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Midoriya was coming down for a snack from his room when he heard yelling. Which in the common room was normal, but it just doesn't stop suddenly. That was what was worrying him. It could be anything. It be Aizawa came in and told them to quiet down. It could be that someone came in. It could be villains, but that crazy we are in a highly secure location that has walls and would be impossible to get through, even though they have gotten through twice, still it was the dorms on UA campus, no villain is that stupid, like why would you do that? Are you trying to get arrested. It is possible though to get through with the apparent traitor around, It could get ugly real fast so he should probably hurry up and go look, but he could be totally wrong an its just his brain playing tricks on him, or he could be right about the vill- Midoriya brought both hands up to his face an slapped his cheeks. He was mumbling again. 'I really need to work on my mumbling' He thought. He sighed. 

He noticed it was still very quiet. He slowly walked down the stairs and peaked into the common room. His eyes widened at the sight of the common room. He took about 10 steps into the room. It looked like a fricking war zone. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was Ice, Tape, acid and Scorch marks everywhere! Also holes in the walls, plus cracks! The couchs where knocked over or frozen. Pillows were taped to walls, But the most obvious thing that was taped or frozen to the wall was his idiot Boyfriend. Mina was on a somewhat intact couch panting, Kirishima on the ground next to her. Bakugou was taped to the celling!? Todoroki was leaning against a wall looking exhausted, and Kaminari was going around the room going "Wheee!" He had obviously short circuited.    

"What happened in here!?" He said loudly looking around, arms up in the air. Todoroki looked up.

"Ah, Midoriya, We were playing Tag." Todoroki stated as if it was obvious. 

"How could I have been so stupid, of course you were playing tag." He said sarcastically. "wHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WERE PLAYING TAG, IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING WAR ZONE IN HERE!?" He shouts.

A bunch of people groan as once at the loud noise. Midoriya winced and mumbled a sorry. Todoroki looked slightly taken aback by Midoriya yelling, but he recovered quickly. He too finally looked around the room. He just hmmphed at the sight of the common room. He turned back to Midoriya. 

"Midoriya, can you help us get Bakugou an Sero out of there prisons?" He said calmly like this was a everyday thing. 

Midoriya sighed. "Yes, I will help you clean up your mess, God Todoroki-kun how did you even get dragged into this?" He asked.

Todoroki just shrugged an started to melt away his ice. Midoriya sighed, He looked around the room, thinking where to start first.

He walked over to Mina and Kirishima an asked if they were okay. He also suggested that they go to their rooms for the rest of the day, They complained that they couldn't move, but when he mentioned Iida they ran so fast Midoriya almost fell over. They somehow took Kaminari with them. Bakugou had managed to get down from the celling with no help at all. He reluctantly went over an helped Todoroki with the mess around the couches. That left Sero to Midoriya. 

He walked over to his Boyfriend who was looking very exhausted and taped/frozen to a wall. 

"Well, Well, Look what we have here" Midoriya said in a teasing tone with his hands on his hips.

Sero chuckled. "I've been caught fair and square mister hero, but will you please release me" He said smiling and waving his hands around.

"Hmmmm, give me a reason to set you free" He said crossing his arms.

Sero whined. "C'mon babe, I am half frozen here and you can get cuddles an kisses if you set me free~" He smirked.

Midoriya blushed deep red at the nickname and offer. He was still new to this even if they have been dating for four months. He sighed.


"Fine, I guess I can set you free" He said as he grabbed the tape/ice and ripped it off in one go. Unfortunately Sero came with the tape too because its tape, its sticks to things. Midoriya seemed to forget that for a second. They both almost fell, but thanks to both their reflexes an balance they didn't bust their asses. Sero laughed airly. 

"Careful there babe, I could've sworn you were just trying to get me on top of you~" He said teasingly. Midoriyas face got even redder somehow.

"Shut up." He mumbled and lightly hit his arm. "Just let me get the tape off of you, you dork" He said softly. Sero smiled and kissed his cheek. He let Midoriya work, and it did take a while because there was a lot of tape. They also had to help Todoroki and Bakugou to get the pillows and pick up the knocked over shit. Thankfully there were no holes or tears in the couches, which was a miracle on its own.





It took them all about 3 to 4 hours, with some help from the others every now and again. No one told Iida what happened because by the time he came in there were the only things that were damaged was the walls by via acid, Kirishima, Kaminari, and explosions. After everything was cleaned up, The rest of the bakusquad + Todoroki and Midoriya went to there rooms to go to sleep. Midoriya joined Sero in his room for some needed TLC. 

"Ya know, if I just had to play handcore tag to get soft makeout sessions an cuddles, I would've done it sooner." Hanta said smiling smugly looking down at Izuku who was laying his head on his arm. 

Izuku scoffed. "If you keep doing this, I will revoke kisses don't test me Hanta." He said seriously. 

Hanta chuckled. "I hear you loud an clear." He said saluting. He did not want to lose kissing privileges. Those were precious. 

 Izuku scooted up a bit so his head was closer to Hanta's. "That's what I thought" He said softly leaning in and slowly kissing Hantas lips. Hantas hands wrapped loosely around his boyfriends waist and hummed into the kiss. 

'Yeah this was totally worth it. Totally.' He thought happily.