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Just Right

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Pulling up to the motel, Mulder heard Scully sigh. Looking over at her, he watched as she covered her face and yawned simultaneously, moaning as she did. 

“How is it possible that it’s dark out, when the sun had barely come up when we left? I’m so tired, Mulder,” she sighed and closed her eyes. He smiled and touched her knee, causing her to open her eyes. 

“Let’s take the food inside, eat, and turn in early,” he suggested and she nodded. Unbuckling her seat belt, she picked up a bag and got out of the car. He took the other bag and their drinks, closing the door and locking the car.

“Sir? Mister?” They both turned around and saw the manager of the motel walking toward them. 

“Can I help you?” Mulder asked and the manager nodded, out of breath as he reached them. 

“I sincerely apologize, but the heater in your room is still not working. I’ve had a man out, but he can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Only cold air comes out when you turn the heater on. There aren’t any other rooms available, what with the conference in town. Your room of course will be comped, but for now I don’t have a room available for you,” the manager said, shaking his head. “I am incredibly sorry.” 

Mulder looked over at Scully and she shrugged her shoulders, her body language tired and uncaring what happened. “Thank you very much. I appreciate you trying to fix it and I understand. Don’t worry, I’ll share with my partner tonight and hopefully we’ll be finished with our work tomorrow and be out of your hair.” He smiled at the manager, nodding at him as he did. 

“I thank you very much for your understanding. Do you need any help moving your things to the next room?” he asked, a relieved expression on his face. 

“No, I’ve got it. Please don’t worry any further.” The manager nodded and walked away, leaving them alone. Mulder turned around and Scully sighed as she walked toward her door, opening it and setting down the bag of food. 

He set his things down, took off his coat and suit jacket, and sat down in a chair. Opening the bags, he took out their food and separated it, divvying up the fries and sliding the cup of fruit over to her. She took off her own coat and blazer, sitting beside him with a sigh. 

They ate silently, Scully rolling her neck, her eyes closed as she chewed. He dipped his fries in some ketchup and shoved them in his mouth. Chewing them up, he grabbed his tea and took a drink. 

Soon they were finished and sat staring at one another. She yawned and sighed, standing up and stretching. He saw a bit of her stomach skin and he itched to run his fingers across it. Wanted to see her quiver as her breathing increased. 

“Did you want to go get your things and move them over here?” she asked, cleaning off the table, and his gaze dropped from her stomach and he nodded. He stood up and took the trash from her, stepping outside to throw it away, not wanting the smell of fast food to linger. 

It was very cold out and just beginning to rain. Looking up, he let out a breath, watching the cloud of air form above him. As he stood there, he watched as the rain changed to snow and he smiled, shivering before he headed back inside. 

He closed the door and heard the shower running as he shivered once again. Turning on the heater, he felt the warm air coming out, glad that at least this room had heat. Warming his hands, he slipped on his coat and walked over to his room. 

“Jesus Christ,” he said, shivering in the doorway. Stepping in further, he began to gather his clothes and toiletries. His fingers were freezing as he picked up his running shoes and left the room, his hastily packed bag in his hand. 

“So much better,” he groaned, as he dropped his stuff in a chair and stood by the heater again. Hands outstretched, he shivered, as the shower stopped behind him. Opening the curtains, he watched the snow coming down, staying warm as he waited for Scully to come out of the bathroom. 

“Shower’s free. Oh… it’s snowing. Hmm.” She walked over beside him and her scent came with her. God, she smelled good. “It’s so peaceful.” 


They stood together, watching the snow fall. Nodding at her, he took off his coat and grabbed his toiletry bag, heading into the bathroom. Closing the door, he stripped and stepped into the shower, turning it on and standing under the warm water for a few minutes before he washed and got out. 

Drying off, he realized he had forgotten to bring clothes into the bathroom with him. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he opened the door, intending to walk out and get dressed. Instead, he found his clothes in a stack on the floor waiting for him. Picking them up, he smiled and stepped back into the bathroom. 

Dressed in a pair of sweats and a long sleeved shirt, his teeth brushed, he came back into the room. Scully was already in bed, her glasses on as she looked over some case notes, the room warm and comfortable. 

“Any revelations?” he asked as he turned the heater down and closed the curtains. She took her glasses off and shook her head, setting both items down on the side table. 

“No. I’m exhausted. Maybe tomorrow will be better.” She turned off the light and laid down on her side, her head on the pillows. He pulled the covers back and lay on his back beside her. 

“Thanks for bringing my clothes to the door.” 

“Couldn’t have you walking out in the buff,” she responded and he laughed. 

“You sure you wouldn’t have wanted that?” he teased and she exhaled a laugh. He fell silent, listening to her breathing, knowing she was sure to fall asleep soon. Hearing her quiet snores he smiled, closing his eyes, his own slumber not far behind. 

Snow was falling around him, his hands cold. Suddenly, he was hit with a snowball and he heard Scully laugh as he looked down at the white powder across his chest. 

“Oh, you’re in trouble now,” he said, scooping up some snow and running toward her. She laughed as he hit her and then reached out, pulling her to the ground, and landing on top of her. 

“Mulder,” she breathed, her hands on his face, pulling him down for a kiss, her tongue sliding in and exploring his mouth. 

“Mulder. Mulder!” 

He opened his eyes, the room dark, her voice ringing in his ears. 

“What? Scully?” 

“Your hands are freezing. Why are you... Mulder. Wake up!” 

He moved, his hand…  Oh, Jesus, his hand was under her shirt holding her bare breast. Pulling it away quickly, every finger seemed to run across her nipple, the sensation shooting straight to his groin, which was pressed into her, and already semi-hard. It did not help that as he scrambled to pull it away, she moaned and pushed back into him. 

“Scully… I’m sorry.” He put his hand on her hip, trying to put distance between their bodies as he moved back, not wanting to embarrass himself further. 

“Mmmulder,” she breathed, her hand moving to grip his at her hip. “Ohhh…” 

“Scully?” he asked softly, his eyes sliding shut at the images her words created. How she would look saying them as pleasure coursed through her body. 

She whimpered as he changed his mind and moved back, letting her feel his reaction to her. She moaned again and squeezed his hand as she shifted her hips. Her shirt had ridden up and his thumb lay upon her warm skin. Stroking softly, her hand relaxed and he moved their joined hands slowly down her stomach, feeling her muscles quiver and hearing her breath increase, just as he had imagined it would. 

“Hmm. Mul… Mulder…” She moved their hands up and under her shirt, closer to her breast and now his breath increased, his blood running south. “Mulder…” She let go of his hand, laying it lightly upon his arm, as they stopped at the underside of her breast, 

He moved his hand and his thumb grazed up to her nipple as he palmed her breast and she squeezed his arm, whimpering again as he rolled her nipple gently between his fingers. 

“Oh… yes… Mulder.” He squeezed her breast and she moaned, turning to face him, her mouth on his, her tongue slipping in instantly. 

God, she tasted delicious. Her skin was like fire under his fingers as they kissed, their tongues stroking, her teeth nipping his lips, then sucking his bottom one into her mouth. He moaned into her mouth, pushing her onto her back. 

Slow, fast, hungry kisses. His name falling from her lips as he kissed her neck, suckled at her earlobe and came back to her lips. Her legs wrapped around him and he pushed into her, making her gasp. 

He pulled back and looked at her, taking in her tousled hair, swollen lips, and flushed face. Her tongue came out to slowly lick her lips and he watched it, mesmerized and also now knowing how it tasted. Bending his head, he kissed her slowly, savoring her taste. 

Her fingers pushed under his shirt, her nails scratching softly across his back. He thrust his hips into hers and she arched back, breaking from his kiss. 

“Mulder,” she breathed, her nails digging into his flesh. “Mulder… oh my God… I need more, Mulder.” 

Oh, he could give her more. 

Clothes were discarded, pillows and blankets shoved aside as they touched, kissed, and explored. He made her give a high pitched whimper when he kissed her breast softly. Grinning, he repeated the motion on the other breast and she sighed with another whimper as she threaded her fingers in his hair. 

Every bit of skin he kissed and licked tasted sweeter than the last. She was sweet and soft and he wanted to never remove his lips from her skin. Her stomach muscles jumped as he kissed the scar from a gunshot that had nearly taken her from him. His tongue swirled around it, kissing it softly. 

Down he went, listening to her whimpers and soft cries. He could smell her arousal and he could not wait for a taste. Kissing softly, he pulled her close to his mouth, his hands under her ass. 

“Oh… shiiiit. Jesus….” Her hands were in his hair and he grinned as he licked her softly, her hands gripping tighter. “Mulderrrrr… ohhhhh…” 

Her words spurring him on, he licked her again. Sucking her clit into his mouth, her legs clamped around his head as her hands pushed him closer. Her cries were muffled to his ears as she nearly suffocated him. Backing off, he slowly lapped at her and her grip slackened. Her legs loosened and opened, allowing him more access, holding and keeping him where she wanted him most. 

Not one to back away, or not pay attention to detail, he listened and followed how she guided him, feeling her become wetter with each stroke of his tongue. Deciding to use only his mouth, he created a pattern, and she seemed to like it, judging by the way she continuously called his name.

Her legs began to shake and he could tell she was close. Following his pattern, he backtracked and suddenly went the opposite direction. 

“OH MY GOD!” she yelled and again her legs clamped around him, her fingers digging hard into his scalp. He did not stop, but slowed his actions as he felt her body quivering. 

“Oh, Mulder… oh my… ohhhh.” Her legs dropped open and her hands stroked gently at his head. One last kiss and he pulled back, kissing her inner thigh, wiping his mouth against her flesh. “Jesus, Mulder…” 

He kissed up her body, watching her breathing heavily. She grabbed his arms and looked at him, her mouth open, eyes attempting to focus. He smiled as he kissed her and she enthusiastically responded, holding onto his face with both hands. Knowing where his mouth had Just been, he grew harder, if it was possible. 

His erection was between them and she moaned into his mouth, moving a hand from his face to stroke him. He jumped and  pulled back, staring into her eyes. Never had he seen her so beautiful, her eyes so blue and full of desire as she stroked him. 

“Oh, Scully,” he gasped, pushing into her hand. 

“I want you, Mulder,” she whispered, releasing him with a squeeze and opening her legs wider. Kissing her deeply, he pulled back and took his erection in hand, guiding himself inside her. “Slow, go slow. Ohhhhh… yes.” She gripped the sheets as he watched her face, seeing her eyes roll back as her body arched. 

Looking back down, he watched as he slowly slid inside her, moaning as he reached the hilt. “Oh… Jesus,” he breathed as he felt her wrap her legs around him. 

“Mulder… oh my God. You feel so good… just… okay.” She looked at him and nodded, gripping his arms as he placed them beside her, supporting his weight. He slowly pulled out a little and they both groaned. 

Slowly they started, watching the others face, words being said without a sound. Her hands gripping tighter encouraged him to go faster, and her cries were the answer that he had made the right decision. 

Springs creaking, the headboard hitting the wall at a steady tempo, and the sounds of their moans and cries filled the room. He felt his release getting close, but wanted her to cross that finish line with him. 

Leaning on his forearms, he kissed her, his tongue dancing with hers as he went faster and moved one hand down to touch her. She stopped him and he broke their kiss, looking into her eyes. 

“I’m close. Faster, Mulder. Oh God, don’t stop,” she cried, meeting his thrusts as he went faster. He grabbed her left leg and pushed it closer to her chest, making her cry out as he seemed to go even deeper than before. 

“God, yes! Oh, Mulder!” She gripped his arm as she wrapped her other leg higher up his back. 

He was close and just before he came, he felt her spasm around him, crying his name, her fingers digging hard into his flesh as she did. He cried out as he reached his climax, thrusting into her deeply and stopping, both of them breathing hard as he pressed his forehead to hers. 

She moved her leg, wrapping it around him with the other, humming as she took deep breaths, her fingers running up and down his back. “Oh, Mulder…” 

“Scully…” he breathed, moving to kiss her lips, cheeks, and neck. Laying on her, his arms slid under her body and held her close. She hummed again, holding him tightly, scratching her nails softly against his skin. 

“Wow…” she said softly, exhaling a laugh. 

“I could not agree more,” he murmured into her neck amid open mouthed kisses. Raising his head, he looked into her eyes and smiled before he kissed her softly and slowly, humming in his throat. 

Moving around, he picked up the pillows which had fallen to the floor, and pulled the blankets back up the bed. Clothes stayed where they fell, as flesh sought out flesh under the warmth of the covers. 

“Mulder,” she whispered and he heard hundreds of questions and even worry in the way she said his name, as he held her close, her skin impossibly soft. 

“Scully…” he laughed softly and she pushed his chest, looking at him with confusion. “You said the other day, not to get used to this and well...” He laughed again and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close, his leg going over her hip.  “I’d say your words of warning were for naught, because that is definitely something I would like to get used to. Jesus Christ…” She laughed and then sighed as the heater came to life, pushing warm air into the room. 

“Seems Goldilocks did find the right bed,” he said and she huffed. 

“Think you’ve got the story mixed up. This is Goldilocks’s bed.” 

Red-ilocks,” he corrected her and she shook with laughter. “I mean, if we’re going to use the name, we should at least use the correct hair color.” She laughed again, wrapping her arms around him, laying her head on his shoulder. 

“I’d like to get used to this, too,” she whispered, close to his ear, after a few minutes of silence in which he had been worrying what she had been thinking about. He grinned and closed his eyes, his fingers tracing circles on her back. 

The heater shut off and the room was quiet, though both of them were thinking loudly. He felt it from her and just as he was about to say something and quell her concerns, she spoke up and quieted his own. 

“I think I’m going to personally thank the motel manager tomorrow for all his hard work, though it failed. He seems to think you were put out, but… well…” 

“I was put in,” he deadpanned. 

“Oh, you put in all right. And in just a little while, you’ll be doing so again.” He laughed and he felt her smile against his neck. “So, I think the manager deserves to be thanked. For that much too cold room led to this one nearly being much too hot.” 

“Oh, Scully,” he grinned, shaking his head, always loving when she played along. “I’d say we got it just right.”