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Akashi Seijuurou is exhausted. 

It all started in the morning. He’d been only sleeping for about three hours, after doing another all-nighter to finish his homework, when his phone rang. 

It was his father, requesting his presence in Tokyo to attend the business meeting he couldn't go to. Requesting his son of all people, while knowing the said son was already busy and tired. 

Surely there were others? People in the Akashi Corp. that had more than enough competencies to replace the CEO for a day?

But of course it must be him, because apparently, he is the only one his father could trust completely, and because “it's a good opportunity to learn, Seijuurou”.

Right. Just another day of being an Akashi heir. And at this point, he was just so sick of it all.

But to Tokyo he went. And boy, did he regret it.

The meeting was the most boring thing ever. If it wasn’t for his strong willpower, he would have fallen asleep after fifteen minutes, and bring shame to the family name. His stamina is something he is proud of and he was glad that it was useful today. Even if it was used for staying awake- which was an absolute waste by the way- but at least he was safe from his father’s wrath (Akashi couldn’t imagine if he fell asleep during an important meeting and his father found out about it, for it would be hellish).

It’s almost eight in the evening now, the meeting is finally finished, and Akashi just really wants to go home and get some sleep. But he is starving, so he decides to eat dinner first. He chooses the ramen restaurant he usually went with his boyfriend, since he only craves something simple and warm.

Speaking of boyfriend, he just realizes that he never told the said boyfriend that he was coming to Tokyo today.

After he put his order, Akashi picks up his phone and dials Furihata’s number.

“Hello,” Akashi smiles, he will never get tired of hearing this particular voice.

“Hello Kouki.”

“Hi! What’s up?” Furihata says, his tone warm.

“Mmm.. I just miss you.” And Akashi does, so much. It’s been almost a month since they last met.

Furihata chuckles. “Miss you too. How are you? Eating and sleeping properly I hope?”

Akashi’s heart melts. Furihata is always like that, making sure he is well first, before anything else. Like his well-being is the most important thing in the world.

He is beginning to think that maybe it really does.

God, how he wants to see Furihata, right now.

“Can I see you? I’m in Tokyo right now.” Akashi blurts out without thinking.

“You’re what?!” Furihata says, pitch raising in surprise. “You never told me about coming here.”

Uh oh. It looks like he is seconds away from getting in trouble. Maybe it’s not really the best course of action to tell your boyfriend you want to meet, at the end of the day, when you need to leave not long after.

Akashi tries to explain. “I’m in Tokyo for a business meeting, and about to go home now. I originally didn’t think of seeing you..” 

Furihata doesn’t respond to that.

Akashi cringes. That was bad.

“But now I realize how much I want to, even if it’s just for a little while!” He adds, hoping Furihata will understand his point, “so.. are you busy right now? Can we meet?”

He hears Furihata sighs. “You should have told me still.”

“I’m sorry..”

“Where are you right now?”

“The ramen restaurant we usually-”

“Wait for me there.”

Akashi blinks, that’s not the plan. He is the one who should be coming over to Furihata’s place, not the other way around. “No, Kouki. I should be the one who-”

“Wait for me there.” And Furihata hangs up, effectively silencing Akashi.

Akashi stares at his phone and sighs. How he absolutely hates causing inconvenience to his boyfriend.



Ten minutes had passed since the phone call when Furihata finally arrives. He wears a simple hoodie and jeans.

Akashi’s heart skips a beat. He looks absolutely adorable.

Furihata finds Akashi easily and Akashi nods, a bit sheepish, once they make eye contact. He still feels bad about the whole thing.

Furihata sighs again, before he walks straight to Akashi. He then proceeds to sit next to his boyfriend.

“Have you eaten?” Akashi asks softly.


“Okay,” Akashi responds, not sure what else he is supposed to say.

He continues eating his food. Not long after, he feels Furihata’s hand on his face.

“Is it just me or are they getting worse?” Furihata comments, while tracing the hollow under his eye.

And Akashi’s heart clenches, when he looks at Furihata who looks at him, full of worry. He holds Furihata’s hand gently and moves Furihata’s palm to his mouth and kisses it (and regretting the action a bit when he realizes his mouth is oily from the ramen, but it seems that Furihata doesn’t mind). He then brings the hand under the table where he continues to hold it there. “I’m okay. Just a bit more then I will have more free time.”

Furihata stares at him for a second longer before he finally nods, accepting the answer. “You better use it for sleep.”

Akashi chuckles. “You seem obsessed to get me into sleeping more these days.”

“Because you need it, obviously.” Furihata pouts. “I don’t know what else to do to help you.”

“You already helped, tremendously.” Akashi squeezes Furihata’s hand. “Believe it.” He adds, grinning at a particular anime reference he just made. Furihata’s favorite one, of course.

Furihata chuckles. “Okay, Naruto.”

But in all seriousness, it‘s the truth. Furihata did help him, in so many ways. He helped by being understanding. He helped by being patient. He helped by simply being there, whenever Akashi needed him. And it’s more than enough.

Furihata speaks again, more easily this time. “How’s the meeting?”

“Absolutely mind-numbing,” Akashi answers instantly.

Furihata laughs. “No way!”

“Uh, yes way.”

Furihata proceeds to tease him then, making jokes and referencing the latest internet memes, an attempt to cheer him up. He looks radiant and Akashi can’t take his eyes off of him. 

He is grateful he made the call.



After eating his dinner, Akashi decides to walk Furihata home, before he goes to the train station. Furihata refused at first, as per usual, but Akashi insisted, saying it was the least he could do.

They stop at the alley about a hundred meters from Furihata’s house. It’s their favorite spot to say their goodbyes, since it’s pretty deserted (it’s not that they’re going to use the place to do something indecent or anything, but it’s always nice to have some privacy).

Akashi kisses Furihata’s forehead, his lips lingering there, longer than usual. With his schedule so packed, who knows when he is going to meet his boyfriend again. So he intends to savor every physical touch as much as he can.

Furihata closes his eyes, while gripping Akashi’s coat tightly, seemingly not wanting to let go either.

They look at each other after that, forehead touching. Furihata’s eyes are shining, reflecting the moonlight. They seem to be a bit watery, and while they look beautiful, Akashi can see the slight hurt behind them.

“Are you okay?” Akashi asks, his hand comes up caressing Furihata’s cheek.

“Mm-hm.” Furihata nods. An obvious lie.

“Kouki..” Akashi warns gently.

Furihata drops his head on Akashi’s shoulder, and shakes his head. “Don’t go..” he says, voice trembling.

Akashi can feel something inside him snaps, after hearing those words. A moment passes before he holds Furihata’s shoulder with one hand and pushes him against the wall behind them, while the other hand holds Furihata’s head, protecting it from the impact. It was sudden and it was quick, Akashi is sure that was all pure instinct.

Furihata looks shocked. “Se- Sei- Mmpf,”

Whatever Furihata was about to say is cut off by Akashi’s lips pressing into his. It’s forceful, and strong, and bruising. Furihata bites back a moan before he finally responds, returning the kiss with as much intensity. Furihata opens his mouth on reflex at the same time Akashi moves his head to deepen their embrace.

Akashi retreats a bit after sensing Furihata’s need for air. He lets them breathe for a while before diving in again, shoving his tongue into Furihata’s mouth, the intensity not lessening one bit.

After maybe the sixth kiss (or was it seventh, he already lost count), Akashi finally stops. At this point Furihata’s lips are swollen, his face flushed a deep shade of red, and eyes unfocused.

He looks absolutely stunning.

Akashi decides there and then. He wants Furihata. In that sense.

“Kouki,” Akashi begins, “is it okay for you not to be home tonight?”

Furihata looks at him in surprise, his eyes impossibly wide.

“Wha- what?”

Akashi looks at Furihata’s house. It’s so, so close. But..

“Is it okay if I don’t send you home?” Akashi murmurs, still looking at the house. When he turns to Furihata again, he can see him trembles a bit.


He wonders if it’s too much for Furihata. So he backs off a bit. “Um.. I-”

“It’s okay,” Furihata says, his tone determined. “It’s okay for me not to be home tonight.”

This time, it’s Akashi’s turn to be surprised.

“Aren’t you.. aren’t you tired though?” Furihata continues, his head lowering. He looks embarrassed.

Akashi blinks, then he chuckles. How adorable.

“Yes, I am.” Akashi moves closer, his fingers cupping Furihata’s chin gently. When they finally look at each other again, Akashi whispers, “but I want you.”

Furihata looks so red then, completely speechless. Akashi can almost see smoke coming out from his head. He chuckles again, before retreating, offering his hand for Furihata to take. “Let’s go.”

Despite his embarrassment, Furihata manages a small chuckle, looking at the gentlemanly gesture. He then takes Akashi’s hand with certainty, now fully smiling. “Okay.”