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I have a bad feeling about this...

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Yummy fishy has created a chat

Yummy fishy has added PyroFreak, Gold n’ Silver Keys, Scarlet Red and 6 others to the chat

Yummy fishy has renamed the chat 'Fairy tail friends'

Yummy fishy: alrite everybody here say aye!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: It’s, Alright, not Alrite you stupid cat

Bookworm: It’s called abbreviation Lu-Chan

Yummy fishy: yea lucy

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Oh, whatever

Sky Maiden: um happy? what is this?

Yummy fishy: its a group chat!!

Charle: Honestly, tom cat

 Gold n’ Silver Keys: Anyway! Who else is here?

Yummy fishy: natsu gray gajeel lily erza and juvia but i guess there not online

Gold n’ Silver Keys: You seriously need to work on your grammer

gimme some iron: oh lighten up princess

Yummy fishy: oh gajeel is online!

JustLilyIsFine: Yes we just finished a job

Bookworm: He’s right Lu-Chan! Let loose a little!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Whatever, I’m going to take a bath

Sky Maiden: have fun Lucy-San!

Sky Maiden: hey guys? Do you know where the others are?

Bookworm: Well I know Erza took a job, but I’m not sure about the other three

gimme some iron: Salamander is probably out destroying something

Charle: Tom cat, don’t you know where he is?

Yummy fishy: well he said he was going to train but that was a few hours ago

Sky Maiden: I hope He’s ok

gimme some iron: He’ll be fine

IceMaker: What’s all this?

Sky Maiden: it’s Gray-San!

JustLilyIsFine: Where have you been?

IceMaker: i was out. I dont just sit around all day like u losers

WaterWoman: Gray-Sama!!

Bookworm: Juvia? Were you here the whole time just waiting for Gray?

WaterWoman: Of course! Juvia is always waiting for her precious Gray-Sama<3

Scarlet Red: What is going on here?

Bookworm: Erza’s back too!

gimme some iron: the blue cat made a group chat

Scarlet Red: Oh?

Scarlet Red: Well who is in this group chat?

Sky Maiden: there’s: me, Carla, Gray, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Lucy, Happy, you and Natsu

Sky Maiden: Lucy was here, but went to take a bath and we don’t know where Natsu is

Scarlet Red: Very well

Charle: I have a bad feeling about this...

Sky Maiden: about what? Natsu?

Charle: No, about this group chat! It's going to be absolute chaos!

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group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

PyroFreak: guys! i figured it out!

PyroFreak: guys?

PyroFreak: any1 there?

PyroFreak: happy?

PyroFreak: lucy?

PyroFreak: wendy?

PyroFreak: erza?

PyroFreak: ice princess?


PyroFreak: but i figured it out!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: For the love of god!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Figured what out?

PyroFreak: how 2 use this thingy!

PyroFreak: i learned how 2… how 2…

Gold n’ Silver Keys:

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Type??

PyroFreak: THATS IT!!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Sheesh

IceMaker: oi! Kep it! don trin 2 slep!

God n’ Silver Keys: your spelling is even worse than Natsu and Happy’s 

IceMaker: tired!

WaterWoman: leave Juvia’s precious Gray-Sama alone!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: It’s not my fault! Natsu woke me up!

PyroFreak: hey! dont blame me!

IceMaker: go 2 sleep flame-for-brains 

Sky Maiden: whats going on?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Now you’ve woken Wendy up too!

IceMaker: hey! ur here 2!

Charle: Go back to sleep, child

Sky Maiden: but my rakurima keitai won’t stop buzzing

Charle: You barbarians! Go back to sleep, it’s the middle of the night! Let Wendy get her rest!

WaterWoman: Yes. Gray-Sama needs rest too

IceMaker: ya, i could use some more shuteye 

PyroFreak: fine then me and lucy will stay up and have all the fun!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: No way! I’m going back to sleep as well!

PyroFreak: Ah

PyroFreak: c’mon lucy!

PyroFreak: theres no point in staying up without u!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: well I-uh…

Yummy fishy: She looves him!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: SHUT IT CAT!


Yummy fishy: im always lurking

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Creep

Charle: GO TO SLEEP!!

Charle: Or at least stop texting in the group chat so those of us who want to sleep can do so!

WaterWoman: Yes, Juvia agrees

Sky Maiden: I am pretty tired…

IceMaker: yea, so go flirt somewhere else would ya

Gold n’ Silver Keys: WE AREN’T FLIRTING!

Yummy fishy: whatever they’re totally in love

Charle: SHUT UP!

PyroFreak: fine!

PyroFreak: lets go happy!

Yummy fishy: sorry natsu im going 2 bed

PyroFreak: SERIOUSLY!?

PyroFreak: lucy? Pleeease 

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Urg, fine!

PyroFreak: YAY!

PyroFreak: nite guys!

Charle: Good riddance

IceMaker: seriously tho when r they gonna stop beating around the bush?

Sky Maiden: what?

Charle: I don’t know, but it should have happened by now

Yummy fishy: aye

Sky Maiden: what r u guys talking about?

Charle: Needn’t you worry child, just get some rest

Sky Maiden: ok, night everyone

IceMaker: nite

WaterWoman: goodnight, Gray-Sama

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group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

Scarlet Red: good morning everyone!

Bookworm: Morning!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Yeah, for some of us it is

Bookworm: What’s the matter Lu-Chan?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Natsu kept me up all night!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: He invited himself into my house AGAIN! wouldn’t let me sleep until like, an hour ago when he passed out on my bed! And now, I can’t get to sleep!

Scarlet Red: sounds like him

Yummy fishy: oh so he’s at ur house

Yummy fishy: good 2 know

Yummy fishy: he was gone when i woke up

gimme some iron: salamander causing trouble again?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Yes!

Scarlet Red: so I take it he won’t be coming to the guild today?

Gold n’ Silver keys: No, he’s probably going to lay around in my room all day, the jerk

Bookworm: Calm down Lu-Chan it’s not the end of the world

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Yeah, yeah

Yummy fishy: anyway

Yummy fishy: any1 know where charle is?

Gimme some iron: i think her and the kid took a job

Yummy fishy: WITHOUT ME!?!?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: What would you be able to do anyway? you’re the only one who can't fight

Yummy fishy: ur so mean lucy!!!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: TAKE THAT BACK!

Scarlet Red: alright! If they’re off working we should be to!

Scarlet Red: Lucy, Gajeel, Happy! Meet me at the guild hall in 10 minutes!

Yummy fishy: aye sir!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: yes ma’am

gimme some iron: y me!?

Bookworm: Hey what about me!?

Scarlet Red: well your welcome to tag along but you do have your own team

Bookworm: oh… right

group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

PyroFreak: Lucy? where’d u go?

IceMaker: her and erza took a job

IceMaker: and they took happy

PyroFreak: WITHOUT ME!?!?

IceMaker: lucy was ticked off that u kept her up all nite and then crashed on her bed so she didn’t wake u

PyroFreak: jeez

PyroFreak: shes so stubborn

IceMaker: listen man

PyroFreak: what?

IceMaker: its obvious u like lucy so just tell her



IceMaker: i’ll delete the convo later just admit u like her!


IceMaker: gah!

IceMaker: juvia! When did u get here?

PyroFreak: more importantly! What did u hear!?

WaterWoman: that Juvia must get you and lucy together!

PyroFreak: WHAT!?!?

WaterWoman: you and lucy together means 1 less rival!

IceMaker: would u give that up already?

WaterWoman: but Gray-Sama is Juvia’s!

IceMaker: this isnt about that! Its about making natsu realize he has 2 make the 1st move!

PyroFreak: how about i make no move

IceMaker: how about u stop pissing her off for a start!



WaterWoman: um…






WaterWoman: SHE WILL PAY!!

IceMaker: whatever im sick of this

IceMaker: u know lucy is an attractive young girl if u dont admit your feelings some1 else might

IceMaker has deleted 29 messages from the chat 'Fairy tail friends'

group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

Sky Maiden: um…

Sky Maiden: Gray-San? Why did u delete so many messages?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: oh, so I’m stubborn am I?

JustLilyIsFine: It is quite strange that he would delete them. What were you talking about with, I assume, Natsu?

IceMaker: just about how stupid he is

PyroFreak: ur the 1 sticking ur nose in places it doesnt belong!

IceMaker: like u have any room 2 talk!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Seriously you guys?

PyroFreak: lucy…

Gold n’Silver Keys: What is it?

PyroFreak: I…

WaterWoman: LUCY!! PREPARE TO DIE!!!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: What!?

Sky Maiden: what happened Juvia-San?

WaterWoman: lucy is trying to take Juvia’s Gray-Sama away from her!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: For the last time! I’m not trying to take Gray away from you!

WaterWoman: if not Gray-Sama… then who?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: What?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: n-nobody

WaterWoman: LIAR!!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: I um…

Gold n’ Silver Keys: forgot I had to do something

Gold n’ Silver Keys: BYE!

JustLilyIsFine: what was that about?

Sky Maiden: yeah that was strange…

IceMaker: yea. almost like she’s waiting for some1 2 make the 1st move

PyroFreak: well maybe that some1 doesnt feel like complicating things! 

Sky Maiden:

Sky maiden: what?

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group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

PyroFreak has changed Yummy fishy’s nickname to ‘NotHappy’

PyroFreak has changed c IceMaker’s nickname to ‘iceprincess’

PyroFreak has changed Scarlet Red’s nickname to ‘ScaryScarlet’

Sky Maiden: um what r you doing natsu?

PyroFreak has changed Sky Maiden’s nickname to ‘Small Fry’

Small Fry: Hey!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: what are you doing?

PyroFreak has changed Gold n’ Silver Keys nickname to ‘OverSensitive’

OverSensitive: I AM NOT!!

Bookworm: Well…

gimme some iron: we changing peoples names?

gimme some iron: well in that case…

gimme some iron was changed Bookworm’s nickname to ‘shrimp’

shrimp: GA-JEEL!!

OverSensitive: Not so funny when it happens to you now is it?

shrimp: Fine! Two can play that game!

shrimp has changed gimme some iron’s username to ‘HardHeaded’

HardHeaded: thats the best u can do?

PyroFreak: guys! Stop it!

OverSensitive: You started this!

PyroFreak: I’m changing everyones name 2 how i see them!


PyroFreak has changed JustLilyIsFine’s nickname to ‘WhyKiwis’

OverSensitive: How did you even learn how to change someone’s name?


PyroFreak has changed WaterWoman’s nickname to ‘Gray Obsessed’

shrimp: That one is actually pretty accurate…

PyroFreak has changed Charle’s nickname to ‘BossyBoots’

Small Fry: shes not that bossy...

PyroFreak has changed shrimp’s nickname to ‘SmaRtiEpAntS’


OverSensitive: NATSU!

HardHeaded has removed  SmaRtiEpAntS’s nickname

PyroFreak: hey!

BookWorm: Thanks Gajeel…

HardHeaded: whatever!

OverSensitive: Change mine back too!

Small Fry: Could u change mine as well?

HardHeaded: what a pain!

HardHeaded has removed OverSensitive’s nickname

HardHeaded has removed Small Fry’s nickname

HardHeaded had removed his nickname

PyroFreak: Gajeel!!!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Natsu!

PyroFreak: oh no

Gold n’ Silver Keys: When I get my hands on you!!

PyroFreak: gotta run!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: GET BACK HERE!!

Bookworm: Those two…

gimme some iron: its hard 2 look at

Sky Maiden: I don’t understand!?

group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

NotHappy: howdy heidi ho



Bookworm: Who do you think?

NotHappy: NATSU!!!

Bookworm: He’s not here. Lu-Chan threatened him and now he’s hiding

NotHappy: did he change everyones?

Bookworm: Yep. Gajeel remove Lu-Chan wendy and mine, as well as his own, but everyone else still has theirs

NotHappy: ok then lets wait and see there reactions!!!

group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

iceprincess: guys we have a problem


iceprincess: NATSU!!!

NotHappy: Hes in hiding

iceprincess: got u 2 huh?

iceprincess: when i get my hands on him…

ScaryScarlet: Alright everyone listen up!


ScaryScarlet: where is he?

iceprincess: hiding

NotHappy: hiding from lucy

Gray Obsessed: Juvia actually likes her new name!

Gray Obsessed: Though Gray-Sama’s is all wrong

Gray Obsessed changed iceprincess’s nickname to ‘IcyPrince’

Gray Obsessed: much better!

IcyPrince: wow i actually like this! thanks juvia

Gray Obsessed: Juviii

NotHappy: wait Juvia! If u know how 2 change names can u remove them?

Gray Obsessed: yes, but Juvia won’t for anyone but Gray-Sama 

NotHappy: oh cmon!!

ScaryScarlet: i know someone who can!

NotHappy: u do? Who?

ScaryScarlet has added SheDevil to the chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

SheDevil: hello everyone

NotHappy: it’s Mira-Chan!

SheDevil: I hear you’re having a dilemma that I can help you with

NotHappy: pleease remove our nicknames Mira-Chan!

SheDevil: of course

 SheDevil has removed all nicknames from the chat 'Fairy tail friends’

Yummy fishy: THANK U MIRA-CHAN!!!

IceMaker: damn i kinda liked the other nickname…

SheDevil: well in that case

SheDevil has changed IceMaker’s nickname to ‘iceprincess’

SheDevil: better?


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group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

Gold n’ Silver Keys: NATSU!


IcyPrince: what he do this time?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: He came into my apartment, uninvited, AGAIN! Wrecked my house, AGAIN! THEN HE BURNT THE SHORT STORY I’VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR ALMOST A MONTH!!

PyroFreak: i said i was sorry luce

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time Natsu!

Yummy fishy: there fighting again..

Sky Maiden: that makes it the 3rd time this week

Scarlet Red: it has gotten out of hand lately

Gold n’ Silver Keys: I’M RIGHT HERE

PyroFreak: me 2!!

PyroFreak: and shes the 1 doin all the fighting not me!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Oh whatever

IcyPrince: jeez u 2

IcyPrince has created a chat

IcyPrince has added Scarlet Red, Yummy fishy, Sky Maiden and 6 others to the chat

IcyPrince has renamed the chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

gimme some iron: finally

Bookworm: Yeah, it’s been going on for a while…

Sky Maiden: seriously! What are u guys talking about?

Scarlet Red: yes what are you talking about?

WaterWoman: Gray-Sama thinks natsu and lucy should fall in love! JUST LIKE JUVIA AND GRAY-SAMA

IcyPrince: no they are in love and just wont admit it

SheDevil: It is quite obvious

Sky Maiden: wait REALLY!?

Charle: Honestly child, smh

Yummy fishy: so were gonna get them together?

IcyPrince: thats the plan

Scarlet Red: but how? All they do is fight

JustLilyIsFine: It won’t be an easy task, that’s for sure

gimme some iron: how bout we just beat them both up?

Bookworm: How will that help?

gimme some iron: it’ll knock some sense into em

JustLilyIsFine: You’re just looking for an excuse to fight someone!

gimme some iron: leave me alone!

Yummy fishy: oh! i know

Yummy fishy: just tell natsu that lucy died then he’ll realize his love for her!

IcyPrince: great plan

IcyPrince: except last time he thought lucy died he turned into END remember?

Yummy fishy: oh… rite

Scarlet Red: honestly you guys

Scarlet Red: i have a better plan

Sky Maiden: what is it?

Scarlet Red: we lock them in a closet until they break!

gimme some iron:


Sky Maiden: u mean… confess?

Scarlet Red: well… that to I suppose


IcyPrince: anyways!

IcyPrince: even if we did that natsu would just burn down the door

Scarlet Red: not if we put him in seal stone handcuffs!

SheDevil: Maybe… but Lucy could still use one of her spirits

Scarlet Red: then we’ll just cuff her too!

JustLilyIsFine: I think you’re missing the point here…

gimme some iron: just let them fuck it out and be down with it already!

Sky Maiden: u-um w-w-what!?

Charle: Language! There are children present!

Bookworm: I think you’re all going about this the wrong way…

Bookworm: Why don’t we just… let them figure it out on their own?

Scarlet Red:

gimme some iron:

Yummy fishy:

gimme some iron: thats the dumbest idea ive ever heard!

IcyPrince: yea there 2 stupid 2 figure it out on there own

WaterWoman: Juvia has an idea!

Yummy fishy: u do?

Sky Maiden: what is it?

WaterWoman: we trick them!

JustLilyIsFine: Trick them?

Bookworm: What do you mean?

WaterWoman: well… we make them jealous!

gimme some iron: huh?

WaterWoman: w-well.. when Juvia seems Gray-Sama with another woman, she gets jealous…

WaterWoman: or even when she hears about him being with someone else


WaterWoman: so! If someone tells Lucy Natsu’s met someone! And someone else tells Natsu the same thing about Lucy! they’ll be so jealous they’ll confess without meaning to!

SheDevil: That’s actually not a bad plan

Scarlet Red: yes this could actually work

Yummy fishy: way 2 go juvia!

WaterWoman: do you think its a good idea Gray-Sama…?

IcyPrince: yea its the only plan that even sounds reasonable! Good thinking juvia!


gimme some iron: k we got our plan

Charle: how do we start?

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group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

PyroFreak: guys we have a porblem

IcyPrince: porblem

gimme some iron: porblem

Yummy fishy: porblem

PyroFreak: shut up im serious!

IcyPrince: so whats the “porblem” mouth breather

PyroFreak: charle and lily have boring usernames!

Gold n' Silver Keys: Seriously? That's the problem?

Charle: Just because it isn’t some ridiculous joke doesn’t mean it’s boring!

JustLilyIsFine: It’s simple and straight to the point!

PyroFreak: cmon guys

PyroFreak: let me change them!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: haven’t you learnt your lesson on changing people’s usernames?

PyroFeak: nope!

PyroFreak: wendy dont u think theyre boring?

Sky Maiden: well uh… it couldn’t hurt to make it a bit more interesting…

Charle: Wendy!

Sky Maiden: sorry charle

Gold n’ Silver Keys: you’re such a child, Natsu!

PyroFreak: ill be nicer this time i promise

PyroFreak has changed Charle’s nickname to ‘Feisty Kitty’

Gold n’ Silver Keys: You call that nice?

Feisty Kitty: you’re just plain rude, Natsu!

PyroFreak: now for lilys…

JustLilyIsFine: Fine, I will allow you to change it, as long as you don’t go to wild

IcyPrince: big mistake man

gimme some iron: give it ur best shot salamander!

PyroFreak: hmm…

PyroFreak has changed JustLilyIsFine’s nickname to ‘KiwiPower’

Gold n’ Silver Keys: REALLY NATSU!?!?

gimme some iron: i expected more from u 

IcyPrince: told u it was a mistake

Sky Maiden: don’t worry lily! Gajeel can change it back right?

Gimme some iron: yea dont worry pal!

KiwiPower: No, don’t

Yummy fish: huh?

KiwiPower: I… I love it!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: You… what?

Sky Maiden: you do?

PyroFreak: hahaha!

Feisty Kitty: You actually like it?

KiwiPower: Yes! Kiwi’s are power! They give you strength and courage!

Yummy fishy: even i thought that was bad

Sky Maiden: well if lily likes it I guess thats all that matters right?

PyroFreak: told ya!

PyroFreak: im the nickname giving master!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: That might be a bit of a stretch…

PyroFreak: cmon lucy dont be like that!

PyroFreak: ill give u a new nickname then ull see!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Don’t you dare!

IcyPrince: on 2 more important matters

IcyPrince: has any1 seen juvia today?

Gimme some iron: nope

Sky Maiden: I don’t think so


IcyPrince: gah!

Feisty Kitty: She always seems to pop up when Gray’s around

IcyPrince: i was just wondering if u wanted to take a job with me?

WaterWoman: Just Juvia and Gray-Sama!?!?!

IcyPrince: yea i guess…



KikiPower: That is some determination

Gold n’ Silver Keys: I hope someone loves me that much someday! Even if she is a bit over the top

Feisty Kitty: You never know, anything is possible in this guild

PyroFreak: anyway if there taking a job lucy how bout u me and happy take 1 2?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Huh? Sure


PyroFreak: WHAT!!

IcyPrince: nothing jeez no need 2 get all worked up!

group chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

IcyPrince: u hear that?

Gimme some iron: sounds like an opportunity

Sky Maiden: to plan everything out?

IcyPrince: yep

IcyPrince: if there out of town we can talk freely without the fear of them catching us

WaterWoman: but Gray-Sama Juvia already picked out her and Gray-Sama’s job!

IcyPrince: will just wait until they get back ok?

WaterWoman: … ok…

Feisty Kitty: The sooner they leave, the sooner we can start

KiwiPower: So we get them out of town ASAP. Got it

group chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

PyroFreak: when do u wanna leave luce?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: I have some stuff I need to do so in about a week or so maybe?

PyroFreak: ok fine by me

group chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

IcyPrince: happy ur up

Yummy fishy: aye sir!

group chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

Yummy fishy: lucy! Lets go now!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Right this instant?

Yummy fishy: u know what they say! the first cat gets the fish!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: What?

KiwiPower: I think you mean, the early bird gets the worm, Happy


IcyPrince: he’s rite tho

IcyPrince: new jobs always get posted around this time if u wait til the end of the week all the good jobs will be gone

Gold n’ Silver Keys:

Gold n’ Silver Keys: I guess you’re right…

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Fiiine! Just let me pack first!

PyroFreak: works for me! meet u at the guild in half an hour luce?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Sure

group chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

IcyPrince: ok happy itll be ur job 2 keep an eye on them

IcyPrince: we’ll keep each other posted, just make sure they dont get back until i give the word

Yummy fishy: Aye sir!

gimme some iron: so we wait til there out of town then attack!

KikiPower: I hope you mean plan

gimme some iron: yea yea

Sky Maiden: do u really think this is going to work?

Feisty Kitty: It’s the only plan we have

IcyPrince: try 2 get a hold of every1 who isn’t online and tell them 2 meet us at the guild hall as soon as lucy and natsu r out of town

Sky Maiden: on it!

gimme some iron: at least were finally getting somewhere

Chapter Text

group chat 'lets help the 2 morons'

Yummy fishy: guys i think we have a problem…

IcyPrince: what happened?

Yummy fishy: i think lucy might be gay

IcyPrince: WHAT!?!?

gimme some iron: the blonde cheerleader? u sure?

WaterWoman: at least this mean she can’t steal Gray-Sama

SheDevil: Are you sure, Happy?

Bookworm: I’m her best friend and she hasn’t told me she likes girls?

Yummy fishy: well the client…

IcyPrince: the client…

Yummy fishy: the lient was lucys ex gf!

gimme some iron: that so?

SheDevil: Oh my

Bookworm: I was not expecting that

IcyPrince: happy r u 100% sure?

Yummy fishy: aye sir! lucy told us herself

IcyPrince: if lucy is gay she cant like natsu…

Bookworm: She could be bi?

SheDevil: I know who could tell us! She’s a sexuality expert!

gimme some iron: who?

SheDevil has added alcohol Queen to the chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

Alcohol Queen: yo

Alcohol Queen: wassup

IcyPrince: no time for small talk! we need 2 know if lucy is into boys as well ad girls!

Alcohol Queen: thats it? well she obviously doesnt care about gender

gimme some iron: u think so?

Alcohol Queen: yep 

Alcohol Queen: that sentimental cutie couldnt care less bout gender and shit

IcyPrince: so shes pan…

Bookworm: How do you know this stuff? Did she tell you?

Alcohol Queen: she didnt have 2

Alcohol Queen: im the bisexual queen! meaning i know all about sexuality!

WaterWoman has changed Alcohol Queen’s nickname to ‘Bisexual Queen’

Bisexual Queen: noice

IcyPrince: well thanks cana

Bisexual Queen: u guys r tryin 2 get lucy and natsdu together rite?

Bookworm: How did you find out?

Bisexual Queen: u guys weren’t very quiet yesterday with ur “secret meeting”

SheDevil: It’s a good thing we waiting till they were out of town then

Bisexual Queen: anyway i want in

WaterWoman: As long as u dont try and steal Gray-Sama

gimme some iron: great another loser

IcyPrince: if u want

IcyPrince: ill add u 2 the main gc

IcyPrince: tho ill warn u they cant stop arguing even on missions

group chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

Gold n’ Silver Keys: All I asked was for you to not destroy the town! One thing, Natsu! And what did you do?


PyroFreak: destroy the town?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: You’re such an idiot!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: And now you’ve gotten yourself lost and I have to be the one to look for you while Happy gets to stay back at the hotel!!

IcyPrince: u guys still fighting?

PyroFreak: would u make her stop?

IcyPrince: nope just here cuz some1 wants 2 join in on the fun

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Seriously? Who would want to join this crazy chat?

IcyPrince had added Bisexual Queen to the group chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

Bisexual Queen: what up!?

Gold n’ Silver Keys: I should have known

PyroFreak: hi cana and lucy hurry up in hungry!

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Tell me to hurry up again and I won’t continue looking for you!

Sky Maiden: Hi guys!

Scarlet Red: We’ve returned

Feisty Kitty: And unlike you morons, no one got lost

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Sil Through your harsh words at Natsu!

PyroFreak: fine im sorry luce ill make it up 2 u i promise

Gold n’ Silver Keys:

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Ok fine! I’ll keep looking…

group chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

Scarlet Red: moments like those remind me why we bother trying with them

Feisty Kitty: Yes, they are quite cute together when they aren’t arguing

Bisexual Queen: Who’d be the dominant 1 in bed i wonder…

Sky Maiden: h-h-huh 


gimme some iron: idk but the little cheerleader is good with a whip

Bookworm: GA-JEEL!!

Bisexual Queen: preach!!

IcyPrince: holy-

WaterWoman: GRAY-SAMA!!!

IcyPrince: sorry!!!

Sky Maiden: mmmm!!

Feisty Kitty: MOVING ON!!

Scarlet Red: have they finished the job yet happy?

Yummy fishy: aye! natsu got lost tho

Yummy fishy: but after lucy find him and we collect the reward we’ll head back

Yummy fishy: r u guys ready?

IcyPrince: yup

Scarlet Red: does everyone remember the plan?

gimme some iron: well…

Bisexual Queen: i never heard it!

Scarlet Red: I’ll explain it one more time so listen up!

Scarlet Red: the boys and girl will split into two different team and we’ll both create new chats as this will be easier over text

Scarlet Red: we will casually bring up that we saw natsu with someone and the boys will say the same about lucy. It doesnt have to be right away so dont rush into it! Am I clear?

Scarlet Red: and remember natsu can be dence so you might have to be a bit obvious with him

Bookworm: Lu-Chan on the other hand is very smart so to be subtle and make it believable

Bisexual Queen: sounds easy enough

IcyPrince: everyone just try their best

Scarlet Red: they should be back tomorrow so everyone get ready!

Sky Maiden: what about the others? They might not be back by then?

IcyPrince: as long as lucy and natsu r back thats all that matters they can join in when they get back

Bisexual Queen: woo hoo! lets get this party started!

Chapter Text

group chat 'Fairy tail friends'

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Ok, that’s it!

Bookworm: what’s wrong Lu-Chan

Gold n’Silver Keys: Ever since we got back everyone has been acting really strange! what’s going on?

PyroFreak: rly i havent noticed anything

Gold n’ Silver Keys: That’s because you’re oblivious 

PyroFreak: lucy thats mean

IcyPrince: and tru

PyroFreak: FIGHT ME

Bisexual Queen: all this toxic masculinity is killin my vibe

SheDevil: The boys are a bit rowdy

Sky Maiden: u think so? I dont mind it

group chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

IcyPrince: play along! This is ur change 2 make a gc without being suspicious

Sky Maiden: oops sorry!

group chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

Sky Maiden: though… they are a bit loud…

PyroFreak: HEY!!

Bisexual Queen: i got an idea

Gold n’ Silver Keys: what?

Bisexual Queen has created a chat

Bisexual Queen has added Gold n’ Silver Keys, Scarlet Red, Waterwoman and 4 others to the chat

Bisexual Queen has renamed the chat ‘no boys allowed’

Gold n’ Silver Keys: Another one? Really?

Bisexual Queen: but this time with no boys

Sky Maiden: so its just us girls?

SheDevil: I don’t know if this was a good idea or not…

Bisexual Queen: relax itll be fine

Feisty Kitty: I don’t think this will make it any less chaotic 

Bookworm: Yeah, this could be just as bad

Sky Maiden: arent we missing erza-san and juvia-san though?

SheDevil: Erza took a job but I don’t know about Juvia…

WaterWoman: Juvia’s here but…

Gold n’ Silver Keys: but…


Bisexual Queen: well yea thats kinda the point

WaterWoman: b-but Gray-Sama…

SheDevil: You could always go back to the other chat Juvia, it’s still there you know

WaterWoman: oh right!

group chat ‘Fairy tail friends’

WaterWoman: Gray-Sama Juvia’s back!

IcyPrince: ok…?

PyroFreak: whered u go?

Bisexual Queen: us girls were sick of ur shit so we make a girls only gc

PyroFreak: WHAT!?!?


Bisexual Queen: fine by me


PyroFreak: how do i do that?

Yummy fishy: oh! ik ik!

Yummy fishy has created a chat

Yummy fishy has added PyroFreak, IcyPrince, gimme some iron and 1 other to the chat

Yummy fishy has renamed the chat ‘Boys Only Club’

PyroFreak: hehehe

PyroFreak: revenge!

group chat ‘lets help the 2 morons’

IcyPrince: now the real fun begins