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Memories of the past and only then

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A yell was heard before an explosion occurred right next to Megatron, where he was pushed down onto the hard concrete ground by the impact with a grunt, his armour getting scraped against the rough floor.

He looked towards the sky to see his Air Force, all in a dog fight, battling in the air, except for one intrusive Seeker.


With a growl, he raised his hand towards his comm, getting up and running to dodge the massive gunfire.


Megatron yelled across his comm, trying to look past the dusty smoke to see the Seeker’s body outline.

”Why the frag are you not fighting with your Air Force?!”


There was no response for a moment, blasting and explosions and the occasional cry or scream were the only sounds he heard before Starscream responded.


His regular, scratchy voice came shrieking through the comm link.



”Busy doing what?!”

Megatron looked around the battlefield, trying to spot out a pair of wings that were out of place and possibly doing their own thing.

”What’s so important that made you leave your post—?!”

Turns out he didn’t need an answer for that cause as soon as he rounded the corner of a building, He found Starscream shooting as much Autobots as he could with a scowl while one of his pretty little wings was twisted and broken.

He looked up to see Megatron after shooting a poor AutoBot scout and feeling his presence, His scowl deepened at his leaders appearance.


“I told you, I’m busy!”

Starscream yelled as Megatron made his way into the the little battle and fought side by side with the Seeker.

”And I don’t need your help!”


Megatron rolled his optics at him, blasting another AutoBot with his fusion canon before they could attack Starscream. Starscream blinked down at the unmoving ‘Bot in surprise.

”Right, ‘You don’t need my help’,”

Megatron repeated, attacking more bots before they could get close.

”I’ll remember that every time you cry out for assistance”


The Seeker’s scowl deepened even more, but he chose not to argue any further after he nearly got shot at the side of his helm. Instead, he insulted Megatron and was insulted back, going back and forth with ‘Old Idiot’ and ‘Intrusive Scraplet’.


At one point during the bickering and the battle, Megatron called Starscream ‘Short Fool’ and was rewarded with a kick to the Shin.


Megatron thought, yelling at Starscream as he continued to fight in the battle.

Why were they always like this?

He just wished that, He could change That little Seeker somehow...Make him more obedient and less of an annoying self-centred prick.

But alas, It was only a wish—




Megatron’s thoughts were cut off and he blinked himself back to reality.



Starscream’s shrieking was heard but Megatron couldn’t find him anywhere, soon The Warlord noticed a beam of light, shining down on his broad frame.


Starscream shrieked once again but before Megatron could do anything, whatever it was, blinded him and he felt a sudden impact.


All for a moment, all he could see was white, all he could hear was this constant ring, nothing else.

His vision slowly restored, blurry at first but it came back clear but foggy.

Megatron looked around and saw Starscream, in place where he used to be but on the ground.

Smoke imitating from a large dark hole, far too close to Starscream’s Spark Chamber.


Megatron sat there, staring at him, everything around him darkened and the loud blast fire slowly escaped his ears.

The only thing he could see was Starscream and his spark sunk as he saw The Seeker’s crimson ruby optics flicker on and off, slowly deactivating.

He hurry got up, sound and surroundings coming back like a sudden snap.


Megatron picked Starscream up, holding him close to his chest,


And ran.



Thundercracker pushed one of the Combaticons away, He didn’t know which one but it didn’t matter.

“Where’s my brother?!”


Skywarp followed behind him with SlipStream, She tried calming Skywarp by stroking his back and telling him that everything will be alright, it was rare to see her like this but in a situation like this, you’d understand why.


“Calm your vents, he’s fine...”

Hook muttered, wiping his hands off with a cloth.

“Though considering how close the blast was near the spark...”


“How close he was to deactivation...”

SlipStream mumbled before realising Skywarp was still wrapped around her and he bursted into tears.


During the battle, Skywarp and Thundercracker were trying to make it back to base when they suddenly felt their bond with Starscream sever, cut like a thin string, sudden and fast.

Skywarp has stumbled over himself and screamed in agony, feeling something through their bond while Thundercracker only felt the life fading almost instantly.

It was all so sudden but after a few moments of concentration, Starscream was still there, still active and still bonded.


Thundercracker growled before pushing his way towards wherever Starscream was, despite Hook trying to tell him something.

He pushed away the curtain and paused.


Starscream was lying in the medical berth, blanket thrown over him, his breathing smooth and steady as he continued to recharge.


But that wasn’t what he was focused on right now.

No, He was wondering why his leader was there.


There, sitting in a chair, elbow propped up on one of the arms of the chair, hand cupping his cheek and stroking the back of Starscream’s hand with the other.

As if he was being affectionate…

Thundercracker narrowed his optics at that imagery, as if Megatron would ever care about his brother…


Skywarp ran past Thundercracker and made his way towards Starscream’s side.

Megatron got up immediately after seeing Skywarp and looking over at Thundercracker, aware that Thundercracker doesn’t ‘favour’ him well.

SlipStream walked in, giving a curt nod towards Megatron before leaning against the wall and crossing her arms.

Megatron walked off and stood at the corner of the room, Thundercracker watched him, making sure he didn’t do anything. After he was satisfied with Megatron’s distance, He walked over to Starscream and sat down in the chair Megatron was previously in.


Starscream stirred slightly, optics shuddering open and flickering, activating once again. Skywarp shook Thundercracker by the shoulder and he held Skywarp’s hand to reassure him that he’s not delusional and that Starscream was activating.


Thundercracker’s voice came out as a soft murmur, watching his brother.


Slowly, Starscream opened his optics and looked around.

“ I?”

His voice was quiet, unlike his usual scratchy voice, it sounded more peaceful and smooth…Thundercracker hadn’t heard him like this for so long.


“We’re in the Med-bay, Starscream”

SlipStream muttered, giving him a small smile.

“You’re a real trouble maker, you know that?”


Starscream sat up slowly, ignoring his cousin’s comment and looked around.

He looked lost, Thundercracker narrowed his optics in worry.



Skywarp mumbled, optics red from crying.

“Are you...okay, now?”


Starscream took a moment to process everything around him before answering Skywarp, making Thundercracker even more worried.

“Yes, I’m…Fine”


Hook entered with a datapad, he cleared his throat to grab their attention.

“Since you’re finally satisfied with seeing your Commander healthy and alive, can I tell you what’s wrong with him now?”


All three of the Seeker’s helms snapped up to look at Hook, Optics confused and worried.


Hook let out a sigh, looking down at the datapad.

“The Autobots had this new ‘weapon’, dangerous and untested”

He started, changing his footing and putting most of his weight on his left leg.

“Luckily, Thanks to Your Air Force, The weapon was destroyed...”

He looked back at Starscream, Starscream looked back confused.


“So, what’s the problem?”

SlipStream spoke up, hands clutching onto her arms, digging her claws into her armour out of anxiety.


Thundercracker looked over at her, opening his mouth to say something reassuring until Hook interrupted him.

“Destroying the weapon caused it to blast randomly at one target and explode afterwards, Starscream was the one to get blasted.”


Megatron pushed himself from the corner, listening to Hook and ignoring Thundercracker’s warning stare.


“And well,”

Hook looked towards Megatron.

“It caused a little ‘glitch’…”


“What kind of ‘glitch’?”

Megatron stared back at Hook, optics narrowing.


Hook gestured back at Starscream,

“See for yourself..”

He walked backwards, allowing Megatron access to see Starscream.


Thundercracker held Starscream’s hand and squeezed it, not letting him go.

Megatron walked towards the berth and stood a few feet away from it.

Starscream’s optics slowly trailed up  Megatron’s frame, shrinking back every inch he gained closer to his face, as if he was afraid of him.

Thundercracker blinked in confusion.



Starscream knew him for over a millennia and sure, he’s afraid of him but not to the point that he’s afraid of his own face.


Megatron seemed as confused as Thundercracker, He took a step forward to test him and Starscream shrank back a little more.

He paused, even more confused.



Starscream flinched at his voice, deep and booming, it was almost consuming.


He stammered.

“— - —— —?”


Megatron stopped completely, Everyone else was frozen in shock as well.

Starscream’s words repeated.



“Do I...know you?”