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Sparks on Your Tongue

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Nothing they ever did was planned. 

Because they were fucking idiots.

In Denki’s defense, he had never expected any of this to happen, and he had a feeling Bakugou hadn't either. What were the chances that Lord Explosion Murder would ever want to fuck the class dunce anyway? It didn’t take a genius to figure out that, in terms of overall attractiveness and sex appeal, they were leagues apart. So much so that Denki had been convinced that the likelihood of Bakugou ever wanting to sleep with him was a fat, whopping zero percent. 

Not that he spent a lot of time fantasizing about what it would be like to sleep with his friends or anything! 

And even if he did, could you honestly blame him? For the longest time, Denki had been so sure he was absolutely straight. Then he enrolled at U.A. and was repeatedly slammed in the face with how ridiculously hot his male classmates were. It had taken nearly a year of self-reflection, sleepless nights, unrelenting boners, awkwards conversations with close friends, and way too many hours of gay porn for him to finally admit to himself that he did, indeed, like dick. 

So maybe he was a tiny, tiny bit guilty of daydreaming a few compromising scenarios that involved a particular notorious, hot-headed blonde. All of which were from his teenage years, of course, back when his hormones were such a chaotic mess that he was unable to function like an actual human being. It didn’t exactly help matters, either, that Denki had sort of “learned” some things about himself during his year-long self-discovery which happened to somehow coincide with certain personality traits Bakugou had. 

The sheer amount of shameful jerk off sessions he had just thinking about his best friend’s voice alone would forever haunt him.

But they were adults now, and Adult Denki made far better, more mature choices than he ever did as a horny teenager … sometimes. To be honest, he was still figuring out this whole “adulting” thing, and there were more times than not that he felt like an absolute toddler instead of the mature, twenty-four year old Pro Hero that he was supposed to be. He wasn’t exactly sure if sleeping with Bakugou counted as an “adult” choice, but it was something he’d been doing for a while now.

So yeah … him and Bakugou. The fuck was that all about?

Denki honestly wouldn’t even know how to begin explaining the mess they’d gotten themselves into. He knew for a fact that Bakugou wouldn’t even bother with trying. He wasn’t the sort to overanalyze or dwell on anything that wasn’t related to—or remotely relevant to—his hero career. Not at all like Denki, who couldn’t help but overthink every single thing that he said or did in his day-to-day life. 

They were fucking. Or well, they had fucked before. More than a couple times. But not nearly often enough that it was actually a “thing.” Then again, it could be a type of “thing” and Denki just didn’t know the correct label for it. That seemed pretty likely. 

All he knew was that he had been sporadically hooking up with one of his best friends over the past year and a half, and neither of them had said a fucking word about it. Denki knew he wasn’t the academically intelligent type, but that didn’t mean he was an idiot. Friends just don’t go from not fucking each other up against the wall to suddenly jerking each other off whenever the occasion just so happened to arise. 

His relationship with Bakugou was … complicated, to put it mildly. Although it was nowhere near as complicated or messy as the one Bakugou had with Midoriya, it was pretty close, he’d say. Denki knew he would never be the first person Bakugou would ever go to if he needed something to talk about. That privilege belonged to Kirishima and Midoriya, and that was perfectly fine. Denki was happy that his grumpiest friend had special people he could trust with personal stuff he was uncomfortable sharing with others.

Being a member of the “BakuSquad” was more than enough for him, actually. Three years at U.A. and six years of struggling up the hero rankings together had solidified everyone’s roles in their tight little friend group. There had been a time when Denki was afraid that he was nothing more than a nuisance to Bakugou, but once Sero and Kirishima pointed out that Bakugou secretly enjoyed his antics, he was finally able to relax. He was always the first to push the explosive blonde’s buttons, from forcing him into participating in events with their friends to egging him on with his incessant teasing. 

As far as he’d been aware, they were going to be nothing more than close friends to each other. Bakugou would always be the emotionally constipated one, and it would always be Denki’s job to poke and prod at the sleeping bear to the amusement of everyone around them. That was how everything went for nearly seven or eight years. 

And then … it just kind of happened? 

Okay, so it obviously didn’t “just happen.” There had been another charity event a while back, one of the important ones where everyone from every agency across Japan was expected to attend. Denki couldn’t recall the name of the charity or who had even hosted that night. Maybe Todoroki? He did remember Todoroki giving a speech at one point about how the hotel the event was held in was going to be converted into a massive community center. Or was it a museum? It didn’t matter.

The only thing that Denki truly remembered was that Bakugou had said something about liking his new piercings (a pair of snake bites) and the next thing he knew, his best friend was railing into him so hard he had a literal limp the next day. Not to mention the endless amount of bruises and bite marks Bakugou had left all over his body from his neck all the way to his inner thighs. He couldn’t remember whose hotel room they had used, but Denki knew for a fact that they had absolutely wrecked the place. Definitely ruined the sheets, that was for sure.

Sometimes, when he was feeling particularly horny and able to push past the guilt, he’d think of that night as he touched himself. The feel of Bakugou’s weight pressing into him as he pushed into the mattress and bit his neck. The way Bakugou’s tongue felt as he licked his way down from a bruising nipple to teasingly dip into his navel. Or how wet and warm his mouth felt around his dick when he swallowed him down to the base in one go. The way his tongue would wrap around his whenever they kissed. 

Holy shit, not to mention how Bakugou’s cock felt when he finally started to fuck into him! He’d been going through a bit of a dry spell at the time, much to the enjoyment of his best friend, who couldn’t get enough of how ridiculously tight his ass was. Denki had clung to the sheets for dear life, loud moans and sobs slipping past his lips with every brutal thrust Bakugou made. He flushed with every crude and degrading comment, tears falling from his eyes when Bakugou pulled out to push him onto his hands and knees in order to fuck him deeper.

He couldn’t even blame the entire fucked-up situation on alcohol, not even having a chance to sip on the fancy champagne the servers were carrying before Bakugou had grabbed his ass and taken him to bed. He wasn’t exactly sure if Bakugou had any, but it’s not like he had stopped to ask. They hadn’t stopped once with every step that led them to the first of many mistakes since that night. In all fairness, it had been kind of hard to care about how or why they had gotten to that point when Denki was being split open on his best friend’s fat cock. 

Way too many nights were spent replaying that night over in his head. And all the other nights since then. It was getting harder and harder to feel guilty about how often he would spend jacking off to those embarrassing memories. Shame was always there; of course it was. He was fucking his best friend, after all. And the fact that nobody else knew about it, not even their closest friends, somehow made everything all the more scandalous for Denki. It was almost like there was some sort of “forbidden” or “taboo” element to what they were doing. And for whatever reason, that only made it so much hotter. 

So could you really blame him for wanting to revisit that first night? 


A Year and a Half Ago

“Fuck, you like that,” Bakugou snickered. “You like it when I fuck you stupid, huh?”

“Oh, shiiiittt!” Denki moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Fucking love your whore mouth,” Bakugou laughed, delivering a harsh slap to his ass.

Denki couldn’t bother with the fact that he was drooling all over himself. Not when Bakugou had found his prostate minutes ago and had been brutally torturing him with each thrust since. He didn’t care that he was desperately arching his ass up higher for his best friend to repeatedly slap to his heart’s content. He didn’t even question it when Bakugou suddenly stilled and ordered Denki to fuck himself on his cock. He could only moan with delight when a hand wound into his hair and pulled tight as he moved his hips back and forth on the thick cock that was filling him up so fucking good. 

“Should’ve fucked you years ago,” Bakugou grunted when Denki clenched hard around him. “Definitely would have if I’d known what a slut you actually were.”

“I’m n-not, AH! Not a s-slut,” Denki gasped. 

A wail escaped him as Bakugou began to slam into him, the grip in his hair turning painful as the other cruelly yanked and pulled at his blonde locks. Denki could only whine in desperation, his eyes wide and mouth hanging open as another scream began to build in his throat and tumble past his lips. If not for the Bakugou’s iron hold on his hair, he was sure he would have collapsed to the mattress by now.

“You sound like a slut to me.” Bakugou chuckled darkly. 

Denki could just picture Bakugou's satisfied smirk, the exact one he always wore whenever he got his way. That self-satisfied smug smile had been the centerpiece of many a shameful fantasy. Just imagining the other giving him that shit-eating grin as he reduced Denki to a fucked out ruin always sent a wicked thrill coursing through him. 

“Ah, Ba-Bakugo-OH!” Denki cried.

“Fuck yeah! Say my name, slut!” Bakugou ordered.

“Bakugou, Bakugou, Baku—AH!!!” Denki chanted, crying out louder with each brutal fuck. His limbs shook uncontrollably, his arms barely able to hold him up as Bakugou continued to pound into him like a piston. He couldn’t help but think of how delighted his teenage self would have been to be in his place right now. Bakugou’s crude mouth left his body and mind spiralling, desperately clinging to any form of reality as the other fucked him into a dense fog of pleasure he never wanted to escape from.

Maybe it was because it had been so long since he had gotten laid, or maybe it was because his brain was lost in a sea of bliss, but he suddenly lost any ability to censor himself. Normally, Denki was one to hold back on his kinks until he knew what his partner was into. It saved him a lot of embarrassment in the past, and while he had some rough partners, not all of them had been into what he liked.  

“Fuck me, Bakugou!” Denki moaned. “F-fuck, AH! Please! Don't stop, don't stop! Oh, fuck yes!”

“Fucking shit!” Bakugou lowly grunted. “Shit! You’re a real whore, alright! Tight ass swallowing my dick so good!”

Normally, Denki would be able to keep a lid on some of his “riskier” kinks. It didn’t matter how hard he was being fucked or how out of it he was, he had always been able to hold himself back from blurting out his most closely guarded fantasies.

“Tell me how badly you want it, slut,” Bakugou growled.

“Love your cock!” Denki mewled. “Bakugou, I love how you use me—AAH!!! Ba-Bakugou, please! Please keep f-fucking me—OH, OH! Keeping fucking me with your fat cock!”

“Holy shit.”

However, it seemed as though his brain had all but vacated the premises, leaving behind only his basest urges and no filter to protect him from any further humiliation. 

“Please keep f-fuckin me, Daddy!” Denki cried. “AH! D-Daddy, your cock makes me feel so good!”

“The hell?”

Denki froze, his limbs locking into place as he stared at the ceiling in horror at what he just let slip. He could feel his entire face heating up with humiliation, self-consciousness rearing its ugly head at the situation he’d put himself in. It didn’t help matters that Bakugou’s brutal fucking had come to a complete standstill either, no doubt rightly taken off guard by Denki’s absolute studipity. 

Well, shit. Fuck. Fuck, I’m so screwed. Fuck. Alright, abort mission. Just apologize and get the hell out of here before Bakugou loses it. 


Holy shit, I’m fucking Bakugou! What the fuck is actually wrong with me! He’s going to kill me! Oh my fucking god!

“Bakugou, I’m so sorry—”

“Always knew you were a freak, Pikachu.”

Denki flushed hotter at the loud whine he gave at Bakugou’s dark chuckle. He tensed when the other let go of his hair in order to drape his body over him. He shivered at the warm feeling of Bakugou’s body heat blanketed all around him, whimpering when a hot tongue delivered a lewd lick up his neck. 

“You wanna be my good boy, is that it?” Bakugou whispered hotly into his ear. “You wanna be Daddy’s perfect slut?”

Oh, thank fuck.

“Y-yes,” Denki replied shyly, still unsure of whether this was actually happening.

“Yes, what?” Bakugou pressed. A small gasp escaped him when Bakugou’s nails bit into the meat of his hips.

“Yes, Daddy,” Denki moaned. “Wanna be your slut. Wanna make you feel good.”

“I’m going to fucking wreck you,” Bakugou hissed. A needy moan fell from Denki’s lips as Bakugou began to move his hips again, his cock dragging slowly in and out of him. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to stop screaming for my cock.”

Holy shit, everything felt so amazing. Small whimpers and moans tumbled freely out of his  mouth with every purposeful drag of Bakugou’s cock, causing him to squirm and whine when the tip of the other’s cock would just barely graze against his prostate. It was nothing like the relentless assault his best friend had been subjecting him to for the past half hour, and yet it was maddening all the same. 

“Are you gonna be a good slut for Daddy?” Bakugou asked, his tone thick with mockery and demanding at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, he delivered a harsh thrust into Denki that left him gasping for air and clenching hard on the cock still inside him.

“Y-yes, Daddy!” Denki whined. “I’m your s-slut!”

“That’s a good boy,” Bakugou mockingly soothed. “Holy shit, you’re really fucking something, aren’t you?”

He toes curled in delight when Bakugou bit hard into his neck, lapping up blood with the sinful drag of his tongue. Denki could only hope that Bakugou would continue to mark him up. It felt insanely hot to feel the other’s teeth dig into his flesh, to claim him violently as though he had every right to do so. Fuck, he was more than happy to let Bakugou have his way with him. 

Although, he definitely would prefer it if his best friend picked up the pace soon. 

As heavenly as it felt to have the other’s cock steadily glide in and out of his abused hole, Denki was beginning to feel restless. Bakugou seemed determined to drive him insane. The brutal, bleeding marks Bakugou bit into his skin as he deliberately fucked slow him gave away his savage intent. Right from the start, Denki had been forced to endure the sheer power of his best friend’s barbaric lust, from the demanding way Bakugou had claimed his mouth earlier to the overwhelming strength he used to push and pin Denki down on the mattress. No matter where he turned, Denki found himself caught in the all-consuming inferno that was Bakugou Katsuki.

And holy fucking shit, how he wanted to be burned.

“You got a problem with how I’m fucking you, baby boy?” Bakugou teased.

“N-no, Daddy,” Denki whimpered, shivering at the lewd lick his best friend gave his cheek. “I love Daddy’s cock, hnng! Love, ah! Love you inside me.”

“Oh, yeah?” Bakugou chuckled. “You love my dick so much that you’d let me fuck you any way I want?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Denki panted. It was getting harder to think, his body and mind melting with each delicious drag of that amazing cock. “Ah! I wanna—I wanna be your good boy.”

“What if I kept you here like this?” Bakugou continued. “Made you take my cock just like this all night?”

“I’d be good, I’d be good!” Denki whined. “I just want Daddy inside me!”

“I’m gonna ruin you.”

Oh, fuck, please!

It was the only warning Bakugou gave that night. Before he knew what was happening, Denki’s arms were pulled from underneath and forced behind him in an iron grip. He hardly had time to process what was even happening when Bakugou suddenly rammed into him with enough force to rock him back and forth on the mattress. It wasn’t so much a moan as a continuous wail that spilled out of Denki with each forceful snap of Bakugou’s hips against his ass, and the slapping of skin was almost impossible to hear over his cries. 

He just knew he was making a mess of the sheets beneath them. No doubt the combination of drool, sweat, tears and precum were staining the fabric. 

“You were made to take cock,” Bakugou groaned. “Bet you’d bend over for anyone, wouldn’t you? Bet you’d just love it if someone grabbed you out of nowhere and fucked you like the cock slut you are.”

“J-just you, D-Daddy!” he wept. “Just your cock—AAAHH!!!”

Bakugou laughed darkly. “You’re full of shit! If I told you to bend over for a bunch of random jackoffs, you’d do it in a heartbeat!”

A wet sob escaped Denki at the other’s cruel words. Tears ran in hot streaks down his cheeks, his cock twitching painfully at the lewd, humiliating picture his best friend was painting of him. Arousal and shame swirled like a violent storm within his gut, Denki completely unable to deny the effect Bakugou’s words were having on him. It didn’t help matters that a major fantasy he had as a teenager was of all his male classmates sharing him. The guilt from that particular fantasy had left him an utter mess, unable to look any of his classmates in the eye for a whole week, and yet it never stopped him from indulging in it whenever the shameful daydream would arise. 

“You’d do it for Daddy, wouldn’t you?” Bakugou chuckled. “Just suck off any dick Daddy told you to? Let me pass you around like the cheap whore you are?”

Maybe a part of him should have been worried that Bakugou was so quick to pick up on his secret kinks. Or maybe Denki just wasn’t as skilled at hiding the most depraved parts of himself as he thought he was. Either way, he couldn’t help but delight in the fact that his best friend was all too willing to give him exactly what he needed. Even if he knew he was going to literally die from embarrassment once all of this was over.

“I asked you a question, slut,” Bakugou growled, accentuating his point by pulling almost all the way out before slamming his cock back inside with enough force to leave Denki’s legs trembling.   

“AH! Fuck, yes!” Denki wailed. “Oh GOD! Yes, Daddy, YES!!!”

Why did everyone keep saying it was wrong to fuck your best friend!? Hell, Denki couldn’t help but think that anyone who agreed with that statement had no idea what they were even talking about! Especially when they could be experiencing heavenly pleasure like he was now under Bakugou’s mercy. 

Or rather, the lack thereof.

“You have—HNNNG!” Bakugou groaned deeply. “You have no fucking right to be this fucking sexy. Shit! Never thought I’d—FUCK!!! Never thought I’d ever be balls deep in you, Denki.”

“I-I need, AH!” Denki wailed, desperate pleas tumbling out of his mouth. “I need it, Daddy! AH, AH, AH! I need you! I need you—”

“Holy shit, shut the fuck up!” Bakugou gasped. “Making me lose my mind here. Fucking hell!”

“Please, Daddy!” Denki sobbed. “Please, let me come! Please, Daddy, please!”

The pleasure building within his gut was becoming too much. It felt as though he was going to explode any second now, his insides running liquid hot as his cock continued to drip pathetically onto the sheets below. Denki’s eyesight was blurred with his tears, his voice hoarse from all of his desperate cries and his arms numb from Bakugou’s hold. He didn’t care how he looked at that moment. He didn’t care if the whole world was watching him make the worst best mistake of his entire life. The only thing he wanted in that moment was to finally come after being denied for so long.

“Needy bitch, aren’t you?” Bakugou snickered between harsh pants. “A real—HNNG—fucking whore.”

“Yes, Daddy, yes! I’m yours! Oh, FUCK! I’m your b-bitch, AAAAHH!!!”

“Then be a good boy and come for Daddy.”

Denki didn’t even bother quieting himself, letting out an earth-shattering scream as he finally released and painted the sheets white. He wasn’t even embarrassed by the fact that Bakugou hadn’t even completely grasped his poor dick before he came harder than he had in his entire fucking life. The air was quite literally knocked out of his lungs, his harsh gasps clashing with the heavy grunts and slapping of skin as Bakugou chased his own orgasm. Not even a second passed before Denki collapsed to the mattress, smearing his stomach in his own cum as Bakugou continued to fuck his limp body.

He couldn’t even register the overstimulation he knew he should be experiencing. An intense lethargy had taken over him, his entire body heavy with an invisible weight. When Bakugou finally came with a shout of his own, Denki could hardly even hear it over the thick fog that had settled over his mind. It was almost as though he was sinking, being pulled down deeper and deeper into a comforting abyss from which he had no hope of ever crawling out. 

“-okay there, Pikachu?”

It felt nice to be dragged down, to be pulled further and further into a never-ending void.

“Oi, fucker! Answer me!”

It was kinda like being pulled into an enormous hug, pleasant warmth coming from all around. There was also this lazy feeling of satisfaction and belonging that buzzed all over skin, almost as though it was clinging to his entire being. 

“Goddammit! Back to Earth, Denki!”

He should really try to go into that abyss more often. There was no way in hell he was ever passing up an opportunity to go there. Not when it felt this amazing. If he could purr, Denki just knew he’d be practically vibrating with contentment—

“Denki, I will literally kill you if you’re dead!"

“Hmmmm, what?”

“Fucking finally,” Bakugou sighed. “Come on, dumbass. Clean yourself up. Bullshit party isn’t even over and the extras have been blowing up our phones.”

Denki blinked dumbly down at the wet hotel towel Bakugou threw his way, his mind struggling to make the connection between the object in his lap and the task he was supposed to perform with it. A blush rose to his cheeks at the other’s exasperated sigh, self-consciousness at his inability to perform even a basic task too much to bear in front of someone he admired. Before Denki’s mind could swallow him into a pit of self-loathing, however, Bakugou approached the bed again and took the towel from him. He could only stare as his best friend began to clean him, not even hesitating to go over his more intimate areas.

“Close your fucking mouth,” Bakugou grumbled, his voice soft all the same. “Makes you look like even more of an idiot.”

“Th-thanks,” he whispered.


“I mean it, Bakugou. You don’t have to—”

“When have I ever done something I don’t want to do, idiot?”

“... never.”


And that had been the end of it.

Yeah, okay. Not quite the end of it. Maybe if they had ended things right there and fucking acknowledged the fact that they did something friends never do, they wouldn’t be in this clusterfuck of a mess now. But they were dumbasses, and like dumbasses, they just made things worse. 

To be fair, what exactly were you supposed to say after you fucked one of your best friends?

If you were Bakugou and Denki, you chose to say nothing. Once Bakugou had trashed the condom, they’d both zipped up their pants, did what they could to salvage their hair, then walked back into the event like nothing had happened. Truly as simple as that. No further words were exchanged, no shared looks, nothing.

A week passed with no text messages or calls from either of them. Then a month went by and they hadn’t so much as seen the telltale spark of electricity or the decimating explosions of the other. Then another month passed and Denki was suddenly sucking Bakugou off in the bathroom of some high end bar where they were supposed to be drinking with the rest of their friends. And the cycle began anew.

There was this mutual understanding that they just … didn’t talk about it. Ever. 

Which was fine! Denki definitely didn’t see a reason why they would need to talk about whatever this was, anyway. It was really simple. Sometimes they fucked and sometimes they didn’t. That was literally it. 

Not that Denki wanted anything more than what they had! 

They were Pros now. They worked at separate agencies, patrolled opposite sides of the city, attended different conventions, promoted their hero personas in ways that benefited their personalities, and so much more. Being a Pro Hero, especially one that thrived on the public’s interest, was a full-time job that left barely any room for a life outside it. 

What time was there to do more than what they were already doing?

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Little by little, things began to change. At least, they did for Denki. Maybe it was because of the infrequency with which they saw each other in general or the fact that it had been nearly five months since they last fucked. Whatever the reason, Denki knew that he needed to have Bakugou again and he need him soon. It was starting to become something of an addiction for him; an itch that couldn’t be scratched until Bakugou soothed him over once more. 

Jerking off alone to memories of what his best friend had done to him was no longer enough. And there was only so much time he could spend stalking the other’s social media in hopes of finding a new workout selfie. Almost half a year had passed since the last time they fucked and every day that went by without Bakugou pushing him into a wall was utter agony for Denki. The sheer lengths he would actually go just to lick off any sweat that clung to his best friend’s skin spoke of the desperation that was steadily rising within him. 

So, yes, he absolutely did have ulterior motives for the way he was dressed tonight. In all fairness, Mina had explicitly requested everyone to dress “slutty” for her birthday party which was being held at one of her favorite dance clubs. It was hard to stand out with a see-through crop top, black skinny jeans and choker when the rest of your friends all opted for a similar look. Especially when both Sero and Kirishima were wearing leather pants and see through lace shirts. Of course, none of them stood a chance against Mina’s outfit. Her short, backless dress that desperately tried to contain her chest outshone them all. Not to mention the dangerously tall pair of gold heels that were no doubt going to be torn off before the end of the night. If he wasn’t so focused on getting into Bakugou’s pants, Denki suspected he would be openly drooling over how hot his friends looked. 

The only thing that might have given away Denki’s true intentions behind his outfit were the new piercings he’d acquired since he’d last seen Bakugou. He had never intended for anyone but his best friend to see the newest additions he’d made to his body, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up. Denki couldn’t recall a time when he had ever felt this confident in his body, and he was more than happy to eat up all the compliments his friends kept throwing his way.

The only thing missing to make this night truly complete was for Bakugou to arrive. None of them were surprised that he was late, having seen the news coverage from earlier that evening of his fight against a villain with a spiny shell quirk. It would take him an extra hour or so to get here, but they all trusted that Bakugou wouldn’t miss something this important. So while they waited for their friend to show up, Kirishima had appointed himself designated driver and was keeping a steady watch on Mina, since she had a tendency to get a bit wild with her drinking. For their part, Sero and Denki had made it their mission to entertain Mina with gifts and lots of dancing. And alcohol. 

Lots and lots of alcohol. 

Denki made sure to pace himself, of course. He was a man on a mission, after all, and he wasn’t going to risk getting so sloshed that Bakugou would turn him down. Thankfully, Sero didn’t question Denki’s refusal to take any more shots and he laughed it off when his friend placed a Shirley Temple in his hand. 

Joke’s on Sero; he actually liked Shirley Temples. 

He was honestly a bit impressed by how well Sero could keep up with Mina, their reigning liquor queen. Then again, he’d never actually seen Sero drunk before since he almost always volunteered himself as designated driver whenever they went out. It was still fascinating to watch both of his friends down the alcohol like it was water, their light giggles and the slight flush to their skin the only indicators that they were beginning to feel its effects. 

“Take a shot with us, Denki!” Sero shouted. 

“You haven’t taken any with me!” Mina cried.

“I can’t keep up with you guys,” Denki countered with a smile. “And I don’t want to pass out before Bakugou gets here.”

“Denki hasn’t seen him in months,” Kirishima said. “You guys get to see him all the time ‘cause you work at the same agency. Me and Denki have to sit down and coordinate when we can hang out. And plans don’t always work out, either.”

“That sucks,” Sero sympathized. “I guess we do forget about that a lot.”

“Just one more!” Mina insisted. “A real one and then when Bakugou gets here we can really let loose!”

“Fine,” Denki sighed. “But just one.”

He laughed at Mina’s delighted cheer and followed quickly after Sero in the direction of the crowded bar. Unsurprisingly, he lost Sero immediately amongst the throng of people making their way through the club. Earnest apologies fell from him with every accidental elbow jab or step on someone’s toes. That was always the risk with choosing one of the most famous nightclubs in all of Japan for your birthday party. Despite having three floors and enough space to fit a little over 300 people, Club Echo was already brimmed to capacity. How Sero managed to just glide his way through the sea of bodies all around them without inflicting any sort of damage was beyond Denki. 

Sure enough, after a few more accidental stumbles and toe stompings, he finally found his friend sitting comfortably at the bar. Denki rolled his eyes at Sero’s over-the-top casual pose, shit-eating grin in place with his arm draped over the bar and his left foot across his lap. He made his way over and wasn’t surprised to see Sero chatting up the bartender like they were old friends. Knowing him, they’d probably end up with a free round at some point in the night. 

Sero snickered. “You looked like you just escaped a warzone.” 

“I almost died!” Denki cried dramatically. 

“Have a shot for making it through,” Sero said, offering Denki his drink.

“I’m waiting for—”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sero waved him off with a smirk. “Don’t want Bakugou seeing you shitfaced again, I get it. Hold onto it, at least. Not like it’s gonna bite you.”

Denki sighed, accepting the shot. “I don’t want to make an idiot of myself, okay?”  

“I thought that was the point of tonight,” Sero replied. “Get drunk with Mina, do something really stupid, and try not to puke tomorrow while we’re on patrol. What’s Bakugou got to do with anything?”

Denki had never fought so hard to keep his face completely neutral before. He could swear he was sweating as a horrible realization washed over him. Sero knew something was up with him. He had to. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be asking a question like that away from the rest of their friends. Sero’s expression was still upbeat, his grin in place and his eyes wide with humor. But they’d been friends for six, almost seven years, and Denki could easily see the calculating demeanor behind the cheery facade. 

It never ceased to unnerve him when Sero got like this. He knew his all of his friends were smart, but Sero had such a clever way of hiding the sheer extent of his intelligence. If he didn’t tread carefully, Denki knew that he would end up spilling his guts to Sero. It’s probably what his friend was counting on: for Denki to fall under the pressure of his own anxiety until he felt there was no choice but to fess up to everything.  

However, there was one thing Sero hadn’t taken into account: Denki’s horniness could easily outweigh his anxiety no matter the situation.

“I dropped in the rankings again,” Denki said instead. “I’m down five positions. I haven’t been down that far in four years.”

He paused to take in Sero’s shocked expression, knowing full well that his friend hadn’t been expecting that sort of confession. To be honest, Denki hadn’t expected it, either. Ever since his agency held that meeting with him two days ago, it had been weighing horribly on his mind. And he most certainly hadn’t planned on mentioning it to anyone, either, especially not any of his friends. Denki had always known he was never going to be the most popular hero out there. He didn’t have a powerful quirk or a standout personality like Kirishima or Bakugou. And he certainly never had the confidence that Mina or Sero so easily carried. 

Yeah, he’d made a career for himself as Pro. He’d even argue that he’d done pretty well. It had taken him a lot longer to crawl up the ranks in comparison to Bakugou, Midoriya or Todoroki, but he’d still done it. He was content with trading the fifteen to ten positions for the past six years. Hell, the fact that he’d even been able to break the top twenty in his second year as a new Pro Hero was no fucking joke. He could still remember the massive party his former classmates had thrown for him. Hell, he even remembered the phone call from his old homeroom teacher congratulating his success before slipping into a ten minute lecture about how he should never use his Quirk as a makeshift defibrillator ever again. 

And now, here he was again at rank twenty. While his classmates kept ascending the ranks and trading the top three spots, he was falling behind all over again. Just like he always did. 

Fuck, he didn’t want to be thinking about any of this!

“There’s, um … there’s a new guy,” Denki struggled to say. “Goes by Electra-Strike. He can generate electricity like me, but he can … control it. Like make whips and shit. And he doesn’t shock himself stupid when he overdoes it. He’s, uh, he’s really popular.”

“Denki, you’re a great hero,” Sero said, his voice uncharacteristically firm. “New heroes show up all the fucking time. You’re an established Pro with diehard fans, and your peers respect the ever-loving fuck out of you. 

“I mean, shit! Aizawa-sensei invites you to teach all the fucking time now! You think he’d let you help him train his students if he didn’t believe you were a great example of what it means to be a hero? You’ve literally brought yourself back to life multiple times! And you’ve saved countless lives not just because of your Quirk, but because you always see things that everyone else misses. You really need to give yourself more credit, Denki.”

“Yeah, I know,” Denki shakily replied, blushing hard at the other’s praise. “And I know there’s so much more to being a hero than a ranking. Aizawa-sensei was right about all of that. I’m just ... I dunno.”

“Bakugou hasn’t ever dropped below the top five and you’re feeling insecure,” Sero bluntly finished for him. “And you don’t want to look like an idiot in front of him because you don’t want someone you admire to think of you the way you think of yourself.”

Denki bit his lip. Leave it to Sero to always nail it right on the head. He willed himself not to tear up in front of his friend or the bartender who had politely taken her cue to leave after delivering them their drinks. This was supposed to be a fun night. If not for himself (should Bakugou turn him down), then at the very least for Mina. He wasn’t going to spoil her fun over something as stupid as his recent failures. 


“Denki … Bakugou is not going to think less of you for dropping in rankings. None of us will. Ever. And you’re not stupid, and you’re not a failure. You’ve never been a failure.”

“I … thanks.”

“Have you been seeing your therapist?”

“... Sometimes?”

Denki winced at his friend’s tired sigh. Yeah, okay. So maybe he hadn’t been attending his sessions for the past year and he’d definitely run out of his depression medication a while back, as well. But Denki was doing fine! Really, he hadn’t had an episode in years, and he knew all the tips and tricks to help him get out of one.

He was fine! He really was, okay? 

“Can I ask why?” Sero gently asked. “‘Cause it seemed to be helping you quite a lot.”

“Sero, I don’t want to talk about this right now,” Denki answered, unable to hold his friend’s concerned gaze. “I want to have fun with you guys and celebrate Mina’s birthday. M-maybe another time. Just not right now.”

“I get it,” Sero assured him. “That’s perfectly fine. I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable.”

“No, I like it when you guys check up on me.” Denki smiled. “It … it helps.”

“I won’t tell anyone—”

“I know you won’t. I trust you.”

Denki did his best to return Sero’s gentle smile and tried hard to not feel guilty about what he’d done. Despite his intentions, he had opened up to one of his closest friends about something that had been eating him from the inside. It was easier to breathe under the heavy constriction his self-doubt had caged his lungs in. A heavy weight still rested on his shoulders, but somehow the load felt lighter now. 

So why did he feel guilty?



Denki and Sero shared a twin grin before grabbing their drinks and hurrying back to their friends. Acting fast, Denki grabbed on tight to the back of Sero’s shirt before he could disappear from his sight again. With the aid of Sero and the loud shouting from their other friends to guide them, they quickly made their way past the dense throng of people and to their destination. 

“You’re no fun!” Mina whined. Her face was flushed a deep red, the alcohol no doubt finally getting to her. “I just wanted to see everyone looking nice for my birthday!”

“I’m not one of your boy toys that you can go around ordering to play dress up for your sick fantasies,” Bakugou groused.

“We are her bitches, though!” Sero snickered as he handed out another round of shots to everyone.

Denki barely contained his own pout, disappointed but not surprised that Bakugou had chosen to forgo Mina’s request. Bakugou had never been one to stray far from his comfort zone, only doing so when he or the others forcibly pushed him to. When Mina first sent her request into their group chat, Denki already knew that there was no way in hell Bakugou would follow through with it. The saving grace in this situation was that Bakugou looked hot in everything. So while jeans and a plain black T-shirt weren’t exactly considered “slutty,” the casual outfit made Denki swallow back the saliva that began to pool in his mouth. 

“You could have played along, Bakubro,” Kirishima teased, going to wrap an arm around Mina’s waist to hold her steady. “Mina is the the birthday princess after all.”

“I am the princess!” Mina shouted.

“Oh, just give him some shots and his shirt will be off in no time!” Sero laughed. 

“I want it off now!” Mina pouted, going so far as to slip her hands underneath Bakugou’s shirt to grope at his abs. 

Everyone laughed when Bakugou’s face immediately erupted in a deep blush before he grabbed Mina’s hands and none too gently shoved her back toward Kirishima. Mina took it all in stride, giggling happily when Kirishima placed a chaste kiss to her cheek and wrapped his arms around her waist. Denki wasn’t the least bit surprised when she whined for his attention after Sero placed a quick peck on her forehead. A gentlemanly bow and a kiss to her hand had her squealing in delight and everyone melting at her pleased reaction.

Calling Mina a touchy drunk was the understatement of the century. It only took her a couple of shots before she became desperate for any praise and loving attention she could get from her boys. Even Bakugou, notorious for his aversion to touch, couldn’t resist giving in to her requests for hugs and chaste kisses, albeit only after he had a shot or two himself.

Speaking of which.

“You’re so mean!” Mina whined. 

“You’re such a brat,” Katsuki grumbled. But he kissed her cheek all the same. “Happy, princess?”

“Your princess demands you take off your shirt!”

“Go to hell, Pinky.”

“I have an idea,” Denki said. He shivered under Bakugou’s intense glare, willing his body not to react so openly to the other while their friends were still present. 

Years of pushing the volatile blonde’s buttons and his newfound confidence pushed Denki onward as he approached Bakugou. His mischievous smile never faltered, even under the other’s suspicious gaze as he unclipped his black choker and placed it around Bakugou’s neck. If Denki “absentmindedly” slipped a tongue out to swipe against one of his piercings, well that was just because he was so focused on clipping the choker back together. 

There were so many things Denki wanted to do in that moment. Kissing Bakugou was especially tempting and what he wouldn’t give to grope at those delicious muscles the way Mina had just a moment ago. Fuck, it took every bit of his willpower not to just start grinding against the other right then and there like the depraved slut Bakugou was so quick to call him. It really had been too long if being in Bakugous’s presence was enough to make him desperately will his sudden erection down before the others could notice.

Taking a step back, Denki allowed himself to admire his handiwork. It didn’t change much of anything appearance wise, but to Denki the choker made Bakugou look even more fuckable than before. Mina seemed to agree as well, her excited squeals causing another blush to rise to Bakugou’s cheeks. When she begged Sero to hand over one of his dangling cross earrings, Denki’s brain almost short-circuited. The other’s grumpy expression quickly fell apart at everyone’s attention and barrage of compliments, so much so that Bakugou didn’t even put up a fight when Sero put the earring in for him. 

“Congratulations, you’re officially a member of the Slut Squad,” Sero snickered, raising a shot glass in a mock toast. 

“Fuck you,” Bakugou bit back, clinking his own shot glass against Sero’s all the same. 

“You do look really great, man,” Kirishima said. “Very early 2000s punk.”

“And fuck you, too.”

Denki made a mental note to buy Mina another more expensive birthday present. There was no way he would have gotten to see Bakugou this way if not for her, afterall. Oh, and he should definitely buy her lunch sometime soon since he was actively planning on fucking their best friend. Maybe another round of drinks, as well.

Honestly, he should just give her his credit card and tell her to go wild with it.

“Bakugou, come dance with me!” Mina giggled. “And don’t tell me to go to hell, either! You have to dance with me at least once!”

“You’re awfully pushy,” Bakugou replied. 

“You LIKE it when I’m pushy!” Mina shouted, gesturing dramatically. 

There was a tense moment where they all panicked when Mina accidentally pushed her way out of Kirishima’s hold and began to lose her balance. Fortunately, Bakugou was quick to intercept her, grabbing her arm and pulling her to his chest to prevent her from falling flat on her face. They gave a collective sigh of relief before checking on the state of their birthday girl. 

“Holy shit, Mina! Are you okay—”

“I got her, Shitty Hair,” Bakugou said, a protective arm wrapped around Mina’s waist. “You need to keep an eye on her, Ei. You know how she can get—YOU FUCKING HARPY!”

“BAKUTIDDIES!” Mina cried.

Denki snorted into his shot glass and proceeded to nearly choke on air at the sight of Mina groping Bakugou’s chest. Sero wasn’t much better off, having dissolved into a fit of laughter immediately while Kirishima did his best to gently pry Mina’s hands away from their friend. For his part, Bakugou  was the epitome of a deer in the headlights, frozen in place with wide eyes, and his face glowed bright red. Denki was torn between feeling amusement because of Mina’s antics and horrendous envy for her being able to get away with touching Bakugou so openly the way he had been dying to do since this all started. And yeah, there was a bit of personal satisfaction there as well when Mina was pulled back into Kirishima’s arms. 

“You ready to tap out?” Kirishima jokingly asked. 

“Go fuck yourself,” Bakugou snapped, his cheeks still flushed.

“But I wanna dance with Bakugou!” Mina whined. 

“You will,” Kirishima promised with a wide grin. “But how do you feel about dancing with me for a bit, princess? I’m a better dancer than Bakugou anyway.”

“You piece of shit—”

“Dude, he’s literally trying to help you,” Sero whispered loudly. “Unless you actually want Mina to grab your ass—”

“Shut the fuck up, Tape Face!” Bakugou shouted. 

When Sero only snickered at his response, Bakugou snatched the other’s shot from his hand and downed it in retaliation with his trademark snarling grin. And then proceeded to cough and choke as though his lungs were on fire. If Kirishima hadn’t already taken Mina to the dance floor, Denki was sure they both would have tumbled over in laughter. As emotionally constipated as their friend could be, Bakugou really did have the best facial expressions. Case in point, the sheer scandalized look of shock and betrayal on his face was perfect for some Shakespearean level of drama. 

“THE FUCK IS IN HERE!?” Bakugou screamed. 

“Alcohol, pussy,” Sero wheezed.

“I am going to curb stomp you, you shitty office appliance!” Bakugou seethed. 

“I can’t!” Denki wheezed, clutching his stomach as his lungs begged for mercy. “I fucking can’t—oh my god!”

“I’ll kill you too, you discount Pikachu!”

Yeah, it was definitely going to be a fun night.


Bakugou did eventually end up dancing with Mina. Of course, only after his lungs had fully recovered and Mina had promised not to be handsy with him for the rest of the night. That didn’t stop her from stamping a noticeable kiss on his cheek with her purple lipstick, but Bakugou had only grumbled in response to that. Probably because they were sporting similar ones on their cheeks as well, but Bakugou always had a soft spot for Mina and her antics, so who really knew. 

It was honestly a bit hard to keep track of everyone once they all finally migrated to the dance floor. They did their best to stay close and especially made sure to keep an eye on Mina at all times, even though dancing was beginning to sober her up. Club Echo was so packed, however, that it didn’t surprise any of them when they’d get separated in the midst of a song or after a quick trip back to the bar for more drinks. The only way they could guarantee not losing each other in the sea of people all around them was if they physically held onto one another. 

So it was sort of inevitable that Denki would find himself dancing alone. One second he’d been dancing with Sero, laughing over a joke they could barely even hear, and the next, he was by himself. He didn’t panic, however, since this had happened quite a number of times already. Denki knew that he would find his friends eventually. So for the time being, he contented himself with letting the music wash over him and guide his body into a dance he could feel. A few strangers had taken interest in him, and while they were not who Denki really wanted, he was more than happy to bask in the attention others were so willing to give him. It felt nice to see the barely hidden lust in the eyes of his dance partners, to know that they were imagining all sorts of wicked things they’d do to him if he let them. 

It was easy to pretend that the random hands that would settle on his hips and glide over his bare stomach belonged to someone else. Or that the dirty talk and lewd comments about his body were snarkier and more demanding, knowing full well how more than willing he was to obey. 

He hadn’t given up hope, of course. Denki could be just as stubborn as Midoriya or Bakugou if something important to him was on the line. Contrary to what most people might believe, Denki could play the waiting game. He’d already laid down all the groundwork, and there was no way Bakugou hadn’t noticed him or the outfit he’d chosen to wear. Of course, Denki knew there was always a chance that Bakugou wouldn’t bite tonight, but that didn’t mean everything would be a failure. He had a plan in place to entice his best friend even further if this wasn’t enough to arouse him into action. No matter how tonight turned out, Denki was going to make sure he was on Bakugou’s mind. All he had to do now was wait and see what Bakugou would do—

Denki gasped in surprise, a shiver rushing up his spine, when a set of strong hands suddenly gripped his waist and pulled him back against a familiar body. Sparks of lust ignited within him at the dark chuckle he’d come to associate with the wicked pleasure that only his best friend could provide. It felt amazing to have his back to Bakugou’s chest again, to feel the heat radiating from the other as he pressed their bodies close together. Denki’s cheeks burned with arousal when Bakugou’s hands traveled from his waist to glide up and then grope his chest before sliding back down to almost possessively settle on his hips. A tiny whimper slipped out of him when Bakugou pressed a familiar hardness against his ass and began to move them both in a slight grind to the music. 

“You look like a twink,” Bakugou snickered. 

Leave it to Bakugou to come up with the sweet talk after nearly half a year of them not seeing each other.

“Maybe I wanted to dress up for Daddy,” Denki shot back.

“We’re in public, you fucking moron,” Bakugou hissed quietly. 

“Hmm, so grinding is okay, but calling you ‘Daddy’ isn’t?” Denki laughed.

A loud gasp escaped him at a sharp bite to his neck, followed by a low moan when Bakugou began to suck a dark mark into his skin. Denki hummed in delight, moving a hand to grip Bakugou’s hair. He leaned his head back further until it was resting against the other’s shoulder, more than happy to give Bakugou more skin to bite into. A breathy sigh escaped him as he began to grind his ass back against that delicious hardness, receiving a heavy grunt and another bite to his neck as a reward.

Did Bakugou not care about them getting caught anymore? Sure, the club was massive and the dance floor was beyond packed, but that didn’t take away from the fact that everything they’d done together had always behind closed doors. Was Bakugou really that confident that none of their friends would catch them … well, acting more than friends? 

A quick scan of the space around them showed no sign of their friends anywhere. At the very least, Denki knew they still had to be in the building. Otherwise, his phone would have vibrated with any new messages the others would have sent before heading out. Which meant that they were still here, but where?

The last time he’d seen Kirishima and Mina, they had been dancing together, not too dissimilar from how he and Bakugou were now (sans the biting and grinding). Bakugou had left the dance floor earlier after his dance with Mina was over, so Denki and Sero had stuck together since Mina was intent on clinging to Kirishima. At some point when they weren’t looking, Mina and Kirshima had migrated further into the throngs of intoxicated dancers until it was only him and Sero. Then Sero left to grab more drinks and Denki had been by himself until Bakugou showed up.

Had Sero really been getting drinks this entire time? Maybe he found the others and they were dancing together? At what point would they come looking for him and Bakugou—

“Oi, Pikachu,” Bakugou said. “Don’t go around saying shit I didn’t say you could.”

“Like what?” Denki asked, not even trying to hide his grin.

“You know what I’m talking about, you little bitch,” Bakugou replied. 

“But why?” Denki sighed. “Why do you get to do this, but I can’t say what I want? S’not like anyone we know is around to hear me say it. They’d probably see us first before they—shit!”

A hot blush erupted on Denki’s face, his eyes wide in shock and arousal as he tried to make sense of what had just happened. Bakugou stared down at him with a shit eating grin, daring Denki to do something about the fact that he was groping him in public. Denki swallowed hard and desperately willed his breathing to stabilize. It didn’t fucking matter that his pants were still on or that they were currently plunged in darkness until the DJ’s lights returned. Bakugou was grabbing his dick through the fabric of his skinny jeans.

Holy shit, he was actually going to pass out. 

“Because I fucking said so,” Bakugou whispered. 

He obviously intended it as a threat, but Denki could only moan in delight at how deep and rough Bakugou’s voice was. It was the same exact tone he used when ordering Denki around in bed. There was no denying it now: Denki was hard and he wouldn’t have been surprised if he was fucking leaking at this point, either. 

Much to his mortification, it seemed that Bakugou shared the same thought because he reached for Denki’s zipper and began to slowly pull it down. Denki’s face had to be on fucking fire, his skin felt so hot. His heart thundered in time with the pulsing music all around them as humiliation and arousal warred with one another in his mind. Bakugou barely pulled the zipper down more than a mere centimeter, but Denki knew that his cock had already swelled to full hardness. 

“Problem, Denki?”

Denki had never felt as strong an urge to punch Bakugou square in the jaw and kiss him senseless all at the same time as he did in that moment. He both hated and loved just how pathetically easy he was when it came to Bakugou. Maybe he should be embarrassed, maybe he should take a step back and reevaluate all the decisions that led to this point. Maybe he shouldn’t be getting hard in public or letting his best friend grope and humiliate him like this. Denki knew that he shouldn’t be doing any of this and that he really should tell Bakugou to stop. 

But he wasn’t going to.

Especially not when Bakugou’s other hand began to travel from his hip to graze across his stomach before finding its way underneath his crop top. Denki bit back a whine at the warmth radiating from those amazing hands, unconsciously rocking his ass back against Bakugou. There was something so divinely wicked about being trapped in his best friend’s hold, as though he had no choice but to let the other do what he wanted with him. Denki couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

If not for how packed the club was and that Bakugou had somehow managed to guide them further away from the dance floor to a more unlit area, Denki was sure they would be making a spectacle of themselves. Then again, Club Echo was a very popular hookup spot, so chances were that people weren’t really going to give a shit about anything they were doing.

If Bakugou really wanted, he could probably even turn them around and shove Denki into the wall behind them. It’d be risky, but he could definitely rip the zipper down the rest of the way and even pull out Denki’s dick, if he liked. Denki wouldn’t stop him if that’s what he wanted. Sure, he’d prefer something a bit more private, but then again, he never thought he’d be into getting groped in public, so he figured anything was fair game at this point. Just so long as Bakugou was involved.

Bakugou smirked. “Did you get these for me?” he asked, cruelly pinching Denki’s left nipple.

“Y-YES!” Denki squeaked. 

Shit, he forgot how overly sensitive his nipples were now. The piercer had warned him something like this could happen. Well, she had actually lectured him extensively over the possibility of losing all feeling in his nipples if he didn’t take care of them properly. And there may have been a slight mention of possible heightened sensitivity as well.

Getting his nipples pierced had been an admittedly impulsive choice and definitely not one that Denki could so easily talk himself out of. When he had it done, it had only been two weeks since the last time he and Bakugou hooked up and he was feeling that maddening itch again. Inspiration struck during a trip with Jirou to get matching musical note tattoos and Denki had been immediately obsessed. 

It just made so much sense! The whole reason Bakugou had started fucking him in the first place was because he thought Denki’s snake bites were hot. Logic dictated that if Denki got another piercing, Bakugou would definitely want to rail him the next time they met up. 

The question was … which piercing was he going to get?

Okay, no, there hadn’t been any question. Denki knew immediately what sort of piercing he was going to get. It needed to grab Bakugou’s attention the moment he saw it, but also entice him enough to grab him, force him to bend over and take his cock like the little bitch he was—

Naturally, he went with nipple piercings. So with an amused Jirou holding his hand and an exhausted piercer telling him to calm the fuck down and sit still, Denki chose to think with his dick. Again. And definitely not for the last time.

Denki hadn’t really thought to play with his nipples since he’d gotten them pierced. He’d been focused on making sure they didn’t get infected and hoping they wouldn’t fall off. So when Bakugou began to roll his nipple between his thumb and forefinger, it was an honest struggle for him not to squirm away from the other. 

Delicious sparks of pleasure raced up his spine and throughout his body, his breathing heavy and his vision becoming hazy. He felt dizzy, like his knees would give out from underneath him any second. Whimpers fell from his lips when Bakugou dared to lick the expanse of his neck in time with a particular pinch that had Denki wheezing with the effort not to just scream. 

So focused was he on getting his fucking breath back that it took Denki way longer than it should have to realize Bakugou had finally pulled his zipper down just enough for them both to see that he was most definitely not wearing boxers. A shaky whine left him when the other paused for a moment to take in the little he could see of black lace, green trim and the top of a bright orange X that covered the front. Denki’s cheeks flush hot when Bakugou suddenly yanked his zipper back up and rested his head in the crook of Denki’s neck with an exasperated sigh.

“Really, Pikachu?” 

“They looked cute, okay!” Denki squeaked. His blush deepened at the other’s bark of laughter.

Bakugou chuckled. “You’re acting pretty fucking desperate.” 

“Maybe I am!” Denki defended with a pout. 

“Did you actually get your nipples pierced because you wanted my cock that badly?” 

Another moan escaped him at Bakugou’s playful bite, the hand that had previously been at his zipper moving up to rest on his hip again. 

“I-I was already planning on getting those.” Denki replied. He wasn’t sure why he was even lying to begin with, but admitting the truth to Bakugou was far more mortifying than he had anticipated. 

“You’re such a shit liar.”

He swallowed hard at the other’s amused tone, biting his lip hard to keep any more embarrassing noises from escaping. Bakugou seemed keen on getting Denki to make a fool of himself. A tiny squeak left Denki when his best friend roughly slapped his ass and began to casually grind against him again. He had no idea how his face hadn’t melted off by now. His cheeks were burning so hot that Denki swore he could see steam rising from them. He tried to distract himself by focusing on the music, but even that was difficult. He couldn’t really dance since Bakugou’s hold restricted him from making any movement more than slight swaying. 

“I get to pick your next piercing,” Bakugou said.

Denki shivered at how authoritative his voice was, leaving absolutely no room for argument, only submission, acknowledgement and acceptance. 

Which he was obviously more than happy to give! Holy shit, Bakugou picking out a piercing for him?! Letting the other mark him in a more dominant and permanent way was a dream come true! It was more than Denki could have ever hoped for. Just the thought of it almost made him want to come right then and there. 

“Oh god, I need you inside me!” Denki moaned.

“Watch your fucking mouth—”

“But I want you in my mouth.”


A wild wave of confidence coursed through Denki. All night, he’d been riding it, and the moment to make his landing was finally arriving. It was the only reason he was able to look Bakugou dead in the eye and boldly push forward with his plan. 

“Is Daddy going to punish me?” he coyly asked, slipping his tongue out again.

Bakugou couldn’t take his eyes away from him, couldn’t help but follow Denki’s tongue as he slowly dragged it across his lower lip. There was nothing quite like having those blood-red eyes focused entirely on him as the other struggled to control himself. Knowing that he and he alone could do this to Bakugou was empowering. He loved it even more when the other flushed in frustration and obvious arousal at his antics. 

“I’m going to fucking kill you, is what I’m going to do,” Bakugou seethed. 

Denki didn’t even bother to hide his smile when Bakugou grabbed his wrist and began to drag him away from the dance floor. 

“Bakugou, where are we going?” Denki asked.

“We’re going somewhere I can put your whore mouth to better use.”

Chapter Text

Denki would never get over how amazing Bakugou tasted.

It was practically heaven to finally wrap his tongue around what always gave him such godly pleasure. To be allowed the opportunity to once more suck, lick and swallow down Bakugou’s cock satisfied the deep, dark craving that he’d been hungering for over the past few months. The feel of the other’s nails biting into his scalp sent tingles down Denki’s spine. Especially when Bakugou would grip his hair so tight that it made Denki’s eyes roll back in his head and let out a lewd moan that rumbled around that delicious cock. 

“The fuck’s gotten into you, Denki?” Bakugou gasped.

Denki could only moan and bob his head faster by way of reply. He delighted in all the sounds he could pull out of his friend, the snarky attitude slowing melting away to breathy sighs and pleased groans the deeper he swallowed the other down. 

It was obvious that too much time had passed since they’d last done this. Denki kept gagging and his pace was far slower than he would have liked. He distinctly recalled being able to swallow that divine cock all the way down to the base, blonde pubic hairs brushing against his nose each time he did.

He was working his way up to doing just that, slowly taking in more with each bob of his head. When the ache in his jaw became too much and it felt like he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, Denki would begrudgingly take a quick breather and used his hand instead. He was always quick to get his mouth back where it belonged, though. 

Bakugou seemed to be enjoying himself, at least. Denki was unapologetically greedy for all the sounds he could pull out of Bakugou, and the harsh pants and deep groans told him that the other was more than happy to have him slobbering all over his fat cock. Denki especially loved the way Bakugou would nearly crumple to his knees when ever he’d pull back to suckle at the tip, laving his tongue over his slit to gather all the precum he possibly could. Drool dripped freely down his chin as he struggled to accommodate the sheer girth of Bakugou’s cock, but neither of them gave a shit about the mess. 

Maybe it really was an addiction. After all, they were once again hiding away in the bathroom stall of a night club with Denki on his knees and his mouth around Bakugou. Five months really was too fucking long to go without doing something as stupid and delicious as this. Denki knew for a fact he wouldn’t even last another week without tasting his best friend again. Shit, he’d do anything just to keep sucking Bakugou off. He wouldn’t even mind playing the role of the slutty pet, desperate and always willing to let his Daddy use him like his favorite fuck toy. 

A part of him hoped that Bakugou felt the same maddening need he did. Denki wondered if Bakugou had ever gotten as desperate as him . He wondered if Bakugou had fantasized about him like this, whining and drooling with need for his fat cock. 

“S-SHIT! Fuck!” Bakugou cursed. “Fucking hell, D-Denki!”

Denki moaned in delight when Bakugou unexpectedly bucked into his mouth. He shoved his cock further down Denki’s throat, and Denki suckled harder than before, moving his head faster and encouraging Bakugou to fuck his face. He welcomed the rough hands that suddenly gripped strands of his hair in order to hold him immobile. Denki quivered and gagged at the onslaught, eyes rolling into the back of his head with each brutal snap of Bakugou’s hips. 

His panties were definitely ruined by now. There was no way he hadn’t already made a mess of himself. His dick was aching painfully, tucked away under the constraint of his jeans. He wanted so badly to relieve himself of the horrible pressure that had been building up inside him all night, but he couldn’t summon the will to take care of it. The act of denying himself release while Bakugou chased his own was too tantalizing for him to pass up.

“I’m gonna—FUCK!” Bakugou moaned. “Shit, HNNNG! Fuck, Denki!”

A disappointed whine left Denki when Bakugou slipped his cock from his mouth and yanked his head back to keep him from following after it. Tears sprang to his eyes and left hot trails racing down his cheeks as the other sneered wickedly down at him. Another whine escaped him at the sight of Bakugou stroking his cock in front of his face, so tantalizingly close and yet too far for him to even lick at it. It was easily the worst kind of torture he’d ever experienced in his entire life. 

“Calm down, slut!” Bakugou laughed cruelly. “Gonna come on that pretty face of yours. Don’t you wanna be a good boy for Daddy?”

Denki’s tongue was out before Bakugou could even finish his sentence. His toes curled in anticipation as the other’s groans of pleasure increased with the speed of his strokes. Denki only had to wait a moment longer and Bakugou was coming with a shout in his hair, across his cheeks and into his mouth. He eagerly lapped it up, tongue darting out to gather as much cum as he could. He hardly registered the sticky wetness in his own pants, too high on the taste of Bakugou swirling on his tongue. A deep satisfaction warmed his belly at the other’s bedraggled state, from his harsh panting to the slight tremble in his legs as he tucked himself back in and zipped up his jeans. 

“Did I do good, Daddy?” Denki teased.

“Holy shit,” Bakugou wheezed.

A giddy laugh escaped Denki at the other’s reply. He didn’t question it when Bakugou pulled him up to his feet and began to wipe at the leftover cum on his face with a wad of toilet paper. He bit his lip to contain the giggles that threatened to spill over at his best friend’s suddenly shy demeanor. He couldn’t seem to look Denki directly in the eye and his skin was flushed almost as red as his eyes. It was flattering to know that he was capable of essentially rendering Bakugou speechless, that he could bring out the other’s more vulnerable soft side.

“W-wait here,” Bakugou told him. “Lemme grab something …”

Denki hummed in acknowledgement and moved aside for the other to exit the bathroom stall. He crinkled his nose in distaste at the feel of cum beginning to dry on his skin despite Bakugou’s best efforts. He could only imagine what a mess it was going to be to fix his hair—

“Alright, hold still,” Bakugou said, clicking the door closed again. 

His mind wandered as Bakugou returned to his earlier task, wet paper towels now in hand to make the task easier. Denki wondered if cleaning him was Bakugou’s way of regaining “control” after they’d done something so personal with one another. It was no secret that the other had issues with expressing his vulnerability, and while he’d made great strides since their time at U.A., there were still moments when all Bakugou did was retreat within himself. Of course, he now had close friends who were too nosy for their own good, and they all had their own ways of getting their grumpy friend to open up when the need arose. But it wouldn’t come as a surprise to him if this was just another way for Bakugou to take charge in order to calm his nerves. 

Another part of Denki wondered, however, if maybe Bakugou liked taking care of him, too. Denki definitely enjoyed the soft attention he always received from his best friend in these calm moments. Because it was so rare for Bakugou to express his care for any of them so openly and in such an intimate way, Denki always felt particularly fortunate. He also wondered if this was the other’s way of trying to show that he still cared about their friendship, that he didn’t just see Denki as some random slut he could bend over whenever the urge struck him. 

At least, that’s what it felt like to Denki when Bakugou did this.

“Alright, you should be good,” Bakugou concluded. 

“We should probably get back before they come looking for us,” Denki said.

He didn’t startle when his hand was yanked away from the stall door, only raising an eyebrow in confusion. 

“What about you?” Bakugou asked.

“What are you—Oh!” Denki said. “I, uh, I’m good.”

“... You came in your pants, didn’t you?” Bakugou snickered.

“Maybe …”

“I’m gonna grab some more towels—”

“Bakugou, you really don’t—”

“Fuck you.”

Denki didn’t bother holding back his giggles that time. The giddy feeling from earlier swarmed his entire being, making him lightheaded at his best friend’s actions. It almost felt like he was getting spoiled or something. Wherever this was coming from, Denki was more than happy to indulge in Bakugou’s need to look after him. 


“I want to fuck you.”

Denki couldn’t help blinking dumbly in response. It took him a couple moments to fully register what Bakugou just said, let alone that the other had wrapped his arm around his waist like it belonged there. A spike of anxiety erupted within him, and Denki made a point to jerk his head in the direction of where their friends were still sitting in their booth barely a hundred feet away. Sure, Mina was pretty much comatose at this point from where she sat in the lap of a visibly exhausted Kirishima and Sero had given up on his shot glass tower only moments ago, sprawling facedown across the other side of the booth. Mina’s birthday party was drawing to a close, but just because their friends were clearly out of it didn’t mean they wouldn’t pick up on anything. 

Of course, Denki wasn’t going to remove Bakugou’s arm. The pleasant warmth that radiated from the other was comforting in the way that Denki had only come to associate with his best friend. Not many people ever got to experience it or even witness it, but Bakugou’s protective instincts were a whole other force to behold. It didn’t happen often because that wasn’t how Bakugou did things, but every once in a while he would initiate physical contact with them. Despite the fact that everything he did was typically brash, Bakugou’s rare displays of affection were always so gentle and personal. 

So as risky as it was to let Bakugou hold him so openly, Denki couldn’t tell him no. But as much as he loved the other’s touch, his anxiety at getting caught wasn’t giving him any peace.

“Bakugou, maybe we should—”

“Let me fuck you, Denki,” Bakugou whispered. “Let me fuck that pretty hole of yours. You know I can make you feel good. Right, baby boy?”

Denki shivered at how borderline desperate Bakugou sounded. It took everything in him not to outright whimper at the feel of Bakugou’s hot breath against his ear. A burning spark of arousal ignited within him at the ravenous expression the other wore, the choker and earring Bakugou still wore driving Denki wilder. 

Of course Bakugou would find a way to reignite his teenage bad boy kink!

“Don’t you wanna feel Daddy’s cock inside you?” Bakugou continued, tightening his hold on Denki’s waist as he licked the shell of his ear. “I bet you’re all tight and wet for me. Fuck, come home with me. Let Daddy show you a good time, yeah?”

“Ba-Bakugou, Sero and the others—” Denki struggled. 

“Fuck those guys,” Bakugou scoffed.

“‘Those guys’ are our friends,” Denki whispered back. “And they can see us!”

Bakugou snorted. “They’re practically unconconscious,” he said, smirking down at him. “What? Got a problem with me touching you?”

“Aren’t you worried about what they’ll think?” Denki pushed back.

“Why would I give a shit what Tape Face, Shitty Hair and Pinky think?” Bakugou replied with a roll of his eyes. “Why do you even care?”

Denki was stunned into silence. He didn’t have an answer to that. Was he supposed to have an answer to that? Wasn’t the whole point of all this that nobody else knew? Had Bakugou been open about this the entire time? Did Mina, Kirishima and Sero already know that Denki liked being treated like Bakugou’s personal cock slut? Had Bakugou told anyone else? Did their other friends know? Did Midoriya know? 

Holy shit. They did know. They all had to know. Bakugou just said he didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought about him. Why wouldn’t he be okay with sharing something like this with everyone? 

Everyone knew. Everyone knew that Denki was an actual slut, that he couldn’t stop thinking about the next time Bakugou would use him. He must have looked so desperate when he took off his own choker around put it on Bakugou! And his fucking outfit! His stupid piercings! How could he be so stupid—

“Calm down, Denki.”

Denki hadn’t even realized his eyes were shut until they opened wide at the sound of Bakugou’s voice. He shrank into himself under the other’s intense gaze, red eyes peering into him like an all-knowing seer. The familiar coil of shame tightened its hold around his lungs and made his breathing unsteady as he tried to swallow past the painful lump in his throat.

“What’s wrong?” Bakugou asked.

Blunt and straight to the point as ever. 



“N-not nothing,” Denki immediately backpedaled. “I just … I didn’t know you told anyone. About us, I mean.”

“That’s what you’re freaking out about?” Bakugou questioned.

He felt so childish saying all of that out loud. He sounded like some kind of whiny brat crying over some light teasing. It felt all the more humiliating that he could feel tears building up and threatening to spill over his lashes. If there was anything Denki hated more than looking like an idiot in front of Bakugou, it was definitely crying.

“Denki, look at me.”

He must look like an absolutely pathetic mess, overreacting like a toddler and throwing a mini tantrum was never a good look on anyone. Denki felt even more childish when Bakugou had to lift his chin with a hand to make him finally meet his gaze. 

“This shit’s personal, okay?” Bakugou said. “I’m not going to go around telling people anything without talking to you about it first. I know I’m an asshole, but I’m not a jerk, Denki.”

Oh … so Bakugou hadn’t said anything? Fuck. He really did make a fool of himself for no reason, then. 

“I know, I know,” Denki said, sighing. “It just sounded like … I’m sorry I assumed you’d do something like that.”

“Don’t be shitty to yourself about it,” Bakugou replied. “Makes sense why you would have reacted that way.”

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t fucking apologize for something when you did nothing wrong.”

“... Okay.”

“I’m gonna kiss you.”

“Wh-what? Why—”

Bakugou was kissing him. Bakugou was kissing him and the whole world was spinning. 

It wasn’t anything like the heated kisses they’d traded whenever they made out before. Instead it was gentle and slow, almost curious. Denki marveled at how a simple press of Bakugou’s lips to his own could make him so weak in the knees. He shivered when his best friend moved a hand to cup the back of his neck in order to deepen their kiss, Bakugou’s tongue lightly tracing over his bottom lip. Denki’s hands moved of their own accord, arms wrapping tight around the other’s neck in an effort to bring them closer. 

They were so fucking stupid! They weren’t even trying to hide themselves. They were literally just making out in the open where any of their friends could easily catch them. But Denki couldn’t bring himself to care. All he could focus on was the taste and feel of Bakugou all around him. 

Breathing was becoming harder to do. Hell, it was impossible to even think when Bakugou finally slid his tongue into his mouth. But Denki didn’t want to let go, he didn’t want any of this to stop. If he had a choice between suffocating or pulling away from something so divine, Denki would willingly suffocate.

Fortunately for his lungs’ sake, Bakugou made the decision for him.

“You have no idea how fucking good you taste.” He said with a smirk.

“What is wrong with you?!” Denki whined, hiding his face against Bakugou’s chest.

Bakugou snickered. “You’re the one driving me crazy. Fuck. Can’t get over how hot you look. Just wanna take you home and see you make a mess of those panties again.”

“You can’t just say shit like that!” Denki cried.

“Why not?” Bakugou taunted. “You gonna stop me, Pikachu?”

Denki’s cheeks burned at the audible squeak he let out when the other suddenly grabbed his ass. He whimpered when his semi-hard cock pressed against Bakugou’s thigh, barely resisting the urge to just start humping his best friend’s leg in the middle of the nightclub. His heart raced at Bakugou’s smug grin and he nearly moaned when Bakugou rocked his leg against him. 

“Let me touch you, Denki,” Bakugou whispered. “Let me make you feel good.”

“You say that like I’m going to stop you,” Denki replied.

“I’m not messing around,” Bakugou pressed. Denki swallowed at how deep and breathless his voice had become. “Can’t stop thinking about you squeezing my cock so good. I want to see you lose your mind when you come all over my sheets.”

Denki moaned at the delicious image the other was painting for him. He wanted that, too. He wanted it so fucking bad that his cock literally twitched at the thought alone. It was so tempting to accept Bakugou’s offer and follow him home. He’d assumed the blowjob would be the end of the night’s fun and had satisfied himself with the knowledge that his plan had worked. There was no way he could have possibly anticipated that Bakugou would want even more from him. 

But they’d never done anything like that before. Well, had sex at each other’s homes, to be more specific. Every instance had been in whatever private, tucked away place they could find. Whether that consisted of blowjobs in bathroom stalls, quick handies in hallway closets or brutal fucks in empty offices, neither Bakugou nor Denki had once extended the invitation. 

He wouldn’t lie and say that he hadn’t thought about something like this happening. There had been many fantasies featuring a Bakugou that just couldn’t get enough of him and was no longer satisfied with simply taking Denki in some random location for convenience's sake. No, this Bakugou would drag Denki back to his apartment and fuck him until Denki was nothing more than a moaning, limp whore who forgot his own name. 

So yeah, there was no denying just how much Denki wanted to follow Bakugou home. But something held him back. He wasn’t sure if it was because of how sudden this was or if Bakugou’s inability to stop touching him tonight was making it harder for him to think straight. Whatever the reason, Denki had a feeling that something was changing. Somehow, he knew that things were going to be different after tonight, and he had no idea how to feel about it. 

But maybe it would all turn out okay. Maybe there wasn’t any reason to worry. This was Bakugou, after all. Despite the fact that they’d been doing something that friends never do, everything he’d done since the beginning was to make sure that Denki felt safe and protected. 

“What do you think, Denki?” Bakugou whispered. “Want to continue this at my place?”

As long as he had Bakugou beside him, everything would be okay. 

“Take me home, Daddy.”

Chapter Text

Sex with Bakugou was almost like going to war. Between the deep bruising on his hips, the long trails of scratch marks down his back, and the endless bloody bite marks littered all over his body, Denki knew he would never come out unscathed. The sounds that spilled out of his mouth always made speech difficult the next day, his throat hoarse with the sheer amount of his screaming cries. The near painful snap of Bakugou’s hips whenever he’d savagely fuck into him would make Denki nearly pass out from the sheer intensity of it all. 

How Bakugou was touching him now … It couldn’t be more different.

He was still biting him, of course. It was impossible to get Bakugou to stop marking him with his teeth. Not that Denki was complaining. But the way Bakugou was biting him now didn’t speak to the ferocity which Denki had come to expect from his friend. It was more akin to playful nips with far more tongue than teeth actually involved. His lips and hands wandered more, too, as though he were savoring every bit of Denki’s skin that he could reach. 

Denki couldn’t help sobbing when Bakugou latched onto his right nipple, suckling and running his tongue over it as though it were a fine treat. Hot tears ran freely down Denki’s cheeks as he wailed when Bakugou began to roll his other nipple between his fingers, tugging and pinching it until Denki’s back arched off the mattress.

He involuntarily tightened his grip in the other’s hair when Bakugou finally released his right nipple, only to give the same torturous treatment to the other. Loud gasps and cries continued to escape him, his efforts to quiet himself a complete failure the second Bakugou pushed him into the mattress. Denki would never have called himself a greedy man, but all it took was a swipe of Bakugou’s tongue and he knew he would never get enough. His body seemed to agree with him as his legs suddenly moved on their own to wind around Bakugou’s waist and hold him close.

It shouldn’t be possible for everything to feel this intense! More than ever, Denki regretted never taking the time to actually test how sensitive his chest was with his new piercings. If he had known, he could have at least had some semblance of an idea as to how maddening it would feel to have Bakugou’s mouth on him. It was embarrassing how close he was, his cock once again leaking and making a mess of his Ground Zero panties. 

Just as he had hoped, Bakugou liked how Denki looked in his colors. So much so that even though they had removed all their clothing, Bakugou insisted that he keep those on for just a bit longer. Denki hoped he could take them off soon. Although they weren’t particularly restrictive, he was desperate to release his poor cock from confinement. He didn’t have to check to know that the lace was once more stained wet with his precum. Bakugou did have a thing for making him squirm, though, so he didn’t see that happening anytime soon. 

“Ba-Bakugou, I can’t!” Denki cried. “Stop! Pl-please, I’m gonna—AH! I’m gonna come—”

“Seriously?” Bakugou laughed, letting go of Denki’s nipple with a lewd popping noise. “You’re gonna bust your load over a little bit of nipple play?”

“A little bit?!” Denki repeated. “You’re trying to kill me!”

“Does my baby boy want me to stop touching him?”

Denki loved and hated how quick Bakugou always was to play dirty. 

“No, Daddy.” He sniffled. 

“Could’ve fooled me,” Bakugou teased. A low whine escaped Denki when Bakugou gave his nipple another lick before pinching it again. 

“All I hear is you complaining,” Bakugou continued with a smirk. “What, Daddy not good enough for you anymore?”

“I want you, Daddy!” Denki tried. Fuck, he had a feeling Bakugou was gonna make him beg tonight. “I love it when you use me.”

“Is that so?” Bakugou chuckled. “What if I wanted to fuck you right here and now? Just shove my cock inside you with no prep at all and fuck you through the burn?”

“YES! Oh, fuck yes!” Denki excitedly cried. “Fuck me open, Daddy!”

“... What?”

“I’m ready!” Denki insisted. “Fuck me hard, Daddy! Wanna feel your cock inside me—”

“Slow down, asshole!” Bakugou ordered. “Let me grab the fucking lube—”

“I got it covered!” Denki interrupted, disentangling himself from around Bakugou and jumping off the bed. He giddily fished a condom out of the pocket of his discarded jeans and rushed back to where his amused friend patiently waited for him.

“Figures you’d bring that shit to a club,” Bakugou said, snickering.

“I brought something even better,” Denki teased. 

“The fuck you on about, Pikachu?”

Denki’s smile widened. Dragging his tongue over his snake bites one more time, he slowly pulled his panties off. He loved how piercing Bakugou’s eyes were, how narrowed his focus became as he watched with an intensity that left Denki vibrating with barely contained excitement. Something about having the other’s full attention on him did wicked things to Denki. It made him want to be bolder and do whatever he possibly could to keep those blood-red eyes on him and him alone. Biting at his bottom lip, he rolled onto his stomach so Bakugou could finally see what he had been desperate to show off the entire night.

“Holy shit! Seriously? You were wearing a plug this whole time?”

“Wanted to be ready for my Daddy,” Denki purred, swaying his hips.

“Fucking hell,” Bakugou swore. 

Denki giggled in delight at the other’s reaction. It had been a last minute decision on his part, and he was so happy that he hadn’t talked himself out of it. It had been utter hell to deal with when Bakugou ground relentlessly against him on the dance floor. He’d been convinced that there was no chance of the other seeing it after the blowjob in the bathroom. But then Bakugou had kissed him like the world was going to end and Denki had been jittery with excitement ever since. 

It felt great to know that all his efforts weren’t wasted and that every single step of his plan had been a rousing success—

“O-oh, oh shit!” Denki moaned, his toes curling. 

He had certainly hoped Bakugou would like the green jeweled plug, but he hadn’t expected the other to actually fuck him with it. The lewd squelching sounds from the excessive amounts of lube he had used to prep himself earlier that night made Denki’s skin flush hotter. He let out a gasp when Bakugou suddenly gripped the back of his head and shoved his face into the mattress, forcing his ass high into the air. He squirmed against the other’s hold for a second before a harsh slap to his ass cheeks had him crying out. 

“Stay still, slut,” Bakugou ordered.

“Y-yes, Daddy!” Denki said. 

It was easier said than done. The plug was by no means big. In fact, Denki had quite a few thicker plugs he could have chosen for tonight that would have worked just as well, if not better. But the desire to feel Bakugou’s cock burning his insides after so long was too good to pass up. 

Now, however, it just felt like he was being mercilessly teased, since the plug was only capable of giving shallow thrusts into his wet hole. He knew Bakugou had to be enjoying himself; no doubt the ring of muscle stretching and squeezing around the plug as he shallowly fucked Denki’s hole was too enticing to ignore.

Small moans and gasps escaped him when Bakugou began to pick up the pace. It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy the itch Denki was eager to scratch, but it stoked his lust, and the flames of his arousal burned lightning hot. Feeling bold and hoping to urge Bakugou to cease tormenting him, Denki looked over a shoulder as he reached his arms behind and spread his ass cheeks.

“Fuck, that looks amazing,” Bakugou groaned. “You look like a real whore.”

“Nng! Want—oh!” Denki moaned. “Want you, Daddy. Want your cock inside me —ah!”

“You’re insatiable,” Bakugou snickered. “Such a greedy slut.”

“Only —ah! Only for my D-Daddy’s cock.”

“Keep that shit up and you’re gonna walk around with crutches once I’m done with you.”

“Oh fuck, yyyeeeeeesss!”

“... You have a problem.”

“My problem,” Denki said with a laugh, “is that you haven’t put your cock in me.” 

“What if I don’t think you deserve it, huh?” Bakugou smirked. Fuck, that smug look always made Denki’s insides flip. “You have been awful mouthy.”

“I’ll be good, Daddy!” Denki immediately scrambled. “I’ll be your —oh.” His ass stung from Bakugou’s slap and his eyes rolled back. “Oh fuck, yes! I’ll be your good slut!”

“Oh, you will?” Bakugou taunted with another slap to his ass. “Gonna lie there and let me use you like my personal fuck toy?”

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” Denki cried. “Daddy, please fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“You know what I think?” Bakugou chuckled darkly. “I think a pretty whore like you has been spoiled too much. Going around trying to tell me what to do like you have any right in the first place.”

“N-no, Daddy, I didn’t mean—”

“Ungrateful sluts like you don’t deserve my cock—”

“I’ll do anything!” Denki wailed. “Anything, Daddy! Please, please! I’ll be good! I’ll do anything you want, please! Please, Daddy, give me your cock!”

Denki sobbed wetly at the loud cracks of pain that erupted against his ass cheeks. The air felt like it was being knocked out of his lungs with each relentless slap, his pathetic sobbing muffled by the sheets beneath him. When Bakugou ripped the plug completely out of him, Denki absolutely wailed in dismay. 

“Just like I thought,” Bakugou murmured, his tone dark and breathless, “a spoiled whore.”

“D-Daddy, please!” Denki gasped. 

“Let’s make a deal.”

His entire body trembled as Bakugou’s hands glided languidly down his thighs and then back up to caress his burning ass cheeks. Denki would have mistaken it for a calming massage if it weren’t for how rough Bakugou’s voice was. He shivered in anticipation of what plan the other had in store for him. Knowing Bakugou, it wasn’t going to be anything short of absolute torture.

“If you can keep your whore mouth shut until I say you can scream, I’ll give you my cock. How does that sound, baby boy?”

Yeah. He was fucking screwed.

“Answer me.”

“I’ll be quiet, Daddy,” Denki whimpered. 

“Good boy.”

Denki nearly lost it right then and there, biting hard enough on his lip to draw blood in order to contain his screams at the wet drag of Bakugou’s tongue across his twitching hole. His thighs quaked with the effort to hold himself up when Bakugou licked around the ring of muscle and then dragged his tongue all the way down his perineum to suck at his balls. Fresh tears soaked the mattress beneath as a finger began to slowly circle his rim, dipping just the slightest bit inside before pulling back out again. Denki bit at the sheets and breathed hard through his nose when Bakugou traced his tongue over his taint.

The worst part came when the Bakugou spread his ass cheeks, and it took everything in Denki just to not squirm away. He nearly whined at the feel of Bakugou’s hot breath over his dripping hole and then had to exercise all his will power not to mewl when that devil tongue finally slipped inside him. Denki was hyperventilating at this point, the sheets in his mouth soaked with saliva as Bakugou ate him out like a starving man. His mind grew dizzy as relentless pleasure washed over him in merciless waves. 

When Bakugou added two fingers alongside his tongue, Denki barely held back his orgasm. Panic raced through his mind as Bakugou’s tongue began to lap heavily against his walls and his fingers slid deeper and deeper. It was through sheer willpower that Denki hadn’t made a sound. All that effort would go right out the window if Bakugou were to abuse his prostate—

“What a good boy,” Bakugou mockingly cooed.

Denki wept at the feel of sharp teeth biting into his ass cheek, relieved that Bakugou had ended his assault, even if it was only temporary. 

“Such a good boy for Daddy,” Bakugou purred. 

He was quick to comply when Bakugou pulled him up into a sitting position. He blinked through the thick fog in his mind and tried to regain a sense of his surroundings as Bakugou began to move around on the bed. It took him a moment to gather himself, but when he finally came to what he saw made Denki’s mouth water. Bakugou was resting against the headboard, idly stroking his cock while he waited for Denki to catch up. 

Like a moth drawn to a flame, Denki crawled on all fours until his face was practically level with his best friend’s perfect cock. He swallowed hard at the temptation to reach out and take Bakugou down again, but he held himself back. He held himself back and shivered in delight at the look of approval he received.

“Ride me,” Bakugou ordered with a smirk. “Show me how much you love Daddy’s cock.”

Denki didn’t need to be told twice. Excitement swelled within his being, adding more fuel to the flames of his desire as he crawled into Bakugou’s lap. A long moan fell from his lips when he finally sank onto that divine cock and Denki swore he saw fucking stars when he bottomed out. His body shook with small tremors, the overwhelming feeling of Bakugou’s cock stretching his walls almost too much to bear after so long. 

“Come on, Denki,” Bakugou coaxed, running a hand gently through his hair. “I know you can do it, baby. Show Daddy what a perfect slut you are.”

With a loud whimper, Denki nodded and slowly raised himself. The way his walls clenched tight around the hot cock burning his insides was too powerful. Not for the last time that night, another sob wracked its way out of Denki’s throat as he lowered himself back down again. He moaned softly when Bakugou’s hands gripped hips and guided him through the motions. They spent several minutes that way, Bakugou whispering words of encouragement and praise to him as Denki wept with every purposeful drag of the other’s cock. 

Five months was too fucking long! Did Bakugou honestly expect him not to lose his mind like this when everything was too much and not enough all at the same time?!

He loved how hot Bakugou’s skin felt against his own, how their bodies fit together like they were made for each other. He couldn’t get enough of the fact that Bakugou hadn’t taken off the choker and dangling cross earring. He felt himself melt when Bakugou pulled him down into a sloppy kiss, their tongues tangling together as they swallowed each other’s moans. 

And then like a crack of lightning, Denki was suddenly lost to the arousal burning hotter than an inferno within him. He couldn’t stop from impaling himself over and over on Bakugou’s fat cock even if he wanted to. Incoherent whines and moans fell from his mouth as he chased his pleasure, the coil of arousal winding tighter and tighter.

“Fuck, Denki,” Bakugou groaned. “Shit! You look so good bouncing on my cock.”

Bakugou’s words were like sparks, small explosions that littered Denki’s skin and set him on fire. He wanted to be good, wanted to keep hearing those words of praise as he lost his mind. Nothing compared to how beautiful and amazing Bakugou maked him feel when he was literally fucking himself stupid. 

“Such a good boy,” Bakugou cooed. “Let me hear your voice, baby.”

“Ah, AH! D-Daddy you feel so good!” Denki whined. “I, oh, OH! I l-love your cock —AAAH!”

“Shit, baby, you’re driving me wild!” Bakugou gasped.

“I-I, AH! I love your cock— FUCK!” Denki cried. “Your cock’s perfect! Ah, I want—I want more!” 

Denki hated that his legs were already beginning to tremble, that it was becoming more difficult to fuck himself as fast and hard as he wanted. It had taken a few tries, but he finally managed to angle himself so that fat cock would hit him right where he so desperately needed it. His slowing speed didn’t go unnoticed, and all Denki could do was flush when Bakugou merely smirked at his predicament. 

“Yeah? You want more?” Bakugou teased. “Wanna feel Daddy deep inside you?”

“Yes, oh god, YES!” Denki wept.

Bakugou gripped his hips hard enough to bruise, and a scream ripped out of Denki’s throat as Bakugou held him in place and drove his cock into him. His hands reached out for Bakugou’s shoulder on instinct as his head lolled back. Wailing cries fell from his lips to join the other’s heavy grunts as he continued to fuck up into Denki’s squelching hole. 

“Fuck it!”

Denki let out a surprised squeak when Bakugou suddenly pushed him off his lap with enough force to make Denki fall on his back, the other’s cock slipping out of him. He didn’t even have a chance to whine about the loss before Bakugou was crawling over him and slamming his cock back in without missing a beat. His eyes rolled back when Bakugou threw his legs over his shoulders and really rammed into him. High-pitched mewls of delight spilled  past his lips as he told Bakugou he wanted him deep, and holy fuck, was he delivering. 

When Bakugou began to lap at his nipples again, Denki halfheartedly attempted to push him away. The overwhelming pleasure of that delicious cock stretching him wider with each brutal thrust in combination with the constant slamming against his prostate was already too much for his body to handle. 

He shivered when Bakugou let out an animalistic growl and grabbed his wrist in an iron hold, pinning it above his head. Denki sobbed uncontrollably as Bakugou continued to lap at his pierced nipples before latching onto the right one, his tongue occasionally swirling around it in as he sucked.

A familiar coil was beginning to tighten in his gut, small tremors shaking his entire being while Bakugou suckled. Denki had never been so aware of his nipples before that moment. He’d certainly never seen them this red and pronounced, let alone ever thought that he could come from stimulating them. His poor cock twitched where it lay against his stomach in a small puddle of precum when Bakugou rolled the small nub between his teeth.

“Does my baby boy like it when his Daddy fucks him raw?” Bakugou rasped.

"YES! Shit, YES!!!” Denki wailed. “Oh, Daddy! You’re so—AAAH! You’re so deep! Love your f-fat cock fucking me so good!”

"Gonna let Daddy keep using your dirty little hole, huh?” Bakugou grunted, his thrusts coming faster and harder. “Is my baby boy gonna let me come inside him?"

"Oh, Daddy, please!” Denki cried. “Come in me! I —OH GOD! Oh god, oh GOD!!!   I want it!”

“What a fucking whore,” Bakugou laughed before delivering a lewd lick up his neck.

“Ba-Bakugou, I can’t!” Denki sobbed. “I need —shit! I need, AH!”

“Why don’t you lie there and take it, you slut—”


Maybe if he wasn’t so wound up, Denki might have been embarrassed by his sudden outburst, but there was only so much he could actually take before he reached his limit! It had been so long since he had been properly fucked. Masturbating and fucking himself with his favorite dildos didn’t even measure up to the real thing. The few one-night stands he had since he’d slept with Bakugou last hadn’t come close to satisfying the endless hunger his best friend left behind. 

To have everything he’d been craving finally handed to him after so long in such a delicious and overpowering way was literal heaven and hell. Bakugou had been teasing him all night, mercilessly edging and humiliating him to brink of insanity. All he wanted now was to fall off the edge and curl up in that warm abyss. Only Bakugou could push him over, and holy fuck, was Denki desperate to free fall.

Suddenly, the overwhelming pleasure came to a stop. Denki blinked back tears of frustration as his mind screamed in confusion. He didn’t understand what sort of insanity had consumed Bakugou to make him stop, but Denki was seriously contemplating murder.

“No, no, no!” Denki whined. “Please! Please, I can’t! I need you! Please, Daddy, please!”

He was so close! He couldn’t take any more teasing; he’d lose his fucking mind! He didn’t give a shit that he was acting like the spoiled slut Bakugou had accused him of being. This was too much! Why was Bakugou being so cruel to him? It wasn’t fair—

“Say my name again.”

Denki swallowed hard at the intense look his friend was giving him, his pupils blown wide with lust and his grin wide and borderline manic. Shit. How could he ever have forgotten that expression? It was another one of Bakugou’s rare ones, and he’d only seen it a handful of times. He usually only saw it when Bakugou was truly unhinged, when his wild expression promised absolute destruction and devastation for whoever his gaze fell upon. 

No matter the circumstances, it never failed to take Denki’s breath away and leave him cowering with both fear and arousal. He’d seen many a villain fall victim to Bakugou’s temporary bouts of madness, but he had never been on the receiving end. A shaky gasp escaped him when the Bakugou leaned in closer, their noses almost touching, and drowning Denki in a sea of crimson. 

“Say my name, slut,” Bakugou ordered.

“Ka-Katsuki,” Denki hesitantly whispered.

“I fucking love your whore mouth,” Bakugou said with a dark chuckle. 

“Katsuki, please!” Denki begged. “Please let me come. I can’t—I need you so bad!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.”

Denki’s head flew back and hit the mattress, an earth-shattering scream spilling from his throat as Bakugou fucked him like a wild animal. Pathetic whimpers escaped him when Bakugou finally took Denki’s leaking cock in hand and began to jack him off roughly in time with his unrelenting thrusts. 

“AH, AH! Katsuki, you feel so good —AAAH!” 

“Fucking hell —HNNG!” Bakugou groaned. “Holy shit, I can’t—FUCK! Fuck, fuck! Oh, fuck!”

“Katsu —AH! Katsuki, KATSUKI!!” Denki screamed, a hazy fog filling his mind. “Fuck me, fuck me! Oh god, FUCK ME!”

“Love it when, SHIT! Love it when you scream my name, baby,” Bakugou moaned. “You’re so wet for me, AH!”

“I, I can’t!” Denki gasped. He was so close, so terribly close, and yet his body refused to give him what he so desperately needed.

“Come for me, baby,” Bakugou said. “Let Daddy see you make a mess.”

“I can’t, Katsuki, I can’t!” Denki cried. “I can’t, AH! I can’t, I can’t—”

“You can do it,” Bakugou encouraged. Tears fell down Denki’s cheeks when Bakugou leaned over to tenderly kiss his forehead. “I know you can, baby. You’re so good for me. Such a good boy.”

“Katsuki, I-I—!”

“You’re so beautiful, Denki.”

For a moment, his vision went completely white, and Denki felt the air rush out of his lungs. A strangled cry leapt from his throat as his orgasm finally crashed over him, cock spurting out his release all over his stomach and across Bakugou’s. He panted harshly as he struggled to regain his breath while the other continued to fuck wildly into him, wincing and gritting his teeth at the continued assault against his abused prostate. Fortunately, Bakugou didn’t last much longer, and Denki audibly sighed as that delicious cock spilled warm seed into him. 

He smiled involuntarily when Bakugou’s arms suddenly gave out and he collapsed on top of him. Denki ran his hands tenderly over Bakugou’s back and through his hair, humming quietly as his friend worked through the aftershocks of his release. He couldn’t help giggling at the pleased groan Bakugou made as he touched him softly, giddy that the other was allowing him to see another of his vulnerable sides. 

They lay there for a few moments longer, content to relax in the afterglow. But then Bakugou made a disgruntled noise at the mess beginning to dry between them, and the moment was over. Denki did his best not to pout, even though he knew he’d be thankful later that they took the time to clean up. However, he couldn’t help the swell of disappointment now that Bakugou was separated from him again.

It was just another fuck, after all, and Bakugou probably expected him to leave pretty soon. Denki pushed aside the bitter emotions that were storming within him and waited for Bakugou to return with a towel. If he wasn’t going to stay the night, he might as well soak up all the attention that his friend would give him. 

“We forgot the condom again,” Bakugou sighed.

“S’okay,” Denki mumbled. A loud yawn escaped him before he had a chance to hold it back.

“Oi, dumbass,” Bakugou said. “Don’t you dare fall asleep on me.”

“I’m not …”

I’m not going to stay and make you uncomfortable. 

“You just gonna lie there with cum drying all over you?” Bakugou called from his bathroom.

“I might,” Denki replied.

“You’re disgusting.”

“You’re so amazing at pillow talk,” Denki drawled.

“Fuck you,” Bakugou bit back.

Denki snickered. “You already did.” 

He shouted when a towel suddenly hit him square in the face. He removed it with a laugh as Bakugou continued to peer down at him with his typical irritated expression. Denki’s grin widened when he took in the blush that still clung to the other’s cheeks, satisfied that he managed to rile up his friend again. He made a show of pouting and sighing in disappointment when Bakugou slipped on a pair of boxers, only to receive an eye roll in return.

“Stop being such a little shit,” Bakugou grumbled, reaching for the towel in order to wipe Denki down.

“I thought Daddy liked putting me in my place,” Denki teased, relaxing further into the mattress under the other’s care.

“Pikachu, I will kick you out buck naked if you don’t cool it,” Bakugou threatened. 

Denki decided not to comment on how dark the other’s blush had become.

“So you like my new piercings?” he asked instead. 

Fingers pinched his right nipple and a high-pitched whimper escaped Denki. His breaths came in harsh pants and he shot a glare at Bakugou’s pleased smirk, but the other didn’t stop pinching him. If he hadn’t been sure before, Denki knew for certain that his nipples were going to be erect for the rest of the night. 

“I might,” Bakugou answered.

“You’re such an asshole!” Denki gasped, struggling not to squirm against the other’s hold. No doubt Bakugou was hoping he would so his nipple would get tugged harder in his attempt to escape.


“Bakugou, please let go,” Denki begged. “You’ve been messing with them all night and—”

“I thought you got them pierced for me to mess with it,” Bakugou taunted.

“They’re starting to hurt, okay?” Denki admitted. “I didn’t know it was going to be this intense, and you bit the ever-loving shit out me—”

“Do they actually hurt that bad?” Bakugou asked. He finally let go and a sigh of relief escaped Denki.

“They’re sore right now,” he replied, a deep blush coming to his own cheeks. “It only gets painful when you pinch them like that.”

“Do you need a cream or something for them—”

“No, I’ll be fine. They’re just really tender right now, is all.”

“If you say so …”

It was a bit mortifying to be discussing nipple aftercare, but Denki appreciated his friend’s concern. He was too embarrassed to look at Bakugou after that particular conversation, and thankfully the other didn’t push it. A disappointed hum left him when Bakugou finished his task and threw the soiled towel in a nearby hamper.

Right. Time to get going.

Denki relaxed his expression into one of indifference as he got off the bed in search of his clothing. He anxiously looked around the room and grew antsy when he was unable to turn up even a sock. Where were his clothes? He could have sworn he tossed them on the floor earlier, but they were in such a rush to get naked that it was possible he’d thrown them in a corner or something. 

“I put them in the wash.”

Denki blinked, slowly lifting his head from underneath the bed to see Bakugou watching him from the doorway with a hamper full of dry clothes under his arm. When had he even left? Wow, he must really be out of it if he hadn’t even noticed Bakugou gather all their clothes and leave the room. Denki smiled meekly, suddenly aware of just how naked and exposed he was as his friend walked around his room with an air of ease.

“Here,” Bakugou said, holding out a pair of gray boxers. 

“You want me to put them away or something?” Denki asked. 

He wasn’t sure why Bakugou wanted his help with putting away laundry, but he guessed it wouldn’t hurt to help out. He wasn’t really doing much aside from standing around with his limp dick out, anyway. 

“They’re for you, dumbass,” Bakugou replied. “Not like you can wear that flimsy piece of shit.”

Oh … right. The panties. Yeah, no. 

Denki wrinkled his nose at the thought of putting those back on. Sure, it’d been kind of sexy to wear them while they were still hanging out in the club, but it was beyond nasty at this point. He couldn’t even begin to imagine slipping on cum-crusted panties after Bakugou went out of his way to thoroughly clean him. 

“Thanks,” he said, accepting the boxers. 

“Whatever,” Bakugou said.

A hot blush erupted on Denki’s face when Bakugou placed a chaste kiss to his lips before returning to quickly folding his laundry. Holy fuck, Bakugou was making it so hard to leave! Denki wanted nothing more than to reach out and kiss him again. As much as he hated doing the laundry, he found himself practically melting at the idea of helping Bakugou out with his.

But that would be pushing things too far. 

“The fuck you putting your pants back on for?” 

The question took Denki aback for a second, his skinny jeans barely past his left ankle. He was unable to come up with a response when Bakugou simply continued to stare at him with a raised eyebrow as though Denki was the one being weird. 

“I’m getting ready?” Denki said.

“You trying to tell me you wear jeans when you fucking sleep?” Bakugou scoffed.

“No,” Denki slowly replied. “I just don’t wanna walk around without any clothes on—”

“Take them off and get in bed already, idiot.”

Okay, Denki was definitely in shock now. Bakugou … wanted him to spend the night? As in, they would both be sharing the same bed? All night? Right next to each other?

Did he accidentally slip into a parallel dimension when he put Bakugou’s boxers on?

“The fuck you gawking for, Pikachu?” Bakugou questioned.

“You want me to stay?!” Denki blurted out. He flushed immediately at Bakugou’s unimpressed stare. 

“I asked you to come over to my place,” Bakugou answered. “What? You thought I was just gonna kick you out like some random one-night stand?”

Isn’t that what this is?!

“I just, um …” Denki struggled to find the words. “I didn’t think you, uh … would want me here? In your space, I mean. Yeah.”

“Well, you thought wrong,” Bakugou said simply, putting away the last of his laundry. “Shower’s free if you need it, and I left you a spare toothbrush near the sink.”


“Denki. Stop overthinking it. If I didn’t want you here, I wouldn’t have asked.”

All Denki could do was nod, still caught up in the shock of it all. He retreated to the bathroom and made quick work of brushing his teeth, desperate for any kind of task that could possibly slow his racing heart. A nervous sort of energy was coursing through him and he wasn’t sure how to handle it. 

Bakugou wanted him to stay. Holy shit, he was going to sleep with Bakugou! Like, actually sleep with him. Maybe he shouldn’t be feeling this giddy about having an “adult sleepover,” but Denki couldn’t find it in himself to care. He had no idea if Bakugou’s actions had any extra meaning or if this was just another way his friend wanted to take care of him. No matter the actual reasoning behind it, Denki was simply thrilled that the night wasn’t coming to an end.

After spending an extra minute brushing his teeth, Denki set the toothbrush aside and did his best not to just run back into the bedroom. He smiled at the sight of Bakugou lounging under the covers as he scrolled through messages on his phone, the other having waited for him before turning in. When Bakugou lifted a section of the covers in clear invitation, Denki swore his heart erupted out of his chest. He tried hard to not show how overly eager he was as he climbed into bed, but judging by the other’s smirk, he definitely knew. 

“Turn off the light,” Bakugou instructed. 

“Got it!” Denki said, reaching over to turn off the bedside lamp.

Denki hummed in contentment when Bakugou wrapped an arm around his waist and brought their chests flush together. He would never get over the wonderful heat the other’s body provided, especially when it made things all the more cozy. 

“What are you smiling so much for?” Bakugou asked.

“I’m just happy,” Denki admitted, barely resisting the urge to outright cuddle the other.

His face lit up at the snort Bakugou gave. “Dork.”

“That’s me,” he said, giggling.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” Bakugou yawned.

Denki bit his lip to keep from accidentally calling the other cute. He didn’t want to risk Bakugou changing his mind about this whole thing, after all.

“I’m free, actually,” he said.

“Hmmm, same,” Bakugou replied. “Gotta run a few errands tomorrow. I’ll drive you.”

“Huh?” Denki asked.

Drive him where? Why did Bakugou think he needed a ride? They didn’t live that far from each other. Hell, the nearest subway was only a ten minute walk, and it’s not like he couldn’t afford a cab if he didn’t feel like making the trek.

“I said I’m gonna drive you,” Bakugou repeated. 

“Why do you need me to come along?” Denki asked.

“It’s Wednesday tomorrow, idiot.”

Denki raised an eyebrow at the other’s matter-of-fact tone. He had a feeling he was missing something important here and he wasn’t sure what.

“And?” he pressed.

Bakugou sighed. “That’s when your fucking appointment’s scheduled,” he said, his tone somewhat exasperated. “It’s on the way so just let me fucking drive you, and I’ll take you back home when I’m done with my shit.”


“... Oh. Uh, you don’t have to do that.”

“I don’t have to do shit,” Bakugou snorted. “But I’m fucking going to so just accept it.”

“Bakugou, I—Well, the thing is … I, uh, don’t have appointments anymore …”

“Why the fuck not?”

“Because I don’t need them?” 

“Why did you phrase that like a question, Denki?”

Well, shit.

“Are you up to date with your meds?” Bakugou questioned.

“I’m better now,” Denki argued. “I don’t need them, so it’s fine—”

“Bullshit!” Bakugou shouted. “That’s not how that shit works and you know it!”

“Bakugou, I don’t want to

“What happened?” Bakugou asked, very much awake and visibly incensed with Denki’s responses. “Did the therapist try to fuck with you or something? Did they say some shit that messed with you?”

“No, no,” Denki murmured. “Nothing like that.”

Denki watched as Bakugou took a deep breath in an obvious attempt to calm himself. Ugly shame swelled within him as he pulled the covers closer to himself. He didn’t like making his friends feel terrible because of his own messed up issues. It had been hard enough to open up to Sero, and the thought of doing the same with Bakugou was overwhelming.

“Denki, try to help me understand,” Bakugou gently said. “I thought they were helping you. The last time we talked about it, you seemed to really like going there. What changed?”

“I was embarrassed, okay?” Denki admitted, wiping away a tear. “I’ve been fucking up so much lately, and going there just felt like proof that I couldn’t handle it.”

Great. He was fucking crying. Denki turned his head to the side and lifted an arm to cover his face. He really was pathetic. This was supposed to be a fun night and he was making a mess of everything all over again. Bakugou must be really annoyed with him losing his shit like a toddler

“I see someone, too.”

“W-what?” Denki sniffled.

Against his better judgement, Denki lifted his arm and turned back to face Bakugou. Despite how dark it had gotten, he was still able to make out the other’s face, red eyes staring back solemnly. He swallowed past the lump in his throat as he patiently waited for the other to respond.

“You’re not the only with issues,” Bakugou sighed. “Been going since I got kidnapped by the League in first year.”

“You … you never said anything” Denki slowly said. 

“I didn’t want anyone to know,” Bakugou replied, his expression pinched. “It was mandatory. Couldn’t resume classes unless I agreed to see a trauma therapist for a few months. Fucking hated it.”

“Why, uh, why did you keep going then?”

“... Because I wanted to actually be the best instead of pretending I was.”

Denki didn’t know what to say to that. He’d never thought Bakugou would have insecurity issues, not with his personality and relentless drive. Every memory he had of Bakugou was of the other throwing himself headlong into danger for the sheer thrill of it, never once apologizing for his brashness and never faltering to take what he wanted. He exuded confidence with every fiber of his being, and the very idea that Bakugou would even doubt himself was hard to believe. 

Then again, others had said the same sort of things about him. Denki was too happy, too mischievous to be depressed. There was no way he could have frequent anxiety attacks; there wasn’t any reason to. He was a notorious slacker, anyway. If he would just study harder and take things seriously for once, then he wouldn’t be falling behind so much. 

Maybe he didn’t know Bakugou as well as he thought … 

“Look, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” Bakugou said. “But you need your meds. While we’re out, I can help you schedule an appointment or something.”

“I don’t want to bother you,” Denki said quietly.

“Maybe I want to be bothered.”

Denki pulled the covers over his head, too overwhelmed by Bakugou’s sincerity to face him. His face flushed hot at the other’s snickering, but he didn’t fight it when the covers were lifted. The chaste kiss to his forehead made his insides melt, and it wasn’t long before he was scooting closer to feel more of that delicious warmth. 

Things were still messy, maybe even more than they had ever been before. His emotions were all over the place tonight, and Bakugou kept doing things that made his head spin with the effort it took to keep up. Denki wasn’t afraid, per se, but he was a bit anxious. He knew for a fact that Bakugou would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. It was becoming obvious that he cared a great deal about Denki’s happiness, and the fact that Bakugou felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with him spoke volumes. 

No, Denki wasn’t afraid. He trusted Bakugou, trusted him with his heart and his life. A part of him wondered, however, if he was selfish for still wanting a label to describe what he was feeling. They were obviously close friends, even if their actions blurred the lines quite a bit, and they cared deeply for one another. Would it be okay if he asked Bakugou for a bit more clarification on where they stood? 

“Hey, Bakugou, what

“Katsuki. Call me Katsuki.”

“... Katsuki, what, um … what are we?”

“Whatever you want us to be.”


“Do I ever say shit I don’t mean?”

A soft grin lit up Denki’s face and he snuggled closer to Katsuki’s delicious warmth.