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Ain’t We Got Fun?

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Roman and Virgil were sitting in their living room, listening to the radio. It was the summer of ‘50, and it was the hottest one they’d seen in a while, so they decided to go inside to cool off. Virgil was lying on the couch, and Roman was sprawled across a chair. The last song on the radio faded, and a new song started playing.

Every morning
Every evening
Ain't we got fun

Roman stood up suddenly, and started singing, pulling Virgil up off of the couch. Virgil laughed as Roman spun him around the room.

Not much money
Oh but honey
Ain't we got fun

They danced around the small apartment they had rented, not caring if anyone saw them. It really was intoxicating, in Virgil’s opinion, to just dance around to a simple song on the radio.

The rent's unpaid dear
We haven't a bus
But smiles were made dear
For people like us

Smiles really were made for people like them, because at this point it was all they could do as they spun around the living room, Roman still singing along and Virgil joining him.

In the winter in the Summer
Don't we have fun
Times are bum and getting bummer
Still we have fun

Virgil knew, of course, that this couldn’t last forever, no matter how much he wanted it to never end. But when they were singing along to the song and dancing together, it felt like it really could last forever, just the two of them.


There's nothing surer
The rich get rich and the poor get children
In the meantime
In the between time
Ain't we got fun

They sang along to the last verse as the song faded out, laughing as it faded out. They laid down, just holding hands, after that. And it may not have lasted forever, but they really did have fun on days like these.