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"I am getting married."

That’s how it starts.

It starts with the buzz of his phone at 3 a.m because Yoongi is in Korea and Seokjin is in New York and time was never on their side anyway.

He does not even have time to process it, to see what the rest of the text said because his beeper flashed with a code.

He had lives to save.


The girl is a teenager. Freshly 16, from what her chart says. What he gets from the friends that surrounded her is that they don’t know what had happened. One second, she was driving, next second her body was shaking, and the car went straight into a tree.

“Do you know if she was on any seizure medications?” he asks quickly, eyes darting at the monitor wondering how much time he had before they had to go into emergency surgery.

“We…I don’t know… we don’t tell each other that kind of stuff,” the girl with the nose piercing cried. “She wasn’t even supposed to be driving, she was grounded but I don’t have my license and-“

“Please will she be okay?”

Seokjin watches as the monitor begins blaring. He looks at the nurse as the friends scream in terror. “Get these two out of the room and get me a crash cart now!”

“3,2,1 clear!”

The paddles touch the girl’s porcelain chest, but the monitor keeps beeping, yelling at Seokjin to do something. He ignores it and yells to increase the charge. “Okay again, 3, 2,1 clear!”

Her body is moved up because of the shock, but the monitor is still blaring. “Come on! Don’t give up on me,” he yells as if she can hear.

He gives up on the paddles and just starts doing chest compressions. “Come on, come on!”

There’s a crack as he feels the girl’s ribs break from the pressure. Seokjin’s mind is going at 75 miles per hour. “Come on!”

He feels a hand on his shoulder, squeezing. “Kim-let go.”

Seokjin ignores it. He has time. He still has time.

Another crack is heard and Seokjin wonders why it is so loud when he realizes the monitor is silent now, showing one straight line. One long continuous beep.

Something breaks then. Not the girl’s ribs, but something inside him, as he sees he stares at the monitor. He moves away silently, backing up into the counter. His eyes dart to the clock.

“Time of death, 4:32 am.”


So that’s how it starts.

And that’s how he ends up at a shitty bar somewhere in the city the next night because Hoseok told him to. The younger is staring at him, curiously, and Seokjin finds it annoying.

“Whatever you were going to say, don’t.”

He sips on the vodka peach soda, but it does not taste like anything. He really needed to try something different next time.

“You lost a patient hyung. You should talk about it.”

Seokjin snorts. “I work in the emergency department Hoseok. I see death every day. You think one patient is going to affect me? I’ll get over it.”

The younger shifts, eyeing the drink that Seokjin has just downed. “Is that what you tell yourself? You’ll get over it?”

Seokjin’s feels his body go warm, the alcohol burning his throat. “I have to get over things. That’s our job as doctors Hobi.” He waves his hand around, “All this? Temporary. You know how quickly everything can be taken away?”


He snaps his fingers. “Just like that. There one second, gone the next.”

“Are we still talking about your patient?”

Seokjin fidgets, pulling his sweater further down to cover up his hands. It was barely the start of October, and New York was only just getting cold. October, right. He should probably get some Halloween candy, maybe some decorations. A pumpkin too. He swears he had some fake cobwebs he could put over his bushes.


Seokjin blinks. “What?”

Hoseok looks worried. But Hoseok is always worried, that was his job as his best friend. It was also his profession, as one of the best pediatric psychiatrists in the city. But Seokjin was not a child, and he did not need his shrink of a best friend to psychoanalyze him.

They had met in medical school. Somewhere between the all-nighters, the coffee runs, and the stress, he found himself enjoying the younger’s company. Both of them had the same drive and passion and sometimes Seokjin would let his mind wander. He thinks he could have loved Hoseok, maybe. There were times when he saw the look in the younger’s eyes, the want for more, but it would be gone a second later. Hoseok was good at that. Compartmentalizing.

Anyways, not that it mattered. They slept together a couple of times. Maybe more than a couple. It would be a hard day at school which over the years turned into a hard day at work which turned into a hard day in general.

Seokjin should feel bad.  He knows that no matter how many times they have sex, it will not fill the void that Yoongi left behind.


God, he needs another drink.

“Hyung, I’m taking your credit card away,” Hoseok says when he sees Seokjin wave for the bartender, barely audible over the buzzing in Seokjin’s ears. “I think we should go home.”

“Nobody is waiting for me at home. I don’t want to go there.”

“We can go to mine then, I am sure Jimin won’t mind.”

He shrugs. Of course, Jimin would mind. Jimin has been in love with Hoseok for years, and he hates Seokjin for being a constant cockblock.

Hoseok frowns. “He does not think of you like that. He is just my roommate.”

Seokjin snorts, realizing he said all that out loud. He would be embarrassed but the liquid flowing through his veins is not letting him feel anything. “Right.”

“I’m serious. He’s dating Kook. Promise you won’t say anything weird if I take you home with me.”

Kook? Seokjin furrows his brow, trying to remember who that is. Then he remembers the bunny faced but fully built boy. Orthopedic surgery if he remembers correctly. They met a couple of times in the kitchen of Jimin and Hoseok’s apartment, a common sight after both of them had slept over.

“Okay, but I’m not wrong.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes.


When they enter the townhouse, Seokjin immediately regrets it. Moans and creaking can be heard from the bedroom downstairs, and he groans out loud.

A little too loud apparently because the sounds stop immediately. Both him and Hoseok just shake their heads and toe-off their shoes, placing them neatly on the rack next to the door. Seokjin takes off his jacket next, handing it to Hoseok who puts it in a hanger in the closet.

“You want any water before we go upstairs?” the younger says, and Seokjin just shakes his head. Too much liquid in his body for today.

“That wasn’t a question. Come here.”

Seokjin sighs and walks over to the kitchen where Hoseok was standing and takes the glass from him. As he drinks it, a door from the hallway opens and he sees Jimin come out, only wearing a long sweater that hung low, his boxers barely peeking out. Seokjin almost calls him out for the obscene outfit but remembers the promise he made to Hoseok and just raises his eyebrow instead. Jimin ignores him and looks at Hoseok.

“I thought you were on call today? You’re back early.”

“Why, were we interrupting something?” Seokjin asks because he can’t help himself. Jimin flicks his eyes toward the elder and is about to retort back, but Hoseok quickly intervenes.

“I am, I didn’t drink though. Hyung did, but we decided to just call it a night.” He pauses for a second, then nods his head to the hallway. “Is that JK?”

JK? God, how many nicknames did this kid have, Seokjin thinks.

Jimin flushes. “Yeah um. We are both on call too, and so you know. “

“Oh we know,” Seokjin says, winking. He finds it funny and giggles, but Jimin does not.

“Well nice to see you hyung. I better try and get some sleep before I get paged or something.”

And with that he turns around, disappearing into the hallway.

“You know, for being a cardiologist, he sure has a pretty cold heart.”

Hoseok pinches him and Seokjin lets out a yelp.


The city never sleeps and neither does Seokjin.

It was a problem he had acquired in undergrad, the Adderall that he got from his classmates and the Red Bull from vending machines keeping him up as he studied for exam after exam. Now the only way he can find himself sleeping is if he exhausts himself to the point that he passes out.

When he was young and did not know of the coldness of his world, he had real dreams. He was going to be the best doctor in the world, he was going to have a wife who is also a doctor and kids who would run around the house and keep it loud. Dreams spoon-fed by his immigrant parents who worked hard to come to the USA from Korea, sending him to college when they barely had anything to live by.

It was definitely an immigrant child thing. That you had to prove yourself worthy, to give a reason for your parent’s sacrifices. And he was not mad about it. Unlike other immigrant kids who rebelled and refused to do what their parents wanted, Seokjin did not mind becoming a doctor. Maybe he was influenced a bit, but he fell in love with the career all by himself.

He still remembers his parents’ reactions when he got into a top college. Then into a top medical school. Always top of his class. He was the golden standard, the one parents would show their kids to look up to and be inspired.

He was it. He was what everyone should be.

But they didn’t really know him, did they? Not his parents, not Hoseok, not the neighbor kids, not Jimin or Kook.

They didn’t know him like Yoongi did.

He pulls up his sweater and sees the tattoo etched there, tiny and on his wrist.

A tear rolls out as he listens to Hoseok’s deep, steady, even breaths. 

He opens up the conversation between him and Yoongi.

Min Yoongi:

I am getting married

I’m getting older you know?

His name is Kim Taehyung, my parents picked him out

Think we are meeting this weekend

Hopefully it works out I guess


I’m happy for you

Let me know how it goes!

The text bubble pops up immediately, and Seokjin stares, as it disappears, then pops up again.

Min Yoongi:

Jin-ah. Tell me how you are?


A girl died

So not great

Min Yoongi:


Wanna talk about it?

I’m here for you



I’m fine, was just about to sleep

Hoseok keeps tossing and turning

He hates the light, so I better go

Min Yoongi:

You’re sleeping w him again?

Min Yoongi:

You know how he feels about you

Don’t lead him on


He’s my best friend

Min Yoongi:



I’m going to bed

Min Yoongi:

Ok,tell Hobi I said hi



Min Yoongi:

Goodnight Jinnie




He wakes up to the sound of shuffling.

Hoseok is pulling on some dark blue scrubs, moving around the room as he throws stuff into the bag he carries to work. It was unusual to see the younger in scrubs, mostly wearing just business attire, so Seokjin perks up.

“Where are you going?”

The psychiatrist looks up from his phone. “Some new case, they need a psych eval before they can proceed with anything. I’m on call today remember?”

“I’ll come with,“ he says immediately, pulling the covers to the side. He was sober enough.

“No, you are off. And you know the Chief is going to get pissed if you work another day without a break. There are laws for a reason Jin hyung.”

Seokjin frowns. “I hate that old white man.”

Hoseok laughs, before sitting on the edge of the bed, next to Seokjin’s legs. He tilts his head to the side and brings his hand to the elder’s cheek. For a second, Seokjin thinks Hoseok is going to lean in and go for a kiss but he just smiles.

“Just…keep moving today okay? You can stay here, I think Jimin already left but Jungkook will be here. Maybe you guys can like bond and shit.”

Now Seokjin rolls his eyes. “I highly doubt the child is going to want to hang out with me.”

“I think you’ll be surprised.”

And with that, Hoseok leaves the room and Seokjin is left in the dark again. He decides it is pointless trying to go back to sleep and forces himself to go to the bathroom and freshen up.

He has spent countless nights at Hoseok’s to the point that he has an extra toothbrush waiting for him at the sink, and his clothes in the younger’s closet. He tries not to think about what that means, or implies.

By the time he makes it downstairs, Jungkook is already there, drinking coffee. His long hair is tied up in a messy bun, and he was only wearing sweatpants with a loose long-sleeved black shirt. Seokjin is reminded of his scene phase in high school and shudders.

“Dude! What’s up? I did not know you slept over last night.”

It was too early to deal with this much talking. He just grunts and goes to open a cabinet, grabbing his mug. Yes his mug that he got Hoseok, which says, “You’re my person” because they both watched Grey’s Anatomy and were cute like that.

“Any plans for today? Are you on call?”

Seokjin blinks. “No, I’m not. You?”

Jungkook shakes his head. “ I was but then someone said they would take it so. I was about to hit the gym. Want to come?”

“Are you sleeping with Jimin so you can get access to their gym?”

The younger smirks. “One of the many perks. So you in?”


There are stereotypes about orthopedic surgeons and somehow Jungkook meets all of them.

“You are fucking insane do you know that?” Seokjin pants, as Jungkook increases the speed on his treadmill.

“Come on old man, it’s only a couple miles. We need to do a set of pull-ups next.”

Jungkook is a fitness maniac, but he was patient. He does the same things he asks Seokjin to do, but more sets and with heavier weights. Seokjin spots the younger as he bench presses, and he prays to God he never gets on Jungkook’s bad side.

By the time they finish their entire routine, Seokjin feels his body shaking. They both make it to Jimin and Hoseok’s apartment before he collapses on the living room floor. Jungkook lets out a laugh before walking to the kitchen and filling up his water bottle with water. He walks back over and squats next to the elder. “Here take it.”

“Thanks,” he replies, before sitting up to gulp it down. “You know, if this is how you are at the gym, I pray for Jimin.”

Jungkook giggles and Seokjin finds himself looking fondly. “Jimin hyung likes it though.”

“Ugh, gross.”

“Oh come on. I feel like this is the beginning of a new friendship. And I feel like I should be able to tell you about my love life.”


Jungkook turns red and immediately starts picking at the carpet. “Just a phrase.”

He clears his throat, thinking about if Jimin knew. Or if Hoseok knew. “Well anyways. I probably should head back home.”

“Yeah, me too. Can I have your number though? I think we should hang out again soon. You’re super cool hyung.”

Seokjin pauses. The last thing he needs is for Jimin to find more reasons to hate him, and becoming Jungkook’s new buddy would probably piss him off. But it was nice hanging out with someone who wasn’t Hoseok. When is the last time he made a genuine friend?

Jungkook looks expectantly, and honestly how could anyone say no to that bunny face. He sighs and hands over his phone.

He better not regret this.


“Please tell me that blood is fake and not real.”

Halloween is a special kind of hell for the Emergency Department. Seokjin really hates working holidays in general, and he technically could have opted out for this Halloween but he would rather be here than trust any of the new hires who were forced to work.

His first case is a little girl, dressed as Elsa, but her dress was splotched with red everywhere. Her face is contorted into a painful expression as her mother looks worriedly.

“She couldn’t be a normal Disney princess, she had to make it all bloody and dark, I swear your father is always letting you get away with everythin-“

Seokjin clears his throat and faces the child. “Hey sweetie, can you tell me your name?”

A sniffle, before, “Mina.”

“Mina, can you tell me where it hurts?”

She points to her head, and he sees the nasty gash, grimacing as he realizes that it would definitely need stitches. He puts some gloves on. “Okay we are going to get you cleaned up okay? It’s going to hurt a little bit, but I promise you’ll feel better.”

“Will I have a scar?”

The gash was pretty big, and pretty deep, and he can see that the mom is anxious, so he decides to be light about it. He takes the gauze and alcohol from the nurse and starts wiping down the affected area. “Have you seen Harry Potter Mina?”

“I read all the books!” Mina says, even though she is squirming, tears dropping as the alcohol burns her skin. “I know it hurts sweetheart, I’m sorry. Just a little bit longer I promise. You can squeeze Mom’s hand though?”

He looks over to the Mother who nods, and holds on to her daughter’s hand.

“Well you’re going to have a cool scar just like Harry! Now you will have a story to tell everyone at parties. You’ll be the coolest kid in school.”

As he gets ready to put the stitches in, the door opens.

He turns to see probably the most gorgeous man he has ever seen. Just like Seokjin, he was in scrubs, but unlike Seokjin, his were light blue instead of dark blue. His brown eyes were etched with worry as he rushes over to the side of the hospital bed. Seokjin sees the badge hanging on his waist.

Namjoon Kim





“Mina! Are you okay? What happened?”

His voice is deep, and something stirs inside Seokjin seeing the interaction.

“Daddy! I’m fine! I promise.”

The doctor ignores her and turns to Seokjin who feels hot under the man’s gaze. Get a grip Seokjin. He has a wife and child.

“Why are you not doing anything? She is literally covered in blood!”


“Mina, it’s okay baby. Daddy’s here, I’m gonna make sure you’re okay alright? Okay hold on-“


The man looks at an annoyed Seokjin. “What? My daughter is bleeding out on this table and you have the audacity to yell at me?”

“Daddy it’s fake blood!”

Seokjin watches as the man looks from Mina back to him. “It’s wha-oh Jesus Christ.”

“Can I do my job now?” Seokjin says, giving a half-smile. “How about you hold her other hand?”

The cardiologist nods, shifting to the other side of the bed where Seokjin sat on his wheely chair to hold his daughter’s hand.

“I thought you were going to be Elsa.”

Mina looks up. “I am Elsa! Bloody Elsa!”

“Well Miss bloody Elsa, it is time to put these stitches in. You ready?” Seokjin directs.

The girl’s lip is shaking but she just nods, holding tightly on to her parent’s hands.


It takes a half-hour with a lot of consoling and some screaming, but Seokjin finishes the job. Before he can properly say goodbye to the family, he is dragged into another room.

As he continues working the night, he can’t help but think about Namjoon Kim. He was a cardiology fellow, so that’s probably why he never saw him at work, but he wonders why he never bumped into him ever. A lot of the attendings would send their residents or fellows to do their dirty work in the ED so they can focus on higher priority patients.

Cardiology…hm. Jimin was a cardiology resident, and he wonders if the younger knew him. Though he feels Jimin would not tell him even if he did.

A part of him feels a bit unsettled, a little on edge. That’s how he always imagined he would be by that age. To have a wife and a kid. Or maybe a husband and a kid. Now he has nothing.

He pushes his existential crisis to the side and continues working until it finally slows down at five a.m. He bumps into Jungkook more than once, which wasn’t a surprise considering the number of broken bones he had seen today.

As he walks into the parking lot, he feels his phone beep.

Min Yoongi:


Miss u ☹

We should catch up soon

Seokjin almost turns off his phone, but sighs and answers anyways.


Just got off a night shift

But yeah we should eventually

Min Yoongi:

Taehyung is nice

I really like him I think


You think?

Min Yoongi:

Yeah I mean I don’t know him

But he’s good so far

So if you get a wedding invite soon

U better come


Of course

Wouldn’t miss it


He’s drinking again.

It’s another off day, the old white devil(“stop calling him that, he’s very nice,” Hoseok had said) telling Seokjin he had to take the weekend to rest.

A football game was playing on the screen, college students gathered around in face paint, cheering as another touchdown was scored.  Seokjin watches them laugh and hug each other in a drunken haze, wondering how long it had been since he was happy like that.

One of the students turns from the screen and accidentally manages to lock eyes with Seokjin. The man smiles, teeth shining white against the lights of the small bar. Seokjin feels the sides of his mouth turn up as well and lifts his drink in the direction of the crowd before rising it to his lips, never dropping eye contact. I still got it.

Somehow the drink does not end up inside his mouth, but on his shirt and pants. It happens so fast, that when he blinks again, there is a mountain of a man standing in front of him.

“Shit! Sorry, sorry, I can buy you another drink?”

The worried brown eyes are still present in Namjoon Kim, and Seokjin just watches as the guy grabs tissues off the counter and starts handing them over to Seokjin, who just silently pats them on his sticky pants.

“I’m so sorry, god first I yelled at you in front of my daughter and now I spilled a drink on you. Shit fuck-“

Seokjin’s ears perk. So he did recognize him. “I deal with way crazier and more overprotective parents every day.” He motions the man to sit across from him at the stool.

Namjoon seems to ease, but only a little. “Still it was so unprofessional, I just saw so much blood and kind of freaked.”

The elder laughs. “A cardiologist being scared of blood? Bit ironic don’t you think” Seokjin freezes for a second when he realizes that the man probably thinks he’s a stalker. “Saw your badge that’s how I-anyways I’m Seokjin Kim,” he says extending his hand out. “Emergency Department attending, but you probably figured that out.”

“Namjoon Kim, cardiology fellow, the younger replies with a chuckle as he shakes Seokjin’s hand. “I’m not scared of blood, just of people I care and love for getting hurt.”

“Understandable,” Seokjin says. He takes another tissue and starts wiping his shirt. “So what is a cardiology resident and loving father and husband doing at a bar on Friday night?”

Namjoon waves for the bartender to get them drinks before he answers. “Just father actually. Mina’s mother is my ex.”


The man is looking at Seokjin with his head tilted. “I got off today because Chief is demanding we start assigning our work to the residents and interns-be teachers instead of doing it all ourselves.”

“God I hate that white devil,” Seokjin says in Korean, causing Namjoon to laugh out loud in response. Seokjin’s face heats as he realizes the cardiologist has deep, deep dimples. Fucking hell.

“Do you speak in Korean a lot?”

“Not really, just with my parents. Sometimes my friends when I don’t want white people to know what I’m saying.”

“Brought up here I’m guessing?”



And so the night passes like this, Seokjin learning bits and pieces of Namjoon Kim. Of his tiny hometown in the suburbs of Chicago, how he stayed in state for both undergrad and medical school and cardiology residency, how he got matched for a fellowship here for pediatric cardiology.

“And how does the ex fit in this grand story,” Seokjin states, his mind a little blurry and his inhibitions a little lowered.

“She doesn’t,” Namjoon replies matter-of-factly. “Only Mina does, and she’s safe at a friend’s slumber party tonight.”

Seokjin downs his drink.


“You know this is a bit unethical,” Seokjin breathes out as Namjoon bites down on his collarbone.

“The sleeping with a coworker part or sleeping with your patient’s father part?”

Seokjin rolls his eyes as he makes a quick scan of the apartment he was in. It was a massive loft, but he was not able to take in much of it as Namjoon pushes him into the hallway and into what looked like the master bedroom.

Hook-ups are not new to Seokjin, and he was well versed in the etiquette of how quick they go, but Namjoon Kim was taking his sweet time.

They were on the bed, still kissing, hands wandering, helping each other take off the items of clothing. “You always this slow with the people you bring home?” Seokjin asks in between breaths, wincing as the cold air bites against his naked body.

“You always this talkative before someone puts their dick inside of you?” Namjoon asks as he spreads the lube over his fingers. Seokjin gulps at the action, his head going back and hitting the pillow as he feels himself slowly be opened up.

“You’re so pretty like this baby.”

“You know,” Seokjin says, moving upward until he was almost on the younger’s lap, his mouth moving to Namjoon’s ear for a whisper. “Back home, you would call me hyung.”

The younger raises an eyebrow, looking Seokjin up and down. “Well, hyung, do you think you can ride me?”

Seokjin feels a chill run up his spine as Namjoon stares, his eyes full of want. “Do I think? You’re about to get the be-“

And Namjoon’s lips are on him again before he can finish his sentence, both of them shifting around until Seokjin was fully on the younger’s lap, Namjoon holding him steady with a hand on his back. “You ready?”

Seokjin doesn’t answer and instead slowly lowers himself down on to the man, thankful that Namjoon had slid on a condom. He feels the burn as he slowly adjusts, the younger encouraging him by rubbing the sides of his waist. When he has finally taken all of it in, he feels himself let out a breath. God-fucking shit, maybe he should thank the white devil for forcing him to take off.

“Just like that,” Namjoon breathes out, and Seokjin almost snaps at him that he knows what he is doing but then Namjoon shifts and Seokjin can feel his insides go to mush.

Seokjin ignores the burn in his thighs and without shame, moves himself up and down Namjoon’s cock.  He hears a “Shit hyung,” and finds himself smirking at the younger’s shocked face. He looked a bit ridiculous actually, and Seokjin giggles in endearment.

Hands grip tighter around Seokjin’s waist, and he knows there will be a bruise tomorrow. “What’s so funny?”

Seokjin just shakes his head and instead wraps his hand around Namjoon’s neck, pulling him in until they were kissing again. He was slowly losing rhythm, allowing Namjoon to finally take over, fucking up into him as his grip on the other’s shoulder tightened.

“Let me,” the younger says in between breaths, letting go of Seokjin’s waist for his length, working it as Seokjin tried to not see stars.

Namjoon was whispering obscenities in his ear something about baby and look how good you are for me and Seokjin was melting, he was melting and he was so so so close-

“Come for me baby, come on,” he hears, and with one more stroke from the younger, he finally spills out. Everywhere, on the younger’s hand to Namjoon’s chest, and a little on himself.

Seokjin waits as Namjoon tries to chase his orgasm, fucking into him a couple more times, needy thrusts as he finishes off with a groan. Seokjin feels so fucked out, he doesn’t even have the energy to move off the younger. When Namjoon finally moves them apart, he winces.

They both roll off of each other, panting and flushed. Seokjin is staring at the ceiling, but he can hear Namjoon get up to throw away the used condom as the wooden floor creaks.

“So, that was fun.”

Seokjin raises an eyebrow and turns to see the younger walk back to the bed, laying down next to him. What he doesn’t expect is the younger to raise his hand up.

“Are you trying to high five me?!”

Namjoon frowns, his hand slowly going down. “I always high five after a job well done.”

Seokjin is appalled. “We had sex, we didn’t win a baseball game or something.”

The younger is still frowning, and his eyes a little hurt, god- a grown-ass man was using puppy dog eyes at him. God, what has his life come to that-

“Fine here, high five.”

The younger brightens at the sound of the clap, smiling. “See, don’t you feel like you accomplished something great? Don’t you feel happier?”

Seokjin snorts. Weirdly enough, he did find himself smiling, a little bit more cheerful than he usually would feel after a one night stand. Not that he would ever admit that to this half-stranger anyways.

“Well, this has been fun, I should,” he points his thumb to the door, “So yeah, was nice meeting you Namjoon Kim.”

And he meant it, Namjoon had been sweet and courteous, something you usually would not get with random guys from a bar who just want someone to fuck.

The younger looks like he’s about to protest, but Seokjin is already searching for his clothes, getting ready to pull them on.

“Your clothes are probably all sticky from the beer I spilled on them. If you aren’t going to stay the night, at least take something to wear.”

Seokjin looks from the dirty clothes to Namjoon. The last thing he needed was to be walking in the cold with wet, sticky clothes. “Fine, but how will I give them back?”

Namjoon is already walking to the closet, throwing out a sweatshirt and sweatpants on to the bed. He looks from out of the closet and smirks.

“Did you forget we work together?”


Seokjin had planned to keep whatever happened with Namjoon under wraps, praying that maybe he could hand him his clothes in a back alley behind the hospital or something. The last thing he needed was for gossip to filter around his place of work about his sexual history.

So at 8:45 on a Tuesday morning, he was not expecting an excited Dr.Jeon to burst into the attendings' lounge, screaming, “You slept with Namjoon?”

Credit to him, he did say it in Korean, which gave Seokjin some hope that the kid had some sense in him. Seokjin jumps and almost spills his coffee at the outburst, looking around to make sure nobody else was present. Except for some other internal medicine attending who was sleeping on the couch, the lounge had luckily been vacant.

Jungkook rushes forward to him, ignoring the glare he was getting from Seokjin. “Is it true? Did you really sleep with him?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Seokjin says, scanning his scrubs to see if there was any coffee spilled he didn’t see.

“Oh come on. Jimin was telling me that Namjoon told him about a Korean EM doc from this hospital that he slept with this Friday and you are like the only one!”

Seokjin’s eyes meet up to Jungkook immediately. “Wait, Jimin knows?”

The surgeon nods. “Yeah, he was pissed. He kinda thinks Namjoon is his mentor and/or God himself. Kind of annoying really, makes me wonder if Jimin likes him. But at the same time, have you seen that man’s thighs? Oh wait you have but anyways I can’t blame him honestly I wouldn’t mind having a piece of that either-“

Seokjin filters out whatever Jungkook is saying into a buzzing noise, his mind only thinking one thing: Jimin knows.

Jimin knows which means-

He feels his phone beep on cue.


Anything you forget to mention to me?

Oh fucking hell.


Seokjin ignores his phone the rest of the day and avoids the attending lounge entirely in fear of seeing Hoseok or worse, Namjoon.

It doesn’t matter in the end, because as he is getting ready to go to his car after his shift, he hears the tell-tale laugh of his best friend and his roommate.

When Jimin and Hoseok approach him in the parking garage, they aren’t smiling anymore. Seokjin would comment that both of them look a bit stupid trying to corner him like they were some drug overlords.

“So, heard it is supposed to start snowing tomorrow,” Seokjin says lightly, glancing between the two. “We should probably carpool or something so we can just save on the gas-“

“Cut the bullshit and drive to our place,” Jimin says, voice colder than the wind outside. Even Hoseok seems surprised and raises an eyebrow at the youngest.

“Hyung, we just want to talk,” he says, treading more lightly. “Just come over, okay?”

 Hoseok seems so sad, his face filled with pity that Seokjin can’t stand to look at him. “Yeah sure.”

And that’s how he ends up at the ParkJung residence an hour later, making sure to take the longest route possible, blaming the New York traffic when Jimin asks why he took forever.

All three settle down at the dining room table, equipped with some coffee that Hoseok had made. It tastes bitter, but Seokjin refuses to add any sugar.

“Is Jungkook not staying over tonight?”

Jimin’s eyes darken at the mention of the younger’s name. “He isn’t needed for this conversation.”

Seokjin sits back and crosses his arms. “Well? Go ahead and say your pieces about how I am being self-damaging by sleeping with strangers. Go ahead and tell me I’m doing this because I’m not over Yoongi or that I need to learn to love myself before I find someone else.”

Hoseok sighs. “Hyung, we know how you get when shit hits the fan. You have been drinking more than usual, and Yoongi-hyung told me about how he’s getting married-“

Seokjin feels the breath get knocked out of his chest. “What?”

Jimin is biting his lip looking anxiously from Hoseok to Seokjin. “He told you right? About Taehyung-“

Seokjin waves Jimin off. “Obviously, yeah. He said he liked him and they were dating.”

“I mean yeah,” Hoseok starts, “but they announced they’re getting married a couple days ago. On Friday, actually. That’s why I thought you-“

Seokjin doesn’t hear anything anymore. Outwardly, he knows Hoseok and Jimin are talking to him, but inside all he hears is Yoongi is getting married. Yoongi is getting married to some guy named Taehyung. Yoongi is getting married. It’s over.

Every second of their relationship plays in Seokjin’s head, every kiss, every birthday, every New Year’s. It was done. It was finished.

It’s over.

Yoongi is getting married.

“Hyung? Are you okay, shit, hyung!”

Seokjin blinks and is brought back to reality. Hoseok and Jimin look worried, a first for Jimin, Seokjin thinks. He wonders why Jimin is even here, probably to defend Namjoon’s rights or something. Or maybe he was a sadistic fuck who liked watching Seokjin in agony.

Regardless of Jimin, the last thing he needs is for Hoseok to worry. The younger had been nothing but supportive since the beginning and had been there holding him through every coping mechanism Seokjin had used to get over Yoongi. He can’t let Hoseok down again.

And that’s when it hits him.

“Namjoon and I are dating.”

Jimin starts choking and Hoseok just stares in disbelief. He knows both of them are about to call him out on his bullshit, but he thinks he can make it work.

“We didn’t want to tell anyone yet, and he was testing the waters by telling Jimin he slept with me,” Seokjin continues. Jimin opens his mouth in protest, but Seokjin keeps going. “We ran into each other in a bar one day after work and slept together but then went out a couple times after that. The reason we have kept it under wraps is because it is all very new, and I haven’t met Mina properly yet.”

Mentioning Mina was the final punch, and it shuts Jimin up immediately. He hadn’t told anyone about meeting Namjoon or his daughter on Halloween night, and he decides at the moment, it was the best that way.

When Jimin and Hoseok still don’t say anything, Seokjin sighs. “I’m going to admit, I am really shocked about Yoongi, he didn’t tell me all this. But I am going to be okay. I’ve moved on.”

There’s a silence, and Seokjin can hear the heating turn on.

“Namjoon hyung is a good person,” Jimin says finally. “If you even think about hurting him-“

Seokjin knows what he means when Jimin turns slightly to Hoseok. No more messing around with his best friend. He just nods, and Jimin sits back, face still in a frown.

Hoseok still seems uneasy, but just looks Seokjin up and down. “Okay.”

Seokjin breathes out.

Now he just needs to convince a certain mountain of a man to be his pretend boyfriend.