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Bonds Of The Weak

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Izuku Midoriya was everyone's favorite. Nicest kid around, he was smarter than most, with a love of heroes. He had a powerful fire quirk and a determination stronger than All Might punches. 

Katsuki Bakugou was his total opposite. Fiery anger that drove most away, paired with the smarts and sass to make people go crazy. Quirkless but still such a bright passion for wanting to be a hero. 

It was pitiful to anyone when they compared the two boys. A boy who couldn't be a hero even if he had a quirk because his anger made people overlook his other-self. And another boy who had it all, who could be a hero because his real personality made people love him, who didn't have to go over the obstacle of being quirkless.

Because the bonds holding the quirkless back was heavy and tight. And to anyone without the bonds, getting out was easy, but when the crushing weight of people telling you that something so hard for you was easy. You think,'If this is easy than how much more do I have to go through to be seen as a person' and those thoughts make it ten times worse.

So for every person forcing themselves over those hurdles, it gives more strength. It gives more determination. That's the entire reason why Katsuki Bakugou was going to be the first quirkless hero, the first quirkless Number One. 

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Katsuki climbed the tree, laughing as Deku fell once again. He sat on the branch and watched as Deku tried to climb the small tree. He laughed again as Deku had made it up to a low branch, then got scared and fell again.

He groaned as he heard Deku's breathing quicken and his friend's eyes started to water. "K-Kacchan I s-s-scrapped my knee an-and it really h-hurt!" He jumped down, scaring Deku into letting out a surprised yelp.

He huffed, his arm scratching a couple of branches as he jumped down had stung. But he still made a point of kissing Deku's cheek. Deku always felt better whenever he had cheek kisses. He watched as Deku laughed, somehow finding the strength to pick himself up."C'mon Deku, if you really wanna be a hero, you better catch up!"

Deku ran to catch up as he swiftly ran up to the swing. Plopping himself in the only open seat. Cackling as his friend pouts. After touching the bar up top, he gives his seat to Deku, knowing his mom was watching but either way he rolled his eyes when Deku shined a bright smile his way.

He grappled up onto the monkey bars, proudly gloating because he was the only first grader to climb the bars all the way through. But as he swung forward toward the last bar, he was pushed down into the ground. He looked up, a sharp glare that looked slightly less threatening on a child. He cursed the kid, getting up to go back on when the kid pushed him again.

Then he realized that this loser was a third-grader coming to pick on a kid. He glared harder and pushed the kid back. Yelling profanities at the kid, and telling him off for hurting him. When the kid tried to hit him again he grasped the kid's arm, twisting it until the kid was on the ground. He held it in a tight grip, anger coursing through his veins. 

"Apologize," He ordered into the guy's ear." Or I'll break your arm."

The kid started yelling apologies, getting other kid's attention. He was surrounded in less than a second, by kids wanting to see the fight, and an adult trying to force his way through the kids making a dome around the two. Bakugou only glanced up when Deku forced his way in, Deku was glaring at him, and he knew he probably thought he was bullying this kid. He looked down again, releasing the kid and stepping back.

He walked away, and the kids made him a large walkway. He could hear Deku jogging to keep up with his fast steps. He didn't turn around, just making his way to a bench where his mom sat. She hadn't looked up from her book, yet he had the feeling she saw everything that happened. 

He knew she did when she cuffed the back of his head lightly, yet he just mumbled curses, knowing she'd had done it harder had she thought it was him bullying someone.

'Deku's dumb as hell.' He thought. Glaring ruefully at Deku's turned back. He followed his mom out of the playground with a foul mood. Regret slithering out from his anger, but he thought it anger and stomped ruefully home, hand tightly held by his mom as they passed crowded areas.

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He stared at the doctor, his legs that had been swinging coming to a full stop as he felt his mind numb. He could barely hear his mom cursing out the doctor, and he still couldn't say anything as his mom dragged his limp body to the car.

He sat in the back, a candy bar in his hands. He stared at it, and could only watch in a numbing shock as his mom carried him gently into their home. He would have made a fuss any other day, and she would have dragged him any other day too. 

But she carried him like a baby, clutching him close to her chest and he let her. He wrapped his arms around his mom, his tiny arms shaking, and he started sobbing into her chest. She only hugged him closer as they went inside, and they sat on the couch. 

She put on a movie, cradling her son and wiping away his tears. Yet as strong as she tried to be, a few of her own tears were mixed into the couch and her shirt. They sat there through the night, Katsuki falling asleep in her lap, the silence unbroken until Masaru came home. 

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Katsuki stared up at his school, his feet unwilling to move. He held his mom's hand, something he hasn't done since kindergarten, and walked slowly to the main office.
He stared at the ground, his hoodie hanging loose on his body. 

It was his comfort hoodie, whenever he was sad he'd wear that hoodie and hope things get better. It was orange and green, with tiny grenade patterns along the bottom. It hung until around his knees and the hood covered most of his face. 

He had the hood up, a nasty sneer was on his lips yet his eyes were watery. He was moving schools after all the kids found out about his deformity after multiple kids tried ganging up on him because they thought he couldn't fight back. 

He had a black eye, that made his crying all the more obvious, a split lip both from a punch and biting it too hard. His hands were bandaged, and his right leg had a cast while his left leg had a few band-aids on them. But the other guys came out worse despite being older. Most had dozens of bruises, all had a broken arm or leg, their arms were thickly wrapped and their eyes were glazed over because of all the pain meds they needed.

Yet he still felt like he lost, so he looked up again and only just avoided Deku's glaring eyes. Just like before he thought the kids were just playing, and that he was the one to pick a fight. He walked into the room, sitting down as his mom talked to the workers, and watched as the principal came in a few minutes later.

She had a shielding quirk and a strong voice. Yet her personality was usually kind, but as she spoke Katsuki could only hear her hatred for him. "Ah, Mrs. Bakugou. I assume you're here to talk about Katsuki here, correct?"

Her sharp tone made him narrow his only recently dry eyes, and he sneered up at her. His mom's eye's also narrowed, not liking her tone of choice. Her tone was somehow neutral and he guessed, after years of being in the press for her work, it made sense. "Yes, it seems that a couple of kids decided to pick on Katsuki here. And. You. Did. Nothing."

The principal froze, her shoulders tense and smile fake as she spoke. "I can assure you, we did everything we could to protect poor katsuki." 

She taunted him. Her usually bright eyes gleaming with something as they stared at him. Her tone gave him goosebumps, and he grits his teeth as the meaning came seconds later. 

"Well, ma'am, I'm afraid the school failed to even stop the fight. My son came away heavily injured-" 

"The others came out badly damaged because of Mr. Katsuki," She said, her eyes shifting back and forth nervously when she caught on. Her nails clicked as they tapped the table, the noise grating on his nerves. Finally, her frazzled eyes came to stare at him. "You must understand that."

"As I was saying," His mom chocked out from behind gritted teeth. Her hands tightly clutched the armrests, and he could see the fury rising in her eyes. "Katsuki acted in self-defense. And we will be pressing charges, as it has to come to my attention the school and its staff have been ostracizing him since the discovery of his setback. And one teacher, Mr. Akire, took this liberty to harm my son. "

A setback.

That was new. 

She said it so confidently. Like she knew he could get over it. His head tilted upward at her and in the artificial lights, her eyes gleaming with fury and anger, her face in a mix of a smirk and a sneer, he knew who his favorite hero was. 

He smirked back at her when she winked. They grinned like wolves, their anger mixed now. Their feelings no longer inferred. The principle felt the wrath they'd incur. And she could only fear the result. 

"They let the bullying and torment happen. I'm just glad it came to my attention sooner rather than later. Before this harassment could escalate."

Their sharp teeth were natural. Their family was grade A predators and now, it seemed they found their prey.

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The uniform stuck uncomfortably to his skin. The vest made his, already high, temperature higher. The tie laid on his bed and he stuffed it in his pocket, tugging at the collar till the top button popped. The belt was tight, forcing all the air out of his lungs. So he loosened it a bit, relishing in the cool air he could breathe. 

His backpack was all shiny and new, sleek designs made to be hard to break. The Gucci logo displayed on the front added with the other designs of grenades and explosions. Orange and green were the main colors, and he snorted at the little pomeranian key chain his mom put on. 

They really went all out with gifts.

He didn't understand the big deal. Not really. It was just a new school. With no one he knows and stuff that makes him look rich. Well, he was rich. Or more accurately, his famous fashion designer parents were. 

But now he looked like every other snobby rich kid at the new prep school. His nose scrunched up, making it hard to breathe, and he stared at his outfit in disgust. 

Finally, he switched out his shoes, now wearing the worn-out combat boots. He wiggled his feet, happy to know they were still comfy. Dragging his eyes back to the mirror was easy, trying to make him look less like a retard was a little harder.

He ended up with the tie in the garbage, soaking in all his other trash. The top two buttons of his shirt undone, a really loose belt that made his pants sag a little and his favorite comfort hoodie instead of a vest.

'Now,' He thought. 'I don't look like shit.'

Grabbing his backpack and stomping down the stairs, he smirked smugly at his mom. She screamed at him to change for a while before telling him they had to leave. Masura giving him a warm pat on the head and a good look, and it was such a heart-warming gesture that he stuck his tongue out toward his father when he let go. She carried him out again so he squirmed, she knocked on the back of his head and put him in the back seat. 

The seatbelt buckled on before he could do it himself. Glaring at his mom didn't do much, because she just smooshed his cheeks together. Sticking his tongue out when he turned was all he could do really, that and kick his mom's seat until they arrived. 

'Musutafu International Private School', was written in the big, shiny gold letter on a sign near where all the cars were entering. In reality, they were more like tinier limos. He watched in disgust as kids waited for the driver to open the door and not even saying thanks. The second he saw this he knew, his mom's black Mercedes Benz. was sticking out like a sore thumb. 

He watched from tinted windows, as they pointed and laughed. He knew what they were saying, and anger rolled around in his stomach, making his eyes sting but he only barred his teeth at the window.

"Oi, stop acting like a wild animal. You weren't raised in a barn." Mitsuki clicked her tongue loudly, her nails digging tightly in the wheel the only sign she thought what he was thinking. "Remember, no more fights."

His shoulders tensed harshly, body flinching as his mind drifted to another time. Time refocused itself when his mother came to a full stop. He unbuckled, nervous energy just suddenly making his anger fizzle out as his nerves raised all alarms. He opened the door slowly, refusing to look at his mom when she got out to get his things.

He was handed his backpack and a tiny suitcase, while his mom put the bigger suitcase by the door so he didn't have to face the curb. Now his mind went blank, his knuckles hurt as they turned white. His mom seemed to know this and he was wrapped in her arms quickly. He let her kiss his forehead as he walked inside.

His mind went into overdrive as he realized, 'I won't be seeing her for a week.'. And he really wished he could run outside without damaging his pride. He had both suitcases and made his way to the dorm number he had. He was young, they all were. But as long as the parents agree, they were to stay in the dorms till the weekends. It was a boarding school in all except the name. 

His room was large, like his parents. It was split in the middle, bare but eccentric. The walls were a royal blue with a chandelier hanging from the overly large ceiling, the bed was king-sized with large fluffy pillows but the blankets were thinner than he liked and the colors of the covers clashed with the wall. The blue against the light pink that was supposed to look nice, but the pink was dull and light and the blue was too dark to make the pink pop nicely.

He threw off the bland blankets, instead pulling some out of the ones his mom packed. "Because no son of mine will sleep on overused blankets." It made him smile as he laid the large fluffy orange one under the large green one with hand-stitched gold yarn. 

 Auntie Inko was an angel on earth.

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He knew he had a roomate. He knew he'd most likely meet them. But when the door opened, he got in a fighting stance and threw a punch.
It hit the person hard enough to drop him to the ground, out of pain or shock he didn't know, and he got a good look at them. It was a kid maybe a couple months older than him, with fluffy silver hair and teary purple eyes. They had the same uniform as Katsuki but the little gold etchings looked real and their face was covered in more freckles than deku. Little weird scales on his face and marks on his back like something was moving.

Punching the kid was just his first mistake.

His second was letting the kid open him mouth. 

They spluttered out threats as they got up. Their voice was projected loudly in the room and he winced back. The boy got up and walked forward, pointing an accusing finger as his other hand clutched his gut. "How dare you! Do you know who I am? I am the son of -"

"Don't care. Next time knock." He stared down the kid for a couple seconds before his concern fizzled out. He turned around and continued unpacking. 

"Why would you even think of attacking someone? No less me!" The boy shouted. His arms flailed and his face turned pink as he shouted.

"I was prepared for an intruder, not a scrawny cry baby." 

The boy spluttered out as he walked forward. His wet Air Jordan Silver shoe squeaking as they met the floor. His hair dripping onto the previously clean floor. Oh, he hadn't notice the rain. 

The boy lunged at him and he only had enough time to brace himself for impact. 

They landed hard against the floor, their tiny bodies grunting as they rolled around. It ended with him on top of the silver haired brat. His arm held his throat down and his leg pressed harshly against their stomach. He breathed harshly, and he gave a sharp growl.

The boy shivered from underneath him, tears once again filling his eyes.

He frowned, his mind flashing to Deku. Releasing the boy, he sat on his bed while the boy ran over to his bed and jumped under the covers. He opened his mouth to apologize, his mind caught between being nice or just being petty. 

Deciding not to be his usual petty self, he went with the Deku route. Opening his mouth once again, he spoke quiet words. He also wasn't suppose to get in trouble, so there was that. "Sorry I fought you."

The fluffy silver hair and vibrant purple eyes peeked out at him from their soft cocoon. They unravled themselves before upturning their nose. "You should be." Katsuki glared at the rude boy. He was ready to take it back and curse the fucker out, but the boy seemed to wilt under his glare. They turned away with their nose still upturned but simply said. "I suppose I should apologize too, my actions were rather barbaric."

Katsuki gave the boy a smirk and they seemed to perk up a bit when he turned back. The fear and snobby air of the boy dissapeared for a second as a childish demeanour took its place. His head tilted and asked, "So what's your name? I'm Akechi Eichi [first name Eichi last name Akechi] (pronounced I-ka-chi Eye-chi) "

"I'm Bakugou Katsuki." His ruby red eyes met amythest purple, and a new friend ship was hatched. 

Oh, how people will fear the days to come.

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'I don't know what was up with my roomate. He seemed kinda scary, and he never used his quirk. Although I was told before that I used mine a lot. But how can you not when you are a literal dragon!

I flew with my wings a lot and my fire had scorched a lot of my rooms furniture. But I know how to make my claws retract. My fangs are a dead end, so I was told not to smile, "it isn't proper for a young man to bare his fangs at people." Grandmother says.

Though I wouldn't say I was threatning people, but Grandmother has a weird way of thinking sometimes. But she was the first one in our family to have a quirk, so she had to know what was best. Since Mother and Father didn't have any quirks either I had to listen to Grandmother.

Maybe the boy thought I was threating him. Have I seen him somewhere before? I might've been rude to him, and maybe he's just scared of a thief. I know Grandmother is. 

Constant checks on the alarms and cameras, making extra sure that both her room and mine were safe, and making all food by hand. Somethin' about enemies lurking everywhere, and how our family was powerful and dangerous. But she liked telling stories.

She told the best stories. 

Actually, Bakugou , is that his name? , sounds kinda like one of the villains in Grandmothers stories. With the red eyes and pale blond hair, but Bakugou doesn't seem mean. And their just folk tales she heard from her Mother. 

Grandmother did seem to have lots of stories with the same villain though. But it has to be fake, he didn't hit me after the first time! And who am I to say being careful isn't normal? Maybe all kids hit first ask questions later, doesn't fit with how I've seen kids in movies act. But maybe Katsuki is special, like me!

What is his quirk anyway? I don't think I've ever seen him use it. Maybe he doesn't like his, like Zoro-chan. Zoro-chan's creepy though, not at all Bakugou's level of scary either.

How long has it been since I've seen Zoro-chan again? I think it was around christmas. She was going to America for christmas and wanted to give me my gift before she left. I think it was a book. 

Yes! That one weird book that talks about the best way to kill animals. That was weird. Zoro-chan's always weird though. 

Oh and I gave her a pretty mirror. I heard girls liked mirrors. I do too! The silver ones are all shiny and cold to touch, it's so fun to see how hot I need to breathe to melt them. 

Wait, what was I talking about. Oh, Bakugou-chan's quirk. I don't know. It's hard to really guess.

At least this is a fun game!'


Eichi hid his journal under his pillow, sure that Katsuki would never find it.