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The Thief is a Kidnapper?

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“Irwin?’ Eleanor called out when she entered the throne room as she carried her baby boy. “I’m going to put Eleven down for a nap. Jade is supposed to be arriving any time now and she would want to see him.”

“Alright, my dear.” Irwin said as he finished reading the petition that was given to him. “I will retrieve him when Jade arrives. Eleanor nodded as she walked towards her bedroom with her sleeping baby in her arms.

“Fatherhood suits ye,” Lord Robert, or Rab, said as she entered the throne room. “I am so ‘appy that ye and my wee girl had such an adorable lad. Just to warn ye, I will spoil ‘im to my ‘earts content.”

“I wouldn’t expect it any less,” Irwin laughed as he began tidying up. “Eleanor told me about how you would spoil her all the time, and that your wife almost had to knock you over the head to get you to stop!”

“Aye, me wife was a feisty one alright… I ‘ope that Eleven finds someone like that!”

“Lord Robert!” Irwin laughed. “Let the boy at least get his first full night’s rest and they we will talk about his future relationships!” 

Rab laughed and admitted that he was getting ahead of himself in thinking about the love life of his grandson and that he should enjoy him as he is.Irwin agreed and the two men spent their time talking about how Dundrasil is doing, with Eleanor joining them when she had a trusted maid watch Eleven as he slept. 

“Lady Eleanor! Lady Eleanor!” A small, but commanding voice yelled as the doors swung open to reveal Princess Jade, the crown princess of the Kingdom of Helidor, as well as he exasperated father. “I want to see Eleven! I want to see my little brother!”

Eleanor laughed softed as Jade ran up to the women and bounced up and down, much to the chagrin of her father. “Alright Jade. Dear? May you go fetch the darling?”

“Yes, Eleanor.” Irwin smiled and patted Jade of the head, and laughed when the princess puffed her cheeks out in annoyance. “I’ll be back with the wee one.”

Irwin smiled as he passed King Carnelian as he made his way to the room that his son was sleeping in. As Irwin entered the chamber he realized that something was wrong. It was eerily quiet. Normally a maid would be working or moving around at least, but there was no maid…

He quickly made his way over to the crib that his son would sleep in and his eyes widen in horror and shock. Irwin quickly scrambled towards the throne room and yelled. “He’s gone!”

Everyone turned around in surprise and Eleanor got up to calm down her husband. “What do you mean ‘he’s gone’?”

“Eleven! He’s not in his room! Who is the maid you sent to watch him?” Irwin asked, with fear in his voice. Could the maid have taken him?

“It was Amber!” Eleanor said as Irwin shouted at the guards.

 “Find her! She must know where my boy is!”

The guards, as well as Hendrik and Jasper, quickly left the throne room in a hurry as they searched for the missing maid and prince. Irwin led Eleanor towards a seat because the new mom was going into shock.

“‘Ow could someone steal a babe?” Rab growled as watched Irwin try to calm down his hysterical daughter. 

“Papa…?” Jade called out. “Where’s Eleven…?”

“I...Hendrik and Jasper are looking for him and they will find him. “Carnelian promised to his daughter, and to the royal family of Dundrasil. “She couldn’t have gone far.”

“I hope your right,” Irwin grunted as he clenched his fists. “Because she will not get away with this.”


Amber quickly hid behind a building in the downtown area of Dundrasil as knights of both Heliodor and Dundrasil rode past her. They were most likely trying to find the young prince, who was peacefully sleeping in her arms. She would not let such an innocent boy be corrupted by the powers of royalty and she’ll raise him as her own. Unfortunately, there was a slight problem…

“What to do with the mark on your hand, little one?” She whispered as she took a cloth and wrapped it around his hand in order to cover the mark. “It’s not full proof, but it’s better than nothing. Right! Now time to get you on that ship heading to Cobblestone!”

The former maid turned kidnapper quickly made her way towards the ship at the port near the Warriors Inn as she kept an eye out on the soldiers. If she was unable to board this ship then her plan would be foiled! She needs to make sure that once the ship is undocked then she can breathe a sigh of relief. 

“Where ye heading to, lass?”

“Cobblestone. It’s near Emerald Coast.” Amber said, breathlessly as she entered the boat and put a shawl around her in order to conceal her identity. I’m moving there to be with my father…”

“I didn’t ask for ye life story. Anyway that’ll be ten gold pieces.” Amber nodded and threw the bag of gold at the man. 

“Just hurry.” The man just nodded and they quickly entered the unforgiving sea. 


“She’s nowhere here, Hendrik! She must have either head to Octagonia or towards the port near the Warrior’s Inn!” Jasper hissed at his friend as they rode through the streets of Dundrasil. 

“Alright, I’ll head towards Octagonia while you head towards the port. Pray to Yggdrasil that we capture her.” Jasper nodded and rode with the knights of Dundrasil while Hendril rode towards Octagonia. 

Hendrik clenched the reins of Obsidian as he rode towards the fighting town. How could he just let a lowly maid slip out with the prince of Dundrasil unnoticed?! Once he captures this traitorous wrench he will make sure she is punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

“Do not worry, your majesty,” Hendrik muttered under his breath. “I will bring you home safe and sound.”

The Next Day...

“Irwin, they aren’t back yet!” Eleanor cried as she held a tired Jade in her lap. 

“I know...dammit! I should have gone with them!” Irwin yelled as he punched a wall, in turn making Jade jump in fear.

“Laddie,” Rab said calmly, while his anger was boiling under his skin, it is no use to the lad if you are scaring poor Jade. Trust that Hendrik and his men will find him. Hendrik is the hero of Heliodor. If anyone can find him then it’s him.”

Irwin looked down in shame and apologized to Jade. “I am sorry for scaring you. I am just worried for my son....”

“I’m worried for Eleven too! When I find out who took him I am going to set a thousand slimes in her cell! He’s my brother and no one else's!” That made every adult feel less tense and even let out a small chuckle at Jade’s words. It seems she’ll grow up to a fierce protector indeed. 

“Why would someone steal a baby?” Carnelian asked. “Do you think it has something to do with him being the Luminary?”

“But what would a maid have against the Luminary?” Irwin asked. 

“She could be-” Carnelian was shushed when the doors to the throne room were thrown open, revealing both Jasper and Hendrik and they both looked ashamed. Eleanor quickly realized what this meant and started sobbing.

“No…” Irwin whispered as Hendrik told them that by the time that Jasper had gotten to the port near the Warrior’s Inn, the only boat that was docked had quickly pulled out to sea, most likely taking the prince of Dundrasil with them.

“Don’t worry though,” Hendrik said. “I will find your son even if I have to travel to the ends of the earth.”

Irwin nodded as he held his sobbing wife. “Thank you,” Irwin said as he held his tears.

Hendrik nodded and looked down in defeat. He couldn’t carry out his duty in protecting the royal family. He had no right in calling himself a knight if he couldn’t protect a child.

“Raise you head, Hendrik.” Carnelian said to his pseudo-son. “I know that you will stop at nothing to find the boy, so do not put yourself down. It is Amber’s fault that-”

“My lord!” A knight called as he burst through the doors of the throne room. “We just got word of a fishing boat heading towards The Emerald Coast!”

“Are you sure that my son is on that boat?” Irwin asked with hope laced in his voice. “Is that traitor there as well?”

“According to our sources, the boat left the port with a woman holding a child with a cloth wrapped around the child’s hand…” Eleanor gasped.

“That m-must be....”

“I will quickly head to Heliodor! She surely wouldn’t be foolish enough to lay low in our kingdom…” Hendrik mumbled.

“There is a small village of to the south of Heliodor,” Jasper piped up. “I believe it is called ‘Cobblestone’. It is a small village that not many know of.”

“Hendrik, Jasper.” Carnelian commanded and the two saluted him as they quickly left the room. Carnelian turned to the royal family of Dundrasil and told them not to worry, that they will be reunited with their son in no time.

“T-thank you, King Carnelian,” Eleanor whispered as she hugged Jade. 

“Yeah Lady Eleanor! Eleven will be back in no time and I’ll get to play with him, hug him, read to him, and love him! I’ll be the best big sister ever!”

“Yes ye will,” Rab said. “But first ye gotta meet him first ye know. He’s tiny, barely bigger than the crown that sits atop your dad’s head.” 

“He’s that small?!” Jade asked in shock. 

“Aye, but don’t let ‘is size fool ye. ‘e can easily defeat even the coldest of beings.”