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Please Let Me Take You

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It was another night of watching him on your television. How high and mighty he looked, snapping at the reporters huddled around him. Although he sounded angry, the pride and haughty tone he held said differently. You muted the report, unwilling to listen to him talk down to his pandering masses any longer. It wasn’t a surprise, he had warned you from the first date that his work took preference. What you didn’t expect was how you now felt like a guest in your own home.

You felt like you were barely there, existing. Melting into the decorations-none of which were yours. You had moved in with Katsuki Bakugou six months ago, although you had been together for almost five years. Your head rested on your hand as you glanced over your living room, sparse and designer. It looked more like a showroom than anything. Why wouldn’t it, no one was ever home to live in it. A glint of red caught your eye, prompting you to look at the extravagant ring nestled on your finger, sharp points tugging on your skin.

He proposed a few months ago in this very living room, not that many people even knew you existed. You were a blank face in the eyes of the public, “Ground Zero’s Fiancee.” No name, no pictures, just sparse mentions every few months when some cocky reporter decided to dig into Katsuki’s personal life. You would be a liability if people knew who you were, he said, and like always you gritted your teeth and nodded along. It was all part of the package for dating a hero and not being one yourself. You wondered if he would even make it home tonight.

Maybe you were being too harsh on him, but it was hard not to think about how different your life was now compared to when you first met him.


You were 23 when you met him, in a new town, working towards a new degree. You didn’t have time for anything besides your studies. No new friends, no new hobbies, just your head stuck in a book. You were skimming over the material you needed for the day’s classes as you stumbled off of the train and onto the sidewalks. He had been out of his hero costume, but people still moved out of his way as he strolled along. Except you, too busy to notice.

You ran headfirst into his chest but he didn’t budge. You simply looked up with a glower, straightening out any papers that bent during your collision. With usual Katsuki grace, he scoffed down at you.

“Most normal people apologize when they run into someone.” You sneered at the boy, causing his eyes to widen. The two of you would bicker for the next ten minutes until you noticed the time and ran off, not even dignifying the angry boy with an explanation. You had, however, left without some of your documents.

It was a lucky break for him that the papers you left had been for a resume. Your name, phone number, and address were printed neatly in the corner. That’s how he found you that night, waiting outside your apartment building as you drug yourself in from a long day. You remembered his smirk as he talked to you.

“You really don’t know who I am, do you?” You shook your head.

“Why, are you supposed to be famous?” He let out a bark of a laugh.

”Let me treat you to dinner and I’ll let you know.” An answer wasn’t expected, he had already turned to walk off, motioning for you to follow.

The following years were filled with precious memories. If they hadn’t been, you think you would have already left. Every time you thought of leaving, you remembered the times Katsuki would show up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he just wanted to be next to you, laying on your chest with your hands in his hair. Other times he came still bleeding from a recent attack. You lost count of how many nights you had sat on the edge of your bathtub stitching shut the gashes and cleaning the scrapes.
Even the seldom times he introduced you to his friends were precious memories for you. You don’t know how you could have survived this relationship without the unwavering support of Mina and Ochako. Even Kaminari had grown on you in time. What would you do without them now?

All you had was a cold, empty house, a degree that was little more than another frame on the wall, and fewer friends than you could count on one hand.

You turned your attention back to the television. Katsuki wouldn’t be home any time soon if the attack you were watching was live. This meant you had two options: Sit at home to wait diligently for your fiance to return and hope he doesn’t crash at the office, or leave and do something with yourself. The choice seemed easy to you now, the house seemed to be closing in on you. Your fingers flew over your phone screen, sending a swift message before you flew out the front door.


Ochako opened her door at your first knock. She tried enthusiastically to hug you, but it was pretty difficult for her to maneuver around her distended stomach. Katsuki didn’t necessarily like you being so close to Mrs. Midoriya, but she was one of the few people you could talk to candidly about your life with the pro-hero. He liked it even less after her pregnancy announcement, complaining that it was only another thing Midoriya had beaten him to. You honestly thought the whole rivalry was a bit one-sided and childish, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Of course, after learning that and being recently engaged, Katsuki had convinced you that the two of you should try. You weren’t sure if you were happy that he hadn’t been home at the right time for you to fall pregnant or not. Just another drop in the bucket of things that hadn’t been going right.

You shook yourself from your thoughts, you came here with the intent to leave your thoughts of Katsuki at home. Ochako deserved more than to be your emotional dumping ground, even if the two of you would end up speaking on it eventually. You let yourself be ushered into Ochako’s home, curling up on your regular spot on the couch while Ochako brought you tea. You knew that Ochako needed these moments as much as you did, she wasn’t taking her long maternity leave very well.

“So, Y/N, what brings you to my humble abode today?” She had a grin hidden behind her teacup as she sipped. You sighed, tangling your free hand into your hair and letting your head rest in your palm.

“The usual, I’m tired of sitting at home when I know Katsuki won’t be home half the night.” You blew a piece of hair from your face. “Plus I figured my favorite momma-to-be could use a little distraction.” You smirked right back at her, joining in on her good-natured chuckle. The two of you often commiserated on feeling like useless dolls, sitting at home and looking pretty until their big strong men came home. You, from the lack of a job close enough to commute to in your field, and Ochako from her forced vacation. If the worry for her unborn child wasn’t in the equation, you were sure she’d still be out in the field working rescue missions.

Alas, one of the things that Katsuki and Izuku shared was their unwavering stubbornness when it came to their girls. God knows how many times you had tried to convince Katsuki that moving to a slightly less affluent neighborhood would only increase his commute by a few minutes, but open plenty of doors for you career-wise. At least Ochako’s issue had a time limit.

“So how much longer until you pop?” Ochako rolled her eyes, you had a habit of comparing her to a balloon since you had first met. You had wondered if she lost control of her quirk if she would just float up into the atmosphere, joining all the lost balloons tumbling in the wind. Izuku had gone quite pale at your ramblings, and it took her a few weeks to calm him after.

Her hand roamed her stomach, stopping if she felt the pressure of a small hand or foot pressing up against the heat of her hand. “It shouldn’t be much longer now, probably a month or so.” She had a sweet smile on her face, and you were sure that motherhood would agree with her, “Izuku finished the nursery a few days ago, just in case I go early. Knowing him though, I think our baby will stay cooped up as long as they can.”
You giggled in response, thinking back fondly on the days you spent here when Izuku had the day off. Ochako could barely get him out of bed before noon, and he would wander the house wrapped in a quilt for a few hours after. It was always a stark contrast to his energy when he was out in public, and you wondered how he would fare when his late mornings were interrupted by their child’s cries. At least he would be there. You wondered if Katsuki would return home more often if you were pregnant…

Ochako had placed her hand on yours, squeezing softly. You had talked with her before about this and you had no want or energy to talk about it again. “Wanna get dinner?” You said instead. She nodded her head, giving you a soft smile before shuffling to her feet. You waited at the door for your friend, allowing her time to get herself ready around her bump.

The plus side of having pro-hero friends were being able to get into fancy restaurants or hero-specific clubs. With a flash of her hero’s license, or more likely just by her status, and you two could be shuffled into a private room or exclusive bar. Ochako complained about not being able to wander around to smaller mom and pop shops anymore, but you much preferred this to the few times you had been ambushed by her or Katsuki’s fans.

This was one of the more low-key places Ochako favored. Instead of full private rooms, the booth had a sheer curtain separating you from the main area. Plus it had copious amounts of baked goods and Ochako’s sweet tooth had not been tempered by her pregnancy. She always seemed to glow when she bit into a particularly good danish or Mille crepe. You had let her take over the conversation, naturally swaying towards her growing excitement and impatience to have her child. Although you weren’t sure if or when you’d be okay with having a kid with Katsuki, you were overjoyed for your friend. Plus you were damned determined to be the best auntie to her kid, that was at least one thing you could do.

Ochako’s phone chimed as she was alternating between munching on a raspberry danish and debating if snaps or zippers were better on onesies. You had no idea. She glanced at her phone quickly, shoving the remainder of the treat into her mouth. You stifled a giggle, the raspberry filling had smeared across her cheek in her hastiness. “C’mon, Y/N, we’ve got plans.” Her eyes lit up with excitement. You let yourself be pulled from the booth, but quickly stopped Ochako to clean off her face.

“Alright, what’s the plan?” You huffed as the crisp fall air hit your face. “I just got a message from Mina, she wants to meet up tonight.” You perked up a bit at that, it was never a bad night with Mina around. Plus Mina was bound to be out much later than Ochako.

The club Mina sent you was a bit farther from home than you went on your own. You always wanted to be nearby in case Katsuki came home, but you couldn’t find yourself caring tonight. Ochako led you to a discreet door, manned by an aloof looking guy dressed in dark, muted colors. Ochako flashed her hero license and he nodded sharply, grabbing the door. She grabbed your hand, tugging you along after her, and you released a breath when the security guy only looked you over instead of stopping you.

There were a lot of familiar faces in the small club. It was getting pretty dark outside, and the night scene was starting to come alive. If you hadn’t been with Katsuki for so long, you may have been a little starstruck at the heroes walking around casually. You were a little desensitized, dating one of the top five and being besties with another’s wife. Ochako had wandered to the bar, ordering herself a kiddie cocktail to make herself feel included. You had found this extremely adorable, watching her fidget with the cocktail umbrella. You hadn’t gotten a word out to the bartender before you were nearly bowled over by an inebriated Kaminari.

“Y/N~” he whined, nuzzling his head into your chest. “We missed you, you never come out.” He came to his senses momentarily, removing himself from you and scanning the crowd for an angry blonde coming at him. Once he was content that Bakugou wouldn’t show up out of the crowd and set off an explosion in his face, he returned to your chest with a satisfied sigh.
“Oh, Minari… never change. Actually, please do.” You chuckled, extracting yourself from his grasp. Mina and Sero followed soon after, much more sober than their friend. Mina gently pushed Kaminari away.

“Come on, you horndog. You’re taking my spot.” Her serious facade faded as she jumped to you, repeating Kaminari’s actions and burying her face in your chest. You wrapped your arms around Mina while Kaminari pouted. He flung himself onto Sero’s shoulder.

“How are we supposed to get any cute girls when Mina keeps stealing them?” He looked up to his friend for support but Sero just shrugged.

“I think Bakugou had dibs on this one before Mina.” He grinned widely. You were starting to feel more like yourself surrounded by these idiots you called friends. Going out was definitely the right choice tonight. You squirmed in Mina’s hold, getting her arms around your waist as you finally ordered from the bar. You took your drink with a quick thanks and sipped slowly as Mina dragged you to their table. Kaminari had already abandoned the group, looking to sway some new hero into his bed. As usual, you doubted he would convince anyone.

A few drinks later and your group had a good collective buzz. Kaminari was still going hard out on the floor, desperately trying to get anyone to dance with him. Ochako lived vicariously through her friends as she babied her virgin drink. The drinks were finally loosening you up to complain about your current predicament, and Mina was encouraging you to no end.

“That douchenozzle!” She keened, “If you were my girl, I’d have you on my arm at all times, and I’d come home every night.” She leaned over the table licking her bottom lip slowly. You laughed off her bold attempt at flirting, knowing that she would never take you from her friend. Although at this point, her offer did seem a bit enticing. Sero was little help with commiseration.

“I mean, it’s Bakugou. We were all really surprised he even had a girlfriend.” He shrugged. Ochako nodded along sadly. You shrugged in return.

“Enough about my problems, why don’t you guys reminisce about high school so I can hear more embarrassing stories.” You waved them off, taking a long swig of your drink.

Ochako called it a night after a few stories. You offered to return with her, but she insisted you stay.

“I’m pregnant, not disabled. I can get home just fine.” You pouted at her, still not sure if you should stay.

“You sure?” She nodded, smiling back at you.

“You need to get out like this. And I need to go to bed. It’s tiring growing a whole person.” She giggled again, and you walked her to the door. After a quick hug, you watched her settle into her car before rejoining your friends. It seems that Kaminari had finally given up the chase, instead choosing to lay his head upon the table, half-awake. You came up and ran a hand through his hair, enjoying the way the static made it cling to your hand.

You would never have been able to do this if Katsuki was here. You had been starting to wonder if you were actually happy with Katsuki, even outside the issues with his hero work. You would have to think about it another time when you weren’t on the verge of being drunk.

Now that Ochako had left, Mina had no qualms about dragging your group to the dance floor. Another drink had you in the right mood to lose yourself to the bass. It felt like time had both stopped and went by so quickly. The small club was packed with heroes and their friends, bodies pressed up against each other. You had lost sight of your friends, but you weren’t too concerned. Mina had ways to find you if she needed to.

You felt arms encircle your waist, a feather-light touch. It must not have been Kaminari or Mina, because this person was letting you move from their touch if you wished. You felt a little rebellious and let them keep their hands there. They swayed with you to the music, not invading your space any further. You turned around in their grasp, meeting bright red eyes. It threw you off for a second, but you recovered quickly. You quickly motioned to the bar and made a drink motion, mouthing sorry. You wormed your way from the crowd, catching your breath as you made your way to the bar.

Another drink in your hand, you sat at the table. You took a hearty sip, not knowing when the next time you were going to be able to enjoy a night out was. Might as well enjoy it to your fullest.

The clearing of someone’s throat was the only warning you had before the guy from the dancefloor seated himself across from you. He smiled brightly at you, looking a little nervous.

“Sorry if I scared you back there. You just looked like you were having fun and I’m kind of new around here.” You quickly set your drink down, waving your hand at him.

“Oh no, it’s totally okay.” Poor dude, of course, had no idea what was going through your head tonight. You had a chance to take a good look at him now, and the red eyes were the only thing he shared with Katsuki. His hair was black and fell to his shoulders. Choppy bangs hung down to his nose, almost entirely obscuring his eyes from your view. His grin was sharp, and you wondered if he had some sort of shark quirk. He pushed the hair back from his right side, showing his glowing red eye and a thin scar trailing through his eyebrow.

“Kirishima Eijirou.” He introduced himself, sticking a hand out to you. You returned the gesture and gave him your name. He twisted your hand gently in his grip, showing off the heavy ring- still a bit too gaudy for your taste. “Looks like you have a lucky guy on your hands.” He grinned at you, letting your hand go. “I hope he doesn’t mind that I danced with you.” The way he rubbed his neck reminded you briefly of Kaminari.

“Oh no, it’s fine- I mean he is a hothead- but he’s not here.” You were babbling over your words. “An innocent mistake, I’m sure. I won’t tell if you won’t.” His smile widened and he nodded. “So, uh, you’re new around here?” He hummed in affirmation.

“Yeah, I’m just getting back into the hero scene. I had to take some time off.” You nodded politely.

“I really think that more heroes should take more time off for themselves and their families.” You hadn’t meant for that to sound so bitter, but Kirishima just laughed.

“Not a hero then?” You shook your head meekly.

“My quirk is barely worth mentioning.” You shrugged.

“Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice to take a break.” You leaned in closer, not expecting your bitter tone to be mirrored back at you. He noticed you are interested and let out a defeated chuckle. “I got too full of myself for my own good. It was right at the start of my hero career, straight out of high school.” You sipped on your drink, enthralled in the story already. “I had picked an agency with my best friend. Well, he was my best friend at least, I’m not sure he even considered me a friend at that point. Anyways, he’s got a real bad temper, set off by everything. We were on our first big job as sidekicks, not really ready for it if I’m honest. We end up losing the guy we were following. He goes berserk, scaring all the civilians around us- and get this- the guy we lost? Wasn’t as far as we thought. Now he knows heroes are tailing him and it’s turning into an all-out brawl. The guy had a lot more people on his side than we thought, and we were only supposed to be doing recon. This guy was just a pawn in a larger operation, and now it would take months to track down the main branch. This only sets off my friend more. Sure, we get the guy we were tailing, but there was no way we could have restrained all of the others that had run. So he’s still going off, and I’m trying to be a bro. I was known by our friends as the only one that was able to handle him. And then I go put my hand on his shoulder. Should have been ready, but he threw a hook at me, quirk and all…” His hand goes to his hair, pushing it back. You couldn’t hold back your gasp.

Stretching across the bridge of his nose, across his left eye and disappearing behind his ear stretched a scar. You could tell it was old and well healed. The hair of his eyebrow had grown back, and the skin didn’t look too rough, but it was pale white in comparison to his tanned skin. The edges near his eyebrow and nose seemed a little rough, and some points looked like they pulled at his skin, but you also noticed how piercing it made his eyes. You had downed your drink during his story, and your inhibitions were clearly nonexistent as you reached to touch his face. He looked shocked as your palm cradled his cheek and your thumb swept over the skin under his eye.

“Sorry, I… don’t know why I did that.” You laughed, pulling your hand back. His eyes softened and he smiled at you. He cleared his throat again.

“Anyways, I got lucky. We had a lot of good healing quirks at our disposal, but I still lost some sight and most of my hearing on my left side. Took a long time to be ready to protect people again.” You were awestruck by his tenacity. “Now I’m back, trying to get in touch with some friends from high school. I heard some of them may hang out around here.” You looked around, although you weren’t sure who exactly you were looking for until someone called your name. Sero was at the door, dragging a barely conscious Kaminari along. Mina was walking towards you but paused as she eyed the person across from you.

“Kiri?” She said softly, and he pushed his hair back in front of his scar.

“Hey, Mina.” He smiled sadly. Her eyes flicked to you and back to him. With your back to him, you weren’t able to see the pleading look he gave your friend. She seemed to acquiesce to his silent plea.

You were oblivious and excited. “Mina is your friend? That’s a crazy coincidence! She invited me here tonight.” You definitely felt that last drink now.

“Y-yeah, babe, sure is.” Mina stumbled over her words, her eyes never leaving Kirishima. “I can’t believe you’re back. Really… I… I’m glad to see you.” You had never heard her this soft. You wrapped your arms around her waist, still sitting down. She absentmindedly stroked your hair. “Um, listen, I want to catch up, I do… but if we don’t go Kaminari’s probably going to throw up in the Uber. Again.” She seemed to snap back to herself, digging through her purse for her phone. She punched in the code and quickly slid it across the table, prompting you to do the same.

If he was their friend, he was yours too. Kirishima nodded softly, quickly putting his number into both phones and handing them back. You quickly sent a text with your name, grinning as the phone in his pocket chimed.

“We should hang out soon!” You cheered as Mina led you out. It was hard for her to stop looking back at him.

Kaminari was already passed out by the time you reached the Uber. Mina squeezed in the back with the two boys, letting you have the passenger’s seat. You let the gentle rumbling lull you into a half-awake state. You could hear Mina speaking in low tones with Sero in the back. With a quick look into the rearview mirror, you saw Sero’s arms wrapped tightly around Mina, tears staining both of their faces.

You were about to speak up, but they were whispering to each other again, smiles on both of their faces.


You stumbled into your house, throwing a wave at the retreating taxi. You fumbled your key into the lock, quickly opening the door and resetting the alarm. Stupid Katsuki and his stupid security system. You were sobering up too fast for your liking, your buzz being replaced with bone-deep exhaustion.

You kicked your shoes off, walking straight to your bedroom. All you were up for doing was crawling straight into bed, clothes and all. You buried into the pillows and blankets, smelling only the laundry detergent. At least you’ll sleep well.


You thought. You awoke to arms snaking around your middle, causing you to uncomfortably arch on your side. Calloused hands groped at your chest.

“I’m home, baby girl.” Katsuki’s gruff voice was in your ear. You weren’t sure if you were happy or annoyed, but you were willing to fake it until you made it.

“Welcome home, Katsuki.” You mumbled into the pillows. His mouth latched onto your neck, finally drawing a reaction out of you. Katsuki’s rough hands slid under your shirt and bra, roughly tweaking your nipples. You grimaced, grateful you were facing away from your fiance. It’s like he couldn’t get it through his head, they weren’t an On switch, and it never felt good to be that rough right off the bat. Not like he cared much, it was about all the foreplay you would get.

Katsuki was already moving to tear your pants off of you, rubbing harshly at your clothed core before removing your panties as well. He guided you up onto your knees, rubbing himself between your lips before plunging in unforgivingly. The stretch stung, and he drug dryly at your walls. A few thrusts and you felt yourself relaxing and getting a bit more wet to accommodate him. He thrust deeply, hitting so deeply it hurt. You gasped in pain, but he took it as a cue for more. He pounded himself quickly into you, rutting you into the headboard. It was no longer uncomfortable, but you also felt no pleasure.

He finished inside you quickly. Pulling out, he gathered all that dripped with his fingers, shoving it back inside your warmth. A hangnail caught roughly inside you, making you wince. Katsuki placed a lazy kiss on your cheek before facing away from you. You knew he would be asleep before you got back from the bathroom.

The bathroom light stung your eyes, swollen with lack of sleep. You felt sticky and unsatisfied and hungover. The shower was a tempting offer, the bath even more so, but you opted for the quickest option. You drug the cold washcloth over yourself, wiping away all of Kastuki’s mess. You were a mess, shirt and bra still on, naked below the waist, makeup still on your face. With a sigh, you stripped the day’s clothes from you, wandering back to your room to throw on some cotton shorts and a loose tee.


It was rare for you to wake up with Katsuki still in bed. He rolled over and spooned you on the bed. With the morning sun and Katsuki warming you, the morning almost seemed bearable. Katsuki started to leave lingering kisses between your shoulders, following the curve of your shoulder blade. You hummed happily, basking in his affection and the gentle morning warmth.

“’ M sorry I was so rough last night. Needed you so bad. I know you can take it.” You rolled your eyes but accepted it none the less. Half asleep Katsuki was the only one you could get an apology out of, half-assed or not. You watched as he slid off the bed, stretching out. His sweatpants hung dangerously low on his hips, and you let yourself drink him in.

“’ M gonna go make food.” He grumbled, leaning over the bed to place a kiss on your lips. You watched as he made his way out of the room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Maybe things weren’t as bad as you had made them out to be.