rest maybe.” He sniffed. “Maybe.”

“Alright, fellas. You’re plan isn’t that bad.” Engie took the lead. This wasn’t going anywhere.
“I say we go in, take Medic and leave again.”

“Da, is good plan.”

“Wot do ya suppose spook an’ oi do then, mate?” Sniper asked from where he stood, leaning against the wall.

“Bushman is right, we are not equipped for zhat kind of battle.” Spy agreed and took another drag of his cigarette.

“I think Spy should go in and kill the others with a disguise or something and Sniper will be watching for our backs while we retreat.”

They nodded in agreement. Everything was planned, so they checked their weapons one more time and got going.


Several explosions rocked the BLU base as Soldier and Demoman blew up the front gate. After the smoke passed a bit, the team charged in, Heavy at the front.

They ran through the corridors, the BLU Engineer showing them the way to Medic. Spy had since disguised himself as the BLU Engineer and went to the worried BLU team members to kill some of them.

When they finally arrived at the room after what seemed like eternity to Heavy, they split up. Soldier, Pyro, Scout and Demoman fought the remaining BLUs, sending them to respawn over and over again, while the others went inside.

Inside was the BLU Medic, ties to a chair and whimpering, tears running over his bruised cheeks as the BLU Heavy punched him again.

“Why are you helping REDs?! You traitor! You belong to me!” The BLU Heavy growled and continued to pound his fists into the Medic’s face and stomach.

RED Heavy roared with rage, threw Sasha to the ground and ran at the other Heavy Weapons Specialist, only to tackle him to the ground.
The only things he heard was the Medic’s crying, and with every punch to the BLU Heavy’s face it seemed to lessen. He only stopped when the BLU Engineer pulled him away, and he realised the other Russian was already knocked out.

He stood up on slightly shaky legs, the adrenaline and rage making his muscles feel like jelly. He turned to Medic to see Engineer freeing him of his bonds. He rushed to them and helped as best as he could with his shaking hands. Engie thankfully didn’t point it out.

When the ropes were loosened, he picked Medic up carefully and hugged him tightly against himself, hiding his tears in the Germans hair.

Medic sobbed into his neck and clung to him desperately. He had thought it was over, he had thought he was safe, but still the BLU Heavy found him and took him away from his Heavy.

“H-Heavy...” He couldn’t get more out as another series of sobs escaped his throat and wracked his body.

“I thought you were dead, leetle Doktor.” He noticed his voice quivered.
“I thought Doktor was gone forever.”

“H-Heavy...Ich-“ He broke off into a whimper when he noticed how much the other Heavy’s punches hurt.

“Ssh, leetle Doktor. Is sicher now. I promise. Will not disappoint this time.”

He vaguely felt his Heavy hug him tighter as everything went black.

Chapter Text

When Heavy felt the Medic slump against him he panicked for a moment. He quickly laid the doctor down onto the ground and waved Engineer over to take a look at him.

“I think he just passed out from exhaustion, but we should still get him to a dispenser quickly, just to be safe.” Engie patted on his shoulder and stood up again, turning to his BLU counterpart to thank him for his help.

Outside, the mercenaries weren’t fighting anymore, since it seemed that the BLUs have given up. They only stood to watch now, occasionally glancing inside the room curiously.

Heavy smoothed a giant hand over the unconscious Medic’s face, feeling the slight swelling and seeing the forming bruises.
Rage suddenly grasped him again, and he stood up and went to the other Heavy, who was still knocked out.

He took Sasha and revved her up, letting her mighty steel barrel spin as he pointed it at the BLU Heavy.

“Heavy! Stop!” Engineer shouted, jumping into the Russian’s field of vision.

Heavy didn’t even look up, his scowl just deepened.
“He hurt Doktor!”

“I know, but we can get revenge later. We have to help the Doc first.”

Heavy growled but did as he was told. Medic was more important than revenge right now. He picked the German up and carried him with one arm, his other arm carrying Sasha.

Engineer and the rest of the team followed him, the BLU Engineer staying behind to help clean up the whole mess. Heavy would have to thank him properly later.

They walked briskly back to their own base, Engineer assuring the worried mercs that everyone was alright.

Heavy and Engineer went into the infirmary, and the giant laid Medic down on the gurney while Engie prepared everything.

Heavy felt a sense of deja-vu as Engineer finished setting up a dispenser and let it heal Medic. The Texan then went to apply a cream onto Medic’s face and stomach, over his bruises.

“The only thing we can do now is wait, big fella.” Engie sighed and put away the tools.
“I’ll let this heal him a little longer, I’ll go pack away my gear.”

Heavy nodded to him and stayed by Medic’s side while the other mercenary was away. Medic groaned softly, so Heavy patted his head to try and soothe him.

Engineer came back after a short while and took the dispenser down again.
Heavy picked Medic up with Engie’s ok and carried him to their room.
He laid the German down onto the bed and sat down in a chair beside it, never leaving his side for long.

“Heavy...” The soft spoken name broke Heavy out of his tired haze. His eyes snapped to Medic, who was looking at him and smiling weakly.

“Doktor!” Heavy jumped up and leaned over the bed, hugging the BLU tightly.
He grinned as Medic hugged him back.
His smile dimmed when he noticed how weak the doctor was.

Heavy pulled back, brushing through the others hair gently.
“Need rest, leetle Doktor. We go to room, da?”

Medic leaned into the touch and hummed softly, closing his eyes already.
Heavy smiled fondly and carefully picked the man up to carry him to their room while the german held onto him.


Heavy felt Medic shift and yawn, and he looked down to see the doctor rubbing his eyes groggily. He smoothed a hand through the tousled black hair and smiled.

“Hello, Doktor.”

“Hallo, Heavy.” Medic responded and pressed closer to the giant. He frowned as he remembered what had happened in the last hours.
“What happened?” He looked up into the others eyes confusedly.

“Don’t you remember?” Heavy tilted his head.

“Well, yes, all the torture and so on. But not what happened after I passed out, Herr Heavy.”

Heavy’s eyes widened. Was this the original doctor speaking?

Medic nodded and smiled slightly. He felt weird when he remembered all of the things that happened, but he also felt clarity in those rare moments. His mind had partly shut off due to the trauma, only sometimes coming out again.

“You passed out, da? I wanted to keel BLU Heavy, but needed to help you first. Brought you back and Engineer fixed you.”

Medic hummed in thought.
“Zhat is interesting... who helped you find me?”

“BLU Engineer saw you and showed us way.”

Medic hummed again in thought.
“So not all of zhem are bad...” After Heavy’s confused state he continued.
“Zhe BLU Spy came into my room, it must have been zhe end of zhe battle. He killed me and I respawned in zhe BLU base. Nobody helped me vhen Heavy beat me up zhe first time. I’m sure Engineer would have, but he was gone.”

“Da, BLU Engineer seems friendly.”

Medic nodded before laying his head back down onto Heavy’s chest.
“I zhink my memory is slowly returning...but it may be zhat I will mostly still fall into zhose regressed states of mind until I am fully recovered.”

Heavy nodded and looked away sadly.
He missed this doctor. He was okay with caring for him when he is not in his right mind, but he still missed what they could have.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby.” Medic smiled softly. “I will come back.”

“I hope so, Doktor.” Heavy smiled back before kissing the man on his forehead again.

“I zhink it’s already starting again...” Medic mumbled into his chest before shuddering.

“Doktor?” Heavy carefully tried to pull the german away from him to see if everything was alright.

“H-Heavy...” Medic whimpered and pressed closer, which was enough of an indicator to Heavy that the other man had retreated again. He sighed but hugged him closer still. He looked at the clock and smiled. It had lasted far longer now.


BLU Engineer wasn’t having a good time. Every member of the team had asked him what the hell had happened that the REDs attacked them during ceasefire. He explained everything and was surprised to not be met by any disappointment or anger at his actions.

“Why’re ya’ll not angry? I helped the REDs!” He asked and gestured to himself. Still, nobody did anything.

“Listen, labourer.” Spy took another drag of his cigarette.
“Most of is did not think it vas right what monsieur ‘eavy did, but...” He paused.

“But we were just too bloody cowardly to do anythin’ aboot it!” Demoman shouted sluggishly and took another swing of his scrumpy.

“Hey! I thought the Doc did an awful job too!” Scout shouted but shut up when Sniper hit him upside the head.

Engineer sighed heavily and looked around in disbelief.
“You’re some damn cowards, alright...” he muttered and walked out, to his workshop.