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Jojo's(Not So) Bizarre Little Adventures

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Erina and Johnathan have been wanting a baby ever since they decided to get married, with Jonathan being kind and protective by nature and Erina's powerful, but gentle behavior they make the perfect pair to have children. The problem was neither of them has much experience with children, and we're afraid to jump straight to having any "real" children. Their original plan was to adopt a puppy, but Danny(Johnathan lifetime companion) was growing old and senile and Johnathan feared he harm such a small creature, plus you can't really compare raising a puppy to a child. So the pair went on a search for a better alternative. When they came up empty they used the Internet as a last resort, and that's how they can across the term "age regression". " Isn't that a form of therapy" Johnathan cocked his head in slight confusion as Erina brought up the term, " yes, but this is different" Erina explained "its used as a coping mechanism for stress, it's where an individual mentally reverts younger than there given, they go into a headspace called little space, and tend to have caregiver which can be seen as a parent figure to them, they are called "littles" " she further explained " what does that anything to do with our situation" Johnathan wonder, he stared into his lover's eyes curiously "I'm saying we can get a little, Johnathan" she let out a small sigh towards her husband, "Oh so that's what you were going with this" he realized "but where are we supposed to find one" he asked. " There's quite a few on the internet, there even a dating site for them, we'll be bound to find one for ourselves'' she smiled softly before walking over to kiss Johnathan's forehead

He's been doing this for years, and for years he didn't even know it had a name, he just thought he had something wrong with him. He started regressing when he was just a teenager, no older than 13 when child services finally removed from the hell he was supposed to call home when he was placed with the Joestars. His mother had died when he was only six, she was what made living with that monster of a father he had somewhat bearable. Even though his memories of her were somewhat vague, he held them close, because they were the memories where he was happy. So he started to relive that feeling of happiness by regressing, and here he is now 25 years old, sitting on his bedroom floor in just a diaper and t-shirts, scribbling mindless on some coloring page, sucking on his favorite pacifier. All his worries melting away as he scribbles at the small bat in one of his favorite coloring books, he was fired from his nighttime job early that day and had a final on Friday. He was supposed to be studying, but all the stress of how he was supposed to pay his bills and whatnot had made him slipped into little space, he wouldn't find another job with such flexible hours and he lived off-campus, soon he would either had to room with someone else or move into a dorm, he refused to lived where some complete stranger had lived before, so he had to call to the last resort of living with his brother, Johnathan


Johnathan had received a call from his brother Dio about a week ago about how he needs to live with them for a while, Johnathan being too kind for his own good kindly accepted Dio into his home. He was helping Dio with his bag, but when he went for the last bag Dio swatted at his hand "  Don't touch that one" he hissed, he looked at him in slight puzzlement but shrugged it off as his brother usually behavior. Dio had classes the next day and it was already about ten (why Dio decided to come so late, was the question but Johnathan didn't really mind it) so as soon the pair finished bringing his bags up to the guest room, Dio slammed the door announced that he was going to bed. Johnathan was going to offer him the plate they had set aside for him earlier but knowing how his brother got when was bothered he simply walked away to started his nightly routine.

"Finally" he huffed as he started to go through his bags. Once he was finished going through his bags, he starts to get undress he usually sleeps in his college t-shirt and the occasional diaper, but it was a bit too hot for tonight, after all, it was the middle of June, so he choosing between a pair of black briefs or a diaper with small purple and black bat scattered all over it. He hadn't regressed since the night he decided to call his brother, but on the other hand what if his imbecile of a brother walked in and saw him in nothing but a diaper, " the door locked, he would have to knock in order to get here, so that should give me enough time to at least put some pants on''. His mind was begging to just slip it on and pull out his favorite stuffie " vanilla ice'' a small Honduran white bat. After some thought, he gave in and after grabbing his beloved bat, he got under the covers, cuddle ing vanilla ice to his chest and let out a soft " nigh vanilwa"

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Hi, it's your author just here to say I do requests. I should've put this as the first chapter, but I'm always a bit messy with all my works. Another thing is my updating schedule will be every Sunday, until I say otherwise. Here's some rules about requests

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Giorno's head felt clouded, and he was somehow hot and cold at the time. He might not know what's wrong with him, but he knows this, he feels icky and needs his papa.

Burno stirred before turning over to the baby monitor sitting on his dresser, hearing his baby's soft cries for him. He sat up immediately and stretched before head off to Giorno's room. He walked in expecting his cheerful morning greeting and or at least a messy good morning kiss on the cheek but instead got a pitiful whine and saw nothing but a tuff of messy hair peeking from the covers. "Papa" Giorno whimper, it pained Bruno to see him like this "What the matter mi amore" Bruno sat on his bed, taking him in his arms "I's feel icky" Bruno Felt his forehead, he was alarmingly hot. Bruno let out a sigh " Abbacchio bring the first aid kit".

Abbacchio groaned as he heard his lover call his name, he had just gotten up and was trying to make a pot of coffee. He shuffles down to the bathroom, grabs the kit, and heads on down to Giorno's bedroom.

"Thank you Abbacchio" Bruno goes through the kit until he finds the baby thermometer, he runs it across Giorno's forehead. "102.1, Ok so not too bad" Bruno mumbles something to himself before setting Giorno down and standing up " Abbacchio I need you to take of Giorno for a while" Abbacchio stared at him as if he were joking, who would ever put him the care of a child. Bruno takes Abbacchio hands into his " it will only be an hour, I'm just heading down to the shops" He kisses him, and bends down to Giorno to kiss his forehead before leaving with an quick addio(bye in Italian). As soon as Giorno heard the door close, his head pops out of the covers and looks around the room in search of his papa only to find the walking mop. "Umm hey" Abbacchio waved awkwardly at the boy, Giorno's bottom lip started to tremble Abbacchio glared at him " wheres Papa?" Abbacchio groaned  " He's at the shops, look imma go pour a cup of coffee and I'll bring you back a warm bottle, how does that sound bud?" Giorno just stared at him teary-eyed. Abbacchio starts to head out when Giorno let out a heart wrenching wail, Abbacchio should have know that he couldn't just leave him like that. He reluctantly walked back to the sobbing boy, and hesitantly pick him up hoisting on his hip. That when he notice the shag in his pajamas pant, he needed to be changed he set Giorno down once again and started to look for the changing supplies. He managed to find them all quickly, Giorno was starting to fuss and he knew that if he kept Giorno in a messy diaper for too long then he will get a rash Bruno would kill him if he let his baby get a rash. So he quickly clean the poor baby up, and set him back on his hip. He felt Giorno's heated face settle against the crook of his neck he sighed and started heading towards the kitchen.

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Giorno wasn't very happy about being taken out of bed, but he didn't want to be left behind either, plus a warm bottle sounded real nice right now. Abbacchio had sat him down on the countertop while he went to go get some coffee and a bottle for him, he felt a bit dizzy but nothing to worry about, he thought. He dozed off for just a second, but next thing you know he's on the floor sobbing. Abbacchio swung around nearly spilling his coffee and ran over to Giorno, he kneeled to him and held him to his chest rocking him slowly. He inspected him for any injuries, nothing but a small Scratch, he picked Giorno up and grabbed his bottle from the microwave and made his way to the living room.

Abbacchio sat him down on the couch and handed him his bottle, he looked over at the clock hanging on the wall, " 9:23 he should be back in about half an hour". He turned towards the bored child sitting on the couch below him '' Wanna watch some toons, bud'' Giorno just gave him a blank expression and shrugged, he took as a yes and turn on nick jr. Giorno perked up a little bit when he heard that Wonder Pets was on, he lay down and Abbachio gently placed one of the thrown blankets over him and went to sit down on the other side of the couch. Narancia must have heard the T.v turn on because moments later he came running down the stairs with a sluggish Fugo chasing after him. Narancia made a face when he saw what was playing on the T.v and he saw Abbacchio sitting on the couch '' Why are you watching baby toons'' he lisped slightly, '' Must be little today" Abbachio thought. " I wanna watch transformers" he announced, he noticed Giorno laying by Abbachio " What's wrong with bubba", Narancia and Giorno were like brothers when they were in little space, Narancia often referred to Giorno as ''Bubba", " He's a bit sick today" Abbachio stated flatly. Narancia nodded and looked over to Fugo " Does that mean he can't play, Panna" he shooked his head '' I'm afraid not, but guess what, we can go to the park today" Narancia smiled and started to head back upstairs while Fugo went to see how Giorno was doing. '' I wanna go park" Giorno whined Fugo frowned " Another day Gio, I'll bring you something back alright'' he nodded and brought his attention back to the screen in front of him. Fugo looked around " Where's Bruno?" " He at the shops getting medicine or something" Abbachio mumble, staring at the trio of animals flying threw the sky in a toy ship rather than the man that stood in front of him. Fugo sighed and started to head upstairs with his little boy. Abbachio notice that Giorno started to nod off, he went to pick him but he screamed No! Giorno Decided that Abbachio lap made a comfy pillow and rested his head on it, Abbachio tried glaring at him but he kept his attention to whatever show was playing. Abbachio slumped against the couch, defeated, and continue to watch the television.

Bruno walked in to see his two boys sleeping together, he smiled and walked into the kitchen leaving them to rest, well not without at least a picture or two.  

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Narancia ran in circles. He was pretending to be an airplane, Giorno giggled madly with each turn Narancia took. Fugo and Bruno watched the two boys play together. Bruno sighed, it was about time for Giorno to get ready for bed while Narancia had about an hour left. "Giorno its time to get ready for bed" Giorno ignored him, he cleared his throat "Giorno its time to get ready for bed," he said making it a bit more clear. Giorno whined " I don't wanna go bed" Bruno refrained from smiling at how adorable Giorno was"Little boys like you need sleep so they have enough energy to play later." Giorno gave him his best puppy eyes, Bruno shook his head smiling"That's not going to work tonight. Now come on, we should get the bath running now or you won't have any time for a bedtime story." Giorno went wide-eyed at the thought of no bedtime story, he made grabby hands at Bruno. He chuckled and picked up his little boy" Nigh-Night Narancia, Nigh-Night Fugo" Giorno yawned and tucked his head into his papa's shoulder. Narancia slumped next to Fugo "Why does Bubba have to go to bed so early?" Fugo wrapped his arms around Narancia "He just a baby bub. Babies need more sleep than hyper little boys like you" He poked his stomach. Narancia giggled"That tickles Panna" he smiled "Does it now" he tickled his belly Some more, Narancia went into a giggle fit "S-stop Panna I-I can't breath" He stopped. Narancia took a moment to catch his breath "Are you okay muchkin" Narancia nodded "Uh-huh, Imma big boy Panna I don't get hurt" Fugo laughed at that "Everyone gets hurt it doesn't matter how big they are." Narancia shrugged "Well then I'm just invincible" Fugo sighed "Ok then. What about yesterday when you scrapped your knee. You got hurt then." Narancia huffed "Why you have to bring that up" Fugo smiled at the boy pouting "Getting hurt doesn't make you any less big. You'll always be my Lil Man." Narancia tried hiding his smile but failed, "Now..." Fugo stood up "Let's go get something thing in that little tummy yours and watch Transformers before bedtime." Narancia hopped off the couch and follow Fugo out to the kitchen.


Fugo cradled the sleeping boy in his arms, watching whatever robot was talking on the T.v. He sighed and carefully reached for the remote. He grazed it with his finger and paused as Narancia moved slightly. He quickly grabbed the remote and turned the T.v off. He maneuvered his arms to where he could pick up the boy with ease. He picked him and walked slowly to their room. Narancia picked up his head "where we going, Panna" He whispered softly. "To bed, small one it's late now" He nodded and tucked his back into Fugo's chest. "Luv you, Panna" He murmured" I love you too"

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Jonathan stumbled across his room, wondering half-asleep until he'd reached his door. It was a little over one when Jonathan had woken up, he was heading to the kitchen for a midnight snack. He stopped midway in the living room when his foot had hit something, he stretched and let out a yawn before bending over to inspect it. It was a bag,  he mumbled:" Probably one of Dio's bags".  His snack was forgotten, his mission now was to return this bag to his brother. He set out for Dio's room.  

Jonathan lifted his hand in preparation to knock on the door but realized it was the middle of the night and Dio was sleeping. His hand dropped on the doorknob, twisting it slowly to see if it was unlocked, surprisingly it was. He opened the door cautiously, aware of what his brother might do if he was caught. He stood in the doorway trying to let his eyes adjust to the darkness, the only light was from a small beam of the moonlight shining through the curtains. He tiptoed wary of his brother, making sure not to bump into anything letting the small beam of moonlight guide him to Dio's dresser. Jonathan carefully set the small bag on top of the dresser and slowly turned around heading back towards the door. He must've taken one step too big cause the next thing you know he's face planted on the floor.  Dio jolted awake staring wide into the darkness, Jonathan remained on the ground hoping Dio wouldn't notice. " W-who there" Dio whimpered,  " Why does he so...Small" Johnathan wondered. Dio timidly got out of his bed and peered behind to be greeted with his gentle giant of a brother. "J-Jona?'' Dio's breath hitched, he been caught, Jonathan looked at Dio slipping a small hi and waved. Dio stumbled backward into his nightstand causing him to hit his head on the corner of the small table and land on the floor. Dio bit the inside of his cheek, attempting not to wail, but failed. Jonathan stood up in a slight panic. His instincts told him to help his brother but he didn't understand why his brother was acting so strange. He would have expected Dio just to hiss and check for a wound when he felled, never would he had expected him to cry. He went with his gut and kneeled down, holding out his hand. Dio stared at his hand as if it was a joke before hitting it away and screaming No! Jonathan refused to take no for an answer and pick up the crying boy, finally taking notice of Dio diaper and his stuffed bat. " Is Dio one of those littles Erina was talking about'' He pondered for a moment before setting Dio down on the bed. He stood back and bend over pick up the fallen lamp and a small bat. He turned on the lamp to see that Dio had a small cut on his head. Nothing too serious he thought, Dio was still sniffling and had managed to cover himself in the duvet. Jonathan had noticed that Dio was making grabby hands at the small bat, he smiled shanking the toy '' You want this?'' Dio huffed and nodded frantically " Wheres your manners?'' Dio whimpered and let out a small sob, Jonathan went wide-eyed and immediately handed over Vanilla. Dio smirked knowing he fooled his brother, which reminded him, he was in front of his brother in nothing but a diaper holding a baby toy. His face went red. He hid it in Vanilla Ice fur ignoring the throbbing pain in his head. Jonathan cooned at him, making Dio glare, he sighed. He seemed to remember that Dio was hurt and left. Leaving Dio a moment for himself.


"Erina!" Jonathan stood in the middle of the bathroom holding A small first-aid kit. "What are you doing up so late" she glanced at the clock "It's almost two in the morning!" He sat there unsure of what to tell his wife, "Should I tell her that Dio's a little or should I keep it hush-hush'' Thought for a moment."Dio injured himself " he stated flatly "Why does it need to involve you?'' Erina wasn't very fond of Dio, so he wasn't surprised when she asked. He sighed, guess he'll have to go into more detail " I was returning one of Dio's bags to his room, and as I was leaving I tripped and fell. That woke him up. I tried to remain stealth on the ground, but then he got out of bed and saw me. I must have scared the living hell out of the poor lad cau-" Erina laughed " Scare Dio? I thought nobody could scare the "Almighty Dio." Jonathan stared at her for a moment "Well the thing is..." He looked at his feet " I believed Dio a little." Erina went wide-eyed "Dio's a little" Jonathan nodded ''I believe so." Erina thought for a second then smiled, leaving Jonathan a tad confused. Erina walked over to Jonathan taking the kit from his hands "I think you might have found our baby Jona."


Jonathan had only been gone for a few minutes, but to Dio, it was an eternity. He would never say it out loud that he was kinda missing his brother. Maybe it was his little side talking but liked it when Jona had picked him up or when he was taunting him with vanilla. He jumped when the door opened to reveal Jonathan and Erina. "Ewina'' Dio gave his best glare Erina cooed at him, he huffed "What's that" he pointed to the First-Aid kit in Jonathan's hand "It's just a kit to fix the boo-boo on your head" Dio grumble at his brothers baby talk. He stood in front of Dio opening the kit to pull out an alcohol wipe. "This is going to sting a bit, ok" Dio groaned and gave him a small nod. He attempted to wipe the blood away from the small cut but Dio moved away hissing in pain "What?" Dio grimaced "Your wubbin too hard." Erina shook her head "Let me do it" Jonathan handed her the wipe "Come here love" Dio reluctantly scooted forward allowing Erina to gently clean the wound. She turned to Jonathan "Would you hand me one of the big plasters" he dug through the kit and pulled out a blue plaster he handed to Erina. She murmured a small thank you and applied the plaster to Dio's forehead, she placed a small kiss on top of the plaster to complete the process. Dio's face went red he scowled, he hated to admit that he was liking being babied, especially by his brother and his wife. Jonathan checked the time "Erina it's two-seventeen already" he exclaimed she looked over at Dio who was obviously fighting sleep, it looked like he was losing "What are we going to do with him?" Erina looked at Jonathan for suggestions "He seems fine for now. I say we check his nappy and tuck him in for the night" Jonathan suggested, "He's wearing a nappy" she asked, "Yeah, you haven't noticed?" Erina waved off Jonathan and approached Dio "Can you lift up the blanket for just a moment hun" Dio shook his head "Come on, love I already know what's under there. No need to be ashamed" Dio loosen his grip on the duvet, letting Erina check his nappy "All dry, good boy Dio." She tucked his blanket back over him, making sure he was as comfortable as possible before she and Jonathan both gave him goodnight kisses, despite his protest. "GoodNight'' they whisper in unison before closing the door. They didn't hear his response "Night Jona, nigh 'wina."