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Akashi Seijuurou is in pure bliss.

He can almost feel it, even though he isn't fully conscious yet, he knows he is in the happiest state right now. Everything feels warm and light and comfortable.

He opens his eyes and sees a mop of brown hair, and his brain instantly makes a connection.

Ah , so this is why he is happy.

It's because the person he loves the most is here.

Akashi can't help but smile, looking at Furihata who is still sleeping. He is really cute when he is asleep. And when he is awake. And remembering last night event, Furihata also looked very cute when they were having sex (he looked hot and sexy too, Akashi didn't know how it was even possible). In conclusion, Furihata is just the cutest.

And Akashi is lucky enough to have him as his boyfriend.

He runs his fingers through Furihata's soft hair, simply because he can't resist. He keeps his movement gentle so he doesn't wake him. Furihata sleeping beside him like this, is the sight that he doesn't get to see often, therefore he is determined to remember every detail, saving it to his memory like a precious thing it is.

Not long after, Akashi feels Furihata begins to stir. Brown eyes open soon after, blinking and squinting until they meet red eyes. They instantly light up, followed by a warm smile.

"Morning." Furihata greets softly.

Akashi smiles back, loving how Furihata's simple greeting makes his heart skip, in the best possible way. "Good morning, Kouki."

Furihata presses closer and closes his eyes again.

Akashi chuckles, "Going back to sleep?"

"Mm.. too comfy." Furihata nods. Akashi shakes his head at the act, but pulls up the comforter anyway, to provide more warmth that he is sure Furihata will appreciate.

A moment passes, with Akashi just lazily trailing his fingers up and down Furihata's back, albeit through his hoodie, when suddenly, Furihata opens his eyes again, really wide, and moves away from Akashi abruptly.

Next thing Akashi knows, Furihata is sitting near the edge of the bed, his face completely red. Akashi looks at his boyfriend in shock, his hand that just moments ago been caressing Furihata is now hanging awkwardly in the air. Furihata then scrambles to take the comforter and uses it to.. cover his lower half? Akashi looks down at the place he's trying to hide.. and it instantly clicks.

Furihata is getting  morning wood.

"Gosh.. this is so embarrassing," Furihata mumbles to himself.

Akashi furrows his brows, he has no idea what is so embarrassing about something completely normal and natural. "It's.. not?"

Furihata looks at him incredulously. "Yes, it is."

They look at each other for a while, before Akashi finally sighs. He supposes he understands what Furihata is thinking.. kind of. It can get quite embarrassing if someone else is around.

Another minute passes before Furihata speaks again. "I think- I think I need to take care of it. Um.. if you'll excuse me." He is about to get off the bed when Akashi catches his wrist.

"Won't you let me?" Akashi asks, his tone determined. 

To be completely honest, Akashi originally doesn't want to do anything. Furihata seems to think something like this is completely private stuff, and he wants to respect that. But a part of him, the part that always craves Furihata, seems to disagree. It's a perfect opportunity to be close to Furihata. To touch him, to spoil him. To give him pleasure. So he decides he will at least make an offer.

Furihata blinks, completely dumbfounded. "Huh?"

Akashi moves closer. "I want to take care of it." He brings Furihata's hand to his lips and kisses it. "If you let me."

Furihata's face turns even redder at this, but the lack of resistance is enough for Akashi to continue his ministration. He kisses Furihata's cheek first, then his forehead, ready to back off in case Furihata changes his mind and wants some privacy instead. Akashi pulls away for a moment and as they look at each other, Furihata finally gives the smallest nod. And when Akashi sees it, that is enough. He surges forward and covers Furihata's mouth with his own. He can hear Furihata gasps in surprise, reluctant at first, but as Akashi diligently kneads their lips together, he can feel Furihata starts to give in and kisses him back.

And as usual, it feels incredible.

Akashi then wraps his arm around Furihata’s waist, bringing him closer and closer until he somehow ends up sitting on his lap. They spend a few minutes kissing, Akashi moving his tongue inside Furihata’s mouth with ease, while listening to Furihata’s little gasps and moans. He may or may not make sounds himself, but he decides he doesn’t really care about that.

At one point, their position changes while their tongue is still very much inside each other's mouth. Furihata is now straddling Akashi, his clothed chest pressed against Akashi's bare one, finally fully on board with this makeout session. They separate for a while, Furihata’s breaths feel hot against Akashi’s face. Then, without warning, Furihata starts to grind  his erection against Akashi’s lower half. Akashi gasps in surprise.

“Kouki..” He whispers.

Furihata gives him a shy smile, before he snaps his hips forward again, causing Akashi to throw his head back at the sensation. Furihata then nips at Akashi’s neck, which is exposed because of the act, making him groans softly.

“This isn’t exactly.. what I have in mind.” Akashi comments. 

Furihata hums against his skin. “What is it that you have in mind?”

Akashi looks at Furihata and gives him a smirk. Before Furihata can react to that, Akashi pushes him so he is now lying on his back with Akashi hovering above him, just like last night.

Furihata looks confused, but it doesn’t last long. The expression quickly turns to surprise when he feels Akashi’s hand slips inside his boxer, freeing his cock from its confine. Akashi moves slowly until his face is no longer above Furihata’s but above his cock instead. 

“Se- Sei !” Furihata sounds like he is panicking and Akashi has no clue as to why.

“Do you not want this?” Akashi asks carefully. Oral sex is not something they are familiar with so maybe Furihata is not comfortable with this? But Akashi is very determined right now. It’s all very conflicting.

“It’s not- I mean, you really don’t have to do this,” Furihata says weakly. “I mean- you’ve already done so much and I- what if it’s dirty or-”

“Kouki,” Akashi interrupts, his tone gentle, “I’m doing this because I want to. Please believe me when I say that, doing something like this makes me happy too.”

Furihata rises slightly from his position so he can look at Akashi better, his hand reaches for Akashi's free hand to hold it. "I don't deserve you." He says, voice barely above a whisper.

Hearing that, Akashi instantly looks back at everything they've been through. How Furihata's love saves him countless times. From loneliness, from despair. Preventing him from going completely mad. He doubts Furihata will ever understand how much he means to him, but Akashi will be damned if he doesn't at least show him. So yes, Furihata absolutely deserves Akashi. Him, and all of this, and more.

"You do." Akashi finally answers, keeping it short. Furihata's cock is twitching right in front of him and Akashi prefers to not waste another second. He looks at Furihata again, his eyes hard, looking for final confirmation.

" Oh my god. " Furihata groans and plops down back to bed, a sign that he finally,  finally  surrenders.

And that's all Akashi needs. He dives in immediately, licking a stripe up Furihata's length.  Salty , that's the first word that comes to mind. It feels kind of strange, it's his first time after all. He continues stroking, caressing Furihata's cock with his tongue, Furihata’s little moans the only guidance he has. 

Akashi finally swallows Furihata's length after a while, earning a loud moan from Furihata. He tries sucking the cock until he feels his cheeks hollowing, praying to all deities he is actually doing this right. He's been told all his life that he is the best at almost everything he does, so hopefully, he's doing good too, right now, when it really matters.

Furihata's hand comes up to rest atop his hair, running through the strands with the gentleness that almost makes Akashi weep. Akashi knows Furihata is grateful for him but honestly? At a time like this, he prefers it rough. Akashi hums disapprovingly, but instead of verbally telling Furihata that  please pull his hair harder , he decides to just show him. Feeling bolder than before, Akashi starts to move his mouth up and down Furihata's length, still sucking along the way. Akashi can feel more pre-cum comes out, and Furihata's fingers start to grip at his hair tighter, pulling it and pushing down in reflex, following the movement Akashi started.

There it is , Akashi smirks triumphantly.

Akashi decides it’s time to up his game, so he moves his hand that Furihata has been holding and starts massaging Furihata’s balls.

Furihata chokes back a gasp at the new sensation, his entire body trembling with delight. He arches slightly from the bed, and this time pulling Akashi’s hair super roughly.

And Akashi understands, because he can also feel it. Furihata is  close .

Akashi releases Furihata’s cock from his mouth, feeling a bit sad. He’s been enjoying the experience, surprisingly, but knows that Furihata already reaches his limit. Instead, he gives Furihata encouraging pumps, helping him reach completion.

Furihata finally comes a moment later, splattering Akashi’s hand and his own stomach. His breath comes out a bit erratic, his face flushes a deep shade of red.

And still, he manages to look absolutely adorable.

Akashi pulls back a little, decides that it’s best to give Furihata space. He sees the white liquid on his hand and before he knows it, his tongue already darts out, giving it a tentative lick.

Delicious .

Akashi is so focused on licking his hand clean, he doesn't realize that Furihata starts to move towards him. Next thing he knows, his wrist is caught by Furihata, and suddenly, it's his boyfriend's tongue that is licking his fingers. Furihata looks at Akashi straight on, giving him this shy expression, with just a little  lewdness  mixing in.

Which Akashi sure is absolutely illegal.

Akashi can only stare in awe. The way Furihata’s mouth moves around his fingers, sucking them clean one by one, it's driving him insane. After he finished with the hand, Furihata moves even closer, this time, climbing up onto Akashi's lap, straddling his waist again. Akashi's heart beats hard against his ribcage, when he realizes Furihata's already taken off his underwear, leaving his lower region completely bare.

And that lower region is exactly on top of Akashi's own erection, only separated by the thin fabric of his boxer.

"It's your turn now." Furihata breathes, his mouth so close to Akashi's own. Akashi doesn't move, too entranced by the way Furihata speaks right now. He is really charming. 

Furihata closes the gap between them, pecking Akashi lips a couple of times. These soft movements are so very Furihata, Akashi can't help but smile at that. He loops his arms around Furihata waist, bringing him even closer. He will never let go,  ever .

The kiss starts to get more intense after a while, with Furihata shoving his tongue into Akashi's mouth, licking everything inside. After that, Akashi moves his head slightly to the side, trying to deepen the kiss. He sucks Furihata's tongue into his mouth, and continues playing with it there. Meanwhile, his cock's been getting harder these past minutes, he starts to wonder if Furihata can also feel it.

Their mouths disconnect when the need for air starts to overwhelm them. Harsh breaths are the only sound that can be heard in the room.

"You're.. hard." Furihata states, eyes full of heat.

Akashi chuckles. "I hope you're not surprised by this? I've been aching for you for quite a while now."

Furihata blushes at that, still not used at Akashi's boldness when it comes to physical intimacy, it seems. He doesn't say anything, but instead, reaching for a bottle of lube on the nightstand. Akashi smirks, his boyfriend knows him so well.

Akashi stretches his hand, ready to receive the bottle,  eager even,  but Furihata doesn't give it to him. He opens the cap and squeezes, the liquid dropping down onto his hand. Akashi can only stare in confusion, before it morphs into one of shock, when he sees Furihata gets up and change his position into kneeling, his hands move to his bottom, and his finger pushes inside  his own hole. 

Akashi's heart nearly stops at the sight. Furihata Kouki is  fingering himself , right in front of him.

Fucking hell. 

If that is not one of the sexiest things he's ever seen.

Furihata's closes his eyes, his brows furrowed, and his mouth opens just the slightest bit. He looks uncomfortable at first, but the more his finger moves, the more he seems to  enjoy  it. Akashi's hands are resting on his waist, completely still. He is actually dying to touch Furihata, but doesn't dare to move unless Furihata gives him permission. Akashi feels like this is Furihata's moment that he's not allowed to disturb.

Furihata seems to sense Akashi's inner turmoil, because a moment later, he opens his eyes and says between uneven breaths, "You.. could help.. if you want."

Akashi doesn't need to be told twice.

He retrieves the lube that is lying on the bed, opens the cap and squeezes it hard with the speed he doesn't know he possessed. He spreads Furihata's bottom apart and immediately pushes two lubed fingers inside Furihata's warm hole, joining Furihata's finger that's already there. Furihata groans loudly, dropping his head onto Akashi's shoulder. Akashi is absolutely relentless in his movement, until at one point, Furihata can't keep up anymore. So he withdraws his finger, leaving it all to Akashi to continue preparing him.

With nothing to do, Furihata's hand now trailing over Akashi's bare body, until it arrives on top of Akashi's big cock. He strokes him through the boxer gently, earning a soft growl from his boyfriend below him.

And the next thing Akashi knows, they are kissing again, harder and even more passionate than before. Akashi finally pulls his fingers out from Furihata's hole, super ready to bury his cock in that wonderful, warm place.

"Sei," Furihata calls him, "Please lie on your back for me."

Akashi's eyes widen at the request.  What?

He fulfills it though, in the end. Just lying on his back without question, as per Furihata's instruction (though he is actually very curious).

Furihata looks at him silently, his face starts to get that beautiful flush again. The one that appears whenever he is embarrassed. After a few seconds, he nods to himself. He looks so determined, it's so endearing.

Slowly, Furihata moves and starts climbing on top of Akashi, bringing the condom and the lube with him. Well,  climbing on top of his cock,  to be more precise. 

Akashi can't help but wonder.  Is he- is he actually going to-

Wait a minute , Akashi cut off his own question. There's one unusual thing that is happening here.

"Kouki, why are you facing that way?"

Furihata is not facing  him.  He faces the other way around.   And Akashi is not exactly thrilled by this fact. If they really are going to do it  that way,  he wants to very much see his boyfriend's lovely face when doing so.

"Please turn around," Akashi says softly.

Furihata is silent for a moment before his shoulders slump. "Just- just allow me to do it this way. Just this once. Next time I will face you, pro- promise.." he says, voice trembling a little.

Akashi's heart drops at Furihata's words. And that's when he realizes it. 

This is Furihata's first time on top. It's his first time.  Something like this takes a lot of courage, and he is probably not fully comfortable yet. It's already enough pressure, and facing the way that Akashi can see his face is probably going to be  too much .

But in the end, Furihata is still willing to try. For Akashi. 

He is doing all this  for him .

How incredibly selfish of Akashi to make such demand.

Akashi rises from his lying position immediately and wraps his arms around Furihata. Basking on the warmness Furihata's body provides (even though it's still clothed). "Forgive me. Please do whatever you're comfortable with. I'm sorry for being selfish."

Furihata chuckles, before he turns around and pecks Akashi on the lips. "Don't be sorry, you're not wrong. I um.. completely understand where you're coming from." He pecks Akashi's lips again and gives him a small smile. "Shall I continue?"

"Please." Akashi breaths.

Furihata then turns around again, returning to his previous position. He starts taking off Akashi's underwear and places it to the side. The cock bounces off, already rock hard. 

Akashi takes a breath of relief, it really is been super tight down there.

Well , he thinks, not feeling an ounce of shame,  this is what happens when you're doing naughty things with a cute, sexy guy.. 

Akashi is definitely not complaining. Not at all.

He lies back down again, his hands on Furihata waist, slipping inside his hoodie. He starts caressing Furihata's sides up and down, as far as his hands can reach.

Akashi can feel Furihata rubs their cocks together, moaning softly, before he puts the condom on Akashi's cock, and pumps it with the lube. Akashi can't help but lets out a muffled groan at the sensation. It feels heavenly already. But he knows it can get even better soon. 

Furihata rises from his position and starts aligning Akashi's cock with his opening. Akashi can only see everything with awe. Staring at the sight of his length disappearing slowly, while the warmth that is entirely Furihata’s starts enveloping him. He burns them all to his memory. The sight, and how it makes him feel.

"Hahh.." Furihata takes a deep breath when he finally takes all of Akashi's length inside him. Akashi continues to caress every part of Furihata that he can reach, silently telling him to relax. Not long after, Furihata begins to rock his hips.

"Nnahh.." Furihata groans, and Akashi can't take his eyes off of him. His hands move to grip Furihata waist, encouraging the movement.

Some minutes later, Akashi starts to feel overwhelmed. It feels.. absolutely divine. The whole thing. Just amazing. The logical part of him knows it's completely physical. Biology.. stuff? Hormone, nervous system, all that.

But he is also one hundred percent certain, that the fact that he loves Furihata a lot, has something to do with it.

Also the fact that Furihata looks incredibly hot when riding on his cock like this (even though he can only see his back). 

Yeah, that. That definitely adds to the divineness as well.

Akashi doesn't know how long he can hold himself back, giving the intensity of the situation (Furihata is now moving up and down and rolling his hips, and Akashi thinks he has never moaned this much his entire life). Not long, surely.

Furihata's movement comes to a halt after a while, his breaths ragged. Akashi takes this moment to take breaths as well. But then..

Then,  Furihata takes off his hoodie, his arms and shoulders and back move in such a way that makes Akashi's heart nearly stops.

Fuck, that is one sexy move.

Well, so much for taking the time to  breathe.

Akashi can feel his cock also twitches at the sight. Furihata is now completely naked, and while he looks really beautiful like this, Akashi is also very tempted to tell Furihata to put his hoodie back, only for him to repeat the action of taking it off again.

But in the end, he refrains. Telling himself that it will be such a ridiculous request. 

Furihata then continues riding his cock again, interrupting whatever thoughts Akashi is currently having. Akashi really can't hold himself back anymore, especially with the sight of a beautiful back moving, muscles flexing, and drips of sweats running down the curvy spine. His hips begin to thrust involuntary, trying to match Furihata's frantic movement.

"Baby, you feel so good, hahh.. so good.. I'm-" Akashi feels his stomach begins to tighten, signaling that he is close, "I'm going to- ahh.." 

Akashi's entire body feels like it's being hit by a storm, in the best possible way. It's absolutely glorious. Everything is beautiful but it's also kind of blurry. He can sense the wetness on his cock, still buried deeply inside Furihata's wet, warm hole.

It takes longer than usual to normalize his heartbeat. Also for him to realize that Furihata still hasn't come. He's been gripping Akashi's knees the entire time, completely still, breathing just as hard.

Akashi rises from his position immediately, and embraces Furihata tight, knowing it's his turn to pleasure Furihata, helping him reach his own completion.

"Do you know how sexy that was,  baby ?" Akashi says with the most sultry voice he can muster, his breaths hot against Furihata's ear. His hands move across Furihata's body, his fingers rub against a set of hard nipples. Furihata whimpers.

"More.. mmh.. touch me more," Furihata says, voice heavy with desire.

And Akashi obeys, of course. He goes straight for Furihata's cock, holding and caressing and pumping it with both of his hands. Furihata moans openly, his hands move to his own nipples, pinching and playing with the little buds.

God damn it, Furihata Kouki just can't stop.

How Akashi wishes he can see Furihata's face right now. The face he makes while he is pleasuring himself. Akashi can feel his cock starts to harden again just imagining it. It's never going to end, is it?

"Ahn.. ahh.. Sei,  Sei! " Furihata's calls to his name stop his musing immediately.  Okay , he needs to focus now. 

Akashi starts to kiss and nip and bite on Furihata's neck and shoulder, adding more sensations to Furihata's already delicate state. Furihata moans again, this time louder. A moment later Furihata comes, pouring the liquid onto Akashi's hand. Akashi's holding him through it all, not once stop peppering every part of Furihata's body that he can reach with kisses.

They both manage to calm down eventually, after a while. Furihata starts to move, cringing all the way. Must be pretty sore after all that. Akashi removes his condom, takes the tissue from the nightstand to wrap it, and throws it away to the nearest bin, with exceptional accuracy.

Thank you, basketball.

Akashi then turns Furihata around, and lies on his back again, bringing Furihata's down with him.

They're both wet with sweats, and Akashi immediately reaches for the comforter, trying to bring some warmth for the both of them. Especially for Furihata, who just starts to shiver.

Furihata buries his head on Akashi's chest, seeking even more comfort, while Akashi wraps him tight on his embrace.

"I love you." Akashi murmurs against Furihata's hair. He can feel Furihata's smile against his chest, "And thank you for that, by the way. That was one of the best things that I've ever experienced. You are incredible." Akashi ends with a chuckle, suddenly remembers last night, when it was Furihata who thanked him. What a turn of event.

"I love you too," Furihata answers simply, raising his head to look at Akashi, giving him a warm smile.

Akashi's heart skips a beat at that, as per usual. "Have I ever told you that you have a really beautiful back?" Furihata tilts his head in confusion. Akashi rushes to explain, "Back then when you.. uh, moved. The only thing I could see is your back and it's just so.. sexy."

"Oh, um.." Furihata blushes, clearly not sure how to react to the compliment, but then he chuckles, "Funny that."

This time, it's Akashi's turn to be confused. "What is it?"

"I was thinking the same about your back just last night."

That.. doesn't exactly answer anything. "What do you mean?"

Furihata points his finger up, and Akashi looks up in reflex. Up there, he can see his reflection staring back at him.  A mirror on the ceiling?  What an interesting concept. 

"There was a moment when I saw you um..  moving  from there. Your back is.. uh, sexy as well." Furihata says again, his tone shy.

Akashi looks back at Furihata, admiring the blush that is now starting to spread to his neck. He really looks adorable when he is embarrassed like this.

Akashi smiles at Furihata fondly before he gasps in shock, realizing something.

The mirror is a  genius  concept! It can be useful, especially if he wants to see Furihata from another angle. Like, if he wants to see Furihata's face when he is pleasuring himself, but he is facing the other way around..

Ugh,  if only he knew the existence of the mirror, like, an hour ago. What a shame.

"Wha- what is it?" Furihata asks, suddenly alarmed.

"Ah no, no." Akashi strokes Furihata's back, immediately trying to calm him. "I just thought it's unique," he pauses, giving Furihata a smirk, "I think I want to install something like this in my room. What do you say?"

"Don't be silly." Furihata scoffs, and Akashi raises his brows at that.

Silence. Akashi is patiently waiting.

"Unless.. you can?" Furihata asks uncertainly.

Knew it,  Akashi laughs triumphantly at that. He then proceeds to pinch Furihata on the cheek. "Pervert!"